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UPDATE (11/13/20): Media sources have called the final states, resulting in 306 electoral votes for Biden and 232 for Trump.  Ironically, that is the same tally in 2016 before seven faithless electors deserted Trump and Clinton.  The tally was 306 for Trump and 232 for Clinton.  Now the question remains as to the ongoing rumors about Dominion voting systems, the legitimacy of mail-in ballots, and what impact the Trump campaign's lawfare operation might have.  The key swing states all have Republican legislatures, which could theoretically appoint electors for Trump if there are questions about the elections' outcomes.  It also appears that Republicans will come within striking distance of retaking the House, but not quite make it.  The Senate will probably remain in Republican hands unless Democrats win both upcoming runoff elections in Georgia.

UPDATE (11/9/20): Biden claims first move will be to force nationwide mask mandates for all outdoor activities, Attorney General William Barr authorizes federal prosecutors nationwide to investigate "subtantial allegations" of voter fraud, Trump replaces defense secretary with loyalist, and an affidavit filed in court claims mass election fraud in Wayne County, Michigan.

Today is election day.  Historic national elections in the United States will tell us if Donald Trump is entering his last term, or if the last of Trump's administration is this January.  We will be keeping you updated with election results.

This has been quite a crazy year and it's bound to get crazier still.  The unveil of the Vision for Peace.  Coronavirus and the stampede toward a new world order (a.k.a. the beast system).  The launch of the Abraham Accords, which could very well be the underlying agreement of Daniel 9:27.  Record fires.  Record floods.  Themes of the War in Heaven having commenced.  The first full moon globally on Halloween since 1944.  Many signs in the heavens and even the closest Great Conjunction in nearly 400 years, when Jupiter will finally appear to escape from celestial objects depicting Satan (Saturn) and the antichrist (Sagittarius).  This year has also seen the most named storms since the previous record holder of 2005 (now tied) and the most hurricane landfalls in the U.S. since 1985.  As I type this Hurricane Eta is about to pass over El Salvador.  Think about that one!  What's the ETA of the Savior?  Soon I think!

Either election result, in my humble opinion, leads straight to the same outcome: the resurrection and rapture of the Church, and the commencement of Daniel's 70th Week.  If Trump scores reelection, I have no doubt within weeks we'll see a slew of Arab countries joining the Abraham Accords, including Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Djibouti, Oman, Qatar, and maybe even Iraq.  A covenant with many will be a reality—though not yet strengthened for a period of seven years.  If Biden wins, I strongly believe we will witness a no-holds-barred rush toward an actual global government.  They will never dare allow such a close call again, as what has happened in the U.S., Brazil, Hungary, Poland, and elsewhere.  The forceful lockdowns in the developing world, as well as those seen in Australia and New Zealand, will arrive at our shores, and the Church will be in imminent danger—in need of rescue.

Both sides are corrupt.  Both sides are doing things that are leading straight to the Tribulation.  That said, I do not believe in moral equivalency.  Sin separates from God, but not all sin is equal.  The view that all sin is equal is widely held by Christians, but is not biblical in any way.  The Bible ascribes varying punishments for sin based on the severity (see Exodus, Leviticus, et al), but the ultimate and most severe of sins is unbelief, for which all who remain in it will perish.  If you are going to vote, vote according to your Christian convictions and values.  If you are not going to vote, don't judge those who do, and vice versa.  We must love one another in word and deed in these last of the last moments of the age, and we can't remain in unity, nor can we lead others to the LORD, if we are constantly attacking one another's political views.  Our kingdom is not of this world.

Updates will be below...

Think about all the prophetic themes playing out right now: 1. The last trump.  2. Will Joseph be elevated in Egypt?  3. ETA over El Salvador.  4. War in Heaven / heavenly court (this election may go to the Supreme Court; note: the balance shifted on Rosh Hashanah).  5. It may come down to Philadelphia (i.e., the faithful Church, the Church promised a pre-trib escape and an open door).  6. Division in the country that has been trying to succeed in dividing the land (final vote could be 270 to 268 with court cases and recounts following).


Malawi has just announced that it will move its embassy to Jerusalem, becoming the first African nation to do so (source).

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  1. I agree! God will use either Trump or Biden to accomplish His Will and the world will inch closer to the Tribulation (and even closer to the Rapture). I am at peace with whomever God appoints to lead the US. (But my gut says it'll be Trump)

    The development of the foundation for the covenant with many is honestly the most exciting sign of progress towards the END that happened this year (although there sure were many signs). I'm not excited to know many will go through a time of horror, but I'm thrilled that I get to witness prophecy fulfilling before my eyes. I don't get to see Moses parting the Red Sea, or Jesus feeding 4000, but I am likely to see a time period that will mark the division of history between human rule and divine rule. And what a privilege that is!

    Okay, back to current events. Let's wait with baited breath to see what God is doing next!



    The earthquake strikes 4 days before the "Trump" election. Many of us are aware of the prophetic significance of that word "Trump" and the numbers 7 in Bible prophecy. The number 4 located in a rather peculiar spot in the book of Revelation is quite interesting to say the least.

  3. Many here in the US and around the world are watching the election results come in as the polls begin to close.
    Of course, they do not take into account the mail in ballots from many democratically controlled states - which have anywhere from 7 to 17 days to be counted (CA).
    It will be another few weeks before we have a final tally, though it's possible electoral votes could be cast sooner if a majority of registered voters show a plurality in their voting.
    * * * * *
    Hopefully, we as Christians, have done our part, realizing as we do what exactly is at stake here - not just our way of life, but the liberty of the free world.
    I don't mean it to sound arrogant - but we do know that our American Republic is a God ordained country and the last stronghold against the NWO.
    And, also knowing that whatever happens, God's plans will be brought about.
    * * * * *
    It's difficult to watch people throw away their freedoms on a national level,
    even more so on an eternal one.
    Sometimes it's hard to remember that as Christians our citizenship is in heaven, not here on earth.

  4. Let's all backslide and play the drinking game to make this less painful:

    The main rule is implied: just start drinking and don’t stop for the next few years.

    As for tonight specifically, here goes:

    Drink for EVERY MENTION of:
    1) “Red mirage”;

    2) “Blue mirage”;

    3) “Path to victory” or “route to victory”;

    4) “Most important election of our lifetime”;

    5) “Still too close to call”;

    6) “Shy Trump supporter”;

    7) “Unprecedented”;

    8) “Firewall.” Double if this is accompanied by an awkward effort by an anchor to inoffensively characterize the minority voting bloc to which they’re ascribing monolithic voting tendencies;

    9) “Neck and neck”;

    10) “Broward County” or “Miami-Dade”;

    11) “It could be a big night for (whatever)”;

    12) “It all comes down to Pennyslvania.”

    Drink EVERY TIME:
    13) A commentator says “(something) is on the ballot tonight,” and that something is not the name of a candidate;

    14) John King looks visibly aroused on the way to the Magic Wall;

    15) A member of the media uses the word “we” to describe Democratic Party results;

    16) A Republican accuses Democrats of stuffing ballots. Double if the alleged plot involves use of undocumented immigrants as sham voters;

    17) A Democrat mentions voter suppression. Double if this is accompanied by a warning that this is the “only way” Trump could win;

    18) Any commentator suggests Trump will not give up power if he loses;

    19) Someone reports the possibility of results-delaying litigation over a new set of voting irregularities detected today;

    20) A commentator reacts to a result by seriously wondering aloud if Russians are meddling;

    21) There is video of Melania Trump looking a little too happy that her husband is losing;

    22) Trump ups the ante on an outrageous lie about his opponents at the 11th hour, like that Biden has already written an executive order canceling free enterprise, or has decided to grant American citizenship to everyone in Bangladesh;

    23) Biden says something incomprehensible, dozes off, or forgets whom he’s talking with in a TV appearance;

    24) Someone cuts to: shot of boarded-up windows. Double when windows are actually broken.

    25) Someone cries on set as results come in. Or, alternatively, does the political version of the Bill Simmons fist pump:

    Finally, we fall back to Buckminster Fuller's infamous quote for some context tonight:

    If you take all the machinery in the world and dump it in the ocean, within months more than half of all humanity will die and within another six months they’d almost all be gone; if you took all the politicians in the world, put them in a rocket, and sent them to the moon, everyone would get along fine.

    Stay safe and remember that politics is all about subverting you emotionally and then reaping your production. The rest are details.

    Ha ha

    1. Lol, if I played along I would have alcohol poisoning. Lol. Its a ride for sure. Very interesting to see it play out.

    2. Google Searches For "Liquor Store Near Me" Hits All-Time High Amid Election Anxiety

      Lol Ha ha ๐Ÿคฃ

    3. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/google-search-liquor-store-near-me-hits-all-time-high-amid-election-anxiety

    4. I'd rather lean on the Lord which gives me infinitely more comfort than drinking ever did.

      It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak. -Romans 14:21

  5. If any of you have followed Irvin Baxter with End Of The Age and EndTimes Ministries, it is with sadness that I announce his passing today with complications from covid. I find the date of his passing significant as he has been preaching Bible prophecy his whole adult life. He believed America would not fall to the end time one world governmental system, so it was likely Trump would win the election. I will greatly miss his insight into end time prophecy.

  6. Dont put your faith in men. God could use anyone. God also used Obama. Dont fall for godly or ungodly men. Your vote dont matter too. Presidents are selected by the elites. Whoever wins are all part of their agenda

    1. God expects us to do our part, not just sit back and allow things to happen.
      He may be using one or more of us to do something just be virtue of our actions.

