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INAUGURATION INFLECTION POINT: The Prophetic Shipwreck, End of America, and End of the Church Age

Greetings, brothers and sisters!

We find ourselves in the midst of an intense and prolonged storm, eagerly waiting for rescue. While charting this unique course and navigating these waters with the aid of the starry signs above, many of us knew that we were close to safe harbor, but who could have foreseen the crosswinds of this current crisis now engulfing the world? 

All throughout the years leading up to this climactic moment, we have been warning of imminent danger and sudden judgment. And now, we are bracing for impact. The proverbial iceberg is right in front of us.

While some are going overboard, dreaming of creative plans of rescue via political, scientific, or military means, others are drowning in denial and dreaming of a brighter future on board a ship that is destined for irreversible wreckage and disaster.

Meanwhile, the Captain and Commander interjects with a reality check:

...wide [is] the gate and broad the way that is leading to the destruction, and many are those going in through it; how narrow [is] the gate and compressed the way that is leading to life, and few are those finding it! (Matt. 7:13-14, LSV).

As discussed in the video, there are two lanes going down the broad way leading to destruction (for example: the ideology of the Sadducees vs. the Pharisees; the Liberal vs. the Conservative; the Legalist vs. the Lawless).

Conversely, there is only one narrow path that leads to everlasting life: Jesus is the narrow gate, and He is the narrow way:

Jesus says to him, 'I AM the way, and the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father, if not through Me' (John 14:6, LSV).

Now more than ever, it is time for the Body of Christ to narrow the focus exclusively on the Author and Finisher of our salvation (Heb. 12:2). There is simply no other alternative. 

As discussed in the video, the climactic ending of the book of Acts provides a prophetic template and preview of the final moments of the Church Age. The ship that has carried us this far can represent many things earthen and corruptible, but one thing is for sure: This ship is not our home, and it is destined to break up and splinter beyond repair

Therefore, take heed. Lean not on your own understanding, look for no other lifeboat, and get ready to be life-flighted out of Egypt—in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, AT THE LAST TRUMP. Do not get comfortable here, and do not make plans to salvage the ship. It's going down—fast

Remember that all is not lost. If you have already trusted in Christ and you are a member of His Body, then you don't have to worry a single second about losing your salvation. The Word of God is crystal clear: Though the ship will be a total loss, not one soul on board will be lost—all will arrive to Safe Haven when it is time to leave the ship behind (Acts 27:22, 24, 34, 37, 44; cf. Jn. 6:37-40; 21:11; Rev. 3:10; 18:4).

Unsealed Articles:

Gary: "The Whore and the Beast: Two Lanes, One Road"

Jim: "Acts 27 and the End of the Church Age"

Supplemental Resources:

Pastor Tommy Nelson, Denton Bible Church, Sermon on Acts 27 entitled, “Certain People in an Uncertain World” (07/23/2017)

Hymn referenced by Pastor Nelson toward the end of his sermon: William C. Martin (1864-1914), “My Anchor Holds


And it holds, my anchor holds: 
Blow your wildest, then, O gale, 
On my bark so small and frail; 
By His grace I shall not fail
For my anchor holds, my anchor holds.

...lay hold on the hope being set before [us], which we have, as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and entering into that within the veil (Hebrews 6:19, LSV).

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  1. My fellow Americans, The Storm is Upon Us...

    1. Some interesting points about January 23rd


      40 days from dec 14th

      40 months from Rev 12 sign


    2. January 23rd passed and the Rapture didn't happen.

    3. That date didn't have the right phi ratio with blood moons and 8.0 earthquakes...

    4. That’s why you don’t set dates!

  2. Many are seeing that we are at the red sea moment and yet hoping to reform Egypt. No! We need to keep moving forward through the scarey seas and on to the promised land. No detours this time.


  3. Thank you Jeff,

    I have a front row seat for this so I'll give you all a report later today if I can. From where I am/reside, I can tell you all @0700 there are lots of mil "fighter" planes overhead. We know there is a Fighter Wing attached to this "deployment"...but why?

    Your piece is timely as "the" time to (re)focus/ brace/ cleave to Jesus Christ...ALONE...as he is our only hope and the only truth and the only way to life eternal.

    Peace be with you all.

    1. I’ve been to many inaugurations but if I had to go to this one I’d be real real sick.


    2. I was never nearby or even close to "seeing" nor wanted to but am close enough to have experience(d) some kind of ka boom if something went off, thankfully and as of today, nothing... but why the continued NG buildUP?

      (prophetic) Bablyon has fallen, however. See what happens next by reading Jeremiah 50 for starters. Jeremiah (the "real" prophet) and the Revelation of Jesus Christ in Chapter 18 are tied together.

      Jerusalem is attacked soon, as its 70yrs are up (See Dan 9). Note: Dan 9 is ALL about Jerusalem and NOT Isra_el. Isra_el is NOT even mentioned.....

      However, Jeremiah speaks about the House of Judah (the Jews) and the House of Israel (the Believers in Christ who were the lost sheep who found Christ at the foot of the Cross...all throughout for the past 2,000 yrs).

      Clear as day in Genesis 48. Jacob = "Isreal" --> blessing to Ephriam and Manasseh.

      18 And Joseph said unto his father, Not so, my father: for this is the firstborn; put thy right hand upon his head.

      19 And his father refused, and said, I know it, my son, I know it: he also shall become a people, and he also shall be great: but truly his younger brother shall be greater than he, and his seed shall become a MULTITUDE of NATIONS (the USA today).


