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Fig Tree Date Speculation and Standing Firm in the Blessed Hope!

As Hillary recently shared, we're going home soon, saints.  And because we're going home soon and we're now closer than ever before, we shouldn't be growing apathetic, perplexed, and unsettled.  Just the opposite.  We should be more sure than ever.  As believers, every single one of us is promised resurrection and rapture, but when that [very nigh] time comes, some will be busy about the Father's business, serving as a refuge and encouragement to others, while many will be questioning and doubting like the Israelites when their back was up against the Red Sea and the armies of Pharaoh were closing in.

It's clear that the time is at hand.  It's clear that the global Church is under intense persecution and threat.  It's clear that the world is marching—no, racing—toward the Mark of the Beast and an anti-Christian one-world system because of Coronavirus.  And it's clear that the stage is now set for Daniel 9:27 post-rapture.  But are we going to start panicking and questioning God's promises, or are we going to stand our ground, strengthen our hearts, and gird up our loins?  Don't question God's promises (Heb. 3:16–19).  Don't be moved from your firm position (1 Cor. 16:13).  Don't be tossed about by every wind and wave of doctrine as most of “Internet Christianity” is (Eph. 4:14).  God is never late, Dear Reader.  Nor is he early.  He arrives precisely when he means to.

Briefly circling back to my recent article The Fig Tree, the Festivals, and the Doctrine of Imminency, I want to emphasize again that The Parable of the Fig Tree is a clear and powerful indicator of the nearness of all of the end-of-the-age events, but it doesn't stand alone.  It's just one of many signs (see here, here, here, and here).  Some folks want to box me (or even God) in, but I refuse to put God in a box.  For instance, if the Tribulation doesn't begin by Spring of next year, it doesn't have any bearing on the truth of Christ's parable.  It simply means that Psalm 90:10 might not be the exact timeframe.  Psalm 90 does not mention the fig tree, nor does Jesus quote Psalm 90 in the Olivet Discourse.  Furthermore, by our reckoning of time a person is 80 until they turn 81.  Israel will be 80 until Spring of 2029.

Also, I have to respectfully disagree with those who argue that The Parable of the Fig Tree is merely a declaration that those who begin to see Tribulation events will see them all completed.  I understand, acknowledge, and respect their view, but frankly they're mistaken.  God chooses His words carefully for us.  He is precise.  For starters, Jesus doesn't merely say “even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near...”  He says, “Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.”  Generation is the key word.  It's the length of life of a group of people born around the same time.  It is not merely a small subsection of time.  Seven years is not a generation.

Secondly, Jesus chooses a symbol of national Israel in the context of the final generation by employing the fig tree (see here, here, and here).  If Jesus' point was merely that when you see new growth on a plant you know that Summer is near, He could have utilized virtually any plant native to Israel in His parable, or could have remained entirely generic: “As soon as twigs get tender and leaves come out...”  No!  His parable wasn't ambiguous and useless to us, but profound, purposeful, and pregnant with meaning: “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree...”  Note that before Israel became a nation in 1948 many students of Bible prophecy had foretold it would happen.  They were scoffed at and scorned for being “hyper-literalists.”  But they were right.  And they knew that the reestablishment of the nation-state would signal the final prophetic events.  Then after the reestablishment of the nation in 1948, many of the top scholars of Bible prophecy taught (and have continued to teach) that the reestablishment kicked off the final generation.  This isn't a novel idea, but a straightforward and bedrock principle of literal eschatological exegesis.

Thirdly, a key detail that Jesus doesn't include in His parable is the growth of fruit—a picture of spiritual life.  While the fig tree itself is a symbol of Israel in Scripture (Jl. 1:6–7; 1 Kgs. 4:25; Mt. 21:18-20; Mk. 11:12–14; Lk. 3:7–9; 13:6–9; Jn. 1:47–49; cf. Apoc. Pet.), the figs themselves are a symbol of individual Israelites (Jer. 24:5; Hos. 9:10).  Jesus' parable is a prophecy of Israel's national reemergence after being withered for millennia (Mt. 21:18-20; Lk. 13:6–9), not Israel's spiritual reemergence, which will not occur until they acknowledge that Jesus is their Messiah and the Son of God during the Tribulation (Zech. 12:7–14; Acts 15:12–18; Rom. 10:16–11:32; Rev. 7:1–8; 14:1–5).

Alright, on to a bit of speculation...

There is near-universal consensus that Jesus began His ministry between 26 and 29 AD and died between 30 and 33 AD.  The 26 and 30 AD years are considered the least likely because of the timing of Tiberius Caesar's reign.  27 and 31 AD are the years I've employed in my current speculative timeline, 28 and 32 AD comport best with Sir Robert Anderson's interpretation of Daniel 9, and 29 and 33 AD are the traditional and scholarly favorites.  No matter which way you slice it, we are now in a several-year strike zone.  If Anderson was right then it is likely that the Tribulation begins in 2021.  If the Bethlehem Star and traditional dating methods are right then the Tribulation may very well begin in 2022.  This is a very narrow and very near [speculative] window.  We are incredibly close brothers and sisters.

It is also conceivable that there will be a gap or intermission between the rapture and commencement of Daniel's 70th Week.  I have no real reservations about there being a gap, given that there were gaps between the Exodus and Sinai, and also between the resurrection and start of the Church on Pentecost.  The Tribulation itself is a transitory, dispensational “gap” of sorts between the Church Age and the Millennial Kingdom.  With the Church glorified and seated in Heaven prior to the opening of the seals, it is plausible that events will transpire on earth prior to the emergence of the antichrist and the confirmation of a covenant with many.  This is the view of several top scholars, including Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum (source).

This possibility draws my attention to next month's Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, which will be the closest in nearly 400 years—or near the start of colonial America.  Jupiter depicts the male child on earth, born out of Virgo in the Fall of 2017.  Saturn depicts Satan.  Jupiter has been headed straight for the gaping jaws of the dragon for the last three years and is now situated between Saturn and a precise depiction of the first seal (antichrist) in the form of Sagittarius.  The Church is between a rock and a hard place (cf. Rev. 12:4 and Rev. 13:1–8).  But next month, for the first time in years, Jupiter will escape, moving beyond the clutches of both Saturn and the rider on a horse with a bow and ten-star crown.  Could it finally be a real picture of the rapture in this 2016–2028 heavenly redemption story?

Interestingly, the conjunction occurs precisely at 3:22 PM Israeli time—the occultic skull and bones number.  It will also be 726,000 days exactly from the possible date of the Resurrection in 33 AD (April 5, 33).  Even more, it will be the anniversary of the last day of Hanukkah in 4 BC, the speculative date on which the Incarnation occurred (Jn. 1:14), or the day on which Christ was circumcised (putting off flesh), if Jesus was born in September of 3 BC as many now believe.

From the possible date of the Incarnation (or circumcision) to next month's Great Conjunction will be exactly 738,888 days, or 105,555 weeks, 5 days inclusive.

The idea that the rapture might occur this year while the Tribulation begins next Fall would cause this speculative gap to run about the same length as a pregnancy.  The Church escapes before the labor pains come (Isa. 66:7–9).  The labor pains are the Tribulation.


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  1. Very good article. We are definitely on the cusp of the rapture. I don't disagree with anything in the article, Gary, but simply want to point out that most Christians read the passage of Christ talking about the fig tree, and then take the passage from Psalms about a generation being 70 years, and by reason of strength 80 years, and then read into the text the assumption that this means 80 years is the maximum upper limit. Do any of us know someone who lived to be 84, or 87. Of Course. My Grandfather ate lard and bacon most every day and lived to be 87.
    The text neither states nor implies that when this generation reaches 80, boom, they all die instantly, or that the rapture comes. We are in the timeframe, and I also believe 110 % that this is indeed explicitly referring to Israel, and the "Fig Tree Generation" of which my parents are part. My father is in poor health, and 75, but my mother is 73 and still working, and I don't expect her instantly evaporate or explode on her 80th birthday. The same with this passage - it's an average, not an absolute upper limit of 80 years.

    1. You actually proved that Psalms 90:10. If 80 is not even close to being the upper limit in millions of cases, it obviously was not meant to be applied in that context. It is meant purely for the definition of a generation.

    2. Good thoughts both. I addressed this a bit in the previous article about the Fig Tree. There are other indicators that seem to narrow the time down to the next few years. Also, per pop tables virtually every Jew born in 1948 or earlier will have died by the middle of next decade. Subtract seven years and we're still pretty darn close.


  2. Interesting speculation... regardless it's pretty obvious the rapture is soon. Thank you for sharing Gary.

  3. Thanks Gary! I always wondered about the dates in regards to Sir Robert Anderson's work. If he was right on the calendars and dates of the Triumphal Entry, wouldn't that make determining other dates easier? Either way, as you said; "it's clear, the time is at hand." Thanks again.

    1. He could be spot on. He calculates the Triumphal Entry from 445 BC. There is disagreement between 445 and 444. If 444 then Jesus would have died in 33.

  4. Gotta say. I agree with Gary here. We are ever so close. I think the rapture will be sometime within the next 4 years - sooner rather than later toward 2024. If one takes a look at the 42nd American presidency, there seems to be a coded clue that is pointing directly at presidency number 45 (Trump = rapture). Enoch, who was raptured, was 243 years old when Adam died. Enoch was very well acquainted with both Adam and Eve. so his grandchildren were able to hear the story of creation and the fall from Adam himself. Here is where it gets interesting. With the Bill Clinton administration being the 42nd Presidency and strongly associated with the Ahab and Jezebel spirit at the time of the rapture of Elijah, we find the number 42 curiously seen in another raptured biblical personality in Enoch. In Enoch’s 243 years of age when Adam died when looked at in reverse order (right to left) starting with the middle digit, we see the number 42. In my opinion, there is a reason for starting with the middle digit. The number 3 to the right of 42 in the 243 number is pointing at the number of presidencies until we arrive at 45 "Trump." Reading from left to right,the two numbers to the right of the number 2 is 43 (the number for the church). The final tally of votes in Florida that decided the 43rd presidency in that hotly contested election was a total of 930 votes – the same number of years that Adam lived when he died. Enoch was 243 years old when Adam died.

    When I first posted the piece linked below, I had not seen this yet. But a couple days later when researching info about Enoch, I began to notice this 243 coding of sorts. There is a bit more detail to it that I inserted into the piece after I had already posted it, so if you already read it after I posted it, you can go back and read the new section about this Enoch/Adam/42nd presidency connection if you scroll down to the section titled "Moses And Elijah?"


    I think we are truly looking at the rapture smacking us in the face with the advent of the 45th presidency. Clues are pointing us there - no doubt about it for me.

    1. And just as the number 3 points left (east) indicating the number of administrations from 42 to 45, so too does the number 2 from left to right (pointing to the 43 - number for the Church) indicate how many presidencies from 43 to "Trump" (45th). A total of two. In other words, it's seemingly telling us of a span of 2 presidencies from 43 to "Trump."

    2. Excellent thoughts! Much agreement here. I'm still holding out hope for a literal connection to Ps. 90. That might place the start of the Trib prior to Spring 2022 (Israel still 80 until Spring 2029). Could mean rapture between now and next Fall and Trib next Fall.

  5. Gary, thanks for this update! I always look forward to your speculations. There has been so much that has happened the past few years suggesting that we are close, not least of which is the Revelation 12 sign from just over 3 years ago. I am always eager to discover clues as to how that and newly revealed signs fit in to the unfolding of the final days before the rapture. We know God's plan is perfect and when we see the complete picture of how all the signs connect, we will no doubt be in awe of God's plan.

    A few observations to throw into the mix: December 13, the third day of Hanukkah, is the 40th day since the day of the flood according to mainstream Jewish reckoning (which was the day after election day). That's the day that the rain stopped. The very next day, December 14, is the day the electoral college meets to elect the next president of the United States. There also happens to be a total solar eclipse that day in South America, and the path of totality passes very close to Concepcion, Chile (would this tie in to your observation about the 9 month labor for the Tribulation?)

    So here's hoping for a 2020 rapture! If not I'll keep watching in 2021.

