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Inching Closer To Joel 3:2: The Map Revealed?

Settler leaders have released a map they believe represents what the six-member mapping committee for the Deal of the Century has developed (source). These could be the final borders of a future “Palestinian State”—a nation in the land of Israel that isn’t Israel. This could be how the division and apportionment of God’s land plays out as soon as this July.

For behold, in those days, and in that time, || When I turn back [to] the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, || Then I have gathered all the nations, || And caused them to go down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, || And I have been in judgment with them there, || Concerning My people and My inheritance—Israel, || Whom they scattered among nations, || And My land they have apportioned. (Jl. 3:1–2, LSV)

Without further ado, here is the map:

What you’re looking at above is the region of Judea and Samaria, which the world calls “the West Bank.” The portion in red is the area that will be set aside for a future Palestinian State. All Jewish settlement in this area will be frozen for four years when the plan is implemented. The white areas within the boundaries of present-day Judea and Samaria are the portion that could be annexed in just over a month. The blue lines connected to blue circles represent Jewish settlements that will also be annexed. They look like leaves on the fig tree of Israel—perhaps the strangest-looking territorial acquisition in history. This map below gives some perspective of where the region above is in relation to the whole country of Israel:

Though many purported men of God who teach in our seminaries and preach from our pulpits don’t regard it as such, the end-times fulfillment of prophecy is happening before our very eyes. The ancient nation of Israel, so central to the story of the Bible, is taking a massive leap toward the events leading up to the return of its true King, the LORD Jesus Christ. And before He returns to restore all things, the nation will be divided, just as this Deal of the Century seems to be doing.

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  1. Maranatha.

    All I do is wait. Share as much as I can, even when my own friends thinks im nuts.


    1. I know the feeling, brother! With me, it's my entire family!

    2. Michael Jordan Summary - THE LAST DANCE and RAPTURE CONNECTION ?

      @RyanProtech - Regarding your comment in "Impasse" article...

      The Angel Michael is in Revelation 12 and significant in end time prophecy -

      Jordan - The symbolic river representing crossing to the other side (at the rapture)

      Air - the meeting point where the Bride will meet the Bridegroom - in the Air

      The main Jersey's worn - #23 and #9 = 923 = Revelation 12 sign

      He also wore Jersey #45 23 times - but on the 23rd game, he peeled off the 45 to reveal #23

      The 45 was significant to him as being 4 + 5 = 9 - so in that 23rd game, he started with 45 and peeled it off to show 23... and then play with 23...

      And now we get THE LAST DANCE - seen by more people on Netflix than any other show during this pandemic...(if I understand correctly - and if my research on this is correct).

  2. When this is implemented, it clearly sets the stage for Matthew 24:15-21 to be fulfilled after the AC performs the A of D.

    I never could understand the supreme urgency directed to those in Judea to not gather their stuff, but flee immediately to the mountains.

    The Palestinians will be surrounding all these Israeli settlements that will soon be annexed. The roads are their first way out, but if the AC orders them closed and orders the Palestinians to attack, there is nothing but expeditiously fleeing to the mountains.

    This is such a key puzzle piece.

    1. Not a very good key. Think about that. How are the Palestinians supposed to pull off an attack with the IDF patrolling the area? With sticks and stones? Incedinary balloons? They have no military, and even if they had access to military equipment, how would it be placed in Palestinian territory without Israeli knowledge? And whatever equipment could be placed, it would not be enough or comparable to the powerful IDF, especially with the new American base in Israel.

      Doesn't make sense.

  3. Thanks for this interesting and updated report Gary!...If I was taking a Rorschach test I would say the lower part of the map in red looks like a lamb's head!

    1. That it does, and the top portion looks a bit like the profile of a man.

    2. Oh my gosh I can't believe this!!!! You are right on. And I see either a pig or a cow on the right side in between the man profile and the lamb!!!

    3. I was thinking the whole thing looks a bit like a fetus...the birth pangs are getting stronger.

  4. At https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/150976/mayor-of-town-near-bethlehem-connects-trumps-peace-plan-to-messiah/ "Mayor of Town near Bethlehem Connects Trump’s Peace Plan to Messiah
    By David Sidman May 26, 2020 , 1:26 pm".

    1. HA!!!

      Posted at 1:26 pm,

      26 Then God said,

      "Let us make man in our image,
      after our likeness. And let
      them have dominion over the
      fish of the sea and over the
      birds of the heavens and over
      the livestock and over all the
      earth and over every creeping
      thing that creeps on the earth."

      (Genesis 1:26 ESV)

      Connections you say?

      Remember, the number of the hint of the Name of God, "יהוה" is (26) twenty-six.


      To quote TobyMac, "I see You in everything!"

    2. Did u just purposely posted it on 1:26?

  5. It's such a HUGE chunk of land! According to the Deal of the Century, about 70% of the West Bank!
    1. Can you imagine a group of people coming from another country and trying to take over a territory or state in your country for their own - and having pretty much the entire world siding with them?
    2. When the Israeli's left Gaze in 2005, they left everything intact and in good repair. The Palestinians are solely responsible for the destruction and deterioration found there today.
    IF we didn't know the time and the time frame, we could well see the new "Palestine" coming to look like an inner city gangland - and blaming the Israeli's, of course!
    To me, looking at the map and knowing what's to come, it's all one humongous TROJAN HORSE!

    1. "Can you imagine a group of people coming from another country and trying to take over a terrotory or state in your country for their own ......"

      Yes that is terrible! That is what the Israeli's did to the Palestinian Christians. And now their land will be annexed.How horrific for them.

      Why does everyone side with Israel against those that are in Christ?

  6. ...and here we are on the doorstep of Shavuot where 111-days later is Yom Teruah. The number 11 and 111 has been showing up a lot (to me) lately. Maybe a heightened sensitivity? Maybe nothing? I cannot help but see 11 and 111 as binary numbers which in decimal, hex and octal all equal three (3) and seven (7).

    Why do I see binary numbers?

    11 Then I saw another beast
    rising out of the earth. It
    had two horns like a lamb and
    it spoke like a dragon.

    (Revelation 13:11 ESV)

    11 in binary equals three (3). Two horns can be understood as two crowns and represent authority and could form a type of binary states ON and OFF or OFF and ON.

    What is this that rises out of the earth? This is the second beast.

    Can we see a shadow of this two-horned lamb that speaks with the voice of the dragon? Can we see a shadow of two-horns (two-authorities, two-systems, two-leaders or two-rulers) in the land?


    This is not to say that any one person or people are the second beast -- we're not there yet. As prophecy unfolds we are seeing more shadows of its arrival through the dividing of God's land. We are certainly at a waypoint in that journey.

    Keep looking UP!

    1. Using binary and MAC address formats, 11:11 on your clock becomes 33.

    2. Brother Chooch, can you tell me what are your thoughts on this if you will:

      Jesus died in AD33. 2000 (40 jubilees)+ 33 = 2033 (Second Coming)

      A generation today is 70+ years. People also live up to 80+ years.. 1948+80+ years puts us in the range of 2033 as well.

      Double confirmation. (This is not based on Psalms 90:10 as many prophecy teachers including pastor Steve Cicolianti have disputed this verse to mean a generation) This is based on the actual average length of how long people live today. So a 5 year old who witnessed the event of 1948 would still be generally alive up to 2033)

      The tribulation starts 7 years prior to the Second Coming. So the tribulation will happen sometime 2026.

      Before the 7 years of tribulation, many things must occur as well (Great Earthquake, WW3 if you will, famine, pestilence, etc) These are the 7 seals.

      Most prophecy teachers say the seals happen BEFORE the 7 years of tribulation. Many also say the seals IS PART of the 7 year tribulation alongside the trumpets and bowls.

      If it's BEFORE, then we're already in the seals season or approaching it. If its not, the wait for 2026.


      Second Coming - 2033
      7 year tribulation start - 2026

      Opening of the seals
      If seals is before tribulation - we're in the zone now.
      If seals is during tribulation - wait for 2026

      If seals is before tribulation - rapture could be anytime now
      If seals is during tribulation - rapture is sometime 2026

    3. Unknown (yet Known2God),

      If you ask me? Here are my thoughts...

      1. Build a physical calendar in a spread-sheet using,
      a) Hebrew Spiritual calendar (Torah Calendar)
      b) Jewish Civil calendar (Chabad.org or Hebcal.com)
      c) Gregorian calendar
      d) Any other control calendar you wish to use
      2. Dig ALL of Scripture for times/timings of events (day counts, etc...)
      3. Build models based upon what YOU find in Scripture including day counts
      4. Track global events of significance
      5. Pray before you work. Pray while you work. Pray after you work.
      6. Listen for what the Spirit says.