  4. WOW, BROTHERS! How wonderful is our God that through the Spirit of Christ you speak on the PROPHETIC SHIPWRECK at the end of the Age of Grace! Before seeing your video I had been over at https://rev12daily.blogspot.com commenting on a Sister's (May Rayelle) prophetic dream about BOATS and SHIPS! This is what I wrote:

    May~I'm no expert in interpreting dreams, but in yours "it was important that each individual have his own boat" reminded me of how we as INDIVIDUALS are responsible for our relationship with the Lord and in what He has called us each to do. 2 Tim 3:17 is what I am inspired to share:

    All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: - 2 Timothy 3:16 KJV
    That the man of God may be perfect [ARTIOS], throughly furnished [EXARTIZO] unto all good works. - 2 Timothy 3:17 KJV

    The word "perfect" in verse 17 is translated from the Greek word ARTIOS:

    "(artios from root ar- which indicates appropriateness, suitability, usefulness, aptitude) means to be fit, complete, qualified for a function, sufficient, completely qualified and thus proficient in the sense of being able to meet all demands and to perform some function. Artios has reference to special aptitude for given uses. The man of God who is taught, reproved, corrected and trained by the Word of God is capable of doing everything he (or she) is called to do (cf. notes on Colossians 2:10)."

    THE REASON YOU THOUGHT IN YOUR DREAM THAT IT WAS IMPORTANT FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL TO HAVE A BOAT IS BECAUSE WE EACH HAVE A SPECIFIC CALLING IN CHRIST. By way of learning the Word of God and being led by the Holy Spirit (the wind in our sails) those in Christ are "capable of doing everything he (or she) is called to do" similar to a boat ⛵that has been fully furnished for a voyage!

    ARTIOS and EXARTIZO are loaded with significance! See this link for more:

    God seems to be letting us know through your dream that He has fully equipped us for what He has called us to do in these last days and hours!! Let's sail⛵

  5. Brothers, I wanted to add that as you said, this is a critical time to be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ! This is what we are FITTED for! We each were called specifically for such a time as this, Beloved in the Lord!

    As I shared in https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2021/01/the-revelation-12-galactic-federation.html--
    "America must fall for the New World Order to rise. Israel is our end times clock, but America’s destiny is to fall so that Israel has no one to turn to but God during Jacob’s Trouble."
    This means we could very well be on the verge of the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION associated with our escape (1 Thess 5:2-4)!!!

    1. I've been telling people that exact same thing. Everybody believes that Q garbage. America is falling. Its time. America's government is corrupt to the core. When America falls, the world falls. And you are spot on about Israel.
      Come hastily Lord Jesus!

    2. I don't really know what to believe about the Q stuff. There's accuracy there, a clear military mind... but God's plans would trump it. Even if there was a planned sting operation, if the Rapture happens before it completes, the world would be left with the fraud...

      I am believing we are but days away sometimes... makes it very hard to do anything that requires a great length of time...

  6. INAUGURATION DAY: 1-20-2021 (1202021)

    3 Then the LORD said,

    "My Spirit shall not abide in man
    forever, for he is flesh: his days
    shall be 120 years."

    (Genesis 6:3 ESV)

    1/20/21 (12021)

    15 In those days Peter stood
    up among the brothers (the
    company of persons was in all
    about 120) and said

    (Acts 1:15 ESV)

    (Acts 1:15) takes place in the Capitol city of Jerusalem in the upper room where the last supper had been held. This is where a transfer of power took place. This is where the elect was revealed by God to take the place of Judas Iscariot,

    16 "Brothers, the Scripture
    had to be fulfilled, which the
    Holy Spirit spoke beforehand
    by the mouth of David concerning
    Judas, who became a guide to
    those who arrested Jesus.

    17 For he was numbered among us
    and was allotted his share in
    this ministry."

    (Acts 1:16-17 ESV)

    This is the day that Peter declared to the some 120 gathered in prayer,

    "'Let another take his office.'"

    ...a declaration itself taken from the pages of Scripture,

    6 Appoint a wicked man against
    him; let an accuser stand at
    his right hand.

    7 When he is tried, let him
    come forth guilty; let his
    prayer be counted as sin!

    8 May his days be few;
    may another take his office!

    (Psalm 109:6-8 ESV)

    Today, in under an hour, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America will swear in the 46th President of the United States of America, Joseph R Biden Jr. That a day such as today would occur on a palindrome is remarkable. Stunning I would say.

    The LORD G-D declared the days of man, sons of man, to be 120-years. Jubilee years to be specific. One-hundred twenty, fifty-year cycles after which time EVERYTHING G-d created, heaven and earth, will return to Him. Man's reign of sin by the terror unleashed by the devil himself will come to its full and final end.

    Two pictures of the transfer of power...one under God, the other to God. For it is written,

    54 When the perishable puts on
    the imperishable, and the mortal
    puts on immortality, then shall
    come to pass the saying that is

    "Death is swallowed up in victory."

    55 "O death, where is your victory?
    O death, where is your sting?"

    56 The sting of death is sin, and
    the power of sin is the law.

    57 But thanks be to God, who gives
    us the victory through our Lord
    Jesus Christ.

    (1 Corinthians 15:54-57 ESV)

    When does this occur? At the harpazo to come! At the last trumpet.

    Our swearing in was the day of our confession of faith. The humble opening of our contrite heart -- the invitation of Christ into our life and the entry of His Holy Spirit to our being was our inauguration to the office we hold today as saints, believers as the body of Christ His Church.

    This office is an eternal office for which we are called. An earthly office in part as we are earthly ambassadors of Christ.

