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World Shift 2021

Many things are heavy on my heart this week.  Many thoughts stirring in my head.  The sense of urgency I have has never, ever been stronger.

A prophetic cascade has begun.  How can you even begin to sift through all of this?

1. U.S. intelligence agencies are set to disclose the existence of UFOs in the next few weeks.  This is the prime candidate for the strong delusion spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2, as well as the catalyst to deceive the masses once the Church disappears.

2. A new prime minister is set to take the reins of power in Israel for the first time in 12 years.  I wrote about the significance of the transition from Benjamin Netanyahu to Naftali Bennett several weeks ago.  Also, a new president-elect has been designated, as well—one Isaac Herzog.  As we stand at the 11th hour of history, Herzog will be Israel's 11th president.

3. Iran now has six times the level of highly enriched uranium as years ago and is literally on the cusp of a functional nuclear weapon, but the U.S. and E.U. are set to reenter/restore the JCPOA.  Israeli officials are now saying they will go it alone against Iran, even at the expense of U.S.-Israel relations.  The cold war/proxy war between Israel and Iran is quickly spilling over into a full-fledged conflict.  Israel has targeted refineries in the last several days and is likely responsible for sinking Iran's largest warship.

4. Israel led the world in vaccinations and now the E.U. is leading the world into the next phase: unveiling a continent-wide vaccine passport, as well as a bloc-wide digital wallet and digital ID.

5. It's recently come to my attention that just a few weeks before the Great Conjunction and the possible astronomical fulfillment of Revelation 12:3–4 (December 14–21, 2020), a new cryptocurrency was unveiled quite literally called the “MARK.”  It's run by the Benchmark Protocol and will run on top of Ethereum, which is the world's second largest cryptocurrency, which many speculate will soon overtake Bitcoin.

6. In a hat tip to the coming third seal judgment, global food prices have surged to their highest levels in nearly 10 years and are set to rise much higher.  The global financial system is now showing extreme levels of stress never before seen.

7. New high watch days lie ahead, including the possible date of Pentecost on June 20th.  There is an ongoing debate regarding when the first day of the first biblical month begins.  If it begins on the new moon closest to the Spring Equinox, then Pentecost has already come and gone.  But if the first day of the first month must occur in the Spring—thus the first new moon after the Spring Equinox—then Pentecost may fall on June 20th.

888 months before 6/20/2021 was 329 days prior to Israel's rebirth.  923 days after the Revelation 12 Sign on 9/23/2017 was the Venus-Pleiades morning star conjunction on 4/3–4/2020, which was 444 days before 6/20/2021.  The Pleiades are an average distance of 444 light years from earth.

6/20/2021 comes 2,520 days before Israel's 80th birthday in 2028, 44 months and 4 weeks after the Revelation 12 Sign, 44 months, 44 weeks, and 40 days after Trump-Pence were elected, 44 months, 44 weeks, and 444 days following the super blood moon that fell on Sukkot in 2015.

It's also the last day of Spring and the first day of Summer, as well as Father's Day, and, counting from sunset to sunset, overlaps with the American Jubilee day (Juneteenth).

It's the last day of the 24th week of the year—a possible nod to the completion of the 24 elders, and, intriguingly, if Jesus died in 31 AD as I suspect, He would have rose from the grave on April 29th, exactly 726,888 days before 6/20/2021.  In alphabetical order, harpazo (“rapture”) is the 726th word in the New Testament.  888 is well known as the simple Greek gematria of Jesus Christ.

726 = rapture

888 = Ιησους (Jesus) Χριστος (Christ)

I don't put my faith in a date, or even a series of dates, but I will fervently watch—now more than ever—because the signs have reached a boiling point.  Every day has witnessed a flood of prophetic signs unlike anything I've ever seen before.  Last week a super blood moon (a total lunar eclipse during a super moon) literally cast its shadow over the Ring of Fire and occulted a star designated HR6066.  Yesterday, former president Barack Obama revved up disclosure talk by suggesting alien disclosure would lead to the establishment of “new religions.”  It's one thing after another, and the heavenly signs that painted a complete picture from November 2016 through February of this year of Revelation 12:1–5, were among the most notable portents from Holy Writ that the end of the age has arrived.

Faith in Jesus and what He accomplished on your behalf is the only thing that will save you from what is coming.  Are you still bearing your sins, or have you accepted that He died for your sins and rose again?  Today is the day of salvation.  You're not promised tomorrow.  Get on the Ark, because the flood is coming.

 A dmit that you're a sinner.

 B elieve that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again.

 C all on the Lord Jesus Christ to save you.

