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Snowstorm of the Century, Disappearing Coronavirus, and Alien Disclosure: Stranger Things (Part V)

I hope everyone is staying warm and keeping an eye out for family, friends, and neighbors that are in need during #Snowpocalypse2021.  In this post I'm not unpacking much, just dropping some topics for discussion.  What are your thoughts?

There are millions without power in the United States because of the snowstorm and 70% of the United States is covered in snow, but this historic winter deluge—unprecedented in many areas—has also hit Northern Europe, Russia, Greece, and it's about to hit Israel, too.  Remember the Balaamic words of then-candidate Joseph Biden on October 22, 2020?  He claimed a “dark winter” was upon us.  He was right after all, though I'm sure he didn't understand the underlying and prophetic meaning of his words.

Athens, including the Acropolis, is covered in snow.

The Mark is not here yet, but the mentality and infrastructure are now in place post-2020 (see here, here, here, here, and here).

Coronavirus cases are plummeting in India and leveling off in the U.S.  What happens next to keep the NWO's momentum going?  I think I know (see here and here).

#Disclosure is coming and it will be the primary lie used to conceal the rapture.  The Pentagon now admits to testing extraterrestrial (correction: interdimensional) UFO wreckage per a FOIA request.  This comes less than a year after the U.S. Navy declassified three videos of UFOs (also called UAPs, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) and just two months after the former head of the IDF's space directorate claimed that humans have been in contact with the “Galactic Federation.”  These are certainly aliens, but make no mistake, they are not extraterrestrial.  They are the interdimensional spiritual forces of darkness—namely, fallen angels and the Nephilim in league with them who are seeking to destroy Israel and the Church.

At the same time, there has been a significant and noticeable uptick in large earthquakes around the globe since the beginning of the year.  Since the start of the year there have been 26 earthquakes over 6.0 and three over 7.0, including a massive 7.7 in the Loyalty Islands.  The 7.7 came 380 days after another 7.7 struck the Caribbean and shook Mar-a-Lago as Trump and Netanyahu unveiled The Deal of the Century.  Strong's 380 (“to unroll”) is used only once in Scripture, in Luke 4 where Jesus declares a jubilee and pauses His reading of Isaiah 61 right before the place in which the Day of the LORD is described.  Indeed, this dispensational pause is coming to a swift end.  The scroll is about to be unsealed and unrolled the rest of the way.

Last week we witnessed a heavenly sign reminiscent of Revelation 12:5 and the rapture of the Church, and all of this as we grow closer to the end of the current biblical year, which happens to closely coincide with 1,260 days, or 3.5 years, after the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017.  The powers that be are planning their “Great Reset,” but God is planning a reset of His own.  We are witnessing our adversary position the final pieces for his plan to attack and devour us, but just as God has intervened in the past, so too He will intervene in the future.  We are His children and He has promised escape.

Before fallen Adam and Eve could return to the Garden of Eden and eat from the Tree of Life, God sent cherubim to guard the way.

Before wicked angels could corrupt every last man, woman, and child on earth, God sent a cataclysmic flood and delivered Noah and his family from the destruction below.

Before fallen mankind could reach the heavens, God descended, divided their language, and scattered them over the face of the earth.  (Compare this to 1 Thess. 4:16–5:4; it's God vs. Babel part II.)

Before the inhabitants of Sodom could assault Lot's guests and his family, God's angels forcefully brought them out to safety.

Before Satan can devour the Church, God delivers us to a place promised and prepared (Jn. 14:1–3; 1 Thess. 1:10; 4:16–18; 5:3–4, 9; Rev. 3:10; 4–5; 12:5; and cf. Isa. 26:17–21; 66:7–9; Zeph. 1:14–2:3; Acts 15:13–18).

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  1. If only the Lord would give us sign to show us if we're close to going home... said no believer awake to the times! Thanks for the recap, Gary. We are so close indeed. Speaking of disclosure, brother Todd Adkins posted a good video yesterday regarding it: https://youtu.be/rCjNibJmsvs

    1. He did, through various sources including this website.
      Daniel Prophecy is to the Jews and Jerusalem, watch them!
      Paul tells us through the His letters.
      And specifically Colossians 2:17.

    2. Check out the video by Dr. Baruch Korman called "Our Blessed Hope", all scriptural.....we can know what's coming next. Also check out the 1335 Kingdom document on timeline....scriptural

    3. God's wrath (the last 3 and a half years of Daniels 70th week) and the tribulation (the first 3 and a half years) Believers are not appointed to God's wrath, but we are to tribulation...there is a difference. Don't be deceived and disappointed!

