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Third Israeli Election While Coronavirus Panic Takes Hold

UPDATE (3/4/20): With virtually all votes now counted (> 99%), Likud's coalition has now lost another seat, down to 58 [source].  Though an improvement over the September election, this is actually a smaller coalition than the original April 2019 election that started this whole ordeal.  Netanyahu is now three seats short of a majority.  Were Kaduri and Shoshani right after all?  Three elections in a row without a majority!  The only way Bibi ekes this out is to get three other MK-elects to defect or to get Avigdor Lieberman to join the coalition.  Neither proposition looks promising.

UPDATE (3/2/20): Polls have now closed across the country.  Israeli media is reporting "unexpected results": three different exit polls are showing Likud with around 37 seats vs. Blue and White with 33.  This would mean an improvement for Netanyahu's chances, but his conservative coalition would need 61 seats to secure a majority.

- - -

Polling stations have just opened across Israel as voting gets underway to decide the yearlong battle between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz.  Recent polls have shown a slight lead for Netanyahu, but will it be enough to secure a majority?  Today's vote will be a test of some of the speculation around purported prophecies from several Jewish rabbis, including Yitzhak Kaduri and Sasson Hai Shoshani.

Demonstrating just how global the Coronavirus contagion has become, Israeli authorities have set up special polling stations to handle the 5,000 or so Israelis currently under quarantine for observation.  As if a scene from the book of Numbers or one of the gospel accounts, an Israeli under quarantine orders could be seen complaining to the police about being treated like a leper:

But as the stations opened Monday, some of the Israelis under quarantine were not happy with the way they were treated at their special voting stations.

A Jerusalemite who is under quarantine for fear of being infected caused a scene at the Jerusalem coronavirus polling station, according to a report by the Hebrew website Mako.  He screamed through a megaphone 10 meters away from a police officer, “Don’t treat us like lepers.” [source]

An Israeli votes at one of these special polling stations

Significantly, the U.S. government had withheld support for the annexation of the additional land proposed in the Deal of the Century until after today's elections.  With the elections happening today and the six-member mapping committee moving steadily along, we are growing close to the division of the land.

Despite global panic over the virus, it's shocking just how aloof most remain as a monumental prophecy is set to unfold before our very eyes—the division of the land God allotted to the descendants of Jacob.  The Great Sign two-and-a-half years ago wasn't enough to awaken the world and it seems a more concrete fulfillment won't be enough either.  It's going to take something much greater to finally remove the blinders from their eyes.

Brother Barry summed it up well this morning:

2nd US COVID-19 Death in Washington; Italian Soccer Teams play to empty stadiums and many companies cancel all travel, even domestic.  French death toll doubles overnight and the Senior Advisor to the Ayatollah in Iran is dead from the virus.  Jesus is coming soon, folks!  BELIEVE on the Son of God!  John 3:16

This upcoming Saturday, March 7th, the morning star Venus will conjunct with Uranus (a transliteration of the Greek word for "Heaven").  Then 28 days later, Venus, nearing its brightest point of the year, will have its closest conjunction with the seven stars of Pleiades for the first time in hundreds of years.  If September 23, 2017 was the astronomical aspect of Revelation 12:1–2 and October 8, 2018 was the alignment of Revelation 12:3–4, perhaps April 3–4, 2020 is the astronomical fulfillment of Revelation 12:5.

How much will the world change in 28 days following the Israeli elections and the continued spread of this viral contagion?

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  1. We are watching and waiting, working in the fields and orchards until the coming of our King. We are thankful for the fruit that the LORD produces and the increase that is brought into the Kingdom and pray for those yet to come. It is to His glory and in His name that we labour. Even so come. Come Lord Jesus, come. (Psalm 16)

    1. An observation we made last night at our family dinner. The Democratic field for POTUS is Bernie, Biden, Beth and the billionaire. (Bloomberg) Funny eh?

    2. A coronis (Ancient Greek: κορωνίς, korōnís, pl. κορωνίδες, korōnídes) is a textual symbol found in ancient Greek papyri that was used to mark the end of an entire work or of a major section in poetic and prose texts..

      is this coronis a mark that we are nearing the end of the church age?

      www.itwasaplan.com -

    3. ...or a new age being crowned?

      Praying for Nashville, TN (US) as the city took a direct hit by tornado overnight. Our friends and associates there are okay there. Massive damage being reported on this "Super Tuesday" in Tennessee.

  2. A senior advisor to the Ayatollah is dead in Iran. Thats big news, I wonder when/if the main stream media will let it get out.

    1. Did he have any contact with the ayatollah before he got sick? I guess we will know in a few weeks.

  3. There is absolutely a connection between the dividing of the Land, which I've warned will lead to disasters, and the coronavirus. Did you all know that the four colors on the Palestinian flag correlate to the four colors of the four horses in Revelation (white, black, red and pale/green)? It's true.

    1. This virus have been wreaking havoc all over the world since the Deal of the Century has been released on January 28th. There is a forty day period between that day and the Feast of Purim, a war may erupt in the Middle-East this week, or a total financial collapse. This Covid-19 virus is meant to destroy the current world order as we know it.

  4. I believe war starts today. The peace deal, Brexit, pestilence and economic collapse have arrived. War is next. And it looks like Turkey has declared it on Syria.

    1. During the war in the Middle-East, Covid-19 virus increasingly wreaking havoc in especially Europe and a total financial collapse, the antichrist will arrive on the scene.

    2. Could it be that this war will start when its overnight in Israel and Europe? Rocket and airplane attacks usually occurs when it is dark in Israel.

    3. If it is war that precedes our departure then it may likely be of a global nature (not regional). The regional conflict that seems to be growing has potential to touch on greater powers, namely NATO, and that has global implications.

      Syrian air defences are such that they appear to down a significant amount of incoming fire from air-launched missiles. AAA and SAM sites would have to be neutralized along the path of an attack if ensure success. SAM suppression is a role the F-35 is well suited for. Missile carriers like the F-15 and F-16 might bring-up the rear.

      IMHO, the fighting between Syria and Turkey is the one to watch.

    4. A regional war in the Middle-East has severe global impacts on both the economy and society. Think about skyrocketing oil and fuel prices, trade being disrupted, terrorist groups wreaking havoc in Europe and other western nations, refugee crisis.

      It is possible that the Rapture precedes a regional war in the Middle-East (Psalm 83 war).

  5. I did the numbers on a possible Rapture on April 3rd. This is what I found. Adding 2550 days to April 3rd comes to 3/28/2027. Adding 45 days, this comes to 5/12/2027 which is when the millenial kingdom should begin.

    If it happens that way what about the remaining feast days? Trumpets etc.

    I have always believed that the rapture would have to happen at a time that coordinates with the future fulfillment of the remaining feast days.

    1. I have a study model for a FoT RR this fall. The dates and day counts are stunning.

      Try visually mapping your model in Calc or Excel against Scripture. It's easier to understand. Just keep in mind different interpretations and open your heart to learn the Word in new ways.


