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Abraham Accords Set To Be Confirmed This Week

BREAKING NEWS OUT OF JERUSALEM: The Israeli Cabinet has just voted unanimously to adopt the Abraham Accords, which now leaves only a Knesset vote this Thursday.  The agreement not only stipulates the need for a negotiated settlement between Israel and the Palestinians (a.k.a. dividing the land), but it also promotes a blasphemous, interfaith view of God as the Father of false religions.

The “Treaty of Peace, Diplomatic Relations and Full Normalization Between the United Arab Emirates and The State of Israel” commits its signatories to “continuing their efforts to achieve a just, comprehensive, realistic and enduring solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” and to continue “working together to realize a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that meets the legitimate needs and aspirations of both peoples, and to advance comprehensive Middle East peace, stability and prosperity.”

The UAE-Israel treaty states that the signatories are “recognizing that the Arab and Jewish peoples are descendants of a common ancestor, Abraham, and inspired, in that spirit, to foster in the Middle East a reality in which Muslims, Jews, Christians and peoples of all faiths, denominations, beliefs and nationalities live in, and are committed to, a spirit of coexistence, mutual understanding and mutual respect.” (Source)

It is also now being reported that a number of key Arab and European countries are pressuring the Palestinian Authority to enter into direct negotiations with Israel—a sea change in the international position given that their historic posture has been built around international and not direct negotiations.  Direct negotiations imply movement toward adopting the Vision for Peace (“Deal of the Century”) in full.  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, and Jordan are among the Middle Eastern countries pushing direct talks, but the three main European powers have also jumped on board (France, Germany, and Britain).  There is now a growing sense of inevitability that the Trump-Kushner deal is indeed going to be the framework that establishes a Palestinian state and enables Israel to annex approximately 30% of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

There are also growing rumors Saudi Arabia may soon publicly announce acquiescence to the Abraham Accords, perhaps even before U.S. elections next month.  Saudi Arabia is the religious center of both branches of Islam, housing both Mecca and Medina.  It is also the wealthiest Gulf state and the third wealthiest Muslim nation overall.  If it were to formally make peace with Israel, the current chants of “peace and security” would be magnified a hundredfold.

Despite what some are saying, this deal is not in Israel's interest.  It is entrapping the country in such a way that the Israelis will be unable (and unwilling) to recapture their God-given land or the full city of Jerusalem unless God Himself intervenes (and He will).  Before the Abraham Accords Israel had nothing to lose.  They were marching toward annexation of even more of their primordial homeland despite Palestinian objections, but now with the accord about to be confirmed, “peace” is actually the vehicle through which the division of the land will happen.  Israel dare not take any more land lest her newfound friends annul the accord.  And the more countries that join, the harder it will be for Israel to back out.

It's like a tiger cub.  It looks cute and everyone wants one.  But eventually the cub grows into a tiger and devours you.  The Vision for Peace and subsequent Abraham Accords appeared superficially advantageous to Israel from the world's perspective.  Objections to the deal by Israel's historic enemies made the Israelis that much more comfortable with it.  What deal could possibly be better than this one?—so they thought.  But this deal is spiraling and snowballing into a deal they can no longer refuse—a deal that will be impossible to back out of with the full weight of the world behind it.

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  1. There is an interesting timing in this vote. We are still in play for an Easter, 2024 mid-point. Not being dogmatic on this just sharing what my study model suggests in the current circumstances.

    If sudden destruction were to follow this vote then we're in line with prophecy for the IMMEDIATE arrival of the two-witnesses at the beginning of the reading from the Book of the Law (Torah) at Parashah Bereshit.

    Just to be clear, the math appears to line-up with prophecy. I am not saying that October 18/19 will be the harpazo. It simply looks as a potential fit and sits at the extreme end of my study model.

    As we say, there is a difference between date speculation and date setting.

    Stay awake! Keep watch, and share the Love of Christ today!!


    1. 2024 midpoint? Explain please because it seems to me the rapture & appearance of antichrist would be a paradigm shift. Are not these "accords" only the vehicle for Ezekiel 38? Or something else?

    2. 2024 Midpoint.

      If for a pre-trib harpazo of the Church and the two-witnesses arrival afterwards, they will prophesy (testify) for 1,260-days according to (Revelation 11:3). There has been reason to believe there could be a *gap* between the harpazo and the arrival of the two-witnesses. We already know that the AC will have complete power -- even power over the Tribulation Saints. We also know that the two-witnesses have power to kill but will themselves be *killed* only to rise again 3-1/2 days later.

      Genesis records God hearing the blood of Able crying out from the earth. (Genesis 4:10). The blood of Able bears testimony to God -- therefore it may be reasonable to expect that the two-witnesses continue to testify even after their being struck down.

      Sunday, March 31, 2024 is Easter Sunday. Resurrection Day.

      3/31/2040 - 1,260-days = 10/18/2020

      Saturday, October 17, 2020 is the Sabbath that begins the New Year 5781 reading from the Book of the Law. Jews begin the reading of Torah this weekend. What is it that the two-witnesses will testify to? Hmmm, the Law perhaps? Torah? G-D's Word?!

      Indeed they will. They will testify to the true Messiah, Christ Jesus.

      So, *IF* the harpazo were to happen anytime between now and this weekend there is plenty of time for the two-witnesses to be in Jerusalem to testify. Are there any signs that could indicate our swift extraction?

      The Abraham Accords. This Thursday the Knesset will vote to legally accept it as law. Once that is done the decision to divide the land and break the Everlasting Covenant will have gone from a discussion to law.

      Game over? Perhaps!

      *IF* this were enough for the LORD to remove us -- with the restrainer removed nothing would hold back what comes next. The war in Heaven will be won by Michael and his angels and Satan will be thrown to the Earth. When we go up; it goes down...and with it perhaps the two-witnesses as well.

      More to come shortly...

    3. At https://www.raptureready.com/2020/09/29/end-of-the-age-a-plausible-timeline-by-pete-garcia-randy-nettles/ "End of the Age: A Plausible Timeline :: By Pete Garcia & Randy Nettles" about a time window between the Rapture and the start of the Tribulation Period in which a few wars in the Middle-East would take place and the Tribulation Period itself starting in 2026.

