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An Emergency Government for the Time of Jacob's Trouble?

UPDATE (5/6): At close to Midnight Israeli time on Wednesday, the High Court of Justice in Israel has approved the coalition agreement between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz.  The new government will be sworn in next Wednesday, May 13th.  The last obstacle to Israel's implementation of the Deal of the Century has now [seemingly] been removed and the vote may take place as early as July 1st.  The U.S. ambassador to Israel has reaffirmed that the vote on annexation will only be supported if it is done on the basis of the Trump peace deal, which imposes a four-year land freeze and sets aside approximately 70% of Judea and Samaria for a future Palestinian state (source).  If the Knesset and Israeli cabinet votes in accord with the peace plan, then the U.S. is promising to quickly recognize Israel's new acquisitions of the Jordan Valley and over 100 settlements.  With everything now moving full speed ahead, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is reportedly headed to Israel next week to meet with both Benjamins, surely to discuss the imminent imposition of the historic peace agreement (source).

At the moment it looks like all systems are go, but we may get a more definitive answer on Thursday when the High Court of Justice in Israel rules on the emergency coalition agreement.  For the course of the past year, spanning three separate elections, the Knesset has been unable to form a government.  This had never happened before in the country's history and it's happening now because the world is on the very cusp of the period of time referred to in the 30th chapter of Jeremiah as "the time of Jacob's trouble."

At the last minute, rivals Benjamin ("Benny") Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to form Israel's first emergency government—the first extra-ordinary government in the country since the Provisional State Council that formed shortly before the country's inception.  In this we see yet another bookend, signifying that the fig tree generation is nearing its end and the end of this pre-tribulation transitional period that began with the establishment of the state of Israel is almost complete.

The race to the finish line kicked off with all speed in August and September of 2017 when Jared Kushner began laying the groundwork for the Deal of the Century and the Revelation 12 Sign occurred, respectively.  The deal was finally unveiled on January 28th of this year with immediate support from both Netanyahu and Gantz, and the very hour it was revealed the biggest earthquake so far this year—a 7.7—shook Mar-a-Lago, which is the personal residence of President Trump, the man pushing the deal.  Just three days after the reveal the U.S. government would declare a public health emergency due to COVID-19.

Fast forward just three months and we've now witnessed the whole world on the verge of economic collapse, the groundwork being laid for the Antichrist's government, and this emergency government in Israel taking shape.  I think this is it, friends.

Central to the emergency coalition agreement between Gantz and Netanyahu is agreement to allow a straight up-or-down vote on annexation and the Deal of the Century as early as July 1st.  To make crystal clear that annexation is only greenlighted as part of the complete deal, including support for a Palestinian state, Trump has informed Netanyahu the U.S. will only support a vote on sovereignty if it includes the whole deal (source).

In order for this formal vote on dividing the land to take place, three things needed to happen: 1. Likud and Blue and White had to finally come to a coalition agreement, 2. the U.S. government had to confirm that the vote could proceed even without Palestinian agreement, and 3. the High Court of Justice must rule on the legality of this emergency government since the coalition agreement involves numerous changes to the basic constitutional structure of Israel (called Basic Laws).

Sure enough, the first requirement was met on April 20th, the second on April 22nd, and the third may be met this week.  On Sunday the High Court sent signals it may allow the coalition agreement to proceed, but yesterday it called into question clauses of the agreement.  Netanyahu and Gantz have just amended those clauses to [hopefully] bring it in line with the High Court's concerns.  If all goes as planned, the agreement could be confirmed this week and the new government sworn in next week.  It's an emergency government that will vote to divide the land—and truly a great emergency is at hand: the time of Jacob's trouble.

If September of 2017 was the sign of the woman in labor, perhaps 2020 is the crystallization of that sign on the earth.  Did the woman become pregnant, so to speak, in January when the Deal of the Century was revealed?  One of the first signs of pregnancy is morning sickness.  Early this year the worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus began making the news.  Soon it was in virtually every country on earth.  The woman, Israel, has been so sick she was put on proverbial bed rest when most of the country was locked down over Passover.  What happens next?  Soon the baby starts to kick and then the woman's water breaks prefacing her soon-coming labor pains.  Well Israel's water is the Sea of Galilee, which has just filled up to the brim for the first time in decades, just as a woman's amniotic sack fills up with fluid.  Her water broke just days ago as Paul Dawson reported.  Israel's Degania Dam has opened sending a torrent of water flowing into the Jordan River.

But the most important thing to note is that the baby to be born is born before her labor pains strike (cf. Isa. 66:7–9).

Adding to all of these themes of the end of this present age and the end of the fig tree generation, Coronavirus itself is a major hint.  Corona comes from the Greek word κορώνη, which is the garland or wreath gifted to the winners in athletic games.  In the Greek it also has the meaning of the end, tip, or point of something.  In ancient Greek the coronis was a textual symbol denoting the end of a written work.

Furthermore, we can see a sign of the end in the appearance of Comet Atlas (C/2019 Y4), which was purported to become the first comet visible to the naked eye in years and it was set to be glowing its brightest this month.  Yet it disintegrated as it approached the Sun.  An atlas is a map of the world.  The world will soon burn up in fervent heat at the culmination of the Day of the LORD (2 Pt. 3:7).  But after Atlas disintegrated, Comet Swan took its place and it's now visible to the naked eye.  A "naked eye" comet is rare enough.  One right after another is rarer still.  It looks like the world's swan song is being performed right before our eyes.

