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Stand Ready, Church

Big things are afoot, brothers and sisters in the LORD.  The assemblies are now under threat worldwide.  Hundreds of millions of Christians cannot gather.  Christians themselves are under sudden and extreme persecution in China, Russia, the Middle East, West Africa, and the West.  Is this the final assault?  Could it be the final push before the baby is delivered?  Immediate, diligent, and unceasing prayer is in order.

...and the God of peace will bruise Satan under your feet quickly; the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ [be] with you. Amen! (Romans 16:20, LSV)

As to the rest, my brothers, be strong in the LORD, and in the power of His might; put on the whole armor of God, so you are able to stand against the schemes of the Devil, because our wrestling is not with flesh and blood, but with the principalities, with the authorities, with the world-rulers of the darkness of this age, with the spiritual [forces] of evil in the heavenly places; because of this take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to resist in the day of the evil, and having done all things—to stand.  Stand, therefore, having your loins girded around in truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having the feet shod in the preparation of the good news of peace; in all, having taken up the shield of faith, in which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the evil one, and receive the helmet of the salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, through all prayer and supplication praying at all times in the Spirit, and in this, watching in all perseverance and supplication for all the holy ones... (Ephesians 6:10–18, LSV)

...and the dragon stood before the woman who is about to bring forth, that when she may bring forth, he may devour her child; and she brought forth a male son, who is about to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, and her child was snatched up to God and to His throne... (Revelation 12:4b–5, LSV)

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  1. I was just telling my wife tonight, I am longing and ready for my new home. Jesus, come quickly!!!

  2. I was just telling my wife tonight that I am longing for the Lord to take me home. Come Jesus, come! Every weekend, I have made it a habit to remind my congregants that the rapture is right at the door.

  3. Absolutely quickened in my spirit. Amen and amen. My heart is broken for the Christ rejecting world. Thank you for this message. May Gods people rise up and declare the truth boldly like never before. May He find his people awake and united. This is the time.

  4. I think these events are extremely important. I agree that the Sign of the Woman and the Sign of the Dragon in Rev 12:1-5 represent actual signs you can see in the sky. However, don't we also expect the things the signs are depicting to actually happen? In verse 5 when it says the child was caught up to God, we expect that to mean the rapture will literally happen. Since the woman is "travailing in birth", it makes sense that she would be in pain and would cry out. (Isn't that what we've been seeing?) Since the child is about to be born, it makes sense that the dragon would come so he can devour the child.

    We've seen the signs. What I would expect next is for the woman (Israel) to cry out in pain as problem after problem hits her. Then, when the moment of birth comes near, I would expect the devil and his demonic army to appear in this world in a highly visible way (probably pretending to be aliens) - not after the rapture, but before it. Verse 4 tells us he visibly gets into position BEFORE the birth in order to devour the child AFTER it is born. Apparently he wants to attack us after the resurrection, which explains why we are snatched out of this world so quickly (we are being protected).

    How would the devil know when to appear? By watching the birth pains; by watching the Spirit prepare to withdraw (doesn't it seem like evil is not being restrained as much as it once was?); and by seeing what is going on in Heaven (for the devil goes there regularly to accuse the brethren).

    You might also do a study on the "ten horns" the devil brings with him in Rev 12:3. I suspect they're the same 10 world leaders that Daniel talked about which will one day govern the world. If the devil brings them with him they may not be human at all.

    1. Isaiah 66:7 Before she travailed, she brought forth; before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child.

      Thank God, the Bible says "before." Maranatha!

    2. Jon Cooper--You might find these articles of interest:

  5. WOW. Just WOW. Thanks Gary.

  6. Thank you for sharing this incredible article!
    God bless you! 🙏♥️

  7. God bless you so much for sharing this incredible article!
    Even so Lord, come quickly! 🙏💖

  8. My heart is troubled. And why shouldn't it be?

    All yesterday, and this morning I find myself subdued, as if to say that I am being still knowing He is God, and His plan is in action, and watching the deliverance of the Lord. He foretold all of this.

    In 11 days we have the 3 year anniversary of the eclipse that split America, a month later that of the Rev 12:1-2 Sign. How things have changed in those 3 years, and the USA is split so poignantly. The rest of the world swirling down into the maelstrom of lawlessness and chaos. The world desires this and makes their plans for it.

    I did not expect to still be here, many of us didn't. But then, that is an interesting thing to ponder. He comes at a time we do not expect.

    Those who have ears to hear are listening to what the Spirit is saying to them and to the churches, and those that do not are utterly violent and spew vitriol at the mere mention of it. Sneering, mocking, insult, hatred, anger, rage, arrogance, abuse, intimidating, sowing fear and worry, pride... We heard this in scripture from the Apostles for this day. They don't listen, they don't suffer the message, their minds seared in conscience.

    The worst of it is that many are family and some who we once called friends.

    Jeremiah has been on my mind much lately, in the earlier chapters, those where the Lord tells Jeremiah to no longer pray for these people, to not intercede on their behalf, for He will not listen.

    Let the wicked continue to be wicked, and let the righteous continue to be righteous.

    Daniel 12:10

    Many will be purified, made spotless, and refined,
    but the wicked will continue to act wickedly.

    None of the wicked will understand,
    but the wise will understand.

