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BREAKING: “Peace and Security” in the Middle East as Morocco, Oman, Djibouti, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia Set to Join Abraham Accords

I'll make you a deal you can't refuse.”  If the Vision for Peace is implemented, the land of Israel, and the city of Jerusalem, will be divided.  It's that simple.  The Abraham Accords adds the covenant with many layer to this deal.  Now that Israel has legally entered into the Abraham Accords via Knesset and Cabinet approval, and more countries are joining, it will be impossible to get out of it... but God.  At what time in the future will there ever be such a sudden cacophony of voices crying out “peace and security” as there are right now?  All of these “many” will only make peace with Israel once.

The breaking news is that it appears Morocco is set to announce normalization with Israel in days, and Oman, Djibouti, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia within days or weeks.  A full-on 1 Thessalonians 5:3 détente has broken out in the Middle East and the Church is almost completely asleep.  Even more—many watchers have placed God in a box assuming this couldn't possibly preface Daniel 9:27, 1 Thessalonians 5:3, and the rapture of the Church.  It's not wrong to keep your eyes and ears open to what's happening right now.  While some suggest it is unwise to associate this deal with Daniel 9, I believe it is equally limiting and unwise to assume it isn't.  This is clearly not the seven-year confirmation of the covenant, but this could very well be the covenant with many itself.  From my recent article Stranger Things (Part IV):

A major prophetic time marker signaling the beginning of the Tribulation period is the covenant with many described in Daniel 9:27.  Though this passage is a great source of debate, I believe the traditional dispensational view of the passage, that the covenant is a peace agreement between Israel, the Antichrist, and other neighboring nations, that divides the land and enables the establishment of the third temple, is the correct one (see here; see also here).  For one, the unending mantra of the whole history of modern Israel has been “two states living side by side in peace and security.”  It's hard to imagine that the whole world ceaselessly attempting to divide the land for 73 years doesn't factor into what Daniel 9:27 portends.  Perhaps the reason the Tribulation hasn't begun is because the two-state solution has never been actualized (cf. Jl. 3:2 for why God enters into final judgment with the nations).  The Trump-Kushner Vision for Peace is the first plan that might actually come to fruition, and in some ways already has via the Abraham Accords and the Israeli government's agreement to the Vision for Peace despite Palestinian protests.

I know that some suggest the Vision for Peace and/or Abraham Accords cannot be the covenant with many described in Daniel 9:27, but I believe the arguments are faulty and causing some to close their eyes to what's happening right in front of our faces.  The first argument suggests no signs can precede the rapture, thus this agreement can't be it.  This is a faulty view of imminency that I discussed in my recent article here.  The second argument proposes that Daniel 9:27 occurs after the rapture.  That's completely true, but the argument is imprecise and missing a key point: it's not that the covenant is made after the rapture, it's that the covenant is strengthened after the rapture.

Daniel 9:27 literally reads: “And he has strengthened [gabar] a covenant with many [for] one period of seven...” (LSV).  Words matter.  Gabar is used in every other instance of Scripture as to strengthen or to make prevail.  In verses that describe the actual creation of a covenant another verb is used—karath (“to cut”).  In Hebraic thought you make an agreement by cutting it.  It's similar to our idea of “cutting a deal.”  Compare Daniel 9:27's “strengthened [gabar] a covenant” to the actual creation [karath] of a covenant in other passages (e.g., Gen. 15:18; 21:27, 32; 31:44; Ex. 23:32; 34:10; Ps. 50:5; Ez. 37:26; Hos. 2:18).

The point is that the Vision for Peace coupled with the Abraham Accords could very well be the actual covenant described in Daniel 9:27.  It's a covenant with many.  It's a covenant with Israel.  It's a covenant to divide the land.  It's a covenant causing thousands to utter the words “peace and security” right before the proverbial flood comes.  And then, after the Church is removed and the lawless one is revealed, this preexisting covenant will be made to prevail for a period of seven years.

The theme of false peace and the coming covenant with many has permeated this year like no other.  The Vision for Peace was revealed on January 28th and Israel's chief executive and his main opponent immediately endorsed it.  Israel is already in agreement.  Within a couple of hours of the reveal at the White House a massive 7.7-magnitude earthquake shook the Caribbean and Palm Beach, Florida where President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate resides.