    2. I agree,
      Esther is an example. Her action was connected with preventing the destruction of the nation of Israel by a scheme created by a wicked man. It is a moral example for us I would think. While it is undeniable that GOD's will shall always prevail just like Esther individuals have moral obligations to do the right thing and not just watch. Be doers of righteousness not just a watcher. As such, it is essential to have a Biblical world view in which the truth of GOD's word gives us the lens to see who is who and thereby know what to do.

  7. I don't think I've ever seen this level of confusion in reporting the results of an election... and we all know who the author of confusion is...

  8. As I have said and will continue to say,

    JESUS 2020!!!

  9. Well this election has been a wild ride. Still don't know the final results (my hubby honestly thinks it could be a tie! Which would be typical of 2020, wouldn't it?)

    I'm feeling at peace knowing God is in control.

  10. Well, it is beginning now to look like the Donald will be no more....clearly, the Last Trump!

    But, im sure the Lord has this well in control. My greatest desire is for Jesus to return to be King over the entire planet....not for Trump to be President of the USA. So, maybe having Biden in office is exactly what God needs to move his end times game plan forward. For example.....in the Gog War of Ezekiel 38, notice America is not there helping israel defend themselves against those 10 or so nations who have invaded israel to plunder their land.

    Do you think Trump, seeing this invasion, would keep America on the sidelines, if he were in office? I dont. So, maybe having Trump out and Biden in is what is needed to bring about this War....if you want to call it that. Oh, by the way, i also happen to believe the Gog War is exactly what is needed to bring about 3 other things:
    1. Rapture
    2. Man of sin being revealed
    3. The Daniel 9:27 covenant being confirmed

    So, i choose to trust God in the things i cant see and the things out of my control, not man.
    To God be all praise, honor, and glory.
    Shalom family,

    1. Could be! While I prefer the idea that the US isn't there because we're devastated by the Rapture rather than because we're a socialist commune who's rooting for Israel to lose... We don't always get what we want.

      I think God is setting our nation firmly in the path toward the One World Gov't (Harris would be happy to go along with that agenda). I don't want to have to live under that kind of rule, but God is in control.

      Hopefully the Rapture will happen before 2022. Maybe this Pentecost or Rosh Hashanah? We can hope.

    2. Sherrill,
      I don't think it's God setting us on the path to democratic-socialism,
      I think it's more along the line of Him ALLOWING it to happen
      due to our (society as a whole) attitudes and actions.
      In other words, He is giving people EXACTLY what they THINK they want!
      * * * *
      You were right earlier though, about having PEACE knowing that God is in charge.
      I have to keep reminding myself of that - whatever the final tally!

  11. There is NO doubt that President Trump won the election. The democrats and the media know it but they are playing psychological warfare on Americans to make it look like Biden was ahead all night and to make people think he won. When Trump is victorious they will make it look like he stole it. Rioting and everything will explode. The Democrats truly want to take America down.

    1. Yeah... I think when this is all over, America will not be the same... This totally looks like 'Wag the Dog' has gone from being just a movie to reality... all we're missing is the war...

    2. The USA as we knew it is never coming back. Each end of the month from now on will have us wishing we were back at the beginning of that month.

  12. Daniel 8:27a

    I, Daniel,
    was exhausted and lay ill for days.

    Then I got up
    and went about the king’s business.

    A lot like where I am at. And what I will do to get past it...


    Grace and peace to you all!

    ๐Ÿšซ ๐Ÿ‡

    ··╱ษท ษท╲··

    Foxman on the Wall

    1. Like it! An appropriate scripture for the time and a great application of it! : )

    2. Wow....I felt every word of this. Extremely accurate for this time indeed! Good find, Jack!

  13. I find incredible irony in the fact that no matter how I calculate the states, it's all going to come down to Nevada... the only state that has legal gambling statewide... I am however reminded that a famous Jewish man once said, 'God doesn't play dice...' (And we have a verse that says God already knows what the roll would be. He would bankrupt Vegas at the roulette wheel...)

    There is also the 'specter' hanging over this election that it's being stolen. Who does stealing? Thieves... (That day will come like a thief in the night, which looks like what happened in Wisconsin/Michigan... Boxes full of 100% Biden votes at 4 am? Statistically impossible...)

    I just find myself praying that God's will be done, and we would be given the strength to endure whatever outcome results...

  14. God puts into power all leaders .....so I will be content with the outcome..I pray Gods will be done.....even if Trump loses by crooked people.

    1. Amen, Stan my brother, amen.

      Nothing is going to usurp the will of the LORD. Nothing. Nobody is going to change the course and final outcome of history yet to unfold. Nobody. Prophecy will be fulfilled 100% and in perfect compliance with the final destination ordained by God.

    2. PR, I want to sit next to you.

  15. Is the rumor that Putin would step down in 2021 legitimate? That's a shocker, if true. The man was well on his way to dictatorship, so I didn't think that'd be possible. And that may throw the Ezekiel war suppositions into a tizzy.

    1. There are reports that he has Parkinson’s. Also, there are reports that he’s considerably more moderate than some of his potential replacements. As bad as he is, there are worse.


  16. Because of the Foxman's timely post above I was reading the end part of Daniel 8 again:

    Dan 8:23-25 "... When the transgressors have reached their fullness, A king shall arise, Having fierce features, Who understands sinister schemes. His power shall be mighty, but not by his own power; He shall destroy fearfully, And shall prosper and thrive; He shall destroy the mighty, and also the holy people. "Through his cunning He shall cause deceit to prosper under his rule; And he shall exalt himself in his heart. He shall destroy many in their prosperity. He shall even rise against the Prince of princes; But he shall be broken without human means.

    Normally I focus on 'a king shall arise... who understands sinister schemes...' etc and the description of the coming Antichrist. But this time, probably because of the corrupt days in which we live, it was another part that stood out. The first sentence. It says the coming king, the Antichrist arises... "When the transgressors have reached their fullness".

    It is soooo hard to watch all the corruption, scheming and wicked plans, now on a global level, coming together... I want that which is right to prevail... but sadly the transgressors do have to reach their fullness before the judgment comes so it shouldn't surprise us.

    But as believers, and for my own life, we have to look up and arise (instead of being down) and I can only echo the scripture that JackN wrote above:

    'I arose and went about the king's business.' (Dan 8:27)

    1. Excellent commentary, Elgordo. I've been observing this as I experience life as a new mother. So whether we 'arise' to meet the Lord in the air or I 'arise' to change another diaper, yes. Let us be about His business.

      Blessings to you.

    2. So... I guess in a way this is the Antichrist about to reveal himself... Get ready to fly.

    3. It is difficult to watch. Anyone with any sense of integrity in our judicial process is appalled at what is happening, but most especially the outright blatancy and hubris on the part of those who have been elected (to date) to serve the people, instead serving their own self interests. And those, who will be most effected by what is coming (whatever the eventual outcome), gleefully going over the cliff to their eternal doom while they tell those who speak out what is really happening, "not to drink the koolaid."
      * * * *
      Again, it's difficult to watch and, again, I need to keep reminding myself
      that God's in charge,
      that our citizenship is in heaven.

  17. I will be glad when Trump gets voted out of office. He is a terrible president and causes strife and division among the people, rather than bringing unity and peace. I wish more of my brothers and sisters in Christ would see the truth about him. Instead, most seem wilfully blind to his faults and just brush them off with a statement like "nobody's perfect". I don't expect my president to be perfect but he should at least not be worse than most ordinary citizens. Trump is no Cyrus, but more of a Neduchadnezzar (hope i spelt that correctly). His pride, constant lying and making of false accusations against others make his behavior more similar to Satan (also called the accuser and father of lies), rather than to our Lord Jesus Christ. He constantly blames others for his own mistakes and fires them after making use of them. This is simply not Christian behaviour. Whether he is a true Christian or not is besides the point. I believe Biden is also a Christian in any case. For the Christians who blindly support Trump, much of this blind support is akin to idolatry (i say this with much love and concern, so please do not take it the wrong way). During Hitler's time, many of his supporters were also so-called Christians (many poor, white and disenfranchised) who mistakenly believed that Hitler would make Germany great again by cleansing the country of its immigrants and rich Jewish liberals (and their liberal ideologies) and intellectuals, artists etc. I hope history does not repeat itself...

    1. JJ, It’s not a personality contest. Trump passes policies that are in line with Biblical guidance. You know when we’ll have a King with an awesome personality AND good policies? It’s call the millennium! By the way, I didn’t come up with that. Heard it in a sermon.

    2. No, it's not a personality contest, but one's character is made up of one's words and actions, and look at the words and actions of Trump over the last 4 years and their ensuing results -- he stokes racial tensions, and riots occur due to his thoughtless words and inaction. A leader leads by example, and a mysogynistic leader, for example, indirectly encourages the same attitudes in his followers who become numb to its presence and eventually take it as normal. Do not underestimate the power of one man and his words to influence society as a whole. Just look at how the white supremacists groups idolize Trump as their role model. Hitler had his fans too in his day.

      As for policies that are in line with "biblical guidance", I suppose u are referring to the 10 commandments? The law was made for unbelievers. As Christians we are under grace and already dead to the law in Christ, and as far as i know, Biden isn't intending to decriminalize any major sins in the near future. I have no idea of his policy on abortion, but i do know that Trump abuses the law to avoid paying taxes himself, and doesn't he own casinos and commits adultery by having so many wives?? So then what biblical law should Biden pass im order to get the Christian vote? should we criminalise adultery and gambling as well?

    3. The Sword of Truth, the Bible, causes great division as well. Do you believe it is evil? I see it as separating the wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the goats, the flesh from the Spirit...

      I try to be forgiving of all people, since not a single one of us has every facet of the Truth... Only our Lord Jesus does.

