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Shocking (NEW) Proof This Is The Final Generation

Do you remember the first time (or, during this plandemic lockdown era, perhaps the last time) that you saw a film in a movie theater? Were you one of those few that remained in your seat when the movie ended and the credits started rolling? Most likely, if you were the curious type of "watcher" who stuck around until the credits finished, you were rewarded with bonus footage, or a surprise ending. Then, and only then, did the lights come on, cleaning crew come in, and thus—your cue to exit.

After the climactic hype and subsequent shipwreck during America's inaugural month of January 2021, it feels like a terrible, low-budget B movie has haphazardly ended, and now we are mired in the credits. Many sincere believers who were looking for a few more years of security under the shade of the Trump presidency may be feeling like the movie got cut short and ended halfway through---busted plotline and all. Others who are earthly-minded are now lying low, holding their breath, seeking the jab, and hoping that the populist fever dies down and fades away along with the coronavirus.

But as for you, my fellow brothers and sisters, I hope you are one of the few who has remained in your place, abiding in Him, steadfast and waiting for the surprise ending...just...a...little...longer...the credits are nearing their end!

While some may have checked out at this point and even questioned the validity of the end-time signs already fulfilled, don't leave your post just yet. The real show is about to start, and whatever you have received, hold on to it, because more is coming (Matt. 13:12).

Right now, the Spirit is speaking loudly and clearly among the watching community about the significance and reliability of the most important, on-the-ground sign of the end of this current age: the Fig Tree prophecy (Matt. 24:32-35; Mk. 13:28-31; Lk. 21:29-33). Among those who are defending and fighting for the Fig, I can think of Barry Scarbrough; Generation 2434 (Tyler); Dr. Barry Awe; Bro Chooch and Bro Keegs of TOL, among many others.

While watching Tyler's recent video on the Fig Tree generation, I experienced another "aha" moment as the Lord downloaded another facet of the picture into my spirit (more on this later). The next day, I watched Barry's recent video (02/28/2021) about his dream regarding the ficus benjamina (ficus, Latin for "fig/fig tree" + the biblical name "benjamin"). The ficus benjamina is a scientific name for what is commonly known as the "weeping fig tree" (think: Rachel weeping for her children, e.g. Benjamin, during the coming Tribulation; cf. Matt. 2:17-18). In the dream, Barry noted that he and his wife were expecting a Christmas tree to be delivered to their home, but instead they were given a gigantic weeping fig (ficus benjamina). 

Then I was reminded that back in January of this year, my wife decided to look for a fake plant to put in our home, and there was someone in our neighborhood giving away a fake fig tree. And get this, it came adorned with lights like a Christmas tree. Next thing I knew, my wife had taken down our Christmas tree and replaced it with the lighted fig tree. Furthermore, on the same day that brother Barry posted his video (02/28/2021), I had a short dream right before waking up where I saw myself typing out a headline for an Unsealed article, and it read something like this:

Bonus Ending: 

And then underneath the header, I was writing about someone or something that is dependable and reliable. And that's all I can remember.

In response to my dream and the urging from the Lord, I now share with you what I believe is further confirmation of the durability and dependability of Jesus' fig tree prophecy. This key prophetic sign is a reliable and trustworthy barometer for how close we are to making like a tree and leaving this earth that is destined for judgment and slaughter.

Without further ado, here is the big reveal of this article: When it comes to the Fig Tree prophecy playing out in real time, there are essentially two critical periods of time that I will call the "Decades of Decision." These two decades form a bookend and essentially "close the book," sealing up vision and prophecy for good (Dan. 9:24; 1 Cor. 13:8). The first decade lays the foundation and serves as a type and shadow, and the final decade contains all the Tribulation events: i.e. the things Jesus said would come to pass before the Fig Tree generation expires at 80 years; Matt. 24:34; cf. Ps. 90:10). 

In short, the Fig Tree generation's two Decades of Decision are:

The 1940s (the planting decade)

The 2020s (the reaping decade)

The pivotal events during and after WWII involving the Jews and Israel are a type and shadow of what will take place soon on the world stage. Amazingly, the LORD in characteristic fashion appears to be orchestrating a climactic chiasm that centers on the theme of "the birth of a nation in one day" (cf. Isa. 66:8). 

*For a brief definition, here is an article from Got Questions: What is a Chiasm?

The discovery of this chiastic arrangement strengthens and solidifies the chronological order of key events in end-times Bible prophecy. Moreover, this Fig Tree chiasm is based on an ABCDEEDCBA pattern (therefore, the two E's in the center become the main focus).

First, in chronological order, let's cover the first Decade of Decision: In the overarching chiastic structure, these ABCDE "shadow" events have already come to pass resulting in the rebirth of God's Fig Tree nation (Israel) in the 20th century:

A. False Millennium/Third Reich established - January 1933

B: Adolph Hitler/World War/the Holocaust - March 1938 (invasion of Austria) to April/May 1945 (death of Hitler and Nazi surrender) - SEVEN YEARS!

C: Global Government Rises/United Nations founded - October 1945

D: Roswell Incident; "Aliens" crash landed - July 1947

E: Israel Declares Independence/"Nation Born in One Day" - May 1948

And now, for the grand finale, here is the EDCBA pattern that mirrors and corresponds to the first decade. Per the Psalm 90:10 fig tree parameters, these events will be fulfilled very shortly and in rapid succession during the 2020s, the last Decade of Decision:

E: The Resurrection/Rapture of the Church/"Nation Born in One Day" - TBD

D: Satan and his angels cast down to earth/Alien deception unfolds - TBD

C: Global Government of the Beast Forms/Revelation 13 - TBD

B: The Antichrist/World War/the Final Holocaust - TBD

A. True Millennium/Christ's Davidic Reign established - TBD

Lastly, here is an arrangement of this climactic chiastic pattern that aligns each corresponding event in order to see the birds-eye picture of what God is doing in this terminal Fig Tree Generation:

A. False Millennium/Third Reich established

        B: Adolph Hitler/World War/the Holocaust

              C: Global Government Rises (U.N. founded)

                    D: Roswell Incident; "Aliens" crash landed

                          E: Israel Declares Independence/"Physical Nation Born in One Day"

                          E: The Resurrection/Rapture of the Church/"Spiritual Nation Born in One Day"

                    D: Satan and his angels cast down to earth/Alien deception

              C: Global Government of the Beast Forms/Revelation 13

        B: The Antichrist/World War/the Final Holocaust

A. True Millennium/Christ's Davidic Reign established

Before she is pained she has brought forth, || Before a pang comes to her, || She has delivered a male. Who has heard anything like this? Who has seen anything like these? Is earth caused to bring forth in one day? Is a nation born at once? For she has been pained, || Zion has also borne her sons. Do I bring to the birth, || And not cause to bring forth?” says YHWH, || “Am I not He who is causing to beget? I have also restrained,” said your God (Isa. 66:7-9, LSV).

Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed (1 Cor. 15:51-52, KJV)

Screenshot of President Donald Trump's farewell address before YouTube censored and removed the video from The White House's official YouTube channel


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  1. Stunning article Gary. Our amazing God continues to reveal hidden gems to His people. Reminds me very much of how He showed me 7 ways of how the Israelites at their Red Sea miracle moment are just like the Church at the harpazo. 1)Both blood covenant people--Passover Lamb and Lamb of God on cross. 2)Both heading for a promised land. 3) both pursued by an enemy who desires to enslave and destroy 4) Both being called to walk by faith. 5) Both in desperate need of supernatural deliverance 6) Both rescued supernaturally by the Hand of God. 7) Both have their enemies destroyed by God. We serve an awesome God who is getting ready to do it again!!! Only this time, instead of the waters of the Red Sea, it will be the clouds of heaven He opens up for the miraculous safe passage of His covenant people. Maranatha!!!

  2. In January 1933 the false Millennium (Third Reich) was established. Could it be that exactly 100 years after 1933, in 2033 the True Millennium will be established when our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ returns?

    1. Hi Moin ;

      No, I think 2033 would violate the 80 year generation.

    2. 2033 wouldn't work with using 80 years as an upper limit (Ps. 90:10), but it would definitely still work with The Parable of the Fig Tree. The '48 generation will not pass away. I'm convinced of that.

    3. It would seem to make sense. The signs began in the 1930's and continued into the 1940's. So the fulfillments will begin in the 2020's and continue into the 2030's. The millennium will not start until the 2030's.

    4. The so-called false millennium is/was a wordplay kind of thing. I don’t imagine that it registered much on God’s clock, or figures in a larger context. They were simply displaying their foolishness and arrogance. Or at least that’s how I feel about it.


    5. Anonymous,
      Hitler and the NAZI party definitely espoused a 1,000 year reich or (3rd) rein.
      Hitler was attempting to position himself within the larger context of German and European history. In his mind, Hitler's “thousand-year Reich” would serve as the natural conclusion of a process that he traced back to the coronation of Charlemagne in 800.
      * * * * * *
      The Rhine area of Europe had a long history of anti-Jew sentiment going back to the Middle Ages (1096 or Gzerot Tatnรณ) - before the area was even officially a part of what became Germany.
      If you read Demonic History: From Goethe to the Present
      by Kirk Wetters, you'll see that there's a LOT of demonic activity attributed to the area.
      More so than in other traditionally-European "Christian" countries.

  3. Our Lord Jesus likened His church to a tree as well... If the trunk of the Church represents Jesus and the Gospel, then the branches could be said to be denominations. The leaves could be the individual members...

    'When you see the fig tree put forth leaves...'

    Paul said that the Jewish people would at some point join the rest of the Church and be grafted back in. In what generation have we begun to see some of the Jewish people begin accepting Jesus (or Yeshua or His other names) in such large numbers? This one... so many that they even became called by a name, 'Messianic Jews...' This has been a rather recent event, maybe over the last 10 to 20 years. If I am interpreting this correctly, then we can officially say that the fig tree has begun sprouting leaves...

    I think 'eyes on the sky' is pretty appropriate right now... We just have to keep our patience, love, and keep trying to bring some more onto the Ark.

    1. Jews for Jesus was founded in 1970. I don’t know if that has any significance to what you are saying. I do wonder if the putting forth leaves is the same as the birth of the Nation.

    2. I believe that many Jews realized their Messiah to be Jesus even further back than 51 years. I say that because there were quite a few Jews who in the 1800's when they emigrated to the US didn't want their nationalities known possibly because they had found Christ, and thus changed their names. My son's great great great grandfather James M. Black is Jewish and wrote "When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder I'll Be There", among many other hymns; however, he was a Messianic Jew from birth, directed his church choir, and was a Sunday School teacher. He was born in New York in 1856, and his ancestors came from Germany with the last name of Schwartz, which means Black in English, and changed their family name to the English version---Black. So Messianic Jews as a whole could go back to almost 200 years ago, I think.

    3. That's pretty cool cc

    4. There's probably always been a few for sure. Just it seems like a lot more of them recently, enough that they acquired an 'official name.'

    5. My Jewish relations are Messianic Jews.
      It's only the older offshoots that, to be blunt, as it has been discussed many times between my sister and myself, care more about being Jewish than they do about Jesus.
      WE pray for them and have "When We're Gone" packets ready for them.
      My sister told me not too long ago she'd updated everything.
      We're hoping that when a big chunk of their family has disappeared, something they've
      not wanted to hear about, that it will finally get their attention!
      Better late than never.

  4. I have noticed this same pattern very recently, which I described as a "turning back", for lack of a better term. This came to my mind when I was reading about the death of Stephen! Stephen gives a recounting of the entire history of God's people up to that point, and then he sees Jesus in heaven at the father's right hand, and goes to be with him. Meanwhile, there stands Paul holding the coats of those who stoned Stephen. - and the Church begins. We have moved through the Church age, and now seem to be nearing (at) the time when God will turn his attention BACK to the Jews, (so, reversing the course of history again).

  5. I look forward to these articles and have great anticipation for the hope and wisdom you all bring. I wish there was one everyday. Could we be slightly off in the fact does the fig tree bloom on the day it is born? Is there a time of establishment of a fig tree to bloom time? If so, couldn’t we be off a couple of years or more?