      I *personally* feel we're far closer to the Day. I also believe (and teach) that the 24-Elders ARE the church and in heaven prior to the opening of the seven seals. Keep in mind that the Tribulation is the last 3-1/2 years of what we otherwise know as Daniel's 70th week. That last week is seven years long being a year for a day.

      Dig on the Book of Revelation and see where we loose track of the church. Model the chapters and verses even on post-it notes if you have to so as to order them in a BIG PICTURE and see how all of the pieces *MAY* fit.

      We don't yet have full revelation but we do have the Revelation of Jesus Christ. That's enough to get you moving -- that AND ALL of Scripture! We have it all -- use it all!

      Leave no stone unturned. Don't be afraid to ask BIG questions. Humbly wait for His answer(s).

      Happy hunting!


    4. And THERE you have it! 👍👍

    5. At https://www.raptureready.com/2020/05/24/three-timing-views-of-the-tribulation-by-gary-ritter/ "Three Timing Views of the Tribulation :: By Gary Ritter" more about the Seal Judgments before the 7 year long Tribulation Period.

  7. Not to be cheeky (well, maybe a little bit), but it’s hard to imagine any assemblage of people drawing up such a map. It’s not just a train wreck, but an logic defying train wreck. It’s at least 10 times worse than any congressional districting I’ve ever seen. Then there’s the catastrophic element of dividing sacred land.


    1. So true! From the get-go it looked like an abomination destined for disaster. It even has tunnels connecting places.

    2. Right? This takes gerrymandering to a whole new level! 😆

    3. THIS DOES WORK!!! LET THE SPIRIT WORK. Pray before you work. Pray while you work. Pray after you work. Listen for what the Spirit says.

  8. Thanks Gary! for sharing this! In looking at the second map of hash-marked areas, is the Golan scheduled to be included in the Palestinian state? How could the Israelis possibly give up the Golan? Bad enough they are giving up the West Bank. But then Christian Zionists and Orthodox Jews are the only ones who don't believe in two state "solution."

    1. Thanks New Zealand. I knew Trump recognized Israeli sovereignty but didn't realize that meant annexation. Guess I didn't know the difference. Yes, it is absolutely essential to Israel's security. We live in perilous and exciting times. I told my son we aren't in the Tribulation yet, but the infrastructure and worldwide societal preparation is well underway. Maranatha!

  9. AND as this is all going down in Israel NASA and SpaceX have this headline: "Coverage of NASA's SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch Coverage."

    Dragon launch! Can you imagine?? The lift-off from Cape Canaveral was scheduled for today. Everything and everyone was ready, but God. The weather conditions were not right and now it is rescheduled for Saturday afternoon. Going into space with a dragon crew???? The images in my head concerning this launch makes me think of the Tower of Babel and how the people were trying to reach heaven!

    1. Launching the Dragon a week before Pentecost on June 6th?

    2. 'prince of the power of the air'

    3. The Starship SN4 prototype, built by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company for interplanetary flights, has blown up after an engine test in Texas. It’s already the third prototype to explode this year.

      A live broadcast on NASA’s website showed white smoke coming out of the spacecraft before it was obliterated in a massive explosion.


  10. Considering Elon Musk is also racing for artificial intelligence along with his role in this launch, the Babel reference is very on point.

    1. A modern Tower of Babel that is! Talk about reaching for the heavens to escape the wrath coming upon the Earth.

  11. I was wondering if anyone would mention the dragon launch. As I watched the coverage today I too was reminded of the tower of Babel.

  12. SpaceX launch rescheduled for the Sabbath @ 3:22pm

    Hmmm, 322 isn't suspicious at all...

    1. Strong's Greek: 322. ἀναδείκνυμι (anadeiknumi) -- to lift up ...

      www.itwasaplan.com - it was a plan dot com

    2. Yes, the Sabbath Day and also during Shavuot!

    3. Hi Jeff. I assume you are referring to 332 translates to in gematria? Very interesting indeed!


    4. Well, I was thinking more along the dark side of things...you know, the Skull & Bones number that is a mockery of Genesis 3:22.

    5. wow, dragon launch at 322, prime masonic number for triple digits

    6. The number 322 also reminded me of the main scripture Joel 3:2 which Gary used for the article on this page. "....and My land they have apportioned".

  13. As I gaze at this map of Israel, I pray that Netanyahu is successful in annexing the West Bank so that ALL of it is totally under Israeli sovereignty. Even then it may be a bad time for Israel since they were a party to its division, which breaks God's Abrahamic covenant with the land of Israel. It will be up to God to handle His people during the time of Jacob's Trouble at that point. We know God will ultimately be an ally to them and rescue a remnant out of Judea where He protects them in the wilderness at the time the antichrist declares himself to be God and creates the Abomination that leads to Desolation. I think this parceling up of Israel is despicable of Trump and Kushner to do as many of the Israeli settlers in Judea and Samaria are opposed to these boundaries, as well, and would only prefer Netanyahu's annexing and reject Trump's deal to divide up Israel in a 2-state solution. See this link of RevelationChapter12dot.com from about 3:30-17:07.

  14. Im waiting to see if this deal actually gets signed, it could be the deal that the AC "confirms" or makes stronger with many. Time will tell, lets see a signing.


    Remember that Ryan (Zeal Life) recently started discussion on the 508-days of Israel without a government? I noticed something concerning that day count,

    508 * 5 = 2,540
    2,550 - 10 = 2,540

    Most of you will recognize 2,550 as the number of days being Daniel's 70th week,

    1,290 + 1,260 = 2,550

    The ten (10) days difference between 2,540 and 2,550 caught my attention. This Shavuot, 5780 is 111-days from Yom Teruah, 5781 (all Civil calendar) and Rosh Hashanna. Add 2,540-days to this coming Yom Teruah, 2020, a new moon of lunation 1209 at 1400 (IDT), lands us on Yom Teruah, 2027 being Thursday, September 2, 2027 (M7D1) per the Ecclesiastic calendar.

    This also falls on 1 Elul on the Civil calendar which has significant history in its own right according to Jewish tradition. (I will let you dig on that yourself)

    What is ten days after Yom Teruah? Yom Kippur of course and the 2,550th day since Yom Teruah, 5781 (Civil) or this coming Thursday, September 17 - Friday, September 18, 2020.

    Could it be that seven (7) trumpets from the Feast of Trumpets, 2020 will be the final and last trumpet? The "Teckiah Gedolah" -- the final, prolonged, unbroken last note being the invitation for the Messiah to return to a repentant people? That is exactly what the last trumpet blast is!

    There are 111-days between Shavuot, 2020 and Yom Teruah, 2020. The root meaning of Shavuot or "שָׁבוּע" means "week" or seven. Shavuot can be further broken down to "שָׁב" meaning "return". Correct me please if I have these wrong but I believe these translations are accurate. 111 can be seen as a binary number. That number has an equal value in decimal, hex and octal all of which equal seven (7).

    Interesting...and a very interesting fit of 508-days. A coincidence?

    A watermark perhaps?

    Could be...

    **Please forgive any typos as time doesn't allow a full proof-reading.

    1. By the way, as I shared in another post, the prime factors of 508 are, 2, 2 and 127.

      The number two (2) is the first (1st) prime number. 127 is the eleventh (11th) prime number.

      Did I mention that I'm seeing "11" and "111" all over the place lately?

    2. Pastor Rich, the main thing related to 1111 that caught my attention was that on November 11th, 2018, the earth bell rang -



  16. Gary, thank you. That map makes me nauseous. They’re carving up God’s Land. And the bottom does look like a lamb’s head and the upper like a man’s profile. I think of the AC and False Pope, er, Prophet. Now, only Unsealed would have the map. You guys are always ahead of everyone. You scoop everybody!

  17. Pastor Rich, I also have been randomly noticing 11:11 on my clock almost daily for the past 6 months or so, and have wondered what it means. I feel it is some kind off divine message.

  18. Another 111 I just found.

    Initial launch was scheduled at 4:33 pm, 27th May
    New launch is scheduled at 3:22 pm, 30th May
    Whats the difference in time: 1:11 hour earlier in the day

    1. Nice find! And note, the difference in days is three (3) days. Rendered in binary that's 11.


      A couple of observations I had made regarding the passing of Phyllis George, Ms America 1971, was that her given name means "foliage" in Greek and shares roots from Greek mythology regarding a woman who became an almond tree. Ms America is also the name of an air racing team flying a P-51 Mustang of great renown. Painted in red, white and blue Ms America is number "11".

