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BREAKING: The Third Gate Has Fallen In Israel As The Christmas Star Captivates The World

BREAKING NEWS OUT OF JERUSALEM – As of eight hours ago, the Knesset has been dissolved for the third time since the historic political impasse that began in April of 2019.  This means that Israel will go to a fourth round of elections on March 23, 2021. Intriguingly, this third dissolution comes within 24 hours of the Great Conjunction on the Winter Solstice and the new round of elections will theoretically occur just three days after the Spring Equinox—the dissolution and new elections both occurring around the changing of the seasons.  This happening so close to a heavenly sign that caught the whole world's attention could be of great significance.  This also brings speculation over the purported “prophecies” of Kaduri and Shoshani into crystal-clear focus.

Simultaneously, diplomats are in Morocco to formalize Israel's fourth normalization agreement under the auspices of the Abraham Accords and rumors are quickly building that more Muslim-majority countries will follow suit in the next several weeks before Trump leaves office.

A Note On Biblical Astronomy And Cosmology

As we spelled out in great detail in our recent video series, not only is Saturn mentioned twice in Scripture (Am. 5:26; Acts 7:43) and is a clear representation of Satan, but the Great Conjunction forms a vivid picture of Revelation 12:4 and the dragon standing ready to devour the male child.

Revelation 12 contains parallel accounts of the same events, the first account being astronomical signs (vv. 1–4, and possibly vv. 5–6), and the second the actual occurrences (vv. 7–14).  It seems that the Great Sign (vv. 1–2) was literally fulfilled on September 23rd and 24th of 2017.  The second sign (vv. 3–4a) was conceivably fulfilled on October 8, 2018, but a greater candidate now exists in the form of the Geminids, which peaked on December 14th this year with shooting stars exceeding 150–200 per hour.  Note that the Geminids are along the tail of the Great Red Dragon (even more so than compared to the Draconids in 2018).  December 14th stood out as being precisely in the middle of the August 21, 2017 and April 8, 2024 Great American Solar Eclipses.  “X” marks the spot and on this very day another continent-traversing total solar eclipse occurred, but this time over South America, over the region of the “giants” (think judgment on the Nephilim).

After the sign of the dragon sweeping down one-third of the stars in the sky, the fallen dragon stands poised to devour the male child the moment he is born, but the child escapes, being snatched up to Heaven, to God's throne.  Thus it seems that the Great Conjunction yesterday may have been a picture of Revelation 12:4b and the dragon standing ready to devour.

It has already been noted that Saturn (Kronos) is mythologically a mirror image of Satan and is even described in Greco-Roman mythology as seeking to devour his children.  He tries to devour Jupiter (Zeus), but Zeus escapes to safety.  It's a corrupted image of the true biblical account in which Satan tries to devour the male child, but the child is raptured to Heaven.  In both Greek and Roman mythology Jupiter/Zeus supplants Saturn/Kronos to become the chief ruler of the cosmos.  Furthermore, in these pagan mythologies it was Kronos that instigated the rebellion against the primordial gods and his insurrection gave rise to the Titans (think fallen angels).  Later, Kronos mingled the blood of heavenly beings with the earth, which formed the Giants (think the hybrid Nephilim).

Similar pictures are seen in Babylonian, Egyptian, Norse, and other mythologies, demonstrating that ancient man kept with it a knowledge of the pre-Flood biblical cosmology, but this cosmology became corrupted after the Tower of Babel.  It's even standard Greco-Roman mythology that some (not all) of the Titans were imprisoned in Tartarus, which is a mirror image of the book of Enoch and the epistles of 2 Peter and Jude (2 Pt. 2:4; Jd. 1:6).  The “Watchers” described in the book of Enoch, corresponding to the bene ha-Elohim of Genesis 6, were imprisoned in a spiritual dungeon, awaiting the final judgment, but the rebel cherub known as Satan, and other angels with him, have remained free (but not for long!).  The Bible brings clarity to what mortal man has twisted.

But get this: the planet Saturn happens to have seven traditional moons—the seven moons large enough to form ellipsoids and large enough to be seen through telescopes: 1. Titan (the generic term for the Greco-Roman equivalent of the fallen angels), 2. Enceladus (a giant—think Nephilim), 3. Mimas (another giant), 4. Tethys (a Titaness), 5. Dione (another Titaness), 6. Iapetus (a Titan), and 7. Rhea (a Titaness).  In this way, not only is Saturn the corresponding planet (biblical “wandering star”) to Satan in terms of Scripture, the mythology, and similar pronunciation (Saturn vs. Satan), but it even features what could be likened to the seven heads of the dragon of Revelation 12.

It should be noted that in biblical astronomy certain characters can be represented multiple times, and individual stars and planets tend to represent individuals (e.g., Venus: Jesus Christ per Rev. 22:16; Jupiter: Christ at His first coming and the Church at His second; Saturn: Satan; Mercury: Gabriel; Mars: Michael), whereas constellations tend to represent scenes from history or corporate entities (e.g., Leo: Judah; Virgo: Israel; Taurus: the returning Christ; Ophiuchus: Christ in combat with the serpent; Sagittarius: the Antichrist rising to power / the first seal).

A Note On The Christmas Star

As mentioned earlier, the Great Conjunction has become a worldwide sensation, and was even featured on the homepage of Google.  It has been dubbed the Star of Bethlehem redux, as well as “The Christmas Star.”  If the Church is soon removed, the world will not have been left without a heavenly witness.  Indeed, God said He made the sun, moon, and stars to serve as signs (Gen. 1:14) and that they would communicate to us from Him every day and every night (Ps. 19:1–4).