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  1. Just remember we're assured of Rapture, brothers, it's coming!!1!1

    1. Strongs 620 = "Left Behind" (Greek) apoleipo

      = An Assyrian King (Hebrew) asenappar

      I found that from youtube user: Isaiah 53 (my favorite chapter)

      in this video Last Day Rapture? https://youtu.be/KEw5pgKmCZc

      The biggest point is that June 20th could rightly be considered Pentacost...

      And it is Father's Day....Let's go home...

    2. Yes the rapture is our blessed hope! The scripture is clear, believers are not appointed to wrath, however, we are appointed to trials and tribulations. So stand firm,
      in your faith and don't be surprised or discouraged that we aren't gone at the beginning of Daniel's 70th week. Believers will go through tribulation (of Satan and world), but we are not appointed to God's wrath. Praise the Lord.

  2. Another good post, and these are indeed exciting if troubling times. But I feel firmly that people should dial back their “revelatory” expectations surrounding the government release. A very long and deep history indicates no such thing is in the offing. The whole of it represents a 1,000 pound nugget of pure gold that the intelligence/military establishment is loathe to let go of. It’s their mighty power chip, held in strict reserve. What we’re most likely to get, is a dutifully worded, perhaps even impressive sounding bunch of nothing. The whole of it is likely to offer little more than the now notorious New York Times report. But it will no doubt be lengthy enough to lull all but the most stalwart among us sound asleep.

    I do believe revelations are coming, perhaps even shocking ones, but they’re not going to come from the usual sources. If the intelligence/military establishment is involved at all, it will be from a forced, after the fact position.


    1. See also: the Warren Commission Report and the 9/11 Commission Report!!!

  3. In the middle of the night last night, I was unable to sleep, propelled in my spirit to get up and pray. The increasing spiritual impetus to pray and fight this spiritual fight with spiritual weaponry (the armor of God, the precious blood of Jesus Christ, the prayers of the saints, the WORD) has never been greater! I, along with many prayer warriors, sense the urgency of the moments we are in! Let us keep up this spiritual fight all the way to Rapture!! Inaweofhim (Susan C)

  4. I don't know if you have ever heard of a sermon comparing Israel's judges vs prime ministers, but I heard it years ago and recently have been reviewing it. He goes verse by verse to show that there is a prime minister that matches every judge in Israel. Israel at 13 Judges and so far, only 12 PM, unless the Bennett/Lapid gov't is approved, then Bennett will be #13.

    I took this sermon and put it into a power point presentation for my Sunday School class years ago. The material is mostly from the preacher, although I found a few facts on my own. I wouldn't creat a new doctrine based on this, but it sure is interesting. This is the link to the power point. It's not very long.


    1. @the watchman?

      Sunday..(cough) school???

  5. AMEN, Gary--"the signs have reached a boiling point"!!!
    I recently shared an update of my latest article at Rev12daily.blogspot.com and commented--"An article by Unsealed can't be far behind!" and VOILA--within the hour there it is :-)
    The update included a prophetic correlation of the "Ring of Fire" by Todd Adkins, one of which includes how CROWNING in CHILDBIRTH is referred to as the "ring of fire"!!
    The link to Todd's video and also to Paul Dawson's new video (and other links, of course) are included in Ring of Fire Signs of Warning & Hope
    As a spiritual midwife, it seems appropriate to encourage, "Not much longer, Dear Ones, soon it will be time to PUSH!"

    1. https://www.all4women.co.za/2145444/parenting/birth/what-is-birth-crowning

      What is Birth Crowning - ???

      and more end time signs


      Thanks Gary ! Let's go home...

    2. https://youtu.be/PHCId3m-TMQ

      youtube: June 20th rapture speculation - Jesus is Coming Soon

      Thanks for all the encouragement Gary, Jeff, Stephanie, Blessings to you all...

  6. Does the Four Horsemen of Revelation 6 have a chiastic structure?

    -Diseases and death by Covid-19;
    ---High inflation by currently rising food and energy prices;
    -----War between Israel and Iran and his proxies (Psalm 83) and war between Russia and Europe;
    -------Rapture of the Church;
    -------Arrival of the antichrist and confirming of a peace treaty (Horseman on the white horse);
    -----Worldwide wars (Horseman on the red horse);
    ---Hyperinflation in which a loaf of bread costs a day's wage (Horseman on the black horse);
    -Diseases and death (Horseman on the pale horse).

    1. Moin- I think that is an astute observation!

  7. Dr Barry Awe’s new video on YouTube, while long, is just simply astounding. The revelations he gives, and how he’s gone by the June 25th date is just nothing short of amazing! It’s worth a watch even if he only has the season right, to hear what God has revealed to him!