    Today is a solemn reminder of what is at stake. This is the only hell we will know. That knowledge is what we owe to the lost -- for outside of the saving grace of Christ Jesus; this place is the only heaven the damned will ever know.

    Time is growing short. So very short.

    Share the Love of Christ today! Reflect Him in every way. Devote yourself to His Word and submit to His Holy Spirit. Walk in humility with great expectation of all that He can do through you each and every day.

    In Christ, we share the victory. Know the high office you have been chosen for and accept the mantle of that office with all loving grace and humility given you by the LORD God through Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Grace and peace to you this day and every day,

    Pastor Rich

    1. PR, Your posts are always a blessing my brother. Speaking of palindrome, this may be redundant as someone may have already mentioned it. The abbreviated palindrome 1/20/21 continues on for 10 straight days, through 1/29/21. Just found that a bit interesting. John

    2. @mailmanjack - that 10 day palindrome is especially interesting in light of the chart on watchfortheday.org for his speculation about the possible start of the 70th week -

  7. Thank you Jeff! Jesus come soon! Maranatha!

  8. The US won't be Israel's friend any more and will cease being the world's superpower. The EU as the Revived Roman Empire will become the world's superpower and Israel will negotiate with a charismatic and messianic-looking political leader (the antichrist) from Europe about peace and safety.

    This means that the Rapture and our redemption are very near.

  9. Really good reminder from Jeff here and I totally get it, but the rest of you on the boat will have to pardon me for a moment though while I vomit, dry heave and hurl in disgust at the smiling traitors in suites. Yes, I know that America has to be taken asunder so that the prophetic plan can march forward. I get it. But, sorry, I'm not feeling too "saved" today.

    Anyone have a bucket right handy. Gonna need a mop too. I feel a big one coming on.

    1. I’m with you! I know America has to fall and I know we are going home but i mostly grieve for all the freedom fighters over the years who have fought for our freedom to spread the gospel worldwide. That feeedom is gone. Most do not understand what we understand and they are hurting. I fought for years against human baby slaughter and against gay marriage and all the wickedness in high places. Maybe that makes me a Pharisee because I used the available tool I had. I am watching and waiting but still I’m sad.


      HAHAHAHAHaaaaa you makin me laugh, this is funny!

      Your name fits for what is actually going on!

      Oh, ahah bout the TV, yea just unplug it nothing worth your time on it.

    3. I want to do more than just unplug it. I want the hell-fire wrath of God upon it. Like yesterday. I could unplug it, but I'm not exactly living solo here. I try to " keep the peace" if ya know what I'm saying (wink wink). I tried the "turn it off" thing before ... doesn't work. That ship has sailed.

      If I get to Heaven and there's a television set in my mansion with giddy Communist news commentators talking about the glories of everything that is insane and destructive, I'll know I've died and gone straight to Hell and all that surrounds me is an illusion ... including my mansion.

    4. HHEHEHEH...yep I know!

  10. Anyone on this here boat have the unique and special gifts of the spirit to call down fire upon television sets? I could really, really use your God-given, holy endowed expertise right about now. Just make sure you direct your "gift" at the television set and not the family member watching it.

    1. Awesome, there's hope for my last nerve after all 👹🥴

  11. It's no easy thing to watch our country stolen by the demonic stooges of the NWO.
    There was a hope that it wouldn't go this far.
    That truth and justice and integrity would prevail - that the "good" guys would still win.
    It's NOT just that they stole a country, it's that they're getting away with it - for now.
    The worst is watching so many folks absolutely GIDDY in their demonically inspired JOY at the prospect of a communist Biden-Harris administration.
    When we see God giving folks over to their depraved desires, we know that time is VERY, VERY short.
    Nope, even knowing that it ALL fits in with God's end time scenario, it is NOT easy to watch.
    It's heart breaking, in fact - ALL those people gleefully dancing as they follow the Pied-devil right over a cliff into hell.
    * * * * * *
    Anyone ever break anything and have to have a hard cast?
    Remember how heavy and itchy it was and how you could hardly wait to get it off?
    Especially if it was in the summer and you couldn't go swimming!
    The absolute worst part though was the SAW used to remove it!
    It was terrifying as a young child.
    Just the thought of it was worse then the break and the itching and the not going swimming.
    But, in order to get to the good stuff, you had to go through the "worst" -which turned out not to be so bad after all.
    * * * * * * *
    Thank you, all of you, for making the journey much more informative & enjoyable than I could have ever come up with on my own - I've learned a lot and am so very grateful.

    1. Jenny! that was so good and exactly how I feel. It is heartbreaking.

    2. I feel the same here........and I did have it out with God with so many words in private prayer.
      "Looks like the gates of HELL are prevailing, hu."

    3. I’m with all of you. Jenny, your reply did lift some of the heaviness of my spirit through all of this. Thank you and may God be with us! Still praying He stands up and we have a Red Sea moment here, although I would far rather go home with our beloved right now!

  12. Great stuff Jeff as always! I'm just starting a multipart series my website about what likely comes next and how the world is shaping up in that direction.

    What's Next for Christians; Rapture, Prepping or Persecution? - Part 1

  13. Thank you - certainly needed encouragement today.

  14. The administration who took the place of Trump are from the church of Laodicea. I know you know what I mean.

    1. I don’t think they are at all. I think they’re demonic. I do think many are Laodiceans right now, but not them. They’re way beyond that.

  15. I am seeing a lot of parallels to the trial of Jesus here... So... let's see what happens over the next 36 to 72 hours. If nothing happens by Monday morning, I'm going to assume these parallels I see are just my own confirmation bias playing games with me and try to just navigate the times to come until the Rapture finally happens. God knows what else I wanted to type here, but we'll just keep that between Him and I. My prayers go out for everyone, and hope that these times to come will bring more to the ways of our Lord... and more to His salvation.