    4. JJ, I know many other Christians and non-Christians share you view, but in end, it isn't about the individual candidate. As I told my 18 year old granddaughter eligible to vote for the first time, look at the party platforms, what do they stand for. I don't care who the nominee is I could never vote for a party that is pro-abortion, anti-traditional marriage and family, anti-Israel, pro-radical ideologies, determined to bring down our constitutional republic. The election is about so much more than the personality of either candidate. I would hope we all vote according to a biblical worldview, but I know many feel as you do. I do not mean offense to you brother, only sharing another perspective.

    5. Gary, have you seen this breaking on InfoWars yesterday: https://banned.video/watch?id=5fa480cc65f2d419a08b54e2

      Very interesting if true. Stay tuned . . .

    6. I agree with "unknown" - I don't like Trump as a person, but I'd rather have a Platform with Godly Values than vote for a platform that endorses extremely sinful behavior. I vote for Trump for religious freedom, for a pro-life party, for Constitutional conservative judges. These and more gave nothing to do with Trump's abrasive personality. Voting because you like/dislike the person is irresponsible if you are ignoring the underpinning platform and policy issues.

    7. It's not about the person it's the policies.
      President Trump has most assuredly been put into office by God.
      He's had a constant barrage of unfounded accusations hurled at him these past four years,
      and is constantly maligned in the media.
      Despite that, he has managed to accomplish a great deal on behalf of the American people.
      The Federal Register (.gov) has a list of everything going on in our government and is run by the National Archives. If you read through ALL that President Trump has accomplished, you'll likely be surprised - and pleasantly so.
      Whatever you may think of his manner of speech or his personality, President Trump has proven to be a man of his word - a rarity in today's world, especially in politics.
      * * * * *
      N.B. I don't know that President Trump truly understands the implications of the Abraham Accords from a Biblical perspective, but rest assured that Vice-President Pence does - they're a package deal.

    8. whom would Jesus have voted for ?

    9. And the person isn't as bad as the media has made him out to be.

  18. Pastor Rich and Gary, Who are the mighty, and also the holy people that will be destroyed? This bothers me because it sounds like we have to endure the tribulation? Looking forward to you replies

    1. I take it you're referring to (Daniel 8:24) @Except for you and me?

      24 His power shall be great
      but not by his own power;
      and he shall cause fearful
      destruction and shall succeed
      in what he does, and destroy
      mighty men and the people
      who are the saints.

      Gabriel explains the vision to Daniel in what to us is history. Scholars differ in the details of the point in history but the parties involved are Israel.

      May this be a shadow of the Great Tribulation?

      What do we know? We know that the elect, the holy ones of Israel, the woman, will flee to the wilderness so she shall not be destroyed. The Tribulation Saints (Christians) will be destroyed to a point as witnessed in the Revelation of Jesus Christ; but, the new church to come is not Israel.

      So, does (Daniel 8:24) speak specifically to the Time of Jacob's Trouble? I don't think specifically, but in general it may hint at the end yet to come. Will we, the church and body of Christ be here to see the Great Tribulation?

      I have no reason to believe we will be here to endure the Great Tribulation. That time is for Israel. Scripture is specific that the restrainer must be removed. The removal of the dam that holds back the AC and all that follow it is necessary for Israel to be humbled such that they are ready to be redeemed by the Lamb. If the Second Coming of our Lord were to be Yom Kippur, 2027; we will know by mid-month, this month.

      I hope this helps,


  19. If Biden wins, the EU will take the lead about peace in the Middle-East, resulting in the antichrist confirming a peace agreement.

    1. I hadn't thought of that. Interesting possibilities!

    2. CNN has JUST declared Joe Biden winner and President Elect. What part of God's plan will not be able to succeed?


    3. None of it. God doesn’t NEED either one of them. That’s the problem I had with Trump being “chosen” by God. Not to be snarky, but does that mean God grew apathetic during this election cycle? Or during Obama’s two terms? It’s as if political power and machinations trump (no pun intended) the powers of faith and prayer.

    4. If we believe the lies yeah he won but I don't believe that one minute. Biden didn't win period. Legal votes Trump won by a long shot.

  20. JJ,
    Are you saying that President's Trump supporters are like the Germans who followed Hitler?! Seriously. President Trump has solidly stood against abortion whereas Biden is pro-choice and Kamala Harris is deeply tied to Planned Parenthood. She even corruptly has legally prosecuted the journalist David Daleiden. I hope you know who he is. Just in case, he is the brave journalist who working undercover made the videos that show the wicked leaders of Planned Parenthood comfortably discussing the selling of baby's body parts. Anyone who calls himself a follower of Jesus must be against abortion and that is not some dogmatic opinion-look it up in the Bible (Thou shall not kill, Let the little children come to me, Their angels are always facing my father...) Trump is not lying as you say, he is telling the truth about the corrupt leaders of this country and their tools in the media have been suppressing the truth. How can you call Biden a Christian when he supports abortion? Please tell us. How can you be against Trump when he firmly is against it?

    1. JJ

      Remember who said, "Whatsoever you do to the least of these you do unto me." Jesus is totally and fiercely against abortion, and if any person who calls himself a genuine believer in Christ supports those who promote, fund, and defend abortion is deceiving himself. Jesus chastised the Pharisees saying if you knew my Father you would have known me, but you do not know my Father. The Pharisees vehemently asserted they knew GOD but Jesus made it abundantly clear they had wickedly deceived themselves. The same happens to people who claim to follow Christ and snatch out the gnat but swallow the camel.
      The ten commandments, by the way, was given to Israel and they along with Moses were believers not unbelievers as you say. Jesus even validated the ten commandments as applying to all men. Being under grace in no way nullifies your call by GOD to do treat the least of these just as you would Jesus Himself. James Dobson years ago made an effort to help people who claim they are Christians to make sure they have a Biblical world view rather than a worldly view. He recognized the great need for it and that is why you are in baffled about Christians who support Trump and say they will become like Nazis. Whoa! They support him because as it has been pointed out previously here but frankly all over the place is because President Trump has proven himself again and again for standing up firmly for Biblical values such as pro-life. A chief reason Israel was thrown out of their land was because of practicing the sacrificing of their children in idolatry. King Ahab and his wife Jezebel promoted the murder of innocent children. It makes me think now of Biden and his vice president pick, Kamala Harris. Both Biden and Harris are the defenders of the murder of innocents (there is no way to deny that unless you believe lies and thereby support the lies). As I pointed out earlier to you Kamala Harris even used her position as prosecutor to war against a man David Daleiden who exposed the horrifying truth of Planned Parenthood's corruption and law breaking. There is much to say about that, please look it up.
      In the last days the Bible declares men will follow after the doctrine of demons. Murdering babies in what is euphemistically called abortion of a fetus and it precisely follows after the doctrine of demons. May the truth be known and it will set captives free. To minimize the staunch support of abortion by Biden and Harris and amplify Trump's negative character is... well we know what that is.

    2. Personally, I didn't like Trump before the first election, but I voted for him anyway and gave him a chance. Yes, he's done some good things in office, but he's also done some questionable things. For instance, how can you be pro-family, yet separate families at the border? How can you be pro-Israel, yet seek to divide God's land? I think our trust shouldn't be in Trump or Biden, but in God himself. His plan will prevail regardless of whichever ruler He appoints. Let's all stay focused on going about our Father's business and pray for the President and our beloved nation. Maranatha!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Separating 'families' at the border began under Obama when there was evidence that people were kidnapping women and children as a way to 'sneak in.' You can't always trust that the people coming in as a 'family group' are actually a real family...

      When Trump first met with Netenyahu, he talked about a possible 'one state solution' in addition to the old classic 'two state' that's been pushed for years. Jared was put in charge of the details though. The current deal looks like it creates a one state solution if the so called Palestinians don't agree to it's terms... and those terms look pretty much written to be never accepted by them...

      The problem we have in our country is a media that largely refuses to report the other side. I had to actually dig for most of this information through non-google sources. Verify it if you want, though the media also vilifies the organizations that report these things...

      This all just creates an atmosphere of 'Don't trust anyone...' that I wish would go away... I just have to put my trust in God and His Spirit. You know, the 'Spirit of Truth' that will guide us to all Truth?

    5. When saying President Trump did "some" good things it may help to picture the faces of the multitude of children who his anti-abortion position since, day one in office, has saved. Just the other day, our beloved nation under the direction of President Trump voted against the UN resolution to expand abortion World Wide including providing it to refugees. Only Hungary stood with us in voting, NO. The other 193 nations of this world voted for the baby killing resolution, but not the US under President Trump. Biden and Harris are going to expand abortion greatly. It saddens me terribly that many who call themselves Christians have chosen to look the other way when voting. The murder of innocent children, I would think, should have been by far the most important concern in who to vote for. Astonishingly it appears that it was not for all of us. "Where have all the children gone, who will hear their silent song, Many never cry the tears or learn the infant dance." by AD President Trump did far more than "some" good if you will see with your heart the children who were spared. If they could speak I am sure they would have a lot to say about the good that President Trump did for them.
      PS Jenny's comment further above on 11-6 points out that in the Federal Register.gov run by the National Archives there is quite an impressive list of the accomplishments by President Trump, not just some, that a person with a Biblical world view would appreciate.

    6. I like that President Trump is pro-life and its obvious that it is the most important issue for you. For me, there were other issues that needed to be taken into consideration as well. Please don't take offense and remember its God who appoints our leaders.

  21. Has everyone watched Perry Stone's prophetic insights into the election? Endtimeheadlines.org has it featured. He mentions the Hebrew date of the elections is the same as when the flood came in Noah's day. He also parallels to the date of the election and Irvin Baxter's death. It is a must-watch!

