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The Genesis Chronology: Textual Differences Between the Masoretic Text and Septuagint


Greetings readers!

A great question was recently raised in the comments regarding which base text for the Old Testament is superior: the Hebrew Masoretic Text (MT) or Greek Septuagint (LXX). At Unsealed we routinely quote from both texts. Strong opinions persist online, but in my view the debate often belies the very real and often nuanced textual issues scholars wrestle with regarding this topic. Here I simply want to raise some key points that are important to understand in terms of  MT vs. LXX (#s 1–9), and how these ultimately lead into the debate surrounding which Genesis chronology is superior (#10).

Abbreviations used: MT = Masoretic Text; LXX = Septuagint; SP = Samaritan Pentateuch; Syrp = Peshitta; V = Vulgate; OT = Old Testament; NT = New Testament; TR = Textus Receptus; DSS = Dead Sea Scrolls

1. Lots of things are stated online as fact and spread around widely enough that they become unchecked (often faulty) assumptions. Some examples of things that are factually false, yet are still routinely shared around: Constantine invented the Trinity; the NT canon was decided at Nicaea; the whole OT was translated to Greek in the third century BC; the MT was purely the result of a conspiracy by Rabbi Akiva; etc. Especially when it comes to the OT textual history and transmission (MT, LXX, Samaritan Pentateuch, OT Peshitta, Vetus Latina, Vulgate), things are quite a bit more nuanced.

2. Only the first five books of the OT were translated into Greek in the 3rd century BC. The others came later—some think much later.

3. The Septuagint we have today (“extant”) comes from circa 3rd–4th centuries AD, not much different than the MT—which is extant as fragments, references, and witnessed by the Vulgate. However, the Septuagint in use at the time of Christ is regarded to have been substantially revised around the time of Origen (2nd–3rd centuries AD), such that we don’t actually know what the 1st century LXX looked like. It’s plausible that the 1st century LXX adhered much more closely to the MT. One of the biggest issues with accepting the extant LXX as a whole is that it contains a number of internal inconsistencies (the links toward the bottom have a few examples).

4. Early Christians debated MT vs. LXX as well (e.g., Jerome vs. Augustine). Jerome’s argument was that since the OT was originally written in Hebrew, a translation should be based on the Hebrew. Augustine argued both the Hebrew and Greek were inspired. This is why Jerome’s Vulgate from the 4th–5th centuries AD closely mirrors the MT (including the Genesis chronologies).

Along the lines of Jerome’s thinking, the MT has a substantial transmission advantage. That is to say, the MT is not a translation, but is a text transmitted/copied from earlier Hebrew texts. That is not to suggest that the MT is a perfect representation of the original Hebrew OT, but that, by and large, there would naturally be substantially less opportunity for “error in transmission” because the scribes were copying rather than translating anew. The LXX, on the other hand, was translated from Hebrew and Aramaic over centuries. The Syrp was even further removed from the originals—translated from Greek which was in turn translated from Hebrew. The SP has a similar transmission advantage to the MT, and interestingly enough, largely agrees with the MT in Genesis 5 (but not Genesis 11).

5. It is widely stated that the NT quotes from the Septuagint over the MT. This is partially false. While the NT does quote from the LXX more often, it also often quotes from a Hebrew text like the MT, sometimes instead of the Septuagint. So rather than the NT upholding the exclusive authority of the LXX, it actually pays homage to both texts.*

*Important note: probably the majority of OT quotes found in the NT are actually allusions or paraphrastic; in other words, the NT authors were not trying to match either the LXX or MT verbatim, but were crafting the OT thoughts in a new (and still very much inspired) way, that often matched neither the MT or LXX. So the argument that the LXX is quoted more thus is the “right” translation, is a bit of a faulty conclusion. The NT was written in Greek, so quotes are more often from the Greek text that the NT audience was reading—the Septuagint—but quotes are often loose, retaining the meaning, but not necessarily the exact wording.

6. When it comes to Bible translation differences (e.g., LXX vs. MT; or Critical/Eclectic text vs. Majority/TR), a hugely important fact is often forgotten in the debate: some 80–95% of textual differences and variants are classified as untranslatable. In other words, minor Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek spelling differences, word order, etc, that don’t translate to the target language (e.g., English, Spanish, etc).

7. In reality, the OT textual traditions form a Venn diagram where the LXX agrees with the MT in places, but disagrees with the DSS or SP in places. Conversely, the MT agrees with the SP and Syrp in places where the LXX disagrees, and sometimes the LXX matches the others, but not the MT. The closest agreement would probably be between the MT and V, the most widely used OT bases throughout Church history.

 The OT was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic, not Greek. Now this doesn’t immediately disqualify the LXX (some argue the LXX is a translation of older Hebrew texts than what the MT was copied from), but it’s important to note that in terms of original, autographic, inerrant inspiration, the LXX is not the original God-breathed version, nor is the LXX necessarily older than the MT.

It is important to note that suggestions the LXX is older than the MT are not generally well-supported. It is often stated that the MT came roughly 700–1,000 years after Christ. This is along the same lines as the argument that the pre-trib rapture was invented in the 19th century (conflating theological systemization with invention). It’s true that the Masoretes standardized the text and introduced niqqud in the 8th–9th centuries AD, but the MT text as a whole long predates them. For starters, we know the MT existed when the V was translated (4th–5th centuries AD), because the V is largely based on it.

Even more significantly, an estimated 60% of the DSS primarily agree with the MT and perhaps only 5% with the LXX (source). The DSS have largely put to rest the arguments that the MT was invented after Christianity came on the scene in an effort to corrupt the text. Furthermore, no direct evidence has been found that Rabbi Akiva and crew systematically corrupted the text; it was only much later that these accusations arose (more or less conspiracies). Now I do believe some select anti-Messianic corruptions were introduced over time, but taking the MT as a whole and the LXX as a whole, I suspect the MT has better overall support. And to top it off, the MT still retains the vast majority of what we would call Messianic passages, or prophecies pointing to Christ. If Akiva had wanted to systematically corrupt the text, he did a very scanty job of it.

Based on the DSS evidence, modern secular scholarship places the development of the Hebrew text on which the MT is based in the 3rd–2nd centuries BC, right around the same time as the LXX. In other words, the LXX has no real claim to greater antiquity. It is likely that the proto-MT was the predominant Tanakh in use by the Jews of Jesus’ day, whereas the proto-LXX would have been the more widely used Bible among Greek speakers in the Holy Land, as well as the Jewish proselytes and early Greek-speaking Christian converts in Greece and Anatolia.