  16. weeping may last for a night but joy comes in the morning...

    here is a great rapture song for the morning celebration coming soon...

    Tony Gore & Majesty. Dancing in the Street . 1995(Cool Clear Water)

    and here is 35 more rapture songs...God is good!


    @Pastor Rich and Mailmanjack - on the palindrom - interesting finds -

  17. Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ,
    I understand the heartbreak and disappointment that many of you are feeling, but at the risk of offending anyone (not my intention), I am feeling just the opposite. I absolutely know God has the whole wide world in His hands and I am excited just thinking about what this change will mean or could mean regarding the second coming of Christ and more importantly, regarding the rapture of the church to meet Christ in the clouds. (Chill bumps)

    I have been eagerly anticipating the Ezekiel 38 War, if you want to call it that, and now with Trump moved out of the way, I doubt America will now be a hindrance to the Ezekiel 38 nations who may want to plunder wealthy little Israel. As we all know, only God will come to Israel’s aid...as He breaks His silence to show Israel that He still cares for them. Now, will the church still be here when this happens? I’m not sure....but if we are, I’m fairly confident we won’t be here too much longer after that.

    So, my hope is this.....BRING IT ON LORD.....MOVE THE PIECES INTO PLACE....while we watch, wait, and pray that we would be able to escape all the things that are about to come upon the world. Come Lord Jesus, Come!


    1. Most of the disappointment (in my opinion) is that we want to see God's Kingdom (even if just in part) here on the earth, and I think we worry that things will reach the point where we can't see the goodness of the Lord anywhere... It's somewhat hard to explain this thought.

    2. I don’t believe we will see God’s kingdom here on earth (pre and post rapture) until Christ returns to usher in His Millennial Kingdom.

      In a twinkling of an eye.....

    3. Of course not... but the point is we want to see it at least in part. As long as we can see God somewhere, it's easier to remain calm. But maybe, just maybe... we need to see it all eclipsed, all hope in this world lost, before we see the fulfillment. Perhaps that is the 10 days of darkness... Perhaps that is the '10 days of tribulation.'

    4. I’ve been through so many “this could be the day” dates since the Rev 12 sign that I am numb to them. But, I’m still very excited to depart. I like the reasoning behind a Pentecost date, but I’ve shifted focus to watching world events (not dates). Trump is gone and no longer protecting Israel, while Ben and Benny are fighting over who will lead their nation. Iran is waiting for what they perceive as a ‘green light’ from the new US administration. Turkey wants to play nice with Israel, all the while holding a sword behind their back. It feels ready to pop soon. When Saudi Arabia gets into the Abraham Accords, things will quickly get exciting.

    5. The Tribulation President

      Trumps biggest mistake was the plan to divid land God gave Israel (Joel 3:2). America always gets into trouble following conventional wisdom instead of God. The final covenant/peace treaty causes the United States to fall, the Tribulation and Armageddon (Daniel 9:27).

      The European Union will not be the only superpower until the United States and China fall. Revelation 9 says a 200 million army crosses the Euphrates River (Turkey, Syria, Iraq) and 1/3 of humanity dies (Revelation 9:15-16). China, India and US are the most populated countries. God grabs us out before the war gets hot. The 6th trumpet ends at the middle of the Tribulation (Revelation 11:14).

      Since Jesus died on Passover, buried by Unleavend Bread, rose again on Firstfruits and the Holy Spirit was sent on Pentecost, then no one knows the day or hour until the new crescent moon is seen on the eve of the Feast of Trumpets (September 6-October 6). The 100th and last blast of the trumpet occurs at the Rapture. (Leviticus 23:24, Matthew 24:36, I Corinthians 15:52). Seven years later, Atonement is the Second Coming (Leviticus 23:27).

      Time is short before the Rapture and Tribulation. Biden/Harris have four years to be the Tribulation president.

      All nations fall and Jesus Christ reigns!!!

      Robert Cook

    6. I just remember that when Netenyahu and Trump came out the first time Bibbi visited, Trump mentioned that they had ideas for a 'one state solution.' I think it's really Jared who got it done the way it was done, and had been working on it long before Trump entered office...

      So... looking at what was actually written and not what pundits said it said... it would seem to only be division of the land if the so called 'Palestinians' would actually agree to it, and it was written in such a way that they'd be giving up just about everything they've ever wanted to take it. Quite the 'non-deal' if you think about it.

      That being said though... we're told it would be 'strengthened' and that might take the form of removing those barriers. Making it 'stronger' by 'weakening' it...

      Finding it interesting they might hold elections now though... maybe the people are willing to accept it and will vote their leadership out...

      The reality is it's the UN to blame for setting up a situation where something had to be done. What America is going through might only be because the UN is being punished and we're down river from it. After all, it seems like most of the world is having problems holding together right now....

  18. Great post! Thank you so much.

    I'm grateful you provide a place where we can all come and sense unity. To gain strength as we realize we're not alone in our heartbreak or alone in our hope. Its a real hope!

    I started to watch the video but haven't finished it yet. So far really good. Understanding our security in Christ is so important.

    If anyone wants to check out Psalm 37. I think it is just right for today. As the "wicked" take over the land -- this Psalm starts out by saying "do not fret because of evildoers...trust in the Lord and keep doing good." God is our strength in time of trouble.

    Blessings to all of you.

