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The Christmas Star, the Prophetic Crescendo, and the Great Reset

Things have now reached a fever pitch with a flurry of signs in the heavens, the imminent election outcome in the United States, and the enemy's plans for a “Great Reset” ushering in global government. The Church is seemingly under threat, but God has a reset of His own planned.

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Gary: Hello brothers and sisters it's Gary and Jeff again we have a lot to share with you tonight so I apologize in advance if this video goes a little bit long but you know we have to think about before we do this will this be the last video we ever make.

Jeff: Yes. Amen. We are here to bring you good tidings of comfort and joy comfort and joy.

Gary: Amen. And we do we have we have a great hope and um soon we're going to be in the throne room with angels we're going to be glorified we're going to be more powerful than marvel superheroes um so there's so much to be hopeful for there's so much going on right now and first thing I wanted to mention was Hanukkah so tomorrow is December 14th it's the middle of Hanukkah it's the middle day it's seven days before the great conjunction tomorrow is actually when the electors are going to vote for president tomorrow could be a really interesting day to look for me personally I think it actually is a high watch day and I’m very expected so tomorrow is also the great south American eclipse goes all the way from all the way across Argentina and Chile and it's right in the middle of the great American solar eclipse from 2017 and the great American solar eclipse from 2024 so tomorrow is genuinely a very interesting day to look for and Hanukkah so we're in Hanukkah I think there's actually some rapture symbolism with Hanukkah and I see typology with the rapture on other days as well but um we're here right now so I don't really want to look at too much beyond where we are Hanukkah is an eight-day festival and it's been celebrated since the second century BC when the Jews um cleansed the temple after Antiochus Epiphanes and they were not able to celebrate the feast of tabernacles on time that year and so they actually celebrated it later in the year and that ended up becoming its own festival called Hanukkah the feast of dedication when they rededicated the second temple so tabernacles is the last of the festivals that are mentioned in the five books in the Torah and I’ve thought before could there be symbolism being that it's the last festival with Paul’s mention of the last trump because the trumpet wasn't only blown on the beast of trumpets or Yom Teruah but it was sometimes blown on other festivals and it was also blown at the sagging of the new moon and tomorrow is actually a new moon and in John 6 and seven Jesus connects an idea between how he's going to raise up believers at the last day and how he stood up and the last great day of the feast declaring who he is and that all who come to him would be saved so there could be a connection between the last day of tabernacles which is when he stood up in John 7 and when he's going to resurrect the believers at the last day so to speak um so given that Hanukkah is a celebration of tabernacles that's delayed and it's celebrated every year and it's also mentioned in the new testament in John chapter 10 so it is a biblical festival in that sense but it's sort of out of the ordinary flow of things you might say then another day to be looking for could potentially be a few days after tomorrow so that would be the last best the last day of the festival but tomorrow is in the midst of the festival and there's some interesting connections with that that we're going to talk about in just a bit but one other thing is that the first person in the Bible to be raptured was Enoch and his Hebraic name Hanok actually has the same root same etymological root as Hanukkah so there could be a connection there as well but I wanted to show you from Stellarium what we're seeing we've already talked about this a lot in the last two videos but from the perspective of someone in Israel looking up at the night sky watching this conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter coming together what they would see and there's an interesting detail to add to that all right so this is from the vantage point of someone standing on the ground in Jerusalem looking toward the southwest shortly after sunset so you can see this is set to tomorrow evening and it's seven days out from the great conjunction and Saturn is descending so from someone that's been watching the night sky every night for the past many weeks it looks as if Saturn is falling from above coming down toward Jupiter and then we've already touched on quite a bit the significance of Capricorn the horn goat which is a picture of Baphomet pan Satan really and then Sagittarius down here which is a picture of the antichrist the first seal it's a perfect depiction of it so Saturn says if Saturn’s being cast down and then on the 21st of course they're going to conjunct and we think that is a picture of Revelation 12:4 the dragon having been cast down standing ready to devour the child the moment he is born Jupiter represents both Christ in his humanity and it was the Star of Bethlehem but it also represents the church in the Revelation 12 narrative and picture and we talked about all the mythology last week all the significance there and how the audience the those that would read the letter to the seven churches in Asia minor would have connected those dots but check this out so thinking about different constellations and plants and stars and what they represent we think we have a pretty clear identification of Saturn as Satan Jupiter as the church but way up here much higher in the sky is mars and there's been speculations about what mars could be what mars could represent some have suggested maybe that's the red dragon—it is very red. From a mythological perspective mars is always represented in war and judgment that comes from its red color it's fiery but if Saturn is Satan and if constellations all the way around Virgo represent the great red dragon then perhaps mars is something different and so I tend to be of the opinion that mars actually represents Michael so in the Bible he's portrayed as a warrior angel the archangel prince of Israel and he is in combat he wars with Satan in Revelation 12. so Michael the archangel has that connection with war and judgment and in April of this year Saturn and mars were in conjunction and they were you might say duking it out but Saturn for a long time now has been descending and so it looks as if Saturn has been cast down and he’s descending, descending, descending, until this conjunction with Jupiter on December 21st so I don't know I think that could be a picture of the war in heaven that's really played out this whole year so I want to back up a little bit and show a couple other things so on April 4th really third and fourth earlier this year just a few days before Passover there was this extremely close conjunction of Venus and the seven stars otherwise known as the Pleiades which is in Taurus the bull and I have a couple videos from earlier this year called A Crash Course on Biblical Astronomy so I recommend you check that out but I talk about the significance of Taurus the bull and how this was a picture of Christ returning Christ and his might there's a lot of reasons to think that and so I’d encourage you to go back and look at that but there was this conjunction between Venus and the seven stars where Venus was in the midst of the seven stars and that seems to be a picture from Revelation chapter one where Jesus is holding the seven stars in his hand it's not a stretch because in Revelation 22:16 Jesus says he is the bright and morning star that is without a question without a doubt that is absolutely a reference to the planet Venus so Jesus in some sense in Revelation 22 is connecting himself symbolically with the planet Venus which is the brightest star.

Jeff: Yeah and remember Gary in Revelation 2:28 he says I will give to him the morning star speaking to the church of Thyatira.

Gary: Yes, and so a few months later Venus became the morning star right on about June the 4th or so when for just a few moments of time it could have been seen rising in the morning before the sun came up and this next sign was an annular solar eclipse that appeared over most of southern Asia most of the south eastern quadrant of the middle east and then a huge chunk of Africa so it was seen by a lot of people an annual or solar eclipse basically means that it would appear kind of like a ring of fire where because the moon is a little bit further out from earth then during a total solar eclipse it doesn't quite cover the full disc of the sun and so it appears like a ring so there was this this darkened sun ring eclipse basically in the torch area of Orion and Orion has a lot of symbolism connected with it in terms of the new world order, the antichrist, Osiris, Nimrod, and all these things, and so a lot of people saw this as sort of an occultic signal that really showed just how close the world was coming to this false messiah coming on the scene.

Jeff: Yes, thank you Gary for showing that and I didn't realize before that this eclipse that took place earlier this year that was very close to Gemini looks like the heel of one of the twins and one interpretation of this could be that if that's Orion’s club or torch or whatever he has that it could be a signal of judgment on what could be a figure representing the antichrist just like we've looked at Sagittarius representing the antichrist and the reason I say that is because there is evidence in scripture that could possibly contrast what we've just looked at in the heavens the Pleiades and Orion so there's actually three places in scripture where we find the Pleiades and Orion mentioned so for those who are curious may be new to this studying the heavens well God is the one who created the stars and he gave them their names he gave them their meaning so when he talks about the Pleiades or Orion he is the one who has embedded the meaning into these stars and so we're just discovering that after the fact so here in Job 38:31 the Lord is asking Job if he can bind the chains of the Pleiades or loosen the belt of Orion so there's a contrast going on here we have binding of the Pleiades and we have loosening of Orion it doesn't necessarily have to be his belt either cords you get the picture I know that we commonly refer to the belt of Orion as Orion’s belt but the idea here is that the Pleiades are being bound together and then there's a releasing of Orion and as we've studied the heavens this past year and we've seen the morning star in the midst of the Pleiades and we saw this eclipse over Orion and as we get closer to the day when we appear before the Lord we know also in scripture that that the restrainer is going to be removed and the antichrist is going to be released so I thought about this passage and I thought you know this is actually a perfect description kind of hidden meaning tucked away in Job 38:31 because every time the Pleiades are mentioned Orion is mentioned in scripture because you've got the rest and the other one here is in Job 9:9 and then the other one's in Amos 5:8 and that one in Amos 5:8 is in the context of the day of the Lord of God's judgment and this is the context of the day of the work because the Lord appeared to Job in a storm it was the storm of the Lord it's kind of like the many type of the day of the Lord and so what we have here being pictured is that the Pleiades are being gathered together and united but then there's this releasing of the restraint of Orion and I see this as a picture of the gathering of the church concurrent with the releasing of the antichrist who's bound who's currently bound and that's the picture of Orion I see I picture Orion as someone who's been bound and what do we see in Revelation we see that the beast comes up from the bottomless pit and now what we find John describing this this creature whoever he is possibly giant you know whoever whatever spirit this is fallen angel giant we have him being very explicitly described as coming up from the bottomless pit being released unrestrained release the kraken okay that's what we're having here we have bind the church together that's what we saw April fourth Jesus in the midst of the Pleiades Revelation two and three and then we have the releasing once the restraint is gone then the antichrist is released and speaking of judgment on the antichrist which that eclipse back in June could very well have been a preview of this eclipse that's occurring tomorrow this total solar eclipse over the literal ends of the earth the tip of south America you know from the vantage point of Jerusalem and in the Hebrew conception I mean this is the as the ends of the of the earth of the inhabited earth and we have this total solar eclipse occurring tomorrow at the midpoint in the midst that's our word for this this video is in the midst Jesus stood in the midst of the seven churches you have even in Second Thessalonians 2:7 the restrainer’s in the midst of it all restraining the antichrist until he's taken out of the way and now you have this eclipse tomorrow it's going to be occurring over a region in southern south America and this was pointed out from a sister in Christ Gigi over her channel blue heaven I saw she had pointed out that Patagonia was at the ends of the earth and oh this is something we stumbled on right before we went into this video yeah we I just saw this the name Patagonia comes from the word patagon apparently the patagonis or Patagonian giants were a race of giant humans rumored to be living in Patagonia described in early European accounts okay so we just saw this and after we've been talking about Orion and giants and connection to the beast who's released from the bottomless pit and here you have Magellan it says he used this term in 1520 to describe the native tribes of the region whom his expedition thought to be giants here we have this eclipse going over this region and we know part of the day of the Lord part of the judgment of the day of the Lord is not on not only on the human inhabitants of the earth but it's judgment against the fallen angels right because Satan and his angels are cast down his judgment against their hybrid offspring is judgment against the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim you know it's judgment against all of the abomination that causes desolation okay anything that is against God's express will of being born of the Spirit of God by placing your faith in the in the Son of God.