  6. Thank you, Jeff, this makes me excited! When you and others have time to watch this video, I would like to have your thoughts. It is in regard to the timing of the fulfillment of Daniel's prophecy. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Yi7DD6NCGrI&t=2629s. Produced by Rock Island Books.

    1. We are there, Christ crucified 28 AD, then a 2000 year church age, minus 7 years of tribulation equals this year 2021!! It could be a couple more years though if the crucifixion happened in 32 or 33 AD.

    2. Gary, great article. Barb , thanks for passing on that video. I would highly recommend it to everyone. I agree with just about everything he says. If we look at a return of Christ at/near July 22, 2028 ( remember Stellarius is 1 year off so around 7/22/2027 Jupiter conjuncts with Regulus which would jive with his return ). This would be day 2520. 75 days later would be Sukkot ( 10/5/2028 ) when the Millenium would begin. Let's back this up 7 years @ 360 days per year and we get fall 2021 for Tribulation to begin, probably around FOT. So Rapture would occur between now and FOT. I feel it will be at one of the Spring appointed times, Passover or Pentecost. This would leave a gap for Arab war and Gog war to happen. I hope I did the math correctly. By the way, on Yom Kippur in 2028 ( 9/30 ), the Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Virgo. :)

  7. guys I had a dream where thousands of little kids were running, playing and jumping in parks all across America. meanwhile there was a host of men with crew cuts, in olive-brown uniforms. then a bunch of hands came out and violently ripped all the decorations off the men's uniforms and threw them in trash cans. the men were then ushered into prison cells, and the little kids cheered with joy.

    I woke up feeling good.

  8. Thank you Jeff, Gary, all of you who so lovingly encourage and strengthen us by your God-breathed insights! What hope and confirmation it brings to my spirit!
    Jeff, you said:"The real show is about to start, and whatever you have received, hold on to it, because more is coming. (Matt 13:12)"
    I very rarely receive a dream,or words from the Holy Spirit. But in the last 3 months it has been emphatic in my spirit and mind what HE has given me.
    Early on Feb 25th, as I was waking up,I heard in my mind "the table is set."
    I immediately thought of the marriage supper of the Lamb, and asked the LORD what HE meant. Later that morning, praying with a fellow prayer warrior through Ps 25, my eyes went to Ps 23 where I had written "shulcan = king's table" for the Hebrew definition of table in verse 5!
    The definition is as follows:

    of king's table, private use, sacred uses
    If you have ever prepared for a special occasion, one of the things you do is set the tables for your guests ahead of the food prep and getting yourself dressed.
    I believe HE has set the table for us!!

    1. Thank you for sharing!

      This word about the table being set in conjunction with Ps. 23:5 fits so well with a similar word I received discussed in a previous Unsealed video ("Mordecai Advancement"). In Esther chapters 5-7 a banquet is prepared in the presence of Haman (the adversary/enemy), and in a sudden turn of events the evil conspirator seeking to destroy Mordecai is cast out of the King's court and hung on his own gallows (in Heb. literally "tree").

      The bread baking in heaven is coming out of the oven, and we are getting ready to recline with Abraham at the dinner table (Matt. 8:11)!

  9. So if this is true then we are looking at a rapture time between now and May 14th?

    1. I definitely am, but check out 39:20 in the video. I talk about that a bit. Fig Tree parable is a solid promise, but how specifically we are interpreting the length of that generation is where we start to speculate. May '48 kicked it off, but how long is 80 years? When Israel turns 80 in Spring 2028, or maybe while Israel is still 80 in Spring 2029?

    2. Also, which calendar's 80 years? There seems to be three at play here. The original 360 day one, the Hebrew 12-13 month one, and the Gregorian 365.2424 day one...

      I still think our best clue is in Daniel 12, the '1260/1290/1335th day counts.' We just don't know where to start/end them quite yet, and probably won't until it's almost upon us...

      We do have reason to believe there's going to be a 'last minute warning' though. 'Surely the Lord God does nothing without telling His servants the prophets...' Think we've gotten a lot of warnings already that it was in the near future, but I'm talking like a 'Today is the day/hour' kind of warning.

    3. It's on my wedding anniversary, so that I won't forget . . . April 13, 2029 (right before Israel turns 81) is the date that NASA originally called for the 2.7% chance of the Apophis asteroid (God of Chaos) striking Earth. Of course, they say that it is now safely out-of-range, but you know how the government works!

      Every time that speculation about Nibiru comes up, NASA quashes it. The activity around the South Pole telescope is always sketchy, and just a few years ago, they shut down that telescope in the US Southwest over files on the hard drive. So let's just keep an even keel, and ask ourselves, what would NASA really tell us about this stuff?

      If they valued truth above all, why isn't NASA in the headlines daily, fighting this false Global Warming construct, when they KNOW that a GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM is going to decimate temperatures and food supplies for maybe a hundred years or more, and SOON? Do you wonder why Bill Gates is buying farmland?

      Anyway, great job, Gary and Jeff!

  10. Thinking about the nearness because of this timely message, I had a sticky thought. Would God not be patient for a time, is not there a moment where his anger is incited due to man's depravity, and would we not expect that He would warn for many years just as He has until finally every opportunity has been presented to this lost world? It makes perfect sense that we feel this delay. God is holding back to save the final few. And it is our commission or directive to get them there!

    1. Daniel, I have noticed a pattern of warnings in my study of scriptures, and here is what I have seen: God told Noah he would give the people 120 years to mend their ways in gen 6:3 (long term notice), and then told Noah to get in the boat and "one week from today, I will send 40 days and nights of rain" gen 7:3 (short term warning of judgement). Then, God tells Moses to warn pharoh to let the people go in Exodus 3. Moses gives Pharoh 2 initial warnings in chapter 7 to let the people go (long-term warning), and then after Pharoh refuses after the initial warnings, Exodus 7:25 TLB says, "A week went by" (short term warning), and then the plagues start in chapter 8. So, there seems to be a pattern of a long-term warning that is ignored, then a second, final short term warning (a week or 7 days in both cases) And then the judgement comes. I have thought about that so many times this last year (week???). Sure feels like a final warning before the actual judgement. When this whole thing started last Feb/March and it was GLOBAL, I literally felt like God was saying, WARNING, WARNING, WARNING!!! GET ON THE BOAT, EVERYONE! I remember sharing this with my daughter back in Feb 2020 when everything started happening!!

    2. Before God does something important, He tells his people. Prophecy is critical for us to be awake, listen to God, understand and encourage other Christians before the Rapture.

      Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them (Isaiah 42:9).

      Noah was given 120 years before the flood came so he could build the ark and tell the people of the global catastrophe to come (Genesis 6:3). The Church is given 120 years of warnings during the Laodecean period (begins ~1901-1914) of the Church Age. Over 119 years ago, William McKinley was shot by an assassin on September 6, 1901 (23rd of Elul Jerusalem time). Teddy Roosevelt became president on September 14 (Trumpets). Over 19 years ago was 9/11 (23rd of Elul), the same Jewish day President McKinley was shot.

      After Moses broke the tablets, on the 1st of Elul, he went up to Mt. Sinai forty days to get the second set of tablets (Exodus 34:1). The people had forty day to repent and turn back to God. On the 10th of Tishri (Atonement), Moses goes down and presents God’s law to His people. Since then, the Jews observe Teshuvah, a forty day period of repentance to prepare for the fall holy days. During the month of Elul, they blow the trumpet (shofar) every day except the last day. The final ten days are 1-2 (Trumpets), 3-9 (Days of Awe) and 10 (Atonement).

      Come, and let us [Jewish people] return unto the Lord: for he has torn, and he will heal us; he has smitten, and he will bind us up. After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight (Hosea 6:1-2).

      Jesus Christ was born ~7-1 BC and died ~27-33 AD, then ~2027-2033 could be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Subtract seven years and we are in a possible seven year rapture window (2019-2026) as God prepares the world for the seven years of Tribulation. Since we are at the end of the Church Age, watch and encourage other Christians as we get closer to the Rapture.

      Robert Cook
      21st Century Revelation: World Wars, Iraq Wars & End Wars

    3. Can we expect massive impoverishment of Western societies in the next years if the Rapture is being postponed until 2026?

  11. Just over here picking my jaw up off the floor. God has given you eyes to see. Thank you for this article. I'm also reminded of my birth beneath a fig tree dream which happened 7 years before I gave birth last summer. This is all so wild and encouraging! God bless you, Jeff.

    1. Thank you, sister. I remember your dream as well. So powerful. Your son is a sign and powerful reminder of the soon-coming birth of the male-child (Isa. 66:7).

      Also, I remember that immediately after your son was born, there was a severe storm that suddenly blew through our area!!!

  12. This is so encouraging. I often go back over all the facts, and finish with the speculations to discern if I am really understanding or I am biased looking for what I am longing for, and every time the facts overwhelm me. And then I also come here and see comments from others who see what I see. The last month or so I have not felt the Holy Spirits presence nor have I felt God's answer to my questions of when or how close, and then today I wake up to this post! I check here, Lyn Melvin site and rapture and endtimes site everyday multiple times a day eager to read some new insights. For a week or so I haven't read anything new, and being eager because Adam is coming g to an end, passover fast approaching, the "God of Choas" asteroid flying by this weekend and meteor already buring in atmosphere, multiple earthquakes all over the world, volcanic eruptions, people speaking of "the big one" political climate for the big war.. I could go on, just feels like we are on the cusp. But I kind of feel as if there is still something big that should happen as a last final warning. Like when it began to rain and the animals boarded the ark, or when the angels came and told Lot to leave. A final push for revival. Perhaps our leaving is the final push for the last 7 years... thoughts?

    1. Lyndsey--(good name ya got there cuz it's got 'Lyn' in it ;-D )
      Kidding aside--it did my heart good that you find encouragement also at my blog site. It is my version of TOL--Thinking Out Loud--and also an outlet to share any bread crumbs the Spirit of the Lord gives. I so appreciate when you๐Ÿ’– come by and also any Comments you are led to share!

      I can tell by all the Comments here that we ALL feel like you do. My husband said today, "All I know is SOMETHING's gotta give!" This was after he found out that nearly $2 Trillion COVID Relief Plan was PASSED by the Senate and now sent for the House to vote on. Democrats in Congress had set March 14 as the deadline for delivering the bill for Biden’s signature. Those 7 bad years are fast approaching!

  13. YAY! And THANK YOU Jeff and Gary✨
    While listening to Jeff talk of how God encouraged him to look deeper at The Fig Tree Generation, a vision I was given yesterday morning came to my mind. In the vision I was inside a hall or walkway lined with arched stone windows of Oriental design. The vision panned in towards one of the windows reminding me of the illustration on the cover of a book I read decades ago--Light Through an Eastern Window by K. C. Pillai. It is a book that teaches us to look at the Scriptures with Eastern understanding instead of our Western thinking. “Yes, Lord,” I remember thinking to myself after seeing the vision. “We need to watch for Your return with Eastern eyes or understanding.”
    Israel as the Fig Tree is part of that Eastern mindset. This makes me wonder what other Eastern customs or Orientalisms we might be missing as we watch for His appearing?

    1. Lyn, I agree. When I was teaching years ago in a Christian HS, we got a new superintendent who was from India. I recall his explaining that the Eastern way of thinking is circular (chiastic?) rather than linear as here in the West. No wonder some of Paul's sentences seem so convoluted--ever try to diagram one of the longer ones?! :-) That given, I think it is definitely worth factoring into our ruminations/speculations.

    2. I used to have a book written by Pillai but lost it somewhere over time.

  14. I think we need to take a good look at what’s happening in Israel now, in real time. Could the rollout of this new program be what causes Israel to turn toward true messiah? As they don’t believe *yet* in the New Testament, but it seems they are literally living in the prophecied the mark of the beast system being implemented now.

  15. Gary and Jeff and Unsealed team,

    Thanks again and praise the Lord for another great article. It really seems that things are really beginning to become clearer the closer we get as brothers and sisters share these gems the Lord has help us find.