  19. To Jenny and others, I dont want to give false hope because it hasn't been confirmed but I believe that Washington d.c. could be under militarily control as of now. Trump shortly before leaving the W.House signed the insurrection act. Several countries have been confirmed to have interferred with the Nov. 3rd election and there will be mass arrests of people here- possibly Mr.Biden himself. I call him Mr. Biden because of right now we may not have a President. Also theres evidence that yesterdays inauguration was pre-recorded much earlier which makes it illegitamate. The constitution is clear that it happen no earlier or later than 12:00 noon. We should know within a week. Were not gone yet, this is still our home. Say a prayer for America.

    1. Van helsing I have heard the same. Kind of wonder if we'll see rapture before this political maneuver plays out or if we'll be allowed to see justice doled out on all the evil players and then the rapture. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want the second scenario! But no matter what my eyes are still on Jesus and I am still Gazing Heavenward!

    2. Van Helsing, thank you.
      My true hope has never been in President Trump or his administration.
      It is in God.
      I think God gave us a bit of a reprieve these past 4 years, while having President Trump set the stage for the coming covenant with many.
      It was both a blessing and real eye opener.
      * * * * * *
      What REALLY gets to me is the blatant CHEATING, FRAUD, and CORRUPTION and the fact that so many are involved in ALL levels or our government, as well as upper level law enforcement (Feds).
      In order to ignore the massive amounts of evidence (Read all three Navarro Reports.), they have to ALL be complicit somehow in the behind the scenes New World Order machinations.
      So many!!!
      And half the U.S. population going along with it!
      Aided and abetted by our leftist mainstream propagandists.
      The devil has many, many deceived - including my own daughter.
      They actually think we’re the ones who have been “brainwashed!”
      * * * * * *
      Whomever is at the helm at this point, I think is moot.
      Our country is hopelessly divided Constitutionally and morally.
      Yesterday, Biden re-established federal funding for abortions.
      By the end of the week, via Executive Orders, he’ll have undone ALL the good President Trump managed to accomplish.
      Have you seen his cabinet picks – they could all be right out of the devil’s casting office!
      It’s the PERFECT end times’ scenario for the take down of the United States as a major player. There’s no longer any loyalty to our Constitution among the leadership. And, as I said above, among half the population as well. They’ll all gladly cheer the AC, just as they did Biden and Harris.
      * * * * * * *
      A part of me knows they really deserve what is coming!
      But, another part of me knows that at one time, so did we all.

      As much as I would like to see President Trump vindicated and re-established as the REAL President,
      I want heaven and my REAL life so much MORE!
      * * * * * *
      We've lost this battle.
      But God has already won the war!

    3. @ Van Helsing- Totally agree. Check out And We Know on GAB https://rumble.com/vd3kcr-1.21.21-our-plans-are-not-gods-plans-the-end-wont-be-for-everyone-pray.html

      Although I don't agree with the first segment about the Prophecy of the two Presidents, I believe the rest of it is factual. This tells the whole story:

    4. Even though this particular display of a Biden/Harris presidency is particularly nauseating and hurl worthy, Trump himself is not who he seems to be either. I and many others believe and document how that Trump is controlled opposition. He was an actor playing a part - the part that his controllers told him to play. The part of the patriotic America first conservative. The American government is corrupted and rotten to the very core. We are controlled by the oft spoken of "elite," those group of Luciferic globalists behind the scenes who pull the strings of power constructing a New World Order. Too much there for a comment in a comment section.

      Suffice to say, these elite were going to pull the nation down whether under Trump or someone else. Biden/Harris just happen to be their puppet of choice in this season. I'm pretty sure there are not going to be any arrests. If there were, it likely would be for show. They would probably put on a good show and then spirit them away to a resort somewhere and not truly be in jail. Who knows.

      Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch (+ Netanyahu’s possible role)



      For good reason, I believe what Gary and Jeff are saying here. It's time in the prophetic plan of God for America's global power and influence to fade away so that the NWO can rise, which would be an act of judgment. America has fulfilled its role in prophecy for the Church Age and its now rapidly approaching go-time for the rapture and Tribulation to commence.

      That said, it may be possible that the globalists could give us more Kabuki Theatre and extend this thing out for a few more years to further along the placement of their puzzle pieces. But I don't think so. We're at that all-important 400 year prophetic cycle found in scripture.

      As Gary mentioned, think about the word "Trump," as in Trump of God rapture. The rapture is alluded to with a Trump in Revelation 4:1 by the Apostle "John." Trump's middle name happens to be "John." Hmmmmmm. That picture on the cover of the magazine that Gary showed with "Trump" being "flown away" is rather interesting. But the main thing is the arrival of the ending of the 400 year cycle for Vineyard America and the emergence of the Trump theme.

    5. Simone Gold, who advocated hydroxychloroquine as a remedy for coronavirus, arrested in connection to Capitol "riot": Trump led his followers right into the trap


      The Kabuki Theatre is in full beast mode. Don't trust any of them ... including Trump. Rather, look at Trump as a prophetic time piece.

    6. I find conspiracy theories like this ("Trump was just an actor!") particularly ridiculous. Things like this really make the Christian witness laughable to unbelievers.

    7. sherrill777 ... Where there's smoke, there's usually fire. I find those who choose to cover the aroma with incense and candles a bit naive. If one doesn't like the word "actor," one can always substitute it with the word "puppet." Either way, something stinks beneath the aroma.

    8. And as if right on cue, I come across this piece of comedy gold. Biden signing "executive orders" on blank pieces of paper.


      Did someone say "actor?" Oh, wait ...

