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Something Beyond Imagination Is Coming In 2021: Are You Ready?

What do UFO disclosure, the Rapture of the Church, and the modern state of Israel have in common?

Outsiders beware, the Unsealed crew is diving into Bible prophecy and exposing the alien conspiracy. Keep your tin foil hats on...the show is about to start:

Note to our beloved brothers and sisters with any sort of hearing or language impairment: YouTube automatically generates a transcript of the video after a few days.  Click the button that looks like three dots (shown below) and once you see a link that says “Open Transcript” you can click that link to read along with the video.

Links for Reference: 

The Modern-Day "Golden Calf" or Sacred Cow

Jacob's Trouble (Jer. 30:7): Hebrew Tsarah (73 Times)!

Unsealed Article (05/15/2017): The Coming U.F.O Disclosure

Unsealed Article (03/05/2021): The Fig Tree Chiasm

The 80-year Upper Limit of Psalm 90:10—the Terminal Generation—Confirmed in Extra-Biblical Dead Sea Scroll Evidence: Jubilees 23:11–15

Are you ready for what's coming?  Have you boarded the Ark of salvation, which is Jesus Christ?

The forgiveness of all of your sins, reconciliation with God, sonship, eternal life, heavenly glory, and assurance of salvation are yours for the taking.  All you must do is believe it and receive it.

 A dmit that you're a sinner.

 B elieve that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again.

 C all on the Lord Jesus Christ to save you.

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  1. Excellent video. I tend to be an "alien sightings" skeptic, but agree that 'aliens as the cause of the Rapture' seems like the most likely explanation for those Left Behind to come up with. The Avenger's movies that show a snap and half the population vanishing...(note, the alien doing the snapping is BAD and must be defeated). Sounds like a good explanation for why the final battle in the Bible has the armies of the Earth arrayed to battle Jesus. If people are deluded into thinking they will be fighting a powerful, evil alien, rather than THE all-powerful God of the universe, it makes more sense as to why they gather and why they are insane enough to think they'll win. And, frankly, I think the rumor that Jesus is an evil alien will rise again at the end of the Millennium (why else will the wicked rise up, except because they are deluded into thinking Jesus is some sort of oppressive alien overlord).

    I appreciate the continued examination of the Fig Tree. I certainly hope we're a year or so from Rapture. The world is getting worse and worse and setting itself up for all the evil we expect of a global, ungodly government. Ugh.

    The hope of the Rapture is truly a Blessed Hope. I pray for the Bridegroom's soon return!

    1. A year or so???? I hope minutes, hours, days....

    2. Haha, Nan, I agree with you. I was trying to be inclusive of the time frame given in the video, but yes, I hope it's a looooot sooner than a year out.

      Still, if it's longer than that, then we get to console ourselves that whenever it is, it's closer today than yesterday.

    3. The longer the delay, the more potential for souls to be saved. God knows which moment will have the greatest impact for good, we just have to be patient and wait for it, while doing our best to find more who are interested in coming aboard as well as well as any other things we feel called to do. (Such as left behind letters, extra Bibles, caches of useful materials, etc...)

    4. I was thinking the same thing last week. How else could men believe they could fight a war against God and win unless they believed it wasn't God but a powerful alien.

  2. Thank you Jeff und Gary, and all unsealed-community very much! I'm waiting always of your articles and vids, waiting for the Lord with all my heart. I'm feeling He's comming for us! And I'm translaiting your stuff for my fellow believers! Want to see you really! Many Blessings, and you're really blessed! Maranatha!

  3. Jeff and Gary, I need the text of your vid, for me it's better, I understand the text better as the voice. But you speak always understandable to me.

    1. Same here - text and links makes a great study guide. Appreciate all at Unsealed for their efforts and articles through the years.

  4. OH Jeff! Do you want to put the translation parameters for me please? I would really like to listen to the video! Thank you in advance!

  5. At https://earthsky.org/space/sunspot-cycle-25-among-strongest-on-record-says-ncar "New sunspot cycle could be among strongest on record".

    This fits very well with the relentless heat from the sun in Revelation 16:8-9 (KJV):

    "8 And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.
    9 And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory."

    That's why that the next sunspot cycle could be the strongest ever, otherwise the 4e bowl judgment can't be fulfilled. In short, a very strong signal that the Second Advent of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will happen in a maximum of 11 years. Because a sunspot cycle lasts 11 years.

    1. That was an interesting article about the science of sun spots. Not knowing anything about the subject, it sure convinced me that we're heading into a busy cycle! And, in keeping with the idea of sunspots having anything to do with Rev 16 (as opposed to this vial judgement being a supernaturally caused event), well the timing seems to put the peak sunspot activity at around 2025, which would fit Rev timeline well, if the Trib starts this year.

      It's interesting speculation, at the very least.

  6. I can't find the verse right now but I think Moses was 80 years old when God told him to go and deliver Israel out of Egypt. So 80 is a year of transition. We know Israel sinned at the mountain of Sinia and then wondered for 40 years in the wilderness, so they went out of Egypt into more tribulation. So for Israel in the last days, Tribulation first then deliverance into the promised land. I agree with Nan, hoping Rapture is minutes, hours or days, not a year! Of course, it will happen at the appointed time, praise God!

  7. Thanks, Gary and Jeff. I saw a vid recently about an augmented reality stunt on Oxford St in the UK. It looked very realistic. A zombie apocalypse/alien invasion can be made to look like the real thing.

    Glad you made it out of your car for this one, Jeff:). Like the bookcase, Gary.

  8. Seventy-three, you say? Don't forget that 73 is the 21st prime number!

  9. Isn't the supposed Great Reset Summit scheduled for May 15?...

  10. I am just speculating ideas here, but could we see a scenario of this Russia/Iran war, kick off, and God's supernatural intervention to protect Israel is in fact our Rapture?

  11. Not dogmatic, but I am of the belief that just as Jesus is THE Truth, the Antichrist will be THE lie spoken in 2 Thes 2. What would be a greater manifestation of delusion than to worship a false messiah? Worth noting that holding to such a position by no means is mutually exclusive to a massive alien deception as well. Maranatha!!!

