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A Tale Of Two Fires

Today is exactly 100 days until the Feast of Trumpets and 101 days until the Revelation 12 Sign.  A massive fire has just engulfed Grenfell Tower in London, tragically killing at least 17 and injuring 50 - though it looks like the death toll will rise to at least 100.  The fire occurred in the Latimer Road area of the city, which is named after the aforementioned Latimer Road and also Latimer Station.

Hugh Latimer was a Protestant chaplain and martyr who was burned at the stake in 1555 under the brutal reign of Catholic Queen Mary for refusing to renounce his faith in the Gospel - specifically for his belief in the finished work of Christ and his renunciation of transubstantiation.

Latimer believed it was his mission to defend the simple Gospel message preached by the persecuted Protestants and to this end was ready and willing to give his life for the Lord.  After he and two other Protestant teachers were sentenced to death, he replied to the council:

I thank God most heartily that He hath prolonged my life to this end, that I may in this case glorify God by that kind of death.

Hugh Latimer was burned next to fellow Believer Nicholas Ridley.  Ridley was in great anguish in the fire and a composed Latimer uttered these now famous words to his brother in Christ:

Be of good comfort, and play the man, Master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.

These men are honored in Foxe's Book of Martyrs.  So today, 100 days until the Feast of Trumpets and the Revelation 12 Sign we witness a tragic fire in the Latimer area of London, which points us back to Hugh Latimer, a man who died for the Gospel of grace through faith alone.

In light of the name connection and timing of the London inferno, here is a quote from Latimer himself about 1 Thessalonians 4:

It may come in my days, old as I am, or in my children's days, the saints shall be taken up to meet Christ in the air, and so shall come down with Him again.

And emblazoned on Latimer's memorial in the center of Oxford is this testimony to the martyrdom of Latimer, Ridley, and Cranmer:

To the Glory of God, and in grateful commemoration of His servants, Thomas Cranmer, Nicholas Ridley, Hugh Latimer, Prelates of the Church of England, who near this spot yielded their bodies to be burned, bearing witness to the sacred truths which they had affirmed and maintained against the errors of the Church of Rome, and rejoicing that to them it was given not only to believe in Christ, but also to suffer for His sake; this monument was erected by public subscription in the year of our Lord God, MDCCCXLI.

As well as this telling inscription about God's master plan:

The world was ordained to endure, AS ALL LEARNED MEN affirm and prove it with Scripture, six thousand years. Now, of that number there be past five thousand five hundred and fifty-two (years); so that there is no more left but four hundred and forty-eight.

The above quote originally comes from one of Latimer's sermons.  Read his sermon in context and then ask yourself, "is it any wonder God would want to bring attention to this message right now?"  God didn't want this horrible fire, yet we know that He causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him.  Here is Latimer's sermon from which the above quote is found:

Now you have heard the causes, wherefore God suffereth the wicked to enjoy his gifts. But I would will and desire you most heartily, for God's sake, to consider that the judgment of God at the latter day shall be right, according unto justice: it will then appear who hath been good or bad. And this is the only comfort of all Christian people, that they know that they shall be delivered from all their troubles and vexations. Let us therefore have a desire that this day may come quickly. Let us hasten God forward. Let us cry unto him day and night, Adveniat regnum tuum; "Most merciful Father, thy kingdom come."

St Paul saith, Non venfet Dominus nisi veniat defectio; "The Lord will not come till the swerving from faith cometh": which thing is already done and past. Antichrist is known throughout all the world. Wherefore the day is not far off. Let us beware, for it will one day fall upon our heads. St Peter saith. Finis omnium appropinquat; "The end of all things draweth very near." If St Peter said so in his time, how much more shall we say so! For it is a long time since St Peter spake these words.

