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Major Geopolitical Changes Ahead: The Peace Plan, Brexit, & Chexit

We all wait with bated breath for the other shoe to drop in terms of Bible prophecy, and it seems that a confluence of global triggers are set to be triggered this Fall.  Why this Fall and why all at the same time?  Perhaps these things have aligned this Fall for a big reason in God's grand plan.

Here are the "triggers":

1. On September 17th Israel will hold a redo election in the wake of Netanyahu's coalition partners' inability to form a government after the April 2019 elections.  This was the first time MKs ever failed to form a government, so the upcoming election is unprecedented.  On May 30th, the Knesset voted to dissolve itself, which was also unprecedented (in this circumstance).  The result was that Netanyahu has become the longest-serving Prime Minister in Israeli history.  The new elections are just a few days short of the two-year anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign.

2. On Sunday President Trump reportedly said that his administration would be unveiling the political piece of his Deal of the Century after Israeli elections.  This would probably be in the October to November range, barring any unforeseen circumstances, since it will take Israel's election winners up to six weeks to form a government.  What makes this announcement from the President significant is that it was made directly by him and not some unnamed "senior" source.  Unless this is some sort of a shell game, it would seem the present postponement has been based on the failed April elections more than anything else—and it would mean that once a coalition is formed in September or October, "The Ultimate Deal" will be rolled out.

3. The United Kingdom will finally withdraw from the European Union superstate on October 31st, which is All Saints' Eve (aka Halloween) and the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  Despite the public complaining you may hear from Europhiles concerning Brexit, the truth is that the U.K. was always the greatest obstacle to a true federal Europe because it had so many one-off "outs" from E.U. laws and perpetually pushed against a federation.  Trust me when I say this: the globalist cabal in Brussels is fully aware of this.  Once the U.K. leaves, nothing will stop the E.U. from being formed into a true federation (like a United States of Europe).  Italy may protest, but they are part of all of the E.U.'s laws and have little sway against the military and political clout of France and Germany.

If you were to ask me what Brexit means in terms of Bible prophecy I'd say it's means that the E.U. will begin its final metamorphosis and this may be preceded by the formation of a true European Army under the auspices of Emmanuel Macron's 10-nation European Intervention Initiative (E2I).  The U.K. won't be around to stop it anymore.

So within a span of just two to three months we will witness Israeli elections, Brexit, and the public launch of the Trump-Kushner peace plan.  And it's all happening from the end of Summer 2019 through mid-Fall.  We are witnessing what could very well be triggers for both the Tribulation (peace plan; breaking God's everlasting covenant) and the rise of the 10-horned beast of Revelation 13, which will rise to world dominance once the Church is removed.  Be on the alert.

But there are several other significant events on the horizon: first, it looks like China is poised for a conflagration in Hong Kong in order to bring that semi-autonomous city-state fully under Chinese control.  Christian protesters have been worshiping in the streets, declaring that God is the true sovereign and not the communist politburo in Beijing.

Second, The Temple Institute, which is the Jerusalem-based organization determined to build the Third Temple, has just carried out a test run of a red heifer sacrifice and burnt-offering.  Once a real red heifer is sacrificed and burned, they can use the ash to ceremonially cleanse the Temple Mount and begin rebuilding the Temple (or at least that's how they'll justify the construction).

Several thousand miles west of Hong Kong, Iran has been backed into a corner by crippling sanctions from the United States and its economy is on the verge of collapse.  A number of oil tankers have been attacked or commandeered and what was once sabre-rattling is now out in the open.  Something will push Iran to retaliate and they will.  This could be it.  In the words of the Prophet Isaiah:

A dire vision has been shown to me:
   The traitor betrays, the looter takes loot.
Elam [southwestern Iran], attack!  Media [northwestern Iran], lay siege!
   I will bring to an end all the groaning she caused.

At this my body is racked with pain,
   pangs seize me, like those of a woman in labor;
I am staggered by what I hear,
   I am bewildered by what I see.
My heart falters,
   fear makes me tremble;
the twilight I longed for
   has become a horror to me.
- Isaiah 21:2–4

- - -

As we wait to see how Brexit and all of these things play out this Fall, we await our own exit—Chexit—when the Church is removed from the earth by Divine will.  It will happen and soon.  The signs on the earth and signs in the heavens have all pointed to this nearing moment.  If you're awake and watching then you know what I mean.  If this is all new to you, I would encourage you to take a look at a few eye-opening articles:









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  1. "Chexit"; Love it! Let's pray for sooner rather than later.

  2. Thanks Gary, I really believe 2019 is the year of our exit. Hard to believe there are only 4 more months left in 2019. I Would never have thought in January that we would have gotten so far into the year. But now we are on the home strait. With a jam packed Geo-political agenda that is all ready to explode / implode or some kind of cataclismic event that will change people's life's forever, to keep us all watching with ever more intent.

    In the words of St. Paul: Romans 13:11
    Our salvation is now closer than when we 1st believed.

    1. Just one season left and Fall is always a super high watch time.

    2. Jordan I am with you. I say all the time I cannot believe we are still here. If we make it into 2020 I will be greatly surprised.

    3. Don't be dismayed if it's not this year. It's coming very soon. God told me through a dream a few months ago "two years". Two years until I can see my sister again (my other dreams tell me this isn't my own death). Soon those asleep will wake up, and some of us will be changed. One taken, one left. In the last Trump.

      I can go into details if someone wants it. The core is what's important. Take care.

  3. Take a look at actor Jon Voigt's support for President Donald Trump in the below article. I'm sure the verbiage will be striking.