    I just watched another video from brother James Smith and he pointed out an interesting observation that this May 15th is the 7 year anniversary of the first Blood Moon from the tetrad of 2014/2015. And the story of Joseph and the 7 year of plenty and 7 of famine popped into my mind. And check this out:

    I'm sure that are some that remember this story, but WOW! But....God! 2 calves born right at the beginning of the Blood Moon Tetrad and the "7 years of plenty" ends in 2 months. I just think of the DOW and NASDAQ records, even in this pandemic. And another 7 years to go, one of famine and tribulation. And another thought just popped into my spirit—The first calf born was black and white and look at the racial tension that has built over the last 7 years. And the 2nd calf is red. Just makes me think to the "fire" of judgment.

    What incredible times!

    Keep up the excellent work Unsealed team!

    1. I concur. I've often thought of a 7 years of signs and warnings followed by the 7 years of Tribulation. Additionally if I am not mistaken it was 7 days of loading the ark prior to God closing the door to the ark.

      Interesting about the figs relation and the sign of Jonah. Nahum records " the downfall of Nineveh would come with remarkable ease
      , like figs falling when the tree is shaken" Nah 3:12 "figs" falling when tree "shaken" very interesting imagery to me.

    2. The seven years of warning signs could have started in 2014 with the Blood Moon Tetrads.

    3. 2024 is when the second Solar Eclipse will cross the USA the opposite direction of the last one 7 years before, creating an X and crossing in a town named Salem. This would be around 3 & half years before 2028. And makes me think about the three hours of darkness when Jesus was crucified which will happen again at the end of the Age when the Earth Burns up. And also, may refer to three years (or may 3 1/2) of darkness, i.e. the GREAT part of the Tribulation.

  16. Thanks, guys. Great work.
    Husband and I are as old as modern Israel, and I can vouch for Psalm 90:10. I have always thought the extra 10 were the years of sorrow and pain, though it could be interpreted otherwise. But if I’m right, it might apply very well to Israel proving herself strong, and yet facing the imminent time of Jacob’s Trouble.

  17. You may have found a chiasm within a bigger chiasm. The events leading to the second coming are happening in reverse order of the events of the first coming in some cases down to the day and hour as pointed out in Jonathan Cahn's "The Oracle." There may end up being similar exact date relationships within what you have found.

    1. Hey Andy~I too had been thinking of the probability of a bigger chiasm in the Scriptures. I have not read Jonathan Cahn's "The Oracle" but did read a review on it. He may see a chiasm, but I would caution readers as this reviewer did:

      "Cahn tends to mix just enough biblical truth in the narrative that the unsuspecting reader is left unprepared for the aberrant teaching and theories he introduces with ease. Unfortunately, there are times when the author just “goes off the rails” biblically—especially when it comes to eschatology. As just one of the many prophecies that Cahn claims to have been fulfilled over the last 200 years, he contends that the “times of the Gentiles” came to an end in 1967—and that “David’s fallen tent” was also restored at that time. However, most Bible teachers agree that these prophecies will only be fulfilled at the time of Messiah’s return to the earth." https://www.ariel.org/magazine/a/review-of-jonathan-cahn-s-the-oracle

    2. There are many people who make a living criticizing others. I'd advise going to the source to see what Cahn says and form your own view rather than trusting what someone claims Cahn said.

  18. Thanks Jeff & Gary, awesome stuff! I don't believe I've ever heard of a Chiasm before, but the Got Questions explanation (love that site) really helped me. It's exciting how the confirmations just keep coming, and this is a BIG one. Thanks for all you guys do!

    PS. In the photo of Hitler, back row right. There's a guy who appears to be the only one looking directly into the camera, he's also the only one wearing a chin strap. Call me crazy, but he looks a lot like E. Macron with a short haircut. ๐Ÿค”

  19. Thank you so much for this article and video! I needed encouragement today after a health relapse, and this is just perfect. I love how God's Word has so many nuances that wait to be discovered just as the Holy Spirit opens it up to us.
    I want to share what I heard from the Lord this week. I was praying about the rapture and all the family who have gone before me as well as all the animals that I have loved. Somehow I wished for one last word with each to tell them this or that. The Lord told me that "all will be restored to you". It has given me great peace and comfort. Isn't it just like our Lord to bring us encouragement when we feel at our weakest (I'm speaking of my health issues). I have been able to rest in Him and remind myself that the ultimate healing awaits. Blessings, family.- Vicki

    1. Amen, Vicki. The Lord bless you, and thank you for sharing.

      1 Pet. 5:10

    2. WOW Vicki!!!! When it says "all will be restored to you", it also means pets, like for health and all! We have a great and wonderful Savior and Lord! Glory to Jesus Christ! Jesus knows how to appease our hearts!

    3. Maranatha321-Yes, He does know how to comfort our hearts. And truly, when He said all would be restored, pets were sort of on my mind, instead of my health. LOL I'm probably all backwards, but it is where my heart was at that moment.

    4. VS, Blessings. Thank you for the share. As further encouragement, as I've posted over on Rev12, some time ago, Acts 16:31 also has a hidden nugget. In re 'household' ALSO being saved, digging into the Greek roots of 'household' and it absolutely includes all the possessions thereof, including, specifically, LIVESTOCK, i.e., pets. Maranatha!

    5. Thanks for that, Jimboni!!! I'm gonna take that to the heavenly bank--along with all our other pet lovers out there.

    6. Hmewrdbd, Blessings. Ofc, I wanted to share, here, for everyone to see. Looking at it again, this morning, and it seems a spot where Scripture is now rising up to affirm a dream/vision, as we should always be looking for it to do, before placing great weight upon them. I love it when that 'Happens', no? Maranatha!

    7. Thank you Jimboni! You often bring the right verses at the right time! ;-)

  20. Thank you Jeff and Gary and all who have commented. I too check this site and others for news and encouragement every day. When Gary, I think, maybe Jeff, was talking about the March 1938 invasion of Austria,the image of Caption Von Trapp in "The Sound of Music" yanking down the Nazi flag from there home when he and Maria got back from their month long honeymoon came to mind. Then immediately, I remembered the iconic rise up the hill, dancing and singing, "The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Music." Scripture tells us the whole earth yearns to be set free of the curse of sin. I thought of the music in heaven and like Maria how wonderful it will be to be free.

  21. Speaking of Hitler and his Thousand Year Reich, I saw this video that discusses Hitler's involvement in the occult and how deeply demonic the whole thing was.

    BLOOD SACRIFICE: Hidden Occult Secrets of Hitler - HD FEATURE


    1. Demonic History: From Goethe to the Present
      by Kirk Wetters goes into it in quite a bit of detail.
      I do not know the exact connections, but do know that there is one between today's NWO and that of the NAZIs of the past, all of whom were/are demonically inspired.

  22. Roswell Incident - 7/8/47
    Air Force founded - 9/18/47
    CIA Founded - 9/18/47

    1. My my my! Bingo! This little nugget is an amazing revelation! It really makes me wonder, "What happened at Roswell?" The United States of America jumped on it immediately and got in the game.

  23. Dear bro Gary and Jeff, this article was brilliant just brilliant!

    1. Thank you, Keegan. Love you, brother.

  24. Dear Jeff and Gary, just thank you, guys! I did a study on the Book of Esther years ago that centered (no pun intended) on it's chiastic structure. That was my first exposure, utterly fascinating, and so like the orderliness of our God! Thank you for the visual--I am definitely not an engineer!--and need the pictures to claify and solidify the thinking in my mind. Also as I have aged I find it more ane more difficult to hold thoughts and processes in my mind so I really appreciate the extra effort to make it visual for us visual learners!

    I wish I had something to offer here in the way of insight, dreams, epiphanies but all I can say is I notice a deep restlessness lately. There are several potential reasons for this: the state of our nation/world, etc. as well as our children having just moved to other states and our trying to decide if we should follow. The thought of a physical move at our ages is daunting to say the least. However, the restlessness feels like more than what we see. Like all here I just want to be out of here--and my life is not difficult. It's not just wanting to escape, it's wanting God to come and finally put an end to evil, even though we know it will be horrible getting there. I have tried to warn the unsaved in my family; they don't want to listen. All we can do is try. I doubt it was done well, but that is where I trust God to be strong/clear/quickening in my weakness.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. As it was in the days of Noah 120 years ends March 14 which is coincidentally 7 years and 6 months exactly to Feast of Trumpets 2028..David was king of Hebron (gentiles) 7 years and 6 mos before becoming King of the Israelites...God Bless!!!!

  27. Also take a look at song of soloman 6:11 ..i went down to the nut grove to see the blossoms......and the chariot came and swept me away....The fig blossoms are in bloom and the pomegranates are ready for harvesting ..now..God Bless!

    1. Check the Hebrew word for swept away. It's not what it is

    2. It says she was “among the chariots of my noble people” almost exactly as Elisha exclaims when he sees Elijah go up.

  28. Forgive me it's 187 days not 180...in one week you get on the ark..from March 14? Could we see something that confirms in that last week? God Bless

  29. i meant 7 years 6 mos and 7 days..don't publish my comments as are confusing..just maybe check it out ?? God Bless!

  30. Wow, guys, Blessings. Thanks, that is Delicious. I also love your delivery. The still, quiet and calm manner which your exuberance arrives wearing is a wonderful reflection Of That Still, Gentle Voice Unto Which you attune our ear. Maranatha!

    1. Thank you, brother!

      I guess it also helped that Gary and I recorded when everyone else was asleep, so we tried to keep our cool as much as possible given the nature of the reveal :)

    2. Jeff, Blessings. Your respo certainly elicits a smile. On a more substantive note, having had the afternoon to mull things a bit, I would share some insights re chiastics being, themselves, aligned with the Teachings Of Scripture and not simply valid by their appearance throughout. Especially, at this time, it is imperative that all teachings be rooted multiple times in The Word.

      In this case, I posit that there are at least 2 scriptural witness concerning such: James 1:17, Our Father Of Lights In Whom Is No Turning (change) coupled with Revelation 22:13's Declaration, By Christ, Of His Being The Beginning AND The End, and, second, Ecclesiastes 1:7's declaration of no new thing being under the sun.

      As to the 1st, The Divine, BEING Our Model, The Substance Of All Things, And Also Unchanging, And Also BEING The Beginning And End logically tells us that the end will mirror the beginning of a thing, as you illustrated concerning Genesis and Revelation. This is the 1st Scriptural Witness, Affirming Chiastics, generally, and your 'Bookends' as inherently called for, that is, they must be there, as well.

      Second Witness, As each leg of the Chiasm is an echo of the earlier one, it also aligns with Ecclesiastes 1:7's declaration concerning no new thing. Going further, I would posit that, in addition to the larger archetype involved in the chiasm, 1st 'A' matching last 'A', etc., if one delves into the details within each leg, one will, and MUST find, also, foreshadows of the one following, even though the next one speaks to a different, larger meme. Thus, even any given 'first' leg of the chiasm (1st 'A', 1st 'B', etc.) will also be an echo of things already spoken, As Written. Maranatha!

    3. Oops, OK, just making sure you were paying attention. Ecclesiastes 1:9 was what should have been cited.

    4. Thank you for the confirmation and additional insight, brother.

      Hey, Eccl. 1:7 works too when we consider the hydrologic cycle: evaporation, condensation, and precipitation


    5. Then the end being the beginning, Pentecost started the Body of Christ, Christ in us the hope of Glory, and the end should be the rapture...

  31. I keep wondering . . .

    Noah, his family, and the animals all boarded the Ark 7 days before the rains began. In other words, those who were SAVED rested SAFELY for SEVEN and only then did God's WRATH begin. Of course, the times of Noah were full of tribulations and trials, generally speaking; but it's important to note that onlookers would have continued suffering through life's small tribulations and trials BY CHOICE while still seeing Noah over to the side, probably preaching with the door wide open. They, too, could have rested in faith, but chose to be out and about in a harder world, living IN ERROR and then the door shuts and wrath begins.