    4. Unknown, with respect, your comment shows a distinctly Western (dare I say, America-centric) point-of-view. The ENTIRE seven year period is God's Wrath. Who is it that opens the very first seal at the beginning of the seven year period (Revelation 5)? The Lamb! The Lamb is Jesus, and Jesus is God. The Church is not appointed to ANY of it. There is a big difference between tribulation and THE Tribulation. The entire seven years is the capital-T Tribulation. True believers have experienced small-t tribulation -- indeed, Christ promised us that we would -- since the beginning of the Church Age. But the Body of Christ is made up of EVERY tribe, tongue and nation. Down through the ages, MANY (if not MOST) believers have faced nothing BUT tribulation. Just because we in the West have largely escaped persecution for our faith, and have been overwhelmingly blessed by God, doesn't mean that the Church AS A WHOLE has not faced MUCH tribulation during the last 2000 years. With respect, to believe that the Body of Christ will be forced to face still MORE persecution (especially when it's not even FOR us) not only makes God out to be a liar, but it smacks of salvation by works. CHRIST ALREADY PAID OUR DEBT and it would make God unjust if He made us stay here through ANY part of it.

      Our God is NOT unjust.

    5. I do not agree unknown.....reason....God / YAH poured out his wrath on the cross once and for all...it doses not make sense that He would pour out his wrath a second time on his Holy Spirit...in us....

      ps- I am fighting some health battles anyone that feels led to intercede and pray...I work in healthcare and had needle sticks in the past which has led to liver cirrhosis...as the Hep B shot series did not protect me.......praying for return to normal function and to gain weight....thank you everyone!..Yeshua is the Great Physician...praise be to Him....Amen!=-)

    6. Unknown

      Good Luck with interpretation!

      Daniels last week of years cannot and will not start while the Church is here!

    7. Alan

      Hang on, we will all pray for you!

      Just grab a promise or alot of them:

      By His stripes you were healed.
      By His blood you were made worthy.
      By His resurrection you are justified.
      Your care is His constant concern.
      He will not leave you nor forsake you.

    8. Praying for your strength and healing and weight gain!

    9. Alan , I just saw this, but I am praying for you in Jesus name

  2. Nice work as always Gary! I recently finished a 3-part series of articles in my website looking at various events in and around the tribulation, seeing what the Bible says about them and comparing them to any predecessors that would be required to make them real.

    What's Next for Christians; Rapture, Prepping or Persecution? - Part 1

  3. Thanks Gary! The weather has been absolutely crazy. Everyday there's a new record being broken for extreme weather somewhere in the world. And all this on the heels of the wildfires last year that broke records in several states. There has also been numerous floods around the world so far this year. Add the virus variants, Ebola emerging in Africa, Locust swarms causing predictions of famine, the earthquakes, signs in the Heaven, it's all so telling for those with eyes to see.

    Yet people go on like everything is just business as usual. All the high strangeness is sadly just mere coincidence for so many.

    And the latest in the ongoing UFO disclosure plan with FOIA release, just seems to put us one step closer to full disclosure. As LA Marzulli says; "when we go up, they show up." And sadly, the explanation for our disappearance will be a strong delusion for so many.

    If things continue as they're going, 2021 may out do the wild and crazy 2020.

    Thanks again!

    1. More weird weather…

      About a week and a half ago, there was a glacier that brook loose in the Himalayan region of northern India. This lead to a large avalanche of glacier ice, rocks, water, and debris into the valley below. Dams and bridges were destroyed and they are still digging out today. Dozens of dam construction workers trapped in an underground tunnel, 50+ people are dead, and 150+ people still missing.

      The Three Gorges Dam in China has “deformed” after intense rains last year. If it breaks, it will be catastrophic! When is breaks, will this be a birth sign?

  4. Just adding something here to your HARPAZO video from 12/31. I am not date-setting, but there is a similarity here between the star charts and a passage from Luke. And it might also line up with current events in the US. If you see anything that I've gotten wrong or missed, feel free to point it out. I do not have an ego. Here it goes, starting with a quick summary of your video:

    On the winter solstice, Saturn (Satan) had its closest conjunction in 800 years with Jupiter (Kingship), and then Saturn went down to the Earth's surface (Satan thrown down.) At that point, Mercury (the Messenger star) catches up to Jupiter (1st Thessalonians . . . an archangel cries out.)

