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Living Hope, Fire-Tested Faith, and Salvation Made Sure

Hello Friends!

From September through December 2021, I taught a Bible study at my local church through the book of 1 Peter. After the 10-week study concluded, I endeavored to edit and refine my gleanings from the text. Now that I have finished, I have a desire to share the fruits of my personal study with the Unsealed family.

We are all going through an intense time of testing and trial right now, and Peter's message becomes more relevant by the hour. Praise God, this present time before the "end of all things" (1 Pet. 4:7) is the only tribulation and testing the Body of Christ will experience, because we are exempt from the Final Examination that approaches quickly:

Because you kept the word of My endurance, I also will keep you from the hour of the trial (Grk. peirasmos) that is about to come on all the world, to try those dwelling on the earth (Rev. 3:10, LSV).

The Greek term peirasmos ("temptation, testing, trial") is used a total of 21 times in the New Testament, and Peter uses it in reference to this current time of testing and refinement for the Body of Christ. Ironically, there are 21 judgments (seals, trumpets, and bowls) unleashed upon the world after the Church has been resurrected, removed from the earth, and rewarded for enduring her appointed trials.

Therefore, rejoice, brothers and sisters---all who are members of Christ's spiritual body! Though you suffer now (for a little while), you will rejoice with even greater joy when He appears and comes to keep you from the hour of trial that is coming (1 Pet. 1:6-9).

Download the study notes here

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  1. You have no idea how excited I get when I see a new post. Thank you for what u do! U help me stay encouraged

    1. Video: the tribulation is coming like a freight train - Jesus is Coming Soon



      Hope to the end for the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ

  2. How timely! Thank you, Jeff.

  3. Amen brother! Thank you for this.

  4. Thank you, Jeff! That was yummy. Keep 'em coming!


  5. Oh how long oh Lord, how long??? The world is becoming unlivable by the day. So many world affecting events happening.

    1) Global supply chain disruption - Canada/US and truckers protest (and the rest of EU nations following suit)
    2) Ukraine - Russia war
    3) Signs of nature - Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms
    4) Famine
    5) Pandemic
    6) Inflation
    7) Moral decay

    and so much more.

    Cant wait for our redemption.

    1. Ryanprotech, it’s that moral decay one in particular that makes me so sure we are close. I have a two year old that I cannot imagine having to live in such an ugly lawless society. God who is the same yesterday today and forever has always come to the aid of the righteous, not by our deeds but by his blood. He judges evil and rescues the believer just in the nick of time. So I’m excitedly anticipating this now as we watch moral degradation reach an absolute pinnacle around the world. I’m not pointing any fingers as I needed saving from my own selfish sin, but I am saying if the world rejects, denies and attempts to surpass God, our one true King will arrest that evil. And this time, He will just remove us from it.

  6. Reuters: https://www.reuters.com/world/russia-plays-down-hope-breakthrough-ahead-macron-putin-talks-2022-02-07/ "Macron tells Putin he seeks to avoid war and build trust".

    If Macron manages to broker a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine, it will be a very strong indicator that Macron could be the antichrist. Because before he will confirm an all encompassing peace treaty with Israel and many others, he must gain confidence of other European and Mid-east political leaders.

    1. Anything is possible, but could one imagine the Israelis and rabbinical authorities (some) declaring him the Messiah?

  7. That "suffering" we're enduring now, is comparatively, NOT so bad...
    Yep, we can see the world falling apart around us,
    but, again, most of us still have a roof over our head, food to eat, clean clothing to wear,
    and extras besides - the internet and a computer if you're on here.
    Electricity too.
    We're only thinking we have it so bad, because, by comparison, most of us have had it pretty GOOD.
    If you've ever read history, you know that until comparatively recently,
    much of our existence was dependent upon the weather and its effect on crops.
    Most folks worked HARD for their daily bread - from planting to harvest to grinding to baking
    (which is about as much as I know about farming...).
    * * * * * *
    I'm over simplifying things to make the point that suffering is relative.
    We have been greatly and truly BLESSED.