    1. Thanks for the link Daniel. Refreshing to see Mr. Voigt's support of President Trump.

  4. Great analysis! I would add that I think we will also see an economic collapse either coincide with or be triggered by Brexit this fall. Nationalists and populists will be blamed, along with Trump's "trade war". The whole thing is a farce. The real powers behind the collapse will be the globalist cabal, and their central banking system. The collapse will be engineered, and out of it's ashes will arise the New World Order system of global economic, political, and religious control. It's the Phoenix concept, which the globalists have been planning for years. I think they will not be permitted to take full control until the Restrainer is removed. All of the chess pieces are now in position, and after we are removed, the trap will quickly be sprung. Trump's election was in fact part of the plan, as he has served as a Pied Piper for conservatives and Christians to lure them into the trap.

    1. I agree that if there is a recession it won't be because of Brexit. With virtually no inflation, central bankers still refuse to lower fund rates.

      "Trump's election was in fact part of the plan, as he has served as a Pied Piper for conservatives and Christians to lure them into the trap."

      Perhaps, but I'm one who tends to think God is always one step ahead and outwitting the enemy. He's used Trump for some important purposes.

    2. Yes, of course you are right about that. Ultimately everything is part of God's greater plan and purpose. That statement would literally apply to everything. From a more human vantage point, I think we need to be careful to maintain some skepticism about the Trump phenomenon. Trump's presidency bears some striking similarities to that of Herbert Hoover's prior to the Great Depression. He has positioned himself to be a scapegoat should an economic collapse occur. This would be the final nail in the coffin for the nationalist/populist/sovereignty movement should it occur. This links to the no-deal Brexit event, as Brexit may trigger a simultaneous collapse in Europe, and will also be blamed on "populists". Christian conservatives will be lumped into this category. Trump's Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is a known Rothschild agent. If you really intend to "drain the swamp", you don't surround yourself with people like this. To quote Shakespeare, I think "something is rotton" here. The media is suddenly buzzing with warnings of a looming recession. If we are not removed from this situation soon, we could see some very challenging times in the near future.

  5. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn just did an interview on Prophecy Watchers with some teasers from his new book, The Oracle. It will be released September 3rd. He is suggesting events from 1867, 1917, 1967 and by implication, 2017 are linked to the "lost" Jubilee cycle.

    1. I saw this too. It would have made so much sense to me that rapture would have happened during a Jubilee year. But then again, it will appear on a day on which we do not expect Him!

  6. CHEXIT.

    I like that too. Giving it my thumbs-up!


  7. Is anyone following or reading Ken Johnson's books and translations and commentary on the more recently released Dead Sea Scrolls material? His website is Biblefacts.org and has links to his YouTube channel. There are prophetic references to three epochs of 2000 years each.

    Using the Genesis account, Abraham was born in 1948 AM (after creation) and most likely received his call 52 years later at year 2000 AM. Linking the Gregorian calendar back to the Exodus and then David, he has Christ's resurrection very close to the year 4000 AM, our year 32 AD. He also found a source from the second century that discussing some 100-150+ years that were taken out of the Jewish calendar's timeline. The current Jewish year 5779 would be much closer to year 6000 AM.

    One of the scrolls suggests that the temple system would come to an end before the start of the tenth Jubilee following its reconstruction. And that the Messiah would die at the end of the first Shemitah of the ninth Jubilee. The final ending of the sacrificial system was about 75 AD; 50 years earlier would be 25 AD plus 7 years to the Shemitah year would be 32 AD.

    We are close.

    1. Any Time Now,

      Do you have any specific links you can share on this data?



    3. The Temple was destroyed in 70 AD though?

    4. END TIMES,

      Good ol' JR Church! I still watch Gary Stearman as often as I can.

      Thank you for sharing!

    5. Pastor Rich,

      Yes indeed. J.R. and Gary did some ground-breaking cutting edge studies together. I was fortunate enough to have purchased every one of those programs they did together on DVD sets from their ministry from the year 1993 all the way to about 2011 or so. One day I thought about what a shame and a waste for all of that valuable information to just sit on my book shelves and not be seen by anyone. I looked at youtube and discovered that most of these programs are nowhere to be found. I then called the "Prophecy In The News" ministry and surprisingly was able to obtain permission from them to upload them on Youtube. These programs are no longer available, so no one can obtain them.

      I would say for all those who may be interested in seeing this valuable information from 1993 forward that you can take advantage and avail yourself of them by going to my channel. You may have to scroll down far into the video section because those are some of the first ones I uploaded to the channel. To my knowledge, these are not available anywhere else on youtube. Some of them are available, but most of them you will not be able to find.

    6. Hi what is your YouTube channel?

    7. WOW!!!

      What a coup! I'll be checking your channel out for sure!!

    8. Steve,

      I also have a back-up channel with all of the same videos on them. Here are the links to the two channels.



    9. Some of the programs were dated with the subject matter having to do with events that were going on at the time the program was being made, so I didn't upload every single one of them. But the ones that have undated information, I uploaded ... which is a great many of them.

  8. Interesting. Dan shared this with me: https://serayah515.wordpress.com/2019/08/18/american-pie-the-day-the-music-died-9-11-the-writing-on-the-wall/

    1. Even more interesting... I heard this song two days in a row this week and now you have mentioned it. Had not listened to it in years and when it played on the radio the other day, I listened to the words (had forgotten what they were) and my thoughts were this song reflects the times we are in.

    2. Interesting link Gary. Thank you for sharing it!

      Serayah, the author, mentions the 2,520 weeks as a interval of time pointing to the writing on the wall of (Daniel 5:25), but that count is also the sum of 1,260 x 2.

