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PROPHETIC OVERDRIVE: World Leaders Prepare To Lay The Foundation For The New World Order

In the past century or so, three major events served as catalysts for a sea change in world affairs, as well as governance in the Middle East:

First, World War I and the transition from vast colonial empires to the modern nation-state.  This included the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire and the carving out of the British Mandate in preparation for a future Jewish nation in the Holy Land.  The major change that resulted from the war was the Treaty of Versailles and the creation of the first proto-global government in the form of the League of Nations.

Second, World War II and the end of global European dominance.  World power became increasingly multi-polar.  Four major effects of the war included the creation of the much more enduring and integrated proto-global government that we have today—the United Nations, the formation of the Bretton Woods monetary system that has governed international finance for the past 75 years, the rise of communist China, and the establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948.

Third, the COVID-19 pandemic in conjunction with the Abraham Accords in 2020 have laid the groundwork for the ultimate and final transition to a true global government, which the Bible refers to as a kingdom of iron and clay—colloquially called “The Beast System” among students of Bible prophecy.  Beginning in force just one year ago, the world population has been thoroughly conditioned so as not to engage in commerce (“buying and selling”) without wearing a mask or showing proof of vaccination.  Hundreds of millions of people have even been scanned on their foreheads and right hands with infrared thermometers before being allowed to engage in normal commercial activity (cf. Rev. 13:16–17).

The Abraham Accords came along at the same time.  The resultant peace deals were nothing short of game-changing in terms of Middle Eastern history.  Israel is now largely “at peace” with her immediate neighbors, although those who study Bible prophecy know the peace is only a faรงade.  It will be short lived.  The Biden Administration recently endorsed these deals and expressed interest in expanding them.  Even more concretely, a bipartisan group of senators have introduced legislation with the express purpose to “strengthen and expand the Abraham Accords.”  This proposed legislation, called The Israeli Relations Normalization Act of 2021, is designed to encourage, strengthen, and expand the Abraham Accords for a period of five years.  We are growing ever closer to a true seven-year deal that will throw the whole world right off the prophetic cliff.

But there's more.  Key globalist world leaders have just signed and published a letter calling for a new global system to deal with the reality of a post-COVID-19 world.  The language within the letter itself calls this a sea change on par with the post-World War II system that was put in place in the mid-1940s.  This system, coupled with the World Economic Forum's “Great Reset,” is nothing short of a global government with total Orwellian control over every man, woman, and child on planet earth.  In total, 24 world leaders signed the letter—an ironic number given what we know about God's own plan for His everlasting global government!

A flood of fire is coming.  If you haven't boarded the Ark of salvation, now is the time.  The boarding ticket was already paid for.  All you must do is take it.

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  1. It's amazing how quickly this is all coming about. Just like a flood.

  2. Great points, Gary,

    Still, I cannot help but feel that war will come again to force the Great Reset. The threat of warfare against the children of Israel precipitated the Red Sea Crossing while Joshua lead them across the Jordan in peace. Can we expect the same themes again? The threat of destruction of the saints by war where seven years later Joshua (Jesus) leads the children of Israel once again?

    IMHO, SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 are not enough in and of themselves but compound a mutating virus with the aftermath of war and the socioeconomic and political upheaval that will result? That seems a no-brainer.

    We know with confidence that,

    13 For "everyone who calls
    on the name of the Lord will
    be saved."

    14 How then will they call
    on him in whom they have
    not believed? And how are
    they to believe in him of
    whom they have never heard?
    And how are they to hear
    without someone preaching?

    15 And how are they to
    preach unless they are
    sent? As it is written,

    "How beautiful are the
    feet of those who preach
    the good news!"

    (Romans 10:13-15 ESV)

    Thanks for being awesome guys! We have our orders...


    Keep pointing the way to Jesus.

    1. Dear P. Rich, thank you for all your great points you always add! I just wanted to add that some Blogs I read say that we are on the verge of an EBOLA Plague/Pandemic next, to expedite the Great Reset/NWO that Covid is falling short of accomplishing. Washington state and Ohio currently have 20 or more cases and more are expected in the USA as more people are traveling from the African centers of outbreak areas. The Virtual Tsunami of Converging Biblical signs are SCREAMING that the Rapture/Trib is at the CUSP of commencing!! Yet the world scoffs at modern day headlines fulfilling end time scripture warnings. The World continues to ignore or have fallen into sleep/delusion that suddenly the Rapture will happen and it will be to late to even warn anymore! TITUS 2V13! MARANATHA!!

    2. @Ron Garbe:
      Is Ebola just as contagious as Covid-19?

    3. I think you are right Pastor Rich; I believe we are seeing the escalation of it now as Ukraine and Russia prepare to faceoff, as well as Iran and China teaming up. I foresee something like a nuclear war; giving way for the "peace maker" to force disarmament. I presume as well that this will also be when Damascus is destroyed with in a day. with Russia moving south, I wonder too if this is where we will see the hook in the jaws, and finally resulting in Israel burning weapons for next 7 years

      Side note there has been a lot of talk on some extremists about end times plans, etc. Most of it seems to be wishful thinking, cultish, thinking on side of good but promoting the anti christ agenda. But some of what they spout has so truth tidbits in it, so I wonder if we wont see something very dramatic, and eventful, this weekend into beginning next week. Obviously we will see; I've suspected a "last call" sign anyway.... will be interesting to see. definitely ready! I am so tired of the evil, and the hate

    4. Hi Pastor Rich,

      I have been hearing alot of talk about a 3 days of darkness to start this Sunday until Weds. Is the 3 days of darkness biblical? The 2 people quote Amos 8:9-10 and say that the plagues of Exodus are relevant for today and will repeat themselves. They say the Lord revealed these things to them in several visions and when it should start at 10:30AM 4/4/21 and by noon the whole world will be dark. They encourage everyone to cover their windows with heavy duty trash bags and blankets and stay indoors because demons will be rampant outside and the darkness so thick that no light or electricity will be available. They say to stock up on white or yellow candles, plenty of water and canned goods. I'm a little spooked and I only found one day when the world turns dark and that is AFTER the tribulation of those days in Matthew 24 on the day of the Lord when God pours out his wrath. Should I take stock in the 3 days of darkness?

    5. Hello, Unknown,

      I tend to not buy into fear. Keep in mind that I have not heard nor read about this three-days of darkness nor covering windows with garbage bags. (Sounds rather suspect).

      A lamb was chosen for our house. The door has been painted. Our faith has been placed in the One who had defeated death. We have no fear in Christ. Why? Because if we abide in Jesus whom shall we fear?

      Remember, even the demons fear Him.

      The only thing we're prepping for is leaving this place. Other than that the only darkness I expect to see is from being under the pinions, under the wing of the LORD.

      (Psalm 91)

      Feel free to share some links to these people you're talking about and I can look into it further.


    6. Hello Pastor Rich,

      Thank you for the response here are the 2 videos let me know your thoughts



    7. Thank you for your reply bere are the 2 video links making their rounds


    8. Pastor Rich
      I tried sharing but not sure it went through

    9. Is it dark where you are? It's not here (2pm Eastern). Just a beautiful and perfect Easter Sunday.

      Thank you, Jesus.

    10. Julia,

      Your links were good and I was able to watch both videos for the most part.

      As for claims made in the videos? They have an air of an alleged Catholic belief in three days darkness that shares the same themes given in the videos. I am not in agreement with them.

      I pointed you to (Psalm 91) earlier which reminds us,

      4 He will cover you with
      his pinions, and under his
      wings you will find refuge;
      his faithfulness is a shield
      and buckler.

      5 You will not fear the
      terror of the night, nor
      the arrow that flies by

      6 nor the pestilence that
      stalks in darkness, nor
      the destruction that wastes
      at noonday.

      (Psalm 91:4-6 ESV)

      Such are His promises. This is the VICTORY Christ won for us! The Spirit continues,

      7 A thousand may fall
      at your side, ten thousand
      at your right hand, but
      it will not come near you.

      8 You will only look with
      your eyes and see the
      recompense of the wicked.

      (Psalm 91:7-8 ESV)


      9 Because you have made
      the LORD your dwelling
      place -- the Most High,
      who is my refuge --

      10 no evil shall be
      allowed to befall you,
      no plague come near
      your tent.

      (Psalm 91:9-10 ESV)

      Satan is quoted as citing this psalm to Jesus during His temptation in the wilderness. Here we see it say,

      6 ..."If you are the
      Son of God, throw yourself
      down, for it is written,

      "'He will command his angels
      concerning you,'


      "'On their hands they will
      bear you up, lest you strike
      your foot against a stone.'"

      (Matthew 4:6 ESV)

      In reality, Scripture plainly says,

      11 For he will command his
      angels concerning you to
      guard you in all your ways.

      12 On their hands they will
      bear you up, lest you strike
      your foot against a stone.

      (Psalm 91:11-12 ESV)

      How convenient is it that the devil ignores verse thirteen?