  22. "The Most High Ruleth In The Kingdom Of Men"
    Israel knows that Biden is ani Israel.
    It looks like its still in its infancy, like Rhonda said in "Breaking News" post.
    The Middle east will accelerate the Peace and Prosperity agreement between themselves.

  23. As far as the election goes, when it does go to court no one gets inaugurated until the court says so.
    And what has already been proven, will be presented in court will not be censored from the public.

  24. The media in our country doesn't decide elections. The state election boards do when they certify the results, and I haven't seen one state do that yet. They have until Dec. 8th. There seems to be something in play... in the background of all this... I don't know if I believe the reports that this is all some kind of big sting operation or not, but if it's true we will have to wait to see it fulfilled... and even if true it could backfire in ways unseen...

    Still praying that God's will be done on earth as it is in Heaven...

    1. December 14th actually, but this might go all the way up until Jan 20th

    2. Agreed, after the smoke is cleared I guess well see what we are left with.
      A Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
      Or not!

  25. Trump was 70, 7 & 7 at the beginning of his term. 6, 6, & 6 later is ninth of Av 2023 when Biden will be 80, 8 & 8.

  26. Genesis 7:17 And the flood was forty days upon the earth; and the waters increased, and bare up the ark, and it WAS LIFT UP ABOVE THE EARTH.

    Hmm....above the earth? Rapture?

    November 4th (Cheshvan 17) Genesis 7:11 to December 14th = 40 days.

    December 14th = election can be contested in court up until 12/14.

    December 14th = TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE

    What else lines up with the 14th?

    1. Close date wise,
      BOTH December 16 and December 18, 1620 are given as the date the Pilgrims settled in Plimoth, MA. (They actually arrived in the colony itself on November 11th, but were divinely "redirected" to the more suitable location at Plymouth.)
      2020 is the 400th anniversary of the first permanent settlement in the New World.
      A lot of "unusual" events transpired to move the Pilgrims to that particular spot
      and later to aide them in surviving and building the settlement there.
      The Pilgrims themselves accepted it all as divine providence and repeatedly thanked God
      for acting on their behalf.
      * * * * *
      Chanukah 2020 is December 10 - 18, with the 14th right in the middle of the 8 day celebration.

  27. It's not over yet. Trump will be president 4 more years, God's prophets will not be mocked. God is about to show up in a big way, too many prophets have prophesied Trump serving two terms.

    1. I've been praying and thinking about this as well.
      No one wants to see an election cheated,
      and the faux winners prevail - especially knowing their diabolical plans to overthrow the American Republic for socialism (Think Venezuela, who also voted in socialism. The once oil rich nation also voted Chavez "temporary" powers; now, people are starving, oil production is purportedly at 20%, and speaking out against the State is now treason.)
      It has been obvious for some time now that the democratic leadership are puppets of the NWO,
      who see America as the last stronghold of freedom in the world.
      They need to take us DOWN, so that they can rise to POWER.
      Sound familiar - it's all Satan's doing.
      The devil has his plans, and they appear to be coming along nicely!
      * * * * *
      But we know what's coming!
      The GOOD (Rapture; Eternity) and the BAD (Tribulation; the defeat of Satan).
      It's all working out as GOD SAID IT WOULD.
      It's not easy to watch, but we have to continue to TRUST GOD, to look beyond current circumstances, and to know that God is in control.
      He will use events and people to bring about His purpose.
      * * * * * *
      Yes, Satan has his plans,
      but we already KNOW who wins.

    2. No one wants to see the election cheated? The democrats do. They'll even know they are cheaters but will pretend the won legally. They know they are cheaters and we know they are cheaters. All biden supporters even know their side cheated.


    Biden ended his first Presidential campaign on 9/23/87 exactly 30 years before the Revelation 12 sign. In his 9/23/87 press conference Biden recited a "communion hymn" quoting: "He will lift you up on eagles wings, and bare you on the breath of dawn, and make the sun to shine on you." Then Biden says "this country is going to be lifted up, and I'm going to play a big part in it." This is at the 8:35 mark of this clip:


    Biden recited the hymn again today over 33 years later in his victory speech as presumptive President-elect.

  29. Yes, abortion is a SIN! and nobody is saying otherwise. Which girl or woman would ever want to go through such a procedure if they could help it? But the question isn;t whether abortion is a sin or not, but whether criminalization is the best way to deal with this issue. If a 14 year old girl just got knocked up by some drunk rapist or her dad, and is suicidal, do we want to throw her behind bars after she is forced to seek out some quack doctor who performs the procedure in unsanitary conditions? I have no easy answers for this, and i hope u won't have a daughter who has to experience this terrible decision to make. Obviously she will have to live with the consequences the rest of her life. In any case, choosing the president does not just boil down to this issue, albeit how difficult and emotion-rousing it is.

    I just find it very hypocritical of many christians who are so eager to implement the law policing the girl's life and body, and yet they themselves refuse to even do the simple task of putting on a mask, arguing for their personal freedoms. And worse, they insist on their right to bear arms. What does being a Christian have to do with owning guns??!!
    There are many other sins besides abortion which we do not criminalize, like adultery (a major sin), making false accusations, lying, taking drugs - should we criminalize them too? if so, Trump would have been in jail a long time ago. Bearing of false witness is a major sin, and by declaring without evidence that Biden stole the election from him, Trump is continuing his sin pattern and continuing to lead his followers astray. Even if he implements the law against abortion and saves many babies, thousands of americans have already died from the coronavirus due to his deliberate inaction and half of the country would burn down soon due to the riots he starts with his flaming tongue. No, sadly, Trump is no sword of truth as some may believe. To minimize his crimes is, well, .... It is said that in the last days, even the elite will be deceived. I'm not saying Biden is better, i guess that remains to be seen. Perhaps both are just pawns of the NWO, playing good cop, bad cop, towards achieving the same goal...

    1. That's where support from her parents or grandparents who have Godly wisdom comes in to guide her in this situation. Abortion is wrong period. You may be smart but if you had more wisdom you would not be supporting Biden plain and simple.

    2. Luke 22:36 He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. God wants us to be armed so it is much harder for Communist to come in and destroy a Christian Nation. Human baby slaughter never fixes anything and besides, Satanist come and pick these human babies up for human sacrifice. I had my first child at 15, second at 16 and he loves Jesus and is a self made multimillionaire. Most people would have encouraged human baby slaughter. there is tons of evidence that Communist China and Biden stole the election. Dallas Jones' Biden's Texas Political Director was very involved with the Chinese "embassy" that Obama located in the port city of Houston. They were making fake driver's license, fake ballots, fake social security numbers and yes the Communist Chinese Government infiltered this election for their pal Joe Biden. Read your news from legitimate sites like The Gateway Pundit. the machines were set up to change 3% of Trump voted to Biden in all battleground states. Will God prevail? Yes He will!

    3. The gun rights are in the constitution for self protection and defense of the Republic.
      Jesus told his Apostles from now on sell your robe and by one (a sword).
      And Peter said "here Lord we have two" and Jesus said "Its enough".

    4. Waiting and watching

      Agreed, and another source of info is https://banned.video

  30. Matthew 24:37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    Genesis 7:17 And the flood was forty days upon the earth; and the waters increased, and bare up the ark, and it WAS LIFT UP ABOVE THE EARTH.

    Hmm....above the earth? Rapture?

    November 4th (Cheshvan 17) Genesis 7:11 to December 14th = 40 days.

    December 14th = election can be contested in court up until 12/14.

    December 14th = TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE

    Whales in the news: 2 kayakers nearly swallowed, train lands on whale tail sculpture....etc.

  31. And just to add on from my previous post -- this is a fallen world, and big news, Sinners sin. That is what sinners do, because they are unbelievers. Our role as Christians is to lead them to Christ with grace, love, humility and compassion, share with them the good news of his salvation. Instead, we Christians focus more on trying to impose judeo-mosaic laws on unbelievers, which we ourselves have not been able to keep in the first place. We have been saved by grace, not our works, and yet like Trump we constantly demonise, accuse and condemn others for their works. No wonder unbelievers are turned off by Christans, because we behave like the self-righteous pharisees who want the government (romans during their time) to enforce their mosaic laws legally. Self-righteousness is a worse sin than abortion or homosexuality, fyi... As Christians we are called to live in peace with our neighbours and respect authority, not cause divisions. One day the sheeps and goats will be divided, but the age of grace is not over yet. The harvest is full and Jesus is beckoning us from the window to come out and enjoy the latter rains of blessings and take part in the harvest. But the bride just wants to lock herself in the room and sleep (see Song of Solomon)...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Who makes bold and stormy accusations against those in the Body of Christ who are firmly against abortion? Who would rant on and slander the Body of Christ for trying to stop abortion with the power we are given with our vote? Who would try to confuse believers into thinking we should not dare attempt to have our Christian values be imparted into the laws of the land?
      You constantly speak to us as though we are not compassionate. Whoa! You assert that the Mosaic law does not apply to unbelievers and then you use that to foist your argument that we Christians have no business in trying to create laws that are in step with the Word of God! To be clear, Jesus said, “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the Mouth of GOD.” Also, Jesus said, “He did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it.” His sacrifice is what gets us grace otherwise you are under the law. With that in mind, you should work all the harder to stop your neighbor from sinning such as with murdering babies because everyone is under the law. In short, the Word of God applies to all people so to obfuscate that is counter to the Truth.
      You admonish the Body of Christ as though we are not compassionate when we stand against abortion/murdering babies and as well as other sins. That is a characterization that is a lie that the Enemy constantly hurls at the true Church. To categorize us who voted for President Trump as though we are not compassionate and like Hitler supporting Germans is slanderous. I hope you know that Christian organizations such as Focus on the Family, 40 Days for Life, Students for Life of America and the multitude of other Christian charities consistently bring the love and compassion of Jesus to the lost and needy. Whether it is offering physical help or creating GOD based laws, it is all part of the Body of Christ. Focus on the Family offers ultra sounds to women contemplating abortion-that is compassionate. They also assist with Adoption (something you neglected to even mention) and that is compassionate. They are by no means the only part of the Body of Christ that does those types of compassionate actions.
      Compassionate Christian Counseling from both counselors and regular believers for women who have sadly been victims of the lie that abortion will free up their lives is another example that you completely ignore. You attempt to admonish us as though we are spreading a disease. Abortion is so often used as a form of birth control. Have you ever talked to women who have undergone an abortion and seen the psychological damage that has happened to them as a result? The wicked abortion pushing world (under Satan’s control) always attempts to surpress that truth. You talk as though killing one’s own baby has no repercussions on the woman. The haggard argument you used with your abortion scenario is the exception rather than the rule. You will probably cite history as a rebuttal, but rather than use that as an excuse to destroy innocent children, whom Jesus loves, how about looking to GOD for truly effective ways to deal with those situations. It is a copout to fall back on it and thereby acquiesce to permitting abortion/murder. Have you not noticed where the permission of abortion has now taken the world? States will now allow a baby up to the day of delivery to be aborted/murdered. That should jolt you as a Christian. Doesn’t that cause you to see where your type of passivity has led. The only thing it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. The unbelieving world needs the standard of GOD's word to know where to go and what to do. The Body of Christ as stated earlier has brought so much compassion to all hurting situations including abortion, so for you to accuse with a broad stroke is in keeping with those who lie about GOD. You do a lot of accusing and obscuring the whole truth.

