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Why Doesn't God Just Show Himself?

Many cry out to God (as I once did): “Why don't You just show Yourself?  Why don't You just speak?  Then I would believe!”  It seems logical, right?  If God would just show Himself visually, and speak audibly, then everyone would believe.  I don't think that anymore.  This line of reasoning assumes that people are inherently good or neutral parties that will believe whatever is true.  In reality, people apart from Christ are blind to the truth and cannot believe in it.

God showed up both visually and audibly to the Israelites in Egypt and virtually all of them disbelieved.  God flooded the land with locusts, frogs, and pestilences.  God darkened the sun and killed the firstborn of their captors, but they still questioned all of it—even days later at the Red Sea (Ex. 14:10–12).  The Israelites witnessed the ten plagues, saw the pillars of fire and cloud, watched the parting of the Red Sea, and fed on bread that fell from the sky, yet after all of that, they still couldn't enter the Promised Land because of unbelief (Heb. 3:16–19).

Some 1,500 years later, God showed up visibly and audibly.  He became a man.  He performed numerous miracles for everyone to see.  Surely His feeding of multitudes with a couple of fish, or His healing countless people of their diseases, or His raising the dead a bunch of times, would have caused people to believe.  Yes, a few did believe, but most did not.  His own people had Him crucified.  They rejected Him.

But how about our generation?  How has God shown Himself?  The ways are too numerous to list try as we might (see here, here, and here), but let's start with this one: no country was ever destroyed, its people dispersed, and then regathered and reestablished, until Israel in 1948.  The Bible said this would happen.  Israel is the national focal point of that old dusty book, and yet here it is after 2,669 years (722 BC to 1948 AD).

Today this stubborn problem of unbelief remains—among both those inside and outside the [visible, institutional] Christian faith.  Sin isn't the problem.  The sin problem was decisively dealt with on the Cross.  The problem that still remains is unbelief.  Non-Christians demonstrate their unbelief through their rejection of Christ.  Many Christians demonstrate their unbelief through rejection of the gospel.  This stubborn unbelief has plagued humanity since Eden when our first parents fell for the lie “did God really say... ?”  Yes, God really did say, and God really does exist, and sin really does have a fatal consequence, and Jesus really is coming back with His garments stained in the blood of His adversaries.

The funny thing about reality is that it's better than anything man could dream up or hope for: God has offered total forgiveness, eternal life, and adoption as His own sons and daughters to anyone from any tribe, nation, or language—apart from any human effort—who merely believes the good news that Christ Jesus came, died for our sins, and rose again.  What is awaiting those who simply believe and accept this most simple of all salvific messages is beyond imagination (1 Cor. 2:9; Rm. 8:18; Ps. 16:11; Jn. 14:1–6; see here, here, and here).  Yet, on the flipside, many won't get any of these things and will even lose what they already have simply because of stubborn pride and unbelief (Mt. 13:12; Jn. 13:18).

To those who are willing to sacrifice that stubborn pride and who will receive the good news like a guileless, believe-anything child, God will speak.  And He'll speak every single day.  Each and every day that believers offer God an open heart, an unstopped ear, and eyes that see, God will speak through His word (2 Tim. 3:16), His Holy Spirit (Jn. 16:13), and through the stars (Gen. 1:14; Ps. 19:1–4).  Are you willing to listen?

God is most certainly speaking and He's speaking every day.  Most will not listen.  When the Day of the Lord arrives, those who have been deaf to His gracious, merciful, still small voice in this present age will be unable to muffle Him when that same voice thunders from Heaven:

I have kept silent for a long time, I have kept still and restrained Myself.  Now like a woman in labor I will groan, I will both gasp and pant. (Isa. 42:14, NASB)

Multitudes, multitudes [are] in the Valley of Decision, || For near [is] the Day of YHWH in the Valley of Decision.  Sun and moon have been black, || And stars have gathered up their shining.  And YHWH roars from Zion, || And gives forth His voice from Jerusalem, || And the heavens and earth have shaken, || And YHWH [is] a refuge to His people, || And a stronghold to sons of Israel. (Jl. 3:14–16, LSV)

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  1. Replies
    1. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a POWERFUL experience. In this He speaks. My wife has audibly heard His voice. In this He speaks. Through the still, small, voice of His Holy Spirit He speaks. In so many ways -- He speaks. Through His Word He speaks. Through the Law and the Prophets He speaks.

      Indeed. If we would only humble ourselves we would hear Him speak,

      1 The righteous man perishes,
      and no one lays it to heart;
      devout men are taken away,
      while no one understands.
      For the righteous man is taken
      away from calamity;

      2 he enters into peace;
      they rest in their beds who
      walk in their uprightness.

      (Isaiah 57:1-2 ESV)

      17 "Because of the iniquity
      of his unjust gain I was
      angry, I struck him;
      I hid my face and was angry,
      but he went on backsliding
      in the way of his own heart.

      18 I have seen his ways,
      but I will heal him;
      I will lead him and restore
      comfort to him and his

      19 creating the fruit of
      the lips. Peace, peace to
      the far and to the near"
      says the LORD,

      "and I will heal him.

      20 But the wicked are like
      the tossing sea; for it cannot
      be quiet and its waters toss
      up mire and dirt.

      21 There is no peace,"
      says my God, "for the wicked."

      (Isaiah 57:17-21 ESV)

      Indeed, if we humble ourselves we will hear Him speak. "Peace, peace, to the far and to the near," says the LORD.



    2. 'Devout men are taken away...' The Rapture is hidden everywhere...

    3. Good eye Kris!

      Strongs (H622) "נֶֽאֱסָפִים֙" (ne·’ĕ·sā·p̄îm) "taken away", from the primitive root, "אָסַף" (aw-saf'),

      Strong's Concordance (H622)
      asaph: to gather, remove
      Original Word: אָסַף
      Part of Speech: Verb
      Transliteration: asaph
      Phonetic Spelling: (aw-saf')
      Definition: to gather, remove

      Indeed, devout men will be taken away.

      Merry Feast of Booths!