Then on August 13th the world was shocked by the biggest diplomatic breakthrough in the Middle East in decades as the Abraham Accords were revealed to the world.  Israel, the U.S., the U.A.E., and Bahrain formally signed the Accords at the White House just three days before Rosh Hashanah.  Other countries have expressed interest in joining including Sudan, Oman, Morocco, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.  Simultaneous with this landmark deal, Serbia and Kosovo promised to move their embassies to Jerusalem—Kosovo being the first Muslim-majority nation to do so.  The 1 Thessalonians 5:3 words “peace and security” have suddenly saturated social media, news articles, and the agreements and speeches themselves like never before.

News reports are exploding this evening over the news across the Middle East...

Below is a map showing the current status of the Abraham Accords (Israel - blue; preexisting peace agreements - light green; announced agreement to the Abraham Accords - dark green; imminent agreement to the Abraham Accords - gold).  Note that U.S. officials have repeatedly stated that five more countries would soon be joining after Sudan.  It appears that we now know which five.

Are you ready for what's coming?  Don't hesitate for one more second.  Today is the day of salvation.

 A dmit that you're a sinner.

 B elieve that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again.

 C all on the Lord Jesus Christ to save you.

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  1. If I could yell at the top of my lungs in excitement, I would. Thank you for keeping us current and clear on these times.

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    1. On Jordan's stormy banks I stand and cast a wishful eye to Canaan's fair and happy land where my possessions lie...I am bound for the Promised Land...

      Swing Low sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home...I looked over Jordan, and what did I see, coming for to carry me home? The Lord Jesus in the clouds fulfilling His promise to me...

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    1. I see the flags. What am i looking for?

    2. The tweet has a link - click through to see a handshake. Behind that is red flag with green five pointed star and the six pointed start on the Israel flag.

      @SoCal Guy - what do you interpret from the flags?

  4. This is exciting. As bumpy as 2020 has been, I wonder if 2021 (should the Rapture not happen this year) will be even more so? We still don't have the ten kings set up, but maybe that's coming next?

    Thank you for this update! The more countries align into the Abrahamic Accords, the more likely this'll become that final covenant with Death that triggers the AC reveal. We'll be gone by then, but if that covenant is going through the preliminary stages now, our departure day must be close!

  5. Looks like the leaves of the fig tree are growing. Maybe we'll be leaving soon after all... :)

    (Notice they are not signing peace deals with anyone north of them. Everything is off the sides or below them... same as the way leaves grow...)

  6. Jesus is Coming Soon For His Bride - Hallelujah!

    youtube: Jesus is Lord - Evidence in the First Bible Code Genesis 1:1

    youtube: Why 923 was God's Great Rapture Proclamation

    www.itwasaplan.com - it was a plan dot com / it was not a coincidence, it was a plan....!

    I Peter 1:13 Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.

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  8. As in the days of Noah. Genesis 7:11 In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.
    This would be the 17th of Cheshvan on the Hebrew calendar, which is November 4 on our calendar.
    This represents the day judgement began to fall on the earth as it would be destroyed by water.
    Will judgement begin to fall on the 17th of Cheshvan when it will be judged and destroyed by fire?
    Interesting this November 4th is the day after U.S. elections. Just imagine what would happen if Donald J. Trump is reelected and then suddenly all of the believers that supported him disappear.
    Chaos will break out and will run rampant and unchecked. Could this all be part of the Lords plan as he lets Peace be announced, followed by sudden destruction? I am certainly looking up.
    Watch Pastor Sandy explain his rapture theory here on his YouTube channel Soldiers 4 Christ.

    1. Not to be terribly political or pessimistic, but it doesn't seem to matter who wins this American election, the other side will probably fight or riot... In the chaos, who knows what external powers will do... I suspect that one of the reasons we don't specifically see America mentioned in the prophecies is what is about to happen...

    2. Pastor Sandy wears the Star of Remphan (Moloch) even after being made aware that God does not tolerate idols or images. He is working for the enemy sorry tosay

  9. The Jews were not even back in the land when the feet kingdom came and went from history. The toes kingdom is the residue nations from the Moslem Empire who are the kings in the land of Nebuchadnezz image when the jews returned to the land in 1948.

