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Abraham Accords Momentum Continues!

The November election fiasco and the inauguration of President Biden two months later led many commentators to declare the end of the Abraham Accords and the end of “peace and security” until a final status agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority could be had.  The government-in-waiting even disparaged the Accords.  But no longer.  The Biden Administration has just announced support for the agreements.  Last Wednesday Secretary of State Antony Blinken had this to say about the Abraham Accords:

I think the initiatives that led to steps by countries to normalize relations with Israel were a very good thing and something we want to build on.

This represents a sea change in the new administration's perspective on the Middle East.  They want to build upon the foundation that was laid months earlier during Trump's term, and get this: in a just-released op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Jared Kushner revealed that Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Mauritania are “on the brink of joining the Abraham Accords.”

The Trump-Pence term reminded us that the last trumpet is about to blow.  The dead in Christ will be raised, and we who are alive and remain will be snatched up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.  And under the new administration the chief diplomat is named Antony Blinken.  In the blink of an eye, at the last trump, we will be changed:

...in a moment, in the blinking of an eye, at the last trumpet.  For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. (1 Cor. 15:52, NET)

Moreover, the country's new chief economist is Janet Yellen.  Our God is about to yell to awaken the dead:

...because the LORD Himself, with a shout, with the voice of a chief-messenger, and with the trumpet of God, will come down from Heaven, and the dead in Christ will rise first... (1 Thess. 4:16, LSV)

God is in control of everything and the message He's conveying to the world right now is straight out of the pages of Holy Writ.  We're about to fly.  And if you don't know Him, I implore you: KNOW HIM.

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  1. It's all over but the yellen' and the blinkin'!

  2. Trump-Pence - Trumpet blows
    Pompeo (Pompeii - sudden destruction volcano eruption in Italy)
    Janet Yellen (the shout of God)
    Antony Blinken (in the blink of eye we are raptured to be with Jesus)
    maybe on Passover, wouldn't that be great:)

    1. Meanwhile, we are just Biden our time here!

  3. The signs are multiplyin exponentially, as is our excitement and expectancy. Jeff and the gang aren't speculatin, Jesus alone can bring you salvation.

    Thanks Jeff and the Jefftones... and Gary!

  4. This is what I for the most part expected to happen. While this Administration wouldn’t have been likely to do the work required to START the Abraham Accords, having the process already in motion was a huge boon. There was no good basis for interfering with it. No applicable calculus would have made sense. They benefit greatly from previous effort.


    1. Agree - since Trump left office and Israel was left without strong US support, I've been waiting for Saudi Arabia to join the Accords. From what I understand, they are in alliance with Israel during the end times wars. Lately I've been just watching what S.A. does with the Accords. Once that ink dries, we're home!

    2. Netanyahu announced that four more countries will be joining the Abraham Accords -- which could include Niger, Mauritania, and Indonesia. The article also hinted at Saudi Arabia, given the conversations he’s had with MBS in November along with an upcoming meeting.


  5. Interesting, Gary. I hadn't seen this, thanks! I just finished Joel Rosenberg's new political thriller The Beirut Protocol. In it a rogue Hezbollah Spec Operator kidnaps two American and one Israeli citizen triggering a massive military response from Israel and war with Lebanon--the Iranians and Hezbollah seize the opportunity to use this to try to derail the Saudis from signing a peace treaty with Israel. So interesting . . . . Things are happening at warp speed, and not just vaccines :-).

  6. Thank you Gary, just wonderful how these politicians and their names speak a message again. No one could make this up and only God can do this.

  7. Has anyone heard from Pastor Rich? I haven’t seen comments from him in quite a while and I always look for his first.

    1. Hi Deekabee,

      Thank you for asking and your most kind words. Yes, I'm still here -- just very busy with family and ministry these past months since before winter began. The New Year 5781 has me back online with a new offering in the works. Look for that, I hope, soon. (How appropriate that the doors are opened for me on 1 Nisan!)



    2. PR, I was wondering about you as well. Good to hear from you. Ephesians 1:16

  8. 17x3=51
    3 messages delivered in Fatima in '17
    3rd partially revealed on 26/6 in 2000
    266th and final pope, George Mario Bergoglio, achieves Satan's takeover of the Catholic Church

  9. I'll also throw into the mix some more breaking news by pointing out that for the second time in the past week or so, Russia has apparently attacked some American-run/owned/possessed oil storage containers in Syria.



    The reason why this would be specifically a prophetic sign indicating the extreme closeness of the rapture is because of the prophetic hint that can be gleaned from 2 Kings chapter 2 of a well-known "rapture" that occured in the story of Elijah just before a "bear strike" occurred in ancient Israel. Today, we have the symbol of a bear in the nation of Russia that sees an intensifying and growing conflict with the one nation that shares very peculiar prophetic parallels with ancient Israel - the nation in which the original "bear-strike" prophecy occurred.


    If there is serious merit to this latest breaking Russia/America-globalists conflict story, then we are getting extremely close to the rapture event, especially when taken together with the prophetic rapture hint-dripping taking place that Gary has pointed out here. It may be just me, but I'm seriously getting the feeling that it's quite likely we just may see the rapture this year at some point - especially since we are in the time frame of that all-important prophetic 400 year cycle for America.

    1. To clarify, the Russian missiles destroying these oil containers would not be the prophetic strike hinted at in the prophecy, but is to be looked at in potentially furthering and intensifying the conflict between the two nations that will [eventually] lead into the prophetic "bear strike' upon the land [America] itself. For a couple peculiar reasons, I suspect that it will be specifically Alaska that will be hit eventually.

    2. And "blinken" is off to ... drumroll please ... wait for it ... wait for it ... wait for it ... Alaska.

      "The two will travel next to South Korea, before Austin heads to India and Blinken to Alaska, where he will be joined by national security adviser Jake Sullivan."


      I dunno, just a minor observation ... I guess 😉

    3. I like it, ETDD. Good catch.

  10. Wow, what beautiful worship music and words of truth to have resonating in the walls of my home. Thank you, Blessings.

  11. More timely reporting!

    Thank you Gary and team Unsealed!!

    This will most certainly keep pressure on Iran, Russia and their proxies as well as China, Turkey and North Korea. (Note how reports are surfacing on attempts to *quietly* reach out to NK?)

    Lines are being drawn still!

    1. Just got to watch the video...GREAT WORSHIP!!!

      Good to see the crew together. Road trippin'?

      Best news ever!

    2. Thank you PR! We love you brother.

  12. It's all about the number *17*
    Q is the *17th* letter and they tried to make their storm break on *1/7*
    Russian revolution on 11/7/*17*
    3 Fatima secrets in *'17*
    20*17* was year 5777 and 17x3 is 7th prime cubed or 777
    777 is 7 cubed or *73*
    10 horns plus 7 heads = *17* and there are 3 appearances of this in Rev (3x17) with the last in Rev 17

    this is probably coming soon, breth:


    1. I don't think Q's plan is done quite yet. Just God's plan trumps theirs...

      With them 'creating a sting operation' that let the bad guys appear to be in charge... what the Rapture would do is leave the world in the terrible state we see in Revelation...