Gary: And get this: So in 2010 this show came out called Ancient Aliens, it's been pretty popular it's like one of the more popular shows on The History Channel, sort of setting the stage for this great deception that's coming and in the last you know few weeks we've heard all this talk of aliens disclosure there's been the navy releasing videos like genuine videos of unidentified aerial objects and things the hashtag aliens is trending because fox is coming out with a series on aliens so in the monoliths there's now been seven of those things I think some are copycats but irregardless the messages again aliens extraterrestrials other worldly beings the world thinks they're from other planets we know from the Bible they're from another dimension they are fallen angels the spirits of giants like you talked about but this show Ancient Aliens it's currently in the 16th season on the first day of Hanukkah what this this year December 11th the first day of Hanukkah they came out with an episode called giants of the Mediterranean where they're exploring all the giant myths from Israel and Greece and so forth and then the last the next episode actually is called the forbidden Bible and it comes out on the last day of Hanukkah which would be sort of Shemini Atzeret and it's about Enoch and Enoch being taken in his account in the book of Enoch of giants.

Jeff: So you can't escape it it's all over the place right now this is all a part of the soft disclosure I don't even know if we can call it soft anymore because they're just I mean they're pulling out all the stops it's more of a stream right it's no longer just here and there it's definitely the time to be prepping the public conscious to accept the lie the deception to explain what the rapture.

Gary: Something that I think a lot of people don't notice as a pre-trib proof is what we see with our own eyes everywhere right now is this preparation for this huge transition this disappearance of people it's a deception that's coming to explain away the removal of the church and it's not something that is really factored into some of the other views as far as the timing of the rapture so I wanted to share with you all a couple verses some passages on the timing of the rapture and I’ve done a lot of articles on you know why preacher rapture why would believe this now I’ve mentioned before I wasn't always preacher but I wasn't as die-hard as I am today and I used to be kind of ambiguous about it I wasn't really sure I know a lot of people have settled on the pan-trib view where you know hope for pre-trib prepare for post-trib I can't really know Bible's not very clear and I know that there are some very respected scholars that hold that position like Dr. Michael Heiser for example kind of holds a little bit of an ambiguous position on it but I think that what is missed here is the fact that this is a promise it's not just pulling some verses together and reading between the lines but it's an actual promise from God to a group of people who will not be present during the day of the Lord during the tribulation period so one of the clearest promises is Jesus to the disciples shortly before his death and this is the famous I am the way in the truth and the life passage Jesus said, “let not your hearts be troubled believe in God believe also in me in my father's house are many rooms if it were not so what I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and will take you to myself that where I am you may also be and you know the way to where I’m going,” so Thomas interjects here, “Lord, we do not know where you are going how can we know the way?” And then Jesus says, of course, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” So Jesus was going to die he was going to come back to life after three days and then he would ascend to heaven he was going to his father's house and he makes a very clear promise to the disciples that he's going to come again and take them to his father's house not make a place for them on earth he didn't say that he didn't say I’m preparing a place for you here he said he said I’m going to prepare a place for you it's in my father's house and I’m going to take you to be with me where I am Jesus wasn't physically on earth after his ascension he went you know for the past two millennia up to heaven so a lot of people that hold the post-trib view would say that first Thessalonians 4 when it talks about us meeting the Lord in the air that's really sort of like a a picture of a greeting of royalty when they would come in from out of town as they approached the town then peasants and stuff would run out to greet the king and welcome him back and they would all come together into the city but I don't see any basis for that it's pretty clear that the church is going to be removed taken to the father's house taken to the place prepared by Jesus for us so this is a promise and I think when God makes a promise you hold on to it no matter what so it's clear but it's not something that stands alone John 14 is one of many other verses so Zephaniah 1:14 through 2:3. This is a picture of the Day of the LORD commencing and how destructive it's going to be. “The great day of the Lord is near near and hastening fast the sound of the day of the Lord is bitter the mighty man cries aloud there the day of wrath is that day a day of distress and anguish a day of ruin and devastation a day of darkness and gloom a day of clouds and thick darkness a day of trumpet blast and battle cry…” so notice not only is this passage about the ultimate day of the Lord coming on the whole world but it's connected with images that we see in passages like First Thessalonians 4 trumpet blasts and clouds and stuff and to make absolutely clear—completely unequivocal—that this is not just about Israel or something specific this is really about the whole world, “in the fire of his jealousy all the earth shall be consumed for a full and sudden end he will make of all the inhabitants of the earth.” There's no question this is about the ultimate worldwide cataclysm that's coming and then in chapter two, “Gather together yes gather oh shameless nation before the decree takes effect before the day passes away like chaff before there comes upon you the burning anger of the Lord before there comes upon you the day of the anger of the Lord seek the Lord all you humble of the land who do his just commands seek righteousness seek humility perhaps you may be hidden on the day of the anger of the Lord.” So it couldn't be any more clear, all these: Before, before, before, before all this comes to pass you may be hidden on the day of the Lord this is a really clear picture that there are some who will be hidden during the tribulation this is in the old testament there are other ones so Isaiah 26 is one that we've mentioned quite a bit there's this theme throughout all of scripture about this pregnant woman crying out her labor pains represent the tribulation period so that's what Jesus built upon in Matthew 24 in the Olivet Discourse he talked about all these signs that he's listing off that occurred during the tribulation are as if labor pains coming upon this woman and the labor pains they get worse and worse as you near the birth of the baby so to speak so a lot of this imagery comes from the old testament it really starts with genesis 3:15 where God gives the promise of a male offspring a seed messiah who would crush the head of the serpent and then the next verse genesis 3:16 talks about labor pains being given as a judgment and so this picture of a woman in labor with a male child will be in combat with a serpent or a dragon that that threefold image is found throughout scripture so in Isaiah 26 we read, “Like a pregnant woman who rises and cries out in her pains when she is near to giving birth so were we because of you o Lord we were pregnant we arrived but we have given birth to wind…” so Isaiah here records that this pregnant woman is like them so he compares we plural this group which is Israel to a singular woman so this woman is a picture of Israel and he writes, “we've accomplished no deliverance in the earth and the inhabitants of the world have not fallen…” so Israel has not accomplished what God wanted and then he says something interesting despite this failure in verses 17 and 18 it says, “your dead shall live, their bodies shall rise you who dwell in the dust awake and sing for joy for your due is a dew of light and the earth will give birth to the dead.” So this is a picture of a large resurrection of the dead in the future from the earth.

Jeff: And also the dew aspect relates to the morning star, so when Jesus says that he's going to give to the church the morning star well the morning star is the first to rise from the earth and dew comes up before the sun so it has a lot of connection there by labeling this group who rises before Israel is it's the the Lord's people they're still God's people it's a separate group distinct from Israel and related to the dew of light so I see that as definite parallel to what Jesus says about giving the church the morning star.

Gary: Yeah and so like I mentioned Isaiah connects the Israelites plural with the singular woman this pregnant woman doesn't accomplish deliverance or salvation in the earth but he also you know gives a picture of the earth itself being a picture of the woman the earth gives birth to the dead and so this is kind of also something that we read about in the new testament where the earth is groaning and in a sense longing for the sons of God to be revealed and that also kind of connects here to Isaiah 26 where when the church the sons of God are revealed that's like a birth from the earth and Isaiah continues, “Come my people…” as if God speaking, “enter your chambers [or rooms or inner rooms] and shut your doors behind you, hide yourselves for a little while until the fury [or indignation or wrath] has passed by…” so connect this directly with verse 19, those that are newly resurrected, God says come on, come in here, come to this room, the place prepared by Jesus for his disciples, come into these rooms in the father's house, hide yourselves until the indignation (the wrath) has passed by. And to make no doubt that this is about the whole earth, “For behold the Lord is coming out from his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity and the earth will disclose the blood shed on it and will no more cover its slain.” And then this is a passage in Isaiah 66 that we've touched on extensively because it seems as if the apostle John is more or less quoting this passage in Revelation 12. So it's the same image again of the woman giving birth to a child and we see that in Revelation 12 where it's the woman giving birth to the child and the child is threatened by the dragon or the serpent which is Satan but Isaiah 66 has a really interesting detail it says, “Before she was in labor she gave birth before her pain came upon her she delivered a son…” well that doesn't happen. You don't give birth before you have labor pains. That's not the normal order of things. “Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things?” Now this in the ESV actually says “a land,” but it could just as easily be “the earth.” “Shall the earth be born or give birth in one day? Shall a nation be brought forth in one moment?” So this is a passage that is very often connected with the re-establishment of Israel in 1948 and that kind of makes sense, but that's really not the right context because the woman—the one that's giving birth—is Israel, it's not the child that's Israel, so it's kind of a misalignment of the characters to say that a nation being brought forth in one moment is referring to Israel in 1948, because that would be in effect to say that Israel is giving birth to Israel, so it doesn't make any sense. This is something different. This is saying that this woman, who again in Isaiah’s prophecies represents Israel collectively—it's a corporate entity—she gives birth to a male child, which is also a corporate entity.