    1. Oh that could be, as it is widely believed the fulfillment of the Feast Of Trumpets begins the Tribulation, and FOT 2021 is 9 months from the eclipse! Hmmmm. So exciting to see it coming!

    2. @Bruce - some good thoughts - www.HeDied4U.com

    3. Interesting. Someone else also mentioned 12/13-14. It would be 7 days before the Great Conjunction. Get on the Ark? 7-day warning of some sort? December 2020 is 9 months prior to the 2021 Fall festivals.

      Also in 4 BC (speculative year of the conception/incarnation), Hanukkah was 12/14-21.

    4. John 10
      22 And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication, and it was winter.

      23 And Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon's porch.

      24 Then came the Jews round about him, and said unto him, How long dost thou make us to doubt? If thou be the Christ, tell us plainly.

      25 Jesus answered them, I told you, and ye believed not: the works that I do in my Father's name, they bear witness of me.

      26 But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you.

      27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

      28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

      It would appear that Jesus was at the Temple during Hanukkah, in the midst of the 8 day feast? Jesus is the spirit (oil) which kept the lamp lit

      Just after this he raises Lazarus after 4 days, so end of Hanukkah?

      Lazarus is Eleazar means Holy Spirit, so will Jesus raise those with the Holy Spirit on the last day of Hanukkah, quite possibly?

  6. Maranatha!

    🚫 🍇

    ··╱É· É·╲··

    Foxman on the Wall

    1. 🚫 🍇🚫 🍇🚫 🍇

  7. I love the subtle quote from Gandalf; that's exactly what I've been saying! God is never late, nor is He early. he arrives PRECISELY when He means to!

  8. Thank you my dear brother Gary!
    I really hope for this year 2020. Maranatha!

    1. Me, too. Still lots of hope. Maranatha!

  9. Thanks Gary, and in regard to this: "It will also be 726,000 days exactly from the possible date of the Resurrection in 33 AD (April 5, 33). Even more, it will be the anniversary of the last day of Hanukkah in 4 BC"

    26 is number for the Tetragrammaton / YHVH in Gematria / and 7 as the number of completion. 26 is also the Gematria for God in English. G = 7 O = 15 D = 4 = 26

    so your number 726,000 is very interesting...and we know 726 is "Rapture" in Strongs.

    Also the earth is now "pulsating at a rate that coincides the Name of God"


    and then to top it off - Hannukkah and Enoch have the same root word in Hebrew = dedicated -

    and Enoch was the 7th from Adam and was the first Rapture...so by God's grace...we will go home soon...

    and Strongs 2020 = delieverance =

    Only God knows for sure the time - It is surely near...exactly how near, only God knows for sure.


    youtube title: Why 923 was God's Great Rapture Proclamation - some new and interesting points.

    and remembering that Jesus is Lord:

    youtube: Jesus is Lord: Evidence in the First Bible Code Genesis 1:1


    God bless all you, my Brothers and Sisters, who are watching and encouraging one another to keep looking up and standing firm. Jesus is Coming Soon! Hallelujah!

    To share on facebook to reach lost people:


  10. Thank you for a lovely, reassuring article. I really appreciate it.

  11. https://youtu.be/tr9kK6VGQZU

  12. The extra-close Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2020 won’t be matched again until the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of March 15, 2080.

    It’ll be the first Jupiter-Saturn conjunction since the year 2000.

    Thats 80 Years. A generation.

  13. IT IS THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM http://www.astro.rug.nl/~vdkruit/jea3/homepage/beth.pdf

    1. I'm still of the belief the star involved the events of 3-2 BC (also mentioned in that article), but that 7 BC conjunction is interesting nonetheless. If Herod died in 1 BC (Josephus copyist error) as many now believe, counting inclusively, that would be 7 years. Herod was the prototype of the dragon. Jesus was the original male child in danger from him. Maybe the 7 BC conjunction had something to do with Herod as well as the nearness of the Nativity events.

  14. I found this on YouTube and found it quite incredible! I'd love to get your thoughts!


  15. I appreciate the work you have done. Although I really really want a soon Rapture would it be an accurate interpretation of Matt 24:34 to say that the specific Generation that sees Israel become a nation will not all pass away before all these things happen? or another way of saying that as long as there is at least one person from that generation left alive then the prophecy is still valid?

    1. That could very well be. I tend to think that it will have more widespread relevance to the Jews and readers of the NT than just that only one or two might make it to the end. Virtually the whole '48 generation will be gone by the middle of next decade. Take seven years off for the Trib and also factor in the catastrophic events of the Trib itself, and that generation is quickly closing in on the upper limit.

    2. Like Methuselah. His death shall bring


    This morning I was greeted by the verse of the day from the CSB,

    1 "Don't let your heart be troubled.
    Believe in God; believe also in me.

    2 In my Father's house are many
    rooms. If it were not so, would I
    have told you that I am going to
    prepare a place for you?

    3 If I go away and prepare a place
    for you, I will come again and take
    you to myself, so that where I am
    you may be also.

    4 You know the way to where I am

    (John 14:1-4 CSB)

    How wonderful and appropriate for the day! I have commented recently on these RED LETTERS and how Jesus paints a picture of coming along-side to take us Home,

    "I will come again and *take* you to myself...", emphasis mine. This is the first time that I am aware of that Jesus points to the harpazo. Get out your Bibles and concordance and dig on these words. They are a treasure and great encouragement!

    I believe the LORD has many opportunities to act. We have surely uncovered many of these. For every high watch day we see we should double-down on our efforts to share the Love of Christ and the gospel message. What shall we be? Shall we be as Jonah sulking under a vine? Or shall we be like Paul sharing the message of Grace to those God gives us?

    The coming harpazo has little to do with us and more to do with Israel. The Day will be wonderful for those whom the LORD sends His angels from on high to take Home. But our being taken, though wonderful for us, shall be dread for those left behind. It will begin the sifting and winnowing of Israel too. A fearful and unprecedented time. We the body have so much more to offer in these precious few days left. Those perishing cannot wait another day. Today is the day of salvation! Today is the day to share the good news. Today is the last of days for many. May they know the truth that sets them free. Free indeed!

    LORD we pray you continue to pour out your Spirit that captive souls and broken hearts may know and see the truth, the light and the life that is found only in Christ Jesus! Set captive hearts free. Break every self-inflicted chain that binds prisoners in cells without walls. May they freely and lovingly choose you Lord and walk away from a life of emptiness to one filled with your Holy Spirit! May they come to know you and see you first as their all-in-all today and forever more to the glory of your great and matchless Name. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

    That great Day should not be about us. It is all about the LORD and what He is doing in the world and through His Spirit poured out unto Israel. A new church will be born and saints will be raised. Prophecy will not be denied; it will be fulfilled and fulfilled in its perfect time.

    Continue to wait. Continue to watch. Continue to witness,

    10 "You are my witnesses,"

    declares the LORD,

    "and my servant whom I have
    chosen, that you may know
    and believe me and
    understand that I am he.
    Before me no god was formed,
    nor shall there be any after

    (Isaiah 43:10 ESV)

    Take heart in this simple truth. You are God's witness -- His holy angel, His messenger. Be that messenger to the Glory of God; a faithful witness to His Name. The Name above all names.

    The name of Jesus.

    Grace and peace to you this day and always,


    1. Pastor Rich,

      Thank you so much. You are so good at encouragement, insight, and guided study. I especially liked the above comment "Continue to wait. Continue to watch. Continue to witness" Nailed it! I know myself like many others have grown very weary, but if you really think about it, our time to do those things is so incredibly short. To put it into perspective to think about, we do the Father's work here for as long as He wishes, which is if it's our lifetime it is only around about 80 years or so. In the Old Testament people lived HUNDREDS of years. They had hundreds of years to watch, to wait, to witness, to do the work. We have been blessed with a shorter time. And for the reward of ETERNITY. Forever and ever and ever for our "few" years of work. What a blessing!

      I have to remind myself of this when I grow oh so weary of doing the work. When I feel as if evil is triumphing (I know ultimately it will not, Battle has been won)

      So all that to say thank you for the encouragement today, and for all, carry on, our time is short, and getting shorter. Our eternal reward is coming soon.

    2. I love that promise, PR. Thank you brother! He has gone to prepare a place for us IN HEAVEN. And He WILL come again to take us to Himself.

  17. BY THE WAY...

    Gary, did you notice the day count between 12/21/20 and 5/14/21 is 144-days?

    Quoting, Timeanddate.com,

    "From and including: Monday, December 21, 2020
    To, but not including Friday, May 14, 2021
    Result: 144 days

    It is 144 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date.

    Or 4 months, 23 days excluding the end date."

    God created Adam (man) on the sixth day...

    24-hours X 6-days = 144-hours

    Hmmm, now where was it I've seen that number before in the Bible?


    1. !!! Amazing. Also it's of course 12x12. and symbolic of the 144k.

    2. Interestingly enough is that December 21st just so happens to be Emmanuel Macron's birthday.
      The possible candidate for the soon coming antichrist.

    3. December 21st just so happens to be Emmanuel Macron's birthday, who is a possible candidate for the antichrist during the 7-year Tribulation.

  18. I just re-read this, along with a few other articles, and (after much prayer), am feeling a lot more settled than I was several days ago.

    You made excellent points about the symbolism of the Fig tree. It's not just Israel in general, but Israel "putting forth tender leaves", a dead bush coming back to life (or, as Ezekiel puts it, dry bones assembling, but without the breath of life), which is clearly Israel in 1948. The Spiritual rebirth of the nation is yet future, in the Tribulation, and it seems like Jesus would have used other words (isn't spiritual Israel analogized to a different tree?) if he'd meant that "believing Israel will not be snuffed out".

    Beyond the Fig Tree parable, there are a lot of other signs that we are nearing the end of that final generation that gets to see Jesus return. While Psalm 90 may give a year, it is not guarenteed that this Psalm is what God views as a "generation", but whether it is or not (and we should know relatively soon), God is still in charge, His Word is true, and He will return soon.

    We see the world around us growing darker, conspiring to bring a New World Order, and the Earth itself groaning under the weight of it's longing to see King Jesus return and fix things.

    Thank you Gary for your faithful, hope filled message!

    1. Very wise and well thought out! I agree with everything.

  19. Greetings Dear Brother Gary,

    Hope and pray you and your family are doing well with new baby. I love that you addressed the Fig tree generation again as I just heard Dr Andy Woods put his understanding that this only applies to what Jesus is saying to the Jews in the tribulation to encourage them that they will not pass away. If we back track from when we believe the tribulation will accrue we know that they are the generation that will not pass away and will see Jesus coming to establish the 1000 year kingdom on Earth after the tribulation. Just thinking out loud. Love your insights thank you for sharing with the Bride. Maranatha Dr. Woods video where he speaks of the Fig tree

  20. Jesus was cruxified on 14th NISSAN which was a Wednesday and rose 3 days later 17th First Fruits between 3-pm and 6 pm and then appeared on the first day of the week ( which bagan at 6pm O hour of the 18 Nissan....Sunday .............the first day of the week . For this to be congruent with years in which he could have died ......30 ad qualifies and 27 ad also qualifies as years the meet this criterion .....If Jesus were born Sept 11, 3 Bc ....30 Ad is most likely year of his death.


  21. I have a question for you dear family and maybe for Pastor Rich and Gary! Considering that in Revelation chapter 4, it is the rapture, who are the believers who seek justice from God in chapter 6? They were given a white robe while waiting for their beheaded believing brothers to join them. If the dead in Christ are raised with those of the rapture in chapter 4, who are these souls? Thanks for clarifying the point to me.

    1. That's a good question! These are the Tribulation Saints whose resurrection is depicted in Revelation 7:9-17 and mentioned directly in Revelation 20:4-6.

      Note that the Church is promised "garments" and seen with "garments" in Rev. 4. The Trib Saints are promised "robes" in Rev. 6 and seen wearing "robes" in Rev. 7.

      In other words, the enthroned, crown-wearing, garment-wearing group of Rev. 4-5 are the Church.

      The standing, crownless, robe-wearing multitude of Rev. 7, who come out of the Great Trib (Rev. 7:14), and who are all martyred for their faith, are the Trib Saints.