    I read LOTS of folks saying how they just can't handle it and can hardly wait for the Rapture - with the implication being that THEY no longer wish to "suffer these times."
    The thing is, we are told that:
    1) It's only a LITTLE for a little while
    and that we'll be kept from the heavy duty suffering (God's wrath).
    2) We are called to patient endurance.
    (See verses above.)

    While I am looking forward to the Rapture of the Church as much as the next guy,
    I know that whatever happens here, God's got my back.
    It is NEVER going to be anything we/He cannot handle.
    I just have to let Him have at it.
    The longer WE are all here, the MORE people who will be saved.
    Including, family and friends I still have HOPES for!
    Likely you are praying for folks as well.

    * * * * *

    When my oldest was in grade school, he started to get into a habit of complaining.
    I tried nipping it in the bud by having each of the children tell me THREE GOOD THINGS every day.
    While we were in the car after school and on the way to various activities, they had to each tell me three good things about their day - could be anything.
    It worked and we kept up the habit for a long time afterwards.

    Today, I still have occasion to remind myself to think on my blessings instead of ALL the evil, wicked, BAD stuff that is happening. Number ONE being that God is in CHARGE. We ALL need to remember to THANK Him for that!

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Jenny. A lot of people are whipped into a perpetual hot frenzy because of what they ingest daily from various media. Often I prefer to describe it as “media”. Most of us have had it cushy for so long, that few of us have a real concept of really hard times, especially in this country.

      I have no doubt that we’re near the end of the Church Age, but we could very easily have to experience some actual hard times before we’re out of here. Even within this bountiful country people had to experience the Great Depression, but that was far from “THE END”. People had to deal with World War II, but that wasn’t “THE END”. Righteous people had to endure those things too. And both of those examples could easily pale in comparison to what we’ll see during the increasingly troubled times that remain. Do those words make some people unhappy? Sorry, we’re not promised anything. Be thankful for every day.


    2. Jenny,

      It sounds as if you are responding to someone who was complaining or possibly ignoring or denying blessings. Did I miss that post or was this more of a random rant? Thank you for clarifying.

    3. Sister Andrea,
      I am in no way negating what is going on in the world - I read the news feeds and am very much aware of what is happening.
      Nor am I unaware of ALL of the persecution, sex trafficking, senseless violence, mindless murder, CORRUPTION, and so much more going on today.
      Technically, none of it is anything new.
      But, God said it would intensify and it has.
      God also said He will not give us more than we can handle (Corinthians) - temptations and suffering. He also told us that He has overcome the world (John 16)- which includes EVERYTHING that is going on today.
      Whatever it is, by the grace of God, YOU can handle it.
      Because He said so - YOU just have to allow Him to work in your life.
      So, YES, compared to how BAD it could be and how BAD it is going to be,
      we still have it pretty good.
      * * * * *
      Imagine NOT having Christ in your life and having NO HOPE.
      A government/world system that cannot be trusted and therefore relied upon.
      A government that in fact, WANTS you dead if you refuse a deadly vaccine,
      or do not comply with any of its mandates (which are not laws).
      A world in which ALL of the children, including unborn babies, and possibly
      some of your loved ones have simply DISAPPERED.
      Imagine not being able to buy food - the government controls ALL resources
      and you get what they say you can have when they say you can.
      Any complaint is met with swift and sure consequences to discourage dissent.
      Imagine living in a constant state of threat (the government and even your neighbors
      who will report you for favorable treatment) and FEAR.
      FEAR is going to be the overwhelming feeling of the time to come.
      It's going to be more than just a police state, it is going to be a DEMONICALLY controlled,
      EVIL world system that will make Attila and Hitler look comparatively "less" evil.
      That doesn't even include all of the "natural" disasters, wars, disease, and the massive death toll - 3/4 of the world population is going to DIE.
      THAT's BAD.
      TODAY, I could be living in a ditch, drinking muddy water, and eating worms, and still have it better than anyone left behind.
      Phillippians 4

    4. Hey, DW.
      God does promise us that if we seek His kingdom first, that He will supply ALL of our needs. (Matthew 6:33).
      I have been there, so can say that many of us think we NEED a LOT more than we actually do.
      We have to learnt o be like Paul and to be CONTENT in all things and at all times.
      It's true God uses the trials and circumstances of our lives to get us to where He needs us to be - not just place and position, but most especially our attitude.
      Some, like me, just have to learn things the HARD way!