      13 You will tread on the
      lion and the adder; the
      young lion and the serpent
      you will trample underfoot.

      (Psalm 91:13 ESV)

      These passages and facts beg to question: Is the psalmist addressing Christ or is the psalmist address us?

      The answer is, "Yes". The psalmist is addressing both the Christ and us, His body. Are we to abide in the One who saved us? Our Saviour and Redeemer? Yes. Just as the head abides in the body and the body in the head we are one abiding in Christ the head of the church.

      The darkness we should see is the shadow cast by the covering wings of the LORD. This is product of the work we are called to perform each day,

      2 I will say to the LORD,

      "My refuge and my fortress,
      my God, in whom I trust."

      (Psalm 91:2 ESV)

      This is the work we are called to perform. To choose the LORD and trust Him.

      A time will come when, "it [the beast] was allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer them." (Revelation 13:7 ESV)

      That is NOT us.

      Remain as you are...sheltered by the wing of the Most High. Resist any temptation to wander as we are so prone to do.

      Do not be afraid. Ask yourself, "Who's on the mic?" Is it Jesus talking or fear? Is (F)alse (E)vidence (A)ppearing (R)eal speaking? Go to the LORD in prayer and meditation and ask Him. The voice of truth will speak with peace and clarity.

      Easter blessings to your and yours, everyday,


    11. Pastor Rich,
      I think you may be right on the money!

      I've often wondered what would make the "peace deal" of Daniel desireable in light of our time (and the decades-old attitude of Israel's neighbors towards her.) A war might do it. A war terrible enough that the middle east countries would gladly line up to be a part of a promise of peace in the region.

  3. I just published an article at COVID-19, the experimental vaccines and how the effects of the vaccine will likely be the major contributor to the deaths of 25% of the world population as called out in Revelation 6:8.

    <a href="https://www.heavenlyperspectives.org/2021/does-the-covid-19-vaccine-cause-the-fourth-seal-judgment-in-revelation-6.html>Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Cause the Fourth Seal Judgment in Revelation 6?</a>

    It is incredible how fast things are changing and happening and it is getting harder and harder to keep up. Thanks Gary!

    1. AMEN & AMEN, TITUS 2V13!!

    2. I am really interested in Covid Vaccine cause the 4th seal of death. I have been suspecting this. The link will not open though. Even when I put it in my browser it will not open.

    3. Try again Waiting and watching. I was having some trouble with the server.

  4. Helpful article. Convergence, acceleration, dominoes, fine points and war preparations.

  5. guys I have a question. Revelation says that Rome "reigns over the kings of the Earth." In what way? What secret influence does Rome wield?

    1. Although Mystery Babylon seems to be a global system of commerce and trade under the New World Order system, it does indeed seem to have a headquarters from which it is run and operated from, which would be Rome.

      As we know from Jeremiah 24, there are what the Lord calls the "good figs" and the "evil figs." These two baskets of figs (Jews) were scattered to the nations of the earth.

      "The Lord shewed me, and, behold, two baskets of figs were set before the temple of the Lord, after that Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon had carried away captive Jeconiah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah, and the princes of Judah, with the carpenters and smiths, from Jerusalem, and had brought them to Babylon. One basket had very good figs, even like the figs that are first ripe: and the other basket had very naughty figs, which could not be eaten, they were so bad. Then said the Lord unto me, What seest thou, Jeremiah? And I said, Figs; the good figs, very good; and the evil, very evil, that cannot be eaten, they are so evil. Again the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Thus saith the Lord, the God of Israel; Like these good figs, so will I acknowledge them that are carried away captive of Judah, whom I have sent out of this place into the land of the Chaldeans for their good. For I will set mine eyes upon them for good, and I will bring them again to this land: and I will build them, and not pull them down; and I will plant them, and not pluck them up" (Jeremiah 24:5-6).

      The Lord says that the evil figs portion (or basket) of these scattered segment of Jews will end up being a "curse" to the nations of the earth ...

      "And I will deliver them to be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth for their hurt, to be a reproach and a proverb, a taunt and a curse, in all places whither I shall drive them.

      It is the descendants of these "evil figs" that are undeniably the composition of the Illuminati and the the secret societies largely. It is said that they have infiltrated the Vatican and Rome itself, in addition to the modern state of Israel. That being the case, Rome has influenced kings throughout the past 2,000 years and continues to have ‘diplomatic relations’ with nations all over the world. In fact, The papacy is so influential and powerful that nearly every major country consults her before making major policy moves. She has diplomatic relations to 180 nations. Only 16 left for her to have FULL UNION with the whole world. As far as your question of how, it's probably no secret that they control the levers of power, such as institutions, government, resources of the earth through those institutions etc.


    2. End Times; I just read your latest post on the Bear prophecy; the impending Russia war, I feel like I am on the edge of my seat waiting on the BIG Climax!! Going home soon friend; see ya there!

    3. Indeed we are. I get the feeling it won't be long now. We'll see I guess. I'll see if I can bring some of those stale bear cookies I promised in the post ... but only if you guessed the correct answer now ๐Ÿ˜‰

      See ya there!

  6. I love seeing a prophecy site that's focused on our true citizenship and not our worldly citizenship. The walls and facades are coming down. Macron and the Pope are in regular conversation. Iran is in league with China now, and the EU is getting serious about a 10 nation military force. Based on Scripture, Pentecost has always made sense and seems the bridge from the First to the Second return. I think the tables set, food is cooking, and the Angels are excitedly ready for us! Let that Trumpet blow, Lord Jesus!

  7. Mandatory vaccines...


  8. Over this year, I have heard continually from the Lord to not cast my pearls on swine in America. Unless He leads, I am not to share my faith or Spiritual concerns on social media or to unbelievers. I am to focus my prayer time praying for those in China, Myanmar, India, and places around the world that are crying out for Him. Has anybody else on here felt something similar?

    1. I'm pretty much getting the same thing. I live in Utah where the mass population is Mormon. For the most part they don't want to hear it. I ask the Lord daily to show me any witnessing opportunities and none seem to materialize. This frustrates me because I want to share the Gospel and do more. There has to be more souls out there but I feel like America has made it's bed at this point in time.

    2. I seek opportunities to tell others about the gospel here in the states but its like a desert. However my wife reaches many people here. We are able to serve and give to others frequently in ways that blesses them and shows them God's love. And my wifes prater group with fellow teachers in a public school has grown from three to twelve in the last couple of years. It has blessed and reached many unbelievers and strengthened the faith of believers. God is still working but i do believe the harvest is getting closer and closer to fully gleaned for us.

    3. Daniel, that's the beauty of God: we are all individuals walking our own walk on the narrow road alongside other believers. I feel for me He is leading me to lead those He leads my way instead of me shining the light everywhere. But it could be different for others. I'm starting a verse by verse Bible Study in a couple weeks for the outsiders and those who don't feel comfortable in Church or have been hurt by the church. Curious to see what the Lord is leading me into in these last days. The way I see it is I keep listening for that Trumpet while working the plow.

  9. This is Pure Speculation! Nothing more.

    “Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done . . . “ Isaiah 46:10

    As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. At least that's the idea. But how might this affect the timeline of the End? Here's a possibility, but, please don’t forget that it’s only conjecture.

    Most of us now know to expect the End to be like the times of Noah. Of course, Luke 17:26 specifically says, "And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man."

    It’s probably no surprise, then, that the biggest takeaway from Genesis with regard to the TIMING of Noah is that he was told specifically by God to enter the Ark with his family and cargo SEVEN days before the ATONEMENT period was to end for humanity; a period of cleansing and reparation for the Creation was to be pushed back “for yet seven days” after God’s command to enter the Ark. It's also clear that Noah’s door remained open for those seven, and that he was almost certainly using those last seven days to prepare, and quite probably going in and out of the Ark, right up until the end. We can reasonably surmise that he didn’t just board it, and sit motionless for a week. With the animals, there was a lot going on at that door. Hence on the final day, it was "In the selfsame day . . . entered Noah [and his family] . . . into the ark,” as the rains and flooding were already commencing, and then God shut him in. (Genesis 7:13) Those final seven days were soul-searching days, but they were preparation days for Noah, and then salvation was no longer available for everyone else.

    If God cared enough to separate those 7 days, why would He not care at least as much about our second and final chance for global redemption? Would He not mark those 7 days BEFORE the final Day of Atonement in His calendar? Could the calendar, indeed, be based on that day?

    Now with that in mind, we bring up another popular theory. The idea that the three Jewish Fall Feasts will be instrumental dates in the End Times chronology. The Feast of Trumpets, which begins the days of consecration and repentance. The Feast of Atonement, which provides that very last opportunity for forgiveness, before it's too late. And the Feast of Tabernacles, which is meant to be a celebration of deliverance.

    Let's just keep it simple for a moment, and say that IF Jesus decides to use those dates during His Second Coming, then we could probably expect Him to offer a Call to Repentance on Trumpets, place a Seal on Justice for the saved and unsaved on Atonement, and bring a Celebration of Gathering and a new earthly Seat for the Son of God on Tabernacles. That doesn't seem far-fetched, right?