The story now playing out on earth is incredibly similar to what happened over 2,000 years ago when magi from the east followed a star to the place where the Child Jesus was (Bethlehem).  Remember, Revelation 12 is a future prophecy, but its template comes from the birth narrative of Christ when He Himself was in danger from a certain “dragon”—Herod.  It was based on the account of the magi that Herod discovered the general timing of the birth and thus stood ready to devour the Child, ordering all male sons under two to be slaughtered.  Jesus was snatched away by His parents and escaped to Gentile Egypt, and within probably a year or so Herod fell, so to speak, through death, and the dragon was defeated.  This template doesn't fit all of the key details of Revelation 12, which is why Revelation 12 isn't chiefly about what happened to Jesus, but Jesus' story gives us clarity and context.

Fast forward to 2020: the world is locked down because of a global pandemic.  Hundreds of thousands of churches are shuttered, with tens of millions of Christians forced to meet remotely or in their homes.  Christians are under intense persecution in the 10/40 Window, but even growingly in the West.  And now we are witnessing the stage being set for the post-rapture Mark of the Beast, via the technological, psychological, and infrastructural effects of the global vaccine rollout, quarantine camps, contact tracing, and restrictions on buying and selling.  The dragon stands ready to devour.

And like 2,000 years ago, another Star of Bethlehem has become a central focus.  It's the Nativity part two: then the Head, now the body.

When the magi arrived in Bethlehem and found the Child King, they presented gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh (Mt. 2:11).  Gold is mentioned frequently in Scripture, but frankincense and myrrh are rare occurrences.

Outside of Matthew 2:11, the only other occurrences of frankincense (libanos, libanรณtos, and chalkolibanon) in the New Testament are all found in Revelation.  Likewise myrrh (smurna), it occurs only four times in the New Testament: once referring to the gift the magi brought, once referring to the ointment applied to Jesus' body for burial (Jn. 19:39), and twice in Revelation.

Gold and all derivative or related words occur 42 times in the New Testament: 24 times in Revelation alone, and 18 times in all other New Testament books combined.

The point I'm getting at is this: the theme of the gifts that the magi brought as recorded in Matthew 2:11 is embedded in the book of Revelation, and all three are mentioned in the first several chapters of the book in the lead up to the rapture picture of Revelation 4–5.  Coupled with all of the astronomical images and signs in Revelation, could this be a subtle hint that future prophecy would commence in a way similar to Christ's nativity, but this time in regard to the Church?

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  1. nicely done. I think the Christmas Star was a conjunction between Jupiter and Venus.

    1. Agreed. I also think the original was Jupiter, but also couple with conjunctions of Jupiter and Venus. This one could be The Christmas Star Part II, however, if our own birth into Heaven is nigh. Maranatha!

    2. And why then said the magai that the star stood still anove bethlehem matth 2:9 ?

    3. And what then to do with matth 2:9 ? Where it is explained that they saw the star leading them to bethlehem ?

    4. The Christmas Star is different from the Bethlehem Star. According to the birth of Jesus chronology, Zechariah served in the temple (Abijah - 8th division/10th week) in May/June (Luke 1:5), the incarnation occurred in December/Hanukkah (Luke 1:30-1, 39-41), followed by the birth (Trumpets or Tabernacles), circumcision, dedication (Luke 2:7, 21-22) and return to Nazareth (Luke 2:39). Over a year later, the wise men visit the young child (Pentecost or Hanukkah) (Matthew 2:2) and they flee to Egypt. The Christmas Star appeared during the birth while the Bethlehem Star appeared with the wise men.

      In the early scenario, Jesus was conceived during Hanukkah in December 8 BC, born on Tabernacles October 7 BC. There was a triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aries May, October and December which was the Christmas Star. Later, the wise men arrived in the spring of 5 BC during a 72 day comet (Bethlehem Star). This is possible if Luke counts Augustus’ reign beginning as sole ruler, Tiberius’ coregency with Augustus and Herod’s death in 4 BC.

      In the middle scenario, Jesus was conceived in December 4 BC, born on Trumpets September 3 BC. There was a triple conjunction of Jupiter and star Regulus in Leo October, February and May. The wise men arrived when Jupiter stops on during Hanukkah 2 BC. This is possible if Herod the Great died after 4 BC.

      Scripture, the sky and the world are aligning for the Tribulation. Since Jesus was born 7-1 BC, died 27-33 AD and about 1993 years have passed, we are in the Rapture window. The Rapture occurs at the 100th and last blast on Trumpets (Leviticus 23:24; 1 Corinthians 15:52). The 27-28 AD scenario puts the Rapture early (September 2021-2022). The 30 AD scenario puts the Rapture in the middle (September 2023-2024). The 33 AD scenario puts it later (2025-2026). With Rapture speculation, please give seven years of grace.

      Robert Cook

    5. Thought about Tiberious: isnt President Trumps middle name Tiberious or similiar? Maybe a meaning.

  2. Just a thought: As you write, the stars in the heavens in Rev 12 is a future prophesy so perhaps we have waited 3 years, just as the Magi waited three years to see Jesus. Three years since the Rev 12 sign to today - in fact it's slightly more than 3 years. Thank you so much for our work Gary.

  3. https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2020/december/rare-star-of-bethlehem-to-appear-dec-21-heres-what-astronomy-says-about-the-biblical-star-at-christs-birth

  4. That article above, on the Jupiter/Venus conjunction as the true Christmas star, really cemented for me, at least, the possibility that non-believers are being offered up a "false Christmas star" in the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Much the same as they are about to be offered up a false Messiah for Israel and a false shepherd for the terrible times ahead.