    3. JJ.....I dont know what PC Bible you are reading from....Lets Not Step On Any Toes version?

      I can guess what you would tell Christ when he flipped over the money changers tables....",Now Jesus, lets show compassion....there are far worse sins."

    4. >As Christians we are called to live in peace with our neighbours and respect authority, not cause divisions.

      Are you sure because Jesus said:

      "Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division. For from now on in one house there will be five divided, three against two and two against three"


      "If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you"

      There is division because our morals are not the world's morals. Biden is endorsing 8 year old transgender kids and abortions which we cannot accept as Christians. If the world is divided over this and so be it.

      You cannot compare Trump's politics with his character. We vote for plans, laws and policies, not personal character.

    5. JJ, politically, please pray and ask God to open your eyes and to grant you discernment as to what is really going on in our world.
      * * * * *
      In so far as sinners go,
      You, me, and every other person alive on this planet.
      Believers are sinners.
      What makes us different from unbelievers is that we have acknowledged that we are sinners
      and accepted Christ's payment for our sins on the cross.
      While we may try to live a "good" life after we are saved,
      every single one of us falls short.
      We are not sinners because we sin,
      We sin because we are sinners (have a sin nature).

      Unbelievers sin for the same reasons we do.
      While unbelief is considered rebellion against God,
      and is therefore a sin,
      there was a period of time in EVERY believer's life,
      when we too were in rebellion against God.

      You are correct in stating that we as Christians have not always set the best example,
      but historically, we've done far more good for humanity than we've done harm - folks just tend to remember the BAD more readily and "throw out the baby with the bath water!"
      Remember, we are all sinners - including Christians!
      * * * * * *
      Shalom. Peace.

    6. Paul called himself the chief of all sinners. Many call him the greatest of all Christians because he wrote a large portion of the New Testament... Just goes to show something...

    7. Hi Jenny,

      We WERE Sinners, but we no longer are Sinners. Yes, even though we still sin, and there is still sin in us, but as believers, God now sees us as righteous in his Son, covered by the blood of Christ. We are now the righteousness of God in Christ. All our sins, past, present & future sins, have been imputed to Christ at the cross. So even though we still sin, we are now counted as righteous and not as Sinners in God's eyes. Otherwise the Holy Spirit could not dwell within u...

    8. JJ, YOU said it yourself, "... there is still sin in us."
      I think it's the TIMING that is off.
      * * * * *
      Once we arrive in heaven, God will count us as RIGHTEOUS -
      we will no longer have a sin nature and will have perfected bodies.
      so long as we live on this earth, we still have our sin natures and are still sinful beings.
      I absolutely know that I am saved.
      But, I also know myself to be very much a sinner.
      I do not know of any honest Christian who can say otherwise.
      * * * * *

    9. Hi Jenny,

      to be saved means to be made righteous in Christ. Otherwise we could not get to heaven in the first place. We are born again already, a new creation in Christ. We still sin however because of our Flesh. We are not our Flesh however. We are Spirit beings, we have a soul, and we live in our bodies which are the temple of God. Our body is not our Flesh either. The Flesh (residual sin principal that makes us want to sin) is in us (but not us) and will be removed when we have new bodies at the rapture. In the meantime, we die to the flesh each day.

  32. I want to make perfectly clear, I am not moved and still am focused on Christ return. I do believe Christians came out and clearly chose Trump. I have been a political operative for years and I remember Al gore was announced and celebrated as the winner, until the court stepped in. This race was CLEARLY stolen on many fronts from machines that are designed to change 3% of the vote, to postmasters back dating s ballots. 61 boxes of ballots being delivered to Detroit at 4AM, multiple ballots being delivered to individuals homes. The Chinese were set up to print driver's license and ballots in Houston and other port cities. The stories are out there on legitimate news sites. In any event, I do know Trump won mightily. I know God has our back. This was not a matter of people actually voting for the Chinese' friend and business associate. I think God is showing how corrupt, wicked and vile, this party is so people can turn then probably Trump will be assassinated and we will fly. We have a bed and breakfast and we have led 5 couples to Christ in the past 5 weeks. Work the field people are breaking, it is ripe for harvest.

  33. Meanwhile, the UN adopts anti-Israel resolutions:



  34. Pray for our President, it's not over just because the MSM declares it.

  35. Trump still has another option.
    Draining the swamp and making America Great Again.
    But to do that you need timing and patience, to gather the evidence and self incriminating evidence in your own Administration and the deep state operatives.
    So we are more at war than you think, but somewhat powerless.
    But Trump is not, treason is an act of war and Trump can in his own timing arrest all of them with the military and
    by pass the courts which they have no jurisdiction and Guantanamo Bay all of them.

  36. The greatest revival this planet has ever seen is just about to start...amid the darkest days as well.

    1. I agree! The great awakening is coming! And I heard this revival won't stop until the return of the Lord,Joel 2:28 “And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.

      Also I heard someone prophesy that ROEvWADE would be overturned and as soon as it is overturned like within an hour or something people will noticed supernaturally that the curse has been lifted off of this nation!

  37. Hi JJ,

    I realise you are pretty set in what you believe so, mindful of the old saying 'a person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still', I'll just add some links that you or others may find helpful. The last one is the most important if you have some time. Definitely worth watching :)

    Ex-Planned Parenthood Clinic Direct, Abby Johnson - Pride doesn't kill babies

    Christian Author Joel Rosenberg on why he went from Never-Trumper to Trump Supporter

    Christian Historian William J Federer on the History of Socialism - This was really good to understand why the US was founded to be different, how Marxists use divide and conquer tactics to weaken a nation and why this election (which isn't quite over yet), was/is so important.

  38. Hi Pieter, I would like to correct some misconceptions about the Law. The law was not given to “contain” transgressions. Rather “the Law came in so that the transgression would increase; but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more” (Romans 5:20). The law was given to expose man’s sin, to make him aware of his weakness and wickedness (“by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified in His sight; for through the Law comes the knowledge of sin” Romans 3:20), and need for a Saviour.
    The law is pristine, perfect, unbending. It is good but God saw that it was not good for man. It cannot make man good (Hebrews 7:19), and has no power to save man, only to condemn him. This is because no man can keep the law perfectly (except Jesus alone), which is why there was a need for a new covenant (of grace).
    The old covenant of the law was also called the covenant of death. “The letter kills but the spirit gives life” (2 corinthians 3:6). Those who think they are for the Law and try to keep it actually just water it down and pick and choose which they would like to keep. Jesus brought it back to its pristine standard by showing that keeping the law comes from the heart and mind as well. The law may modify your outward actions but it cannot transform your heart.
    The law stands as a composite whole. If u break one law, u break all (“For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it”. (James 2:10) The preacher Paul actually wrote that “For as many as are of the works of the Law are under a curse; for it is written, "CURSED IS EVERYONE WHO DOES NOT ABIDE BY ALL THINGS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF THE LAW, TO PERFORM THEM." (Galatians 3:10) He does not say those who break the law are cursed, rather he says those who are of the works of the law are cursed. In other words, if you try to justify yourself by the law or even just try to keep one law, you are cursed. This is because if u keep one, then u have to keep all. Paul actually wrote this to believers, even though we are already dead to the law in Christ. By trying to keep the law, believers would also come under the curse. This is because law-keeping make grace void, which is why law and grace cannot be mixed. U do not keep new wine in old wineskins, or else both are lost and made without effect. Those who try to keep the law have “fallen from Grace”.
    After leaving Egypt, God showered the Israelites with grace upon grace in the desert, providing for them and protecting them from the heat as a cloud during the day, and providing warmth as a pillar of fire at night. This was even though they murmured and complained constantly. However, the people became proud and boasted "All that the LORD has spoken we will do!" (Exodus 19:8 NASB) This was before they even knew what God was going to tell them. Immediately the tone changes and God tells the people not to draw near. Even an animal that touches the mountain will be stoned. After the 10 commandments were given, everytime the people murmured they were killed. Even before Moses had reached the bottom of the mountain with the tablets, the people had built a golden calf and worshipped it.
    For 1500 years before Jesus came in the flesh, the Jews had the Law but instead of realising their inability to keep the law and need for salvation, they actually used the law to justify themselves by. Grace (Jesus) came and they rejected Him, crucifying Him, preferring instead to depend on their own righteousness (law-keeping) and works.
    Only a small portion of the Jews recognised the saviour, and the ones Jesus claimed to have the biggest faith were actually 2 gentiles (the centurion and the Canaanite woman with the demon-possessed daughter) who never lived under the law being gentiles.

