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The Great Earthquake of 2023 and the Sudden Surge of Prophetic Signs


As most are now well aware, a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck south-central Turkey near the border with Syria last Sunday, February 5th. It was the single most powerful quake in the entire Middle East since at least 1939, when another 7.8 struck. That earthquake came just a few months after the official start of World War II. Last Sunday’s quake shook all of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Cyprus, most of Israel and Jordan, and parts of Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Most of the regions mentioned in the Bible were shaken. The earthquake was so massive that a large portion of Turkey moved as much as 10 feet westward (source), and the result is that the entire region has been swarmed with aftershocks—nearly 3,000 actually, including a 7.5-magnitude quake that hit the very next day just a bit north of the first mega-quake (source). 

And the most devastating news of all is that authorities now estimate upwards of 50,000 people have perished in the disaster. Many are still trapped, but time is quickly running out. The Church should be fervently praying.

When earthquakes of this magnitude strike, typically hundreds or thousands of aftershocks will follow for an extended period of time—weeks, months, even years. Jesus’ words in the Olivet Discourse have now taken on sudden urgency and relevance like never before. Remember, he spoke to his Jewish brethren about life in Israel leading up to his return. While earthquakes in distant places like New Zealand or Chile get our attention, nothing is quite as relevant as when the big one hits smack dab in the heart of prophetic ground zero—the Holy Land itself. And now there has actually been a trigger for ongoing earthquakes across the Middle East for the foreseeable future. Moreover, this quake may have put into motion tectonic activity leading up to the bigger ones to come, as prophesied in the pages of Holy Writ. Again, consider Jesus’ words:

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. (Mt. 24:7, NIV)

Looking at my search criteria here, you can confirm that this mega-quake was the largest to strike not only the Middle East, but large swathes of Europe, Africa, and Asia beyond the Middle East, since 1939. You can see the search region below:

Now something of international concern happened the day right before this earthquake: the U.S. shot down the 200-foot-wide Chinese reconnaissance/EMP test balloon near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Myrtle Beach happens to be near where the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 terminated. More ominously, Myrtle Beach brings to mind Zechariah 1 and the rider on a red horse amidst the myrtle trees.

During the night I had a vision, and there before me was a man mounted on a red horse. He was standing among the myrtle trees in a ravine. (Zech. 1:8a, NIV)

Note that the rider on a red horse in Revelation 6 represents global war (i.e., World War III) that breaks out shortly after the rapture. All of this is happening right as Russia is about to re-invade Ukraine with a massive 500,000-man army, very possibly triggering World War III in the process.

The Myrtle Beach-myrtle tree connection is deepened by the fact that the very next day, the day of the mega-quake, was Tu BiShvat—the Jewish New Year of Trees. Trees often represent nations in Scripture: the fig tree is of course Israel, and the other trees are the surrounding nations (cf. Lk. 21:29: “Look at the fig tree and all the trees.”) Nation-states are a relatively recent invention, more or less a product of the breakup of the great colonial empires in the 20th century. The British, French, and Ottoman empires all splintered at various rates, leading up to the emergence of the countries of North Africa and the Middle East in the first half of the 1900s. Israel, the fig tree, was among the emergent nation-states, but so were Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, and so forth. The fig tree put forth leaves, but so did the surrounding nations. Before then, most of human history involved either city-states or vast, multi-ethnic empires.

The closest town to the earthquake’s epicenter was Atalar. Atalar means “forerunners” or “forefathers.” Note again that the quake’s magnitude was 7.8. Alphabetically, the 78th word in the New Testament is “forefather”—a forefather of Jesus (Lk. 3:28). This earthquake was a major forerunner of things to come. Atalar is also an anagram of “altar.” The altar is a major item of significance in the Bible, including in the Book of Revelation (Rev. 6:9; 8:3, 5; 9:13; 11:1; 14:18; 16:7).

The fact that the quake was the largest in 83 years is also quite telling: Psalm 83 is viewed by many as a prophetic pointer to a war Israel will face in the opening stages of the tribulation.

At the moment it’s looking like things are finally boiling over. Until we’re gone, the Restrainer will restrain, but His restraining hand appears to be lifting this year. Putting all of this in perspective (and more):

  • The largest Middle East earthquake in at least 83 years shakes the whole Middle East and thousands of aftershocks are continuing across the region, and they will continue for the foreseeable future. Jesus’ prediction in Matthew 24:7 has never been more applicable than right now.

  • Putin is about to invade Ukraine with 500,000 troops, and if NATO responds, there’s nothing left but World War III.

  • The Iran-Israel standoff is finally boiling over this year. Israel recently struck several facilities given Iran now has the materials to build somewhere between four and six bombs. Time has run out.

  • Next month will witness a Babel 2.0 moment: the first orbital flight of the SpaceX Starship. It’s the first spacecraft capable of sending colonists to the moon or Mars. It is the author’s opinion God will not allow this in mankind’s current fallen state.

  • The five red heifers are apparently still kosher and will be ready for slaughter this year.

  • The U.S. and Canadian governments are now claiming three “unidentified objects” were shot down over the U.S. and Canada and the wreckage is being retrieved. While these may end up being claimed to be advanced craft from Russia or China, this could also end up being a final unveiling of the alien deception so key to explaining away the removal of the Church from the earth (cf. 2 Thess. 2:9-12). This story is now at the top of most national news sites (see here, here, and here).

  • Finally, the new Israeli government is the first religious government in the history of the modern state of Israel. Previous conservative coalitions were reliant on secular nationalists (e.g., Avigdor Lieberman). The significance is this: given the various political parties in Israel today, this is the exact coalition you would expect to be in place for rebuilding the Temple and stewarding the nation as it enters the tribulation.

Two months ago I wrote in “The Final Four” that we could very well be entering the last four years of the Church Age. Indeed, I still stand by that [extremely self-evident] possibility. Perhaps, though, it’s really the final one. If you would prefer not to experience the worst seven years in human history, it is my fervent plea that you instead believe the best news that could ever conceivably be heard. In the words of Han Solo: “It’s true. All of it.”