    2. Can you break this down a bit? Why did they put up this whole Q deception... if Trump wasn’t staying in office?

    3. I listen to X22's explanations on Q. He seems to have the most reasonable explanation of it. That the plan was to get them to break the laws (which they wanted to do anyway) and set up a situation to dismantle the whole corrupted system (still at some point in the future.)

      There are deceptive elements to it all, but that's kind of what you would expect from a military plan. You can't tell them exactly what you're going to do and when. Only God can reveal the future in that manner where He says what's going to happen and it seems to happen no matter how much people try to avoid it.

      Knowing what I know about the Rapture, I see that if that event happened in the middle of this Q plan working out, you'd end up with a world pretty much exactly as we see in Revelation, Daniel and the other end times prophecies.

      The only room I give to the 'Christians taking dominion of the world scenario' that places like the Marshall Report go on and on about is that stone cut without hands we see in Daniel, hitting the statue and bringing the whole world system down. I still feel like that is the return of Christ to the ground at Armageddon. But there's also a verse in Revelation that talks about all the kingdom's of the world becoming Christ's and God's...

      It's just enough to cause a little bit more open-mindedness about how these prophecies play out. I still look for the Rapture to happen, and sooner rather than later... But there's compelling enough reasons to believe something very 'God' is going on behind the scenes. Either way, I can't wait to see it unfold.

  13. Hmmm, very interesting. Who is waiting in the wings and will be here after the Rapture to CONFIRM the peace treaty between Israel and the many (nations)? Obama, Jared Kushner, Erdogan, others... Out of the list of contenders who would also be accepted as the Mahdi of Islam and the Jews would believe to be their Messiah? Also, I don't think the Jews believe their messiah will have to be of devine origin.

  14. Unknown and all, Amir Tsarfati on Telegram, just today, reminded his readers that antichrist comes out of the sea and so, he says, the person who will eventually be antichrist is no one we currently have heard of. I think that sounds probable. Also, I wanted to mention here I just listened to a prophecy update with Tom Hughes interviewing Billy Crone. Tom Hughes (Hope For Our Times) is on Rumble now. The interview was last night, Sunday 3/14. They covered many topics and it is awesome!

  15. Obama is Antichrist. He comes out of the sea (Hawaii).

    1. If Obama is really the guy behind Biden's rumored earpiece, that's another devil trait too. How he 'whispers things into people's ears...' Guess we just have to wait and find out if Biden's got puppet strings...

  16. Times up bro! Rapture imminent!

  17. Singers: Your band and guitar playing, Jeff, were just superb! It made me happier than I've been in a very long time to hear your group! Gary: The blinken and the yellen are just around the corner, so watching and looking up will soon take care of these two!! Outstanding by George of the Return of the King today on his video titled "Rapture 2021 Pentecost Preview: The Grand Finale!" Yes, it is all about the number 17, Zach....the stars indicate so, as well...May 17-18, Pentecost!

    1. Obama's memoir (where he trashes Netanyahu) came out 11/17 last year (Judgment/division - 17)
      Bamah (idol heights) is Strong's # 1117
      Zechariah 11:17 = Antichrist

    2. https://www.biblestudy.org/bibleref/meaning-of-numbers-in-bible/17.html

      2021 is 38 years after '83 and 83 years after '38 (Psalm 83 and Ez 38)
      it is 73 years after '48 and 37 years after '84
      7/3/7, 8/4/8, 8/3/8
      All signs point to the attempted attack on Israel occurring this year

  18. I don't know if reader's here listen to Steve Bannon on War Room? He and his co-host talk about many issues but it is always very good. Right now they are talking about the crisis at the border that the globalists including Obama is telling Biden/Harris team to organize at the border, a migrant, Iranian and others invasion. The treasonous people posing as our leaders are staging an invasion at the southern border. Everyone needs to be aware of this. Children and women will be raped and killed. Covid is coming in with many of them. Go online and listen live at pandemic.warroom.org.

    1. He is interesting to listen to on occasion, but most of the time I only scan his headlines. He's on Rumble now that YouTube won't allow him anymore. Some people repost him to bitchute as well.

  19. I've been a reader here since 2017 and I'm still excited to see a new arcticle posted! Thank you!!

    I've been studying the Word and watching videos hard-core since 2017, but I'm just not too good at articulating Biblical messages across because I've never been good at memorizing. One thing I wouldn't want to do is mix up God's Word in any way. My gifts are not in that area.

    I've always wanted to participate in saving souls and I've saved a few along the way. I want to do more. Recently, I've come up with a way. I've been creating Christian designs on a platform called Redbubble and I added ZERO profit to my Christian designs.

    I'll be adding new designs daily. If anyone would like something particular or personalized, just message me there. If it's Christian, it will be at cost and no profit to me.

    I used J.D. Farag's ABC's of Salvation banner for several products, such as, a pin, coffee mug, sticker, postcard and more. There is a 'Get On The Ark 2021' design for several products.

    Through my efforts and others wearing or using my designs, I hope to bring as many as possible to God's Kingdom. Since time is short, if anyone could help get the word out in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.

    God bless!


    1. "Round pinback buttons for instant awesome, just about anywhere" -- too much awesome!

  20. Add the fact that Irag's foreign minister asked the rabbi of Jerusalem to bless the Abraham Accords while apologizing and voicing anger that the Pope did not invite Jews to the ceremony, and that he also called for Jews to return to Iraq so Iraq could be blessed, and Saudi and American Imams calling for the 3rd Temple to be built in Jerusalem, has me thinking I've read all this somewhere before. Come Lord Jesus and take us away from this madness.

  21. OK, so I’m obsessing over Winkin, Blinkin and Nod. The current earth-bound admin lies with a wicked ‘wink, wink.’ Now, thank you, we know Mr. Blinkin. And we’ve known Mr. Nod all too long.

    However, from heaven we treasure each ‘wink,’ look forward to the promise in the ‘blink of an eye,’ and crave His Nod of acceptance.

  22. I find the comments here more informative than the posts themselves a lot of times. Since 2017 I've really come to love this place... I get antsy when I come and there's nothing new...

    But God is in control, and it literally astounds me the depths the regulars here plumb. You fellows catch some amazingly big fish!

    1. Different parts of the body reporting to other parts what they see, hear, feel, taste, and smell... and also expressing all the other sensations that can't be explained. Where the Church in former times might have used letters or traveled around to converse with each other, we now have world wide electronic networks we can use to have pretty much real time conversations around the world. Very handy in publishing the Gospel world wide as well... ;)

  23. Hi Dean! I appreciate you taking a look! I added a few more Christian designs today. I personally LOVE my Pentecost coffee mug and I'm going to order it. Lol!

    I really wish I would have thought of a zero profit model years ago, because I just wouldn't feel right making money off of the Lord. I just want to bring others to Him, no other incentive needed.

    1. Well, you could have always found ways to use the profit to further the cause in other ways. But for some of us, it's best to avoid the temptation, lest we become greedy.