    (continued below)

  10. Now one more piece before I try to tie all of this together into what I hope is a sort-of-coherent whole . . .

    Jesus gives us a lesser-quoted parable of the Barren Fig Tree in Luke 13:6. And in it, He basically paints a picture of a barren tree, producing no Godly fruit. So after 3 years, the owner tells the worker to cut it down, and the worker begs just one more year of renewed effort. No more than 4 years of opportunity for the tree, and then it’s cut off. Now, there are tons of Old Testament verses regarding Israel and her people being cut off, so it shouldn’t be too awkward to presume that the Fig Tree nation of Israel is given a 4-year span to start producing fruit, or suffer the consequences. And it’s an age counting of the cycles of seasons that we call “years,” and NOT a sum counting of days, so these years are not supposed to be Prophetic 360-day years; for the same reason that no one is measuring the 70-80 years of a generation with 360-day calculators. Let’s just call these “parable years” for now, or solar cycles of seasons, if that helps.

    And, finally, here's my thought for the day, and I don't claim any power of authority. This is all open to interpretation and critique.

    IF May of 1948 really was the beginning of the Fig Tree generation, and IF 80.99 years is the maximum constraint, then the Fall Feasts can only be instrumentally used by Jesus in 2028 or earlier. The fall of 2029 is 81 years and change, and thus too late. Most of you know that, already.

    So let's work backwards. Let's say Jesus brings Celebration, Gathering, and a new Seat on the Feast of Tabernacles in 2028. Just before that, He draws the curtain on Redemption for non-believers and seals Salvation for the remainder of the Tribulation Saints on the Day of Atonement 2028. And just before that, He blows His last warning "blasts" on Trumpets 2028. But keep your eye on that middle Feast. Up until that Day of Atonement, many of us agree that Salvation is still possible for the Tribulation Saints, even as the Tribulation is concluding. There is still a door open! It won’t close until the Day of Atonement. So what date is given to the nation of Israel to mark those 7 very last days before the Ark is shut?

    To put it another way, God started the human story with SEVEN literal days. He will end it with another. He gave Noah SEVEN literal days to board before instantaneous judgment. The very moment that the Ark's door closed shut WAS the very moment that Salvation could no longer be achieved for the unbeliever. So, it’s not hard to imagine that in our hypothetical 2028, there will be SEVEN literal and FINAL days before the door of Atonement is closed . . . so what is seven days before the Feast of Atonement in 2028? Shabbat Shuvah.

    (continued below)

  11. Shabbat Shuvah is the “Sabbath of Repentance.” According to the Torah Calendar, “It is the Sabbath before Yom Kippur . . . for you to make things right between yourself and Elohim . . . between yourself and your brother.” They call Shabbat Shuvah the “Last Sabbath.” What if it’s also the “Last day of Jacob’s Trouble?” What if these are the last seven soul-searching days?

    The weekly Torah reading for Shabbat Shuvah 2028 is “Give Ear.” As in “He who has ears to hear – Let him hear!” Which is also exactly what Noah would’ve been saying during his last seven days!

    Let’s put this all into sequence now, and we'll see if the points start to line up on the calendar:

    September 22-23, 2017 (the equinox) . . . the Revelation 12 sign in the sky over Jerusalem, telling the Israeli Fig Tree to produce fruit in the next 4 years. Or else. Exactly 4 “parable” years later, but not using a Prophetic day count . . .

    September 22-23, 2021 (the equinox) . . . the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles. Seven days of Gathering together, just like the animals gathered at the Ark, and just like Noah finished gathering his family and goods. Only this time, the Church will be gathering securely for SEVEN in Heaven, presumably because we won’t be necessary for saving the animals this time. LOL. The Church has been raptured at some point between this Spring and September 22-23, and Israel has had its last chance to reconsider its fruit-bearing potential, as a significant portion of the nation will now be faced with persecution.

    40 days later, which is the amount of time that Jesus, Moses, and Elijah fasted in the desert; the amount of time that rains fell during the flood; the number of years that Israel wandered (there are so many 40’s that you get the point) . . . brings us to the eve of Halloween, and the morning of . . .

    November 1, 2021 . . . Israel has now been “Left Behind” as the Tribulation starts, and it has just wandered in the proverbial desert for a second 40 days before the Anti-Christ shows up to confirm a Peace on All Saints’ Day. He’s out all night on pagan Halloween, and wakes up to an equally pagan Roman Catholic holiday, which the Chrislam-pushing Pope will be happy to suggest as a qualified holiday for deal-making. And Emmanuel “the Mark” Macron will be all too eager to indulge his friend on this high-unholy occasion. After all, this date is the anniversary of the establishment of the European Union, itself. And it’s also the anniversary of the declaration of an “axis” running from Rome through Nazi Germany, where Hitler, the last Anti-Christ archetype, came from. It’s a very popular date for one-world governments! And if the two prior attempts at a Euro-centric Global Hegemony both started on this date, why shouldn’t the third and final?

    (continued below)

  12. 2520 days (7 prophetic years, this time) later . . .

    September 22-23, 2028 . . . Shabbat Shuvah. The wrath is over. The Tribulation is ended. The physical activities transpiring on Earth are no longer as relevant as the lessons that should have just been learned. God is now saying, “Give Ear.” He is announcing to the Remnant that there are only seven days left for redemption. The final SEVEN literal days of soul-searching and repentance, which is exactly what this day represents on the Torah calendar.

    And then . . . seven literal days later . . . God is saddened as He shuts the door.

    September 30, 2028 . . . Yom Kippur. The most important Jewish holiday. The final Day of Atonement, and the fate of the people is sealed. The 1290 and 1335-day clocks are still in play, and we await a clear picture of their significance, but the Millennium is arriving soon, and the Fig Tree generation has still not reached 81 years old. We look forward to the greatest Feast of Tabernacles EVER.

    Now . . . can we use this to shed light on the middle of the Tribulation? What day is exactly 1260 literal days after the morning of All Saints’ Day 2021, and also 1260 literal days before Shabbat Shuvah 2028?

    We come to the exact first evening of the Feast of Passover 2025! April 13, 2025. Unlucky 13! If this was the Mid-point of the Tribulation, could you imagine a more perfect date for the Abomination of Desolation . . . instead of Antiochus Epiphanes calling himself “God on Earth” and spreading pig’s blood everywhere in the Temple, we now have the Anti-Christ calling himself “God on Earth” and possibly spreading defiled blood on the very beginning of the Passover Festival originally consecrated in pure Lamb’s blood. The blood of Jesus is mocked. And as if to push the ANTI-Passover one step further, the AC then uses his “powers” and the Mark to attempt to put the Jews right back into bondage and suffering. He wants to cancel the Exodus and Deliverance of God’s people. Literally and eternally.

    Well, believe it or not, that’s the end. It’s all I’ve got, and if you see any flaws, you won’t hurt my feelings by pointing them out. I wrote this quickly, so I won't mind if you check my math!

    P.S. It wasn’t that long ago that Adolph Hitler was comparing himself to Jesus, calling himself the saviour of Germany, and claiming that he was that man who was superior to all others; capable of conquering and subduing the world.

    Is it so difficult to see these same features in Emmanuel Macron, who admits candidly to his intention of ruling like the God Jupiter? Especially when he speaks to the Pope of Iraq, visits Lebanon to placate the people, and suggests his own reinforcing peace and security agreements for the Middle East whenever possible. He truly is seeking to become “Europe’s Saviour,” just as the magazines have proposed. Will he try to be the world’s as well?

    We shall see.

    Could Emmanuel Macron be the Antichrist? - Christian Evidence

    1. As far as day counts check out Daniel 8:14 a start with daily sacrifices to the cleansing of the Temple. Then Daniel 12:11-12 gives a day count from the Abomination of Desolation. 1335 days those that wait and reach it will be blessed. And as far as the Anti-Christ he'll come out of Greece (aka Modern Turkey) and will mostly be Assyrian Micha chapter 5. At least that's my understanding.

    2. it's undoubtedly true that Obama's the Antichrist

    3. You could be right, but I would never go so far as to call anything in prophecy "undoubtedly true" until after it's happened. That much, I know, is undoubtedly true.

    4. I undoubtedly agree that we should undoubtedly doubt until all shadow of a doubt is no longer undoubtedly doubted. Savvy?

    5. Unknown, I think you have a very plausible and well thought out concept of how this could play out. And putting the Great Wonder in there adds to the four year count down for Israel, as well. I don't know whether Macron is AC, but his name and current activities certainly make him a good possibility. I like that you have structured your ideas solidly with scripture.
      On another note, I would like to ask for prayer. I am having recurrent spiritual attacks and I am weary. I have had a chronic health issue that has resurfaced as well. I thank God for praise music and the Name of Jesus to get me through the attacks, but I would appreciate my brothers and sisters backing me up.
      Hoping for our soon entry into glory with our precious Lord!