    4. Okay... so now I know the significance of all the 622's I've seen in my life... Dos 6.22, the last official version before it was 'taken away...' Every time I see 6:22 on a clock or a 622 anywhere else, I would notice it and think 'Dos time!'

    5. Single-threaded DOS. Yep! That says it all doesn't it!

  2. God simply has a level of intelligence that is unfathomable. It makes Hawking or Einstein look like they have tiny ant brains.

    1. That God shares even a small portion of His intellect with us creatures is proof of His character and attributes. He could have made a box of toys to play with, played a game of pool with a bunch of planets and black holes... but instead He made living things that reflected parts of Himself. And designed a 'living soul' to watch over all He had created that was 'in His own image...' How great Thou art, Lord!

  3. Amen, brother! The Lion of Judah roars! The sound of His trumpet---His voice, voice, voice (Isa. 66:6; cf. Rev. 4:1) is about to reach our ears!

    1. When the time comes, His voice will be heard! And it will be LOUD.

    2. I am not sure about "voices" but I am sure about "thoughts." The Lord knows the thoughts of every living person every minute of every day. Astounding. His thoughts are in the Word where we are told to "seek His kingdom." Knowing He created creatures who seek Him must bring Him joy; a joy assured to be mutual. LOVE!

  4. When it comes to hard, physical and scientific proof of the existence of God (and more specifically, the God that the Bible presents to us and it's message of salvation through Christ), I always think of the Shroud of Turin and fulfilled prophecy. The Shroud is especially fascinating because we see imprinted on his very burial cloth a picture of him while he was being resurrected! Many call the Shroud of Turin the world's first photograph - and that is very true.

    Think about that one for a moment. We have a freakin' photograph of Christ himself resurrecting from the dead. In a sane world, you would think this would be the lead story on every news channel, every magazine and newspaper cover, every talk show, etc., but it's not. Most just dismiss it in their mind as a painting or whatever other explanation they may have despite the fact that science itself proves whose image it is on that piece of cloth.

    Indeed, if they crucified him after all of the evidence he provided to them when he walked the earth, people aren't going to let a small thing like science bother them either ... SMH ha ha.


    "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" (Jeremiah 17:9).

    Deceiful indeed.

    1. The burial shroud (of Turin), the ark (of Noah), the other ark (of the covenant), all the other archeological finds... All that keeps them from being accepted as true is people claiming them to be 'fake news...'

      I hope that someday Ron Wyatt will be vindicated by the scoffers...

    2. I'm a believer in the Shroud. I think it's the real deal.

    3. I definitely believe in the Shroud of Turin is the image of Jesus our Savior. My wife just brought up an interesting point/wonder. As Jesus resurrection left an image on the burial cloth will our clothes at the moment of the rapture when our mortal puts on immortality have some Holy Spirit left behind evidence as we go up?

    4. If we left millions of 'Shrouds of Turin'-like objects behind, it would be even greater to hide what happened though... I guess they could say something like, 'That's the teleporter residue' or 'when we accidentally split reality with cern, that's all that was left of the unfortunate victims...' Lol, the brain can be quite inventive...

      I know it might be weird or just wishful thinking, but I have read "Blessed is he who keeps his clothes" as a sign that we might take whatever we happen to be holding or wearing at the time. Perhaps as a kind of 'trophy' or 'reminder' of these times.

      Like many things, this remains to be seen. To God be the glory, whatever happens!

    5. The shroud is actually 3D in the respect that it was found that it conforms to the curves of a body similar to a laser hologram which is one of the many "proofs" of authenticity. Also the pollen on it conforms in time to pollen of that day & place.

    6. A *recent* find is a woodcut piece that reads, "The Lamb" in Aramaic beneath his chin. A public presentation was put on for that finding a couple of years ago.

    7. Believer in the Shroud of Tourin as well. Along with Ron Wyatt’s testimony of finding the Ark of the Covenant, with Jesus’ blood dripped on it. God is the master storyteller.

  5. It's amazing how the Lord speaks, how he draws, how he redeems. Like in the comment above by End Times:D.D. when we take a real solid look at science like Quantum physics, floodology, evolution ect. There one can find the truth of God. As we saw Eve blame the serpent and Adam blame Eve; and God because He gave Eve to Adam. The "It's not my fault" and the blame game began. When an absolute authority is being blamed for our fallen condition, instead of taking responsibility for it; who is going to listen. But God speaks to us in His relentless pursuit to restore us back into the right relationship with Him. That is Love and his Love speaks to humanity every day. Do we listen? Do we respond, or do we keep blaming Him? He isn't going to make us choose him, He wants us to freely accept His offer.

    1. I had not made the connection to Adam (directly or indirectly) blaming God for giving him Eve... Wow...

  6. True Dat! Many thanks and love to you. Maranatha!

  7. God shows Himself in many ways!
    ya, just gotta LOOK!
    * * * * *
    It's like the story of the guy stranded on his roof during a flood - the rain is pouring down and the flood water is rising.
    He's praying, "Oh, Lord, please save me!"
    A few minutes later a guy comes by in a raft and tells the guy to hop aboard.
    The guy tells him "NO, God will save me!"
    He continues to pray and 30 minutes later a guy comes by in a rowboat and tells him to climb aboard.
    The guy tells him "NO, God will save me!"
    An hour later the water is still rising and he's still praying.
    A man comes by in a kayak and says he has room for one more!
    The guy tells him "NO, God will save me!"
    Soon after he slips into the raging water and drowns.
    When he gets to heaven he asks God why He hadn't saved him!
    God replies, "I sent a raft, a rowboat, and a kayak; you didn't get on!"
    Old story, but oh, so true.

    1. I have heard this finished a different way: 'God answered, I did, you are here now. Oh, you wanted to stay down there instead? Should have taken the raft, rowboat, kayak or helicopter. I sent those too' (You forgot the helicopter, or that's a different version)

  8. Gary is right again....because God gave men and women free will to choose what path they desire, there is nothing more God can do to make someone love Him, that He already hasn’t done....it has to come from within that person.

    When I read these words, I shake my head in disbelief.....