  5. Some also speculate that when the magi met Jesus He was not a baby anymore. He was around the age of 2.

    Shoshani and Kaduri's prediction is also being played out as we know that the Knesset has been dissolved and they are preparing for the forth election. We are now entering the "Sabbath afterward" part of the prophecy. The next Sabbath is the 26th of December. But are we gonna be here in 2021? Thats the big question.

  6. From these 3 articles we know things are heating up:




  7. i been studying tom horns wormwood prophecy and dream and he thinks the rapture is likely fall of 2025. he states God spoke to him of pope Benedicts retirement and and everything God has revealed to him in dreams and visions have always proved true. thoughts, anyone?

    1. "states God spoke to him of pope Benedicts retirement"

      Someone spoke to him about it. Not sure that it was God.

    2. I tend to lean that way. 2024-25. To me I get the sense that trump will stay in office for 4 more years but the left will rage over this and do great damage to the US. By the end some Lefty will be the next president bringing in communism and really persecuting the church. Then after a short while the rapture occurs. No longer will the USdefend Israel. Israel will have to fully rely on God as they will be attacked by the nations. And eventually they call on Jesus to come and save them.

    3. On a side note, I read that the IDF is being taught the teachings of Jesus on how to love your enemy. The blinders are starting to beremoved

    4. I sure hope that is incorrect! I'm so ready to go home! ๐Ÿ˜

    5. Me too!!!!! Just be focused on being about the Father's business and His will be done. God Bless everyone. He is risen!

    6. don't believe this garbage. Non-biblical

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I was looking on your Rapture Index Article from 2018, and found it amazing that there was a picture of the lava flow on Hawaii right under the paragraph talking about the dragon of Revelation 12 and how now in 2020 on the same day of the Great Conjuction there was yet again a volcanic eruption on Hawaii. Maybe confirmation?

  10. Some Scriptures on my heart this morning:

    Woe is me!
    For I am like those who gather summer fruits,
    Like those who glean vintage grapes;
    There is no cluster to eat
    Of the first-ripe fruit which my soul desires. [...firstfruits...]
    The faithful man [...the Church...] has perished from the earth,
    And there is no one upright among men.
    They all lie in wait for blood;
    Every man hunts his brother with a net.
    That they may successfully do evil with both hands—
    The prince asks for gifts,
    The judge seeks a bribe,
    And the great man utters his evil desire;
    So they scheme together.
    Micah 7:1-3


    For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. 2 Thess. 2:7 [...departure of the Church....]

    ....in contrast to:

    “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing! See! Your house is left to you desolate; for I say to you, you shall see Me no more till you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’ ” Matt. 25:37-39

    I will return again to My place
    Till they acknowledge their offense. [rejecting their Messiah]
    Then they will seek My face;
    In their affliction [the time of Jacob's Trouble] they will earnestly seek Me.” Hosea 5:15 [...purpose of Jacob's Trouble....]

    Come, and let us return to the Lord;
    For He has torn, but He will heal us;
    He has stricken, but He will bind us up.
    After two days He will revive us;
    On the third day He will raise us up,
    That we may live in His sight.
    Hosea 6:1-2

    God is so faithful! ๐Ÿ˜ญ Not only to His body but also to Israel. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

    1. Interesting passage from Micah. Last night I dreamt of some place where everywhere I looked was a new kind of tree I'd never before seen. Each tree was full of fruit and some were full of nuts, all different kinds which I'd also never before seen. All seemed close to being ripe. I should add that in real life I can identify hundreds of trees and their fruit. None in my dream were any that I'd ever before seen.

    2. Thank you Hillary for these Scriptures, going to study them. And Miguel, for your dream, this is really great gift from the Lord! See you all then! The signs are there! And my history ist also a great sign! The Lord is coming! And Gary, your work is really great in these last days! This is also great sign and gift from the Lord!

    3. Greetings Hillary, and all!
      Sandy Armstrong, of Soldiers for Christ Community Church, asserts that in Micah 7:2a (as well as in Isa. 57:1), the Hebrew word translated as "perished" can be translated as "vanished", and if true, it does make much more sense, and is prophetically exciting....[the Church vanishes]!
      Many blessings.

    4. Wow, Miguel. Thank you for sharing that awesome dream and how you didn't recognize any of the trees. How we all long to be where He is - in Paradise. Come, Lord Jesus!

    5. Miguel, how beautiful. It reminds me of Rev. 22:2. Oh, the longing is almost unbearable! Come, Lord Jesus!

      All, JackN...so much love to you both.

      Shiloah, I've heard similar! I'm not versed enough in Hebrew to confirm this for myself and my studies using tools like Biblehub.com leave me uncertain if that can be translated as such. It sure would be amazing if so! Maybe Gary or Jeff can confirm? They worked hard on the LSV so they are the ones to ask!

    6. ^^My "all" meant to say "Alla" but must have been an autocorrect! However, it's true! All (and Alla) so much love to you!

  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1341522471590260738?s=20

    NEW - Pope to step down after Christmas, according to Vatican source.
    6:14 PM · Dec 22, 2020·

    Pope Francis will step down before the end of the year, according to a source close to the Vatican, who said there was "no doubt" the Pontiff "will resign in 2020."

  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1341522471590260738?s=20

    NEW - Pope to step down after Christmas, according to Vatican source.
    6:14 PM · Dec 22, 2020·

    Pope Francis will step down before the end of the year, according to a source close to the Vatican, who said there was "no doubt" the Pontiff "will resign in 2020."

