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The Ubiquitous QR Code: Could This Be the Technology of the Mark?

A recent comment from a KJV-only proponent has caused me to rethink some of my post-COVID assumptions about what form the Mark of the Beast will take during the Tribulation, but perhaps not quite in the way they had intended. The comment they made pertains to a single word—one preposition used twice in Revelation 13:16:

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads . . . (KJV)

Their argument went something like this (emphasis mine in brackets): Gates and other New World Order types are working on forced vaccines and microchips—things that go in the body—and the KJV says the Mark will be in the hand or in the forehead. [And, in the same vein as other KJV-only arguments:] All other translations say “on,” therefore all other translations are false.

Recalling that the LSV has “on” in both instances, I had to double-check and see if there was any merit to their argument. It's true that most translations have “on,” although the KJV isn't unique with “in”; a few other translations, such as the Douay-Rheims and older English translations like the Geneva, also have “in,” probably owing more to the semantic range of “in” in Early Modern English (15th through 17th centuries) rather than an unspoken belief by the translators that the Mark would be “inside” the hand or forehead.

In any case, which is the most textually-accurate translation? The Greek word in question is ἐπὶ, which does literally mean “on.” It can mean “on” in the sense of being on top of or above something, or it can insinuate contact, such as when someone might say “we're coming upon our destination.” In this second situation, translators often substitute the English word “to.” “In,” “into,” and “inside” are words pretty foreign to the usage of Greek ἐπὶ. John demonstrates this point in this very chapter of Revelation, where we see him utilize the normally-used word for “in,” Greek ἐν, when describing something inside of something else, but ἐπὶ when describing something on top of or above something. The KJV gets it right here:

And all that dwell upon (ἐπὶ) the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in (ἐν) the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. (Rev. 13:8, KJV)

Coincidentally, Greek epi sounds similar to English upon and Greek en sounds like English in. There's nothing profound about this, but when you're reading the Greek text it makes it easy to distinguish the meaning of the words.

The KJV is probably a bit off here with “in” in Revelation 13:16, but what about other verses describing things on or inside hands? What Greek words are used in those other instances? Well we don't have to look far. We don't even have to look in another book of the Bible. Right in Revelation chapter 1 we read:

. . . and having seven stars in His right hand, and out of His mouth a sharp two-edged sword is proceeding, and His countenance—as the sun shining in its might. (Rev. 1:16, LSV)

The Greek word used here for “in” is none other than ἐν. Items can be in the hand (Mt. 3:12; Rev. 1:16; 14:14; 17:4) or on the hand (Mt. 4:6; Rev. 13:16; 14:9; 20:4). Greek differentiates between the two, and Revelation 13:16 says “on.” To be clear: if the Mark of the Beast ends up being something injected into a person's hand or forehead I won't argue with God about it. Perhaps God chose the Greek word for “on” because in His foresight and sovereignty He understood the Mark would rest on the internal structures of the body, but nevertheless, “on” is what He chose, and therefore I'm leaning toward the conclusion that the Mark is something on the hand or forehead. Something visible. Something identifiable to others.

Enter the ubiquitous QR Code: the two-dimensional evolution from one-dimensional barcodes. QR codes were first unveiled in 1994 and saw a gradual increase in usage over the next two decades, a rapid increase in their third decade, and in the post-COVID world have become essentially universal, in some ways even more universal than the barcode. QR codes are now used for payments, packaging and inventory, restaurant menus, online authentication, and, more recently, worldwide vaccine certification and verification. In short, QR codes now touch virtually every facet of the global economy; not just the control and flow of goods as was the case with barcodes, but also the control and flow of people themselves. We haven't even entered the Tribulation yet and tens of millions of people can't buy, sell, or travel without them.

As I've been chewing on their possible use as the Mark of the Beast, I came up with four questions that can help us decide if these are, in fact, a prime candidate:

1. Can QR codes contain enough data and form enough unique combinations to identify, track, and control every individual on earth?

In the first few decades after the popularization of the classic 1D barcode in the 1970s, many prophecy watchers suspected their possible involvement with the coming Mark. And it makes sense why: their primary use was for transactions and inventory—the control of buying and selling. And they could store quite a bit of data on a small, visible surface.

