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Awake, Watching, and Ready To Go: Nearing the Finish Line

I pray to walk in the tension that the Church at large has seemingly never been able to walk in—knowing but not knowing. There has to be a middle ground where we truly watch for the day with honest speculation, but at the same time, never put all of our eggs in one basket or one theory. Honesty, humility, and faith are key here. Honest in that we will be true to the Scriptures even if God's word leads us in a direction we didn't expect. Honest also when our speculation is wrong. Humble in that we submit our thoughts and theories to Scripture first, and one another second. No one is above Scripture and no one is above correction from faithful brothers and sisters. Finally, faith in Christ's promises. We will never give up, never surrender. We are almost at the finish line. As surely as the LORD lives, Jesus will keep His promises to us.

Jesus said "no man has known," but then immediately turned around and said at the end of the age it will be the wicked servant that won't know the day or hour (Mt. 24:48–51). Jesus also said to "watch" lest you not know the day or hour (Rev. 3:3). Likewise, He frequently commanded His disciples to "watch," "be ready," and even to judge the signs of the times (Mt. 16:2–3; Lk. 19:42).

There's a genuine tension in Scripture on this topic that extremes simply haven't been able to capture. On one extreme: "no one can ever know, so stop worrying about it." In other words, "watching" is judged to be nothing but allegory and the study of prophecy is seen as a fool's errand.

On the other extreme: "Jesus is definitely coming on November 12th." These type of statements, often prefaced by a private claim of divine revelation, have always been wrong, but I imagine someone will eventually guess the day just by happenstance.

I think what is far more concrete is what we see happening right before our very eyes. This is the generation. It's the only generation in history where:

1. Israel became a nation again

2. Jerusalem returned to the Jews

3. Hebrew has been restored to the Jewish people

4. Everything has been prepared for the Third Temple—including the priests!

5. Mark of the Beast technology and social acceptance are tested and ready

6. Global institutions and proto-global government are ready—one world government incoming

7. All ethnos/nations were finally reached with the Gospel

8. Technology explosion (air flight, space flight, cars, nuclear weapons, skyscrapers, computers, phones, internet, appliances—virtually every technological marvel and modern convenience is a product of this generation)

9. Hitting the 6,000-year mark from creation / 2,000-year mark from Jesus' ascension, paralleling the six days of labor before the Sabbath rest

10. The restoration of literal exegesis and accompanying systemization of eschatology after a roughly 1,500-year allegorical hiatus (I'm looking at you, Augustine), just in time for the actual fulfillment of these earth-shattering events; as Isaac Newton stated so well:

About the times of the end, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition.

11. The advent of abject lawlessness in accord with Jesus and Paul's prophecies (Lk. 17:26–37; 1 Tim. 4:1–3; 2 Tim. 3:1–9; 2 Thess. 2:5–12); the world has always been sinful, but this final generation has embraced the most vile of vile, inventing new sorts of evil; and compared to most of history where most were oppressed as servants and peasants, the unshackled billions of the 20th and 21st centuries have used their freedom only for the pursuit of pleasure and self-divinity, growing ever-closer to stealing from the Tree of Life and rebuilding the proverbial Tower of Babel.

12. Apostate Christianity has arrived—whole denominations and tens of millions of Christians [in name only] have either embraced the growing harlot religion of universalism, behavior affirmation, and hedonism, or reject the Gospel from the opposite end—embracing legalism and political nationalism; the lawless embrace the whore and the legalists seemingly embrace the beast that will devour her

And on and on and on... There is no shortage of signs singling out this very generation in which you find yourself.

The Church should be on fire more than ever before—fully awake, watching, sharing the gospel, and ready to go, but instead, the Church is largely asleep, passive, quarreling with itself, and clueless. This is just as prophesied.

Now here is some pure speculation:

The Feast of Trumpets has always been a very high watch for many, mainly because of three key trumpet allusions to the rapture (1 Thess. 4:16–17; 1 Cor. 15:51–53; and Rev. 4:1–4).

However, the "Feast of Trumpets" is sort of just a colloquial/traditional term. The Bible actually calls it the Day of Shouting/Blowing and the Memorial of Shouting/Blowing. Technically trumpets are blown at every festival, and, in ancient times, every gathering of the people.

People often call the last blast of Rosh Hashanah the "last trumpet" in an effort to connect it with Paul's statement "at the last trump," but the last shofar blast of Trumpets is not called the last trump. It's called the "Great [Trumpet] Blowing"—Tekiah Gedolah. "Gedolah" does not mean "last," it means "great"—it's the "Great Trumpet," not the "Last Trumpet."

And as I've reminded myself each of these past few years, Rosh Hashanah is not the last festival on either the biblical (Spring to Spring) or Hebrew (Fall to Fall) calendars. The last major festival on the Spring to Spring calendar is actually Tabernacles and its concluding eighth-day assembly (Shemini Atzeret). The last major festival on the Rabbinical Fall to Fall calendar is Pentecost.

I for one believe that Paul's statement that the resurrection and the rapture of the Church will occur at the "last trumpet" should be understood more along the lines of "eschatological trumpet" or "concluding trumpet." It's the final act of the Church Age—the trumpet call of God bringing the whole Church home.

But if there might be an additional festival layer to this, I would suggest that Shemini Atzeret, Purim, and Pentecost better fit the "last trump" paradigm. Shemini Atzeret and Pentecost for the reasons mentioned above. Purim because it's literally the last festival of the biblical year (even though it's a minor festival).

So where am I headed with this? Rereading the account of the post-tribulational gathering of Israel (Mt. 24:29–31), a light dawned on me: most translations have "loud trumpet," but it's literally "great" (megales, from megas—the same word in Rev. 12:1). For instance, in the LSV we have "and He will send His messengers with a great sound of a trumpet..."

Hebrew would easily be Tekiah Gedolah or Shofar ha'Gadol—the traditional great trumpet blast of Rosh Hashanah. In other words, what if a key mistake some have made is linking Rosh Hashanah to Paul's "last trump," when it should be linked to the "great trump" of Matthew 24:29–31 instead? The prophetic backdrop for Matthew 24:29–31 can be found in Deuteronomy 30:1–10 and Isaiah 27. And guess what? Isaiah 27:13 proclaims that the Great Trumpet (lit. "great shofar") is what will signal the gathering of the elect Israelites at the time the Antichrist is slain and Satan banished (cf. Isa. 27:1 with Rev. 19:15, 19–21; 20:1–3).