  24. Happy John 3:16 day! I have always wondered if that or some other famous verse would be the exact time of the Rapture (on some clock somewhere, heh)

  25. This seems like a stupid thing to ask but I need ideas on how to get
    out the Rapture Flyers I've made. Did you see what I did there, Rapture Flyers? ha ha Anyway, I've written up a short paragraph on the World in Distress and then the question, Does Life Go Back to Normal on one side of a 4 1/2 X 6 1/2 piece of cardstock with designs. On the bottom of the side with the bad news, I wrote But God..... then on the opposite side I wrote out Romans 5:8, then said the time is NOW to accept Jesus as Lord, then I wrote out John 14:6, then JD's A,B,C's of Salvation. The next paragraph starts out with Bible Prophecy is happening NOW and then I list some websites and names that people can go to for end time information. Here's the first page -
    The World in Distress
    World-wide pandemic/masks & social
    distancing; political & social unrest/riots;
    fast-paced & untested vaccinations;
    lock downs & business closures/increased
    suicides/bankruptcies; increase in extreme
    weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes
    floods and extreme temperatures; violence
    giant tech companies censoring speech.

    Then under the question Does Life Go Back to Normal, I wrote out 2 Timothy 3:1,2 and Matthew 24: 6,12,15

    so I took some to my local laundromat, placed some in a protected area at the city part, left some on shelves at the grocery store but I think it would great if I could get them to the born-again Rapture believing Christians to help me get them out to more and more people. Does anyone have a fabulous idea on how to do this? I felt led to write the Rapture Flyer but then got stuck on how to distribute. Thank you for reading.

  26. Brethies, I know I've been very hard on Obama lately. And yes, there is much to criticize.

    But the Lord is going to have clemency on this man. He's not going to burn in the lake of fire.

  27. Jesus didn't force His way on anyone!

    If you don't have a FAITH in GOD, you'll believe anything.

    Those 200 million demons will find those Globalists( the
    Schwab, Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, Gates... ) and in the end they will be in the Lake of Fire which is the second Death. And there they can in agony remember forever what they have done.

  28. Greetings, one and all. Thought I would share a document that's a little bit unusual for this site, but some of you might find it interesting, and valid in a tangential way to our collective studies. The document is titled "Visions of Apocalypse: What Jews, Christians, and Muslims Believe about the End Times,and How Those Beliefs Affect Our World". Most unusually, this is a secular presentation prepared by Johns Hopkins University back in 2010, for consumption of the State Department, military, and various institutions and think tanks. It's interesting to learn about some of the topics our federal government DOES look at and assess, all be it from a secular perspective and in the framework of (potential) foreign policy.

    The author, Robert Leonhard, was employed by Johns Hopkins at the time. The scope of the article is for secular audiences, but he has taught theological classes in his personal life. He states ahead of time that it isn't intended to cover the vast number of variations among denominations and sects of the three religions, although it is very informative in the sense of an overview. One thing that's particularly striking is the wide array of beliefs and divisions among the Jewish community. The very stable front that Israel offers to the world is almost uniquely represented by Benjamin Netanyahu, but his approach is by no means a majority. And one way or another, his tenure is growing short. There are ultra-orthodox groups who are opposed to the nation of Israel, as it now exists. Some of them have actually held formal meetings with some of Israel's worst enemies. There are factors that could play a crucial role in Israel, as we move closer toward decisive events. They're NOT the rock solid block that most of us have long assumed.

    The document is rather long, at 126 pages, but it's well written and informative. Hopefully this PDF link won't present a problem for anyone to access. But in handy fashion, it can be saved to your desktop or device. It can be converted to Kindle format, but the conversion wrecks the formatting, making it harder to read.



    1. Thank you - interesting read.
      * * * * *
      BTW, Zamzar and PDF Candy both convert PDF to MOBI for Kindle.
      They are free and easy to use.

    2. The book is dated (pre President Trump) and gets a LOT wrong regrading the pre-Tribulation Rapture, the Tribulation itself - especially with regard to the purpose behind it which affects the belief system the author is writing about.
      It's a good general overview in so far as the differing ideological viewpoints of the major religious groups and their subsequent effects on government policy, but misses it totally when it comes to the REAL major conflicting forces in the world: God and those inspired by the devil's world system.
      Hopefully, the author has become more astute in this regard since initial publication.

  29. Jeff, Steve and better halves - beautiful singing! I look forward to sitting around in heaven and singing together! :)

  30. Gary

    “The Trump-Pence term reminded us that the last trumpet is about to blow.  The dead in Christ will be raised, and we who are alive and remain will be snatched up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.  And under the new administration the chief diplomat is named Antony Blinken.  In the blink of an eye, at the last trump, we will be changed:”

    You have to ask the Question, you can’t assume anything!
    Which “Dead in Christ” and who are the “them in the clouds”!
    And who is He brining with Him?

    Especially when it come to 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

    You can turn that piece of scripture every which way you want and it still
    come’s out the same.
    There is a sequence of events that need to be looked at, to accurately understand it.

    “Trump-Pence”, “Antony Blinken” , this isn’t Jeperdy!


    I thought I'd share a quick find from this past fall -- Saturday, September 26, 2020 was Shabbat Shuba (Sabbath of Return), Erev Yom Kippur (Eve of the Day of Atonement) and the anniversary of the dedication of Solomon's Temple in 826 BC. Add 1,290-days and you land on Monday, April 8, 2024 -- Great American Solar Eclipse 2.0 -- the day that a tav will be completed over North America intersecting with the path of GASE 1.0 over the region called Little Egypt in Southern Illinois.

    I cannot recall if this was previously shared so thought I'd throw it out there anyway.

  32. I just looked up the Biblical meaning and therefore Spiritually meaning of Antony and it says "priceless one" and "worthy of praise". I'm thinking in this case we are waiting for the priceless one and worthy of praise "Jesus" in the blink of an eye!

  33. Jeff, the video of you singing...I had to look twice, the young lady on the left is the spitting image of my daughter! I even sent her the link and she said she had to think hard to try and remember who she had been singing with! So even she thought it was her for a second!
    I look forward to them meeting in the air.

    1. Amazing Graeme! Spiritual sisters?

  34. Today I heard about the Biden administration's plans for the 2 State Solution and moving Israel's borders back to the pre-1967 lines and went to the Lord in prayer afterwards. I didn't plan on writing today, but after prayer today was inspired to post this:

    2021 The Vaccine, Revival & Persecution

    Gary--I'm sure you will do a much more thorough article soon!

  35. A. Blinken sounds like Abe Lincoln

  36. What do u guys think about Zombie Preparedness Article in CDC website? https://www.cdc.gov/cpr/zombie/index.htm

  37. time is urgent to share the gospel - this Passover / Easter season may be the last we have - for one thing - we will hopefully be gone to glory - for another thing, freedom is being lost - redeem the time for the days are evil - you won't have any opportunity to be a light to lost people in heaven - now is the time to share - the website HeDied4U.com was designed to help with that...


    Jesus is Coming Soon in the clouds - May each of you please Him and serve Him and love Him with all your hearts...

    But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. 3 All who have this hope in him purify themselves, just as He is pure.​ I John 3:2-3

  38. GREEK NO MORE...

    The Greek alphabet will never be used again to name tropical storms

    Quoting, CNN,

    "The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season finished with 30 total named storms — the most in any year on record — but three of those names will never be used again.

    Something else that will never be used again: The Greek alphabet as a backup list for when all the names on the annual storm naming list are used.

    'The Greek alphabet will not be used in future because it creates a distraction from the communication of hazard and storm warnings and is potentially confusing,' the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) announced on Wednesday."