    Then the Sun (God) passes by with Venus (Jesus) in tow. The child escaping the dragon. Right around March 4th, when this new era of "peace and safety" is supposedly going to be pushed onto the scene by Donald Trump and the "Alliance" and the "Great Awakening," (that part is rumor) the planet Venus (now the escaping Church) hits the water in the constellation Aquarius! Why is this important? Remember that this is said by some to be the first year we entered the "Age of Aquarius." Now read this . . .

    Luke 22

    "Now the feast of unleavened bread drew nigh, which is called the Passover.

    2 And the chief priests and scribes [leftovers of the rapture] sought how they might kill him; for they feared the people.

    3 Then entered Satan into Judas surnamed Iscariot [Satan is taking over someone, just like the AC], being of the number of the twelve [The AC is probably from one of the 12 tribes.]

    4 And he went his way, and communed with the chief priests and captains [the Beasts], how he might betray him unto them.

    5 And they were glad, and covenanted [a covenant] to give him money [giving a one world currency].

    6 And he promised, and sought opportunity to betray him unto them in the absence of the multitude [an absence of the Christians!]

    7 Then came the day of unleavened bread, when the passover must be killed [plenty of that].

    8 And he sent Peter and John, saying, Go and prepare us the passover [the escape from the plagues, seals, etc], that we may eat.

    9 And they said unto him, Where wilt thou that we prepare?

    10 And he said unto them, Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water [Aquarius]; follow him into the house [which the Lord hath prepared] where he entereth in.

    11 And ye shall say unto the goodman of the house, The Master saith unto thee, Where is the guestchamber, where I shall eat the passover with my disciples [for eternity]?

    12 And he shall shew you a large upper room [heaven] furnished: there make ready."

  5. Continued . . .

    Right into the house that was prepared by Jesus, at the same moment that the Earth falls under great delusion! Now what part Trump will play is obviously anyone's guess, but those "prosperity gospel" folks expect better times. The Jews expect better times. And a whole bunch of NESARA/GESARA folks are expecting better times. If the rumor is true that Donald Trump has been leading a behind-the-scenes world-wide takedown of all of the Central Banks, then there will absolutely be great delusion. Their new Quantum Financial System replaces the fiat currencies, and everyone will have a one-world currency that they think is better, but it brings along a social credit system. And if there's any truth to the GESARA idea that nations must be at peace to participate with that one currency, then you essentially do have a one-world government and "peace and safety." All of this by the end of 2021. Maybe by the fall feasts.

    Here's what Trump said after his acquittal this week (and where America goes, so goes the world):

    "Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun. In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people. There has never been anything like it!

    We have so much work ahead of us, and soon we will emerge with a vision for a bright, radiant, and limitless American future."


    1. What is Trump is part of the Body of Christ taken in the Rapture?

      Also, they only way I see a "bright, radiant, and (somewhat) limitless future" is during the Millennial Kingdom

    2. Should we change our currency to read “In Trump We Trust”? That’s the impression I get from a certain segment of the population.


    3. There is evidence to support the nesara/gesara people. Its not confirmed for me yet but I think the military could be in control of the gov't because evidence of foreign interference in the election was confirmed. The evidence was provided on Jan 19th. to congress along with the declassification of material. When biden was sworn in on the 20th the military took over. Thats why they havent left DC yet and now the news reports are saying that they may stay until the Fall.

    4. Whatever happens will basically confirm which prophetic scenario is the right one... though it may still leave the others as possibilities at later timers.

      I've been bouncing between the two that look the most likely, Rapture and Dominion of some form. A few nights ago I asked in prayer which was closer to God's plan, and the next morning the very first Biblehub devotional was the letter to the church of Philadelphia.

      None of us know if the Q/Gesara/Nesara stuff is going to happen, but if it did go through and was everything it was advertised... people would probably relax and we'd have the 'Saying peace and safety' all over the place. Parties and family gatherings, weddings and whatnot worldwide in celebration. If at that point everything is connected as imagined, the Rapture would be a devestating blow and leave the world in the hands of the Antichrist... or he could steal control of the system...

      Either we're out of here before the 'Q stuff goes down' and the 'big bad' manages to get it all together as a result... (Which means next few weeks if their plan takes off around March 6th like it looks...) or... any variety of 'adventures' happen and we're looking at before or during the Fall feasts again...

