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2020 Rapture Theory: The Third-Day Birthday

First, all praise, honor, and glory to the God who created the heavens and the earth and the One who planned our redemption in Christ before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:3-14). Through these challenging and arduous days of watching, He has guided us by His own wisdom that He has poured out so generously to the many members of Christ’s body (Prov. 4:11; 1 Cor. 1:24-25; 12:4).

Second, thank you, Gary, and everyone in the “Watchmen on the Wall” group (especially brother Matthew for your encouragement and exhortation!). Also, thank you to the Rev 12 Daily fam for your faithful walk with Christ and the insights you have shared (Mom, I am encouraged by the word you received from the Lord, “You will be circumcised into glory on the Third Day”). Additionally, two major publications have provided confirmation and food-for-thought in order to write this current article: Gary’s “Turning Point 2020“ and George’s “2020 Rapture: 2020-2027 Tribulation Timeline.”

Scripture says “on the evidence of two or three witnesses a matter will be confirmed” (Deut. 17:6; 19:15), and “a cord of three strands is not easily broken” (Eccl. 4:12). Therefore, the sun, moon, and stars in the sky and God’s written word on earth serve as two tried-and-true witnesses (see Psalm 19), and the third witness is the Holy Spirit given to us (Jn. 16:13; 1 Cor. 12:13). The Holy Spirit is the Third Cord that binds us together, confirms the two witnesses of the heavens and the written Word, and guides us every step of the way toward our ultimate destination.

And since we have full assurance that God’s signs in the sky align with His written word, we are also certain that He will soon fulfill His promise to raise the dead in Christ and snatch away (rapture) those who are alive and remain (1 Thess. 4:16-17). God is faithful and means what He says, He will act and come through on His promise (1 Cor. 1:8-9; 1 Thess. 5:23-24)!

In sum, here is the basic premise: The heavens are fixed, the written Word is fixed, and the Spirit of truth testifies based on the former witnesses that the end of the age is also fixed and nigh upon us (if you are still wondering if God has set a fixed time for Christ’s return, the Tribulation period and all Pre/Mid/Post events related to it, please consider Rev. 9:15). Most importantly, the window of salvation is closing and time is running out for people to get on the Ark. When the Restraint is removed (2 Thess. 2:6-7), the Flood of the final seven years decreed in Dan. 9:26-27 will commence with unrelenting judgments until the cup of God’s wrath has been poured out down to the last drop (see Revelation chapters 6 through 19).

To set the table for the main course to come, please note that there are three major end-time paradigms that face a crucial test of accuracy and validity this upcoming Fall 2020:

1) The Parable of the Fig Tree: Israel’s last-days generation is now at 72 since national “rebirth” in 1948, and the Fall Feasts of 2020 mark the deadline in order for this generation to fall within the confines of a generation as defined in Psalm 90:10—the upper limit which is 80 years (assuming that the 7-year Tribulation ends on a Fall Feast, such as Atonement or Tabernacles). For further reading on this universally accepted end-time paradigm, see these Unsealed articles, “Learn the Parable of the Fig Tree“ and “God and His Fig Tree.”

2) The Blood Moon Tetrads of 2014-2015 and Total Solar Eclipses of 2017, 2024 (over America) and 2027 (over Egypt). The total solar eclipses line up perfectly in order to signify an end-times narrative of America’s destruction and a “Second Exodus” that is complete with poetic judgment over the literal land of Egypt at the end of the Tribulation (for more regarding the lunar tetrad alignment and solar eclipse timeline, see George’s chart and video: 2020-2027 Tribulation Timeline - Return of the King).

3) The Daniel 9 “Anointed One” Paradigm: The dual fulfillment of Daniel 9:25 (i.e. Suleiman’s decree to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in 1537 + 483 years until the coming of Messiah in 2020) and the 40 Jubilee-year count from AD 27 has a Fall Feast 2020 deadline as well. For more regarding this fascinating paradigm, see Gary’s post, “Turning Point 2020.”

For the remainder of this article, we will focus on a fourth paradigm that strengthens and aligns with the previous three. We call it “The Third-Day Birthday” factor. In a nutshell, here is the theory: If the Revelation 12 Sign that was fulfilled on or a little after the Feast of Trumpets, September 2017, indicated the start of a final countdown, then we are coming upon the conclusion of three full years since that time (the Feast of Trumpets this year is September 18-20, which heralds the end of summer and start of a new season; the Fall Equinox occurs shortly thereafter on 9/22-23).

Therefore, based on objective biblical and astronomical convergences, we have potentially entered into a final ten-year timeframe, Fall 2017 to Fall 2027, which parallels what is commonly known as the Ten Days of Awe (i.e. Tishri 1, “Yom Teruah/Trumpets,” to Tishri 10, “Yom Kippur/Atonement”). This countdown to the end, which we call the Ten Years of Awe, marks the final ten years of this present age prior to the thousand-year reign of Christ on earth. Inspired by the Fall Feasts of Leviticus 23, the Ten Years of Awe mirrors an intense period of ten days between the first and tenth day of the seventh month until final judgment is rendered on the Day of Atonement (10 Days = 10 years, similar to the “weeks” of years in Daniel 9:24-27).

As we hope to demonstrate, there is ample evidence from Scripture to expect a momentous “resurrection event” as we approach three full years since the “starting gun” of the Ten Years of Awe back in September of 2017. Even the date of the Revelation 12 Sign itself supports a Third-Day event of biblical proportions: The great sign of Revelation 12:1-2 came into alignment on the Third Day (9/23) of the Ten Days of Awe back in 2017 (Feast of Trumpets/Tishri 1 was on 9/20 that year).

Given all the resurrection and new birth imagery associated with the “Third Day” in Scripture, what are the implications as we near the completion of three years since the Rev12 sign, the end of summer 2020, and the start of the fourth year in the final Ten Years of Awe timeline?

In short, we are nearing a critical cut-off time (see Lyn Melvin’s “Rapture Cut-Off Time 2020“) for any of the aforementioned paradigms to be valid or relevant in any way going forward. It’s truly coming down to the wire, and many who are awake have their eyes on the sky and their ears open for the last trump to sound this Fall 2020. It’s time for faith to become sight and the faithful to receive their reward. At times during these agonizing years of waiting, it seemed like we were chasing the proverbial dangling carrot around the racetrack. However, the LORD is merciful and patient and has a track record of glorious last-minute rescues...He will come in the nick of time.

Now, for your spiritual consumption, here is a survey of biblical passages that support the Third-Day Birthday theory. To further define the Third-Day Birthday in relation to the Ten Years of Awe timeline, we are anticipating the fulfillment of Revelation 12:5, the “Birthday” of the Body of Christ—i.e. the resurrection of the dead and the transformation/rapture of the living—to occur during or upon the completion of the Third Year of Awe (the deadline is September 2020; specifically, a brief window from 9/17 to 9/23). According to the Ten Years of Awe pattern, if we go beyond the Fall Equinox (9/22-23), this theory falls apart and we’ll have to recalibrate. However, if this pattern holds true, well...you know...

The Third-Day Birthday in Scripture

In the same manner as the Head, the Body will soon follow. As those who are “one in Christ” (Gal. 3:28), we are together “one new man” (Eph. 2:15) and “Christ is all and in all” (Col. 3:11). Simply put, we are as He is in this world (1 Jn. 4:17), and where His body is, there Christ is (sorry QAnon, “WWG1WGA” is really only true of those who are born again and baptized by the Spirit into Christ’s body)!

Therefore, just as Jesus was raised on the Third Day according to the Scriptures (1 Cor. 15:4), so also will His body be lifted up on a Third Day in accordance with the Scriptures. Let’s take a look, shall we? Although, you should know before diving in—we have taken the “kitchen sink” approach ;)

He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying:

Genesis 1:9-13

And God says, ‘Let the waters under the heavens be collected to one place, and let the dry land be seen’: and it is so. And God calls the dry land ‘Earth,’ and the collection of the waters He has called ‘Seas’; and God sees that [it is] good. And God says, ‘Let the earth yield tender grass, herb sowing seed, fruit-tree (whose seed [is] in itself) making fruit after its kind, on the earth’: and it is so. And the earth brings forth tender grass, herb sowing seed after its kind, and tree making fruit (whose seed [is] in itself) after its kind; and God sees that [it is] good; and there is an evening, and there is morning[the] third day (LSV).

This is the foundational “Third Day” text of Scripture. At first glance, we might take these words for granted and assume they merely describe God’s act of creation in the past; however, this passage applies in surprising ways to the future resurrection and rapture of the Church. There are likely more insights, but here are three takeaways that set the tone for our Third-Day Birthday paradigm:

1) The separation and gathering of the waters/seas into one place: Throughout Scripture “the waters” and “the seas” are figures of speech that refer to the nations/Gentiles. Conversely, Israel is typically associated with the “earth” or “land.” On a future Third Day, the Gentiles (Church) will be separated from Israel and gathered into one place (see Rom. 11:11; 1 Cor. 15:51-52; 1 Thess. 4:16-17; 2 Thess. 2:1, 3, 6-7; Rev. 3:10; 4:1; 12:5-6).