  13. I heard a democrat politician bantering about the idea of people who have been vaccinated being implanted with a bar code so they can be scanned and go about their business. I dont think this is the mark of the beast, but it is indicative of where things are going.

    1. The logistical nightmare of getting the present vaccine delivery system of needle and syringe to 7.8 billion people , with vaccine that needs to be refridgerated , is impossible , and doomed to fail , on purpose . They want to create as much fear as possible during this time , with failed attempts , to cause the people of the world to demand the final solution . And they have it waiting on the sidelines . It requires no refridgeration , can be sent to everyone by amazon , ups , mail , etc. And you apply it yourself like a band-aid . After doing much research , I do believe this is the Mark Of The Beast . Follow Anthony Patch on BitChute , and learn much. He is brilliant , his wife is off doctrinally . Check out the PDF file below.


    2. it could be a precursor, but not The Mark. That doesn't happen well into the Tribulation. It must be on forehead or hand.

    3. Thank you Van helsing, and Unknown, for interesting thoughts and research. However I think today isn't yet time for the Mark Of The Beast. We are here, and "he who now letteth" is also here now! 2Thes 2:7 (KJV).
      We are the Temple of the Lord now all together and each of us, really! We are saved, and this Temple can't be desecrated. The Lord Jesus cleaned the Temple twiัe, John 2:16 (KJV), and those Temple was without the Ark, the Lord didn't live there.
      Now then He comes for us before somebody or something can desecrate our Temple. 1Cor 3:16-17 (KJV).
      We are really safe now and forever! Come Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

  14. up to Biden, there have been 5 presidents in a row connected to the number 46:

    Clinton: born in '46
    Bush 2: born in '46
    Obama: Judges 4:6
    Trump: born in '46 on 14/6
    Biden: "46"

  15. If we go past May of 2021...it will be past the 80 years...when the seven years of trib is added. The generation will have passed. I have read all of Tom Horn's books....he didn't believe in the Rapture....maybe he does now.

    1. Interestingly, if we take God's perfect clock and calendar in the heavens, we find that it wasn't 1948 that was significant, but 1949 and 1950.

      Four Blood Moon TOTAL lunar eclipses occurred on the Jewish Passover and Feast of Tabernacle in 1949 - 1950 during the 1st Arab - Israeli War for Independence just after Israel had become a nation again for the first time in 2,000 years.

      It should be noted here:

      that even though Israel declared themselves a nation in 1948,
      the first permanent government took office on January 25th, 1949.

      Israel had a transitional government in 1948.

      In this way the “(Tetrad) four blood moons” can tie to the year 1949
      for the first elected office of that year and the birth year could still be 1948.

      So maybe we are missing a year in the whole? God knows His own calendar much better than we do. Maybe we are finishing up the end of the 79th year and not the 80th year?

      Then I considered this parable...

      "last three years... (since 2017? wow!)

      ... leave it alone another year... (?)


      Luke 13:6-8

      Then Jesus told this parable:

      “A man had a fig tree that was planted in his vineyard.
      He went to look for fruit on it, but did not find any.

      So he said to the keeper of the vineyard,
      ‘Look, for the past three years I have come
      to search for fruit on this fig tree and haven’t found any.

      Therefore cut it down!
      Why should it use up the soil?’

      ‘Sir,’ the man replied,
      ‘leave it alone again this year,
      until I dig around it and fertilize it.

      If it bears fruit next year, fine.
      But if not, you can cut it down.’”

      ๐Ÿšซ ๐Ÿ‡

      ··╱ษท ษท╲··

      Foxman on the Wall

    2. It may pass the 80 years, but not 81, in my opinion. Tribulation should begin FOT 2021. 2nd Coming on Atonement 2028. 1,000 year reign begins in 2029. Rapture could happen anytime between now and FOT 2021, more probably Passover/Pentecost 2021. This would leave time for Arab wars followed by Ezekiel wars.

  16. Would some very kindly link to or elaborate on the prophecies mentioned in this article for those of us unaware? Kaduri and Shoshani?

    1. https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Netanyahu-Gantz-impasse-predicted-in-hidden-manuscript-of-leading-mystic-602670 Here is an article on this, I think Gary wrote about it is one of his posts but could not find that one

    2. There’s a fine book about Kaduri and his story called ‘The Rabbi, the Secret Message, and the Identity of Messiah’, written by Carl Gallups. Highly recommended, but I don’t think it covers anything about Shoshani.

    3. Ashley,

      Paul Dawson discusses this topic in depth via his YT channel, REVELATIONCHAPTER12dotCOM.

      Happy hunting!

    4. @Chris

      “Israel Hayom was not able to find any information about the existence of a book titled The Covenant of the Persimmon or of a rabbi by the name of Rabbi Sasson Hai Shoshani, the paper reported.”

    5. He must not use Google then, cause I found them easily just by highlighting the words, right clicking, and clicking 'search google for....'

  17. The 1260 days from the "birth" of the Woman in labor of Revelation 12 has to be accounted for.....

  18. Miguel P
    First scripture I thought of when I read your Dream was Revelation 22:2 .

    Blessings everyone
    Stay safe

  19. The parable of the fig tree in the vineyard—the three plus one—reminds me of this still-present administration. Four years ago, so many were saying that it represented a reprieve from the inevitable slide into a place of no return. And this fourth year the dung has really been flying.

    On the positive side, people have had a chance to quiet down without so many distractions and do some soul searching. Has some fruit been born? We can’t really tell from the news since journalists seek out the sensational. (Though good fruit would be the best kind of sensational.) Only heaven knows the quality of the fruit in this particular year of adversity. And whether the amount of good fruit justifies the life of the tree.