    Revelation 22:11-12

    Let the unrighteous continue to be unrighteous,
    and the vile continue to be vile;
    let the righteous continue to practice righteousness,
    and the holy continue to be holy.

    Behold, I am coming soon, and My reward is with Me,
    to give to each one according to what he has done.

    All that I find left to say now is "Come Lord Jesus". Put an end to this, bring us home.


    🚫 🍇

    ··╱É· É·╲··

    Foxman on the Wall

    1. I don't think we should stop praying for anybody until we hear Him shout 'It is finished! Come up hither!'

    2. JackN, I had a similar nudging recently. Backstory: when my dad was still alive, and vehemently opposed to the Gospel, the Lord gave me chapter and verse: Matthew 10:14. He confirmed to me that my dad was not going to listen and to shake the dust off my feet. Hard? Oh yeah. I remember reading in Jeremiah that 3 times the Lord told him not to pray for Israel. Say what? Kris, I get your sentiment, and did/do I still pray for resistant family members. Sure, hard not to--especially when one is an unsaved/prodigal son living the gay lifestyle. Nevertheless, the Lord recently sent me to that scripture again. We all know our prayers are stored in heaven. It's not as if the Lord hasn't heard them over and over again. I sense that He is saying to leave those prayers with Him and to focus on the other spiritual needs (individual and Body-corporate), including the vast unsaved in the world, for now. Also, we need to pray that the Body is learning to run with the horses and navigate the thickets of the Jordan. It could get pretty murky yet. It was the perseverance of the Philadelphia church that won their exit out of the days to come. I pray daily for God's Church to have strength for the journey, to stand firm in faith, steadfast in mind, radiant in hope-filled joy.

    3. JackN,

      You have taken the words out of my mouth. Nothing more need be said other than,


      My unwavering faith continues to be in Christ alone.

      (Hebrews 2:5-18)

    4. Kris, I didn't say stop praying or preaching the Gospel, and you are reading that into what I said, if you think that I did. :)

      Hmewrdbd, yes. Exactly...

      I have had to cut the proverbial fishing line with the shark on it in the case of my mother. I've handed her over to Christ, if by His grace she has a "Road to Damascus" conversion, all the better! Salvation at death is far better than her condition now.

      The distraction and drain from trying to reach her was that I ignored this. I know now I am not the one to bring her in. It will be another God brings into her path, and so be it.

      I also know the truth that I may never see her again, and that she might not make it to Christ at all.

      I have had to separate myself from that fruitless pursuit. And do what is placed in front of me by Him.

      This has been the hardest lesson in life I have ever had to learn, and the biggest part of it was for me to let go.

      Those who gather and harvest don't grab from that which has already been brought in, but move forward and harvest what is in the field.

      None of us make the decision for another. We deliver the Good News, the rest is up to them.

      None of us save another, our words fall on blinded eyes and deaf ears without Christ, and only He saves.

      Many, in their vitriol, have decided already against Christ, and will never change.

      So when I bring up Daniel 12, Revelation 22, and even Jeremiah's first chapters which so aptly describe our time and our situation, I point out what is pointed out to me by them.

      This is His word, His consideration, and He will stand up and say "Enough!" soon.

      Our focus of course should be on those who still need to hear the message, not to waste time and souls on those who have hardened their hearts, and keep us wound up in circles of agitation.

      There's so many now like this. :(

    5. JackN, I wonder if the Lord is trying to relieve us of long held burdens for family. Tell 'ya what, I'll pray for your family along with the other unsaved ones we hope will be included in this last harvest before the Rapture :-). Judi

    6. Blessings JackN and Judi!
      JackN, adding your mom to my daily prayer list of lost and prodigal loved ones.

      Judi, I saw a post of yours from here a while back regarding your son and have been praying for him daily ever since.

      I fully believe the Lord will do a wonder in their hearts. I cover those I am praying for under the banner of Psalm 75:1 and 77:13-14 and it is my hope that one day each one of these will proclaim these very words to our Lord Jesus in His kingdom:

      "We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks! For Your wondrous works declare that Your name is near...Who is so great a God as our God? You are the God who does wonders"

      Blessings and Maranatha!

    7. Dear Mom, what a touching and sweet post. Thank you, sweet sister. I have been praying for him for 25 years and it feels so rote sometimes. Easy to run out of words over time. Thank you so much for your kindness! He is in the "entertainment" industry so surrounded with the worst possible political and world views. Such deception! Blessings on you and yours, my sister.

    8. Agreed Pastor Rich. The harder it comes against us, that firmer our stance. Holding Fast to that Faith.

      Amen and agreed Judi! :) <3

    9. I have unsaved family and co-workers and I've been praying that they recognize the Rapture for what it is and choose Jesus at that point.

    10. JackN, Judi, HomewardBound and all,
      Kindly asking you to add my daughter to your list. Brought up in a Christian home but she estranged herself many years ago. I pray everyday too and would love it if you would pray for her to come back to her faith and if God permits, back to her family who misses her. Thank you one and all.

    11. inChristalone~Megan Vance - I too will pray for your daughter. JackN, for your mother; Judi, for your unsaved son. I haven't "heard" anyone tell me NOT to pray for someone, so I'll continue to pray for those I am praying for.

