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Gird Up and Get Ready for... GRACE!

Hello Fellow Pilgrims!

Even though our brief residency in this trial-filled age is full of grief and sorrow, we hope that you are still resting and abiding in Christ, our Risen and Living Hope (1 Pet. 1:3). As you continue to eagerly seek Him and wait for His soon return, we have provided the second installment of the 1 Peter series covering 1:13–25. See the video and in-depth study notes below:

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  1. A sweet gift on Valentine's Day. Thank you, Jeff!

    1. Yes, Love that part...HOPE IS A COMMAND...(an imperative) ... it is the overriding point of the chapter.

      So in this case, I will go with King James...for I Peter 1:13


      Video: The Tribulation is Coming like a Freight train - Jesus is Coming Soon (note the Scripture reference should be Hebrews 10:37)

      In Just a little while, and He that shall come, will come, and will not tarry. Hallelujah!


    Cooper Kupp turned Super Bowl LVI into a one-man show

    Sportcaster analysis is focused on the man but the man is focused on the real "One-man show".

    I don't know Cooper Cupp but thought I would share...


    1. Err, correction: Cooper Kupp

    2. "It was written already and I just got to play free knowing that I got to play from victory, not for victory. I got to play in a place where I was validated not from anything that happened on the field but because of my worth in God, in my Father..." -Cooper Kupp

  3. Hello Church family, I have lurked here for about 2 years and today I am sharing a project I've worked on for more than half a year and I think it's something this community would really appreciate. I wish to produce videos like this in which we explore life principles and Biblical statutes in a warm, friendly, and personal discussion. I came to share this to the comment thread of the previous post, but that tends to die the moment a new post is created so now I am sharing it here...

    There is no way to wrap the entirety of what love is in 14 minutes, but I sat down with multiple pastors to discuss love as it pertains to the mortal, human heart, our eternal Lord Jesus, and the application of our lives. Please enjoy!


  4. ..that was beautiful Jeff,...people like Gary and you are 'hard to find'! i give Thanks a plenty ~

  5. How rich. I was a little unhappy that you diverted from your focus on his second coming (which you really didn't with this study) but am so glad you did. You are mining 1 Peter and finding gold!! Just like you have been mining the Word about His Coming! Thanks!
    Please don't include my name and email!

  6. I cheered for LA in the super bowl because of Cooper Cupp and that is before I knew he was a believer. It must have been a God thing inspired by the HS. Thanks for sharing Pastor Rich.

  7. Evangelical Focus: https://evangelicalfocus.com/europe/15430/ukrainian-evangelicals-on-russian-border-most-churches-keep-hope-and-faith-to-continue-preaching "Ukrainian evangelicals on Russian border: “Most churches keep hope and faith to continue preaching”" and https://evangelicalfocus.com/radio-media-missions/15494/gospel-broadcasts-to-ukraine-and-russia-offer-hope-during-uncertainty "Gospel broadcasts to Ukraine and Russia offer hope during uncertainty".

    A good thing to pray for peace between Russia and Ukraine.

  8. 77 years after the liberation of Europe from the Nazis by the allies and the subsequent end of WW II, a new great war is looming in Europe. 77 is a very prophetic important number, 7x11=77. Both 7 and 11 are prophetic numbers, 7 the number of fulfillment and 11 the number of chaos, disorder and judgment. I think that the Russian invasion of Ukraine and with that starting WW III will begin at 22 February 2022. 2x11=22.

  9. Thanks for the war updates. I always knew my birthday Feb. 22, won't mention the year, was important because I was born on George Washington's birthday, Feb. 22, 1732. Wouldn't it be amazing if WWIII officially began on the birthday of the father of our country? The world is truly getting set up for the revealing of antichrist, war chaos,freedom rallies all around the world, inflation and food shortages. The presence of the police at the Canadian truck freedom rally has already resulted in arrests, tear gas and death of peaceful protesters. I hope our "blessed hope" is very very soon!

    1. Which deaths of peaceful protesters?

    2. A woman was trampled to death a few days ago when the police or possibly UN troops were on horseback and moving back the crowd. Another woman had a heart attack when the police or UN troops were harassing the peaceful protesters.

    3. wickedness abounds,...the love of many waxing cold.



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