    2. I think no matter when the rapture occurs, the Trib will start in the Fall and end in the Fall.

    3. 3/28/2027 is M1D19 on the Torah calendar (Feast of Unleavened Bread Day 5/Omer Day 4)

      5/12/2027 is Erev Shavuot (Eve of Feast of Weeks/Eve of Pentecost) via the Spiritual calendar. That is omer day 50 and could be representative of when property is returned to the original owner as in the end of a Jubilee.

      You can check against Hebcal or Chabad for civil dates.

    4. I think the Tribulation will start on FOT 2020. PR has a good model from there on. The Rapture could occur anytime up to that day, in my opinion. Could it occur on April 3rd, the day Jesus was crucified ? The time between the rapture and FOT could be where the wars break out.

    5. What you guys are suggesting is that there could be a gap of time between the Rapture and the beginning of the tribulation. Could you show me on what you base that on? I have always thought that after our departure the tribulation is on immediately and thats why I think the Rapture will also be in late summer/early fall.

    6. My latest study model begins 2,550-days on 9/17/20-9/18/20 ending on 9/11/27-9/12/27, the Gentile anniversary of the advent/incarnation/conception of Christ (Luke 1:26 ESV), Shabbat Shuba (Sabbath of Return) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) on M7D10 all on the Ecclesiastic calendar.

      DISCLAIMER: This is a study model only! As I've said before, the purpose of my models are to build Scripture in a visual way that is easier to understand over stand-alone pieces of text. Dates are a by-product not the goal.

    7. 4/3/20 to 9/17/20 is 167-days. That may be an interesting day-count. 167 BC was the beginning of the Maccabean Revolt.

    8. Remember, on 4/3/20 not only will Venus (the bright morning star) be in the Pleiades (the seven sisters) in the constellation Taurus but the moon will be in the Beehive Cluster (the manger) in the constellation Cancer. Opposite of the moon will be the gathering of Mars/Saturn and Jupiter. Neptune will be in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries.

      If the later part of this makes no sense to you please allow it as a trigger for personal study on the crown of stars (Mazzaroth). Biblical astronomy is not astrology so don't be shy about humbly and prayerfully digging deeper on what the LORD has written in the heavens.

      For those who don't yet know...what's the big deal about Venus and the Pleaides?

      See (Revelation 1:12-20 ESV) and well as references in the letters to the seven churches. (Revelation 2:1 ESV), (Revelation 2:28 ESV), (Revelation 3:1 ESV) and (Revelation 22:16 ESV) to name a few.

      **NOTE: (Revelation 3:3 ESV) is chilling when thinking about today's events (3/3/20) -- praying for our brothers and sisters in Nashville.

      Venus is known as the "Bright Morning Star". Christ Himself tells us that HE is the Bright Morning Star,

      16 "I, Jesus, have sent my angel
      to testify to you about these
      things for the churches. I am
      the root and the descendant of
      David, the bright morning star."

      (Revelation 22:16 ESV)

      On April 3, 2020 Venus will hold in its hand the seven stars which are the stellar cluster known as the Seven Sisters (the Pleiades). His letter to the church in Ephesus is an important one to us all.

      Remember your first love.

      Love God, Love others as yourself and never let go of the promise given us in Christ Jesus our Lord.

      Glory and power and dominion to Him forever and ever.


    9. 4...3...2...0! (Sounds like a countdown, doesn't it?)

    10. All that is interesting but will it explain where the time gap is between the rapture and tribulation which was suggested. I dont see evidence of any lag time in between. When we leave here its going to be immediate chaos.

    11. The Tribulation, the time of Jacob's trouble being the Great Tribulation begins at the mid-point and consists of the last 1,260-days. One gap you may see is the 1,260-days of the two witnesses' ministry v 1,290-days that may precede the mid-point.

      My study model has the two witnesses arrival 10/10/20-10/11/20 (Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah) and witness until the Penumberal lunar eclipse of 14 Adar II on the Civil calendar (Purim, 2024) being also M1D13 Erev Passover (Passover Eve) and Shabbat HaGadol in one. This is Saturday/Sunday 3/23/20-3/24/20 and the end of their ministry. Three and a half days later they would be raised on 16-17 Adar II or M1D17-18 being 3/27/27-3/28/27.

      About 10-days later is the Great American Solar Eclipse 2.0 that will complete drawing a Tav over North American over Little Egypt in Southern Illinois.

      Sorry for the fast response but duty calls. I hope for no typos!



    12. there is nothing in the Bible that says there is or isn't a gap between the Rapture and the beginning of the 7 year Tribulation. The rapture itself will create enough chaos here on earth. I do believe that something ( Arab war, aliens, etc. ) will happen and we will go home, whenever it occurs. We are set for Rev 12:5. Locked and loaded. It would make sense to get America in a turmoil ( rapture) for war to breakout or vice versa. Removing approximately 1 billion people from this earth at one time will be very disrupting.

    13. Thank you for those responses PR and jgoose. It still seems to me with the restrainer removed, the holy spirit in spirit filled believers removed from the earth that if the scriptures do'not show a gap between the rapture and trib. I dont see how we can assume there will be.

      When we leave I believe it begins from that moment on and the 2550 day count commences.

    14. Mainier, I think your question about whether there's a gap or not is an excellent one. Lately I've been considering it myself. I was trying to imagine what it will be like for those left behind immediately after the rapture. I'm not sure I/we can wrap our minds around the level of chaos and devastation that will happen. I'm thinking it will be like 9-11 times-100 all over the world.

      How many Christians around the world are in important positions in the various industries we rely on and take for granted? How many of those industries will be immediately disabled of the loss of knowledge and experience?

      How many planes will suddenly not have pilots, trains without engineers, semi's without drivers?
      How many wrecks are going to simultaneously happen on the freeways and highways? Most roads are going to "explode" with devastation. And then, what percentage of first responders will not show up because they're gone? How many firemen will not show up to help put out the fires? And for those that survive, how many will not be able to see a doctor because so many doctors will just be gone?

      A shortage of food will most likely follow as the food industry suddenly loses many of its truck drivers, distribution planners, decision-makers. Are Christians in important positions in the power industry? Heating and cooling? Fuel distribution? Communication? Will these industries start seizing up for lack of direction and help?

      Then, think of the pure emotional and mental trauma that will last for days and weeks - everyone will know someone who's disappeared. It will be almost unbearable for people to "not know" where their family members are, their neighbors and friends…their children! It would be bad enough to know they were dead, but to not know where they are would be chilling.

      I’m starting to drone on and on (ha ha) but to make a long story short, I’m thinking there will be a gap just because if someone were to step forward the day after all this happened and say “I know things are terrible right now but, hey, I got a great idea…let’s solve the Middle East peace problem today.” I’m not sure anyone would take someone serious at that moment. Even world leaders are going to be too overwhelmed with what just happened. I’m (speculating) it will probably take the world a month or two to just recover. In the meantime, evil-minded people will be plotting and planning in the vacuum created by the Restrainer.

    15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    16. Could kit be that shutting down factories due to the Covid-19 outbreak is a foretaste of what will happen right after the Rapture?

