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Though This World Ends

There is a deterrence among many Christians from attempting to correct the culture at large. Whether this stems from a shallow understanding of Reformed theology that has seeped into our churches, an ignorance of biblical commands, or sheer laziness I do not know—but I suspect all three of these are among a plethora of explanations. The thought goes something like this: “If the Bible prophesies that the world will continue to fall into moral, social, and physical decay right up until the return of Jesus, why would I have any hope that things will get better before then? And therefore why should I do anything to try to reverse this predestined course?” Now I don’t mean to say that those who subscribe to some form of this thought do not care about missions or the building of the Kingdom or doing good work in the world. Oftentimes it is quite the contrary, as many want to see more come to have salvation before the end. But this is all the more reason Christians have an obligation to be active members politically and socially. Governmental policy and cultural norms will either enable or suppress Gospel proliferation in America and the world. And who will fight for biblical morality in our schools, families, entertainment, businesses, rule of law, and governmental policies if not the Church?

A day will come when all has finally been made new, but this process has already begun. God is in fact making all things new, and He is doing it through His Church. We cannot stand idly by as this great work ensues. There has been no shortage of spiritual and moral revival throughout the centuries, so to think that we have declined so far into such depravity, that the last revival has come and gone, like the final harvest before winter, is a position of hopelessness that comes from no true Christian doctrine that I know.

Though this world ends, should we then give up hope for today? Should we surrender ourselves to the decadence that surrounds us and look only to the return of Our Lord for the renewal of this world? Have we forgotten that He never left us, that we are the Body of Christ, and His renewing of us is the renewing of our world? And so as long as the Church remains, there is hope for the rest of the world. He did not leave us defenseless nor did He leave us to fall into passivity. Quite the opposite is true. He gave us a Spirit of power, of love, and of sound mind. Therefore we are His instruments to bring what is good, true, and beautiful into every part of our lives and the world.

It is best then to understand the world, in its current state, as a painting whose colors have bled and smeared to the point that they’ve all run together into an indecipherable scene of dull hues—but then whose Master is now taking up the brushes, dipping them in vibrant colors, and by what seems to be some miracle turns the gray canvas into a dazzling green landscape that has no trace of the darkness that once consumed it. We are the brushes and His Word is the vibrant colors that change every part of the canvas, every part of the world—no part of which He intends to leave in that darkness. By His power and love, these things will be accomplished and He has extended to us the opportunity to be a part of this grand remaking. All we need is the endurance and faith to see it through. So do not lose hope, for the best is yet to come.
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  1. Noah is our newest writer here at Unsealed. Welcome Noah!

    I have to agree. We should never be passive. Passivity is not from the Holy Spirit. We must be on mission until the trumpet sounds. That said, this present world is passing away (1 Jn. 2:17; 1 Cor. 7:31), while we fight for righteousness here, our hope is in the world to come (Col. 3:2; Heb. 12:1-29; Rev. 21:1-5). God has assured us that things will briefly get much darker at the end of the age, before His eternal light.

    1. Noah! Welcome to UNSEALED.ORG!!

      Can't wait to see what the Lord puts on your heart.



  2. Good timing, WHO just declared a global pandemic


  3. I think a fourth thing may also be involved... The Restrainer... God Himself could possibly be restraining us to allow His word to become true. Or foreknowing the future of certain people, He may be keeping us from reaching them in particular or reaching those who could reach them in particular, to accomplish some greater purpose. It is really hard to tell sometimes whether it's Him or us in general honestly.

    Another reason for us to rely only on Him. He decides our future... and everyone else's...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I absolutely agree with you Kris. God meticulously orchestrates our world and we merely play a role in the Great Dance. However, we must live as though the world depends on us and thus strive into deeper fellowship with God and fellow believers so that the Light does not grow dim (Matt. 5:14); for the Lord will hold us accountable (Ecc. 12:14).

  4. Welcome Noah! as in the day of Noah ;)

  5. James 4:17
    “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”

  6. Pastor Crone has a great teaching on the Book of James. He was called James the Just. Half brother of Jesus. A very humble man. Peter was so afraid of him that he refused to eat with the Gentiles when James was around. The Scribes and Pharisees of his day tried to trick him into discouraging the people from believing the Gospel and let him go to the pinnacle of the Temple to speak to the people but to the legalists’ horror he explained the Gospel to the crowd and told them Jesus sits at the Right Hand of God and is coming back ! The Scribes and Pharisees climbed up and threw him off but he didn’t die. He raised himself to his knees and started praying for them as they were stoning him and someone took a club used for beating clothes and struck him one blow to the head killing him.