    Perhaps this is what the Revelation 12 sign from September 2017 represents. The SAVED saw the vessel of Jesus Christ, heard the command to enter, and made themselves SAFE by resting in Him. We rest SAFELY for SEVEN and only then does God's WRATH begin (the 2nd half of the Tribulation.)

    It's important to note that I am not trying to make any point at all about the Harpazo/Rapture or its timing! I'm just saying that the Holy people of Jesus saw the sign that they were told to watch for, and they boarded the Ark (of a new Covenant) in spirit, seven days early. The Blood moons are for Israel, but the REV 12 sign was for Christians. Others who choose to live through life's smaller tribulations and trials, while ignoring the open door and leaning on their own understanding, suffer needlessly; and then comes WRATH, which we know is the second Half.

    Does it matter if we get raptured now or later? Yes, and no. We do what we are called to do until it happens. And whether or not the door is shut makes no difference at all to the Believer. We already know why we're standing where we're standing. It's because we're SAFE.

    Coincidentally, this very day (March 6th) is 3.5 years after the REV 12 sign, and the "Pope" is in the Middle East confirming PEACE with the followers of false prophets. Exactly right now, to the day. Does this qualify as confirming a symbolic Covenant? I don't claim to know. But it sure is an interesting time!

  32. Just adding on . . .

    I'm not saying that the Pope is the AntiChrist, or that today is the beginning of the Tribulation. I am saying that this could be a parallel. Or even foreshadowing.

    For example, the Rapture could happen in the next month or two, a large earthquake could follow, the Israeli citizens could be involved militarily with Iran, and then . . . *presto* . . . we could see some combination of the Abraham Accords and the Pope's peace with Esau pulled into an actual 7-year Covenant that will not be formed, but rather confirmed. And all before this fall.

    Today, too, the Messenger planet is conjuncting with Jupiter.

    1. Romans 1:18 - 'For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth'


    Did you see this? If the Red Heifer becomes 100%, the sacrifice on Passover 2021 will be a milestone not to discredit. It is another major end time sign.

    WATCH IT HERE ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ksWQ75DW9k )

    Also, The BABYLON CONNECTION - Happening now, Pope Francis in Babylon (IRAQ) The (Possible) Mystery Babylon is in BABYLON this 2021.

    So many things happening. The GREEN PASSPORT in Israel, the chaos happening on the ground from those 'unvaccinated' and their plight for their human rights. It will definitely happen - precursor to the mark of the beast is rising and coming to places all over the world.


  34. There is another sign to consider and that is the Jonah sign.

    Isn’t that what the Messiah told the Jews the first time “You get the sign of the Prophet Jonah” as proof of the Messiah!

    For 40 days Jonah preached the warning of the coming judgment !

    And Paul reminds us as he told the Colossians, the feast days are shadows of things to come but substance casting those shadows is Christ.

    So, First Fruits (Easter) also is a shadow cast into the future and those who rose after Him went into the Holy City and appeared to many.

    For 40 days talking about their own resurrection and things pertaining to the kingdom of God.

    Then Ascension day, another shadow cast into the future, Body of Christ going up!

    Ten days later Pentecost, shadow cast, an offering of the completed product, the Apostles offering of the Messiah.

    Now what to look for:
    Perhaps an earth quake, and the dead rising and going into the Holy City and appearing to many.

    That would sure be a countdown to the Body of Christ going up!

    1. I often wonder about the length of time between dead in Christ rising, and our catching up. Since they will go 1st.

    2. Richard

      Good question!

      If you follow verse by verse in 1 Thessalonians 3:13-18 verse 17 Then we which are alive and remain, tells me at the end of the 40 day Jonah warning we all go and since the "and the dead in Christ shall rise first" group are already changed, the "we which are alive and remain" get changed in a moment of time.

      Does that make since?

    3. Still alive on Earth, still remain(ing) IN CHRIST, because most will give in to the Beast and will not "stand fast" till the end if there is no pre trib rapture, or will already be dead because Jesus said (I'm not quoting scripture here) he wondered if there would 'find any flesh alive' when he returned, and we know scripture tells us that satan will k1ll most flesh.

  35. Now that you mentioned it, I can see it in Daniel too. The 70 weeks, 7 then 62 to the first advent. The second advent start the count from the date the Ottomans also made a decree to rebuild those walls around 1535. In this case, the 62 weeks comes first around the time Jerusalem was recaptured and 7 weeks later recognized the capital also coinciding with the sign of the Virgin. That would of course drop us into that last 7 year period already.

  36. Can't wait til Jesus comes back to end Pope Francis's dulcet-toned reign of terror

  37. At https://www.raptureready.com/2021/03/07/waiting-for-the-rapture-by-nathele-graham/ "Waiting for The Rapture :: By Nathele Graham":

    "Scripture teaches that there will be one last Gentile to be saved before the rapture. After that, God will turn His attention back to the salvation of Israel. “For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in” (Romans 11:25)."

    This means that the timing of the Rapture isn't dependent on certain Jewish Feast days, or certain conjunctions of stars and planets. But the Rapture will occur when the last gentile has accepted Jesus Christ as his/her Saviour and Lord.

    1. That has become an increasing conflict of opinion in recent years. More specifically it seems, during the past decade, there has been increasing focus on linkage. Is this a feature of the “unveiling” of End Times, or a created theological distraction? It’s a question that I can’t answer. But I find myself being drawn back to the concept of the Rapture and its resurrection component being a standalone event.


    2. The fullness of the gentiles will be after the Millenium because there are more to save. God will give another opportunity during the 7 years and the Millenium to believe.

    3. Moin ;

      These are appointed times for all, not just feasts for the Jews. I have to believe the Rapture will occur on one of them. Just my thoughts.

  38. Yes I believe we are watching a movie. I would like to leave the theatre now and to heck with the credits but we cant do that. I believe there could be some plot twists yet to come that will be stunning. Some have touched on the possibility that the millenial reign could start on the 2000 yr. anniversary of the resurrection. That would make sense to me also.

  39. You know what I find an incredibly interesting thought? That one day we will be able to see more chiastic patterns, or that we are iRobot living in the midst of another one now and we just don’t have all the i fir action to see it. For instance, once we know who the Antichrist is, I’m sure we (or those left on earth) will be able to draw some patterns correlated his birth, and bookending it with the birth of Christ. I have no doubt many things about him will mirror the circumstances of the birth of Jesus and possibly even the signs above in the sky.

    1. I apologize for the poor spelling! Hard to type on my phone. Autocorrect is a funny thing ๐Ÿ˜†

    2. Lol, I figured you didn't mean that we were all a bunch of cyborgs "living in the midst of another." Please tell me that you are all real human beings!


    3. Affirmative, I am not a robot.

  40. And Apophis was just 'cast down' to Earth, right on schedule.

    In Greek, 'Dragon' also means 'A Great Serpent.'

    'Apophis' is 'Apep.' Apep is also called 'The Evil Dragon' and is portrayed as a great coiled serpent. He is the God of Chaos.

    Apophis/Apep is the Dragon/Serpent is Satan and he is being cast to Earth.

  41. Hi Ashley

    "once we know who the Antichrist is"

    That's like the cart before the horse thing.

    First He the "Little Horn" is the "Peacemaker".

    Look for the "Peacemaker" first, He's there and has been for awhile.

    When the man on the white horse of Revelation 6 rides onto the scene, the first seal of the Great Tribulation has been opened by Christ. The opening of this seal reveals the Peacemaker stage of the rise of Antichrist, who is fulfilling the Little Horn role at this time.

    This peacemaker continues his rise to Antichrist, during the first three and a half years in the area where peace was made. During this time, in a local war, the three dissenters to the peace are uprooted. Then, as the man on the white horse, Little Horn is wearing a crown, as he is depicted in Revelation 6, a crown given to him in honor, lives in his kingdom at peace in a land that he helped to bring peace to. He, the Little Horn, is depicted as having won this kingdom by flattery, and as being very benevolent as he shares the wealth with his people.

    But, suddenly, when he, the Little Horn, is possessed by the beast from out of the bottomless pit, his rise is completed, and is now the person known as Antichrist. He breaks the peace covenant, turns on the Jews, and fulfills that part of the prophecy revealed in Daniel 9:27, and the second half of the Great Tribulation begins to unfold.

  42. Here is a condensed list of Empire's and Kingdom's in Daniel.

    Daniel’s 1st Empire “Babylon” head of Gold.
    Revelation 17’s 3rd Kingdom the Lion after Egypt and Assyria.

    Daniel’s 2nd Empire “medo-Persia”. breast and arms of Silver.
    The Ram with dominion “The Prince of Persia”.
    Revelation 17’s 4th Kingdom the “Bear”.

    Daniel’s 3rd Empire “Grecian” Belly & Sides of Brass.
    He Goat with dominion “The Prince Of Grecia”, ascends from the Pit.
    Revelation 17’s 5th Kingdom.
    The Kingdom that “Was”, the “Wounded head” Kingdom.

    Daniel’s 4th Empire “Rome” Legs of Iron.
    The Kingdom with 10 Horns and a Little Horn.
    Revelation 17’s 6th Kingdom.
    The Kingdom that “IS”.

    Daniel’s 5th Empire “Moslem” Feet of Iron and Clay.
    Revelation 17’s 7th Kingdom.
    The Empire that appears in history after 69th & before the 70th week.

    Daniel’s 6th Empire “Antichrist Kingdom” Toes of Iron & Clay.
    A confederacy grown out of the Feet “Moslem Empire” in the last days.
    Revelation 17’s 8th Kingdom. The reimpowered area of the Hashemite Kingdom.

    And finally the Stone Kingdom, God's Kingdom, would fall upon the Feet and Toes Kingdoms. And when it did, it would destroy all the kingdoms that had grown on that land.

    1. The Antichrist's Empire will IMHO be a revamped version of the EU, consisting of a federation of 10 European nations (Revived Roman Empire) which will cooperate on the field of defence and security.

    2. That’s been the traditional interpretation for a very long time, but some very interesting and compelling readings have emerged in recent years. I ignored them for a long while, but that’s beginning to change. There’s huge existing and growing potential for military and political power moves in the Islamic realm, whereas Europe remains extremely quiet and inactive in just about every way but financial. It’s become very hard to imagine any real dynamic moves coming out of Europe in the foreseeable future. The Islamic realm is strikingly opposite in every respect.

      Our modern sensibilities have become very biased toward Eurocentric, to the point of not imagining strong power plays developing elsewhere (except possibly China). The Middle East might seem like a muddled mess, but potentially catastrophic power plays are more ripe there than anywhere else. The exact moves and alliances are beyond the scope this brief note.


    3. As a quick follow-up for my above comments, there are some excellent and thoroughly researched books on this general subject by Joel Richardson and Mark Davidson. Some of this could be the natural and prophesied "unveiling" that's supposed to take place as the hour draws nearer.

      One thing in particular strikes me: the very specific biblical mention of beheading as method of execution during the Tribulation. That's not a typically Western method, and is generally regarded as barbaric, even by those with a thirst for execution. But it's inherently Islamic. In fact, it's their signature method.


    4. Moin

      Daniel perfectly describes the Roman Empire, as the hips give way to two iron legs, depicting Rome as the empire was split under Constantine.

      He stretched the empire east, around the Black Sea, The Bosporus region, along the Caucuses to the Caspian Sea, and back around, cutting across territory that is now Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Arabia, Egypt and Libya.

      By the time Constantine had spread the empire to this end of the earth, Rome to the west wasn't in control of the east.

      It's the eastern leg of the Roman Empire that plays the key role in the understanding of Daniels' story.

    5. Gregg, but each leg has 5 toes, could it be that the antichrist's Revived Roman Empire will comprise of 5 European nations and 5 Islamic nations? In other words the "Union for the Mediterranean" which is on the territory of the Old Roman Empire. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_for_the_Mediterranean "Union for the Mediterranean".

    6. Moin


      The toes (Kingdom) grow out of the Feet (Moslem Empire. The only part Rome has to do with any of it, It grows the Horns.