Jeff: It's a nation. So it's the same thing you saw in Isaiah 26; same parallel and pattern in Isaiah 26:19. You have the frustration of the woman Israel and then you have in verses 20 the “come my people hide yourselves” their resurrection-birth from the earth. Well the same thing's going on here. It's the same, as the Holy Spirit is just repeating what was revealed back in Isaiah 26.

Gary: Yeah that consistency of message is important because I think a lot of times we can miss the bigger picture theme of things when we pick apart verses and you know say Isaiah 26 means one thing Isaiah 66 means something else. These are repeating themes and pictures of the same events, so, “Shall I bring to the point of birth and not cause to bring forth? says the Lord, “shall I who caused to bring forth shut the womb? says your God.” God is going to do this thing. We're getting really close and oh yeah he is not going to bring all these prophetic signs that we've seen converging like crazy—especially this year—he's not bringing this all to a head for nothing. I mean like we've talked about even tomorrow is a very interesting day where there's the electors there's questions about martial law there's the midpoint of these eclipses and then there's potential for December 18th as the final day of Hanukkah we have the great conjunction coming up and there's this unveiling and rolling out of these mRNA vaccines which they've never had a vaccine as mRNA before that's been approved this is being pushed out globally I don't think it's the mark but I do think it's really setting the stage for the mark and it's also forcing people to make these decisions that they shouldn't have to make whether you want to eat whether you want to work you know whether you want to be part of society you have to make these decisions in the church and Christians all over the world now are going to have to make these decisions or face the wrath and consequences from man so everything's building to this crescendo whether it be the singularity whether it be the technology for the mark of the beasts and the Abraham accords and all this stuff like we just found out that Morocco has joined the Abraham accords and Bhutan which is not an Islamic country it's a Buddhist country but it's normalized relations with Israel the other day Bhutan is called the thunder dragon kingdom its king is called the dragon king its flag prominently features a dragon and its national seal features two dragons so you can't get any more symbolism than that that the dragon is the one behind this false peace push but my point is just that everything is building to this crescendo which is the delivery the birth of the male child into heaven and that's what we get in Revelation 12. “A great sign appeared in heaven…” we all know this by heart now. This happened in 2017. God was telling us this is the point in history and time when this is really going to happen; there can be no doubt about it because God's word is true and every man is a liar this is what's going to happen the sign was real and it foretold that we're very close and so the next step is the dragon which the text itself defines as Satan as the devil he's cast down and he stands ready to devour the child and there's a lot of Christians that are freaking out right now because they're not centered in the promise of the pre-trib escape, so people attack us all the time for being you know escapist wanting the easy way out but that's not what this is about this is about what did God say he gave us a promise and Christians from all generations have greatly suffered and have gone through tribulation but what's coming on the world is a global cataclysm called the great tribulation called the day of the Lord where everyone is going to suffer in a very profound way that no one has ever experienced before even greater than the flood and if the church were to enter the tribulation that would mean there is one generation of Christians unlike every generation prior that has to suffer in a way unlike the previous generations so there have definitely been holocausts and terrible things that have happened to Christians and they're happening right now Nigeria and North Korea and many places but for a global event where all Christians are overcome and conquered by the beasts that doesn't work. That's not biblical.

Jeff: As Gary mentioned in John 14 Jesus opens up with “let not your heart be troubled nor fearful…” this is a promise why should we not let our hearts become fearful or troubled with all the reports that we're seeing? Because he's prepared a place for us; it's in heaven; and he's coming to get us to take us there. And in Revelation 12 I know there has been some confusion about the chronology and the order of events and those things aren't laid out in a strict chronology I think with a bit of spiritual help with help of the holy spirit you can see what John is is doing he's more kind of conceptual mapping the events yes there is some chronology here between chapters 11, 12, 13. but really the key is concepts and let me just demonstrate what I’m talking about because even in five and six you have God's got a place prepared for the church but he's got a different place prepared for Israel and these two places are distinct no one's in heaven one's on earth and they don't take place at the same time even though the verses are crammed next to each other we know from other places in scripture that the just because they're right up next to one another just because the two verses are back to back doesn't mean that they take place at the same time or really quickly right one after the other so for example Isaiah 61 a great example of that is when Jesus stood up to read that text and saying that the year of the Lord's favor had been fulfilled where he is sent to preach the good news set captives free but he doesn't go on to read the very next clause about the year of the Lord's recompense his wrath so there's a pause and the same thing is going on here one thing I wanted to highlight was what we just read in Isaiah 66:7 is right here John basically tipping our hand to go look at Isaiah 66 and look at the context of what's going on there before the woman goes into labor she gives birth to a male child and we know historically that to be Jesus but Jesus is not alone he has a body so it's the corporate Christ if you will who will rule the nations with an iron rod this child is caught up to God to his throne this is the place prepared for the church and we know it's pre-tribulation pre-capital l labor because of Isaiah we don't we don't necessarily get that in 12-5 so much but we get it when we turn to Isaiah 66:7 and see oh this is a pre-tribulation escape because Israel hasn't technically gone into labor yet it's a miracle how do you explain it that's what that's what Isaiah 66:8 is for who's ever heard of such a thing who's ever heard of a woman giving birth before she goes into labor but God okay and the fears now are that somehow God is mistaken on his promise to keep us from this hour of trial but we don't want to go there because the text is saying that this child is not even going to see what Satan wants to wants to do to the child the dragon though he stands before the woman who is about to give birth ready to devour her child that he's ready he's primed up and we see that we see the dragon is ready and primed and he's ready to pounce I mean he's crouching down crouching tiger hidden dragon okay that is and we're you know we're exposing it all you know there are plenty of people who are oblivious to what's going on but for us it's no longer hidden dragon okay crouching tiger yes hidden dragon no the point is people are I under understandably getting antsy with everything that we see and thinking oh my goodness are we going to have to be faced with what we see coming and I’m just going to say that no look this is what Revelation 12:5 is all about it's the promise you believe in this because this is God's word this isn't man's word this isn't just trying to make you feel good it's not just some escapist you know policy the musings of someone who wants to just escape everything it's a promise that's in scripture it's specifically for the body of Christ we know that they're going to be those left behind that were not a part of the body they're actually mentioned too in the chapter okay these are the ones that are labeled as the rest of her offspring yeah the rest of her children right because the woman is Israel yeah and the child is the church the male child but given that the rest of her children are not Israel so yeah this isn't Israel this label of the rest of her children or the rest of her offspring her seed that's not Israel the woman is consistently the remnant of Israel okay and so I think this is part of the trick of this chapter is we see people who teach on it you got to be careful because they can mix and mangle they're not being consistent so they're just kind of blending and blurring and that's where confusion sets in so in Revelation chapter 12 we've got all of the cast; we've got them consistently organized; then it'll help us to interpret and we won't be mixing in the church with the woman or the rest of her offspring and there's one thing we've been looking at in our last video we talked about the grand conjunction the great conjunction and how this is possibly a fulfillment of what we see in in 12-4 that the dragon is standing before the woman ready to give birth to her child we see what it looks like in the heavens that the devouring aspect could possibly be when Jupiter is conjoined with Saturn and it looks like Jupiter could be swallowed up by the dragon that's what it looks like in the sky but what does that look like on the ground well what does it mean biblically speaking for the dragon to devour or you just read on and pick up here after the church has been raptured and when the dragon is thrown down he pursues Israel who had given birth to the male child the church the church is no longer there dragon's angry he's angry about it right that he couldn't do what he wanted to do to the church so he goes after Israel the first half of the tribulation labor started but this this echoes verse six right here this is the parallel but the woman was given two wings of a great eagle to fly from the presence of the serpent to her place in the wilderness where she was nourished for three and a half years that's the last half of the tribulation so we've got first half of the tribulation is the dragon's pursuit of Israel through subterfuge through the covenant that he'll break, but this is the last half of the trip right here now what does it mean to devour well from his mouth from the mouth of this dragon his sea dragon leviathan he tries to overtake Israel by a flood sweep away in a torrent well this is symbolizing in scripture a flood is typically symbolized by invading armies and so he's mobilizing and marshaling world governments and armies to try to invade and stamp out that way so from his mouth the earth though helps the woman and opened its mouth, so mouth-to-mouth combat [Laughter], and swallows up the armies well what is that what could that possibly be well in the book of Revelation in the prior chapter we just had earthquake mentioned where seven thousand were killed and the rest were terrified and gave glory to God this could possibly be what Revelation 12 is talking about when it says the earth helped a woman that earthquake swallows up invading armies allows the remnant not all Israel, but just the remnant—144,000, or whomever they are—the remnant to get to the wilderness, to their place. Now this enrages the dragon even further because not only could he not have the child the milk job even before the trip he wants us now he can't help us like he wants us then when the trip starts he goes after Israel then he can't get the remnant that infuriates him even more then what does he do he goes to make war against the tribulation saints the rest of her seed the rest of her offspring and how does he do that by giving the antichrist full global dominion the last half it's three and a half years of total control to where he is allowed to literally overwhelm what Daniel pictures as overwhelming the saints, mass beheadings, total dominance. Again nowhere is the church mentioned here. “Church” isn't even mentioned in a lot of the text that we just read. In Revelation 12–13 and following I basically was trying to communicate that what we see going on in the world today is that the dragon is primed trying to devour but he won't be able to succeed because we know God's promise is that he won't even let the dragon do what he wants to do to the church that's going to enrage him because we know he's cast down he's going to go after Israel but really even Israel doesn't even take the true Israel okay Israel gets purged and weeded out but the remnant is protected out of the wilderness and really who takes the brunt of the of the wrath of well really it's God's wrath from beginning to end but really Satan’s wrath through the antichrist is the tribulation saints I mean that is really who is going to have the worst time, so to reiterate what it means for the devil to devour would be using the governments of the world against the people specifically against God's people and right now we know he has a genocidal plot against all of humanity but the church is in the way right now and sure we feel the pressure and there is a genuine threat but we know that he will not succeed in doing what he wants to do with the male child now the u n the united nations has Isaiah 2:4 somewhere on their building I’ve seen it it's the passage that in context is quoted about the millennial reign of Christ where it says “they will beat their swords into plowshares” and what is interesting about this lie that is coming about this false messianic age false peace you know when they say peace and security I wanted to share this this has been presented um by other watchmen and big shout out to brother Matthew aka Wackadoodle Samoan and brother Paul Dawson I’ve been seeing some of the great comments that some of you all been posting and we just got a sharp bunch of watch-women and watchmen, we really do we're catching everything right now and you know speaking of this false messianic age this peace and security with the Abraham this is the Abraham accords coin that somebody was inspired to create and it has Donald Trump's signature on it now what do you see here you have a sword that's being transformed into all these symbols of their messianic age the so-called fourth industrial revolution with all the technological advancements and it's like it's the counterfeit fulfillment of Isaiah 2:4 they will beat their swords into plowshares so this is part of the deception too that's coming is that after the church is gone Satan and his angels and the governments of the earth and especially Israel will think that the messianic age is ready to begin because some superman will you know of course show up on the scene and promise great things and here of course we have what others have noted somebody really observant notice that the great conjunction is the is the time marker on this this coin symbolizing this false messianic age when do they want it to begin well we've got a time marker here there is the planet Saturn but it's merged with Jupiter because there's the stripes and the red the great red spot this is the coming great conjunction that we talked about in our last video this is December 21st you have a time marker.