    6. Lifting you in prayer Sis!

    7. I pray for you too my sister!

    8. Pastor Rich ... Yes, without a doubt ๐Ÿ˜†

    9. PR and unknown,

      I understand you guys don't have any special knowledge about this. Don't feel bad.

      On the other hand, kudos for writing posts that don't take ten minutes to read. Did someone finally give you Strunk and Whites?

    10. Every pride-filled assumption, every sarcastic remark, every snide twist of words, every lie that is told by a "Christian" without ABSOLUTE surety.

      All of these will be addressed by our Lord and Maker, and soon enough at that.

      And it is for that reason that I would caution you, just as I did with Gregg, that "thinking you know the truth" is not the same as "knowing the truth." Of course, you may be absolutely correct about some things, and when we're all standing around listening to your retelling of it in Heaven, we'll be happy to pat you on the back. But, oh, the irony. The bluster and pride that you feel will all fall to nothingness, once Jesus asks you to explain your false teaching to His other children. Your shine will lose its luster, every time you bump into someone that remembers, for eternity, how wrong you were about those things, whether large or small.

      And you had best pray that your arrogance and lack of humility don't contribute to the loss of any soul which could have been saved. False prophets pay the biggest prices.

      I don't say any of that in bad faith. I have no desire to condemn. (I've got my own problems!) But that is why I try very hard to point out the things I'm guessing at. And if I'm somewhat verbose when I write, it's most likely because I have thoughts to convey. I try to show my work, and let the logic stand for itself. I don't use "new math," and just spout out hogwash without evidence.

      Ultimately, I think THAT is where you've gone wrong. "Evidence" is a collective pile of facts, data, compelling interest, probable causes, scenarios, witness testimony, and other related material that is useful for piecing together a story, and making it plausible. "Proof" is an undeniable and conclusive body of "evidence" that stands up against any reasonable doubt.

      You might have good Evidence for what you believe, but you should be wary of claiming that you, specifically, have the truth; unless you have Proof, of course. In this case, you don't have Proof any more than anyone else . . . unless you are a Prophet of God, directly. (I'm assuming that you are NOT one of that small cadre of Heavenly beings that we're talking about here. If you are the Lucifer-indwelled AntiChrist, that doesn't count! Or Michael, or Gabriel, or Elijah, or Moses, etc. etc.)

    11. @Unknown,

      An interesting model to consider and worth mapping-out. The four-year time-frame is also seen in the colt which Jesus calls for on Palm Sunday. An uncastrated male horse of less than four years.

      Just as Satan entered into Judas, it will enter into the one who will be the AC. Judas was numbered among the twelve. He was of the inner-circle of Jesus. A hint of another to come?


      Good thoughts! Thank you for sharing!!


  13. the 24 countries/councils/orgs and leaders who signed the letter..J. V. Bainimarama, Prime Minister of Fiji; Antรณnio Luรญs Santos da Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal; Klaus Iohannis, President of Romania; Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda; Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya; Emmanuel Macron, President of France; Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany; Charles Michel, President of the European Council; Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister of Greece; Moon Jae-in, President of the Republic of Korea; Sebastiรกn Piรฑera, President of Chile; Carlos Alvarado Quesada, President of Costa Rica; Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania; Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa; Keith Rowley, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago; Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands; Kais Saied, President of Tunisia; Macky Sall, President of Senegal; Pedro Sรกnchez, Prime Minister of Spain; Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway; Aleksandar Vuฤiฤ‡, President of Serbia; Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia; Volodymyr Selenskyj, President of Ukraine; Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization

  14. https://www.christianevidence.net/2018/11/could-emmanuel-macron-be-anti-christ.html

    This was the link that I had tried to include.

    1. That was some article! Macron ticks off so many boxes. And I've read that he regularly talks with the Pope regarding the Abraham Accords and events around the world.

    2. This doesn't mean that Macron will be the antichrist! He isn't even warmly welcomed by Israel as the Messiah. The antichrist is the one who will be warmly welcomed by Israel.

  15. The Parable of the fig tree is closing in.

    Matthew 24:29-34; Hosea 9:10-11; psalms 90:10-11

    1948 fig tree budded
    + 80 years
    = 2028

    2028-3.5 years = 2024.5

    Between now and then it’s going to get very interesting.

    Matthew 24:13 KJV

    Don’t loose the faith when you aren’t Raptured out of here.

    REVELATION 14:12 KJV. Keep the commandments and the Saturday sabbath. If not, that’s your choice....make it wisely

    1. On 13 April 2029 the asteroid Apophis could hit the earth. That can mean that the Great Tribulation will be ongoing. See https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=nl&tl=en&u=https://unravelations.weebly.com/home/van-sinai-naar-sion "From Sinai to Zion" and https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=nl&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Funravelations.weebly.com%2Fhome%2F2029-als-apophis-inslaat "2029: When Apophis strikes".

  16. Obama can't be the anti-Christ because Bible says he will be tall. Syrian President Basher al-Assad will be the anti-Christ according to www.profoundprophecy.com Assad was born on Sept 11 and is a computer expert and his people worship him.

  17. Syrian President Basher al-Assad will be the anti-Christ according to www.profoundprophecy.com The website gives a great many reasons why Assad is the future anti-Christ. Assad is tall a computer expert born on September 11. Obama can't be the anti-Christ because the Bible says the anti-Christ is tall.

  18. We will most likely not know who the anti christ is, as to my understanding he will not be revealed until after the rapture. With that said I do not think it is harmful to the Christian community to speculate their opinions on who that could be. I myself have often thought quite a few could fit the bill and shared my thoughts with other believe4rs. it is a good conversation starter. And to unknown, I am sure your post was meant to be a kind reassuring of "be careful how you present your opinions" put it came off very negative and condescending in my opinion. I gently urge you to be careful what words you choose to text, bc with only words to read it can be difficult to determine intent. Does that make sense?

    we are all very excitedly awaiting Jesus to call us home. We see the signs, our spirits reveal to us the time is near, evil is rising at an increasingly staggering rate; we yearn to go home. lets spend our time encouraging, and sharing the gospel. time is oh so short.

    1. It does make sense, Lyndsey. And my initial response was polite, and said very much the same as you did . . . that "you could be right, but I would never go so far as to call anything in prophecy 'undoubtedly true' until after it's happened."

      I think that one of the biggest secular problems we have in society today, in my OPINION, is that we are all tiptoeing around "feelings." You feel racially offended, and somehow that means that you were attacked? You feel like a boy or girl, so that makes you one? Come on, now. And there are thousands of examples of this emotional dishonesty. We could all come up with some, I bet.

      In this case, Zachary decided not to heed a brotherly caution, and instead became offensive. And that is the truth. Thinking less of me, or my defense, won't change that. And I don't care to spend too many paragraphs explaining myself. Besides, Zach hates it when I do.

      Pastor Rich and I are not the ones who claimed with absolute certainty that we "know" who the AC is. We did not claim "special knowledge." And we did not insult two brothers for using details and words to make their points.

      Rather, I think that we have to give Pastor Rich credit for actually using Biblical support and verses to encourage readers, which the world needs more of. And that when he, or someone else, tries very hard to explain, defend, and propose a new thought or idea, they deserve to be respected for that . . . especially when they've put effort into an explanation for it. Isn't that why folks come here . . . to read the well-researched articles? Isn't that why people keep coming back to read the posts?

      Jesus openly confronted sin by name. John the Baptist died for telling the truth. Elijah openly mocked false prophets. And I think there's a lesson to be learned there; that anytime you value being "nice" more than being truthful, you are leading the way to the Laodicean church. Don't get me wrong! I would love for all of you to think highly of me, but I would rather be 100% correct about what I say, and not be responsible for leading even just one soul astray. I would rather be the most hated person on the internet, than to make patently absurd claims on a page where people are trying to learn the truth, as the clock ticks down on salvation. I won't tell you that the earth is flat, because it isn't. I won't tell you weather weaponry exists, because there is no proof of that at all. And I won't tell you that Obama is the AC, because I do not know that, and I am responsible for my words. I'm sorry, but that's the truth, and folks can think of me what they will. How many respectable Bible characters were concerned with their popularity?

      The church is now so weighted down with moral relativity, and a lack of conviction, that it's painful to watch in our teachings and behavior. And it's embarrassing to see in our online conversations.

      What happened to the days when even Jesus would turn to his brother and say "Get behind me, Satan?!"

    2. I agree, and I see your point clearly. I just shrugged over his "undoubtedly " comment as that is his strong opinion. And you and the others are absolutely correct in calling a brother to rephrase his opinion as to not lead away from scripture. And yes way to many of us brush off, and ignore the gentle corrections in encouraging our brothers and sisters. Thank you for clarifying for me and helping me to see the stumbling books I lie at my own feet.

      See you soon would love to share a drink with you at the table!

    3. Thank you, as well. I know that I am not perfect, and you will never hurt my feelings with occasional corrections and nudges. Call the shots as you see them, and no one could ask for more.