      Or some other scenario happens. Hard to say anymore what will happen. Just happy because it's very obvious this is a 'God moment' and it's becoming harder for people to say it isn't...

    5. I tend to think the Trump camp is battling with the elites for control post-rapture. The description of the AC in Daniel 11:12 as a vile person who takes Israel peacefully and with intrigue is very interesting. Could also be Obama or perhaps Macron. But Biden is but a puppet. Thank God we are citizens of Heaven and not this wretched place

    6. Kris Garrison, what plan on March 6?

  6. How will the advanced high-tech mark of the beast system function when the planet is hit by severe devastating judgments which are described in the Book of Revelations (Seal, Trumpet and Bowl Judgments)? These judgments like massive wars, giant earthquakes, asteroid impacts, massive wildfires, etc. will knock out electricity and the internet, rendering the mark of the beast system completely useless. Or will this system be very low-tech by only using a tattoo?

    1. All those satellite that Elon musk has been deploying in space

    2. Hi Moin

      Rev 13:11 is the beast that causes all to receive that distinguishing "Mark"

      And all those happenings are going on the start of the midpoint of Tribulation the Great .

      We won't be here!

    3. Good point, Moin. No idea how that'll work. How quickly is power restored after other natural disasters? Granted, the Trib disasters will be "bigger", but basic infrastructure tends to be restored to a majority fairly quickly, so...

  7. I may have mis-understood this: Are you saying as INFORMEDCHRISTIANS.COM is saying the 3.5 years from Sept 2017 to March 4-6-2021 is the Rapture. Are you saying the first half of the trib will be over then. This is rather confusing.

    1. I will assume your post is addressed to me!!

      I don't know what INFORMEDCHRISTIANS.COM is saying!

      I do think some are confused over Rev 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: This reference is not to the Church (Saints).

      And no I do not think "Sept 2017 to March 4-6-2021 is the Rapture" is anyway sound doctrine.

      Yeah, confusion is not of God! But mostly comes from Man's traditional accepted doctrines.

    2. In case it matters, the guy who runs InformedChristians used to have the belief that only 'certain Christians' will go up at the Rapture. Aka: A partial Rapture theorist. I stopped watching him when I realized his standards were basically within an inch or two of perfection. If he's changed his position in the last few years since I stopped, I know not. I wouldn't keep him out of heaven over that though, he had pretty good insights and materials/presentation.

    3. Daniel is still very legalistic. He can do what he wants with his channel, but his "pregnancy parallel" bothers me. He's based it all on one misinterpreted verse where he has taken something clearly metaphorical and created a literal "pregnancy parallel" timeline.

      "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, AS travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." (1 Thes. 5:3)

      When the Rapture didn't happen nine months after the "peace and safety calls" (apparently made by Donald Trump last January), he pushed his timeline out, making the "pregnancy" last longer and longer. His justification is that supposedly Jackie Chan was a "one-year baby", and because he was one of the presenters at the World Military Games in October, 2019, somehow it all just fits.

      I kid you not.

      Well, it's been OVER a year now and the woman STILL hasn't given birth (I've had TWO babies and I can tell you that no human doctor would allow an expectant mother to go a year without inducing labor). At this rate, the woman could sue God for malpractice, were that really what was happening...

      Needless to say, if you try to point out to Daniel where he may have gotten it wrong, he becomes extremely defensive. If pushed, he can get downright nasty. You can go see all of this for yourselves. It's all there on his YouTube channel, but my advice is to just stay away because (imho) his videos are becoming increasingly more bizarre.

    4. Unknown, I so agree with you! Daniel is nasty and he thinks he's above others. I started to watch two videos then stopped listening to him after his last video about the pregnancy...

  8. Drones,satellite surveillance

  9. It is still possible Trump could actually turn out to be the Antichrist to everyone's sheer suprise. It would truly be the greatest bait and switch of all time ever performed on the church. "Oh shut up silly woman the reptile said with a grin; you knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in" - Trump

    1. Possible, yet very unlikely. But I think that you've got your finger on the pulse of something important. It's very, very, very likely that Trump really is a King Cyrus figure; that he is being used by God for the setup of the system that the AC will come to rule.