  8. It makes so much sense that the Rapture would be on 6/20, because 6/21 could be 2520 days from the end of Israel's 80th depending on how we count end dates. Now, I've become 95% certain that Obama is the Antichrist, but at one time I was sure Prince William is. 6/21 is his birthday. Some interesting facts about this date:

    6x21=126 which looks like 1260 days
    21/6 is 3.5 (3.5 years)
    62+1=63 which looks like 6 cubed or 666
    6+21=27 which is 9x3 or 6+6+6 upside down

    Oh well, who cares, he seems like a nice man, we're getting Raptured and that's all that matters!!!

  9. Another blood moon November 18th: The sun darkened/moon to blood BEFORE the day of the Lord: June 10th (solar eclipse), Nov. 18th (lunar eclipse/moon to blood).

    The sun darkened/moon shall not give her light: Dec. 3/4th (solar eclipse).

    I shall turn YOUR feasts to mourning: Hanukkah: Nov. 28 - Dec. 6. (feast NOT in Leviticus).

    When they shall say peace and safety: Each day's prayer at the end of Hanukkah ends with prayer of Shalom. Shalom means "peace and safety".

    I shall give you the morning star: December 4. (On December 4th, at around 14 hours UT on this day the planet attains its greatest brilliancy!).

    The stars shall fall from the heavens: December 4: Geminid meteor showers begin. (The strongest meteor showers of the year).

    So on December 4th the sun is darkened, the moon will not give her light, this occurs AFTER the sun darkened on June 10th and the moon to blood November 18th. It is the 7th day of Hanukkah (going into the 8th day, a mysterious day for the Jews and mentioned by God) AND a feast NOT ordained by God and this is when they say "peace and safety" at the end of each day. Venus, the morning star is at it's brightest and the strongest meteor showers of the year begin.

    The first verses of Scripture are: 1,2,3, and 4 (God separates the light from darkness in verse 4): 12/3 and 4? (The date of the solar eclipse in December?) and the last verses in Scripture are 20 and 21: (2021?) I am the first and the last: 12/4/2021? (The eclipse occurs on the 3rd for some in some parts of the world although officially it is the 4th).

    Israel only has two seasons: summer/winter. Jesus said "Are there not 12 hours in a day?" which seems to point to an equinox IMO. The Jewish pray for rain on December 4th with this being a controversy surrounding the time of equinox or "changing of the season". https://hillelkepler.wordpress.com/december-4th/

    Excerpt from article: In this era, the astronomical autumnal equinox is Jerusalem[ii] occurs on September 22nd or 23rd depending on the year in the four-year leap-year cycle. For example, it is on the 23rd in 2017-19 and on the 22nd in 2020. From this information, a problem becomes immediately obvious. Sixty days after the astronomical equinox is either September 21/22 and not December 4/5. There are two possible solutions to this problem; either the modern calendar is not the same as the calendar in use at the time of the Talmud or else the astronomical equinox is not the RELEVENT EQUINOX for this calculation. We will explore both of these possibilities.

    1. OK, Valerie, if we are still here after June and the Fall Feasts, we will look to Hanukkah - since its name is rooted in the name Enoch - "dedicated"

      but i sure hope we don't have to wait that long - only God knows for sure...

      https://prayat316.com/rapture-songs - 75 rapture songs -

      I just love this one by Tony Gore - "Dancing in the Streets"


    2. Valerie, the blood moon on Nov 18th is only a partial eclipse...so it may not qualify on the same level as a full blood moon. many interesting things also connecting the may 26th blood moon to rapture references...so hopefully, this one is it. Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, four, three, two, one...Let's go home...


      May 26th 2021 Blood Moon Sign = "TO RISE" with double confirmation

  10. Thank you for this nice article my brother Gary! My way of feeling all this is that I cry whenever I see an article that touches me, like abortion, the proclamation of L .B ..Q.. P to the little ones or any article that turns bad into good and all. And I cry, imploring Jesus to come and take us with him, several times a week now. I admit that tears are easy to fall lately! I am more sensitive than before. I so want to be with my family and my loving Jesus in the heaven!

  11. Wow...4 years seeing 444 10 times a day, and researching it from day 1, I could have never put this series of amazing 4's together. I hope this is what He's been trying to tell me! Thank you Gary!

  12. Amen. Convergence to the Nth degree. Come, Lord Jesus!!!

  13. I follow a lot of other websites, but this is the only one I really hunger for. Though others offer great insight, yours is the one I hunger for.