So, as I've pondered in years past, what if Jesus fulfills the Fall festivals contiguously just as He did the Spring festivals? In a span of roughly 53 days He fulfilled all four Spring festivals. Likewise, the original Exodus fulfillments of the seven festivals were consecutive, occurring all in the same year (Nisan to Nisan).

Shemini Atzeret 2022 to Trumpets 2029 is exactly 2,520 days. The Great Tribulation is explicitly 1,260 days, not 1290, 1335, etc. The additional day counts might be reconciled some other way (perhaps events occurring after the return of Christ, like the Sheep and Goats Judgment and dedication of the Millennial Temple).

So imagine if the final 1,260 days end at Rosh Hashanah 2029 and Jesus fulfills the Feast of Trumpets with its Tekiah Gedolah ("Great Trump") according to Matthew 24:31.

Then the Day of Atonement—Jesus' robes dipped in blood and the grapes of wrath. Atonement was already paid at the Cross. This is the at-one-ment / reconciliation / setting things right for those who have rejected the Cross. They are squashed. Don't be a grape.

Tabernacles: Jesus sets up His Kingdom, tabernacling with men on earth. Tabernacles is the celebration celebrated every year during the Millennial Kingdom (Zech. 14).

These dates are just food for thought, showing how a possible sequence might occur such that all the Fall festivals would be fulfilled consecutively at Christ's return. Again, pure speculation. I don't know the day, but I'm excited, ready, and aware of what's going on around me. I see the day approaching—and far more quickly than in times past (Heb. 10:25).

M - A - R - A - N - A - T - H - A

ARE YOU READY FOR WHAT'S COMING?  Faith in Jesus and what He accomplished on your behalf is the only thing that will save you from what's coming.  Are you still bearing your sins, or have you accepted that He died for your sins and rose again?  Today is the day of salvation.  You're not promised tomorrow.  Get on the Ark, because the flood is coming.

 A dmit that you're a sinner.

 B elieve that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again.

 C all on the Lord Jesus Christ to save you.

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    I made a sighting of the new moon tonight (9/28) at sunset. Did anyone make a sighting last night? (9/27)

    1. New moon sighted (9/27) just before it dropped below the horizon in Central Washington state. Amazing sight to behold. Great article Gary, Thanks

    2. Thank you Allan! Noted in my new model log.

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  3. Well done, Gary! I have always appreciated your intellectual approach and the fact that you convey hope without becoming the false prophet.

    To strengthen your argument, I hope, I am re-posting something that I put on here a long while back . . .

    Is this for the RAPTURED CHURCH? (Gentiles using the Greek language, and the Gregorian calendar):

    Strong’s Concordance (Greek usage) for each Gregorian year:

    2018 “I bring forward (against), impose, inflict”
    2019 “I call out, shout, clamor at”
    2020 “I dawn, am near commencing”
    2021 “I take in hand, attempt” [marriage? Rapture?]
    2022 “I pour upon” [earthly troubles? Heavenly rewards?]
    2023 “I supply, provide (perhaps lavishly), furnish” [a mansion/Upper room?]
    2024 “Supply, provision, equipment, support” [prepare for our return as an army?]
    2025 “I spread on, anoint” [the witnesses and the Sealed?]
    2026 “I build upon (above) a foundation”
    2027 “I force forward, run (a ship) aground” [shorten the days?]
    2028 “I name, impose a name on; pass: am named” [the entire population WILL recognize me?]
    2029 “I am an eyewitness of, behold, look upon” [a new Jerusalem?]
    2030 “An eyewitness, spectator, looker-on”

    Notice how different the 2021-2029 timeframe is for the nation of Israel . . . using the Hebrew language and the Hebrew calendar:

    Strong’s Concordance (Hebrew usage) for each Hebrew year:

    5779 (starts Fall 2018) “to counsel, plan”
    5780 (starts Fall 2019) “a son of Aram, also a son of Nahor, also an Edomite . . . “
    5781 (starts Fall 2020) “perhaps to totter, cause tottering” [their failed gov/election?]
    5782 (starts Fall 2021) “to rouse oneself, awake” [after they see the Rapture or the AC coming?]
    5783 (starts Fall 2022) “to be exposed or bare” [no walls? A false peace?]
    5784 (starts Fall 2023) “chaff” [separation?]
    5785 (starts Fall 2024) “a skin” [the Abomination?]
    5786 (starts Fall 2025) “to make blind, blind” [the Jews are hidden/begin Wrath without Jesus?]
    5787 (starts Fall 2026) “blind” [still blind during the Wrath?]
    5788 (starts Fall 2027) “blindness” [still more Wrath?]
    5789 (starts Fall 2028) “to lend aid, come to help” [the Wrath ends?]
    5790 (starts Fall 2029) “perhaps to help” [if you made Atonement through Jesus?]
    5791 (starts Fall 2030) “to be bent or crooked” [the remainder bent to God’s will?]

    And for the vast MAJORITY of the world . . . the un-saved multitude, who continue to use Gregorian years, but might become a believing Remnant or Tribulation Saint (using the Hebrew usage of Strong’s, because it will be the only version used in the New Jerusalem???) . . .

    2018 “An overthrow”
    2019 “Crooked”
    2020 “Deliverance”
    2021 “Perhaps a weapon (of war)” [the virus/vaccine?]
    2022 “Mountain, hill, hill country” [a super volcano . . . or a "super" leader?]
    2023 “Two mountains in Palestine [two-state peace . . . false prophet and AC??]
    2024 “A region of North Mesopotamia” [Ezekiel 38 strike area?]
    2025 “Altar” [the Desolation; the replacement of Holy Blood on the first day of Passover?]
    2026 “To kill, slay”
    2027 “A slaughter”
    2028 “A slaughter” [the End of the Tribulation?]
    2029 “To conceive, become pregnant” [a new future in a New Jerusalem?]
    2030 “Pregnant”


  4. Very good article - once again. Very clever that you mention the FoT the day after it ends and then suggest Shemini Atzeret without giving a date. Thus allowing us to go to the googles and put in some effort.

    As much as I'm disappointed when another high watch date comes and goes, I'm always looking for the next one.