2) The earth brings forth a fruitful harvest from the hidden seed: As the revelation of the Bible unfolds, the future resurrection and ingathering of the Church is mentioned in several texts that use botanical imagery, e.g. Isaiah 17:10-11; 26:19-21; and Mic. 7:1-2. Also, just as the original Third Day describes the earth “bringing forth,” so also the future resurrection of the dead is described using similar language: Jn. 12:24; 1 Cor. 15:35-38; cf. Isaiah 66:8, “...shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day?...” Furthermore, members of the body of Christ will be “harvested” into glory as “first-fruits” (Rom. 8:23; 2 Thess. 2:13; Jm. 1:18), because the hidden messianic “seed” has been implanted in them (Gen. 3:15; Gal. 3:16; Col. 1:27; 1 Pet. 1:23; 1 Jn. 3:9).

3) Evening + morning together officially completes the Third Day: We are highlighting this last sentence, because the third day comes to pass in its entirety, evening and morning, until it is officially declared the “Third Day.” This statement lends support to our theory that the Third-Day Birthday of the Church likely occurs at the time when the “Third Year of Awe” comes to pass in its entirety.

Genesis 22:4-19

On the third day—Abraham lifts up his eyes, and sees the place from afar...and Abraham puts forth his hand, and takes the knife—to slaughter his son. And the Messenger of YHWH calls to him from the heavens and says, ‘Abraham, Abraham!’; and he says, ‘Here I [am]’; and He says, ‘Do not put forth your hand to the youth, nor do anything to him, for now I have known that you are fearing God, and have not withheld your son, your only one, from Me (22:4, 10-13, LSV).

Verse 4 in the Hebrew text reads literally: On the third day lifted up Abraham his eyes... Thus, our attention is immediately drawn to the verb “lifts up“, and then we behold the mount that would later become Zion/Jerusalem and the site of God’s temple (see also Heb. 11:8-10, 13-16). On the same third day, Abraham’s only son, Isaac, the child of promise is “resurrected” and restored to his father (see Heb. 11:17-19). Also, this key Third Day narrative concludes with a future prophecy about Christ and the Gentiles, Gen. 22:17-18, “...your Seed will possess the gate of His enemies...and all the nations of the earth will be blessed through your Seed...”

Genesis 31:22-35

And it is told to Laban on the third day that Jacob has fled, and he [Laban] takes his brothers with him, and pursues after him a journey of seven days, and overtakes him in the Mount of Gilead...[a]nd Jacob answers and says to Laban, ‘Because I was afraid, for I said, Lest you violently take away your daughters from me (31:22, 31, LSV).

This Third Day passage provides awesome confirmation of a 3 day/7 day breakdown (10 Days of Awe!). And as a whole, the narrative of this text aligns perfectly with the Ten Days of Awe theory: In short, a Third-Day event initiates Trouble for Jacob for a duration of “seven” days (cf. Jer. 30:7; Dan. 9:27; Rev. 11:3; 12:6). Jacob then flees from his pursuer until he is found at Gilead (a place known in Scripture for its healing balm; Jer. 8:22; 46:11). Note also that the reason Jacob gives for his thieving/deceptive actions involves the fear of having his daughters/brides snatched away from him by force (ironically, as a form of poetic payback, a Bride will be taken away from Jacob at the Rapture)!

Genesis 40:20-21

And it comes to pass, on the third day, Pharaoh’s birthday, that he makes a banquet to all his servants, and lifts up the head of the chief of the butlers and the head of the chief of the bakers among his servants. And he puts back the chief of the butlers to his butlership, and he gives the cup into the hand of Pharaoh (LSV).

Literally written in the Hebrew, this verse begins: And it was on the third day birthday of Pharaoh... And so, from this verse not only do we find a catchy title served up on a silver platter (hello, Third-Day Birthday!), but we also hear echoes of the Third Day pattern shown to us in Genesis chapter 22: Note especially the usage of the Hebrew verb “and [he] lifts up“ in verse 20, it’s the exact same Hebrew construction from Gen. 22:4, literally “...and he lifts up Abraham his eyes...” Also, after a “lifting up” there is restoration—a theme consistent between these Third Day passages. Just as Isaac was “restored” to Abraham, we have a Gentile king restoring the butler (cupbearer) to his former position. Lastly, keep in mind that this Third-Day birthday celebration involves a feast for all the king’s servants.

Genesis 42:17-18

And he gathers them into confinement [for] three days. And Joseph says to them on the third day, ‘Do this and live; I fear God! (LSV).

In this context Joseph is rounding up his brothers and putting them in prison for three days. Our key phrase “on the third day” connects with the other Third Day passages in Genesis: We see the theme of new “life” or living again after being bound, imprisoned, and dwelling in darkness for a duration of three days.

Exodus 19:9-20

And YHWH says to Moses, ‘Go to the people and you have sanctified them today and tomorrow, and they have washed their garments and have been prepared for the third day; for on the third day YHWH comes down on Mount Sinai before the eyes of all the people...[a]nd it comes to pass, on the third day, while it is morning, that there are voices, and lightnings, and a heavy cloud on the mountain, and the sound of a very strong horn...and the sound of the horn is going on, and [is] very strong; Moses speaks, and God answers him with a voice. And YHWH comes down on Mount Sinai, to the top of the mountain, and YHWH calls for Moses to the top of the mountain, and Moses goes up (19:10-11, 16, 19-20, LSV).

While this passage is typically seen in the context of a possible future fulfillment at the Feast of Pentecost, it is the paradigm of the Third Day that is emphasized along with: 1) washed garments  2) the LORD coming down  3) the shofar/trumpet sound  4) God’s voice  5) Moses going up (see 1 Thess. 4:13-18; 1 Cor. 15:51-52; Rev. 19:7-8; 22:14). And for an added bonus, the Hebrew verb alah (“to go up, ascend”) is found a grand total of 888 times in the OT (888 is the number of “Jesus” in Greek gematria and symbolic of new creation/beginnings).

Leviticus 7:17-18

And the remnant of the flesh of the sacrifice is burned with fire on the third day; and if any of the flesh of the sacrifice of his peace-offerings is eaten at all on the third day, it is not pleasing; it is not reckoned for him who is bringing it near; it is an abomination, and the person who is eating of it bears his iniquity (LSV).

The Body of Christ can be likened to a free-will (or peace) offering (see Paul’s reference to his priestly offering of the Gentiles in Rom. 15:16). Thus, in this Third Day context, we are given a definitive “expiration date” of three days for this particular offering. Also, note that the “remnant of the flesh” is “burned with fire” on the third day (see 1 Cor. 3:13-15; 15:50-52; Col. 2:11).

1 Kings 3:18

And it comes to pass on the third day of my bringing forth, that this woman also brings forth, and we [are] together, there is no stranger with us in the house, except the two of us in the house (LSV).

This is an interesting Third Day passage that contains surprising alignments with the patterns and themes we have seen so far. Most importantly, we have the birth of a son on the third day. Aside from this self-evident Third-Day Birthday—specifically, the birth of a male child (cf. Isa. 66:7; Rev. 12:5)—there are some other types and shadows in the surrounding context: The male-child is birthed by a rebellious woman (i.e. a harlot/prostitute; Isa. 66:7; Mic. 5:3; Rev. 12:5-6, 13); after he is born, the male child is brought to the King (1 Kgs. 3:16); and, lastly, there are hints of a dispensational “division/separation” between the spiritually “alive” Church versus the “dead” nation of Israel (1 Kgs. 3:22-25)—albeit both parties are members of the same household (1 Kgs. 3:17-18, “...this woman and I live in the same house...there is no stranger with us in the house...”).

2 Kings 20:8-9

And Hezekiah says to Isaiah, ‘What [is] the sign that YHWH gives healing to me, that I have gone up to the house of YHWH on the third day?’ And Isaiah says, ‘This [is] the sign to you from YHWH, that YHWH does the thing that He has spoken—[will] the shadow have gone on ten degrees, or does it turn back ten degrees?’ (LSV).

Key themes from this passage parallel Revelation 12 beautifully: We find a God-given “sign” in conjunction with “healing” (a new beginning) and the king ascending up to “the house/temple” of YHWH (cf. Rev. 12:1-5). The sign offered to King Hezekiah mentions “ten” degrees, or steps (the Ten Years of Awe comes to mind). Lastly, this Third Day restoration to life involves the same Hebrew verb alah (“to go up, ascend”) from Exodus 19:20, “...and Moses went up” (recall that alah is used a total of 888 times in the OT).

 Hosea 6:2

After two days He will revive us; On the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His sight (NKJV).

This text further establishes a major theme regarding the Third-Day Birthday paradigm—God will “raise up” (resurrect) His people on the third day in order that His own may “live” in His presence.

Esther 5:1-2

And it comes to pass on the third day, that Esther puts on royalty, and stands in the inner-court of the house of the king in front of the house of the king, and the king is sitting on his royal throne, in the royal-house, opposite the opening of the house, and it comes to pass, at the king’s seeing Esther the queen standing in the court, she has received grace in his eyes, and the king holds out to Esther the golden scepter...(LSV).