    4. PR ;

      So according to your model, when would the Tribulation begin ?

    5. @rjmgoose,

      The last model, which is getting on in age, assumed a 3/31/24 midpoint which would allow the beginning of the 70th week no later than 10/18/20. But like I said, this model is getting on in age and is ready to be revisited.

    6. Good. Please include in your revisit the worthwhile Pete Garcia piece referenced above which many of us read a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Thursday is a New Moon and the date some are speculating could be the day : )

    1. Thursday, October 15, is also Shake-Out Day here in California where we make note of what to do in case of "the big one". A practice run of sorts.

    2. REALLY crazy times we're living in : )

    3. BTW, The coming New Moon of (10/16) is a SUPER NEW MOON and will be a BLUE MOON (Second full moon in one month) on Saturday, October 31, 2020!

      Moonrise over Jerusalem on the 16th is 5:58 am and will set at 6:10 pm local time. Total time of the risen Super New Moon is 12:12 (HH:MM) according to Time and Date. That's 732-minutes morning to evening.

      Remember, the Super New Moon is one which is closest to Earth yet still hidden in the Sun. The moon will be between Earth and the Sun but without an eclipse.

      This is the evening that begins Parashah Bereshit! Torah readings for the New Year 5781 (Genesis 1:1-6:8).

    4. Plus, I was thinking that this weekend could actually be the true feast of trumpets new moon on God's calendar as the autumnal equinox was the 22nd of september this year so man's calendar had their feast of trumpets occurring during the summer. Just sayin...

    5. It's not a problem if the Day of Trumpets is before the equinox (or the Day of Atonement either). It's only a problem if the Feast of Tabernacles starts before the equinox. Tabernacles is a fall feast: Leviticus 23:39 says "...when ye have gathered in the fruit of the land..." Also no multi-day Feast should span more than one season; therefore it must occur completely in the fall (with the first day starting after the equinox). The Jewish calendar will place it starting in the summer next year (2021), and because the calculations are made starting with Tishri (the seventh month), this pushes the start of the year and the spring Holy Days back a month also, with the year starting in the winter, before the spring equinox. The entire Holy Day calendar next year will be off by a month.

  3. From what has been explained to me, if the Palestinians don't negotiate, Israel will keep annexing until there is no Palestine. And the accords are done in such a way that the Palestinians won't negotiate unless their character changes. This view also says that Jerusalem isn't being divided, they are renaming one of it's suburbs East Jerusalem. God knows whether this view is more correct or not though, and so I am in a 'wait and see which way it goes' mode on it. I share this only to have another viewpoint available, not to start arguments. Every viewpoint has it's merits.

    Exciting times.

    1. I agree with your view. Thank you.

    2. Hi Kris,
      I do not believe Israel can annex any land for the next 4 years based on the agreements they have entered into with UAE and Bahrain. I’m pretty sure they agreed to this stipulation and this stipulation was a large reason for the agreement being made by the Arabs.

    3. It looks like the PA will be out on a limb with no choice but to negotiate.

    4. Hello Kris, There is no 'Palestine" and no Palestinians - 96% of the so-called palestinians are Jordanian Arabs with Jordanian passports, and Jordanian grandparents, who speak farsi. It was all a total farce, - the entire term and concept made up by Yasar Arafat who was himself Egyptian. There is no 'Palestinian language' no Palestinian passport, no Palestinian historical artifacts, no Palestinian art forms, no Palestinian currency, no Palestinian race, and no Palestinian kings or any historical leaders before 1950 - Yasar Arafat. The only difference between Palestinians and Hobbits, is that Hobbits actually have a language, a specific architectural features, unique art forms, and unique physical features - extra large hairy feet, and they themselves are about 3 ft when fully grown. Furthermore, this propaganda was made out of whole cloth, because the Jordanians have no historical claim to the land, and so they needed to create a fake "victim" people group, and paint Israel as the evil occupiers. Furthermore, they are not interested in peace or land. There were much much larger land deals in the past, along with a peace deal - and the PLO walked away, time and time and time again. They are only interested in the Jews being totally destroyed and pushed into the sea. To prove this- even with all the promise of land - much more than this deal -- they had to acknowledge Israel as a state/ and Israelis as a nation, and they won't do this. Their hatred for the Jews far far outweighs any alleged desire for peace. They won't negotiate now, or in 1000 years. All you have to do is look at the flag of Jordan, and then look at the "so-called Palestinian flag".
      It's too bad really that Christians who claim to love Israel, keep using a propaganda term made by people who only want the total destruction of Israel and her people.

    5. Red ranger, while I agree with you that the "Palestinians" are a made-up group, that doesn't make using the name invalid. It's much shorter than "those Arabs living in part of Israel that are sectioned off from the rest of Israel and have their own flag and, and, and...". And really, how many years or generations of seperates existence dies it take to become a separate entity anyway? These people may have started out as Egyptians or other nationalities, but eventually the made-up nationality stops being pretend and is honestly real for the children and grandchildren who live there. They have no ties to any other nation and consider themselves "Palestinians", so... At what point is that true?

      Don't get me wrong, I'm not pro-Palestinian in any sense, and am sort of playing devil's advocate here, but I think the argument that someone shouldn't call a particular group of people by the obvious designation as "propaganda" is somewhat silly.

    6. I call them by the name they call themselves, and the name other nations recognize them by. I do so only for expediency because it's a common enough name for that group of people. I have seen you post that in numerous places and agree with it, but in an effort not to confuse the issue, I'll continue to use the name others use.

      Also, appreciate the reference to Hobbits :)

  4. "If [Saudi Arabia] were to formally make peace with Israel, the current chants of “peace and security” would be magnified a hundredfold."


    To all those who say it'll never happen? One day it will, and you may be left out in the cold environs of reality.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. DW, all the Arab countries and the Gulf states, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, etc, all know that Obama and Biden and Kerry support Iran, which is Shia, and all the countries fear Iran, and that's one reason they made this pact so soon, because they can't take the risk of waiting until after the election, with the cheating, because Biden will try to undo everything that Trump has done for Israel, and they wanted to get this historic deal in place and Biden can't undo the Multinational deal, as much as he wants to. This is also why we may see Saudi Arabia sign on before the election. If Biden wins by fraud, he would never agree to this normalization between Israel and Saudi and the US, and all the world knows it.