    17. Sevy,

      When you consider all that you've outlined above, there is more to restraining than meets the eye! EXCELLENT observations!


      This is not the first time we've seen what looks like a countdown. Who knows? Could be?

      A GAP?

      One note about my study models -- they are built from the MK backward to present day. I do not try to figure-out a day for the RR and work forward from there -- that is not the purpose of my study. So far the only gap that stands out is the potential offset of the RR and the arrival of the two witnesses. My study is not exhaustive and is not complete but a WIP.


      Looking at this coming Purim there are 26-days between Lots and 4/3/20 (4/4/20). If you've been taking note of the significance of 4/3-4/4 of this year you can add this one to it.

      The number of the Name of the LORD ("יהוה") is 26.

      The day-count from 4/3-4/4 to FoT/Rosh Hashannah is 167-days. Another interesting number given the year of the Maccabean Revolt. So many significant and important days in Biblical history to dig on.

      Lots of learning and time with the LORD await!

      Happy hunting!!

    18. @Pastor Rich

      It's not just Little Egypt in that location, but also a piece of land simply labeled 'Future City.' There's nothing there now, but they had zoned it out or whatever.

      The eclipse center line goes right between the two. On the one side the goats (Egypt), on the other the sheep? (Sheep going to the future city, New Jerusalem)

    19. WOW!!! Gotta check that out!

    20. Pastor Rich, thanks for sharing your watch model for this coming Yom Teruah. I have been tracking the same timeframe and thought you might like to evaluate my findings, so I will post them below.


      This coming Yom Teruah is 2550 days before Yom Kippur in 2027, 1290 days before Passover day 7, and also 1335 days before Pentecost. Perhaps just as Israel fled into the wilderness from Pharaoh, who is described as a dragon by Ezekiel, so also might the nation of Israel again be fleeing from the anti-christ into the wilderness, on this anniversary date of Passover day 7, for their remaining 1260 days (times, time, and half a time) until a 2nd Coming on Yom Kippur. Interestingly, Leviticus defines the 7th day of Passover as a sabbath day and it's always in winter. Obviously, this scenario is strengthened by the idea of the "daily" that is taken away being the living sacrifice, which is the body of Christ. This then gives way for the anti-christ to be revealed after the restrainer is removed, but yet prior to the Tribulation, which would in this scenario start 30 days later, when the two witness's ministry would need to start on Adar 1st, which I've read is traditionally believed to be the anniversary of the plague of darkness. Perhaps Pentecost will again be a day for the outpouring of the holy spirit, which in this case might be a "blessed day" because it could be for the sealing of the 144,000. Here's some more notes that I have jotted down that pertain to this idea.

      Note: Looking at the government start date for Israel in 1949, when using 360 prophetic year intervals of time, this coming Feast of Trumpets could be considered to fall in the 73rd year, which gives just enough time to fit in the tribulation before reaching the end of the 80th year count, when counting in this manner.

      Note: www.37X73.com uncovers an insane amount of patterns related to God's triune # of 3 and God's heptadic # 7. Therefore, a 73rd year rapture after the fig tree's rebirth seems consistent with biblical number patterns and falls in the 70-80 generation range.

      Note: 9/11 in 3 BC & 9/18/2020 are both at the START of Yom Teruah, so if the Star of Bethlehem revealed the timing of his birth during the Feast of Trumpets, then so also might the body be born on the same day. Also, based on an inclusive 8 day count, Jesus would have been circumcised on the Gregorian day of 9/18. This might therefore be a fitting day for the body of Christ to be cut off, so to speak, from the earth, which is similar to a womb for those being resurrected.

      Note: The Fig tree was given 3+1 years to bear fruit. Might those years reflect the time between the Revelation 12 Sign on 9/23/17 and the feast of trumpets on 9/18/2020?

      Note: From the potential "blessed day" when the 1335 day count ends on Shavuot of 5/15/2024 until the potential 2nd Coming of Jesus on Yom Kippur of 9/12/2027, there are 1215 days. Interestingly, the gematria value of Christ, Come, Midnight, & Save each have a total of 1215. The 1st location of the G3317 (Midnight) is in Acts Chapter 16, which mirrors up perfects with the rapture. The verse with a sum of 1215 is Genesis 9:8 and is God speaking to Noah to establish his covenant of the rainbow.

      Note: The bible records the first day of the first month as when Noa opened the covering of the Ark, so he seems to have seen the new world for the first time on Yom Teruah.

      Note: the Priests didn't wear their fancy breastplate on Yom Kippur, but rather wore plainer white attire. This attire seems most reflective of how Jesus is described in the intro of Revelations, which seems to nod to Yom Kippur as the timing of the 2nd Coming.

      Note: the Days of Awe span from Yom Teruah to Yom Kippur and may be reflective of the timeframe from the rapture to the 2nd Coming. Interestingly, if true this would position those seeing him coming in the clouds and trying to go hide, as most likely occuring during the Days of Awe right before Yom Teruah.

  6. Harbinger time. We're still in this period of grace. He's calling out for the people to repent and come to Him for salvation. What a great God we serve. Long-suffering and full of compassion. Our redemption draws nigh. Also, Ezra 9:12 is interesting for Israel. Make no treaty with them nor was them peace.

    1. Covid-19 is a harbinger of what will happen during the Tribulation Period. Maybe a wake-up call to accept our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as your redeemer and Lord?

    2. Definitely a wake-up call! You can almost hear the approach of the four horseman. Even so, the seals are yet to be broken. It is not yet their time.

      (Romans 10:9-10)

  7. Looks like other way around maybe. Exit polls showing at least 60 seats for the right-wing block... maybe.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Coronavirus death toll in the U.S. has gone up to 6.

    1. Gary, one aspect of the Deal of the Century I'm still not clear on. Isn't the dividing of the land predicated on the Palestinians ACCEPTING the deal? They've given indication they are NOT interested in any part of Trump's peace proposal. And if they don't accept, does this mean the land will not be further divided? Or is the very fact that it was SUGGESTED enough to bring God's judgement?

    2. That's a good question. The Palestinians may not have accepted yet, but the six-member committee is drawing FINAL BORDERS. They are effectively ceding 2/3rds of Judea and Samaria.

    3. My thoughts on this, based on a family member who understands the situation much better, is that the palestinians are irrelevant in the equation. There's so much money on the table now, wrapped up in contracts with the other countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, etc, that they're the real powers at the table, and the palestinians will be forced to go along with whatever deal is signed regardless of their opinion of it. Money outweighs the Koran in those countries, and if you wave enough of it under their noses, allah will suddenly be okay with whatever the decide.

    4. Well to be fair, God made a covenant with Israel, not the palestinians. It's Israel breaking the covenant, not anyone else breaking it with God. The fact that Israel is accepting it shows that they're breaking it. I don't think it matters what any other party wants.

    5. So then, God should definitely judge Israel. But will other nations, including America, be judged for being complicit in the agreement?

  10. I read somewhere that Christian leaders are calling for a global day of prayer tomorrow (March 3) for coronavirus. For it to stop spreading and for healing for the victims and protection for those helping and for the gospel to be spread through this somehow and for us not to have a spirit of fear. Thought I would pass it on. Thanks for keeping us updated. Blessings to everyone here.