    5. Jenny

      ditto to all that!

      You real let the spirit out on that one.

  8. Thanks for all you do. I believe Scot Dryer is correct. Dryer has been saying for over 25 years that Basher Assad Syrian President will be the antichrist. We know it's not Obama because he has to be tall(more stout) according to Daniel 7:8 & Daniel 7:20. He has fierce countenance and stern-faced according to Daniel 8 23-25. According to Isaiah 10:5-15 he is called the Assyrian or King of Assyria. In the book of Revelation 13-20 he is described as "the beast" Assad's family name was Arabic al-Wahash meaning the beast. They changed it to al-Assad meaning the lion. Joel 1 calls the antichrist the lion and Jeremiah 4 & 5 call the antichrist the lion "from the thicketlair. Micah 5 calls the antichrist the Assyrian. Assad was born on September 11, 1965 the same day as Jesus. He is a computer expert former chairman of the Syrian Computer Society. He speaks Arabic, English and French. He is an Alawite Muslim highly secretive splinter sect of Shia Islam incorporating Christopagan, Islamic, Gnostic and Zoroastrian beliefs. The antichrist kills his own people first according to the Bible and Assad has killed his own people for 11 years civil war. The antichrist receives a head wound. According to Isaiah 17:1 Damascus is destroyed. Damascus is Assad's headquarters. or head. When Damascus is destroyed if Assad isn't killed he can claim to be the Mahdi which Muslims are looking for. His people call Assad God. The Islamic characteristics are parallel to the same characteristics of the Biblical antichrist. Muslim's say the Mahdi will bring Islamic justice in a peace treaty for 7 years. Daniel 9:27 says antichrist will confirm a covenant for 7 years and breaks it with Israel in the middle of the seven. It could be the Abrahamic that Trump put in place. The Mahdi will behead people just as the antichrist will do. The antichrist only take 3 countries in the first half of tribulation. The antichrist doesn't control the earth until the last half when Satan comes down to earth and helps him. See you in the rapture. As one pastor said the rapture is so close I am not looking for signs but listening for sounds!

    1. Nonsense.

    2. I agree, utter nonsense about Assad being the antichrist. Sigh...


    This post better belongs on the "Nativity 2.0" thread but I decided to post here as it's the latest thread.

    Looking further at the coming Bethlehem Star, a bright morning star event, I was taken by the scene when viewed from beyond the orbit of Jupiter. As you may already know -- Venus is now a morning star. It has crossed the sun to lead it in the morning sky. Fast forward to the morning of Saturday, April 30, 2022 and we'll see the Bethlehem Star or the conjunction of the bright morning star (Venus) and the king planet (Jupiter).

    Okay, you say, I already knew that PR...but...

    When viewed from outside, beyond Jupiter, we see the wandering stars Jupiter (king planet), Venus (bright morning star) and Earth (birthplace of Jesus of Nazareth) aligned with the head of the virgin (Virgo).

    Jupiter, Venus and Earth will crown Virgo who is at the feet of Leo. An event that will take place 888 hours after the Spring Day of Remembrance of the Essene (Dead Sea) calendar and 888 hours before Shavuot (Pentecost) the Feast of Weeks.

    And what's so special about the number 888? It is not only a Biblical watermark but also the number of the name of Jesus from the Greek. The sum of the numeric values of the letters of the Name of our Lord and Saviour Ἰησοῦς equals 888.

    Interesting and one way I approach Bible study.

    Happy hunting!