    1. Hi Pieter,

      Thank you for your kind reply. I would like to recommend Pastor Joseph Prince's book "Destined to Reign", as well as all his other books. He also has a lot of videos on Youtube which u can watch. Pastor Joseph explains the difference between law and grace a lot better than I do. But how wonderful is Grace?!! It is the true gospel -- that all our sins have been paid for by Christ's blood. Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law (Galatians 3:13); For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes (Romans 10:4). We need not be law-conscious anymore, but are able to live free and easy (His yoke is easy and his burden is light). The only law we live by now is the law of LIBERTY (James 1:25) in Christ, that enables us to show grace and help toward others.

      "The power of sin is the law" (1 Corinthians 15:56), thus the more you try to keep the law, the more you will end up sinning instead. This is because our Flesh gets stirred up in the process. The only thing we ought to do is to surrender to His finished work, as Paul says "For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified." (1 Corinthians 2:2).

      We have also died to sin and its effects through Christ, and need not be sin-conscious anymore. "Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus" (Romans 6:11). Now, even when we sin, we do not need to wallow in guilt and shame. That would be dishonoring Christ and his wonderful work of salvation at the cross. Instead, knowing that all our sins have already been forgiven us through his sacrifice, we can be grace-conscious instead. We can continue living and walking, conscious of our righteousness in Christ.

  39. First, Elgodo -- Thank you for your previous advice on voting. I did, indeed, vote! It doesn't seem like it made much of a difference but I'm still glad I did.
    I have a couple people in my life who are anti Trumpers. And it seems strange to me. They hate him simply because he's made mistakes. I get it, maybe some of them are pretty bad. But they seem to be willing to sweep everyone else's dirty secrets under the carpet and ignore them. Hmm, that seems strange. Something is not adding up. And when that happens I know it's spiritual warfare.

    Some might say that it's a losing battle to fight for pro life. But it's not. It's never pointless to stand up for what is right. If we don't, we can see the outcome in some states where it's okay to basically let a fully grown baby die and that is the same as abortion. That is disgusting!! It's so evil. And "they've" packaged that evil in a way to trick innocent and scared people. I honestly have no hard feelings for those who have had an abortion. I know people who have. I get angry with the ones who promote it and trick others. The Bible says to speak for those who can't speak for themselves and to occupy until He returns. We occupy, in other words we stand our ground. We don't give in.

    Back to Trump. He's not perfect. He's maybe a narcissist. Maybe a bully. But we live in an incredibly evil age. God appoints all leaders. And there's no doubt that God saw something in Trump that He could use. Maybe it wasn't Trump's righteousness that he saw, maybe it was his stamina and determination. I do believe Trump has done good things for the Church and exposed evil. I'm grateful for that. But I know that really it is God at work here. He only uses man to bring about His plan. And moving foward in God's plan we can remember that we are only pilgrims passing through this world. Hopefully making it better while we're here and bringing others in on the journey with us.

    And regarding the previous comments on Daniel. I just got done studying Daniel! I felt it was so relevant as well! I liked these scriptures...

    "Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever. Many will be purged, purified and refined, but the wicked will act wickedly; and none of the wicked will understand, but those who have insight will understand."
    Daniel 12:3‭, ‬10

    Stay in the Word so we can rightly understand what's going on.. Keep shining bright!!

  40. I do wish there was a like button for comments and replies. :)

  41. I just had an advertisement pop up on my computer about a book called, Wrath.    It is saying that the first half of the tribulation is satan’s wrath and that we WILL have to go through it!  It contends that we will only be protected from God’s wrath which starts in the second half of tribulation.  I don’t like this line of thought….. Any comments??

    1. Comments? Yes. Read your Bible daily! Begin with (Psalm 91:1-16) right now and take special notice of how many times we are told, "do not be afraid".

      Blessings, always,


    2. Pastor Rich, I do! I have been a Christian for 53 years...raised in a strong Christian family....never really scared....faith seemed to be my gift! But yet, I get scared! I'd like to know if that line of thought is possible. Is what I've believed practically all my life not so? I never divided wrath up between God and satan in relation to the rapture. Sometimes I need fellow Christians assurance.

    3. And...Psalm 91 is one of my faves that I read quite often but I still like encouragement and assurance from my Christian brothers.

    4. that is wrong, in my opinion. 7 year Tribulation is for Jews, not Christians.

    5. 7 year Tribulation is for those who are not in Christ (yet), not just Jews. :)

    6. [insert a friendly smile and a wink to Nan]

      Of course you do Nan...I know you read your Bible everyday and yet are just as human as I. :) Good thing, "do not fear" is not a commandment,eh?!


      Our being taken is well summed up in the words of Jesus taken from the Greek,


      RED LETTERS (John 14:3 GNT)

      The word that REALLY sticks out to me is, "ฯ€ฮฑฯฮฑฮปฮฎฮผฯˆฮฟฮผฮฑฮน" (paralฤ“mpsomai) which is commonly translated as, "will receive" or "take". ฯ€ฮฑฯฮฑฮปฮฎฮผฯˆฮฟฮผฮฑฮน is two-words combined and may be found in Greek Concordance HERE.

      Quoting, HELPS Word-studies,

      "3880 paralambรกnล (from 3844 /parรก, 'from close-alongside' and 2983 /lambรกnล, 'aggressively take') – to take (receive) by showing strong personal initiative."

      What a wonderful vision! That Christ would come close-alongside you to take you! Physically, personally and lovingly!

      Remember how our waiting is likened to that of a bride waiting for the groom? Take a look at (Matthew 1:20) and you will see the SAME WORD! This time it is spoken to Joseph by the angel in his dream in the context of...wait for it...MARRIAGE!!


      (Matthew 1:20 GNT)

      Again, "to take" as spoken through the angel to Joseph is the same word as Jesus used to describe His coming for us,


      The SAME WORD used in His First Coming and Second Coming and in context of marriage and the rapture. Two concepts that share the same function!

      So then we ask, in your heart-of-hearts do you believe Jesus will take you battered and beaten in the end days by the enemy or will He receive you as He did Israel on the shores of the Red Sea? Are we not *taken* that the elect of Israel, the woman, may be saved?!

      Continue to be diligent and scrutinize new ideas in light of Scripture. Continue to seek the Spirit and pray always in all things. All this you know already, I know. Trust that which you have been given and feed on His truth each day. This is our manna, this is our portion. (Psalm 16:1-11) says it best for me -- it is my anthem and my personal declaration of faith.

      Rest assured dear sister, you are in most excellent hands. The hands of our Lord, God and King, Jesus of Nazareth.


  42. I really like Pastor Andy Wood's, but his latest sermon on the Rapture was depressing. It was well done and well researched (all his stuff is), but this latest message was on the "Fig Tree Generation" verse. His comments were that, in context, this verse is for the Jewish people, specifically, those going through the Tribulation. So he says that it's incorrect to pull this verse out of context to apply it to a Church Age Israel. It doesn't start at the birth of Israel, but rather starts at the beginning of the Tribulation. It's a reassurance to the Jews that Satan will not succeed in wiping them out. That the "generation" who sees "all these things" (all things that happen in the Tribulation and specifically the mid-point Temple desecration) will survive to see Jesus second coming.

    I really respect this teacher and feel he makes a good case. But, ugh, I don't love the idea that we're probably not anywhere close to the Rapture.

    Obviously, the current hope is that if the Fig Tree Generation is tied to both the rebirth if Israel and Psalm 90, then this is the final year. But, like many guesses before, this year may come and go and we end up disappointed and still here. If so, I've got to admit I'm going to have to stop believing that there are signs in scripture or the world that really do point out any specific year or time for Jesus return. It would basically be one too many disappointments. And no future dates beyond 2021 have the same level of scriptural backing that 2021 might have.

    It's just such a dismaying thought! Who wants to be around beyond this year? Who wants to witness the world fall into a political, spiritual, economic, moral Dark Age? Not me. And I'm horrified that I might have to raise my kids in this mess. Yuck.

    1. That’s a very good sermon, and I just finished listening to it. I don’t have the impression that he’s stretching out the timeline, if that’s what you’re implying. He’s just detaching the Rapture event from the fig tree parable. I got a lot from his separation of Scriptures as they pertain to either Israel or the Church, and I do think there’s a horrible degree of confusion in that area. I think there’s a horrible degree of confusion about most of End Time prophecy, and to tell you the truth, I’m rapidly growing weary of it. That doesn’t mean for a moment, that my vigil will be dropped, but I’m having the urge to spend a lot less time soaking up a range of online sources. It’s frustrating, and the arena is filled to the brim with people who are probably well-meaning, but they’re all...RIGHT.

      But one thing Pastor Woods said doesn’t quite ring true for me, as I understood it: why would the line “...this generation will not pass...” be applied to a collection of people living in the very brief time, of the last half of the Tribulation? That’s a bit of a disconnect for me, if I heard him correctly.