    1. Thanks Lillie, I will participate in that and lets pray for an early spring and warm weather. This looks like a new flu strain and it typically doesn't like warm weather.

    2. Covid-19 isn't a new flu strain at all. Influenza is caused by the HxNx viruses, but Covid-19 is actually similar to viruses which cause the common cold.

  11. https://www.jpost.com/Israel-Elections/Benjamin-Netanyahus-Right-bloc-wins-majority-exit-polls-619513

  12. Netanyahu is a good guy...thats good news.

  13. Is this accurate : https://www.jpost.com/Israel-Elections/Benjamin-Netanyahus-Right-bloc-wins-majority-exit-polls-619513?fbclid=IwAR2DARyG_jvJhhHGl_ADLPuVEV7pCwmuFPVhsD3Bag_I7c8-3EdN1-nAowI

  14. https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/turkey-launches-operation-spring-shield-against-syria-demands-summit-putin-russia/

    I heard Bibi’s majority number could change a bit overnight. I think not all of the military votes are in.

  15. Turkey has destroyed a significant amount of Syrian military hardware in addition to the two planes it shot down on Sunday, said Akar, including “two drones, eight choppers, 135 tanks, five air defense systems, 86 cannons, howitzers and multiple rocket launchers, 16 anti-armors and mortars, 77 armed vehicles,” and “nine ammunition depots.”

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. As it stands now with 97% of the vote in, Netanyahu does not have enough seats. He would need 2 more (59 + 2). Likud is pressuring other MK-elects to defect. If that doesn't work, they'd have to have Avigdor.

  17. THIS DAY IN JEWISH HISTORY: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 (7 Adar, 5780)

    Quoting, source: Chabad.org

    Moses' Birth & Passing (1393 and 1273 BCE)

    Moses was born in Egypt on the 7th of Adar of the year 2368 from creation (1393 BCE) and passed away on his 120th birthday -- Adar 7, 2488 (1273 BCE)

    The Spanish Inquisition (1481)

    The Inquisition was created in the twelfth century to find "Christian heretics" who would be punished or killed. Eventually, Jews too were open to such charges of heresy, simply for being Jewish; and torture was routinely used to extract "confessions." Over the years, the inquisition, which operated with Papal consent, spread to many countries.

    In 1481 the Inquisition began to function in Spain to expose the secret Jews, known as the Anusim or Marranos. This Inquisition was anti-Jewish more than in any previous countries. The first public sentencing and burning alive of six marrano men and one woman by the Spanish Inquisition was held on this date in Seville in Southern Spain.

    1. Praying for our brothers and sisters in Nashville, TN (US) in the wake of the tornado that tore through the heart of the city on this Super Tuesday.

  18. Thank you Pastor Rich, and everyone else praying for my home state. Love you Tennessee!!! Prayers lifted up for y'all!!!

  19. So Corona (Covid-19) has even reached the emerald isle (Ireland) we have had our 2nd case confirmed this week. You know it is a pandemic, when a small island gets infected!!

  20. Update from this morning at the top!

  21. What do you all think about Kaduri and Shoshani's prophecy? Do you think God would give a revelation like that to a jewish rabbi? Im not sure what to think, I hope their right but have to remember that their "Meshiach" is not the one were looking for.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. "Do you think that God would give a revelation like that to a jewish rabbi?"

      Of course! Why not?

      What did G-d say through Caiaphas concerning Jesus? (John 11:50) What about Simeon? Who was he waiting for? (Luke 2:25-26) What about Saul and all that would come after his experience on the road to Damascus?

      Jesus asks us, "[W]ho do you say that I am?" (Luke 9:20)

      If our answer is that of Peter's, "The Christ of God" then we see the LORD for who He is in prophecy and in life. If it is not, we miss Jesus altogether. Still, G-d reveals Himself through His people and will speak through whomever He pleases...especially a Rabbi. (Note those shown above)

      Is it not like the parable of the prodigal? If we are the son that stayed home with the father -- don't we know how our father's heart longs for his wayward child? Do we even have a clue to how much He misses his precious son?

      Satan is a liar and a murder. Deception is it's game but Victory is of the LORD.

      Many hearts and minds will be turned to יהוה in the last days and they will know השם for who He is.

      אבא...meaning Father or more accurately just, Dad.

  22. I think this prophecy would carry more weight if it actually came from someone who knows who the real Messiah is. Someone like...hmmmm..a Christian?

    There are Jews who know who Jesus is but most dont.

    1. Thanks a lot for that Ryan, I will look into it. God bless.

  23. https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/146212/pre-purim-cyclone-esther-brings-unexpected-blessings-to-australia/

  24. Now Netanyahu cannot form a majority in the Knesset with his right-wing government, what does that mean for the timing of the Rapture, rebuild of the Temple and confirming the Covenant with the many by the antichrist?

    1. https://youtu.be/SCsL5BUlC2k

      The following video suggests a possible rapture on Purim upcoming in the next few days. Moin, any thoughts on the above?

    2. I haven seen this video, but it is very speculative! But at Purim, or shortly after, we can witness the collapse of the current financial and monetary systems, the stock markets are crashing due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

  25. At https://www.zerohedge.com/health/globalization-and-our-precarious-medical-supply-chains "Globalization And Our Precarious Medical Supply Chains".

    Is this Covid-19 virus also meant to destroy the healthcare systems, paving the way for the diseases which will spread across the globe during the Tribulation Period (The fourth horseman on a pale horse from Revelation 6)?

  26. I'm increasingly wondering how this virus fits with the season we are in. Whether it's a serious virus or not it is wreaking havoc on governments, financial and healthcare systems, ect. Makes you think about how things must be to bring in the AC. All the info on this virus is strange, one day in the US at least they act like it's a big deal but then the next they say it isn't. The media acts like we should be comforted because it's a survival of the fittest virus- what the globalists have been touting for years. It's a great opportunity to panic people into quarantines and martial law. It's a great chance to tank the global markets (look what it's doing to the top ones- China, US, Germany, ect), a great chance to put through/ suggest the mark (already pushing not using cash because of germs). Honestly you could go on and on with how this virus could make the world ripe for accepting someone bringing peace/safety/ a plan for the world. I see Moin what you are saying about the fourth horseman- I honestly see the potential for shadows of all the seals in this virus- right down to what the cost of a loaf of bread could be with the locusts, supply chains disrupted, and people unable to work right now in several countries. Then you add this with what is going on in Syria with Turkey, Russia and possibly US. The tornado in TN ripped up the very foundations of homes- really reminds us about whether your home is built upon the rock or sifting sand.

  27. Its not known how this coronavirus thing ends. Some have said that its not a new flu virus. I do think its suspicious that it began in a town in China with a known bio-weapons facility.

    If it is not a flu virus then it may not weaken with the oncoming of Springtime. Warmer weather.

  28. Guys, this is scary. Coronavirus has hit our city. The shelves of the supermarket are bare. The great tribulation has started and Jesus hadn't come for us. We have been left to die in the tribulation with all the other sinners.