    9. Actually, substitute the word "aroma" with "stink." Lol

  20. I just finished watching the whole video post. It was so excellent!! Everything you said was both interesting and comforting. And also a call to us as believers. So good. And God is so good in how He teaches us if we take time to study. It's all in the Word.. I forwarded the video link to all my friends. Thanks so much!

  21. Thanks to Jenny and others in response to my comment. Yes our ultimate hope is the return of our Lord to extract us out of this fallen world, but the truth is that no one really knows when that is going to happen. In the meantime we are still here and I see nothing but evil if biden and harris are confirmed as our leaders. And we should not expect the rapture to rescue us from that possibility.

  22. Joe Biden

    Biden. Biding.

    Bide v. bid·ed or bode (bōd), bid·ed, bid·ing, bides


    1. To remain in a condition or state.


    a. To wait; tarry.

    b. To stay: bide at home.

    c. To be left; remain.

    v.tr. past tense bided To await; wait for.

    Idiom: bide (one's) time To wait for further developments.

    Joe. Joseph.

    Hebrew Yosef, meaning "he will add", or "increase".

    Our Lord *tarries* for the *increase*.

    "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." 2 Peter 3:9

    Brothers and sisters, God speaks to us in many ways. Let us use the time remaining to share the gospel of peace with God with the lost, not forgetting to ourselves *abide* in Christ.


  23. Everyone in this country that sworn an oath to Protect, defend the Constitution of America has failed. And Im really pointing to people of Power, Politicians, Justices connected with the government, and every main street media.

    And we all watched with horror at every level how this Country was lied to, Cheated, stolen and murdered buy those who are full of Hate and want nothing todo with people who believe in Jesus Christ!

    But we don't quit, and after having done all, we stand ready to do battle again!

  24. The simpsons predicted kamala harris would somedau replace biden as president. She even wore the same dress and necklace

    1. HEADLINE: 'The Simpsons' seemed to get it right again -- by predicting part of the inauguration

      Quoting, CNN,

      "In 'Bart to the Future,' Lisa assumes the presidency and asks the now-viral line, 'As you know, we've inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump.'"

      This episode originally aired in 2000.

    2. There's also the oddity that certain kinds of people are called 'simps' now... My great grandmother believed that show was 'from the devil himself...' and refused to let it be watched. Maybe she was on to something...

    3. Zeal Life, that was one no class statement. That is mocking isn't it. I thought you were better than that. That was a presumptuous and jerky comment and you owe Jeff a sincere apology.

  25. do you guys think Trump was aware of his end times role? from various comments he's made he doesn't seem to believe in God or the Bible. I wonder how much info his Masonic controllers shared with him about that

    1. also do you guys think Obama is a Mason

    2. I take it you didn't listen to his recent Christmas address to the nation where he said (and I quote)

      "As Christians everywhere know, the birth of our Lord and Savior changed history forever."

      "At Christmas, we give thanks to God and that God sent his only Son to die for us and to offer everlasting peace to all humanity"

      "Above all, during the sacred season, our souls are full of thanks and praise for Almighty God for sending us Christ His Son to redeem the world."

      "During the sacred season Christians celebrate the greatest miracle in human history. More than 2000 years ago God sent His only begotten Son to be with us."

      Please have a listen:


      Or this similar message:


    3. I've always had a check in my spirit about Trump. He was obviously the lesser of evil in 2016 so I voted for him. Then when he went full vaccine the red flags really went up. He probably could have prevented what happened but in light of what I know about the end times it seems we've been given over to the introduction of the beast system. Look Up my brothers and sisters!

    4. Well I stand corrected

    5. Like it or not Trump FAILED miserably.
      That will be his legacy!
      He should have done a lot of things first, like the oath he swore.
      Everything he did is now going to be undone unconstitutionally!
      Like a military dictatorship.

      I suggest you think about what Jesus said about casting your Pearls before Swine!

    6. oh it's gonna be VERY constitutional

    7. Gregg, you and I seem to agree on issues absolutely, or not at all!
      I believe President Trump did EXACTLY what God intended him to do.
      He set the stage PERFECTLY for the confirmation of the covenant with many by the Anti-Christ.
      None of the Israel hating democratic-socialists could have done that!
      * * * * *
      Aside from that, he managed to do a LOT of good on behalf of the American people.
      Just because the mainstream media propaganda machine didn't report it, doesn't mean it did not happen - 49 pages worth:
      RATS! It was on the White House site, but was removed.


      You can also read it at CanadaFreePress.com

    8. "I believe President Trump did EXACTLY what God intended him to do."

      Well he's gonna have plenty of time to sit quietly and take that question up with Him.
      Cover this man #45 with your prayers, guys, he's gonna need all of us pulling for him real hard!

    9. I too agree that Trump did exactly what the Lord intended for him to do. The biggest problem Trump had was the continuous assault from the left. I do not believe it was just because he was an outsider and that he spoiled the plan for HRC to be in office. I believe that it also had to do with his conservative agenda, an almost righteous agenda.

      While none of us knows his heart, it seems that as time lapsed over the past four year, he talked more and more about God, stopping just short of giving a call to repentance in his Christmas address where he read the story of the birth of Christ. I have never hear a politician talk like that, ever, and I've been around the block a few times. Of course if you listened to almost any media outlet, all of that part of DT was blacked out and censored. I watched at least a dozen different videos, most shot with cell phone cameras of DT in the oval office with his eyes shut and head bowed while pastors (including some that I highly respect) and other 'friends' prayed over him, often with their hands on his shoulders and back. I have never seen that with any other politician either.