In light of the swift convergence of these events, Pastor J.D. Farag has some sobering and encouraging words (depending on what side of the fence you're on).  This might be the most fired up he's ever been.  I think we're all sensing it, brothers and sisters.

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  1. I love your updates! Thank for for being so thorough and shedding light on biblical prophecy.

    1. Thank you. I really needed to get this one out as things are moving so fast, two weeks is like an eternity in terms of prophecy right now.

    2. Couldn't agree with you more! I'm hanging on every word that the good prophecy teachers can publish or video or put out there. Exciting time to be alive right now!

  2. We also have Halley's comet.
    This is a link to an article from the British Astronomical Association Journal archives referencing a 1988 article titled: "The Abomination of Desolation: a Biblical Reference to Halley's Comet?".
    The article is fairly short (2 pages on micro-fiche), but provides interesting historical detail with regard to the comet and the FIRST AOD.

  3. I found comet Atlas to be like a prophetic brick in the head, especially at this particular current time with the subject matter of this article. I think I already shared the prophetic significance of the Atlas comet here before, but then I had heard of the second comet called Swan. I did a little digging around and discovered the constellation that this particular comet was coming out of when first discovered. It was the constellation Sculptor, symbolized with a three-legged table with a carved head on it, and an artist’s mallet and two chisels on a block of marble alongside it. A head on a table? We know that in the Tribulation under the system of Antichrist, Tribulation saints left behind after the rapture are beheaded. Very interesting considering that Microsoft published a patent for a "cryptocurrency system using body activity data." Microsoft published a patent for a "cryptocurrency system using body activity data." This patent is filed under the number WO2020060606A1.

    Sculptor also neighbors the constellation "Cetus the Sea Monster." Details in the link below under "BEAR RAPTURE PROPHECY ALERT UPDATE 7:"

    1. Cetus the sea monster = beast from the sea? Also, I'm convinced Sagittarius represents the first seal.

    2. I agree about sagittarius, being in November that lines up precisely with the timeline that I believe is likely.

      ETDD those are some amazing finds regarding signs in the sky!

    3. Atlas fell apart as it approached the sun... The world will fall apart as it approaches the Son.

      Allusions to Nebuchadnezzer's dream of the stone hitting the feet of the statue? :)

  4. Hey folks I would really like an update on the fig tree generation topic as I believe this is the year of the rapture. I always appreciate everything you post and I am in total agreement with all of it. My belief is that the last generation started may 1948 so that would mean Jesus would come back by May 2021 (going by 365 days a year). I think there will be a gap between the rapture and the start of the tribulation so if he comes on feast of trumpets 2020 then that would up to 8 months between the rapture and the trib. Please expound on this topic

    1. Here is my basic take on The Parable of the Fig Tree:

      Jeff has a good one, too, that covers some new ground:

      Finally, in this article in section #4 I discuss some extra-biblical sources that also confirm the fig tree is Israel:

    2. Oop... I missed the link to Jeff's article. Here it is:


      Also, I've mentioned a few times that this year coincides in an interesting way to Psalm 90:10 in that Israel's top two leaders are exactly 70 and 80 years old, respectively.

  5. I am curious about what kind of path to a kingship (AC of course) could occur here with no government and no seeming election of PM to be successful.

    Interesting times.

    🚫 🍇

  6. Thanks Gary,
    I think we could be inches from the finish line. May is looking very hopefully.

    [] Sea of Galilee overflowing
    [] Swan comet potential collision path
    [] 2nd Passover
    [] Israel's anniversary of being re-born as a nation.
    [] Pentecost

    Praise God. We Fly Soon.

    1. Jordan I really like your youtube videos bro


    2. Thanks Steve. I'm glad, that you liked them. God Bless.

    3. Steve, I counted those trumpets. You nailed it! :)

    4. LOL Frank I was wondering if someone might notice! 🤣

  7. Gary, thanks for the update on the events in Israel. There are so many things happening right now that they are hard to keep up with and I haven't been following Israel as close as you have.

    However, I just published an article on my website last week about where we are in the timeline in relation to other expected events of the future. Here's the link:

    Beginning of Sorrows - Tracking the Rapture and Tribulation Events

    1. Thank you Michael, I'll check it out. If we make it back to some semblance of normalcy in the next few weeks/months, would love to grab coffee with you.

    2. We can always have coffee by Zoom if you like Gary. Just let me know. I would enjoy it more in person, but Zoom is an acceptable option sometime. Kinda tired of it from work though.

  8. Jesus tells us in Luke to look at the fig tree & ALL the TREES. The King of the East "tree" has all the trees in peril & is taking its place on the world stage like never before.

    1. Amen. One day all the trees of the field will clap their hands and go out with joy. One sweet day.

    2. I truly think it is worth quoting the verses around this comment, Steve:
      "So is My Word that goes out of My Mouth, It does not return to Me empty, But has done that which I desired, And prosperously effected that [for] which I sent It. For you go forth with joy, And you are brought in with peace, The mountains and the hills Break forth before you [with] singing, And all the trees of the field clap the hand.
      Isaiah 55:11&12
      ....a Millennial "wow"...not far away now!!!

    3. Amen Shiloah! No racism, no hatred, no evil. I cannot wait.

  9. Gary....I totally agree seal one is represented by the rider on the horse in Sagittarius. Revelation 6:2 says.." And I saw a white horse: and he that sat on him had a (BOW); and a (CROWN) was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer."

    I looked up the greek text analysis of that scripture. I interestingly I found that (BOW) is "toxon"....this is where our word toxin comes from.

    Even more interesting was the (CROWN) given unto him.