    That is how the False Deliverer of the Jews (the people of the Prince that shall come) is able to come onto the scene through a peace act; he is a Moslem king who is bringing peace and security to the Jews.

    Is it possible that this Moslem king also has Jewish blood? Could that be how the Jews can claim him as their deliverer? And he shall be diverse from the first and he shall subdue three kings

    If Jehovah and Allah Moslems (and Christians) all should be able to live in a peaceful Jerusalem and worship in peace on the Temple Mount - a concept the Hashemite King is already advocating when he speaks of his fervent hope and vision for a future Judeo-Christian- Moslem culture. “And in this horn were eyes like a man and mouth , and, kingdom by flatteries.”

    The Jews and Moslems share the same father Abraham.

    1. There's a good reason there are no biblical references to the God of Abraham, Ishmael and Esau. The pursuit of false gods is a deal breaker as is the rejection of God's number one Son.

  10. Keep coming back to that mysterious insertion of Rev 3:9 in the midst of the Philadelphia church letter...


    Don't be a Grape!

    🚫 🍇

  11. Since the Jews of today are not presently sacrificing, there must be a provision in the covenant that allows the Jews to restart their practice of sacrifice.

    Since the authority to restart Temple worship is confirmed by the Little Horn, his authority must extend over Temple Mount, which also holds the holy shrines of the Moslems.

    Therefore, he must be a Moslem King with the authority over the Moslem holy shrines on Temple Mount.

    This privilege belongs to the descendants of Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah, the founder of Islam, and the first Hashemite King.

    1. I disagree. Not that you couldn't be right, because you might be, but because you are asserting assumptions as facts. The Bible says nothing about the AC covenant having anything to do with the Temple. They are two separate pieces that you assume going together that very well may not! Could Saudi Arabia, in return for control of the Temple Mount, grant Jews leave to build their Temple? Yes! Which has nothing to do with the AC. The Bible is silent on whether the Covenant with Death involves the Temple. So, I find your arguement for your view very weak (again, it's possible you are right, but it's only a good argument if you hold the same foundational assumptions which I can't get behind). If you do happen to have a reason for believing that the Covenant that the AC ends up "confirming" as having anything to do with the Temple rebuilding, I would be happy to see that though! The AC desecrates the Temple, but that has nothing to do with him being responsible for it's creation.

    2. Hi sherrill777

      Saudi Arabia does not have the authority to grant Temple Rites.
      The King does (King Abdullah II) , by treaty and hereditary.
      Benjamin Netanyahu knows all this history with the King.
      The meeting of the kings of Daniel 2:43 took place on October
      17, 2000, at Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.
      The three dissenters, who named themselves, were Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Abdullah II, King of Jordan, the Hashemite King, was appointed as the representative of those in favor of peace - to act for them in finding a way to peace that would be acceptable to all parties concerned.

    3. But then, all of this Temple Mount business could suddenly go away, and it SHOULD. Evidence has been growing for years that the Temple was NOT located there. But so far, deeply held Jewish tradition will not allow for a change. The sad and tragic truth, is that the Wailing Wall is part of Fortress Antonia, built by Romans and occupied by them for around 200 years. I see this as the second sweeping example of Jewish blindness. But if one hugely significant archeological discovery could be made that would shake them loose, they could start building their Temple tomorrow, without any restrictions.

      Among an ocean of other facts, then-contemporary reporting indicated that even the foundation stones of the Second Temple were dug-up. The devastation was so complete, that it was described as “Sodom-like”, and completely unrecognizable. And that the only recognizable structure in the vicinity was “the fortress of those who destroyed her”. What’s a little bit humorous, is that the holy Islamic sites are built upon that same Pagan structure.

      But you can’t help but wonder, with such long-term and deep entrenchment from all quarters, if the truth will ever be widely acknowledged. There would have to be HUGE developments for such a sweeping revelation to be accepted by the masses of either faith.


    4. Related to my above post, here's an excellent teaching session from Yahweh's Restoration Ministry. I haven't dug further into their posts, so I'm not vouching for all of their doctrinal positions. But their study of the Temple Mount is compelling, and arrived at by certified archaeologists and biblical scholars. This isn't conspiracy theory hoopla. There's a lot of good related material out there, but this organization has produced some of the best I've watched.