    2. Wow, I didn't realize there were so many differences in how those groups were described! Thanks!

    3. Gary..,.how will I be able to play golf on the celestial courses in a robe? Not functional attire at all! :)

  22. For your consideration:


  23. Israel turns 80 on May 14 2028 and remains 80 until May 13 2029. If the Psalm 83 war started and ended today (11/19/20) we have israel burning weapons for 7 years and then fleeing to the mountains 3½ years before the 2nd coming for a total of 10½ years, or until approximately 5/19/31, which would be right around the time israel turns 83. So it seems to me that a literal 80 year generation definition doesn't apply here. What am I missing?

    1. My personal (could be wrong) views on this is taken from the idea that there's a gap of time in between the war and the clean up. So the war could be any time (before Rapture, before the Trib, the 2nd seal, etc), but then the rest if the chapter is actually referring to the Millennium (the "burning of weapons, for example, sounds very much like "beating swords into plow sheers"). For me, this understanding eliminates the time crunch for this war and the fallout to fit into a shrinking time span.

  24. My question ���� is in no way comparable to the very learned observations made by so many in these comments, yet I really am intrigued by the references to "Garments" worn by the Church versus the "Robes" worn by the Tribulation Saints. I hadn't picked up on that in my readings of the Book of Revelation and I can't help but be extremely curious as to the what and why of the Church's garb. I'm an extremely down-to-earth person, just the way God made me to be, and the thought of robes has always made me feel awkward and very uncomfortable in more than one way but mainly because of the Pomp and Circumstance that one would expect would accompany such raiment. yet this is the first time I have heard of anyone in Heaven wearing something other than a robe. Now I would be really thrilled to find Levi's and white Nike tennis shoes in my size in heaven as I'm outdoorsy and would love to serve outdoors in the Millennial reign. Seriously though,I'm wondering if somebody could give me something more specific and an explanation as to why the difference in what the church is wearing compared to the robes the rest of Heaven's residents will have on? perhaps it's garments relative to all of the nation's the church has come out of? I know that sounds ridiculous but I've been worried about not fitting in with how ceremonial Heaven is described as being. I just know I'm going to be the only one that spills their glass of wine when Jesus drinks it anew with us when we're finally with him forever! I'm honestly serious about this question as I try to understand a picture of what it will all be about besides my hyper-focus on finally being with my savior. I'm getting tears just thinking about being with him! I love him so.

    1. MaschelleMEcfs, ditto: " I just know I'm going to be the only one that spills their glass of wine when Jesus drinks it anew with us when we're finally with him forever!"!!
      I was immediately intrigued as well by the distinction Gary makes between "garments" and "robes." I looking at Strongs on NETBible they are two different words. At first I thought perhaps garments were the total clothing, whereas robes are obviously an outer layer. However, according to Strongs, they both are outer layers, so now I am stupefied (no pun intended, or maybe so . . .). The "robes" are ceremonial, like a priest or king would wear--perhaps a testimony to their having been martyred, or to a different role in the Millennial Kingdom from the Church? Ok, Gary, Pastor Rich, we are waiting for clarification . . . :-).

    2. MaschelleMEcfs - You crack me up! And no worries - you will def not be the only one spilling wine! That is practically my hobby! But perhaps in our new bodies, we will finally enjoy physical grace - even when we are distracted by the presence of Jesus! I'll be looking for you, Friend!

    3. It's possible the church members get to wear more elaborate or decorated clothing compared to tribulation saints. Like the difference between a lower rank soldier and the highly decorated generals. Just have to wait and see what it means.

    4. Thank you, Gary, for a very encouraging article. I have much joy reading it!

      I too am intrigued by the study of the different garments in the Bible and I find it very interesting. There seems to be a difference indeed between “raiment” and “robe”.

      A quick search in the KJB on the word “raiment” shows that the first time the word “raiment” appeared is in Genesis 24:53, where we see Abraham’s faithful servant presenting Rebekah jewellery and raiment. Rebekah, a bride for Isaac, is like a type of the Bride of Christ. The last time the word “raiment” mentioned in the Bible is in Rev 4:4, where we see the twenty-four elders with crowns of gold on their heads and clothed in white “raiment”. I believe the twenty-four elders are a composite representation of the church, already raptured and rewarded (cross-referenced to Genesis 5:9). We also know that the Church is the Bride of Christ, so the word “raiment” in the Bible appears to denote that of the Church or Bride.

      Genesis 24:53 KJV
      And the servant brought forth jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment, and gave them to Rebekah: he gave also to her brother and to her mother precious things.

      Revelation 4:4 KJV
      And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.

      Revelation 5:9 KJV
      And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;

      The first time we read the word “robe” is in Exodus 28:4, a passage which describes the details of Aaron’s priestly garment. The last time we read of the word “robe” is in Rev 7:14 (see also Rev 6:11, 7:9,13, mentioned a total of FOUR times in Revelation), given to Tribulation saints who will also be priests of God and Christ, and will reign with Him in the Millennium (Rev 20:4-6). An interesting thing to note is that when Jesus was tried before He was crucified, He was stripped of His own raiment and made to put on a scarlet robe (Matt 27:28, 31). He was crowned with thorns, mocked, spit upon and smote before they took off the “robe” and returned Him His raiment. The “robe” therefore seems to denote a garment out of tribulation,

      Exodus 28:4
      And these are the garments which they shall make; a breastplate, and an ephod, and a robe, and a broidered coat, a mitre, and a girdle: and they shall make holy garments for Aaron thy brother, and his sons, that he may minister unto me in the priest's office.

      Revelation 7:14
      And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

      Matthew 27:31
      And after that they had mocked him, they took the robe off from him, and put his own raiment on him, and led him away to crucify him.

      Learning about the way the Bible uses these two words, “raiment” and “robe”, uncovers much precious information on the division between the Church and other groups of people. In Psalms 45:14, the King’s daughter is “..brought unto the king in raiment of needlework: the virgins her companions that follow her shall be brought..” also shows a distinction between a type of church (king’s daughter) and Israel (virgins) who “follows” the church into “the king’s palace”. A study on “virgin” vs “virgins” in the Bible will also reveal another beautiful truth - an interesting study for another day.

    5. The way that I have always viewed it. The raptured get fine white linen kind of like a wedding gown. The trib saints get the cotton robes.

  25. If I can add one more observation about the Fig Tree Generation: We watchers have a tendency to fixate on the date of May 14, 1948 as the day that the fig tree generation began. That is no doubt an important date, but what it really represents is when Israel was founded on paper, much like the USA was founded on paper July 4, 1776. For both Israel and the USA there was a struggle before the declaration became reality. Israel's war of independence did not wrap up until 1949. Major fighting ended in March of 1949 I believe, and the final armistice was not put in place until July 1949. The lunar tetrad that we associate with Israel's founding spanned from 1949 until 1950. The clock seems to start when the fig tree's "branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves". This may very well refer to Israel's founding on paper, but it seems to me like it could just as easily refer to the completion of the struggle for independence that occurred around 1949. We should keep this in mind in the event that we arrive in the summer of 2021 and the rapture and tribulation have not occurred. It's still possible that the fig tree generation represents Israel's founding and that 80 years is the upper limit, we just need to understand when the founding was complete.

    1. Bruce, that is exactly what I have been wondering. When did the final generation begin? Since we are still here, I think that 1948 is the wrong start date. I would much rather be wrong though.

    2. I think one of the keys to understanding is when they start putting out leaves. The leaves on the tree of life are 'for the healing of the nations.' Hence, when you see Israel begin making 'real' peace with it's neighbors, start looking up. Hence our warning, 'When they are saying peace and safety...'

  26. What if the date isn't 1948, but 1967, when Israel re-captured the Old City, West Bank, Golan, etc.?

    1. That's a possibility, but I think it's unlikely for many reasons. Everything is converging now. We could be off by a year or two, but we're unlikely off by decades. The world is ripe now for the antichrist and beast system to take hold. 15-20 years from now the world may not still be in a situation that a globalist leader could easily take advantage of.

      Also, if the rapture and tribulation were still decades away, what then should we make of the Revelation 12 sign of 2017? It seems that it could serve as a rapture warning sign if the rapture were only a few years away, but it looses its impact of the rapture is still a decade or more away. So I think we're down to the last couple of years at most. I generally agree with the time frames Gary lays out in the article. I think we will most likely be raptured by 2022. I also haven't given up hope that we will be raptured in the days/weeks ahead. The conjunction in December is a fascinating possibility.

    2. I think the reason for 'looking up' was to see the celestial calendar and re-learn it's significance. There have been many calendars in Earth's history, but the one up there is far more precise and unchangeable by human means. The only one more precise is the one God has.

      As the scriptures say, God does nothing without telling His servants the prophets... I have a deep feeling that those of us looking up (who understand what they are seeing) will have a much bigger warning than those who haven't. I frequently hope that there will be some kind of ten minute warning so people can shut off their cars, throw some clothes on, or put out their campfires or whatever might have a negative impact on those left behind. Many of us have already put out bibles, tracts, or signs in obvious places, but a few more couldn't hurt.

  27. MaschelleMEcfs...you are not the only one! For some reason I also have been thinking about that lately...am I really the kind of person who wears a robe all day? And if God does change us to be that person he does will there still be enough of "me" to still be me? Perhaps the robes are figurative:). What about those who serve all day and all night? This might sound really terrible to say, but can any of us say an eternity of serventhood is what we would choose if given an option? I have been wrestling with these things lately and know that we just need to trust him, and that he will make all things perfect in due time, but seeing through the glass darkly makes it difficult sometimes.

    1. I don't think that it's wrong to feel that way. Rather, I suspect it's a case of a lack of imagination on our part on how much we'll like being in God's presence, and how much fun and joy we'll get out of the service. We can't really picture it right now, so it's hard to get excited. But since it's listed as a reward, I think it's safe to say that it'll be something that the people who receive it genuinely are pleased to get.

      And remember, servanthood is not drugery or cruel slavery, toiling at things we hate or which hurt us. It can easily be doning something you love for someone you adore. Have you ever been filled with excitement to give someone a gift? That's the kind of feeling you'll likely have when you have the opportunity to "serve" another.

      Your service could be: you get to paint a masterpiece, you get to give a T-Rex a cuddle, you get to bake a cake and then share it with your best friend. Let your imagination stretch a bit here! Being in God's temple serving him is not going to be a boring church service all day, every day. Nor will it be like an unfortunate slave standing behind the greedy king's throne waiting to attend to his whims. Or God gives us good gifts!

    2. I trust God for the answer to this and other things... but what about human boredom? Knowing that we are going to spend eternity looking at streets of gold, walls made of jewels and enormous pearly gates... won't that eventually become incredibly plain? Part of our human wiring seems to be a constant desire to see something new. Whether it takes a thousand years or a million, will we reach that point where nothing is 'new' enough to stave off the boredom?

      Just another thing we'll have to wait and see on...

    3. I hear you Kris & kourofs1 - It is hard to coprehend being able to enjoy an eternity of ... anything! Now, my self-centered heart and mind prevents me from finding my satisfaction in Jesus alone. I feel like I need change and variety. But then, as John says in his epistle: "But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is". With new hearts and minds, we will be able to know Him and since He is eternal, His boundless presence will be unfathomable so we will NEVER be bored because we will forever be experiencing new aspects of our Bridegroom. I also think that one of the means of knowing Him more fully is getting to know each other fully. Each beleiver through the ages has had a unique experience of Christ, and we will have great satisfaction seeing Him restore one another - so there will be that joy awaiting us as well. I for one am looking forward to going for a galloping horseback ride with Joni Erickson Tada!

  28. Not sure if this has surfaced in comments anywhere, but I haven't seen a post on it. Has anyone here heard of The Great Reset?https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/11/the-great-reset-building-future-resilience-to-global-risks/


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Here's something a couple things on the Reset, there may be more in the discussion section here as well.



    3. Many of the elites believe functional nanotechnology will basically eliminate the concept of wealth and economics. A machine that can make precise copies of just about anything basically makes money worthless. They want to get ahead of this moment so they can still be 'in charge' when it becomes functional. The 'great reset' is really just them trying to figure out a way to evaluate a person's worth and only keep the ones that they think will be of benefit to them.