    Crown is "stephanos" in greek...and not only can it be a crown upon a head ...as a typical crown is worn, but "corona" is another word having the same meaning.

    Super interesting is the fact that there was a solar eclipse on December 26th, 2019....just a few days before the first coronavirus case. When the moon eclipses the sun, what we see is the suns corona around the black disc of the moon.

    If you go to the stellarium program, you can see this eclipse right above the head of the rider on the horse in the constellation sagittarius. Indeed a CROWN/CORONA was given to the rider on the horse!

    I sincerely and whole heartedly believe that this seal 1 horse is out of the barn and going forth conquering and to conquer. Its not by the coronavirus deathsthemselves, but by the economic devastation that it is causing.

    Not going to go pretrib or post trib here....we all know our views. Rapture or not, I am expecting the rider on the second horse to soon start riding...which will result in
    a world wide war conflict...which will then bring out the rider on the third horse....world economic collaps....then followed by the AC (death) himself riding on the fourth horse bringing hells creatures with him. By these 4 riders will one forth of the earth be killed by sword, hunger, death, and by beasts.

    If this coronavirus is indeed not the actual release of the first horse, then it is at the least a warning dress rehearsal for the actual event...as God gives us more time.

    1. Agreed, Stan and Amen!

      As a matter of fact, looking back at the Boxing Day eclipse over the ME if from the vantage point of Jerusalem we see,

      1. The corona peak below the horizon at about 05:39 AM
      2. The sun very nearly in line with the galactic core
      3. Jupiter is right there with the sun
      4. The sun occults Jupiter on the next day
      5. The suns corona appears BEFORE the rider

      I cannot help but notice that the *crown* is set before Sagittarius and that AFTER the crown (corona) is presented the sun catches up with Jupiter hiding it for a time. Jupiter was literally caught-up in the sun AFTER the crown appeared.

      One observation I made at the time was the beginning of this annular eclipse was rather near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia spanning across the Gulf States and Asia to end over Guam (the United States). As shadow of something yet to come?

      It may be.

      This is but one perspective.

      People are asking questions in these unprecedented times. We all need to be ready with our personal story, our testimony, of how and what God has done, is doing and will do in our lives.

      May we all be about our Father's business daily! (John 6:29 ESV), (Matthew 22:37-40 ESV), (Matthew 28:18-20 ESV)

      Amen, Stan my brother.


  10. What is right in front of us at the present.
    Scientist originally named the virus, Corona because of the crown like spikes that appear on the surface. Corona actually means crown. Remember a crown signifies kingship. Corona is also the term used to describe the outer layer of the Sun. Historically, the Sun has played a large role in idolatry.

    Via the internet, people have shared the numeric value of the word corona and its connection with Revelation 13:17-18. Possibly foreshadowing, how the virus will be used to set the stage for the false messiah, since it is the number that is linked to his name.
    Where did the virus come from? China. China is an oppressive country where their people have little freedom. This is especially true for Christians that seek to practice their faith. Recently the Chinese government has gone out of its way to oppress Christians. (China’s Communist Party intensifies Christian Persecution.)

    Why is this important? To our shame the world has become over reliant on China, ignoring China’s totalitarian practices and in turn financially propelling them to the largest economy in the world. This was on display when the NBA bowed to China in the summer of 2019, valuing revenue over supporting the people of Hong Kong, which were protesting for their freedom of speech and right to rule themselves. Something we used to strongly value.
    The symbol of China is a dragon which appears in the shape of a serpent. For Judea/Christians the dragon or serpent represents Satan, which seeks to destroy the faithful and deceive the world into following it. We must also take note that China does actually have a reptile known as the Kamado dragon. The dragon’s bite is deadly, infecting its’ prey and inflicting a painful slow death.

    Jesus said, “The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy. . .” (John 10:10)
    The corona virus infects the lungs; taking the breath of its victims. Robbing them of their life,and robbing their loved ones of being physically present in their time of need. We know the Lord God, formed man and gave him the breath of life. (Gen 2:7)

    Jesus also said, “. . . I come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

    People’s health, family, community, and income are being impacted on a global scale by the corona virus. The virus is essentially obstructing people’s freedom and altering their livelihood; even inhibiting people’s ability to physically assemble together to worship God.

    This is clearly a spiritual battle so let us turn to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus! Yesuah is Messiah! Yeshuah is our King, our Lord, our Savior!

  11. May 7th-8th 2020 = The Second Passover =


    the sun sets at 7:26 in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 8th 2020 according to...https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/israel/tel-avi

    From Rev 12 Sign to 2nd Passover 2020 (May 8th, 2020) =
    Strongs 958 Hebrew = to Divide (BAZA בָּזָא)
    Strongs 958 Greek = Benjamin = Son of the right hand - Βενιαμίν

    Is this Benjamin dividing the Land, or is the God dividing His Children from this world, or is it both, or is it a coincidence?

    Rev 12 sign / 923 was the GREAT SIGN - in many many ways...God planned for it to be the GREAT SIGN.


    Excellent article Brother Gary....

    Share this website with your lost friends:


    God bless...

  12. Gary, I would agree we are feeling it. With the resent ousting of Assad in Syria by Russia,Turkey, and Iran; I personally think Israel will have to protect themselves and Isaiah 17:1 will soon come to pass, which I see as the hook. (I could totally be wrong on that). I see economic conditions being set for the NWO. I see the conditions being setup for the mark of the beast system. Then were supposed to have a second wave of covid coming. Im thinking Pentecost is looking really good. We can only pray. Keep preaching to the lost let the fields be full for the harvest.