    So we had 30-storms last year eh? Thirty.

    Hebrew letters double as numbers and the number "30" is represented by the 12th letter of the alephbet "ל" or "lamed". In ancient Hebrew, "ל" represented a Shepherd's staff and has meanings that include teach, yoke, authority and bind.

    See a complete listing of ancient Hebrew characters and meanings HERE. Visit Ancient Hebrew Research Center - Hebrew Alphabet Chart for more information.


    The Living Word - Secret of the Hebrew letter Lamed

    Quoting, The Living Word,

    "Secret of the Hebrew letter ל (Lamed) reveals the Messiah. Evidence of design in the original Hebrew text of the Bible."


    Study well!

  39. Lately I've spent time listening to the stories of various Muslims who've converted to Christianity, and it's been deeply rewarding. There have been many times when a dry eye was hard to maintain. These people are the "real deal". Seldom in the West do we hear such heart rending conviction, tried by fire and undaunted. We could learn a thing or two, as we rant against "liberals" and "mainstream media". The world is full of much graver issues, and time for contending with any of them grows shorter. I find myself wanting to cast time and money toward people such as these, who lack our easy 24/7 access to a million assets, and unlike us, do not bicker about a thousand unworthy things.

    I invite you to follow the link and hear the inspiring story of Mohammad Yamout, living and preaching in Tyre, Lebanon. He's a man among men, a lion among lions, and committed to Christ. And on any given day, it could cost him his life.



    1. A true warrior for Jesus Christ! God Bless Him and make him fruitful for the kingdom!

    2. Im going to continue to "rant" against the MSM and liberals who hate America.

  40. Greetings Brothers and Sisters. I am a faithful follower of all that is happening on this wonderful site. I work as a chaplain in Maximum Security prison and the level of violence and depravity is ramping up so fast its hard to fathom. As we all who cherish this site and believe that we are rapidly witnessing the final seconds before we are raptured may I request prayers for us chaplains as we are being not just harassed but even threatened with physical harm like never before. The enemy knows the hour is late and he wants to 'take out' those of us who present the gospel of Grace through Jesus Christ. We are not afraid and continue to be faithful to Christ alone but the level of depression and discouragement is off the charts. We are on the front lines of the war zone and only want to bring as many souls to Christ as possible before our departure. Thank you Guys! Norm

    1. I pray for you Norm! May God accompany you and keep you! May the hardest hearts be broken for Jesus Christ and for the glory of God our Father. May the Lord give them a new heart and may their lives be changed, transformed according to his will! AMEN!!!

    2. Prayers are headed your way. We appreciate the difficult and important work you’re doing.


    3. Thank you very much.

    4. Praying for you and the other chaplains, Norm! Thank you for all that you do. Stay strong and know that you are making a difference and covered in prayer.

    5. Thank you so much Jill. Very much appreciated!


    Sharing this recent blog post for our broadcast ministry which I hope is a blessing to you.


    "Tell the whole community of Israel that on the tenth day of this month, each man is to take a lamb for his family, one for each household."

    (Exodus 12:3 NIV)

    Spring-forward has brought so much beauty to our neighbourhood this year! Our Sunday drive saw rows and rows of Bradford Pears, and Yoshino Cherries, Redbuds and even Dogwoods shouting out in a symphony of blooms. We love this time of year as the promise of new life, and a new beginning burst forth. As dark as winter may have been, Spring will come in its time, and its time has come. It is the promise of the summer to come.

    It's fun to look for Jesus in the Old Testament -- especially around this time of the year. Tuesday, March 23, 2021, is the tenth day of the first month of the calendar God established in Exodus chapter twelve. It's on this day that God instructs Moses and the children of Israel to choose a lamb for each house, a lamb for each family. If their family is too small for a lamb of their own, they share it with their neighbour.

    Have you ever heard the saying, Jesus is the lamb of God?

    "The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, 'Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!'"

    (John 1:29 NIV)

    And what day comes just four days after the tenth day? Passover. And what happened on that Passover so many years ago in the Upper Room? Jesus shared the last supper with His disciples and was later handed over to the authorities. They didn't see it at the time, but Jesus was presented as the Passover lamb, "the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" That's precisely what Jesus did on the cross. That's exactly what He accomplished. When Jesus said, "It is finished," it was finished. Jesus paid the price of sin for the world. Jesus paid in full the cost of my sin and yours once and for all.

    Victory over sin and death comes at the pierced hands, feet and side of Jesus!

    (Romans 5:8)

    How do we share in that Victory?


    28 Then they said to him, "What must we do, to be doing the works of God?"

    29 Jesus answered them, "This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent."

    (John 6:28-29 ESV)

    Who is "he" that the Apostle John records Jesus talking? That's God! Who is the one God has sent? That's Jesus! What is the daily work we're to do written in red letters? We're to believe in Jesus. Who's Jesus? Jesus is the Name above all names. Jesus is the name that means "salvation" and the salvation that "takes away the sin of the world!"

    The Apostle Paul puts it this way,

    9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

    10 For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.

    (Romans 10:9-10 ESV)

    This is what we call the gospel. This is the good news! Jesus is the best news ever! Jesus is who we were made to share with friends, family, neighbors and even strangers that God gives us. The Lamb of God, the lamb we have chosen for our household that God made to be shared.

    One-two, three is one way of remembering where we find the chapter and verse when God tells us to take a lamb, one for each household. In what book do we find that? In the book, you could call the Book of Departures or the Book of Leaving; we find it in the Book of Exodus -- the book of passing from bondage and slavery to life and liberty. Exodus can be thought of as the book of passing from death to life, all by way of the spotless lamb that takes away the sin of the world.

    Salvation, Jesus, is as easy as one-two, three.

    With love from my family to yours!

    Happy Easter, 2021

  42. A mighty fine dump truck just crossed my path at an intersection near home. The name on the side was: STONE SLINGER!!! I thought of young king David and that STONE that crushes the toes: OUR KING TO COME. HalleluYAH! Maranatha.

    1. The company that came to clean up the house next door (after the shooting last year) had 'Alpha and Omega' in the company name. They were there for three days (I counted) before they were done. They painted the outside what I would call a vivid 'Sky blue.'

      He really enjoys playing the license plate and clock game though. Just little things to get our attention now and then and remind us that He's really in control. Hallelujah!

    2. Tuesday, March 23, 2021 was 10 Nisan according to all the major Hebrew calendars I frequent. What does the Bible have to say about 10 Nisan?

      1. The Passover lamb is chosen
      2. The day Miriam died
      3. The day Joshua led Israel across the River Jordan

      In Boulder, CO (US) at about 1430 local time on the afternoon of Monday, March 22, 2021 the latest mass murder shooting occurred during which ten (10) everyday people lost their lives. 1430 in Boulder, CO is 2030 in Jerusalem. Sunset in Jerusalem was at 1751 local making the tragedy in Boulder occurring after sunset in Jerusalem. Therefore it was Nisan 10 in Jerusalem when ten lives were taken in Boulder.

      Here are links to Strong's (H551) and (H1751) for those interested.

      Of the events of that day and last week in Atlanta I have no words. Only the LORD can sort-out the mess that rolling around in my head and my heart now. All I can do is keep praying and focused on the ministry He gives us each day to encourage the saints that the lost are reached by pointing heads and hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ.

