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A Possible Timeline

Where might we be in the grand scheme of things?  Are we close?  I offer this as a speculative/theoretical timeline.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  God willing, there's a lot more I will add to it.  You can view it at the link below or download it here.  *You will need a way to open and view Excel files if you download it locally.  The link below will load it in Google Sheets.

Also, given that we may be close to major events, I wanted to start freely sharing some of the resources we've developed over the years.  You can download all of these for free by clicking the links below (I'll be adding to this list):

Alien Deception (By T.W. Tramm)

“I, Jesus, sent My messenger to testify to you these things concerning the assemblies; I am the root and the offspring of David, the radiant morning star! And the Spirit and the bride say, Come! And he who is hearing—let him say, Come! And he who is thirsting—let him come; and he who is willing—let him take the water of life freely. For I testify to everyone hearing the words of the prophecy of this scroll, if anyone may add to these, God will add to him the plagues that have been written in this scroll, and if anyone may take away from the words of the scroll of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the Scroll of Life, and out of the holy city, and the things that have been written in this scroll.” The [One] testifying [to] these things says, “Yes, I come quickly!” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus! The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ [is] with all [[the holy ones. Amen.]] (Rev. 22:16–21, LSV)

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  1. Thank You Gary!

    Watching is the command because Paul knew the unsealing of Daniel’s prophecies would be visible in history. No prophecy Guru necessary. No sages with mystic wisdom required. Only an awareness of the prophecy’s relevance to historical events is needed; that is, you need to know where to look, what to look for, and why you’re looking there to see it.

    For centuries, the learned have conjectured about the Antichrist coming from Rome, anticipating a repeat performance of Antiochus Epiphanies, so they look to the west to find him. Even though it is Daniel’s vision they have always sought to decipher in their quest, it has always eluded them –“close up and seal the book until the time of the end.”

    Alas, we can see why the warning to Daniel when he inquired more information from the angel, “Go your way Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end.”

    Until it was unsealed, it would remain a mystery; and true to its word –it has! The “very elect” are looking in the wrong direction, and they always have been!

    What Daniel saw was – “In the days of these kings” – the toes of iron and clay that grow from the feet (the Moslem Empire) that follow the legs (Rome) in history.

    The Jews were not even back in the land when the feet kingdom came and went from history. The toes kingdom is the residue nations from the Moslem Empire who are the kings in the land of Nebuchadnezzar’s image when the Jews returned to the land in1948. Those Moslem kings have had a faction whose one and only purpose is the total annihilation of the State of Israel, and they have been warring toward that end ever since.

    That is how the False Deliverer of the Jews (the people of the Prince that shall come) is able to come onto the scene through a peace act; he is a Moslem king who is bringing peace and security to the Jews. “And he shall confirm a covenant with many for one seven.”

    Is it possible that this Moslem king also has Jewish blood? Could that be how the Jews can claim him as their deliverer? “And he shall be diverse from the first and he shall subdue three kings.”

    If Jehovah and Allah were truly“oneGod”,then the Jews and Moslems (and Christians) all should be able to live in a peaceful Jerusalem and worship in peace on the Temple Mount - a concept the Hashemite King is already advocating when he speaks of his fervent hope and vision for a future Judeo-Christian-Islamic culture.“And in this horn were eyes like a man and mouth speaking great things”, and, “He will win the kingdom by flatteries.”

    The responsibility of the New Covenant followers, as outlined by the Apostle Paul to the Thessalonians, is to WATCH! The Jews and Gentiles (and all of their political dealings) will be like a chronometer that figures time and distance with precision. The day will come when they'll all be saying “Peace and Safety”; but instead, in that day, sudden destruction will be their lot. Remember, it's the Jews who will be caught off guard!