      The problem with this is it's the same thing that wiped out the Golgifrinchums in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy... By sending away the 'useless third' of their population they ensured their own extinction. Who knew telephone sanitizers were so important :P (Maybe that's where Covid came from? Someone fired the food cleaners in Wuhan... Lol)

  29. I would love some feedback on this video,

    "End Times - Daniel UNSEALED! (2021 Great Tribulation)"


    Here's the description:

    "Also known as the '2520 End Times Prophecy' video, this is likely one of the most amazing end-times videos you will have ever watched. Simple, yet profound, this video explains in detail how the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy forecasts the end of days. Watch as C.J. Lovik masterfully explains this prophecy."

    Frankly, I don't know what to think as numbers have never been my thing and I know nothing about CJ Lovik. Plus, I got lost in the explanation, though I think it is a very well produced video.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    1. Sorry, I just realized that this probably should have been posted in the Forum rather than here in the comments. I can delete it and move over there if need be.

    2. Interesting video. Sounds accurate to me. Thanks for posting the link.


  30. Brilliant article bro Gary!!


    As Jan Markel beautifully put it...Israel is God's prophectic timepiece with Jerusalem as the minute hand and the temple mount as the small hand!

    The Key That UNLOCKED The Final Countdown: We are the generation!

    The Fig tree represents Israel's national privilages:
    Hosea 9:10
    Jeremiah 24:5
    Joel 1:7
    1 Kings 4:25
    Micah 4:4

    Matthew 24:32-33
    32 Now learn a parable of the fig tree;

    A generation...
    PSALMS 90:10: The days of our lives 
    are seventy years;and if by reason 
    of strength they be eighty years, yet is their labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut 
    off, and we fly away.

    The Lord is not silent during these last days. The first significant indicator of the last days occurred on May 18, 1948 when Israel became a nation in fulfillment of Isaiah 66:8!!
    Fast forward to 2020 and we see the world government of the coming tribulation waiting to take over before our eyes along with the technology necessary for the antichrist to enforce the “mark of the beast” under the penalty of death! Lawlessness abounds along with the violence of our day, coupled with the multitude of signs, repeatedly warn us of the approaching devastation and death of the coming day of the Lord.


    The scoffers and mockers...
    2 Peter 3:3-4 
    3 Knowing this first, that there


    1 Thessalonians 5:1-5
    5 But of the times and the seasons,

    Most of the world is asleep today while the signs are screaming loudly for the return of our Lord!!

    We who are students of Bible Prophecy  today and as Bereans (Acts 17:11) can clearly discern the times we are living in !
    The Sons of Issachar as told in 1 Chronicles 12:32 ... had understanding of the times, but people did not discern the signs of the times during Jesus’ first coming even after over 300 detailed Bible Prophecies had foretold of it!!

    Jesus’ last words to His church contain the promise of His speedy return. “He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming soon” (Rev. 22:20). The word for “soon” in the Greek is tachu, which is much better translated “quickly.” It refers to the swiftness or the speed of an action. The Lord ended His direct revelation to the church as a whole with the promise of His quick return for His bride! Amen!!

    Our glorification is going to be in an instant! Paul describes about the swiftness of Jesus’ appearing to take us home, “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed” (1 Cor. 15:52). Jesus will raise the dead in Christ and catch the living saints away in an instant, in the “twinkling of an eye.” !!

    What we already see in our world tells us this day is exceedingly close...at the door!!!

    We continue to witness the stage being set for the Antichrist and False prophet to come on the world stage as we see the push for GLOBALISM through the NWO(New world order), one world religion and one world currency which will come about in the tribulation period...
    The tribulation is casting its shadow on the earth...and we know the rapture happens first...SO HOW CLOSE ARE WE???!!!?...
    ...i would say closer than many realise!!...

    We who rightly divide the scriptures know that the Pretribulation Rapture of the Church is the mystery that begins ‘come up hither‘ and ends with our going Home and then to the bema seat BEFORE the start of the 7-year long time of Jacob’s trouble!

  31. Ava I pray you will hear my heart in the spirit of love that it's shared in .

    Are you open to hearing how deceptive this video is and how much it falls into the same brain washing tactics the JW ORG use by twisting scripture, Adding and subtracting from the Word of God .

    My heart grieves as I watch the Body Of Christ embrace {without question } teachings that are based on men's teachings and not the Word of God.

    What is it going to take for the Body to understand that we will be going through the soon coming tribulation and will have to face severe persecution - mostly from those who have crept in with a false jesus, false spirit and false gospel .

    This diabolical plan has been planned and perpetrated by the exact same AC spirit during the inquisition , the dark ages as well as the Spanish Inquisition . I fear many of those who we once walked with will be our betrayers and have us handed over to be killed { thinking they're doing God a service }

    I know my message will offend many and cause many to " rebuke me sharply " but my conscience won't allow me to sit back and watch the lies and deception distract believers to the lateness of the hour .

    1. Whether it be by death or rapture, we will be with our Lord Jesus. I just don't understand why those who do not believe in the pre-trib rapture try and use 'fear of persecution or pain' to sell their doctrine... Paul said in one of the passages believed to be about the Harpazo/Rapture that we should 'comfort one another with these words,' and there's just nothing comforting about the non-pre-trib doctrines. Unless you add that 'God will get us through everything, and it will be for our greater glory' or something like that.

      If you know already that what you have to say will offend others, Paul's instructions are that it's better not to say it. He lived in such a way as to not offend others whenever possible. 'In as much as lies within you, be at peace with everyone...' There are many things I have thought of saying here that I have deleted and 'sent to God instead' as I do think He looks over our shoulders while we are talking. I do my best to avoid causing others to stumble or lose faith.

      I will trust God's choice in this matter. If He wants to have a mass rapture similar to Enoch (Simply vanished), Moses (post death Michael came to get his body) or Elijah (Fiery charriots, heh), I'm ready to go. If we have to weather the storm in a giant wooden boat surrounded by animals like Noah did, He'll let us know to start building right? If we have to flee the cities like Lot did, Angels will appear at the right moment to take us away and have ravens protect us if we need it like Elijah at the cave. If God wants to split reality into two parallel Earths with His people on one and everyone else on the other, I'm on board. If there's a helmet on my head and this is all a simulation, I'm ready to be unplugged whenever He decides.

      It's His plan. I'll trust it no matter how He accomplishes it... and you should trust Him too. Jesus said to 'worry not' more times than I can count, and scripture says 'We are not given a spirit of fear...'

    2. Five Stonrs....I could not agree with you more, and also agree with Kris wanting for us to add " God will get us through, and it will be for the greater glory".

      I have noticed a slow morphing by several here that we will be going through "some" stuff...and now that some major players have suggested preparing, what used to be slapped at me as "saving myself" or "lack of faith" is now slowly being accepted.

      I know we will be seeing times ahead that will make us desire to be back here at this time...as bad as it is!

      I find extreme comfort in seeing Gods word slowly unfold as judgment unfolds, not because if the pain and suffering, but because of the prophesies being fulfilled as written.

      We should not offend others..."when possible" as Kris pointed out Pauls teachings.

      I am sure Christ was out of the "when possible" time as he flipped over the money changers tables in Gods temple, and he OFFENDED the deviants performing such acts. There is a time and place for brute confrontation.

      We all are believing Christians here for the most part, and having incorrect eschatological views , whether it be mine or others, has no effect on our salvation, but has a lot of effect if we do indeed do go through tribulation.

      What Five Smooth Stones ended with talking about how his conscious wont allow him to sit back and be silent....so I find myself.

      2Timothy4:3 constantly comes to mind here.

      Of course I would love to escape what is coming, but I trust in the Lord as he will find me fulfilling Matthew 24:45-46 when He comes.

      I am ready and able to accept incoming jabs, but have noticed those are not like they used to be.

      I feel as the many months ahead unfold, that trend will continue.

      God bless us as we live out His number of days/weeks/months/years He has alloted each and every one of us.

    3. On the other hand, why the over the top warning that FSS seems to be administering? He or she seems to be indicating that anyone who listens to such a message is bound for Hell. Someone correct me if there’s something I’m missing in the video’s message. All of it seems to be sound doctrine based upon Scripture, presented through the sensibilities of one man’s teaching, and that’s what happens virtually every time any preacher delivers a sermon on any given Sunday. Sounds to me like FSS is shouting, “don’t listen to these evil words!” And Stan seems to be backing him up, then follows by saying that pre or post-trib isn’t a salvation issue (which it isn’t). So...pardon me for being confused about the messages.

      I haven’t noticed a drifting away from overall pre-trib stance here, just disappointment from some people who’ve recently invested too much in certain high-watch periods indicated not only here, but many other sources. I too have fallen into that trap, but have since made adjustments. I remain solidly pre-trib, and that’s because of what I see as a huge preponderance of what Scripture indicates. But even from that perspective, there’s a very strong indication that we’ll experience some rough times before the Rapture. It only makes sense that there will be a steady progression, not a cold stop/start. I’ve ALWAYS assumed that, and I’ve been around for a while.

      Two relatively minor examples are the horrific earthquake and tsunami events in Indonesia and Japan (along with TWO nuclear core meltdowns) a few years ago. They were unprecedented, but the world kept turning, and here we are today. Can you imagine the tenor right now, if such an event were to happen today? Sites similar to this one would go ballistic. Yet now, people are so wound-up, that a very common and minor earthquake seems worthy of a post. But I feel certain that much worse things than we’ve experienced so far, are yet to come, and within a pre-trib timeframe. We should try to adjust our emotions accordingly.


    4. I've been letting go of my expectation that God will Rapture us on a particular day (of my choosing), but never letting go of the clear scriptural teaching of a pre-trib Rapture. It is out blessed hope! Not our "dread it because you won't survive to get there" expectation. Paul often encourages us about seeing Jesus return, but never once suggests we "prep" for surviving a Trib period first. We look for Jesus Christ, not the Anti-Christ.

      This isn't a salvation issue at all - it is a trust issue, a wisdom issue, or something of that caliber. I'm excited to see the day approach!

    5. For a few days after the election, it was very hard for me not to be upset, moody, whatever... Then as all the reports of wrongdoing came in, I could see once again the fulfillment of scripture: 'What was done in the dark will be seen in the light...'

      Since then, I've been in a kind of 'giddy ease' and able to do other things. I'm still quite 'alert' though, as all this is 'something new going on...' the 'revelation' of what has been suspected to be going on for a long time now, but finally with enough evidence that decisions could be made. "I was ill for a few days, then I arose and went about the king's business" as Daniel said (and was posted here as well, just to remind me and others...)

      And then last night it hit me... This is the earthly side of the 'war in heaven' we're seeing, and now it's clear it's not just the US election effected, but potentially all of them... Light and darkness are becoming much more obvious, and people are seeing it more clearly. Hopefully more will choose the light and follow the Lord Jesus. We must do our personal best to let that light shine from us.

  32. Fri, 14 May 1948 = 5th of Iyyar, 5708 - Is that what you were asking? I went to hebcal online and you can find date conversions there.

  33. He's asking if you added 80 hebrew years to that date instead of Gregorian/Julian. So it would be the 5th of Iyyar (Month 3), 5788 if your date is right.

    Interesting that the 5th of Iyyar in 5708 was the day before Shavuot (Pentecost) according to Torah Calendar...

    If I've calculated this right... (1948+80=2028) it will be May 29/30 of 2028, the day before Shavuot (Pentecost) of that year. If I've gone over a year, it's May 11/12 of 2027, also the day before Shavuot (Pentecost)... All three of these dates have landed on day 49 of the Omer count...

  34. Hi Gary! God bless you for your ministry and your research! I have been following this vaccine closely. It is to be in its full administration in the latter parts of Dec 2020.

    NAME: OPERATION WARP SPEED (an attempt at being faster than the speed of light. Jesus is the light of the world!)
    SOFTWARE PROGRAM FOR ITS ADMINISTRATION: “TIBERIOUS” This is the software program which links up (real time) the vaccines administration to the PALENTIR quantum computing system to aid military in knowing where, when and how many doses administered.