      I cannot help but wonder if somehow the Lord communicated to him to stop pushing against the evil and let God do what God always does. As we all know, the Lord has a way of guiding our action, often only to be recognized as His hands years later. Everyone says that the VP, a man I always thought was on the level, betrayed DT. But we do not know anything except what we hear and most of what I hear from a news perspective is deception.

      All we can and should do is to watch and pray.

      My two cents.


    10. Jenny

      Yea your right Trump could have done much much more to solidify this country.
      What we have now is the swamp exposed!
      I do admire the Georgia Rep. Marjorie Greene for keep her word of "Files Articles Of Impeachment against Joe Biden" Her I would Vote For!

    11. Well said Jenny and Joe. I'm right there with you.

  26. Is it joe Biden or joe BURDEN?
    And in that day I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all peoples; all who lift it or burden themselves with it shall be sorely wounded. And all the nations of the earth shall come and gather together against it. Zechariah 12:3
    the timing for US to depart from being the major player, as they may try to force Israel's hand with unreasonable demands on land and settlements, they may also try to undo Jerusalem being called the Capital of Israel bidens bid to take things back in time, Israel will cease with US, and will govern alone and yes I agree with an earlier posting, Israel will negotiate with a strong european leader from the revised roman empire, and usher in the time of jacobs trouble.
    I remember when some (supposed) agents of Israel infiltrated into nz, and got Imprissoned think it was around 2002, Israel removed it's embasy and wellington got an absolute dealing to of a massive storm, half a metre of rain in a day, huge flooding, huge seas, power cut, land slides, huge winds, I was still driving my curtain sider truck on the motorway, not the nicest of feelings when the wind was at 187km per hour.....God knows how to Judge the nations.
    I read a book years ago called EYE to EYE facing the consequences of dividing Israel, the amount of economic loss to nations of the world back then was huge, and now, wow wow wow. Hope my thoughts make sense. I belong to Christ not this world, I'm totally convinced in my heart.I'm not a fool, I'm a born again believer........in Jesus....Thanks for all the posts, bless you all in Jesus..

    1. highly doubtful. Biden's been a staunch friend to Israel since he visited in '73

  27. And in that day I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all peoples; all who lift it or burden themselves with it shall be sorely wounded. And all the nations of the earth shall come and gather together against it. Zechariah 12:3
    Joe BURDEN not biden.

    a biden ABIDE IN CHRIST that's better.

    maybe mr burden will try to reverse things to do with Israel and Jerusalem, and bring about heavy judgment and destruction from God for touching the Apple of his eye.
    Israel will then turn attention to antichrist,,, start of Jacobs trouble...
    I remember driving a truck in NZ in 2002, with winds blowing at 187km per hour, yeah not pleasant, NZ ruling party had imprisoned two suspected Israeli spies , the destruction that came from that storm was massive and Israel removed it's embassy from NZ. That was a small nation, and over the years heaps of other warnings to do with changing God's laws.....we will just wait and see what God does..
    Bless you all in Jesus.

    1. Thank you Mick, for that testimony of the reality of our LORD in today's events. Actions surely reap consequences!

  28. I've been thinking of the 'face of america.' I know deep down that Trump’s name was/is significant for Yah's purposes. And his easily caricaturized face, body language and personality lent itself to the visual of super hero. Fanfare was the order of the day. It surely was the last trump, or hurrah. Now America has the face of dementia--confused, forgetful, incapable of formulating cogent thought progression or making good decisions--and tired. Very, very tired. Reveille?

    1. I think your confusing Trump with biden.

    2. Maybe I misunderstood, did you say that biden is the face of dementia? Agreed, but dont give up. Good things are coming our way!

  29. I was on the Trump train and hoping for a lot from his admin. Now I'm thinking that God has removed His hand of protection and favor from our beloved USA. I think it's judgment time. It would be awesome to see "the Storm" that Flynn, Powell, Pompeo, Rudy, Lin Wood,and others promised would come, but I'm starting to think it won't. I honestly don't care anymore and just want to be gone from this wicked world. I want to be in Gloryland with Jesus. Now. Today. This minute. Maranatha!

    1. I think there's been enough hints and 'coincidences' and 'interesting word games' to say with some certainty that something is happening in the background, that the 'storm' is in progress...

      I just also think that God's plans are greater. Remember the disciples in the boat in the storm? Jesus appeared to be sleeping through it and the disciples flew into a panic to wake Him... Jesus rebuked the storm and all was still... and at that moment they arrived at their destination.

      If the Rapture happens in the middle of all this, what state will the world be left in?

  30. a couple data points for Mr. Trump's name

    Don John Trump
    the word 'dungeon' comes from the word 'donjon'
    also look up last scene from Mozart's 'Don Giovanni' (Don John) about an unrepentant seducer

  31. With all the events that God has allowed to happen, I think that Trump will be impeached. Even though it is probably unlawful to impeach a president that is no longer in office, it won't matter. Many Republicans see this as an opportunity to advance their careers and make sure Trump won't run again. Maybe that will be final nail in the coffin before judgement comes.

  32. https://youtu.be/Emtj8G2oNqY


    1. All I did while watching the video was cry! They want the messiah, they sincerely want it but they will accept AC instead of Jesus Christ their real messiah. Toddlers also want the messiah. Too sad, it breaks my heart for them!

  33. At https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-55802611 "Italian PM Conte resigns in split over Covid response" I read that in Italy, the cradle of the old Roman Empire, there is another political crisis at the moment. The fact that Italy has a very poor performing economy, has a sky-high government debt and has often suffered from all kinds of political crises, is this perhaps due to the fact that the antichrist himself will probably come to power from a populist political party in Italy? And that Rome will soon be the capital of the Revived Roman Empire, instead of Brussels?