Esther, as a type of the Bride of Christ (Ps. 45:6-15; Eph. 5:25-27), puts on “royal” garments on the third day and “stands” before the King in His house. We also find a continuation of the Third-Day theme of being seen after standing/rising up, “the king sees Esther.” And just as Esther finds favor (“grace”) in the king’s sight and receives the scepter (“authority to rule”), so also the Church will be rescued by God’s grace and raised up to rule with Christ’s rod of iron (Eph. 2:8-9; Rev. 2:26-28; 12:5; 19:14-15). Note also the amazing themes that are repeated in the book of Revelation (esp. chapter 12) from this passage in Esther: a banquet is prepared (Es. 5:4; cf. Rev. 3:20-21; 19:7-9); the accuser is present (Es. 5:5; cf. Rev. 12:10); the accuser goes out, rages against the Jews, and actively plots to murder them (Es. 5:9, 14; cf. Rev. 12:7-17).

2 Chronicles 10:5, 12

And he says to them, ‘Yet three daysthen return to me‘ and the people go...[a]nd Jeroboam comes in, and all the people, to Rehoboam on the third day, as the king spoke, saying, ‘Return to me on the third day‘ (LSV).

At this point, after feasting on a generous helping of these Third-Day passages, this one should be pretty straightforward: By royal decree, we return to the King on the third day. Nuff said. Well, maybe one more thing: Note the contextual backdrop of division and civil war between the North and the South at the time of this Third-Day return.

Matthew 12:39-40

And He answering said to them, ‘A generation, evil and adulterous, seeks a sign, and a sign will not be given to it, except the sign of Jonah the prophet; for as Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights, so will the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights (LSV).

Echoing the 2 Kings 20:8-9 + Revelation 12:1-5 pattern, this Third-Day “birth-from-the-earth” passage also begins with a “sign” (Matt. 12:38). And contrary to the myriad signs and wonders given to the faithful, the wicked and unbelieving are only given “the sign of Jonah” (i.e. the resurrection of the greater Jonah). The first-century bodily resurrection of Jesus partially fulfills the sign of Jonah for a hardened Israel; however, the future resurrection and rapture of the Church on the third day will complete the sign (cf. Deut. 32:21).

Mark 9:31

For he was teaching his disciples, saying to them, ‘The Son of Man is going to be delivered into the hands of men, and they will kill him. And when he is killed, after three days he will rise‘ (LSV).

This well-known prophetic statement by Jesus to His disciples regarding His captivity, death, and resurrection is repeated throughout the gospels, albeit with some subtle differences (cf. Matt. 16:21; Lk. 9:22). Most relevant to our study is this text in Mark where the Greek text reads literally, “...and having been killed, after the three days He will rise up again.“ The Greek preposition meta is in the accusative case and should be translated “after.” Therefore, this understanding corresponds to our very first Third-Day gleaning from Genesis 1:13, “Evening, then morning—the third day” (completed in full, then the resurrection).

Luke 2:46

And it came to pass, after three days, they found Him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the teachers, both hearing them and questioning them (LSV).

Yet another profound pattern that we have seen before: The male child (Jesus) is missing/hidden, then after three days He is found in God’s temple. Note also that on this Third-Day revelation, the Lamb of God is found seated and in the midst of the teachers of God’s word. Does this remind you of another revelation/vision? How about Revelation 4:4; 5:6? And see also Heb. 2:11-13.

Luke 24:6-7, 21, 46

He is not here, but was raised; remember how He spoke to you...saying, It is necessary for the Son of Man to be delivered up into the hands of sinful men, and to be crucified, and to rise again [on] the third day...we were hoping that it is He who is about to redeem Israel, and also with all these things, this third day is passing today since these things happened...and He said to them, ‘Thus it has been written, and thus it was necessary [for] the Christ to suffer, and to rise out of the dead [on] the third day (LSV).

The “third day” is repeated three times in this final chapter of Luke. A few observations: On/after the third day, Jesus is missing “He is not here”; He is raised up/resurrected; and Jesus himself confirms that the Third-Day Birthday paradigm “has been written” in the Scriptures—just as we have seen for ourselves in this study! Also note the repeated theme of a banquet/feast in this key Third-Day text—Jesus “reclines at the table” with His people (cf. Lk. 24:30).

John 2:1

And [on] the third day a wedding happened in Cana of Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there (LSV).

This major Third-Day text confirms so much of what we’ve seen up until this point in our study: On the third day, there is: 1) a wedding;  2) an emphasis on the Gentiles—Galilee; cf. Matt. 4:14-16;  3) a miracle performed/i.e. a new creation; and 4) a banquet/feast with an emphasis on “new wine” (for a hidden Pre-Trib confirmation in the book of Joel: The “new wine” [Church] is taken before the Day of the LORD and then restored after the judgment is over, see Joel 1:5 and Joel 3:18—the same Hebrew word asis is used only twice in the book, and the root word is used only once in Mal. 4:3)!

John 2:19-21

Jesus answered and said to them, ‘Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.’ The Jews, therefore, said, ‘This temple was built [in] forty-six years, and will You raise it up in three days?’ But He spoke concerning the temple of His body (LSV).

In the same context of the Third-Day wedding/new creation pattern shown in John chapter 2, the author suddenly shifts to a Third-Day bodily resurrection. Thus, in a single chapter, or textual unit, we are shown all three biblical metaphors that represent and depict the Church: 1) Bride  2) Body 3) Temple.

Acts 9:9-10

And he was three days without seeing, and he neither ate nor drank. And there was a certain disciple in Damascus, by the name Ananias, and the LORD said to him in a vision, ‘Ananias’; and he said, ‘Behold me, LORD‘ (LSV).

We arrive now at a Third-Day Birthday passage involving the primary messenger to the Gentiles himself—the hardened Pharisee, Saul, who transforms into the grace-filled apostle, Paul. In this text we see a continuation of the theme of darkness/trial for three days, and then a sudden restoration—even an emphasis on “sight” (recall Hos. 6:2; Est. 5:2). Also, the name “Ananias” means “Yah is gracious,” and so after Paul’s three-day ordeal, he then meets the “grace of God” and experiences new birth (cf. Act. 9:17-18), oh, and then there’s a feast after three days of hunger (Acts 9:19; cf. Mk. 8:2)!

Acts 10:40

This One God raised up [on] the third day and gave Him to become visible (LSV).

It’s Peter’s turn now, and we find him joining the Third-Day Birthday extravaganza in the context of the first recorded Gentile conversion to the Body of Christ—Cornelius, the Roman centurion (cf. Acts 10:1-2). How fitting! And yet again, we are provided with the connection of a Third-Day resurrection + being seen “becoming visible” in the presence of many—immediately followed by a feast (cf. Acts 10:41)!

1 Corinthians 15:4-5

And that He was buried, and that He has risen on the third day according to the Writings, and that He appeared to Cephas, then to the Twelve (LSV).

For the grand finale, the apostle Paul confirms what we’ve already seen from both Jesus and Peter concerning a Third-Day “Birthday” and, afterwards, there is an immediate appearance/manifestation before many witnesses. Note also the dual confirmation that we possess in God’s Holy Writ that this Third-Day paradigm is the real deal “...He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures...” (recall Lk. 24:46). In this key “Resurrection/Rapture” chapter of 1 Corinthians 15, we have our last Third Day reference and a particular emphasis on Paul—”the last of all”—and his “untimely/premature,” or better-yet early birth (1 Cor. 15:8).

According to the Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament (BDAG), the Greek term ektroma in other contexts literally means: “a birth that violates the normal period of gestation, whether induced as abortion, or natural premature birth or miscarriage,” pg. 311.

Well, that being said, we’ve got another range of meaning for ektroma—early birth via miraculous delivery:

Before she is pained she has brought forth, before a pang comes to her, she has delivered a male. Who has heard anything like this? Who has seen anything like these? Is earth caused to bring forth in one day? Is a nation born at once? For she has been pained, Zion has also borne her sons. ‘Do I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth?’ says YHWH, ‘Am I not He who is causing to beget? I have also restrained, ‘ said your God (Isaiah 66:7-9, LSV).

Heads up, everyone! The Third Year of Awe is coming to a close. Soon, brothers and sisters, we will be celebrating our Birthday on the Third Day. It will be an ektroma birth—spiritually speaking—an early, premie birth...as in Pre...Trib...Birth. Why? Because it is written, the “last will be first” (Matt. 19:30; 20:16; Mk. 10:31; Lk 13:30).

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  1. I think that the Tribulation Period won't start in 2020, because time is too short now to establish the Revived Roman Empire, comprising of 10 European nations, from which the antichrist will emerge. The Tribulation Period could begin in 2021. Between the Rapture and the start of the Trib. Period there will be a gap during which the New World Order with the Revived Roman Empire will be established and during which a war will be raging in the Middle-East. A war will be necessary for the covenant with the many to be confirmed.