Gary: And the peace dove is interesting because on the sword it's the second to last thing right before the great conjunction and you know what has prefaced the great conjunction and the rollout of the vaccines and all this stuff that's happening toward the end of this year were the unveiling of the Abraham accords and the news that Bahrain in the UAE and Sudan and Morocco and all the stuff these countries are coming out so there's this cry already of peace and security and I mentioned Bhutan the other day but there's also been news that before trump leaves office they're expecting Indonesia and Oman and probably half a dozen or more other countries to join the Abraham accords publicly maybe even Saudi Arabia.

Jeff: So more indication that this is what Israel wants. This is what the rest of the nations that are allied with Israel want. They want this peace and security and many of the Israelites they want the messiah but of course they want him to be anything other than what we know him to be now the sacrificial lamb and so just putting this in perspective about what we see the dragon getting ready to devour how is he how is he getting ready to devour look at the coin look at the coin how is he getting ready to devour by marshalling all of the elements at his disposal which are the world kingdoms they're his for the time being it's still the time of the gentiles and he's still the ruler of this world this is the time marker this is when they want to really kick things off one facet of this coming utopia this coming age of where they believe will bring in the dawn of a new era one facet of this is the Great Reset and many of you have already heard this is probably trending the Great Reset you know they've got the guy with the Dutch accent “you know what I’m talking about how he wants to takes over the world” you know it's very James Bond… everything is like, is this a James Bond movie? What is going on? Why, why is everybody suddenly looking like a James Bond villain? And so you've got the Great Reset it it's not even stuff in the shadows anymore it's just we're all putting it out there for anybody God has his own reset though in genesis 11 we have babel right now we know the world is turning into Babel 2.0 but here we have the nations coming together as one what does the Lord do he goes down he descends to scatter them so he comes down to scatter and then the very next chapter what do you have the call of Abraham and you have the Abrahamic covenant which is very shortly thereafter because he even says it right here I will give this land to your offspring so we have oh it's right yeah I mean it's literally right there at the forefront of the chapter is the Abrahamic covenant and the covenant promises there so notice this parallel notice the typology because we saw what was going on Isaiah 26 being repeated in Isaiah 66 you see how the Spirit works and just kind of hammering home the same the same point well look at what's going on here we know what the world wants they want a Great Reset is the church going to have to reckon with the great reset; what they want to do or what we're going to see is God going to come down and instead of scattering this time what we see in first Thessalonians chapter 4:16 is the Lord comes down and he gathers he gathers his own and it's a setback—it’s a temporary setback to the one-worlders and then what do you have following that in in the future you'll have a counterfeit covenant Daniel 9:27 he will confirm strengthen a covenant with many possibly the very covenant that we see at the groundwork of even named after Abraham point in me bringing this up was to emphasize that I see this playing into Revelation 12 and that the dragon seeking to devour and he's trying to do this by means of this Abraham accords and by the government lockdowns and you know this genocidal plot by the globalists and before they can achieve this economic reset God's got his own reset he's going to come down like he did a babble he's going to gather the church and then there's a temporary setback for the globalists because then they've got to wait three and a half years before they can have total dominion over the earth under the reign of the antichrist under a false peace covenant here with the very name of Abraham.