I've pointed out before it isn't happenstance that the 1940s and 50s witnessed a number of major prophetic precursors simultaneously: the founding of a primordial world government in the form of the United Nations (1948), the founding of the World Bank and several other international institutions (1944, etc), the development of the atom bomb (1945), the first computer (1945), the first integrated circuit (1958), and, most importantly, the reestablishment of the nation-state of Israel (1948). Israel's rebirth didn't occur in a vacuum. It was accompanied by a number of other major technological and geopolitical turning points that clearly set the stage for the final fulfillment of end-of-the-age events. In the midst of these two pivotal decades, the barcode, a precursor of sorts to the Mark, was invented—in 1948, the year of Israel's rebirth to be exact. Although the invention wouldn't catch on until the 1970s, it ultimately revolutionized the buying and selling of goods the world over.

It should come as no surprise then that QR codes are technically a type of barcode, but planar (2D) rather than linear (1D). While the longest 1D barcodes can contain 100 interpreted characters of data, QR codes can contain up to 4,296 alphanumeric characters or 7,089 numeric characters.

To put that in perspective, the longest 1D barcode standards, if alphanumeric, could theoretically be used to produce more unique barcode combinations than there are stars in the universe, but the 2D QR code standard could be used to produce more unique QR code combinations than there stars in trillions and trillions of universes. The popular Universally Unique Identifier (UUID or GUID) contains 32 hexadecimal digits, which could be used to produce 3.4 x 10^38 unique combinations. There are only an estimated 10^24 stars in the known universe. Alphanumeric barcodes of 100-character length could produce an even greater number of unique combinations than GUIDs. The common QR code standard could be used to produce a virtually limitless number of unique codes on a virtually limitless number of earths in a virtually limitless number of universes. The point is this: QR codes are easily up to the challenge of uniquely identifying every man, woman, and child on the planet, complete with detailed information about them. And when coupled with databases that can store data accessible when a person's QR code is scanned, the powers that be can get all the information they need.

2. Are QR codes readable if tattooed or otherwise imprinted on human skin?

The answer is a resounding (and eerie) “yes.” QR codes can be read from pretty much any surface as long as the QR code is formatted according to the common standards that readers use. And as a matter of fact, a number of news stories have highlighted individuals already tattooing themselves with QR codes, including an influencer who had a QR code linked to her website tattooed on her forehead and an Italian man who had his COVID vaccine pass QR code tattooed on his arm.

As I've studied the answer to this question, it's also become clearer to me that of all the Mark candidates out there, QR codes seem to be the most likely for the simple reason they would be the most reliable and easy to read. RFID or NFC chips, for example, are digital, would require injection, and have very limited error correction capability. QR codes, RFID chips, and NFC chips can all store a similar amount of data (several kilobytes), but given that they are passive and electronic, RFID and NFC chips can only be read if in very close proximity to a reader and are susceptible to the same types of failures other electronics succumb to. QR codes can be stretched, scratched, scuffed, or even cut nearly in half and still be read because of sophisticated error correction. They can be read from almost any angle or even upside down. They can even be printed in different colors (they don't have to be white and black). Only outright mirroring or inversion would prevent a QR code from being read by most readers. The point is that they are eerily ideal for human skin. Over many years tattoo ink can smudge and spread, but the error correction largely accounts for this—certainly for the brief few years of the Tribulation. 

Unlike RFID or NFC chips, or the more recent quantum-dot tattoos, QR codes can be read through high-definition security cameras by prying authorities. They also have greater longevity. Quantum-dot tattoos, for instance, may only be readable for a couple of years; however, they are placed fairly superficially in the skin, so unlike chips, but like QR codes, quantum-dot tattoos could also be considered “on” the hand or forehead rather than “in.”

3. Will the infrastructure be in place during the Tribulation for their usage as the Mark?

Tattooing is the most primitive method of marking the skin known to man. It can be done in every country, in virtually every city. It doesn't require anything advanced. It doesn't even require electricity if you use some of the primitive methods. Many of the technological things we speculate about today regarding the Tribulation don't fully account for a world devastated by the rapture and years of war and cataclysm. The world will be falling apart, not growing more orderly. We're seeing a convergence of all dystopian eventualities on the world stage, but we're not seeing all that will be, but rather all that could be if Jesus doesn't intervene. Jesus will intervene. He will cut the days short.