The 1970 discovery of the En-Gedi Scroll is of monumental importance in this debate as well. This scroll, which was dated to the 2nd–4th centuries AD, was so badly charred from a fire circa 600 AD that researchers couldn’t open it to read its contents. Finally, in 2015 advanced imaging technology (X-ray microtomography) was able to image what remained of the text of the scroll without actually opening it. It contains large portions of the first two chapters of Leviticus, and the text precisely matches the current MT without any variation whatsoever, proving that the MT has been transmitted almost verbatim (again, because it’s a copy of a copy of a copy, rather than an actual translation—much less opportunity for variance).

9. The LXX we have extant is translated along a broad spectrum from word-to-word to paraphrastic. This differs considerably from the consistent translation styles of the MT, SP, V, etc. In other words, some books and passages in the LXX are translated very precisely; others are much closer to what we would call today “dynamic equivalence” or paraphrastic; a consistent translation principle was not used in translating the LXX, because the LXX was translated by many different people over centuries.

Probably the most critical differences between the MT and LXX are found in Genesis 5 and 11 (the chronologies: Adam to Shem and Shem to Abraham, respectively). The MT and V match exactly. The LXX differs widely such that the year of creation would be roughly 5,500–5,400 BC, whereas ~4,000 BC in the MT and V. Interestingly, the SP closely mirrors the MT in Genesis 5, but mirrors the LXX in Genesis 11. Clearly they can’t all be right.

Regarding the MT vs. LXX vs. SP chronologies, I highly recommend these articles:

Textual traditions and biblical chronology

Biblical chronogenealogies

Some Remarks Preliminary to a Biblical Chronology

The Masoretic text of Genesis 5 and 11 is still the most reliable

We know from the DSS and other historical evidence that in the first few centuries BC and the first century AD there were actually several different Hebrew OT texts in competition, but according to Josephus, Philo, and the Letter to Aristeas, a standard copy was kept in the Temple. My personal perspective is that the MT most closely resembles the original [standard] Hebrew text that was passed down through the centuries and was likely selected because it was 1. the most widely used, 2. sourced from among the Jews within Israel, rather than externally (e.g., LXX from Egypt; SP from Samaria; Syrp from Syria), and 3. regarded as most authentic to the original by the Jewish scribal consensus.

All that said, I do think some anti-Messianic readings in the MT were added in later and are not original, thus the LXX wins out there and in a number of other places of consequence.

I would state my belief regarding Scripture as follows: 1. All Scripture is God-breathed; 2. Only the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek autographs were directly inspired by God and are thus “inerrant”; 3. Like the translators of the KJV stated in the introduction to their work, I believe all of us, regardless of which translation we possess, have before us the true and inspired word of God insofar as our translation agrees with the original autographs.


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  2. Anyway, I really appreciate Gary's article because few of us know much about this topic and this is helpful information for those who are interested like me.

    1. I believe it a worthwhile pursuit, understanding the translation stream and God's Word to us is important for any believer. If you are really interested take a balanced approach and look at the other side as well; I mean no offense but Gary's article represents his view that the Masoretic text is "that the MT most closely resembles the original [standard] Hebrew text that was passed down through the centuries." I fundamentally disagree and there is plenty of scholarship on both sides. So my invitation to anyone is "test everything" according to Scripture and look into evidence on both sides. I can promise you that this road will lead to great blessings as you dig into God's Holy Word holistically as opposed to just sticking to your favorite version of it :) Credit to Gary and the LSV team for bracketing the LXX in various places.

      To get you started on some sources that have not been shared to support the LXX side of the debate:


      Believe it or not, there is much, much more to dig into as well. Depends how far the rabbit hole you may want to go:) I think looking into the book by Douglas Woodward, Rebooting the Bible I and II is a good start but the websites above are free. You can also look at various YouTube videos. Test everything, you will see internet theories but you will also see source documents at various textual critic scholarly websites; we do use the internet afterall to search out what we couldn't generations previous as good stuff is archived too. When at all possible, find the source...it is out there.

      Lastly, if you do this you will run into a guy named Rabbi Akiva ben Yosef as Gary alluded to. Search it out yourself, is it "conspiracy"? What I can tell you is that you can find source documentation and Jewish archives on jstor, sefaria, and in other places that explain how the midrash, the talmud, and other historic Jewish documents have been compiled. Real textual criticism and archeological exploration has been delivered in this area on both sides. A sticking point is whether or not the letter of Aristeas is authentic. Learn what the church fathers did in the translation stream throughout history. Investigate.

      I am thankful that God's Word has not returned void and that God's Word "does not pass away." I see value in reading all of it! Great is His faithfulness. Have fun!

    2. Dear TP. with all due respect, you refer to a lot of sources and only someone with much free time could dive into such a deep study. My simple understanding is that the MT text of the Old Testament is very accurate at least for the Torah and also the book of Isaiah. The last one was attested by the amazing discovery of the Dead Sea Scroll where the complete scroll of Isaiah was found without damage and it really matched the MT text, almost perfectly. But for some of the historical books of the Old Testament the Masoretic text maybe less accurate. I mean especially 1 and 2 Samuel. Both KJV and NKJV use MT text and I seriously doubt the translations in 1 Sam.6:19 and 2 Sam.15:7. It says that "He struck fifty thousand and seventy men of the people" (because some had looked into the ark). Some translations say seventy were struck, which I think is right in the context of a small countryside town where a few residents had looked into the Ark. Perhaps seventy people had looked into the Ark and these seventy died. Also in 2 Sam.15:7 it says "...that it came to pass after forty years (MT) that Absalom said to the King..." But from the context one can understand that forty years is impossible and it is rather after four years that Absalom spoke to the king, as some translations also affirm. Now I've heard a good explanation about these odd scriptures in the MT text. Someone explained that after the destruction of the 2nd temple almost all Hebrew scriptures were lost and since the Jews needed to regain the scriptures some Bible books were translated from the Greek back into the Hebrew and this was later added to the MT text. For many centuries it was thought that all the Masoretic text was originally Hebrew text but this was a wrong assumption. And this could be a good reason why we find odd numbers in verses in 1 and 2 Samuel in our familiar KJV and NKJV. As for the LXX text, I don't know much about it and if I had more time I would like to study the sources you provided. I also highly regard Gary's opinion on this topic.