  13. Replies
    1. Amen!

      Gary, so well stated!! It's enough to make your brain hurt!!! I pray hearts and minds are opened to what God is accomplishing in these days. May the Ark be filled with new souls sold-out for Christ!

      But for the New Church to come we need to be lifting them in prayer. Terrible times of unimaginable anguish are coming. Brothers and sisters remember them in your prayers too!

  14. i love your updates. thanks again for such insight and wisdom.

  15. Loved JD Farag's message this week, thanks for including it! I've thought before that our technology was close to as far as we could come before the END since everything in Revelation is centered on Earth and people like Elon Musk are chomping at the bit to colonize Mars or the moon. So it was nice to see something like that thought echoed in his video.

    I hope this is our last year here! The "division of the land" stuff doesn't seem nearly as important as "division of Jerusalem", since Israel has divided out the land several times before. But since this deal carves off a chunk of Jerusalem, perhaps that'll be the final trigger before God calls us home. We'll just have to wait and see!

  16. Ok, there has been another reference to the so called " fig tree generation" which many of you believe we are. I have wrote on this before but left out a pertinent scripture in Luke 17:24,25.

    " For as the lightning that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven shineth unto the other part under heaven, so shall also the Son of man be in this day. (The tribulation)

    " But first must he suffer many things and be rejected of THIS GENERATION."

    Luke 9:22

    "The Son of man must suffer many things and be rejected of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be slain and raised again the third day.

    Jesus was not aware of the 2000 yr. gap.

    Jesus was referring to his own generation in Matt 24:34 not a generation in the distant future.

    In regards to the upcoming "peace deal". I believe the deal will be signed in the next few months and absolutely nothing (our rapture) will happen.

    It says on Daniel, the AC will confirm ( make stronger) an existing covenant. Anyone looking for the rapture when this is signed may be disappointed. There may be some time-a gap in between Trumps "deal of the century" and the actual deal.

    Will we be the generation that witnesses the rapture? Quite possible but I advise that we not hang our hat on this peace deal or the rapture before 2022.

    1. I think so disagree with "didn't know", but I think I agree that it was a genuine possibility that the End Times could have begun in Jesus' lifetime. Jesus made a real, honest offer to the Jews if his day to bring the kingdom, they just rejected it. So I guess I don't have a problem with a double meaning for generation in this instance, since it could very well have been fulfilled two thousand years ago, but since it didn't, it will still end up being fulfilled, just "later". But as for what Jesus knew, or didn't know, there's certainly room for interpretation. He clearly knew things he "shouldn't have" (such as the thoughts of others or other future events such as the destruction of the Temple), but he also is amazed at people's faith (or unbelief) and outright stated he didn't know the hour if his return. So maybe he knew about the church age and didn't address it because the offer of the kingdom to the Jews was real enough that if they'd accepted him, there wouldn't have been a church age. Or maybe he, in his human capacity, didn't know. Neither answer to me means we are wrong about the fig tree generation possibly being a current generation. He'll come eventually, and as long as we're sure of that fact, then the rest is all...fluff.

    2. Sorry for the typos. Typing on a phone is so much harder than a keyboard. Sigh.

    3. I disagree, He was referring to the generation that would see all these things He was questioned about including His coming back with all His Saints in power and Glory.
      That is this Generation!
      Of course He knew He was both (God and Man) at the same time.

  17. I thought J D Farag had a very very interesting comment in his sermon this past Sunday. He said the Bible anticipates the technology we have today. Examples include artificial intelligence, worldwide travel, a worldwide economy, and identification marks in the hand or forehead, etc. But the Bible does not appear to anticipate technology beyond our present day. If we were to go beyond our present day, it would be logical that The Bible would discuss that, but it does not. One more reason to see that we are very close to going home.

  18. Thank you for your faithfulness Gary!

  19. Has anyone mentioned that the treaty in April 1920 in San Remo, Italy
    is where and when an international agreement to establish a home for the Jews occurred? The legal document, treaty which gave them their borders was established then. Amir Tsarfati says this is the first Trumpet. 100 years ago in 1920! This is huge prophetically. Please see Amir's update from May 3, he explains all about Sir Balfour and what happened at San Remo, Italy. The whole update is wonderful but if you just want to hear about San Remo, you can start at the 20 minute mark.

    1. I read the Oracle & it is another amazing Cahn book which has the Jubilee spelled out & dated. Cahn also did DVD's which I have not seen & he calls them "usensored" including the last of one of the 8 where he talks DATES for the first time ever. IF anyone knows his dating, PLEASE POST!

  20. Another great and timely article, Gary. So much is happening, and so very fast.



    As we are battered in every corner because of the plandemic, consider the following:


    We know that United Nations is the closest we have for the One World Government and its other agencies like WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO etc as main driver why nations obey/follow their guidelines. Also what UN is doing to remove Israel's rights, history, connection in so many ways.

    Taka a look at this - an APP powered by Artificial Intelligence (greek Sofia/Sophia) that will be will used in New York where UN is, and the partner is MT. SINAI Health Partners. NOW, if in the future, their office will be in 666 Building New York, what are the odds? Let us see how it will unfold.


    Also, as per Quantum Dots and its potential use in the next generation Vaccine may likely use #Luciferase - Look that up.

    Pray for me and my family - protection, provision and greater purpose sharing these developments.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. NEW YORK TAPPING GOOGLE Former Exec (Eric Schmidt) , BILL GATES and Bloomberg.

      Wait, what?? Aren't they all part of the Bilderbeg Group?

      Watch the embedded video.