  20. I’ve not posted yet, having remained a watcher of watchers and learning a great deal from all of you.
    Please tell me if I’m way off but I am beginning to think we are “mid-tribulation” already. If the 7 years started Sept. 2017, then March 2021 would be 3 1/2 years later. Aren’t the first 3 1/2 years not as horrific as the second.
    I still believe that the rapture could be any moment, maybe immediately after the next person we bring back under the Shelter of His wings.
    If we’re not midway through yet, how do you imagine the first 3 1/2 years will look different than what we’ve experiencing now?

    Thank you for any insight on this, and for all the comfort and wisdom unsealed provides!

    1. welcome,

      no, The Tribulation has not started. No peace treaty has been confirmed. We will be raptured before it starts. Merry Christmas.

    2. Almost home. No we are not in the Trib yet, and the body of the church will not be. But, I do thinks there is a great possibility that we have 7 years of warning prior to the 7 years of Trib. So perhaps 9/2017 was mid point, with the beginning of the Blood moons tetrad? We most definitely are in the final countdown. See you soon!

    3. Hi Almost Home! Thanks for your posting! I believe in pre-trib Rapture, we are waiting only for the Lord, not for His wrath. We are children of light, really! 1Thes 5:5-9 (KJV). It's interesting Gary's article about: Pre-Trib Rapture Evidence: Top 10.
      He comes very soon for us, as we see it all around us. See you in the air!

    4. Hello friend, I'll add a brief note:

      In short, we can have confidence that we have not entered the first three and a half years of the Tribulation (70th week), because we would have already seen the construction of the Third Temple and the ministry of the two witnesses. Take a look at John's specific mention of "42 months" in Rev. 11:2 (within a context that depicts the first three and a half years of the Trib) and then compare this with the second mention of "42 months" in Rev. 13:5 (within a context that describes the latter three and a half years of the Trib).

      These two "42 month" phrases in Revelation are NOT the same 42-month period. Note that the two witnesses serve for 42 months (i.e. 1,260 days; Rev. 11:3) as a merciful restraint even after the capital "R" Restrainer is gone (2 Thess. 2:7 - that's us!). And then, AFTER the Beast overcomes the two witnesses (Rev. 11:7-10), the second 42 months will commence when the Beast will be given totalitarian control over the world and the authority to completely overwhelm the Trib saints.

      Be encouraged!


    14 Therefore the Lord
    himself will give you a
    sign. Behold, the virgin
    shall conceive and bear
    a son, and shall call
    his name Immanuel.

    (Isaiah 7:14 ESV)

    No matter where you are or who you are, nothing can separate you from the hope of the promise spoken through the prophets for those who are in Christ Jesus the Lord. Nothing.

    37 No, in all these things
    we are more than conquerors
    through him who loved us.

    38 For I am sure that neither
    death nor life, nor angels
    nor rulers, nor things present
    nor things to come, nor powers,

    39 nor height nor depth, nor
    anything else in all creation,
    will be able to separate us
    from the love of God in Christ
    Jesus our Lord.

    (Romans 8:37-38 ESV)

    Jesus is the light of the world. Abide in Him as He abides in you for He will never let you go! Delight in that fact and rejoice for the Joy of the LORD is Christ. Into this dark place He came to speak a new word; the fruit of the lips being, "Peace". (Isaiah 57:18-19 ESV)

    May His peace abound in you this Christmas and always,

    Pastor Rich & Family

    1. Merry Christmas to you too and to all my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ everywhere on the planet!

    2. Everyone - may the Lord rain blessings on you, your friends and loved ones this day.
      May He strengthen an unbreakable bond of friendship between us.
      And may He use our gifts and our understanding of his book to continue bringing people under His loving guidance.

    3. Beautiful blessings! Thank you. I love and pray for unsealed friends daily. I know I'm a day late, but merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a blessed day. I was hoping to see Jesus yesterday but at least Santa still stopped by :) hoping to see you all soon but until then continue to stay strong and in His Word. Be blessed.

  22. purported “prophecies” of Kaduri and Shoshani into crystal-clear focus.

    Purported being the key word here. I am unable to find anything about Shoshani prophecies prior to Gantz really getting involved in things.

  23. Found a 6.3 earthquake basically underneath (1km away) from Calatagan in the Phillipines. Was a name I was unfamiliar with, so I thought I'd look up the place to see if there was anything interesting.

    Quick search for the place revealed they found a curious artifact years ago:

    It took them 50 years to figure out what the inscriptions said, heh... Jubilees anyone?

    Pot was thought to be used (by burning incense) to bring life to the moribund (basically emotionally dead) and try to call back people they thought were 'stolen away by beings from the spiritual realm...'

    1. 'Found a 6.3 earthquake on USGS this morning that was basically...' should be how that starts.

  24. Hallo Gary, first of all my sincere thanks for all of your loving efforts to keep all of us updated on signs in the sky as well as firing our faith engines time and again! God bless you for that! As we haven't been raptured yet, I was wondering what the sky would look like on May 13th 2021. Reason being: 1) it is Ascension day, and the messengers told the disciples that Jesus would return in a like manner, 2) I think that Jesus return for His Bride (Church) is not a Jewish festival and is valid for His Church/Bride only, 3) May 14th is the 80th birthday of Israel, and God always makes His grace valid as long as possible, and also always acts JUST IN TIME. Could we be raptured on May 13th 2021?

    1. Albert,

      I am wondering the same things too. May 13th and 14th are very interesting days and play a part in the new model I am beginning to explore.