The world was ordained to endure, as all learned men affirm and prove it with scripture, six thousand years. Now of that number there be passed five thousand (five hundred) and fifty-two; so that there is no more left but four hundred and forty-eight. And furthermore, those days shall be shortened: it shall not be full six thousand years. Nam abbreviabuntur dies propter electos; "The days shall be shortened for the elect's sake." Therefore all those excellent learned men, which without doubt God hath sent into this world in these latter days to give the world warning; all those men do gather out of scripture that the last day cannot be far off. And this is most certain and sure, that whensoever he cometh, he cometh not too timely; for all things which ought to come before are passed now: so that if he come this night or tomorrow, he cometh not too early. Therefore, good people, let us make ready towards his coming. And though he cometh not at this time, yet let us make ready; for we are not sure when we shall be called to make account before the Lord. All good and godly people since the world began endeavoured themselves to make ready towards this day.

But, O Lord, how wretched and miserable, yea, and how careless we be! Therefore it will be like as he saith: Cum dixerint, Pax et tranquillitas, "When they say, all thing is well and quiet," tunc repentinus superveniet illis interitus, "then they shall be suddenly taken, and perish"; like as dives epulo, that, rich glutton, did. He ate and drank, he builded a new barn, (for the old was too little for him,) then he said to himself, "Now my soul, now be merry and take thy pleasure; for thou hast riches enough for many years." But what said God? What said he? Stulte, hac nocte, "Thou fool, this night they will fetch thy soul from thee: whose shall those riches be then which thou hast heaped up?" And so shall all those be taken and trapped like this epulo, which will not make ready, which refuse the warnings of God; they shall be taken so suddenly to their everlasting wo.

For scripture giveth warning unto every one, saying, Sicut in diebus Noah, "Like as in the days of Noah, they will eat and drink, and marry, "To eat, and to drink, and marry, is godly and lawful; but to do it otherwise than God hath commanded, it is wicked and damnable. To eat without thanksgiving, or to eat other men's flesh, or to play the glutton more than sufficeth nature, this is wicked. Item, to marry upon other respects than God hath appointed and expressed in his most holy laws, is wicked and damnable: else, Honorabile conjugium inter omnes, "Marriage is honourable amongst all men"; but to marry for wantonness' sake, that is wicked. Viderunt filii Dei filias hominum; "The sons of God saw the daughters of men." This did Noah rebuke in his time, but they laughed at it. He prepared the ark, and went into it: at the length the flood fell upon their heads. Sicut in diebus Loth, 

"As in the days of Lot": what did they? Ingressus es advena, "Thou art come hither a stranger." Regarding nothing God's word, which was shewed unto them through that good man Lot, they were wicked, whoremongers, drunkards, covetous persons. But what followeth; what followeth, I say? Consider the end: "The fire from heaven fell upon them suddenly and consumed them all." At nos non sumus in tenebris; "We be not in darkness." We have the word of God, we know what is his will; therefore let us watch, for he will come like a thief in the night. Happy are we if he shall find us watching!

Latimer pretty much covered all of the key terms and themes we and other watchmen have been covering lately (in bold above):

1. God's judgment on the world is coming and it will be just.

2. Believers will be delivered from all of their troubles when the Day of the LORD comes.

3. The world is about 6,000 years old, which means we are very, very close to the beginning of Christ's millennial reign and even closer to the rapture.

4. All of the prophesied signs have now converged, so let's be ready for the appearing of the Lord.

5. When they shall say "peace and security", then sudden destruction.

6. As in the days of Noah.

7. Nephilim.

8. The righteous enter the ark before destruction comes.

9. As in the days of Lot.

10. We are not in darkness like the world because we are watching.

There appear to be some other connections to this fire that we are discussing here.

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  1. Thank you Gary; and blessed be YHWH. Daniel

    1. You're very welcome. This connection just blew me away when Jim on our discussion board first discovered it.

  2. This is indeed so much interesting, thank you for all your work of research and encouragement! I myself don't know much of the life and teaching of the British martyrs although the island is a "neighbor" country of mine. Will share this on G + Thank you again! Be richly blessed, Gary!

    1. Glad this was encouraging and thank you for sharing!

  3. Death toll is now at 17! http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-40284233

  4. So many things being revealed to those who are willing to see. This sign in the sky is like a clock ticking down time and ticking up the tragedy of what happens when man forsakes God and strives to be god.

  5. The math is wrong. You don't say when he gave his prophesy, but even if it was the last year of his life, (1555), that would only take us to 2003. (1555+448)



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