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  4. This whole study is incredibly fascinating, yet I must in all honesty confess something to our brethren here: it is messing with my head somewhat, because unfortunately, to me it introduces certain doubt (I’m a very imperfect sinner as we all are) about how close we are to accepting the possibility of the Bible not being fully inerrant.

    I don't mean Gary, nor anyone in the comment section, but here's how my thought process goes: if we, the true Christians, have for ages now claimed inerrancy of Scripture (even as one of Luther's "solas" - Sola Scriptura), it would only be logical and fair to be able to point to which Scripture we mean specifically. One might answer, that of course we mean the one that God gave the initial recipients at the time, first in Hebrew (OT), later in Greek (NT) and that is indeed true, however, a secularist or even a sincere Christian may say something along the lines of: "How can we know the Scriptures are inerrant, if we can't even agree on what exactly the Scriptures are? If there are some things wrong in the LXX and other things wrong with the Masoretic text, how can we know which one is wrong in which parts? Furthemore, if it is possible for both to be wrong in some places, how do we know they aren't wrong in other places as well? And how exactly do we determine what is right and what is wrong, if God hasn't perfectly preserved His untampered Word in such a way that we can know for sure what His Word actually is?"

    It is my humble opinion, that God wouldn't allow the attempts at corrupting His Word to go far enough to introduce inerrancy-breaking passages into the text from which the vast majority of translations are derived, the very Bibles the Christians defend with a vigor, having complete faith in their perfection. So I merely want to lift up my brethren if you're anything like me and you get weighed down by confusion and doubt while studying these topics - God is in full control and I believe the Scriptures He provided for us are sufficient, as long as they faithfully transmit the Gospel of grace. This is the firm foundation we stand on. I salute the websites, scholars and all apologists dedicated to defending scriptural inerrancy and I do not believe their efforts are in vain. I have faith that despite minor differences in translation, the underlying source of your Bible has been preserved by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

    1. I understand and I want to encourage you. God's Holy Word is secure, just as the Word says: He dwelled among us, it never returns void, and His Word will never pass away. There is a great point in one of Gary's referenced articles that essentially said this: "Does this mean the Bible's textual transmission is broken in some way? In fact, in many ways, the "democratization" of transmission that resulted in so many variants actually aided the preservation of Scripture because no one elite group unilaterally change passages they did not like--there were simply too many copies." I happen to believe that last part it true and not true, there have been groups that have tried to change it, but yes, there were too many copies to change. In this sense, God has preserved His word through people. Is it inerrant? No. Is it divinely inspired, yes, in so much as it is delivered through God believing, God fearing men through His Spirit. Why is it different at places? There in lies the need to study the Scriptures and not just read them (although both have value). I don't want inerrancy to be alarming, it isn't. In the new testament alone you could research Dr Daniel Wallace from Dallas Theological Seminary, he leads The Center for Study of New Testament Manuscripts and digitizes them all for free at https://www.csntm.org/. YouTube him, he is deep in textual criticism and shares repeatedly that the number of variants is large yet upwards of 99% are spelling or syntax with the correct understanding being put forward. The % are the areas that textual critics work in, I don't want to muddy the waters and go there; you can if you want as it is a worthwhile pursuit that will give you faith in God's Word, not doubt. Lastly, look up Cold Case Christianity and learn the value of "eye witness testimony" to understand how the writers of the New Testament who saw Jesus would have portrayed him in their own Spirit driven way and how it is natural to what an eye witness does. Now take that idea to the actual translators and understand the burden to try and get it right. If you know any greek or hebrew you would know that it doesn't go word for word perfectly a lot of the time so they had the painstaking task of trying to honorably translate God's Word correctly and it is difficult as each word has a decision to make. Translators into other languages today, like the folks at Wycliff for example, face the same stuff. The Word of God is truly "living and active, sharper than two edged sword and penetrating..." as it will "go therefor (just like we are to do)" to "every tribe, every tongue, every nation." I think you see it, so many people have worked with and shared the Word of God over the ages that it has survived and is truly amazing how little it has changed. Are there things to work through? With honesty, yes--there are specific discrepancies that need to be studied and that is what a textual critic does and what Bible believing Christians ought to do as well on their level of hunger. Yet that doesn't at all dismiss the truth that Jesus is God, the Word who became flesh to dwell among us, and that His Word "remains forever." We can trust His Word because we can trust Him.

    2. Great thoughts and questions MPaladin. I think TP has really great thoughts as well.

      I love the idea of having something in English we could point to tangibly and say "hey, this has no errors at all." You know, sort of like the KJV-only camp. It's an appealing thing.

      Problem is, their argument breaks down for English just as it would in any other language. They will argue God says He will preserve His word, thus it must be fully preserved in English. But there are hundreds (probably thousands) of languages that have never had a complete Bible (some don't even have a single complete book of the Bible translated).

      God has preserved His word, but not in every language. In my humble opinion, that's why even though it feels limiting at times, I think we have to uphold inerrancy as a doctrine applicable only to the autographs (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek) and not to translations.

      That being said, as TP mentioned and as I also referenced in my article, lost in all the MT vs. LXX debate, and all the splitting of hairs over one word here or there, is the fact that all the readings are extremely similar and 95+% of variants are untranslatable because they are essentially meaningless variants.

      But then there are a lot of variants that are considered "meaningful," but they really don't change anything.

      In other words, if an Alexandrian text reads, "and Jesus came unto them at the Sea of Galilee," and a Byzantine text reads, "and Jesus came near to them at the Sea of Galilee," even if a single word in the autograph is disputed in this instance, it doesn't really change anything and both readings are still very much inspired.

      I stand by the inerrancy of the originals and full inspiration of translations. The KJV intro spells out a similar line of thinking. In so far as what we have before us agrees with the originals, we have the very word of God before us.

      And as TP pointed out, the "democratization" of transmission means we have a level of preservation and consistency checks on the Bible unheard of with any other ancient text. The Bible is uniquely preserved.

      But again, at the end of day, you could translate both the LXX and MT to English in such a way that both translations would very closely (though not perfectly) match. These texts agree far, far, far more than they disagree.