    1. I know some prophecy teachers think the AC will be Muslim or at least from a Muslim area, but the majority think he'll arise from the EU area of the world instead. The Roman Empire was clearly the Empire to destroy the Temple and scatter the Jews, and the AC has to come from an Empire that is a clear heir to that Empire. While I understand that some parts of the Middle East area were included int the Roman Empire, it's a much more obvious thing to say that the EU is that heir. So while you may be right, I don't see enough evidence to change my view that the AC is more likely European than Middle Eastern. But, since the Church won't be here to see this guy revealed, I guess it doesn't really matter! The left behind need to look for a man who "strengthens a seven year peace treaty" and that's enough to figure out the bad guy :-)

    2. Most welcome brother. Maranatha.

    3. With the large number of Syrian immigrants now living in Europe - the AC could easily be both muslim and European.

    4. The "nationality" nor the identity of antichrist never held any fascination for me. I will be gone when he rises to power & coming back with Lord Jesus when Jesus defeats antichrist with one puff of His breath. Who cares what happens in between; not my concern. If the tribulation is visible from the pews in heaven, we can find out then any details of the players & events described in Revelation.

    5. Good attempt at making a timeline but all are based on flawed calendars. The timeline in 21st Century Revelation is ~3974 BC-3027 AD based on an early birth and early exit. Always allow 7 years for a margin of error.

      Jewish Calendar Errors

      The Jewish year 5781 is based on Rabbi Yose ben Halafta’s work Seder Olam. It is short by about 216 years. That makes it ~5997 AM. Then add 7 years of Tribulation to be ~6004 so the Roman calendar is off by ~3 years.

      1. 5 Years - Abraham was 75 not 70 years old when he received God’s covenant (Genesis 12:4).
      2. 45 Years - The 480 years starts at Joshua as judge to Solomon’s temple. The 40 years in the wilderness and 5 years Joshua as conquering the Promised Land are not included (1 Kings 6:1).
      3. 166 Years - There are 656 years from the destruction of the first (587-586 BC) and second temples (70 AD) not 490 years. For 207 years, Media-Persia ruled Judea. The Jewish chronology gives fifty-two years based on Daniel 11:1-2. Daniel lists 4 of 12 kings of Media-Persia. Nehemiah 12:10-11 lists more high priests and infers a longer period.

      Roman Calendar Errors

      The Roman calendar based on James Ussher's chronology starts at 4004 BC. It is off by about 30 years.

      1. Time from the Abrahamic covenant to the Exodus is 430 years with 215 in Canaan and 215 in Egypt. Slavery lasts ~120 years (Exodus 12:40-41).
      2. Years of Eli, Samuel, Saul and Philistines overlap. Eli died when the Ark of the Covenant was taken by the Philistines and returned to Jerusalem 20 years 7 months later by King David. Saul did not reign forty years (1 Samuel 4:18, 1 Samuel 7:2, 1 Samuel 13:1).
      3. Birth of Christ must fall after Augustus' census and before Herod the Great's death (Luke 2:1-2, Matthew 2:1).
      4. There are questions when Augustus started his rule (31-27 BC) and if Tiberius was co-regent (10-14 AD)(Luke 3:1-2).
      5. Jesus was conceived during Hanukkah and born in Tishri in ~7-1 BC. Two possible dates are:
      7 BC – Tabernacles – October 5/6 – Jupiter Saturn triple conjunction in May, October, December.
      3 BC – Trumpets – September 10/11 – Jupiter Regulus triple conjunction in September, February, May.
      6. The Star of Bethlehem and wise men occurs over a year later.
      5 BC – ~Pentecost – May/June 5 BC – Comet as the star.
      2 BC – ~Hanukkah – December 2 BC – Jupiter as the star.
      7. Jesus' ministry lasts 2½ or 3½ years. John lists Passover (John 2:23, John 6:4, John 11:5) but an unidentified feast (John 5:1).
      8. God's calendar aligns to creation (1 AM) and redemption (4001 AM).

      Bible Chronology

      Jewish Year Person/Event
      1 Adam
      1000 Noah
      2000 Abraham
      3000 Solomon
      4000 Cross
      Church Age Begins
      5000 Church Age
      ~5994 Church Age Ends
      Rapture (1st of Tishri)
      ? Gap (10 Days or Years)
      5994 Confirmation of the Covenant
      Tribulation Begins
      6000 Tribulation Ends
      Second Coming (10th of Tishri)
      Millennium Begins (15th of Tishri)
      7000 Millennium Ends
      New Heaven/Earth

      Jesus Christ was born ~7-1 BC and died ~27-33 AD, then ~2027-2033 could be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. So ~2019-2026 is a possible seven year rapture window as God prepares the world for the seven years of Tribulation. Since we are at the end of the Church Age, watch for Jesus and pray.