    8The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was allowed to scorch people with fire. 9They were scorched by the fierce heat, and they cursedb the name of God who had power over these plagues. They did not repent and give him glory.

    10The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was plunged into darkness. People gnawed their tongues in anguish 11and cursed the God of heaven for their pain and sores. They did not repent of their deeds.

    They cursed God rather than cry out to Him for mercy, and they wouldn’t repent (change their thinking/path because there is only room for love of self rather than Love of God. So sad......

    Have a great weekend family, Shabbat Shalom,

    1. Agree TM. I often read those verses in Rev and find myself saying within 'Oh... just repent! Don't harden your heart! Humble yourselves and cry out for it is the pathway to life!' But they don't (largely) in Revelation and we see that same spirit of the raised clenched fist today - not to mention the "peaceful protesters" who show what is at the heart of it by burning Bibles.

      But it's not all gloom for if history is anything to go by the Lord also does wonderful things (and is!) in trying times when the enemy is stirring up trouble. It causes people to choose which way they will turn.
      Isa 59:19 NKJV ...When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.

      PS Like the name by the way! I'm a Tennis Menace normally but currently laid low over the last few weeks with three broken ribs from a mountain bike meets very solid tree fail! Oh well! : )

    2. Amen.

      "Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, 'Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.'" - John 7:38

    3. 'I have kept for myself 3,000 men who have not bent their knees to baal' - God to Elijah when Elijah complained he was the only one left.

  9. Even among the disciples of Jesus, Thomas had to see with his own eyes before he could fully believe.

    'Blessed are those who believe without seeing.'

  10. I have atheist/agnostic friends who have questioned the character of the God I trust. When My answers don't line up with their idea of who God "should" be, they say "I can't believe in a God who..." (doesn't save everyone, doesn't let "good" people into heaven, etc... *you guys all know the responses*). I'm always amazed at the response.

    It isn't "I can't FOLLOW a God who...", or "I can't PUT HOPE IN a God who...". It's "I can't believe."

    Its easy for them to believe in a human who fails to fit their human standards, but a God, with all power and sovereignty, who doesn't fit their human standards of what their creator should be/do, is "not a God I can believe in."

    These same people will trust, follow, and vote into office a corrupt politician, who has no power beyond office. They will trust a doctor who has multitudes of malpractice suits. They will believe that these broken, corrupted, fallible mortals will help them... but "can't believe in a God who..."

    God became flesh, He has shown Himself in infinite ways to all people, but He doesn't fit the mold our human imaginations have constructed, so people reject it. The scripture says it over and over. Those outside of Christ are incapable of belief.

    1. When one of them says, 'I can't believe in something I can't see'

      I reply, 'Can you see microwaves?'

      They usually respond (with some prodding if they decide to go the sarcastic route) with a 'No, but I can see that they cook/reheat my food...'

      To which I reply, 'Then the only difference between us is that I can see and believe in the effect that God has on the universe and this world. When you begin to see that, go and learn of my Lord Jesus. You won't be disappointed...'

      'No one who believes on Me will ever be disappointed...'

    2. Well said K. Steven.

  11. I find little surprise in President Trump (and the others around him) getting Covid-19 on the day right before Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). It would be the only way to get him to 'take a break' and 'stay in a tent' for at least 10 days... The symbolism is quite 'in tents' (intense) there...

    1. You can't make this stuff up.

      Symbolism is uncanny:

      Trump 🎺

      Coronavirus = crown/coronation (also same day as Venus the bright morning star is crowned by the King Star Regulus)

      Lockdown/quarantine/president in hiding on Tabernacles = trumpet call of God sends believers into hiding in heavenly tabernacle

    2. Afflicted with a plague confined to a hospital hardly strikes me as a Tabernacle. However, Sukkot does celebrate the Exodus from Egypt when pharaoh was afflicted with 7 plagues.

  12. And as I go about my daily 'watchlist,' I was greeted with this on spaceweather.com:


    Tell me that doesn't look like a red angel...

  13. God shows himself thru synchronicities - words, dates, numbers, etc. Some of which you guys write about. I know most don't know about it, but we know

    1. Isn't it awesome how He uses what we are willing to look at or hear... :)


      Job 12:7-10

      But ask the animals, and they will instruct you;
      ask the birds of the air, and they will tell you.

      Or speak to the earth, and it will teach you;
      let the fish of the sea inform you.

      Which of all these does not know
      that the hand of the LORD has done this?

      The life of every living thing is in His hand,
      as well as the breath of all mankind.

      Psalm 19:1-4

      The heavens declare the glory of God;
      the skies proclaim the work of His hands.

      Day after day they pour forth speech;
      night after night they reveal knowledge.

      Without speech or language,
      without a sound to be heard,

      their voice has gone out into all the earth,
      their words to the ends of the world.

  14. God showed Himself after I sought Him. :)

    Best day of my life. Better each and every one that comes...


    1. It's a cherished moment isn't it?! Once I unlocked the door to my heart the Holy Spirit came and came in His time. It was always in His time and always will be.

    2. "Thou drewest near on the day I called on Thee" - Lam. 3:57

  15. I am still surprised at people that Judge God, like God is on trial!
    Nobody comes to Jesus save the spirit draws him.
    The Spirit will give you at the moment needed what to answer, anyone!
    Sometimes we think that God is so helpless that we need to intervene to help Him out.
    And you know who your talking to, when the topic comes up, and when not to cast your pearl before swine.
    A lot of the time we need to get out of the way and let Him do His way!
    When I learned to do that, I was amazed and saw His hand work in mine and other’s lives.
    It is definitely a free choice, Eternal life or Eternal Death.

    1. You're not kidding Gregg. I wholly agree on all points and this is not only crucial while here on Earth but in heaven to follow. At that time we will have been shown/taught all that we need.

      In that Day we will be fully kings and priests of the Kingdom of Christ on Earth and in Heaven.

    2. Pastor Rich...Exactly....and as 1Corinthians 13:12 says..."For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face: now I know in part; but THEN shall I KNOW even as also I am KNOWN."

      That is so simply awesome. We will immediately be transferred knowledge to KNOW as we God now KNOWS us!