    3. Thank you for the anwer. I'm definitely with you on the translations, I'm not in the KJV only camp, I don't think any translation is completely perfect. My point was more towards the original manuscripts and our ability to determine what exactly the Word of God is, in the original language (specifically Hebrew in case of the OT). Unfortunately for that, even 95% isn't good enough when we talk about perfection and inerrancy. This is why the LXX/MT debate is so important in my opinion, because we're not just arguing about a translation of an original, uncorrupted text, but about what that original text even is and whether we have it in an untampered form. Yes, the LXX is a Greek translation, but due to some of the key differences, it appears they were working with a different source text. And I personally believe that the important differences, like the genealogies, which could mean the difference between the Bible being "right" or "wrong" (only one side can be correct - you can't have both 4000 and 5500 years pass at the same time), were preserved in the MT. And if some corruptions were introduced, they weren't sufficient to introduce clear "error" in the Scriptures, as there are still many clearly Messianic passages in the MT (like you mentioned in the article - if they tried to "weed out" Jesus, they did a very poor job of it).
      So, my point was, that I don't believe God would allow the enemy to muddy the waters completely, to the point where we don't know what He meant, including in the original language. This is why I'm personally a proponent of the MT for the OT, because I believe that's what He chose as the primary source for the Old Testament (with the sole exception of some Messianic passages).

    4. "only one side can be correct - you can't have both 4000 and 5500 years pass at the same time." Exactly. Both cannot be correct. The beautiful thing about numbers is they are exact and there is no gray. The number is what it is and they do not match. It is not THE MAJOR, as in how someone is saved as in both the MT and LXX you can get a clear understanding of Jesus. However, because the Messiah was expected by the Jews after year 5,500 it is the LXX chronology that fits, not the MT (if the 5,500 years expectation of the Jewish society throughout their writings is true). This for the rabbinical elite (leading Jews) who depend on the rabbinical elite for interpretation eliminates Jesus as Messiah because of when He came, it doesn't fit in the MT. From the Pharisaical line, can anyone imagine them trying to eliminate connections to Jesus in the text? This is when we get into the weeds and it depends on what someone believes as MT proponents just point to "conspiracy around rabbi Ben Yosef Akiva," yet there is evidence of various tamperings with and without Akiva throughout history. Yet throughout it all the fame and glory of the Name of Jesus the Christ reigns supreme; people throughout history know He claims to be God and need to make a choice whether they will believe. The text is divinely delivered through the Holy Spirit from sinful men who believe and so it is not without error because we are not without error, only Jesus is without error. If you engage in some textual criticism from verse to verse with both old testament texts, understand what is in the dead sea scrolls, and cross reference what is sourced from MT and LXX in the New Testament it does become clearer for anyone to make a decision on what they will believe. It is not as straightforward as some put it though, it is not a slam dunk that the dead sea scrolls match the MT more (they don't) and it it not a slam dunk that the New Testament matches the MT more (they don't). These are blanket statements people put out there, test everything, the textual critic goes verse by verse, that is what they do. Then they publish; we have access to their work on both sides--if someone wants to read it they can. Or believe a favorite teacher, everyone has a choice. I personally try to test everything because I believe believing in Christ alone means believing "my favorite teacher" is risky. In fact, my favorite teachers never say "just trust me," they say "test me." Chuck Missler used to say that...

    5. Good thoughts TP. I very much agree with testing everything with Scripture. And I really wish modern Christianity didn't have all these cults of personality. Every Christian is an under-shepherd, priest, and king, who can be, if willing, fully equipped to discern God's word. Submitting to godly wisdom is also very important though (and a biblical mandate).

      Regarding the "slam dunks": you won't find any disagreement here about OT quotes in the NT matching the MT more than the LXX (in my original article I even state as you have). I was pointing out that most NT "quotations" of the OT, if you can call them that, are rather in the form of allusions or even paraphrases. When quotes seem to be more verbatim, it's true that the LXX seems to win out.

      I would disagree with the statement that the DSS don't match the MT more. Estimates do vary, but studies I've seen point to 35-60% agreement between MT and DSS, and roughly 5% LXX. Of course, agreement doesn't mean perfect agreement or verbatim, but that 35-60% of fragments "tend to" agree with the MT more than other readings.

      Just my two cents.

      I also mentioned in the article that one of my reasonings for preferring the MT as a base text (even though I do highly regard the LXX) is that it has the transmission advantage of being a copy of a copy of a copy, rather than a translation of a copy of a copy. So though a number of anti-Messianic revisions are clear enough, the great bulk of it would be the standard stuff, still mostly preserving the grammar and syntax of the Urtext.

      But you won't find much argument here against the LXX per se. The LSV is one of the few (perhaps only?) English translation that includes the LXX chronology, allowing the reader to choose. A number of other key LXX readings are included.

  5. Very unrelated, but check this out guys! This was shared with me last night.


    1. Thank you for sharing Gary! Very compelling!!

    2. Oh, I am so glad someone told you about that very encouraging video regarding the Great Comet, Gary, and how your wonderful Shmita Timeline deepened Brother Will's revelation of its connection to these Last Days!
      I think I was even more BLOWN AWAY than this Brother in Christ at his discovery because in July I posted "Sign" Line Ends in 2022 where I share information that possibly ties a Great Comet with the prophesied coming New Madrid earthquake around the time of the Rapture!!!

    3. So as it turns out, not only was Shmita 1811-1812 the year of a great comet, but it was also the New Madrid earthquakes + War of 1812 + major events in the Napoleonic Wars.

      Then seven years later in the next Shmita, 1818-1819, there was ANOTHER great comet. Then another great comet in 1860-1861, a Shmita. More great comet shmitas followed, including 1909-1910 (Halley's). Pretty crazy.

    4. Wow! and WOW, Gary!!
      How gracious of God to show the Comet, Earthquake, Shmita and probable Rapture connection! If you are interested, I have shared a few of the prophetic voices who have spoken of a GREAT COMET that will be heading for the earth on the Day of the Rapture under the section "FINALLY, TO THE POINT" in my article:
      The Sceptre Star and the Revelation 12 Birth of the Man Child

      Many, many blessings, dear Brother!

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    2. Woah, great article brother! Some mind-blowing finds.


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    Looking further afield, Mercury and Venus are in conjunction together with Sun and Moon which are in conjunction all gathered together in Virgo. As a matter of fact Venus crowns Virgo rather strikingly almost as the Tav crowned those seen in Ezekiel's vision. (Ezekiel 9:4-11) The Sun is in the left shoulder of Virgo, a sign in Hebrew thought as a sign of strict justice, punishment and fire.