    2. If that scenario plays out in any way, it would explain why America is not listed as an ally of Israel at the time of the wars we assume are still to come in the middle east...

      The Rapture itself may remove a lot of people we don't expect... but those left will definitely and sadly not favor Israel... We can already see the distrust and hatred of all things Jewish on forums and comments across the internet...

  6. Will this lead to a major war in the Middle-East very soon? It could be that all these Covid-19 lockdowns are a dress rehearsal for WWIII.

    1. According to this source, maybe tonight


  7. Thanks Gary. It really does look like we are on the very cusp of our exit.


    Zechariah 2:8
    For thus saith the Lord of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.

    When you read between the lines of the Abraham Accord, you will find wording that briefly yet powerfully states that in order to have gained a peace treaty with the UAE, Israel has to agree on two things.
    Firstly they would have to give up on all aspirations of annexing anything until at least 2024!
    Secondly, Israel must agree towards creation of a Palestinian state!!

    The World calls it the Abraham Accords, but the Word of God the Bible calls it for what it is, a covenant with “death we see exactly what’s happening as to how the Abraham Accords leads the Jews right to the heart of the Daniel 9:27 covenant, and uses the Two State Solution to do it!

    These news articles say it all!!!...



    NEW YORK — Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner said on Wednesday that the Trump administration’s peace plan was an attempt to “save the two state solution” because it stops Israel from further expanding its presence in the West Bank.



    The Bible speaks of the destruction of all nations that come against Jerusalem in the book of Zechariah chapter 12!
    The Bible very clearly specifies that destruction will come upon the nations that try to divide Israel!

    Genesis 12:3
    3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

    This is direct defiance of the Holy Scriptures going against the everlasting covenant between God and the apple of his eye, the nation of Israel!!
    This would draw judgement of the Lord against the United States and other countries involved in the process!!!

    And if Israel is about to take center stage, where does that put the true Church in God’s timetable?

    1. Exactly right. And exactly good reasons why the church is GONE!

  9. We know the promises are true. We also know that Jonah was really upset when Gods mercy triumped over judgement. But he was only Jonah. I love that we have a brother in Christ as our President and another brother as our Vice President. And another bother as our Secretary of State. And a sister, as our White House Press Secretary and on and on. If rapture is soon, I am confident that the words of Christ will still be true, aren't we all confident of that? That He came for the sinner and will turn no one away, nor forsake them. That He does not give a stone if we ask for bread. That when we asked for his will be done on earth as it is in heaven, that it will be so. That he does not desire any one of us to end up in hell. That when we seek good counsel, encourage each other, stand for justice, etc...we are in obedience and thereby also expressing our love for Him in that way. We do not throw our brothers in a well. We know God seeks those that worship in spirit and in truth..John 4. Hopefully more true worshippers come and sinners repent. Plenty of room in heaven for all that just now finding Jesus, like that woman at the well did. Thanks be to the Lord Jesus and all joy for the things that are good, because of Him.

    1. You may want to research your "brother" and his recent interviews & comments about (in his own words) that he never repented! Moreover he also has very different words describing the Person of Jesus that do not qualify as being MY brother.

    2. I tried but only found good results. April 10 video posting Trump on Easter meeting with the Bishop, you will hear him call Jesus our Lord and Saviour who resurrected. And May 7ths National Prayer Meeting where he hosted and agreed in prayer and spoke with respect and honor of those higher than him in the Lord..which is right to do. I also remember him explaining he is Christian to the Jewish group at the meeting celebrating the EO. He clearly loves the Jewish people and introduced his family that are jewish. His comments about repentence were innocent and if you are saying he is not good enough to be your brother, what about the woman who cried at the Lords feet and he said woman, your sins are forgiven. Or the crippled man who he approached and said your sins are forgiven, take up your bed and walk. Or the woman caught in adultery..your sins are forgiven go and sin no more. None of them asked. Are they your brothers and sisters in Christ? I would think so. Please get exact words in Bible of these examples. Jesus can forgive sins without the person knowing much about the wages of sin or what exactly sin is. The thief on the cross repented, Zachaeus repented, for the sin of thievery. Stealing is a known sin. Hard to steal and not know it's wrong regardless of what century one was in or religion. They repented and were forgiven by Jesus for it. We can trust Jesus will forgive us if we repent. But we can also trust that he can forgive whom he chooses. That in the closet a man can secretly tell God something and God will reward him openly. You do not have rights to this info about him. That belongs to God. Our duty is to love one another and spread the gospel message..Trump is doing that. When have you shown the entire world without any words,the Bible as your source of trust? Held cabinets meetings with prayers opening them, told the enemy you wanted Merry Christmas..not Happy Holidays. Is the work of the Lord for the heathen now? I don't think so. Can a tree produce both good and evil fruit? Nope. Regards and best wishes to each of you and may the Lord be praised.

    3. When Trump was asked in that one interview if he had ever asked God for forgiveness, Trump's answer was very Presbyterian: 'When I do something wrong, I try to make ammends for it.' That has been plastered all over the place in a cut up form that cuts out his answer, much like all his condemnations of various groups considered evil. Even the most recent one with the Proud Boys, 'Stand down and stand by' was clarified the next day with 'I don't know anything about them, but don't get in the way of the police.' He wasn't telling them to 'stand by for orders' but telling them to get out of the way of law enforcement (if they were. He probably knew if the left were bringing them up that the left was misunderstanding them.)

      In the course of the rest of Trump's campaign and time in office though, it sounds like that question bugged him a bit and Trump has had many Christians around and appears to be growing in the faith. He also has one mark of the Holy Spirit, that no one can really predict what he's going to do. 'The wind comes and goes and no one can predict whence it came. So it is with all who are born of the Spirit...'

      Early with the 'deal of the century' Trump was talking about one state solutions. I think this 'non-deal' he's gotten started eventually leads to a one state solution if those Palestinians won't agree to the terms. It gives them nothing they want except money if they will accept a muzzle on their hatred of Jews and accept the existance of Israel... neither of which they will do. I'm sure there will be some trickery anyway, prophecy has given us fair warning that something that looks good won't be...