      That simply melts into my heart.

    3. My heart melts too!!

      As we live today in the days of the feast of Tabernacles, even if we celebrate it we celebrate it dimly for we don't yet know the fullness of truth yet to be revealed in Christ the King! Amen!!

      In that Day we will know as we are known...fully, completely and correctly! According to His riches and rewards, we may be blessed as servant-leaders, teachers and encouragers to those who remain; kings and priests who serve and worship the King Most High. We will teach those who dwell on the Earth encouraging them and celebrating them as they each come to Christ in their own way and time!

      The Talent we have been given is to be returned manifold! Continue in the good work we have been given. Occupy in LOVE until the coming Day. Fasten your seat belts and return your tray tables to their upright and locked position. Get out your checklist and don't miss a single step!

      Our GUMPS check is not yet complete. The field is almost in sight and Approach Control is about to hand us over to the tower for sequencing, winds and our clearance to land.

      We are, Almost Home

      God bless you, brother!

    4. gear

      From one pilot to another...

  16. Question...a family member sent me a link that I will attach. It made me feel like he was saying that we are not supposed to watch and know when the rapture is. See what y'all think. Made me troubled as I've been waiting and watching for a long time.

    1. Hi Nan!

      KHouse is an Internationally known source of news and information encompassing Scripture with an emphasis on prophecy. The name you will most likely recognize from Koinonia House is Chuck Missler.

      Ron Matsen is one of the names that has come to the forefront with the passing of Chuck these past couple of years. This article bears his name.

      Quoting, Ron,

      "...we should be doing our homework, learning all we can, dispensing with the erroneous and myopic presuppositions of the past and, motivated by the imminent horizon, be focusing on His priorities for the kingdom in the time that remains."

      This is the crux of Ron's message. Stay on mission. Stay on target.

      What is the mission? The Great Commission. He indicates this early in the piece.

      What is the target? Global delivery of the Gospel,

      14 "And this gospel of the
      kingdom will be proclaimed
      throughout the whole world
      as a testimony to all nations,
      and then the end will come."

      RED LETTERS (Matthew 24:14 ESV)

      Jesus tells us when the end will come. It will come with the global dispensation of the Gospel of Christ.

      Simple enough eh? Just not terribly specific if you're looking for a date.

      Quoting, Ron,

      "As we see the tide of darkness and the spirit of fear filling our communities, we should be standing tall as a beacon that points people to hope. We should bring the healing salve of God’s truth to those who are hurting. We can only accomplish this noble task through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is His desire to work through willing vessels to bring glory and honour to Jesus Christ."


      This is all that I have been preaching here the past couple of years. Occupy. Stand tall and represent. Be light in the darkness.

      My daily prayer is a simple prayer and goes something like this,

      "LORD, bless and strengthen the saints that they may share the good news of you in the world through the story (testimony) you have given them. May they simply and naturally share that story to the lost, those you give to them today, that their eyes be opened! May they share their testimony that the blind may turn and see that you have been there by their side all along! Open the eyes, ears and heart of the lost LORD that they may see you for who YOU ARE. Bless them and heal them according to your mighty will and magnificent grace to the Glory of Your Name. Amen!"

      My daily prayer is for the continued mission of the Spirit filled body of Christ, His Church, in the world today. That has been my daily prayer for over five-years and continues to be with each passing day as I continue in the work God gives me each day.

      This is what Ron is talking about.

      Am I watching for the imminent return of the LORD on the clouds? Absolutely! Do I study potential times of His arrival for us? Yep! Guilty as charged, I stay awake and watch as commanded. Do I wish, even sometimes, God would just get it over with and take us all Home? Yes, my flesh is guilty of that too. Does my heart know the Ark is far from full and that there is room for more? Yes, and that's one reason why I do what I do everyday.

      Work and pray.

      The LORD has given me to be a teacher but most of all an encourager. As we intersect with the lives of others we have influence over others. Sitting around waiting for the destruction of the destroyers doesn't accomplish our mission. Sharing the good news does!

      16 "For God so loved the
      world, that he gave his
      only Son, that whoever
      believes in him should
      not perish but have
      eternal life."

      (John 3:16 ESV)

      Ron closes his message quite appropriately with this hope and prayer,

      "May God equip, enable, and energize you for His Kingdom’s sake".

      In a nut-shell, Ron is saying, don't be a bump on a log waiting for the end-times; be an agent of change that ushers in the Kingdom of Christ in Glory!

      Be encouraged, keep watching and stay awake. Those are RED LETTERS as well!



    2. Thank you so much! I guess I'm over sensitive because whereas my family believes in the same things I do ... they get tired of my enthusiasm I guess, so I read in to the "rapture itis" part that he was telling me to stop.
      Your explanation helped so much!

    3. Hi Nan

      I did read the article.

      And Ron Matsen misses on a few points.

      The day Pentecost was the offering of the Messiah again to the Jews.

      "you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth".

      That was there commission.

      They the Apostles were expecting the Kingdom on Earth right there and then.

      Jesus picks Paul to be the Apostle to the people other that Jews.
      And shows him everything about the covenant of grace without the Jewish law of works.

      Like PR said "keep watching and stay awake".

      Those who were ready went in.

    4. Hi Nan

      "they get tired of my enthusiasm"

      I had to laugh.....I get that a lot myself.

      You know when to answer and when to back off, your not along!


    6. Rapturitis : A natural desire of a believer once they realize that the 'Floor is Lava!' We just naturally want to get out of here! Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus! :)

    7. don't believe it, Nan. Hang tough

  17. I love ya'll! Thanks! 🥰

  18. Gary, Blessings. Two Scriptural Truths are called to mind by your fine article. 1st is Luke 16:31, where Our Lord, Himself, Directly States The Fact of the insufficiency of supernatural events, alone, to convince anyone: "He said to him, ‘If they do not hear Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be convinced if someone should rise from the dead.’" (ESV) The 2nd is like it.

    As we seek to better know Our Lord, Personally, and study WHY He Does Things to be able to better know Him, we look to 2 Thessalonians 2:11,12: "11 And *for this cause* !God shall send! them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."