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  1. Excellent summary, Gary, succinct and compelling. How anyone can dispute the significance of the days before us is beyond me. I think we get so wrapped up in "life" before us (the business-as-usual mentality) that we truly don't see the forest for the trees--pun intended. Thank you, and Jeff, HIllary, Greg L and others who keep us up to date and on track. I have experienced the "life" in our face situation the past several weeks as we are packing to move near our adult son. It has been all consuming managing all the details involved in buying/selling/sorting/packing/arranging for rental trucks (that my husband keeps insisting will not be enough to take all the "stuff"). I rely on unsealed and rev12daily to keep me current--and hopeful. Well done, and thanks again. judi

  2. Wow! So many great observations, GARY--

    The Myrtle Beach-->Zechariah myrtle tree-->Red Horse of War, and the Psalm 83 connection, for example. The significance of the red heifers and the rebuilding of the Temple, of course, especially indicate that we must be in the last year of the Church Age.

    Even if God does allow SpaceX Starship to succeed, Obadiah 1:4 will be in effect!
    Though thou exalt [thyself] as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD. - Obadiah 1:4 KJV

    Most notably to me, you also saw what I did and wrote about in
    Don't Make Me Have To Come Down There!

    Keeping Luke 21:29 in mind, I shared my belief that a series of LAST WARNINGS FROM GOD has begun on the Feast of Trees telling “all the trees” or nations that the time of grace is swiftly coming to a close! All these things are evidence we truly are going HOME very soon!

    1. And Lyn, I should have included you and Lu and Corey in the above comment!! Yes, thanks to all of you!

    2. You are so sweet Judi/Hmewrdbd. It truly takes the entire Body of Christ to help put these end times puzzle pieces in place. Praise God for how He has woven us together!

      Wanted to also share that I added the following (including pertinent links) to Don't Make Me Have To Come Down There!

      "Shortly after Tu B’Shvat on February 10 lightning struck the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. This is not the first time lightning has struck this iconic structure. According to The Free Press Journal “lightning struck the statue in 2017 and 2014”. Most who are attentively watching for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ recognize the prophetic significance of those years—2017 was the year of the Revelation 12 Sign of the Woman and 2014 was the first year of the 2014-2015 Blood Moon Tetrad. I believe God is emphasizing that 2023 is also highly significant in the countdown to Jacob's Trouble, the 7-year Tribulation."

    3. On the lightning striking the Christ the Redeemer statue in 2014, 2017, and 2023:

      Isn't it three strikes and we're outta here?!?!


    4. Jeff ๐Ÿ˜⚾✨⬆️

  3. Wow ! Brilliant map application. " One picture worth ten thousand words. " The 'puzzle' is almost complete...Mr. Gary . Thank you .

  4. Thank you for this article. It was more hopeful than I had considered. This morning, before I read this, I was thinking about the earthquake and the Ukraine/Russia mess and how these events seem to be pushing back the possible Ezekiel 38 war. Turkey isn't going to be massing troops for war any time soon. Nor is Russua going to focus outside of their spat with Ukraine. So I was feeling discouraged about how soon that prophetic event might kick off (and since I'm in the camp that believes it's before or shortly after the Trib starts, it seems like these events are putting the breaks on the whole thing.), but this article spun those exact events into a different light, and I appreciated that.

    1. We fly soon. Love you sister.


  5. Will WW III happen before the Rapture? I think that WW III will not only involve war between Russia and the EU/NATO, but also a major war in the Middle East between Israel and her neighbouring countries (Psalm 83) and Iran, and a war between China and Taiwan and the US. WW III will last until Armageddon and the Second Advent of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the confirmation of a peace treaty by the antichrist will only mean a small pause in WW III.

  6. With regards to Ukraine/Russia conflict, it really is a coming war between NATO and Russia. In fact it is now come to light that the US destroyed the Nordstrom Pipelines as written about by award winning journalist Samuel Hersh. And Putin is said to be in secret negotiation to avert war according to WarNews 24/7. Failing the negotiations nuclear strikes with 72 hour notice are being threatened to NATO bases and cities.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The 7.8 magnitude may also be relevant in the realm of biblical numerology. Seven of course relates to spiritual Perfection or completion. And the number eight references New Beginnings. The combination is also quite significant. Jesus was on a mountain eight times seven before the cross the 8th after he arose. Also the steps to ezekiel's Temple; 7 to the outer Court the 8th from Outer to the inner Court.

  7. Trouble With The Curve

    Unsealed Fam, Blessings

    Well, there's a curve ball comin' at us which numerous D&V over the past years since The Great Wonder help us realize although its in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, as Unca Todd Askins recent many-hour long study on The Day Of The Lord fully ties together.

    In short, and how this fits into other key items and dates I am unsure although their setting and scope is likely entirely incorrect as we now picture it, WWIII is on standby, very likely, to coincide with the arrival of The Dragon debris field which Scripture shows will obliterate the entire Western Hemisphere. A European conflict has been a perfect ruse to relocate massive military hardware to a safe proximity to the Apple of YHWH's Eye for use by the AC & Crew, shortly, precisely as we prognosticated in discussion on Rev 12 months before it occurred.

    …18 *Woe to you who long for the Day of the LORD! What will the Day of the LORD be for you? It will be darkness and not light. 19 It will be like a man who flees from a lion, only to encounter a bear, or who enters his house and rests his hand against the wall, only to be bitten by a snake. 20Will not the Day of the LORD be darkness and not light, even gloom with no brightness in it?…

    The recent Assyrian EQ's produced a 190 mile long fissure in the area. Another word for *Woe is H190: oyah: woe!: (used only 1): Psalm 120:5.

    *5 Woe to me, that I sojourn in Meshech, ...." Meshech is in Turkey.

    With the Vatican's L.U.C.I.F.E.R. telescope, and all the others, they may well very well know exactly when this event will occur, as they conceal things in the heavens over our heads, daily, and everything, now, is orchestrated to co-opt the show and weave the coming deception.

    When The Day Of The Lord & Harpazo Vaporize the Western Hemisphere sans The Body of Christ, the area with the highest Christian demographic will be taken out though the Christians, themselves, will be SNATCHED OUT. Meanwhile, all those 'others' who had the opportunity to dwell with and rub shoulders with and reject Christ, every day, are toast. ALL OF THEM.

    Meanwhile, the global EQ, possible pole shift and such will vastly depopulate the Eastern Hemisphere, also, until men are as 'rare as the gold of Ophir', ibid. Tod Adkin's work, n TDOTL.

    See, the day of the Lord is coming
    —a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger—
    to make the land desolate
    and destroy the sinners within it.
    10 The stars of heaven and their constellations
    will not show their light.
    The rising sun will be darkened
    and the moon will not give its light.
    11 I will punish the world for its evil,
    the wicked for their sins.
    I will put an end to the arrogance of the haughty
    and will humble the pride of the ruthless.
    12 I will make people scarcer than pure gold,
    more rare than the gold of Ophir.
    13 Therefore I will make the heavens tremble;
    and the earth will shake from its place
    at the wrath of the Lord Almighty,
    in the day of his burning anger.