    2. In my opinion, this pastor is wrong. It may apply to the Jews, but has nothing to do with The Tribulation. Doesn't jive with Psalm 90:10. GOD gave man 6000 years on this Earth. Time is up. The Bible has never been wrong. R12 sign was a 3 year warning. As I see it, Rapture will occur this year or next, with Tribulation beginning FOT 2021. Jesus returns Yom Kippur 2028.

  43. "If you look at the world,
    you'll be distressed.
    If you look within,
    you'll be depressed.
    But if you look at Christ,
    you'll be at rest."
    -- Corrie Ten Boom

    1. Yes indeed! And...

      "Worry never removes the pain of tomorrow
      but it does remove the strength for today"
      -- Corrie Ten Boom

      PS Liked your reply above Lilie on Trump... & the important scripture from Daniel!
      Elgodo : )

    2. I like your sense of humor, Elgodo! Lol :)
      And it's exactly what we all probably need right now-- a good laugh.

      "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Proverbs 17:22

      That's one thing I appreciate about Corrie Ten Boom. I've read several of her books. She endured unimaginable evil. But she somehow kept a little bit of sense of humor through it all and found joy in the little things. Joy is powerful. The joy of the Lord is our strength!

  44. It was very disheartening to hear the Fig Tree Generation dismantled. I have felt so tired since hearing him this morning. Prayer hasn't helped. It's like our Blessed Hope has been sent into the far Unknown. Do the converging signs we seem to see really point to anything?


    1. Fig tree hasn't dismantled. Jesus spoke clearly in Matthew 24.

    2. stay focused on Jesus. All will be well.

    3. Gary, have you listened to the P. Andy Wood's lesson for Nov. 8th? If so, do you think his analysis of Matthew 24 is in error? If so, how? I am serious about asking!

      Pastor Woods starts (several lessons ago) in setting up how this entire section of scripture is directed to Israel, then he lays out a lot of signs of the Second Coming (all of which P. Woods argues are dealing with the Tribulation, not pre-Tribulation), and that the Fig Tree verse is, in context, more of this. That it is addressing the Tribulation Jews, saying essentially, "When you see the first Seal Judgements start up (and he lists Anti-Christs, wars, etc., Just like the Seal Judgements), and the abomination if Desolation (mid point of Trib), then lift up your eyes because the second coming is near (not the Rapture). Then Jesus has a bunch of parables, including the Fig Tree to illustrate what he just said, all if which relate to Jews in the Trib, not the church waiting for the Rapture.

      Basically, I hear this pastor's teaching on this and feel he's got a point that what we think might apply to us, doesn't.

      If you do have a rebuttal, please share! I realize we have about a year to find out if Jesus will Rapture His Church like prophecy teachers as a whole hope or if P. Woods is right and we've just got to wait for the unknown "soon" time frame.

    4. But if he is addressing Jews in the Trib period and we all know the trib is max 7 years, why would he need to tell them "this GENERATION" shall not pass"? Or have misunderstood?

  45. There were a few people on this forum who earlier used Luke 22:36 to justify having guns:

    And He said to them, "But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one" Luke 22:36.

    Just want to clarify that Jesus isn't encouraging us to own weapons or endorsing violence, and it is rather irresponsible to be quoting verses out of context like that. To understand the verse, we need to see what Jesus says in the next verse:

    "For I tell you that this which is written must be fulfilled in Me, 'AND HE WAS NUMBERED WITH TRANSGRESSORS'; for that which refers to Me has its fulfillment. They said, "Lord, look, here are two swords." And He said to them, "It is enough."

    If Jesus really wanted his disciples to fight the soldiers coming to arrest him, he would not have said that 2 swords was enough. Rather the swords was just used to to fulfill prophecy. This is confirmed a bit later on when Jesus rebuked Peter for using the sword:

    Then Jesus said to him, "Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword." (Matthew 26:52.)

    1. JJ

      You can play with words to justify your point.
      But when the bully shows up what would rather be packing a good idea or self defense weapon.
      Your going to get the criminal not to victimize you by asking politely?

      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    2. We're only America because everyone had weapons and knew how to use them... It was probably a result of the American Revolution (and other countries that followed a similar course of action against their opressors...) that other countries around the world began restricting and confiscating weapons that could actually be a threat to their militaries...

      The Bible has a lot of very specific things to say about murder and killing... self defense seems to be allowed as far back as Genesis (One of the descendants of Adam said he killed a youth who had injured him, but replied, 'If Cain would be avenged 7 fold, I should be avenged 77 fold...') Threats to a nation and criminals seem to also be legal, or else God would not have told Israel to kill all the inhabitants of the promised land... and all the people breaking God's laws...

      I think every attempt to avoid killing people should be exercised, but sometimes it seems to be unavoidable...

    3. It's not about the legality or illegality of killing or owning guns. We are not living in the Age of Law, but in the Age of Grace. As Christians, we are defined by grace -- saved by grace and so we show grace towards others. If they slap us, we can turn the other cheek. We can give up all our possessions even, as many Christians during Jesus' time did, sharing all they had and living together even. This is not a commandment of course, just an illustration of what grace can make possible in us.

  46. Sister Andrea, what you linked is Pastor JD's prophecy update from November 8th, not a video of the President?

  47. My brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. I were thinking this morning: what is the posibility that president Trump is the restrainer? He is the one opposing the NWO and is in fact restraining the antichrist from making his appearance.
    If he would be assassinated then he would be taken out of the way. 2 thess 2:7"until he be taken out of the way".

    1. I'm pretty sure Trump was not around when Paul wrote the letter, restraining evil. The Restrainer is the Holy Spirit, who has been ever holding back the flood of evil.

    2. I think most agree that the Restrainer is the Holy Spirit working through the Body of Christ (His Church). Now, could Trump be just one symbol of that Restrainer at work? Sure. But so would Pence, Pompeo, and the (hopefully) billions of us who pray against the profound darkness that is wrapping itself around this world...

      From the beginning of his presidency, I have noticed strong parallels between Trump and Elijah (and also Pence and Elisha), that has made me wonder if he is the 'Elijah to come' right before Jesus is revealed again. There's no way to know though until it is confirmed or denied by our Lord Jesus...

    3. Chris Richter

      (KJV) 2 Thessalonians 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

      Substitute the word he for (Christ), and the second he for (body of Christ).

      And letteth and let for (hindering and hinder)

      The hint is in 2 Thessalonians 2:1 which is the subject of the whole chapter.

      These Thessalonians were just as confused as some are today, “as that the day of Christ is at hand.”

    4. Chris Richter

      I say this in love and peace...

      Your thinking is too earthly, too worldly, too national, and you give too much credit to one man, who is just a man, and is not Christ.

      Remember that Jesus gave the church His power and His authority while we are on earth (the iron rod, and the gates of hell can not prevail as long as we are here and hindering).

      The Body of Christ (the Church) is comprised both of the Head (Jesus) and His body (us who are believers, the church), and together with the Holy Spirit who is the earnest promise of our inheritance. The Holy Spirit is the Witness of the truth that is Jesus Christ (God in the Flesh).

      The one that hinders and is removed is the Church and it's mission of the Gospel to all creatures. This is the Redemption (Resurrection of those asleep in Christ, Rapture of the Living in Christ that remain), both together to meet the Lord in the air, glorified and victorious in His work, and forever to be with Him wherever He is, be it in the throne room or in Jerusalem for 1000 years on earth.

      When the church is removed, so is the hindrance to the full impact of evil. The gates of hell will now prevail for a season, until all is accomplished in the Tribulation.

      ๐Ÿšซ ๐Ÿ‡

      ··╱ษท ษท╲··

      Foxman on the Wall

  48. All, please read this study by Jack Kelley.
    Why The Rebirth Of Israel Is A Sign Of The End

  49. November 14th is looking very interesting indeed. Take a look at Daniel Matson's latest post at watchfortheday.org.

    1. TC, I pulled out one of Daniel's paragraphs on Sudden Destruction:

      "When narrowing in on the Days of Noah at the end of last year, primary focus came first to the day Noah was told to get in the Ark and then also the day the Flood began. The overwhelming evidence to those days almost and in practicality ignored the other day of Noah.

      What has developed so far is becoming clearer. On the day Noah was told to get in the Ark, President Trump made one of his most amazing and provocative announcements with regards to Middle East peace. He said 10 nations were next to sign onto the Abraham Accords with 5 of them being definite. He said the announcement would likely come after the election.

      Enter the election. As Election Day drew to a close, Heshvan 17 began and so did the counting. What has since been seen is nothing short of seeing the republic crumble. The lying, cheating, and gloating has been tremendous. Any more prospects of Middle East nations joining the Abraham Accords is a distant and remote possibility.

      On November 7th the fake news declared Biden the winner and “coincidentally” it was the birthday of the late Billy Graham who gave his finally message and warning to America exactly 7 years ago to the very day. Was that the 7 good years? With that and the time of Billy Graham’s death, it makes a perfect to the very day phi spiral to Hanukkah in 7 years—what looks like the Hanukkah of the Millennium.

      But as we face the uncertainty of the US election and that impact upon the Middle East and the World, the day Noah left the Ark is a mere 6 days away. The time to squeeze in 2520 days before the Day of Atonement 2027 is only 9 days away. At this point it would seem the shouts of peace and safety were indeed heard and are now giving way for the Last Trump.

      When Noah left the Ark he received a covenant that God would not destroy the world with a Flood again. However, we know another judgment is coming. Does it begin on the day the last one ended? Why else would Jesus speak and warn with the Days of Noah comparison? Why else would so many mathematical equations come to these three days of Noah in 2020?