  7. Welcome, Noah !

  8. Noah, we certainly need to maintain our hope in Christ and always be the salt and light, but this attitude of we can mistake things better if we just try harder is part of what is keeping so many in the church, well meaning Christians, blind to the times we are in. I think striking the right balance of realism and optimism is the key. We may yet have opportunity to reach the lost but it is absolutely clear this world needs a powerful dose of reality before they start listening and receiving as children.

    1. I agree Miguel. THEY dont want to hear about Jesus. THEY think he is never coming back. THEY think their own good works are enough to get them into Heaven, THEY consider themeselves co-saviours.

      It will take their world falling apart before they reassess their believes, and look beyond their ruined possessions, and hungry bellies. A time of righteous rule is coming, but it wont be hear for 7 years. It is a matter of striking a balance of realism and optimism, but I dont hold much hope in seeing any improvement in peoples attitude to sin, Jesus, and their eternal destination before Our LORD starts opening the seals.

  9. Welcome to Unsealed, Noah.

    "Shallow understanding of Reformed theology?" What about a shallow understanding of Wesleyan theology or maybe you could just say a "shallow understanding of theology in general" and not alienate the majority of your audience in the second sentence?? Oh the so-called doctrines of grace.

    1. Hi RedRanger7. I appreciate your concern here. I specifically point out a "shallow understanding of Reformed theology" because that is predominantly what I have seen become commonplace in the evangelical communities I'm in. This is not to say that a sheer lack of understanding of theology in general is a problem. Broadly speaking that is entirely correct. I simply aim to narrow down the confusion. But do not misunderstand me. I do not say that Reformed theology is, in itself, the problem--I would not say that it is. Rather, it is "shallow understanding" of Reformed theology that is the problem. Much of the confusion that I've come in contact with has come out of the idea that basically our actions do not matter because everything is predestined from the beginning and we therefore should not try on our own account to change anything at all. Because any efforts we make will, ultimately, be futile.

  10. Hi Noah, welcome, and thanks for your first article.

    I understand and agree with the desire you express to make a difference in this world. All of us should be salt and light to those around. But I found some of that a tad... well, Kingdom Now'ish. Happy to be wrong. That could easily be the case. Can I ask some questions please?

    You said that Christians "have an obligation to be active members politically"? Do you think that is what Jesus, Paul etc asked of believers? Was that their mission (ie get involved politically to change the Roman Empire's culture) or were they primarily concerned with discipleship, calling people out of this wicked world to be part of another Kingdom with a Heavenly citizenship?

    "God is in fact making all things new, and He is doing it through His Church." Believers are certainly a new creation in Christ. A wonderful thing! But God's declaration of making all things new doesn't come to the New Heaven and new Earth in Rev 21:5. What would you consider are the 'all things' that God is currently making new?

    "We are the brushes and His Word is the vibrant colors that change every part of the canvas, every part of the world — no part of which He intends to leave in that darkness." If every part of the canvas is being changed from darkness to color can I ask how you see that happening? Do you think that things will get darker as we approach the coming of the Lord?

    Thanks. Just trying to understand where you are coming from better. God Bless.

    1. I agree with this; looking forward to Noah's response. My limited brushes with Kingdom Now and NAR dogma alarm me greatly. I believe God is still moving among His people and His mercy is unspeakably sweet. But scripture is clear things get worse, not better, until all things are made new...."Behold, I make all things new." This happens after the 2nd Coming, not before.

    2. Hi Elgordo. Thanks for your questions as they help me see where I can be clearer. Let me answer your questions one at a time. But before I do, I want to draw your attention to the operative sentence in the article: "Governmental policy and cultural norms will either enable or suppress Gospel proliferation in America and the world." This is the whole point. As Christians, our main objective is to share the good news of Jesus Christ and change lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. First and foremost, that is the goal (though there are others like the caring of those less fortunate). So the only reason why culture and politics is important is because it directly affects the spreading of our Christian faith and, thereby, the saving of souls.