  12. It's so obvious, isn't it? Socialist pope, fake Trump script, COVID lab leak, Abraham Accords, Great Reset...all at the same time?? This was years in the planning. Now they need to scrub YouTube because too many are connecting the dots as to how obvious it is that all these things are part of one globalist takeover.

  13. When you give Chapter and verse, some keep says that chapter and verse were not in the original Hebrew and Greek writings. However, God knows the end from the beginning, so He knew the chapter and verse would be in the Bible in the end times. So verse 20 and 21 at the end of Revelation, is not a coincidence, as nothing happens by coincidence with God.

    1. Coincidence is not even a kosher word - it`s not in the Bible...! :)

  14. Thank you, Gary and Jeff.

    In your slide show, you ask rhetorically at 39:30 if the 7-year Tribulation could "conclude in the year of Spring 2028-2029?

    I am still of the opinion that the answer is a giant YES, of course. But I also wanted to clarify what I tried to say in other comments . . . that the asteroid Apophis is probably NOT Wormwood. It does, however, fit PERFECTLY with the events of Revelation 18:21.

    "Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea . . ."

    Is Apophis the great stone that smashes Nebuchadnezzar's statue in Daniel 2? I think it's VERY possible. Not only does that stone end the kingdoms of man, and strike directly at the feet of the rebuilt empire of iron and clay (the Angel uses his stone to destroy Babylon), but it immediately precedes the beginning of the Millennium. And some have openly stated that Apophis is in the proper size range to ruin civilization, and yet leave a small contingent of humans still present. It's an "almost-global-killer."

    Even better, it arrives on Friday the 13th of April 2029. That makes this Fall of 2021 the very last opportunity to start the Tribulation if we are going to see the Fall Feasts of 2028 used symbolically before Apophis arrives.

    Apophis, the Great Serpent, could very well represent the final judgment before Christ's Second Coming. Is it a coincidence that "authorities" have drastically changed their story regarding the odds of an earth strike happening in 2029? Is it a coincidence that Arecibo was the best and only primary telescope that offered the general public a close-up of the predictive path of Apophis, both in the past AND during this recent last-pass by Apophis, and that this same telescope was allowed to literally fall into ruin this very year? Now only the elite have access to that information, through military and Antarctic observatories, for example.

    Yes, I would say the Spring of 2029 is looking very good as a final bookend to the Tribulation. We shall see.

    For more fun, check out the similarities between Apophis and Lucifer here: https://www.worldhistory.org/Apophis/

    1. The Tribulation Period starting in Spring 2022 and the Rapture during the Fall Feasts of 2021? And in the months before the Rapture Word War III raging?

    2. Hi unknown, I see just one issue with your numbers. It indicates in Daniel that there will be a 75 day gap between Jesus return to the Mt.of Olives after the tribulation and the start of the millenial kingdom. If the trib. starts this fall and the remaining feasts are fulfilled in 2028 Jesus millenial reign would start in November or December in 2028. Its possible that scientists are mis-calculating the arrival of this Apophis asteroid and it could possibly come sooner. Those are my thoughts on this. God bless.

    3. It's a great idea to keep an eye on that 75-day addition. But remember, it's not necessarily measuring up to the Millennial kingdom. It represents extra days until a "blessing." Some have said that it marks the Sheep-Goat Judgment, etc. But the truth is that no one knows for sure what that blessing will be; at least not yet.

      As Gary and Jeff have shown repeatedly, you can bank on that date for Apophis returning, plus or minus a few hours. Astronomy software and predictive models for known astronomical objects are pretty spot-on today . . . assuming that we are dealing with known objects. We are clearly entering into a period, however, with more and more unknown asteroids, meteors, comets, and such.

      Good eye, though. I hope that we aren't here long enough to figure any of this out! But I get the feeling that there will be folks seeking the meaning of that "75" right up until the End of the End.

  15. by Israel count - tomorrow - April 14th - is Omer day 18 - Countdown to Shavuot -

    We did the countdown last year, lets do it again...Praise Jesus...


    Link above - all about Isaiah 53 - with many testimonys of lives changed -

    it is a good time - urgent time to witness - pray for the Jews - and share Isaiah 53 with them.

  16. Gary/Jeff, terrific video, thanks for the information! 

    I think Chuck Missler was certain that "UFO's/aliens" would play a significant role in the end times deception. He and Mark Eaton talked extensively about alien deception, the history, where they thought it was going. A Youtube search for "Chuck Missler Alien Encounters" will bring up several great videos for those who are interested.

    Thanks again!

  17. A GREAT study guys! I was right there with you as you laid-out your case and offer my amen.

  18. The idea of extraterrestrial life will definitely be apart of the false doctrines promoted by satan after the rapture as it has been for about 80 yrs. now. Its a false hope that technology is going to save mankind and that we are not anything special because there are other more advanced beings out there. We are alone in the universe despite the reasoning that we cant be because of all the wasted space out there. But were not alone. We have God, Jesus and billions of wonderful angels up there.

  19. Also just an interesting fact. From the first Blood moon in the blood moon tetrad, that I believe began the season of signs and perhaps the 7 years of final warning prior to 7 years of Tribulation is tomorrow April 15.

    Now obviously the Tribulation is not going to start tomorrow, but found it quite interesting that we infact suspect this to be the year of our going home.

    I imagine like many, there is a gap between rapture and the covenant from the anti christ which kicks off the 7 year count down. Which makes a lot of sense after this video, and speculation about the great delusion.

    Anyway my 2cents contribution today. Love yall see you soon!

    1. Maybe a war starting between Russia and the NATO tomorrow on April 15? 7 years ago the turmoil about Ukraine began.

  20. also, is anyone else hearing that Europe song playing in their head.. "Final Countdown" .... or is it just me?

    "It's the final countdown"

    1. Actually...Barry Scarborough posted a video not too long ago about how the Lord answered his prayer request for confirmation with that very song :)

  21. With the 70 to 80 yr. box you've put yourself in, the rapture has to occur this year or before it goes to 81 years at the latest- before May 2022. I cant agree that when David ( not Moses) wrote Psalm 90:10 that he was referring to Israel. It was simply stating the life span of man at that time which hasn't changed much in 3000 yrs. since.
    The current average life span is between 75 and 80 yrs.. David died at age 70 and Solomon at 80.