Mankind is trying to rebuild the proverbial Tower of Babel, but like the first one, it won't see completion. I don't think we're going to see Musk get to Mars, or every man, woman, and child hooked up to cyberspace via the neural lace. I don't think we're going to see everyone trapped in the Metaverse. We're going to see exactly what the Bible predicts. Although all of these things are only a handful of years away, the rapture will be a profound setback to the enemy's plans. A 3.5-year setback to be exact. Yet he will also take it as his opportunity to wreak havoc. With most of the opposition gone, he'll be able to consolidate and rebuild, finally implementing his worldwide Mark. The fact that we're seeing so many dystopian developments right now just goes to show how much closer we are to the real thing: the Tribulation.

Yet despite the disappearance of tens, or even hundreds of millions, and the unfolding post-rapture cataclysms, QR codes and code readers are already so ubiquitous that it's safe to say it's the one system which is already in place and will largely remain in place during a large part of the Tribulation. Virtually every modern cellphone has a QR code reader, and as of this year nearly 84 percent of people on earth now own a smartphone (source). 

4. What connection, if any, do QR codes have with the mysterious number of the beast (666)?

According to Revelation 13:17, the Mark must be related to either the name of the beast or the number of his name. The number is 666.

All QR codes, regardless of size or version, have a number of standard features. The most basic feature are the black and white blocks. The arrangement of these blocks is how data is uniquely stored and read, and also how error correction can “restore” sections of a QR code that have been damaged or removed. Another basic feature are the three position detection markers found at each of three corners of the code. It's these that connect each and every QR code on the face of the planet with the number 666.

Read linearly from any direction, each position marker contains exactly six bands: if one of the two markers on the left, either black, white, black, white, black, white (if read from left to right or top to bottom), or white, black, white, black, white, black (if read from right to left or bottom to top). Or vice versa if reading the marker in the top-right. This triple sixfold banding is found on every QR code on the face of the planet, except for the smaller Micro QR codes. The image below, from End Times Truth, demonstrates what I mean:

QR codes are connected with “6” and “666” in a number of other ways as well:

1. Each position marker consists of 64 blocks, thus 64, 64, 64

2. Each position marker contains 33 dark blocks, thus (3 + 3), (3 + 3), (3 + 3)

3. Each position marker contains 6 + 6 dark edges, thus 6 x 6 dark edges for all three position markers

4. Likewise, each position marker contains 6 + 6 light edges or 6 x 6 light edges for all three position markers

5. Each position marker contains an inner square of 9 dark blocks, surrounded by a square of 16 light blocks, which is surrounded by a square of 24 dark blocks: 9 inverted = 6; 1 x 6 = 6; 2 + 4 = 6

6. The timing patterns are always located on the sixth row

7. There are six key components of a QR code: the position markers, timing patterns, version information, format information, alignment pattern, and encoding region

In conclusion, I'm not absolutely convinced that the QR code will in fact be the Mark, but it seems like a prime candidate (or perhaps a very similar 2D barcode system will be used). It's the one candidate with us right here, right now, that could be implemented virtually as is. The infrastructure and ubiquity are already present. It can even be used to store additional information (like, for instance, the “name” of the beast). It's reliable, impervious to issues that might fault RFID chips, NFC chips, or quantum-dot tattoos, and is even trackable through surveillance systems. At the end of the day, it wasn't Gate's quantum-dot tattoo that the World Health Organization and other authorities and governments enacted as the control mechanism during the pandemic, but rather the universally-adopted QR code. I think the powers that be may have been trying this on for size.

And if there's one thing we've learned from the enemy's tactics during this pandemic, it's that the power of social pressure and “allegiance” can be monumentally powerful as a control mechanism. Again, it wasn't invisible quantum-dot tattoos that were used, but visible masks and QR codes—things that are easily seen by others, allowing for collective social pressure and cohesion and the immediate identification of non-conformers. The Mark will be, after all, a sign of allegiance to the beast.