    You wrote at the outset: "Many things are heavy on my heart this week. Many thoughts stirring in my head. The sense of urgency I have has never, ever been stronger." So, it's understandable -- apropos, even -- considering my level of 'hunger', that your introduction ends with, "How can you even begin to sift through all of this?"

    One meager mouthful at a time. It's either "Feast or Famine," as they say. We ALL understand 'famine,' allegorically speaking... looks like we're ALL in for the Feast!

    Keep up the good work, brother!

  14. “The Antichrist carries a bow with no arrows, has a plan that’s a phony plan, shoots blanks, talks big and produces nothing, promises peace and brings war, answers questions nobody is asking, has an answer for everything and a solution to nothing...his platform is lawlessness.”


    1. "has an answer for everything and a solution to nothing"

      An apt description of Obama. This man's considerable oratorical skills, honed at Harvard, that training school for those who yearn to climb to the apex of the American power structure, are not intended to galvanize, to rebuke or to inspire. They are intended to placate, to justify a sense of comfortable complacency, to assure us that our Cool Dad in Chief has everything in hand while the country is in fact dancing on the edge of a volcano. Obama's bete noire is partisanship - a clear drawing of lines between true and false, good and evil - because according to the Harvard mindset, every issue can be solved if only well-meaning, smart people can study an issue and iron out their differences over a beer. One of the more illuminating passages of his new memoir is when he chastises protestors who denounced Bush as a war criminal on his inauguration day. Obama's allegiance was to the trappings of power, to the sanctity of institutions as an end in itself. He was actually one of the greatest obstacles to the left because by adopting the mantle of that tradition without intending to follow through on its goals he usurped time, money, energy and hopes that could have been better utilized elsewhere. After using the black church as a stepping stone, he threw his pastor under the bus once Fox News started attacking him for sermons that were actually not too far removed from the message the Biblical prophets conveyed. In his memoir he cruelly mocks this pastor. For Obama, the goal was to make white people comfortable, to avoid any trace of threatening or upsetting behavior. But the state of this country should be upsetting. It should cause outrage if you're paying attention. But that's no part of the deal with the devil this man made to ascend to the heights.

    2. "An apt description of Obama. This man's considerable oratorical skills, honed at Harvard, that training school for those who yearn to climb to the apex of the American power structure"

      I HOPE this is an attempt at humour, right? The man cannot read or speak (substance) without a script, like many of them. And Harvard??? No one has any record of him being there! He claimed to have had a girlfriend in college and she said she didn't know him!
      The man was an affirmative action president, a nobody, a loser who resented his mother and simply hates Western civilization. This guy is NOT coming back to do anything. Stop with this secretive admiration for him, please! He's a clown and never accomplished anything in his life.

      As for Macron, oop, the Antichrist didn't see that slap coming did he?!

    3. Secret admiration? Brother this dude is a stone cold killer. Pure evil.

  15. Earlier today, Pastor Tim Henderson went live to cover a Word Given. In his classic style to not say much as to details, the bit we got was that a Grand Deception is in the offing such that even the Saints need to stay Christ-Centered and Gospel-Centered. Interesting that, along with The Word, he also had an unction to warn the BoC to stay strong. That indicates that, as many have felt coming, things will likely get rather hairy before the shave, and a close shave it will be.

    Not only are things lining up to be set for launch when the curtain rises @ Harpazo, it also seems that things are aligning to do so with a crescendo, Maranatha! That Grand Show is likely to help hide facts and confuse and obfuscate and co-op the glory and credit for Our Departure. Woe! to those left, Woe! Their snare is about to spring shut. To Christ Be The Glory For Those Still To Be Saved OUT OF IT, amen.

  16. Luke 21:29 - 31
    Think it really could be hidden in plain site???
    The Lesson of the Fig Tree
    29 Then Jesus told them a parable: “Look at the fig tree and all the trees. 30 When they sprout leaves, you can see for yourselves and know that summer is near. 31 So also, when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near.…
    Jesus did like to give double or hidden (as in not yet the time to know) meanings to things!

    1. Hi Jenny! Like you I have been thinking the same thing these past few days! Specifically about Luke 21:28! We know "all these things" means the completion of the tribulation. In 2028. For if we are right in our counting from May 14, 1948 & using Psalm 90:10 as the cutoff of this genetation, then it ends in 2028 and begins in 2021. Luke 21:28! And the 5th word is "begin"! Israel's 73rd year began in the 5th month of 2021! Our Redemption draws Nigh! In the Bible the number 20 represents Redemption! The word Redemption in this verse is the 20th word! And after reading Bro Gary 's article, WoW about June 20th! The Lord Jesus might have just hidden the Rapture in plain sight! In Luke 21:28! Looking UP with you and Everyone! Maranatha! Even So Come Lord Jesus!!! !!!😀💗😀!!!