      Trump just doesn't meet many of the prerequisites of the AC. He certainly doesn't come from obscurity. Quite the opposite. He is well-known for his love of the women in his family. He talks of a higher power than himself. He married his beloved daughter off to the Jews, so he's unlikely to seek their destruction. His gematria is loaded with 7's instead of 6's. He's not a prince. He's not popular with the most secular 25% of the population. He's called out the Pope, the Chinese, and the Muslims for poor behavior, a pretty significant percentage of the world. He's one of the few leaders becoming more humble, and not less. He is the only modern President to seek less conflict to accomplish his purposes. He's unapologetically pro-America, and not pro-World (just like Putin.) And he has no need to "confirm" a covenant that he was responsible for getting signed in the first place.


    2. Yeah, it wasn't long after the time of Cyrus that the Media/Persians came along, followed by Alexander 'the great' and his Greek empire... Certainly some kind of foreshadowing there... but only if things go the same way.

  10. My guess is that the Church (the restrainer) is removed before September 2022, maybe even this spring/summer of 2021. It lines up with several, separate prophetic clocks. But who knows?

    The high-tech Mark (the "palisade" and Luciferase vaccine by Bill Gates) is already near the end of development, and is more or less available for manufacture within a year or two. So if the wrath of God starts to really be poured out from the midpoint of the tribulation, then they're right on schedule. During the first half, there is still enough normalcy for the Anti-Christ to build structure and coalition. Birth pangs don't start out of control.

    The only major event large enough to be problematic for vaccine development during the first half of Jacob's Trouble is the Ezekiel war, and no one knows exactly where that fits in the timeline with certainty. What is certain is that God wins that by Himself, and so it's rather short in duration. I keep getting the distinct feeling that the Deep State globalists are going to have one last push toward maintaining their hegemony, one last "Battle of the Bulge" if you will; to turn the tides. It will fail, but Iran, Turkey, and friends from the North will use that period of confusion to attempt an attack on Israel. After that fails as well, this Great Awakening that people are talking about (like Q and mainstream conservatives) will step onto the scene for 3.5 years of "renewed covenant" and a false "peace and safety."

    Best guess for the Anti-Christ is Emmanuel Macron, who has a laundry list of characteristics that make him eligible. But most interesting is that he keeps on trying to interject himself into the Abraham Accords conversation; first telling the world that he would move forward with it alone, if he had to. And now, every year, he offers to be the broker of peace for the nation of Israel.



    I want to say, again, that I am not date-setting. I am only trying to see the timeline as it relates to current events. God gave us Israel, and the signs and seasons, so that we would see the truth. He gave us prophecy so that we could connect the dots for ourselves AND for others, and to NOT talk about the timeline is to let a chance to spread the Gospel slip by, just when it's needed most. That's why Jesus talks about the end days, and that's why I talk about the end days, even though I see through the glass darkly. As my wife would remind me, I could be wrong at any given moment.


    1. Now The End Begins/ Jeffrey Grider insisted that Judas would be resurrected and be anti christ. Personally what he says I take with a grain of salt.

  11. I’m live in Texas and we’ve been out of power since Sunday. We are blessed then most bc we still have hot water and gas run fireplace and stove. Please pray. Many in our town don’t have water or electricity.

  12. An interesting side-effect of this weather:

    "At least 22 states have delayed or canceled some COVID-19 vaccinations due to weather. In Texas alone, at least 30 federally supported vaccine sites were shuttered, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency."


    1. If this fake vaccine is truly as lethal in the long term as some are saying, God may be sparing more of us from being coerced forced to take it. It is quite odd that so much has been made but it's having trouble reaching it's destinations and being administered, with 'queues' to determine what order people get it.

  13. If the Revelation 12 sign begins the Great Tribulation 2520 days later, then the Great Conjunction is exactly 1335 days on the same date, August 17, 2024. Check out Cornerstone Redemptions Timeline on YouTube.

  14. In my opinion, since the Tribulation is 7 years and Jesus will return to accomplish the 3 fall appointed times, the Tribulation will begin in the Fall 2021, probably on FOT. Our Rapture could occur anytime before that. I think it will be on Pentecost in May. There would be a gap for Arab War followed by GOG MAGOG war.

    1. rjmgoose

      Well, Your not far off, in my opinion!
      We know Jesus fulfilled Passover,unleavened bread, first fruits and Pentecost, He was the new offering made by the apostles.
      As will be the 2 witnesses.
      What happened just ten days pryer to Pentecost, Ascension day, body of Christ going up.