      This time this third day of Noah is on the Sabbath. Noah means rest. Jesus healed time and again on the Sabbath. Do we go home to rest? What we do know is that it is time to look up and be confident that God has this and knew all about it ahead of time.

      Destruction is coming quickly, but that is for the world in darkness.
      * * * * * *
      I'd also like to note that 11/11/20 marked the 400th signing of the Mayflower Compact establishing government in the New World based on religious freedoms.
      It looks as if America may have just completed our 400 year sojourn as a stronghold of God given liberties, and most especially as a haven for the Jews throughout her tenure.

    2. Taylor Caldwell and jenny

      So...what are you saying?

    3. I just have to say all this date speculative setting sounds like a bunch of hoowee based on nonsense of others
      speculative nonsense.

      And just as sherrill777 is kinda sick and tired of it, gets let down and disappointed that another speculative date has come and gone, me to.....but i know better, after a while it gets humors.

      What if put on a huge chalk board a list of things we know for sure about this time in prophecy.

      For example 1948 Israel became a nation and Daniel is unsealed and this generation will not pass away till all these things take place.

      I bet we could come up with a lot of interesting things, especially "in the days of these Kings"

    4. Gary

      What do you think about having a huge zoom conference, maybe 15 to 20 people a time?

      Just an idea!

    5. Gregg.....EXACTLY!!!

      There is so much date setting tied with visions from God, numberbators worshipping their gematria calculator, people then checking strongs #'s for random looks at clock /odometer/numbers of times their cat twitches its tail/etc...

      then think of the luke warm lurkers watching these dates come and go.

      What blows my mind is the utter forgetfulness of past dates come and gone, as they start in on a new date that will come and go.

      Shame is all I can say.

    6. If we keep saying 'Today' we will eventually be right though. ;)

    7. Gregg,
      I'm just reposting pertinent info - we all know the Rapture is IMMINENT,
      and are NOT date setting.
      Daniel is a super genius at making date CONNECTIONS,
      which I find interesting.
      Some like sports related events, I just look askance at...
      I don't know of a single person on this board who has said the Rapture will occur on a specific date.
      They're just WATCHING what's happening, noting the timing and connections between events, and seeing how GOD is bringing it all together.

    8. Hi Stan,
      What do you make of the September 23, 2017 astronomical event and how it ties into the Rev. 12 Great and Wondrous sign?

    9. Looking up.... The Rev 12 sign was a huge change in my life. Truly a divine line up of the stars and planets. I looked forward to it from 2015 then as I look back at now......God placed a warning sign for those watching. But just as you dont put a BRIDGE OUT sign right at the bridge, God also placed this sign before the bridge.

      God also places lots of scriptures guiding us to when he returns and that will be on the last day. The book of John mentions several times we will be raised up on the last day. Those and many other scriptures steer my post trib beliefs....but I will just let the many many months ahead roll under us and as we see our past easy life morph into trying times, perhaps those of us that prepared wont be the foolish virgins.

    10. Thank you Stan for taking the time to reply. May the LORD open our hearts and minds to read the season of HIS coming.

  50. Greg Lauer has a really interesting article on his site.

    1. WisChE

      Thanks for the reply.

      I agree with the article as a part of the whole end time landscape.

      Jesus and Paul said to watch for something so that day doesn't take you by surprise.

      And the more I look at it along with the other end time pieces the more it glares at me.
      "it" being the Rapture timed event.

      Paul taught all the churches he founded the same thing that "substance and shadow"
      feasts of the jews doctrine. Colossians 2:17.

      The abomination Jesus says to the jews to watch for is midpoint of the last week.

    2. Thank you for this one WisChE.
      I love Greg Lauer's posts!

    3. WisChE,

      Thanks for posting the link. I’m still digesting, but part of me wants to call it brilliant. His method of illustrating, particularly the stopwatch analogy, makes huge sense to me. Forcing God’s mighty plan, and the complexity of world events into an extremely narrow window of calendar days has been maddening and frustrating. He’s spot-on about sensing liberation in his revelation. Now I feel confidence in returning to the basis of ANY day, being THE day.


    4. I don't have any answers to this, but I do have questions. :) Jesus was born on Feast of Trumpets, Sept 11, with Jupiter/Regulus( King Planet/King Star) conjunction, in Leo. Jesus died on Passover, in my opinion, 35AD, during Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Leo. This could represent Jesus overcoming Satan with His death. I do believe that Psalm 90:10 is telling us that the latest He will return to Earth is 2028. This would mean the Rapture in 2020 or 2021.Looking at the stars, I see 2 interesting things occurring that do not correspond with appointed times and would be interested in your thoughts. First is 12/21/20. Winter solstice. Jupiter and Saturn conjunct a few days after Hanukkah. This could signify the battle in Heaven with our possible Rapture when Satan and his angels are thrown to Earth. Second is 7/27/27. Jupiter and Regulus conjunct in Leo, of course. Leo is the end of the constellation cycle. I thought R12 sign in Virgo in 2017 started the last cycle of Jupiter. You would almost think that this date in July, although not near any appointed time, could be when Jesus returns as a Lion ( Leo ) ?

    5. His article makes sense to me. If he is correct then we can simplify the search For the rapture to counting back 2,520 days from whenever we think the second coming is to calculate the latest date for the rapture. I can imagine a scenario where the rapture and the 70th week’s start are at the same moment, or I can rationalize a month or two between them. I think the second coming will be on the feast of trumpets in some year. If that is so, then the rapture is not this year - we have already passed that threshold for 2027. In 2028 the generation that saw the re-birth of Israel will be in its 81st year which is more than 80 years even though we would say that person is 80 until their next birthday. I wonder if we need to rethink the Biblical definition Of a generation or when that generation began with respect to the re-establishment of Israel. All I have right now is questions.

    6. Perhaps there is a hint in the way we count age... Until their 81st birthday, they are 80... It could very well be that this will be stretched out until the final second that they are 80... If the Second Coming was a 'twinkling of an eye' right before they blew the trumpets...

      I think we are supposed to have some questions left when we meet Him. If we truly are going to spend 7 years with Him in Heaven before His return to Earth, that time must have a purpose besides a party. (Who is going to want to party knowing what's happening on the Earth...? ) I assumwe we'll be 'going to school' and learning far more than we know now.

    7. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but during my formative years in the SBC the timing of the Rapture was wide open (with a certain allowance for the general season, of course). Only in the past three years or so, due to time spent at this and similar sites, have I become increasingly looped into feast day thinking. And to tell you the truth, it’s brought me little more than consternation. With every passing day, I become more opposed to all the fiddling, forecasting, and number crunching. Much more, and I would have begun wondering if the odometer reading on my car “means something”. I don’t think it’s warranted or beneficial, with only the keen awareness of living in the immediate season serving any purpose. In short, I think it’s a distraction and a plaything. And I’m not at all sure that the Lord is pleased.

      There’s far too much to do, far too many people to reach, and columns of smoke are beginning to rise all around us. Greg Lauer’s message was a bit of a godsend, causing me to once again feel the fresher breeze of a much less persnickety yesteryear. And I like it.

      As always, I’m committed to a pre-trib view. And looking up will never cease...while I’m busy doing more productive things than counting, cross-referencing, and flipping through calendars. But for a while, it was amusing.


    8. I was wondering if we might be able to use the span of a generation is 19 years. I get this from the time in the Bible where after the children of Israel frustrated GOD with their unbelief in Him when the spies returned from the Promised Land. GOD said that all of them 20 and older, excluding Joshua and Caleb, would perish in the desert and never enter. The children of Israel newly born to age 19 at that moment in time would be like the the tender shoots who would eventually enter the Promised Land. I then consider what this might mean if we apply it to the Fig Tree Generation. I speculate that might mean in 1948 when Israel became a nation again the "tender shoots" would be those in May 1948 who were newly born up to 19. That age span does fit the idea of tender and that coincides with the newly blossoming nation of Israel. If this is correct then one could say that the Fig Tree Generation is between 72 and 91. This is all speculative, but it does draw from a very interesting part when the LORD weeds out those over 19. I figure 19 is not some arbitrary age with GOD. In other words, it likely signifies something about "being like the little children who come unto me." I always heard that most people come to Jesus when they are young. I keep wondering about all this.

    9. Very good article about the election: https://www.distributednews.com/474016.html?fbclid=IwAR06SUoCbOZWmsKDLAzoVStCN7MPIgEj7X8Ekf-qFjyU25_WmopJYR5Bbz0

  51. At https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-54964858 "EU budget blocked by Hungary and Poland over rule of law issue":

    "Hungary and Poland have blocked approval of the EU's budget over a clause that ties funding with adherence to the rule of law in the bloc."

    Will this lead, combined with the Brexit, cause the EU to fall apart and be replaced by the Revived Roman Empire which will consist of 10 European nations?

    1. Hi Moin

      The prophecy reads "in the days of these kings", the Toes kingdom grows out of the feet kingdom (Muslim).
      The beast (Rome) grows the 10 horns and a little one grows up among them.

      In addition, we see that "the beast that was, and is not, even he..." , with a spiritual head, will be the eighth or final ruler over the ten earthly kings that comprise the loose confederacy of the end days which are represented in Nebuchadnezzar's image as 10 toes and in Daniels's vision as ten horns.

      Rome did not replace itself on the stage of history on that land. Therefore, Rome cannot be the kingdom out of which the Little Horn will arise.

  52. Media sources have called the final states, resulting in 306 electoral votes for Biden and 232 for Trump.

    Good thing we know the media is for global government and those numbers are a lie from the pit of hell!! When this election is called, God will call it in justice. The numbers I see from a trusted source is 410 electoral votes for President Trump and 128 for Sleepy Joe! God will NOT be mocked.



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