    I believe this is vaccine is a type of anti-Christ in by that it seeks to isolate the “god” part of our dna and eradicate it...making the recipient transhuman and part of the INTERNET OF THINGS.

    During Jesus crucifix toon, it was the Roman empires TIBERIOUS CEASAR who ordered his death.

    And that brings me to present day and this scripture “ And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. And they marvelled at him.”-Mark 12:17

    May God render us to HIM this year I pray! Maranatha dear brother!

    1. Was Tiberious the leader in Rome at the time...? Maybe the argument could be made for Pilate having 'the authority of Tiberious' but it wasn't a direct order was it? We don't even know how far news about Jesus spread outside of the region while He was doing his ministry... Or if Tiberious even knew He existed when the crucifiction happened...

      As for the vaccine connections... I don't fully trust vaccines and would refuse them anyway, but I stand with Paul that nothing can keep us from the love of God. If something could... the enemy would find a way to get it airborn, into the water supply, infect the food... or just knock people out and force it into our veins... I trust God would intervene even in this case though.

      How much of our fear is self inflicted? Probably all of it. God has our back, just trust that.

  35. Great article, again, Gary. Thank you.

    FYI, I’ve red here on this thread a few things that I would like to have you consider:
    1. Is the time of Jacob’s trouble really and conclusively 7 years....or could it be just 3.5 years, the 2nd half of Daniels 70th week? Where does it say God’s wrath begins immediately when the covenant is confirmed, when the week begins? Is it possible God’s wrath might begin even before that covenant....or dare I say, even a bit after the covenant?

    2. Is it possible the great multitude in Heaven in Revelation 7:9-17 represent the raptured church instead of the trib saints? The Greek word “ek” also means from as well as out of, so it seems logical to me to think this group was spared the great tribulation. In addition, many believe the rapture occurs just before the 6th seal, so this would follow that timeline in Revelation nicely as well. Just a thought....

    Nevertheless, yes indeed, we are close. I’m trusting Biden as USA president is a part of God’s end times plan so even though Amir Tsarfati is very upset, I’m not.....my prayers always end in this way....”thy will be done!” Maybe Trump would not have stood still and watched the Gog nations invade Israel, but Biden will. Maybe?

    To God be all glory, honor, and praise

    1. TennisMenace, you said:

      2. Is it possible the great multitude in Heaven in Revelation 7:9-17 represent the raptured church instead of the trib saints? The Greek word “ek” also means from as well as out of, so it seems logical to me to think this group was spared the great tribulation. In addition, many believe the rapture occurs just before the 6th seal, so this would follow that timeline in Revelation nicely as well. Just a thought...

      I lean this way a lot now, as I have noticed the KJV makes a presumption in it's translation about the elders being "US" (as humans, because of the crowns and white robes), rather than "THEM" in context especially the first mention of them in their song and praise in Revelation.

      The term "great tribulation" also, is not a noun for a labeled time frame, but a descriptor of a general hardship in life that has been overcome. It literally reads "great trial", and is not the capitalized "Great Tribulation that we throw around in our discussions about the 7 years (or even the last 3.5 years).

      I don't believe John is raptured in chapter 4, but in the spirit, his body still on earth. This is similar to Paul's description of his experience with his revelation from Jesus. This is also a problem with translation at the transition of chapter 12 to 13, where the KJV says it is John standing on the sea shore, when the context refers to the Dragon standing on the sea shore at the end o0f chapter 12. The start of chapter 13 sees the rise of the first beast of the sea... a direct result of the Dragon being cast down to earth in chapter 12, and so this is his next move.

      This would kill a timeline based on the concept of Chapter 4 representing the resurrection and rapture. It also suggest I think more appropriately that the Seals are not part of the Tribulation (trial upon the whole earth), but are part of that proper reference of the title deed to creation, and the seals are merely the wrath of man and of nature. The first four seals started at Christ's ascension to the right hand of the father, where he was now ready and legit to take the scroll and start opening it (over the course of the next 2000 years).

      This outlook on it also preserves the Pre-trib nature of the resurrection and rapture, since it merely redefines what is part of the Tribulation.

      A key to this is in chapter 6 with the 6th seal, when everyone cries for the rocks to hide them, as both the wrath of the Lamb and the One seated on the throne are about to commence, and they all know it.

      If the seals were judgments like we all have been taught for decades, then men upon the earth would recognize it just as they do in the sixth seal.

      Too many treat Revelation like a serial sequential timeline, when in fact many parts revisit the same events from different perspectives, and we have parenthetical chapters that cover the whole 7 years plus time before and after, which are specific to a limited set of characters in that part by context.

      We also must remember that all scripture was originally without chapter and verse designation, and these were all run on paragraphs which have to be handle in context of what is being addressed in them. :)

    2. Pastor Andy Wood's did a great series on Revelation that addresses many of the issues brought up here. I'm not going to try to cover everything (typing on a phone is so tedious), but here are a few thoughts.

      One, in the Greek, when mankind is saying that "the wrath if the lamb has come", it is very clear that this is not saying "the wrath is now coming" (indicating a recognition from that point forward), but rather "the wrath has already been here" (meaning the previous judgements are also recognized as the Lamb's wrath).
      This also addresses the earlier idea if the whole seven years perhaps not being "the Time of God's wrath" and thus not falling into the Tribulation. Every single seal is done through a direct action of Jesus. Not man, not Satan, not the Anti-Christ, not an angel. The Judgements are clear actions of God. It's hard to argue then that they are somehow judgements but without wrath. (Is there some other motivation here on God's part that mysteriously changes to wrath later? What other reason for judgement if not wrath on the unbelieving world?)

      If you want more, feel free to search out answers on your own, but after looking into the arguements for all the various Rapture placement views (and Trib length views), I've landed on a traditional pre-trib Rapture happening before the Anti-Christ is revealed.

    3. [Sherrill - ... after looking into the arguements for all the various Rapture placement views (and Trib length views), I've landed on a traditional pre-trib Rapture happening before the Anti-Christ is revealed.]


      Still Pre-trib here myself and a full seven years for the Trib.

      RE AC and seals:

      The First (White horse and rider) I feel is the Spirit of AC that was already at work in Paul and John's day.

      The other three War, Scarcity and Inflation, Famine and Disease have been with us all those long years, and have taken a large toll on the global populations over that time.

      As I said before, if the seals are not part of the Tribulation, it only redefines the Tribulation and what it consists of. It preserves pre-trib rapture, and matches context much better with the 6th seal timing and great multitude and 144k sealed.

      The 5th seal (Martyrs) is also an in progress seal as well, as all along the 2000 years they are accumulating and wondering how much longer, and are told to wait until their fellow servants are martyred as well.

      Martyrs are not exclusive to just the tribulation saints. :)

      [Sherrill - One, in the Greek, when mankind is saying that "the wrath if the lamb has come", it is very clear that this is not saying "the wrath is now coming" (indicating a recognition from that point forward), but rather "the wrath has already been here" (meaning the previous judgements are also recognized as the Lamb's wrath).]

      Really hard to get that context out of Rev 6:15-17

      Especially with verse 17 being immediate present tense in conjunction with verse 16. All three are present tense context, nothing of past tense in them.

      Rev 6:15-17 (BSB)

      15 Then the kings of the earth, the nobles, the commanders, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and free man hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains.

      16 And they said to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb.

      17 For the great day of Their wrath has come, and who is able to withstand it?”

    4. Eh, we can just agree to disagree then. Not the end of the world (pun very much intended) :-)

    5. I dont believe biden will be in to make any decisions

  36. Hey, what about the triangle being formed between the Moon, Jupiter, & Saturn, any significance there?

  37. Hey, what about the triangle being formed between the Moon, Jupiter, & Saturn, any significance there?

  38. Kris could you please quote the verse you used to make this statement -

    "If you know already that what you have to say will offend others, Paul's instructions are that it's better not to say it. "

    Let's start there :)

    Kris , I do trust Him not only for my salvation but for every inch of my being, more so now than ever before :)

    It's as if He has allowed me to go through the most severe testing and trying of my faith just so that I'm able to testify of His most beautiful Grace, His most amazing provision, protection and faithfulness hopefully to encourage many during the current darkness that's enveloped our world. Men's hearts failing them for fear of those things which is coming on the earth.

    It's a beautiful gift to be a partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God . There is no fear when there's perfect love. Being born again for over 27 yrs , I've only now experienced what that truly means. It's far beyond words to express that to anyone who has not being refined in the furnace of affliction .

    Here in is our love made perfect , that we may have boldness in the day of judgement because as He is , so are we in this world .

    Stan thank-you for your encouragement . I'm a her :)

    " I have noticed a slow morphing by several here that we will be going through "some" stuff...and now that some major players have suggested preparing, what used to be slapped at me as "saving myself" or "lack of faith" is now slowly being accepted."

    This is why our God is called Faithful and True. He has promised to show us our error if we are otherwise minded. As lovers of truth { and being born -again by the Living Word } which is essential for not been sent strong delusion to believe the lie .

    Going through the tribulation has nothing to do with" saving self " or lacking in faith . If the tribulation saints " are saved " by proving / showing their faith through martyrdom , it becomes self -redemption as with Islamic doctrine and all false religion-works based " salvation ". That's just a cowardly excuse and a damnable heresy .

    The very thought of that is not only blasphemous , it's AC spirit driven.

    How does God's Word " offend " other than He's a Rock of offence to them which stumble at The Word - 1 Peter 2;8 ?

    Would Jeremiah be classified as an " offender " for daring to expose the falsehood being done in God's name ?

    Doesn't the Lord condemn those who are misleading the people?

    Jer 23 is a good start :)

    Both prophet and priest are profane and in His house has He found this wickedness .

    Not much has changed.

    Thank-you Gary and Greg for this platform over the years and how the Lord will use this to bring Glory to His name as we search the scriptures daily to see if it lines up to His Truth and not man's interpretation .

    This is the only website that has stood the test of time since FP days . That's encouraging .

    We are exhorted to edify one another with the gifts He has given each member being of the SAME mind, not being wise in our own conceits. I pray that will be the cry of our heart.

    I pray we are open to the leading of His precious Holy Spirit in these days of great darkness and spiritual deception .

    1. Many of the verses on these pages:

      I assume you are acting under the principle of this 'thought' of scripture though:
      (Particularly the Pulpit commentary section down below)

      One of the downsides of a written medium is the difficulty in conveying emotions. I noticed you prefaced your comment with what we call in modern times a 'trigger warning' basically, and merely offered Paul's commentary on that if it would be helpful.

      Enduring pain is rarely a popular idea, and I have known many in the 'post tribulation' camp to have an intense fascination with that, to the point of condemning just about everyone to the fires of hell if they don't make it through alive...

      I'm of the belief that God has our backs though. He always has and always will. Even if we must die, we will see Him on the other side of it. As Job said, 'In my flesh I will see God' and 'Though He might slay me, I will praise Him.' Death could almost be seen as a mercy or blessing in the terrible world Revelation shows us. Even Paul said on one occasion that part of him longed to be done in this world, but he also wanted to teach more people about Christ.

    2. Kris.....I am posttrib and qould NEVER for a fleeting moment condemn ANYONE to the fires of hell, if they didnt make it through! MANY will not make it through and will be given special rewards for being martyrs.

      I have never seen a post trib person say such, but there are always the fringe types.

      I on the other hand have more than a few times clearly been told my posttrib beliefs will see me left behind, if I am wrong. I can only say that I forgive such comments as we all rise at the same moment...whenever that time is! God bless us all as we see events unfold.

    3. Kris not sure if this comment is directed at me seeing you didn't address me on my name :)

      The verses you quote have nothing to do with one exposing a false spirit or exhorting the Body to seek the Lord for His truth on His word and NOT man's Interpretation.

      Flee idolatry, don't commit fornication , don't murmer , pride , eating / drinking which will cause another
      to be offended has NOTHING to do with offending another in exposing deception .

      You said

      "Enduring pain is rarely a popular idea, and I have known many in the 'post tribulation' camp to have an intense fascination with that, to the point of condemning just about everyone to the fires of hell if they don't make it through alive... "

      No " fascination " of going through the trib here but a deep concern for my fellow brothers and sisters who refuse anything that challenges their group taught indoctrination. I know all the arguments that will be used as I was once a pre tribber too :)

      The fascination that I do see are the millions of videos , books, charts , prophecy seminars and power point presentations { prophets for profit } in that pre trib- time-line though .