    12. InChristalone~Megan Vance, you described me for many years. I'm sure my parents thought I would never come back. But 10 years ago I did, and I have not looked back! Keep praying dear sister.

    13. Blessings InChristalone Megan Vance, adding your daughter to my prayer list. The Lord's goodness will prevail!

    14. I thank you all so very much. God bless and keep you.

  9. The very second the video started to play and her voice became audible, the Holy Spirit confirmed it in me. I knew it in my heart that what she was about to say was from the Lord. Amen!

  10. THEY plan for this to never go away it would seem. And they're using it to persecute Christians. https://news.un.org/en/story/2020/07/1069111

    Welcome to 1984. The Day of the LORD is at hand.

  11. Wow, what an amazing vision that woman had. She spoke a couple times of what is now taking place in America and the world in 2020 as being signs of transition from this world into the next. That's exactly what I wrote in a previous article about 2020 being a marked year because Vineyard America has reached an important year - the 400 year prophetic cycle. Under the Obama regime, we started seeing these "signs of transition" that can legitimately be considered the starting point of the prepping phase of transition for the church possibly culminating in 2020. This is based off the transition of the Hebrews from Egypt (a type of the world) into their "promised land" when God brought them out of Egypt (the world) into the land of milk and honey as it were. He brought them out after 400 years of captivity.

    A further point made in the article is that the transition prepping phase would continue under the Trump administration. Wala, here we are in 2020 and look at what has exploded upon Vineyard America and the world. America really is an important prophetic time piece for the close of the church age and the rapture. I hesitate saying this year will be the year for the rapture, but folks, it's looking mighty suspicious here. Regardless of whether it happens this year or not, 2020 is a marked year prophetically.

    I've posted this here before, but for those newbies to unsealed who haven't read it, enjoy. Watching that woman's vision video was some major confirmation for me ...


  12. Thanks for the post Gary.

    Here's my thoughts in a nutshell right now, although I'm all for a rapture with a gap prior to the 70th Week starting...
    Yom Kippur is the day the Bible dictates the Jubilee trumpet is to be sound (Leviticus 25:9). 9/18/2020 is a perfect fit for the Tribulation starting (and rapture?), since it's 2550 (Daniel 12 durations = 1290+1260) days prior to Yom Kippur 2027, which is 40 Jubilees since the anointing of Jesus the Messiah in 27 AD at his Baptism, and is also 2 "days" of 2,000 years from his ministry's start (Hosea 6:2). Moses ministry started with Pharoah at age 80 and ended right before Israel entered the promise land at age 120 for a total of 40 years. The 7 days of creation mirriors up with a 7,000 year timeline, which equates to 120 Jubilees (Genesis 6:3) until the 1,000 year Millennial Kingdom starts at the 120th Jubilee. Might Moses’s age have concealed the Jubilee years leading up to Israel receiving their promised kingdom? 40 years is the duration of how long Israel wandered in the wilderness for their unbelief. Stephen's Holy Spirit inspired dissertation before he was stoned was not ment to show his innocence, but rather was ment to show Israel's guilt, lack of faith, and rejection of God. After Messiah was "cut off" "out of the land of the living" (Isaiah 53:8), did Stephen's death approximately 3 (1/2) years later in 34 AD mark the 1st completion of Daniel's 70 Weeks? At Jesus baptism the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove decended on Jesus. Jonah's name translates Dove and he warned Nineveh 40 days of the coming destruction (Jonah 3:4). Basically, 40 Jubilees from Jesus ministry starting to 2027 is a huge watch timeframe for the 2nd Coming, which is most prophetically symbolized in Yom Kippur.

    The first fulfillment of Daniel's 70 weeks started out in likely 457 BC at the "word to restore and rebuild Jerusalem" and counted up 69 weeks of years (483 years Daniel 9:25) until Jesus became the priestly age of 30 and was baptized. Note: Herod did not die in 4BC. Look to the full lunar moon in 1BC. Anyways, we seem to have another duel fulfillment with Suleiman the Magnificent, in which the northern wall inscriptions mark's 1537 as their date being rebuilt. Adding, 483 weeks of years yields 2020 and is therefore an excellent candidate for Jesus coming for his Body/Bride before the final 70th Week of 7 years, with of course the full 70 weeks leading to the 2nd Coming in 2027.

    1. @Brandon

      I'm not sure what you mean. Yom Kippur 2027 appears to be on 10/11. 2550 + 9/18/2020 = 9/12/2027.


    2. I'm basing the feast days on torahcalendar.com.

    3. Brandon~To add confirmation to what you shared, I recently found what I believe are links of the fall Feast Days and the start of the Day of the Lord in the Book of Joel. Here's the article: https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2020/08/rapture-cut-off-time-2020.html

    4. Nice article Lyn. I have only read half so far, but I love the new wine being cut off insight.

      If you have some time, check out this below link on Trumpets and at the bottom are links to the guys writings on the other feast days. The Day of Atonement one ties together nicely with this trumpets one. He really changed my mind from think Pentecost to instead believing Yom Teruah to Yom Kippur would span the time of Jacob's Troubles.


      His whole website has lots of really good studies! I just love all of his feasts of the Lord studies.