    1. Correction: Todd *Adkins; Amos 5:18-20; ISA 13:9-13

    2. That is my understanding as well, Jimboni--WWIII (nuclear war) to coincide with the arrival of The Dragon debris field (falling meteorites/asteroids) which coincides with the RAPTURE!


      The Revelation 12 Galactic Federation, The Great Re:Set, and The Rapture

    3. Lyn, Blessings

      Steve Fletcher's video from 5 days ago gives insight concerning Sunspot 3213 which arose over 48 hours and has been popping off M-Class flares since, with 2 dark cores larger than earth.

      H3213: yalal: to howl, make a howling: (30 verses) (Jesus Age At Beginning Of HIs Ministry) 1st use:

      6 Howl ye; for the day of the Lord is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty. ISA 13

  8. General Glen VanHerck, head of Northern Command and NORAD, will not rule out the possibility the four objects shot down were extraterrestrial saying instead he will defer to the intelligence community.

    (Reuters and AP are the main sources for the U.S. media.)

    Reuters Story link here

  9. Super Bowl 57 ended tonight with a win by the Chiefs.

    "Chiefs" is a literal rendering of words often used in Scripture referring to angelic rulers (e.g., Michael the "Chief Messenger," or the "chiefs" in Daniel 9, 10, etc). The bad chiefs get cast down in Rev. 12.

    The Philadelphia Eagles = an obvious hat tip to the raptured church of Philadelphia. And eagles' wings = the Church flying away. Many Scriptures about eagles and wings. "You will mount up with wings like eagles..." Etc.

    Philadelphia = raptured Church

    57 = grace and completion

    Rev. 5:7: the scroll can finally be opened so the Trib can begin.

    "He went and took the scroll from the right hand of him who sat on the throne."

    Isaiah 5:7: the whole point of the Trib. The fig inspector (God) doesn't find the fruit he's looking for. Then comes cries of distress (hint, hint: Rev. 12:1-2, 1 Thess. 5:1-3).

    "The vineyard of the Lord Almighty
    is the nation of Israel,
    and the people of Judah
    are the vines he delighted in.
    And he looked for justice, but saw bloodshed;
    for righteousness, but heard cries of distress."

  10. Aftershocks have now soared past 3,000. It has been noted that the concentration of aftershocks, beginning directly north of Jerusalem, have formed the shape of the number 7 or the Hebrew letter zayin (the 7th Hebrew letter with the numerological value of 7).

    USGS only shows over 2.5 magnitude, but you can see the image here:

    1. The fault lines in that area do lend themselves to forming the Hebrew letter "ื–" (zayin), yes!

    2. Significant connection between earthquakes in Turkey, wars, and Jewish holidays that will rock your world. WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHzNdsCnhrU

    3. BINGO!!!!

      WW3 IN 2023

      Agreed. War, a shadow of the dragon (that devours by fire), will precipitate the Rapture. The birth of the man-child is not a physical birth as much as it is a fullness. The fullness of the number of the Saints. The completion of the body of Christ! The end of the age and harpazo of His Bride!!

      Does anyone remember the Azovmena Prophecy?

      According to my (Psalm 90:10) model it is over Purim, 2027 that the two witnesses lay killed in the streets of the city by the AC. If so, they arrive on (or about) October 12, 2023 in time to mark the first Shabbat of Torah reading for the New Year 5784. (Parashat Bereshit on Saturday, October 14, 2023). This is the same day an annular solar eclipse will cut North America and South America in two!

      My calendar model points HEAVILY toward Sunday, June 4, 2023 as a high watch day. (Shavuot on the Essene calendar and date of the birth and passing of Judah according to Jewish tradition!)

      That does not mean I am saying the Rapture *will* be on 6/4 of this year. I am only saying it is a high watch day. (Details on the day to be shared soon).

      Fear not for our redeemer draws near!


  11. On Friday lightning struck Brazil's Christ the Redeemer statue, making it appear as the Transfiguration or Jesus' eyes like a flame of fire (Rev. 1).

    2 years exactly (inclusive) from the possible Rev. 12:5 sign on 2/11/21 which completed the 12:1-5 picture.

    "Coming out of his mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations." Rev. 19:15


    1. Sorry, that's a dead link. Here's the right one:


  12. Hey Gary, I was curious on getting your thoughts on space flight more: I thought your analogy of Bable 2.0 was interesting. Although I don't think that space flight or even staying on the moon or mars is inherently thumbing your nose at God. I think of the astronauts on Appolo 8 who read the Bible live on broadcast. These days however, I do think that the fact that nearly every action that NASA and SpaceX takes is with the assumption that God does not exist and we need to evolve or transcend to the stars which is very much in the thinking of Babel.

    That being said, if we are here for another 5-10 years, and barring global war, we will likely have settlers on the moon and then other planets. In this case, do you think that the phrasing of 1 Thessalonians 4:17 would come into play:

    then we who are living, who are remaining over, will be snatched up together with them in [the] clouds to meet the LORD in [the] air, and so we will always be with the LORD; (LSV)

    I usually stick to literal translations when studying, but for some reason the NLT which I almost never read or memorize sticks out in my memory, and as someone who does not read Greek, I don't know how accurate the wording is

    Then, together with them, we who are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. Then we will be with the Lord forever. (NLT)

    Could this indeed mean that the rapture will be at that time for those who are both alive and are still living on the planet, or would the Greek not support this as a meaning?

    Love the site and the ministry. Certainly is an encouragement to me. Thanks for all you do!


    1. From an objective and scientific standpoint, I don't believe that there will EVER be a day when mankind lives on any other heavenly body in any meaningful way. The facts do not support any such thing. Quite the opposite, actually. It is infinitely more likely that the rapture and tribulation happen long before you see anything more than an ill-fated "expedition" to nowhere special.

      Soon, the idea of leaving the earth might not even be able to make the news, given the very real events on the horizon. And possessing the vision, knowledge, materials, and abilities, alone, cannot get us to other worlds. The bigger obstacles are unified motivation and purpose, neither of which exist today, and for good reason. It's a fool's errand with no reward.