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  1. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be alive to see all of this happen. Back as a teenager reading my Teen Challenge Bible and thinking that Revelation was scary. I think it is amazing.

  2. Awesome thoughts Gary. Sounds like a perfect fit to me. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Thank you for this new article! Let me just add some arguments which strengthen your point even further:

    - A QR code is visible (contrary to an RFID chip), which makes for an obvious sign of allegiance. Compare that to the way Nazi wore their bands on the upper arm or muslim soldiers wear their headscarfs with the Bismallah. They want it to be seen. They want it to be obvious who is not with them. A QR code does that much better.
    - When the mark is visible it makes much more sense to prescribe the forehead or the right hand as the exact places where it has to be. Why would you put an RFID chip into the forehead, where it's all bones, and the brain behind? Makes no sense to me.
    - Interestingly, even the barcode predecessor has three marker lines (to increase scanning accuracy), which stand out because they are a bit longer than the others, but can otherwise be read as "6".

    On a side note, I could never quite understand the KJV only proponents. I wonder if the even realize how fixated they are upon their own language. There are thousands of languages in the world, would each one of them have One Inspired Translation? Yes I know, regarding German, some people have similar ideas about Martin Luther's translation. So in theory this would have to agree with KJV in every single word, if they are both inspired. Which, I can tell you, it doesn't.

    1. Keep in mind that the QR code itself doesn’t need to be blatantly visible to the human eye. It could be applied in a way that’s only detectable by scanning technology. And as further enhancement, that same approach could embed the QR code invisibly within another emblem. I can’t imagine many people desiring that square, blotchy, and otherwise unattractive thing prominently on their person.


    2. Totally agree with you on the KJV comment, DW.

      Not to mention God was able to communicate with people long before bibles even came along.

      He knows how to get our attention, bible or not.

    3. Sorry, I addressed my previous comment to DW when I should have said firefrorefiddle.

      That said, now I post to DW's comment...it would have to be visible to the naked eye in order for the social pressure to apply. I would assume just like the Star of David that Jews were required to wear during WW2 so they would be immediately recognized, the MotB will be the same. Anyone who doesn't have it or refuses it will be killed. And we all know how people love to rat out their neighbors for not conforming. I would imagine that particular behavior will be ratcheted sky high during the Tribulation. Hence the need for all to be able to see it easily.

  4. I was literally about to go to bed, but I saw an update, and of course, here I am.

    About one week ago, a regular MSM headline caught my eye: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/halo-sxsw-drones-1235110882/

    People in Austin, TX saw a visual display of drones used to display a “QR Code” over the night sky, all to serve as an advertisement for Halo here: https://youtu.be/5KZ3MKraNKY

    Other Christian writers/ posts related to this event here:

    I decided to go watch the Q-code video, and, My, Oh My! It’s utterly flooded with NWO symbology and predictive programming. Although there are numerous things to point out, I found it particularly interesting that around the 1:20 mark, the Halo character “Cortana” introduces herself. Read more about her origin and links to Egyptian Pharaoh Nefertiti here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cortana_(Halo)

    Notice the letters on her outfit “UNSC”. There’s only one global, governing body known by those letters: United Nations Security Council. Per Wikipedia, “Its powers include establishing peacekeeping operations, enacting international sanctions, and authorizing military action. The UNSC is the only UN body with the authority to issue binding resolutions on member states.”

    How ironic given that it was announced on 3/4 the following:

    “On 3 March 2022, the Council adopted a decision to authorise the opening of negotiations for an international agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.

The intergovernmental negotiating body, tasked with drafting and negotiating this international instrument, will hold its next meeting by 1 August 2022, to discuss progress on a working draft. It will then deliver a progress report to the 76th World Health Assembly in 2023, with the aim to adopt the instrument by 2024.”

    See more here: https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/policies/coronavirus/pandemic-treaty/

    Reminder that this entire endeavor is facilitated, operated and observed by WHO, a UN agency.

    There is so much more I could say. It’s blatantly in our faces. Couple that with Biden announcing a “New World Order” today and simultaneously Kamala Harris proliferating the phrase “significance of the passage of time” today, and I’m just astounded that more people don’t ‘see it’.