      On a side note, I have been working on some charts to visualize what I described above. I plan to finish them by next weekend. I'll post a link to them when they're all done.

  13. Gary - I’m not trying to sound cynical or snarky, but I have questions about the dream video. Can you provide some background on the woman? …does she have a track record of her visions written ahead of events and the events coming true? She admits that she doesn’t have a platform, but that’s an incredibly well produced video!

    There were a couple of other things I noticed in her video. Portland, OR (to me) appears to be “ground zero” for Antifa. Maybe Washington currently isn’t the epicenter (but Seattle does have their share of “peaceful protestors”). At the end of video embedded within her video, the narrator quotes 2 Chronicles 7:14 – which is a covenant for Israel only and does not apply to the US (hat tip to Greg Lauer).

    I’m just testing; I don’t have a lot of trust in people’s dreams (that aren’t recorded in scripture). We are getting very close and I’ve watched a number of videos over the last three years that look good, but the information doesn’t stand the test of time. Thanks in advance for additional background.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I'm with you on that one. There are those who have supposed "visions from God," but it contradicts scripture. However,sometimes someone may have a legit vision from God, but throw in their own thoughts about the vision that does not come directly from God - even though the vision itself may be real. I noticed this when watching the video when the narrator voice recited Revelation quoting "Mystery Babylon" and applied that scripture as speaking about America. However, a good deep study will show that America is not Mystery Babylon. But that may have been one of those personal views of theirs without it being an actual part of the God given vision.

      On the other hand, it may not be a true vision from God. I myself am skeptical of most people's visions and dreams and find it hard to trust them. But this one seemed a bit interesting to me for the reasons that I already stated in my previous comment. In the end, we shall see. But I'm not 100 percent confident myself that it was legit, but it sure is an eye-opener nonetheless. It has some things that we should definitely consider - especially since the specifics of the vision were had beforehand and now seem to be playing out as she had them.

    3. Yeah, I don't even bother paying attention to anything someone says is a dream/vision. I do believe they happen - I've heard too many stories of isolated people getting saved because of them to totally discount them. But prophetic dreams are too commonly false and too open to allegorical interpretation ("Oh, I saw Sherlock Holmes riding a dinosaur! Obviously that means the Rapture is near!"). Sorry, but too much baloney out there.

  14. The founders built this country on the Bible, the Rock. The Bible has been removed from the country & now the entire nation sits on shifting sand of lawless conflict erasing the proud history, demonizing the founders as simply "slave owners." Is this not exactly the vision of Daniel which foretold the crumbling of all of human government including the last governments in the "toes" where even the best man can do, namely democracy also fails. indeed the 2 last democracies just happen to be the once anointed USA & Israel, both reeling in chaos. Unfolding Bible prophecy Word of Truth in real time is way more exciting than any dream. The Bible itself has been flashing neon warnings since 9/11 and falling mostly on blind eyes & deaf ears. This is NOT surprising since ONLY 8 people boarded the ARK!

    1. In the end, you are right. We should put more trust in scripture and the signs of his return revealed in the prophetic numbers, prophetic cycles and other aspects of scripture itself. But I have to admit, that vision there is an eye opener for me although I rarely buy into people's visions and dreams.

      In the end though, 2020 seems to be the ultimate indicator of where we are prophetically because it's revealed in scripture. Not based solely on a dream or vision as interesting as hers is.

  15. Understandable. Yes, it does look well-produced. Her and her husband have run a music ministry for a number of years in Florida. Seattle was ground zero for a while with CHOP/CHAZ. Kind of like where the fuse was lit.

    Regarding dreams - I'm totally with you. Take them with a grain of salt. At the same time, we can't dismiss them entirely either, because their existence is founded in Scripture (last days - Acts 2). So test everything. My rule of thumb is this:

    1. If it doesn't jive with Scripture throw it out.

    2. If it doesn't seem to contradict Scripture, test it by the prediction itself. In the case of Danielle's dreams and Dana Coverstone's dreams, both of which seem to match, we won't have long to wait to find out.

    I lay out my reasons here: https://board.unsealed.org/thread/1818/sharing-dreams-visions

    If both of their dreams are accurate, we should expect a significant escalation in the U.S.

    1. Thanks Gary! Appreciate the link, too.

      @End Times: loved your USA/vineyard series. When does this come out in a hardback cover?! ;)

    2. Ha ha ... Probably long enough for a book. In fact, sometimes I'll come across a new nugget that I haven't seen before and update them and throw in a few more insights - like I did this morning/afternoon with the 400 year cycle article. It involves the 930 vote number tally of the 2000 presidential election and the ramifications of what it meant. If you care to go back and check it out.

    3. My only problem is that they're announcing these specific dreams only after the actual events have happened. I mean... I take it with a grain of salt too, but it's a little fishy that these two didn't publicly announce their detailed dreams about specific situations until after the situations happened. It's almost self-fulfilling prophecy but worse in that they could just read headlines, and then say they had a dream about this years ago. Why don't their dreams tell what will happen in the future, and only what has already happened? That Dana guy says something happens in, what, September and November? At least he HAS something to ride on. But as detailed as the previous dreams were, it's very odd that what has yet to happen was given no clues to. Like I said, anyone can read modern headlines and then say that they had an exact dream about that.