  5. Soon and very soon - Thanks Gary - Here is to hoping for Shemini Atzereth - 11-11 is also interesting - (since both eclipses - the solar and the lunar peak at 11:00 universal time...and that bell that rang around the world in 2018 on Nov 11 - and Hanukkah could be interesting too. But I did not calculate the dates. Jesus is Coming Soon ...Hope to the end...I Peter 1:13

    Hebrew Bible Code - The End of Days - 5783 - Messiah - Return

  6. Gary,

    Your model is not far off from my last model. The return is different and makes sense in terms of the day and how the Shofar is used to call the Messiah. Heaven is opened after all!!

    A Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah harpazo would require the immediate appearance of the two witnesses as they would be gone by Pesach, 2026 and the flight of the elect of Israel into the wilderness. This was the original modeled ministry of the two witnesses, Simchat Torah to just before Pesach, in my last model (1,260 days) to their resurrection on or about 3/30/26 to 3/31/26. Certainly not impossible but it's how the timing would have to work according to (Revelation 11:3).

    I am reminded how Israel was called via the trumpet(s) of (Numbers 10:1-4); although I have long since suspect that the Trumpet (voice) of G-D would sound for the first and last on the same day.


    Still grinding on the 1,290 days though as I start to model your suggested departure. Back to the drawing board perhaps and (Daniel 12).

    Excellent points and so, so true concerning looking with an eye on specific dates. May we all be found hard at work when the LORD comes for us!


  7. Gary,

    If I'm reading you correctly, it sounds like you've opened the door to disconnecting the Rapture from feast days. If I have it wrong, please correct me. But if so, I like that concept, and have for some time now. And it leads me back to one article by Greg Lauer that deeply resonated with me. I'm have nothing of the educational background that you and some others here have, but the article just "felt right" from the moment I read it, and I'll post the link here for others to read.

    If something happens to the link, it's from Greg Lauer's website called 'A Little Strength', and it's an article titled A Fresh Look at Shavuot, from his list of articles from the year 2020.



  8. Thank you, dear brethren, for the encouraging article. Since I hardly find any Christians on German-language sites who are waiting for the Lord's return and are writing about it, I have saved your site. And I hope and wait just as excitedly and full of anticipation for the impending rapture as you do. - I wish you the necessary strength and the Lord's blessing to endure the last days on this dark earth. Greetings from Spain. maranatha!

    1. Welcome to UNSEALED.ORG Caminito. We are pleased you have joined us!

  9. Thanks for all you do. Dr. Barry Awe has a new video called, "Biblical proof 5783 is the Jubilee in God's reckoning!" Dr Awe says this fall begins the Jubilee year and when it's a Jubilee year the Feast of Trumpets is celebrated on the Day of Atonement. Dr. Awe said James Smith saw the new moon in Israel to begin the Feast of Trumpets on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. Dr. Awe said the Feast of Trumpets is a two day feast. So if the rapture doesn't occur by 6:30 P.M Jerusalem time on Thursday, September 29 than the rapture will be on the Day of Atonement in October. Best regard see you in the air.

    1. Thank you for sharing the sighting of the New Moon in Israel. Yes, on a Jubilee year we need to be looking at Yom Kippur.

    2. Thank you so much D. D. Nave for that summary of Dr. Barry Awes video! This means we should continue our HIGH WATCH through OCTOBER 7 based on the sighting of the new moon sliver in Israel!
      If we pass that point then it's on to Gary's speculation of Shemini Atzeret!

  10. The numbering system will never happen now that biometrics is becoming more available, cheaper and reliable. Silicon chips used for ID purposes will soon be obsolete. Facial recognition will be widespread soon. You will be identified just by walking into a place and having your face captured by cameras whether you submit to it or not. No need for any marks or chip implants. The technology is available now. Google Morpho and Idemia. See what is coming and is here now. No marks, no tattoos, no silicon chip implants. Sorry guys.

    1. When you can show me one thing that the Bible has been wrong about, then I'll take that into consideration. Until then, there is no reason not to believe it as it's written . . . no matter how imperfectly we interpret and understand.

      I don't say this to be combative at all. Just to point out the obvious. That if we have faith in His specific and written revelation, despite our misgivings, we cannot go wrong.


  11. Interesting conjecture. Here's why.

    It is after dawn of 27 Sep, 2013 when I am awoken by a very loud voice asking me the question, "Are you ready to receive the King?", followed by three loud & deep thudding knocks on a door.

    I get up & check no one is at the door.

    Check out what the Hebrew calendar date is.........

  12. I don't understand #10 above, Gary. I must have missed something in a prior publication.

  13. You may like this...

  14. Thanks Gary for your faithful exhortation to us!

  15. Russia to formally annex 4 occupied Ukraine regions

    Quoting, i24news.tv,

    'Tomorrow... a signing ceremony will take place on the incorporation of the new territories into Russia'

    Moscow will formally annex four Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine at a Kremlin ceremony on Friday, the Russian presidency said on Thursday.

    The announcement comes after annexation "referendums" in the regions partly controlled by Moscow: Donetsk and Luhansk in the east, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia in the south.

    Noting the time of the signing ceremony as 1500 Moscow time I thought to take a look at Strong's Concordance and here is what we find,

    Strong's Concordance (G1500)

    eiké: without cause or reason, vainly
    Original Word: εἰκῇ
    Part of Speech: Adverb
    Transliteration: eiké
    Phonetic Spelling: (i-kay')
    Definition: without cause or reason, vainly
    Usage: without a cause, purpose; purposelessly, in vain, for nothing.

    Strong's Concordance (H1500)

    gezelah: plunder, spoil
    Original Word: גְּזֵלָה
    Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
    Transliteration: gezelah
    Phonetic Spelling: (ghez-ay-law')
    Definition: plunder, spoil

    Hmmm...if the shoe fits...

    Quoting, again,

    To annex the territories, which represent about 15 percent of Ukraine, some sort of treaty will need to be struck and ratified by the Russian parliament, which is controlled by Putin allies. The areas will then be seen as part of Russia and its nuclear umbrella will extend to them. (Rodion Miroshnik, Russian installed ambassador to Moscow of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic)

    Anyone smell dragon's breath?

    I sure do.

  16. 70-80 years (Psalm 90:10) of the fig tree generation out from 1948 gives us a window period of 2018-2028 for the Rapture.

    Can this 10 year period be narrowed down any further?

    1. Jordan B,

      A question then arises...who is the fig tree generation, what defines it and what marks the end of that generation? What is their end and what does it mean? Just a few of many questions...