    Although I disagree with this interpretation I sincerely hope your right. I long for the rapture as much as anyone. Its time to go.

    1. Yes, Van helsing,
      "I believe the biggest indication for a 2021 Rapture is the SABBATICAL CYCLE...
      Luis B. Vega has done extensive research regarding God’s heavenly signs and how they relate to the Sabbatical Cycle. His findings point to the probability of a 2021 Rapture. . ." Planet X, Passover, and Pentecost 2021

    2. Van Helsing,
      The words of Ps. 90 didn't come from David. Neither did the words of the Torah come from Moses. They came from God. He used their personalities, education, nationalities, etc., but they are all HIS words. Every one of 'em. Blessings, brother. See you soon!

    3. Greetings,the only psalm that Moses wrote is psalm90.Please do your own research.
      Bless You

    4. No unknown I dont think so. Ive done plenty of researh.

    5. Unknown, I dont think thats correct but I will look into it. God bless.

    6. Also Shelley b, I know that the bible was written by holy men of God as moved by the Holy Spirit but I reject that Moses wrote any Psalms scriptures.

  22. Gary,
    Amazing that you should mention the astral projection. Just a week ago I happened upon a person (pastor, ex-police officer) that's been ministering to people who get involved in this sort of thing through satanic ritual abuse. 

    Hideous stuff but, according to him, MUCH MORE prevalent than we can possibly imagine. The people involved in this believe they are part of the antichrist's army and that they'll be getting their marching orders soon. (I would have said this was "conspiracy theory stuff" five years ago, but now...)

    He says his team have been dealing with it for 30 years (that was in 2012). His name is Russ Dizdar. Here's a short video explaining what he's been dealing with (for those who may be interested).

  23. this goes back to Super Bowl 50 halftime show where Bruno Mars symbolized Obama (biracial men from Hawaii). Giordano Bruno had the hypothesis that there are extraterrestrials. Obama told NASA to shoot for sending humans to Mars. so if there's a hoax alien appearance, Obama is probably going to say "let's go to Mars so we can grow like the aliens." And they'll probably throw Cydonia in to fool people too. So Obama would be like a black Falcon-9 rocket fulfilling Isaiah 14

  24. Wow. How about this for some timing and confirmation. Disclaimer: Gary and I could not have timed this any better even if we tried a thousand times.

    In our recent video at precisely the 19:48 minute mark, Gary says the words "Fig Tree Generation."

    LOL! Praise the LORD!

    1. I took the video back to 1948 myself and noticed something else. Gary starts speaking the words "the fig tree generation" when the minute mark hits 19:47, but is full blown in the middle of the words at the 19:48 mark. In the seconds leading up to the point of 19:47, Gary is speaking about "getting out of here," as in the "Exodus." The year 1947 saw a ship named "The Exodus" transporting 1,415 Jewish people to Palestine, what became Israel.


    2. Wow....thats amazing! ?

    3. What's pretty cool as well is at the 37:37 mark in the video, you guys ask about Israel rhetorically as in whose turning 73? (37 as 73 in reverse)

  25. Jeff~I saw KayTdid's video re. Jesus our Mayflower/Lily of the Valley and related it to the 400-year-countdown we are in related to Israel ( Before the 'Zombie' Apocalypse ). This ties in with End Times: Darkness Descending's Bear Prophecy as well. It looks more and more like we might be outta here before the 'zombie' apocalypse!

  26. Wow, thanks for the text and video, very thoughtful of you to include the text for the rest of us with poor hearing or deafness. I really appreciate it as I am deaf. Big thumbs up and keep up the good work! :D

    My hope is that someday I won't be deaf anymore and I can finally hear everything as it should be up there.

    1. Hey Jeff!

      In my reading this morning, I was struck with something possibly prophetic.

      It’s Luke 13:6-9 where Jesus tells the parable of the barren fig tree. The owner commanded it to be cut down after three years of no fruit, but the vineyard keeper appeals to give it another year to see if it could be revitalized.

      I was struck thinking the Revelation 12 sign of September 23, 2017 may have been the beginning of the three years. And then I remembered how so many of us in the watchman community were sure the Rapture would be in the Fall last year, but could that have been the extra year to see if the fig tree would bear fruit?

      Could it be that the Tribulation could begin then after 4 years from the Revelation 12 sign and producing no fruit?

      I’m with you and believe this is the highest watch time in my life, and I’ve been studying this for over 30 years!


    2. Hey Jeff!

      In my reading this morning, I was struck with something possibly prophetic.

      It’s Luke 13:6-9 where Jesus tells the parable of the barren fig tree. The owner commanded it to be cut down after three years of no fruit, but the vineyard keeper appeals to give it another year to see if it could be revitalized.

      I was struck thinking the Revelation 12 sign of September 23, 2017 may have been the beginning of the three years. And then I remembered how so many of us in the watchman community were sure the Rapture would be in the Fall last year, but could that have been the extra year to see if the fig tree would bear fruit?

      Could it be that the Tribulation could begin then after 4 years from the Revelation 12 sign and producing no fruit?

      I’m with you and believe this is the highest watch time in my life, and I’ve been studying this for over 30 years!


    3. Hey Jeff!

      In my reading this morning, I was struck with something possibly prophetic.

      It’s Luke 13:6-9 where Jesus tells the parable of the barren fig tree. The owner commanded it to be cut down after three years of no fruit, but the vineyard keeper appeals to give it another year to see if it could be revitalized.

      I was struck thinking the Revelation 12 sign of September 23, 2017 may have been the beginning of the three years. And then I remembered how so many of us in the watchman community were sure the Rapture would be in the Fall last year, but could that have been the extra year to see if the fig tree would bear fruit?

      Could it be that the Tribulation could begin then after 4 years from the Revelation 12 sign and producing no fruit?

      I’m with you and believe this is the highest watch time in my life, and I’ve been studying this for over 30 years!


    4. Likely unintentional, but I love how your comment posted 3 times, David (lol)!


      I'm in agreement with you about a Luke 13:6-9 parallel and prophetic type tied to the Rev 12 sign countdown.