      In 1971 the Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds Air Demonstration Squadron 431 was established. On 5/17/2020 Snowbirds #11 crashed departing Kamloops, BC killing the squadron PAO Capt Jenn Casey. On 5/24/20 Capt Casey was returned home to Halifax, the 79th Anniversary of the sinking of HMS Hood. (Note: HMS Hood was considered the, "Pride of the Royal Navy" and representative of England's sea power. On 5/24/41 she exploded after being hit by the fifth round fired by DKM Bismarck with only three (3) survivors. The loss of Hood was a shock to England and was front-page news around the world. The battle occurred on the anniversary of Aliyah Messiah). Capt Casey's remains were returned home to Halifax and ferried by motorcade down Almond Street where she had grown up.

      Both women share a connection via the number 11 and a jubilee of years for their respective service organizations and the almond tree. Why would such a coincidence be pointed out?

      Maybe my "radar" is doing overtime? Maybe it's my imagination? Maybe it's a watermark?

      Even the serial number of the RCAF C-130J that returned Capt Casey home to Halifax caught my attention,


      Aside from the obvious numeric trigger...the sum of the numbers of the serial number equals the day of the month that Casey was killed ejecting from Snowbirds #11 on the 17th of May.

      But one more commonality is the almond tree. What flower do we find on the Temple Menorah in a very specific count?

      It is the flower of the almond tree.

      If anyone remembers my original post introducing these events; it was on the day Phyllis George's passing was announced. That was the day I planted by birthday present.

      An almond tree.

      Phyllis George passed on Israel's 72nd Independence Day; the 1,000th day since the Great American Solar Eclipse (by Jerusalem time) and the day that the largest Israeli government was sworn in. This same day PM Netanyahu committed to annexation of the West Bank and Snowbirds #11 was lost during their Operation INSPIRATION.

      A lot of data points that I wasn't looking for that were literally dropped in my lap.

      Watermarks perhaps?


  19. Okay, you guys are getting into math and science, so...
    What about VORTEX MATH?
    It says that numbers are not just quantitative, but have their own behavior, archetype, and qualities - it studies numbers in and of themselves.
    Not exactly numerology (which is bunk),
    but still often borders on the occult and is typically not considered "GOOD" math.
    How do you make the distinction - serious question.
    How does it differ when applied Biblically???
    And, why binary?
    Is it just you're noticing patterns?
    I understand binary,
    especially when referring to pattern referencing such as "The Powers of Two Binary System" (also called the "Blueprint of God).
    Again, what's the connection Biblically?
    And, why 11? or 3?
    I'm not getting it...

    1. Personally, I don't like all the weird numbers things on here. It's too "oh, look, my toast is burnt in the sign of a fish so obviously it's a SIGN (of whatever)." The way they "get away with it" is by saying it point to God in various ways. It's the idea that every atom in the universe is divinely positioned, so there are no coincidences, and therefore everything is a message. Again, I don't like it because it's so wide open to interpretation. It can literally be interpreted any way a person wants. Don't like a number 12? Well, it's actually 3x4. Or maybe it's 11+1 (oh, look, ones! It's a sign!).

      I obviously don't put much into that kind of thing, but as long as a person isn't putting such things over clear scripture, it's probably not 'bad', just highly suspect. The farther you have to twist something (it's not a real number, it's binary! In Greek!), the less likely there's any real meaning there. Take it all with salt, and it's not a big deal.

    2. I can't blame anyone for feeling that way. If you haven't been seeing certain things over and over again (patterns) I get that. Yet some of us have been seeing certain things over and over again. It's a story I've heard before in testimonies and in this space. Scripture that pops up over and over again is another common story.

      God created the stars and all the host of the heavens. For them to be where they are everything has to be where it is. Scripture confirms this from the beginning, so yes, I believe everything is Divinely positioned and that there is no such thing as luck. All of creation declares the glory of God.

      But when the same thing(s) keep popping up at some point you have to say, "What's up with that?" The engineer in me asks questions. What if? All things are possible for God. Why not ask questions and explore answers accordingly? I do this in my personal time with the LORD.

      This time I shared observations with the community for greater input. Should this be highly suspect? Absolutely! And taken with a grain of salt until such a point that it is either confirmed or dismissed. We generally know what is coming per Scripture. Watching for events along the way sometimes leads one into strange territory.

      If it troubles the community I will not post on these types of topics again and ask for your forgiveness.


    3. I see certain numbers and combinations pop up again and again all the time. License plates, random glancings at the clock when nothing would prompt me to do so... Could the Lord be getting my attention and steering my thoughts to Him? Only He would know, but it works even if it's not Him.

      Sometimes however, someone will post something so filled with numbers and conjectures and whatnot that I just 'skip ahead' and only come back if something really catches my eye. Like that guy who goes on about the niagara falls barge and the leader's heart attack 7 days later every few days or weeks... He's so certain that combination of things is going to happen any day now and wants us all to know about it. Heh. I'd never even heard of that barge before he brought it up.

    4. Pastor Rich, I don't ask you to stop. I really enjoy, for example, the astronomy stuff. And there's a possibility that some things ARE signs. The problem I have is that humans are wired to notice "patterns" in a way that I'm not sure you're taking into account. Like, let's say I tell someone "notice all the there's!". That person will then pick out the threes which would otherwise be overlooked because the brain is now looking for them. It isn't that they're more frequent, it's just that you've set a mental alarm for a specific trigger. And then there's wanting a number that isn't initially there, so you do the mathematical gymnastics to reach it. You want ones, but see a three. How to get there? Ooh! Binary! Or maybe Roman Numerals! Or maybe convert the letters to a numerical value! And which of the literally hundreds of possible permutations is the "right" one? The one that gives you the answer you want. There's no rules to this games, so you literally can manipulate the data any which way you want. Why factors and not lower primes? Or multiplying it by the minute when you saw it and dividing it by the number of the month? It's arbitrary! Why pick out the Jersey number of a random basketball player and call it a sign and not assume a different player is a sign? Arbitrary based solely on a conclusion you already want to find, as far as I can tell. I totally believe every atom in the universe is divinely placed, but I disagree that every atom spells a different message (other than everything singing God's praise). As I said above, I don't think it's bad to do this unless it starts superceding scripture, but I can't see how it's "real" vs superstition when there are no given rules and the only goal seems to be "make it fit what I want to see".

      I'm honestly open to changing my my mind about this, if you can address my concerns, and I would welcome correction if you feel I'm looking at this wrong, so please do respond as you feel God leads.

    5. Hi Sherrill and thank you Kris,

      Yes, Darren does take things too far I fear on his posts about the barge and such. I will leave that to him. Gary has said enough on behalf of us all I think.

      Yes, I try to be specific in what I share as up for debate and is not a hard fact when it comes to these potentially fringe observations. I try to be specific when sharing observations and asking questions. Is there a wrong question to ask God?

      I say no.

      Yes, were given to see patterns. I'm guilty of that too so I try to throttle that with the knowledge that it may mean more in my head than it does in the sight of heaven.

      Still, is it improper to ask? Fringe and weird as it may be?


      Tell a casual stranger about the harpazo and Millennial Kingdom to come and what do you think they will do? How about sharing the OT story of the talking donkey? Unless they are Bible believing Christians hyped at the Rapture with hearts on fire for Jesus they may look at you as though you had lobsters crawling out your ears. Catch my drift? Some of this stuff sounds nuts on the surface.

      The numeric gymnastics are a product of knowing there are more than one numbering system and each one relates to the next in certain ways. They share equivalency. These are perspectives and Scripture was made to be seen in light of different perspectives. I suspect that the same can be said of God's creation.

      Hebrew and Greek have no numbers. Instead, each letter has a numeric value. That's the way God made those languages. So in effect, the whole Bible is a giant math problem. Yes, there are limits and yes you can take things too far. (We've witnessed that fact in this space more than once!)

      There are limits so I will take your words to heart and thank you for sharing them openly and honestly. This is what I hope for and desire in this space as a fellow participant in our UNSEALED journey.

      I accept your good council and will keep it in mind and take it to heart. I also hope that eyes are opened to different and perhaps strange perspectives that draw us to consider God's story in ways we had never imagined.

      May the light of His wisdom always shine true.

      With thanks,


      PS> I won't go so far to say that every atom spells a different message, but I do agree that every atom sings God's praise!

    6. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate hearing your perspective! I agree with you about how the Bible can give "weird" (and unbelievable to an unbeliever) stories. And the Bible does support some level of "look at the numbers" messages (we clearly see how seven is often used as divine perfection, for example), so I can understand examining some things in light of this (I actually think this may be a major area of study in eternity, once we have a better understanding of this topic and a sinless perspective). But I do also appreciate your being willing to consider that some number manipulation can go too far. After all, it loses meaning if you have to force something to say what you want it to say, right? Maybe think about giving yourself some rules. Like, for example, break a large number up into the smallest factors, but not farther. Or pick time of an event down to the minute and always use Jerusalem time. Only pick sports jerseys of...I don't know? The final goal scorer of the winning team or something. Or whatever other boundaries you feel are appropriate. If you spend some time fixing those ahead of time, then whatever "message" you find may end up being more meaningful because it hasn't been forced, you know? Just make two cents on that.