    1. Always interesting...
      APRIL looks to be a very interesting month this year.
      Nissan 1 and Passover/Easter.
      Passover and Eater both end about a week before your April 30th sign.
      * * * * *
      This is from Biblystudy.org:
      The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 888
      The profound meaning of the number 888 is directly linked to the manifestation of God in the flesh to save mankind of its sins. As Joseph ponders whether to divorce his new but pregnant wife Mary, an angel appears in his dreams to alleviate his concerns. This messenger informs him that his wife, ". . . shall give birth to a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus" (Matthew 1:21).

      Jesus' name, in the original Greek language from which the New Testament was written, is spelled Ι (Iota), η (Eta), σ (Sigma), ο (Omicron), υ (Upsilon) and σ (Sigma) or Ιησουσ (Strong's Concordance #G2424). Their numeric equivalents of 10, 8, 200, 70, 400 and 200 (see our article on numerology) add up to 888.

      Surprisingly, other English Bible names used for Jesus also have a factor of eight within them when we add the numeric equivalents of the Greek letters. These include Christ (1480 or 8 times 185), Lord (800 or 8 times 100), Messiah (656 or 8 times 82) and others.

      I'd never think about either of these if you guys didn't bring it up - thanks!

    2. Stop with this already, please. It's like giving refined sugar to a hungry man.

    3. Escu Dero

      Ah..hahahahah thats funny!

  10. The economic collapse blog: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/skyrocketing-fertilizer-prices-could-spark-widespread-global-famines-unlike-anything-we-have-seen-in-modern-history "Skyrocketing Fertilizer Prices Could Spark Widespread Global Famines Unlike Anything We Have Seen In Modern History".

    It is very likely that the Third Seal Judgment with the Rider on the black horse of Revelation 6 will be fulfilled next year. This could mean that the Tribulation Period will start already this year and the Rapture happening within a very short time frame. A war between Russia and Ukraine will affect food prices very severely because both Russia and Ukraine are large exporters of wheat. Will this war be a part of worldwide wars when the Second Seal Judgement with the Rider on the red horse of Revelation 6 is opened? I think that before the Rapture there won't erupt any war between Russia and Ukraine.

  11. Amen! I hope you are right Moin! It would be wonderful to leave before this dreadful war! I had a dream about it and I don't want to see what I saw in my dream. Maranatha!!!

    1. What did you see in your dream about a dreadful war between Russia and Ukraine and did the Rapture occur before this war in your dream?

    2. Rapture or no Rapture, we will know soon enough.

      This year passover, sabath, and first fruits, happens back-to-back.

      Look for the dead to rise and go into Jerusalem.

      Before that there is the decent from heaven with a shout.

      And perhaps an earth to shake things up a bit.

    3. Dear Moin, I can't say if it's Ukraine or something else, I only know that it was war and a war tank driving through the streets. The driver was looking away and knocked down a young teenager. The boy's father was present. The young teenager stood up, wobbling and shouting: DADDY very loudly, and his father immediately hugged him, crying loud and clear! I think the youngster died in his father's arms. I saw all this without being able to do anything, as if I were watching a movie. And I woke up! It was horrible to see and so sad!

  12. His Majesty King Abdullah’s 60th birthday.

    He is the only one qualified to the peace maker!

  13. CNN: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/02/11/politics/blinken-ukraine-russia-quad-melbourne/index.html "Blinken: Russian invasion of Ukraine 'could begin at any time'".

    See also:


    1. If Blinken says Russia is about to invade Ukraine, that means Russia won't.

      Russia needs that manpower and equipment to invade Israel sometime soon. They aren't going to lose it in a war with Ukraine.

    2. Russia will lose almost all in Ezekiel 38,39. This war will be over almost as quickly as it starts.

    3. @Unknown 2/11/2022 7:09 PM:

      "If Blinken says Russia is about to invade Ukraine, that means Russia won't."

      Or is Blinken telling that to cause fear among ordinary people in both the US and in Europe, or to provoke exploding commodity prices and collapsing financial markets, or even as a casus belli to justify a war with Russia?



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