      I believe Jesus gives us a hint at this and Daniel records the day count. The Exodus also foreshadows the coming flight of the elect of God from Israel into the wilderness. Could it be on the last day of unleavened bread that the enemies of G-d are swallowed whole by the earth? (Revelation 12:16)

      Just a few of the questions I am asking and post in this space for exploration.

      With the "annexation" of Ukrainian lands into the Russian Federation today I think we are far closer to the time of our departure than too many believe. Like I said, the air is getting filled with the scent of dragon's breath.

      A show of force never seen in the history of mankind is about to take place. An event of Biblical proportions. A happening wrapped up in a word that has meaning beyond imagination,

      HELPS Word Studies

      726 harpázō – properly, seize by force; snatch up, suddenly and decisively – like someone seizing bounty (spoil, a prize); to take by an open display of force (i.e. not covertly or secretly).

      Our departure, snatching, taking will be an open show of force. Not hidden but visible, public and on display for all to see.

      Make sure your seat belts are fastened, your tray table stowed and seat in upright and locked position. Flight 777 for nonstop service to the Glory Seat of Heaven is preparing for departure from Gate 666.

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  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. 2022 A JUBILEE YEAR? (Revised)

    Reflecting on an earlier post regarding this year potentially being a Jubilee year, I took a moment to model that backward in time. One question many of us have is if Jesus' reading from (Isaiah 61) as recorded in (Luke 4:18-19) was a proclamation of the Jubilee? If it was the timing would have been right as He would have read this in the fall. How do we know?

    Christ's earthly ministry was 3-1/2 years in length. We all know His physical ministry ended in the Spring (six months after Fall) so the tenure of His preaching would have been for three Falls and one Spring. If His reading from Isaiah would have been about the time of Yom Kippur that would correspond to the marking of the New Year on Yom Kippur.

    Tracking backward from 2022 that would make 22 AD as a candidate Jubilee. Far too early a date I would say especially with all evidence pointing to His physical birthday being in the Fall of 3 BC (no year zero) when Jupiter (the king planet) triple crowned Regulus (the king star) in retrograde motion and was in conjunction. Mercury and Venus were in Virgo and the woman (Virgo) was clothed in the Sun with the Moon at her feet. (Yom Teruah!)

    That was September, 11, 3 BC.

    A Jubilee in 2028 makes more sense than 2022 as 28 AD would have been candidate as the Jubilee in the days of Jesus' earthly ministry not 22 AD. The Dead Sea Scrolls give us 32 AD as the year Christ was crucified. Spring of 32 AD would take us to a Fall beginning of Christ's ministry in the year 28 AD. Jesus would have been 22 years old in the Fall of 22 AD while He would have been 30 in the Fall of 28 AD.

    For these reasons I would submit we may not want to look too closely at Yom Kippur as the New Year this time around. That is not to say the harpazo cannot happen then, it certainly can. I just wouldn't look to Yom Kippur, 2022 as being a Jubilee based on these calculations. Besides, the day is not so important as the day counts involved and how all of Scripture falls into place. This is where models come in so handy!

    Interestingly enough, a Shemini Atzeret/Simchat, 2022 Torah harpazo would allow for a Yom Teruah, 2029 return with Pesach, 2026 as midpoint of the 70th week and beginning of the Great Tribulation.

    PS> I have not seen what Dr Barry has published on the topic and will catch it soon as I can!

    1. I've watched Dr Barry's presentation on the Jubilee and agree with how he interprets the Jubilee year and seven year Shemitah cycle. He indicated that it may not be "the" Jubilee cycle originally established by G-d but is a Jubilee cycle for which the year AM is divisible by 49. For example, 5782 AM has 118 49s.

      One metric I follow comes from (Genesis 6:3) with the days of man being 120 (Jubilee) years. This is the master count I follow in modeling. Will compare this to Gary's current model.

  20. Interesting info! This is the second person I've heard who speculates that the Feast of Trumpets might be the call to Israel to assemble - either a call for the nation to ask Jesus to come, or for Israel to gather at the Sheep and goats judgement.

    The whole "any minute but not yet this minute " waiting can be so hard. I'm convinced the Rapture will be sometime before 2029 (because i dont think the church age plus Trib will tip over 2000 years)...but that's still a lot of wiggle room. I keep hoping it'll be 'this year'! And one year I'll be right!

  21. I recommend Author C.J. Lovik on Youtube his "Jubilee 2022? Whiteboard Animation." Lovik used the Bible in Ezekiel 40 and 1Kings 6 to show that the first Jubilee was in 1407 BC and October 2022 will begin the 70th Jubilee which he believes is the perfect time to begin the 70th week of Daniel and the perfect year for the rapture since it is holy. The Jubilee is God's reset and is better than the evil globalist reset. Jesus is our Jubilee. Our countries founders believed in the Jubilee they had part of Leviticus 25:10 inscription on the Liberty Bell in 1753. "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants." Best regards.

    1. D.D.~Wow! I just posted a new article (WILL WE FLY FREE AT THE JUBILEE?! ) that includes the points you just made in this comment, but I did not see your Comment until today. As I wrote below, I believe there may be a prophetic connection between the notorious Independence Hall speech and the Year of Jubilee. Blessings!

  22. I have a question about something I read on Rapture2021. I follow Unsealed, Lyn Melvin, and Rapture 2021, all very good and informative. I read;

    The prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will restore him to health; if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The urgent request of a righteous person is very powerful in its effect. (James 5:15-16)
    For if you forgive people their wrongdoing, your heavenly Father will forgive you as well. But if you don’t forgive people, your Father will not forgive your wrongdoing. (Matthew 6:15)
    If someone has hurt you to the point your not speaking to them, but they didn't commit a crime against you is praying to God to heal your heart enough or do you have to go to that person and talk to them?

    1. I would humbly suggest that prayer is essential for you and your relationship with God. It is part of the struggle and daily exercise of your own self-improvement. But if you wish to mend fences and improve relations with other mortal beings, then you must use mortal means. Give yourself ears to hear and eyes to see. And then, when you understand how you feel and you're ready to listen to how they feel, maybe it's time to talk to them.

      There is always a way forward. And the zig-zags are for character building.