      I look forward to having that drink, and lately I keep wondering if Heaven will have the equivalent of National Parks. I would love to be able to sit down on the side of a Grand Canyon without fear of falling. Or to walk across Yellowstone-colored hot springs. Or to have that drink at the tip-top of the highest mountain. Hiking the New Heavens and the New Earth with people who AREN'T hopelessly lost and making life difficult. Could you imagine?

    4. No I can't imagine but I sure try! I often day dream just sitting at Jesus feet listening to him. Or imagining what He will assign me responsibilities over. So excited to be chosen by the Father! And oh the worship and fellowship!

    5. Keep in mind too that Hillary and family and my family are hosting a Kingdom cake celebration when we get Home. Everyone is invited!

    6. Yaas!!! Will be there, looking forward to it!!

  19. Suez canal by the Red Sea was blocked, now an important transit highway hit with a major landslide by the Black Sea.


  20. Hi all! I really like the input of you guys. I also believe the rapture could happen at any moment. I know it talks about the days of Noah and Lot. But I always think more about it will be the way they are living than the Lord taking them out but I do think that could be part of it. The reason why I say that is because all the kids that hasn't reached the age of accountability still died at that time. And the disable that never reaches it. I truly believe that them people will be raptured but I know not to question God but it's just hard to believe that young ones died because of their parents beliefs, or non beliefs. Just something to ponder. What do you all think?

  21. Hi all! I really like the input of you guys. I also believe the rapture could happen at any moment. I know it talks about the days of Noah and Lot. But I always think more about it will be the way they are living than the Lord taking them out but I do think that could be part of it. The reason why I say that is because all the kids that hasn't reached the age of accountability still died at that time. And the disable that never reaches it. I truly believe that them people will be raptured but I know not to question God but it's just hard to believe that young ones died because of their parents beliefs, or non beliefs. Just something to ponder. What do you all think?

    1. Believer, I do think that you're correct. That the days of Noah and Lot are pictures of End-Times behavior. But I also strongly believe that when the Bible shows you at least 7 different pictures of Rapture events, it's trying to tell you something prophetic. Especially, when many of those happen before impending Judgment.

      It's highly unlikely that there were many mentally-challenged individuals during the Flood, due to what scientists call "Genetic Load." There simply hadn't been enough time, probably, to break down the DNA by that point. But there certainly were kids present in the antediluvian world, and in Sodom and Gomorrah. So how do we look Biblically at such loss, and make sense of it?

      I think you have to keep Eternity in mind. Up until now, it's always been true that EVERYONE DIES. (I've never tried it, but I heard that once in Braveheart.) And the number of those that die comfortably is debatable. Yes, it seems to us a senseless waste and a lost opportunity when so many die in a global flood, but I'll wager that more children have died since the flood than died in it. So how do we look at needless death, today? If just one child dies in the present, don't we still believe that they've moved on to a better place? Don't we believe that those not-yet-accountable innocents are safe in His hands? Right now, we have whole congregations of Christians trying to escape this world more quickly than they should, and some that don't fear a rapid uncomfortable death at all, purely because they do believe in the safety of those hands; although the wisdom in an early departure might be suspect.

      I would respectfully ask you to keep this in mind: that no matter how difficult the situation, GOD has ALL of this under control. He knows what Justice and Righteousness are. And He loves every single human enough to have His own begotten Son tortured and sacrificed on their behalf. The loss that he spared Abraham from, on that mountaintop, by delivering a substitute for Isaac, He willingly took upon Himself at the Crucifixion. I mean WOW. I have two kids, and I just don't even know how you do that! We do what we must, I suppose, but I can't help but think that Abraham's test was also a foreshadowing of the AWFUL anguish and pain that God would subject Himself and His own Son to. That it wasn't just Jesus being sacrificed on the cross; it was God's loss and suffering as well, as if He had plunged the knife himself. And He did that for the sake of ALL who are worthy.

      In short, I guess I'm really just asking you to relax. He has the whole wide world in His hands, remember? Until the last generation, all humans will die; and we have faith that His glory will shine all the brighter for the work that He will do in the lives of the redeemed. And as far as parental curses, generational curses, and such, we just have to remember that our biggest stumbling block up until now has been fighting our own self-imposed curse. Obedience and repentance can fix all of those just as easily.

    2. I wanted to add this, on a related note:

      Many years ago, in college, I once heard RC Sproul preach that even an innocent native in Africa, who had never heard the name of Jesus Christ, or of God the Father, would still have to go to Hell for rejecting God. But then he came back and immediately calmed frazzled nerves by saying that no such person exists, and that God has declared Himself throughout the Creation, and made Himself manifest in all of us. You do not need the Special Revelation of Biblical verses to be saved. Biblical truth is taught also in the General Revelation of nature and its Creator. That truth lives also inside of us. As Romans 1:19 says, “Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.” That doesn't abrogate our responsibilities, but it does put things in perspective.

      Someone was kind enough to put a video copy of it online, and here is a link, if you're interested. It's a short, but powerful, message.


  22. At https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/30/world/europe/ukraine-russia-fighting.html "Fighting Escalates in Eastern Ukraine, Signaling the End to Another Cease-Fire":

    "Fighting Escalates in Eastern Ukraine, Signaling the End to Another Cease-Fire

    Ukraine and Russia issued statements Tuesday noting the worsening of a conflict that has been on a low simmer for years, with countless cease-fires.".

    Is Russia still able to invade Europe and advance to Germany, France and The Netherlands?

  23. Please take a look at my website about MR. AC macronistheantichrist.info

  24. Regarding Apophis, I have tried to run several calendar-based scenarios where this specific asteroid plays a role in the transition from old Creation into the Millennial Kingdom.

    From the beginning, NASA had given Apophis some small odds on striking the Earth on April 13, 2029. And now, they are on record as saying that it won't be a collision hazard for at least the next 100 years. Sadly, however, you can't believe any single government agency in today's world. We have seen, firsthand, that propaganda control is humming right along, and we can make an educated guess as to what the proverbial powers might tell us if an apocalypse was inbound. It doesn't show wisdom to blindly believe any person or collective with its own agenda. And nowhere can it be seen more clearly than in a body of HIGHLY-paid individuals constantly trying to prove how valuable their upside-down ink pens and foam-bed-topping inventions have been.

    It has been a matter of speculation by folks like Tom Horn, for example, as to whether or not a coverup is in play; that maybe Apophis is on course to seal our fate with a disastrous collision. I'm not privy to those kind of closed-door discussions, so I'll just use the power of deduction to say this:

    If Apophis hits us, and if it's as big as they say it is, then it's probably a society-ending event. Not large enough to destroy the Earth. Probably not large enough to kill every single person. But certainly large enough to kill more than 1/3 of the population. And that moves it out of the Wormwood category and into something more. Nobody really knows, but we won't have to wait long to find out.

    That's why I've tried to look at it as a post-Tribulation possibility. Something that is large enough to push us back to simpler times, with a very small remaining population during the peace of the Millennium. I think that could be why the Bible hints at beating our swords into plowshares. Seriously, Apophis could be in that kind of category, if Jesus chooses to use it as such. An "almost planet-killer." But you would have to survive long enough to see it happen, and I hope that we are all long-raptured by then.

    I am sad that the greatest fireworks show in history is about to begin, and that we might have front row tickets, and yet so many friends and loved ones will live and die within its midst. I'm still trying to be alert, and keep my lamp filled, but my enthusiasm and joy are tempered with the shadows of those that will be lost. It seems that the closer we get to redemption, the more you can almost FEEL the full weight of the most basic sins everywhere you look . . . that the Knowledge of Good and Evil from that first forbidden fruit is so very simple, yet so insidiously powerful and life-changing. I pray that every single one of us is successful in pulling a few more of those shadows into the light, and soon.

    1. I don't think that an asteroid will hit the earth after the Tribulation Period at the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom. How would an asteroid impact turn swords into plowshares? An asteroid impact is typically a judgment thing during the Great Tribulation. It is also possible that an other asteroid will unexpectedly hit the earth before 2029, because many prophetic end times events are totally unexpected.

    2. “the closer we get to redemption, the more you can almost FEEL the full weight of the most basic sins everywhere you look . . .”

      Amen! While Redemption was being sealed on That Day, the full weight of sin rested on our Savior. The closer we are to Him, the more we feel the heavy pain of the rejection of His Father’s (and our Father’s) Ways. He could look ahead to the glory to come, and thankfully, we can too.

  25. The identity of the AC makes an interesting conversation topic but in the end doesn't really matter. The scriptures say that this person will come and will do what he will do and his identity wont be revealed until after were gone. Like everything God does, he has a reason for what he does. What would we do if we knew who it was? Try to assassinate him? If I understand Rev. correctly, there will be an attempt to kill him which he will survive. This is my profile of this person. He will probably be from a family of european/mid-east lineage, come from extreme wealth( billionaire), well educated and probably someone not well known. But if that is all wrong it doesn't matter, he's coming and probably here and getting ready. Trying to guess the identity of this guy is futile, just like the attempts to predict the rapture. When it doesn't happen this year, which it may not, the explanation for that has already been prepared.