    4. Serqonion, I see your point and it is a good point, but I see her dream as only partly fulfilled, which for me makes it encouraging.

      I'll try to explain what I mean: the dreams showed a profound and total division in the US and then we go up. That total division appears to be progressing but not yet fulfilled. For me, the dreams seem to help us see how close we must be, help us not to lose heart when/if it gets really really chaotic, and also proves to an unsaved person Gods voice in all of this.

      I do agree that caution is crucial when it comes to dreams, but for me if it worsens to the point where chaos has reached every neighborhood and destruction on US soil has become inevitable, I'll be encouraged about His nearness.

      Just my two cents. Let me know your thoughts.

  16. Just spitballing here. Noah boarded the Ark on the 10th of Cheshvan. The flood started on the 17th of Cheshvan.

    The ark landed 150 days later. Fast forward 150 days from the 17th of Cheshvan and you land on the 17th of Nisan (assuming 360 day prophetic years, 30 day months, etc.).

    This ties to Passover indirectly; Passover (the 14th of Nisan) + 3 days (the time Christ was in the tomb) = the 17th of Nisan. This is a Chuck Missler quote, but "the day the Ark landed was the anniversary, in advance, of the Resurrection".

    In my humble opinion, the 17th of Cheshvan may be a significant date in our rapture countdown. A strange coincidence to me is that in the US, election day is Tuesday, November 3rd (the 16th of Cheshvan), while the anniversary of the start of the flood is a day later. Technically (by my calculation), the 17th of Cheshvan starts on Tuesday, November 3rd at 8:45am EST (sunset is at 4:45pm Jerusalem time) - so if you have the option, I'd recommend utilizing early voting this year, just in case :)

    1. One thing that always stuck with me is that during the Bush Jr. election to the presidency, the final vote number in Florida that was so hotly contested with the court battles between Gore and Bush was 930. That number is significant because Adam lived to be 930 years of age when he died. This number surfaced during president number 43. This number happens to be the number of the Church generation before president 44 kicked in, beginning the preparation phase for the crossing over into the promised land. The preparation phase seems to end at 2020 (just spit balling lol).

      I find your November 3rd chesvan American election date with the flood starting a day later observation interesting. God is in the details.

    2. Of course, after pointing something like that out, it should also be noted that Christ is called the second Adam. Adam took the fall for Eve just as Christ took the fall for the future church. 43 being the church generation since God counts time by covenants.

      Very interesting that 930 should be the final vote tally during president 43.

    3. Dr. Barry Awe's newest video had some very interesting information as it correlates to Noah. (I know, his skits are a little goofy, but the info makes it well worth watching.) https://youtu.be/LA_1t2MRNgE

  17. Wow, just wow! How interesting that Macron was in Lebanon right after The explosion and now the government has resigned. 🚫🍇

  18. A fine point on the Washington ground zero issue: did not Covid19 have a start in the Seattle area with the nursing home?
    Source: https://www.usnews.com/news/national-news/articles/2020-03-10/coronavirus-kills-2-in-washington-state-us-death-toll-at-29
    I believe that the coasts were simultaneous ground zeroes due to international flights and the delay in being aware of the new virus. If Danielle's dreams were all prior to 2020, then they are from God since 1.)they either align with His word or otherwise do not contradict it. 2.) Accurately foresaw future events.
    There may be mistakes in the interpretations but not in the dream per se. Danielle said she saw pinpoints on the US map in New York and Washington. Considering what we have seen since January, that's remarkable. Washington state is not the typical epicenter for most things but definitely was for Covid19. And then became a hotspot for protests more recently.

    New York on the other hand would be predictable for many things. However, would she have known that so much would happen specific to New York? Dow Jones Crashes, Corona Virus Deaths, Power Outage due to Isaias, and many other things connected to New York.

    The map dream also was illuminated by Psalm 75 which has an amazing Rapture theme that i cant unsee. And it sounds very much like the current condition of the US.

  19. I don't dismiss dreams. I'd be a hypocrite if I did.

    My experience with them is that some are rest and comfort for the mind, and others are direct from God for a purpose. Almost always for me in a personal walk though. Many have come true and been fulfilled.

    In this then I see them as Prophecy. Paul taught that we should seek the gift of Prophecy, and not to despise it.

    The test as always is against scripture, God's word. And after testing it, we hold fast to that which is good.

    1 Thessalonians 5:19-21

    Do not extinguish the Spirit.

    Do not treat prophecies with contempt,
    but test all things.

    Hold fast to what is good.

  20. Gary, Blessings. In the past, though nonetheless likely naïve even back a decade or two, I would agree with your benchmarks and I commend you for them, still. However, in re dreams/visions they are far from adequate and season the soup for deception.

    It is fairly well established that dreams/visions/words/sounds et al can be produced into our minds with now long existent tech. I see Pastor Dana Coverstone a perfect *possible* example. I suggest, in addition to factual accuracy, ofc, ibid. OT re same, that in these End Times EVERY ream/Vision/Whatever Of The Lord Will Feature And Elevate CHRIST, Central To EVERY Message Given. That element cannot be crafted by the enemy into their mischief. Even Moreso, Christ's ENTIRE Ministry can be broadly seen as the REVELATION of Himself And None Can Orchestrate The Revelation Of Christ, But Christ, Himself.