    Mars (Ares the god of war) is found perfectly centered between the horns of Taurus as Saturn (Abundance and peace) is situated in at the tail of Capricornus (Horned Goat). Saturn is the sixth planet and where we get the name Saturday, another expression of the number six.

    Most importantly, Monday, September 26, 2022 is when Jupiter (King Planet) will be in opposition to Earth in Pisces. That means that Earth is also in Pisces when viewed from the Sun just as Earth will be in Virgo when viewed from Jupiter. Jupiter will be directly opposed to Earth in relation to the Sun. Jupiter, Earth and Sun will be in alignment. This year is the year that Jupiter will be its closest to Earth in 70 years! Seventy-years. A number that is shared with the record reign of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II...not to mention all the 70's (or 72's) you will find in Scripture! The LXX, (70) and more come to mind as well as the 70th Week of Daniel.

    All of these are striking signs in the heavens but the icing on the cake is this: Jupiter, Earth, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Sun will all be aligned in the solar system. The planets will be aligned.
    Here's an interesting twist: if viewed from Mars (Ares) where do we find Earth? What constellation is Earth in when viewed from Mars?

    Earth is at the tip of the tail of the serpent Scorpius. Almost as though it were in danger of the serpent sting.

    All of this is coming with the New Year 5783 AM. As mentioned above, the moon will NOT be at the feet of the woman this Monday. That will not occur until 9/28 when the new moon becomes visible at the feet of the virgin.

    With the renewed threats of nuclear war by the Russian Federation it is not hard to see that the spirit of the dragon is here and ready to devour the Church if it could. All who dwell in Christ will be taken. Everyone who bears the Tav on their forehead -- all those who, "sigh and groan over all the abominations that are committed" (Ezekiel 9:4 ESV) will be saved.

    6 "Kill old men outright, young
    men and maidens, little children
    and women, but touch no one
    on whom is the mark. And
    begin at my sanctuary..."

    (Ezekiel 9:6 ESV)

    Today is the Day of Salvation. Salvation, the word from which we get the Name Jesus! Jesus, Yeshua in Hebrew (meaning "salvation") is the Salvation of the LORD. If you don't yet know Him, I plead with you, seek Him with all your heart, accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour right now before it's too late!

    God grant you grace and peace through Christ Jesus our Lord.


  9. At https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/israel-will-accept-two-state-solution-prime-minister-lapid-to-announce-at-united-nations-thursday/ "SHOCK: Israel Has Just Announced They Will Tell The United Nations Tomorrow That They Are Ready To Finally Agree To The Two State Solution!".

    1. THIS IS MONUMENTAL, Moin, and ties in with all the prophecies related to how if America divides Israel, God will divide America!!! That means we could soon see a New Madrid earthquake just before or at the time of the Rapture!
      Check out "Sign" Line Ends in 2022 where I share information that possibly ties a Great Comet with the prophesied coming New Madrid earthquake around the time of the Rapture!!!
      And more recently I have shared my prophetic suspicions that we might see a major earthquake in America just prior to the Rapture of the Church. Since then, the Lord has been giving me unexpected further confirmations that this is so as I shared in Is there REALLY a RAPTURE?

    2. Lyn ... An interesting comment was left in the comment section of my site on my latest article:

      "FYI, big headline up at drudge right now talking about Trumps lawsuit being filed and it’s 222 pages. 222 is standard Hebrew gematria for “voice of God - ืงื•ืœ ืืœื”ื™ื

      40 + 10 + 5 + 30 + 1 + 30 + 6 +100 = 222

      The trumpet -the “voice of God” – may be sounding soon.

      40 + 10 + 5 + 30 + 1 + 30 + 6 +100 = 222"

      Indeed. As many are speculating, this Feast of Trumpets coming up in few more days may be it. Our last moments on Earth before we're in Heaven (possibly).

    3. ETDD--LOVE that, Brother! Man, your articles are so excellent and I just have not kept up with reading all of them. There's just too much happening too fast now! And now, with Israel making that UN announcement, THIS COULD BE IT!!!

    4. Indeed Lyn. So much happening it is hard to find time to keep up with it all. But I'm trying to! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/eu-seeks-sweeping-new-crisis-powers-secure-critical-supply-chains

    This European control and centralization of the private marketplace and infrastructure comes hot on the heels of Biden's latest executive actions on biotech/artificial intelligence, energy, infrastructure, and agriculture.

    The planning is done and the not-so-fun game is afoot.


  12. Just a few thoughts. Someone mentioned a possible annexation of Ukraine by Putin. I just cant see that happening. Putin went in to Ukraine with the intent of defending his people, in the eastern part of the country closest to Russia. Since 2014 when a legitamately elected president there was removed by our very own CIA and a puppet was installed, 14,000 Ukranians who still identify as Russians were killed by neo-nazi extremists. Our gov't is guilty of crimes against humanity because it was behind it all. Information isnt clear on this but it is believed by some that Putin invaded because the CIA was preparing to set off a dirty bomb at Chernobyl on March 8th and blame Putin for it. He found out about it and intervened in late Feb. If he does take some of the country back it would be the eastern provinces.
    On the topic of the Rev. 12 sign, some here think its possible that the rapture could occur on the 5th anniversary(tomorrow). I have always been a bit skeptical of the interpretation here of that sign but I haven't been able to confirm or debunk it for myself. I just dont know. I sincerely hope its true though, maybe i'll see you all tomorrow!
    Ok on the translations of the Bible. I neither have the time or the intellect to delve into it deeply but I did hear that when the dead sea scrolls were discovered back in the '20s they were compared with the king james version and other copies and found that there was very little variation. The D.S. scrolls I think are still the oldest known manuscripts of the Old Testament.
    I believe that in spite of the attacks made upon it over the centuries that God has preserved his Word quite well. I try not to get in the weeds and over think it too much.

  13. Thank you for a great article about different texts that our English Bibles are based on. I don't know as much about this topic as I would like and found this article very informative and helpful. I attend a KJV-only church (which I disagree with), so it's nice to see some meat about the situation.