      This is designated part 2 (of 2), but they're both rather lengthy, and part 2 contains the important info from part 1. If you wish to seek out part 1, it lasts 1 hour and 5 minutes. This, part2, lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes, but it's worth the time if the subject interests you.



    5. Anonymous

      You are right about the wester wall, but they don't recognize it.
      Not one stone would be upon each other what Jesus said.
      Even when Ariel Sharon was Foreign Minister of Israel went to Temple Mount, I remember he made a reference to the Arc of the covenant which sparked a riot by the Palestinians.
      I believe Israel knows where the Arc is located in Zedekiah's Cave but thats another subject.

    6. Gregg, I don't think you've addressed the issue I'm questioning. Why should the Temple rebuilding have anything at all to do with the Anti-Christ? I feel like you are arguing like this:
      In 1850, someone decides that Israel will eventually return to her ancient land, THEREFORE the AC will be the person to restore Israel to nationhood. Obviously, from history, we know that the above statement is false. The AC and Israel becoming a nation were two separate events. The basis for your arguements seem to be that the final seven year covenant with Many MUST include the rebuilding if the Temple. I see no Biblical passage that makes that claim. Without that assumption, I feel like your whole argument falls apart.

      So, again, you could be right. I won't rule that out. But unless you can provide any Biblical basis for your assumption, I am forced to dismiss your conclusions.

    7. sherrill777

      The AC puts a stop to the sacrificing which indicates that He has the authority to grant it.
      There needs to be provisions in the peace covenant for them to rebuild the Jewish Temple, and security and peace with there enemies.
      The AC is a peacemaker first!

    8. Thank you for responding, Gregg.

    9. sherrill777

      I think your right about "The Bible says nothing about the AC covenant having anything to do with the Temple. They are two separate pieces"

      I assumed they would build the Temple on Temple Mt where the Dome of the Rock is.

    10. Careful with YRM they go to much legalistic

      This article points out some problems


    11. Thanks for the heads-up about YRM. But they could still be spot-on about the Temple history and location, which is backed-up and added to by many other sources.


    12. The enemy's temple is the Freedom Tower, nothing to do with Jerusalem. The temple is standing where it ought not (New York)

  12. A few key facts from Daniel reveals the end time nation that makes up the feet kingdom onto which the stone falls, historically turned out to be the Moslem Empire.

    And it was founded and ruled by Mohammed, the prophet of Allah, from his Kingdom, called the Hashemite Kingdom, and made up of parts of present day nations that were, in Rome's day, in the territory under it's rule.

    But, just as all of the Empires before it, the Moslem Empire ceased to exist. But it's place on the landscape painted by Daniel as "Feet of iron and clay", still exists, and in today's world is occupied by eighteen nations.

  13. What if we do have more time? In prayer and quiet moments with God I "think" He has been telling me the end is not yet. I believe God will grant President Trump another four years. I asked God if He would give the President the time and help to make America the shining city on the hill that President Reagan wanted. I think because of President Trump's friendship with Israel, God will bless him and our country with just that. We also know America is deserving of judgement for all her sins but I believe the Restrainer is going to restrain for a little while longer maybe even to 2024? God reminded me again about the Great American Eclipses and how they are seven years apart and that He uses signs in the sun, moon and stars. If President Trump is allowed to win again, he will be the President until 2024 when the second eclipse traverses the United States. I think this is very significant. When God brought that to my mind again this morning, I thought of Noah's 7 day advance warning of destruction, maybe our warning is 7 years, the first eclipse in 2017 to the second one in 2024? That would also correspond to Israel's 70th week of years, a day for a year. The Abraham Accords are in their infancy and more countries will join. Maybe we are here to watch that happen before the Rapture and sudden destruction?

    1. The "shining city on the hill" is not America, it is the CHURCH.
      It refers to the parable of the salt and the light
      from Christ's Sermon on the Mount.
      China, South America, and Africa are the fastest growing evangelical Christian countries/continents;
      and in the Middle East - IRAN. It's underground, but it is growing!

    2. While I agree with you Jenny about America not being that shinning city on the hill, I also think there may be something here in typology for the 7 years.

      Trump or not, we may have 4 more years to play out as a nation.

      Let us not forget that Joseph had Egypt prepare for 7 years og plenty before the 7 years of famine.