    To Protect Us, He Ensures That We Know & Understand This, Will Do So Consistently (Not Shifting), And Expects Us To Accept Nothing Less. ALL D/V/Etc. which do not feature, highlight, involve Christ And His Spirit In The Matter is to be ever below that reasonable standard in the face of such treachery and evil. I say this not yet having watched the posted video, only reading the comments, so, not implying either way in this case, yet, although I hesitate to do so. Maranatha!

    1. Yes, we must be extremely discerning. Throw out what doesn't agree with Scripture. That said, Acts 2 is clear. Dreams and visions will be happening in the last days. This one in particular strikes me as plausible for three reasons: 1. she doesn't seem to indicate anything that opposes Scripture, 2. her theology appears grace centered and she even mentions JD several times, who is 100% solid on the gospel, and 3. her dreams are very similar to Dana's.

      Dana's dreams in and of themselves comport with Scripture, although he himself preaches confused gospel. Either way, I don't endorse anyone's dreams, but I know that dreams and visions are grounded in Scripture. There is absolutely deception in some cases, but I won't throw out the baby with the bathwater. We are in the last days and God says these things would happen in the last days. For instance, sister Hillary, 40 now, had a dream that she would finally have a child, a male son, almost 7 years to the day before it actually happened. I've had a few dreams, as well, in which things transpired in my life after I dreamed them.

      1. Discern

      2. Compare with Scripture

      3. But trust and verify

    2. Agree Gary.

      Jimboni, you don't feel Gary's benchmarks for dreams are adequate, yet you added nothing but confusion and speculation, via unnecessary over-the-top floral language, in my opinion.

      Why can't you just say, if a dream doesn't elevate Christ, then it's probably not of the Lord. (And maybe watch the video so you can speak to it appropriately)

      Btw, technically that IS Gary's 2nd benchmark, because all scripture makes elevating Christ obligatory.

      Lastly, the dream elevates Christ again and again, so go watch it.

      Dont mean to be so stern brother Jimboni and I apologize if I've misunderstood you. I just don't think your critique of Gary's benchmarks is fair.

    3. florid, not "floral". Lol

    4. Miguel P, Blessings. Fair enough. The post was meant to add caution more than criticize. As pragmatic Westerners we can idolize accuracy as evidence when that accuracy can stem from many fonts.

      Apart from any 1 video, I am concerned re a recent spate of vids, ala Pastor Dana, where said foreknowledge/accuracy is presented as evidence where Christ is not elevated, specifically. I could be completely incorrect on this 'extra'. However, as the technology exists to implant stuff in our heads and we can couple that with these social events being planned well ahead, ala predictive programming et al, then what other tool could we use to separate THAT from 'Words of Foresight'?

      It seems, to me, that we followers of Christ will 'know our Master's Voice' where we see Christ Elevated, so HS steps in to spiritually add credence to the 'factual data' and tie it to His Work. It would seem that that is one area into which the Enemy CANNOT and will not go. So, in the mind field we find ourselves traversing, it becomes a 'safeguard' to separate, possibly, planted stuff from Revealed.

    5. Agree Jimboni. Thanks for clarifying. Maranatha.

  21. There’s nothing left in this world for us. Things aren’t going to go back to the way they were and even if they did there’s nothing that makes me want to stay in it. Things have been spiraling downwards for a long time. I watched Belly of the Beast Director’s Cut by Justin Faull and can’t deny the NWO symbols on the dollar bill and the symbols in Washington DC ie Monument, Masonic Temple, Apotheosis of GW etc. I feel God is revealing so many hidden things about America in particular. None of it good but i would rather know the truth of the foundation than the feel good stories.

    The persecution of the Church in America is escalating. One week Bibles are being burned, the next they’re threatening to arrest John MacArthur. Online Pastors are being viciously attacked. Despicable. Praying for our brethren. I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon bans sales of the Bible.

  22. Interesting about Belarus. Pres Lukashenko refused to shut down for Covid and destroy the economy and declined the World Bank’s offer of a one billion dollar loan that was proffered with the stipulation that he do just that. Looks like payback to me.

  23. Any programming in The Economist's cover from last month? Lol.


    Note in particular the pictures of 1. a volcanic explosion, 2. thawing ice with penguin, and 3. mushroom cloud. Subsequent to this edition we've seen:

    Mount Sinabung volcanic explosion

    Last ice shelf in Canada collapsing

    And of course the nuclear-equivalent event in Beirut

    There's more though. Notice that the top headline on the cover is "Israel's Annexation Misjudgment." TPTB get it. It's obvious.

    1. Gary...I always find those Economist covers creepy. We know whomever has their input on its design, there are reasons for its subtle but hidden messages.

      The chimney of the mushroom cloud looks like an imbedded person with their arms outstretched rising out of the explosion.

      There are 3 ducks pictured, but 1/3 of them is falling.

      The little boy has a peace symbol on his shirt.

      Of course they have to emphasize their global warming agenda with the last remaining floating ice being melted by the sun.

      Interesting the pig portrait as millions of them are being slaughtered and not for food.

      One note of humor from me is the cat with a gasmask...now that is a CATastrophe!

      No children pictured.