    5. We're raised after the 3rd post!

  27. Hi Pastor Rich, I've always enjoyed and appreciated your insight.

    I know you've mentioned that you have an end-times model you like working on... I'd sure be interested in your take (and anyone else here) on the double-triple conjunction coming on April 23-24, Jerusalem time, (and its companion coming in 8 years). By itself, it seems like just an interesting astronomical event, but it appears to match a similar event in 2029, only in reverse (plus the Sun), as if they were "bookends". 

    What really caught my attention is the 2nd one contains several other notable events within and around it: 
    > The Apophis asteroid close pass/strike
    > The end of Israel's 80th anniversary 
    > Jupiter in retrograde around it 
    > Mars in retrograde around it
    All of this occurring during the 7th year of the next (7 year) Shemitah time period. What do you all think? I haven't seen any info or mention of it.

    Love the site and input!

    1. Hi Sevy,

      Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement! It's back to the drawing board for models. I have not had time to dedicate to them as our full-time ministry has taken all of our time. Hence the name, full-time, eh?

      Speaking of which it's time for me to get back to it!

      I hope to add more as I can.


    2. Forget your models, their useless.

    3. Van,

      Models as a Bible study tool useless?

      Not at all.

    4. The Son of God, himself, and all of His prophets, gave us the material to build those models. And they did so for a reason.

      I say, "keep those models coming, Pastor!"

      There's nothing sadder than listening to Christians who believe that prophecy doesn't matter. Jesus, after all, chastised those who should have known and expected His first arrival. How much more important is His Second?

      There is nothing more naive and ignorant for a Christian than to have grace given to you by faith in Jesus Christ, and then to run and hide in the closet. We are to have a mission and a purpose! And that is to get out there and tell people what we know and what we believe, while being honest about what is fact and what is fiction. There should NEVER be confusion between them, when a Christian is doing the talking.

      Why should a Pre-Tribulation Rapture believer discuss the identity of the AntiChrist? Why should we look at timelines and inferences? Why should we be on the lookout for spiritual meaning and prophetic events? BECAUSE ALTHOUGH IT MAY NOT BE NECESSARY TO OUR SALVATION, WE ARE CALLED TO GIVE LIGHT TO THE WORLD. And right now, there are billions of unsaved brothers and sisters, any one of which might walk up to you and ask about your opinion on current events and understandings. God help you, if that person walks away unconvinced, and all because you couldn't offer a single coherent interpretation of Biblical prophecy. Tying the Bible to real people, real places, and real signs is the most important thing you can do for those who are seeking evidence and substantiation; ESPECIALLY in a world that has its own definitions for science and reason; especially in a world that is blinded by liars, blinded by greed, and blinded by self-inflicted troubles.

      "Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding . . . "
      Proverbs 3:13

      Keep 'em coming, Rich! Prophecy has never been more fun, as it's revealing itself ever so much faster. And it's never been so fulfilling, now that you can see it in every news report and every face.

    5. As I said....useless! Your not going to guess the rapture. Its not my problem, if people want to waste their time, go for it.

  28. https://youtu.be/y98EWHidXJE
    1968 Prophecy from a 90 Year Old Norwegian Woman

    It is a good time to remember this elderly saint from Norway and what she said...


    and urgent call to prayer - Jesus is Coming Soon!


    45 Rapture songs - start the celebration -

    1. That first video? 1968 Prophecy from a 90 Year Old Norwegian Woman? VERY POWERFUL...

  29. Let's Revisit - Pentecost and Rapture




    https://www.khouse.org/articles/1994/101/ - Chuck Missler - Pentecost / Rapture


    Podcast - Jack Langford on Prophecy Watchers - Pentecost and Rapture

  30. Hi, Jeff and Gary. I feel a tremendous intencity in expatation of the Rapture! Thank you, thank you for your teachings! They mean so much. Also, I would like to know where you got the illustration of the single person flying in the golden light above the clouds. I would like to use it in a project. It always occures to me that there may not be enough time...but that's totally OK! Thanks again and bless you! Augusta

  31. Gary and Jeff, thank you very much for all the new insights and discoveries on the Fig tree generation. Especially interesting I find that the Hebrew word "Tsarah" (trouble) as in Jeremiah 30:7 occurs 73 times in the Old Testament and Israel's 73rd birthday is coming up next month. Now I had another "revelation" concerning the number 73. Remember that David ruled from Jerusalem over all Israel for 33 years. The number is perhaps meaningless except when you add the 40 years of Solomon who also ruled over all Israel. So the house of David ruled over all Israel for 73 years in total. After that the 10 (or 11) tribes where torn away from the house of David and Jerusalem never again ruled over all Israel, until this recent fig-tree generation. All the kings of the Northern kingdom were evil and had an anti-Christ spirit so to speak. And you know that history repeats itself! So if 70th week of Daniel would commence this year, Jerusalem again would lose control of much of Israel but this time due to their covenant with the anti-Christ. Its going to be a compromise, they will build the third temple in exchange for a big brother controlled society. They've had full control over the first 73 years but the last 7 are anti-Christ controlled for Israel (if the rapture would be this year).

    1. Remember there are 73 books in the Catholic bible; 46 in the OT. Biden is Catholic, is #46 (last of the old), came to DC initially in '73 and comes to DC again in Israel's 73rd year. These deuterocanonical books (7) are not canonical, for a number of reasons. Biden was in Israel in '73 to lead up to the Yom Kippur War.

    2. ...and 73 is the 21st prime number. Very interesting observations Able and Zachary!

      Able, I hope you and your family are well!

    3. Wow, excellent "73" finds!

  32. @Zachary, thanks, so the 73 number keeps coming up now in various forms!

    @Pastor Rich, yes, we are fine here in Ghana ministering the gospel to the children coming to our mission school. Church services in Ghana continue again without much hinderance, as if there is no corona, but very few Christians here are mindful of Israel, the rapture and how close we are to the end. So that's where we can teach and preach effectively. But after years of teaching on this I feel like some churches are tired of hearing preach about the coming of Christ so they have to face it now, ready of not.