      I'd be very interested to know where this is done in the Post trib position and the "fascination " you allude too but that's not the issue here.

    4. I must just be meeting those fringe types then, and it definitely has colored by perception of the group as a whole. Whenever the harpazo is, we will all go at the same time together. I'm a hopeful 'pretribber' who accepts that since 'for the elect's sake, those times will be cut short...' that it might be mid-trib/pre-wrath if God so chooses. Post trib makes the least sense to me as it seems to violate the idea of 'where I am, that they can be there also...' if we only spend minutes up in the air before He comes down. I feel the Rapture is about a 'final training' period where we all get on the same page so to speak.

      What I do know is 'if those times were not cut short, no flesh would survive...' and looking around, this is definitely a world where that could happen. (Disasters, asteroids, nuclear weapons, viruses, etc...) God has to intervene basically, and it's in that context that the Rapture makes complete sense... I believe He'll do it when He feels the time is right, and not a moment before.

      The things I do now are mainly to 'occupy until He comes.'

    5. I made it as a reply to you instead of just another main post in the thread as you had done. Nothing wrong with that as I search this whole page by date every day to get all the new posts (and sometimes even just scan manually in case I missed something)

      By all means, ask about things that don't seem right. What I grow weary of is seeing people condemning others for not believing one 'side' doctrine or another, and I see a lot of it out there and have been on the receiving end a bit too often. (By side doctrines I mean like the things you pointed out, food, drink, what shape the Earth is, supporting one politician or another, praying for certain people, whether there are lizard people, whether God is liberal or conservative, and where dinosaurs are in the Bible...)

      As for the people selling timelines and whatnot, I pay little attention to them. Just like I kind of ignore all the 'prepping' stuff (that I associate strongly with mid or post-trib folks, though I'm sure that's just my stereotypes in play. Some of these people are outdoorsmen/independant by nature and just want to get away from modern city living...)

      Whatever we have to get through to arrive before God's throne, He will be our strength.

  39. Anon DW,

    Are you deliberately trying to sow discord by making a very dangerous assumption based on what you perceive that I'm trying to convey.
    Where did I once make any reference to anyone going to hell for listening to that video ?

    I ask that you be weary of the false accusation you make against me .

    There is much deception in this clip and sadly that too would be rejected and scorned at , if I was to point these out .

    If you have no desire to be open to hearing what that deception is , that alone should be a huge red flag .

    It is to me.

    I don't have the time to spend trying to dissect false assumptions or having to expose false light that's masquerading as gospel truth with a continual barrage of criticism and a defiant stiff necked religious spirit.

    There's not much time left and it's wise to redeem that.

  40. If thats a possible rapture date I pray your right victorious.

  41. There is a verse of scripture that I see quoted here a lot which I think could be misinterpreted. Here it is.

    The days of our years are threescore years and ten, and by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off and we fly away.

    Psalms 90:10

    Before I continue I want to make sure ive got it right. Many or perhaps all believe this to be a prophetic reference to the future rapture of the church. If thats correct I have an issue with this. Heres why.

    I want to deal with this in two parts. Firstly the 70 t0 80 year life span.

    I want to go way back and document ages at the time of death starting at the great flood. As we know people before the flood lived 900+ years. Methuselah lived to 969. (The gov't went broke paying for their social security).

    After the flood life spans dropped dramatically. Here is a list of people with ages at time of death.


    Moving ahead about 400 yrs. to King davids time. When David wrote Psalms 90:10 he was not making a reference to a future generation, he was stating the life span of people from his own time. Why do I think this? Two reasons.

    Look at the first sentence of 90:10.

    "The days of OUR years...
    He is using an inclusive pronoun here, including himself. And probably the best clue of all is the fact that David himself died at age 70. His boy, the future King Solomon died at 80.

    From this time to when Christ was born were the well known philosophers.


    Moving ahead to Jesus'time. The apostle Paul was 67 when he was executed. The apostle John is thought to be the only one of the original 12 who didnt die violently. He was in his 90's when he wrote Revelation.

    Lets fast forward about 1800 yrs. The average life span at this time was 40 but that is with the infant mortality factored in. The average life span of the signers of the dec. of independence was 67. Not quite into the 70-80 range but close.

    President Washington died at 67.
    Ben Franklin-84
    President Jefferson-83

    The point being here is that people had the potential to and did live to 70 and 80 and beyond at this time.

    The average age at death for presidents from Washington to McKinley was 71.2
    (Two were assassinated)

    Average age for presidents in the 20th century-76 yrs.

    From this I conclude that there is nothing at all remarkable about our current life span today. It has varied little since Davids time.

    Now my second point on Psalms 90:10

  42. For the second half of this comment I did a simple word study using my concordance on the word -Fly-.

    "For it is soon cut off and we fly away.." The hebrew word for fly is the word UPH. Looking at the various usages of the word I found that it is used both figuratively and literally.

    Look at Psalms 55:6

    "And I said Oh that I had wings like a dove! For then would I fly away, and be at rest. This is obviously a figurative reference. David is so distressed that he wanted to sprout wings and get out of the situation he was dealing with. (Who hasn't felt that way?)

    Whenever you see the words like or as your usually dealing with a common figure of speech known as a simile.

    Although I dont see the words like or as in 90:10 I still think this to be a figurative usage not literal.

    When we die we are removed from our situation, being life itself.

    Speaking for myself I try to keep separate what I want to believe from what I really believe. Do I want to believe that the rapture must happen before the end of this year or next year? Or at the very latest 2022? Yes!

    Would I stake my life on it? No way.

    I personally think that a more logical time marker for the rapture would be Jesus resurrection rather than the beginning of his earthly ministry. That would be a great time for the millenium to begin. There is disagreement but im in the camp that believes that occurred in 31 a.d. Counting back 7 yrs. would be 2024. I really dont want to wait that long but think its quite possible that i'll have to. The current DOTC in the mid-east is significant but we dont know how many countries will have ultimately joined or how long it will take before the rapture.

    1. When I look at Psalm 90 in general, I see what looks like a synopsis of all of the world's history from beginning to end. I'm also mindful of Christ saying 'those days will be cut short' which is pretty much exactly how Psalms 90 tells it. 'But they are soon cut off...' The 'and we fly away' could just be figurative, but in light of the Rapture sounds like it could be a definite reference. Knowing there's supposed to be a tribulation of at least 7 years at the end of the pre-millenial kingdom leads us to expect the 'flying away' to happen anytime in the next few years.

      If we have to wait a few more years, God will still help us get through them, or in mercy spare us from living through it if His wisdom dictates such. While I would prefer to be one of those who 'are alive and remain' on His day, there are times when I wish I could just sleep through the time between now and then (or be aware and with the Lord Jesus if that interpretation is the right one...) I leave it to His wisdom to decide which is better.

    2. - Kris Garrison:

      "While I would prefer to be one of those who 'are alive and remain' on His day, there are times when I wish I could just sleep through the time between now and then..."

      How often I have thought that in recent times...

    3. I find that when those thoughts come up, it is a good time to find things to thank God for, pray about the things weighing you down and find something you can do to make someone else's day better in some way.

  43. Heb 11:16  But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city. 

  44. Yesterday I spoke with my wife about the Rapture/Harpazo.

    While she was the first believer and she is the one who knew Jesus Christ first as BF/GF, she kinda lost interest in knowing with what is going on in the world. You know, the news getting negative by the day many years ago.

    I wanted her to be aware of the events today and that we are in the accelerated phase of fulfilling Bible prophecies.

    Simply put, I want her to remember her first love and that we are living in a time like no other. Particularly this Great Reset. This Great Reset , as I believe is the platform for the Antichrist to come in. The stage is being set, lights are on, sounds at the ready, curtain to open very, very quickly.

    1. "The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak..." It's really hard to be on 'high alert' for years and years... Even the most passionate among us has to take a break now and then or we'll burn out... I get some relief from that verse (and the Sabbath) though... He knows we need the breaks to function properly.

    2. Agreed. It's a shifting of the foot hold to stand firm in our evil days.

      Been taking a break a lot lately from things.

      His standard lifted when it comes in like a flood.

      I take heart, and am in need of patient endurance (Heb 10:36) as is His commendation of the church of Philadelphia in Rev 3.

      Hebrews 10:35-39 (ESV)

      Therefore do not throw away your confidence,
      which has a great reward.

      For you have need of endurance,
      so that when you have done the will of God
      you may receive what is promised.


      “Yet a little while,
      and the coming one
      will come and will not delay;

      But my righteous one shall live by faith,
      and if he shrinks back,
      my soul has no pleasure in him.”

      But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed,
      but of those who have faith and preserve their souls.

      🚫 🍇

      ··╱É· É·╲··

      Foxman on the Wall

  45. At https://www.raptureready.com/2020/11/22/day-of-darkness-approaching-by-daymond-duck/ "Day of Darkness Approaching :: By Daymond Duck":

    "On several occasions, Joe Biden has said the U.S. is about to go into a “dark winter” because of Covid.

    It is my opinion that the Shadow Government has gone all out to remove Trump from office, steal the election, install Biden, lockdown the Church, shutdown the global economy, set the table for their Global Reset (meeting scheduled for May 18-21, 2021), seizure of the world’s resources, wealth redistribution, world government, world religion, mandatory vaccinations, tattoos, tracking all buying and selling, etc., and what they are doing will send the U.S. into the “day of darkness,” otherwise known as the Tribulation Period (Zeph. 1:15).

    Trudeau supported the Global Reset meeting that is scheduled for May 18-21 and called for action by the IMF, the World Bank, and the leaders of the G-7 and G-20 nations at their Fall 2021 meetings."

    The World Economic Forum which will discuss the Great reset between 18 and 21 May 2021. It strikes me that this is scheduled right after Israel's 73th birthday on May the 14th. And will the New World Order be instituted during the next fall?

    1. It is also interesting to note that Pentecost is directly following those dates on the 23rd....

  46. Finally getting around to read your article, Gary, and VOILA! CONFIRMATION!
    On November 6 I posted an article on the Dec. 21 Great Conjunction also: https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2020/11/2020-dark-winter-and-once-in-generation.html
    Wouldn't it be GREAT if THIS were the last heavenly sign before the Rapture✨

  47. Oops! I forgot to add that in my article (https://lynmelvin.blogspot.com/2020/11/2020-dark-winter-and-once-in-generation.html) I explain how I believe the "Once-in-a-Generation" Great Conjunction may be the fulfillment of a prophetic dream I received back in 2016 where I saw what looked like the Bethlehem Star.

  48. https://www.foxnews.com/science/jupiter-saturn-double-planet-not-seen-nearly-800-years

  49. At https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/president-trump-deploys-b-52h-stratofortress-bombers-to-middle-east-for-possible-strike-iran-as-last-gift-fo-israel/ "President Trump Deploys B-52H Stratofortress Bombers To Middle East For Possible Strike On Iran As Last Gift For Israel Before Leaving Office".

    A strike on Iran by Israel and the US will spell disaster for the whole world and usher in the Tribulation Period.

    1. I would imagine this very well could start the Ezekiel 38-39 war that we are looking forward to usher in the "global peace"

    2. Perhaps the Psalm 83 war is in the offing? A preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear program? This may include the destruction of Damascus as well. This quick and violent war will lead to an international cry to tame the victorious Israelis. Eventually, the Jewish nation agrees to a treaty which provides for their defense, their denuclearization, and....the construction of the Third Temple.

      Just a scenario to contemplate. How does the Ezekiel 38 invasion occur unless Israel has no nuclear bombs? A giant invading army like the one expressed is merely a large bullseye for an IDF nuke.

      But, back to the original B-52 speculation. This is just sword rattling, it's been done before. It's a relatively simple thing to order a wing of planes to Diego Garcia, and everybody notices. It is something else to order an additional USN carrier group to the Arabian Sea. That is lethally serious. If that were to occur, it would probably not be a mere saber rattling, and Iran would have good reason to fear the worst.