      1) You're right. It all begins with the individual--the changing of hearts and character and lives through the sharing of the Gospel and discipleship of new believers. That should always be the continual first step in all of this, the foundation. You cannot change society without first changing the lives of the people. But even when people's lives are changed, society will never change until those people raise their voices, and seek to know the cultural and political landscape, so that they may hold back, for at least a little longer, the decay that besets this world. And though Jesus never explicitly demanded His followers be active politically, Jesus did rebuke and correct the religious elite of His day. Christians spoke out against Roman infanticide and took action against it. We are called to take action in more than just sharing the Gospel and discipleship (Galatians 6:10, Matthew 5:16). It was Christians that took action against slavery and the oppression of women. It was Christians that most strongly contributed toward the importance of education, healthcare, and charity throughout history. Yes, we are not of this world, but we are still in it. So as long as we are, we must, in the Spirit, fight for goodness, truth, and justice.

      2) When I say he has already begun making all things new I mean, specifically, the highest order of creation--people (2 Cor. 5:16). And in one sense, the Kingdom is already here (Luke 17:21). The point is just because the day will come when all things will be made new does not give us excuse for simply waiting for the world to fall into complete disarray. He has given us His Spirit to bring light and truth into the world and so to ignore the power of influence that exists in politics and culture is to show little regard for those so deeply affected by them.

      3) I kind of answered this in the response to '2)' but I will expand on that response here. The spreading of the global Church is the color that is being brought back into an otherwise dark world. And, as we approach the end, we have seen suddens bursts of color in the form of great revivals, even the creation of the United States in many respects, that have diminished many evils and saved many souls. Now, even with these, the world, as a whole, will continue to fall into darkness (as I say in the article, "this world ends") and the "grand remaking" will not crescendo or be complete until the return of Jesus. But it is upon us, the Church, that as the world becomes darker, we shine ever brighter so as to permeate that darkness, not let the darkness constrict and suffocate us and our influence in the world.

      In sum, you and I seem to land on the same page by my gathering. My conviction in writing this piece was a fear that the Church has become lazy and scared. That we're content living in our Christian sub-cultures because we think we're fine just waiting it out until Jesus comes back. But how can we provide an account for that (Ecc. 12:14)?

      Again, I appreciate your thoughts and questions on this. And I hope I've done well to answer them.


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hi Noah. Everyone has probably gone home but just in case you are the last to leave and haven't yet turned out the lights, I wanted to say thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to reply and clarify, and in detail. And not just to my query but the others as well. Cheers. I know it can't be easy writing your first article here and having randoms from the 4 corners of the world picking over your every word! So thank you : )

      Not sure if we are completely on the same page, but we are definitely in the same book! : ) And that's ok. Here are just a couple of things on my heart, which I believe you have alluded to as well in your replies.

      Without a changed heart, by the Spirit, we are nothing and all attempts at legislating morality ultimately fall flat. Flesh is flesh & pig is pig. You can dress a pig up, bring it inside and try teach it to eat at the table. But given the chance it will run back and wallow in the mud. Cos that's what pigs love! And so does the flesh. So only a new creation, by God's Spirit, makes a difference. That's why the Gospel and discipleship is the primary focus.

      Personally, I don't see believers under obligation to be political. Nor social specifically for that matter (though God's heart will always be towards the lowly). Our obligation is to Jesus Christ and to His will for us. We should be asking 'Lord, what would you have me to do?' For with His will, comes His life. He is the Head of the body. We are the hands and feet. The head is well able to move the hand for action, when it is needed, as long as the hand is listening, restful and responsive. To some He may say 'enter politics'. To others 'go spend 5 years caring for Betty down the street'. That is His choice. I agree with you that there can be a lack of action on the part of Christians who don't want to listen and respond. But the opposite is also a problem. If the hand is always moving around, trying to 'do things' because it feels under 'obligation' to well, 'do something'... well, how frustrating would it be to the head (in both the natural & spiritual) if the hand was always doing that? Just jumping around left and right trying to look busy!

      What the Lord looks for is restful, responsive, availability.

      Anyway. Thanks again for your first article. Look forward to your second. Hope you have a great day! : )

    5. Well said...

      Perhaps why the enemy tries to keep us busy all the time is he knows that God will look for the ones not doing anything except making time for Him.

      Think of the parable of the man hiring workers. He went into town around the 11th hour and found men still standing there doing nothing, and he hired them. He didn't expect as much from them, yet still paid them as though they had been there all day. For all we know, some of those guys only arrived in the last few minutes and all they could accomplish was closing a gate, lifting the last box onto the truck/cart/whatever... The important part was they were willing.