    So, whereas direct, incredible and relevant supernatural events are Factually Declared/Affirmed as inadequate, here we see that Our Lord WILL NOT ALLOW any to come to His Salvation by logic, alone, either, EVER. He NEVER Changes. Our Lord ALWAYS OPPOSES, With PERFECT Effectiveness, those who seek to nail him down on the cross of certainty and logic. That is his INTENTION; re-read the verses, Maranatha!

    One only comes to and through the Faith Of Christ by way of the HEART, and humbly.

    1. Amen, brother Jimboni, Amen!


      Reflecting back about my own salvation I cannot pin-point ANYTHING I did to be saved past committing to walk in obedience. After that I opened my heart and maintained that stance. Humility and obedience were core to my walk then as well as simply believing in Jesus. AND I REALLY DIDN'T HAVE ANY IDEA WHO JESUS REALLY WAS!! NOT YET!!!

      On the evening of July 4th, 2003 I was baptized by the Holy Spirit -- 30-years after my baptism as a youth by my mom's initiative. On Pentecost, 2011 I was baptized by full-immersion at an open baptism by my own choice.

      Jesus did it all. All that I did was say, "Yes!" open the door of my heart and believe. How did I do that? I cannot say that I did that. The LORD opened my eyes when it was time and I did.

      My salvation and faith are a product of the Holy Spirit and nothing less. I could never had accomplished that on my own.


      Yes, one only comes to faith by way of the heart through humility and a contrite heart. Openly, honestly, completely. Jesus Himself tells us the work of God.

      (John 6:28-29)


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Here is a case for 10/09/2020, the last day of Feast of Tabernacles. https://youtu.be/YvV2uKbd_x8

    Gary, PR, or others, does this ‘seal the deal’?

    1. @Senior Priorities,

      The Short Answer: No.

      The Long Answer...

      I don't know about this video sealing the deal but I do know Jesus said the end would come when,

      "this gospel of the kingdom
      will be proclaimed throughout
      the whole world as a testimony
      to all nations..."

      (Matthew 24:14)

      Have we reached that point? On the surface we may think so but the true measure of that is our Father in heaven. He has appointed the time(s) by His own will and wisdom and knows the last saint who will come to faith and when.

      Even then there will be more to come.

      In all honesty I suspect that the Day of our taking will be an ordinary day to virtually everyone. We the Church tend to think of the Rapture as being about us when in fact it really isn't. The harpazo is really about G-d and what He is doing in the life of Israel...or more specifically, the elect of Israel.

      There is no doubt that we the Church yearn for, listen for and are looking for the Day of our departure from this place. Which one of you doesn't want to go Home? How many of you *REALLY* want a front row seat to the full force of the time of Jacob's Trouble and the unbridled fury of G-D's wrath unleashed upon all flesh on Earth?

      Not me. I don't want any human being to see that!

      But is the harpazo about us? The Church? It isn't. It's about G-D and what He is doing in Israel. We, the Church, are not being handed a, "Get out of jail free" card as some like to call it; we are being moved out-of-the-way.

      The restrainer restrains. That is one function of the body of Christ, to restrain. Like a dam we hold back the flood of what is to come. When are the flood gates opened?

      At just the right time.

      If the harpazo is intended as a message to Israel, what type of message may it be? (Deuteronomy 32:21), (Romans 10:19) and (Romans 11:11) are but a few pin-points that may shed light on this theme.


      The end of this coming week is a MAJOR point on the calendar for observant Jews. Hoshana Rabba, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah all have significance to those who are keeping the Feast of Booths! The passage of those appointed times coincide with a MAJOR synchronization of dates that *may* well fit the Biblical timeline for our departure, the arrival of the two-witnesses, the AoD and the glorious and triumphant Second Coming of Christ Jesus our Lord.

      What impact would it have on observant Jews if they were left behind while the Gentile Church was taken? On their appointed day? Their "mini-Yom Kippur?" otherwise known as Hoshana Rabba? It wouldn't mean a thing to an atheist in the Walla Walla or a quarantined home-maker in Hastings but it sure would mean a lot to an observant Jew no matter where they lived.

      And if they didn't already live in Israel; do you think they would stay where they were for long? I tend to think not...especially in the United States. As soon as the door to Israel were reopened I think one could expect a flood to reach their shores in the Aliyah.

      I truly suspect that the coming harpazo has less to do with us as it does with what G-d is doing in Israel. That Day is meant to have meaning to those looking for a Messiah they say hasn't come yet. The one they find will fulfil their greatest nightmares.

      The One who has come holds out His nail scarred hands to a people He died to protect. A generation He died to save...and save them He will!

      To all of those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life -- none will be lost. Not one.

      So what does it take to 'seal the deal'?


  20. Why Doesn't God Just Show Himself?

    Well...its His style you know!

    But seriously, a third of heave rebelled against Him and they knew Him face to face!

    There is something so precious about us that we don't see it as He does.

    So He goes and sells all that He has to by the whole field and that Pearl of great price

    you and I.

  21. What a wonderful nugget of truth!

  22. Great article, Gary. While it is unquestionable, that there are those whose heart is so stubborn and hard and full of unbelief, that even if Christ spoke to them in an audible voice or wrote his name in the sky for them, and had them be in a near-death accident to get their attention - they would still deny him. But there's the other side.
    There are literally countless stories of people living their own self-absorbed lives, maybe doing the religious thing- maybe not, but there was some event that really woke them up, and literally turned their lives around - from death to life - from living for self/ Satan to living for Christ. I am one of thousands and thousands. Grew up in church, 3 x a week, revivals, youth camps, private bible school, and my grandparents were missionaries. I was in a terrible wreck and was on the edge of death and knew that i was lost and going to hell. I literally cried out to God, on the highway, as I went in and out of consciousness. I didn't care who heard me - I begged God to let me live and that if he gave me another chance - i would totally live my life for him- and go anywhere he wanted. Doctor said he wasn't a religious person at all, but that there was no medical or scientific explanation why i was alive. Served as a missionary for 15 years and raised our kids overseas. I've heard many many such examples also. Tens of thousands of Muslims, particularly in Iran, and other muslim countries have come to Christ through God showing himself - in Dreams, visions, and near death experiences. Sadly, this is the other side of the story - and it's so sad that you missed it. For every hard-hearted person who rejects God, there is also the single person who came to Christ after a missionary gave 40+ years of her life in China, and that one single person was Watchman Nee, - the Chinese Billy Graham - who has reached tens of thousands of Chinese for Christ.