    2. Talking to another is not always possible. One verse to support this is when the Bible says "in as much as it is up to you, be at peace with others" (my paraphrase) - there's room in the Bible for the fact that you can only control yourself. Forgiving another has nothing to do with their response or reaction, or even interaction with you. For example, in my own life, there's someone who wronged me, and I've forgiven them that "debt", but she has zero interest in ever talking to me again, and I believe it would actually do more harm than good to approach her (it would just fuel her bitterness and self righteousness), but that's okay. My forgiveness of her has almost nothing to do with her directly. It is internal to me and also between me and God. So to answer your question, no, I don't think there is any need to confront someone with your forgiveness. Especially if you don't think it would help that person.

    3. Hi Sherrill777 - Thank you for your input. The person involved is a sibling, and he has always been a person that can be very deceitful when it serves him. That is the thing, he feels nothing he does or says is wrong and always has an answer for anything. I feel it would make matters worse by talking to him. My dad is in Heaven now, so can no longer be hurt by him. So, by letting go of those feelings, I know that by not communicating with him he can't hurt me mentally either. God bless you.

  23. Hi Speedi9,

    All verses in the bible have to be taken in their context. For Matthew 6:15, Jesus was explaining Kingdom rules which would apply if Israel had accepted Him as their King and Messiah then, and His Kingdom set up on earth. However this did not happen. Instead Jesus was rejected by the Jews and crucified on the cross. Of course God knew this would happen, and allowed it to happen for an even greater good -- so that all our sins are paid for through Christ's sacrifice. Thus we have all been forgiven of all our sins, whether or not we forgive others. His salvation of us is not contingent on our behaviour. Salvation is a free gift, by grace, totally unconditional and irrevocable. The only sin that cannot be forgiven is the sin of unbelief i.e. rejecting Christ and His free gift of salvation.

    Under the old covenant of the law, we had to forgive others in order to be forgiven. Under the new covenant of grace inaugurated by Christ's death and resurrection, we forgive others because He has already forgiven us (see Ephesians 4:32).

    As for whether to talk to that person who had hurt you, that depends on how the Spirit leads you. Sometimes it is not wise to continue hanging out with people we know are out to hurt us or are bad for us.

    1. JJ
      Thank you so much for answering my question.
      The person involved is a relative of mine. He has spread lies about me to other family members, and disrespected my dad, who has since passed away, whom I was very close to. I have prayed and asked Jesus to help me forgive him for the pain he caused me. I feel now that Jesus is helping me let go of the past, but I still don't ever want to talk to him. Thank you so much. God bless you

    2. Hi Speedi9,

      You are most welcome. I know Jesus is already healing your heart of the hurt and pain caused by your relative. I have experienced lies being spread about me as well by an ex-colleague, and it took me some years to get over the bitterness. Just want to share 3 verses that helped me a lot:

      1. “No weapon that is formed against you will succeed; And you will condemn every tongue that accuses you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me,” declares the LORD (Isaiah 54:17).

      I have personally experienced this vindication of God come to pass in my life with regards to my ex-colleague!

      2. "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies, You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows." (Psalms 23:5)

      Even in the presence of your enemies, continue feeding on God's word and His goodness. In Hebrew, the root word for "fight" and "feed" are the same i.e. we "fight" by feeding!

      3. "See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble, and by it many become defiled" (Hebrews 12:15).

      To prevent bitterness from forming in our hearts towards those who hurt us, it is important we continue to keep our eyes on God's grace and loving kindness toward us. Be always conscious of His goodness in your life, the daily blessings he showers upon you and your loved ones.

      "The LORD’S acts of mercy indeed do not end, For His compassions do not fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness" (Lamentations 3:22).

      Lastly, just want to add that as Christians, persecution is something we can expect in our lives. In fact Jesus says that we will be persecuted if we follow Him. "Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A slave is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you as well" (John 15:20).

      When Jesus was about to be betrayed by Judas, He said "Now is the Son of Man glorified, and God is glorified in Him" (John 13:31). So do not be discouraged by persecution, for your reward in heaven will be great.

    3. Speedi9, at the risk of more suggestions, but based on real life experience, I will weigh in on the "forgiveness" difficulties. Like many, I too have had many life lessons in this arena, some/most daily. I learned, in addition to JJ's most excellent counsel, that two other scriptures and their application were very helpful:

      Ezek 22::30 searched for a man among them to repair the wall and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, so that I should not destroy it. But I found no one.

      God wants us to stand in the gap for those who have injured us; He takes very seriously the offenses agains His sons/daughters, and when we stand in the gap, asking God to forgive them for injuring us, He is glorified and works wonders--even if we never see it. This includes asking God to bless the offender. I know: hard! but pleasing to God, and trusts Him to bring recompense. cf Romans 12:14 14Bless those who persecute you [who cause you harm or hardship]; bless and do not curse [them].

      The other verse is Romans 12:19-20 The Amplified Bible:
      Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave the way open for God’s wrath [and His judicial righteousness]; for it is written [in Scripture], “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord. 20“BUT IF YOUR ENEMY IS HUNGRY, FEED HIM; IF HE IS THIRSTY, GIVE HIM A DRINK; FOR BY DOING THIS YOU WILL HEAP [e]BURNING COALS ON HIS HEAD.”

      The key for me is a footnote in the original version of TAB which cross references Prov. 25: 21-22 that reads :
      to embarrass its victim, but just the opposite. The picture is that of the high priest (Lev. 16:12) who, on the Day of Atonement, took his censer and filled it with “coals of fire” from off the altar of burnt offering, and then put incense on the coals to create a pleasing, sweet-smelling fragrance. The cloud or smoke of the incense covered the mercy seat and was acceptable to God for atonement. Samuel Wesley wrote:/ “So artists melt the sullen ore of lead,/ By heaping coals of fire upon its head:/ In the kind warmth the metal learns to glow,/ And pure from dross the silver runs below.”

      In other words, this is similar to standing in the gap for the offender, and I have found (in over 40 years of being saved) that doing this, hard as it may be, takes my mind off the offense and changes my perspective. I pray this helps--I know it's hard. Blessings, Judi

    4. Hi Hmewrdbe,
      No, I welcome all of the advice everyone has given me. If I am understanding what you are saying is that one thing that God wants from us is forgiving those who hurt us. That is one thing that I had trouble with. I had a lot of anger in my heart for my mine brother, but by praying and all of the input I have received, I have been able to let go of that. Now with the help of all of my brothers and sisters here I am learning how to pray for God to help work in him and maybe someday he will understand what pain his deceit causes others. God bless you for your help.