      Talk about a typology right there... :)

  14. We are not to be afraid or anxious but I read something like this and get fearful.

  15. Hi Nan,
    I think the coming election has been weighing on all of us. And I dont really know what to believe anymore as far as news and I don't put it past the enemy to orchestrate anything to stop God's plan. But he will never fully succeed because God already won! But still, we're here on this earth now and things are pretty weird. I think no matter how deep our faith is, the unknown can seem pretty scary at times. I know I get scared and I still love and trust the Lord. God is so good in how He comforts us and confirms His truths. HE is in control. And we just keep doing what is right no matter what happens. We keep being strong and courageous like Joshua. Even if the streets are burning with riots and violence. Because Jesus is King and His kingdom is eternal! And no one can snatch us out of His hands!

    Some of my readings this morning were from Daniel and 2 Timothy. These are the verses that really spoke to me. I thought I would share...

    "Daniel said, 'Let the name of God be blessed forever and ever, For wisdom and power belong to Him. It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings; He gives wisdom to wise men And knowledge to men of understanding. It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, And the light dwells with Him.
    Daniel 2:20‭-‬22

    "In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed, and that kingdom will not be left for another people; it will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, but it will itself endure forever."
    Daniel 2:44

    "Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. You, however, continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of, knowing from whom you have learned them, and that from childhood you have known the sacred writings which are able to give you the wisdom that leads to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work."
    2 Timothy 3:12‭-‬17

    "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith; in the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His appearing."
    2 Timothy 4:7‭-‬8

    Stay strong, We're in this together

    1. Thank you Lillie! My fear is mostly not wanting my kids (grown) or my precious grandbabies hurt. It causes me heartache to think of.

    2. I totally understand. I'm a mom of three little ones. And I'm definitely more concerned for them than myself...if Jesus tarries.

    3. Keep the faith leaning not upon your understanding nor your lack thereof but wholly lean upon the LORD in all things and at all times.

      Being blind I place my trust in Him who sees all and knows all. Jesus Himself has made a way for us and will walk hand-in-hand with us all the way. (Isaiah 57) gives me peace and strength with the clarity and certainty of Scripture. We need not hold on tight as much as we need to just be held.

      Lifting you all for strength and encouragement by God's Holy Spirit! May we all look beyond the headlines to see Him in everything, always!


  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. 7.0 earthquake in turkey and Greece. Birth contraction.

    1. That 7 was just north of Patmos, at a depth of 21km (3x7 or 7+7+7). Only the Island of Samos sits between it and Patmos, where Revelation was given to John. Samos is also listed as the potential birthplace of Pythagoras.


  18. Some interesting articles I have read in the past 24 hours. Headlines in mainstream news.
    1. Ancient jasper ring that was used as a seal with the image of Apollo found by the Temple Mount. (Seal, jasper, Apollo) all found in revelation
    2. 7.0 earthquake in Turkey right next to Patmos and the church in Ephesus. And close to all 7 churches.
    3. Forms Miss America dies at 49 after falling down. Name: Leonza Cornett. Name meaning (lion, horn)
    4. Paralyzed athlete dies at 45. Name is Travis Roy. Name meaning (cross over (traverse) and King (Roy)

    I don’t know if I’m just looking for this stuff, or if we are indeed so close that signs are just flowing now.


      A sad and surely shocking loss for the family of Leanza Cornett. My heart goes out to her friends and family in this difficult time. Her passing at age 49 feels all too premature but is interesting. Born in 1971 Leanza was crowned Ms Florida in 1992 and Ms America in 1993. We all know that 49-years is seven-sevens, seven shemitahs, in years being a Jubilee. Her last name Cornett is, according to Genealogy.com is,

      "comes from the Old French word cornet (meaning 'a wind instrument made out of horn'), a word that derives from the Italic branch of the Indo-European language tree.

      Furthermore, cornet itself is a diminutive form of the Old French word corn, meaning literally 'horn', or more freely a ‘horn-like musical instrument'."

      9 Then you shall cause the
      trumpet of the Jubilee to sound
      on the tenth day of the seventh
      month; on the Day of Atonement
      you shall make the trumpet to
      sound throughout all your land.

      (Leviticus 25:9 NKJV)

      I couldn't help but share that connection of horn, the tenth day and Jubilee. Some feel that this year may be a Jubilee year. I might not agree with that but I do know that Leanza passed away on Cheshvan 10 or what is otherwise known as, "Get on the Ark Day".

