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Joel Rosenberg at the Heritage Foundation

Begins at 17:30

The world:

We didn't believe Hitler was exterminating 6 million Jews.
We didn't believe Saddam would invade Kuwait.
We didn't believe 9/11 would happen.
We don't believe Iran will really build the bomb and use it.
We don't believe N. Korea will really strike -they said tomorrow is the day.
We don't believe the big Earthquake will come.
We don't believe our enemies could really hurt us.
We don't believe the world's economic system could really collapse.
We don't believe the rapture is coming.
We don't believe the anti-christ is ready to take center stage.
We don't believe Christ is really coming back and there is judgement forthcoming.

Syria will fall.
Israel will be attacked and hurt.
America will be judged.
The world economy will fail.
Iran's rulers will be displaced.
Egypt will be hurt in a big way.

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