  24. Gary's math makes great sense--Shemini Atzeret 2022 to Trumpets 2029 is exactly 2,520 days--yet I am very much intrigued by the possibility of us entering a Jubilee Year and what that entails for Those in Christ.

    In my research I came across what I believe may be a prophetic connection between the notorious Independence Hall speech and the Year of Jubilee. I put it together and just posted it if anyone is interested:

  25. Awake, Watching, And Ready To Go?

    As with all the significant events in God's plan, He left us a Warning sign for the Rapture of the Church.

    The substance and shadow of the resurrection on Firstfruits reveals that to be so. Lets examine the truths that Scripture reveals concerning the warning sign of the Rapture - truth you won't be able to deny - because it's straight out of the word of God!

    Firstfruits, the promise of the full harvest yet to come, is the day Christ rose. Casting a shadow of a set time for resurrections into the future, setting the stage for the return of Jesus, the Christ in the future. But, Matthew, in his gospel wrote, at chapter 27, verses 52 and 53, that on that day of resurrection, after Jesus rose, the graves were opened and, my bible says, "and many bodies of saints that slept arose, and, came out of the graves after the resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many".

    What this is saying, is that these risen saints are the shadow cast of the promise of the full harvest of the saints yet to come.
    And, on that day appointed for the Ascension, Ephesians, chapter 4, at verse 8, tells us that when He ascended on high, He led captivity captive, fulfilling that earlier prophecy made in Psalm 68 at verse 18!

    That means that when Jesus ascended, 40 days after He rose, he took with him those saints who rose with him 40 days earlier, those that were seen by many in the holy city. They were the token, of the full harvest yet to come, just as the omer of barley (the flour) , made from the sheaf's of barley picked on Firstfruits, and waved before the Lord, was the token of a full harvest yet to come.

    That's what Paul means when he tells the Thessalonians, in chapter 4 at verse 16 & 17, that the dead in Christ rise first, then we which are alive and remain are caught up together with them in the twinkling of an eye, to be with the Lord forever.

    And in fulfillment of the shadow cast by that event on resurrection day, many of the newly resurrected dead in Christ, will be seen by many, just as they once were seen in the holy city.

    That is the warning sign God gave us to know that our redemption is only 40 days away!

    1. re: the 40 days

    2. That link doesn't work, this one does.


  26. In reviewing the Jewish Feasts ('set times'), we find the following:

    The Sabbath: Shadow cast - Rest.
    Christ fulfills the Sabbath, and now keeping holy the Sabbath, for the Church, is resting in the work of Christ.

    The Passover: Shadow cast - Faith - Death - Salvation.
    Christ fulfills the Passover, as Faith (action based on belief, supported by confidence) provides salvation through His death.

    Unleavened Bread: Shadow cast - overcoming corruption and evil.
    Christ fulfills the Feast of Unleavened Bread. He overcame corruption and evil. Then the bread is hidden for three days, and reappears on Firstfruits. Christ was hidden for three days and reappeared on Firstfruits.

    Firstfruits: Shadow cast: Pledge of a full harvest yet to be gathered.
    Christ fulfills Firstfruits, rising on Firstfruits, the pledge of the full harvest yet to come - the resurrection and Rapture of the Church.

    Pentecost: Shadow cast - New Offering made fifty days after Firstfruits.
    Christ fulfilled, He was the new offering.

    All of the above Feasts, or 'set times', have been fulfilled by Christ and are also all shadows of the Church, also fulfilled by Christ. The Jews didn't accept Christ nor the church He started.

    The remaining Feasts, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles, not yet fulfilled by Christ, because they have nothing to do with the church. They are for the Jews, as Pentecost will be again, when the Church is gone.

  27. Gary,
    Great Article and keen on keeping us Encouraged and Focused on our Blessed Hope. It is not over yet, despite some of us waiting and wanting to ‘Throw in the Towel’. If I can Chime in the Conversation. From what I sense, I have always leaned towards a Pentecost Rapture Season, even up to the very Last Day of Summer. And still could be, but until then… The Feast of Pentecost, Typologically is not over yet as some might suggest. It is in the Present Tense being fulfilled. The Church Age is the Pentecostal Age, or Intermission, in one’s Interpretation.

    This present ‘Harvesting of Souls’ will close out with the Resurrection-Rapture. But we cannot keep or restrict Jesus’ prescribing the Day of the Rapture, despite our Biases and Pre-Supposition of were we are at in the Eschatological Learning Curve. We can only ascertain what is in front of us, study it and apply a Process of Elimination. As the Days are getting more Prophetic, Jesus is allowing the Church Body to see and understand more pertaining to the Signs of the Time. And Time is running out, the Church Time that is.

    But aside from that topic, I invite your Readers to 1 of my Articles on that Shemini Atzeret possible Rapture Hight Watch Day then. There are some Key Inferences to this Mysterious and Lesser-Known Key Feast. I have also provided the Links several Charts that accompany the Study for a visual effect. The only correction is that one was assuming that the Daily Sacrifices could or would be starting on Shemini Atzerets, but that can come later, perhaps in the Gap of Time in-Between the Rapture and when will the Daily Sacrifices actually start.

    Blessings and Keep the Watch
    Luis Vega

    When the King Gathers to Confirm His Covenant

    Charts: Possible 2022-2029 Tribulation Timeline
    October 18, 2022 Shemini Atzeret - April 1, 2026 Passover - September 11, 2029 Yom Teruah

    1. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading your thoughts on these upcoming high watches.

      I wonder if.... as Pentecost is to Passover, so Shemini Atzeret is to Trumpets. The 4th and last feast of the respective season.

  28. I was just reading a new article on the world population reaching 8 billion this Fall in 2022. And I thought that I would put an idea out there . . .

    We could spend our time arguing about the world's vaccination status, and its future effect on world population. We could discuss the coming famines, diseases, etc. We could talk about the clear and prescient case for an upcoming military conflagration. But truthfully, these are all inevitable, as they are representative of the Four Horsemen run amok. And it could also be argued that ALL of these will start to make headlines in the next 12 months.

    But what I'm trying to draw attention to here, more specifically, is the mind-blowing (at least to me) idea that the "fulness of the gentiles" is related to the number 8 . . . as in 8 billion.

    It is universally accepted that 8 is a lucky number in Asian cultures. It is apparently also a powerful number in forms of numerology. But these groups might have stolen this information from the Christians . . . 8 being tied to Jesus and new beginnings, orders, or creations!