    1. Thank you for the update!

      One comment I hear is, "What do Jews have to do with Christianity?" The Gospel is the Gospel and the Word is Truth. Keep preaching it brother. May the Holy Spirit work on those in need of tilling.

      Will be lifting your mission in prayer.


    2. My grandmother's calendar photo (which I just noticed this morning) for April features a boat with the number 37. 12th prime is the opposite of the 21st prime, hehehe. It appears all over the place.

    3. 3/7 was once the Feast day for Thomas Aquinas and 7/3 is the Feast day for the apostle Thomas. Thomas means twin. the two twin towers in NYC opened in '73

  33. Guys I can't help it. I love this man Barack Obama. Our first black president.

  34. First thank you Gary and Jeff for another great teaching! Thank you for all the great information!
    I keep hearing this Vax is a preconditioning or precursor, especially by pastors and teachers. AnthonyPatch.com is one of the best researchers out there on CV-19 and the Vax. He has a monthly magazine and this months edition is called Precuersor. What does it mean?
    a person or thing that precedes, as in a job, a method, etc.; predecessor.
    a person, animal, or thing that goes before and indicates the approach of someone or something else; harbinger:
    The first robin is a precursor of spring.
    Chemistry, Biochemistry. a chemical that is transformed into another compound, as in the course of a chemical reaction, and therefore precedes that compound in the synthetic pathway:
    Cholesterol is a precursor of testosterone.
    Biology. a cell or tissue that gives rise to a variant, specialized, or more mature form.
    I hope you will check out his website and this pdf...https://www.anthonypatch.com/patreon/AnthonyPatch-DNA-and-Mark-Questions.pdf

  35. I just learned the the novel 1984 was released in 1948. 1984 would have been the midpoint between 1948 and 72/73 yrs or 2021. Reminds me of a chiastic but i don't know where to take it from there.

    1. the Washington Monument was also begun in 1848 and completed in 1884. like the novel 1984, it is connected to a man named George. King George Bergoglio is currently 84 years old. he's a socialist like Orwell. 8/4 is the 216th day and 216=6x6x6. Bergoglio became pope 13/3/13 or 13313, in this we see the 13 olive leaves-33 globe segments-13 olive leaves of the UN flag.

    2. pope means papa or Father. Matthew 23:9 says any human fathers are fake fathers. George Washington was a founding father. the Son will take down the Holy Father (pope) from his high throne and that fall is gonna be UGLY

    3. oh yeah...King George. wasn't the Declaration of Independence written against him?

  36. After taking a closer look at Psalms 90 the superscription at the beginning which I never noticed before does say " a prayer of Moses the man of God". First thing I ask myself, is this part of the original God breathed text. Ive concluded that it is not and was probably attributed to Moses by a Jewish scribe at a later time. Some believe that Moses wrote this during the 40 yrs. in the desert, others think it was written during the babylonian captivity during Davids time. I side with the latter.

    After the flood mans life span dropped drammatically. Abraham died at 180. Moses at 120, Aaron 123. There was about 400 yrs. between Moses and David. During that time it would stand to reason that mans life span would drop more. Looking at the context of Psalms 90 it is simply illustrating and contrasting the eternal, everlasting nature of God with the brief, mortal existence of man which at the time David ( not Moses) wrote that it was ( and still is) 70 to 80 yrs. As I said before David died at 70. There is no nuanced address to the nation of Israel at that time or to the future state of Israel here in my opinion.

    1. Well, how popular a name was Moses? Could have been another famous Godly Moses in the times the Psalms were being compiled.

      The rest of Psalm 90 looks like a summary of world history to me. I see the flood, the rapture, the tribulation and the eventual Godly Kingdom. It's the only place I can see where a generation is explicitly defined. (Implicitly in Torah with that generation being 40 years, and Daniel and Jeremiah being part of the 70 years in Babylon generation. 'A generation in Babylon')

    2. 8:04 timestamp, tee hee

  37. On watching the funeral of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, I noted that in this season when we count the weeks; today (4/17/2021) marks exactly the 186th week since R12S. That's 42-months, 25-days excluding today. For those into Strong's numbers,

    Strong's (G186)
    aklinés: unbending
    Original Word: ἀκλινής, ες
    Part of Speech: Adjective
    Transliteration: aklinés
    Phonetic Spelling: (ak-lee-nace')
    Definition: unbending
    Usage: unbent, unyielding, resolute, firm.

    Strong's (H186)
    Uzay: a Judean
    Original Word: אוּזַי
    Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
    Transliteration: Uzay
    Phonetic Spelling: (oo-zah'-ee)
    Definition: a Judean

    To paraphrase the prayer given at the end of the service, may he eternally dwell in the heavenly Jerusalem.

    1. 25 one of my faves...5x5...two hands with five fingers each, doing the Lord's work

  38. One thing always astounds me about prophecy. It's so often quite literal . . . it says A THING will happen, and then A THING happens. It says X will come, and X comes. But there are occasions when God's word chooses to say that X will happen, and we are the ones left to define exactly what X is, was, or could be. And until we identify what X is, we can't watch for its coming, can we?

    That is the essence of the Fig Tree Prophecy dilemma. Not all will come to see Israel as the subject, but I think it's fair to say that Israel is believed to be that tree by the vast majority, and that lends the idea weight. That a preponderance of the evidence is judged by a majority makes it more likely. But even then, when the odd doubt shows up regarding 70-80 years, or 1948 as a starting point, or Israel as a tree, I still have no serious worry regarding this interpretation . . . and this is why:

    Can you name another time in history, when the entire planet was trying to reset its Economy? When the entire planet was trying to reset its politics? When the entire planet was trying to reset its religion? When the entire planet was poised to fight at least 7 potential nuclear wars? Can you name a single moment in history when half of the Arabs defended Israel against other Arabs? Can you show me another time when Russian troops made camp opposite the Golan Heights?

    Have you ever seen the magnetic poles racing so fast, while the South Atlantic field was tearing itself open? Have you ever seen volcanic eruptions double from one year to the next? Not activity, but eruptions! Earthquakes? Have you ever seen people paying for their goods with the swipe of a hand? Or scanners being aimed at foreheads for entry into a social establishment? Is the mass death of ocean life, and the release of billions of pounds of nuclear waste normal for us, now? Has Satanism always been required study for elected officials? Do you remember solar and astronomical activity threatening life as we know it when you were a child? If so, we grew up in vastly different locales.