      Abdicate.net has a great Bible chronology (3977 BC-2025 AD) that lists verses, explains complicated years and ends after the year 2000.

      Linear Chronology of Man According to the Scriptures

      Robert Cook

  2. Hey,

    I made a similar timeline a few days ago as well. I've also included biblical references and it's a little short and comprehensive. My Email is Sk903904@gmail.com. If you want a copy, just email me. Anyways, thank you so much Brother Gary for your effort. God bless! shalom.

    “This is the last call for passengers who want to be raptured! Please proceed to the departure gate! The exact time of our flight is unknown yet imminent therefore we kindly ask all of you to be ready at the gate, prepared for an expected yet sudden boarding! Thank you!”

  3. Official: Israel is going into a 3 week lock down starting Friday afternoon: https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/coronavirus-2651-new-cases-on-saturday-death-toll-1103-642074

    1. It's getting real.

    2. Sorry, but may I know what prophecy is this and relevance to rapture or end times?

    3. Anon
      The prophecy is in Zechariah 12:10- 12. In verse 12 every family is apart (it seems like lock down), in a time when God opens there eyes to who Jesus really is.
      Rom 11:25 When the rapture happens (the Gentiles come in) the blindness over Israel will be lifted.

    4. See also https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/nation-of-israel-will-be-placed-on-lockdown-starting-feast-of-trumpets-as-netanyahu-signs-abraham-accord/ "Netanyahu Will Sign Abraham Accord Then The Nation Of Israel Will Be Placed On Coronavirus Lockdown Starting On The Feast Of Trumpets For 21 Days".

      Maybe significant prophetic developments during that 21-day long lockdown? Prophetic developments like a war between Israel and Iran with her proxies, the Revived Roman Empire, consisting of 10 European Nations, being formed?

  4. https://www.nowtheendbegins.com
    "Just what can we expect this coming week by way of bible prophecy? That's hard to say, but when you look at the potential of what could happen with how everything is shaping up, it's more than a little exciting. Just imagine, in the same week, you will have Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain sign the Abraham Accord, the Feast of Trumpets on the sabbath day and the beginning of a 3 x 7 day lock down for the entire nation of Israel!"
    * * * *
    Did you catch the "...3 x 7 day lock down"?
    22 more Arab countries are expected to sign on over the next few months.
    We know it's NOT a good thing (dividing the land).
    But, we also know that God said it WOULD happen.
    * * * * *
    If we were traveling by plane, most of us would have already boarded, our bags would be stowed in an overhead compartment, we'd be settling into our seats, and the flight attendant would be making the final boarding call.
    Right now, the captain's just waiting for clearance from the tower!

    1. The imagery, patterns, and prophecies are all converging. Dare I say to the next few weeks?

    2. Jenny,

      We too feel like we're already boarded and waiting for the passengers in the general boarding call. Our belts are fastened and set. We are so ready to go.

      Commerical flights, as it is with all flights flying under instrument flight rules have a chunk of airspace reserved for them. A slot in time and space where a path has been made for the flight to operate. You don't leave too early and you don't leave too late. You leave right on time.

      Your model for our departure is a good one. All will come to pass in God's own time. Soon we will be heaven bound. Soon we will all be going Home.

      Looking forward to making some Kingdom cake with friends very soon!

    3. Pastor Rich, so good to see/hear from you. I haven't read every single comment the past couple of posts, but had been missing seeing your name and hoping all was well. Be blessed, everyone, as we longingly, lovingly await our Lord.

  5. From Greg's site, A Little Strength, Keys to the Kingdom:
    He puts God's covenants into historical and current perspective.

  6. According to Google Docs, the timeline is unavailable for me. :-(

  7. Spot on Gary! Thank you so much for your diligence in watching for our lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I believe and pray its this year, even this week or at the latest the end of October. All the prophecies are in place. God bless and see you in the sky very soon!

  8. Gary ;

    Your timeline is perfect. I totally agree. What if the Rapture occurs this FOT, but the Tribulation doesn't start until 2021 FOT ? I know it won't matter to us, but this would provide time to have Psalm 83 war between Arab nations and Israel and then EZ 38 war. How would that fit with your timeline ?