    What is transpiring before our very eyes is a New World Order apocalyptic nightmare filled with Orwellian-era hyperbole. But, it’s no longer “hyperbole” - it’s here, whether we’re prepared, or not.

    The good news is this: we have Jesus Christ.

    Without Him, I would be utterly lost and hopeless.

    Buckle up, friends. The long-awaited prophetical “tick-tock” is approaching the midnight hour. But, take heart, He has overcome the world! And, His Bride is not appointed for wrath.

    All of these things point to one thing: rapture imminency is off the charts, quite literally.


    1. Goodness gracious, what a comment!, to such a fascinating post! i finally went back and actually read it and to me,it was like a college level task. Gary, i got to hand it to ya bud,.. God love ya! i mean, geeze i don't quite know what else to say. what would Walter Brennan say? probably somethin' like,..."Great day in the morning,..why i'll be John Brown by crackie"! ~ Shalom brothers n sisters, ... SHALOM *

  5. As my Uncle used to say every week at church to his brothers an sisters, "perhaps today" Yes indeed church, perhaps today!

  6. Great article. As they say, when you see the Christmas decorations start to go up, you know Halloween is near...

    I do tend to be skeptical when I see mark theories that present 666 as three separate 6 digits, as opposed to six hundred sixty-six (from the Greek). But otherwise I find the QR case to be very compelling. Thoughts on this?

  7. This is off-topic, but a crucial thing to watch for in the near future is how Israel responds to Ukraine. Being highly capable in all aspects of warfare, and not having the baggage of being a NATO member, they could be pivotal. So far they’ve remained coolly distant, and haven’t joined most if any Western sanctions. They cite the reason being their delicate balance in working with Russia, regarding matters in Syria, and to a lesser extent, Iran. But that balance could go off the rails at any time, even without Ukraine being a factor.

    An unkind international light has been shed on Israel due to its quiet regarding Russia/Ukraine. With Ukraine’s large Jewish population, and Zelensky being a Jew, things could shift, and all the more likely if they run into bad blood over the Syria matter. That potential rift could add more fuel to prophetic events.


    1. I think that when Israel will deliver weapons to Ukraine, we can expect that Iran and his allies will attack Israel and start a major war in the Middle East.

      Now The End Begins: https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/ukraine-president-volodymyr-zelensky-declares-martial-law-seizes-control-of-press-creates-state-run-media-outlaws-all-opposition/ "Shock As Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Declares Martial Law, Seizes Control Of All Media And Outlaws All Political Opposition To His Own Party".

  8. Small world but my above post was immediately followed by my cousin's post. His mom and I are first cousins but I have never met Justin in person that I recall. We probably both attended a couple of family funerals together. We are seperated by distance and age. The irony is that my post was about my Uncle but it is Justin's Grandfather who was always saying, "perhaps today". He posted before he saw my post but once he saw my post he knew it was probably about his grandfather. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe we fail to often see God's fingerprints all over our lives. Justin and I obviously come from a great and godly family. We have an amzing heritage of a faithful and believing family who love and follwo the Lord. We come from a different generations but we both are watching for our Lord's soon return here together. What were the chances? But God.

    1. Amen! We had both submitted our comments yesterday, but neither one had been posted yet since comments require moderator approval before being posted. Later in the day when I refreshed the page and saw my comment, then the comment about my Granddaddy above mine, I was overwhelmed. Granddaddy was a tremendous godly influence in my life, and he would indeed always remind us grandkids that "perhaps today" could be the day! Once I saw my cousin's comment above mine, I sent him a Facebook message to ask if he was indeed the one who posted that comment, and here we are! God is so good!

      Also that was my first time commenting on this blog though I've been reading all the articles for several years, and I had no idea that my cousin here frequented this site (and as he said, we've never really met or talked, but we did recently connect on Facebook). I used to comment regularly on the Rev12Daily site, which is somewhat of a sister blog to this one.