    1. Moin,


    2. If the end comes in like a flood then there could be time for these things mainly as alliances between nation's and technology described in Bible exist and are very close to being implemented possibly via covid vaccine. The Nazis took a sleeping denial filled world by surprise and accomplished much evil in a short period of time, the AC will be much more powerful and persuasive than Hitler with scary biblically described end of days technology as his disposal. Often I think there is still too much left to be done but when compared with the Bible's description of surprise (like a thief) and end of days coming in like a flood and how quickly pervasive lawlessness has flooded global streets it could all happen very quickly. No one thought three months ago nation's would still be under lock down or a vaccine would be required to work or a mask to buy and sale let alone so much as enter a store, there would be a pretend coin shortage, that cities police would be rendered useless and people would be too afraid to speak up or go outside. There is much deception running rampant right now being gobbled up by the blind. We really may all be closer than we think. I'm not dogmatic on this, Moin may be right and there may be much yet to go through.

    3. But according to that article, the Western European Union which comprised of 10 nations was disbanded in 2011.

    4. We have not yet seen the 10 nation empire and we will likely not see it, mystery babylon has to fall first (and is falling currently, but it has not yet) before the 4th beast kingdom can rise. The harpazo coincides with the fall of babylon.

      Israel was born in 1 day, the official fall of babylon will occur in 1 prophetic hour (which is just over 2 weeks if 1 day = 1 year according to Daniel's definition of a "week"). Things can happen immediately when people want them to happen. And after the harpazo, fall of babylon and massive chaos that will ensue they will want it all to happen.

      We don't have to see the 10 nations before we go. In fact, we likely will not see them.

    5. https://www.unsealed.org/2018/05/emmanuel-macron-to-launch-10-nation.html?m=1

  2. Thank you for this study! Excited!!!

  3. Funny you say the starting gun. Pink Floyd's song Time says, Then one day you find 10 years have got behind you. No one told you when to run. You missed the starting gun. 10 years and starting gun. Pretty neat to me.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. My hope is that all of these conjectures about timing provide encouragement to the true Church, and also convict the unbeliever in these final days. We all should have the same objective: to glorify Christ, and to present the true gospel of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. That said, I would suggest a couple of minor tweaks to the ideas presented in this article.

    The evidence that 27 AD was a jubilee year is weak. I think it is more likely that 70 AD was the actual jubilee, which coincided with the destruction of the second temple and the Jewish diaspora. 27 AD was likely a Sabbath year, but not the jubilee. This means that 2020 AD would be the 40th jubilee from 20 AD, and would in fact be the Final Jubilee.

    The assertion regarding the "10 days of awe" actually makes even more sense if during the lead-up to a jubilee observance the Festival of Trumpets is extended, and CONCLUDES on the Day of Atonement with a final shofar blast to mark the BEGINNING of the jubilee year.

    The 49+1 pattern of Pentecost and the jubilee connect them together. The Final Jubilee is likely 7 years in duration (rather than 1 year) due to the Leviticus 26 punishments which multiply by a factor of 7.

    There were 33 days between the 8/21/2017 eclipse and the Revelation 12 sign. Adding 3 years and 3 DAYS to 9/23/2017 takes you to 9/26/2020, which at sunset is the ninth day from the New Moon on 9/17/2020. This would normally be the beginning of the Day of Atonement per Leviticus 23 (or the beginning of the tenth "day of awe"). Adding 1290 days (per Daniel 12) to 9/26/2020 takes you to 4/8/2024, which will be the second Great American Eclipse, and potentially the day of the Abomination of Desolation. Shortening the final 1260 days by 10 days (due to the prolonged 10 days of Trumpets leading to the Final Jubilee), arrives at 9/11/2027 (potentially the final Day of Atonement, and the Second Coming). This explains Jesus' assertion that the final days would be shortened, without resorting to bizarre theories about Earth axis shifts and changes in rotational speed.

    Of course this is all prone to human error, and may be incorrect. However, it may be important to understand this if Trumpets 2020 passes by uneventful.



    1. I'd just like to point out that 9-26-2020 is a Saturday (Sabbath) and is also the 270th day of the year.(similar enough to your 27AD starting date). I think this is just a little more proof of how God designed the Bible.

  6. seems like something big is going to happen soon. kim clement prophesied that trump would have two terms. yet he is down in the polls to biden. trump is the 44th man to be president (45=isaiah 45?) and israel may have had 44 kings

    1. The Lord's timing for His return does NOT rely on the US election!

    2. True it doesn't, but God is either being REALLY obvious, has a great sense of humor, or likely both!
      What are the odds, the chance, that a man named Trump, who loves America and Israel, would be put into a position of power at such a time as this except by God's doing.
      The LAST (of) Trump!

    3. And that the vice president would have the last name Pence? I think the answer is that he is being both obvious and humorous.

      Trump + Pence = Tumpets! :-)

  7. The layered fulfillment of prophecy is amazing.

    It was at Passover, THREE YEARS prior to the crucifixion, that Jesus said he would raise the temple in 3 days. Sure the sign of Jonah, was fulfilled by his 3 days/nights in the tomb, but also don't overlook the 3 years prior timing of the prophecy.

    Additionally, Jonah gave Ninevah a 40 day warning and 2027 seems to reveal a 40 Jubilee warning from when Jesus was most likely annointed by the dove/holy spirit in 27 AD. Jonah's name is Hebrew for dove.

    Basically, is the Sign of Jonah being fulfilled yet again today by the 3 years between the Rev. 12 Sign to Yom Teruah 2020 and also by the 40 Jubilees to the destruction at the 2nd Coming in 2027? We find out soon!

  8. Jeff, I am so excited to see your latest and look forward to quiet time to read at length. One thing I thought to share in the meantime concerning the concept of three-days comes from Acts 20 as Paul was preparing to depart from Ephesus,

    31 Therefore be alert, remembering
    that for three years I did not cease
    night or day to admonish every one
    with tears.

    32 And now I commend you to God and
    to the word of his grace, which is
    able to build you up and to give you
    the inheritance among all those who
    are sanctified.

    (Acts 20:31-32 ESV)

    I cannot help but see...

    Night and day Paul poured forth speech, like the heavens (Psalm 19:1-2 ESV). Admonishing with tears the urgency! Commended now to God and the word of his grace, Jesus, to build you up and give them (you) the inheritance, received at the harpazo, to those who are in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Thank you brother!

    1. Agreed Pastor Rich, that is interesting. We have been warning people now for 3 years since the Rev 12 sign.

  9. Paul was in Arabia receiving the gospel 3 days: Galatians 1:11–20: “I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that the gospel I preached is not of human origin. I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it; rather, I received it by revelation from Jesus Christ. For you have heard of my previous way of life in Judaism, how intensely I persecuted the church of God and tried to destroy it. I was advancing in Judaism beyond many of my own age among my people and was extremely zealous for the traditions of my fathers. But when God, who set me apart from my mother’s womb and called me by his grace, was pleased to reveal his Son in me so that I might preach him among the Gentiles, my immediate response was not to consult any human being. I did not go up to Jerusalem to see those who were apostles before I was, but I went into Arabia. Later I returned to Damascus. Then after three years, I went up to Jerusalem to get acquainted with Cephas and stayed with him fifteen days. I saw none of the other apostles—only James, the Lord’s brother. I assure you before God that what I am writing you is no lie.”

  10. Great read! I'm surprised you didn't mention Daniel 1:5, "The king assigned them a daily portion of the food that the king ate, and of the wine that he drank. They were to be educated for three years, and at the end of that time they were to stand before the king."

    1. Great addition to the theme of 3's!
      We've all certainly been learning and growing and sharing in Christ these few years, "studying to show ourselves approved (hopefully)" (2 Timothy 2:15) before we stand before God our King.

  11. At one time I was convinced the Hosea 6:2 verse was the last word on the matter. I had not discovered until today the many utterly amazing scriptural validations so well presented in this article. God job!

    1. There are more, it is so amazing how rich the study is.

  12. Brother Jeff, here is to hoping your date speculation is right...

    Look up, Hallelujah! Jesus is Coming Soon -



    God is good!

  13. WoW The Lord Jesus surely stamps the number 8! The number for new beginning. Three times over in HIS NAME, 888! And references our being lifted up 888 times in the Bible! And says when we see all these things BEGIN to come to pass to Look Up! August is the 8th month! End of Wheat Harvest when Ruth married Boaz! Jesus said He is at the Door in Summer! The August 2017 eclipse nears its 3 year fulfillment! Exactly 33 days separated it from the Revelation 12 sign! Paul was born out of due time! EARly! I believe we leave in this 8th month! Also there were 8 on the Ark! When we see all these things BEGIN to come to pass we should look up for our REDEMPTION draws nigh! Begin is 8 & Redemption is 20! This 8th month of 2020 is HIGH WATCH Indeed! Maranatha! The Lord Jesus is CLOSE! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  14. Tim Tebow represents another exact 3 year incident that is a "God thing" and astounding in my opinion...

    3 years to the day - John 3:16 -

    January 8th, 2009 Tebow plays in the SEC national championship game and writes John 3:16 under his eye for the very first time..Gators vs Alabama

    After the game he was told that 94,000,000 people did an internet search on John 3:16.

    And EXACTLY 3 years after that to the day, he played in the playoffs / Denver vs Pittsburg

    January 8th, 2012....

    And in that game he ended up throwing for exactly 316 yards with many other 316 statistics...

    Wow, just wow...



    and 90,000,000 more people did an internet search on John 3:16

    The game in 2012 turned in Denver's favor when Pittsburgh's QB threw an interception. In the entire game, Ben Roethlisberger only threw one interception, and it was on a 3rd down with 16 yeards to go.