    We must change the name of this blog to "Left Behind"

    1. Ok everyone, lets take a breath...breathe....big inhale and haaaaaaaa...yes!
      Your OK, the Lords gotcha!
      Luke, so what there scared, but not you right, you can spread the word of
      the Lord, don't act so scarred brother!
      Were in good Hands, our care is His constant concern.

  29. At https://wallstreetonparade.com/2020/03/two-charts-explain-why-wall-street-banks-are-under-so-much-selling-pressure/ "Two Charts Explain Why Wall Street Banks Are Under So Much Selling Pressure" about the collapsing financial markets by this virus. In this article the following:

    "All of these banks have one thing in common: they each are exposed to tens of trillions of dollars in derivatives. And according to a 2016 report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the German mega bank, Deutsche Bank, is heavily interconnected via derivatives to each of these Wall Street banks. (See chart below.) Deutsche Bank’s stock lost 5.49 percent yesterday, bringing its losses to 30 percent in just the past 15 trading sessions. That’s common equity capital that Deutsche Bank can’t afford to lose: its shares have lost 75 percent of their common equity value in the past five years. The IMF concluded that Deutsche Bank posed a greater threat to global financial stability than any other bank as a result of these interconnections – and that was when its market capitalization was tens of billions of dollars larger than it is today."

    I think that this virus is causing the mother of all financial collapses, economic and societal devastation. At https://volcanocafe.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/friday-volcanic-riddles/comment-page-1/#comment-100487 I compared the financial crisis of 2008, when Lehman Brothers collapsed, with a severe volcanic eruption.

    From Monday March 9th to Tuesday March 10th the Jews will celebrate Purim. On Sunday March 8th it will be exactly 40 days after the revelation of the Deal of the Century. Could the oncoming Purim mean the total collapse of the current financial system?

  30. The entire world is in heavy debt, were at 22+ trillion. That cant continue.

    This could be the straw that breaks the camels back. The only reason we didnt collapse 12 yrs. ago was because they cut interest rates to 0%.

    You can only go that well just so many times.

    1. Will the total financial collapse be triggered by the Rapture?

  31. I watched a video about Rabbi Kaduri. I remember now about his posthumous revealing of who he thought the Messiah was (Yeshua) but had forgotten. He was an impressive fellow with a photographic memory.

    I wasn't however able to find the prophecy concerning the Israeli gov't and the coming of Messiah but i'll keep looking.

    1. Paul Dawson did some work on the topic. Here's a start for you,

      Kaduri's Messiah Note: Proven 100% Authentic

      The original posting(s) made on Kaduri's website were removed. Internet archive websites have a record of his postings thus what Paul digs on.

      Happy hunting.

    2. It’s authentic, at least according to that guy’s video. Many Jewish sources still claim that it’s a forgery, but of course, they likely would. But there are a lot of gifted forgers in the world.

      My question is, why would he conceal such important, revelational news? Even worse, designating its opening a year after his death. It’s almost as if he was protecting his reputation above all else. As if he was concerned about being consigned to an anonymous plot for heretics and blasphemers. Doesn’t sound like the path of someone who’s found the answer to the most important matter in his life. And what about the lost salvation of those who could have heard the truth during that interim year?

      Admittedly, I know nothing about the entire matter aside from what I’ve read in this post, so maybe there’s more to the whole story. With those caveats, I find his prophecy about failed Israeli elections more interesting. Even more, that prophecy seems to indicate the arrival of the false Messiah rather than Jesus.


    3. I agree about the arrival of the Anti-Christ.

    4. I felt compelled to keep digging into the Rabbi Kaduri story, and came across a wonderful book called ‘The Rabbi, the Secret Message, and the Identity of Messiah’, by Carl Gallups. The book is a must-read for truly understanding all that transpired, the process, and the timing. None of it can be understood properly without an overlay of Orthodox Jewish culture, which Gallups provides by extensive input from Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat. Porat’s story is in many ways as astonishing as Kaduri’s, and best of all, it continues to this day. Porat is descended from a long line of elite rabbis, and his family friends included the likes of Kaduri, and Ariel Sharon. In fact, Porat himself was once a Sanhedrin rabbi, but returned the certification after he became Born Again. As a result, he and his wife were severely persecuted, lost everything, and became homeless for a while. This entire story is a rich blessing, and I recommend the book in highest possible terms.


  32. I dont think the Rabbi was very worried about his reputation, he knew how his orthodox brethren would react and they did.

    If he wanted to conceal something he wouldn't have said anything.

  33. At https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/07/world/coronavirus-news.html "Italy is locking down much of the north, its economic engine". See also https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-51787238 "Coronavirus: Northern Italy quarantines 16 million people".

    Locking down an economically important region of Italy is asking for a total financial and economic disaster in Europe, causing panic, collapsing financial markets, failing banks and civil unrest. Europe is being severely hit by this virus and its financial, economic and societal impacts. It has to do with the arrival of the antichrist from Europe, of course.

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  36. https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/single-toilet-paper-roll-sells-for-1000-as-coronavirus-panic-buying-reaches-new-level-c-729542

  37. We have been here before, we think somethings going to happen but then things calm down and go back to normal.

    Im not sure thats going to happen this time.

    1. Labor pains, they come, they go...but they increase in intensity and frequency. This one boggles the mind when you draw it out to it's logical conclusion. So, at some point here, there is one last push!

    2. I think that Coronavirus and its subsequent economic and social collapse is getting worse and worse through the whole Tribulation Period until the Second Advent of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  38. At https://www.raptureready.com/2020/03/08/shaking-the-nations-by-daymond-duck/ "Shaking the Nations :: By Daymond Duck":

    "Eight: Know that God established Israel’s borders and warned people not to divide His land and scatter His people (Joel. 3:2).

    On Jan. 28, 2020, Pres. Trump revealed the political part of his peace proposal; it accepted Israeli sovereignty over Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, and it included “conceptual” maps of what Israel will look like.

    Prime Min. Netanyahu seemed ready to annex Judea and Samaria right away, but Pres. Trump asked him to replace the “conceptual” maps with detailed maps that show Israel’s new borders.

    A team from the U.S. and Israel was established to develop detailed maps, and they met for the first time on Feb. 24, 2020.

    On that same day, the UN Security Council met and agreed to continue support for a negotiated two-state solution.

    On that same day, the U.S. Dow Jones stock market dropped 1,031 points.

    The U.S. and Israel map committee continued to meet all week, and the Dow Jones continued to drop all week, and it had lost almost 4,000 points by week’s end.

    If that isn’t enough, the news was filled with stories about the Coronavirus going global.

    Some will question the suggestion that there is a connection between redrawing the borders of Israel, the UN position on the two-state solution, the decline of the Dow Jones stock market, and the global spread of the Coronavirus, but the fact that all of this started on the same day is undeniable."

  39. How should we live?

    Knowing that this world is more being usurped by the nwo, the rapture and the Lord's coming is nigh, seemingly within years, how should we live?