      This value is 30-days short of the 2,550 days which is a yard-stick for the day count from rapture-to-return. The 30-day difference being accounted for in the 1,290 days given us again by (Daniel 12:11).

      1,260-days == 42-months
      2 x 1,260-days == 2,520-days
      1,260-days + 1,290-days == 2,550-days

      The article points to 9/11/19 as a day of *interest*. 9/11/19 is not only the 18th (6+6+6) anniversary of the 9/11 attacks but falls 18-days prior to (M7D28) on the Ecclesiastic calendar which marks the beginning of Sabbath day Torah readings for the year as "Parashat Bereshit" beginning with (Genesis 1:1-6:8).

      This day is also Erev Yom Teruah (Civil New Year's Eve) on the Civil calendar. Torah reading for "Parashat Nitzavim" the 51st reading of the year is (Deuteronomy 29:10-30:20).

      Interestingly enough,

      Friday, September 27, 2019 + 2,550-days = Monday, September 20, 2026

      To put it another way,

      Feast of Trumpets Eve (Erev Yom Teruah) + 2,550-days = Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur)

      Well, if that's what adding 2,550-days to the Jewish New Year equals, what does 1,260-days added to the New Year equal?

      Friday, September 27, 2019 + 1,260-days = Saturday, March 10, 2023

      ...or to put it another way,

      Civil New Year's Eve + 1,260-days = Three (3) days AFTER Purim


      So, what happens if we add 1,290-days from Daniel to the coming Jewish New Year?

      Friday, September 27, 2019 + 1,290-days = Sunday, April 9, 2023

      ...or to put another way,

      Civil New Year's Eve + 1,290-days = Easter Sunday (Feast of First Fruits)

      Oh! Don't forget that Jewish days begin at sunset the day before AND that the new year begins with a new moon. Take that into account when looking at these dates. (Have a calendar handy!) The new moon this year will be a SUPER BLACK NEW MOON. The third of three for this season.

      But that's all just counting from the coming New Year. What happens if we count from Easter Sunday/Feast of First Fruits, 2023?

      Sunday, April 9, 2023 + 1,260-days = Sunday, September 20, 2026

      ...that's the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) again. How about if we add the 1,335-days from (Daniel 12:12)?

      Sunday, April 9, 2023 + 1,335-days = Friday, December 4, 2026

      ...or in otherwords,

      Easter Sunday/Feast of First Fruits + 1,335-days = Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah Day 1)

      Do any of these dates ring a bell to anyone?


      Excuse me, I think I hear someone knocking at my door.


    3. And 2026 + 7 years = 2033, the 2000th anniversary of the crucifixtion... If 33 ad is really the right year for that event as so many have calculated...

      I really hope that this doesn't mean we are 7 years off... or that 7 years got lost and the hour is later than we think... Or... maybe this is what Jesus meant when He said, 'And if the times were not shortened, no flesh would survive... but for the sake of the elect, the times will be cut short...'

      Looking around at the current state of things... a scenario that gets out of control to the point that 'no flesh survives' is becoming easy to see... Thank God that He has promised to intervene before that happens...

  9. The missing years on the Jewish calender are those years that the Hebrews were enslaved in Egypt and the rabbis considered those years as not "living". Thats the reason!

  10. wasnt syrus the persian king who took babylon isnt trump syrus

  11. I think that after the Brexit the current EU will fall apart by economic collapses, war in the Middle-East and that from these pieces the 10 nations federation of the antichrist will emerge. Great Britain, or only England, will also be a part of that 10-nations federation from which the antichrist will emerge, because a part of Great Britain is on the territory of the Old Roman Empire. At https://www.politico.eu/article/marine-le-pen-backs-britains-membership-in-reformed-eu-brexit/ "Marine Le Pen backs Britain’s membership in ‘reformed’ EU".

  12. Gary and Pastor Rich:

    Here is the Youtube link for Dr. Ken Johnson’s discussion regarding the first coming of Christ and the crucifixion and resurrection associated with the 9th Jubilee (25 AD) and the end of the first Shemitah (32 AD) and the link to the three cycles/eras of 2000 years each:

    The first 20 minutes covers some key prophetic topics: the Jubilee year, Melchizedek, Day of Atonement, and the statement in Isaiah 61 regarding liberty for the captives. What was in the Second Temple literature? What were the debates? Why did the Essenes break away? What did they believe about the soon coming Messiah?

    He has this discussion first because of what is in the Dead Sea Scrolls. About minute 21 he introduces a recent fragment of a larger prophetic scroll. This is 11Q13 also known as 11QMelch. There are translations easily available, including this one I downloaded from Wikipedia:

    This fragment dates from about 100 BC. The writer of the scroll is linking the future liberty of captives with Melchizedek as representing the future Messiah, Elohim incarnate, who will also forgive them of all their iniquity. This will take place:
    “in the first week of the Jubilee that follows the nine Jubilees.”

    Here is part of the fragment from Wikipedia:
    [And it will be proclaimed at] the end of days concerning the captives as [He said, To proclaim liberty to the captives (Isa. lxi, 1).

    Its interpretation is that He] will assign them to the Sons of Heaven and to the inheritance of Melchizedek; f[or He will cast] their [lot] amid the po[rtions of Melchize]dek, who will return them there and will proclaim to them liberty, forgiving them [the wrong-doings] of all their iniquities. And this thing will [occur] in the first week of the Jubilee that follows the nine Jubilees. And the Day of Atonement is the e[nd of the] tenth [Ju]bilee, when all the Sons of [Light] and the men of the lot of Mel[chi]zedek will be atoned for.