      I know this is fairly rambly, but overall my feeling is Trump will be Raptured with the rest of us. There's also Christians throughout government, in one flavor or another... It's going to be one big mess here in America, and we may even see some of the people we currently think are our enemies. What a surprise it would be to find Pelosi, Harris, or even Biden sitting there with us in the clouds, all of them finding out that they had believed liars, yet grace saved them anyway. (I don't want to see anyone go to Hell, and we should be praying for everyone to find their way to the grace of Jesus.)

    4. I'm sure Mr Trump is working for God, just not sure which one. Anyone whose apartment is filled with Apollo (Apollyon) imagery is no brother in Christ Jesus. However I have no doubt that whatever he is doing whether he believes it to be right or wrong, God is pulling his strings and he is doing exactly what God (YHWH) lets him.

    5. In an interview with columnist Cal Thomas, Trump was asked, "You have said you never felt the need to ask for God’s forgiveness, and yet repentance for one’s sins is a precondition to salvation. I ask you the question Jesus asked of Peter: Who do you say He is?" "Somebody I can revere in terms of bravery and in terms of courage and, because I consider the Christian religion so important, somebody I can totally rely on in my own mind."

      The remarks come days before Trump is scheduled speak before the Faith & Freedom Coalition's conference on Friday in Washington.

      During an appearance at the Family Leadership Summit last July, Trump said that he has never asked God for forgiveness but that he does take communion, which he described as "[w]hen I drink my little wine -- which is about the only wine I drink -- and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of asking for forgiveness, and I do that as often as possible because I feel cleansed."

      Prior to his endorsement from evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. in January, Trump told CNN's Jake Tapper that he does not "like to have to ask for forgiveness. And I am good. I don't do a lot of things that are bad. I try to do nothing that is bad."

    6. I figured his apartment was like that only to 'keep up appearances' with the steady flow of celebrities, movers and shakers in the NYC real estate scene. Or something one of his former
      or current wives wanted. He did let go of all that (and his businesses) before he took the oath of offices, so it's seems pretty clear that wealth wasn't his 'God' but just a tool he was using. What's inside his heart is a mystery we should leave to God, but I'm more than happy to accept him as a brother if he has chosen Jesus as Lord.

    7. The inability to discern between God & mammon appears to have fallen over an apostate country foretold & described in the days of Noah.

    8. Money isn't a 'God', it's a tool. It sounds like you are judging someone's soul based on the decorations they chose to keep, without knowing what those decorations mean to the person. So Trump liked Greek mythological art and shiny walls. Apollo was a son of Zeus, same as Jesus is the only begotten of the Father. When I watch Lord of the Rings and see Gandalf coming down the hillside with the Rohirrim, I see the allusion to the Second Coming where Jesus comes with all His angels. If you came in and judged me a heathen for having a poster of that moment framed on the wall, you would be wrongly judging. Trump had a room full of Bibles in that apartment as well. What does that say about him? People sent him lots of them.

      Be careful how you judge others... Jesus already warned us that it would be used to judge ourselves... Love one another... Forgive one another... I shouldn't have to remind any Christian of these things, but how often we start throwing our gazes around, looking for someone or something to condemn...

  10. Greetings again Family in Christ,
    Thanks again for the update Mideast Gary. Always look forward to them.

    I will really start to get “excited” about some BIG covenant being confirmed when I start hearing about a rebuilt Jewish temple being discussed in the negotiations.


  11. Makes it hard to vote for Trump again when he is dividing the land. Definitely not voting Biden. I'm at a loss. Just looking for Jesus now.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Greetings J Baker,
      I hear you, but it appears to me the land will be divided (Joel 3 I believe) and “peace and safety” is what many are saying just before the Great Tribulation.....so the way I resolve this Trump conundrum is to see these actions as ultimately be used by God to bring about Daniel’s 70th week. “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done” ......

      I apologize if this sounds too insensitive and Calvinistic.

    3. Don't worry about voting for Trump.
      He is being used by God to facilitate what God said was going to happen.
      GOD said it would happen and it will!
      Trump thinks he is doing the right thing as does Netanyahu for Israel.
      I understand the mixed feelings in this regard.
      BTW, Biden is NO friend of Israel.

    4. I'm not American, but goodness, why the hard decision here?

      In terms of pro-life there is no comparison
      In terms of pro-family there is no comparison
      In terms of pro-law and order there is no comparison
      In terms of pro-religious freedom there is no comparison
      In terms of pro-Christianity there is no comparison
      In terms of pro-America there is no comparison
      In terms of pro-Israel there is no comparison

      As voters it isn't our job to try play God and speed up end time events. God doesn't need help there. He actually has it all in hand. It is our job to vote, as Christians, in good conscience, for those that most align with godly principles for life, freedom and and the blessing and health of the nation.

      I'm not normally very political (and I'm not even American and won't be voting! : ) but I hope you know there is no comparison between the two options you have on the important points. And your decision will have a massive impact on the rest of the world.

      For the sake of the unborn alone you should know which way to go. (And spoiler alert... it's not the Dems! : )

    5. Agree Jenny,
      After all, he is the “Last Trump”, right? Lol


    6. "For the sake of the unborn" men & women would have to become completely altered in their thinking to stem the abortion tide that has gone unabated for decades no mater who sits in the oval office. If there were laws against adultery it would be no more abated than laws against abortion. NOT ONE abortion has been prevented in the last 4 years by any human being in Washington who speaks with false beguiling tongue.

    7. I see what you all are saying and I am definitely against abortion and obviously for keeping Christianity alive but... Voting for a man who goes against GOD's wishes or command doesn't feel very Christian to me. If I vote Trump, am I not going against GOD and helping the division of Israel? I know I'm not perfect and I have sinned but this seems to be the last straw that angers Him. Or are we already at the end and there's no trying to change the times except for getting others to believe in Jesus Christ? This is a big decision and I just don't want to be a part of dividing Israel.

    8. Hi sfg - re: "not one abortion has been prevented in the last 4 years..." Actually they have. Individual states within the US have their own abortion laws and the more pro-life ones have been encouraged by the conservative picks Trump has made for the supreme court leading to restrictions and in some cases bans on abortion. Who sits on the supreme court is critical and we see Trump's mindset from those that he has chosen.