      Again, thanks for listening and responding!

    7. Yeah, there's a difference between making something say something, and getting caught off guard by a interesting or funny coincidence. Does it please God that we think He did it intentionally? Maybe the whole point is reminding us that He's the one in charge... :-)

    8. Sherrill/All,

      So that you, and everyone else knows as an FYI, I have always kept time as Jerusalem time (or locally referenced to Israeli time), made my astronomical observations from the City of David (from where I believe the last Temple to have stood) and make back-up observations from Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. I make every effort to document my findings and how to independently confirm them for yourself. That includes software being used down to version number.

      It's a lot of information to take it and can be missed if one glosses over the text. Easily done! I will continue to document my posts as much as possible w/o overkill.

      May the desire of our hearts be Christ. May Christ be in our hearts and on our lips. May the word of our mouth and penned words of our heart reflect our great love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord, always. May that love not just encourage our fellow saints but extend to those who are perishing and stand apart from Jesus -- once we were that lost soul!

      May we abound in mercy through the abundant grace given us through God in Christ and His Holy Spirit.

      Keep looking UP!

  20. http://www.jewishwikipedia.info/israelmaps.html
    Link to maps of Israel and all the changes these past 100 years.

  21. As a Pastor I was led to your site by a parishioner. I have read a few of your articles and forgive me for saying that I disagree with you. The parishioner began to share videos from YouTube from people stating what your site believes is truth and it’s just not biblical. This parishioner created chaos amongst the body that we were being bombarded with emails, texts and calls we finally addressed the matter and sadly it didn’t end well. I was told that I wasn’t a Pastor because I didn’t preach fire and brimstone and lots of doom. This hurt because this person was part of our fellowship for years so to see this change of heart and the mental state this person is in broke our hearts. Conspiracy theories are not biblical nor are math equations and the like. This is why we as Christians are looked at funny because of sites like this and YouTube false prophets. I personally know JD Farag and cannot believe the lengths he has gone with his preaching it’s ridiculous. I had upset parents call me because of the fear that was overtaking the church amongst their kids because of the parishioner. Kids were scared and there were suicide attempts. Fear mongering is worse than the virus itself. Please stop the fear amongst the church body and let’s get out and spread the gospel to the church.
    With Love
    Pastor JJ

    1. With all due respect, Pastor JJ, There is not fear mongering going on on this site. I respect that you disagree with what is written and taught, but all of it is very clearly rooted in scripture, and very extensively supported with biblical verses and context. Beyond that, the hope of a near rapture and return of Our Beloved Hope, Jesus Christ, is nothing to fear. If fear is gripping you and your congregants, then i suspect that do not understand the hope presented in the Gospel, which seems a shortcoming on your part in preaching the truth of the Gospel (redemption). If the teachings of this site are accurate (or at least biblical and spiritually guided), which I personally believe to be the case, then the only people who should be in fear and panic are those who do not know the Lord personally.

      Again, I do not mean disrespect, but being near to the "End" is being near to the beginning of Christ's glorious kingdom. I cannot think of anything LESS terrifying. Fear is a tool of the deceiver. I seem nothing but Hope, Love, and Joy from the writers and commentators of Unsealed

    2. Why should they be afraid of their Lord's coming? I thought we all wanted Lord Jesus to return? Are you teaching works are needed to be saved? Is it even being implied? Many are quick to jump away from 'faith alone' when they hear about 'doing things.' Are they realizing their works might not add up? Fear is an opportunity to teach the Gospel, as it is a fear-killing message...

      How Jesus died for our sins... was buried... and was raised from the dead by God for our justification... A perfect and sinless blood atonement for us, as demanded by the Law of Moses. A free gift, wrought by grace for those who would believe in Him. (1st Corinthians 15:1-4 and Romans 10:9. Or if you prefer from Jesus Himself, John 6:29 or 3:16...)

      Perhaps this incident with the parishioner is God getting your attention that your flock needs more understanding of the Cornerstone of our faith, Jesus Christ. We were created for good works, but those works are not what saves us. They are just proof for outsiders of the faith we were given by God.

      Lord Jesus is going to return someday, and I hope that He finds you and your flock ready to meet Him with love in your hearts for Him and each other.

    3. Pastor JJ, if you click on the ABOUT section at the top of the site page you'll find a link to a Statement of Faith. And, if you look at the GOOD NEWS section, you'll find Biblically sound passages re: redemption and salvation, all backed up chapter and verse.
      * * * *
      THIS site does have quite a few very intelligent folks on it, including those with backgrounds in mathematics and the sciences. It's how we relate to God's world - He created SCIENCE after all, we just use science and numbers to quantify it and to try and make sense out of it.
      That's why we get excited when we can "see" how God has fit things and events together. Especially END Time events. It may seem kooky or non-Biblical at first glance, but if you stick around a while, you may come to realize it's not so whacky after all!
      N.B. If anything, this site helps to allay or dispel any fears (for Believers) - it is AWESOME to see events outlined in the Bible playing out before our eyes EXACTLY as God said they would!
      What's more the timing (numbers) relative to, for example, between events, pays heed to our master planner's intentions and quickly dispels any "chance" of their having occurred randomly.
      * * * *
      When any of us do get off track Biblically, we are quickly called on it.
      Greg, Hillary, Gary, Stephanie, Jeff, et al - they all know their stuff.
      If you read back through their articles I believe you'll find a great deal of spiritually given insights. When they read about events happening in the world, they are able to apply it to what God has told us in His Word (1 Corinthians 2:14) and then they graciously share it with us.
      I'm glad to know one of your parishioners is excited enough about his/her findings on this site to share with others in your congregation - I hope they're blessed by it and that it helps them to grow in their relationship with Christ. You too, Pastor.

    4. Pastor JJ, God has shown that He reveal things important on His agenda in hints and codes -

      For example - Passover is a code for the gospel - it is pointing to the gospel and even though it is clear to us, to many who believe just the OT, the meaning is still totally hidden...

      Another example is the "LAMB" is a coded word or a symbol for the work Christ would as our Sacrifice...

      God bless you and your church and your ministry...Time is short...Iron sharpens Iron...

      John 17

  22. I appreciate all your replies and what we teach is salvation is found through Christ alone. That if we confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts he is Lord he will be saved. We believe in the blessed hope but don’t teach the children’s church about the rapture until when they are in jr high. To tell our little ones they are soon going to heaven to me is a little extreme. We occupy our time with loving God and loving others. To say we are in the birth pangs absolutely but to say this is it any moment I disagree. From what I gather this is pre-trib rapture site based on what I have read so I will just leave it at that. We don’t teach works we teach what the Bible says. If the Bible doesn’t say it than we don’t preach or teach it. Let’s be honest gematrias , current events, conspiracy theories and the like just isn’t biblical. I’ve read other articles where date speculation is encouraged again not biblical and not ok! I won’t divide as we are not called to do so. However it’s very clear to me why my parishoner spoke the way he did. I came on here to see his perspective and it grieves me that he has gone so extreme. I respect your devotion to your site it seems that you have built quite an online ministry but I’ll kindly step away and leave you all to it. God bless & stay safe.
    Pastor JJ

    1. Well, if you aren't pte-trib, then no wonder your congregation is afraid! They think they're going to have horrors heaped upon their heads before Jesus comes back! I wouldn't look forward to Jesus return either if that's what it was heralded by! But End Times is not salvation-issue, so you are free to disagree and it doesn't effect your eternal destination. Still, that's sad for your congregation.

    2. Hi sherrill77, my immediate thought is that he's teaching that his people are going to go through the tribulation...which of course does not fit with "comfort one another with these words" 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

    3. I find it highly disrespectful both of you are mocking and laughing at this pastor. You both are not above him and shouldn’t act that way either way. I believe every pastor acts as they are led to by the Holy Spirit. How do you know he doesn’t have a thriving church and let’s be honest this whole website is obsessed with scary dark things. So he states his opinion and you rip him apart hmmm that seems very Christ like. He seemed very polite and you all heaped anger on him.

    4. Pastor JJ,

      If I may ask, what is the *extreme* that your parishioner has gone to?


    5. My post was not in anger... it was in concern... If the flock is worried about the future, they must have some wrong ideas about it... I appreciate Pastor JJ's respectful answer.

      As for date speculation... I think if it wasn't for hints that 'We are not in darkness' and that 'we might know the season' and day counts like those in Daniel 12, there wouldn't be much date speculation. We would only be looking for the signs outlined by the Lord and the prophets... Particularly the fig tree...