    [And] a statute concerns them [to prov]ide them with their rewards. For this is the moment of the Year of Grace for Melchizedek. [And h]e will, by his strength, judge the holy ones of God, executing judgement as it is written concerning him in the Songs of David, who said, ELOHIM has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgement (Psalms lxxxii, 1).
    End quote

    Ken’s research suggests the “end of the era” was 75 AD. The first temple was destroyed in 70 AD. However, the Jewish temple in Egypt wasn’t destroyed until 73 AD. In 75 AD, with no temples and the Sanhedrin now in exile, the council declared that sacrifices were no longer needed, just good works. The era was officially ended.

    Backing up one Jubilee takes us to 25 AD, plus one week (7 years) puts us at 32 AD. If these dates are close and the 2000 year cycle is correct, that would suggest we are out of here “any time (now)” before 2025 and the Kingdom would begin around 2032.

    Related: Jonathan Cahn was interviewed a few days ago by Gary Stearman regarding his new novel, The Oracle. He is making the case that key events of 1867, 1917, 1967 (implying also 2017) suggest those are Jubilee years. If prophecy is pattern, do we have a clue from 11Q13 and other second temple sources that we also need to add a Shemitah, another 7 years?

    1. Interesting! I will check your link out in greater detail soon. Thank you!!

    2. This is all very interesting. However, it is crystal clear to me what Psalm 90:10 says about 70 years/80 years is a generation after 1948 when Israel became a nation.
      Since 70 years have already passed, 2028 would be the latest 2nd Coming of Jesus with 2021 being the latest for our Rapture.

    3. 2032 can also be the ultimate date for the Second Coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In 2025 the Tribulation Period would begin, when the antichrist might be chosen during the next elections for the European Parliament in May 2024.

    4. And if those days were not shortened, no flesh would survive... But for the sake of the elect, those days shall be shortened...

      If the current madness continues to increase for another 6 years before we leave...


    So much going on today -- news filled with the US/China trade war, the Amazon Rainforest burning, the list goes on. Thinking on these things while considering the heavenly alignment we are under I was struck with a question,

    "How many times has Mars been met by Venus in the skies since the R12S?"

    Mars was ahead of Venus at the time of the great sign and Venus passed Mars 12-days after the beginning of the sign. That was Thursday, October 5, 2017. We've been talking about a suspect two-year gap from event-to-event so if to apply that logic here,

    Thursday, October 5, 2017 + 720-days (2-prophetic years) = Wednesday, September 25, 2019

    If to lay that end date against the Ecclesiastic calendar that is M7D26. An interesting date to land on when one is looking for our CHEXIT. Month 7, day 26? Reminds me of Strong's (G726). Okay, let's chalk that up to a coincidence and a matter of my fertile imagination.

    Moving on...

    Saturday, October 5, 2019 is the two-year (Gregorian calendar) anniversary of the FIRST conjunction of Mars and Venus after the R12S. That is the Sabbath day which features Torah reading for the 52nd week of the year. You might say it represents *the end*. The Torah portion is (Deuteronomy 31:1-30 ESV) and begins thus,

    1 Moses went and spoke these things to
    all Israel.

    2 He said to them: I am now one hundred
    and twenty years old, I can no longer be
    active. Moreover, the LORD has said to me,

    "You shall not go across yonder Jordan."

    3 The LORD your God Himself will cross over
    before you; and He Himself will wipe out
    those nations from your path and you shall
    dispossess them. Joshua is the one who
    shall cross before you, as the LORD has

    (Deuteronomy 31:1-3 TNK)

    That is a direct quote from Torah (JPS Tanakh) and is very interesting. Again, this is the beginning of the Torah reading portion for the last week in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading. In a certain light, it represents the beginning of the end.

    1. Back to Mars and Venus...

      So after 10/5/17 the Sun along with Mercury and Venus has left Virgo and Mars far behind. As they left, Virgo was left in a wilderness of her own. It has taken Mars two-years to come back around to join the inner solar system in Leo and Virgo. At the time of this writing we once again see a crown of 12 stars upon the head of the virgin. The nine stars of Leo together with Mars, Mercury and Venus.

      Is this the R12S all over again? No. The Sun has not yet moved into Virgo and the moon is NOT at her feet. What has happened is a quadruple conjunction,

      1. Sun meets Regulus (king star)
      2. Venus meets Mars

      ...and all of them are clustered together in the constellation Leo. So what does it all mean? We know that,

      1 The heavens declare the glory of
      and the sky above proclaims his

      2 Day to day pours out speech,
      and night to night reveals knowledge.

      (Psalm 19:1-2 ESV)

    2. Since this is true, what are the skies saying to us today?

      I've been asking that question, listening and waiting. Today I had this thought.

      1. Venus, Jesus, is known as the "bright morning star" (Revelation 22:16 ESV)
      2. The Sun may symbolize, or be a shadow of, the throne of God
      3. The constellation Leo, the lion, is symbolic of the tribe of Judah
      4. Regulus, Latin for "little king" gets its name from ancient times

      Regulus, as a matter of fact lies almost directly on the plane of the ecliptic and is regularly occulted by the Sun and Moon. Regulus is a fascinating study as it's not one star but a quadruple star system. (A story for another day perhaps) In general, we know Regulus as being the "king star" going back to antiquity.

      Mars has an interesting mythologic history. Mars was the Roman god of war and second only to Jupiter in the Roman pantheon. Mars is thought to have originally been an agricultural god with the month of March named after him. Two qualities which are very interesting,

      1. War (aggressive, combative, rebellious)
      2. Agricultural (perhaps reminiscent of the first son of Adam who worked the land)

      Keeping these things in mind I started thinking about what symbols, shadows or story they may be telling? Add to this the historic fires burning in the Arctic and Amazon, the economic upheaval happening around the world, record temperatures, etc...I came to this...