      As far as the skies are concerned, on May 13, 2021,

      Earth will be beneath the altar (Libra) if viewed from the Sun. Otherwise, if viewed from Earth,

      1. Mercury and Venus will be near the Sun in Taurus
      2. Mars will be in Gemini
      3. Jupiter will be in Aquarius
      4. Saturn will be in Capricorn

      You get some interesting results when viewing the planets from the Sun. Solarsystemscope.com provides an easy way to view these angles in your web browser without installing software. (You can also install it or run their app for free or paid). Highly recommended.

      Just as G-d acted JUST IN TIME in regard to Israel at the sea, I too think He will act JUST IN TIME in regard to His body the Church. In perfect timing that will spur Israel to jealousy. May 13th, 2021 strikes me as having potential for such a day.



    2. so you are not sticking with an appointed time, like Passover 2021 ? Pentecost 2021 is May 23rd.

    3. I am open to exploring different avenues but (Psalm 90) is still a driving force in my research. What are the limits and what is meant by 80-years? One who is in their 80's could be 89-years old. True? These are that limits that I am exploring.

    4. Just FYI, Steve Sewell (https://www.blessedhopeforever.com/) has been saying the same thing for quite some time. He posted a video on his YT channel about it just the other day, if anyone's interested https://youtu.be/Tk98eAunggs

  25. In respect to the two 1260 day periods that Jeff mentioned in Rev.11 and 13 im in agreement with that but have always been confused by the placement of the Rev. 12 sign Rev.12:1-5 right in the middle. In verse 6 it describes the Abomination of desolation whereby the Jews flee into the mountains which is the tribulation mid-point. The second 1260 day period begins there.

    Its always confused me why God chose to place the Rev. 12 sign in the vicinity of the mid-point instead of earlier in the Rev 4 or 5 area.

    I welcome any thoughts on this.


    1. I think that's a good Van Helsing question. I am not an expert in eschatology but I know that when the prophets spoke it was not all the time in the days or the weeks that came that the prophecies were fulfilled. There were times when it was years.
      This may be the case there?

    2. Hi Van Helsing,

      Here's a key facet of Bible study that will help us to wrestle with the placement of Rev. 12:1-5:

      It is universally recognized that the content of Revelation is deliberately arranged in a chiastic structure. The center or focal point of the chiasm is chapter 12. Therefore, in the Hebrew way of thinking, it makes sense that all of the biblical characters and major events culminate in this one central text in the last book of the Bible.

      I just did a quick search online, and here are a couple of sites that I found that highlight Revelation 12 as the chiasm of the book:

      First Example

      Second Example

    3. Thanks for that Jeff. If I understand the article correctly it seems to say that the 'War in heaven' reference in 12:7 is going back to the original battle where the devil, then known as lucifer rebelled and thus was kicked out of heaven. There are three levels of heaven. Paul said that he was caught up to the third heaven in a vision. That is where God himself resides and a lot of friendly angels. The second heaven is the universe around us and the first heaven is anywhere above the earth, our atmosphere. I dont agree that verse 7 is a reference to the original war in heaven because in verse 10 it says that satan accused the brethren day and night. Way back however long it was there were no brethren to accuse so this cant be the original casting out of heaven. When the original war happened the devil was cast out of the third heaven, the abode of God but he (satan) still had access to the throne where he accused us. This is a second casting out of heaven being the second heaven. He is now confined at this point entirely to the earth, the first heaven. In my opinion this is referring to a future event at the mid-point of the tribulation.

    4. I feel the 2nd casting of Satan will occur at the same time we are Raptured, either before the Tribulation or at the start. If you believe in Mid-Trib rapture, then I understand your thought. You are correct, after this 2nd casting of Satan, he will be confined to the Earth.

    5. I think REv 12:1-5 was a good place to take a pause, take a break and summarize what has happened and will happen.

    6. Thanks for those comments Rjmgoose. First of all im not a 'mid-tribber' which makes the placement of Rev 12:1-5 particularly confusing. If you were to remove it the scripture it would flow nicely. In Chap.11 it mentions the two witnesses with their 1260 day-first 3 1/2 yr. ministry and then leaving out verse 12 1-5 you read in verse 6 about the AOD and the start of the second 1260 days. Im not recommending that it be removed, God forbid, just because I dont understand it.

  26. THE YEARS IN PSALMS: 2020 & 2021

    1 May the LORD answer you
    in a day of trouble; may
    the name of Jacob's God
    protect you.

    2 May he send you help
    from the sanctuary and sustain
    you from Zion.

    3 May he remember all your
    offerings and accept your
    burnt offering. Selah

    4 May he give you what your
    heart desires and fulfill
    your whole purpose.

    5 Let us shout for joy at
    your victory and lift the
    banner in the name of our
    God. May the LORD fulfill
    all your requests.

    6 Now I know that the LORD
    gives victory to his annointed;
    he will answer him from his
    holy heaven with mighty
    victories from his right hand.

    7 Some take pride in chariots,
    and others in horses, but we
    take pride in the name of the
    LORD our God.

    8 They collapse and fall, but
    we rise and stand firm.

    9 LORD, give victory to the
    king! May he answer us on the
    day that we call.

    (Psalm 20:1-9 CSB)

    Is it me or does Psalm 20 speak well of the year we just experienced? Even our blessed hope is indicated in verses eight and nine.