      Grace and peace to you all.

    3. Thank Pastor Rich! My wife is from Thailand and has been very upset over these 2 incidents and the ongoing violence against Asian people. We were married while I was stationed there in the 70s, so she's lived here a long time, but now she feels uncomfortable going out shopping.

      We live in Colorado and had just driven by that King Soopers store in Boulder last Friday and have been inside at other times. We occasionally take Table Masa Drive that goes right by it when going to some hiking trails and a scenic overlook, which we had taken our neighbor to see Friday. We also live about 3 miles from where the aircraft engine parts were falling out of the sky a couple months ago. I don't know what it is about Colorado, but we've had a number of horrific shootings, besides this latest one. Columbine and the STEM school shootings, the Aurora theater and Planned Parenthood shootings, the New Life Church shooting, all very sad. Very dark times indeed and difficult to come to grips with. I'm hoping we're really close to our departure. Grace & Peace to you and yours as well!

    4. I feel you Bernie. Hugs and high-fives to you both! I'm stuck between tears of pain and tears of joy. Tongues cannot utter the mess that's in my heart.

  43. In my lifetime, I cannot believe hearts can be any fuller than they are now. Now there’s a sign.

  44. At https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-56505413 "Egypt's Suez Canal blocked by huge container ship". And it happened right after the elections in Israel. Is this blocking of the Suez Canal meant to make the world's economy collapsing?

    1. That ship is of Panamanian registry (home to the Panama Canal) and is a Taiwanese vessel. It is also forming a bridge across the waters, a dry bridge if you will, that connects the east to the west.


      Sounds like shadows of an event in history and someone that we all know.

      So many signs yet people still fail to see. If only we ALL looked with our hearts first.


      It's been a year since the global pandemic was declared and the world went into lock-down. It's been a year since we produced a special song from the heart to speak to the day for our broadcast ministry. One year later it's still relevant and sadly -- too little has changed.

      Even so, GOD has not changed either and never will.

      We hope this blesses and encourages you!

      Worship well and glory to GOD in the highest,

      Keep The Faith with Penny - Waymaker (Makers Mix)

    3. Evergreen = Eternal? They’re probably going to ‘offload’ the ‘goods’ to get commerce running again. Up, up and away!

    4. Oh, I overlooked the birth 'canal' part of the analogy.

    5. I don't know why they refer to it as ever-given rather than evergreen...must be a language difference. But it does remind me of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

    6. Wow! What great analogies! An ark for sure. TONS of parallels to dig on this topic.

      [Pun intended]

    7. The company that owns it is Evergreen, the ship's name itself is Ever Given, and it's ship id tag is H3RC. Apparently Evergreen was the code name for Hillary Clinton (HRC, hmm...) The ships that are trying to pull it back into the channel are Baraka and Mossaed? It also apparently drifted in the pattern of either a middle finger or a certain set of male organs before it got stuck... in a canal... over Passover... you just can't make this much stuff up, lol.

  45. https://m.jpost.com/american-politics/bipartisan-senators-introduce-bill-to-strengthen-expand-abraham-accords-663295

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Things not shown on MSM. Many people in many countries protesting the lock down and great reset. Thousands participating - police standing down and joining protest.


    Interesting but guard your heart.

  48. guys tomorrow's 3/28
    3 7777
    37 777 (7 to the third power)
    37 73

    1. ...and today is,

      - Passover (The night to remember)
      - Palm Sunday (Triumphant Entry)

      Readying from (Matthew 21) today I was struck by the RED LETTERS from verse two,

      2 "Go into the village in front
      of you, and immediately you
      will find a donkey tied, and a
      colt with her. Untie them and
      bring them to me.

      3 If anyone says anything to
      you, you shall say,

      'The Lord needs them,' and he
      will send them at once."

      Angels are messengers and bear a message. That message may be a witness such as in this case. The message, "The Lord needs them" gives witness to the Lord and His Sovereignty. Who these messengers are is not shared in Matthew's gospel but that there are two messengers, two angels, two witnesses is.

      Who are they told to expect? One who will challenge them that stands guard over the donkey and her colt. One who is by definition a restrainer. This restrainer, we are told, released the captive beasts of burden to the two who took them to the Lord.

      A familiar story of an event yet to come? It sure sounds like it doesn't it?

      "Why are you untying the colt?"

      The Lord has called for it. It is to be released. It is to be taken and delivered to the Lord and by it the Lord shall come, the Lord shall return. (2 Thessalonians 2:7)

      The fullness of time had arrived for all Scripture to come to pass. The colt, the child (a male) and the mother, both were to be redeemed. The Promise and His people. So too shall it be on the Day we are untied, released from this place and taken to meet the Lord. Just as in the day of Jesus' triumphant return to Jerusalem that we mark today, Palm Sunday, so too will we be when He returns!

      37 As he was drawing near --
      already on the way down the
      Mount of Olives -- the whole
      multitude of his disciples
      began to rejoice and praise
      God with a loud voice for
      all the mighty works that they
      had seen

      (Luke 19:37 ESV)

      In that Day, WE will be, "the whole multitude of his disciples" rejoicing and praising God with A LOUD VOICE! ONE VOICE!! ONE PEOPLE, ONE IN CHRIST!!!

      We will be the multitude following the Lord down the mount. His Body, His Church.

      In that Day the Lord will return to the Mount of Olives and return to Jerusalem to cleanse the Temple. In that Day will the fig tree generation will be at its full?

      I think so.

      Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem is a shadow our release, the restrainer removed, and the second coming of Christ.

      OH! And just what is a colt? A colt is,

      "a young uncastrated male horse, in particular one less than four years old."

      Hmmm...isn't that interesting?!!

      Grace and peace to you, always,

      Pastor Rich

    2. ...and in case you're scratching your head wondering what is interesting about a male horse less than four years old?

      It has been 42-months since the Revelation 12 Sign (R12S),

      Quoting, Timeanddate.com,

      "From and including: Saturday, September 23, 2017
      To, but not including Sunday, March 28, 2021
      Result: 1282 days

      It is 1282 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date.

      Or 3 years, 6 months, 5 days excluding the end date.

      Or 42 months, 5 days excluding the end date."

      Hmmm, 42-months. That's, "a time, times, and half a time" or 3-1/2 years. In it we see the numbers three, six and five. (3-6-5) That brings to mind,

      23 Thus all the days of
      Enoch were 365 years.

      24 Enoch walked with God,
      and he was not, for God
      took him.

      (Genesis 5:23-24 ESV)

      And what picture do we see in the Revelation 12 Sign? Again, for those new to this space,

      1 And a great sign appeared
      in heaven: a woman clothed
      with the sun, with the moon
      under her feet, and on her
      head a crown of twelve stars.

      (Revelation 12:1 ESV)

      That is a celestial sign that occurred on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

      5 She gave birth to a male
      child, one who is to rule all
      the nations with a rod of iron,
      but her child was caught up to
      God and his throne,

      6 and the woman fled into the
      wilderness, where she has a
      place prepared by God, in which
      she is to be nourished for
      1,260 days.

      (Revelation 12:5-6 ESV)

      One-thousand, two-hundred, sixty-days...Hmmm, that's 42-months.