  26. "Israel is now largely “at peace” with her immediate neighbors" This statement above is not true. It's not even close to being true. It's trying to make something fit where it doesn't fit. Israel will not be " at peace" with it's neighbors until after the Psalm 83 war. Period. And BTW, that is when they will also be able to dig " The Copper Scroll"

    1. Yes, exactly. That's why I put it in double quotes and then said: "although those who study Bible prophecy know the peace is only a faรงade."


    2. We cannot be sure that even is a war. It is more likely a prayer to God from the minor prophet. I cannot see the IDF just annihilating surrounding Palestinians and Arabs with the rest of the world doing nothing.

      On the other hand, Gog and Magog's defeat will let them expand their territory and put up a new temple, no questions asked.

  27. Many are highly expectant of a Resurrection Sunday April 4, 2021, Rapture. In the past I too have put expectations in that season. Then God showed what I believe is His Great Harvest Plan through a series of visions. He has also led me to other Brothers and Sisters in Christ who have been shown similar things. 2021 is the year I believe we will see it. I humbly submit for your prayerful consideration what puzzle pieces He has given me:

    What is Coming BETWEEN Passover and Pentecost?

    Please truly PRAY AND SEEK THE LORD about all this along with searching the Scriptures♥

    1. I agree Lyn, I read your article several days ago so I need to refresh, but I feel, (just a me thing, no divine assurance) that something significant on the world stage will take place this weekend into Monday maybe Tuesday, and then we may in that window of final warning, those who have eyes see, redemption is nigh, major revival, chaos, until around Pentecost. I lean towards Hillary of Stephanie's blog on the double fullfillment of feasts or something like that, shadow fulfillment, please correct me, but as the church was born Pentecost so we shall leave Pentecost just as Elijah. However, I've started wondering on the thief in night, do not know when master returns, so it could be some random Tuesday that only becomes significant after Christ's use it. But we also know God is so mathematical and precise, so idk. I just KNOW this time is extremely close. I truly in my heart believe God has been allowing those of us to who have eyes to see that the timeliness is coming to a fast close. The time is now. The warning season is coming to a close.

    2. Hi Lyndsey♥ Thanks for your encouraging input, Sister. Some folks assume I am presenting fear when in reality we have nothing to fear in the chaotic days ahead. The truth is the Scriptures do not reveal every detail of what will happen before our Beloved Bridegroom sweeps us away, so we each must seek the Lord's face along with being good Bereans especially when considering whether a person's visions etc. are accurate or not.

      As I have shared in previous articles, the Spirit of the Lord has had me speak forth of a coming great shaking for several years now. Others are also sharing this message, of course. It is in only recent years that I have come to understand WHEN this shaking will occur. If my understanding is correct--we, the Rev 12 Man Child, will experience a brief transitional shaking resulting in a Great Awakening just before we are born into heaven! We will exit as a GLORIOUS army!!

    3. Also, Lyndsey, would you please leave the link to Stephanie's blog you referred to.

    4. Dispensation Changes And Birthdays (Pentecost Study Part 2)

      I apologize I do not know how to posts the links from my pho e, however it was written by Stephanie on this site and if you go to the authors tab, click Stephanie's name you will see the blogs she posted and see all 4 studies on Pentecost. And correction to my above post ot was Enoch, I was referring to not Elijah.

      Hope this helps.

    5. Thanks, Lyndsey--found it ;-)


    Biden vows 'unwavering support' for Ukraine amid increased tensions with Russia

    Posting to expand on comments made by Moin (above).

    Quoting, i24news,

    "US President Joe Biden vowed his "unwavering support" for Ukraine in his first phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodimir Zelenskiy on Friday.

    According to a White House statement, Biden stated his commitment to 'Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russia’s ongoing aggression in the Donbas and Crimea.'"

    Fighting broke-out in Eastern Ukraine on Erev Passover with large Russian troop movements being made within their borders. NATO forces have been operating with US forces in Norway and Poland. Recently, Russian military flights have being *escorted* as Russian news agency TASS puts it, or *intercepted* as BBC puts it in past days/weeks.

    It certainly appears the heat is being turned-up on the Donbas and Crimea.

    Russia would take 'additional measures' if US sent troops to Ukraine

    Moscow warned the West Friday against sending troops to Ukraine

    G7 refuses to recognize Russia's 'Crimea occupation'

    Is it me or does it appear that in some ways we are being dragged closer and closer to conflict? Granted, my radar is up, but...

    Keep in mind that Kiev has relations with the EU and has applied for membership with NATO with that on/off priority leaning to the "on" side lately,

    Quoting, Wikipedia,

    "Relations between Ukraine and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) started in 1994.[1] Ukraine applied to begin a NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP) in 2008.[2][3] Plans for NATO membership were shelved by Ukraine following the 2010 presidential election in which Viktor Yanukovych, who preferred to keep the country non-aligned, was elected President.[4][5] Amid the Euromaidan unrest, Yanukovych fled Ukraine in February 2014.[6] The interim Yatsenyuk Government which came to power initially said, with reference to the country's non-aligned status, that it had no plans to join NATO.[7] However, following the Russian military invasion in Ukraine and parliamentary elections in October 2014, the new government made joining NATO a priority.[8]

    Russia's reaction to the 2008 plan of the then Ukrainian Government to start a MAP was hostile.[citation needed] Nevertheless, the following year, NATO spokesman said that despite Russian opposition to NATO's eastward expansion the alliance's door remained open to those who met the criteria.[9]"

    Not comprehensive in scope but enough reporting to get one started down the path of researching this topic.

  29. Tomorrow's date is 4321. The next day we celebrate Rising to Heaven on Easter!

    1. Hmmmmmm ... interesting considering that the first two digits of the 4321 countdown is 43, the number of the Church. The last two numbers of the countdown being 21, being this year.

      But now, taking the first and fourth digits (41) is the presidential administration (George H.W. Bush) that first mentioned the "New World Order."

      Going backwards, the first and third digits (4 and 2) being the next administration in line after Bush Sr. (administration of Bill Clinton who is strongly associated with the spirit of Ahab and Jezebel in the days of Elijah and his rapture.

      The next two digits going backwards is 4 and 3 (the Bush Jr. administration) that saw 930 Florida votes put him over the top to win the election. 930 years old is when Adam died and Christ (who scripture calls the second man Adam) will rapture the church. Again,the Church is the 43rd unending generation from Christ. The "second Adam" will rapture the Church (generation 43). This prophetic hint surfacing, of course, occurred after the 42nd Elijah associated presidency.

      Then, pairing the first digit up with itself, you get the 44th administration, which is when the preparation phase for the Church's departure started in earnest.

      Maybe Easter Sunday is the big day. If not, perhaps this is yet another prophetic clue that we're getting extremely close.

  30. This biblical archeological site is fascinating!! When visiting, just click 'English' to translate.


    Must read what happened on May 15th, 1948 in the Ark article!

    1. Thank you for the article. I greatly enjoyed it.

      I was aware of much of the story beforehand, but I had no idea about the May 15th date. And there were some pictures in there that I found intriguing:

      In the diagram of chambers and compartments, you can clearly see an opening in the side, and it's not hard to imagine the door being left open to the elements over time, given its probable size and weight. Also, when you see the underground 3D scan, you would like to see more hull structure, but that image is very consistent, I think, with a boat being carried downhill by geologic, and especially Lava, activity. It's not difficult to imagine the back end of the boat being pushed, burned, and slowly wrecked by that superheated or pyroclastic flow. Meanwhile, the bow just floats right on down, and sinks into its resting place.

      Lastly, when you look at the pictures, you want so badly to see the top of the boat, instead of just a ring around the hull. But this is actually good evidence of its authenticity. The superstructure on top would be the easiest, and most likely, target of timber cannibalization by later people. Or conversely, over time, anything still remaining on top, would have sunk down into the body of the boat after aging and lava had eroded away the more sparsely placed vertical supports on the interior. And now that picture of just the hull outline remaining seems all the more likely, since the massive vertical walls around the perimeter would be the most resistant to earth and lava flow, and simultaneously, they would be the one piece of woodwork so large, heavy, and awkward that no one would WANT to cannibalize it for further use. Or, at least I wouldn't!

      This has really changed the way I look at this site. Thanks again!

    2. Can someone help me figure out where to click to change the article into English? I have tried several things, but haven't had success yet. Hoping to read the article! :)

    3. Yes, I am in the same "boat" with Vicki. :) I would sure love to read this article on Noah's Ark but can't find the 'English' button. Please help. Thanks!

    4. You have to open the site using Chrome. A translate option will appear on the upper right - Firefox and Safari don't have a translate option. Very interesting article!

    5. Sorry for the delay, I was out with my family. Thanks for helping!!

      The translate option simply popped up at the bottom of my cell phone. I didn't do anything to get it there.