      All the best.

    9. Hi J. Baker

      I understand what you are saying... but please bear in mind two things:

      1. We may not fully understand the motivation in presenting 'the deal of the century'. Both Pastor Jack Hibbs (who is on Trump's faith advisory team) and Israeli prophecy teacher Amir Tsarfati say that the beauty of the deal was that it was designed to fail... that they knew the "Palestinians" would NEVER go along with it (just as they have never accepted any other deal prior to it) but that it would ultimately strengthen Israel's position. Which it has.

      2. Because of his actions (not words) towards Israel, Trump is often regarded as the most pro Israel US president ever. Amir often says this. Whether it is standing up for them in the UN (which Nikki Haley especially did amazingly!), or recognizing the Golan as their territory (ie unifying more land under their sovereignty), or moving the embassy to Jerusalem and being the first to recognize Jerusalem as their capital, or standing against their enemies like Iran... his track record for Israel speaks for itself. It is not without reason that they minted a coin with Trump's face on one side and Cyrus on the other!

      The fact is the contrast between this US administration and the last (which Biden was part Vice President in) couldn't be greater towards Israel. Everyone can make up their own mind before God, but for me, on Israel alone, it shouldn't even come close to being a difficult choice.

      May God bless and lead in your decision! : )

    10. Yeah, I look at this non-deal of blame any hint of a 'two state solution' on the old 'two state' guard trying to save their idea for the last time. The Palestinians will probably never accept the terms of peace given, and after the 'pause' of annexation, Israel will take everything. Or at least, that's the plan in their minds. 'If you will shake the arm of this dead skeleton, we'll give you your state...' Maybe that's where AC comes in, putting real flesh on that arm (or replacing it altogether) and making it less repulsive. The problem with making any offer at all is if they accept it, you are stuck with the deal...

      The choice for me is pretty simple as well. I'm voting for Pence again. Trump is good at the business deals and is growing as a Christian. Pence is pure bedrock and probably one of our best representatives as Christians. Or at least the best we can hope for in our 11th hour of service.

    11. On a Political stance and National Leader consideration alone... (IE: Not voting for a messiah, as if we could)

      In 2016 it was Trump or Hillary.

      We had just been through 8 years of Obama-Nation, Creepy Joe, and S-Hillary Clinton.

      Easy choice.

      I firmly believe had she won then we would be at war, and maybe a pile of rubble at this point.

      Now in 2020 we have Trump or Creepy Joe.

      An even easier choice.

      A vote for Joe is a vote for Kamala really. You think he's going to make it to his second day in office?

      I have a personal opinion about Trump. Not really a good one, but then that's not what I am voting about.

      It's obvious that God is using Him, and whether Trump is really saved and a believer is not in my ability to determine. God uses him either way to promote His will and His prophetic time clock.

      Again, this is all in the scope of Politics and National Leadership as far as a vote goes.

      My prayers and faith focus on all of them, as they all need Jesus just as any of you or I do.

      That, is my business at hand. :)

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. We have traded the original 'eloquence' of the English tongue for 'expediency' and 'efficiency' of words. We stopped letting people think on their responses, and interpret silence as a signal to keep speaking to fill the space. We feel guilty when we rest, and many aren't sleeping as much as they should because there is 'so much to do...'

      The longer a post gets, the less chance it will be read... War and Peace was a popular novel in it's day, and it was considered an accomplishment to read it all the way through. Today, it is looked upon as a mark of insanity to even pick it up and begin.

      If we were to bring back one thing from earlier epochs... I'd appreciate the slower paced lifestyle they used to have before the 'industrial revolution.'

    14. I do not know about "slow pace" nor "original eloquence" or length vs. brevity BUT the Proverbs are not only shorter than most tweets, they are uncommonly inspirational TRUTH nuggets instead of the spew of deceitful nonsense aimed at a gullible audience no longer capable of discerning truth from lies, nor reality from delusion designed & put forth by the master of lies & his minions.

    15. That's because proverbs is a collection of sound bites Solomon found inspiring and saw divine Truth in. (Because those sound bites 'echoed' the Law (Torah) and the Prophets.)

      Makes sense since Solomon appears to have been a philosopher, poet, and musician.

      Today though... it's like the glass we see through has gotten darker, and we have to really feel around for the truth. More complicated as well. I wish God had some social media accounts... though they would probably ban Him pretty quickly... probably on His first post even...

    16. There are NO "soundbites" in the Bible! Nor is TRUTH complicated!

    17. A 'sound bite' is a quote attributed to someone. The whole Bible is full of sound bites from people, angels, and even God Himself, written down by the witnesses who were guided by the Holy Spirit. Conversations, debates, one liners, speeches. I do not use the term as an insult as you seem to be insinuating. I use it as a way to simplify so I don't end up writing a novel with every post...

      I was speaking about the truth of our times being complicated. There's so many witnesses, and our recording and editing technology further complicates the matter. The Bible is much more straightforward in comparison, but there are some things in there that are exceptionally complicated. Think on all the doctrines people argue about... If those weren't complicated, there would be no argument.

      The basic Truth is our Lord Jesus is coming back again. The complicated part is when. He has given us a lot of things to watch for that require us to go trace down things throughout the rest of the book. We have to know about the Fig Tree being representative of Israel. We have to know the story of Jacob's trouble. We have to study Daniel carefully. The basic part isn't that complicated, but if you really want to know more specifically, it gets complicated quickly, and every detail adds complexity...

  12. Maranatha!










    1. Particularly liked the gospel booklet on expreacherman link.

  13. God moves at His own pace, and I'm not super convinced that this week we'll be heading home. But I wouldn't be surprised if the Abrahamic Accords do end up being prophetically significant. With for setting up the "peace" if the Ezekiel war, or the Covenant with many that he s confirmed once we're gone.

    I so would love for this week to be it -or anytime before the election. Or anytime this next year. Maybe next Feast of Trumpets.

    I so appreciate these articles as it keeps my hope up that things are falling together rather than just endlessly falling apart.