      A male child. A colt. The woman. The donkey. She who bears, carries, the testimony of G-d and His Messiah, the people of the Promise, the nation of The Name.


      If we were the colt then we are less than four-year old.



    Nike denies involvement with Lil Nas X 'Satan Shoes' containing human blood

    Quoting, NBC,

    "The 'Old Town Road' artist is collaborating with streetwear company MSCHF on a pair of 'Satan Shoes,' only 666 pairs of which will be on sale Monday. The controversial kicks — apparently modified Nike Air Max 97s — are decorated with a pentagram pendant and a reference to Luke 10:18, a Bible verse about Satan's fall from heaven. They'll be sold for $1,018.

    The sneakers also contain a drop of human blood in the sole, drawn from members of the MSCHF team, the company told NBC News on Sunday."

    Recall that 18 is the product of six times three or 6 + 6 + 6. It also is the numeric value for the Hebrew word for life.

    Quoting, Wikipedia,

    "Hebrew letters are also used as numerals, and the Hebrew letters that spell 'chai' also stand for the number 18. Thus, 18 is considered a lucky number in Jewish culture. It is common to give gifts and contributions to charity in multiples of 18."

    Remember, the *anti* of Antichrist doesn't indicate being against -- it means, "instead of!"

    They know not what forces they play with. Pray that they repent before it's too late.


      Lil Nas X's unofficial 'Satan' Nikes containing human blood sell out in under a minute

      What is behind this statement?

      Quoting, Montero Hill (rapper/singer) via CNN,

      "I spent my entire teenage years hating myself because of the s**t y'all preached would happen to me because i was gay," he wrote. "So i hope u are mad, stay mad, feel the same anger you teach us to have towards ourselves."

  50. I am so excited for this week, especially to see what prophetically happens next. I mean the red sea being blocked by a vessel east to west??? Seriously, does that not sound like a God statement? Additionally, now I have not fact checked this and quite honestly do not know how to but there has been talk that underneath the canal hold major comm lines, and that in the attempts to free the ships, those comm lines could be cut and cause major darkness in communications over a very massive region... just interesting fall out if that were to be true. we will soon find out.

    I also just have this very gut feeling that something significant is going to take place this week into this weekend. Like perhaps something that is going to cause us to be in darkness come crucifixion day. Perhaps the nuclear war we are expecting, or those lines cut and worldwide communications cut, something blocks the light of the sun? a major volcano eruption? something? and the the possibility of the "dead" rising first on resurrection day, followed by the great revival, followed by our call home on or around Pentecost? just some mulling's I have been having. Would love to hear if others think same or different?

    1. something big is going to happen tomorrow, I don't know what

    2. I am intrigued at the potential that the colt of (Luke 19:30) is under four-years of age. On 9/23/17 we see the woman in birth pains. We see that male child born in (Revelation 12:5). Both are celestial signs of temporal events.

      9/23/2017 + 42-months = 3/23/2021 or 10 Nisan (Exodus 12:3)
      9/23/2017 + 1290-days = 4/5/2021 or 23 Nisan (Omer Day Eight)

      This Passover/Palm Sunday was three-years, six-months and five-days since 9/23/2017 and the R12S. Three-years, six-months, zero-days from 9/23/2017 was 3/23/2017. Tuesday, March 23, 2017 was, "take a lamb for a household" day.

      March is the third month of the year. The third book of the Bible and Torah is Leviticus. (Leviticus 23) details the feasts of the LORD,

      - The Sabbath
      - The Passover
      - The Feast of Firstfruits
      - The Feast of Weeks
      - The Feast of Trumpets
      - The Day of Atonement
      - The Feast of Booths

      Time to take account of the feasts fulfilled? Always.

      Joshua, the name that is the same as Jesus, led Israel across the River Jordan on the 10th day of Nisan. (Joshua 4:19)

      One should note that (Joshua 4:10) ends with, "The people passed over in haste." Exactly in the same manner they are told to eat the LORD's Passover. With haste. (Exodus 12:11)

      How will we cross the divide on that Day? We will do so with haste.

      All of the children of Israel present at the River on that day had chosen the LORD. They had come out of the wilderness and by faith chose to follow G-D. Yes, one of them did sin against G-d at Jericho but he passed over the Jordan none-the-less. Neither war nor threat forced them across the River -- Joshua (Jesus) led them.

      The last day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread is this Sunday, April 4, 2021. That is the day that Israel crossed the Red Sea. (Deuteronomy 16:8) commands this day as a solemn assembly to the LORD. We also know this day to be Resurrection Day or Easter Sunday.

      We are living in days of stunning parallels and signs. Keep your eyes and your heart open to what the Spirit says and God's Word teaches. Share the Love given you by God in Christ with those given you at every opportunity. Share in your own words and from the heart. Be real. Be yourself knowing the LORD is in the story you tell -- after-all, He is the One who fashioned each day for you.

      I still believe our departure will precede an imminent threat. Still, it could be as simple as being leading across the divide, one shore to the other. Whatever way we go it will be in its perfect time and its perfect way.

      God's way.

    3. Yes! PR, I always enjoy your tidbits of knowledge and encouragement. And Zachary, I feel the same way. I believe this week is going to be very eventful. I am not scared or concerned of war on American soil anymore. I used to be almost a prepper, bc I served our country to keep off our soil, but as time was looking more and more like on our soil, I started prepping myself to be in a position to help my family; however my plans have changed more to leaving stuff behind for those who are left to behind to survive and face the Tribulation. Obviously with my bibles readily available and tabs and notes in Revelation; and warnings everywhere not to take the mark. Like PR said I am expecting escape before devastation in America.

    4. Well, if you want to talk about warfare on American soil I think you should look no further than threat from ballistic missiles. Scripture tells us, "the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she bore her child he might devour it." (Revelation 12:4b)

      I take two things literally here,

      1. The dragon. What country and culture is best symbolized by the dragon today?

      2. Devour. The dragon is the devil, Satan, who comes, "only to steal, kill and destroy." (John 10:10) To devour is this case is to steal, kill and destroy. Who is it that will come in the spirit of the dragon? What and where is the principle social-political system we see that in today?

      It wouldn't take much to set the United States into the stone age via EMP or a limited thermonuclear exchange. World governments would be set back on their heels likely creating a vacuum for a new world order. A new world leader.

      I too do not fear such things. Our Promise is eternal, glorious and exists beyond the frail bounds of this temporal space. These are the reasons why I believe our departure will be followed by devastation. (Meaning more than due to our sudden and shocking departure). May we not be missed for all of the devastation? Perhaps. The dragon will be left to make war on the rest of her children. Sin driven lust for commerce and economic dominion will make sure of that. This is sin hard at work and NONE of it is beyond the blood of Jesus.

      None of it.


      "Three-years, six-months, zero-days from 9/23/2017 was 3/23/2017. Tuesday, March 23, 2017 was, 'take a lamb for a household' day."

      ...should read,

      "Three-years, six-months, zero-days from 9/23/2017 was 3/23/2021. Tuesday, March 23, 2021 was, 'take a lamb for a household' day."

      Too many irons in the fire at once!

      Proof-readers, untie!!