      In other words, the ten Kings out of the Roman portion of the Moslem Empire the Little Horn grows up among them and He is more precisely identified as the Hashemite King of the Hashemite Kingdom which is encircled
      by the Selucid portion of the Grecian empire.

      Even one foot is mixed with Iron and clay and so also the toes of one Foot. So then you would have Five toes but also mixed with the Iron and Clay, some kingdoms strong and some kingdoms week, but you can't have both your ether week or strong.

      But I get your point!

    7. Another point is, since the Toes grow out of the Feet, you would count all the toes (Kingdom) from the feet (Moslem Empire).

  43. Lyndsey and anyone else who might be interested--
    I have been researching, studying, and praying and typing--just put together a new article where I mention Jeff's chiastic pattern, indicators of what might be ahead just before the Rapture, Apophis, encouragement on how the Sabbatical cycles point to a Spring 2021 Rapture (THANK YOU to Lu Vega), and cautioning what is being said about "the God Comet" and more:

    Planet X, Passover, and Pentecost 2021

    1. oh yes, cant wait to read, going now. thank you lyn!!! I love your blogs!!

    2. Well Done Lyn!! I cant wait to really pray on these insights, and see where it leads me. I am so excited, and I too agree the time is VERY near. I "feel" this spring is extremely high watch time. I look forward each day to see what warning, sign, etc is pointing more and more to the nearness. Home soon. Cant wait to meet everyone here! I feel like we are family.... well bc we are!

    3. Love you, Lyndsey๐Ÿ•Š️ If you are led to leave a Comment at my blog site just remember it won't show up immediately because Comments are screened ok?

  44. Greetings to all. I hope the powers here will tolerate another of my "back to basics" posts. Not for a moment to minimize the great work that's done here, but to offer another tone in the chord, another color on the palette. A lot of people are living lives full of prophetic wondering, but it's very important to remember basics, without which everything else drops clumsily to the floor.

    Here are some powerful words, once again, from the late but still cherished Adrian Rogers. This message is a few years old, but the words never lose relevance or power, especially in these days when so many churches have lost direction and central purpose.

    The message here is titled "Bright Lights in a Dark World", and I think it's more valid now than ever.



  45. I would love to share what the Lord has shown me in scripture regarding harpadzo. I sent an email a couple of months ago. I didn’t ever receive a response as far as I know. I felt as if several points that you at Unsealed have shared with us over the past 4 years kept me focused in studying and watching, so I thought I should share with you. It’s rather amazing, and I would like some feedback. Please email me @ almamaterjohnson@gmail.com if you are interested in hearing. I have come to know these things early 2020 or before. I cannot remember exactly, because it was bits at a time that He revealed through various scripture. However, it was in August/September of 2020 when I was revealed another major confirmation that fit exactly.

  46. Where has Pastor Rich been? I miss his commentary.

    1. Hello, Ashley,

      I am still here but my time has been consumed with family and ministry. Please know that I continue to lift you all in daily prayer and hope to share in the near future.


    2. I, for one, haven’t forgotten about the study involving the Two Witnesses, that you briefly mentioned a couple of times. And have missed hearing from you regarding any other matter as well.


    3. Thanks for asking, Ashley. I have been wondering also. Glad to know all is well with you PR and you are just busy. Prayers your way also.

  47. I need to talk to someone. Please email me at almamaterjohnson@gmail.com.

    I don’t see where my earlier comments went through.

    Thank you so much for all of your time, study, and faithfulness in sharing truth.

    1. Hello Diana, I apologize, I do my best to read as many of the emails that come through as I can, but I can't always respond to everything. I've seen you message several times. Please feel free to share your study with me (gary@unsealed.org) and I'll take a look.

      God bless.

  48. Great exposition, the unsealing of prophecy per Daniel is occuring in real time. Also VERY NOTABLE is that the first eclipse of the Blood Moon Tetrads all falling exactly on the Judaic Feast days was April 2014. This strongly suggests that these Blood Moons were a warning of 7 years before THE FINAL 7 YEARS. (2014 + 7 = 2021)

    1. Yes, Unknown! It also fits with the Sabbatical Cycle as I share in my recent article: Planet X, Passover, and Pentecost 2021 (see hyperlink above at my 3/8 comment).

  49. Dear Brother Gary, there's also a parallel in the honouring of "Righteous among the nations" from WW2 by the Israeli government and the coming "Judgement of the (living) nations" by Jesus Christ after Armageddon. Great study though, Thank you!


  50. At https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/abraham-accords-flight-777-closer-than-ever-as-muslim-across-middle-east-warming-to-third-jewish-temple-in-jerusalem/:

    "ABRAHAM ACCORDS: Flight #777 Closer Than Ever As Muslim Across Middle East Warming To The Idea Of A Third Jewish Temple In Jerusalem
    Tom Nissani, head of the Temple Heritage Foundation, told Arutz 7 that this is a golden opportunity. “In the end, it is becoming increasingly clear that the main obstacle – the Temple Mount – is in our hands,” he said. “This is a historic opportunity to expel the hostile Waqf from the Temple Mount and transfer it to full Israeli management that will allow full freedom of access and religion to the mountain in cooperation with the Emirates, Saudis and Moroccans, Jews and non-Jews who will attain shared goals.”"

    This means that the Rapture is indeed very near, maybe during the next months or years?

  51. The signs and news I've seen point towards possible imminent conflict between the USA and Iran. Probably this year.

    I'm not worried, brethies. The Lord will protect us.

  52. This chiastic pattern that you point out reminds me of things I have seen in nature. The mirror image of some leaves, 2 rows of barley, double strands of DNA. It reminded me of some information I had seen from Dr. Chuck Missler. I went back and looked at youtube video: Chuck Missler Beyond Coincidensce 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bch8Ypptk9U

    If you have not seen this video I highly recommend it. In one part he was talking about the relationship of things in the old testament and things in the new testament. One example: Numbers 21: 8-9 8 The LORD said to Moses, “Make a snake and put it up on a pole; anyone who is bitten can look at it and live.” 9 So Moses made a bronze snake and put it up on a pole. Then when anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake, they lived. In the new testament it revealed the meaning of this, (Jesus speaking to Nicodemus) : John 3: 14-16 14 Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, 15 that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.” 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. If you look at the WHO Symbol it is a snake on a pole placed over a globe with the 7 continents. To me it testifies to that Jesus is the great physician even though obviously they don't even understand the background of this symbol.

  53. Any one else keeping up with the mideast news:

    Saudi crown prince and a growing number of Suni Muslims saying the the Dome of the Rock not essential to the Muslim faith, and a third temple should be there(jewish temple). Which infuriates
    the Palestinian's and Iran which refer to Israel as occupiers of the Land.

    Then you have a show of force by Israel with B52's and Fighter jets fly by's.
    And Iran threatening Israel.

    And you have the Pope visiting everyone over there, Iran, Irac, Jordan.

    Egypt talking to Jordan, Jordan talking to Saudi Crown Prince and Irac which is Shea same as Iran.

    Iran is Shea and doesn't like the Saudi's or Israel.

    Things are heating up good over there, I think everyone is getting on edge.

    1. The first thing I thought when I saw the pope was in Iraq was, 'What's he doing in Babylon?'

    2. Yes Greg, ive noticed. Things are ramping up over there.

  54. According to Mark Davidson, who has written compelling interpretation for an Islamic Antichrist, the next major development we’re likely to see is a large scale war with Muslim against Muslim for control of the Middle East and its oil production. This, instead of direct action against Israel. Iran has the strength to sweep into several weaker neighboring nations. And who would stop them? After 20 years of fighting, and trying to extract ourselves from the region, we certainly won’t, and neither would the public go for it. The conflict would require resources easily equal to the first Gulf War. Nobody is game for that, and even if they were, it would take a good six months of intense, fully committed preparation.

    The quick and overwhelming result? A tremendously more powerful Iran with vastly more resources. And with one edict, they could end the dollar basis for international oil trade. In the space of a few lightning raids, they could have their hands around the throat of the world economy, and the world would have little choice but to deal with them. This would be the start of a powerful new order, and for the most part, the pieces have been set in motion by the Iraq debacle that WE started. And of course, Iraq would be one of Iran’s first targets of acquisition.

    I agree with Davidson, in that this will be the new and immediate direction, not an attack on Israel. They’re far too well prepared, and it would do nothing to strengthen Iran’s hand. Iran will play a longer and smarter game than that.


    1. Remember this is year 73 for Israel, and we should always keep in mind 1973. America had its surprise Yom Kippur War-style attack on Jan. 6, and I think it's entirely possible we see a similar surprise attack on Israel by Iran this year. Joe Biden was in Israel during the lead up to the Yom Kippur War. 1973 was his first year in Washington. If Iran attacks Israel, the USA would be drawn in. We know ahead of time Iran won't be successful - was the Yom Kippur invasion successful? No. The US has overwhelming superiority to wipe out their regime. The only question I'd have is how far the US would go to eradicate the regime in Tehran. We're at a dangerous inflection point because the Israelis don't want to see the nuclear deal resurrected, and the US has committed to preventing Iran from developing the bomb. I'm certainly not hoping for war, but the Lord may put his foot down and end this horrible antisemitic regime that wants to wipe out his people.

    2. Hi Anonymous :

      Unfortunately, that's not what the Bible says. Arab nations will attack Israel 1st in the Isaiah 17 war, then Iran/Russia/Turkey will attack Israel in EZ Gog/Magog war. Israel is victorious in both.

    3. We’ll see. I haven’t completely turned loose of all the traditional interpretations, but some of those traditional readings have become entrenched through narrow, assumed, and not necessarily accurate means. Basics of salvation are one thing, but End Time prophecy is a whole other matter. People (and I used to be one of them) speak with utter assurance about this course and that, as if there are no differing interpretations, primarily because it’s what we were raised hearing. As the hours and days unfold, and real world conditions reveal themselves, we’re very likely going to have some surprises, whether or not they’re the ones I’ve mentioned. And anything I mention here in the way of prophecy, is a matter of thinking out loud, food for thought and exploration.

      People shouldn’t assume that it’s all neatly wrapped up. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. Things are going to transpire that we won’t identify at all, until AFTER they’ve happened. I’m a solidly pre-trib person, but I also believe we could witness and endure quite a bit before the Rapture. We’re in a steady ramping up, not subject to the flipping of a switch.


  55. The whole book of Ezekiel follows the same structure - there may be much more to this that we think - Ezekiel being the highly end-times-centric book that it is!

    (lots of studies on this, just search 'Notes on the Literary Structure of the Book of
    Ezekiel' or a chart 'INVERTED PARALLELISM OF THE BOOK OF EZEKIEL' etc...)

  56. You are right, Andrew!
    "In the video The Prophetic Code of Noah and Lot Perry Stone explains how the last days compare to the days of Noah and Lot (Luke 17:26-30) and shows how in the Book of Genesis if you go in reverse it gives you the order of end time events!" [excerpt from Planet X, Passover, and Pentecost 2021]

  57. Today would be a great day for the Lord to expose the Masons.

  58. Hey Everyone,

    Let me say that I look forward with great anticipation to each and every one of Jeff and Gary’s posts. The insight God has given you and your dedication to the truth and posting it are much appreciated. I have not been blessed with any visions or dreams. Honestly, I’m just thankful to be allowed on the boat.

    Interrupts165 has a theory about a 14 year tribulation that is quite fascinating. Perhaps it is something to look in to and give us your thoughts.

    Thanks for all your study and the wonderful updates. Hope to see you all REAL SOON.

  59. The 14 year tribulation information I was talking about is on Ministry Revealed by Alain Debreuil. He makes a very good case (I think Alain is a man’s name, if not, sorry) and you guys are such good Bible students I’m just wondering what your thoughts are. No flattery, just my opinion. Some people have been given the gift of interpreting, I have not. Some things you can discount right away as false and/or misleading. I am doing some research/study of my own but would like your two-cents as well if you have the time. I am one of those putting together packets of info for family and friends who will be left behind and I want to give them truth as well as hope and we don’t have much time! Thanks.