      Colossians 2:16-17 doesn't make any sense to any other generation in time except to this one that who are attentive enough are seeing all of the signs coming together.
      As Jesus said would happen.

      Ive done the research and I can't unsee this cause it ties in to so much more.


    It will be good for me if my life makes
    the efficacy of the atonement conspicuous
    to all onlookers. What is there to be
    ashamed of? Let men or devils gaze if
    they want, the blood is my boast and my

    ...from "Morning by Morning - A New
    Edition of the Classic Devotional Based
    on the Holy Bible, English Standard
    Version" by Charles Spurgeon and
    revised and updated by Alistair Begg.
    ISBN 978-1-4335-1358-9

    Hold fast to that which as been given you. Let not wind or wave take your eyes off the One who perfects your faith. Stand and walk hand-in-hand with complete expectation of the sufficient grace for you given this day knowing too the prayers offered for you by your brothers and sisters.

    Our appeal is for you each day.


  16. Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.Ephesians 6:24

  17. Take a few minutes to forget about prophecy and world events. Take a few minutes for grass roots basics, and the only core relevance. Courtesy of the great Adrian Rogers.



  18. Rev 13:3 KJV And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly "WOUND" was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

    Thayer Definition:
    a blow, stripe, a wound
    a public calamity, heavy affliction, plague

    Rev 13:4 KJV And they "WORSHIPPED" the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

    Thayer Definition:

    to kiss the hand to (towards) one, in token of reverence
    among the "Orientals", especially the Persians, to fall upon the knees and touch the ground with the forehead as an expression of profound reverence

  19. At https://eschatologytoday.blogspot.com/2021/02/global-sitrep-d10-21-great-reset-and.html "Global SITREP D10-21: The "Great Reset" and Bible Prophecy" about the Great Reset in relationship with the final Beast Empire, consisting of 10 European nations, and that the Great Reset may be meant to build the end times Babylon of Revelation 17 and 18.

  20. At https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/emmanuel-macon-eu-european-army-10-nation-confederacy-kings-man-of-sin-son-perdition-bible-prophecy-antichrist/ "MAN OF SIN: Emmanuel Macron’s End Times Dream Of A 10-Nation European Army Gets Major Boost From European Council on Foreign Relations".

    I doubt if Emmanuel Macron will be the future antichrist, he doesn't have a messianic charisma.

    1. I agree, he is not from the right area that the little horn will come from!
      Also the 10 Nation European Union is not the right area from which the 10 toes are formed.

    2. no to beat a dead horse, but Instead of having ten toes on the image, we have ten horns on an indescribable beast.

      The ten toes on the image represented the ten kingdoms participating in the end time scenario that grow out of the Feet Kingdom (the Moslem Empire).

      The ten horns represent the rulers of those kingdoms, and they all grow out of the fourth beast; that is the territory once occupied by Rome.

  21. At https://eschatologytoday.blogspot.com/2019/12/global-sitrep-e2-19-harpazo-part-ii.html "Global SITREP E1-21: The Harpazo Part II":

    "The difference between the Gregorian and the Hebrew calendar with respect to Psalm 90:10 (i.e. form 70 to 80 years) is 350 to 400 days, or about a full Gregorian calendar year. Since no man can know the day or the hour, doing such mathematical calculations is essentially fruitless - we are already deep within the season. The tangible, physical thing that Eschatology Today watches for, prior to being caught up, is a sudden and drastic change in the current status of the Temple Mount. As can be seen in the linked Scripture above, and as discussed here previously, the 3rd Temple will be standing and in operation on day one of the Two Witnesses ministry. Maybe we'll see this, maybe we won't, time is that short."

    Given the current status quo of the Temple Mount the Rapture is kept on hold, according to Eschatology Today. Until something dramatic happens, like the devastation of the Dome of the Rock?

    1. This is a good time to reintroduce an article by pastor Carl Gallups and Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat, regarding the actuality of a Third Temple, or at least the absolute nature of it. As with so many Scriptural issues during the past couple of decades, renewed emphasis and study of older manuscripts reveals possibilities beyond the most common assumptions we’ve grown accustomed to.



    2. Hi Moin ;
      For some reason I couldn't open the link. Could you tell me where in the Bible it says that the 3rd Temple will be complete at the beginning of the 7 year Tribulation ?