  14. Interesting Discovery in an 1813 Bible (Are we two years away from the end?)

    Interesting that the second solar eclipse across the USA (X marks the spot) over the New Madrid fault occurs in 2024


  15. Oh heck, I'll just say it "No Rapture this year".
    It's just not in the cards or prophecies.

    1. You are very free to have your opinion on thr date of the Rapture, just as others think it is clearly Pentecost and still others believe it is Feast of Trumpets and still others have a completely different date - each side has a "convincing " argument for why they are more right. But only God knows for sure. I think it is just as valid to hope for this year as it is for you to hope for next year.

    2. Thank you sherrill777 for reply and your opinion!
      God does know for sure, and don't you think He would have told Paul all about the new covenant from beginning to end?
      He told John all about the end of Jews covenant in the book of Revelation.

      My purpose is to teach the understanding of what scripture reveals about the Rapture, because to a Christian, that is the time when their redemption comes to pass.

      If God only wanted Christians to just be ready for the Rapture to occur at a moment in time that is imminent, I believe that He would have said so, and left it at that.

      But, scripture reveals that He spent a lot of time weaving the plan of the catching away into the way He closes the covenants that He made.

      And to understand it, it must be studied, and then passed on by those who come to clearly see what it is that God did reveal in scripture about the Rapture.

      And, when one sees the veracity with which God sticks to His word in prophecy, then maybe, it will build enough trust in Him, to believe that what He says He's going to do, at the time of the end for the Church, at the Rapture, will come to pass precisely as He reveals it.

      Since we will be gone, nothing after chapter five in Rev makes any difference to us, the Christians who were Raptured.

    3. While i agree with you that I don't think the Rapture will be this week (although I'd like to be wrong), and agree that we won't have to worry about the the Judgements of Revelation, I happen to not agree with your choice of Rapture date. I've read through your arguments several times, but found them weaker than, say, the arguments for a Feast of Trumpets date. I don't mean this in a wholly negative way (certainly not to be argumenative), but... for example, you claim Jesus ascension was an example of our Rapture, including the date it happened. But I see no scriptural pattern to back that up. For example, none of the other "rapture" moments in Scrpture have that same date. Not Lot fleeing from town, not Elijah taken up, not the guy in Genesis who walked with God and "was not" (his name escapes me at the moment). Not John in Revelation. Without a pattern established, I would say that the date is arbitrary. The same logic holds even if you claim that Jesus is the better foreshadow (because He is who He is and the Head of the Body). No other date in Jesus life is treated that way. We aren't all baptized on the date Jesus was just because He did it on that date. Its poor logic to claim Jesus ascension
      date is anything other than HIS Date. The method is possibly a foreshadow, but even that seems like a stretch, as Jesus ascent seems to have been slower than Paul implies. That's just one issue I have with your arguments, although there are others. I don't have any problem with you believing your date, but it is exasperating to see you disparage other dates that have more logical arguments. Can your date stand as yet another "high watch date"? Sure! But it isn't more logical than the other dates.

    4. I don't like to speculate on dates.
      The letter to the Colossians, Paul says the Jewish holydays are shadows of things to come for the Church, but the body is of Christ casting those shadows.

      So from that we can look at those Jewish holydays and see what shadows Jesus cast.
      Coupled with the Jonah signs you can understand the sequence of events that were shadows cast into our future.
      I ask myself the question, why did those dead rise and go into Jerusalem and preach for 40ty days? They were the token the promise of the full harvest rapture to come.
      And why on the 40ty day was the Ascension why not some other day?
      They were all Jonah signs!

      Paul tells us the Church that the "dead rise first"? Which ones, Certainly not the ones he just said Jesus brings with Him. Paul is referencing the shadow cast at resurrection "first fruits" and its always on Sunday first day of the week.
      And also that Peace can't be confirmed because we the Church are in the way of that.
      All the players are there in the middle-east just as they are supposed to be following Gods script.
      And Pentecost the offering of the Messiah, as it will be again by those two witnesses after we are gone.
      All shadows that Paul talks about.

  16. "Oh heck, I'll just say it "No Rapture this year".
    It's just not in the cards or prophecies."
    Why do you think so?

  17. Iam gana try and nut shell this for you, since I have already explained this in previous posts.
    Basically the Rapture Day is Ascension Day!
    And next year looks very promising.
    "Can;t know the day or hour" excuse dosen't work any more!
    Paul tells us what to look for and when and why, before that Day.
    And it also coincides with what Jesus(Messiah) told the Jews.
    The sign of the Messiah is the sign of Jonah the prophet!
    Jesus fulfills all the feast (set times) of the Jews except the last three which are not for the Church (body of Christ).


    Dow drops nearly 500 points to close at new low for 2022 on rising recession fears

    The point of this post is not the drop in the markets or fears of recession but of the numbers presented in the story. They were each very specific and caught my eye. The figures are,

    Dow -486.27
    S&P 500 -64.76
    NASDAQ -198.88

    This story was run on the 5th Anniversary of the Great Sign of Revelation 12. 9/23/22 or 27 Elul (Elul, the sixth month of the calendar) or 6/27.

    So! On Elul 27 (six-two-seven), the 5th Anniversary of the R12S, a day that was 726 minutes in duration (sunrise to sunset) in Jerusalem, a day that could be written as 6-27 (the inverse of 726), the Dow dropped 486.27 points. Note "6-2-7" the inverse of 726. That value is preceded by the value 48. If to read these values right-to-left we may we 7-2-6 and 8-4.

    What is special about the number 84?

    The time of Jacob's Trouble, the Great Tribulation, is 42 months. That is equivalent to 3-1/2 years. Twice that value (42 x 2) equals 84. Eighty-four is equivalent to the seven years being the 70th Week of Daniel, what we call the tribulation.

    Could it be read, "Harpazo, tribulation" or "pre-tribulational rapture?"


    "S&P 500 -64.76" reading left-to-right using Strong's (G64) and (G76) are,

    (G64) agreuรณ: to catch, take by hunting or fishing and (G76) Adam: Adam, the first man, also meaning "man". Thus decoding as, "fisher of men?"


    Looking again at Strong's and gematria for the NASDAQ figure of -198.88. First Strong's (G19) is agathosune: goodness. The last number sequence in the value that was stand-out is "888". That is the number of the Name Jesus (แผธฮทฯƒฮฟแฟฆฯ‚) in Greek. The numeric value of the sum of the letters of His Name. (Remember, Greek letters are also numbers and have numeric value).

    May this decode to "Jesus is goodness" or "goodness of Jesus?"