      10 And it came to pass after
      seven days that the waters of
      the flood were on the earth.

      11 In the six hundredth year
      of Noah's life, in the second
      month, the seventeenth day of
      the month, on that day all the
      fountains of the great deep
      were broken up, and the windows
      of heaven were opened.

      (Genesis 7:10-11 NKJV)

      Wednesday, November 4, 2020, marks the anniversary of the first day of the Great Flood. That just so happens our middle son's birthday AND obviously the day after the US General Election.


      This is NOT the first Ms America to pass this year with some interesting statistics behind her story. Now with shadows of the Jubilee, trumpets and the days of Noah.

      I personally believe that 2027 is the Jubilee year. It's just a potential pin-point but one that sure looks ripe as a seven-year head's up to the coming of the Lord.

      May the LORD Himself give peace to Leanze's family.

    2. Jeff P, number2 on your list hit me like a brick. A few months ago I heard an interview with David W Lowe author of Earthquake Resurrection. He was the first person I've ever heard to show a connection between earthquakes and resurrections in the New Testament. That caused me to specifically look at the uses of "great earthquake" in the NT. Here's what I found starting with Jesus' resurrection:

      1. Mt 28:2 And behold, there was a great earthquake; for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat on it.

      2. Acts 16:26 (this is a type and shadow of a rapture/resurrection event) Suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone’s chains were loosed.

      3.Rev 6:12 I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; (when John looks into heaven at the conclusion of the Sixth Seal he sees a multitude that no one can number)

      4.Rev 11:13 In the same hour there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell. In the earthquake seven thousand people were killed, (this is directly related to the resurrection of the Two Witnesses who were taken into heaven)

      5.Rev 16:18 And there were noises and thunderings and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such a mighty and great earthquake as had not occurred since men were on the earth. (after we see how Babylon was just destroyed we look into heaven and see another multitude and learn that the Bride is ready for the marriage supper)

      So, a great earthquake is over and over again associated with a resurrection or symbolically with an escape. When you pointed out the 7.0 earthquake near Patmos and the 7 Churches of Revelation it almost looks like He is pointing to that book and great earthquakes.

      Here's a little more info if interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_80tEyTgB0Y

      Thanks for your keen eye on that story!



    Yesterday, the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey and rather near the Island of Patmos was rocked by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. Today the world has learned of the passing of Sir Sean Connery -- iconic Scottish actor who is best known for playing James Bond or just plain 007.

    Pin-points anyone?

    Connery was born on Monday, August 25, 1930 or what on the Hebrew calendar is 1 Elul, 5690. He was born on Rosh Chodesh (the new moon) but not just any new moon but a Super Black New Moon. (This is the third of four Super Moons in a season) and died on the Micro Blue Moon of All Hallows Eve (Halloween).

    We all know the significance of the month of Elul, the twelfth and last month of the Hebrew calendar -- the month the shofar is blown daily in anticipation of the New Year. This was the month of Connery's birth in 5690. 90-years later he passed on the morning that Uranus (Οὐρανός) was in opposition to Earth. Οὐρανός is the Greek name given the seventh (7th) planet in our solar system which has been in the Constellation Ares for sometime now.

    Quoting, In-The-Sky,

    " At around the same time that Uranus passes opposition, it also makes its closest approach to the Earth – termed its perigee – making it appear at its brightest and largest.

    This happens because when Uranus lies opposite the Sun in the sky, the solar system is lined up so that Uranus, the Earth and the Sun form a straight line with the Earth in the middle, on the same side of the Sun as Uranus."

    The name Uranus is also found in the Bible. It is the word meaning, "heaven" as in any of the three heavens.

    Quoting, Biblehub.com,

    Strong's Concordance (G3772)

    ouranos: heaven
    Original Word: οὐρανός, οῦ, ὁ
    Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
    Transliteration: ouranos
    Phonetic Spelling: (oo-ran-os')
    Definition: heaven
    Usage: heaven, (a) the visible heavens: the atmosphere, the sky, the starry heavens, (b) the spiritual heavens.

    HELPS Word-studies

    3772 ouranós – heaven (singular), and nearly as often used in the plural ("heavens"). "The singular and plural have distinct overtones and therefore should be distinguished in translation (though unfortunately they rarely are)" (G. Archer).