      Sun/Regulus conjunction at the two-year mark since the Great American Solar Eclipse, which happened in conjunction with Regulus -- with Venus on its *right-hand*, imparts a message of sovereign royalty. Kingship. This is in tandem with Venus, the "bright morning star", confronting Mars, the "god of war -- aka aggression, confrontation, rebellion, a god that perhaps has agrarian roots, reminiscent of Cain perhaps.

      It is like a call to repentance? Perhaps.

      Why this interpretation?

      While pondering these questions this passage of Scripture was shown to me,

      20 Therefore, we are ambassadors for
      Christ. God making his appeal through
      us. We implore you on behalf of Christ,
      be reconciled to God.

      (2 Corinthians 5:20 ESV)

      "[B]e reconciled to God." That is the message I received from the heavenly host today. Be reconciled to God. God the Father and His authority on display via the Sun at Regulus. Christ, the "bright morning star" standing at the doorway of Mars. If Mars can be seen as a shadow of aggression, conflict and rebellion then it may also be a symbol of the likes of Cain. Unrepentant and rebellious man.


      I have come to be convinced that the great sign in the heavens given us through John in (Revelation 12:1-2 ESV) is one and the same as the one promised by Jesus Himself as He taught the disciples,

      30 Then will appear in heaven the sign
      of the Son of Man, and then all the tribes
      of the earth will mourn, and they will see
      the Son of Man coming on the clouds of
      heaven with power and great glory.

      (Matthew 24:30 ESV)

      The pregnant woman, “crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth” is a sign for all of us. For those in Christ is it a sign of life. For those lost outside of Christ it is a sign of death as the end of things is near. Thanks be to God there is still time; there is still one more chance to turn and be reconciled to the LORD.


      Time is short. Christ is at the door. The world is on fire figuratively and literally with the trees and grass burning up in scorching heat and global tensions fanned by winds of war. Economic, political, religious upheaval rock this world. A change of seasons as it were.

      The ruler, the rider on the white horse bearing a bow who is to receive his crown is coming. He may already be here. With him will come war, injustice, pestilence and death.

      Time is growing short. The LORD is at the threshold of the door, His hand knocking upon the post.

      Is this interpretation true? Does this planetary alignment and conjunction point to the end? Time will tell but I have every reason to believe it does. Not that it is rare that such alignments happen. No, that is not the reason. The reason being proximity the R12S and how the sign itself fulfils Biblical prophecy. That is why this time it's important.

      For your prayerful and personal study,



      6 The LORD said to Cain,
      "Why are you angry, and why has
      your face fallen?

      7 If you do well, will you not
      be accepted? And if you do not
      do well, sin is crouching at the
      door. Its desire is contrary to
      you, but you must rule over it."

      (Genesis 4:6-7 ESV)

      Reflections of what we see in the stars today?


  14. Hi family,
    First, thanks for the wonderful articles and comments, so encouraging, I'm checking every day for updates, as I'm sure so many are. I posted a prayer request previously on this site (many thanks for prayers then, both mentioned here and silent). That person has kinda dropped off my radar, so leaving their situation with the Lord... but I got another request! This is for Rose. I'm not sure where she stands at the moment, but I believe the Lord has been showing me that she will be saved (if she isn't already) so I've been praying 24/7, since as most would agree time is short. You know when you get the feeling God is telling you to do something and keeps prodding? It's like that X10. Really feels like this is the last project He's got for me before the end. Even more so, feels in some ways like my whole life has been leading up to this point, to pray for her right now. So many things in my life that God has been orchestrating (even for years) that didn't make sense for so long have come together in this situation. I still don't really understand how prayer works - I just know that God uses it. So if anyone could mention Rose to the Father that would be amazing. Shalom and Baruch hashem!

    1. Done! Prayers sent for Rose. Will continue to lift her too...

  15. Interesting, if you were to take the year 25 as a jubilee year, 2025 would be 40 jubilees since then. Also, 2024 (10/3) feast of trumpets to 2031 (9/27) yom kippur is 2550 days exactly. My understanding is that these dates may not be set in stone, but interesting to watch none the less. America has it's second solar eclipse almost 7 years after the 2017 one in April of 2024. If 2017 was a jubilee year, then 2017 + 7 = 2024.

    1. A jubilee cycle is an interesting interval to study. This is where spread sheets come in handy. I used such a model to illustrate a 49/50-year interval that counts backwards from the Gregorian year 2026 AD. Total number of intervals is 120-jubilee of years per (Genesis 6:3 ESV),

      3 Then the LORD said,"My Spirit shall
      not abide in man forever, for he is
      flesh: his days shall be 120 years."

      120-years is considered by some (myself included) as 120-jubilees of years. If this were the case then 2026 AD less 120 jubilees of years lands you on the year 3974 BC. (There is no year zero in this calculation. 1 AD is preceded by 1 BC). The count (interval) starts at 120 and a total of 6,000-years. Why 6,000-years?

      120-jubilee years = 120 ( 50 ) = 6,000-years

      ...so the total timeframe for this model is 6,000-years start to finish for the days of man. The count starts at the end of the age for my study time-line which is the Gregorian year 2026 with each year decrementing 50-years toward the first interval which is interval zero.