  9. At https://www.ynetnews.com/article/rJujVK2Vv "Hungary only EU country to send minister to Israel-UAE accord signing":

    \"Hungary only EU country to send minister to Israel-UAE accord signing

    FM Szijjarto invitation to White House ceremony comes courtesy of Trump; praises U.S. president on Facebook for 'the best [Middle East] peace plan thus far'

    Reuters | Updated: 09.14.20 , 12:11

    Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto will be the only EU diplomatic leader to attend the signing ceremony on Tuesday in Washington for the Israel-United Arab Emirates peace deal, his spokesman said on Sunday."

    Could the Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto be the future antichrist, who will confirm a treaty with Israel? He comes indeed from the EU.

  10. Gary, God bless you brother for your continuing efforts in these last days. I have been greatly impacted by your study, research, and heart for the Lord over the last four years. And this timeline is very helpful. Thank you for the time you have spent putting it all together. It is wonderful having all this data together in one place. Thanks for staying the course brother!

    Like many of you, I have been burdened the last few years by the lack of awareness and attentiveness in the Church to biblical prophecy. The more that the signs have converged these last few years, the more I have thought, surely everyone will see now, and wake up, but very few do. I do think that time is indeed short, and as a pastor I feel that the folks that the Lord has entrusted to me need to be prepared for what is coming. So, as a series I have been doing on the life of Christ started to wind down, I felt the Lord leading me to talk about what Jesus is doing now, and what He is getting ready to do. Also, when we are gone, I have a sense that these messages might be a trail of bread crumbs for those who are left behind. Here are some links to the messages on our Lord's return that I have given so far:

    1) Signs of Our Lord's Return: (message begins at 13:40)

    2) The Rapture (message begins at 14:10)

    3) The Mystery of Marriage (Teaching on Jewish Weddings) (message begins at 12:31)

    4) God's Fig Tree (message begins at 11:20)

    5) Anointed Like Nobody Else! (Teaching on dual fulfillments from Isaiah 61, 9, Daniel 9)
    (message begins at 9:27)

    6) God's Signs in the Heavens (Teaching on the Mazzaroth, Bethlehem Star, Revelation 12 Sign) (message begins at 17:45)

    May God bless whoever finds these messages helpful in some way! And may God bless you all as you continue to wait and for our Lord Jesus' soon return! Maranatha!

    1. Way to go! Thank you Pastor Michael for your messages of hope in this time of tribulation. I pray that hungry hearts find your sermons and that they endure to feed those who seek the truth that is the Living God in Christ Jesus our Lord!

      It is indeed a blessing having you here!

      Keep looking UP!!

    2. Thank you - my sister's church does not preach on the end times.
      We talk about it, so I suggested an in-home Bible study group.
      It's mostly going to be teenagers (12-16 year olds).
      I sent her your list to help get the ball rolling.
      Snacks and sodas are up to her!

    3. Thank you Pastor Rich! Although I have not commented until recently, I have often enjoyed and been blessed by your comments on Unsealed over the last 4 years. Thank you for staying faithful and pointing us all to our Lord's soon return! God bless you brother for that! My only prayer for these messages is that God would use them now and in the days after the rapture, to point people to the truth of God's Word, and the hope we have in Jesus Christ!


    4. Jenny, thank you for sharing that. It blesses me to know that these messages might help anyone better understand Bible prophecy and our Lord Jesus' soon return! That's why I felt the Lord leading me to give them and then share them here. How much better is it when a group of teenagers get to hear about our Lord and what's coming next? I pray these messages are helpful, and that the in-home Bible study goes great!

    5. Thank you Pastor Michael. Brad shared your sermon with me. I'm blown away. Thank you so much brother. I could tell you were full of the Holy Spirit when you delivered that. I shared it on Facebook. Maranatha!

    6. God bless you Brother Gary! I couldn't have shared that message Sunday, without being fed by guys like you, Jeff, and Brad over the last few years. Your daring to take the Bible as God's Word, including in the prophetic parts, has been a source of great encouragement and inspiration to me for a good while now. So, thank you!

      And yes, I did feel that the Holy Spirit was upon me as I gave that message. I had been discouraged the last couple of days before, and I had second-guessed giving that message. On Sunday morning, I happened to get a voicemail from Brad letting me know that he was praying for me, and that made me hit my knees and give it to our Lord. After that, I just felt His peace. Thanks so much for sharing the message and for all that you do at Unsealed. Maranatha brother!