      So let's be willing and watching and making time to look up to Him.

  11. Sinners sin, that is why they are called Sinners in the first place. Should we be attempting to "correct the culture at large" or "fight for biblical morality"? I feel that our role as Christians is to share the gospel, and point others to Christ's salvation. That is the only way people will be saved, and not by focusing on imposing our so-called "moral values" on them. Holiness is a fruit of the spirit, a by-product of first believing in his saving grace. As the world gets darker, our light will shine brighter in these last days. Our fight is the fight of faith, which means looking to Him even more, trusting more in him, believing, praying, enduring, persevering in true hope etc. 'The battle is the Lord's'. I'm not saying we are to be passive, but we should follow the leading of the Spirit in all we say or do, and not just jump blindly onto every seemingly well-intentioned political or social action. People are changed one at a time, and not by top-down approaches or imposing more laws. Jesus was not concerned with the political movements of his day. His focus was always on the individual, where true heart transformation takes place. When people are saved, they will vote for the Leaders who best reflect their beliefs.

  12. We are part of this world, but not of this world. Jesus has warned us that we will be persecuted as Christians in these last days, but we are to rejoice for our reward is exceedingly great. How do we respond to persecution? By showing love, patience, compassion etc to our enemies. The people in darkness will be drawn to His light we reflect in our lives, in His love they see through us.

    1. I completely agree with what you've said here, including: "I'm not saying we are to be passive, but we should follow the leading of the Spirit in all we say or do, and not just jump blindly onto every seemingly well-intentioned political or social action." It all begins with the individual--the changing of hearts and character and lives. That should always be the continual first step in all of this, the foundation. You cannot change society without first changing the lives of the people. But even when people's lives are changed, society will never change until those people raise their voices, seek to know the cultural and political landscape, so that they may hold back, for at least a little longer, the decay that besets this world.

  13. "But this is all the more reason Christians have an obligation to be active members politically and socially. Governmental policy and cultural norms will either enable or suppress Gospel proliferation in America and the world. And who will fight for biblical morality in our schools, families, entertainment, businesses, rule of law, and governmental policies if not the Church?"
    The last time the church tried this path, the result was the following:
    "Indeed, corruption and sloth, as well as power struggles and enforced conformity, became prominent features of the Christian movement in the fourth century, almost immediately upon its having become the official state church. Thus, for example, Christian bishops no longer were leaders of a stigmatized, if rapidly growing, sect, but were "rapidly assimilated as quasi civil servants into the mandarinate which administered the empire". House churches were replaced by resplendent public buildings, sustained by imperial largess. Contrary to received wisdom, the conversion of Constantine did not cause the triumph of Christianity. Rather, it was the first and most significant step in slowing its progress, draining its vigor, and distorting its moral vision. Most of the evils associated with European Christianity since the middle of the fourth century can be traced to establishment." Rodney Stark, Secularization, R.I.P.

    1. Hello,

      I entirely agree. Nowhere in the article did I say the Church and State should be one in the same. Absolutely not. We know the power of the State would influence the Church, not the other way around. The point of the article was a call to Christians to strive to fight for what it good, true, and beautiful. Not organize some sort of theocracy.

    2. The fight for good, truth and beauty was the fight we were called by Plato and Aristotle ;)
      The fight of which the apostle Paul speaks is a completely different one. We are not called to fight for the change of society. God changes our lives, so that our changed lives give Him glory.
      It's God's job to removes kings and sets up kings.
      Our job? "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you."

  14. 207

    The truth my friends is that most people who love God are crippled christians. The Apostle Paul lays out clearly what is available in 1 Cor. 12 to all born again believers.
    Jesus said the works I do you shall do also.

  15. Ryan, I really appreciate your transparency here. It is so important to process this from a biblical standpoint and let the Spirit lead. Praying the Spirit leads and for all those around you.

  16. We all have our parts to play.
    For some it may be evangelical.
    For others political.
    Or, more along the line of s street outreach or handing out Bible Tracts.
    Some have a longer reach.
    For most of us, our influence is closer to home.
    The point it to seek God's guidance and direction and follow through with whatever it is He asks us to do.
    * * * * *
    There are lots of quiet folks who seek out opportunities to buy a guy a cup of coffee or lunch so that they can listen to their story and then talk to them one on one about Jesus. No judgement. Just "we're sinners in need of a Savior". Jim Towers posts regularly on Rapture Ready about his encounters. No politics. No social justice. Just Jesus.