    Do we close a blind eye to the continuous string of miracles that have placed Israel back in its land? Or the miracles that have somehow kept it there through uncounted trials? Is it normal for all three Abrahamic faiths to sit down and talk peace and security? Is it routine for all three of them to believe that their Messiahs and Mahdis are all arriving at the same time?! That doesn't sound like something that I would forget.

    Have you ever seen so much hopelessness? So much oppression? So much evil? Welcome to the world that sinful men and women would create. Is that because we've never seen so much talk about "biology" and "science"? The last time that our evolution and genetics had reached such a turning point, there was a colossal flood. Is this NOT what the times of Noah felt like?

    (continued below)

  39. Before today, when was the last time that you saw a Pope, claiming to be the representative of Jesus, in Babylon, and honoring the faith of the irretrievably lost? Was the Isaiah 13 prophecy regarding Bablyon so unclear? When have you seen so many sightings and predictions on Youtube? The book of Daniel talks of people going to and fro, seeking knowledge in the end. Am I to believe that today is not that day, when all we see is clueless people like grains of sand on the beach? And how many people AREN'T breaking the 10 Commandments at this point?

    The whole planet has come to a screeching halt, now, under a contrived disease and a manufactured emergency. That's worth taking note, isn't it? Shouldn't 8 billion bored and motionless people have learned something remarkable by now? This HAS NOT happened before. Is it not prophetic enough for us?

    This shouldn't be so difficult to comprehend. It's not ancient history after all. Since the very day that Jesus gave Himself on the cross, we have had the Bible. We have had written histories. We have had eyewitness testimony. And that's not proof enough?! We've watched the stars, we've watched the nations, we've watched our people. And that's not enough?!

    I am reminded of Luke 16:31. It speaks of a rich man, who is begging Abraham to send a man named Lazarus as a messenger from the dead to warn his family about hell. And Abraham refuses, saying that there would be no point. The people already have Moses and the Prophets, and adding even more testimony from the risen dead won't change a thing! And, of course, this proves to be true in the end; as we watch folks today spurning the teachings of the risen Jesus, and even the witnessed resurrection of an actual man named Lazarus. How ironic.

    Let's face it. There will never be enough proof for some. And there will never be a consensus among us, the saved. And that's why we should keep those lamps oiled at all times.

    I think it's more than fair to say that we've had plenty of evidence to build a case. And the case is rock solid, and well researched. We have the motive and the means. The verdict is plain to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. And I don't believe that we'll be the ones expressing shock and dismay when the gavel falls.

    I can tell you this much, for certain. I made a life-changing decision this week to quit a pretty decent job. And I've decided to become temporarily unemployed, and search for a new path in three months. I have a wife and two children, and no resources to play games with. But I know, deep down in my heart, that time is very, very precious right now. That's how sure I am that Israel is the Fig Tree, and that this is the generation!


    1. so true, well said brother

    2. What a great summary of the times we live in! Of the preponderance of evidence showing us we are at the end of this age. I love a good list like this!

      Any of these items by themselves could maybe be considered interesting phenomena, but taken as a whole, happening at the same time, you can't help but think of Mathew 24: 4-8. 

    3. I've pointed it out many times, but another of the things happening in Noah's times was a population boom (We went from maybe a billion to 8x the number in barely 100 years), a huge rise in violence (not just regular stuff either, but stuff people would have never considered possible before), and many people (It says men, but I assume it should be 'humans') of great renown (celebrities).

    4. I resonate with much of what you mentioned here. I am curious, did you quit your job to seek ministry for the Lord? I feel that I'm being pulled at times to make my business far less of a priority and to concern my time with witnessing to lost souls. It's almost as if I feel the ark is closing so to speak. Hope you get this.

  40. UFOs: Retired Navy Commander Describes His Sighting In 2004 | The Overview | NBC News

    Quoting, NBC News via YT,

    "Gadi Schwartz’s full interview with Retired Navy Commander David Fravor on the unidentified object he saw flying in the sky during a training mission in 2004."

    Very interesting.

  41. agree with all you wrote Unknown. How about this headline to add to all you said. Man is playing God again. I truly hope and pray we are close to our day of rescue out of this evil world!


  42. Israel: Fewer than 200 people in serious condition from COVID, positivity rate drops to 0.4%

    Quoting, i24news.tv,

    "The Israeli Health reported on Monday the toll of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, recording 141 new cases in 24 hours.

    There are at least 2,270 active cases of the disease in the country, including 193 in serious condition and 114 on artificial respirators.

    The death toll from COVID-19 in Israel currently stands at 6,338.

    The latest figures also showed that the positivity rate for screening tests fell to 0.4%.

    More than 4.9 million people have received the two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, allowing the country to largely reopen its economy."

  43. a 4 minute youtube video -
    youtube title: 1335 Days - Rapture Sign ? ? ? Israel's 73rd Birthday and Shavuot / Pentacost 2021


    Note that the pinned comment is also extremely interesting...and it gives us hope that if we are still here at the end of May, it very well maybe that June will be huge...which will be Orthodox Pentacost...

    Keep Looking up - Persevere...God's timing will be perfect...Jesus is Coming Soon...

  44. Walter 'Fritz' Mondale, former vice president under Jimmy Carter, dead at 93

    Walter Mondale was the 42nd Vice President of the United States as well as the 24th Ambassador to Japan.

    Our deepest condolences to his friends and family.

    1. Another interesting fact about Carter/Mondale,

      Quoting, Wikipedia,

      "Carter and Mondale were the longest-living post-presidential team in American history. On May 23, 2006, they had been out of office for 9,254 days (25 years, 4 months and 3 days), surpassing the former record established by President John Adams and Vice President Thomas Jefferson, both of whom died on July 4, 1826. On September 8, 2012, Carter surpassed Herbert Hoover as the president with the longest retirement from office. On April 23, 2014, Mondale surpassed Richard Nixon as the vice president with the longest retirement from office at 12,146 days (33 years, 3 months and 3 days). At the time of his death, Mondale was the oldest living U.S. vice president and Carter was (and remains) the oldest living U.S. president."