  22. I still feel that there are a few years left. I think 5G will play a role in the Beast system, and it is a few years away from being fully rolled out. It's also hard to see what spoil Gog will be after with the plunge in fossil fuel prices. I think we will return to some sort of semblance of normalcy for a short period of time. Current events however are conditioning people to give up freedoms and bow to the government's wishes when faced with fear. The amount of debt the government has taken on is also setting up the U.S. to soon be taken down as the world's economic superpower and protector of Israel.

    1. I agree....as it seems things are ramping up this is but a dress rehearsal for what's to come.

    2. I was dropping off items at my parent's retirement center today and my phone displayed 5GE on it. I took a screen shot of it.

  23. WOW, you gotta post or write about this!!!


    1. Although the author of that site is basically calling out Macron as the Anti-christ, I just don't see it happening. Will the Jewish people lift that guy up as their Messiah? I just don't think they will. On top of that, the Bible is very clear that the Anti-christ, the "little horn" comes AFTER there are ten other horns/kings in place. He arises and displaces (uproots) three of the ten. So if you call Marcon the Anti-christ, where are the ten kings? Which three did he throw down? He's not fitting the Biblical narrative no matter how much Jewish anscestry he's got.

      I can totally believe that Marcon is one of the ten future kings, but I don't buy that he's the AC.

    2. I think it is too premature to talk about Macron as if he is the antichrist. Does Emmanuel Macron talk religiously (the occult New Age) and does he pretend as if he is Israel's messiah? Absolutely not, so he can't be the antichrist! The antichrist will talk very religiously and pretend as if he is the messiah.

      Thierry Baudet, a Dutch far-rightwing politician, had very a very occult and religious speech. See https://www.martinvrijland.nl/en/news-analyzes/thierry-baudet-forum-for-democracy-fvd-the-owl-of-minerva-spreads-its-wings/ "Thierry Baudet Forum for Democracy (FvD) "The owl of Minerva spreads its wings"". That's an example of how the antichrist will talk.

    3. Thierry Baudet seems more disposed towards Israel than any other politician.

      NOTE: IsraelCNN editor.
      There is often criticism of Baudet from the FvD also by Christians. But it must be remembered that the FvD is often the only one that stands up for Israel and the Jews each time. That is why, after thorough investigation, we have become a member of the FvD. Where is the CU, CDA and now SGP in this. It is particularly disappointing for Mr Segers to go along with the government in this.


    4. But I am very cautious with politicians who claim to be Israel's friend, because the antichrist will also initially pretend as if he is Israel's great friend, or even the messiah.

  24. At https://www.raptureready.com/2020/05/05/in-the-midst-part-3-last-week-of-the-antichrist-by-randy-nettles/ "In the Midst Part 3: Last “Week” of the Antichrist :: By Randy Nettles". A very comprehensive article to read.

  25. Update at the top. High Court greenlights deal. Swearing in next Wednesday. DoTC vote 7/1.

    1. And just like that, the swearing in is cancelled....keeping us on the edge of our seats. Cliff hanger....and so many things can happen till then.

      Makes me think that Rabbi Kaduri is really telling what he saw is real and true.

      Watching still.

  26. so does this make Kaduri's prophecy false?

    1. Assuming the swearing in is going to happen next Wednesday, if the Kaduri prophecy is correct, then something would need to happen between now and next Wednesday to prevent Bibi from being sworn in. 7 days to find out.

    2. Gary, is it possible that the reference to when the 3rd gates falls is a reference to Bill Gates lll?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. 5/13/2020
      153 fish?

  27. The first exodus (by Christians to worship as they please) was in December of 1620 with the Mayflower from England and the founding of Plymouth Colony.

    Will the The second exodus be a rapture in December of 2020?

  28. SHOCK AS IT’S REVEALED AN ENZYME CALLED LUCIFERASE IS WHAT MAKES BILL GATES IMPLANTABLE QUANTUM DOT MICRONEEDLE VACCINE DELIVERY SYSTEM WORK https://www.sgtreport.com/2020/05/shock-as-its-revealed-an-enzyme-called-luciferase-is-what-makes-bill-gates-implantable-quantum-dot-microneedle-vaccine-delivery-system-work/ via @SGT Report

  29. Love your web Gary.. so excited to watch the countdown.. I also think you are a "genious" amazing analogies... I consider it such a blessing to watch the countdown with Christians watching for the Lord's return... I am so excited.. I always post your latest researches on fb..Thank you..

  30. Hi Everyone,

    I never post here, but I felt like now was the time. I saw this video on Youtube. It's apparently been taken down a lot but reshared as well. Regarding AIDS and the Coronavirus: A prolific doctor shares her story about how she was ruined by her medical colleagues including Dr. Fauci. There is a lot here. I've only just heard of this woman, but she sounds extremely credible as does the film maker. Have a watch before it's deleted everywhere. I pray every day for the rapture. This world is so backwards I can hardly take it. Every day I hang by a thread and only by God's grace. Let our King come back quickly!


    1. Forgot the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQJWCcZDVRY


    I haven't taken the opportunity to do an initial study of Comet C/2020 F8 Swan so decided this morning take a look.

    Comet Swan poses no threat to Earth on this swing through the solar system. On 12 May 2020, the comet will pass about 0.56 AU (84 million km) from Earth. On 27 May 2020 the comet will come to perihelion 0.43 AU (64 million km) from the Sun. Tracking it back in time it emerged out of the Southern Hemisphere in a constellation between the Large and Small Magellanic Cloud called Hydrus, the Water Snake. (Assuming Jerusalem as vantage point).