Gary: And the ultimate goal of the enemy of course is mass extermination he wants to destroy the seed try to destroy of course Christ the individual seed of the woman but he's trying to destroy the corporate seed of the woman which is the church but it's also her other seed mentioned in Revelation 12 the tribulation saints so in Revelation 13 when it talks about the beast rising out of the sea and the dragon given his power to the beast when the antichrist has total control we read in verse 7 he was allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer that's the same word overcome to conquer them or overcome them so the group of saints that the antichrist is going to slaughter is not the church because Jesus said that the church will not be overcome the gates of hell will not overcome will not stand against the church cannot be overcome and the tribulation saints can be overcome in a temporary way on earth and they will be and so there's this kind of this dichotomy where a lot of people say well the church has to go through the tribulation but the church has never been completely overcome but the saints in the tribulation will be completely overcome so this thread this pre-trib thread goes all the way through scripture you can't you're going to miss so many things like Jeff was talking about the cast of characters getting things straight you're going to miss so much of the story if you don't get these pieces correct we see that we see hints of the pre-trib rapture even in chapter 13 because the saints here are all overcome it's the same thing as the fifth seal in Revelation chapter 6 where all these saints are being beheaded and their disembodied spirits are being gathered under the heavenly altar and they're crying out to God when O Lord when will you avenge us for the blood that's been shed our blood has been shed and they're given robes and they're told to wait a little longer until the full number of those that are going to die like them have come in so there is this group distinct from the mystical body of Christ the church or the church of the firstborn which will be in heaven there's a distinct group the tribulation saints who are going to be slaughtered for not taking the mark not worshiping the beast and they're the other seed the separate seed that come from the woman which is mentioned in Revelation 12. is there anywhere else in Revelation that describes the church and I think there is there's actually a couple places so for starters I noticed something pretty interesting and Jeff knows this as well in Revelation chapter one it opens with a revelation of Jesus Christ and it says that Jesus is coming on the clouds the son of man it's imagery that's pulled out of Daniel chapter 7 and then John says I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and there before me was one like a son of man he's in the midst of seven golden lamp stands and in Revelation 1 we're not left any guesswork because it defines the lamp stands as the churches and seven throughout scripture is a picture of completion and wholeness or the entirety of something so yes the letters from Revelation were written to seven actual churches in Asia minor but it also is a message for the entire church the seven lamp stands in a sense represent the collective church and we see Jesus this is our key word this time in the midst he's in the midst of the seven lampstands and of course the menorah the lampstands is also a symbol of Hanukkah so they're lighting the candles right now this week and tomorrow will be in the middle of the midst of Hanukkah so that could potentially be a picture of the rapture but the lamp stands represent the church in Revelation 1 and Jesus is coming on the clouds in Revelation 1. and I think that could be a picture of the first step in the rapture process because in first Thessalonians 4 those who are dead in Christ or raised those who are still alive are caught up together with them in the clouds says in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air Jesus is coming on the clouds as Daniel 7 and as Revelation 1 describes and so I think Revelation 1 shows another little picture of the pre-trib rapture the golden lamp stands gathered up into the clouds with the Lord he's in the midst fast forward to Revelation chapter 3 and this is a verse that we mentioned last week verse 9 behold I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews that are not but lie behold I will make them come and bow down before your feet and they will learn that I have loved you so we know that right now sadly tragically most of those that are ethnically Jewish are under the bondage of Satan because they don't recognize and accept their own messiah and so their claim is based on nothing more than earthly flesh and blood to be Jewish and many their eyes are going to be open during the tribulation but right now they're not opened so you know we talked about the star of David and how that might actually be the Star of Remphan even the kippahs or the yarmulke like those look like they actually look like the north pole of Saturn so there's a lot of symbolism there that that Israel still dwells in darkness because of their refusal and then in verse 10 we have perhaps the clearest pre-trib verse in the whole Bible. This is directed toward the church of Philadelphia, “because you have kept my word about patient endurance I will keep you from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world to try those who dwell in the earth,” and some will take issue with this even they'll say well he doesn't mention seven years you know but what hour of trial is coming on the whole world to try those who dwell on the earth it's the tribulation it's the day of the Lord it's what the whole book of Revelation is about the whole book is about what's about to transpire and the first three chapters set the stage for that chapters four and five give us a glimpse into heaven what's happening right before the tribulation events are unsealed from the scroll but the book of Revelation is about the day of the Lord it's about this thing that has been written about for eons and written about throughout all the prophets this trial that's what that is the church will not be here we are promised escape and we're going to escape before the world endures this this horrible tribulation so Jesus tells us I’m coming soon hold fast what you have we have the gospel we have this promise no one will take our crown so in Revelation chapter two and three there are certain things promised to the church were promised to sit on thrones Jesus said to him whoever comes I will give to sit with me on my throne as I sat down with my father on his throne the church has promised specifically white garments not robes but white garments the church is promised crowns in the Greek stephanos and the churches also promised pillars and white stones and things and we're even promised in chapter 2 the same iron scepter that in psalms is promised to Christ so he gets the iron scepter but the church also gets the iron scepter and the male child in Revelation 12 has the iron scepter think about these things that have been promised to believers who overcome and John defines overcoming as having faith in the Son of God when we fast forward to the very next chapter, Revelation 4, and we see this glimpse this picture of what the throne room in heaven looks like in verse 4 we see around the throne where 24 thrones and seated on them on the thrones were 24 elders they were clothed in white garments not robes garments with golden crowns the Greek where there is stephanos on their heads so there's a group of 24 in this picture 24 people sit seated and they possess the very same things promised to the churches promised to believers in chapters two and three they have the crowns they have the garments they have the thrones and that word for elders presbyteros that is exclusively used of human beings throughout scripture so this is really a picture of the church and most commentators would actually agree with that from what I’ve seen you can go look pick it up like on Bible hub or something but most of them agree this is a picture of the church or Christ in union with the church but when we go to chapter five there's an interesting detail here that confirms even more so that this group of 24 individuals not only indeed it is the church but actually represents a much larger group than just 24. so it says and when he had taken the scroll the four living creatures and the 24 elders fell down before the lamb each holding a heart and they sang a new song saying worthy are you to take the scroll to open its seals for you or slain and this is the ESV it says and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation this is not in the Greek text the best manuscript evidence that we have overwhelmingly tells us this is the pronoun us and by your blood you ransomed us for God from every tribe and language and people and nation the 24 elders are the glorified church it's a picture of glorified church in heaven before the seals are opened they've been ransomed from every tribe every language every people every nation by the blood of the lamb and they're seated in heaven this is a promise that Paul writes about in Ephesians so Ephesians 2:6 and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus so this enthroned seated glorified group that represents the church we see glimpses of that elsewhere in Revelation as well so in Revelation chapter 12 in verse 12 it says after the casting down of Satan therefore rejoice o heavens and you who dwell in them most just kind of glance past that don't think about it but who dwells in heaven at this point it's the male child it's the 24 elders those are the ones that are in heaven right now but woe to you oh earth and sea for the devil has come down to you in great wrath so these seated entities the 24 elders they've escaped they can rejoice they can be glad and then in Revelation chapter 20 when the tribulation saints are resurrected we're told that John sees a group that has already been given thrones before the tribulation saints are resurrected against a picture of 24 elders the church they're in heaven they've already escaped and as I mentioned earlier in Revelation 1 we have that picture of the church the seven lampstands meeting the Lord who's coming on the clouds meeting the Lord he's in the midst of the seven lamp stands and in Revelation chapter 5 verse 6 we see and between the throne and the four living creatures and among the words the same as in the midst in the midst of the elders I saw a lamb standing so in Revelation 1 Jesus the son of man coming on the clouds is in the midst of the church the seven lamp stands in Revelation 5:6 he's in the midst of the elders against the church but now it's a picture of the glorified church so in Revelation 1 we see kind of a picture of first Thessalonians 4 meeting the Lord in the clouds in the air in Revelation 4 and 5 we see a picture of the Lord in the midst of the elders the glorified church now in the throne room possessing all the things promised to the church in chapters two and three and then it says that Jesus the lamb he had seven horns and seven eyes which are the Seven Spirits of God sent out into all the earth so after his resurrection and his ascension to heaven he told the disciples you know wait for me I’m going to send the one promised it's the there'll be a counselor I’m going to send you the counselor the paraclete he sends the holy spirit the holy spirit descends on the disciples and from that point forward the church has been those who are indwelt by the spirit the spirit was sent into all the earth and Pentecost almost 2000 years ago but in Revelation 4 and 5 we see as if the Seven Spirits of God or the Sevenfold Spirit of God has been re-gathered to heaven in Revelation 4 after we see this description this picture of the 24 elders the glorified church in verse 5 it says from the throne came flashes of lightning and rumblings and peels of thunder and before the throne were burning seven torches great and toss of fire which are the Seven Spirits of God so in Revelation 5 the Seven Spirits of God are the eyes of the Lamb in Revelation 4 the Seven Spirits of God are these torches of fire the torches here these are really vessels of oil that would be burned and placed on top of the lamp stand so in Revelation 1 we see the seven lampstands the churches in Revelation 4 we see the set the four lamps which are the Spirits of God the burning lamps are the Spirits of God so if you want to know what are the five wise virgins carrying in Matthew 25 the parable of the ten virgins they have oil in their lamps they're carrying the holy spirit and this makes it pretty clear that the lamps the torches the lamps those are the Spirit of God so in Revelation four and five we see the Spirits of God which had been sent out into the world the Sevenfold Spirit now regathered to heaven and Christ in the midst of the elders the glorified church so brothers and sisters we are getting so close I can almost feel it and I can almost hear angels singing I can hear this heavenly choir we're so close to the throne room we just have to press on a little bit longer and what a great opportunity we have right now because of the internet because of all this technology to share the gospel this is your time if you have someone that doesn't know the Lord now is the time you could send them an email you could message them on Facebook or Instagram or whatever it's so easy now Lord has made it so easy even using some of the technology that the enemy intended for evil God's intending it and using it for good so share the gospel we really don't have much time left and a lot of people have asked about left behind letters and what they can do for their friends and family that still refuse to believe what can they do so I’ve been working for a while on building what I’ve coined the tribulation Bible so it is a Bible that can be printed on regular letter-sized computer paper that pretty much any home has you know office jet printer or something that can print and you can print the entire Bible on 60 sheets of paper or 30 sheets of paper if your printer can do front and back and it's actually legible so this entire Bible also includes a letter to those left behind with instructions and what they need to do and verses to look at and study so it's a really easy way to give those that are left behind everything that they need yes thank you Gary yeah this is the time anything that we can do to finish the race to really sprint across the finish line this is it any resources that we need to get out this would be the time to do it the Lord has given us pretty much green light I found this cool charting here of what the great conjunction is going to look like looking in the southwest and here is December 16th there's Saturn it's coming from above Jupiter is coming from below to meet up with Saturn on the 21st there it is when they are going to be as one star what the popular press has dubbed the Christmas star so you've got even non-believers are talking about this Christmas star even the nominal Christians or even those of our brothers and sisters who are asleep to the times they know about this because it's circulating in the news about the Christmas star and I find it really interesting that we have connotations of the wise men and the star of Bethlehem and they were looking west you know they headed from these they're looking west they see messiah's star and they ride out to meet him now Gary touched on this in the last video about December 25th and that possibly being the day when the magi arrived and even saw Christ in person as a child not as a newborn but as a toddler and that possibly being December 25th when they brought gifts to him hence the whole gift-giving thing going on and God's best gift to the world is his son now this day on our calendar December 25th this has been pointed out by brother George on return of the king channel he's looking at this day Christmas day and there are others of course that are looking to Christmas day as possibly being the time of the birth of this male child we've been looking at Revelation 12:5. now here's something to ponder if we're not gone this week during Hanukkah in the midst of Hanukkah and if we're still here and we're staring at the conjunction you know we find ourselves in our backyards looking out the 21st well here's something to consider as far as a third day parallel when Saturn and Jupiter are conjoined in this manner it's as if the dragon is seeking to devour Revelation 12:4. now remember Jesus said to Israel that nothing would be given to them except the sign of Jonah that he would be in the belly of the earth three days and three nights and of course the resurrection afterwards as a sign of judgment against them what if that was just a partial fulfillment and what if we have the church so to speak in the belly of the beast the sea dragon leviathan for three days and three nights after the 21st of December the 22nd 23rd 24th potential resurrection and glorification of the Christ child the male child Revelation 12:5 on Christmas day this has potential implications for Deuteronomy 32:21 and making Israel angry and jealous [Music] why because Jesus they know the name Jesus is associated with December 25th and Christmas day for the church to be saved by their messiah on a day that is scorned by Israel as myth as something detestable but for God to actually sanction that in some way that would be the best well not only would be the best Christmas present ever but it's also a way to really make the point about who is responsible for the sudden disappearance of millions of people and I just think about look at the picture of this Saturn descending male child ascending in the belly of the beast oh what's going to happen then Jupiter ascends the serpents in the dust the serpent's now headed down Jupiter is superseding and that's what it would look like on the third day or after three days so something to ponder that's what was laid on my heart today and of course this is all building upon every single brother and sister in Christ who has been watching and what the spirit has been turning your attention to and this is a collective effort I mean everything that Gary and I have been discussing much of this is a collective effort the Lord is pouring out his spirit upon his body and it's time to go home it's time to go home it's time to get your singing voice ready you're going to be getting new vocal chords but you're going to be joining that course just like we looked at in Revelation 5. and we will be around the throne we will be singing and worshiping the lamb possibly on Christmas day joy of the world removed and think about those left behind how that would really leave them bereft of a family of people that there are Christians that share the gospel it would really cement a lot for them many would come to faith probably immediately afterwards so definitely sobering times for us we're excited we know but it's also we know it's bittersweet because we know not everyone has faith but for you brothers and sisters who have faith in the Son of God and his promise just like we were discussing earlier his promise to keep you from the hour of trial that is coming this Great Reset the world has planned well God's got his own reset it's the rapture reset keep looking up.