    Posting this w/o proof reading so forgive me for typos. Don't have time to edit and wanted to share this without further delay.

    For your consideration...

    Yes, I see Jesus in everything!


    1. Oh, and...

      I was in such a hurry I forgot to include a detail. Many if not most of you already know this but I share this for those who don't know,

      Strong's Concordance (G726)

      This was the point of the whole post. If you caught that already? Good! If not, that is where it was all pointing,

      726 harpรกzล – properly, seize by force; snatch up, suddenly and decisively – like someone seizing bounty (spoil, a prize); to take by an open display of force (i.e. not covertly or secretly).

      It's all about the the Day of our Blessed Hope. The coming of our Lord and Saviour on the clouds. Jesus and the harpazo of His body, His bride the Church.

      We call it the Resurrection/Rapture.

      Today is the day to say, "Yes!" to God in Christ. Seek Him while there is still time! Tomorrow may be too late.


  19. FUN FACT: 29 Elul

    According to Chabad.org today is 29 Elul. Taking a quick look over at Torahcalendar.com we see that Elul 29 was (Erev Yom Teruah) and 1 Tishri (Yom Teruah) in the year 3 BC were the likely dates of the birth of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus.

    Sunrise in Jerusalem is at 6:29 AM (IDT) equivalent to 3:29 AM (UTC) and 11:29 PM (EDT). This is the next advent of what we would call the "twinkling of an eye".

    If the head, Jesus, was born at Feast of Trumpets might His body follow on that day as well? Watching and waiting with hope and anticipation!

    Shared for those who are new to this space and because I'm just so excited!!!



    1. Today Monday 26 September 2022 at 15:30 Central European Time, the Rapture hasn't still happened. I doubt if the Rapture will happen within a few weeks.

  20. Archeological evidence from the people at Patterns of Evidence linking the Sanhedrin to Javne and Rabbi Ben Yosef Akiva. Do with it what you will: https://patternsofevidence.com/2022/09/23/evidence-for-sanhedrins-relocation-found/?utm_source=Email%20List%20-%20120%20day%20engaged&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Thinker%20Update-%20Evidence%20for%20Sanhedrin%E2%80%99s%20Relocation%20to%20Yavne%20Found%20%2801GDP2ZJYGDCMG11R1MZSEMFHN%29&triplesource=klaviyo&_kx=KZXw1OikSZq52tBo6SY7XpW4qTGLiN0PgGSqtGGgHes%3D.WEfJdA

  21. HAPPY NEW YEAR 5783!

    God is not done with us yet! Keep sharing the good news until the fullness of the Gentiles is complete. Keep lifting each other in prayer even as we see the Day coming and continue to gather together in fellowship for encouragement as we see the Day approaching!

    Praying for you!


    1. Happy New Year to you too! May God reveal Himself to many unsaved souls this next year, for His Glory and praise!

  22. Found this article describing differences between the "Calendar of God" and the "Jewish calendar" (i.e., shows Jewish new year starting 9/27-9/28 instead of 9/25-9/26 in 2022).

    (scroll down about 19 pages to "The 7 Feasts of the Bible according to the Biblical and Jewish Calendars" table).


    1. IIRC, the moon will be at the feet of the virgin 9/28. The picture complete.

  23. When is the rapture? I got evicted from where I was living and am hoping it comes soon

    1. Sorry to hear that. Here's hoping we all get evicted in the twinkling of an eye.


  24. Just after Rosh Hashanah both NS1 and NS2 pipelines were damaged by sabotage actions, probably by Russia. See https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-63044747 "Nord Stream: Ukraine accuses Russia of pipeline terror attack".

    No Rapture at Rosh Hashanah, but definitely a strong escalation of the war between Russia and Ukraine and the economic war between Russia and Europe.

    1. Agreed. A strong escalation in concert with the "referendum" being forced upon Ukrainian citizens in occupied territories. BBC interviews this morning indicated many in those areas are not answering the door when Russian troops come knocking. They fear being forced at gun point to vote for annexation.

      In the course of my studies I noticed that the Great Sign, the woman clothed with the Sun and Moon at her feet, would not be seen until 9/28. But my last model study was based on the published calendar not celestial calendar. A comparison of the woman in 3 BC and today may be in order...

      BTW, while digging a little more on British monarchy I find that,

      There have been 62 monarchs of England and Britain spread over a period of approximately 1200 years.

      Quoting, Historic-UK.com...

      Sixty-two and twenty-six are equivalent values when read right-to-left and left-to-right respectively. Twenty-six is the number of the inexpressible Name of G-D (according to Jewish tradition) being ื™ื”ื•ื”.

    2. NEW MOON of 3 BC

      According to AstroPixels - Moon Phases the New Moon of the year 3 BC was September 9. This is when it would have been invisible to the naked eye as it was between Earth and Sun. September 11, 3 BC is a likely candidate as being the day when the first visible New Moon was sighted -- in this case at the feet of the woman (Virgo).

      The same sight places the New Moon for this month on (9/25) which may be visible tonight or tomorrow. Timeanddate.com places the New Moon over Jerusalem being on (9/26) which would likely be visible on (9/28). Will have to go out and see if the moon is visible yet!

      This is part of what John saw as recorded in (Revelation 12:1). The woman clothed with the Sun and the Moon at her feet and September 11, 3 BC is the likely birthday of Christ (or what we otherwise celebrate on Christmas Day).

      Interestingly enough, Rick Larson gives evidence that the Maji (Magoi) may have arrived at the home of Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem on what we celebrate today as Christmas. All because of the retrograde motion of Jupiter. (Another topic!) Still, it makes good sense that we (today) celebrate the giving of gifts on the day that the wise men from the east offered their gifts to the infant Messiah.

      Still watching, waiting, working and witnessing!


  25. Balaamic Rapture Sign Update: See new update section of latest posting titled:



    1. Wow, Mr. DD, thanks for the enlightenment. I really want to fly through that open door and it does seem like an open and shut case.

    2. An additional consideration that I've added to the section is this - given the prophetic clues that the "bear" theme will likely accompany the Rapture, just yesterday, American Secretary of State Anthony "Blinken" told Ukraine that "Ukraine can use western weapons against territories seized by Russia." This is tantamount to backing Russia in the corner with no where else to go but to launch a military attack against the United States (part of the globalist plan). This would further the conspicuous narrative of a bear theme indicating the Rapture. This point I make is made for what I think is an interesting and eye-opening reason other than the obvious blunt force result of such a statement. That interesting and eye-opening reason is one you've probably guessed by my highlighting of Anthony's last name above. It sounds a lot like the word that the Apostle Paul uses when describing the Rapture event. He uses "twinkling" of an eye, which can be thought of as a "blink" of an eye ...