    1. Great testimony RR7! 'But God' aye? Awesome that at your lowest you cried out to Him and also great to see that you did that which you said you would if He saved you! : ) God Bless!

    2. I've read DC Talks books on past and present Christian missionaries and martyrs - some folks have gone through horrendous trials to learn about the saving grace of Christ.
      And, others to preach it!
      I don't recall the quote in it's entirety, but it was said that "God will NOT meet you half way. He will meet you nearly ALL the way - all we have to do is take that first step!"


    Hmmm, There's a legal term, "Act of God". Such a legal term sets a seriously high precedent of the reality and action of God in the world. Our entire justice system is built upon God and His Moral Law. We take oaths and swear by His name, although we are told not to!

    Honestly, one cannot miss God unless you've welded your eyes shut, stopped up your ears and shuttered your heart.

    Oh, yeah, that's what we do don't we?! That explains my day job.

    Blessings, always!!

  24. definitely a HIGH watch time for the last [of] Trump and the arising of Michael to power!

  25. And isn't this the beauty of Christ. That He shows Himself to each of us in just the way He knows we will perceive and receive that revelation. I remember my father telling me when Jesus showed up to him in his backyard, he'd believe. No,Dad, you wouldn't. In this country with the abundance of gospel presentation avenues, the abundance of written/spoken/video presentations of the gospel, the abundance of excellent apologetics, there is truly no excuse. In places like Iran/China/Muslim dominated countries et al, Jesus will do whatever it takes to reach His foreknown, foreordained beloved. God knows the willing hearts. And while He is evident all around us in so many ways, it takes a willing heart to perceive Him. A heart of repentance and humility. We humans are such egocentric beings that it is very difficult to get out of ourselves long enough to consider there is a God Who created us, not the other way around!

    Speaking of that egocentricity, what an enlightening comment above, PR. Of course the harpazo is about Israel. I had never thought of it in just quite that context. Yes, Jesus is as eager to be united with us as we are with Him--and I can't tell you how I thank God that I was born (and saved) in this dispensation!--but the Tribulation, after all, is about Israel. And of course the Church has to be removed to complete that perfect work He began in Israel when He chose them to be His own special people. Thank you for sharing that insight.

  26. I saw you guys discussing the shroud of Turin.. My friend's dad is an expert on the Shroud. He travels around speaking about it at colleges/churches. It is so neat! I think it's the real deal.

    I know some people are skeptical but my friend's dad says something I really like: That maybe the Shroud is for the "doubting Thomas's of the world". Jesus didn't condemn Thomas for needing proof. He just said that those who don't see and still believe are blessed. Some people, like Thomas, need to "see" Jesus. And I think that's okay. Maybe that is why we still have the Shroud! Jesus is so merciful and good!

    Here's his info if you're interested in learning more...



    1. That is so awesome and true Lilie! Amen!! I too believe the Shroud is the real deal.

    2. Thank you, Lilie,for posting the links about the Shroud. I enjoyed the videos about the Shroud, but I especially enjoyed hearing your friend's dad's testimony!

    3. JackN, THAT IS SO AWESOME!!! I have got to use that!!

    4. The shroud is indeed real. I saw it many years ago in Italy when it made a rare outing. With a naked untrained eye, its authenticity is not at all apparent. However for such a time as this, the last generation, the authenticity of the shroud is now verifiable by scientific methods not previously available. That said, even the scientific discoveries outing the wonder of the shroud have not engendered world wide belief. NOT AT ALL. In fact the world is itself "shrouded" in unbelief & Bible mocking as is appropriate in the Days of Noah. I seldom IF EVER encounter ANYONE with any interest in the bible let alone the shroud. My days are engulfed by people of unbelief who think the bible is a fictional joke & NO THEY ARE NOT interested in any witness. Casting "pearls to swine" is a real thing & disgusting.

    5. If God showed Himself to anyone, it would be the prophets of Israel. Well, when I bring this up where I live, people think I am speaking about Nostradamus. Yup. AND only just this weekend, someone told me there could be no such thing as a messiah because "everyone speaks a different language and no one would understand him." Yup. Welcome to my world where I have been socially distant from faith filled discourse for over 7 years. YUP!

    6. Sfg, I am so sorry at your situation. I am thankful that you have the ability to connect here and fellowship online! Sounds like a church planter or two are called for in your area if not sign bearing street preachers.

    7. Yeah... you can lead them right to Him, but they reject Him because of one preconceived notion they have or another.

      I was talking to someone this morning and he rejected the Rev 12 sign because 'astronomers could have figured that out even back then.' I was thinking to myself... 'suuuuure... without computers (the Antikythera mechanism was only accurate for so long so I don't count it), without a proper understanding of celestial mechanics, while still thinking Earth was the center of the universe, and being unable to even predict eclipses... pre-calculated an alignment almost 1900 years in advance!?! And then encoded it in such a way that only people who had all these advantages would notice it and observe it, when it happened in broad daylight and would be invisible without computers?!?'

      Maybe he'll come around before the end... or maybe the Holy Spirit is still in there somewhere... (He claims he was raised baptist and did all the things necessary, so I hold out some hope that our debates don't matter and OSAS applies here...)

    8. Some will... most wont. My MIL is a very spiritual woman. She loves Jesus with all of her soul. There is no doubt in my mind she is saved; however she refuses to have conversations on the rapture or the second coming in reference to current events. She holds tight too the misused text of “no one knows the hour”. And it has been difficult as she shuts completely down of brought up. Like she doesnt want to engage in convo as to misunderstand or disappoint God. In context as she is 77 years old and grew up in the US as part of the deceiving time of the Bakkers; I can understand why she holds tight to how she understands scripture as to not be deceived again. Its just hard bc I want to share with her this exciting time, she just wont hear... but she loves Jesus and is His so I am not worried at all.