    2. So what, the guy was a total loser.Thank God for Ronald Reagan.

  45. Hi! I've never been one to think about numbers in Bible prophecy although enjoy reading about them with others posts. But! For several weeks now I've been seeing 6 18 everywhere!! Its getting weird! It is my birthday so I figured it was just me noticing that but its constant, everyday, everywhere! Is there any significance to this or just "one of those things"? Lol! Feel a little silly asking.

    1. Greetings Nan, these are only codes but according to the Strong biblical concordance, the number 618 has 2 beautiful meanings; in Greek it is Apolambano which means "To take, to receive, to find, to welcome" and in Hebrews it is Acam which means "to barn". As the wheat is picked up in the barn in the New Testament, Matt: 13 we will be taken into the Kingdom of Heaven. Anyway I hope that's what will happen soon!!!

    2. Well, a cubit is 18" to 22" on average but my first answer would be,

      1. Six is the number of man (created on the sixth day)
      2. Eighteen is the number of the name for live in Hebrew

      The word "חי" (live) has a numeric value of 18. It is customary to give in multiples of eighteen for Jews for this reason. Eighteen is also related to bondage and slavery not to mention the sum of 6 + 6 + 6. In Jewish thought we are living in the sixth day of creation awaiting the seventh day rest.

      Some top of head answers. It may good to pray on this and ask for an answer or insight.

  46. I don't know what 6 18 might mean but I was thinking it doesn't have to be a date, could be referring to something else. My mind went to 6 being half a dozen and 18 being 1 1/2 dozen. That's just what came to mind. What about measurements like the cubits of things that Noah used to make the ark?

  47. Hi Jeff and Gary, I have been reading the Book of Psalms and came to realise this interesting pattern: Psalms seem to come in pairs, based on their numbering (eg. Psalm 36 and Psalm 63, Psalm 37 and Psalm 73). These 'reverse number pairs' of Psalms do seem to talk to each, ie. they share common themes, imageries, language, come from different perspectives on the same issue, or share a 'before' and 'after' dialogue etc. Do go check it out. Some pairs are more apparent (eg. those I cited), whereas for others it might not be apparent at first sight, but so far this pattern has held true for me in many pairs I have seen. [I have recently posted this comment in one of your earlier article on Psalm 45, so pardon my repetition here]

    For Psalm 90, I think that it has its complement in Psalm 9. After the writer in Psalm 90 calls for God's mercy after having suffered a time of affliction and wrath, Psalm 9 is a voice of celebration and rejoicing as the Lord now stands against Israel's enemies and the language closely resembles the Book of Revelation, ie. judging the Nations, making inquisition for blood (of the 5th seal martyrs?). Could the odd reference to "Higgaion. Selah" in Verse 16 of Psalm 9 be a reference to the silence in Heaven before the seventh seal is opened?

    There seems to be dialogue between Psalm 90 and 9, eg. Psalm 9 speaks of the Lord not forsaking or forgetting his people, in comparison to Psalm 90 calling for the Lord to return quickly. In Psalm 90 the works of his people are upheld, while Psalm 9 speaks of destroying the memorials of the wicked. In Psalm 9, Israel is now made 'glad', after Psalm 90 speaks of asking Lord make them 'glad' for the afflictions they suffered. The Lord's glory appears to Zion's children, ie the 'daughters of Zion' in Psa 9.

    I am not sure if I am reading too much into this, but think this Psalms' complementarity pattern might be interesting to take a closer look at. If this is true, then this is a further confirmation that Psalm 90 is closely tied to events of the Tribulation and aftermath, and that all its cryptic references to the years and days are really prophetic insight into Israel's timeline, including that of the Lord's return.

  48. At https://eschatologytoday.blogspot.com/2021/04/global-sitrep-e8-21-emd-of-road-part-iii.html "Global SITREP E8-21: End of the Road Part III". See also https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/iran-from-syria-fires-missile-at-israel-dimona-nuclear-reactor-middle-east/ "Missile Fired From Iran In Syria At Israeli Nuclear Reactor In Dimona Evades Iron Dome As Iranians Inch Closer And Closer To Major Strike".

  49. This morning, while getting ready for the day, I was listening to worship music. I just have to share this one with all of you because the lyrics are so appropriate for the days we're in. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/deqQNFXSH-Q

    I just purchased a few shirts and devotional books from The Chosen, totally not expecting to receive them in time, since I'm expecting our departure. And I received this email from them:

    ..."We now have 21 business days, starting tomorrow, to produce and ship your order. ***Please note that at the moment, orders are so high we MAY miss that deadline, but we’re fighting hard to catch up*** After that, shipping time may vary, but it won’t be long. Unless Jesus comes back first, then we don’t have an estimate, sorry."

    Almost home. Much love & God bless you all!

  50. Hi all, I ran across this very small yt channel and the video presented an idea about the structure of Revelation that I had never heard before. Wanted your very informed opinions!


    1. The concept of Revelation using multiple camera angles or intersecting timelines is not new. But often times, it is poorly developed by some, or simply not expounded upon enough by others. I personally feel that there's a lot of validity to the model.

      There are many passages throughout the Bible demanding the testimony of 2-3 witnesses for events of significance. And I think that is what you're seeing at the end, when it matters most.

  51. Not sure who is in charge of the market feed, but maybe it's time to add the crypto to it somewhere? I'm honestly surprised the market hasn't started dropping yet with all this talk of taxes and companies moving and boycotts and whatnot...

  52. Hello everyone. I have some sad news if you have not heard already. Dan Matson of Daniel's Week and Israel: Handwriting on the World and Heavens, passed away of a sudden heart attack on April 17 at age 54.

    From his wife:
    - - -
    Friends of Dan,

    It is with immense sorrow that I am announcing the passing of my beloved husband of 27 years:

    Dan Matson.

    He died suddenly on April 17th at the age of 54.

    I apologize for posting the news this way, but I want to make sure everyone hears before the service on Friday, April 30th at 1:00 at South Hills Church in Kennewick.