    1. Obama SEEMS to be the AC

    2. Does Obama come from Europe, no he doesn't! So he can't be the antichrist.

    3. ok then. maybe it's Macron or Prince William. they have strong claims

    4. Moin ... Obama does not have to be "from Europe." The fact of the matter is that Barack Obama has the necessary biblically specified lineage to qualify as the Antichrist. Not to say dogmatically that he is the Antichrist, but just that he does actually qualify. Many make the mistake of assuming that the Antichrist has to be from that area of Europe (old Rome) physically. That is not the qualifier.

      All the thrones of Europe tie together in one common ancestry, including many presidents of the United States. In fact, the case is made that former President of the United States Bill Clinton himself seemed to display some rather peculiar prophetic signs that the beginning of the rise of the spirit of Antichrist began when he came into power.


      Those signs of the spirit of Antichrist continue today and are growing more and more intense and obvious in the world for those with the spiritual eyes to see.

      That said, we have the peculiar mention of the "Bamah" high places in Ezekiel 20:29. These [Bamah] "high places" that seemed to be places of idolatry that God rebuked ancient Israel for are likely the "high places" mentioned in Ephesians 6:

      "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against [spiritual wickedness in high places"].

      As the prophet Daniel reveals, the Antichrist will be of the people who destroy the city and the sanctuary (Daniel 9:26). The Roman soldiers that destroyed the temple were from the peoples that would eventually follow Mohammad (610 AD). Remember that the Roman Empire and its Roman legions were drawn from surrounding countries, which would be Islamic today.

    5. I should clarify that not all of the Roman legions who destroyed the Temple were drawn from surrounding countries of Rome. Many were indeed Roman, but a good number were not. A Roman legion contained about 6,000 soldiers. This would mean that there were approximately 24,000 men who were full time legionaries with the remaining 36,000 men who were either volunteers or auxiliaries. The auxiliaries were non‐Roman citizens raised up from the fringe of the provinces. Josephus confirms this when he says that the auxiliaries were, “sent by the kings” from “the neighborhood” of Syria, Asia Minor and Arabia.

  34. the question I have is, what cards do the Illuminati have left to play?

    Trump didn't get into a war with DPRK. The military's not taking over. Obama's not going to be a Big Brother pharaoh. Biden's not going to act against Israel.

    Where does this leave the globalists' plans?? Why haven't they conceded defeat yet??

    1. China perhaps? Who else fits the description given in Revelation? Kings of the East? 200 million person army? Dragon symbolism? Ability to 'bring down the power of the Sun before others?' (Sun is powered by nuclear fusion right? At least as far as we know) 'Who can make war with the 'beast?' What other state wants worship of it's rulers? (Remember, they want the churches to take down pictures of Jesus and replace with Xi)

      Also, which government tries the hardest to keep outside news from reaching it's citizens? If the Chinese people could see just my post here, and understood what the Bible seems to say about their country in the end times... how long would they remain in support of their dictators?

      Which is why whatever is going to happen is going to happen soon. I will trust God's plan, whatever form it takes. There is a reason it is called 'The great and terrible day of the LORD'

    2. so Biden would go to war against China? that's a new one I haven't heard proposed by anyone in 4 plus years of prophecy watching. I'll remain extremely skeptical of that until I see news indicating that anything like that is being considered

    3. No way Zachary, they think that they have got their man in the W.House, a man whose family has been taking bribes from china for years. At least until now. Stay tuned!

    4. Who says Biden would start it? I've been seeing articles the last few days about how 'Biden would remain tough on China' and that China has been getting very close or even entering Taiwan's airspace... If the CCP thinks it owns America now and America seems to be fighting the control, what is to say they wouldn't do a pre-emptive strike? Especially if any of that Q stuff kicks off and it looks like Biden might get removed. It's all rumor and speculation until something happens, but as much of it has spilled out on the net, they might have already made a decision as to their countermoves....

  35. Thank you so much, Gary and Jeff for speaking hope in these difficult days. More often than not, the bad news isn't followed by the good news of the blessed promise awaiting us. I always look forward to reading and sharing your new posts. Praying as often as I remember to for you guys. Keep pressing forward.

  36. Gary and Jeff, thank you for your study. It's a real encouragement to read your articles. Keep up the good work. You are in our prayers.

  37. What has happened to Trump's Deal of the Century which was released on 28 January 2020? I don't hear anything about this deal which had very high expectations about the Rapture, confirming of the covenant by the antichrist and the start of the Tribulation Period. I thought that under the presidency of Trump the antichrist would come to power from Europe.

    1. yes how am i to keep warning the Jews about dividing Israel when they all see the deal of the century as dead now??

  38. The Abraham Accords is still listed on the official government site:
    * * * * *
    It's not dead in the water - read the international papers:
    Also read the Jerusalem Post articles.
    THIS is from the Middle East Institute and is an article on CHINA with regard to the Accords:
    It's always interesting to get a perspective from the OTHER side.
    * * * * * *

  39. Mr. Rich, after reading your above quote from the Simpsons im hoping you wrote that in jest because the economy was never better in the U.S. before the china biological attack (Covid 19) on the U.S. and the rest of the world.

    Both partys are to blame for our current national debt. During the Bush administration it doubled because of the Iraq war. That number of 9.5 trillion doubled again before obama left office.

    If theres any criticism that I have of Trump was his unconcern about our national debt which of course has increased again massively because of the pandemic caused by china. It is approaching 30 trillion.

  40. what could it mean that i recieved the gift of tongues on this date?



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