    6. Perhaps a 'limited exchange' is the reason for the Church of Philadelphia being spared the hour of testing... There's another prophecy back in the old testament about a 'flying scroll tube' that causes much destruction, flying into the house of the thief...

      We won't know for sure until it's fulfilled...

  51. Well scratch the comm line thought, just read the Evergreen was freed today. But also add the whole brood of locusts that we are being warned about.. curious timing, all I have to say . =)

    1. Who knows, perhaps the PASSING of the EVER-GIVEN is a sign of the birth of the male child to the woman? We'll find out as soon as it clears the canal.

    2. what we know is that the Lord will provide a wall of fire to protect us. Iran, Russia, China...none can have victory over us because the Rapture is assured.

    3. So true, brother, so true!

  52. I see something written here often that I need to address. Its the belief that God is in control of everything. Sorry but I cant go with that. Since Adam lost dominion in the garden to the devil, Gods control has been very limited to human free will. The idea of this is called Calvinism. Here is its definition- God is in control of every event on earth and whatever happens is exactly what he has willed. Thus his foreknowledge is absolute and nothing can turn out other than he already sees it. The doctrine of Arminianism is similar- God is not determining all that happens but has known from eternity exactly what will happen. His foreknowledge is absolute and nothing can turn out other than how he already sees it. These are false.

    Here are some questions: Who killed Goliath? Answer: David. Did God help him? Certainly but he needed free will human cooperation.

    Back in 1999 when those two boys shot up their high school and killed all those students in Colorado. Why didnt God stop those boys? Certainly it wasn't his will. The answer is that he couldn't. There wasn't anyone there to help God. Was God really in control but allowed it to happen? Nonsense, what kind of God is that? To be able to stop something awful from happening but allows it?

    Another case where a possessed muslim soldier at an Army base in Texas in 2009 drew a gun and killed a dozen soldiers. Why didnt God stop him? Same answer-he couldnt. The shame of that event was that someone in charge decided that the soldiers could not be armed on base. How dumb is that? Your a soldier and cant arm yourself? Again, a mans freewill decision came up with a dumb rule that cost several lives. Some people may say "no way, God can do anything". Wrong, he cannot break his own rules in how he deals with man and cannot and will not violate our free will, even if we choose to harm one another.

    1 Timothy 2:3,4

    For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior.
    Who will have all men to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.

    It is Gods will that ALL men(women) be saved and to know him. Is that happening? Obviously not. When everything transpires in the future after the millenial kingdom and the final judgement, out of all the people who ever lived from Adam on only a small percentage will end up with God.

    Gods word:

    God gave man genuine free will, and thereby limited himself to work within the framework of mans choices.
    Thus his foreknowledge is not absolute, and how things turn out is a combination of mans choices and Gods working in the world.

    1. I believe that the mistake you're making, Van, is made by many people. The good news is that it's an easy mistake to fix, because it's such an easy mistake to make! And I think that we all have at some point.

      You simply need to distinguish between these two words . . . what God CAN'T do, and what God WON'T do. And then I'll tell you something that might blow your socks off, or at least it did for me once!

      God chooses to give us Free Will, but He knows the outcome of every single event. He allows the shooter to kill, just as He allows redemption to come from that same violence. Does He wish to see that violence? No. Could He change that storyline? Yes. Will He? When it suits His redemptive purposes. There are no rules which govern God.

      If you want a clearer picture, I learned this as a dad . . . I love my children, I teach my children, I sometimes have to intervene with my children, BUT . . . to be the best dad, I must also let them make mistakes. I must also let them do wrong. I must let them be them, or they never truly had free will. I would become their full-time boss, and not their teacher, friend, or companion.

      That's how much He loves us, Van. Enough to hope for better from us. Enough to watch us make less of ourselves. As a father, I can tell you that NOTHING in this whole world hurts me more than watching my kids make some of their choices. But that should encourage me to teach and not control through strength. Spread the Gospel, and not force my will. Rest assured, God's true power to put a stop to all evil is about to become very evident in our time.

      Pico della Mirandola, in the 15th century, once said this in his "Oration on the Dignity of Man" . . .

      "[God] made you neither of heavenly nor of earthly stuff, neither mortal nor immortal, so that with free choice and dignity, you may fashion yourself into whatever form you choose. To you is granted the power of degrading yourself into the lower forms of life, the beasts, and to you is granted the power, contained in your intellect and judgment, to be reborn into the higher forms, the divine. Imagine! The great generosity of God! The happiness of man! To man it is allowed to be whatever he chooses to be!"

      There are a lot of interesting topics in that selection, but today, just focus on this: God GRANTS us the power to sin, and He ALLOWS us to choose our path, knowing exactly where it will lead.

      (The cool part is continued below)

    2. The cool part:

      Einstein gave us an equation which comes in very handy for well-grounded Christian doctrine. And I know that you've heard of it . . .


      It's part of his Special Relativity Theory, and it means this:


      Now remember, the SPEED of anything is always TIME x DISTANCE. So unpack the equation just once more, and what it's really saying is this . . .


      Of course, most people are not familiar with the implication, but we are familiar with some of its results.

      Essentially, he's telling us that all known ENERGY, all known MASS, all known TIME, and all known DISTANCE, are INTERCHANGEABLE! And ENERGY is the big boss in the equation, as it fundamentally counterbalances the combined power of the others. It's all by itself on one side of the equation.

      You've seen this principle in everyday life. With enough work, you can split the tiniest MASS of Uranium and turn it into massive ENERGY. Or you can compress the largest inert MASS of dead plants into the tiniest fraction of ENERGY in the form of natural gas.

      You can also do the same to MASS, TIME, and DISTANCE on just one side of the equation. If you stop pedaling your bicycle forward, your DISTANCE decreases to zero, but your TIME sitting there just went up exponentially. And DISTANCE and TIME are squared, giving them an outsized control over MASS.

      Now, Einstein developed this equation, and he used it to prove some pretty awesome things. Like this: if you and I both launch into space at the speed of light, and then we return after 15 years, we will have both been gone for 30 total years. But the people we left behind would have aged far, far more. And that is because TIME is relative to other aspects of the equation in a certain part of space. It's all relative!

      It's also true that if I stand on the biggest planet in one galaxy, and you stand on the smallest planet of another, TIME will pass much more slowly for me, because of the MASS of my relative home. And all of these have been proven.

      (continued again)

    3. So how does this affect Free Will? Check this out.

      In the Beginning, there was no ENERGY, MASS, TIME, or DISTANCE. And then God made everything at once. We like to imagine it as a BIG BANG, but truthfully, it was the creation of ENERGY, MASS, TIME, and DISTANCE. And as Light ENERGY exploded into being, the equation required immeasurable amounts of MASS to be created. And that MASS was spreading out further and further over immeasurable DISTANCE, causing TIME to be born, and also slowing TIME exponentially with each passing day of Creation. We call it TIME dilation.

      Literally, the first days of Creation were longer than our days today, and infinitely harder to measure as we could no longer measure from the singularity, but are now forced to measure from relative spatial areas. Like from Earth, for example.

      The awesome part is this: Einstein PROVED that God created TIME. He lives outside it, just as He lives outside space, and matter, and energy. TIME is just a large wall painting that He did for fun, and in that picture, He can see everything than ever happened, is happening, or will happen! He spoke TIME into being, and that is how He knows every prophetic marker in the Bible. Holy Canoli! THAT is where Joseph got his dream-interpreting power, and that is how we know the End is nigh.