      Of course, we live in a day of dreamers and movers . . . more so than at any other point in history. And if you listen to the tax-enriched space programs of the world, you will come away thinking that our future is "out there." Certainly, there is something to be learned from taking a peek out the window, but the inevitable danger of that is the belief that there is any "future" out there. Then there is the inherent conflict between going where "no man has gone before" and fitting the futurist ideals of mankind into the models that the Bible has revealed to us. And I think there's nothing but worldly deception to be found when we make science fiction and real-life space exploration out to be more than they are. Separate things entirely. Especially after we realize that "space" really is just a cold, dark, and empty vacuum that cannot compete with the paradise originally created for us and resting underneath our feet at this very moment (in a fallen state.)

      I'm not fully prepared to say that the entire history of space exploration is an outright deception on the part of Lucifer and his anti-Creation agenda. But the emphasis on finding a better home does benefit him, just as surely as the Climate Change agenda. It puts the focus on something other than the restoration of this Kingdom. Make no mistake about it, the Bible is entirely focused on this world. Or at least that is my educated opinion. (Worth absolutely nothing.)

      Just FYI, when Spock dies in the second Star Trek movie, they play "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes. So, in the future it doesn't sound like being alive and remaining on earth are considered prerequisites for a heavenly trip. Even in the 23rd century, I suppose that their hope will still be elsewhere. Just joking, of course! I don't think Spock had a personal relationship with Jesus at the time!


    2. Hello, David,

      The Bible is clear on an important front concerning the curse we as humans live with. The cursed ground. That is universal. No matter where we go we will fight to live. The picture of the tower of Babel is very relevant today as both SpaceX and Artemis have spirits that are striving to reach the same heights that the followers of Nimrod did in their day. No, I am not saying everyone involved in aerospace is Satanically possessed. These are shadows of the former found in the present.

      IMHO, no human will set foot on Mars on this side of the Millennium. The moon? Even that is a stretch as indications are that we will be gone before any of that can happen. Can humanity reach for the stars? Absolutely. Will humans go to the stars? Again, IMHO, only in glorified form and by the will and power of the King Himself, Christ Jesus in the Millennium and possibly beyond.

      The 70th week is going to bring humanity to places and levels unimaginable. Space travel will not be top of mind. Survival will be...and even then who will survive the judgment to come? None apart from washing their robes white in the blood of the Lamb. None.

      There is nowhere in creation we can hide from God. His will be done no matter where we are. Sin follows us just as the curse welcomes us no matter where we go. It is as Smith would say from the "Matrix", "It is inevitable."

      But of the new heaven and new earth? One can only imagine!

      20 For the creation was subjected
      to futility -- not willingly, but because
      of him who subjected it -- in the hope

      21 that the creation itself will also
      be set free from the bondage to
      decay into the glorious freedom of
      God's children.

      22 For we know that the whole
      creation is groaning together with
      labor pains until now.

      23 Not only that, but we ourselves
      who have the Spirit as the firstfruits
      -- we also groan within ourselves,
      eagerly waiting for adoption, the
      redemption of our bodies.

      (Romans 8:20-23 CSB)

    3. David, thanks for the question!

      "I don't think that space flight or even staying on the moon or mars is inherently thumbing your nose at God."

      I wholeheartedly agree with you there (: I'm thinking more along the lines of Gen 3:22:

      And the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.”

      In other words, God's initial intention was that Adam and Eve could eat from the Tree of Life and live forever. That was why He created it. But post-Fall, He had to remove their access because they would be living forever in their fallen, corrupt, miserable state.

      I think the same is true for the stars. God apportions the stars for the nations (Deut. 4:19) and spreads out the heavens like a tent to dwell in (Isa. 40:22). However, in mankind's current, rebellious state, colonizing the stars is just exporting Satan's dominion beyond the earth. It's a step too far.

      But once Satan is banished and mankind [practically] redeemed en masse, humanity can *then* resume its royal prerogative.

      As far as your question about 1 Thess. 4:17, I'm not sure I quite followed. Not sure if you were making a connection to those living on other celestial bodies.

      "With them" is in the Greek (ฯƒแฝบฮฝ ฮฑแฝฯ„ฮฟแฟ–ฯ‚); "them" being the Christians who did not remain alive but were just resurrected (v. 16). Paul was addressing the Thessalonians' fear that the Christians who were passing away in their communities wouldn't be resurrected. Paul is stating emphatically that they will be resurrected and that they will actually experience this prior to those still alive being raptured. "Those who are alive and remain" would simply be Christians physically alive at the time of the rapture event.


    4. Excellent points, Gary!

    5. Hi Gary, thanks for the response! To clarify the 1 Thessalonians remark I made earlier, the point I was trying to hone in on was the NLT specific wording of "we who are still alive and remain on the earth". I always found the wording interesting as it seemed like these two distinctions were redundant with the exception of those who travel off earth for spaceflight, (or I suppose Elijah or Enoch). I assume from your response that this line of reasoning would not stand up to scrutiny in the Greek which is kind of what I figured based on more literal English translations. Thanks again!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Great stuff, Gary.

    One thing I have been noticing on a personal level is that all of a sudden I am being given one wholly unexpected opportunity after another to discuss prophetic matters and ultimately share the gospel with students in some of my English classes here in Taiwan. I mean, they all know I am a born-again believer, but it's NEVER been like this before! There is a growing hunger all over the world, and it's a hunger that can only be satisfied by Christ.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I agree that people seem to be more receptive, I think. More inquisitive.


    3. Thank you brother! There is such amazing opportunity right now. I'm sensing it. Lots of eyes opening. Apparently there are revivals breaking out at several U.S. universities as well. Something afoot in the spirit realm in anticipation of our departure.

  15. Earthquake created a deep chasm in middle of Turkish olive grove

    Quoting, CNN,

    "A verdant olive grove was cleaved into two during last week’s devastating earthquake in Turkey, creating a valley 984 feet long (about 300 meters) that now divides the area."

    This reminds me of the quake event at the earth opening its mouth to devour the river poured forth from the mouth of the dragon. (Revelation 12:15-16) You can see how marked the landscape is from geologic activity.

    It's already been so hard to keep on top of the news. Hold on folks it may be accelerating!