    Comet Swan has been cutting a circular path from very near Alpha Hydri or what is called the "Head of Hydrus" in modern times. Alpha Hydri is the closest bright star to the Small Magellanic Cloud and, very interestingly, was the southern pole star circa 2900 BC.

    Comet Swan is barely visible to the naked eye as of now but is easily found with binoculars. If it survives its approach to the sun it may provide a brilliant display. Until then it may be best seen toward Pentecost as it nears the star Capella.

    Capella is the bright star in the constellation Auriga "The Charioteer" of which Sky Guide describes as grasping the reigns in his right hand while holding a goat and its two kids in his left hand. Capella itself is one of the brightest stars in the sky and distinguishes itself by being the first-magnitude star closest to the north celestial pole.

    Venus, the bright morning star, is currently in Auriga in conjunction with Capella. Comet C/2020 F8 (SWAN) will be in conjunction with Capella on 6/1/2020 just as the Sun occults Venus in the head of Taurus. Mercury, Capella/Comet Swan and the Sun/Venus create a triad next to the Pleiades as Pentecost closes.

    Yes, the broken Comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) will be there too in Taurus having just spun past the Pleiades on Pentecost.

    Considering these facts, and those below, I cannot help but think of the children of Israel in open rebellion against G-d and Moses as recorded in the book of Numbers,

    8 And the LORD said to Moses,

    "Make a fiery serpent and set it
    on a pole, and everyone who is
    bitten, when he sees it shall

    9 So Moses made a bronze
    serpent and set it on a pole.
    And if a serpent bit anyone,
    he would look at the bronze
    serpent and live.

    (Numbers 21:8-9 ESV)

    One of the interesting features of the star Alpha Hydri is its high metal content. The word "metal" in astronomical terms means anything not hydrogen or helium. Compared to our sun Alpha Hydri has four times the oxygen. Oxygen and hydrogen are the two elements that make water.

    We all know of the late night visitation of Nicodemus to Jesus in (John 3) where Jesus tells Nicodemus,

    14 And as Moses lifted up the
    serpent in the wilderness, so
    must the Son of Man be lifted

    15 that whoever believes in
    him may have eternal life.

    RED LETTERS (John 3:14-15 ESV)

    I love how God creates watermarks! This passage sticks out to me not only in that it references the (Numbers 21) account of the fiery snake of bronze lifted up in the wilderness but that it contains the first four decimal places of the value of Pi (π) being 3.1415 and that verse 15 ends with Jesus' reference to eternal life.

    We all know that π is a non-repeating decimal that so far has been proven to trillions of places as an infinite value as a mathematical constant.

    Remember when the LORD said to Moses who sends him to Pharaoh?

    14 God said to Moses,

    "I AM WHO I AM."

    And he said,

    "Say this to the people of

    'I AM has sent me to you.'"

    (Exodus 3:14 ESV)



      First we have a 6,000 year comet, perhaps a fragment of a larger body, that looks promising to be as bright as Venus, the bright morning star, only to shatter at the time of the rise of another comet that comes to us from out of the 61st of the 88 constellations (by size). BOTH comets will occupy the same chunk of sky at Pentecost.

      Hmm, constellation Crux is the smallest of the 88 constellations. Crux being the Southern Cross. Hyrus ranks 61st among the constellations.

      88 - 61 = 27

      There are 27 books in the New Testament.

      Watermarks anyone?


      Time doesn't permit a proper proof-reading so please forgive any typos.

      Study well!



      Remember the constellation and star where Comet Swan emanated from? Alpha Hydri was the southern pole star over 5,000 years ago. In our time Comet Swan will be in conjunction with the northern celestial pole star Capella during and just after Pentecost.

      How was the Holy Spirit witnesses on that first Pentecost?

      3 And divided tongues as of
      fire appeared to them and
      rested on each one of them.

      (Acts 2:3 ESV)

      Hmmm, An icy comet with a serpent tail melting in the firey sun. The fiery metal serpent, water snake, pole-to-pole. Firey water snake on a pole? Firey serpent?!

      Come Pentecost Comet Swan will be directly over the Earth's northern celestial pole. Right overhead as it were!

      I am getting enough sleep, right?


      Jesus, the Name above all names will be symbolically high and lifted up at the celestial pole star Capella via the fiery serpent (comet) that comes from near the ancient southern pole star in the constellation known as the Water Snake. All of this on the anniversary of the giving of the Holy Spirit on the Feast of Weeks.


      Just as all of those who looked upon the bronze serpent were saved, so too shall all who look upon Jesus and confess His Name will be saved. (John 3:16), (Romans 10:9-10)


    4. For those who want to see the comet online:

    5. Yes, theskylive.com is a highly recommended site!

  32. https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/149840/rabbis-accuse-netanyahu-selling-israel-out-globalists-after-sensor-children-comment/

  33. http://www.briantome.com/articles/how-will-the-bomb-find-you

    1. interesting an encouraging, though not entirely related to the article.

    2. I might say that Brian's article it is related to the topic if you consider the concept, "How will trouble find you?" Times of trouble we have lived in, are living in and are yet to come as never before.

    3. Very true. Always let the trouble find you doing well

  34. Yikes, it’s 2:34 AM in Pennsylvania, I was having a horrible thought about an earthquake happening because we know how close the Rapture is. I was first thinking California probably because they get the most. Then I thought what if God wanted to tell the globalists off so the earthquake was in Wuhan, China. Then I thought it’s not one this time, it’s three. The other two were Washington DC and Israel, probably Jerusalem for God to tell the world He opposes the Deal of the Century and the division of His land. Then when I looked at the clock, it was 2:12, a reference to the disaster movie 2012. I hope I’m wrong.