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  1. still listening but had to note, love the singing Jeff!!

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    2. Jeff is quite skilled at singing and guitar. I'm twisting his arm to play some songs sometime! (:

  2. Dear Gary,
    Could you add the translation settings to your video please so that I can understand?

    1. Good morning! The videos auto-generate transcriptions over time (so if you look at the previous videos they should have closed captioning and transcripts that can be translated). I don't think the latest video has a transcript yet, but when it does I'll email it to you.

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    2. Thank you my brother! I appreciate this! Carole

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  3. How Exciting!!! I can feel it! I am reminded the Bible saying

    Matthew 24:44 "You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected"
    (wouldn't that be a day the Israelites would least suspect???

    and Matthew 24:20
    "And pray that your flight will not be in winter or on the Sabbath."

    Christmas in winter and Sabbath.... just wow. it could very well be.... eek!

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    I think the rapture window for this year has closed unfortunately.

    1. Rapture could occur this year, however 2nd coming would have to be in 2028

    2. Agreed that the harpazo could occur this year. This would almost certainly include a gap before the 7th week begins.

    3. There is no Rapture “window”, just an assortment of days that seem more likely than others from a symbolic standpoint. It’s my opinion that the exclusive focus on feast days has been misguided, and to some degree, harmful. There’s nothing wrong with having so-called high-watch days, but the Rapture is a unique event unto itself.


    4. DW,

      Do the math as I have done, especially this last fall season, and you may think otherwise about the feast days. This year made my hair stand on end it fit so well into the Biblical pattern.

      We should keep in mind...fire is harmful but when applied in the right way it purifies; burning off impurities and yielding that which is precious. That which conforms us to Christ is not harmful. Such change certainly isn't comfortable either. YMMV.

      A closer look at (Revelation 12) holds critical clues. Pray I have some time to write on this topic.


    5. I am looking forward to that Pastor Rich, thank you. I always welcome scholarly and prayerful encouragement.

    6. Same Looking Up! I always come back to the thread to see what Pastor Rich has added! lol. The team here and several of the regulars have really great insights that keep me encouraged and hungry to read more

    7. I lean toward a gap of some relatively short length - maybe a few months. I think the rapture could occur at any point in a year, but the Trib will probably commence in the Fall. Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum explains why a gap makes good scriptural sense in his classic work "Footsteps of the Messiah".

    8. I agree Gary, I believe we will see the rapture and then a quick but deadly WW3, and then the Peace Covenant around FOT

  7. I personally find it rather interesting that Micah 7 gives us a picture of the rapture of the true Church by addressing it as the "perishing of the [good man]from the earth." Is this the [man child] of Revelation 12? One will also notice the emergence of 3 very peculiar themes in the Micah 7 rapture passage that indicates it is an Old Testament typology of the rapture event in our day and time. It is the mention of the ancient King of Israel "Ahab" (Ahab contains a prophetic typology and picture of the rapture as it relates to the 42nd presidency of the United States),the "grapegleanings of the Vintage" [Vineyard America], the "grapegleanings" (the state seal of Connecticut, a very important state in the early settling of America, has a picture of three grapevines representing a vineyard) and the "net" (allusions to the internet and the mark of the beast?). Take a look at the passage and see if you see what I see here ...

    “Woe is me! for I am as when they have gathered the summer fruits, as the grapegleanings of the vintage: there is no cluster to eat: my soul desired the firstripe fruit. The good man is perished out of the earth: and there is none upright among men: they all lie in wait for blood; they hunt every man his brother with a net” (Micah 7:1-2).

    Given the fact that the Lord has stated in Deuteronomy 32 he would provoke the Jews to jealousy with a foolish nation, is it any surprise that we see these themes emerge in the Micah 7 rapture passage? Has the Micah 7 passage and its description of the "man who perished from the earth" a confirmation of the "man child" of the Revelation 12 sign? For those that may have failed science class, there's usually no smoke without a fire.


  8. youtube: signs on december 14th and December 21st - hope for Christmas - 6 minutes


    Some excellent points - Jesus is Coming Soon! Exactly how soon, only God knows for sure...

    Thanks Gary...Maranatha...a good point about the "last day of the festival"

  9. Thanks guys! I always look forward to your updates. Have you ever considered creating a backup channel on another platform incase Google/YouTube decides they want to censor you?

    1. Thanks Bruce. That is wise advice. We do have backups of our material, but de-platforming is a threat for sure.


    1. 8/21/2017 + 173-weeks = Today (12/14/2020)
    2. Today + 173-weeks = 4/8/2024 (Great American Solar Eclipse 2.0)
    3. 4/8/2024 + 173-weeks = 8/2/2027 (Great Egyptian Solar Eclipse)

    Hmmm, 173-weeks, eh? Did you know that 173 is the 40TH PRIME NUMBER?!!

    Today is the,

    1. Fourth day of Hanukkah (Middle)
    2. Peak of Geminid meteor storm
    3. Mid-point of GASE 1.0 and 2.0 (157th-week which is the 40th prime number)
    4. Election Day of US Electoral College
    5. What did I miss?

    Oh! Did you know that not only is today the mid-point between North American total solar eclipses (GASE 1.0/2.0) but the Electoral College is voting according to a even split between US States? Twenty-five states voted for Mr Biden while 25-States voted for Mr Trump. Fifty-fifty.


    12/21/2020 is interesting too,

    1. 8/21/2017 + 40-months = 12/21/2020 (The Great Conjunction)
    2. 1/21/2019 (Total Lunar Eclipse w/meteor impact) + 700-days = 12/21/2020
    3. Did I miss anything?


    Oh, yeah,

    4. 12/21/2020 + 144-days = 5/14/2021 (73rd Birthday of modern Israel)
    5. Seventy-three is the 21st prime number


    As the song goes, signs, signs, everywhere a sign...



    1. Today was also a solar eclipse in South America and I think I read there was an earthquake in Chili

    2. Yes, the solar eclipse was assumed above and I didn't include the earthquakes in Chile or the French Pacific Island chains that also experienced eqs. They certainly could be included though. Also, early voting began in the State of Georgia for control of the US Senate in the coming year.

      I skipped that one as well...

    3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calama,_Chile

      The city of Calama (The 6.0 EQ was 74km NNE of it) is one of the driest places on earth. Time of the earthquake was 7:20, Depth 114km. Name means 'the city in the middle of the waters' or 'place where partridges abound." Depends on which word of the Kunza language you decide the name came from.

      2012 Census was 147,886 people. Has a river flowing through it, but is otherwise in the middle of the Atacama Desert.

      Looking at the coordinates in Strong's:

      https://biblehub.com/greek/2228.htm 'or, than'
      https://biblehub.com/hebrew/2228.htm 'Yah has risen'
      https://biblehub.com/hebrew/6856.htm 'Fingernail, nails, point'

      Always something interesting...

    4. FORTIES

      Building on my earlier post (above) here are a couple of thoughts on "40" beginning with the Great American Solar Eclipse of (8/21/2017),

      1. 8/21/2017 + 173-weeks = 12/14/2020 (South American Solar Eclipse)
      2. 12/14/2020 + 173-weeks = 4/8/2024 (Great American Solar Eclipse 2.0)
      3. 4/8/2024 + 173-weeks = 8/2/2027 (Great Egyptian Solar Eclipse)

      ...keeping in mind that One Hundred Seventy Three (173) is the 40th prime number; a pattern many in the community consider a watermark..

      Where else have we seen this pattern of 40-40-40?

      Moses live in Egypt for 40-years, lived in Midian for 40-years and led the children of Israel for 40-years.

      Forty (three times) is 120. 120 is significant not the least of which being the number of years, Jubilee years, of man per God in (Genesis 6:3). 120 is also the number of the company of persons gathered in (Acts 1:15).

      The first three (3) human kings over the children of Israel were Saul, David and Solomon -- each ruling for 40-years.

      Time does not permit an exhausting recap but it's interesting we are given this count in relation to the total solar eclipses listed above -- each evenly spaced apart by 173-weeks (the 40th prime number).

      Happy hunting!

  11. From my own personal study there is no 'time gap' between the rapture and the start of the tribulation. When the 2520 days are up there willnot be a gap before our return, time is up. Could someone here please explain from scripture why you believe this. Thank you. I would love to get out of here this year, im dealing with some daunting issues.

    1. There have been some pretty good cases made as to why ... one if which was made by Gary Stearman years ago. In fact, I have a series of videos uploaded to my YouTube channel that they produced called "The Pre-Pre Tribulation rapture." You read that correctly and was not a misspelling, 2 pre's in the title to convey the idea of a possible significant amount of time between the rapture and Tribulation. Here is part 1 of a 6 part series. To watch the other 5 parts, you can just go to my channel directly and hunt them down.


    2. Thanks for that. I'll give it a look.

    3. I just finished reading a book by Douglas Berner in which he seems to make a good case for the seals opening as we are raptured. He believes as a result of the turmoil of the seals/rapture, that is what will bring the AC to the forefront and the confirmation of the agreement.So that would mean there was a short time gap.

  12. Thanks guys! I thought it was interesting that Pastor JD spoke on the Great Deception, Genesis 6 and the fallen ones as well.

  13. interesting comment about "ancient aliens" documentary around the 20 minute mark...

    along with the subject of enoch coming out at the last day of Hanukkah...interesting...

    and along those lines...this message by jack hibbs brings out a number of psychic quotes about millions of people going missing...being taken...