      That is how He sees the End from the Beginning, and that is how He knows whose names will be in the Book of Life. Because He already knows what you will choose, just as He calls you by name before your birth. Yes, you still have to make those choices. You have the privilege to make those choices, but God is so, so far ahead of us.


    4. probably in the millennium we'll all look back on school shootings as examples of the era when we didn't know what we were doing. so God could bring positive results out of that. on this question I recommend Leibniz's "Discourse on Metaphysics" re: God's omnipotence and perfection

  53. Freewill has consequence.

    We cannot grow without the hard stuff. Through it all, God is there walking with us if we let Him. If we ask Him. Through each failure, face-plant and fall we learn to trust and to love. Most of all we learn to rely not on our own imagined strength but on His.

    If we don't have the power to reject God we won't have power to truly accept and love God. Anything else and we are nothing more than robots.

    There was a time when I knew Him not. I rejected Jesus. My awakening and rebirth to the facts of what God in Christ did for me minted the true value of my faith. Jesus is now priceless to me!

    What did I do to come to faith?


    That was all the work of the Holy Spirit. My eyes were opened and my heart started seeing. Once I scoffed at the suggestion that I be a Pastor. Today I sour at the thought of doing anything else.

    Just one encourager's testimony and I'm sticking to it.

    27 And he who searches hearts
    knows what is the mind of the
    Spirit, because the Spirit
    intercedes for the saints
    according to the will of God.

    28 And we know that for
    those who love God all things
    work together for good, for
    those who are called according
    to his purpose.

    29 For those whom he foreknew
    he also predestined to be
    conformed to the image of
    his Son, in order that he
    might be the firstborn among
    many brothers.

    30 And those whom he
    predestined he also called,
    and those whom he called he
    also justified, and those
    whom he justified he also

    (Romans 8:27-30 ESV)

    I have great difficulty in the logic that God is omnipresent begin in all times and spaces without knowing all outcomes for all choices both individually and collectively. I recall claims of a temporal project that had the ability to test outcomes of choices and their final outcomes. The project found that eventually, in the future, no matter what choices were made only one outcome resulted.

    I can dig on those reference(s) if anyone wants.

  54. Van Helsing: SIN! There is your answer for all the evil in the world. God does know exactly what will happen and when, He IS in control, but like someone else said, there are consequences for our choices. If God stopped all the bad, how would we know what is good? How could He be glorified, even in suffering. He has give us believers the Holy Spirit to help us make good choices, to encourage us to make the right choice, but in the end, it is our free will to choose and we must then deal with the consequences. I speak of first hand experience. If God had stopped all my bad choices, I would not be who I am today. i would not realize how merciful and gracious He actually is. I would not appreciate my salvation. I pray you will study your Bible more and ask God to help you find Him. He knows your doubts and loves you still.

  55. I am a believer in Calvinism: the belief that God has sovereign control of literally everything that happens. Which means, yes, predestination, foreknowledge...EVERYTHING. God leaves nothing up to chance. "But where does that leave free will?", you ask.

    We have free will from OUR perspective, and that's all that matters to God. Let me give an example. Imagine a guy saying, "I need to get a thousand bucks next year. However, it's already fated whether I'll get it or not, so whether I sit back and do nothing or work my butt off, the result will be the same." Everyone would rightly dismiss this as ridiculous. WE have no knowledge what the future holds in store for us, with limited exceptions such as end times prophecies God's already told us about in advance. So this man must realize, "It's up to YOU how you get that thousand bucks."

    Same with predestination. God has control of our thoughts, and has already determined who to bring to Him, but only from HIS perspective. For our intents and purposes, whether God predestined us for salvation is a complete mystery to us...until we actually get saved, with a full acceptance of what Christ did for us on the cross. Human freedom coexists with predestination. The gift of human freedom is the reason we have to pay the price of having to deal with school shooters. That is a divine mystery we'll never fully understand.

    1. That's very un-Biblical.

      You can't have free will from only your perspective. You can either make a choice, or you can't. And God will either respond to it, or He won't. In your example, the man either tries to make the money, or he doesn't. What happens after is irrelevant. That is free will, and not an illusion of it, or a mirror of it.

      If there is just one lesson that God and His Son have made clear, it is this:

      That we are each responsible for making atonement for our sin, and all are capable of acknowledging and receiving the salvation that has been offered.

      I would argue that to believe in predestination is a colossal mistake, and I don't think that position is well thought out. God cannot control your thoughts, and simultaneously let you make your own decisions. You cannot be destined for somewhere in advance, while God tells you to carve a path and make your choices in your own time. He would become a liar and a con artist. You would become an automaton.

      When humans play loosely with words such as fate, destiny, and luck, they only deceive themselves. Take any statistics class, and you'll quickly realize that luck doesn't exist. There's only math and probability. Throw around the words fate and destiny, and you're simply turning a blind eye to the milieu of choices and paths that could have been made or followed. Just as there is no such thing as "true love." There are only people that you could have made a successful relationship work with, had you applied yourself . . . and people that you probably couldn't or shouldn't have done it with. Your commitment and ideology determine that far more than the dubious concepts of attraction and emotion, which change with the weather.

      Why not just stick with Occam's razor? . . . no more assumptions should be made than are necessary. God lets us choose. God knows, ahead of time, what that choice will be. God does not interfere unless He considers it necessary to His redemptive purpose. He has been telling a story for 6,000 years now, and He will guide it to completion with an occasional twist now and then, to keep it on track. And He does that by offering up more options, and making requests.

      Maybe THAT is why He got so mad at Moses for striking the rock. He may have desired to use that event, as originally scripted, as part of His future revelation. But, ultimately, He was willing to let Moses make his own choice, and punishment ensued.

      People have to stop overcomplicating the basics, here. Jonah had free will to run from God, and God had the free will and power to throw a fish in his path. Jonah wasn't predestined! He didn't have his choices taken away! God threw another choice in his path, and forced him to reconsider his options!

      Life is a give and take. An action and a reaction. An old choice and a new choice.

  56. I'd be interested to hear more about that project.

    1. I'll see what I can find. It was about a year ago I found this so bear with me...

    2. Take all the time you need.

  57. Greetings. Thought I would share this unique message from the opposite perspective of what we discuss here. Perhaps some will find it interesting. The title of the video is "URGENT MESSAGE: Moshiach Is Almost Here, See Through The Chaos", by Rabbi Manis Friedman. He is NOT a messianic rabbi. He delivers a message from the Jewish rabbinical perspective of the soon anticipated Messiah, which will of course be the Antichrist. He states clearly the expectation of it happening THIS YEAR. You might find it fascinating in comparison to what we discuss and prepare for here at Unsealed.

    The earlier part of the message ties in with some of the recent discussion here, about God's allowing of free will, tragic events, various human travail, and how it all ties together. This is from a Jewish rabbinical perspective, but these aspects of God's presence and power are not limited to Judaism.



  58. https://ortodoxinfo.ro/2021/03/30/video-a-treia-zi-de-proteste-in-romania-se-ard-poze-cu-arafat-si-se-striga-demisia/




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