    1. Hi ;

      14 years is 2 weeks. There is only 1 week ( 7 years ) left in Daniel's prophecy.

  60. "The first thing I thought when I saw the pope was in Iraq was, 'What's he doing in Babylon?'"

    That's because the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon. She's literally drinking blood from a goblet. the pope is the False Prophet

    1. related to that did you guys see that video of scarlet haired Amy Coney Barrett getting into her SUV with the seven heads of her kids in the back seat? She rode rode rode all the way to the White

    2. yes Amy is a very apt symbol of the Whore indeed. in fact if you look at clips of her first two days before Congress, she wore a purple dress and then a red dress the next day. Built her rep on being "pro life". Said she wasn't sure if climate change is really happening. Later turns out her father spent his career representing big oil. Her confirmation ceremony serving as the super spreader COVID event in the White House is very symbolic. Exposure is coming for these phonies

  61. When Trump first gained office, he travelled to all the world leaders homes and made them submit to his leadership. First, to Saudi Arabia, where he met with the leaders, with his wife (which is taboo) and afterward they did a ceremony in which Trump held the King's sword! That is only ever allowed to be carried by the king. If you watch the video of the ceremony, the king appears in pain the entire time, he's beside himself. Not long after he went there, the king was imprisoned in a motel and the prince took over. When the prince came to America afterwards, he was going to the concert in Vegas. Trump warned him that an attempt was to be made on his life and spirited him away. We all know what happened then. (the mass shooting). Following this, the prince visited Trump at the white house and he praised him and vowed his allegiance publicly. Immediately after, he went to all the heads of the major media companies and "talked" to them. (passing on Trumps message).
    He also went to see the royal family in England, where he met "behind closed doors", after which, he completely disrespected the royal family in public, by ignoring them as they spoke to him, walking past and in front of them, then ignoring the princes calls to him and walking directly up to the royal guard (who are not to speak) and talked and laughed with them publicly.
    He also met with Putin, after which they had a press conference where Putin gave him a soccer ball from the Russian olympics and stated that the ball was in his court now.
    He also went to the World Leaders Summit, where he was very late and made all the leaders wait on him, which they were highly upset about, but didn't publicly admonish him for. There he arrived late, rudely pushed past the leaders and took center stage for the photo op. Nobody said a word to him about it. They just tight lipped and took it.
    He travelled to Israel as well, met with prime minister, after which he was again praised as a great friend to Israel.
    He went to China and met with Xing, after which a banquet was held in his honor and Xing publicaly walked with trump showing support.
    The same with North Korea, even after being called little rocket man, Kim Jong Un ceased his weapons testing and supported Trump.
    This was done with all the world leaders.
    He then went to the Vatican, and after a short conversation, he made the pope put on his "red shoes" (symbolizing something we won't go into now), but it was public supplication to Trump.
    Now he has a "coalition" of the most powerful leaders in the world, all answering to him! When trump takes office again, if he even bothers too, he will be the most powerful many in the history of the world.
    Asa supposed christian, (which I can prove id false as well) when is it ever considered godly to not only beat your opponent, but humiliate them as well?

  62. Would it be far fetched to say it is time to flee into the mountains (Matthew 24:16). Could Joe Biden’s ignoring of the border crisis and Covid relief bill be the abomination of desolation (Matthew 24:15, Daniel 9:27, 11:31). Daniel 12:11 says from this time there shall be 1,290 days = 3.5 years. Are we in the middle of the tribulation? Are things going to get really bad, really fast?

  63. PS. This would mean the tribulation began at the sign of Revelation 12, in 2017.

  64. Is Revelation 18 speaking of America? Just watched a video of someone saying it is and wanted other's thoughts.

    1. This is two different Nan's by the way! Lol!

    2. Thats funny!

      Maybe you can put your initials at the end of your post's.

      I do see a difference now, one is Caps and the other is not.

    3. This is a question that has many opinions. But the short answer is No, it's not. America is the obvious target, but when one looks past the obvious window dressing of the Bible's description of Mystery Babylon, you soon find out there is more to the three-dimensional story than meets the two-dimensional eye ...



    4. superb post, End Times

  65. Nan, first we are not in the Tribulation because the born-again believers in Jesus Christ are still here, we have not been raptured.
    The verses in Matthew and Daniel are speaking to the Jews in Israel. The abomination of desolation is what antichrist will do in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem when he proclaims that he is God, at the half mark of the Truibulation, of which we are not in. There is no temple in Israel right now antichrist to make a desolation of, but the plans and all the instruments for worship are ready for it to be built, but it is not yet. About Revelation 18, Babylon the Great, it is the end-time political and spiritual system, not a place. America is joining that end-time system now with the lawless usurper Joe Biden pretending to be the American president. Donald Trump tried to keep us out of this globalist system but America's time was up and God moved our try President out and put the usurper in. So America is part of Babylon the Great put it is the end-time evil world system. Hope that helps. Also, go to Behold Israel.org for Amir Tsarfati's videos on end time events. Another good name to know is JD Farag, go to jdfarag.org for prophecy updates! Also, Jan Markell,
    Olive Tree Ministries.

  66. https://twitter.com/Pontifex/status/1371068600438689792

    this is the fake pope's message for today.

    "If God so loves us that he gives himself to us, the Church too has this mission. She is not sent to judge but to welcome; not to impose, but to sow; not to condemn, but to bring Christ who is our salvation."

    The Church is not to judge between religions, because all are viable pathways to God. the Church is not to condemn sinners because that's not politically correct. the Church is not to impose upon others, but to hang back and say, "It's cool if you come to us or not - whatever floats your boat." this is what Our Holy Father the Vicar (stand-in) of Christ, the fake pope, head of the fake counter-church, believes.

  67. Rhonda, thank you for that. The only thing that I might disagree with is that Trump is gone. I believe that election fraud from last Nov. 3rd. was proven. No Supreme court necessary. They ( U.S. Military) know that foreign powers in cooperation with domestic traitors stole the election. This is going to be exposed despite the courts and the social media, facebook, youtube etc. censoring content. For this reason I dont think the rapture is this year but its close. There is a chance for one last revival. God is not in a hurry to bring on the wrath of tribulation, he wants as many people on the ark as possible. God bless.

    1. Van helsing, thanks for "liking" my thoughts, comments. I am in complete agreement with you about the election fraud being proven 100%. It makes my blood boil knowing our government is so corrupt that they were part of this end time lawless treasonous action. The only comfort I have is knowing that God will judge them for bringing down His chosen servant. I would love it if President Trump would/could come back to take his rightful place as our President but I just don't think that is going to happen. Maybe this is similar to why God did not allow Moses to go into the promised land so people would not worship him because all the glory needs to be on Jesus, our true Savior. Now, I was not one of those who worshiped President Trump but I also knew God appointed him to be our President from 2016-2020. Sadly, I have lost fellowship with my parents, sisters and their children over politics these last four years. All of them are die-hard democrats and can't see the evil the democrat party has become. It is extremely sad for me to know how blinded they are to the truth of both worldly and spiritual matters. I just finished watching Pastor Farag's prophecy update and I agree God does not want to bring the wrath of the Tribulation upon the world but with all the end times signs happening so fast now, we must be awfully close! God bless.

    2. Ive lost friends over politics too. Makes me sad.

    3. Ive lost friends over politics too. Makes me sad.


  68. Remember, the Rapture has a set time. That time is 40 days after First Fruits, and 10 days before Pentecost. Each year, physical time moves over that spot. And in one of those years, we will pass over it on the day when all of the elements of Gods plan will be in place. And when that happens, the events that God scheduled, or set the time for, will occur. That is a fact.

    All we have to do is become informed and then watch to see if the elements are in alignment. In the year that they are, the events begin with the dead rising in Jerusalem on First Fruits, where they will be seen and heard for 40 days. Then the catching away of the Body on that 40th day.

    Now that’s what the prophetic word of God tells us.

    We are only going to see these events once, and God wants us to not only see them, but to enjoy them. Paul taught the joy and rejoicing part of the end times to the first converts. He found no doom and gloom for the children of the day and of the light.

    The only thing we can do is be aware and watch!

    1. That's a whole lot of certitude, regarding the time. More than reason and caution should allow. Here's hoping that you're right this year! And next year! And the year after that! And that! And, well, you know.

    2. unknown

      Now, since we know that the peace can't be concluded because it's an after the Rapture event, the mere existence of the Church stands in it's way. But it doesn't take long to get them out of the way.

      Paul said that it would happen in the twinkling of an eye. Now, an eye twinkles a lot faster than it bats, so you can imagine how quickly it's over. And, once it's over, it's over! The age is ended, the promise is kept, and time on earth marches on.

      Those who are left behind, have seven years of misery to live through, and if they make it, then welcome to the kingdom on earth. Being a martyr is the only other door. Scripture says, "just as in the days of Noah" . . . Once that ark's door closed, drowning was the only other option.

      Do you see how serious it is to know when you are actually in the time when this stuff comes to pass. When that door closes, there are no good options left!

      The people of Noah's time watched him build that boat for a lot of years, but they all drowned anyway. God was in control then, just like He is now. They all laughed at Noah's explanation until it began to rain. But, God wanted them all dead, so he gave them a strong delusion and they believed a lie, and were damned.

      In the case of the Rapture, God wants you alive! In the case of Nineveh, God wanted them alive, so he gave them a chance, and sent them a warning, given by a man who typified Christ, for forty days, which caused them to repent and be saved. And then He gave Jonah as the only sign of the Messiah.

      Well, Christ is coming back. With a two fold purpose. First to catch away His body, then on to fulfill the remaining feasts of, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles, for the Jews, fulfilling His promise to them.

    3. I think it's time for us to be watching very closely - closer than ever before. We can't tell exactly, but the "set" on the stage seems to be very precise, and that's what it will take for the time to be THE time. That's why God wants us to watch, so we see it coming.

      The reason the Hebrews in Egypt recognized Moses as their deliverer, was that they were aware of the prophecy of a deliverer in the fourth generation, and they knew which generation they were in, and they were watching for him.

      The earth has been waiting 2,000 years for this time to come to pass. During that time the meaning of the prophecies about the return of Christ are just as lost and misused and mistranslated, as they were at the first coming. He was missed then, and sadly, He will be missed again by many who never should have missed him.

      How long do you think the "set" on the stage can stay in the exact same place before it moves on? The time window is narrow. The Messiah was cut off, resurrected and returned back to His Devine self in a total of 43 days. For forty of those days Jesus remained here on earth, and so did many of the dead that chose Christ and raised after him, and then they went home together on the 43rd day.

    4. My second time to watch. Outrageous. I am so greatful that God has led me to your teachings. He that promises is faithful. I am all in...see you in the air!...soon.

    5. Hi Gregg ;

      Please tell me where in the Bible it says this ?

    6. rjmgoose

      Hi rjmgoose, just click my name and go to my web site, all the teaching is there!

    7. Gregg

      I agree with almost everything that you're saying in your reply. That is, my beliefs are much in line with your beliefs. But they are merely beliefs.

      I can't quite go where you're going when you say this:

      "Remember, the Rapture has a set time. That time is 40 days after First Fruits, and 10 days before Pentecost. Each year, physical time moves over that spot. And in one of those years, we will pass over it on the day when all of the elements of Gods plan will be in place. And when that happens, the events that God scheduled, or set the time for, will occur. That is a fact."

      As much as it would please me, and as much as I believe it to be so, we can always find one other Christian that would disagree with these "facts." That was my only point. You're pushing a little too much certitude, and reason and caution are working against you. If you are wrong just once about these "facts," then you become a false prophet; not only hurting the cause but besmirching your own reputation as a discerning voice. Did God tell you specifically about the Rapture and its timing between First Fruits and Pentecost? If so, I long for those days. But if not, don't claim divine truth to yourself, and instead, just tell us why you see a rational set of markers pointing to such.

      I don't mean any of this to be rude or unhelpful. Quite the contrary, I love the speculation and the discovery process. But "facts" are hard things to pin down in prophecy. Be careful not to pound holes in your wall while you're diagramming out the flow chart!