    3. rjmgoose,

      That’s odd. If you (or anyone else who can’t open the link) want to follow through, go to the Messiah of Israel Ministries web site. There’s a row of tabs on the home page. Choose the MORE tab, and the article is about the fifth one down the list. The article is titled “A New Temple Has To Be Rebuilt For Yeshua (Jesus) To Return?”

      I think their position is strongly worth considering. They aren’t dogmatic about it, and state that it could well happen, just that it’s not definitively stated in Scripture. From my personal perspective, an actual Third Temple, in the way it’s presented biblically, coming to fruition anytime in the practical future is a HUGE stumbling block, prophetically. One realistic alternative would be the discovery (or Jewish admission) that the actual Temple of the past, was NOT located on the traditional Temple Mount. Or as the above referenced article alludes to, a different, more secular and perhaps pagan structure.


    4. rjmgoose

      omit the "Global SITREP E1-21: The Harpazo Part II" but look for it in the list.

  22. We all know that the pressure to push the world toward globalism cant be ignored. I first heard the phrase "new world order" spoken by President H.W. Bush 30 yrs. ago this year. Both parties have been advocating global gov't. As we know from scripture, during the tribulation there will be a one world gov't under the anti-christs control but what im beginning to realize is that the devil has been working hard to make that happen before the rapture. He would love to and is trying to put the body of Christ under the thumb of globalism before we leave. He will fail. Keep an eye on events the next few months.

  23. As I was seeking the Lord about all the recent prophetic birth pains, it came into my spirit that this time of SHAKING we are in will increase where we will witness the continued swell in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well as erratic weather patterns.

    I was led recently to re-read Miguel P's Comment at one of my older articles re. his brother's dream of Mt. Vesuvius erupting just prior to the Rapture.

    THEN I saw a report by dutchsinse and was moved to post an article warning of a possible large EQ or VOLCANIC EVENT to occur within days. As Dutch says, "I would rather end up with egg on my face than a roof on your head!"

    FYI--I kept the article brief!


    1. Wow! 3 major 8.0 earthquakes hit New Zealand today (March 4, 2021) AND a tsunami alert!! Dutchsinse YTC was expecting an 8.0 somewhere but I don't know if this was where he was anticipating it or not.

      Dear Brethren, please pray for our New Zealand brothers and sisters AND for the unsaved as well������

  24. I just heard about a suicide drone attack in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Its been linked to Iran. No one was injured but its a serious escalation.

  25. At https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2021/03/manifestos-show-a-rise-in-government-spending-and-taxes-cpb/ "Manifestos show a rise in government spending and taxes: CPB".

    Despite the increasing Dutch government debt and budget deficit due to the economic fallout of the ongoing Coronacrisis, no political party wants to implement harsh austerity measures (bezuinigingen) on wages, healthcare and social security for the next years. Even CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal) and VVD ( People's Party for Freedom and Democracy), the parties which used to aim for low government debts and no budget deficits, don't want to massively cut on government expenditures. The conservative liberal VVD only wants to cut on the social assistance benefit (Bijstandsuitkering) by freezing the level of this benefit for 4 consequent years, with the aim of increasing the gap between this benefit and low wages, making going to work more attractive.

    That the Dutch politics don't want harsh austerity any more, is this because of the Great Reset and its associated collapse of the financial system which are coming? Is the Dutch politics realizing that the current financial system is doomed and is beyond salvation now?

    Since 1980 there has been a strong emphasis on harsh austerity, privatising public services and cutting on benefits. Especially during the Eurocrisis in the early 10s it was all about austerity in Europe to keep the already damaged financial system afloat, which was damaged by the collapse of Lehman Brother's in 2008. If there wasn't any austerity in those days, the financial system would have been collapsed. But its wasn't God's time to collapse yet.

    VVD has its elections slogan "Samen sterker verder (continue together stronger)", CDA "Nu doorpakken! (now, keep going)". See https://www.dutchnews.nl/features/2021/02/election-watch-the-lowdown-on-the-main-dutch-political-parties/ for more campaign slogans, many of which reflect Schwab's "Build Back Better".

  26. Recall that only a couple of stimulus checks ago, Trump was saying the same thing. Why pass a small deal . . . go BIG!