  16. Thanks for all the get great encouraging info on what is going on. One point I would disagree with is that Russia is losing. One has to remember that Ukraine is the source of all the war info. Their president was an actor and still is and will say anything to more money and weapons. I get most of my trusted news from skywatchtv.com/category/daily-update On Feb.3 they reported the narrative is changing and neocons admit Ukraine can't win. A Germany newspaper said Ukraine is running out of men and is now sending men over 60 to the front. U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made an offer to Putin according to the Washington Post. Trouble is the Russians don't believe him because America has lied to them so much and has destroyed their gas pipeline. Skywatchtv.com/category/daily-update for Feb 15 said Russia Winning little by little according to USA Today. Pro-Ukrainian reporter reports Russia is wearing down Ukraine defenders in the Donbas. This contradicts months of reports that wrongly claimed that Russia is running out of trucks, weapons and men. Russia has just began their Spring attacks and the truth will soon come out that they have not shown their true hand. Putin has made more money than ever for his oil. He sells to India and they sell it. March is earthquake month according to mrmbb333.com which is a good website to find out what is happening in the skies and he also has video of plants waving for months. March is picked because more earthquakes happen in March than any other month. Out of the top 20 strongest earthquakes ever recorded 5 or 25 percent happed in March. Brent Miller Sr. at prophecywatchers.com studied all the 6.4 and higher earthquakes over the last 100 years and found they have skyrocketed just as the Bible said they would before the return of Jesus. According to the late Christian scholar Chuck Missler most wars, judgments, rescues or big events in the Bible happened in March or October. Sodom and Gomorrah received judgment and it happened in March according to Genesis 19. Gideon's victory in war happened in March according to Judges7. Exodus from Egypt was judgment on God's enemies and rescue for God's people and happened in March according to Exodus 12. Purim celebrates in March the saving of the Jewish people by God using Queen Esther and the
    judgment of Haman who was planning to kill the Jews. Purim 2023 is March 4-6, 2023. The rapture will be judgments and rescues. Many believe the power of the rapture will be like an EMP and cut off all power on earth and also cause great earthquakes. We will soon see. Best regards Christian watchers family!

  17. Now The End Begins at https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/abrahamic-family-house-one-world-religion-of-chrislam-interfaith/ "Today’s The Day! The Abrahamic Family House In Abu Dhabi Set To Open And Will Serve As The International Headquarters Of The One World Religion Of Chrislam".

    1. (aka, everything but Jesus)

      I'll pass, thank you. Makes me wonder what would they do if street preachers started showing up preaching the Gospel?

  18. Thanks to the research of so many of the brethren here (special thanks to D.D. Nave) and at Rev12daily, have I got a humdinger of an article for y'all:

    February Toxins bring March Earthquakes which bring an April Rapture?

  19. Family, Blessings - Assyria has been hit with another 6.4 on likely the same fault complex with many aftershocks. Weakened structures collapsing more, no reports of casualties so far and prayers up for all. Maranatha!

  20. At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0uFSYHVSRk "Why Your Church Shouldn't Play Bethel and Hillsong Music | Justin Peters, Todd Friel".

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. 6.8 earthquake in Tajikistan. Fairly shallow too at only 12 miles. Praying for the people there.

    1. Strong earthquake strikes Tajikistan, near border with China

      A magnitude 6.8 quake at 12 miles? Hmmm, 6.8 in Hebrew eyes looks more like eight and six or 86. Eighty-six is the number of the Name Elohim ("ืืœื”ื™ื") which is of course the second word in Torah being the first Name of God we are given in the Bible! A word rendered as a masculine plural but understood as being singular. A word that mechanically translates as, "The powerful ones".

      Twelve should be an obvious number to all of the Saints. If not, I will let you dig on that as it is the glory of kings to dig on such things!

      Happy hunting and see you soon in the sky!



    I have been thinking a lot about the seventh seal. (Revelation 8:1-5) Without a doubt, I believe the sixth seal contains the Rapture. (A point I will outline another time). But once we are gone, the Restrainer is removed, it's all about Israel. That's why we're taken in the first place. G-d and Israel. No distractions. No excuses.

    This leads me to ask if the silence in heaven for about half an hour is actually 3-1/2 years in human terms. If the arrival of the two witnesses is accompanied by silence in heaven then they are effectively the official spokesmen of heaven. Heaven is silent as they officially speak for G-d with His authority. No distractions. No contradiction. No competition. No doubts. They are the sole voice of G-d in heaven on Earth. Heaven speaks not over the top of them. G-d speaks through them! (One cook in the kitchen as it were!)

    3-1/2 years is half of the last week of Daniel a period of time likened to an hour in Scripture. That is the length of the ministry of the two witnesses (1,260 days/times, time and half a time/42 months of 30 day months). 3-1/2 years is equivalent to about half of that hour or about half an hour. Once the witnesses stop speaking on their harpazo then heaven speaks. We see the earthquake that kills a tithe of the city (the second woe) at the resurrection of the witnesses AND we see the censer from the altar filled with fire thrown to earth (paving the way for the wrath of G-D).

    5 The angel took the incense burner,
    filled it with fire from the altar, and
    hurled it to the earth; there were
    peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes
    of lightning, and an earthquake.

    (Revelation 8:5 CSB)

    Heaven (G-D) speaks!!!

    Otherwise, the seventh seal prepares the way for the scroll to be fully opened. The plan of God (seals) has been laid out. Now we see that plan in action. I've come to see it like building a house. First, you draw up the plans -- then you build the house. Without a set of plans you have confusion. God is not confused and gives warning before He moves. Thus I tend to see the seals as God's plan laid out for what is to come.

    Another point: The events of the trumpet blasts seem to be tied to the spirit of the witnesses. They come in the Spirit of Moses and Elijah and the trumpets seem to follow those types and shadows. They also shadow the spirit of the horses and riders of the seals. (Parallelism of the timelines).

    I am still exploring this as part of the bigger picture with an open mind but believe I'm closing in on something.

    Keep in prayer. Be still and listen.

    Blessings, always!

    1. Looking forward to what He will show you, Brother ๐Ÿ˜Š


      Okay, here's where I am in exploring questions about the seals of Revelation,

      1. The seals are a plan-view of God's plan of redemption and resurrection
      2. The first seal is the Spirit-filled Church (body of Christ) and has been opened
      3. The second/third/fourth seals are as advertised and have been opened as well
      4. The fifth seal is church-age martyrs and is the most recent seal opened
      5. The sixth seal is the Resurrection, the expulsion of Satan from heaven and the Rapture. (Not yet opened although we see shadows of the dragon before the woman. The Rapture is seen in the Great EQ with all the mountains and islands being removed!)
      6. The seventh seal begins the 70th Week beginning with the two witnesses (not sure yet if that's just the first half or inclusive of the Great Tribulation). The next question will be, "Is the seventh seal all of the 70th Week or just the first half (aka half-hour?)"

