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Rosh Hoshanna 2011

Well here we are another year has ticked by. Tomorrow at 6pm in Israel begins another New Year - The Feast of Trumpets - Rosh Hoshanna.

As we have said there is some indication from scripture that the Rapture of the church will be during this high holy feast.

We'll see.

It is been eerily quiet this week. Stock market bouncing back. Greece gets another multi-billion dollar bailout. The UN general assembly ended with a whimper. Of course we know that it isn't over, that trouble is coming and that we certainly appear to be in the season Matthew 24 (this generation will not pass away 5/14, 1948), Matthew 16 (red sky), John 3 (Niccodemus signs).

Perhaps we're wrong. Perhaps His return will be on another day. I certainly don't know the mind of God. Perhaps the year is not ripe just yet. He is exceedingly patient.

I am ready to go. I pray that my heart will be more like His, broken and impassioned for those who are lost.

And maybe just maybe tomorrow or Thursday, perhaps as late as Friday, will be the day. Wonder if anyone will stumble on this little blog over the coming days of trouble?

If so, I grieve with you and encourage you to seek God, question, argue, but pursue Him. You'll find Him guaranteed. And when you do - trust Him completely. Honest when it is unspeakably difficult. Do not put your hope in the government, the banks, the economy, the new world leader and certainly do not take the mark - whatever that will look like.

Put your faith in Him and you will be established.

- Greg
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