    Should we still try to study hard for those good grades to get into the best college, should we still embroil ourselves in high stress jobs to earn a bigger salary, busy our minds with business to earn a living - or should we all leave it behind, let it go, and live in simplicity, awaiting the Lord?

    I'm pressed between the two - to continue to strive for more business opportunities or simply to key out all go, live with what's been saved up do far for me and my family.

    How about you? What is your approach?

    1. Living in simplicity of course and doing simple community jobs in return for your social benefit (Workfare, work for the dole).

    2. We are living to love the LORD and love others as Christ commanded. I am still working as a church planter and we are still looking toward a tomorrow but with the knowledge that everything is subject to change.

      But when you get right down to it -- how is that different from any other day before the advent of the R12S?

      It's not.

  40. At https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8079553/Supermarkets-prepare-FOOD-RIOTS-coronavirus.html "Supermarkets prepare for FOOD RIOTS as part of emergency plans to feed the nation as panic buying Brits strip shelves faster than they can be refilled.. but high streets and shopping centres are deserted". And oil prices are plummeting now ,see https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/08/investing/oil-prices-crash-opec-russia-saudi-arabia/index.html "Oil crashes by most since 1991 as Saudi Arabia launches price war".

    I think that we can brace ourselves for a total collapse of the economy, financial system and society.

  41. I believe in mentally, physically, financially and most importantly, spiritually preparing for what will be the worlds greatest evangelistic times ahead.

    1. ...the greatest of these is being prepared to give an account for who we are and what we have done to one another as a witness, yes, but most of all for when we stand before the King.

      Until then we do have the greatest evangelistic times ahead -- your personal story shared with those you meet today! Share it with joy, love and enthusiasm.

    2. Pastor Rick....We will be evangelizing 3 years from now. I was slapped very hard for saying that in 2017. We have just started receiving but a pin prick. My faith grows every day, but I shake my head at the festive atmosphere. We have some serious down trodden people ...and this is nothing compared to what Christian's have been going through on the other side of this sphere.

    3. Brother, you've shared your heart with me and I love you and respect you for that. I celebrate that your faith grows daily!

      My wife and I cannot abide what the world calls living business as usual. This is not usual. The business we're concerned with is that of our Father. I say that not to you as much as I do our fellow guests in this space.

      Although you and I do not agree on the *when* of our going -- we agree that it is a fact that we are going! As long as Christ Himself is always at the centre of our faith -- I'm good with calling you friend and brother!

    4. Pastor Rich...Amen brother! We all here will go up together...and my mind goes numb trying to fathom how long eternity with Christ is. As the lyric says..."When we've been there...10,000 years, bright shining as the sun...we've no less days to sing God's praise as when we first begun."

      Thank you Rich for having me feel welcome and inclusive.

  42. No Rapture on or after Purim, but exactly 40 days after revelation of the Deal of the Century the financial markets are crashing financial markets and the price of crude oil has collapsed. I think that we are seeing the beginning of a total crash of the current financial system.

  43. On the topic of the AC and the so-called peace deal id like to point out a few things.

    First we know from 1 Thessalonians that the AC willnot be known until the Restrainer is removed (Us).

    And secondly it says in Daniel that the AC will "confirm" a covenant for one week-7 yrs. That word confirm more accurately means to "make greater". You cant make something greater if it doesn't exist in the first place.

    So putting things as I see it in order from scripture something is going to get signed, there will be a deal. Until that happens, whether Trumps deal of the century is the one or not there will be no Rapture. When and if this deal is signed is when we can seriously think about the Rapture and it may happen quickly.

    After that the AC "confirms" or makes greater the covenant with many, the third temple is built and we return 7 yrs. later to deal with him at Armageddon.

    1. Both PM Netanyahu and Benjamin Gantz have agreed to "the vision" and the work to draw-up economic, political and social boundaries is well in hand. In effect the agreement is already made. Even the UN is on board.

      Some simple facts,

      The AC wants to see the division of the land. The AC wants to see the building of the third temple. Our departure will bring untold havoc to the world. We cannot begin to imagine what will happen and how long it will take for what's left of human society to get moving again after the RR. A power vacuum will exist and this is what the AC will step into. The evil one makes (creates) nothing in and of itself -- it only feeds on that which is and takes advantage of that which is.

      If the LORD took us all right now, how long do you think it would take for, "the dust to settle?" The level of chaos and destruction caused by the sudden and complete removal of the body of Christ is unimaginable. But if it did happen now, how long do you *think* it would take to even begin to recover? Months? The better part of a year?

      Whatever that figure may be we can be assured it will be THE time that the AC brazenly comes forth to fill the void. It is opportunistic and dares not present itself in plain sight while the restrainer is present. It cannot.

      I am coming to believe that a gap will occur between the end of the Church age and the beginning of Daniel's 70th week. That gap will be the physical recovery from the taking of the body of Christ and the entrance of the beast.

      We cannot underestimate the wholesale destruction that will occur at the RR. Whatever and whenever that time may be, it is the stage that sets the entrance of the beast.

      I don't believe we can adequately comprehend it.

      If you haven't already, it's time to paint your door! Be ready to leave with great haste. Death is passing over the land and the coming of the LORD is at hand.

      9 because, if you confess with
      your mouth that Jesus is Lord
      and believe in your heart that
      God raised him from the dead,
      you will be saved.

      10 For with the heart one
      believes and is justified, and
      with the mouth one confesses
      and is saved.

      11 For the Scripture says,
      "Everyone who believes in
      him will not be put to

      12 For there is no distinction
      between Jew and Greek; for the
      same Lord is Lord of all,
      bestowing his riches on all
      who call on him.

      (Romans 10:9-11 ESV)

      Grace and peace to you my brothers and sisters and glory to God our Father through Christ Jesus our Lord. Glory and honour and power are His forever and ever.


    2. But since Trump has revealed his Deal of the Century the Coronavirus has been spiralling out of control, causing financial markets, economics and societies to collapse.

      The Coronavirus is getting out of control, causing the following devastating things * Lock down of economic important regions;
      * Supply chain disruptions;
      * Collapsing healthcare systems;
      * Collapsing financial markets which will cause banks and debt-laden companies to fail, triggering an economic depression in Europe;
      * Empty shelves in grocery stores;
      * A general collapse of economic and societies;
      * A war in the Middle-East triggered by Iran is very likely. I think that Iran will trigger a war because of the collapsed oil prices. Iran is already severely hit by economic sanctions imposed by Trump, and a war in the Middle-East will skyrocket the oil prices, gaining revenue for Iran.

      All these things together will, combined with the Brexit and the Rapture, cause so much panic in Europe that the EU will fall apart and that 10 European nations decide to form a federation from which the antichrist will emerge. When the panic across societies in Europe is so large, the daily life of ordinary people will be so threatened seriously that they will call for a strong leader. And that can happen within a few weeks from now.

    3. So far as war, don’t forget Russia. They are extremely dependent upon petro-dollars. Twenty years ago they were in a prime position to diversify their economy, but Putin failed to do that. Now they have sanctions and rock bottom petrol. If I’m not mistaken, crude hit the $30 per barrel mark earlier today.