      Opening these seals (builder's plans as it were) exposes all of the first side of the scroll opened by the Lamb. Once the seventh seal is broken the trumpet judgments can come forth. Once they are done the scroll can be turned over (at the mid-point of the 70th week) revealing the wrath to come. This occurs after the second woe has passed. Death and resurrection of the two witnesses marked by an EQ.

      It sure helps having made that model of the scroll!

      All of this has dropped since teaching it yesterday at a lunch meeting yesterday.

      These are the questions I'm asking of God and considering as I continue to unpack the Revelation.

      Happy hunting!



      I totally get why the rider of the white horse is generally understood as the AC. On first glance he looks like a Christ figure but isn't because he has been *given* a crown.

      Jesus has ALWAYS been King. Jesus was never given a crown. Jesus is the crown. High Priest/Prophet/King of the Order of Melchizedek forever. Thus this rider is not Jesus.

      I would submit that Satan has no crown nor a crown to give. All that it has comes through theft. (John 10:10) Yes, you can see much of the AC in the image of the first rider released (a very human image) and perhaps it is the last AC to come. With all of that said I believe it is not the AC as many of its kind have already come.

      How many times do we see the image of God with the bow about Him? Literally every time. Who is crowned among the Kingdom? The elders. Who are the elders? They are human followers of Christ. We are the elders thus the rider on the white horse is us and *maybe* the AC to come. A false teacher/leader who resembles the One to come but is not.

      Just as the term "apostasy" in (2 Thessalonians 2:3) conjures up argument and appears to have a dual meaning; perhaps we see that here as well. Not meant to be exhaustive on the topic but worthy of more research in your own quiet time (QT) with the LORD.


  24. Pastor Rich, you believe in a mid trib rapture that occurs after the opening of the 6th seal?

    1. Nope!

      I am completely in for the pre-tribulation Rapture.

      But my perspective is changing from the traditional narrative of the white horse and its rider.

      The seventh seal and the half-hour of silence in heaven is where I am in studies now.

      10 Because you have kept my
      word about patient endurance,
      I will keep you from the hour of
      trial that is coming on the whole
      world, to try those who dwell on
      the earth.

      (Revelation 3:10 ESV)

      The *hour* of trial that is coming to test the inhabitants of the earth is the 70th week. God will keep us from that hour thus He will come before the 70th week begins. This is a pre-tribulation Rapture.

      What is revealed at the opening of the seventh seal?

      1 When the Lamb opened the
      seventh seal, there was silence
      in heaven for about a half and

      (Revelation 8:1 ESV)

      If there is silence for about half an hour and the time of testing is an hour then half of that hour, seven years by our reckoning, is 3-1/2 years. My question of study is, "Is this the beginning of the 70th week?"

      I believe it is.

      This is one reason why I see the Rapture in the sixth seal. A discussion begun a couple of topics ago. If so, then the first five seals have already been opened and the rider of the first horse may not be the AC but the Spirit-filled body of Christ His conquering Church.

      37 No, in all these things we
      are more than conquerors
      through him who loved us.

      (Romans 8:37 ESV)

      We are commanded to go forth and, "make disciples of all the nations". We are called to spread the gospel, "teaching them to observe all that I [Jesus] have commanded you." We are called to be conquerors in Christ in the face of death, disease, poverty and war for He promises, "I am with you always, to the end of the age." RED LETTERS (Matthew 28:19-20 ESV)

      Part of the question was to understand who the elders are and how they got there when they arrived in heaven as introduced in (Revelation 4). If the Rapture happens in the sixth seal how could the elders be in the throne room if they are the Church and the Church is Raptured in the sixth seal? The answer to that question begins at the Day of the Cross with an earthquake.

      Who would be in heaven at that point with Christ? All of the OT Saints liberated from Abraham's Bosom and all Saints who placed their faith in Christ that died between the Day of the Cross and the Revelation. They would have been the first to seed the ranks of the elders. They would have been present at both the first seal opening and the sixth seal resurrection of the second order of the righteous. (The second part of the first resurrection!)

      The sixth seal is punctuated by a great earthquake and the seventh seal ends with an earthquake. Both are Rapture events. The sixth seal EQ is for the body of Christ (the second order of the resurrection of the righteous - the dead in Christ and those that are His at His coming) or what we call the Rapture. The second EQ (seen at the end of the seventh seal) is the harpazo of the two witnesses. Thus the seventh seal begins the 70th week and ends with the completion of the second woe as seen in (Revelation 11).

      That marks the end of the half and hour that is half of the hour of trial to come (1,260 days) on the inhabitants of the earth.

      Nope. Not mid-trib at all. All apologies if I scared anyone!


    2. Sorry as I should restate a point...

      Part of the question is to understand who the elders are and how they are already in the throne room as witnessed by John in (Revelation 4). How could the elders be in the throne room in (Revelation 4) if they are the Raptured Saints and the Church is Raptured in the sixth seal? The answer to that question begins at the Day of the Cross with an earthquake.

      The elders may not be exclusively the Church. I don't know. We do know they are Christ followers. We know that the OT saints were rescued from Sheol and taken to heaven at the Day of the Cross (first fruits of the first order of the resurrection of the righteous) while all NT saints go directly to heaven to be with Christ at their earthly death.

      Hard to do this with distractions abounding!


    3. Brother Rich, I'm enjoying you sharing your thinking process on the Seals. I have a question though:

      You wrote--

      "If there is silence for about half an hour and the time of testing is an hour then half of that hour, seven years by our reckoning, is 3-1/2 years. My question of study is, "Is this the beginning of the 70th week?"

      I believe it is."

      If the hour of trial represents the entire Tribulation, wouldn't the 1/2 hour mark be the beginning of the 2nd half of the 70th week called the "wine press of His wrath/Great Tribulation"?

    4. The last half hour is the Great Tribulation. This is made evident by making a physical model of the scroll the Lamb opened. (Which is what I've done). Once the seals are opened the front face of the scroll is exposed and all its contents revealed. The end of the first side of the scroll coincides with the end of the trumpet judgments. (The first half hour).

      The silence is part of the seventh seal. That seal tells us about what is to come - a plan-view as it were from the beginning to the mid-point. The first half-hour.

      Stan at 11:11 (YT) is exploring a different perspective in which the silence in heaven takes place at the Great Sign.

    5. The scroll model is still a WIP and I would like to make a PDF version of it downloadable for all. That model reveals the following structure,

      Seven seals - An overview of what is contained in the scroll the outer portion of which conceals the interior (written) portion of the scroll. Once all seven seals are opened the first side of the scroll is revealed in its order.