    Rock Harbor Church Prophecy Update 5-3-20



  14. I like videos as much as the next guy, but could you include a written transcript for those of us who like to download articles to our phones to read while we're out in data-less land? (Even if it's a click link to a text file, it would be appreciated.)

    1. Here here. I think that's what's they say when they agree with.

    2. For sure. YouTube auto-generates transcriptions, but they apparently take a few days after the video is posted. When it gets generated I will update this article and put it at the bottom.

  15. Amen! Loved this. Thank you. I learn so much. All of this is so super exciting. We serve an awesome God. Thank you Jesus!


  17. Oh, the coin! If anybody had pointed out the point of the sword before, the grand conjunction, I’d forgotten. Wow. The whole sword is solid in composition and polished to a sheen, and very likely the tip receives the final touches. But it is the first to plunge in. We can’t help but make an association with the plunge into flesh that is being forced onto the population of the earth. And the timing couldn’t be more profound and telling. Thanks, guys.

  18. you know, I first looked at the signs in the stars as foreshadowing if you will. But now, I kind of wonder if its not the actual events playing out in the heavens. I mean because I feel like the events we are watching are heavenly events prior to events that take place on the earth. so like Jeff pointed out the next event after the Great alignment on the 21st the next verse depicts our catching away. if it is only foreshadowing, how would that play in the stars and how much longer would we have to wait to see all the events played out in the stars? I know I am probably over analyzing bc I am so anxious to go home. it's just so exciting to see it play out before my eyes. I like it here on Unsealed bc I feel as if all of you can see too, I surrounded by some very blind Christians, to include my husband. He doesn't not believe the rapture will be in our life time, even when I show him all the evidence, but he does love Jesus and is very much a believer. Thats what struct me early on in my prophecy studies, that God gave me the gift to see and He doesn't give that gift to all. I know so many who have been scared from false teaching that they are very cautious in believing the rapture could be this near. Sad really, bc it fills me up with such joy and anticipation. Anyway, rambled on, thanks for listening


    1. Same for me Lyndsey, my husband is also a believer but he says that since he is not really "lucky" and that it is more often the misfortune which arrives for him, we will pass the tribulation and we will be gone after that only . He believes that we are going through huge problems. But he believes in the rapture event.

    2. We are watching right along with you, Lyndsey.

      The apostle Paul touches on the two categories of believers who will be alive at the time of the Rapture in 1 Thessalonians 5:10, "He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with Him."

      Some will be awake, some will be asleep---but all in the Body will go in the Rapture. It is frustrating to not be able to share the same excitement about Jesus' soon return with a fellow believer, but it is their own choice to suppress the evidence and remain "intoxicated" with the world (1 Thess. 5:6-7).

  19. Here’s what I wrote to some friends and it may be helpful for some who have been too busy to listen to your broadcast yet.

    It’s time to revisit the ‘peace’ coin. Particularly the tip of the sword. We naturally look at the body, which exemplifies what Netanyahu proclaimed: “In technology we trust.” Sword into plowshare is too earthy! This sword is high tech.

    Are those gears or viruses? We see syringes and a heart monitor. Instruments to communicate with aliens, space stations and rockets. Do the beads on the handle indicate a woman at the helm?

    But the tip of the sword was brought to my attention yesterday. If I’d heard it before, I’d forgotten. It’s the ‘grand conjunction’ of Saturn and Jupiter that will appear on the 21st of this month. It shows Saturn’s identifiable characteristics with an overlay of Jupiter’s most recognizable traits. Is the sword to make the plunge at that time? We can’t help but make the connection with the ‘plunge’ into soft flesh being forced upon the whole world.

    Is the coin the ‘tip’ about the preplanned timing?


    1. CY,

      You said - " Is the coin the ‘tip’ about the preplanned timing? "

      You took the words right off my txt message to another believer this AM didn't ya :)

      As a ex JW , I see all the occult symbolism in that coin. I'm horrified.

      I've not watched the video but assume you're talking about the new minted Abrahamic Accord Coin. The -" Kum-Ba-Ya- we are one - united for the common good of humanity " strong delusion .

      God be with His own .

      It reeks of Kingdom Now and the diabolical NAR - 7 Mountains mandate. Maybe we can connect this to the 7Noah hide laws and the coming " Dawn of the New Age " . or as Trump put's it -‘The dawn of a new Middle East’

      What fascinates me is how this virus is being used as the proverbial carrot on the end of the stick . Not only to unify but to bring cooperation between every country around the world .

      It stinks to high heaven.

      Quote "

      The Parties welcome progress made in cooperation between them regarding the treatment of, and the development of a vaccine for, the Covid-19 virus, as a sign of the tremendous potential for cooperation between them in the healthcare sphere. Recognizing the importance of building ties in the fields of health and medicine, the Parties shall cooperate, inter alia, on: medical education, training and simulations, digital health and artificial intelligence innovation in the health sector, and emergency management and preparedness."


      There are multiple clues in that coin that should send shivers down the spine of every believer and pray that the warning would be shouted off the roof tops.

      Maybe we can connect the dots together ?

    2. Hi Five, I’m glad you mentioned connecting the dots. Perhaps by now you’ve seen the video Gary and Greg put together. They connect the dots like I never could. I feel like this video and the Vega piece referenced in the last set is true, essential information. I watched/read them both twice and I’m exhausted. But informed!

      What makes us sick is not what is making the world sick. The Noahide laws and Abraham accords sound on the surface like a good thing, but they certainly are not. We are truly strangers and pilgrims seeing things differently and seeking a better world.

  20. I love that if we are raptured during Christmas all our decorations will still be up. I hope it points those left behind to Jesus.

  21. Yes, it would be an excellent time for the rapture. The only time of the year that Jesus is acknowledged by many sadly.

  22. I've thought about our Christmas decorations still being up too!!! I have a nativity reflected on my garage door, and my house is filled with nativity scenes and references to Christmas being about Jesus. These images would be EVERYWHERE for a long time as a reminder. And the star that announced Jesus arrival as our savior is back on the scene - to announce Jesus arrival as our savior king!!

  23. I've thought about our Christmas decorations still being up too!!! I have a nativity reflected on my garage door, and my house is filled with nativity scenes and references to Christmas being about Jesus. These images would be EVERYWHERE for a long time as a reminder. And the star that announced Jesus arrival as our savior is back on the scene - to announce Jesus arrival as our savior king!!


    My wife was recently asked if Hanukkah is in the Bible? Discussing it, I was struck with something so obvious that I had previously completely missed it,

    22 At that time the Feast of
    Dedication took place at
    Jerusalem. It was winter

    (John 10:22 ESV)

    Two really important clues stand-out that we can look into,

    1. The Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah)
    2. Winter

    John clearly records that Hanukkah on this year happened in winter. If we take that as not just during cold months but during the actual season of winter and the Winter Solstice; I think we may be able to nail down *when* and *what* year John was writing about.

    Why is this important?

    This was almost certainly the LAST Feast of Dedication BEFORE Calvary and if so may help date the Day of the Cross.

    Taking a look back at Torahcalendar.com we find the following date ranges for Hanukkah and the Winter Solstice,

    AD 30
    Hanukkah (12/9-12/17)
    Winter Solstice (12/23)

    AD 31
    Hanukkah (11/39-12/7)
    Winter Solstice (12/23)

    AD 32
    Hanukkah (12/17-12/25)
    Winter Solstice (12/22)

    Putting aside my trend toward AD 33 as the Year of the Cross; AD 32 is the only of the three candidate years that provides a Winter Solstice that intersects the Feast of Dedication. As a matter of fact it stuck out to me that the day of the Winter Solstice, December 22nd falls in the 10th month of the Spiritual Hebrew calendar.

    A watermark perhaps? Did you catch it?

    In the tenth Hebrew ecclesiastic month on the 22nd day of *our* Gentile calendar is the Winter Solstice. Now go back and read (John 10:22) above again.

    Are we seeing a grafting here? Jew and Gentile?


    *If* AD 32 is the year of the Feast of Dedication spoken of by John then the following Spring in AD 33 would be where we find the Day of the Cross...AND...if 4/3/33 is the Day of the Cross I find it hard to ignore that at the time that Christ breathed His last; the moon aligned with the earth and sun such that the Earth eclipsed the Sun in the heart of Aries the ram.

    Recall, what sacrifice did G-d provide Abraham as a substitute for Isaac? He provided a ram crowned in thorns. Jesus is our perfect and spotless sacrifice who was crowned in thorns as well. Jesus is the Ram. Christ was our once forever sacrificial Lamb.

    Rick Larson pointed this observation out in the DVD extras of his visionary, "The Star of Bethlehem". The lunar eclipse of that night was not a full blood moon. It may have been less than stellar by *our* standards but by God's? I think it hit the mark. You owe it to yourself to check-out Rick's presentation.

    Rick Larson - "The Star of Bethlehem"

    I realize that many here consider 4/3/33 as impossible due to the three 24-hour days doctrine. This information is shared as further data points and potential evidence aligning with Scripture to point to the Day of the Cross and the year of the Winter Solstice that John wrote about.

    I believe it bears further research for which I will do as time permits.


  25. Fascinating, PR. Excellent observation about the time marker in John 10:22.

  26. "Today's church wants to be raptured from responsibility." (Leonard Ravenhill). I think we are not being faithful to focus so much on when the Rapture MIGHT occur while millions (some of whom we love dearly) are balancing on the very thin precipice of eternity without Christ. Let's keep busy and be found witnessing to the lost when the trumpet sounds. Eye on the ball folks!