      I agree that there are no such things as coincidences. Gary and Jeff, God has used your blog here to orchestrate an unexpected family reunion of sorts :) I was in the middle of teaching (at a Christian K-12 school in Blacksburg, VA) when I saw this, and I excitedly told my class about it! Yes God is good! Maranatha!

    2. What??!!?? Wow! God is amazing.

  9. GOD and gods

    Quoting, you, Gary,

    "Mankind is trying to rebuild the proverbial Tower of Babel"

    Boy have you got that right! The roll-out of Artemis is a major sign of trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel. Dig on the name and we find that Artemis is the sister of Apollo and the name of the goddess worshipped in the temple at Ephesus, (aka Diana). The comic character Wonder Woman pulls much from this false goddess.

    Flood of fire upon the earth? No problem! We'll build a tower for that!! (Yeah, right).

    BTW, a technical note, KB is shorthand for kilobytes where Kb is shorthand for kilobits. A major difference. 3KB is 3-thousand bytes (with each byte consisting of eight bits). 3Kb is just 3-thousand bits (being individual on/offs or "bits").

    A VERY thought provoking article and research and I can clearly see 6-6-6 in the data structure or they may say in Greek, stigma-stigma-stigma which of course means "mark of ownership".

    Of course if to look at 6-6-6 in Hebrew look no further than vav-vav-vav or if for ancient hebrew, nail-nail-nail as that is what the number/letter six represented. A tent stake, spike or nail.

    6-6-6 was applied to Christ nailing Him to the cross. At the cross Jesus bore 6-6-6 in His flesh and in the end declared that He had OVERCOME!!!

    Remember, in Greek as it is in Hebrew, letters are numbers. Six in old Greek is stigma and six in Hebrew is the letter vav which in ancient Hebrew was symbolic of a nail.

    More food for thought...

    1. boy is that ever food for thought PR, so utterly penetrating (as the nails sunk deep) and yet so Glorifying as Jesus's body emerged from the grave, Overcoming the curse that brought Him there and uprooting evil once and for all. ~ ALL PRAISE AND HONOR ARE YOURS LORD *

    2. IT IS FINISHED ~ He who the Son has freed, is free indeed. ~ Hallelujah!

    3. It brings tears of Joy to my eyes and my heart!


  10. I am not going to get into arguments about Bible versions this close to the rapture and the soon beginning of the tribulation, but I will add this...

    It stands to reason that the devil would want to imitate God, as he wants to be God, so therefore we are born again of the Holy Spirit of God and Jesus lives in us. So would not it stand to reason that the enemy would also want to be inside of his own children.

    I am going to leave it at that.

    God bless you all.

    Mike Keenan.

  11. Hi Gary, wow just wow! Can you please clarify what do you mean when you say
    "Although all of these things are only a handful of years away, the rapture will be a profound setback to the enemy's plans. A 3.5-year setback to be exact."

    Do you still believe that we are raptured at the beginning of the tribulation or are you now thinking we have to go through the first three and a half years?

    1. Thanks for the question! I believe the full pre-7-year-trib escape is a direct promise of God to the Church (Jn. 14:1-3; 1 Thess 1:10; 4:16-5:9; Rev. 3:8-10).

      What I meant by my comment is this: right now we see some very dystopian things coming to pass, including global social credit scoring, brain interfaces, the metaverse, AI, interplanetary travel, global censorship, so on and so forth... yet the rapture itself will cause a global catastrophe that sets the enemy's plans back 3.5 years. We're already on the verge of something akin to the Mark via the standardized WHO vaccine certification, but the rapture will cause chaos and resulting economic collapse and war, frustrating the enemy's trap.

      This is akin to when God descended to thwart mankind's attempt to build the Tower of Babel. At the rapture, He descends yet again, but this time to gather (the Church), whereas at the Tower of Babel He descended to scatter (dividing mankind by language).

    2. To clarify: my reference to 3.5 years is because at the 3.5-year mark (mid-Trib) the Antichrist will have consolidated all earthly authority under his rulership, complete with the globally-mandated Mark, the image/abomination in the Third Temple, etc.

  12. Will there be electricity by the midpoint of the tribulation when the MotB becomes mandatory? The first several seals involve widespread global destruction, hyperinflation, pestilence, and famine. It's going to be hard to keep the lights on when everyone is scrambling day to day to survive.