    6. My attitude was not to mock. Obviously tone is hard to read in text, so it could have come across that way. But a congragation that's taught poat-trib isn't going to look forward to Jesus' return, which is sad for them. And it's a Pastor's job to be in charge of his congregation. If they don't long for Jesus'return, that seems like a failing on his part and one he should, before God, seek how to correct. It doesn't mock the man or his position to point out that something needs addressing.

      I honestly feel sorry for this Pastor's flock. One if the crowns of reward is promised to those who "long for Jesus return" and is sounds like no one in this church will receive this crown because the people dread His Coming. That's not right or Biblical! As I said, not a salvation issue, but it's still sad.

  23. ryan protect - commenting on your Michael Jordan post in the "Impasse" article...

    this is interesting...again possibly another confirmation of 923 as, not only the Great Sign of Rev 12, but also the Great Rapture sign as God's proclamation in the sky that Jesus is Coming Soon to take His Bride Home...


    Why did Michael Jordan choose the #9 jersey when he played for the U.S. basketball team at the 1984 LA Olympics (and again in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics)?

    Question #142329. Asked by gtho4.

    Last updated Mar 05 2016.

    Originally posted Mar 04 2016 9:13 PM.Under international rules, he couldn't wear his college/pro number 23, because numbers above 15 were not permitted. As Wiki puts it:

    link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_%28sports%29#Basketball

    "Up to 2014, players in FIBA-organized competitions for national teams, including the Olympic Games, World Cup and Women's World Championship, had to wear numbers from 4 to 15."

    SO that explains why not #23. But why 9? Because Michael's older brother wore #45 when they played together in high school, and 4+5=9. In fact, that's when Michael picked #23, because it was approximately half of 45.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.


    5/29/20 - We remember and celebrate the giving of Torah,

    29 When Moses came down from
    Mount Sinai, with the two tablets
    of the testimony in his hand as
    he came down from the mountain,
    Moses did not know that the skin
    of his face shone because he had
    been talking with God.

    (Exodus 34:29 ESV)

    Shavuot (Pentecost) Outreach - Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat

    Powerful, Spirit-filled teaching and witness in the heart of Israel! May you too share your testimony, your story, and the good news of Jesus Christ to those the LORD gives you in these days. For all the seeds we plant LORD we pray you bring the increase!


  26. This is a minor point but it always sticks my craw so to speak when people reference the current Body of Christ as the Bride of Christ. We are not the bride.

    "Turn O' backsliding children saith the Lord for I am MARRIED to you....(Israel) Jeremiah 3:14a kjv

    "Behold, the days come saith the Lord that I will make a new covenant with the house of ISRAEL and the house of Judah".

    "Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, which my covenant they broke, although I was a HUSBAND to them, saith the Lord". Jeremiah 31:31,32. kjv

    Before anyone quotes the record in Ephesians 5 please note that it doesnt say anything about Jesus and the Church being married. It is just exhorting men in the context that they should strive to love thier wives as much as Christ loves the Church.

    1. @Mainer,

      I was going to share this later article later, but since you brought up the top of the Bride of Christ, I'll share it now. I respectfully disagree with your assertion. The article is based on the fascinating info in the DVD "Before the Wrath". I just published the article it this week on my website:

      Is the Rapture Foretold in the Traditional Galilean Wedding Ceremony?

    2. I can't recall where I read it, but comparing the church to Eve, she was both the body and bride of Adam as the church is the body and bride of Christ.

    3. Mb87...lovely article. Well written

  27. Hello Pastor Rich,

    Didn’t know there was another pastor on here! Hehe To answer your question unfortunately our former member went to great lengths to share his ideas. I used extreme because it trickled down to the kids and I’m talking 5,6,7 year olds within the church. He has children ranging from 6-22 so he has kids in different age ranges. It started with the young adults the 18-26 crowd than hit high school, jr high etc. It began on a typical Friday night bible study however it was done via zoom he asked if he could lead for the young adults and since he was a lead in our church we welcomed and encouraged it as he has done before. What he spoke about had the kids confused and told them they weren’t saved (even though our youth is on fire for God) and that they were going to be left behind. He began to share YouTube videos and such and the YA’s out of respect stayed on to watch and there is about 40 of them but they all were uncomfortable. When it was over my daughter who is in the young adults told me of this and I thought ok he’s preaching about the end times nothing wrong with that. So i let it be but put the pastoral team on alert. The next few days went by and the jr high leaders called me to tell em they were asking about Bill Gates and the chip and they don’t want to be vaccinated they were scared they would go to hell. I had upset parents call me because one of our jr high kids attempted suicide because of the information received. We had to take action and say this individual down not before he went on a live FB rant calling out members of the church and exposing things of their past before they were saved. Things their children and spouses knew. There were some threats made against my family and I won’t go into more detail as to what else transpired but suffice it to say a lot of it was rot he extreme. I want everyone on here to understand that I have an open I welcome biblical discussion I believe it healthy what I don’t support is division and wacky ideas that the Bible does not support. I’m not saying everyone on here is wacky I just don’t take stock in conspiracy theories and such. By what I have read from some of the followers of this site if it makes me a failed Pastor I apologize for the short comings. I answer to my father and lead as the Holy Spirit directs me as best I can. As a Pastor I’m sure you can understand the weight and responsibility we carry as servants of our Heavenly Father. I am fallible and fail him daily but I choose to take up my cross and seek him daily praying to be accounted worthy when he does return. I hope I didn’t offend anyone on here it’s just been a heck of a past couple of weeks.

    Pastor JJ

    1. Correction
      *their spouses didn’t know*
      I didn’t realize I had so many typos

    2. So sorry to hear this individual was hurting others this way. I'd agree with you that it sounds like your Bible Study member erred, from what you described. The study of the End Times shouldn't be used to terrorize others, no matter what view is espoused. This site can have commentors from a whole spectrum of weirdness (blatant false prophets who repeatedly claim "prophecies" which never come true, flat earthers, legalists, and more), but you gotta take the weirdos on the comment area separately from the articles. (I'll lump myself into the weirdos category. I'm sure I've said things that come across wrong or rude). This probably isn't the best site for anyone who doesn't have a firm grasp of the basics if Christianity because of the conspiracy stuff (although I give huge kudos to the guy who runs if for the "basics of Christianity" articles...which I'm afraid the people who need to read those the most tend to ignore).

      Thank you for clarifying what happened in your church and for being gracious in your replies.

    3. I would recommend Pastor JJ seek some excellent Bible teaching from the most outstanding prophecy pastor/writers on the/planet which books & DVD's are on Gary Stearman's Prophecy Watcher website. I have studied prophecy for decades & find most people including many pastors are not well informed on the Bible's VERY important emphasis on prophecy. Pastor JJ's reference to "works" has nothing to do with the rapture. SUICIDE? WELL, that just goes to show the confusion which happens in the VOID left in congregations where Prophecy is not addressed in its full wonders of OUR eternal purpose in the plan of God ordained & fulfilled in prophecy properly understood. The Prophecy Watcher website is a magnificent place to start unpacking the most astounding TRUTH revealed in the Word. AND by the way, JD Farag is Soooo feeding all of us who love all of his outstanding teaching including his brilliant insights into these end times laid out perfectly as others before him like Hal Lindsay. Prophecy is NOT at all frightening for those who take the time to LEARN! AND it DOES TAKE TIME, EFFORT & UNDERSTANDING which for me has been an amazing blessing beyond words!

    4. Life is truly a complicated thing... even more so when we complicate it even more...

      I hope you can address all this with your congregation in a manner that heals and restores their confidence in the Gospel.

      It does sound like this church member allowed fear or zeal to overtake their sensibilities and compassion. I hope they can be brought back to the simple peace of Christ... Sometimes we just need to let God work out His plan without getting in the way.

      The 'mark of the beast' is probably going to be more than just an ID chip or a 'mandatory' vaccine... it's too early to really say what technology will be used for it. But it will come with some form of religious belief or idolatry... Otherwise they wouldn't bother with beheading those who refuse... They'd just restrain or sedate them and mark them... Whatever it is, maintaining your faith in Jesus and/or a biblical worldview will be considered a crime punishable by death...

    5. Pastor JJ,

      Thank you for candidly sharing your heart in this matter. Please accept my apologies on behalf of us at UNSEALED for anything which may have contributed to this painful episode. I am encouraged that many have reached out to offer help and prayer in your hour of need. Please know that I will be praying for you, your team and your congregation with full faith that God will bring an increase in this.

      It is said that when a broken bone is properly set it heals stronger than if it was never broken at all. Stinging cuts so deep that are properly bound become scars which bear a testimony of their own. No longer do we protect them as being tender to the touch; we can touch them and show them like a mark of ownership.

      I pray the LORD Himself binds your wounds and brings such healing that greater strength is the result. May we join you in prayer as the Spirit leads that we too will grow for we all stumble in many ways.