    1. I am counting on this debacle being my last call to exercise my voting "privilege" since this country long ago ran out of capable leaders. This week we are seeing the continued violence directed at more of the country's past capable leaders like Lincoln & Teddy Roosevelt! Tearing down the past's heroic roots including the scorn for the Bible only confirms the USA has a very short future. If the Abraham Accords are this nation's final act of God's Plan for Israel, and it looks that way, AMEN!

    2. I used to be homeless in that area and remember those statues well... I am glad I recovered from that and that my wife and her family moved away from there. I just wish I could have done more...

  14. If you haven't read it already, here's the link to Greg's article on the Abraham Accord, faux peace in the Middle East, and the Rapture:

  15. Brothers and Sisters, I have a rather urgent prayer request and covet your help in taking this to the throne of grace. My son, and his family have just been served an eviction notice, and have 7 days to pay up or get kicked out on the street. They are over 2500 miles from me. I already was planning on going to visit in a few weeks with another one of my sons (driving across country). It will be about 2 weeks from today before I arrive. We have been trying for years to get them to move back to Washington to live with us, and get their affairs in order. The place the currently live has a very high unemployment rate and it is tough for my son to find work. The main issue is she has extreme anxiety, and is fearful to leave the house. This is no longer going to be an option. I could bale them out, but they will end up back in the same circumstance. My son of course is more than willing to come home, but it's her that is holding things up. Her family there are not very well off and don't have the room for them, or any additional funds to help them out. I have no idea what is going to happen, but I trust in the Lord to bring them through this. My prayer is that she will finally see that she has no other choice. My heart is heavy, as I like to be in control of things, and of this I am not, so I only have the Lord to trust in. Lord forgive me for my unbelief, and set my heart right, calm my nerves, and allow me to give it to you. My patience on waiting on the Lord is difficult for me. I do see certain things happening that make me believe the Lord is working. But I'm so afraid because like many of us who have been waiting on his return to only have another day go by, and we were wrong again. Please take a moment to pray. I know many of you will, and thank you in advance for doing so. Posting this on Rev12daily also.

    1. Chris O,

      If I may...be still and know that Jesus is LORD. Sometimes we have to be open to moving across a continent for the change that we need. We have experienced that many times and are used to it. Growing involves a certain amount of discomfort. Take comfort in the fact that Jesus walks with us. Sometimes He holds our hand, sometimes He carries us. No matter what, He is always there.

      Lifting you in prayer in certain knowledge of the blessings waiting with each new day!


    2. Hi Chris,

      just adding my name to the list that will pray. What PR has said is spot on.

      I'm just finishing a study on the 'But God' moments in the life of Joseph. So many ups and downs... and many 'downs' went on for years with a lot of uncertainty... BUT GOD was with him (even when he didn't see it) and meant/worked all things for good! (Act 7:9-10, Gen 50:20)

      God will have a plan to work all for good here as well. Keep trusting and committing it to Him. And I'm sure you will have many bros/sisters here praying as well!

      Let us know how you get on. God Bless : )

    3. Hi Elgordo, I just shared the BUT GOD advice from J.D. Farag with Chris over on R12Daily, so he is getting this confirmed both places. :-)

    4. Hello Chris. This might not hold true for the situation you are having... but I have often found that trying to control a situation too much through prayer can lead to it unravelling more. Like it's God's way of saying, 'here is where your suggestions lead... will you let Me resolve it My way instead?' You might ask of Him if this is the case now. May this resolve in a way that brings Him the glory, however that is accomplished... He certainly has many more options than we can think of. Let's just see what He does. Amen.

    5. Pastor Rich/elordo

      Thanks so much for the encouraging words. It's so wonderful when the folks here don't just say "I'm praying for you" but give you scripture and sound advice to help you along. Your so right Pastor R, that growing often requires discomfort, I think we often forget that because of the joy we have on the other side of the pain. Like a woman having a child, she recalls the pain, but the joy of the child makes it small in comparison.
      Elgordo, your so right, I also have been listening to JD keep saying "but God". so many people have been through much worse than I have, "but God".
      I appreciate the prayers, I know I will sleep much better tonight, God has layed on me his comfort already. Please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers. "you have not because you ask not"

    6. Nice. Good choice! Definitely praying for a 'but God' moment in this situation. : )

    7. Chris O,
      I also live difficult times and a verse occurred to me last night and I thought to share it with you: Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. God bless you!

    8. Kris,

      So much truth in what you said, just let God. Psa_70:4  Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say continually, Let God be magnified. I will try to just let God, and quit trying to figure it out, and do things that may interfere with God's plan in all this, and let him be magnified.

    9. Chris O, praying that you will be constantly aware you and your family are surrounded by Christ’s presence and protection. Amen

      And adding another “But God” confirmation: https://rainheadrevelations.wordpress.com

    10. Chris, will pray for you and your family. There are so many families going through similar circumstances it breaks our hearts. I have to keep telling myself Jesus words at the cross Mark 14:36 (KJV) And he said, Abba, Father, all things [are] possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt.

      This is our constant prayer. Amen.

    11. Chris O,

      Is it possible for you to pay what they owe in arrears plus pay what is owed up to the time you arrive and take them back to Washington with you? That way they don’t get booted out of the house and onto the streets. You then get there and recuse them.

      TennisMenace (TM)

  16. I wrote this a a New Year newsletter but post if here. I am praying too Chris!!

    Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. 19 Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:18–19 (ESV)

    This verse is referring to the redemption of the world through Jesus, but I think we can also apply to our current lives.

    Focusing on the past may cause us to miss the new thing that He is doing. In leaving Egypt, the Israelites had to let go of some things.
    Control - though in slavery they still had control over their home life
    Certainty - they knew they would have food and water every day
    Comfort - though slaves, they had a bed to sleep on every night.

    As we start this new year, we too will have to let go of these things too. Our desire for control, certainty and comfort will interfere with trusting and perceiving Him. We need to let go of these things, fix our eyes on Jesus and trust Him. As we do this, we will be able to perceive the new things He is doing in our lives.

    Just like the Israelites, there will be great manifestations of His power as He leads us in His way. He will open a way in our wilderness. There will be wilderness, but He will make a way even when there seems to be no way.