    1. I don't think that there will be any electricity during the Tribulation Period, especially during the second half. The destruction by all these Seal, Trumpet and Bowl judgments will be so severe, that electricity won't be available anymore. So I think that the mark of the beast will be a very simple low-tech tattoo, visible to everyone. If you want to see how it will be during the Tribulation Period, take a look at Mariupol in Ukraine which is being devastated by Russian attacks on this city.

  13. Via https://eschatologytoday.blogspot.com/2022/03/global-sitrep-b5-22-russias-war-in.html I came at https://en.interfax.com.ua/news/general/817489.html "Yermak: Important that Israel becomes guarantor of intl agreement on Ukraine's security":

    "It is important for Ukraine that Israel become one of the guarantors of an international treaty on security guarantees, which would provide clear security guarantees for Ukraine after the end of the war with Russia, Andriy Yermak, the head of the President's Office, said.

    "Israel could indeed become one of the guarantors of an international treaty on security guarantees, since it must understand us like no one else. Such an agreement provides for an extensive list of potential guarantor countries. Therefore, we hold separate consultations with each country in order to meet all together later," Yermak said on Telegram."

    Could this be a part of the Covenant with the many which the antichrist will confirm in the near future?

  14. Could it be that WW III will start around the Jewish Passover, or other Jewish spring feasts? And how long will WW III last before the antichrist emerges on the scene as a 'peacemaker' to stop WW III? I think that we Christians will indeed suffer the economic hardship caused by this war and that the Rapture will happen during WW III.

    1. An interview I heard this morning with an individual who had security ties inside of Ukraine indicated that Russia was possibly going to launch a chemical attack in 12 days. From what day exactly I do not know nor do I recall the name of the individual being interviewed. The main point stuck with me however. I have no further details and cannot confirm the validity of her claims either so take it with a grain of salt...

      [I don't like sharing such things without supporting links]

      If such a thing were to happen that would place it right about Pesach (Passover).

      I find it interesting that from the opening of hostilities by Russia on 2/24/22 to Passover is 50 days. From Pesach (Passover) on 4/15/22 to Shavuot (Pentecost) is 50 days.

      That all of this is happening during Lenten, a time of introspection and spiritual preparation for Easter, somehow seems appropriate. It almost sounds like a final call if you ask me?!!

      Love like Jesus. Share His good news!!

    2. I was listening to this message from Daniel Valles from Informed Christians you tube channel, and he talked about the signs in the heavens, Aquarius the water bearer and the fact that around April 2 will be a 120 day marker of warning for the world. He kept emphasizing that we are in the days of Noah and Lot, and Noah warned the world for 120 days before the flood. Also that the build up lately just gets stronger and stronger now with no letup. It was very compelling. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FUGkIQGnpM&t=3351s

      Grace and Peace,

    3. @Pastor Rich3/25/2022 1:29 PM:
      "That all of this is happening during Lenten, a time of introspection and spiritual preparation for Easter, somehow seems appropriate. It almost sounds like a final call if you ask me?!!"

      Indeed. Maybe the Rapture happening around Passover or Pentecost, between now and September the formation of the Revived Roman Empire and the arrival of the antichrist from that empire and in September of this year the start of the Tribulation Period?

      At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUo5RcQD7qk "This Is HUGE News Regarding The THIRD TEMPLE Folks!!!":

      "Pursuant to the efforts we have previously discussed in this regard, we attempted to ensure that there would be a red heifer ready this year,'" explains Rabbi Burstein.
      The good news is that the hairs have returned to red within a few months. "At the same time, we are now looking forward to the two-year birthday of three more heifers that were and still are completely red. With God's help and if there are no mishaps, within half a year we have three red heifers ready for the Temple."

      See also https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/324648 "Rabbi prepares for long-lost Biblical ceremony".

    4. And I thought my head was already spinning wildly! Gary, this QR code article doesn't surprise me but it is still a mind boggler!
      I was led recently to take a break from blogging due to the brain overload of events as they rev up and begin to fulfill Revelation. So I thank the Holy Spirit right now for calling my attention to certain things such as Paul Dawson's recent videos because SEVERAL THINGS CLICKED TOGETHER for me!