      Second note; do yall feel as if you can better understand what Jonah felt as God told him to preach to Ninivah?? i have felt that a lot lately. I have also made reference to Noah before the flood; he started building and built the ark for 120 years! Prior to fulfillment. What people must have said daily to him, how they treated him... I imagine we feel a lot of that now. At least I do. And Elijah; Crying out to God he is all alone, no one will listen? Same!!!
      My prayers are we go home soon. I am so worn out and I fee selfish and undeserving, but i am so toted of this world... I want to be grateful and appreciative... I am just tired. Trying to hold fast, but yall its so hard!! I really fee like I dont belong here; I know I dont; Im done... come Lord Jesus. I know we have work to do; and I am praying for strength each day to continue the fight; I am. I am just worn out. Love you guys here, keep posting the encouraging word; it helps!

      Cant wait to meet you all soon!

    9. Hey Lyndsey! I love you, and I feel where your heart is right now....
      The Record says that the race is NOT given to the swift or the strong, but to those who endure to the end. "Endure" is in present tense and that's what you are doing; so am I and most of us living during this trying season. The main point I want to make is that it is GIVEN TO YOU IF YOU ENDURE IT. We will all finish it. I am hugging you right now and holding on for you and with you. We will meet in the air soon my sister.

    10. Thanks Carmon! I needed to hear that! New word of the year.... ENDURE!

      Hugs to you too

    11. :)

      Pastor Rich,

      That came into my mind a couple years ago when I was considering the retail understanding of the term "Redemption".

      Redemption is:

      Something is purchased, bought and paid for, and it's redemption is when the new owner comes to take that purchase home.

      I believe the Shroud is a receipt of sorts, and is meant for the doubting Thomas's of our time.

      Thomas wasn't rebuked by Christ because he wanted proof that it was Christ risen. Christ merely pointed out that those who don't need that kind of proof are blessed. :)

      I'm not a doubting Thomas myself, but I do appreciate the meaning...

      Maranatha! :) <3

    12. I love it! Thanks for sharing!! Gonna remember that one and share.

  27. Reading Foxe: Voices of the Martyrs. Keep the Faith until your last mortal breath for the one following will be joyous indeed.

  28. https://earthsky.org/tonight/mars-closest-to-earth-october-6
    Mars will be closer tonight than it has been in 17 years (2003);
    the Draconid meteor shower begins passing our way tonight as well.
    * * * * *
    War in heaven?
    Demons being cast down to earth?
    Or, perhaps a reference to the coming Presidential "debate" tonight here in the US?

  29. No sign in heaven is needed to assess the demonic wagging tongues that have overtaken the unending toxic American political discourse on & off the debate stage. Out of the heart the mouth speaks.

  30. Thanks again Gary for another timely reminder. I can definitely relate. I too used to look for God to show Himself with a bright, neon sign saying, "Here I am!" And yet, the longer I live, the more I read Scripture, and the closer we get to His return, I cannot help but feel that in a matter of speaking, He is shouting, but as with with everything else about our Lord Jesus and His Kingdom, it's an open secret. He's shouting at us in a million different ways, but we have to have eyes to see and ears to hear. But one day soon brother, every eye will see! Maranatha!

  31. For anyone who is interested, I have just finished my series on our Lord's return. I pray that God has and will use them for His glory as the hour draws nigh!

    1) Signs of Our Lord's Return: (message begins at 13:40)

    2) The Rapture (message begins at 14:10)

    3) The Mystery of Marriage (Teaching on Jewish Weddings) (message begins at 12:31)

    4) God's Fig Tree (message begins at 11:20)

    5) Anointed Like Nobody Else! (Teaching on dual fulfillments from Isaiah 61, 9, Daniel 9)
    (message begins at 9:27)

    6) God's Signs in the Heavens (Teaching on the Mazzaroth, Bethlehem Star, Revelation 12 Sign) (message begins at 17:45)

    7) The Return (Overview of the Revelation of Jesus Christ focusing on Revelation 1, 5-6, 19) (message begins at 12:55)

    8) The Messianic Kingdom (Teaching on the Millennium from Old and New Testaments) (message begins at 15:50)

    9) Jesus is Heaven (Teaching on the New Heavens and New Earth from Revelation 20-22) (message begins at 20:41)

    God bless you all brothers and sisters! Maranatha!

  32. I just read a report that the Federal Reserve will halt production of paper money as of the end of 2020. Along with their halting of producing new coins as of this past summer. They say with Covid its time to 'protect people' by going to a digital currency aka -A Cashless Society! It seems to be right on the horizon! WOW Its getting awfully exciting!!!!

    1. Hi Norm,

      Do you have a link to that article?


    2. Yeah....I've heard absolutely nothing in that regard. In fact there's a link below that indicates an INCREASE in the order of paper money by the Federal Reserve. Anything can be heard anywhere these days. Lots of BS out there.



    3. They have been preparing us for a cashless society for decades now using the plastic cards. Most of the money is just electrons in a database (or written/printed on paper someplace, whatever your particular bank prefers...A good financial institution will have both in case of electronic outage.)

      The primary issue though... is what happens when the lights go out, the internet stops working, the scanners get smudged, or disaster strikes in all those many other ways that disrupt technology... Physical cash might be old fashioned, but it doesn't need electricity... I guess they could break out physical ledgers and create accounts in those circumstances, but they'll still need power to scan all the barcodes right? Or do all these grocery stores have a generator on site? It's... going to get interesting I think...

    4. We been digging our own graves by purchasing online and letting everything go digital. I can't even go to a major retailer to get a product they sale without the employees telling me you can only get it online now. I want to see physically what I'm getting before I pay for it. If everybody refused to purchase online we'd slow the snowball headed for hell down.