    1 LORD, the king finds joy
    in your strength. How
    greatly he rejoices in your

    2 You have given him his
    heart's desire and have
    not denied the request of
    his lips. Selah

    3 For you meet him with
    rich blessings; you place
    a crown of pure gold on
    his head.

    4 He asked you for life,
    and you gave it to him --
    length of days forever
    and ever.

    5 His glory is great
    through your victory;
    you confer majesty and
    splendor on him.

    6 You give him blessings
    forever; you cheer him
    with joy in your presence.

    7 For the king relies on
    the LORD; through the
    faithful love of the
    Most High he is not shaken.

    8 Your hand will capture all
    your enemies; your right hand
    will seize those who hate you.

    9 You will make them burn like
    a fiery furnace when you appear;
    the LORD will engulf them in his
    wrath, and fire will devour them.

    10 You will wipe their progeny
    from the earth and their offspring
    from the human race.

    11 Though they intend to harm
    you and devise a wicked plan, they
    will not prevail.

    12 Instead, you will put them to
    flight when you ready your bowstrings
    to shoot at them.

    13 Be exalted, LORD, in your strength;
    we will sing and praise your might.

    (Psalm 21:1-13)

    Somehow those two psalms seem to ring especially true in the season we are in. Seasons come and go. The Promise is eternal. Our blessing and inheritance forevermore.

    In Christ alone may we sing.

    In Christ alone may we praise.

    In Christ alone we extol your might!

    Until the glory of His coming on the clouds; may we all be found as this -- in truth and spirit giving praise and glory to God in the Highest!

    Happy Boxing Day 2020,

    Pastor Rich & Family

    1. Amen, Pastor Rich! Be blessed very much with your Family! Studying all these Scriptures!

  27. According to Paul Benson at http://www.paulbenson.me/ and http://www.paulbenson.me/downloads.html, the Church would go through the Tribulation Period. Maybe the Pre-trib Rapture is a false doctrine?

    1. Well, Moin, why not do as Paul Benson instructs? Dig for yourself. Don't listen to teachers of the Word. Seek instead "The Teacher".

      Pray. Read. Study. Meditate and listen repeating often and with regularity! But at some point in time you will miss the very real benefits of discipleship by a human teacher given you by the Lord.

      Myself? I spent too many years going it alone and will always espouse the benefits of community, fellowship and responsible discipleship by humble teachers of the Gospel.

      Happy hunting!

    2. Paul Benson is a false doctrine

    3. I would go on to add, that perhaps there are 3 rapture like events. 1st- The rapture Pre Trib for the church 2nd mid Trib for the tribulation Saints and 3rd Post Trib for the remaining. (forgive me for I may have the mid and post trib miss identified) But I believe there is scripture basis for each event and perhaps why there are so man conflicting views. You can even consider it as harvests. Barley, wheat and grape.

    4. The mystery of imminence is also at play. All the believers in the last 1900 years or so before now also believed the Lord's coming was at hand. Assuming death fast forwards the conciousness to the Rapture/Resurrection... They are already there and waiting for us to 'catch up' so to speak. Peter even tells us up front that we don't understand how time really works.

      Looking around at everything going on in the news, I'm getting the sense that reality has already begun to split along the lines of people's beliefs...

      The one thing we can sure of is that God is going to do something at a certain moment of time. We just have to wait for that moment and try to do what the Holy Spirit asks of us in the meantime...

  28. Hi Gary,

    I don't know if it has any relevance, but I thought it was very interesting that Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn form a perfect triangle alignment on January 10. Here's a screenshot from Stelarium

    Jupiter Saturn Mercury Triangle

    Also, Jupiter Saturn and the Moon had a similar alignment back on October 22, 20202

    Jupiter Saturn Mercury

    If nothing else, the heavens are certainly declaring the glory of the Lord!


  29. Moin ,

    You said -

    "Maybe the Pre-trib Rapture is a false doctrine?"

    Phl 3:15 Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you.

    I praise God that you are open to discuss this very sensitive subject and from personal experience , I can assure you it will cost you all you've held onto .

    It did me.

    I call it the dispensational delusion.

    Luk 9:62 And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

    The price is heavy, but the reward of being set free from a intentional falsehood {that's been used to deceive millions } are far beyond to express in words .

    I've not read this article but am thrilled that the Lord knows who are His Own and will bring us to His Truth before that great and Fearful day of the Lord.

    Even IF possible the very elect would be deceived .

    May the Lord's Word NOT return void as we search Him for His truth.

    I praise God for your courage .

  30. I find the lack of faith of some here disturbing!
    The US is tied to Israel.
    The radical left communists socialist are not for freedom nor for Israel.
    They lie,cheat, steal, and murder to accomplish there end!
    They don’t regard the constitution or the God given rights of others.
    They have infiltrated this country and others to the highest level.
    The swamp is draining and reveling a lot of corruption.

    God is in control, not the enemy’s of God.

    I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts

    For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will

    Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off.

    The story of Hezekiah king of Judah in 2 Kings is very revealing and encouraging.

    19:014 And Hezekiah received the letter of the hand of the messengers, and read it: and Hezekiah went up into the house of the LORD, and spread it before the LORD.

    19:020 Then Isaiah the son of Amoz sent to Hezekiah, saying, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, That which thou hast prayed to me against Sennacherib king of Assyria I have heard.

    19:027 But I know thy abode, and thy going out, and thy coming in, and thy rage against me.

    19:032 Therefore thus saith the LORD concerning the king of Assyria, He shall not come into this city, nor shoot an arrow there, nor come before it with shield, nor cast a bank against it.

    19:033 By the way that he came, by the same shall he return, and shall not come into this city, saith the LORD.

    19:034 For I will defend this city, to save it, for mine own sake, and for my servant David's sake.