  17. 207

    Apparently some comments were deleted to keep me from responding in rebuttal on the subject of the trinity. I want to rebut the scripture given to support the bogus trinity doctrine John 10:30.
    Whoever wrote that needs to read ahead to John 17:20,21. Jesus was not saying that he and his Father were one and the same identity in John 10:30. They were one in their mutual goal, primarily to redeem mankind.

    1. And the glory which you gave me I have given them; that THEY may BE ONE, even as WE are one.
      John 17:22

  18. The whole point is that time is short and we need to keep about our Father's business until He comes. God uses us in different ways to spread the Gospel. It is not a one size fits all Great Commission. It's a commission that we all need to fulfill as the Body of Christ as we also work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. This is scriptural.

    1. I entirely agree. We have all received different gifts and we all have different uses for the ultimate purpose of carrying out the Great Commission. And yet, so many of us sit idly by, taking no action in the world around us. We've been given much power! So let us not waste away in our churches and Christian bubbles.

  19. Noah, Blessings. Welcome. With the little time remaining, I look forwards to your servings at the table, amen. Some thoughts, broadly. First, I appreciate the tac of your work and the spirit which you bring to it.

    "And therefore why should I do anything to try to reverse this predestined course?”

    I am reminded of a line in the trailer for the upcoming Top Gun 2.0, where the CO, not sure rank/role, in the quick scene, Captain? Admiral?, reminds the hero, after Maverick quips that 'he wasn't expecting the invitation back,' the CO says, "They're called, 'ORDERS', Maverick."

    So, FIRST, Our Lord So Instructs, 'nuff said: 9 For I myself am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. I tell one to go, and he goes; and another to come, and he comes. I tell my servant to do something, and he does it.” 10 When Jesus heard this, He marveled and said to those following Him, “Truly I tell you, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith.… Matthew 8:9-10.

    OK, that being said. This is not a Police Action. This is WARFARE and the language Paul uses specifically speaks to MILITARY OCCUPATION of FOREIGN GROUND being OUR ROLE. Get over it and GET ON WITH IT, to the Glory of Christ, Philippians 4:13, amen.

  20. We all affect the world around us, with the Spirit that guides us!
    We don't cast our Pearls before swine! Else they urn on you!
    I like to test the waters just to see what kinda people iam talking with.
    For example "the Dumbacrats"(the radical left socialist, (solinsky) the ends justify
    the means, lie cheat steel murder)they are easy to spot!
    Add the don't like it

  21. The historic barge/ark that has been stuck on the rocks of the Niagara River for 101 years will go over the Niagara Falls on Feb 17! Knowing this ahead of time will not only prove the Bible to non believers (so pass this information and the video link on), but it will also prove that the day that the End Times begins is knowable, and is now known, beyond a reasonable doubt. 
    Here's a short video explaining this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTpeVGajeZs

    This knowledge is derived from God's big picture of signs. The signs have not been random, solely for the purpose of encouragement, that we are in the "season". Through the symbolism and immaculate timing embedded within the signs, the Lord has been teaching us a great many things. Including the identities of the first and second Antichrists. One third of the signs have been clear and obvious Antichrist identity signs, and these signs are voluminous. Therefore, at least one third of the signs have been missed by those that believe the identity of the Antichrist is unknowable until the very end. This isn't ideal for assembling a big picture puzzle.  

    The big picture of signs is also clearly indicating the day of the "last trump" sign. When President Trump will die of a heart on March 11th, 2020.

    The big picture of signs is also clearly proving a number of other extremely important and urgent things. I hope you have a chance to carefully go through this video series that explains the Lord's big picture of signs.

  22. It's the 18th. The Lord is timing the stock market peak and subsequent crash over the waterfall, with the timing of the barge over Niagara. (The stock market was closed on the 17th for Washington's birthday). This video explains.


    Again, these 2 two predictions for the barge and the stock market were derived from the Lord's big picture of sign. Which is an interconnected web of signs, that are dependent on the other signs. When these predictions come to pass they will prove what they are dependent on, which includes the date the End Times begins, and the two identities of the Antichrists.



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