    Just my opinion, but to answer your question . . . yes, I personally think that the governments of the world now realize the tenuous and collapsible nature of this global economy. And, yes, a lot of non-believers (and Christians) will miss the upcoming signs in the marketplace. If the Mark will be required to buy and sell, then it must be tied to a centrally-controlled currency, or free-minded citizens would simply transact in paper dollars, other currencies, or digital assets like Bitcoin, to circumvent it. The overwhelming ability to cut off unapproved transactions will require the world to implement some serious financial reform universally, across the world's economies. The monetary arm of the AC's body. One-world currency IS one-world government.

    Because we know all of this, we can also know that a switch to digital currencies is almost guaranteed, and probably not too far away. Whether it's the Great Reset or the Great Awakening, or whatever you want to call it, there will be a digital blockchain-based currency in the future, and it will NOT be like Bitcoin, with privacy features, anonymity, and controlled creation. The Satanists in charge will quash that idea, and choose to back their monetary scheme with something else; something that they will already have ownership of; for example, a basket of currencies, as the IMF has tried to push under SDR. My favorite rumor is that they would issue a worldwide digital currency that is backed at least in some ratio by silver and gold. Why? Because not only would that probably be necessary to appease certain nation states, but it would also give the illusion that they were going back to an honest economy. What the population would not realize, while under the tutelage and persuasion of the AC, is that having Computer or AI control over such a system negates any backstopping by precious metals. Who cares what your money is tied to, if it can be turned off by your vaccine status or your latest social score?

    It is because they are still manipulating the prices of precious metals lower in the commodity markets . . . it is because they are blowing up and re-inflating Bitcoin bubbles . . . it is because they continue to print paper Monopoly money . . . it is because they are calling inflation at under 2%, while goods and services needed for survival have risen more than 20% . . . it is because they have no new answers . . . that you can rest ASSURED; they WILL write off ALL of the debts after the next Black Swan event craters the markets of the world. Home prices will crash relative to other assets, because of their exorbitance, but almost all other physical "things" will rise tremendously in cost. Financial instruments from "safe" bonds to stocks to treasuries to 401ks will lose almost the entirety of their value. The masses will suffer, stagnate, and starve.

    The nation states will revalue according to the relational value of their assets. And the citizen slaves of the world will rush to meet their social obligations to the system, lest they be shut out of the economy entirely.

    I believe that much of this is predictive when it comes to the Ezekiel war. They see a rapture, they see U.S. weakness, they see worldwide revaluation, they see Israel prosperous and alone. Why not whip up the angry mob and do some looting? And, of course, the AC steps in to politely rescue said world.

    But who knows? Only God.

    1. God's enemies are one inch tall. Satan is just God's errand boy. He's just a villain in God's drama. All of his lines have been written for him already. NASA, Musk, celebs like Obama....they're symbols and living metaphors in a poem they can't read or interpret yet.

  27. 17,000 earthquakes hit Iceland in the past week. An eruption could be imminent
    By Arnaud Siad

    Updated 5:41 AM ET, Thu March 4, 2021

  28. Good stuff, Gary. I agree that Satan will use alien disclosure to spin the Rapture in accordance with the New Age narrative that he has waiting in the wings.

    I am, however, of the belief that full-blown, official alien disclosure (not just photos, hints, leaks, theories, etc.) must of necessity come *AFTER* the Rapture.

    The problem is that Satan doesn't know the timing of the Rapture any more than we do, and so he has to be careful not to play his hand too soon. Doing so could immeasurably weaken his grand plan, and he's not stupid. He *has* to wait until the Rapture actually occurs to play his cards for his tale to have optimal effect.

    For more: http://www.alittlestrength.com/articles/2018/1812-the-event.htm

  29. I'm listening to certain prophets that are telling me that God has planned a huge revival. I believe them and I also believe God is going to upend the powers that be in the white house and put his man ( the true winner) back into the office to finish the work God had fir him. "Believe the prophets and you will prosper" these people are not wrong they've been right many many times. I think we have time but I agree it's getting close. As much as it comforts me I can't help but fear the day of the Lord. My faith is good my repentance ( in some matters) struggles. It's hard to escape the world especially when you e followed it for almost 69 years if a 63 year life . I believe biden will be caught and the fact is most of us know it was fiction, the election that is. The devil is trying to rush things and bring the end of an age. God is going to do it on his time and noone and nothing can bring it before God allows it. Praise Jesus Christ. The revival has already begun in California. God is ABSOLUTELY GOOD. That is what tells me were going to see his glory a few times before he lets the time of the end arrive. I believe the gophers and I know there are many opinions. This is not an opinion it what God has told us. Thank you



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