    So as we stand on the edge of a very uncertain year, I encourage you to let go of your control, certainty and comfort to see the new things in God and trust and depend on Him to bring you through the wilderness. Stand firm and see His Mighty Power work in your life.

    And Moses said to the people, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will work for you today. Exodus 14:13

    1. Ardith,

      Spot on, all these responses, and so much encouragement from the Word of God. It's amazing when I start putting all the responses together I can see the pattern that God has laid on each of your hearts to share with me. When read one after another, they flow perfectly together.

    2. 40 different authors, 1 single narrative. We each have our piece, but in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit we find the whole.

  17. Forgive my venturing into something completely off topic, but sometimes human science can have impact in the realm of End Time developments. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been a source of both wonder and concern, as there's no guarantee that these uncharted areas won't have unexpected and irreversible results. Some have conjectured that barriers between our reality and unknown higher dimensions could lead to encounters beyond our domain that weren't meant to be tampered with. Some have wondered about the potential for a catastrophic mishap, or opening a portal to ungodly spiritual realms.

    Here's a link to a brief article titled: "Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Are Confident To Make Contact With Parallel Universe In Days"



    1. ANON,
      The Daily Crow has a link to an article on the LHC (see LINKS above) - did you catch their speculation that matter is created from LIGHT!?!

      "Scientists At The Large Hadron Collider Have Just Announced They Created Matter. Going back in September researchers at the large hadron collider made a big announcement. They said that the large hadron collider had found proof of high energy particles and that matter had been produced from LIGHT."

      Genesis 1:3-5.

      Sometimes we scientists actually stumble upon the truth!

    2. Bp earthwatch has a great video on YouTube about this.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Lot was trying to improve the social conditions by protecting God's messengers from the immoral crowd. Others may have also escaped, but we have no stories of them.

      Noah is recording as preaching to his generation while he was building the ark, but none but is sons and their wives (and the animals) came aboard. There is the thought (Hovind explains it better than I) that the people could not understand the concept of rains and flooding as the world was being watered by a morning fog and large bodies of water had not really formed. (The basic concept being a 'water canopy' that enveloped the world.) Noah's warning and large vessel didn't make any sense to them.

      It seems to me that the Church is taking the place of both Noah and Lot in warning the world. Many are just slow in understanding and we need to exercise patience and prayer to get through if we can.

    2. But you just voted for the Democrats, tantamount to voting for the church of satan. So, your opinion is forever meaningless...until you admit your enormous mistake. You just voted for abortion, Planned Parenthood, and every liberal-anti-God judge in the country. Your opinion is now wortless, sfg. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but you sided with the enemy and you need to be called out. Truly disgusting and shameful on your part. Here I am praying for this country and some "brother" uses his precious vote to advance the enemy we are all praying against. Makes me want to throw-up.

    3. Unknown,

      You're wielding a sword that is not yours to swing. This is not how we conduct ourselves here nor how we should treat each other here. UNSEALED.ORG commenting policy may be found HERE and states,

      Commenting policy:

      The contributors at Unsealed believe in open and free discourse and in keeping with that belief want to allow readers to comment and share varying and opposing views. However, the nature of freedom is that abusive people take advantage of it to harm others. As Believers we won't turn a blind eye to trolling or abusive behavior. Racist, antisemitic, obscene, spam, or particularly invalidating or goading comments will be deleted without warning and repeated violators will be banned.

      There are much more constructive ways to discuss this without using such tone or language. I feel an apology is in order.


    4. Thanks, Pastor Rich

      Your (as well as Gary’s and a few others) just and wise words here are very valuable. I’ve posted a couple of times about concern for the state of discourse in the general community, but those were references to other sites. Gary and the crew here have done a great job with keeping this site nearly free of political commentary, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s priceless. Many sites of related topic could learn a thing or two. Too often the comments, and even primary articles, carry a tone more similar to talk-radio or a QAnon chat room. Sometimes commenters seem to think of these sites as private tree houses where “icky” people aren’t allowed. They should realize that for every comment there are hundreds, even thousands, who come here silently, searching for answers that could have huge, even eternal implications. As such, every post here is a form of witness. I try to keep that in mind, though I sometimes fail.

      My own, sometimes complex political views have been shaped by decades of difficult life experience, up close and very personal with people of every possible spectrum. The lessons have been huge and indelible. There are people who would never come here, that I would trust with my life. And many that I’d “share a foxhole with” much more willingly than many who proclaim themselves to be Christians.

      Just my two cents, but hopefully worth hearing. This “culture” thing has gotten way out of hand. Maybe a sufficient number of people will catch on, before we enter a zone that can’t be gotten out of. And all the while, here we are deep in the 11th hour.


    5. I think there are saved Christians amongst the democrats too. We can't just say that one side is all evil and the other all good. In the liberal vs conservative contest, I'm personally a centerist, trying to find the straight and narrow road that would make for a liveable balance between them. If we go too legalist, we end up condemning the whole world, for no one but Jesus has been able to keep the entire Law... if we go too liberal then we end up universalist and let the devil off the hook.

  19. Looks like the Knesset approved it as of roughly an hour ago.

    JPOST link

  20. Then what is sudden destruction mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 5:3? Is it COVID ? Virtually nobody escaped. It affected and afflicted pretty much everyone someway or other. Or is something else we should watch out for since the Abraham accords approved and passed thru in the Knesset.

    1. Emmanuel,

      Sudden destruction is the wake of the harpazo. The restrainer removed brings sudden destruction that will allow the Great Reset to commence and the establishment of that which will lead to the beast rule.

      I agree with Max Lucado that the next event we should expect is the harpazo. Our going Home.

    2. I feel the sudden destruction will be war, not COVID. :)

    3. The original flood and what happened to Soddom and Gamorrah is probably our best example of sudden destruction... Unexpected natural disasters, asteroids, solar flares causing emp's... The wars will probably follow quickly after the Restrainer is removed though...