      And if anyone does not stumble
      in what he says, he is a perfect
      man, able also to bridle his
      whole body.

      (James 3:2 ESV)

      LORD, you are the wholeness of the body. May we seek you first, faithfully abiding in the Love You poured, do pour out and will pour out to us by the abundant and merciful grace we have in God through Christ Jesus our Lord.

      In Jesus Name I pray, in Jesus Name we say. Amen.

      Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

      Grace and peace to you,

      Pastor Rich

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Pastor JJ, Anything we can do to help?
    The world can be a scary place for folks these days.
    Unless you know what's REALLY going on and can look at events from a Biblical perspective.
    That's it in a nutshell: Worldly Vision v. Godly Focus
    If you're looking at the world through Christ Colored lenses, you don't have to be afraid!
    Sometimes, though, even we Christians have to take a deep breath and remind ourselves:
    God is in charge.
    He has a plan.
    God said ALL these things would happen.
    He warned us ahead of time because He doesn't want us to be afraid. (How many times is "fear not" in the Bible?)
    * * * *
    It's really rather exciting getting to watch events unfold.
    Sometimes, in our exuberance, we may get carried away and come on too strong!
    We also have to remind ourselves to take baby steps...
    Especially with kiddos and young adults.
    * * * * *
    If you're unfamiliar with GraceThroughFaith.com, you may want to take a look - Jack (and his wife Samantha) have posted a huge library of articles suitable for YA covering everything you can think of - all backed up chapter and verse in a straight forward, definitely Spirit led, manner.
    Many Blessings, Pastor.

    1. NO NO NO!!!! The word is NOT "scary"!!! The "help" is my comment above re the learning that awaits through reading & watching the publications found on Stearman's PW website of Bible scholars capable of explaining the most UNSCARY truths in the Bible. BIBLE & FEAR are mutually exclusive terms! I may have to stop reading these comments because while the articles have much wisdom to share, ignorance & fear in the comments is NOT worth my time!

    2. SFG, If you read what I wrote, I'm agreeing with you about fear.
      We as Christians do NOT have to be afraid.
      But, we are NOT the world.
      And there are many folks in this world who live lives filled with fear.
      I'm not talking about just the big stuff here, but every day life.
      I know lots of folks and a large number of them are on anti-depressants and anxiety meds.
      Why; because they're afraid!
      They can't handle or "deal with" their lives for all their worries - that's fear!
      When you or I have something come up, and something always comes up, we know who to go to for help. Not everyone has God in their life - they're the World I was referring to.
      Like I said before, it's all about perspective.
      They're looking at the world from a completely different viewpoint than you and I.
      They're looking AT and we're looking UP!

    3. From Luke, RE: The Olivet Discourse
      "Then he [Christ] said to them: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and FEARFUL events and great signs from heaven. (Luke 21:8-11)

  30. Jesus gave the prayer "Thy Kingdom COME" and ended HIS with His LAST command to pray at the end of Revelation: "Even so COME Lord Jesus, Amen! WITH the exclamation. HOW we get to HIS coming IS Bible prophecy & not to understand WILL indeed breed fear because fear is of the devil. The first & second coming of Christ are both major themes in Bible prophecy & SO NOT SCARY! UNLESS misunderstood thinking that the tribulation awaits a believer which it does NOT.

  31. At https://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=4082 "July 1st - Countdown To Next Middle East War?". Israel annexating the West Bank will trigger a major war in the Middle East. Will that be the Psalm 83 war which will precede the Tribulation Period?

  32. May I propose that we each make an effort to include Pastor JJ and his flock in our prayers for the Holy Spirit to use this situation for good in some fashion, and for healing to come to those who have been hurt during this time. Prayers too for the church member who is no doubt struggling with "what did I do wrong" and the children who are afraid. Peace.

    1. VS, I wholeheartedly agree. So many times we Christians,in our exuberance, incite reactions not well thought out. Pastor JJ, we do indeed ask your forgiveness for the trouble one of your members caused. That is on that person, of course, but words and tone matter. I appreciate your gracious comments here and pray that as the Church we can have honest dialogue without recriminations. Blessings to you and your congregation.

    2. Absolutely!
      Romans 8:28!!!

  33. The stubbornness of some on here is truly remarkable. I clearly show from scripture why we are NOT the bride of Christ and who it clearly is and its called an "assertion". Im interested in what the Word says not someone who did a video.

    The Bride of Christ is ISRAEL, its not the current body of Christ. Completely different programs. Theres no way to truly understand the bible without understanding this.

    Jesus is the head of the body and we are all individual members of that body. This is all explained in the Church epistles. That is much better than being married.

    Lets get on the Word.

    1. With all due respect, what you labeled as stubborness is the same thing you are manifesting. A sincere desire to stay on what you believe to be the Truth. It's called loyalty, faith, or a desire for orthodoxy, and it shouldn't be insulted in the manner you just did.

      Now... as far as what you're saying goes about Israel and brides and whatnot... Were we (the church) not grafted into Israel? I was under the impression we had multiple roles and titles and a long list of descriptors explaining our relationship to Christ. If understanding that helps you define things, great. I kind of let that all simplify into a single question, 'Do you have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ?'

      I will stubbornly cling to the Gospel and Christ. All these other questions I will leave to those who want to investigate them. All I think we are asked to do is share what we learn with each other. Trying to force our opinions on others is how we get in trouble.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi Mainer,

      the reason people aren't jumping on board is because you only have half the story. You are correct that Israel was said to be the wife of Jehovah. You miss the second half that the Church is now the bride of Christ. I won't write a lot but will include some useful resources from Dr Arnold Fructenbaum, a Jewish believer and scholar... if you are interested. I hope and trust that you are still willing to learn and haven't just closed off, content with your Old Testament scriptures on this subject.

      So some quick verses to think about:

      John the Baptist, representing the last of the Old Testament prophets, said that he was not the bride of Christ but was a "friend" of the bridegroom. The bride was someone else that Christ had come for according to God's word:

      Joh 3:29 The bride belongs to the bridegroom. The friend who attends the bridegroom waits and listens for him, and is full of joy when he hears the bridegroom's voice. That joy is mine, and it is now complete.

      The actual bride is not a mystery. The church is said to be 'betrothed' to Christ their 'husband', 'as a pure virgin'. You can't get it any clearer than that.

      2 Corinthians 11:2 For I am jealous for you with godly jealousy. For I have betrothed you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.

      Eph 5:32 which others have pointed out says a lot more that what you are saying. The marriage relationship between a husband and wife is said to be a profound mystery pointing to Christ and the Church.

      A couple of useful resources from Dr Arnold Fructenbaum (he shows the difference between the Israel, the wife of Jehovah, and the Church, the bride of Christ):


      This is useful to see how the whole Jewish wedding model is played out with Christ and His bride, the Church:


  34. The winner of the show, the Romanians got talent, he performed the song "my way" in the final at home.

    And now, the end is near ...





    With the successful Sabbath launch of SpaceX/NASA Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon 2 on this Shavuot (Feast of Weeks) and Pentecost we are now 111-days to the beginning fall festivals that start with the new moon heralding in Yom Teruah (Day of shouting) or the Feast of Trumpets.

    Pentecost is the last of the annual feasts while the Feast of Trumpets begins the new year on the civil calendar. 111-days to AM 5781! I HIGHLY recommend a personal study of the Book of Nehemiah in the run-up to September 17/18, 2020.

    Congratulations SpaceX/NASA. Godspeed to astronauts Bob & Doug for a smooth flight to the ISS and a safe and historic return home. May we as a family at UNSEALED demonstrate and share our love for our fellow travellers by keeping them in our prayers. Soon we too hope to ascend to the second heaven and beyond!

    Keep looking UP!


  36. All,

    I want to sincerely thank all of you that commented with your kind words. I want to sincerely apologize for approaching this site incorrectly. I see that with some of the responses I have received you have been extremely gracious and understanding. I can see the heart of Jesus amongst you. I have read some of the comments and can see how everyone has their interpretations of the gospel and the mystery of the end times. I enjoy a meaty discussion on end times and as I have stated before I have an open mind and believe study of the Bible in different ways is healthy as long as it edifies and not divides the church. I have a sermon the Lord has pressed upon my heart and will address the past couple of weeks to our congregation. It is the first day we are back in church tomorrow at 25% capacity and I'm excited to worship amongst the saints again. However there has been damage done and I’m believing tomorrow the Holy Spirit will move in a powerful way for healing and restoration to come. Thank you for welcoming me the way you have and I look forward to adding my 2 cents. May our almighty God bless all of you and keep you as you go about your day/week.