    7. Oh, and I hope you didn't mind that I pulled some pictures from a couple of your articles. I originally hadn't planned on doing a slideshow, but the day before, after thinking about it, I thought it might help the church to understand better if they could visualize it. Thanks again for your great work! Blessings brother!

    8. Not at all! It's all about the mission. Everything I have is yours.

    9. Amen! That’s how I feel too.

  11. At https://eschatologytoday.blogspot.com/2020/08/global-sitrep-c3-30-rumors-of-peace.html "Global SITREP C3-30: Rumors of Peace - The Abraham Accord" under header "UPDATE 14 September 2020" about the Abraham Accord in relationship with the Psalm 83 war.

    These nations which are involved in this war: Lebanon, Jordan, the PA, the terrorist enclave of Gaza and a remnant Shia militia from Iraq. It could be that signing the Abraham Accord tomorrow will ignite the Psalm 83 war war. Could that be the reason behind the 21-day long lock down in Israel?

  12. Ezekiel 38:11

    You will say, "I will invade a land of unwalled villages; I will attack a peaceful and unsuspecting people--all of them living without walls and without gates and bars.

    The peace agreement allows Israel and some Arab nations to FLY across each country's airspace.

    Remember, the Airspace is actually an invisible wall....once the peace treaty is signed, those walls are down.

    There you go.

    1. I know that this is the minority view regarding "land of unwalled villages" BUT I think there is good argument that this 4 word description is the USA. Therefore, I expect attacks both on USA AND Israel per Ezekiel, Psalm 83, etc Israel never was nor ever will be unwalled until Christ sits on the throne of David. The USA has always been uniquely unwalled.

  13. There is another interesting fact that should be taken into extreme consideration at this point in light of this breaking event of the Abraham Accord. The colors of the U.A.E. flag are the exact same colors of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. We all here know what that means regarding the rapture, but to put it in perspective for a Christian novice or newbie, the rapture occurs at Revelation 4:1 while the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rides at Revelation 6.

    1. Can't make this up! The first two seals are white then red. Bahrain's flag is white and red.

      Hurricane Sally (Sarah) will strike tomorrow at almost the same time the Abraham Accord is signed.

      Abraham and Sarah. The promised son soon to be born?

    2. That's a fresh, tall, cold and bitter can of prophetic smack-face right there. Ha Ha ... Nope, can't make this stuff up.

    3. The UAE flag is red, black, white AND GREEN, which are not the exact same colors as the FOUR HORSES (the riders were not colored, the horses were) of the Apocalypse.

  14. Wow! Excellent insight on the "walls."

  15. I would not be following my gut instincts if I did not Kindly suggest to deboard the plane. We have many souls out here as our greatest evangelical times are upon us. Even if the holding tanks could handle waiting for departure for a year...the plane still will be on the ground. 😊

    1. We won't board until we fly. In the meantime, nothing creates urgency to evangelize like looking for Christ rather than antichrist. You won't find many more busy evangelizing than the folks I'm fellowshiping with. We're running a campaign right now that has reached over 4 million lost coins in the 10/40 Window and we're desperate to grow that even more this week because of the sudden impetus. Maranatha.

    2. Amen, brother Gary. NO ONE reading any of what you've written should EVER think you're advocating that believers quit sharing the Gospel simply because time is short. NO true member of the Body of Christ would dream of quitting now! It appears that the world's nastiest habits of virtue-signalling, bullying, and projection may have entered the Church.

  16. I just had a thought. Right now, these new Arab nations are being given access to the Temple Mount by Israel, but not by the Palestinians or Jordan. I wonder if a "treaty" would be made that shifted control of the Temple Mount to one of these newly friendly nation's. In return for control (and thus access), Israel is allowed to build their Temple beside the Dome of the Rock. Just an idea dea, of course...

    1. Sherrill, this is from The Jerusalem Post:
      "Is it time to ‘normalize’ the Temple Mount?
      Normalization is the buzzword of the moment. We are now normalizing things that had been abnormal for far too long."

  17. Gary, Upon Our departure, unsealed.org will be taken down for non-payment of hosting fees. Have you thought about prepaying for the next seven years? Just a thought :)

    1. Oh yes. We have contingency plans. 🙂

  18. MORE on the Abraham Accord:
    N.B. While it is largely being denounced in the MSM, many conservative and international sites sound largely positive.