  31. At https://eschatologytoday.blogspot.com/2021/04/global-sitrep-e5-21-trouble-brewing-in.html "Global SITREP E5-21: Trouble Brewing in Eastern Europe" more about a possible war between Russia and the Western allies.

  32. Time to turn on the Skyline web cam and watch the 4th (first fruits) begins.
    You the Dome of the Rock on the left, Western wailing wall in the middle, and mt Olives on the right.

    So according to Paul and Jesus(Messiah), the shadow that happened the first time with many coming out of there tombs and went into the Holy city and appeared to many, how else are you going to get 3,000 at peter's first alter call!

    So the sequence goes like this: He descends from heave with a shout and the voice of the Arc Angel, and the Trump of God and the dead in Christ rise first and for 40ty days they warn and preach just like the first time. Then we all go up on Accession day!

    This is a Jewish event for the Jews ( A Jonah sign), we benefit by watch it!

  33. Gary, Jeff. Are you guys taking a look at the Evergreen/Evergiven for any symbolism. Pretty remarkable. Stuck for 6 days across a canal that looks like one side desert, one side pasture. Freed in part due to full Passover moon causing the King tide to lift the boat off the ground several inches. 400 m long-israel 400 years in captivity before their crossing in a similar location. 24 rows of containers in the boat. I’m not one to believe in license plate stuff, but this seems too much to call it coincidence. Thanks. Oh yeah. Suez Canal. Birth canal? Baby being born soon to take her place as the 24 elders?

    1. Hey Jeff,

      Oh yes. God is in those details. That ship was a sign to us---has the LORD "EVER GIVEN" this many signs of the end of the age? Lol.

    2. And don't forget, suez is zeus backwards.

  34. At https://www.raptureready.com/2021/04/01/irans-fait-accompli-by-matt-ward/ "Iran’s Fait Accompli :: By Matt Ward":

    "While the world has been distracted by Coronavirus, Iran has been busy making its moves. What a mere twelve months ago would have been big front-page news all across the world now barely even registers in the mainstream news media at all. Yet, despite the lack of coverage, Iran seems to be rapidly approaching the point of acquiring a viable nuclear weapon. Shockingly, nobody in the mainstream media even seems to care.

    At this writing, it is widely assumed that Iran is now mere weeks away from nuclear breakout status. If true, this is a crisis that is very soon going to come to a head."

    This means that a war in the Middle-East will erupt very soon, together with a threat of a war between Europe and Russia.

  35. The translate option for the Ark article popped up automatically at the bottom of my phone.

    Has anyone seen the Schumann Resonance? It's off the charts!! I believe it should be around 7.83 Hz.



    Wishing you and yours a blessed and awesome Easter. Grace and peace to you in the Name of Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, redeemer, perfecter and holy minister of God's great grace.

    Grace and peace to you, always.


  37. What about those Egyptian mummies (and daddies) who were taken from their resting places to a safer place out of the reach of robbers? See Daily Crow

  38. Spot on.

    Jesus at this Rapture evacuation comes probably with 'crafts' to pick up the people. When he comes back at Bozrah/Petra and Armageddon, He is an absolute killing machine (something out of a Marvel Avengers movie!) and he's getting in between the armies and whatever Jews are left to be rescued. People also get confused that Gog Magog is the SAME as Armageddon. It clearly is not.

    I have a feeling that people on Earth will SEE the disappearances along with craft in the skies, then Satan being kicked out and visible will somehow influence the world authorities to convince people it was an mass extraterrestrial abduction. Even the New Agers say there will be a loud sound audible when the 'disappearances' come.

  39. At https://www.raptureready.com/2021/04/06/the-russian-anschluss-by-matt-ward/ "The Russian “Anschluss” :: By Matt Ward" about the increasing tensions between Russia and Ukraine and the possible NATO response.

  40. Tom Horn has evidence that the Rapture won't occur until 2025- but honestly- I don't know how that would be possible----

    1. Do you have the link? It would be nice so that we can get an idea but .... So many believers had supposed evidence but nothing was happening on their dates. I don't think it can be that far. According to the signs and everything we see, Jesus will not be long until 2025.

    2. Go to Prophecy Watchers on YouTube. The show hosted by Gary Steadman. Tom Horn is a guest on the latest episode. He doesn't really spell out his proposed timeline, but is promoting a book that figures 2029 to be mid-trib, thus necessitating a 2025 start. Hope he's wrong.


    3. Some, including Mr. Stearman, have made the case that there could be a significant amount of time lapse between the rapture and the start of the Tribulation. Some, also including Gary Stearman, have suggested as much as three to three and a half years. So, "IF" NASA (Never A Straight Answer) isn't pulling the wool over our eyes about the arrival time of Apophis and it is actually going to be the year 2029 as they have apparently said, then that would actually put the rapture even closer than 2025.

      Let's say three-and-a-half years of space the rapture and the start of the Tribulation. That would put the Rapture sometime in this year (2021 to 2022). I know many would disagree with that much time space, but personally, I don't know of course. I don't guess anyone does. But, given that the world has arrived at that important 400 year prophetic cycle for Vineyard America and with the development of what I call signs of the "Bear Rapture Prophecy" i.e. Russia/Ukraine/NATO situation, it would seem to me that this three and-a-half-year time interval speculation may have some meat on the bone. Hell, let's just take the mask off for a few minutes and smell the smoke wafting in the air from the Bar B Que. Smells like some mighty fine tenderloin to me.

      Below is the first part of a six-part series that Stearman did with the late J.R. Church years ago in which he expounded upon the idea that, quite possibly and credibly, makes the case that we will see a space of significant time between the rapture and start of the Tribulation. If so, the time frame of Tom Horn's 2029 arrival of Apophis and a 2021-2022 rapture would fit together nicely.


      You can watch the other five parts on my YouTube channel.

    4. In 2024 there will be next elections for the European Parliament. It is very likely that the person who will be the antichrist will be chosen as a political leader in Europe. But I don't know how long the gap will be between the Rapture and the arrival of the antichrist onto the political world scene.

    5. Here is the web address/URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-3h1x_oWt0

    6. ETDD~Thanks for you input! I had never heard about the theory of a lengthy time between the Rapture and the start of The Tribulation. And your Bear Rapture Prophecy is compelling.

      For those who do not know, Tom Horn (founder of SkyWatch TV on Youtube and author of several books) received a vivid dream of Apophis--the huge asteroid scheduled to come near earth in 2029. He believes Apophis is Wormwood. Since Wormwood is a mid-Tribulation event, he believes the Rapture will happen 3-1/2 years before Apophis/Wormwood hits the earth, thus the 2025 for the year of the Rapture.

      The problem with his calculations is that the Tribulation MUST END by Spring 2029 if the FIG TREE PROPHECY BY JESUS is referring to Israel's final generation being 80 years old. As Gary here at Unsealed wrote "By our reckoning of time a person is 80 until they turn 81. Israel will be 80 until Spring of 2029”.

      Because I believe the Lord has shown me through some awake visions of a coming brief but Great Awakening before the Rapture, the theory you mention, ETDD, perked my interest. Paul Dawson (Revchap12dotCom YTC) mentioning 5 Iyyar (date on Hebrew calendar of Israel's rebirth) or April 17 reminded me of how I was shown that date a few years ago, so I shared about this in my recent post if you or anyone else is interested: April 17--An Important Date with Jesus?

    7. Dawson is a misleader. The man has set and implied so many dates by now, forget him.

      He is an ear-tickler.

  41. I want to apologize to PR and unknown for what i said. I was having a bad day. I know that's no excuse. It was out of line.

    1. Zachary,

      Apology accepted. No hard feelings. I knew something was wrong and had been praying about it before we left on holiday. It is a great blessing to return to my brothers settling things in the clear and Christian manner that we at UNSEALED.ORG encourage.

      Today we had a fun family *moment* where something perturbing happened, I don't remember what it was now but it caused a colourful metaphor to slip! Our youngest, in his usual brilliant wit, made light of it and said he was confused by all the mixed messages he was getting from us! LOLRC!!!

      I explained, with a smile on my face, that his mom and dad are not perfect; we just love them with all our heart and want the family to love one another.

      Forgiveness is such POWERFUL medicine. It comes in so handy after certain trials. We're not perfect...YET...but we will be!

      I'm sorry about your bad day Zachary. Don't be shy about asking for prayer buddy. You'll always have mine among many others here.



  42. I want to apologize for my comments to PR and unknown. They were out of line. I was having a bad day, though that's no excuse.

    1. It's all in the past. I apologize too, and I think that mutual forgiveness sounds like a good jumping off point for Christians in a lost world.

      Having grown up with a brother, I've never found "fighting" to really be a problem. Arguing, picking, bickering, and even non-injurious physical conflict are just a few of the activities that draw siblings together . . . as long as we share a common belief, goal, or respect. We may go at each other, but we want to be on the same side at the end of the day. That's how brothers and sisters are.