    8. unknown

      "and the tombs were opened; and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised;
               and coming out of the tombs after His resurrection they entered the holy city and appeared to many."

      1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 interpreted correctly accounts for the previously dead in Christ He brings with Him (not like the Netflix movie’s). Verse 16 is whole different group of dead in Christ,. “Then” Paul say’s , denotes a time frame, thats the Jonah sign.
      And all of this has to do with the Jews because that is the count down to the end of the Church age.

      Coupled with Colossians 2:16-17 shadow of things to come, Paul new and taught all this to early converts but He didn’t know the timing.
      Those words have been there since they were pined and only relevant to those to whom they were intended for.

      Just like Daniels prophecies were locked up in time, waiting for the time to be revealed because time is the revealer. Doesn’t make any since to look for the antichrist when there isn’t a nation of Israel, what the people of that time should have been looking for was the Israel becoming a nation.

      Like today people are speculating on “the antichrist, when they should be looking for the “Peacemaker”. The Church (body of Christ) will never see the antichrist.

      But we can see events leading up to the confirmation of the peace.

      Most everyone, to me is preoccupied with the Youtube prophecie Guru’s.
      I see the message’s, (Hay did ya here this what he or she said and since he’s of a reputation he or she has to be right?). Did we just transport back into the 80’s, all those prophecy books are in the trash!

    9. No rapture this year. Your rapture theory is bogus. Sorry


    What an interesting intersection of days. Pi Day (March 14th) or 3/14 (aka 3.14); the day on which we spring forward in time for which at sunset last night we marked the beginning of the month of Nisan,

    1 The LORD said to Moses and
    Aaron in the land of Egypt,

    2 "This month shall be for
    you the beginning of months
    of the year for you."

    (Exodus 12:2 ESV)

    According to Torah Calendar today is that day! The moon is new and the first day of Spring is right around the corner. The Spiritual New Year 5781 is at hand!

    May the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all!


    1. Forgive my rusty posting. Between the time change and my lack of coffee before posting I neglected to double-check and proof-read my Scriptural quotation above. Verse two should read,

      2 "This month shall be for you
      the beginning of months. It shall
      be the first month of the year for

      ...and of course the full citation should read (Exodus 12:1-2) from the ESV not just verse two. Man am I rusty or what?!

      Be on the look-out for a *mini* teaching on the Passover lamb called "One-two, three" coming soon.




    'It looks like the end of the world': China's worst sandstorm in a decade chokes Beijing

    Quoting, NBC News,

    "China’s capital city woke up to yellow skies Monday as the biggest sandstorm the country has seen in a decade swept through it, sparking new health fears.

    The thick brown dust shrouded Beijing's iconic landmarks, including the Forbidden City, and downtown skyscrapers at times disappeared from view, enveloped by clouds of sand.

    The visibility in the capital was reduced to less than 1,000 meters (3,300 feet), China’s English-language news agency CGTN reported, forcing residents who dared venture outside to wear improvised headgear to protect their faces.

    Traffic was snarled and more than 400 flights out of the capital’s two main airports were canceled, The Associated Press reported."


    1. If our Lord Jesus could calm the wind and seas and basically change the weather... and His statement that we would do similar things as He... Is it too far off to think that one day humanity would figure out how to intentionally cause weather?

      The cold snap a few weeks ago has plenty of rumor-mongering going on that it was caused by China... What if this sandstorm is the retaliation? Certainly a lot of 'storm metaphors' going on recently...

    2. Kris Garrison

      That technology has existed for decades and does get used.

      When you read the patents it becomes very clear!

      "Wilhelm Reich's cloudbuster" but that was then.

      But I'm sure they (the people you will never here about) have perfected it since then and many other technology's.

    3. That's simply not true, Gregg.

      You keep saying things that you have no verifiable evidence for. Just like you claim it to be a FACT that the rapture must happen between First Fruits and Pentecost. It may, indeed, but you don't know that, do you? Not that you could prove to anyone.

      Youth or old age, desire, ignorance, and folly might convince us to believe something that is false, but that doesn't make it truth. Wanting something to be true, or positing theories does not make it so. Facts make things true. And the reason that we will never hear about these people that you mention is that they probably do not exist.

      There are patents out there for all kinds of busted theories and incoherent ideas, including warp drives, and there are thousands of years' worth of equally busted environmental engineering concepts. Patents exist to firm up intellectual property BEFORE it exists. It's all about the money. The "cloudbuster" was one of those goofy ideas. And just like it, there are millions of fools out there who eschew science and reason, and choose to follow "cloud seeding" and the latest DARPA silliness.

      As an airline Captain, I can tell you first-hand that NOBODY does "cloud seeding" on anything but a very limited regional scale. And even then, the effects are miniscule-to-unproven. Yes, snow skiing resorts will try to pull a fraction more water out of the air over the slopes, but it is still air near the saturation point. You can't MAKE the weather; you can only hope to manipulate it at its margin, maybe make the air drop its moisture a mile earlier, and that is a LOT of wasted money for anyone but the fat cats at Breckenridge, for example. For all their effort, they have yet to prove that anything has ever been accomplished. And the same is true when they've tried it in the Middle East and elsewhere. Resorting to magical pyramids, crystals, divining rods, and hocus pocus won't change that.

      Those contrails that everyone points to in the air are of two types, both fully natural. The low ones that people see, usually near landing, are the effect of high-moisture air being cooled below the dew point by the vortexes off the ends of the wing. This causes the air to release its moisture into wing-tip clouds that dissipate within minutes. The high-up ones are caused by hot engine exhaust heating up MUCH colder air at altitude. And then the engine's remaining fuel impurities give that hot air something to condense moisture around. You are making two long clouds because you have no choice! (Coincidentally, every time you fly through a cloud, the reverse happens. You overheat the cloud, and a hole is left behind you. A distrail is like a tunnel that others can see for a short time.)

      For those who argue that the military, itself, is at work in the air, I can only tell you the facts. I regularly fly with everybody across that spectrum. I've flown with the Air Force One pilots, the largest military airlift guys, and the fastest and coolest fighter guys. Aviation is a small community, so trust me when I say that the US military is not paying for these guys to drop off millions of pounds of chemicals. Heck, nowadays you can't even dump your fuel in an emergency without getting in trouble. Not to mention the sheer speed at which the government would add to the national debt and the loss of refined petroleum if they spent all of their time lifting that stuff into the air! They use that space just for gas and people and mail and tanks.

      (Continued below)


    4. (Continued from above)

      Weather manipulation is a fallacy that the uninformed follow. What they do not understand, they ascribe to gods and priests in antiquity, and secretive earthly leadership today. But the God that we follow has already given us a self-sufficient planet that is far too large to care about what we do on its surface. Earth will make its own weather, in response to magnetic fields, gravity, volcanism, and such. What we do is laughable in comparison. And the proofs that some hold up are just as laughable.

      The real agents of human change, from an environmental perspective, are quixotic in nature. Pun intended. If you shoot the world's largest laser at the planet, you might cause the ground to burn for a couple of feet, but you've effected no change in "weather." If you use the Russian nuke that they developed to cause a tsunami, then you've probably killed a bunch of people, but that's not really weather manipulation, is it? (By the way, the US worked on that idea decades ago.) If you burn down all the forests, you might make the planet uninhabitable for a time, but does that qualify as a coordinated plan to anybody, apart from Satan, Ted Turner, or Bill Gates? And the sequoia trees will still grow back long after we're dead. That's what they're good at.

      Kris said above that there was a cold snap in the US, and a sandstorm in China. To which you responded that the technology to do these things "has existed for decades and does get used." What evidence do you have to back that? Cause where I'm from, we call it winter, and where the Chinese live, they call it the Gobi Desert, with a healthy dose of smog.

      If the "cloudbuster" was real, Gregg, then my job would be SO much easier, because the airports would use them to increase traffic. Why aren't they? If HAARP was a deadly nation-killer, then why does the US keep losing its war-time simulations with China? If cloud-seeding and wet snow could be sent on command, why is the Southwest under its worst drought since the 1930's?

      Come on, now. People come to this website to seek truth. We need discernment, not conjecture painted to look like reality. Shepherds don't mislead their flock.

  71. I looked it up when Texas got 6" all over the place. I right that we strange. And for all of Texas to get snow, even stranger. So I googled it. China brags that they can create snow and rain and something about hail. The snow we got was so piwery it wouldn't stick like regular snow and there were videos where people said it wouldn't melt. But burned like plastic.

  72. Arabia got the worst sand storm too and it was red, like blood. Very unusual.

  73. Sandstorms get redder as they increase in strength. They take on the color of reddish sand and smog, the same way that the Blood Moons take on the color red as they pass through the umbra.

    And microplastics are now everywhere throughout nature and the ecological cycles. This has been reported for years. The food you eat, the water you drink. Everything is laced with plastic, which burns black and gooey. The water cycle is no better off, and is by far the most likely candidate.

    I have a hard time believing that the Chinese can control rain. If that were true, then perhaps they could drop more precip in dry areas that need it . . . instead of allowing the record flooding they currently have in other areas. Maybe then, the Three Gorges Dam wouldn't be in the process of falling apart.

    Facts matter, and as someone who has spent a great deal of time in Texas, I don't think I'd trust the local population there to know the proper powder consistency of a snowball.

    There is no evidence of weather manipulation. I'll be right here, waiting patiently, for just that one time when someone will back up the claim with real evidence or logical proof. HAARP, for example, has some capability to disrupt communication in the atmosphere, making it defensive technology . . . but what does that have to do with weather on any scale? My air conditioner has accomplished more practical weather manipulation than HAARP.

    I'm not trying to be argumentative, but these things hurt Bible prophecy. When Jesus decides to change the weather, we're gonna know it. Let's acknowledge what sin and humanity are incapable of doing, rather than hold it up as a sign of the times.

    1. unknown

      3 pages of what you don't believe!

      You don't believe in God's Earth made God's way!

      The secret societies only allow you to know want they want you to know!

      And most of what people say is regurgitated repeated (information) without analyzing or comprehending it science FICTION!

      Then we have the account published in the 1931 edition of Popular Science which recounts the experiences of a scientist who rose ten miles into the air in an airtight sphere and who reported that he could see the whole Earth and that it was flat with raised edges. There is, of course, the problem that he might be lying, but it does clear up the Bible mention of the “four corners” of the Earth which is not really possible with a sphere!

      You can't believe the Earth is just the way God made it "Flat and Domed"

      But the Prince of the Power of the Air has convinced you otherwise!

    2. Gregg,

      If you start trying to defend the whole "flat earth" concept, you will do more to prove my case regarding your extraordinarily unbacked claims than even I could.

      I've often seen the curvature of the Earth from 40,000 feet. I've flown the Great Circle Routes. And the four corners are almost certainly a reference to cardinal directions.

      But if you want to confuse the issues with which you have no experience, and if you want to pretend that you live on a dinner plate, then go right ahead. Don't let reason stop you now! Watching your arguments fall apart on this website while trying to defend a flat earth will be far more entertaining, as well as completely fruitless.

      How ironic that you speak of "regurgitated repeated (information) without analyzing or comprehending it."

      Perhaps you've been avoiding the hard sciences altogether? Maybe you haven't yet realized that the sphere is one of God's very best shapes? Maybe there's a reason why all of the other bodies in our solar system take on that shape? Maybe, just maybe, that's why water droplets in zero-G also take on the sphere. Because it is the perfect shape to handle electromagnetic and gravitational attractions. It is balanced perfectly, as well as being the strongest and most voluminous of all shapes. God knew exactly what He was doing when He made planet Earth.

      I try to point out obvious falsehoods, but I don't wish to argue with anyone here, so I'm going to let you go on this. We are still called to be brothers in Christ, but I can't wait to see your face when this is sorted out in heaven. There will be egg everywhere.

    3. Hay Cap

      Im not defending anything, you believe what you want!

      The Military Doc's tell a different story, they don't embrace Ball Earth theory!