    In effect, one may say that Sir Sean passed when Uranus, οὐρανός, heaven was near.

    LORD give peace to the family and friends of Sir Sean in their time of grief. He had not been well for some time yet they report his passing is hard none-the-less.

    Grace and peace to you,


  20. Hunt for Red October arguably being his most significant dramatic role, is it coincidence that he has died on the last day of October amid many prophetic references to that treasurehouse of a title?

  21. Prophecy can be very frustrating at times.

    Im looking at Daniel 8:14, and I can not figure that out,even with the Google!
    Its in the Ram and Goat vision, and Daniel didn’t understand it neither.

    Gabriel was to supposed to make Daniel to understand it, but at the end he still doesn’t
    understand the vision.

    The only part that I don’t understand is Daniel 8:14 and the particular commentary I read didn’t either
    and that was in Hebrew number meanings, and there conclusion was meaningless.

    My conclusion is, why tell a story when none will understand it!

    1. (Note this is just one interpretation, and much more about it can be found if you're willing to hunt through 7 day adventist interpretations. The explanation stuck with me as it just seemed too accurate an explanation, but I'm open to it being wrong...)

      The Ram and the Goats referred to the period of Alexander the 'Great' and those influenced by the Greek culture (Pretty much all of western culture). The times of the 'Greek' gentiles controlling Jerusalem was 2300 years long, starting with Alexander the Great taking political control of Jerusalem (roughly 332bc) and ending when Israel retook control in 1967 (-332 + 2300 = 1968, subtract year zero for 1967)

      (Summary: Cyrus basically gave the Jews autonomy because of what Daniel showed them from the Old Testament, that he (Cyrus) was prophesied by name hundreds of years prior to being born. Alexander did no such thing, starting a period where Gentiles 'trampled the Holy City underfoot' for 2300 years before Israel officially got it back under their control.)

      Timeline Reference:

    2. Hi, not all of Daniel is speaking of the last days before the return of Jesus. Some are prophecies concerning the Medo-Persian, Greek and Roman empires. The commentaries I use are all united and place it as a historical prophecy concerning the length of the desecration of the temple under the Greek ruler Antiochus Epiphanes (a BIG type of the antichrist). For example, MacArthur writes:

      "These are 2,300 evenings/mornings, with no "and" in between, which refers to 2,300 total units or days... The period runs to about six and one-third years... The prophecy was precise in identifying the time as that of Antiochus's persecution, c. September 6, 171 B.C. to December 25, 165/4 B.C. After his death, Jews celebrated the cleansing of their holy place with the Feast of Lights, or Hanukkah, in celebration of the restoration led by Judas Maccabeus."

      H.A Ironside: "The word for days is really “evening-mornings” and refers, not to lengthened periods, but clearly and distinctly to twenty-four-hour days. It is a time-prophecy that has to do with the defilement of the temple by Antiochus. From the time that he polluted the sanctuary by sacrificing a sow on the altar and setting up a statue of Jupiter in the holiest of all, twenty-three hundred literal days elapsed until it was again purified and dedicated to the service of Jehovah. As if to warn us of the danger of allegorizing this period, the angel said to Daniel, “The vision of the evening and the morning which was told is true: wherefore shut thou up the vision; for it shall be for many days”."

      We should definitely not try to turn this into 2300 years. The Bible specifically says 2,300 evenings/mornings. Despite what the Bible says William Miller turned this prophecy into years (which Seventh Day Adventists still do) leading to the 'Great Disappointment' of 1844 when the greatly expected return of Jesus didn't occur.

    3. (This will be a bit long and potentially rambly. I don't have all my notes handy, so some of this I am going off of memory, which I'll admit can be faulty at 2am. I'm going to preface this by stating that I'm no longer a 7th Day Adventist. While this was the church that first brought me to faith and baptism, there's just too many things that they teach that I can't accept anymore. Not the least of which is a works + grace gospel that leads people astray... Some of the congregations may have it right (grace only), but their legalism/moses following is very hard to get past... may God forgive and draw out of her those whom He will...)