    Nielsen TV ratings peaked at 31.6 in that game (on cbs)

    Pittsburgh's time of possession was 31 minutes and 6 seconds

    Tebow broke a QB playoff record for average yards per completion in that game with 31.6 average yards per completion.

    Could that turn out to be God's sense of humor in showing that 3 years after the Rev 12 sign that the Rapture will fulfill our redemption according to John 3:16...

    We will see soon - Just speculating - only God knows for sure...

    1. ... or 3 years and 16 days (Oct. 3). Remember the bride groom tarries for a while.

    2. Oct 3rd would put us at the first day of The Feast of Tabernacles...

    3. Correction: Tebow's college game with John 3:16 under his eye was Florida #2 vs Oklahoma Sooners #!

      January 8th, 2009

      2009 BCS Championship Game - that was the first time Tebow had John 3:16 under his eye.

      www.prayat316.com / Tim Tebow's 316 story

    4. Well, here's some more interesting speculation. Three years and sixteen days starting on Sept 23, 2017 puts on Oct 9, 2020. Hoshana Rabbah is the last day of Feast of Tabernacles and it begins sunset Oct 8 to sunset Oct 9, 2020. Additionally, 1111 days after Sept 23, 2017...Oct 8, 2020, again Hoshana Rabbah. Hoshana Rabbah is literally THE LAST DAY of every Feast calendar year. Jesus said He would raise us up on THE LAST DAY. The trumpets blown on Hoshana Rabbah are literally the final trumps of every Feast calendar year. There's so much more to that date. This year the peak for the Draconid meteor shower is, yep, Oct 8, 2020. Only one time in the Old Testament will you find the words "the last day." They are found in Nehemiah chap 8 and they refer to the last day of Feast of Tabernacles...Hoshana Rabbah! This is repeated in the New Testament. Checkout John 7:37. I was so moved by this day in the Feast calendar that I felt I had to do a video. The fact that no one is interested in it doesn't surprise me, but just in case you are here is the link:


      The Fall Feasts may be very, very important this year, but I feel like Captain Obvious just saying it!

    5. Was Jesus speaking to the Jews as He said Himself He came for the Jews only? When Jesus said He would raise those He was speaking to "on the last day", it was not yet in the Age of Grace as He had not died yet. So was He speaking about the rapture as that only pertained to the Church? The Jews He was speaking to who believed in Him as their Messiah and lived and died after His resurrection would be living in the new Age of Grace and be in the rapture, I believe. So a harpazo or a raising up on the last day of those who believe in Him was possibly what Jesus was talking about in John 6:40 (as well as in 6:39, 6:44, and 6:54). If the last day is Oct. 8-9, 2020 Hoshana Rabbah (the last day), it is exactly 2,550 days (1,290 + 1,260) until Oct. 2, 2027, the Feast of Trumpets. Daniel 12:11 mentions that from the time the daily sacrifice is taken away until the abomination of desolation it is 1,290 days. I'm assuming that the daily sacrifice "taken away" is the time of the rapture (Oct. 8), so perhaps there is a gap of 30 days from the rapture until the Tribulation begins or Nov. 7, 2020, which makes the Tribulation 2,520 days (1,260 + 1,260) or 7 years, or divided in half 3.5 years. So the Tribulation would be from Nov. 7, 2020 to October 2, 2027, imho.

  15. So THIS is what you were working on when you came by to read my article, huh, Jeff? I can't wait to dive in!

  16. https://m.jpost.com/arab-israeli-conflict/five-countries-that-could-be-next-to-make-peace-with-israel-638821

  17. SUPER, SUPER, SUPER job, Jeff! Thank you!

    From Chabad.org (+ my few comments at the end):
    Friday, September 18 - Sunday, September 20, 2020

    "Rosh Hashanah is the BIRTHDAY of the universe, the day G‑d created Adam and Eve, and it’s celebrated as the head of the Jewish year. It begins at sundown on the eve of Tishrei 1 (Sept. 18, 2020) and ends after nightfall on Tishrei 2 (Sept. 20, 2020).
    As we read in the Rosh Hashanah prayers, each year on this day “all inhabitants of the world pass before G‑d like a flock of sheep,” and it is decreed in the heavenly court “who shall live, and who shall die ... who shall be impoverished and who shall be enriched; who shall fall and who shall rise.”

    "The central observance of Rosh Hashanah is blowing the shofar (ram’s horn) on both mornings of the holiday (except on Shabbat), which is normally done in synagogue as part of the day’s services but may be done elsewhere for those who cannot attend. The blowing of the shofar represents the trumpet blast that is sounded at a king’s coronation. Its plaintive cry also serves as a call to repentance."

    "Together with Yom Kippur (which follows 10 days later), it is part of the Yamim Nora'im (Days of Awe, or High Holidays)."

    "The ten days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur are known as Aseret Yemei Teshuvah, or the Ten Days of Repentance (more accurately translated as the Ten Days of RETURN).

    When the prophet Isaiah tells the Jewish nation to repent for their sins, he says, “Seek G‑d when He may be found; call Him when He is close.”1 When is that? The sages say that this verse refers to these ten days, when G‑d is especially close to us.

    The sages describe this period as a time when “the gates of heaven are open, and I will listen to your prayers.”

    Maimonides2 explains:

    “Even though repentance and crying out to G‑d are always timely, during the ten days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur it is exceedingly appropriate, and accepted immediately [on high].

    “For these reasons,” continues Maimonides, “it is customary for all of Israel to give profusely to charity, perform many good deeds, and be occupied with observance of G‑d’s commandments from Rosh Hashanah until Yom Kippur to a greater extent than during the remainder of the year.3

    Why is this period unique? Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Edeles (Maharsha, 1555-1631) explains that our fate for the coming year is decided on Rosh Hashanah but not sealed until Yom Kippur. Accordingly, this is the time to return to G‑d and beg Him to change the judgment for the better.4”

    WOW! WOW! WOW!
    The 10 Days of REPENTANCE.
    The 10 Days of RETURN.
    We will either have returned to Christ with the Church or have the opportunity to do so [repent] during the Tribulation (as long those left behind manage to survive).
    God WILL be especially close during the Tribulation time period as He metes out judgements in order to gain man kind’s attention BIG TIME.
    And, it ends with the Second Coming of Christ at the end of the 7 year time frame.

  18. From My Jewish Learning (1/4 of my relatives have Jewish ancestry so I read the sites):

    "The period from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur is known as the Ten Days of Repentance. This name appears in sources from the Land of Israel, including the Jerusalem Talmud.

    “Three books are opened in heaven on Rosh Hashanah, one for the completely wicked, one for the completely righteous and one for those in between. The completely righteous are immediately inscribed in the book of life. The completely wicked are immediately inscribed in the book of death. The fate of those in between is suspended until Yom Kippur . If they do well, they are inscribed in the book of life. If not, in the book of death”.

    The Ten Days of Repentance are seen as an opportunity for change. And since the extremes of complete righteousness and complete wickedness are few and far between, Rosh Hashanah functions, for the majority of people, as the opening of a trial that extends until Yom Kippur. It is an unusual trial. Most trials are intended to determine responsibility for past deeds. This one, however, has an added dimension: determining what can be done about future deeds. The Ten Days of Repentance are crucial to the outcome of the trial, since our verdict is determined both by our attitude toward our misdeeds and by our attempts to rectify them by changing ourselves.

    Repentance, Prayer and Charity
    The famous piyyut (religious poem) Unetanah tokef discusses the fact that between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur there is an opportunity “to avert the severe decree” through three actions: repentance, prayer, and charity. The requirements for repentance include a change of mind, a feeling of regret, and a determination to change, along with an effort to repair the effects of one’s misdeed."

    Pretty much sums things up.

  19. There is an iconic prayer recited from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur,
    The Unetanah Tokef.
    REMEMBER: this is from a JEWISH service, not Christian.
    But, since we're looking at the Jewish High Holy Days, I'm posting it - read through to the end.
    The next to the last paragraph is fitting.

    Unetaneh Tokef

    We lend power to the holiness of this day. For it is tremendous and awe filled, and on it your kingship will be exalted, your throne will be established in loving-kindness, and you will sit on that throne in truth.

    It is true that you are the one who judges, and reproves, who knows all, and bears witness, who inscribes, and seals, who reckons and enumerates. You remember all that is forgotten. You open the book of records, and from it, all shall be read. In it lies each person's insignia.

    And with a great shofar it is sounded, and a thin silent voice shall be heard. And the angels shall be alarmed, and dread and fear shall seize them as they proclaim: behold! the Day of Judgment on which the hosts of heaven shall be judged, for they too shall not be judged blameless by you, and all creatures shall parade before you as a herd of sheep. As a shepherd herds his flock, directing his sheep to pass under his staff, so do you shall pass, count, and record the souls of all living, and decree a limit to each persons days, and inscribe their final judgment.