  21. I completely agree with Unknown concerning sfg's vote for the satanic demoncrat party! I thought your comments were interesting and useful before you admitted you voted for evil. Your credibility is gone! I simply cannot understand someone that comes to this site and sees what we see and knows what we know and can rationalize voting for satan to take America. It is unconscionable what you did sfg. Don't you realize that what you vote for is the same thing you support. You are now guilty of all the evil the demoncrats stand for. If I were you and I'm glad I'm not, I would confess my sin to God Almighty before it is too late. Jesus is at the Door! And no, Emmanuel, Covid is not the sudden destruction mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 5:3, Covid is described in the Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24, signs of the end times, pestilence is one of them. During the Tribulation, the pestilence will of course be much more severe. What we are experiencing now is just a foreshadow of the Tribulation. The sudden destruction will occur at the time of the Rapture of the Church when chaos will cover the entire world. I consider Covid more on the lines of the end time deception than I do pestilence. The globalist and media have made this virus out to be much much worse than it is. Maranatha!

    1. Right. Why come to a website where people think voting for a prideful, mocking, lying, unrepentant, bragging, mammon man, who views people as "losers" is the opposite of "evil"?? WHY INDEED? SATAN already HAS AMERICA, a house divided, violence in the streets, a debt ridden economy, a plague Americans were told would be over by spring, social discord in the murderous southern border countries caused by the massive decades long American drug trade habit,and NO FIT candidates left to vote for? If that is not handwriting on the wall? WHAT IS?

    2. sfg... Do you not see the parallel between what the 'news' says about Trump and what the people murmured about Moses? Do you remember what the 'media' said about Jesus in His day? Do you remember when Jesus said, 'If they have called me the son of baalzebub, imagine what they'll call you?'

      The 'media' used to love Trump... then he decided to run for president and the 'romance' was over. He is a big threat to them, why would you expect them to say anything kind about him? Or even the truth? I recall the verse that says it is 'Foolish to put your trust in men.'

      You have been manipulated into hating someone. The only cure that I know for that is love and forgiveness. I pray that you'll receive both.

  22. I just want to share rhe following:
    If jou take your date of birth and add your age jou will be this year it will give 2020, regardles of your age. This apparently only happens every 1000 years.

    1. I'm confused. Last I checked, if you take your birth year and add your age, you will always get the current year (regardless of your age). And if you take the current year and subtract your age, you will get your birth year. What's so special about every 1000 years?

  23. Thank you pastor Rich. Iam so excited. Praying for all of you.

  24. First time comment, don't know the rules so feel free to delete this. I just skimmed over a video by Tomi Arayomi whom I have never heard of before. He claims to be a prophet who went to heaven when he was 16 years old. He said God revealed to him that Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death on Rosh Hashanah was part of God's TWENTY YEAR PLAN to use Ginsburg's former seat "to reverse laws that have changed the culture of nations". Doesn't sound like he's expecting the rapture anytime soon. Is this guy legit?

    1. Only God or another real prophet would know for sure. At least until they pass the test of time. Real prophets need to be 100% accurate and actually be talking to God in some fashion... As far as we know, the gift of prophecy right now is restricted to prophetic understanding, not giving new revelations. That appears to have stopped after John finished writing the book of Revelation...

    2. Hi gman61

      Ah just jump right in the waters fine!

      I have a friend that says the same thing, I don't pay attention to it really, without offending the person I say "sure ,wow yeah ill checkout thanks".

      All I need is awareness of what is going on with the prophecies and my Faith walk with Christ.

      All that other mumbo jumbo leads to the Jimmy Jones crowd!

    In an interview with Al Hura, a US-based Arabic-language satellite TV news channel, Inbaristated that in the Abraham Accords establishing normalization between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, there are clauses that would require freezing the growth of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and maintaining a Muslim exclusivity on prayer on the Temple Mount.

    “I was interviewed tonight by Al-Hura and asked if there really are secret clauses in the peace agreement with the Emirates, and I said that I think there are such clauses,” Inbari wrote on his Hebrew language blog. “But they do not relate to the [Lockheed Martin] F35 deal, but to freezing the settlements and stabilizing the status quo on the Temple Mount.”

    I thought the above was interesting & will NO LONGER be reading comments ever again nor posting because prevalent toxic Trump derangement is not how I wish to spend my time while waiting for the Lord's return.

    1. sfg

      Sorry to here it, I enjoy your post's even though I may disagree with you on a particular topic or not I can't recall one.
      But we all befit from each other's post's, like a collective, It may turn out some day you could change your mind or view point on something.
      So Can we all agree to disagree and still get along?

    2. If sfg wishes to find new fellowship elsewhere, then I hope sfg finds a community that is better for him. The pursuit of real Truth will often send us on new roads. Happy travels sfg, and I do hope this was not the last we see of you.

    3. SFG ;

      Who do you think Jesus would vote for ? Not even close.....

    4. Hi Kris

      I don't think sfg is a "him", but thats just my opinion.
      Hope she comes back!

    5. How odd that I put a 'him' in there when the whole time I was writing it I was considering that very thought... I guess it just got too awkward repeating sfg over and over and it slipped in. If sfg isn't a 'him' then my appologies. It's hard to know on a forum unless it's revealed. (Even then, people lie about their gender online all the time... so even then it's unsafe to assume...)

    6. The Door

      Donald Trump Has Become a Minister of God


      We are not electing a pastor.

  26. K.Steven, thank you for correcting me. Just the phrase "current year", opend up my eyes to the foolishness of this statement somebody placed on the internet and it made me realise how easy it is for the enemy to mislead by cleverly and manipulate wording. We have to be careful how we go about Gods word as 2 Timothy 2 : 15 says "Study G4704 to shew G3936 thyself G4572 approved G1384 unto God G2316, a workman G2040 that needeth not to be ashamed G422, rightly dividing G3718 the word G3056 of truth G225."

  27. Hmmm, let's see...we here are participating in a fellowship of Christ. That is inclusive as well as distinct. We are made in His image yet unique one to the next. We come from different poles of the political spectrum yet impart influence as a whole.

    Jesus was outcast as a political outlier unfit for the consumption of air according to His fellow countrymen. Are we passing the same judgment here? Wielding the sword we were not meant to swing? Setting standards of membership for a fellowship we did not create?

    It is a sad day when a brother or sister leaves for the intolerance of others and I wholly reject the type of thinking that leads to such a loss.

    All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

    Praying for all in this matter,

    Pastor Rich



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