      The original 2300 day reference working for Antiochus is pretty much how the Jews consider it fulfilled. I won't even deny that it was the intended fulfillment. Except... Jesus brought up that it would happen again... 'When you see the abomination of desolation spoke of by Daniel the prophet...' Since Maccabees and Hannukah had already been well established by His time, why would He tell them they will need to flee from Jerusalem when it happens? Unless it would be fulfilled again...

      The 7th Day Adventists justify the 'day for a year' methodology to decoding prophecy by citing Jeremiah being told that he was being given days for years in his prophecies. Since Daniel and Jeremiah are considered contemporaries, they 'read in' the days as years in Daniel and came up with many historical periods that coincided with the foretold events. (Even going so far as putting Napoleon into Daniel 11?) The only reason I bring them up is how uncannily this seems to work when placed against history. Jews and Christians both have said that there is no such thing as coincidences...

      I've heard this referred to as the 30%,60%,100% fulfillment theory. Things that resemble the prophecy (30%) to remind us that it's still going to happen, things that fulfill all but a few criteria (60%) that might fool us into thinking it's been fulfilled, and then the final absolute (100%) that is what is intended to be understood as the last fulfillment. Some even say that even after the 100% happens, sometimes the 30%/60% events will keep happening to remind us of what was said, especially if the point wasn't received the first time... Only God would know if this is how we should look at some of these things...

      That 2300 years fits perfectly with the time period from Alexander to the six day war, and this whole time period was marked by non-Jewish political rule over Jerusalem is... uncanny enough that it should be at least mentioned.

      They also line up the 1260 day/years with the Catholic church in the same manner Martin Luther did, which was already well established as the reason for the Protestant reformation. That exactly 1,260 years passed between 538 AD and 1798 AD (Rise and Fall of the Roman Catholic City-State/Political power) followed by that church being 'headless' for a time before regaining a portion of it's power is hard to deny... So hard to deny that we still have multiple schisms within the church in various levels of defiance to the Roman Catholics... (Protestant, Greek/Russian Orthodox, and all the sub-sects and non-denominations)

    4. As for the great disappointment, that was not related to the 2300 years, but to the 1335 years. He interpreted Napoleon's capture of the Pope in 1798 as the end of the 1290 day/years, and thought 1843/44 was going to be the 1,335th day/year... (They also went on to think 1873/74 was going to be the date, but they didn't make as big a fuss over it..)

      I still feel the language referring to the 1335th year sounds very much like Rapture language. 'Blessed are those that wait and remain on the 1335th day...' in comparison to Paul's description of 'Those of us who are alive and remain will be transformed' at the Rapture are very similar... Also, every prophet in Israel apparently knew that Elijah was about to get caught up, they were all telling Elisha to the point that Elisha seemed to be getting frustrated by it. Sounds like us in this time period honestly...

    5. Probably if that includes the 400 years of silence from the end of the OT all the way to the end of the book of Revelation it is 2300 years..

    6. Daniel 8:13-14 (KJV) Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?
      And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.

      From the time when Daniel saw the vision to the abomination of desolation it is roughly 2300 years

    7. Thanks to everyone who responded.
      And you all all have valid points, for me it was more a curiosity.
      The NKJV has the 2300 days(KJV) as 2300 evening and mornings which would be 1150 days which is
      a little more that 3 yrs.
      We know the AC stops the Sacrifice 3 1/2 in.
      I figured I could work backwards to find an approximation of when they could, would or should build the Temple to do there Sacrificing in.
      And as Rhonda pointed out the peace is still in there infancy.
      The "Ten Toes Kingdom" is pretty much what were looking for or forming.

  22. Are you going to update the calendar?

  23. The 1st Beast of Revelation 13 has 10 heads (Kings, Presidents, Prime Rib Roasts, idiots) and I'm pretty sure one of those would be the incumbent DJT. So if one of those heads was to be mortally wounded (in a spiritual sense), surely what that means is he would suddenly no longer be a head, or he wasn't re-elected.
    I put it to you that one of the most important heads of the 1st Beast is DJT who will lose the election, be fatally wounded (spiritually) but will then have the decision overturned and be healed, re-elected and then given power to continue (as president) 42 months (3.5 years). He is known to be proud and boastful and blaspheme God, hmm does that sound like Trump, of course it does. He will usher in the second beast the Anti-Christ

    1. Nop!
      But sure sounds you did a lot of rationalizing to come to that conclusion!



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