    On Rosh Hashanah it is inscribed, and on Yom Kippur it is sealed - how many shall pass away and how many shall be born, who shall live and who shall die, who in good time, and who by an untimely death, who by water and who by fire, who by sword and who by wild beast, who by famine and who by thirst, who by earthquake and who by plague, who by strangulation and who by lapidation, who shall have rest and who wander, who shall be at peace and who pursued, who shall be serene and who tormented, who shall become impoverished and who wealthy, who shall be debased, and who exalted. But repentance, prayer and righteousness avert the severity of the decree.

    For your praise is just as your name. You are slow to anger and quick to be appeased. For you do not desire the death of the condemned, rather, that they turn from their path and live and you wait for them until the day of their death, and if they repent, you receive them immediately. (It is true -) [For] you are their Creator and You understand their inclination, for they are but flesh and blood.

    We come from dust, and return to dust. We labour by our lives for bread, we are like broken shards, like dry grass, and like a withered flower; like a passing shadow and a vanishing cloud, like a breeze that passes, like dust that scatters, like a fleeting dream. But You are the king who lives eternal.

    1. Ooooooooooooooooooooooo that is sooooo interesting!!! Thank you!

  20. This is a master piece. It maybe the best article you have ever written! He is coming sooo soon!!

  21. Verse 4 in the Hebrew text reads literally: On the third day lifted up Abraham his eyes... Thus, our attention is immediately drawn to the verb "lifts up", and then we behold the mount that would later become Zion/Jerusalem and the site of God's temple

    Interesting... Eyes and Lifts up.

    In the Twinkling of an eye? :)

    Awesome article Jeff!

    🚫 🍇

    ··╱É· É·╲··

    Foxman on the Wall

  22. Good article. I've taken all third day stuff to either refer to Jesus resurrection or to a third thousand-year (where Jesus is here!), But it's interesting to think of the possible parallels with the Rev 12 sign. And I have for several years thought that the ten-day gap (days of awe) should mean something, so I hope this is it! I'm good with less than five weeks to wait to see Jesus face-to-face. :-)

    1. Agreed S777. Like you I've always taken the '3rd-day' references and types in scripture as a pointer to Jesus' resurrection or His Messianic Kingdom. The 10 days of awe might just be a 10 24hr-day period, fulfilled in the significant events surrounding the feast days at Jesus' 2nd coming (just as the 4 spring feasts each had a specific day of fulfillment at Jesus' first coming and weren't years.)

      Or... it is something far sooner as the article was pointing to. Not long to wait and see. As he wrote: "According to the Ten Years of Awe pattern, if we go beyond the Fall Equinox (9/22-23), this theory falls apart..."

      I try to watch and stay spiritually alert whether it is soon or not. We can't be sure on any date. But like you, if the Lord wants to come back in a few weeks I'm MORE than ok with that! : )

  23. Jeff you are a student, a disciple and a friend. Blessed by and grateful for you.

    So when the Samaritans came to Jesus, they were asking Him to stay with them; and He stayed there two days.Many more believed because of His word;and they were saying to the woman, “It is no longer because of what you said that we believe, for we have heard for ourselves and know that this One is indeed the Savior of the world.”After the two days He went forth from there into Galilee.For Jesus Himself testified that a prophet has no honor in his own country.So when He came to Galilee, the Galileans received Him, having seen all the things that He did in Jerusalem at the feast; for they themselves also went to the feast.Therefore He came again to Cana of Galilee where He had made the water wine. And there was a royal official whose son was sick at Capernaum.This is again a second sign that Jesus performed when He had come out of Judea into Galilee. - John 4:40-46,54 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John4:40-46,54&version=NASB

  24. Amazing article like usual bro!!! The parable of the good Samaritan is a huge one! Jesus comes and gets us from the Inn Keeper/the Holy Spirit on the 3rd day!

    M A R A N A T H A ! ! ! !

  25. The thing which leaped out at me is Matthew 12:39-40. I have studied and believed, based on Holy Spirit's leading, our (The Church) final work on this earth will be our departure. Israel seeks a sign and they will receive none other than the Sign of Jonah. I have struggled with it "not being a feast day" - I believe those will be fulfilled in and through Jesus' dealing directly with Israel, yet at the same time it had to be a day they would instantly recognize its significance. This really speaks to my heart Jeff. I look forward to going back through more slowly and carefully and reading again. I agree with a previous commentor. As good as many of you articles have been, and they've been spectacular, this one is likely the Home Run. As you indicate, if not, several of our paradigms fall. God has not been writing in Neon in the sky, through world events, through our hearts, through dreams and visions and through our studies to "fail to bring the child to birth". I am blessed beyond measure. Thank You - Sherry

    1. God often does things with dual meanings and purposes - past + present or past + future, depending on where you are in the time line.
      I know there are many who believe the Rapture has to occur on a feast day and there are those just as adamant about "the fullness of the Gentiles".
      Haven't we seen by now that God is more than capable of doing BOTH!
      Time will tell!

    2. Jenny, You mentioned that many believe that rapture has to occur on a Feast Day, and that there are those who are adamant about the "Fullness of Gentiles." What do you mean by the second part, the fullness of the gentiles.
      Can you explain what you mean by God is capable of doing both.? The Feasts are God's clock, and Paul said that the Feasts are a shadow of things to come, but the Substance is Christ. The word Hebrew word is "moadim" and means appointed times, but the word is also translated "rehearsal" like a wedding rehearsal. Practice for the main event, that is just like what we rehearsed. ;-)
      The Last Trump, is the 100th blast of the Trumpet - Tekia Gadolah, at Feast of Trumpets. This feast, Rosh Hoshanah has many themes and one of these is the wedding of the Messiah. It is literally the Day of Shouting. Hmmmm.

  26. Wonderful - thank you for this!

  27. Super cool article on the 3 days to resurrection and rapture! I had no idea that there were that many 3rd day references! In my latest video on the Comet Neowise and the movie "The Matrix" I also talked about the Rev. 12 sign being 3 years from this September, and that Christ's ministry lasted 3.5 years, and he ascended into heaven while still in the 3rd year. And that he was in the grave 3 days and then rose. Very confirming to see that God is telling all of us the same thing!


  28. WOW! Thank you dear Jeff! I had not made all the links with the number 3. Excellent work blessed by the Lord! For my part, I'm not good at this kind of work and I never had visions except a few dreams. But on the morning of August 4, I heard for the first time in my Christian life a word loud enough to wake me up as if someone was next to my bed. I was surprised and no one was there except my husband and my dog ​​who slept next to me. I have already told God that I would like to hear him like he is next to me with a real voice. That word was DAWN. I live in Quebec (translation required for English) so I did not know what this word meant and I looked in the dictionary on the net. I constantly prayed that God would reveal to me if this was the year that the rapture of the Church would come. The word dawn meant many things that connect with our departure, especially the meaning of "birth". God is awesome! To God be praise, honor and glory for ever and ever. Maranatha! Carole

  29. Oh my goodness, Jeff, yours and Gary's most recent posts bring so very much enlightenment (and research) to bear on the days we are living in. I can't thank you two and the all the other contributors (commenters included) here who bring so much to the conversation. Since R12 I have anticipated each of the subsequent high watch times with interest, but not necessarily a sense of "this is it." I read this post early this morning and have been ruminating on it all day. I just re-read this taking the time to put the various Third Day references in context. Utterly fascinating. This morning, after the first perusal, I said, "possible, Lord? Of course possible. But probable?" The Spirit seemed to say, "Yes, probable." "How probable, Lord?" "Very probable, very, very, very probable."

    As we ponder these things in our hearts, we joyously look up, waiting for fulfillment. If this isn't it, as you say, we (or those of you more knowledgeable than I) will recalibrate. I pray we won't have to. BTW my earthly birthday is Sept. 23. Sure would be wonderful if this year would be our RR birthday as well! Maranatha!

  30. Blessings Jeff, I am wowed with what you have presented here! Your study and findings of the Third Day running throughout God's word is full of encouragement. We know that when the Lord is specific regarding a day/month/count/etc. it is for us to to take note of!

    And the 10 Days (Years) of Awe with the 3 & 7 years fitting in between the 2017-2027 time frame is very exciting! You have encouraged me greatly!

    Over on Rev12blog last night, Jimboni brought up Gigi's video re a possible 3 yr warning from the GASE on 8/21/17. It made me think of a couple of my journal entries that I'm now even more so thinking have been pointing to this Third-Day birthday theory.

    Here are some entries that I believe may be pointing to where we in regards to the third year anniversary of the GreatRev12Wonder, the recently announced Abraham Accord, Rosh Hashanna possibly marking the start of Trib, and the Fall equinox on 9/22 marking the end of the summer harvest.

    I've included the dates they were given:
    "You will be circumcised into Glory on the third day." 9/27/17
    "Three circles OOO. Three days. Three more days are determined." 12/13/17
    Heard it clearly in my dream: "They will try to divide the land, but they will not divide the land." 3/14/18
    The words, Day as the night, were placed on my heart. I have no idea what that means.12/2/17 Then on 6/14/18 the understanding was given: The Equinox! When the day and night are equal in length.
    The Lord impressed the number 22 on my heart. I don't know the reason. 11/8/17

    Sure hope my understanding of these things possibly pointing to where we are now are on the right track, but no matter what, I will continue to watch and look Up for our Lord Jesus to call us Home!