    Or from the Hebrews, where I quote from graceintorah.net . . .

    "Shemoni [f.], shemonah [m.] Literally to “make fat.” New beginnings, not just complete (like seven), but satiated. Becoming “fat” is having more than enough. Full to overflowing. Moves from natural to supernatural. Transcends natural time and space to supernatural realm. Figuratively, eight takes one through a full cycle of seven, and begins anew – the One Day – Yom Echad – of creation. But, it also alludes to greater authority (doubled 4), accountability, and holiness (set apartness)."

    Notwithstanding the small and blind population of unbelieving Jews at the time, fewer than 10 million in Israel in 2022, and a remnant scattered across the globe . . . could we not say that we are about to see the high-water mark of the population this Fall . . . at 8?

    Is Gary correct about the beginning of a new Creation and Order, from natural to Supernatural, taking shape around this year's "Eighth Day Assembly" on Shemini Atzeret?

    Could 8 billion be the "Fulness of the Gentiles?"

    How crazy is that? Or how crazy am I?


    1. Jeremy, I think that is fascinating, thank you for sharing! I remember years ago Jack Kelley saying the rapture is a NUMBER specific event, not date. And I totally agree. We know that God is just waiting for that number to converge with His appointed day for Jesus to go get His Bride. Does God have a specific date in mind (ofc He know when the rapture will be) and the "number" of Gentiles on that day is the cut off for salvation prior to the rapture--or, is He waiting for a pre-determined number to be reached, and whatever that day happens to be will be the rapture? Does the answer to that question of mine even matter, because of course He already knows all of it, lol. At any rate, I think you might be on to something here! Just more fuel for the prophetic fire, yes.

    2. Astute connection!!

    3. Oh! I hope you're right, but if I read the context, starting at Romans chapter 10, it doesn't mean that to me. It's the multitude (or fulness) of Gentiles coming into grace, but that's just my thinking. I may misinterpret or misunderstand the chapter.

    4. Carole, I agree, just seems to be layers of prophecy going on here, as so often happens. Full Church, full world population concurrent perhaps? blessings, sister.

    5. I forgot to mention that, not counting the Creation Week, which doesn't seem fair, the Low-Water Mark of Earth's population was also 8. During Noah's Flood!


  29. Before I begin, one caveat, I am neither a biblical scholar or chosen by God to speak for Him. In general I primarily listen to and/or read the ministering to the flock by: Amir Tsarfati, J.D. Farag, Greg Lauer and of course Gary and Jeff here at Unsealed. I believe I was listening to Amir and he either said something to this effect or I connected the dots in my head and arrived at this conclusion on my own, I don't know which. The crux of the biscuit, if you will, is that Jesus came unto the Jews and not unto the Gentiles until the Jews rejected Him. During that period most theologians agree that he fulfilled the Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread and Firstfruits. So, it follows that He will also fulfill the remaining feasts for the Jews and not the Gentiles. Which would most probably mean that He will fulfill them during His Second Coming when He returns to the earth and not, which is to state the obvious, the same thing as meeting us in the clouds during the rapture. This would also mean that attempting to tie the rapture to a festival would be futile since it will occur at least seven years prior to the Second Coming. Does this ring true to anyone else or is it merely uneducated conjecture? MARANATHA

    1. My understanding is that what you have proposed is both well-known and accepted by many. It is certainly conjecture. It is not uneducated.

      Is it true? Only God and His Prophets would know. But it is definitely one of the mainstream views.


    2. But I should have also added this:

      That BECAUSE much of our End-Times outline is based on those same Feasts, we can undeniably arrive at sound and Biblical conjecture regarding the Rapture's timing.


    3. Good points and questions but looking deeper into Scripture and at the birth, or conception as many of us here call it, of the Church -- that event was tied to a Jewish appointed feast day. Shavuot (Pentecost). We may consider the modern church to be a Gentile church but let's not forget it was born of Jews who followed Jesus. Messianic Jews if you will and as such we are grafted into that Jewishness. We are all born children of men but made Children of God by adoption of one Father.

      Consider also all of the Jewish imagery surrounding the harpazo not the least of which is the trumpet (voice) of G-d. When did His voice first sound before His people Israel? In the wilderness at the mountain of G-d Mt Horeb. When did this take place?


      A very Jewish feast day appointed by G-d as found in (Leviticus 23).

      Gentile and Jew are eternally intertwined. We worship in truth and spirit the God of our father Abraham. From him all nations rose and the seed of the woman comes forth.

      The harpazo will happen in His perfect time, just in time, right on time. But it will happen according to Scripture as given in Daniel, Matthew and Revelation. Understanding that timing is, IMHO, perhaps easier to understand working from the end with that being the beginning of the Kingdom era. When might that be? I believe it will be at Hanukkah (Feast of Dedication).

      But that's just me and is one of many questions I prayerfully explore and discuss in this space.

      Hold fast. Keep looking and keep the faith!


    4. I might add...

      All nations (peoples) physically rose from Adam via Noah but the children of Abraham would be as numerous as the stars. We are Abraham's children by faith if not by birth through Christ Jesus. In Christ we are all One. One with God. One in faith. One in heritage and inheritance. One in Christ. Adopted children of God.

    5. Pastor Rich, I always appreciate what you write. It’s so thoughtful, considerate and cause for thought. Thank you. Is there a connection to your ministry...? Maranatha.

    6. Royal Crown,

      Thank you and you're most welcome. I don't have a link to a website as we don't use that platform. We're focused on content creation and production of terrestrial broadcast radio programming for syndication in the United States. As such I manage pastoral, producer and technical engineering for that effort. Put simply, we're focused on God and putting His message out to the masses as fast as we can! A website would be great if we had the resources. I am also a church planter recently finished working with a replant.

    7. Yes, and certainly not "uneducated conjecture".

      Common sense tells you what Day Rapture is, not the date!

      And the warning sign to watch for.