      Most interesting in this model is the year 26 AD. It falls on the 80th jubilee cycle at 3999-4000-years. The 79th jubilee cycle is 3949-3950-years in 24 BC. These years bound the transition from BC-to-AD and are inclusive of the conception and birth of Christ our Lord.

      These numbers are highly symbolic including (but not limited to),

      24 = 8 + 8 + 8
      26 = Number of the personal name of G-d, "יהוה"
      80 = multiple things including,
      1. Age of Moses when he confronted Pharaoh (Exodus 7:7 ESV)
      2. The years of our life, "by reason of strength" (Psalm 90:10 ESV)
      3. The years of peace after Moab was subdued (Judges 3:30 ESV)
      4. Number of priests of the LORD with Azariah (2 Chronicles 26:17 ESV)
      5. Eight itself meaning, circumcision, new beginning, new creation, new order

      4000 = Multiple potential meanings based on numbers 4, 40, 400...
      1. 4th day of creation was completion of our material universe
      2. 4th day creation of sun, moon and stars (division of night and day on earth)
      3. 4th Commandment - keep the seventh (Sabbath) day holy
      4. 40 is a HUGE count in the Bible -- too many to list here
      5. 40 is the number of weeks human gestation (birth is indicated!)
      6. 400 is numeric value of the last Hebrew letter "ת" in the alephbet
      7. Tens, hundreds and thousands an extreme expression of an idea

      There is a LOT to dig on in Scripture regarding significance of the 80th cycle/interval here. But if you were to set your astronomical software to the year 3974 BC you would find that in the summer of that year was what is perhaps the NEXT closest match to the great sign (R12S) in history.

      Since God said the days of man would be 120-years, and that 120-jubilee of years spans 6,000-years of history from the time of the flood and the stars of the mazzaroth appear to agree -- the model fits that 2026 is the end of man's years on earth; or what I would call the reign of man on earth.

      If so, then Hanukkah Day I (December 4, 2026) would mark the beginning of the millennial reign of Christ. That's 3,360-days from Yom Teruah, 2019.

      3,360-days / 360-days per prophetic year = 9.333-years

      ...if years were months then,

      9.333-months = 40-weeks

      Sound familiar?

      More pin-points for your potential study.

      Happy hunting

    2. One more note on this spreadsheet model. The year that represents the beginning interval of 50-year segments is 3974 BC. The cusp between BC and AD calendars spans years 3949 to 4000. (Keep in mind these are NOT calendar years but *counts* of years). BUT, if you take a closer look at the interval from the 3949th-year to the 4000th year they include the interval which is the 3974th year. (Remember, that's the year that begins the 120-jubilee of years in this model and the year of a VERY close candidate match to the R12S). Where does the 3,974th year fall in this interval?

      Right in the middle of it.

      Lay that against our calendar to create a corresponding year that we would understand and you get a time-frame that spans the years 2 BC and 1 BC.


      These years correspond to dates offered by Rick Larson for the nativity and visitation of the Maji! Dates based the witness of celestial events and recorded history that I believe are accurate and true.

      I have always felt this an interesting picture. Jesus Himself was conceived (born) on 9/11/3 BC or what we would know today as the Erev Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets Eve). Modern Jews know this day as New Year's Eve. What was it that an angel of the Lord said to Joseph in a dream after the Maji had left?

      "Rise, take the child and his mother, and flee to Egypt..." (Matthew 2:13 ESV)

      Why was Joseph told to take the family and flee for Egypt?

      "...Herod is about to search for the child, to destroy him." (Matthew 2:13 ESV)

      So, on the eve of a New Year, Jesus rose to life again...this time as Joseph ushered the family into Egypt fleeing death at the hand of the dragon (Herod). A shadow of what Joseph, son of Jacob, had done generations before during the famine that threatened to kill Israel. Jesus escaped death and rose to life *again* on the New Year.

      A shadow of the RR to come? The Jewish New Year is almost upon us. Soon we will know if this is the one.

      I believe so.

      See Rick Larson's "The Star of Bethlehem" on YT for a free viewing and a rundown on this dating scheme of Christ's conception, nativity and death on the cross.


    3. Hi PR ;

      I believe Jesus was born on FOT, when Jupiter crowns Regulus in Leo. Check out 9/11/2BC. Nothing seems to happen in 3BC. I believe Jesus died on Passover 4/11/35AD, when Jupiter crowns Saturn ( Death is conquered ). Jesus 2nd coming must be marked in the stars. Only Yom Kippur 9/30/2028 looks interesting in Virgo. As far as when man was created, look at 3975BC as Jupiter crown Regulus in Leo. Timing is off because you would think man was created on a FOT. Anyway, my thoughts. I also noted that it appears Stellarium does not skip the year 0. :)

    4. rjmgoose,

      Build a model and test it against Scripture. Test it against very point of scripture you can find. I have found this an excellent way to dive deep and really get into the Word.

      I believe you're right about Stellarium using year zero. One must be careful with each program on how it deals with dating. Today I was making observations on 12/25/2 BC at 05:55:55 from the Temple Mount. It is a stunning scene!

      If you pull it up, be sure to take a look on the map program of your choice and take note of where Bethlehem is from the Temple Mount and compare that to what you find in the stars at 5:55 am on that morning. Then turn your Bible to (Matthew 2) on the Magi and their visitation to, "the child and Mary his mother".

      Look low just above the horizon at Bethlehem. What do you see?

      Brilliant. Simply brilliant!

      Glory to GOD in the highest.