    4. Indeed about the Restrainer keeping it from happening... over the centuries, anytime anyone has even begun looking 'anti-Christy' there have been Christians pointing at them and comparing them with the description from the various places of the Bible. Then the person getting pointed at seems to just vanish back into the background, and another one pops up to get pointed at.

  44. A PIN-POINT: Transportation stocks plunge into a bear market

    Quoting, CNN,

    "Oil prices may be plummeting, but that's small consolation for crude-dependent airlines, trucking companies and railroads.

    The Dow Jones Transportation Average (DJT) plunged 6.6% Monday morning before the market was halted for a circuit breaker. The index was still down more than 5% when stocks resumed trading.

    The transports are now officially in a bear market -- more than 20% below its recent peak. Lower fuel costs won't offset the massive drop in demand that transportation companies are facing in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

    The index, which counts major airlines United (UAL), Delta (DAL), Southwest (LUV) and American (AAL) among its 20 members, has plunged 26% from the 52-week high it hit in January.

    This is bad news for the global economy, as these companies are responsible for getting goods and people around the world.

    Investors are clearly worried the bear market for transportation stocks could be a harbinger of a long protracted pullback for stocks -- and perhaps even a global recession -- on the horizon."

  45. At the very least, it now seems that the "days of Noah" argument which made the case that the rapture would occur in times of normalcy and complacency was not correct. The markets are in free fall, the pandemic is spreading exponentially, and things are anything but "normal". Using conservative estimates regarding infectivity, epidemiologists are predicting that all ICU beds in the US will be full by early to mid May 2020. Once sick patients are left to recover on their own at home, mortality rates in the 15% range (among those ill) are reached, as this is roughly the percentage of ill patients who require intensive care. This appears to be what happened in China, and is why they were erecting 1000 bed "hospitals" in a mad dash to care for the ill. This plan failed, and then the crematoriums were fired up and run at full capacity. Then additional furnaces were brought in. Most of those who died, did so at home, and were not counted toward official death totals.

    We are left with two possibilities: either the rapture has already happened, and very few went, or the rapture will occur in a time of growing real world calamity. I don't believe we have missed the rapture, and I do subscribe to the "pretribulational" model based on scriptural evidence. How far we go into this crisis before we are pulled out is anybody's guess at this point.

    1. Or does the "Days of Noah" argument mean that our Lord intervened with the Coronavirus which is wreaking havoc now? That virus began in a time of normalcy and complacency.

      The sudden destruction from no one will escape (1 Thessalonians 5:3), is that the current Coronavirus and the collapsing financial markets?

    2. Keep in mind that all was well in the days of Noah on the hour it began to rain.

      Mankind has seen flu epidemics that wiped out millions. This time it seems to be different. I cannot help but see parallels to the passage of death over Egypt.

      As in the days of Noah, a moment before the first raindrop fell all was well according to the world.

      How quickly that changed...

    3. How quickly that has changed since president Trump has revealed his Deal of the Century. Maybe that the Rapture will still occur during or even after the Tribulation Period?

    4. The times of Noah being peaceful and calm? I read instead that there was great violence and evil throughout the earth in those days... Along with a population boom and the rise of 'celebrities' (It says 'men of great reknown')

      What I see in the world is that we got some places that look like Noah's time, and other areas looking like Lot's time... and other parts looking a bit like Egypt during Moses' time...

  46. On the subject of recovery after the Rapture happens, the U.S. will be
    most hardest hit. We have the largest concentration of Christians here and it will probably wreck the country and make us vulnerable. The rest of the world may recover and fare much better.

    Muslim countries and the like.

    1. After the Rapture things will get from bad to worse, no recovery at all, but poverty, economic hardship, wars and famine will rage.

    2. While the U.S. has the highest concentration of "professing" Christians, a great many of them are such in name only. I will not say what the true percentage may be, as I do not know anyone's heart. But some estimates suggest that there are as many or more Christians in China. In a place where professing your faith is treason, its hard to get true numbers. It is also more likely to have true devoted followers of Christ, forged in persecution.
      We should be preying for them daily, as I'm sure they are preying for the Church over here.

      God Bless

    3. The United States also has a lot of Holy Spirit filled agnostics, buddhists, and whatever-ists who accepted Jesus and the Holy Spirit in their youth but drifted away. I believe in the last days (and even up until the last minutes) we will see them return to the fold.

      I believe it is one of the reasons that the US has been 'mostly peaceful.' Even if they have forgotten their first love, the Holy Spirit is still in there pushing them to be 'good people.'

      God knows the hearts. We should try not to doubt those who profess that they are on Jesus' side.

  47. I humbly submit that "maybe" is not a word God uses. With God, all things are possible. He operates with possibilities not probabilities.

    We all know that are not given to have all of the answers in this place. I don't even know that we'll have the answers even standing before the King. But I do know there is no Plan-B with God.

    Each of us must give an answer for ourselves. We must make an account for who we are and what we have done. Who I am is who I am in Christ. Jesus is my account. What I once was is now dead. What I am is forgiven. Renewed, redeemed.

    We are called to take up our cross daily and follow Him. This is the reason we cannot be concerned for ourselves -- we are to be concerned with the work given us today by our Father in heaven. We are to be busy about our Father's business.

    It's perfectly fine to ask questions as there is no question you cannot take to your Father -- but may I remind our readers do so with a Bible in your hands and a prayer on your lips. Take these matters to the Father and allow Him to lead you in discovery on who He Is by the teaching of His Holy Spirit.

    Wisdom is something He gives freely to those who ask.

  48. One other thing I see here that makes me sad is that some people still dont accept the pre-trib rapture in spite of everything written on this site about it.

    Id like to give it a shot.

    The main difference between the Rapture and the second coming is that during the Rapture the Lord Jesus doesn't actually set foot on the earth. We meet him "in the air" (1 Thess. 4:17)

    In Zechariah 14:3,4 it says that on that day the Lord will stand on the Mt. of Olives. That day is when the Lord returns with his saints (Us) to engage the enemy at Armageddon.

    Now look at Acts 1:11,12 it says that after the 11 saw Jesus ascend, the angel said he would return in "like manner" as you saw him go.

    In verse 12 it says that then they left and went to Jerusalem from the mount of Olivet ( Mt. of Olives).

    So thats the difference, the Rapture and the second coming are separate events. At the second coming the Lord returns to the very place on earth where he left from. Not on a beach in Florida or a cornfield in Iowa but to the Mt. of Olives in Israel as the King of Kings.

    Maybe this clears it up for some of you, if not I did my best.

    1. ...and remember how many angels were there that day our Lord ascended?

      10 And while they were gazing
      into heaven as he went, behold,
      two men stood by them in white

      (Acts 1:10 ESV)

      Hmmm, makes me ask and wonder if they were the two witnesses?

      Could be!

      I'm right there with you Mainer with a heart on fire for the LORD and expectant of our departure before it hits the fan.

      Keep looking up!!

    2. Pastor Rich...Excellent point and very possible! My beliefs are that when the two witnesses rise after 3.5 days and are called into heaven, that is the rapture. Too many scriptures line up this way. But it took me almost 3 years to see it.