      So, of course, I want to share them with you all and encourage you to--

      HOLD FAST! As the House Comes Down, We Rapture Up!

  15. Reuters: https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/gazprom-has-4-days-work-out-rouble-payments-gas-exports-kremlin-says-2022-03-25/ "Russia warns West: gas bills in roubles are just days away".

    The West doesn't want to pay Russian natgas in Roubles, this means a very severe escalation of Europe's energy crisis, a great collapse of Europe's economy and maybe even massive power blackouts in the coming weeks ahead. Will the EU fall apart on this way and be replaced by the Revived Roman Empire?

  16. At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-q3WwzJ8TA "The ONE WORLD RELIGION Headquarters Is Coming In 2022!!!":

    "Watchman On The Wall 88

    The Abrahamic House… which will hold a Mosque , Church, and Synagogue… Will be done construction and hold an inauguration ceremony by the end of 2022. Pope Francis is one of the ones leading this movement toward a One World Religion.

    Jesus is coming soon! Repent, believe the Gospel, and be converted to new life in Jesus Christ today! Tomorrow is not promised! Jesus Christ is the only way to the Kingdom of Heaven and the only name that can save you!

    Follow me on Telegram:


  17. Dear Brother, the Strong 1909 ἐπί (epi) - the statistics indicate 44 times -> "in"! - In the case described above, it is even both "on" and "in". - I have a lot of information on this topic on our German website. I'll leave them here in translation, maybe you can use some of them:

    Warm greetings from Spain, and the Lord's blessings! - Maranatha! ♥


    1. Thank you for sharing. Maranatha!

      You are probably aware, but Strong's is based on the KJV and the KJV, as mentioned in the article, translates this word "in" a few times, probably owing to Early Modern English usage rather than how we use the preposition today. In any case, epi doesn't technically have the semantic range of "in," in the sense of "inside."

  18. I think essentially it is both Gary. In and On...

    Just as the word for "Mark" implies a tattoo or branding, but also has nuances in the meaning of Palisades. Here we can see implications of strings of pointy rods or what not, like fangs. Think impaling as a cruel torture. Western Forts on the frontier for example were made of logs and had walls of log Palisades.

    And so the idea that a patch vaccine with an array of pointy cone shaped needles laden with poison and bio-luminescent material can not only deliver injection, but the grid array (QR code?) can be scanned at the skin surface.

    Now you have both situations in one application. In and On the right hand or the forehead.

    Some ideas of why the mark is in/on the forehead or right hand.

    First, satan being the ultimate counterfeiter who has no original plans but to be like the most high.

    The first scriptural example that gives us a clue to why is:

    Deuteronomy 6:8

    "Tie them as reminders on your hands and bind them on your foreheads."

    At the start of Deuteronomy 6, we see the context of this practice starting in verse 4 through verse 9:
    Hear oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One...

    And you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These words I am commanding you today are to be upon your hearts.

    And you shall teach them diligently to your children and speak of them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as reminders on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorposts of your houses and on your gates.

    This is also reflected in Exodus 13:9...
    It shall be a sign for you on your hand and a reminder on your forehead that the Law of the LORD is to be on your lips. For with a mighty hand the LORD brought you out of Egypt.

    Satan counterfeits God. His goal is worship from man, and man's destruction. Satan want's his brand on men, and man's loyalty, and this is a sure way to know of it. No child of God would consider taking it, because it replaces the One true God with the false god.

    Here is our evidence of the worship requirement of the Mark of the Beast. It is not some willy-nilly, casual decision to take it. It requires allegiance. And it will alter those who take it beyond redemptive qualification.

    Another reason speculated for hand and forehead is the cryptic verses about the AC/Beast and his disfigurement. The withered arm and the blind right eye (Zechariah 11:17).

    Those who take the Mark may be trying to look as he does.

    Long shot maybe but... Nothing is weird or inconceivable any more. :D

    I haven't been here in a while. How is everyone? :)

    🚫 🍇

    ··╱ɷ ɷ╲··

    Foxman on the Wall



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