  16. Gary and Unsealed crew, thank you again for all the time and study you put into your articles.
    God has blessed you to be a blessing and your efforts are much appreciated.
    And, to those of you such as PR who contribute your studies as well, thank you.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    * * * * *
    Remember the old comedy movie about a robot come to life (Short Circuit), Johnny Five?
    That's how I feel.
    It's like the more I know, the more I realize I don't know.
    Even about the basics such as heaven and hell.
    Especially hell.
    * * * * *
    Things I thought I knew, having learned in Church, are not as cut and dried as I once thought.
    Heaven. The child's view being if you ask Jesus into your heart, it's where you go when you die.
    But, I have to admit it sounded pretty BORING, so it was a good thing I wouldn't be going until I was really OLD!
    It was also associated with being GOOD: "Jesus please come into my heart and help me to be a good girl." Making the real connections took growth and maturity over time.
    Hell. I remember thinking going there was more about being BAD than about being saved. In fact, I didn't equate being saved with asking Jesus into my heart until I was in my 20s! I knew I believed in God, but did not have a true understanding of what salvation meant.
    It took time and lots of study OUTSIDE of church to sort things out.
    It's no wonder so many teens and young adults raised in the church equate being saved with being good - especially if they only went to Sunday School as kids!
    (I know "BIG" Church was more in depth and Biblically sound, but that came later.)
    I also know I still don't have it all figured out.
    So, questions.
    We know where pre-crucifixion believers and unbelievers end up.
    We know what happens to Church age Christians when the die.
    And, about the judgement of all unbelievers at the end of the Millennium (GWTJ).
    We also know that only believers left on earth at the end of the Tribulation enter into the Millennial Kingdom.
    So, WHAT HAPPENS to the unbelievers? Those who have taken the mark of the beast?
    I know they're destined for eternal judgement, but at the time, at the end of the Tribulation after the Sheep & Goats Judgement, what EXACTLY happens to them? ARE THEY KILLED to await further judgement at the end of the Millennium?
    Matthew 24-25 has the parables concerning these judgements, but they're more of an overview.
    What am I missing?
    It's somewhat easier to understand the Great White Throne Judgement at the end of the Millennial rein of Christ. Satan's final rebellion will be quickly quashed and all the unbelievers will be judged. Those who were dead as well as those alive at the end of the age will be eternally damned.
    Perhaps I'm looking for more of a distinction between the two groups than needs be.
    They both suffer the same end.
    Just curious to know what happens in the interim to the “goats on the left”.

    1. Hello, Jenny,

      Thank you for your kind words and support. I too am so grateful to have this space to share and to encourage. It is especially important that we have a place to gather and to share. That we have such a place with Spirit-filled writing and teaching is priceless! If hearts and minds are turned toward Christ, then my mission is accomplished.

      Your question is a great question. One place I would turn you toward is (Revelation 19:11-21 ESV). Verse 17 & 18 are notable saying,

      17 ..."Come, gather for the great supper of God, 18 to eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of captains, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all men, both free and slave, both small and great."

      Now add to this verse 20,

      20 And the beast was captured,
      and with it the false prophet
      who in its presence had done
      the signs by which he deceived
      those who had received the mark
      of the beast and those who
      worshiped its image. These two
      were thrown alive into the lake
      of fire that burns with sulfur.

      (Revelation 19:20 ESV)

      Remember, the mark of the beast? What happens to those who refuse to take it? What happens to those who do?

      21 And the rest were slain by
      the sword that came from the
      mouth of him who was sitting on
      the horse, and all the birds
      were gorged with their flesh.

      (Revelation 19:21 ESV)

      (Revelation 13:8 ESV) gives us a clear picture of who is who,

      8 and all who dwell on earth [the lost]
      will worship it, everyone whose name has
      not been written before the foundation
      of the world in the book of life of the
      Lamb who was slain.

      9 If anyone has an ear, let him hear.

      10 If anyone is to be taken captive,
      to captivity he goes; if anyone is to
      be slain with the sword, with the
      sword must he be slain.

      ...this is the fate of those who do not follow the beast as it has been given such power over all peoples.

      What makes those who dwell in the land distinctive?

      16 Also it causes all, [emphasis ALL], both small
      and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave,
      to be marked on the right hand or the forehead,

      17 so that no one can buy or sell unless he has
      the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the
      number of its name.

      ...and what happens to those who take the mark of the beast?

      9 And another angel, a third, followed
      them, saying with a loud voice,
      "If anyone worships the beast and its
      image and receives a mark on his forehead
      or on his hand,

      10 he also will drink the wine of God's
      wrath, poured full strength into the cup
      of his anger, and he will be tormented
      with fire and sulfur in the presence of
      the holy angels and in the presence of
      the Lamb.

      11 And the smoke of their torment goes
      up forever and ever, and they have no rest,
      day or night, these worshipers of the beast
      and its image, and whoever receives the
      mark of its name."

      (Revelation 14:9-11 ESV)

      I would suggest prayerfully digging on these points for starters and hope this helps.



  17. More questions.
    What happens next?
    We focus a lot on what’s going to happen to those left behind. Tribulation articles & books tell us a lot about the coming judgements, rise of the anti-Christ, and the 2nd Coming of Christ.
    But, what about the Church?
    We know Jesus has prepared a place for us.
    We know there’s the Bema Judgement and the rewarding of Crowns. And an event referred to as the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
    Place. I think many of us are going to feel extremely blessed and grateful just to BE there, never mind a “mansion”. (I’ve never seen the original “place” actually translated as “mansion” – where’d that come from?) Not much info outside of a general description of the New Jerusalem.
    Rewards. I know the types of crowns and what they refer to. I can understand Christ rewarding some believers for their works. But, aren’t they really for Him? What’s their purpose? Somehow I don’t think God views them as status symbols the way we would here on earth.
    Marriage Supper of the Lamb. I’ve read Jack Kelly’s and other articles on Jewish wedding traditions. Most tend to concentrate more on the betrothal period and the wedding itself rather than the aftermath. What does the actual SUPPER entail? (I know what every woman reading this is thinking – at last I’ll be able to eat and not get fat! Hah!)
    Dinner like the Passover Seder or the Lord’s Supper? A party?
    * * * * *
    After the WHEN comes the WHAT.
    What will the Church be doing during the 7 years' Tribulation period?