      Iam also reminded of 2 Timothy 4:3-4

    8. Pastor Rich, I really appreciate what you said and how you said it up there at 12:11. The two ‘sticks’ are destined to become one. We are not to despise the ancient paths or the Ancient of Days. Abba has never wasted any words. He is the ultimate Restorationist, so the less angst, the better.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Pastor Rich, thank you! I understand. Blessings! Rick

  32. Its my understanding that there will be a 75 day gap between the Lords second coming and the start of the millenial kingdom. The world is going to be a mess after 7 yrs. of satans rule and the battle of Armageddon. There will be a lot of cleaning up to do.
    Also, I see that Matt. 24 continues to be misinterpreted. When Jesus said " no man knows the day or the hour", what day was he referring to? He said it in the verse before when he said "heaven and earth shall pass away but my words will not". This was a direct reference to the true end of the world which was the initial question to start with. In Peters epistles he talks about the heavens "passing away, melting with fervent heat". This day will not occur until after the millenial kingdom reign, the white throne judgement of the wicked and satans ultimate destruction. At that time God will create a NEW heaven and earth but this one now will "pass away" first.

    1. I could not agree with you more! The idiom given via (Daniel 12) of the 1,335 days is a fit in various modeled years spanning Pesach to Hanukkah I with December 1, 2029 being one such case.

      Knowing Jesus healed how many of the blind, lame and lepers with a touch? He raised the dead with a word. What might He do once He touches the Earth so rotten with blight and scars on His glorious return?


      The Kingdom Era will be like no other. A time I can barely imagine.

  33. The thing I love about this site, and the other two I follow is that you aren't afraid to acknowledge that it wasn't fruitful, the timing, so you aren't afraid to look into the next possible time. Gary, you put a lot of time and effort, and it shows, into each of the times the Rapture could happen. Of-course only God knows the second we will ascend, but he gives clues, and you aren't afraid look and follow each one. Then with everyone giving their views it makes for an exciting ride full of anticipation. I learn so much. Thank you all, and I can't wait to meet in Heaven!

    1. Thank you so much my friend! Maranatha.

      Between this fall and next fall are probably my highest watch EVER because of the Shmita possibilities.


    ...or what we otherwise call watching and staying awake has its limits. There is no day that my mind is equal to or greater that God's. Even if He were to personally tell me the day and the hour how could I prove it until it happened?

    I couldn't (unless of course He told all of us!)

    With that I am happy to be wrong and privileged to continue watching.

    I thought I would share some observations on the day. Today is Friday, October 7, 2022. Ten (10) days since the sighting of the New Moon over Jerusalem and thus Yom Kippur by celestial reckoning. According to the Ecclesiastic calendar that is the tenth day of the seventh month (M7D10) and just so happens to fall on 10/7 on the Gregorian calendar.


    Seven tens in mathematical terms equals 70. (7 x 10 = 70) Today is also the 70th birthday of the Russian Federation President. Just one of several appearances of the number 70 lately! All on what appears, and we hope to be, the eve of the 70th week of Daniel.

    Studying (Matthew 24:14) in light of the two witnesses it seemed clear that the end of their ministry and testimony to all the nations is followed by the AoD and the ultimate rise of the AC seen in (Matthew 24:15). This then is followed by the flight of the woman (the elect of Israel) into the wilderness (Matthew 24:16) -- making the death and harpazo of the two witnesses the end of the generation,

    14 And this gospel of the kingdom
    will be proclaimed throughout the
    whole world as a testimony to all
    the nations, and then the end will

    (Matthew 24:14 ESV)

    The end comes when all the nations, ("ἔθνεσιν") or "ethnesin" a word which comes from "ethnos" which means, "a race, a nation, pl. the nations (as distinct from Isr. [Israel])", have heard the testimony of the two witnesses.

    4 These are the two olive trees
    and the two lampstands that stand
    before the Lord of the earth.

    (Revelation 11:4 ESV)

    Angels who come in the Name of the LORD (יהוה) to proclaim the Gospel before the wrath of G-D is poured out. An end event that (IMHO) will be live streamed for all to see!

    If their ministry ends at Pesach, 2026 (3/30/26) then it would have to begin at Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah, 2022 (10/17/26). That would allow the 180 weeks or 1,260 days of ministering in sackcloth before all the world. (This is according to the civil calendar. Offset a couple days for an Ecclesiastic calendar). This would set the stage for a return on Yom Teruah, 2029. (Nods to Gary for that observation!)

    This is the soonest that I can see the arrival of the two witnesses. Thus our departure could be any moment between now and Simchat Torah in ten days time (give or take depending on how God marked Rosh Chodesh (head of the month).

    Hold fast, stay awake and keep watch!



    1. PR “There is no day that my mind is equal to or greater that God's. Even if He were to personally tell me the day and the hour how could I prove it until it happened?”

      Yes, He did and Yes you can, before it happens!

      PR “I couldn't (unless of course He told all of us!)”

      He did!

      PR “With that I am happy to be wrong and privileged to continue watching.”

      Watching for what?

      God did leave a clear picture of the end of the Christian covenant in scripture as far back as the Tabernacle in the wilderness.

      The meaning of each feast pointed to the Messiah, as the Messiah would fulfill each feast, thus pointing out to them, from their understanding of the feasts, who the Messiah was when he arrived on the stage of history.

      The teaching of Paul to the Colossians about the feasts of the Jews becoming promises of God to the Church cast as shadows into the future, is a little easier to understand when you study the Feast’s.

  35. Balaamic Prophetic End Times Rapture Update. See new update section titled:

    ALASKA BEAR RAPTURE OMEN UPDATE 3: "2" Russians Seek Asylum After Reaching Remote Alaska Island - October 6, 2022

    1. I've had to make a revision of the above update as these "two" asylum seekers applied for asylum on the very same day that a missile interception took place over Silver City, Yukon FROM ... wait for it ... "ALASKA."

      Hmmmmmm ... this prophecy's legs just keep on growing.

    2. Consider that the missile intercept took place over Silver City. Interesting as Silver City, Edmonton had the fire breathing dragon ...

      Silvercity, Edmonton fire breathing dragon.

      Also interesting as per the Revelation 12 Rapture sign in 2017 wherein the dragon stood before the woman ready to be delivered.

      And here it is ... 5 years later (number of Grace for the Church Age) and this happens (the missile intercept from Alaska over Silver City and the 2 asylum seekers = 2 bears).

      Gettin' meaty in this here world these days eh? 🔪🥩🥩

    3. Further still, the fire- breathing dragon of Silver City was turned off and removed permanently in 2010 due to high maintenance costs. A prophetic "7" years later, the Revelation 12 sign occurred wherein the dragon stood before the woman as per Revelation 12. As we know, 7 is the number for Divine completeness and perfection.


  36. At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg46u6bg8_U "This Could Get NUCLEAR Folks!!!".



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