    1. Could the 11:11 that so many have seen be a part of the number 22 as well? I have had a crazy amount of times those numbers come up in my life. My thought after reading your post was is the Lord saying 2:2 or 22, as in He is pointing to 8/22/20. Just a thought?

    2. Blessings Micah! Good to hear from you! You know, with 8/22/20 being just a couple days away, I'll take it, Lol

      The Lord has and is surely giving everyone lots of pieces to the puzzle and it is such a blessing to work together in the joy of watching for Him!
      While we all are still speculating on the 'When', one thing is for sure...
      He IS Coming!

    3. Two thoughts on 22. The last day of Feast of Tabernacles is always on the 22nd of Tishri or Hoshana Rabbah. It begins at sundown on the 21st (Oct 8th this year) to sundown on the 22nd (Oct 9). Also, as I mentioned earlier, 1111 days after the Rev 12 sign is Hoshana Rabbah 2020. Jesus said, "I will raise you up on the last day." Hoshana Rabbah is always the last day on the feast calendar every year. The trumpets blown on that day are the last trumpets of the feast calendar each and every year.

  31. This article was pure unseal-ment for me. I believe we have the month and the week possibly. I will patiently wait to see if the pieces fall into place and if they dont, I know He will help us to the next phase of our watch. But I think we are finally there.

    Funny, my dream a few years ago featured a cake that seemed to be a wedding and a birthday cake, and Jesus was serenading the church with, "morning has broken". It fits pretty well.

    1. MiguelP I love that dream you had! And it fits with Carole's getting the word "dawn" as well as the end of the (Biblical) day being morning. Jesus' resurrection and the women's discovery in the MORNING, end, of the third day become even more significant. Maybe our Midnight Cry will really be Morning Joy. Like many of us here I have gone back and forth between Pentecost/Trumpets for our departure. But, Jeff, this Third Day Birthday paradigm from the Rev 12 sign (which is indisputable and fixed in the heavens)just "feels" so settled in my mind. We don't have long to wait. The condition of our world and the heinous evil/depravity/corruption that is more and more being revealed (Lord, have mercy on the children!)would send us into total despair if not for our Blessed Hope.

  32. At https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/jared-kushner-israel-agrees-divide-land-for-palestinian-state-joel-3-end-times/ "JOEL 3: Jared Kushner Makes Shock Announcement That Israel Has Agreed To The Creation Of A Palestinian State By ‘Process Of Division’ Of The Land".

  33. I had a very similar experience in March. I was just waking up and I distinctly heard an audible male voice next to my bed say one word, "Solomon." This is the only time anything like this has happened. I have come to believe it is in reference to Song of Solomon 2:10-13, and the grape harvest, which is this time of year. I certainly hope so!

  34. Thank you Jeff!!! Much love to you brother!! Abba Up!

  35. Jeff--My jaw dropped more than once as I read the gold nuggets you mined. Oh, what a wonderful God we serve and I am so thankful to serve Him alongside you and all the Beloved Brethren who are watching with us💖

  36. Thank you, Jeff! Very thorough job at pointing out the 3rd day references found in Scripture. I had a rare dream I can remember shortly after the R12 sign. I had prayed only 4 hours before in the evening asking God if He could somehow let me know if the rapture would be next year. I'd lost my mom on Sept. 21, 2016 and wanted to see her again being in mourning. I didn't expect God would send me a dream to answer me, but He may have. I dreamed I was outside at dusk and saw 2 huge fluctuating pastel colored orbs rotating around in the sky with a third one the same huge size but mostly dark and only a sliver of light on it so it looked like a quarter moon 🌙. I all of a sudden felt myself caught up in the sky and found myself in a huge room with people I knew not too far away. They were talking and doing something together. As I approached, the dream ended. I think the 2 large orbs meant 2 years---2018 and 2019---the 3rd one being 2020 where most of the year was dark and deathly and chaotic (with Covid, rioting, bombings, etc) until the last quarter of it when it was light, brightly lit, perhaps when the rapture would be towards the end of the year, the last quarter of it, and we would spend the last 3 months of the year in heaven where there's no night or darkness. I had no idea when I had the dream what it meant but as time and years passed, it made more sense as a rapture dream in answer to my prayer that I had made around October of 2017. A day = 1 year. So 3 more years would pass after the R12 Great sign b4 the rapture was God's answer when I asked would it next year. Confirmation, Jeff?

  37. I also want to thank you Jeff for your wonderful article. It was jaw-dropping awesome so many times. I really like the idea about the number 8 that "Unknown" talked about, how it meant new beginnings and also that August is the 8th month and the month of Weddings! I for one am hoping for a Rapture on my August 22 wedding anniversary. The next "dawn" will be Sunday, a good resurrection day!

  38. I almost forgot to say, this August 22, 2020 is our 28th anniversary. There’s that 2 and 8 again❤️. Oh and one other thing I was thinking about was the 11:11 phenomenon we keep seeing. It could be another dual meaning, you know how God likes to do that. It was said earlier that 11:11 in Hebrew ( I think) means 2020. This is what I thought of, looking at 11:11 like Roman Numerals it would be 22. Roman is an interesting choice here as well. Oh well, Maranatha!

  39. Thank you to all the contributors at Unsealed (and many of the commenters too). I have been studying the Bible since ~1980 and have explored it from a scientific, mathematical, geometrical, and prophetic perspective and found it truly amazing. How anyone cannot not believe it is from the Hand of the Lord Himself is mind boggling.

    But you all, at Unsealed, have made it even more interesting, connecting things together, not only to world events and celestial events but plucking out threads that run through the Word like a thread in a tapestry, except we can only see the tapestry from the back for now we can only see through a glass darkly.

    Thank you all and may our Lord Jesus Christ bless you, keep you safe, and encourage you to stand strong until He beams us up to the thrown room in Heaven!


  40. What an amazing study! Thanks so much for all the work you put in on this! Boy oh boy do we ever see the day approaching! ������������������

  41. Greetings,
    Great article Jeff...thanks.

    One question...I thought Suleiman issued the decree to rebuild Jerusalem in 1585 and construction began in 1537. If that is true and Daniel 9:25 says, “from the date the decree was issued to the anointed one” wouldn’t that be 1535 + 483= 2018? Can someone clarify this for me? Pastor Rich, anyone?? Thanks.

    1. Hi Klaatu,

      Regarding your question about the date of Suleiman's decree to rebuild Jerusalem, here is a note from Gary in his article Turning Point 2020:

      "Returning again to the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, it has been noted for the past two years or so that the decree doesn't explicitly tell us if the reference is to the Messiah's first or second arrival. Could it be both? A dual prophecy of sorts? What we are given is a period of 69 weeks of years from the decree to the Messiah's arrival and a final week of years at the end. Because the final week of years concludes with continual righteousness brought into Jerusalem and the sealing of all prophecy, that period must be the same in both instances.

      A possible starting point for a second count could be the decree given by Suleiman the Magnificent somewhere between 1535 and 1537 AD to also restore and rebuild Jerusalem. The current walls of the Old City of Jerusalem were built because of this very decree. 69 weeks of years later lands in either 2018, 2019, or this very year—2020. Some sources pinpoint 1535 as the decree and others 1537. I've researched this myself, and there is scant evidence either way, but we do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that construction on the walls themselves began in 1537.

      Consider that the first decree was counting to Jesus Himself arriving as Messiah at His baptism when the Holy Spirit came down from Heaven to anoint Him. Perhaps the second decree is counting to the body of Messiah (the Church) being taken up along with the Holy Spirit (1 Thess. 4:13–18; 2 Thess. 2:3, 7) to meet the Lord in the air. This is when we become one with Christ corporately—the body joined to the Head."

      According to bro Gary's research on the topic, the date of the decree is debatable ranging from 1535 to 1537. However, we can at least be certain about 1537 as the latest possible date (and I believe this date of 1537 is inscribed on the actual walls currently standing in Jerusalem, if I'm not mistaken).

      Even with the uncertainty, the Suleiman decree is still a compelling addition to an already stacked deck for this upcoming Fall season.

  42. Greetings,
    Great article Jeff...thanks.

    One question...I thought Suleiman issued the decree to rebuild Jerusalem in 1585 and construction began in 1537. If that is true and Daniel 9:25 says, “from the date the decree was issued to the anointed one” wouldn’t that be 1535 + 483= 2018? Can someone clarify this for me? Pastor Rich, anyone?? Thanks.

  43. Very few preachers and teachers of faith associate this teaching of Paul’s to the Colossians with how it points directly at the Rapture, but that doesn’t change the fact that the teaching is there, already written.

    Don’t think for a minute that God would reveal the Church to Paul, without telling him all about it, beginning to end. Only the timing was hidden in Daniel, not the events. That is evident in his letters to the Thessalonians and the Corinthians.

    Paul said, the feast of the Jews are but shadows of things to come for the Church. When we study the Rapture in this context, we gain new insight. As we examine Paul’s teaching to the Colossians with respect to the inherent meaning in each of the feasts of the Jews.