    3. If you are saying that the Rapture is Mid-Trib, I believe that is incorrect. The 7 years of the Tribulation are for the Jews, not God's saved Christians. After Chapter 3 in Revelation, Christians are gone.

    4. Stan,

      I do believe the two angels were the two witnesses to come and that we see them in various points in Scripture. (The transfiguration being one of them!) May it be that we go home just before the AoD? Meaning DAYS before?

      That would be an interesting personal study and points to dig on.

    5. I just have one issue with that. The two witnesses eventually get killed. I dont think angels can be killed although I cant find any scripture reference in that up or down.

  49. We are witnessing that the Coronavirus is already damaging/devastating the financial system, the economy and society. Think about the lock down measures in several countries and collapsing financial markets which can make banks to fail. Did you also notice that this virus has been wreaking havoc since president Trump has revealed his Deal of the Century?

    However, we have entered the age of chaos and misery since Trump has revealed his Deal of the Century. But how does it fit with according to these Bible verses below that the Rapture will happen during a time in which the daily life is business as usual and people are complacent? Because of that devastating Coronavirus and its associated panic I see that the daily life and the economy are going into a complete shutdown and that financial markets are collapsing. Non-Christians also notice that something wrong is going on. When this virus and its associated panic is causing so much chaos that both the economy and society are collapsing, it isn't as in the Days of Noah at all. And is the sudden destruction what this virus is wreaking havoc and its dire economical and societal consequences?

    "Matthew 24:37-39 King James Version (KJV):
    37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
    38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,
    39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    Luke 17:26-27 King James Version (KJV):
    26 And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.
    27 They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.

    1 Thessalonians 5:3 King James Version (KJV):
    3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."

  50. In my opinion, these verses have more to do with Mid-Trib and/or 2nd Coming, not Rapture

    1. During the first 3.5 years of the Tribulation Period the daily life won't be business as usual at all, because the Four Horsemen of Revelation 6 will cause widespread devastation, war, famine and diseases.

    2. Very true, but we have all of that now, and life still goes on.

  51. As far as the "Days of Noah" implying that everything is going about business as usual, I don't think we can look at current events and discard that idea quite yet. First, for the average person, despite the Corona virus, despite the stock market gyrations, life really is continuing as normal. Media hype doesn't equate to actual practical impact for the majority of people. To me, it's like saying that an earthquake destroyed a village/city, or a hurricane swept through Florida. Yes, for a percentage of the population, that's devastating, but most of the world just continues business as normal. So, a world-wide great depression would certainly change the situation, so would US gov't economy collapse. But I view the current situation as a birth pang. Possibly set up for future Trib events, but not excluding the idea that the Rapture could be near.

    1. I think what you mean is that YOUR life hasn't been greatly affected. Your "average person" translates as "average American". An individual in China, Italy, or Iran might have a different perspective. I think one of the problems the American Christian community has is a fundamental belief that they are special. People in other parts of the world have tragic things occur, but not here. It will never come here. We will be whisked away long before. If anything, I would say the mainstream media has downplayed current events. They have entirely failed to investigate the string of evidence linking the pandemic to the Wuhan level 4 biolab. They have largely failed to question China's state controlled narrative on the severity of the outbreak. They have overlooked odd "coincidences" linking the Gates Foundation and the World Military Games to the John's Hopkins "Event 201" coronavirus pandemic simulation on 10/18/2019. Legitimate journalism would turn over every rock looking for answers. What we have instead is media containment and propaganda, not investigation. Also, I am seeing the idea surfacing among Christian conservatives that the entire event is some sort of Leftist conspiracy to remove Trump from office. This has now passed the Rubicon into total insanity. Rational people would not believe that entire foreign nations would destroy their own economies in order to remove Trump from office via some sort of media conspiracy. The sad reality is, Trump is a narcissistic tool of the very "Deep State" he pretends to oppose. Take a look at his Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, his past relationship with Trump, and his connections to the Rothschild banking empire. It will be enlightening. It's time to wake up people! America is not "special". We have murdered millions of unborn innocents. We have spread pornography around the world. We have engaged in numerous foreign wars chasing false flag-generated boogy men, slaughtering more innocents in the process. All in the name of empire building. Judgment will come to America too.

    2. On the Dutch commercial broadcast RTL-Z was an item about a severe outbreak of this Coronavirus in the US, see https://www.rtlz.nl/z-zoekt-uit/video/5051301/waarom-de-coronacrisis-groot-kan-worden-de-vs "Waarom de coronacrisis groot kan worden in de VS".

      There in the US are no health insurances and no payment of wages during illness. In the US the healthcare system isn't coronaproof and that can be very dangerous for both the US economy and the US society.

      When the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in the US, we can expect a total financial meltdown and the Collapse of the Dollar, will that be God's punishment for the Deal of the Century?

    3. Actually, I meant that ALL disruptive events effect someone somewhere. And don't effect the majority elsewhere. The Tsunami in Japan several years ago was debating to Japan. But not to, say, Peru. What I was originally responding to was the idea that "well, the Corona virus means people aren't going about their lives like normal, therefore either we're wrong that life will be normal right before the rapture or the rapture isn't going to happen soon". My argument was simply that life is still normal for most people on the planet. Which I still maintain is true.

    4. Or the Rapture will happen DURING the TRibulation Period.

  52. Nightfall has come to Israel and the sun is beginning to set in the Americas.

    It is Purim.

    We can remember it as being marked by the greatest single day drop in history of the Dow as stocks loose 2,014 points (or 7.8%) for the day.

    Just out of curiosity here is what Strong's (G2014) has to share,

    Quoting, Biblehub.com

    Strong's Concordance (G2014)

    epiphainó: to show forth, i.e. to appear
    Original Word: ἐπιφαίνω
    Part of Speech: Verb
    Transliteration: epiphainó
    Phonetic Spelling: (ep-ee-fah'-ee-no)
    Definition: to show forth, to appear
    Usage: I appear (as of a light in the heavens or from the heavens), shine upon.

    HELPS Word-studies

    Cognate: 2014 epiphaínō (from 1909 /epí, "suitably on," which intensifies 5316 /phaínō, "appear") – properly, to appear to achieve the fitting purpose, i.e. as it builds on (Gk epi) on the particular situation. See 2015 (epiphaneia).

    Our missionary to the Philippines got out of country just-in-time. Reports from a local pastor say that Manila is shut-down. I have not personally dug on that news yet.


    Reports from last week indicate that the official election results will go to President Rivlin tomorrow. Also on the horizon is the corruption trial of PM Netanyahu on 21 Adar or Tuesday, March 17th.

    Will the PM get the mandate again? Will a government be formed?

    We'll have to wait and see...

  53. Water turning to wine? (If you didn't know how it happened, it could be interpreted that way, heh. Even CNN occasionally prints something interesting now and then)


    1. 1,000 litres accidentally dumped into the local water system. Apparently it affected about 20-homes. Fascinating!

  54. A lot of grapes in Italy apparently.

  55. Looks like Gantz has the mandate. However, can he form the government? Interesting times for Israel.



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