    19:035 And it came to pass that night, that the angel of the LORD went out, and smote in the camp of the Assyrians an hundred fourscore and five thousand: and when they arose early in the morning, behold, they were all dead corpses.

    Isaiah 37:006 And Isaiah said unto them, Thus shall ye say unto your master, Thus saith the LORD, Be not afraid of the words that thou hast heard, wherewith the servants of the king of Assyria have blasphemed me.

    And lets remember the story of Haman and Mordecai Esther 6:1-3
    It just so happens the King couldn’t sleep that night.

    There are 3 sacraments Jesus says to do in secret before the Father.
    The giving of money
    and fasting

    Lets do what we can and having done all, stand!

    And behold the salvation of the lord!

    1. Hmmm, the US is tied to Israel?

      Not exactly. America is not the saviour of Israel; only God is the Saviour of Israel.

      Israel is tied to God.

      God has established the restrainer as a dam standing against the flood waters which will seek to swamp and wash away the woman (Israel). God will get the glory in defeating the enemies of Israel not a government of man (Adam) when the restrainer is removed.

      By definition, Jesus (Yeshua, the name meaning salvation, saviour), the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, is the saviour of Israel not the USA. Immanuel, God with us, is the One who came out of the nation to which He created...


      Thankfully, little faith was not enough to derail our Jesus in His work of our salvation. Whether you are a bruised reed, smouldering wick, a mustard seed,

      9 ...if you confess with
      your mouth that Jesus is
      Lord and believe in your
      heart that God raised him
      from the dead, you will be

      10 For with the heart one
      believes and is justified,
      and with the mouth one
      confesses and is saved.

      (Romans 10:9-10 ESV)


      "Behold, I am laying in
      Zion a stone of stumbling,
      and a rock of offense;
      and whoever believes in him
      will not be put to shame."

      (Romans 9:33 ESV)

      Pray for one another and encourage one another as often as you are called and see the need. Lift up one another to God in Christ and pray for their blessing and strengthening by the One who gives so freely and lovingly. Do so in secret where your Father will answer you in secret for Love's sake to the glory of God.

      All of us are on a faith journey. All of us are day-by-day working out our own salvation. Therefore, pray for one another.


    2. Pastor Rich

      Not the response I expected!
      An obvious misunderstanding.
      The UK and US are the sponsors of Israel.
      God uses who He wants when He wants for His purposes.
      God enters into the activities of men and women to work His will.
      The restrainer is the the body of Christ "The Church" the called out ones.
      Unfortunately its made up of Laodiceans as well as Philadelphians.


    Barry and Helen Setterfield have posted their latest report on research related to creation physics. This includes findings that suggest the discovery of, and evidence of, the voice of God reverberating throughout the cosmos. (You heard me right!)

    Get your thinking caps on and get ready to rewind frequently to catch and digest all of the details.

    Plasma Astronomy and the Bible - Barry Setterfield - Genesis Science Research

    Highly recommended!

    1. That is an awesome video. I agree, everyone should watch it. Amazing stuff. To be able to calculate how long it took from the creation to each of the various light sources (and tie up with Gen 1) is incredible. But also awesome is the deep, 100 decibel sound of the voice of God himself. He spoke and it all came into being...which we can now demonstrate in the lab. Why can't people see it? Why do they persist in talking about billions of years...
      I want to hear that voice calling us all home.

    2. I know! The Voice!! 110dB, 50-octaves below Middle C?!! That's what they are saying!!

    3. That video just blows the mind. I don't know what else to really say about it, every time I type something here I just feel inadequate to explain it. It's all just really amazing.

    4. so interesting. Thanks

    5. A wonder I’ve had for years is how the stars forming the signs in the heavens are perceived as being tied together since my senses cannot see the lines in between. Now I’m wondering if they are bound by filaments—a creative nip here and a supernatural tuck there—to form unique pictures for those with the revelation and faith-filled eyes.

    6. Wow! Wait so the sun doesn't revolve around the earth? LOL
      Science is always proving it doesn't truly understand anything. In a couple of hours/days/weeks (you know, when the rapture occurs and we become like Jesus) even this will be proven to be man's feeble attempt at comprehending the un-comprehensible God and all His glory.

    7. @CY and Cry,

      Yes, you can say that the stars and galaxies are formed along and bound by filaments. Plasma filaments. Space is some 99% plasma seen as sheets and filaments. Barry and Helen cover this in-depth on their YT channel.

    8. The 'plasma' or the 'electric' universe has been a competing theory(s) of the 'cosmos' for quite some time. It does not get very much traction, even among PhD YECs (young earth creationists), because most of them are trained in the same institutions as their atheist counterparts. However, just consider this, the electrostatic force of attraction between charged object is ~40 orders of magnitude greater than the force of gravity, yet secular scientist and most YECs believe that gravity is what holds the universe together. An order of magnitude is a factor of ten. Just let that sink in for a while, 10 x 10, forty times.

      I have not viewed Barry’s video yet (but I’m familiar with his work) so after I do I may stop back with additional comments.


  32. Anyone else find it peculiar that the Google picture today is an angel in the clouds making an announcement in front of what appears to be a rocket and possibly a planetary alignment of some kind? Wish I could post pictures here.

    1. I just looked it up, and it also looks like a dragon trying to eat a star!!

    2. Yeah, I see that now. WOW!

    3. Also, the angel is dressed in RED

    4. For me, I see a syringe with a needle, the earth planet, a media woman and eagle wings like an angel. Loll

    5. https://g.co/doodle/4smtxcc

  33. If the fellow in that video is right, 3 billion times the speed of light would make warp speed look like a flying snail. Happy new year all!

  34. Happy New Year, everyone!



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