    Thank you for your continued prayers for our four children and I during these most difficult times.


    Dan Matson Obituary

    Daniel William Matson

    Feb 22, 1967 - Apr 17, 2021

    “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants.” Psalm 116:15 NIV

    “I Lay It All Down” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j38B9AcUzQ

    Daniel William Matson of Kennewick, WA was called home to his Lord and Savior on April 17th, 2021 after a heart attack at the age of 54.

    Dan was born February 22nd, 1967 to William and Rebecca Matson in Seattle, Washington. He was a loving older brother to Jennifer and Kristine, and known to be easy-going and humble; all while pulling the occasional prank. Dan was always the shining example of what an older brother should be. As a teenager, he studied the Bible in depth and was resolutely steadfast in his ever-growing faith. Dan graduated from Woodinville High in 1985, where he wrote spirited opinion pieces for the school paper, in addition to being editor-in-chief his senior year.

    After graduation he answered the call to serve his country by joining the Navy. Dan served for six years as a Nuclear Propulsion Plant Operator aboard the U.S.S. Arkansas before he was honorably discharged in June of 1991. After serving his country, Dan continued his search for biblical knowledge and earned a Master's in Biblical Studies at Multnomah Bible College and Biblical Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Subsequently, his experience in the Navy led him to work at the Hanford Nuclear Site as a Radiological Control Technician, where he worked for 20 years and formed many long-lasting friendships.

    Throughout his adult life, Dan's devout interest was the study of the Bible. Watching for signs of Christ's return, he shared his knowledge with others so that they too may be ready. This passion for studying prophecy and prophetic writing led him to publish two books about the second-coming of Christ. After the publishing of his books, his online ministry continued to help him reach people all around the world. Dan did not just study the Bible, he truly lived out his faith through his words and actions towards all those he met.

    Dan met his wife, Angela, through his sisters while attending summer classes at Washington State University. In 1993, the friendship that the two had formed over several summers grew into a relationship, then blossomed into a lifelong love when they married later that year. Dan was a devoted husband to his wife, and loving father to their four children. He loved to plan long road trips to National Parks around the country so that he could share his love of nature and adventure with his family: even if it meant leaving out key details about the difficulty of a given hike. Everyone knew Dan by his ever-present smile. He was easygoing and funny; when he wasn't smiling he was snickering in the corner of the room over a prank he had pulled or joke he had told. Dan truly was one of the good guys.

    Dan is survived by his devoted wife, Angi, of 27 years, their children Isabelle (24), Zachary (21), Violet (14) and Lily (12), his parents William and Rebecca, and his sisters Jennifer and Kristine. There will be a celebration of life to honor Dan at South Hills Church on April 30th, 2021 at 1:00 P.M. If you would like to attend in person or virtually to pay your respects to the Matson family, please contact the family or church.

    1. Thank you for posting. We will be seeing brother Dan here shortly---in glory!

  53. JackN,

    Thank you for posting word on Dan's going Home. What a shock to wake-up to. I count Dan among my friends meeting him through GroupMe. He was a great guy in every sense of the word and will be keenly missed. Perhaps now he knows which, if any, of his timelines is right?

    As much as we look to the Day we do so knowing we leave others behind. Our prayers will be for Dan's entire family. Sudden loss during such hard times is no easy matter.

    May the Lord Himself comfort you all in your time of grief and personal loss and fill you with hope on the coming Great Day that we are reunited before Christ Himself forever-more never to experience loss again.

    Grace and peace to you, always,

    Pastor Rich

  54. FOR DAN,

    27 The LORD said to Aaron,

    "Go into the wilderness to
    meet Moses."

    So he went and met him at
    the mountain of God and
    kissed him.

    28 And Moses told Aaron
    all the words of the LORD
    with which he had sent him
    to speak, and all the signs
    that he had commanded him
    to do.

    29 Then Moses and Aaron
    went and gathered together
    all the elders of the
    people of Israel.

    30 Aaron spoke all the
    words that the LORD had
    spoken to Moses and did
    the signs in the sight
    of the people.

    31 And the people believed;
    and when they heard that
    the LORD had visited the
    people of Israel and that
    he had seen their affliction,
    they bowed their heads and

    (Exodus 4:27-31 ESV)

    Thank you for your faithful witness my friend. Thank you for being a voice for the LORD and your testimony to His faithfulness through the signs you performed. We will carry-on as watchmen on the wall looking toward the Day of our uniting to the glory of God, in the presence of Christ.

    See you soon!

  55. I should clarify that the above Obituary is a quote of a post by Rick Scruggs on Facebook and not my own.

    I met Dan virtually both from his website when purchasing his books and on social media around late 2015. I count myself very blessed to have known him as a friend though we never met in person.

    He will be sorely missed, along with all the other brothers and sisters I have known who have gone on to be with the Lord.

    This is that feeling of being left behind, the closest I ever want to come to it, yet I know that I will see him and the others face to face, very soon, whether in Resurrection or in Rapture, all of us, with Christ forever.

    Grace and peace to you all.

    🚫 🍇

    ··╱ɷ ɷ╲··

    Foxman on the Wall

  56. Hey Jeff--I searched Unsealed to see if there was an article on the other fig tree parable from Luke 13 but to no avail. I didn't want to be repetitious if your team had already done one. Anyway, I got to thinking about how Sep 2020 to Sep 2021 could parallel The Fig Tree/Israel's "last chance" year as prophetically illustrated there.

    So I ended up writing an article that also ties in the UFO disclosure and other June happenings as well. As I admit in my article, the title sounds like the beginning of a corny joke but what is shared is NO joke!

    The Pope, the Alien Savior, and the Year of Dung

  57. Im very sorry to hear about the passing of Daniel Matson, ive had a few chats with him via email. But theres always something thats bothered me when a brother or sister in Christ dies. People say that God "called them home".

    On the surface that sounds very nice but all it is is a polite way of saying that God murdered that person. God does not "call people home". It would be his will that Mr. Matson not be separated from his young family. "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death" 1 Cor. 15:26.

    Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that has the power of death, that is the devil. Hebrews 2:14



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