    With love,

    Pastor JJ

    1. Well said, Pastor JJ, may your congregation exemplify the same grace and love of our Lord that you do. Your thoughts and ideas are welcome. Though I'm settled in what I believe about Daniel's 70th week, I very much want to have a teachable spirit (I realize the irony of that last statement!). May we all be able to share with teachable minds and grace-filled words. Blessings to you and your church tomorrow.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Yeah, I'll just add my 2c and say I agree. Well said Pastor JJ. Given the crazy last couple of weeks that you've had, your posts have been patient and gracious. And my heart goes out to anyone that thinks they need to take their own life... and also to those that have the task of bringing such a person back to wholeness. Not easy being a Pastor!

      It is really sad when Bible prophecy (combined with a lack of understanding about salvation and grace by the sounds) is used incorrectly to caused such a response. Especially when HIS coming is actually our blessed HOPE! For the believer it is wonderful news which we are to comfort one another with, as scripture says.

      So may God bless you JJ and your congregation. As others have said, may God turn it all for good, as only He can! Let us know how things go as there are people here praying for you and your flock. Would be interested to hear what God has placed on your heart to speak on as well : )

    4. Welcome to UNSEALED PJJ! Pull up a chair and make yourself at home!!

  37. At https://www.raptureready.com/2020/05/31/be-wary-of-misleading-youtube-ministry-channels-by-candy-austin/ "Be Wary of Misleading…YouTube Ministry Channels :: By Candy Austin" a dire warning against Youtube ministry channels which are misleading and apostate.

  38. You people insisting we are the bride of Christ have yet to explain away the scriptures I referenced in the book of Jeremiah which clearly says that ISRAEL is the the bride not us.

    This is Gods word, look at it..."Turn O backsliding children saith the Lord for I am MARRIED to you... Jeremiah 3:14a.

    This clearly shows that Israel is the bride.

    I reject all the arguments saying otherwise as non-scriptual and private interpretation.

    Words have meanings, if God says that he is "married" to Israel then Israel must be the bride unless you think God is taking the feminine side.

    "Behold, the days come saith the Lord that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah.

    Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, which my covenant they broke although I was an
    HUSBAND to them ( Israel) saith the Lord." Jeremiah 31:31,32

    Again words have meanings, it says that God was a HUSBAND to Israel. Duh! Can God spell it out any clearer? If God is the husband, guess what Israel is? The bride!

    Give it a shot and try to explain these verses away, you cant do it!

    1. @Mainer,

      You are correct. I cannot personally explain away the verses. However, when I go look at some of the online commentaries, I don't see anything about Israel being the Bride of Christ. What I see here from John Gill and John Wesley is that the text (in their opinion) relates more to a covenant, and there's no suggestion by either of them that Jeremiah 3 or 31 relate to Israel as the Bride of Christ.

      John Gill commentary on Jeremiah 3:14

      John Wesley commentary on Jeremiah 3

      John Gill commentary on Jeremiah 31:31

      John Wesley commentary on Jeremiah 31

      And finally,if God is the husband to Israel, it would make Israel the wife, not the bride because the wedding hasn't happened yet. The wedding doesn't happen till Revelation 19:7-9.

      It's an interesting discussion and it is one of those things that we may not know for certain until we get there. However, I'm sure we can at least all agree that this is not a salvation issue. Therefore, our differences of interpretation are only that. Believing one way or the other does not convict someone to eternal damnation.

      God Bless!

    2. I think you have a point Jeremiah 3:8 God divorces Israel. And According to Law one has to die to be separated from the divorce.
      The Church was't even born yet when John the baptist said "He who has the bride is the groom".

  39. The ESV translation of Jeremiah 3:14 is inaccurate. My reference is the kjv.

    1. How about breaking it down per original language (Hebrew) in the TNK and compare against the (Greek) Alexandrian LXX, the earliest translation of the Paleo-Hebrew Torah, prophets and writings (TNK) against the ESV, KJV and whatever version you want to compare?

      Greek and Hebrew are very precise languages. You have the tools in your hand to compare them directly when it comes to the OT. If anyone needs help or wants some links to help in that type of a study? Just say the word!

      Blessings to all on this Pentecost, 2020!

      (aka, the day I was baptised!)

  40. From Grace Through Faith:
    "In 1 Cor. 12:27 Paul wrote, “Now you are the body of Christ and each one of you is a part of it.” And in Ephesians 4:11-12 he spoke of special abilities being given to those among us to prepare God’s people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up. From these examples it’s clear that the Church is the body of Christ.

    As for being the bride of Christ, you have to read all of Rev. 21 to realize that when the angel said, “Come, I will show you the bride , the wife of the Lamb” in Rev. 21:9 he then spent most of the chapter describing the Bride’s dwelling place. (The phrase, “prepared as a bride” in Rev. 21:2 indicates that just as is the case with a bride on her wedding day, no expense has been spared to make the New Jerusalem look as beautiful as possible.)

    Nothing in the Bible allows us to conclude that Jesus will marry a structure, but there are several places where it’s implied that He will marry the Church, even though the actual phrase “Bride of Christ” does not appear n Scripture.

    For example, speaking of the Church Paul said, “I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy. I promised (espoused, betrothed) you to one husband, to Christ, so that I might present you as a pure virgin to Him” (2 Cor. 11:2).

    In Ephesians 5:25-27 he wrote, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.”

    And in Rev. 19:7 we read, “Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory, for the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready. Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear.” (Fine linen stands for the righteousness of the saints.)

    The implication of these verses is clear. Jesus will marry the Church. And sure enough, near the end of his description in Rev. 21, the angel shifted from the structure to those who dwell within it.

    In Rev. 21:27 he said, “Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book Of Life.” This description can only refer to the redeemed and perfected church.

    Therefore it’s reasonable to conclude that the Church is both the body and the bride of Christ."

  41. BREAKING, from World Israel News:
    ‘A knife in the back’: Palestinian authorities stunned as Arab leaders quietly accept annexation

    1. Thank you, Jenny!

      This confirms other reports that even Jordan is willing to concede to annexation and further acceptance of the "Vision". *IF* this is the case, and moderate Arab states support, even silently, the annexation of Judea and Samaria by 7/1/20, then that leaves Turkey, Syria, Iran and by proxy China and Russia as descenting. These are the core states that may lead the region into war with China and Russia having global implications and impact.

      The lines, again, appear drawn along sectarian lines in Islam.

      Annexation of Judea and Samaria is proper but NOT in the context of dividing G-D's land. To that I reserve my comments rather than attempt to measure my words.

      Grace and peace to you all this Pentecost!


    2. In a related context, Russia has recently increased its power and presence in Libya. They continue to position combat aircraft and assets there.



    Following is an expanded repost that was begun by Butterfly from Stephanie's "Don't Panic! Survival Guide To The Apocalypse". I feel it too important to be lost in the flurry of discussion and other inspiration,


    The United Nations New World Order Project is a global, high-level initiative founded in 2008 to advance a new economic paradigm, a new political order, and more broadly, a new world order for humankind, which achieves the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030, and the happiness, well-being, and freedom of all life on Earth by 2050.


    Three (3) initiatives are given in this website which are further linked to daughter-websites (links provided),

    1) Happytalism is a new economic paradigm which places happiness, well-being, and freedom at the center of human development models, systems, and all life.

    2) The United Nations International Day of Happiness (UNIDOHappiness) recognizes happiness as a fundamental human right and goal, and is celebrated every March 20, forever.

    3) Advancing a new economic paradigm of happytalism for humanity means mobilizing $30 trillion toward achieving the 17 UN Global Goals, 169 targets by 2030. Join us.

    Quoting, United Nations New World Order (UNNWO) via HAPPYTALISM.COM,


    A New Economic System, Socio-Political Philosophy, And Human Development Paradigm Which Places The Primacy Of Happiness, Well-being, and Freedom At The Center Of Human Development And All Life."

    1 Now the serpent was more
    crafty than any other beast
    of the field that the LORD
    God made. He said to the
    woman, "Did God actually say,

    'You shall not eat of any
    tree in the garden?'"

    2 And the woman said to the
    serpent, "We may eat of the
    fruit of the trees in the

    3 but God said,

    'You shall not eat of the
    fruit of the tree that is
    in the midst of the garden,
    neither shall you touch it,
    let you die.'"

    5 For God knows that when
    you eat of it your eyes will
    be opened, and you will be
    like God, knowing good and

    (Genesis 3:1-5 ESV)







    (Ephesians 4:2-6 GNT)

    Rendered by Paul in Greek via the Holy Spirit.

    Happiness they say? They think I want happiness?



    In the pursuit of, and the Joy of loving JESUS do I strive!!!

    Thank you, no, UNNWO, I will pass on your worm-ridden fruit.



    (Isaiah 57:1-21 ESV)


    21 "There is no peace,"
    says my God,

    "for the wicked."