  18. Very upsetting. Persecution of Christians almost at Genocide levels.


  19. Indeed! What happens next.

    I often think of what the next book is after Revelation? What stories have yet to be written? Revelation is but a beginning -- not an ending.

    Any time spent in the presence of the Almighty is spent outside of time. No sooner than we arrive we would be leaving. But being there would be an eternity. From a heavenly perspective it has already happened. We're already there yet we have yet to leave earth. Our Father is every where and every when all at once. He is boundless in all dimensions yet His holiness makes Him a boundless singularity. Perfect and pure.

    On the advent of the RR we will be changed,

    51 Behold! I tell you a mystery.
    We shall not all sleep, but we shall
    all be changed, [given glorified bodies]

    52 in a moment, in the twinkling of
    an eye, at the last trumpet. For the
    trumpet will sound, and the dead will
    be raised imperishable, and we shall
    be changed.

    53 For this perishable body must
    put on the imperishable, and this
    mortal body must put on immortality.

    (1 Corinthians 15:51-53 ESV)

    So therefore we know that ALL those who are in Christ will be changed in this way.

    54 When the perishable PUTS ON [my emphasis]
    the imperishable, and the mortal
    puts on immortality, then shall
    come to pass the saying that is written:
    "Death is swallowed up in victory."

    (1 Corinthians 15:54 ESV)

    Look to the parable of the talents? What is the work that has been done on behalf of the master? Who is rewarded and for doing what? How are they rewarded? RED LETTERS tell us,

    "You have been faithful over a little;
    I will set you over much. Enter into
    the joy of your master."

    (Matthew 25:21 & 23 ESV)

    Those doing the work of the Lord appear to be set apart and perhaps with a special purpose in mind.

    "I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master."

    That sure sounds like Joseph does it not? Daniel, and how many others in the Biblical narrative? Faithful servants given authority over many?

    Aren't the crowns really for Him? All glory goes to God does it not? Then if we are to be given crowns for being a, "good and faithful servant" it must also be that in doing so God gets the glory and will get all the glory from that work He puts us to in the future. That which we will be given authority over will bring glory to God.

    Where may that be?

    I believe that will be on earth to start with during the Millennial Kingdom. But after that? We're talking about a book that has yet to be written. But, if God continues follow the pattern that He has created, it may be that,

    1. He made Adam in His image to be His image bearer
    2. He made Israel to be His people and His message bearer
    3. Christ came in the image of the Father
    4. In Christ all are grafted into the image of the Father
    5. As His Church we are the message bearers of Christ
    6. At the RR we don Christ's glorified image as His people bearing His image and message
    7. We live eternally in that state!

    So in the end do we not go from one man, Adam, made in God's image to an entire people made in His image? Spiritual Israel? Eternal and holy? Now frame that against the millennia to come across the expanse of all of His creation?

    Hmmm...we could have our work cut out for us eh?

    It is merely conjecture, but does it make sense that the Father would stop at just one planet? One universe? One place that expresses all of creation? I believe His glory is greater than anything I can imagine. I don't believe He bounded Himself in such a way. He is boundless in every good and perfect way.

    But if Jesus said in RED LETTERS that we would be "set over much" -- I tend to take Him at His word. We will be set over much.

  20. We are a display of God's grace for the ages (plural) to come.

    I don't know what new things God will create in those ages, but I bet we'll be amazed!

  21. Pastor Rich, THANK YOU for taking the time to explain more fully.
    I feel like the military brat whose family is awaiting relocation orders.
    You know you're moving.
    You may have a general idea of where you're going (usually continent),
    but not know the the location specifics or the date.
    But, when your dad calls and says it's time, you go!

    1. I totally get that! "Military brat". My father was an air traffic controller and we moved or were talking about moving all the time.

      You are most welcome. It is both a blessing and a joy to share and encourage in this space. If only there was more time in the day for devotion and writing!

  22. At https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-49493632 "Government asks Queen to suspend Parliament".

    Will Boris Johnson cause the current EU to be replaced by the 10 nations coalition of the antichrist?

    1. I think we can be assured of this, that events are happening such that Scripture will unfold and be fulfilled as given and that the dragon and his kind create nothing. The AC will rise by advantage and opportunity.

      12 And the LORD said to Satan,
      "Behold, all that he has is in
      your hand. Only against him
      do not stretch out your hand."
      So Satan went out from the
      presences of the LORD.

      (Job 1:12 ESV)

    2. At https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-27/fighting-dramatically-escalates-both-sides-prepare-final-war-between-israel-and "Fighting Escalates Dramatically As Both Sides Prepare For "The Final War" Between Israel And Iran".

      It surprises me that QE (Quantitative Easing) has been going on for almost 11 years and that in next September it will be 11 years ago when Lehman Brothers collapsed, triggering the worst Post-War financial crisis and economic recession. We know that in the occult the number 11 is the number of chaos and disorder. We should not be surprised that in next September catastrophic things will happen. Think about an all-out war in the Middle-East in combination with a unprecedented financial crisis, while the Brexit still yet has to pass.

  23. Moin, things are definitely escalating !



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