  35. The preacher in the video there summed it, albeit unintentionally. He called the Global Lockdown 'draconian measures'. Of Draco, which is exactly correct.

    Likewise the pathogen, probably containing an artificial component grafted to an organic base, emerged from the national-collective Red Dragon -- though its ultimate provenance is still undetermined. Remember, this is a global strategy, much more than just China is in play.

    Draco's measures in the West were not attempted until the various national populations long had been monitored and conditioned for mass (or herd) compliance and tendency towards hysteria. The collective entry-point for cupidity and compliance here at the end of time is the same as the individual entry-point at the beginning of (human) time. Local then, global now. Striking the bargain; the weak link in the bond. No reason to change proven winning tactics.

  36. Since the topic is in Daniels 70th week category i will add this:

    in the prophecy given by the Angel, the Seleucid king, the one in the Middle East, grows to power, and out of the Seleucid kingdom comes a ruler, that is identified in a subsequent chapter as Antichrist.
    Therefore, when is Antichrist going to come on the scene? He will appear on the scene, when there is a ten member confederacy formed, that is preparation for the stone kingdoms ascendancy in the end of time in the last days.
    Where will Antichrist come from? He will come from the territory of this ten member confederacy, and he will not come through world war.
    The end of time is not going to approach until, in the area of the confederacy, a little horn, in a local war, uproots three. That local war, where the little horn uproots three, is placed by the ram and the goat prophecy, in the territory of the Seleucid portion of Alexander’s kingdom.
    Alexander the Great, the Seleucid territory - Western Iran, Iraq, Southern Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan - out of that territory, that's the Seleucid kingdom. That's the horn, that later, in Daniel 11, will conquer and prevail over the Ptolemy’s. The little horn must come out of the territory of the Seleucid King.

    1. I think that the 10 nation federation will consist of 10 European nations, which will be the successor of the EU.

  37. The Bible says to keep your eyes on the conflicts of Middle East, especially the Seleucid portion, of that horn on the head of the Goat which identifies the locale and geography that is historical of where the little horn who will be Antichrist, must come up. He will uproot three of a confederacy of ten.
    Know this, Antichrist will not be revealed (to the Jews) until the Church that restrains him is taken out of the way, and as we will see, he is close enough to be able to identify the kingdom into which he will move, and uproot three, and assert his power in that kingdom, and they will give it to him. And then a Beast from the pit itself, which is the demon that empowered Alexander the Great, will rise up and possess him, and lead him to perdition.

  38. Now, the Roman Empire never extended as far East, as the Grecian Empire did. But, Antichrist will come out of the portion of the Old Grecian Empire, taken over by Seleucus, one of the Generals of Alexander the Great.
    The prophecy that shows where this kingdom is located is the ten horn prophecy of Daniel 7. Those horns, which are kings growing out of the territory ruled by the Roman Empire, but Daniel 2, Nebuchadnezzar’s great image, shows us that the territory out of which that kingdom grows is the feet kingdom, or the Moslem Empire.
    So, it’s the Roman area of the Moslem Empire that is depicted. That area is also the Seleucid portion of the old Grecian Empire. So the combination of the two prophecies shows that Antichrist will rule a kingdom that was once the Roman area, that was once the Seleucid Portion of the Grecian Empire, that is now within the Moslem Empire.

  39. According to Daniel, the Little Horn is a king out of the Seleucid portion of the Old Grecian Empire. He arrives on the scene with authority granted by a loose confederacy of ten kings from a region of the Old Roman Empire within the Moslem Empire. Also depicted as a man on the white horse in Revelation 6, he will be one who finally brings peace to the region. He wins his own kingdom by flatteries.
    Now, if this little horn is already a king who rises among ten kings from the area, why is he given
    his kingdom? Why does he need to win it by flattery? What does he confirm in the covenant? How are the Jews able to resume sacrifices?

  40. here are seven kingdoms involved in the scene, five of them will grow out of Babylon. In the first century when John was writing Revelation, one of the kingdoms was in existence. Rome. Five had already fallen: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia and Grecia. The seventh was yet to come. Out of it, the eighth or Antichrist Kingdom would emerge.
    Since the gap began, and after the end of the Roman Empire, only one other Empire has sprung up on that same land. It is the Moslem Empire. Mohammed, the prophet of Allah, built it and ruled from the Hashemite Kingdom there.

  41. The capital of the Hashemite Kingdom is Baghdad. Studying the history of the Hashemite Kingdom, you will find that Mohammed and his descendants have occupied that throne ever since - over 1100 years. Certainly, there will always be a Hashemite King because the descendency passes along that direct line from father to son. The ruler of the seventh Kingdom to arise on that land once known as Babylon sits on today‘s stage.

  42. Replies
    1. However, in 1958 the United Arab Republic (UAR) usurped the Hashemite ruler. Abdul Nasser, then the king (ruler) of Egypt, founded that federation. It was the king of the south, still fighting with the king of the north.
      Fisal II, the Hashemite King of that day, and his family were murdered. As the 42nd descendant of Mohammed, Jordan‘s King Hussein fell heir to the Hashemite throne. But, an outside power had overtaken the kingdom.
      Prior to the assassination of the Hashemite family, Fisal II and King Hussein formed a federation in defense of the UAR. Shortly after the murders, King Hussein vowed to replace Hashemite rule back into His Kingdom.
      His Kingdom? What about Jordan? Isn’t that his Kingdom? Only politically. In 1921, the British Mandate of Palestine awarded the land of Jordan (then part of Syria, known as Palestine) to King Hussein’s grandfather, Abdullah. This, the Palestinian’s homeland, was made forever a hereditary Emirate in the family of Abdullah. That is the reason King Hussein was the king of Jordan. Because he is the Hashemite King, the British recognized the Emirate of Jordan as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. However, his true kingdom is the Hashemite Kingdom located today in Iraq. Another thing the 1921 mandate did was split out the care of the Holy Shrines of the Moslems, Mecca and Median, and gave control over them to the Saudi’s, after they had been in the control of the descendants of Mohammed for over 1100 years.