      The quirky element is time. President Trump has about 7 weeks remaining as Commander in Chief. If anything is going to be done, it must be quickly. There may not be time to get an additional carrier group to the area.


  50. I honestly think the trib will start Jan 1st. They want to do this global reset and it's going to require the mark of the beast with the built in vaccine. The vaccine won't be standalone it will be coupled with the mark I believe. That's why they are calling for this reset to deal with Covid. Makes sense now why the mark of the beast is it what it is and they are using Covid to bring it on.

    1. I agree there is still more to see with COVID; as Biden has made several statements to include during the debate that the US will see 200K covid deaths before end of year. I am stating now prior to Thanksgiving that it will not surprise me in the least if shortly after Thanksgiving we see a "spike" in Covid deaths related to Thanksgiving gatherings. I believe it is all part of the conspiracy to bring about the mandatory vaccines. (more than half are claiming they wont voluntarily take the vaccine)... we wait and see... but mark my words... its coming

  51. I am under the impression that the Greek word translated as “generation” can also mean “nation”. It seems like the word “this” in the phrase “this generation” is a reference back to the fig tree. If the fig tree is a representation of the “nation” of Israel, then does it make more sense to translate this phrase as “this nation will certainly not pass away”?

    Israel ceased to be a nation for a very long time but then formally came back into existence in 1948. Is Jesus saying here that Israel will never again cease to be a nation until “all these things take place”?

    I certainly hope the translation is truly a reference to a generation in the traditional sense. I believe the Lord’s return is near but I can see a scenario where it is still a decade or two away.

    Interested in any thoughts that would rebuff the translation as “nation” vs “generation”.


  52. So do you think something major will happen at virtually the same time as the Rapture to provide a...well there's not a good word for what I'm trying to express. Distraction? Deflection? Delusion?

    Like an EMP or a supervolcano blast? A nuclear attack somewhere?


    1. If our physical body just disappear I guess they will uae the alien abduction. If our body just drop dead I think it will be the 2nd wave of covid

  53. Anybody see who Biden (yeah right) picked for the national security team. Looks like Obama will be getting his third term as Potus under the pseudonym of Joe Biden. All the good Trump did only to be pi**ed away. Makes me sick to see this!

    1. Directly or indirectly... People accused and tried to prove Obama was the 'big-A' Antichrist for years... If O was on the cabinet somewhere and the Rapture cleared the whole thing out, he could end up president again...

      It's all going to seem so silly when this all wraps up and doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things...

  54. Check out skywatchtv.com. read Tom horns messenger. I dont know why but I have always had a feeling about 2024 and Jesus returning 2031-33

    1. Apophis.

      I don't think the Resurrection and Rapture is that far out, but...

      I do think that the description in the 6th Seal is an excellent example of what a ground observer would see from different points on the earth with an asteroid impact.

      It's also interesting to see it as the worldly view and compare it the the Golden Censer being tossed to the earth from the heavenly (spiritual) perspective. As though they are both the same event, from two different vantage points.

      Also don't forget that the Second Great American Eclipse happens in April of 2024 to close off the 7 years with the "X" on top of the New Madrid fault line.

    2. Are the 7 Trumpets just 1 big event? It is at the half way point and it is when satan is thrown down to earth. Could satan possibly be in the asteroid and is thrown down to the earth? That great of event will rock the earth and possible be used to release the destroyer from the abyss. The beast does rise out of the sea? Just some ramblings that have been going on in my head recently

    3. no, I don't think so. they are separate events. I think when satan and his angels are thrown down, we go up. 7 Trumpets will start at mid-point.

  55. Im not convinced that Trump is finished in this election. The MSM is pressuring him to concede but hes not going to until all these court decisions play out. Al Gore took 37 days until forced to concede in 2000 but no one thought he should quit in the media.

    How long did it take before the media was saying that Trump should throw in the towel? One week.

    Its obvious that Trump won this election but the question is not if they can prove it but whether the court system will uphold the constitution and do their job. Pray that the state legislatures and U.S. supreme court have the courage to uphold the rule of law. If they do more than likely there will be violence but we cant be intimidated. The Lord might come back tomorrow but until he does we have to live here. The left wing in the country have taken off their masks ( not covid masks) They are truly communistic in their goals. Pray for Trumps legal team. This fraud has to be exposed.

  56. Seems that some here believe Biden will be president. I disagree. I could be wrong but I find it hard to believe that the left will be able to get away with such a blatant and sloppy heist.

  57. Then again, a lot of people seem to be living in an Alex Jones universe. Trump started telegraphing everything he’s saying now, BEFORE the election, because he and his re-election team were fearful of, and bracing for, a loss. A lot of us are surprised that he didn’t lose by a much larger margin.

    Flash back to 2016: he was saying most of the same things before that election, too. He declared that the whole thing was rigged, because nearly every poll showed him well short, and he was setting the stage for doing exactly what he’s doing now. But then he won, much to his own surprise. Then lo and behold, the talk of a rigged election went away like magic. Then all he had were his “size matters” arguments, about illegals being bused in to vote, to explain his falling short in the popular vote count...and of course, the size of his inaugural crowd.

    If losing the election was “impossible”, then we shouldn’t have had an election at all. Thus do such things function, but it has nothing to do with the very brief time left to us on this planet. THAT is what we should be focused upon.


    1. I don't believe we've ever had a (human-run) 100% honest election in the history of this world. People have always wanted to have power over other people, and the more desparate they want it, the more likely underhanded tactics will be employed.

      This one looks particularly sloppy. Whether that's desparation, novices, biases, human error or just 'looking the wrong way when something happened' the evidence just isn't going away. This is probably going to the Supreme Court and the court of 'We the people' if that fails. All that holds people back right now is the Restrainer and the hope in the checks and balances of the system.

      I'm thinking it's the perfect storm for the Rapture to happen in... Jesus told people to pray that their escape was not in the Winter or on a Sabbath... Biden mentioned it would be a 'dark winter' if he didn't get his way... (And we know Operation Dark Winter was a pandemic response 'wargame' that he was somehow involved with...)

      It might just happen before Winter... or we might have a few months (hopefully not years unless for God's glory) to endure. Only God knows.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. In regards to DW/Anonymous's post:
      In a CNN universe of course Trump lost. The fact that you are surprised that he did not lose by a larger margin should be a wake-up call to question what you have been believing. The MSM is refusing to investigate fraud; they silence conservative voices on social media (surely you know this). The Bible says that in the days up to the rapture the people who are left behind will get a strong delusion because they "did not love the truth." In other words, they create and/or embrace lies. Even for those people who only choose the MSM universe there is still absolutely no excuse for not seeing the truth of the globalistic/Satanic takeover of the world that is giving rise to the soon appearing Antichrist. Some quick examples: Biden brags on video about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating Hunter's role in a corrupt company; the mountain of corruption in creating and foisting the false accusations against DJT for Russian collusion; FISA affidavits created and signed falsely; Hillary operating an illegal server and then intentionally destroying it to hide evidence; Muller's legal team wiping their tax payer issued phones. I could go on and on. How about how the debates went? Do you not see how antagonistic the moderators were to DJT but not to Biden? Do you not see how the MSM never asks Biden any meaningful questions but they relentlessly try to set up President Trump to look corrupt? People who do not love the truth are OK with all those things; it simply gets accepted as appropriate, but it is all about embracing lies. The Devil is all about lying, stealing, and destroying. The democratic party is not the one from old. It operates as a Marxist organization. We have abundant evidence again from other nations about how Marxists operate. Marxists are just like the Devil because that is who their real leader is. They silence their opposition by stealing elections (Stalin the former leader of the USSR said, "Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." They murder their opposition (already high ranking democrats such as AOC are calling to retaliate against Trump's supporters (if anyone can't see where they want to take that then again they should truly ask themselves if they are blinding themselves to the truth. Marxist destroy, as is seen with Biden's corrupt connections to China, Russia, the Council on Foreign Affairs etc. Biden has already shown how he and his potential administration will further usurp the freedom and sovereignty of law abiding Americans by making corrupt, selfish, and personally enriching deals with our very enemies by exchanging with them our economic vitality that provides jobs for middle America and the poor, our tax dollars, and inevitably our liberty. This is in reality the decades long efforts of the globalist to destroy the American's people power by putting in leadership those who will be their puppets and further usurp the will of the people and further dismantle the US constitution. The democratic party's treachery to accomplish this is obvious by now and some recent evidence is their clear intention to stack the Supreme court with God hating justices by Biden, Schumerr et al. Let's not ignore their current corrupt attempt at stealing the election (Dominion voting machines, multitudes of false ballots, and the whole lie that we could not vote in person in order to create the perfect climate for mail in ballot fraud as happens in 3rd world dictatorial nations). There is an overabundance of evidence that this is exactly what has been happening and it is culminating right before your eyes. Living in a MSM universe is still no excuse for you or anyone to not recognize these works of Satan and treat them as such.

    4. EXCELLENT POST!!! --- Thank you, "Looking Up!", for sharing your God-given insights with all of us here!

  58. Trump wasn't bracing for a loss. He was bracing for the wide-scale voter fraud which occurred. This wasn't an election of democrat vs republican. It was good vs evil. If GOD decides that this is the "Last Trump", then our redemption draws closer than before.

  59. If Trump truly lost he should have lost more house seats as well as the Senate. Theres no way that old man Biden got more votes than obama and hillary. A man who hardly campaigned, a man who can hardly speak two coherent sentences in a row without stumbling. They used the pandemic as an excuse to flood the country with mail-in ballots. Even jimmy carter the second worst president after obama said that mail-in ballots offered too much opportunity for fraud.

    We will know soon if they get away with this. They (dems)never accepted Trumps win 4 yrs. ago and hounded him with one phony scandal after another and came up with nothing with no apology, so why should anyone be surprised that they would steal this election? The cities in question Phillie, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Las Vegas are notorious for voter fraud activity and not surprisingly they are all controlled by democrats. And why would they stop counting votes all at the same time before midnight? The question answers itself. I started voting in '88 and in all this time ive never seen that. Trump did predict fraud in 016 because he understands dems. They thought they had it won and were caught with their pants down and couldnt scrape up enough votes( not without trying, no doubt) in time.

  60. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    "It is not because things are good that we are to thank the Lord, but because He is good."

    -Hannah Whitall Smith


    15 See that no one repays anyone
    evil for evil, but always seek to
    do good to one another and to

    16 Rejoice always,

    17 pray without ceasing

    18 give thanks in all circumstances;
    for this is the will of God in Christ
    Jesus for you.

    (1 Thessalonians 5:15-18 ESV)

    May you enjoy the fruits of the day with thanks and gladness.

    Grace and peace to you, always,

    Pastor Rich & Family

    1. When you mention 1 Thess 5:15-18 the first thing I think of is probably why we haven't seen mass arrests of all these elites who get caught doing unlawful and immoral things... People trying to be 'nice' to them in the hopes that they'll stop perhaps? I know that if God punished the first sin immediately that no one live into child bearing, are we just seeing that same forgiving attitude in higher law enforcement?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hmmm, I'm sorry Kris that the first thing you thought of was politics.

      My greeting and wish stand as-is; a personal wish that everyday you may dwell with a thankful heart for all of the blessings poured out each day to you. Just as Paul instructed the church in Thessalonica he instructs us today to do the same...to do good, rejoice, pray ceaselessly and give thanks in all things.

      How appropriate it is that Paul recorded the following as the opening though to my Thanksgiving wish,

      1 Now concerning the times and
      the seasons, brothers, you have
      no need to have anything written
      to you.

      2 For you yourselves are fully
      aware that the day of the Lord
      will come like a thief in the

      3 While people are saying,
      "There is peace and security,"
      then sudden destruction will
      come upon them as labour
      pains come upon a pregnant
      woman, and they will not

      (1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 ESV)

      Hmmm, it sure sounds like God has a bead on the situation, eh?