    (Isaiah 57:21 ESV)

    1. Typographic correction,

      3 but God said,

      'You shall not eat of the
      fruit of the tree that is
      in the midst of the garden,
      neither shall you touch it,
      lest you die.'"

      ...all apologies for the error.

    2. IS IT ME OR...

      Does the sum of $30,000,000,000,000.00 ($30-trillion) US dollars bring to mind and remind of the sum paid to Judas Iscariot as blood money for the arrest of Jesus?! Do we remember just *HOW* silver is refined -- even more so than gold to become pure?


      Take a look at your calendar. What was happening on 3/20/2020? Most of us would not notice but I took note of this,

      The Sun Blows a Smoke Ring | Space Weather News 03.24.2020

      NOTE: This is space weather forecasting that was looking forward to 3/20/2020.

      Signs in the heavens and the stars? I would say so! Tamitha compares this CME with a "smoke ring". I would say it looks like a crown (a corona) myself.


  43. Jenny, on the topic of the bride of Christ when dealing with Ephesians 5 it doesnt say anything about Jesus being married to the Church, its just exhorting men to love their wives like Christ loved the Church.

    No, I do not accept a compromise that Israel and the current body of Christ are the bride, there is no basis for this. They are separate entities.

    I am still looking for someone to explain away Jeremiah 3:14 and 31:31,32 where it clearly says that Israel is the bride.

    1. Oh Mainer... you chastise others believers here calling them stubborn while manifesting that which you accuse them of.

      If you read the article I posted to you above would see that no one has to "explain away" Jer 3:14, or 31:31. It talks about these passages. We believe those verses. Israel is said to be the wife of Jehovah. Nothing complicated there. The church is said to be the bride of Christ. That also is clear. Please actually read this article from the Messianic Scholar Dr Arnold Fructenbaum and note the stages of marriage, and even divorce with Israel. Note also the stages of marriage of Christ and the church:


      Maybe, seeing you set us a verse to explain, you would like to explain this New Testament verse?

      2Co 11:2 For I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy; for I betrothed you to one husband, so that to Christ I might present you as a pure virgin.

      Specifically these questions...
      What does it mean that the church is 'betrothed' to Jesus Christ?
      What does it mean that Jesus Christ is our 'husband'?
      What does it mean that we are being presented to Him as 'a pure virgin'?

      You are free to believe whatever you want obviously. But please... please don't chastise other believers on this site for not agreeing with you, when it is they, not you, that hold to the commonly accepted biblical view here.

  44. HAPPYTALISM - Yikes!
    Hadn't heard of that one yet.
    Just off hand:
    According to moslems, they will be "happy" when the Jews are wiped off the face of the earth.
    Doesn't really play into the "well-being" part of their manifesto.
    Dictators bent on world domination?
    By all means, let's play along to make them happy... oh, but then there's OUR happiness, well-being, and freedom to consider. Again, doesn't fit within the construct of their paradigm.
    * * * *
    God must surely love us to continue to put up with all of our NONSENSE!

  45. Good morning. Today is Pentecostal Sunday. The Christian holiday of Pentecost, which is celebrated the 49th day (the seventh sunday) after Easter Sunday,[2] commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feast of Weeks, as described in (Acts 2:1–31).

    This is where our Great Counselor (The Holy Spirit) was poured out and into all believers that were gathered together in that upper room prayer meeting so that they would be equipped and empowered to speak with Boldness the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    My hearts prayer for you today is that we would speak with fire, love,and Boldness the Gospel of Jesus to all humanity.

    It’s good news!!! He saves us from our sins and frees us from all our enslavement to sin. I truly believe that Jesus is the answer to everything we see happening in our Nation Today.

    Because we cannot say we love God and Hate our fellow human being.

    We have been charged with love for one another, to honor one another above ourselves.

    To share each others burdens to pray for each other and to weep with those who weep.

    To love and Forgive as God has loved and forgiven us.

    To meet the needs of the poor, to feed them, house them and help them in any way possible.

    To strengthen the weak and speaking noting but goodness and truth.

    To pray for our leaders and our enemies. To be kind, Merciful and compassionate.

    To give to those that are in need. Etc.

    I can go on and on with these biblical truths.

    But knowing them is never enough! We must come to know, surrender to and serve Jesus by actively living them out in order to make serious change happen.

    And yes, we do need change, yes we do need reform, yes we do need healing, yes we do need Justice.

    But we must also speak Life, preserve life and protect life. My heart and prayers go out to every family that has ever been on the receiving end of injustice. I pray that God’s peace and power would come over you today and bring healing to your hearts and minds and embolden you to BE the Change you want to see.

    Open your hearts to Jesus today, He knows who you are and the struggle that your in. He loves you and will receive you when you cry out to Him.

    Acts 4:12 (ESV)
    12 And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”

    John 3:16-17 (ESV)
    For God So Loved the World
    16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

    I pray the the fire of the Holy Spirit in you emboldens you’ll to speak life, truth peace, mercy, kindness and equality for all who have been wrongly abused. To Preach Christ who is our only true source of peace, love and freedom to the whosoevers of our world.

    These are some of the points I shared today in my sermon. I thought of you all this morning. Amidst all the craziness I pray you all stay safe. Praying Gods hedge of protection over all of you.

    1. Amen Pastor JJ! Thanks for sharing your words of encouragement with everyone here on Unsealed!

    2. PJJ,

      I second mb87’s words. Your presence and input here is greatly welcome.


    3. Thank you very much Pastor J.J. I thanked God for your presence of mind and your kindness on this site. May the Lord bring you blessings through this site and may your comments and your sharing bless those who come to read here. God bless you! Carole

  46. Another big rapture watch day is about to come and go. Theres no way it was gonna happen in the Spring. Next most likely possibility. September.

    1. If we can't say when it is... we also should stop saying when it isn't...

  47. Good evening!

    Tonight we get one more chance to celebrate all that the LORD has accomplished through the giving of His Holy Spirit on that first Pentecost in the upper room. May we each commit in our hearts to seek Him first, loving others as we love ourselves. To seek first the kingdom knowing that God is our provider and that each day to look for those providential moments when we may offer the Word of life as bread to those who hunger.

    This is our great commission and joy that for love's sake we seek out our fellow man whom God made in His image, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and share the Love of Christ, the good news and the message of everlasting Life and freedom through God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    May we celebrate each day of this new year to come with hope and anticipation! Until He comes for us all or calls us individually Home.

    Yes, keep your eyes on the prize but not I pray with a troubled heart at the passing of another day. May we peacefully rest each night in anticipation of the new day to dawn. Another chance to make an eternal difference in the life of one who may otherwise miss the final boarding call for our flight Home.

    One more chance to love the Lord with all your heart. One more chance to love others as you love yourself. One more day to demonstrate what Love did, does and will do!

    Happy birthday church family, happy birthday!


    1. Beautiful, Pastor Rich. And Amen! I love my church family. I pray for unsealed every day. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't hear a trumpet blast today. But that just means we have more work to do. God is waiting for more children to come into His kingdom. God bless you all! Shine bright.

    2. Thank you Lilie, I too love my church family, pray for my UNSEALED family and lift you daily to the King of kings. We are a kingdom of priests who were made to sing a new song,



      (Revelation 5:9-10 GNT)

      Until that fullness of that number and the compliment of us is complete we are given to see another day. By the grace of God and His perfect will, may we all have divine strength, hour-by-hour, in the work of the hands and of the heart to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this place.

      Keep looking UP!

  48. Oh my gosh!! I have to write to someone so I hope you see this! For months, ever since the ecocnomy shut down with the Coronvirus, I wondered if everyone being reuqired to stay in their home somehow had to relate to something in the Bible. Now, for the first time, someone did it! Robert Breaker mentioned that at the first Passover, all the Jews were told to stay in their homes!!!! This is more than coincidence! Someone please expand on this! Thanks!

    1. Hello, Phil,

      Welcome to UNSEALED.ORG!

      Yes, we made that observation going into Passover too. A sign and a shadow of things to come as God moves in these times leading up to the 70th week of Daniel.

      Hold fast, delight yourself in the LORD through prayer, study and His everlasting Word. Feel free to share and ask questions!



  49. Revelation is not written to us, the gospel of the Kingdom returns after the rapture. We are not currently kings and priests of anything we are in the age of grace. The old program returns to pre-Pentecost after the rapture. No one gets born again during this period. Im going to write on this furthur.

    1. Okay, but the seven churches were not synagogues. Just be sure you're praying your socks off during your study.

    2. If it wasn't for us, He could have waited until after the Rapture to give it... or left it sealed up somewhere to be revealed 'when the time and circumstances demand it's unsealing... No... I'm afraid it was written for us, and also those after us. It has a cyclical nature, repeating until it's complete fullfillment. There has been something in every age to remind people of this book for good reason...

  50. https://expreacherman.com/






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