      "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed" (1 Corinthians 15:52).

      Further, the number of oblasts (states) that were voted to return to Russia are "4" in total.

      So yeah, seeing a lot of fours here in some rather conspicuous locations and moments in time - all prophetic ones at that. Looks like that rapture door is about ready to open and we fly.

    3. And wow, are you kidding me? LOL. I decided to add a picture of Anthony Blinken to the "blink of an eye" section of the update. The photo is from yesterday when he made the statement that Ukraine can use U.S. weapons against the now occupied newly re-admitted states to Russia. The picture has a "flash of light" next to Anthony's picture. Another God clue of the Rapture?

      Double wow.

    4. Obviously, it is a camera lighting issue for that particular camera, but another "God wink" for the "Blinken" of an eye Rapture considering what he said in that speech/statement? That was the first picture that caught my eye when looking for one.

    5. Ian ("John") is now expected to make landfall as a Cat 4. Russia annexing 4 provinces this week. In Rev. 4 John escapes to Heaven through an open door at the sound of a trump. Trump back in the news in a major way (he announced today he wants to mediate peace between Russia, the U.S., and Ukraine + all the news about the FBI raids). Types and shadows are VERY prevalent right now.

      Eye of "John" may go over ChampionsGate, Reunion, and Intercession City. Original path had it going over Laurel (synonym of stephanos) and Osprey (a raptor).

    6. Gary ... Wow, yeah, this is rich and prophetic stuff we're seeing here. Those are some incredible observations you just hit us with. It appears to me that the Lord is just letting the clues and warnings "pour" down upon us in the final moments of the Church Age before we go.

    7. Ian (John) also forced that Artemis I be taken down from the launch pad and hidden in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) during the storm. Another Tower of Babel is toppled by God. Man's plans interrupted on the day of the celestial Feast of Trumpets.

      It's been about an hour since sunset in Jerusalem. The New Moon is at the feet of the woman (Virgo) as she is clothed with the Sun. Today she is crowned with Venus (bright morning star) as though it were a tav "X" (Ezekiel 9).

      Jesus did say He would give those who endure to the end the morning star! (Revelation 2:25-28) Jesus is the Morning Star. All of us who endure to the end, Jew and Gentile, will inherit the Morning Star. And who is it that will stand by Israel in her time to trouble? (Daniel 12:1) Where do we find Mercury in this hour? Right beside Venus at the head of the woman (Virgo).

      Powerful news and images on this Feast of Trumpets!

  26. (NEHEMIAH 7:73-8:1-12)

    11 So all the Levites calmed all
    the people, saying, "Be quiet,
    for this day is holy; do not be

    (Nehemiah 8:11 ESV)

    Today is a day to celebrate! I strongly encourage you to read Nehemiah, especially (Nehemiah 7:73-8:1-12) for how today was marked when the wall was completed and Israel celebrated the command of G-D given in (Leviticus 23:23-25).

    Celebrate and know your redeemer is coming on the clouds for us soon!

    Watch. Wait. Work. Witness!

  27. Fun Fact: Ian, a name which is the same as John, became a hurricane on 9/26. Hmmm, I wonder what (John 9:26) says?

    26 They said to him, "What did
    he do to you? How did he open
    your eyes?"

    The pressure area that would be the eye of hurricane Ian was organized on 9/26. September 26th was Rosh Hashanna or New Year's Day on the civil calendar (1 Tishrei),

    1 In the beginning was the Word,
    and the Word was with God.

    (John 1:1 ESV)

    Tishrei is the seventh month of the year according to the Ecclesiastic calendar. John chapter seven finds Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles,

    1 After this Jesus went about in
    Galilee. He would not go about
    in Judea because the Jews were
    seeking to kill him.

    (John 7:1 ESV)

    (John 7) shares of when Jesus came in secret for the Fall feast. Not announced but in His time. Not too unlike His coming on the clouds, eh?!

    1. R.E. the hurricane forming on 9:26 corresponding to the reference of the question of "opened eyes" of the blind man in John 9:26: It just so "happens" that chapter 9 is the very next chapter in my book of John series I'm getting ready to publish in a couple days.

      Very fascinating that Gary and yourself should mention the "eye" of Ian (John) over ChampionsGate, Intercession and Reunion cities.

      I knew their had to be a reason I was dragging my feet and hesitating before posting the next chapter (chapter 9) in the series.

    2. It is all part of the plan. Eyes being opened to God in Christ. Lamb of God, Saviour of the world!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.


    The path of Ian (John) is taking it directly toward the Orlando and Cape Canaveral area. Knowing the offerings of a certain entertainment outlet in that area and the shadow of the tower of man I tend to wonder if the Day of Shouting (9/26) by man's calendar and the celestial Feast of Trumpets (today 9/28) are a sign of judgement against the above? The world and the prince of the air?


    Expected sustained winds of Ian as it tracks across Florida is 70 mph.

    There it is again. Seventy.

    1. R.E. chapter 9 of "Ian" ... I mean, John. Number 9 is the number of judgment, finality and completeness in the Bible.

      End of the end of days indeed.

    2. I.e. hurricane Ian forming on 9-26 in the Atlantic. Just so happens that we had the "Oceangate Omen" recently in the Atlantic earlier this month (the 9rh month).


    3. Judgment against the "Titans"? I think the Titans fell to the Giants in that 9/11 football game.

    4. Correction ... The Oceangate Omen occurred at the tail end of August on the 30th and on the cusp of the start of September.

    5. However, and very interestingly, I do now notice and remember that, in looking at the date stamp, I posted the article on the "4th" of this month (September) - unintentionally. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    6. Additional thought on Rich's mention of the idea that the "Artemis" rocket had to be removed from its launch pad due to Hurricane Ian (John), thus possibly seeing the Providential thwarting of an "Artemis" occultic ritual - the state of Florida is, of course, the state that jets out into the Atlantic Ocean. This is reflective of the sinking of the Titanic (Titans) in the omen of the Oceangate release of the "Titanic" 8K footage. The Atlantic is where the sinking of Titanic occurred.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.



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