    1. I believe Ravenhill is an idol shepherd. He preaches a false gospel and attacks the grace of God. It's also a false dichotomy presented. Those most focused and productive in sharing the gospel are those most focused on the rapture.


    2. If we are the 11th hour workers, we didn't have that much responsibility to begin with. We just had to show up and agree to do something productive. Some will literally show up at the last minute. About all they can do is offer to come back early the next day, if there's something that still needs to be done.

    3. I think you missed my point Gary. Time speculating on the timing of the rapture can be used witnessing. THAT's my point!

    4. Without those people speculating, would many of us be out witnessing as fervently as we do? People used to treat the word 'imminent' as 'anytime far out in the future...' and now we're getting a sense that it might mean 'today, tomorrow or even next week!'

      Certainly a lot more of it the last 10 years... Would we know as much as we do if people hadn't dug deep into old prophecies. Any time spent in the word is not wasted.

    5. I have told more people all that I know to be true . . . because I see that the time is short. The guessing has upped my gospel preaching significantly! But I do not claim to know the when, only that it's approaching ever more quickly.

  27. Wow! I can't wait to watch this, Gary and Jeff! I wish I had watched it before finishing my last 2020 article because it sounds like you cover some of the same things I did:

    1. Awesome, Lyn. Looks like we are all pickin' up on what the Spirit is puttin' down. Thank you for sharing.

    2. I haven't been able to find you, Lyn, so glad you posted.

  28. even with the address, I can't see your site. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem.

    1. Thanks, that cut through the obstacles

    2. Thanks CY, Rich and Jeff!

      Jeff, first I want to say what a beautiful job you did explaining Chapter 12 of the Bk of Rev (I think it was you and not Gary?) You both explain the Scriptures pertaining to the Pretrib Rapture very well!

      So much exciting stuff coming out now. Did you see from Paul Dawson (Rev 12.com YTC)

      Knesset set to dissolve on Tuesday 22nd December, one day after the Jupiter/Saturn Great Conjunction. According to the Shoshani prophecy the Messiah will be revealed the following Sabbath i.e. Christmas/Boxing Day.


      Can we say here comes Isaiah 66:7 and Micah 4 everybody!
      Before she travailed, she brought forth; before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child. - Isaiah 66:7 KJV

      Now why dost thou cry out aloud? [is there] no king in thee? is thy counsellor perished? for pangs have taken thee as a woman in travail. - Micah 4:9 KJV
      Be in pain, and labour to bring forth, O daughter of Zion, like a woman in travail: for now shalt thou go forth out of the city, and thou shalt dwell in the field, and thou shalt go [even] to Babylon; there shalt thou be delivered; there the LORD shall redeem thee from the hand of thine enemies. - Micah 4:10 KJV
      Now also many nations are gathered against thee, that say, Let her be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion. - Micah 4:11 KJV


  29. Good evening friends!

    This was announced on J.D. last weekend. Someone has volunteered to mail out gospel postcards to loved ones and friends. You can send to up to five people and it will be sent anonymously through USPS.

    ***Totally worth taking advantage of.***


  30. Gary and Jeff, where do we go to see transcripts? You mentioned youtube makes them? I have never seen a video transcript option. I know you are going to put a link, but for the future, is this something we can find on our own? Or for past videos?
    Also, thank y'all so much for this site and for all you do too teach us and give us hope. Thanks to all the commenters who pitch in as well. I don't have a lot of time to watch videos, especially long ones, so I'm hoping to find the transcripts to read. But I am very intrested in all the info y'all are giving in the videos. God bless you both. And to the other writers on this site as well.

    1. Amen, Lovin' Jesus! I would also have the transcripts of this video, it's more easily to me to read than to watch, English isn't my native language. And I'm translating some of your articles, Gary and Jeff, and other authors here, for my fellow believers. So great thanks for the Word Version of LSV. I would also translate your videos. The time is very hard, we need to study and to watch! And to pray always! I'm yet sick but getting better. Waiting for the Lord! Maranatha!

    2. Alla, that is so awesome that you are translating materials for others to be able to get important information and encouragement. I get blessed every time I see you comment. I know you've been sick for awhile. And even tough you are not in good health, you are serving God. God bless you, sweet sister.

  31. MaryLu Tyndall did a good write up on the symbols on the Abraham Accord coin. The planet looks like
    Jupiter and Saturn together and there are 10 stars on the coin, the 10 kingdoms. And so much more. It's errie how this coin is telling so much of what is too come. We must be so very very very close to the rapture. The comments on that page are great too.

  32. Lou Vega describes it very well. A bit more detailed and points out a lot that wasn't mentioned in the other link. Both links are very good.
    Please forgive me if y'all already know this. I haven't got to watch the videoby Unsealed and maybe someone already mentioned this in the comments. But if not, both links I mentioned are very good. This is truly amazing. I can't wait to see what Gary and Jeff have to say.

  33. 6.0 Earthquake hit Mindanao which is most known as the Land of Promise. From an article....But despite the corruption, threat, killings, and poverty Mindanaons face, they remain to be strong people. Individuals who hope about a land of promises fulfilled.

    Severe Medistorm "Elaina" forms near Cyprus, landfall expected in Lebanon on December 17. Meaning of the name Elaina. Of Hebrew origin and derived from the word 'helios' which means 'sun'. It is also the female variant of the name Elijah and feminine version of the name Elian.

    Yasa, a category 5 Hurricane to hit Fiji between the 17th and the 18th means "salvation."

  34. You're probably missing the greatest rapture sign EVER. The Buffalo Bills are poised to possibly, conceivably, make it to a Super Bowl, and God has appointed it unto me to never see that victory. I see all other teams as agents of Satan. So January/February is high watch time.

    For those who don't know . . . the Bills are synonymous for the Saved remnant. That's why resistors won't be allowed to "buy or sell" in the end. You won't be able to pay your "Bills." They must be removed.


  35. I found it interesting that in the video, you guys draw a connection regarding the Abrahamic Covenant from the 12th Chapter of the Bible's first book directly to a remanufactured false Abrahamic Covenant that Satan begins to give life to in the 12th Chapter of the Bible's last book.

  36. Unknown that is a powerful connection as you've stated - a remanufactured false Abrahamic Covenant.

    Powerful truth.

    I posted this back in 2012 @ FP and only understand now why the Lord was preparing us for this time and how we overcome .

    The five wise virgins.

    Trimmed their lamps - making her ready for the Bridegroom.

    Five devotional distinctives.

    1) Courageous as Joshua.

    2) Faith as Rahab.

    3) Strength as David.

    4) Fearless as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

    5) Wisdom as Daniel.

    Five Smooth Stones.

    1) Zechariah 4:6
    Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.

    2) Revelation 12:11

    And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,

    3) and by the word of their testimony;

    4) and they loved not their lives unto the death.

    Revelation 12:10-12



    1. More like... 'This is the heir, let us kill him so we can have the inheritance...'

  38. 5) the stone -

    Isa 55:11

    So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

  39. Thank you my brothers for the beautiful video presentation!
    I can't wait to be with Jesus our Savior!
    In Revelation it shows 24 thrones with people seated, have you thought how many thousands of thrones there must be if we all sit on the thrones?

  40. Thank you so much for all your hard work to make these videos and articles. You both are such an encouragement!

  41. Just wanted to throw out a Praise God!!! A dear friend and brother in Christ was diagnosed with the nasty cv on 19 Nov, along with his wife, and two kids (both in their 20's). He was admitted to the Hospital. On Thanksgiving got word he was going to be put on a ventilator, and medically induced coma. A few days ago I got word they were giving him a 50/50 chance of survival, then this morning got an email that he was taken off the ventilator, and is now on oxygen. He got to speak to his wife for a few minutes on the phone. If you have a minute please take a moment to pray for him and his continued recovery. Thanks in advance.

    1. Awesome testimony, Chris. I will pray for your friend's continued recovery.

    2. Thanks Jeff, very much appreciated.

  42. Jeff, Gary, did y'all ever grey the transcripts to the video?

    1. Yes, it is now live (see the article above).

  43. Trending on Twitter right now.... 'Age of Aquarius' Some think the conjunction tomorrow is going to usher in '5 dimensional conciousness' among other odd things. Apparently this conjunction is part of some 25980 year planetary alignment cycle they invented?

    Wouldn't it be ironic they would be looking up as we left and just thought it was people 'ascending' like they expected would happen? Sad yes... but ironic...

    1. Could u sort of elaborate on what they believe in?

    2. I've heard them mentioned before, but I don't remember exactly when or where I heard about them. I kind of considered it nonsense, but the one thing I remember was that some of them believed that anyone not ready for the '5D revolution' would simply vanish because they weren't 'compatible' with the new universe. I think I only remember that because it sounds a lot like the Rapture.

      Research them if you like, I just have a strong feeling that it's a rabbit hole I don't want to go down.

  44. At https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/dec/20/frances-covid-freight-ban-to-have-devastating-effect-on-uk-sector-warns "France's Covid freight ban 'will have devastating effect' on UK supplies Haulage sector sounds alarm over 48-hour block on cargo from UK to France after new strain emerges".

    The Brexit hasn't still happened yet and Great-Britain is already being cut off from other countries by fears of a mutated Covid strain! Great Britain will be plunged into utterly chaos and devastation.

  45. Y'all I am just so excited at how near our departure is. I was reflecting last night over all the facts. Reassuring myself what I know, and what I speculate. The facts are overwhelming. There is no doubt in my mind that we have very little time left. I am eager to be with our Father. thinking about is overwhelming, unimaginable. I so much enjoy coming here and interacting with yall with our shared views, reminds me "it's not just me"

  46. Yes, it's now live. I also cleaned it up a little bit and posted it on the article above. It's not perfect, but a bit better.



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