    "...This is why Israel and the United States cannot afford to rest on their laurels but must maintain the momentum generated by the accord to pursue a new diplomatic offensive in the region so more Gulf states will recognize Israel. Bahrain and Oman have both already publicly embraced the Accord, and the Omani foreign ministry has called the agreement “historic.” Saudi Arabia, a close ally of the UAE, did not fully support the deal, but still “cautiously welcomed” the accord and stated it “could be viewed as positive.” In a further conciliatory step, it has opened its airspace to Israeli planes.

    The accord’s diplomatic benefits are not just limited to the Middle East: last week, Serbia agreed to move its embassy to Jerusalem, while Kosovo announced it will formally recognize Israel. This is a major diplomatic triumph since it marks the first two European nations to move their embassies to Jerusalem, as well as the first Muslim-majority nation (Kosovo) to do so."
    * * * *
    "The Abraham Accord is a positive development rather than a game changer. The treaty might have been a secret but the relationship between Israel and the Emirates was not. The UAE is to be praised for having the courage to make the ties open and hopefully expanding them. It has yet to be seen which other Arab states will follow in the UAE’s footsteps or whether they’ll prefer to wait to see how this peace agreement comes to fruition and what gains can be made.
    The Palestinian leadership – serial naysayers of peace – naturally condemned this latest move, too. Protest rallies were held in which portraits of Netanyahu, Trump and MBZ were defaced and set on fire. Hamas stepped up its ecoterrorism with some 50 incendiary balloons a day being unleashed on Israel and a couple of rocket attacks.
    Netanyahu praised the agreement as changing the paradigm from “land for peace” to “peace for peace.” I’m not convinced. Clearly, the prime minister has decided to forgo the opportunity of extending Israeli sovereignty to the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley."

    Sources: The Federalist, The Jerusalem Post

  19. Great job again, Gary. Thank you.
    One small question....you have Jesus was born in 3 BC, but it is universally accepted that Herod died in 4 BC. Matthew 2:1 says Jesus was born in the time of Herod. Herod would have been dead in 3 BC. Thoughts? Thanks.


    1. If I may...

      Actually it is not universally accepted that Herod the Great died in 4 BC. Yes, certain copies of Josephus state that Herod died in 4 BC while others are printed that Herod died in 1 BC. The oldest copies seem to state 1 BC. Other evidence also support a 1 BC death.

      I wonder if Rabbi Joseph ben Akiba may have influenced Josephus or later printings of Josephus' writings. This is an avenue of research that is wide open. Authors and researchers like Barry Setterfield and Rick Larson have a wealth of research and writing on the topic -- more than enough to dig into your own study.

      I have been in the camp of a 9/11/3 BC conception of Christ but am researching a 9/11/3 BC birth of Christ. Both have merits and both are worthy of exploration.

      Happy hunting!


    2. I'll echo PR. 4 BC is a common secular theory, but there are a growing number of scholars questioning that date. I agree with the premise that 4 is a copyist error and 1 BC is the year in which Herod died.

    3. Herod aside, does not the prevailing dating by scholars rest on the decree to rebuild by Artaxerses being on 444 BC to arrive at the cut off 69 weeks (483 years or 173,880 days) prophecy given by Daniel such that the crucifixion is calculated to be April 6, AD 32. Those who figure thusly do have to convert from the Jewish calendar to Gregorian. So the question remains: WHAT IS THE MATH USING THE 457 BC DECREE AS IT DATES THE CRUCIFIXION per Daniel's 69 weeks?

    4. @sfg,

      Your math is a match to that of author Ken Johnson, "The Ancient Dead Sea Scroll Calendar and the Prophecies it Reveals", who's work I respect but can only agree with if our existing calendars are completely wrong. Accordingly, Ken indicates that the current Hebrew calendar is wrong!

      I have continued to examine this question as time permits but feel more compelled by the witness of the Great Sign of Revelation 12. That combined with (Genesis 6:3), (Psalm 90:10), the birth of the modern State of Israel and a host of other Scriptural pin-points are (IMHO) required to attempt to model the Day of the Cross.

      Even so, we are attempting to pin-point a target across a handful of years across calendars that are suspect at best.