      Of course they could post any picture and many of us would read all kinds of things into it like I am here. If the picture was a total blank picture, my imagination would have all kinds of thoughts

    2. Where is junior's mask? The one the cat's wearing is too small.

  24. I dont know why I said where are the children when I mentioned the boy. I am on my cellphone and cant access the picture while typing...and had to go on my challenged memory....yikes!

    The obvious clock time just before midnight

  25. Could you please watch this video? One of the pastors from Kentucky posted it on YouTube. Incredible.!!!


    Will continue to pray for United States of America.

    1. Hello Emmanuel!
      If I go to your link it is written: 404 Not Found.

  26. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/whitehousesiege-group-plans-lay-siege-occupy-white-house-next-month

    Occupy Wall Street began on 9/17/2011. Apparently they're now planning to Occupy The White House on 9/17/2020. September 17 just happens to be the New Moon of Trumpets this year. There's your "number 11", riots, and division.



  27. Thanks for another great article! I look to this website frequently for news updates. The Christian persecution seems so horrible worldwide (I hate reading articles about China burning down churches and demanding their leader's picture replace Christian symbols), but I never thought I'd live at a time where the good ol' USA also began to legally discriminate against Christians. The Supreme Court decision to allow the order of "only 50 people" in a church in Nevada to stand... The ruling that California churches must cease worship, even saying small Bible studies aren't allowed... It grieves the soul to see evil "triumph", even if we know it's only for a short time.

    Come, Lord Jesus! Please come soon!


    1 Fret not yourself because
    of evildoers; be not envious
    of wrongdoers!

    2 For they will soon fade
    like the grass and wither
    like the green herb.

    (Psalm 37:1-2 ESV)

    It is so easy to become discouraged especially in times of brutal economic collapse, forced isolation and separation from your faith family. Take heart and know that God through His Word tells us these times of trouble would come and come they have. This is not the first time that the church has seen hard-times; not the first time it has been subject to persecution but it may be the end of such times very soon.

    Take heart and know God's truth. It will never fade. He will never fail,

    3 Trust in the LORD,
    and do good;
    dwell in the land and
    befriend faithfulness.

    4 Delight yourself in
    the LORD, and he will
    give you the desires
    of your heart.

    5 Commit your way to
    the LORD; trust in him,
    and he will act.

    6 He will bring forth
    your righteousness as
    the light, and your
    justice as the noonday.

    Be still before the LORD
    and wait patiently for him;
    fret not yourself over the
    one who prospers in his way,
    over the man who carries out
    evil devices!

    (Psalm 37:3-7 ESV)

    Take note four things in which to abide,

    1. Trust in the LORD
    2. Delight yourself in the LORD
    3. Commit your way to the LORD
    4. Be still before the LORD

    Through daily devotion and prayer we should,

    8 Refrain from anger,
    and forsake wrath!
    Fret not yourself; it
    tends only to evil.

    9 For the evildoers shall
    be cut off, but those who
    wait for the LORD shall
    inherit the land.

    (Psalm 37:8-9 ESV)

    Again and again and again God promises that we who wait for the LORD shall inherit the land! We wait by being still. We wait in faith. We wait in hope. We wait in love. We wait by command with the promise,

    10 "Be still, and know that

    I am God.
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth!"

    (Psalm 46:10 ESV)

    We who are in Christ have all eternity to wait. Thankfully it will be only a little longer until the full measure of harvest is brought in. Soon will come the rains and the harvest will cease. The Fall Equinox is but weeks away, three (3) years after the Great Sign, on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 13:31 UTC.

    Can you see the reflecting numbers?

    2 | 2
    13 | 31
    20 | 20

    2 + 13 + 20 = 35
    2 + 31 + 20 = 53

    ...the sum of which is still a reflective number,

    35 | 53

    35 + 53 = 88

    ...the sum again is still a reflective number,

    8 | 8

    The fall festivals mark the end of the harvest. It is a time to gather, a time of celebration, a time of repentance, a time of atonement and a time of new beginnings.

    The Great Sign of Revelation 12 (R12S) of began the 10 days of awe leading up to the Day of Atonement, 2017. If those days were years then, we are living in the third day (third year) since the beginning of the Great Sign.

    The Bible as given in the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament and the original Greek text of the New Testament gives us a wealth of numeric watermarks. It is not an isolated case that we should see such watermarks in the heavens,

    1 The heavens declare the
    glory of God, and the sky
    above proclaims his handiwork.

    2 Day to day pours out speech,
    and night to night reveals

    (Psalm 19:1-2 ESV)

    All of creation declares His glory and so should we. Abide in Jesus as Jesus abides in the Father. By His Holy Spirit boldly and confidently share the good news that has been given to you with those who thirst and hunger for truth. When people share how messed up and wrong the world is; how they feel like strangers in a once familiar land -- tell them it's not so strange -- it's a product of their eyes being open to the world that is perishing and eternal life being offered them by God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Faith casts out fear. Hope overcomes. Love endures.

    In Christ alone we find our faith. In Christ alone we hope. In Christ alone we find true Love. Love that has not, does not and will not fail.

    Share that love today!

    Blessings, always

    1. Amen!! Thank you for this. I went back and read Psalm 37. It was just what I needed. God is so good!

      Keep loving, folks. Until we're gone! And then people will remember that love, a love that endures. Jesus. Isn't His name lovely?!