    2. Therefore, the only one who scripturally qualifies as far as birth and heredity are concerned to be the little horn of Daniel was King Hussein of Jordan. He was the Hashemite King. He was the 42nd descendant of the prophet Mohammed of the Moslem Empire.
      But, the question remains: If King Hussein already has a kingdom, why must he be given the kingdom that he wins by flattery? The answer is that the kingdom he has is not really his. The kingdom that really is his, has been usurped.
      Now, in the history of it, King Hussein, who was the leader of the Mideast’s long road to Peace, after 46 years of rulership, has died, and passed on the scepter of rulership to his eldest son Abdullah. The new Hashemite King is King Abdullah II. That’s no more significant than the death of Nebuchadnezzar, and the ascendance of his son Belshazzar to the throne. It’s all part of the history of God’s plan.

    3. Next is the question regarding the covenant. But, first, let us consider the reason King Abdullah II is in position to be a confirming factor in the covenant.
      If you recall, it’s the little horn that comes riding out on the white horse in Revelation. So, the covenant is a peace covenant. Therefore, our little horn on today’s stage must be, by virtue of Revelation 6, very involved in the peace pact.

      Was King Hussein very involved in the peace pact? Well, you know that he was the single most important individual involved in the Peace. I could go on for days telling you how this is true, but the facts are all carefully recorded in history.

      King Hussein personally saved the peace and kept it moving forward on two separate occasions. In both instances peace appeared to have gone by the wayside, and war was inevitable. His son, King Abdullah II has vowed to continue in his fathers footsteps.

    4. Next question: How is the Little Horn character connected to the resumption of the sacrifice?
      First, our man on stage is now King Abdullah II. Because of his heritage, he virtually holds the keys to all the Holy Shrines of the Moslems. That includes Temple Mount in Jerusalem. That is a word honored by all in the region, including the Palestinians. It is included in the Washington Declaration and in paragraph 9 of the peace treaty between Jordan and Israel.
      On January 10, 1996, the headlines of the Jerusalem Post read: “Israelis Hail Jordan’s King as Peacemaker!”. About one year later, King Hussein was named “Prince of Peace” by the Israeli people.
      If there is a deal to be made that will allow for sacrifice to resume on temple mount in Jerusalem, it must be confirmed by the man holding the Keys to the mount. That is the Hashemite King, now in the person of King Abdullah II.

    5. If anyone can show where there is another person in the world who possesses the characteristics as laid down in Daniel, as to his origin and role in end times, I am waiting to hear who it is.

      Finally, what does the end time landscape require? God will return His attention to the Jews to complete the final week of Daniel‘s prophecy and the events of Revelation. When He does, He must find the scene exactly where He left it when He turned away from them during the time of the Gentiles. That is: They must be in Israel, needing a peace pact with the “Roman Empire” and a Temple to keep the law.
      That is exactly where God has them now. Moreover, the Little Horn character from Daniel’s prophecy has emerged. The peace that he so ardently supports is in the stage of completion called “Final Status Talks”, by the parties involved.
      If this is not Daniel’s scenario that is taking place, then we are not in the end times. If it is, then we are, and we are just that close to the day of our catching away.

  43. https://www.rcrwireless.com/20200327/business/chinese-operators-lose-21-million-subscribers

  44. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page
    The Spanish flu, also known as the 1918 flu pandemic, was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic caused by the H1N1 influenza A virus. Lasting for more than 12 months from spring 1918 (northern hemisphere) to early summer 1919,[2][3] it infected 500 million people – about a third of the world's population at the time.[4] The death toll is estimated to have been anywhere from 17 million to 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million, making it one of the deadliest pandemics in human history.[5]

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=D7EQQ5OJjRg&feature=emb_logo

      Spain enter in NOM.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. I have truly enjoyed all your posts. It seems every time I am praying about a specific matter or something I am wrestling with, there is an answer to my prayers and clarification given in one of your writings. You are being used by God to minister. I also wanted to ask if you have read through qmap.pub? What are your thoughts on the things going on behind the scenes in respects to military and Trump? I know several pastors who are reading and speaking about it. But because you are very in-tune with end times prophecy I would love your feedback if you have any. Thanks!

    1. BWSbaby watch this


  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Everyone be prepared for something big during Feast of Tabernacles October 3-9 this year. Southeast coast of the U.S.

  49. Gregg, just last night I saw your additions to the comment section but had to wait until today to read them. I am in Awe of all the historicaland geographical information you shared. To me, it seemed like the Holy Spirit was moving you to share all that information with us because it is so pertinent for us today. Now we know to watch Jordan and you think it is King Abdullah II that satan indwells to become antichrist? This is very timely information even though we may not be here to witness much or any of, just the fact that you laid this all out tells us how close we are to the Rapture of the church. Thank you for this encouragement today. I have been quite depressed with the stay-at-home order and feel so trapped. I know that we are free in Jesus and that's what keeps me going. Thanks again Gregg:)



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