      Seven trumpets - An orderly progression of events on the first side of the scroll revealed by the opening of the seals testing of the inhabitants of the earth. I believe these events are marked by the spirit of the two witnesses. This is the first half of the hour of trial and ends with the close of the second woe. (This is punctuated by the EQ that sacks Jerusalem - same EQ seen at the end of the seventh seal). This closes the sixth trumpet call.

      7 "but in the days when the
      seventh angel will blow his
      trumpet, then the mystery
      of God will be completed,
      as he announced to his
      servants the prophets."

      (Revelation 10:7 ESV)

      This tells us that once the seventh trumpet sounds all rest of God's plan will be revealed and unleashed. The seventh trumpet sounds after the second woe takes place. The seventh trumpet call is where we finally see the elect of Israel flee to the wilderness. (Revelation 12) God's people are safely hidden in the mountains to be nourished by God while His wrath is poured out on the beast kingdom.

      Seven bowls - This brings us to (Revelation 16) and scroll is now turned over to the second side. My model suggests that both beginning and end of the scroll are back-to-back. Alpha and omega.

      Some key points I look for in this study are,

      1. Earthquakes
      2. God speaking

      These appear to be event markers on the timeline(s).

  25. It occurred to me that I have been putting out blog articles at a more frequent pace as events are happening exponentially causing my anticipation to rise. So again I wanted to let those who might be interested know that I just posted an article presenting information that strongly points to the Rapture occurring in 2023—and perhaps as soon as Passover. I make the connection with Lilith the Destroyer, Nibiru the Planet X Destroyer and the Sudden Destruction of 1 Thessalonians 5:3 with Springtime, and especially Passover:

    “Only recently did the correlation between this Destroyer and the Destroyer at the time of Moses and the first Passover strike me. Both are accompanied by a plague of darkness and both Destroyers are kept from harming those who are marked by the blood of the Lamb of God.”

    “Some researchers have written about the possibility of Planet X/the Destroyer causing the three hours of darkness that occurred when Jesus, our Passover Lamb, was crucified. In Postscripts #223: ECLIPSE OF THE CROSS Luis B. Vega presents astronomical alignments that happened during the time of the crucifixion and states that “no normal Total Solar Eclipse could have lasted for 3 hours”. This leads me to wonder—will the Planet of Crossing come by this Passover and cause the three days of darkness that have been prophesied?”

    If you wish to investigate the existence of the Planet X system, I’ve included site links that provide proof and article links containing military insider evidence. I don’t know it all, but WOW! Are we living in an exciting time or what! OUR BRIDEGROOM COMETH!



      This morning I was able to complete a second draft of the scroll model from Revelation. It points to the silence in heaven as beginning with the seventh seal and continues through to the sixth trumpet where,

      13 The sixth angel blew his
      trumpet. From the four horns
      of the golden altar that is before
      God, I heard a voice

      14 say to the sixth angel who
      had the trumpet, "Release the
      four angels bound at the great
      river Euphrates."

      (Revelation 9:13-14 CSB)

      This is the first spoken word in the third heaven since the opening of the seventh seal when the silence began. That silence broken takes us most of the way through the first half of the 70th week. How far is unknown at this point and paves the way for war that kills 1/3 of mankind. By my estimates that's comparative to the entire population of the US/Canada, Russia and a billion from China or 1.82 billion dead.

      ...and the lost say they "they're good" and "I don't need God" for what reason?

      LORD open the eyes of the blind that they may see!!!!

    2. Lyn,

      I have believed for some time that Nibiru may be just one picture of the Revelation 12 dragon. That same dragon will also come to represent Satan, the Beast system, constellations, etc.

      Back in 2020, I completed a computer illustration of the Nibiru system and our solar system . . . trying to develop my thoughts on the issue. And the result of that was this:

      That I do not believe most of the YouTube prophets. Those who post videos of camera lens flares, and then call them planets. Or those who ignore real science and pretend to be experts on atmospheric phenomena. But I absolutely do believe in the models that I've spoken of before, regarding the CalTech guys (Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin) who've explored a real-life lost planet returning to our system on a several-thousand-year elliptical orbit.

      It is that planet that I have in mind when I think of the gravitational anomaly that struck the Voyager probes, and the one that struck Saturn in 2018 and caused massive storms, along with a major tilt in rotational axis.

      It is that planet that I could possibly see behind the erratic behavior in the now-scientifically-accepted slowing of the earth's core, and our eccentric changes in magnetic fields, quickening North-pole movement, and seasonal anomalies.

      None of this should sound too fantastical, since some very intelligent people have been speaking of this for some time.

      But after spending a lot of time on this in the past, and revealing my own thoughts to only a few, let me add that I would not be surprised to find that this same heavenly body, perhaps cited in legends and myths around the world, is also directly responsible for:

      1. The first direct gravitational breaking up of the foundations, or an errant asteroid strike which caused the same . . . leading up to Noah's Flood.

      2. The second direct gravitational disruption that leads to the Tribulation Wrath, along with a few errant asteroid strikes, such as Wormwood.

      3. And finally, after much havoc, and a much-changed solar system (think of a billiards table after the first player breaks, and the balls lose their cohesion and order) . . . I can foresee that same Great Red Dragon, aka Brown dwarf planet or whatever, returning on a shortened and irregular orbit after the 1,000-year Millennium. Complete destruction of the old Earth becoming necessary after the solar system falls apart. And as this particular dragon is imprisoned [in the sun maybe?] a new Heaven and New Earth take its place.

      Of course, I would never call this any more than introspection and curiosity. But it does leave me breathless to think of the tools at the Lord's disposal!