      This is an ongoing personal study and may require a calendar that exists outside of those offered. I do have a calendar based on Sabbaths beginning with Creation Week that may prove more accurate but have had limited time to dig on that as of yet.


      Multiplying the 69-weeks of years times seven (7) gives us the number of prophetic years between Artaxerxes' decree and the death of the Messiah,

      69-prophetic weeks x 7 = 483-prophetic years

      Next we calculate how many days in 483-prophetic years,

      483-prophetic years x 360-days/yr = 173,880-days.

      In his study, Ken Johnson places the date of the decree at March 14, 444 BC. Building that into a spreadsheet model I get an end date of Friday, April 3, 33 AD -- the same day as Rick Larson for the Day of the Cross.

      This model does not convert for calendars -- it only counts days in a seven-day week model and is subject to further verification but this is the initial reading. The model automatically handles no year zero.

      Independent verification is encouraged.

    6. YES! SPOT ON! Johnson does lay that out & is compelling. As is Gary. I cannot pinpoint enough data points to arrive at an exact conclusion. Frankly, I was "satisfied" to rough it out adding 80 years to 1948 & deciding the 2nd coming is 2028 & rapture 2021. To me 2028 could be 2000 years after Christ declared (reading from Isaiah per Luke) the acceptable year of the Lord. I have settled for this only because other data points like the decree to rebuild, etc. are elusive to pin down. I would love to have more clarity.

    7. @sfg, I am glad that hit the mark. I too have come to be "satisfied" to rough it out adding 80 years to 1948 but decided that 2027 would be the *earliest* for the Second Coming and 2020 the *earliest* for the harpazo. (Earliest is somewhat of a relative term and does not imply boxing God into any scenario). I have been compelled that 2027 could fall on a Jubilee of years that include the acceptable year of the Lord. Perhaps 2028 could as well? I have not modelled this as of yet but...

      Yes, other data points like the decree to rebuild, etc, are elusive and difficult to pin-down. Only the Father has such answers in absolute. We do not neither should we. After-all, we are not He are we?!! I equate that with knowing what your Christmas presents are before they get wrapped and put under the tree!

      Soon we shall know. It is enough for us to remain steadfast and faithful. Constantly looking to and pointing others to Christ. In Christ is our faith, hope, identity and Love. Those are very real and now! There is nothing elusive about His Love. It is present and persistent.

      As the Spirit teaches us through Paul,

      9 For we know in part and we prophesy
      in part,

      10 but when the perfect comes, the
      partial will pass away.

      (1 Corinthians 13:9-10 ESV)

      Considering all that Paul was shown while on the road to Damascus, that says a lot! I long for that Day too.

      Keep looking UP!

  20. I was looking for a left behind letter to leave for my friends and family.Thank you dear bro Gary. God bless you amazing ministry!! Final countdown!!☁️🎺🙇‍♂️🙆‍♂️

  21. when i think of the ten toes of the statue, i can't help but think of CHRISLAM, somehow fitting the bill ??? ~ just sayin'

    1. @ozark,

      Speaking of ten toes of the statue, have you seen this?

      Abraham Accord - Historic Peace treaty between Israel and UEA - Presale

      Look closely at the face with the Scimitar and you will notice 10-stars.

  22. Your timeline is awesome! Can anyone explain to me why the Crucifixion year is in 31 AD and not 30 AD?

    1. Christ birth - 9/11/3 BC
    2. Jesus starts his ministry fall 27 AD
    3. 1st Passover 28 AD (The 3 Passovers are listed in the book of John, to bad they didn't put the year in!)
    4. 2nd Passover 29 AD
    5. 3rd Passover 30 AD (Jesus is crucified on 14th Nisan just before the 3rd Passover)

    You made reference to a Thursday Crucifixion. I'm a proponent of a Wednesday Crucifixion. I have a calendar that shows both 30 AD and 31 AD as a Wednesday Crucifixion. The person that made the calendar seams pretty solid on his reason for accuracy. Here are the links to both 30 AD and 31 AD Nisan 14 being on a Wednesday:

    30 AD http://www.cgsf.org/dbeattie/calendar/?roman=30+AD (Sunday is on the far lest of the calendar)

    31 AD http://www.cgsf.org/dbeattie/calendar/?roman=31+AD





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