      The Spirit continues,

      4 But you are not in darkness,
      brothers for that day to surprise
      you like a thief.

      5 For you are all children of
      light, children of the day.
      We are not of the night or of
      the darkness.

      (1 Thessalonians 5:4-5 ESV)

      How appropriate an opening to Paul's exhortation to,

      1. Be sober
      2. Keep the faith
      3. Love
      4. Respect each other
      5. Live in peace
      6. Admonish the idle
      7. Encourage the faint-hearted
      8. Help the weak
      9. Be patient
      10. Do good
      11. Rejoice always
      12. Pray ceaselessly
      13. Give thanks in all circumstances

      "...for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." (1 Thessalonians 5:18b ESV)

      19 Do not quench the Spirit.

      20 Do not despise prophecies,

      21 but test everything; hold
      fast what is good.

      22 Abstain from every form of

      (1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 ESV)

      The work of God that we are given is this,

      29 Jesus answered them,

      "This is the work of God, that you
      believe in him whom he has sent."

      RED LETTERS (John 6:29 ESV)

      Paul records HOW we are to do the work that the Father assigned us through Christ Jesus. When we fail in that charge what have we done? And when we fail who must we turn to? And when we turn to Him what must we do? And when we turn to Him what will He do? But if we stay locked in our pride what will come of it?

      I pray that you are each blessed richly with a thankful heart knowing the HIGHEST and ULTIMATE PRICE paid on your behalf. It is not only to you but to those who would be your neighbour as well.

      Love accordingly and share the Love of Christ today.

      Blessings, always,


    4. ...and after posting my last I took a look at a keyword from (1 Thessalonians 5:19) being "quench",

      Quoting Biblehub,

      Strong's Concordance (G4570)

      sbennumi: to quench
      Original Word: σβέννυμι
      Part of Speech: Verb
      Transliteration: sbennumi
      Phonetic Spelling: (sben'-noo-mee)
      Definition: to quench
      Usage: (a) I extinguish, quench, (b) I suppress, thwart.

      If you ever wondered what "quench" means in this context there it is. Strong's Greek Forty-five, Seventy spells it out. If you're into Strong's numbers this one may catch your eye.

    5. There's no need to be sorry about that Pastor Rich. I didn't see that political thought as negative. What I saw instead was that Jesus has a presence in our political/legal system and He is trying to show His enemies mercy in the hopes they will repent. (No matter which 'side' they are on.) I am thankful that He has that level of mercy.

      As we watch this play out, let us stay ever mindful that we are not at war against people, but against darker forces. Let us take heart in God's mercy and grace and continue to pray that the lies are exposed and more set free from that darkness...

  62. PR - Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, and to all.


    So Strong's (G4570) caught my attention over this holiday weekend. Sharing this with my wife, the Mrs reminded me that DJT was 70-years old when he took office as the 45th President on 1/20/17. That would be 70-years, 7-months and 7-days (inclusive) after he was born.

    Old news to many here so moving on...

    President Elect Biden will be 78-years old come 1/20/21 as he is expected to take the Oath of Office to become the 46th President.


    Looking back to the pattern which is "POTUS# combined w/age" which is noted above, we see,

    1. DJT sworn as #45 at age 70 == Strong's (G4570)
    2. JRB expected to be sworn as #46 at age 78 == Strong's (G4678)

    Here's what those Strong's numbers come to,

    1. (G4570), σβέννυμι, sbennumi, defn = (a) I extinguish, quench, (b) I suppress, thwart.
    2. (G4678), σοφία, sophia, defn = wisdom, insight, skill (human or divine), intelligence.

    Both numbers are modelled exactly alike, no favouritism, and both come directly from Biblehub so they are same-as-same. I, like many here, do not believe in coincidences and do find this interesting. Just as it is interesting that the Biden/Harris campaign text message number "30330" is hinted at in the following,

    2020 / 666 = 3.033033033...

    Yes, 666 is a red flag number for many but keep in mind that 666 by itself is also that which nailed the Lord Jesus to the tree. The Greek value for the number six is rendered with the symbol "ς" or stigma. A stigma is a mark of ownership. Three Greek sixes can be seen in the nails which were driven into the Lord's hands and feet. 666.

    The same is true in Hebrew as the sixth letter in the alephbet is "ו" (Vav/Waw), has a value of six (6) and symbolizes a tent stake, spike or nail from ancient Hebrew. Again, 666.

    Biblical meanings and uses of numbers is an interesting study. God is both an artist, engineer and mathematician among His countless titles. I thought it interesting to share this pattern for anyone interested.

    Happy hunting

    1. great work, PR. your posts are always inspiring/educational.

      lately I've been thinking about how the USA is a modern Babylon (as represented in Jeremiah 50 and 51). So many pointed to the "45" representing Trump as pointing to Isaiah 45, about Cyrus. That Trump would be a modern day Cyrus figure, liberating the Jews and permitting the rebuilding of the Temple. But what if we turn this around slightly and see Trump as a Cyrus figure coming to defeat the Babylonians (cf. the feast of Belshazzar in Daniel)? Trump almost went to war with North Korea, who has ICBMs capable of hitting the West Coast of the US. In that regard, I found it interesting that the last two major sports championships before the election were: the LA Dodgers (dodging a bullet) defeating the Tampa Bay Rays (nuclear radiation), and the LA Lakers (lake of fire) defeating the Miami Heat (nuclear explosion). Is God trying to tell us something about Los Angeles?

    2. Let he who has Wisdom (Sophia) calculate the number of the beast, for it six hundred three score and six...

      I get the strong feeling that the 'man of sin' or 'son of perdition' is about to be revealed... Probably not Biden directly, but perhaps whoever is pulling the strings. May be someone we have never even seen...

    3. You have a good point Kris, thank you for adding in!

      We've been dealing with signs and this is perhaps another one. I was not looking for this, it simply was there, but the pieces do fit and I wholly believe that both DJT and JRB are here for a reason. That reason is to set the stage for the coming time of trouble, final call of the saints and redemption of Israel.

      Someone had to establish an agreement (covenant) that it may be strengthened by the AC. That someone had to cut across the grain and with temporal proximity to the R12S. It may be argued that the sitting POTUS accomplished that.

      Agreed, probably not Biden. I believe it will be someone the Jews see as one of their own. I also believe we have already seen him at work. I think we know his name although he is not fully revealed to the world.

      Yes, time is getting short. The pit awaits and chains are at the ready. The lake will be open for business soon. We may yet be taken during the watch of Trump-Pence.

      The breadth and scope of sudden destruction caused by the harpazo should not be underestimated. How long will it take for the world to recover? Some places will be longer than others. But on a whole? A while. Certainly not a few days or weeks. Long enough perhaps to push the age of the generation of Psalm 90 to the absolute limits.

      In that time the AC will take claim to peace and security. It will work wonders and be the leader the world thought it wanted. Thus the gap of time between sudden destruction and the beginning of the time of trouble. Time at least for the new church to be born. Time at least for the rise of the Tribulation Saints. LORD grant them your strength in the time to come!

      Blessings to all this first day of Advent,


    4. Nah. PR, you're a gifted writer, but clearly no prophet.

      Trump lost. It's just a matter of time before the Illuminati concede defeat.

    5. Well, Zachary, I have to agree with you. I am no prophet and thank you for the compliment on my writing. Still, I have a strong suspicion that the AC will be one the Jews trust -- even one who claims to be one of them.

    6. Trump only loses if Biden gets the required 270 electoral college votes on Dec. 14th. The legal challenges currently underway could deny Biden that total, sending the matter to the House of Representatives (Where each state would get 1 vote. With 31 Republican majority states vs 19 Democrat majority states, Trump will likely win that contest.)

      I hope you'll look around a bit more for your news Zachary, I fear you may be listening to and believing liars instead of trying to find the Truth. Nevertheless, all who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. God knows who desires to follow Him.

      As a centerist watching the current news landscape, the mainstream media (CNN, CBS, NBC, about 80% of Fox, ABC and most of the newspapers) is currently ignoring all the legal challenges and developments that are eroding their narrative for those who see it. OANN, Newsmax, Sky News Australia, Breitbart, CBN (Yes, even a Christian channel is noticing), Infowars (a little tin foil hattery sometimes...), and even some smaller independant voices have all been giving coverage of what's going on.

      If there is an 'Illumanati' group, they are most likely on the Globalists side, and that's the side the Democratic (and a small part of the Republican) party is favoring...

      Perfect storm for the Rapture is all I'm thinking. A few more weeks...

    7. Trump's legal challenges have failed. they're fraudulent. It's 99.999% likely he'll lose on Dec. 14.

      Trump is a deceiver; he was really working for the globalist Masons all along. I was told by someone who knows that Trump's goal was to destroy the USA, after which Obama would take over as a Big Brother pharaoh for 42 months in a "phoenix rising from the ashes" scenario. With that game plan soon off the table, the Masons have no pathway forward and will have to concede defeat, with all their evil machinations being exposed. Yes, I'd bet dollars to donuts the last trump comes sometime in December.

    8. "If you're happy and you know it, it's your MEDS!"

      Please take yours ASAP!

    9. Yeah... and I've heard a number of high level masons say that Trump is definitely not one of them. I've gone back through years of footage of Trump and never seen any of those 'secret handshakes' either. Masons are not exactly a very secret bunch any more...

      So which masons do we believe? The ones that make up the elaborate tabloid stories, or the ones that simply say 'yes, he's one of us...' or 'no, he's not...' The first are probably not even masons...

  64. Christian persecution has already arrived in the UK. See https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/uk-and-ireland-christians-take-worship-underground-in-wake-of-govt-lockdowns "UK and Ireland Christians take worship ‘underground’ in wake of govt lockdowns".

  65. I'm beginning to wonder if Jan 19 will be the last trump.

  66. https://endtimeheadlines.org/2020/11/we-wont-force-vaccine-but-you-wont-be-able-to-buy-sell-or-trade-without-it/

  67. If this conjunction is the star of bethlehem and it coincidentally happens to be on winter solstice this could be a sign of the birth of the antichrist. We all know the devil always mimics God. Probably this mimics Jesus' birth with the star of bethlehem sign.

  68. Pres. Trumps legal challenges have not all failed because there are more looming, that is just more fake news. Back in 2000 George W. had several setbacks due to left leaning courts but ultimately prevailed in the supreme court. I can see that happening here, the problem is that we have a Trump hating supreme court chief justice (Roberts).

    The MSM like annoying parrots keep repeating the same mantra in chorus that there is no evidence of fraud. "No evidence..." No evidence" Raaa..!

    There is plenty of evidence in the form of signed affidavits by hundreds of credible people attesting to the various forms of fraud that they witnessed. The penalty for filing a false affidavit is a felony and depending on the state a person can get 2 to 10 yrs. in prison.

    The left wing persecuted Trump for 3 or 4 yrs. for supposedly conspiring with foreign actors to steal the election from clinton which was totally bogus which they knew all along.

    Even if the courts rule against Trump the state legislators can refuse to award the states electoral votes to either side, meaning that no one may reach 270. That has only happened 2 other times in our history. If that happens now Trump wins!

    A secondary concern that I have is that they will use the same tactics to steal Georgias senate seats giving Chuck Schumer the gavel, which would be very bad if biden happens to prevail in this theft.

  69. One other thing. If anyone really believes that there is no evidence. If your one of the parrots repeating this, try to put your biases aside and watch Guiliani's hearing in Gettysburg last week.


    Tomorrow, December 1st, 2020 creates an interesting pattern in the date,


    ...reminiscent of,

    3 Then the LORD said,

    "My Spirit shall not abide in
    man forever, for he is flesh:
    his days shall be 120 years."

    (Genesis 6:3 ESV)


    15 In those days Peter stood
    up among the brothers (the
    company of persons was in all
    about 120)...

    (Acts 1:15 ESV)

    These are but two of the ways 120 in used Scripture. It is found by itself and as a factor in other numbers, the 144,000 being one of them,

    120 x 1,200 = 144,000

    If you're looking for a study point in the month of December in a year that is beyond unique? This may be a pin-point for you.

    Happy hunting

  71. My father was born in 1940. I was born in 1962. My daughter was born in 1992 and my grandaughter was born in 2016. 4 generations span 76 years.

    I suggest a search on how long a generation is. It is generally 20-30 years. Evangelical used to say it was 50 years. Then when it didnt match their prophecies, they changed it to 60, then 70.

    Conclusion: your theology is off.



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