    5. And these chip cards don't last nearly as long as the magnetic stripe ones... So how do they expect a chip in the hand is going to survive for very long? The body will attempt to break it down or expel it as a foreign object, just as it does to splinters. It will aggravate the flesh, just as the bible says. And what if there is a carrington event or an emp?

      A physical currency might be 'dirty, not efficient, or terrible to the environment' but it's also got some level of redundancy when the electrons stop flowing...

  33. From Paul Dawson's FB page:
    DELTA IS FOUR (in Greek and in math means change or difference)
    REV 4:1 = 44 WORDS

    Hurricane Delta formed 400 days after the Dalet in the sun which occurred last year on 9/1/19 which is a palindrone 9-1-1-9
    Hurricane Delta was upgraded to a CAT 4

    Paul Dawson's comment: "Also notice how Revelation 4:1 (the door chapter) and John 7:1 (Tabernacles chapter) open with the same "Meta Tauta" or "after this"

    Josh Reidhead: As an aside, it's really interesting that Israel went into lockdown for Passover in the 1st/7th month of Nisan. On the sames dates, they re-lock down for Sukkot in the 1st/7th month of Tishrei.

    Paul Dawson: It's also interesting that large communities of the NY Orthodox Jews are going into lockdown (along with Israel) at end of the Feast

    Perhaps that conjunction on 4/4 was an "exit ahead" sign. Because it would appear from my perspective, unless I am incorrect in reckoning the Hebrew date, we've come full circle

    And getting back to Greg's article, the day that follows the last day of Tabernacles on 10/9/2020 is 10/10/2020 which is 11 22

    Might this mean what we all think it means??? Dare we hope???

    1. Hi ShelleyB

      To me this all sounds like more speculative garb. which al have there place and importance, "signs in the sun moon and stars and on earth distress)

      Which is natural if you don't know the prophecies concerning the jews and Jerusalem and the conclusion of there covenant.

      Paul taught all the churches what to watch for and when. They too were concerned about the same things we are now.

      Especially in out times is "in the days of these kings" , the players on the stage of current history and a repeat of Matthew 27:53 which would indicate that you would have 40 day Jonah warning then assension body of Christ going up.

  34. Cashless society hysteria is making the rounds on the internet. That is a bit premature since antichrist is not here, we are still here, and money per the fed website is being printed for 2020 as follows from their archive: Currency Print Orders
    Currency Print Orders Archive

    2020 Federal Reserve Note Print Order
    The Board of Governors (the Board), as the issuing authority for Federal Reserve notes, approved and submitted its fiscal year (FY) 2020 order for approximately 5.2 billion Federal Reserve notes, valued at $146.4 billion, to the U.S. Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) on August 6, 2019.1 On April 16, 2020, the Board approved a revision to its FY 2020 order. The 5.2 billion notes included in the FY 2020 order reflect the Board's estimate of net demand for currency from domestic and international customers. The print order is determined by denomination and is based on destruction rates and historical payments to and receipts from circulation. As in past years, the primary purpose of the print order is to replace the unfit notes that the Reserve Banks will destroy during normal processing of notes returned from circulation.2 Other factors include a planned inventory adjustment, estimates of net payments, and a contingency for international demand variability. The table below reflects the denominational breakdown of the Boards’ FY 2020 order.3

    1. I have seen a clear plastic box containing what they do with those unfit notes. Used to be able to buy them in the Denver Mint's gift shop. Totally shredded and separated so you couldn't put them back together again. The machine that does it was pretty cool to watch too.

      So maybe the 'progress towards cashless' is just hysteria. Maybe we shouldn't try to 'restrain' these things from going further down this path as long as we can. I just don't see how they can push these things through as long as there is so many of us to resist it... We can't help but resist it, we see how bad it is going to be... how insidious this stuff will wrap itself around the people who accept it... As long as even a spark of love exists in my heart, I will not give up warning people about how insecure and fragile a 'hand chip' is going to be...

    2. RESIST!!?? NO! Please bring it on! Come Lord Jesus. Trying to hold back the birth pangs is not only futile but in complete contradiction to the Lord's return because he does not return until AFTER the one world government is established. Holding on to the past is what I call the "Lot's Wife Syndrome."

    3. The left behind need to resist the evil with every ounce of their strength and invite God to add to that measure. As long as there is still one person who might get on board though, I think God (through the restrainer and us) resists closing the door to the Ark...

      Once that door closes though, and we're in the air with Him, there won't be any looking back for me. I'll only be looking at Him with the expectation that He'll fill us all in on the secret of what is coming next. The thing that 'eyes have not seen, nor has it entered into the mind of men what God has in store for those that love Him...'

  35. Hi Kris,

    Would you elaborate about God not closing the door right now as long as still one person may get on the "ark" ? Since people will come to Jesus during the tribulation wouldn't there be multitudes then who will eventually get on the "ark"? Therefore, God would not even have the rapture until every last person came to Jesus ( those now before the Day of the Lord and those deep into the tribulation period). Thank you.

    1. If I may interject here...Yes, people will come to Jesus during the tribulation but the Ark will have already sailed. The harpazo is a corporate event for the body of Christ His Church...the indwelt, Spirit-filled, Church age saints also known as the restrainer. Once we are removed it's all about Israel.

      BUT, with that said, yes, there will be many, many more that come to faith in Christ of the Gentiles during the times of trouble and the time of Jacob's Trouble. They, however, will be wholly subject to and under the power of the AC. The Tribulation Saints (believers in Christ) will have to choose from,

      1. Live to accept the mark and eternal death
      2. Be killed denying the mark to live into eternal life
      3. Run and hide to escape the beast and ride-out hell on earth

      ...of course the BEST of outcomes is still available as of this writing...

      6 "Seek the LORD while
      he may be found; call
      upon him while he is

      (Isaiah 55:6 ESV)

      Blessings, always.

    2. Pretty much what Pastor Rich has said. I believe there will come a point where all that will remain are 'doubting Thomas' type people. The ones who are telling us all the time that, 'If God will just show Himself, I'll believe in Him.' Appropriate that this article is named that.

  36. Amen glory to GOD. THere is also french christian news on https://www.onlyjesus.fr/articles-chretiens/



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