    3. Building upon a 1950-2030 Fig Tree model, maybe this is a good time to re-post something from the past that still matches a 2023 Rapture:

      IS THIS FOR THE RAPTURED CHURCH? (those who were originally using the Greek language, and today are largely found to use the Gregorian calendar):

      Strong’s Concordance (Greek usage) for each Gregorian year

      2022 “I pour upon” [earthly troubles?]
      2023 “I supply, provide (perhaps lavishly), furnish” [a mansion/upper room?]
      2024 “Supply, provision, equipment, support” [prepare for our return as an army?]
      2025 “I spread on, anoint” [the witnesses and the Sealed?]
      2026 “I build upon (above) a foundation”
      2027 “I force forward, run (a ship) aground” [shorten the days?]
      2028 “I name, impose a name on; pass: am named” [the entire population WILL recognize me?]
      2029 “I am an eyewitness of, behold, look upon” [a new Jerusalem?]
      2030 “An eyewitness, spectator, looker-on”

      Notice how different the timeframe may be for the nation of Israel . . . who will be using the Hebrew language and the Hebrew calendar:

      Strong’s Concordance (Hebrew usage) for each upcoming Hebrew year [starting in Nisan or Tishrei, depending on which calendar you use]:

      5781 “perhaps to totter, cause tottering” [their failed gov/election?]
      5782 “to rouse oneself, awake” [after the pandemic and lawlessness revealed?]
      5783 “to be exposed or bare” [no walls? no international friends?]
      5784 “chaff” [separation of the wheat after the Rapture?]
      5785 "a skin” [the Abomination?]
      5786 “to make blind, blind” [the Jews are hidden/begin Wrath without Jesus?]
      5787 “blind” [still blind during the Wrath?]
      5788 "blindness” [still more Wrath?]
      5789 “to lend aid, come to help” [the Wrath ends?]
      5790 “perhaps to help” [if you made Atonement through Jesus?]
      5791 “to be bent or crooked” [the remainder bent to God’s will?]

      After reading the above, recall that "that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in." Romans 11:25

      And for the vast majority of the world . . . the unsaved Gentiles, who continue to use Gregorian years, but might hopefully endure the Tribulation to become a believing Remnant (using the Hebrew usage of Strong’s, because it will be the only version used in the New Jerusalem?) . . .

      2021 “Perhaps a weapon (of war)” [the virus/vaccine?]
      2022 “Mountain, hill, hill country”
      2023 “Two mountains in Palestine [two-state peace? False prophet and AC?]
      2024 “A region of North Mesopotamia” [Ezekiel 38 strike area? destruction of Damascus?]
      2025 “Altar” [the Temple or Desolation? Replacement of Holy Blood on the first day of Passover?]
      2026 “To kill, slay”
      2027 “A slaughter”
      2028 “A slaughter” [the end of the Tribulation?]
      2029 “To conceive, become pregnant” [a new future in a New Jerusalem?]
      2030 “Pregnant”
      2031 "Fancy, Imagining" [a new and altogether better world?]

      I think the next 7 years are going to be crazy!


    4. Jeremy--THANK YOU for your reply, Brother๐Ÿ’Œ
      I especially appreciated your thoughts regarding the new heaven and earth (No. 3 in your post). Our God is just so amazing--I can't wait to see what He will do next!

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Totally agree, Lyn! And thank you for your articles. I'm so tired of reading worldly stuff from those who only have their eyes on worldly things. The insights that all of you share here at Unsealed, and elsewhere, are so uplifting. Honestly, it's the best part of the week.

      Pastor Rich, I wanted to ask if you had any thoughts regarding the timing (dates or related events/timelines) of the other seals?


    7. Hi Jeremy,

      Yes, I am developing that in a timeline which I will publish. The first date that stands out in my studies of the two witnesses suggests they may arrive on the scene as soon as this October. (No, that is not the Rapture rather the date suggested by my study model for the arrival of the two witnesses AND the beginning of the 70th Week of Daniel).

      Sorry, folks, I have my ideas of potential high watch dates but no smoking gun for THE Day we're all waiting for!

      So far the dates the model suggests are,

      1. Arrival of the two witnesses
      2. Beginning of the 70th week
      3. Death of the two witnesses
      4. Resurrection of the two witnesses
      5. Beginning and end of the 1,260/1,290/1,335 days
      6. Gog of Magog War I
      7. Second Coming (beginning of the Kingdom Era)

      My scroll model helps understand the structure of the scroll opened by the Lamb. Trumpet and bowl judgments won't be so easy to put to dates that I see thus far...


      Some heavenly signs of interest on my to do list to explore are,

      1. August 2, 2027 total solar eclipse
      2. New Year's, 2029 total lunar eclipse
      3. June 1, 2030 annular solar eclipse
      4. November 25, 2030 total solar eclipse

      Remember, my current calendar model end on December 20, 2030 with Hanukkah I.


    Quoting, Michio Kaku - Theoretical Physicist

    James Webb Space Telescope images shatter understanding of age of the universe

    An interview with noted physicist Michio Kaku on new findings from James Webb Space Telescope. I might recommend they refer to God's Word as it aptly explains why they see what they see.

    Just sayin'!

    Keep the Faith,


  27. Revelation 17:12-13:

    12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
    13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

    I think that is very likely that the antichrist will come to power during the elections for the European Parliament in May 2024. And these 10 kings who will give their power to the beast, could very well be 10 Euro commissioners who will receiver power just after these elections.

  28. One thing to keep in mind is that as all believers with be taken from this earth at the Rapture, even in countries that are only nominally Christian, the balance of power will shift significantly.
    Russia and Europe, who are both in a demographic crunch will lose a not insignificant amount of their populations. The USA will be greatly affected, as well, of course.

    In contrast, Turkey which has a very small Christian population (less than 1%) will be largely unaffected.

    The Rapture could be their spur (or hook in the jaw) to attack Israel right after the Rapture in the Gog Magog invasion. Israel also has a not insignificant Christian population and will be weakened/in chaos.

    So take heart. We are very close to the Rapture even if things seem to not line up perfectly geopolitically in our estimation.

    1. Countries in which Christians are persecuted, won't be severely affected by the Rapture at all, because in these countries many Christians don't have important political, societal, military and business positions. The Western nations in which Christians face no or a little persecution, will be significantly weakened by the Rapture.

    2. Valid points. The balance of power is going to shift dramatically right after the Rapture. This will lead directly to the Gog Magog battle.

  29. Great article Gary!

    Speaking of prophetic signs, someone should revisit the August 2017 (GA) Eclipse, and next year's sequel on April 8, 2024.

    Looking back over these last 6 years, it's amazing to kind of see the set as a 7 year warning for the USA to get her stuff together... of which she has failed miserably.

    ๐Ÿšซ ๐Ÿ‡

    ๐ŸฆŠ Foxman on the Wall

    1. Not to mention that the "cross" formed by the two is right over our very own large seismic area of the New Madrid fault zone.

      I live a few hours away from the center of that "cross". I can hope we are gone by the time that "way late" fault slips.


  30. God says when the first month is in Exodus 12:1-2....which is spring....does that affect how we discuss possible end times timeframes as we would still be in year 2022 till March 21-22? Just looking at things from another angle.... Jon



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