      Engineers don't account for the curvature of the Earth when building Railroads or Canals water ways.

      consider the flight from Johannesburg to Santiago which should take about 12 hours. It diverts for refuelling and goes to Senegal taking 19 hours. If the Earth were a globe that would be mad, but if the Earth is flat then it makes perfect sense.

      If you care to look: http://greggpierce.net/Introduction/thegospels/earth%20obsevations.pdf

  74. Yeah... I wasn't trying to kick off a big fight there. Sorry. It's just that I have read many things about 'weather control machines' in the past that proved inconclusive or bogus. I'm just reminded Jesus said we would do some of the same feats He did and wondered if someone had recently figured out how to push a cold front away from the north pole or Canada (Especially in light of China's recent 'bragging') or kick off a dust storm. Although there was some talk of proven 'directed energy weapons' being used last year, possibly to cause forest fires... That came right out of the mouth of a government military official...

    Overall, I think it's just the rising paranoia levels that people have more control over things than we think. God can over-ride us with just a few volcanos erupting or a well aimed space rock/iceball, as we see in Revelation...

    1. Were not fighting Kris, were just getting to know each other!

  75. I understand completely. And I think that you're spot on when you point out that people instinctively want to believe that we have more control than we actually do. Even more so, when we feel the most powerless or restrained, we ascribe even MORE fault and control to those we deem to be higher up the chain. That's a classically human response. "I'm not doing it, but something unusual happened, so they must be doing it." As I said before, this not only flies in the face of common sense, since we have no proven ways to make or change something as globally fluid as the weather, but it harms God, too. It takes His Creation and Plan, and convinces the unbeliever that there just might be a world where we humans are capable of the same; and maybe God really isn't what we thought Him to be.

    Let's ask the obvious hard questions: Where are the "weather machines"? How do they work? Why spend a billion dollars on directed energy when a child with a box of matches can accomplish the same thing? Is starting a fire really the same thing as controlling the weather? Really? Or is it just starting a fire?

    And as far as politicians and military officials go, you can throw out 99% of everything they say. Even amongst scientists and doctors, only a small few truly know the inner workings behind what they are doing. Officials are always those among us who know the least, but like to talk. They are experts at nothing else. So in order to rightly divide their words, you still have to go to the source. Who told them what they know? Where is the funding to back that up? What are the names of the researchers and inventors?

    There's an old saying . . . those who can't do something, have to resort to teaching it, and those who can't even teach it, are left to regulating or talking about it. That's where "officials" are.

    We need to be wary of those who ignore basic math and longitude lines, in order to push flat earths and bogus ideas. We need to understand the difference between speculation over the time of Jacob's Trouble and actual knowledge of our circumstances, of the natural world around us, what is or is not possible. Wisdom is hard enough to come by in this world, without it being watered down in prophecy.

    This same thing is happening worldwide with these space missions to Mars, or the moon-mining missions. Not only will they accomplish nothing at all, but they'll most likely kill anyone who attempts the trip. Humans will spend decades saving, planning, and building . . . only to find out that the best we could do is touch the surface, and hope to live to tell the story. Just one broken ship piece, just one too many trips outside the Van Allen belt, and all of sudden the capabilities of mankind become all too obvious. And for what? Rocks? Yet another realization that we already have the perfect home?

    Only God will do His will on this planet. And that will make the false signs of the AC, and the real signs of Jesus Christ all the more miraculous.

    1. Hay cap Kris is right about the Energy weapons and so forth.

      There is another old well maybe not so old saying and it goes like this.

      "It is easier make someone believe a lie, than to convince someone they have been lie to"

    2. And of course the Biblical accounts of the Sun and the Moon.

      Which cannot be explained with a Ball Earth Theory.

      Joshua 10:012 Then spake Joshua to the LORD in the day when the LORD delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon.

      10:013 And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.

      2 Kings 20:011 And Isaiah the prophet cried unto the LORD: and he brought the shadow ten degrees backward, by which it had gone down in the dial of Ahaz.

      And of course in the Book Enoch, speaks of the circuits and gates of the Sun and moon and the Angel in charge of them.

      All of this Ball Earth Theory starts about the 15th century.

      But Satan is given permission to deceive by any means necessary!

    3. Whatever, Gregg.

      As John Adams once said, "Facts are stubborn things."

      If you don't have them, stop lying to people. If you do have them, show us. Names, places, dates, working models. That's all I'm asking. I'm even willing to meet you halfway, because I do NOT believe that we landed on the moon. There is a story told, but few facts to back it up. Actually, the preponderance of the physical evidence shows that it was probably all a lie told to back an agenda. Just like JFK's murder. Just like 9/11, which I know to be a lie from an airline perspective. Just like today's Covid.

      Whereas, there are literally a hundred ways to prove that we live on a sphere, starting with toilets that flush in two different directions depending on the Northern and Southern hemispheres; the Coriolis force. Different constellations only visible from the North or South.

      You are embarrassing yourself with poor hermeneutics and even poorer math and science skills. But then again, that's why you don't cite math and science to prove your point, isn't it?! Just more vague interpretations, assurances, and condemnations by you, but not one fact. LOL

      Who needs Satan to deceive us, when he has you, Gregg?











      Gregg, your naivete and ignorance are pushing deceit on your brothers and sisters, and I feel very strongly that you should consider that before making claims that you have no evidence for, let alone proof. You should be ashamed for setting the discussion back 500 years.

      You should also pay particular attention to the Creation article, as it comes from a Biblical Science perspective. Heck, you should just have a heart-to-heart talk with the authors here at Unsealed, who will probably tell you all about the truth behind the Astronomical software that they're using here, and how it backs a spherical earth.

      "Our only conclusion is that the Internet is breeding people who have trouble thinking through important ideas." Creation.com

    4. Who would think that a posting on the Beijing sandstorm would kick-off another storm here? Go fig.

      Hopefully, you two, Cap and Greg, are getting to *know* one-another.

      It's good to have another pilot in the mix! I am moving towards my roots in soaring this year -- Lord willing I will have my glider add-on and check-outs completed with the local club for this season.

      Of course I'm hoping for Greater things this year (the harpazo) but while we wait I am working on new ways for our family to connect this season. My greatest ministry is to my wife and children. My greatest privilege is getting to share the gospel with and praying for you (the saints) with an eye on reaching the lost.

      Welcome aboard, Cap!

    5. Barry Setterfield has some excellent data on this topic all of which available on his YT channel, GSR Updates. They may have content related to this on their website as well.

      I'm sorry that I don't have a direct link to share but IIRC he explains changes in the earth's core as causing many of these phenomenon. I believe it may be in cycles as well.

      Interesting and well worth digging on from their resources.

  76. Jeff and Gary ...Wonderful video based on the Chiastic correlation discovery. I looked up the Hebrew Calendar date of the 7/8/July 1947 news release. July 6, 1947 was the deferred date for the fast of Tzom Tammuz - seems to be a strange correlation. Also, the Revelation 12:12 - 'Satan Cast out' made me re-think Daniel 12:12 .

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.


  78. As I was reading about the end time Churches, the last age church "Laodicean" do have similarities as the Nicolaitans have.

    The doctrine of the Nicolaitans appears to have been a form of antinomianism.

    Which makes the fatal mistake that man can freely partake in sin because the Law of God is no longer binding.

    It held the truth on the gratuitous reckoning of righteousness; but supposed that a mere intellectual "belief" in this truth had a saving power.


  79. Point being, if the parable of the "Ten Virgins" apply's to the last age Church which is made up of the Philadelphian and Laodicean then all of Laodicean's are left behind? That is 50% of Christianity is left behind which is pretty shocking to me.

    Like Jesus said "These people honer Me with there words but there heart is far from Me"

  80. I think you're missing the point of "but the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night." Good exercise, though. I see God's gifts of pattern recognition and mathematics are not wasted by you.

    1. Paul didn't know the timing of the Rapture!
      But it is there, Jesus Himself talks of it!
      There are many references to "thief in the night"
      Some are to the Jews and to the Church.

      2 Peter 3:9
      Matthew 24:42-43
      1 Thessalonians 5:2
      1 Thessalonians 5:4
      Revelation 16:15

      We are commanded to watch and be ready!

      The Toes Kings are there where they are prophesied to be, the little Horn character is there where he is supposed to be. The covenant is already in place ready to be strengthened.

      If you look at the whole Bible with a pin hole you don't see the big picture.

  81. This one is strange, came across this from Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries, the Evergreen recently got stuck in the Suez Canal, part of the red sea. The ship has the abbreviation H.R.C. aka Hillary Rodham Clinton, her code name in the secret service was Evergreen......so the ship that was blocking the canal is now unstuck.....anyone have any insight on spiritual meanings of this?


  82. I would like to add on the Hitler empire with the similarities between the progression of mark of Hitler and the progression of the sanitary measures taken that will lead to the mark of the beast.

    Hitler had ONE GROUP of people marked as a target, the Jews, whom he exterminated in a horrible Holocaust. But the antichrist will want to brand the WHOLE WORLD and he will only behead those who refuse to be branded (mostly Christians saved during this period). This is the mirror effect that will be repeated for the last time before the coming of the One who has been rejected by the Jews and the whole world, that is Jesus Christ. But Jesus is coming back to save his people, the Jews, whom he has tried through the millennia to restore and save.

    The FOUR MARKS of HITLER compared to the MARK of the ANTICHRIST:

    The Jews were marked in FOUR WAYS, first they received a blue badge (1) worn on an armband around the arm bearing the Star of David to differentiate them from other citizens. Then, second, a variety of different badges (2) of different colors. Then, a yellow badge (3) of the Star of David on a dark background was to be sewn onto their clothing. And finally, an identification number was tattooed (4) on the skin for those who ended up in the concentration camps.

    The badge system was developed in 1938, but it was not until one year into Hitler's seven-year reign, in 1939, that the badges were implemented. Note, that the yellow Jewish badge became MANDATORY (in September 1941), 3.5 YEARS AFTER THE BEGINNING OF HITLER'S TRIBULATION WHICH BEGAN IN MARCH 1938 WITH THE INVASION OF AUSTRIA.

    "They used the badge not only to stigmatize and humiliate the Jews, but also to segregate them and to monitor and control their movements. The badge also facilitated deportation."

    A. The first year, 1938, was the introduction of THE IDEA of a badge for the Jews.
    B. From 1939 to 1941, the blue Star of David badge was worn on a white band around the arm. Although there was no general order to identify all Jews. Different badges were worn in different regions.
    C. From September 1941 to 1945, all Jews WERE required to wear a badge consisting of a yellow Star of David sewn onto a black background to be worn on the chest, with the word "Jew" written inside the star in German or the local language. Then the Jews in the concentration camps began to be tattooed starting in 1941.

    Wow, I was amazed when I found out that the yellow badge with the Jewish inscription (and the tattoo on the skin) became mandatory 3.5 years before the end of the Nazi empire.

    The power to buy and sell in our society will proceed in the same way as the progression of branding that Hitler used.

    (1) The armband around the arm with the blue badge / mask for buying and selling.
    (2) The different badges sewn on / the vaccine for buying and selling.
    (3) The yellow Star of David badge sewn on / the green passport to buy and sell.
    (4) The tattoo of an identification on the skin in the concentration camps / the mark (digital chip or tattoo) on the right hand or on the forehead to buy and sell.

    Note: The first identification numbers were written on the chest of the dead with indelible ink. Then the tattoos began in 1941 with the Soviet prisoners who arrived in the camp in very large quantities. Translation of the text in the link at the bottom of the publication. "Initially, in Auschwitz, camp numbers were sewn onto clothing. As the mortality rate increased, it became difficult to identify the corpses, as the clothing was removed from the bodies. As a result, medical personnel began to write the numbers on the chests of the corpses with indelible ink. The difficulties increased in 1941 when the Soviet prisoners of war arrived en masse, and the first thousands of tattoos were applied to them. This was done with a special stamp with the numbers to be tattooed consisting of needles. The tattoo was applied to the upper left chest."



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