      Keep enduring, friends. We're here now for a reason. But see you all soon!

    2. Thank you, Pastor Rich. I really would rather go sooner, but I have been thinking about the Great Sign and how the Jews missed it three years ago, along with most of the world. As you say, it is only weeks away. Summer will end and the harvest be complete. Then the rains come. Let it be so. Looking forward to meeting you and yours when we all arrive safely Home. Many, many blessings.

    3. Thank you Pastor Rich for both the Rock solid encouragement but also for the advice about how to be ready for when our unsaved family and neighbors begin to say things that points out their eyes and hearts are being opened to the Truth. I am using that to help me be vigilant for those opportunities ahead. I sincerely believe the Body of Christ has abundant evidence that speaks of our Savior's soon appearing to take us home, praise Jesus!...

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. It seems to me that no one will win this next election. Trump wins and his opposition will probably go full riot mode... Biden wins and the other side might do the same... If Kanye or someone else somehow wins... who knows what will happen... It's the perfect storm basically... and it's not just in America, but a lot of countries out there...

    And we have front row seats...

  31. Did you guys know that Reformation Day, to commemorate Luther's nailing of the 95 theses to the door, is October 31st? Aka Halloween? It was a sad day when the Catholic church was revealed as a corrupt institution that had overlaid human teachings and worldly power onto pure worship.

    On the other hand, thank God they don't have Paula Whites, Joel Osteens, Jerry Falwell Jrs and other people who take advantage of the fact that Protestantism has shattered the church into thousands of pieces in this country.

  32. Pastor Steve C just released a video detailing a possible timeline of another 28 years to come before the Lord’s second advent. Sounds quite off according to what I’ve been gathering from this community and others. What do you think the chance is for the world to go on another 28 yrs - or 21 years before the 7 year trib?


    @endtimes darkness descending - Recently read through the article on America’s 400 year prophecy. Another very informative and insightful article.

    @pastor rich and everyone else who responded previously to my inquiry, a sincere thank you.

    1. the Museum of the Bible in DC is located at 400 4th st

      1619-2019=400 yrs
      "4th"= independence day (liberation of slaves)
      4004 bc= creation date according to James Ussher

    2. Senior Priorities & All,

      My simple rule is that the puzzle is predicated and bound by Scripture. The years of man are to be 120. The years of a generation are 70, 80 if by strength. 42-months, one week each are a measurement defining temporal space which we can manipulate through thought and technology by diligent study of the Word.

      The humble, mature and prayerful seeking of wisdom exclusively through the teaching of the Holy Spirit and conferring with other mature Christian brothers and sisters is absolutely critical to building understanding.

      If our truth seeking holds to these foundations I think we are looking in reasonable directions.

      It is perfectly okay to ask questions. We should ask questions and question the answers. We must be humble enough to know we will be wrong more than we are right. Our ability to see clearly is not yet granted. I believe we should encourage one another as we see the Day approaching yet keep ourselves honest and hold to what we know for sure.

      The plain truth and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      What do I think are the chances of the world going through another 28 years before the Tribulation? If God deems it so it would be 100% wouldn't it? But how long do we wait for winter once we see buds set and leaves begin to change colour? We don't wait for years do we?

      Cling to God's Word not human understanding. Wisdom is supernatural and comes from on High. Ask questions and be willing to be wrong and open to correction. Be a student of the Spirit testing the spirits constantly. Make consistent time with God and His Word the cornerstone of your day. A non-negotiable. Defend that time and share it with others when you can.

      If we are to expect a shortening of days then we should expect a pattern to be broken. Do I think we'll be waiting a couple decades more? No. I sincerely don't. I'm with Max Lucado on this one.

      The time to go home is upon us.

      But no matter the *when* -- we will all go together. That is the way we will be then so that is the way we should be today.



    3. Thank you Pastor Rich. We don't know each other here and now but we will eternally and I'm honored. Your answer is sensitive, honest, humble and attentive. Id have said the same thing just not as well. God bless.

    4. Thank you, Daniel for your kind encouragement! It's a blessing to share fellowship with you and everyone here at UNSEALED.ORG.

    5. As I see it, The 2nd Coming should happen on YOM Kippur 2027. In 2028, it would be greater than 80 years( plus a few months) for a generation. This would mean the rapture would occur this year, probably on Feast of Trumpets. Just my thoughts.Absolute latest would be next year at Feast of Trumpets.

  33. Yes Pastor Rich. I echo Daniel on this. So very eloquent and encouraging you are. God bless you my friend. John

  34. At https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-53770859 "Israel and UAE strike historic deal to normalise relations":

    "As a result, they added, Israel would suspend its plans to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank."

    What kind of prophetic consequences does this postponement of the annexation of the West Bank have?

  35. Libreal Dallas county family courts at it again---Hope these 2 judges repent or rcv God's wrath. Mary Brown & kim Cook. https://dailycitizen.focusonthefamily.com/dallas-judge-gives-complete-custody-to-mom-who-wants-to-transition-james-younger-into-a-girl/

  36. "Lord Jesus.. We await Your coming with breathless anticipation. We are deeply involved in watching all the world events taking place as signs of the Your imminent return".



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