    Hence, as Christians, we have to look to the meaning of the fulfilled feasts to see and understand what it is that is promised to us, so we can claim it

    On the Sabbath we are claiming the REST of the Sabbath. Christians keep holy the Sabbath by making it a verb. It becomes Sabbathing, or resting in the work that Christ did, because there is nothing that we can do on our own to attain what Christ already attained for us. The promise to the Church is that we can surely rest in what He did because it’s the only way to Salvation. The Jews rejected Jesus, so they are still under the Law, so they must continue to keep holy the Sabbath by actually resting from all work on that day. Jesus fulfills the Sabbath to show the Jews who He was, and it winds up getting promised to us. Claim it!

    On Passover we are claiming the SALVATION of Christ work, but by Faith, not works like the Jews who were required to show their obedience by their performance. Yet under the Law, the Jews have no Temple in which to perform the rituals of Passover, and are therefore restrained until He returns again to deal with them in the time when they do have a Temple. Jesus is the Lamb whose blood saved the world. It was for the Jews, but it got passed to us. Claim it!

    On Unleavened Bread we are claiming Christ’s victory over CORRUPTION AND EVIL, symbolized by the leaven. Jesus overcame corruption and evil, but not for Himself, but for the sins of others. He is our covering. The Jews said no, so we get it for faith. Claim it!

    On First Fruits we are claiming the promise of the FULL HARVEST YET TO COME, as Jesus fulfills this feast by resurrecting on this day, along with many Saints that arose who were seen by many in Jerusalem, casting a shadow of both the return of Jesus and the resurrection of the saints. This is our promise now! Claim it!

    And finally on Pentecost, we have nothing to claim, as we are already in heaven. God is now making a NEW OFFERING of Jesus as the Messiah, as He was first offered as the Messiah to the Jews on that Pentecost of Acts 2. But having come to His own, His own received Him not, requiring that He come again to them. At this feast, Jesus was offered to them, and on this feast He will continue to be offered to them once again, just as if time had stopped and suddenly began again, in the same place, under the same set of circumstances but with a modern cast.

  44. Wow. Awesome! Thank you! Maranatha!

  45. Your article was wonderful, Jeff - so thorough and encouraging!!! I don't know if anyone else mentioned this, (maybe on Rev12blogspot - I haven't been keeping up very well), but there is also a picture of the 3/7 in Job. It struck me as I was reading the end of the chapter that he had two sets of three daughters and seven sons. Daughters - Bride? Sons - Israel? He named the second set of daughters he had Jemimah, Keziah, and Keren-happuch. Haven't looked up their meanings, but He is going to give us new names when we get Home, and there may be other related details? Anyhow, for what it's worth. Blessings, brother! WFS \0/

  46. Brenda Weltner says we get our glorified bodies on September 18th, and remain here on earth for 10 days -- until September 28th -- when we will be raptured. Does that make sense?

  47. What an amazing study, thank you so much brother!! Can someone help me out here; I'm having a hard time finding this in scripture: "Throughout Scripture "the waters" and "the seas" are figures of speech that refer to the nations/Gentiles. Conversely, Israel is typically associated with the "earth" or "land.""

    I really appreciate the 3rd day Creation type but I don't know if it can be substantiated. I'm probably not seeing something that is crystal clear but please do help me see this. Thanks so much.

    1. Hello there! Thank you for your reply!

      No one else has chimed in, so I'll go ahead and provide some passages that I believe substantiate the link between Gentiles/sea and Israel/land. One of the clearest references that I've found that explicitly links the Gentiles/nations to "the sea" is Isaiah 60:5.

      Check out the Hebrew parallelism in the second part of the verse:

      "...because the riches of THE SEA will become yours..."

      "...and the wealth of THE NATIONS will come to you."

      Also, John amplifies prophecies from Daniel in the book of Revelation, and in Revelaton 13:1, the final Gentile kingdom is shown as "coming up out of THE SEA." Throughout Israel's history, the turbulent waters of the Mediterranean, often simply referred to as "the Great Sea" in Scripture (cf. Num. 34:6; Jos. 1:4), represent the monstrous and chaotic nations in rebellion against the LORD.

      As far as Israel's connection to the Land, or Earth (eretz, in Hebrew). Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory. There are numerous passages that link the nation of Israel with "the ERETZ." Most significant of the Israel-Eretz connection is the Abrahamic covenant (Gen. 15:18-21; cf. Deut. 1:8). Additionally, in prophetic visions that regularly employ metaphors and figures of speech, Israel is simply referred to as "the Land" (see Dan. 11:41; Matt. 24:30 and Rev. 1:7, which should be translated "...and all the tribes of THE LAND will mourn over Him").

      Blessings to you. I hope this gets you on your way. The 3rd day creation typology of the separation and gathering of Gentiles from Israel is legit!

    2. Just a quick add on confirming scripture for this... when we read about 'the harlot' in Revelation 17 it says she sits on "many waters":

      Rev 17:1 Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and spoke with me, saying, "Come here, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters...

      And the God-given interpretation for this is:

      Rev 17:15 And he said to me, "The waters which you saw where the harlot sits, are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues.

    3. Thank you Jeff and also Elgordo. This provides a good primer and I'm looking forward to rereading the article a fourth time! So wonderful are the assurances the believer finds in the Word. Thank you Jesus for saving a worm like me.

      On a side note, I did just read that the Sanhedrin are trying to get permission to blow the Shofar on the temple mount this Yom Teruah, the first time since 70AD.

  48. [Isaiah 50:4 KJV] 4 The Lord GOD hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to [him that is] weary: he wakeneth morning by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned.

    [Proverbs 15:23 KJV] 23 A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word [spoken] in due season, how good [is it]!

  49. 14 Behold, the third time I am ready to come to you; and I will not be burdensome to you: for I seek not yours but you: for the children ought not to lay up for the parents, but the parents for the children.
    - 2 Corinthians 12:14

    Time = year. Possible hint?

    1. I like it, Terence! Thank you for sharing.

      God's children are about to receive their inheritance from the Father (1 Pet. 1:3-5)!

  50. Two things that seem to support this theory. (Per TorahCalendar.com)
    1. From 9/18-19/2020 (Feast of Trumpets) to 9/11-12/2027 (Day of Atonement) it is exactly (1260+1290) or 2550 days. I understand that normally a 30 day month can be added to the calendar within this time frame but I also understand that this might not happen because we know that if the days be not shortened then there would be no flesh would be left alive. (I think that is very probable that Gil Broussard has figured out how the days really will be shortened but that is a whole other discussion.)
    2. TorahCalendar.com shows the date that “The Lamb of Elohim was slain” as 4/6/30. If correct, 4/6/30 to Feast of Trumpets 9/18/2020 is exactly 727,000 days. 727 in Strong’s Hebrew is “Ark”. 727 in Strong’s Greek: one of the meanings is “Robber” (as in like a thief in the night perhaps). It also lists the Cognate as “properly, seizing; a sudden snatching (like in a robbery)”.

    Additional side note perhaps not relevant. From Feast of Trumpets plus 1260 days brings us to March 1, 2024 which is "40 days" (inclusive) before the 2nd Great American Eclipse on 4/8/2024. Also, I have 3 and 7 on the brain now and I could not sleep so when I decided to get up, I looked at my watch and is was 1:37am. (I know… irrelevant, but it did give me a chuckle.)
    Thank you very much for this article. Maranatha !

    1. Thank you for your additional insights!

      I know what you mean about clock confirmations, and I find myself laughing out loud sometimes at all the ways the Lord is getting our attention.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. I see a 3/7 in here....

    Sep 13 = 7 days before FoT.
    Tue = third day.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. Another 3rd day reference:

    he falls on the 3rd day of the 2nd month.

    [Acts 20:6-11 KJV] 6 And we sailed away from Philippi after the days of unleavened bread, and came unto them to Troas in five days; where we abode seven days. 7 And upon the first [day] of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow; and continued his speech until midnight. 8 And there were many lights in the upper chamber, where they were gathered together. 9 And there sat in a window a certain young man named Eutychus, being fallen into a deep sleep: and as Paul was long preaching, he sunk down with sleep, and fell down from the third loft, and was taken up dead. 10 And Paul went down, and fell on him, and embracing [him] said, Trouble not yourselves; for his life is in him. 11 When he therefore was come up again, and had broken bread, and eaten, and talked a long while, even till break of day, so he departed.

  55. Carl Worline posted an interesting observation relating to Sept. 23,2020 over at five doves.com in the "letters" section a few weeks ago. He noted that it is exactly 40 "sidereal" months from the Revelation 12 "Great Sign" until the same date this year --- Sept 23 , 2017 to Sept 23, 2020. Sidreal months are measured against the stars and are about 27 days , shorter that normal. And 40 is always a measure of testing , a time to test in scripture.

  56. Quick thought....in keeping with the whole 3/7 theme discussed above. If the Rev 12 sign on 23 Sep 2017 (Yom Teruah) began a 10-year period, ending on Yom Kippur, 2027, that correlates to the 10 days of awe between the two holidays.......what if the bride was taken on the 3rd day of awe this year? ....repeating a 3/7 theme of the Lord's return on the 3rd day (3rd year), then 7 days of destruction immediately afterwards, which could also correlate to the future 7-year period of Daniel's 70th week. Just a thought that I had, and it increased my anticipation during this season of watching. Blessing all!




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