      Far more dangerous, I think, is Ideological Argument between two parties who consider themselves both reasonable, enlightened, and at polar opposites of the spectrum. Two parties who argue because they have no desire to live in the world that the other would create. Heaven and Hell, for example.

      Zachary, I think we're both searching for that straight and narrow way, and a few bumps and bruises are good for the soul. They teach lessons and give opportunities for forgiveness and grace. We are called to be an example of right living through our trials, and we're not necessarily better off if we find a masterful or easy path around them.

      If truth, mutual respect, and shared vision are the house, then kindness is one of the many tools that we use to build it. Now, can we argue about what we think is going on out there, again? This world has done gone lost its mind!

    2. what a kind response, brother. thank you

  43. At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FF67w51CA4 "Jizkiahu Ben David - PROPHECY ALERT!!! IS ISRAEL´S MESSIAH HERE??? OR IS IT A HOAX???" and https://www.eyeopeningtruth.com/the-jewish-false-messiah-has-been-crowned/ "THE JEWISH FALSE MESSIAH HAS BEEN CROWNED".

    Could he be the future antichrist, or is he just one of the many false messiahs for which our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ has warned in His Olivet Discourse?

    1. "prominent rabbis explaining that the Messiah is just about to reveal himself."

      "he (Kanievsky) is already in direct contact with the Messiah."

      What utter nonsense is this? Why are you listening to rabbis???

      Stop following that Paul Dawson. He misleads his listeners with rabbinic tripe.

  44. Anybody seeing what's going on In Alberta Canada? The Gov't has seized the church of the Pastor who they locked up in prison (Pastor James Coates) and surrounded it with fencing to halt all worship services.Totalitarian take over! As a Canadian I am shocked and disgusted!

    1. Yeah, saw that and am also disgusted. There is no excuse for that kind of violation. Evil is so rampant right now.

    2. Yes Norm, I agree with you I am Canadian too and it is so And it's surely not over it's only just beginning!

    3. Yes! I caught that story today noting it on Paul Dawson's feed. We were packing to leave for home while on holiday...and wouldn't you know it?! As soon as I got to the lobby the house music was playing "Rapture" by Blondie.

      What a mess! Watch churches like Passion City in Atlanta and they are meeting in person as well as online. They have exploded during the lock-downs.

      I am watching the CV numbers in BC and Ontario and praying for Canada!

    4. Sorry for the Canadians. I know you have a good army but Russia (and China with them probably) will steam-roll over you fellows in Canada during the Gog Magog invasion of Israel. All on the way down to America. Your Trudeau Fidelito leader brings this upon yourselves. Anyway, they cannot invade us via the oceans. And God will hand our butts to us by 2024 with that second X eclipse. You've got to knock out the 'bodyguard' of Israel before you attack.

      And now we have 'neo-pronouns' to use in our language. I'm surprised God has held back so much so far.


      Plasma Astronomy and the Bible - Barry Setterfield - Genesis Science Research

      3 And God said,

      "Let there be light,"

      and there was light.

      (Genesis 1:3)

      This video is a review of topics covered in more detail available via the links provided in my earlier post. The link here points you to the evidence for echoes of the creative voice of God.

      All of Barry's research is well presented and supportive of the Biblical narrative.

  45. Even the beasts of the Earth, know Jesus is coming soon

    Headline on a news article

    Scientists: Mass Extinction Is Coming as Organisms Flee the Equator

    1. Thanks for that headline. I really like those kinds of articles, because even those who don't believe in the "end times" or God, can start to tune in to the events happening around us. And it also gives a great opening for discussing a young earth vs old earth, or creation vs evolution.

      There is so much evidence out there to prove that the earth is, indeed, only 6,000 years old, and that the global flood really did happen; and that is the true cause of the last die-off. Speaking of, when I took my children to see the Noah's Ark in Cincinnati, I thought that it was absolutely worth it. A little pricey, but building something like that in fewer than 120 years is probably not cheap. Highly recommended.

    2. I HIGHLY recommend spending quality time at Genesis Science Research and on their YT channel at GSR Updates; the life work of creation scientist Barry Setterfield and his lovely wife Helen (aka Penny).

      Happy hunting!

  46. guys, Baylor beat Gonzaga for the men's NCAA championship. Baylor is perhaps the single most well respected evangelical university in our country. Gonzaga is a Jesuit university in Washington. the score was 86-70. 86 perhaps indicating that the Catholic Church is about to be "86'd" or ended, and 70 perhaps denoting the full measure of one complete lifespan.

    1. Eighty-six (86) is the numeric value of the Hebrew word for G-d "ืืœื”ื™ื" (Elohim) given in Genesis 1:1. It is rendered as a masculine plural although understood to be singular in form.

      Seventy (70) is, to name a few, the number of divine names of G-d according to the Jewish Midrash, the number of holy days in the year as well as the number of years of a generation according to (Psalm 90:10). Dig on 70 in Torah and the Bible and you'll find much, much more!

  47. At https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/german-chancellor-merkel-demands-putin-pull-back-troops-from-flashpoint-border-as-war-between-russia-ukraine-imminent/ "German Chancellor Merkel Demands Putin Pull Back Troops From Flashpoint Border As War Between Russia And Ukraine Seems Imminent":

    "German Chancellor Merkel Demands Putin Pull Back Troops From Flashpoint Border As War Between Russia And Ukraine Seems Imminent
    “The Chancellor demanded that this build-up be unwound in order to de-escalate the situation,” Germany’s government said in a readout of a telephone call between Merkel and Putin. The Kremlin, for its part, said in its readout of the phone call that “Vladimir Putin noted provocative actions by Kyiv which is deliberately inflaming the situation along the line of contact”. Also on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the United States was discussing Russian troop movements with its NATO allies. “Russia now has more troops on the border with Ukraine than at any time since 2014,” Psaki told reporters."

    1. Like I said earlier...this is one to watch. Thanks for the update Moin.

  48. At https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/11/israel-appears-confirm-cyberattack-iran-nuclear-facility "Israel appears to confirm it carried out cyberattack on Iran nuclear facility".

    Combined with the increasing tensions between Russia and Ukraine with her allies, this can lead to World War III.

    1. We must not forget Taiwan and China, which are also in conflict.

    2. Yes, and to build upon that don't forget how many brothers and sisters we have in Christ behind the firewall in mainland China.

      Quoting, The Economist,

      "Protestant Christianity is probably the fastest-growing faith, with at least 38m adherents today (about 3% of the population), up from 22m a decade ago, according to the government’s count. The true number is probably much higher: perhaps as many as 22m more Chinese Protestants worship in unregistered 'underground' churches, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Notre Dame. As China also has 10m-12m Catholics, there are more Christians in China today than in France (38m) or Germany (43m)."

      Thirty-eight million Christian brothers and sisters, AT LEAST, in China today with every single one of them living in the shadow of the dragon. A dragon that seeks to devour them.

      Regardless of your circumstance, Jesus bids us,

      28 "Come to me, all who
      labor and are heavy laden,
      and I will give you rest.

      29 Take my yoke upon you,
      and learn from me, for I am
      gentle and lowly in heart,
      and you will find rest for
      your souls.

      30 For my yoke is easy,
      and my burden is light."

      RED LETTERS (Matthew 11:28-30 ESV)

      No. We must not forget Taiwan and China. Keep them in your prayers as well to spread the Gospel especially if it's only one heart at a time.

    3. Don’t forget about the wonderful work of Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat. His primary ministry is in Israel, but his wife migrated directly from China, and they have a secondary and difficult mission in China as well.

      So much inspiring and blessed work is happening in the Middle East and China.



    4. Yes! Amen to that DW!!

      I try to catch Zev as often as possible and study his witnessing. What a gift his online ministry is to the world. Such a powerful witness in Israel knocking on doors through providential encounters and opening hearts and minds to the Holy Spirit.

      It is going to be so awesome to meet all of our brothers and sisters on the coming Day!

  49. I recommend reading Francis' new book, "Let Us Dream." It's a short work.

    It's nothing less than a socialist tract.


    Ukraine's President heads to the trenches as Russia masses its troops

    CNN goes to the front-lines with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Notable is that President Zelensky desires NATO membership and greater US support.

  51. Christ my lord and savior found me two years ago so I don't understand much of the bible but I do know that his return is near I don't know how or why I do but it is obvious to me I had a dream of a nuclear detonation viewed from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher where I saw a statue weep and then saw the mushroom cloud rising I don't understand what this means but I interpret it as the final battle starting in Israel possibly by an Iranian nuclear device. I also have a feeling that I may be left behind to chronical the apocalypse I've already purchased the blank journals The world is certainly in turmoil the US has no effective leader as Biden is mentally incapacitated China will flex its muscles after they host the Olympics in the spring of 2022 my guess is that the Chinese will hack the banking system and cause worldwide turmoil, then possibly make people "take the mark of the beast" to get access to their funds the Chinese will also create another virus far worse than Covid the "red dragon" referred to in the Revelation I believe is China...period. I fear NOT A THING for I am saved Jesus came looking for me and he found a loyal follower



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