  17. Thank you so much for your study and faithfulness.

  18. Thank you so much for your study and faithfulness.

  19. I can’t post the pic here, but I’ve been looking at a “due date” based on fig tree generation and specifically Daniel 12:12, and pregnancy timeline with 1 Thess. 5:3...I was starting to feel like one feels past their due date...then I was glad to see statistic pop up from Israel no less that babies have been born at 44 weeks.
    “Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the Lord: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God.”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭66:9‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  20. Great article.
    I was not aware of the Mark Cryptocurrency, but I am not surprised. I think this is the highest watch time in world history over the next few months. If Pentecost is on June 20th, because of Nissan 1 being moved back a month it also means that the Feast of Trumpets would be on October 7th and 8th this Fall. If you add 2550 days to October 7th (1260 days first half and 1290 days for the 2nd half) it comes out to September 30th 2028 which is the Feast of Atonement that year (possible date of Jesus return to the earth). It all seems to fit.
    I believe there has to be a period of time between the Rapture and the Covenant being signed by the AC. Some people believe it can be a few days, but I think it has to be at least 1 to 3 months, so the prophecies of Ezekiel 38, Jeremiah 49, Isaiah 17, and Psalms 83 can occur, which I think is one giant Middle East war that takes place either simultaneous with the rapture or shortly thereafter.
    There are so many reasons why this summer could be the rapture, I can not even count them all. Jesus said that things would be relatively normal when he came back (people would be eating and drinking, marrying, and given in marriage). Last year everyone was in lock-down because of the virus, but in the last few weeks everything has pretty much opened up and turned to normal again(at least where I am in Colorado). I have a cousin who works for a company that puts on weddings. Most years they have about 500 weddings, but in 2021 they have over 800 planned.
    I believe that in the fall the pandemic will come back and a lot of people will be getting sick and die from the shots. If that happens things will not be normal anymore, which is another reason why we have a short window right now. Also they are planning on approving the shots for kids 12 and under in the fall. I think God has had enough of all this and will not allow the young children to get injected with these experimental jabs. Keep looking up because I believe the rapture will most likely happen before summer is up.

    1. Buds, just take the jabs. They won't hurt anything.

    2. Says the snake in the garden...

    3. I also hope that the Rapture will happen this summer, but don't be surprised that we have to wait still another few years until the Rapture.

    4. Yeah, Zachary, open wide, so you don't get sick now!

  21. Id like anyones comments on the existence of aliens...life on other worlds. I have always rejected this. As far as im concerned all these ufo sightings are a show put on by the enemy in order to provide a false hope.

    1. You are right, of course, Brother! The GREAT DELUSION will be demonic entities presenting themselves as extraterrestrial superior beings who have come to "help" us (with fallen angel technology). HOWEVER, even secular scientists admit that these beings are extradimensional NOT extraterrestrial.

      AND, Christians who have actually experienced being abducted and have shared their stories via the website Alien Resistance.org tell how the Abduction was stopped in the name of Jesus Christ

      If these beings are superior to us, then how is it we can stop them in the name above all names?

  22. The UFO stuff is debunked. The particular example above I believe is shown how it was done here: https://www.metabunk.org/home/?from=%40. Or, COULD be done.

    $0.02, Greco-Roman calendars don't mean anything whatsoever at all. God's not honoring them one big, e.g. Dan 7:25 changing "set times". Lev calendar the ONLY calendar honored.



  23. Van helsing, I believe the UFO sightings are real but they are not beings from another planet, they are fallen angels, demons, they fllow satan. Just like in Genesis 6 when the demons went into the daughters of men and made hybrids/giants, this will again happen in the Tribulation. So glad we will NOT be here for the evil! I truly hope the Rapture will be June 20th but if not anytime this summer would be okay with me:)


  24. Luke 12:
    Be Ready for Service
    …39But understand this: If the homeowner had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into. 40You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour you do not expect.” 41“Lord,” said Peter, “are You addressing this parable to us, or to everyone else as well?”…

    42And the Lord answered, “Who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom the master puts in charge of his servants to give them their portion at the proper time? 43Blessed is that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns.

    So is he speaking to the Israel or also the gentiles?


  25. About 8 hours ago routers news put out a video about a portal. These portals will be set up in different countries and you can see an interact with the people in a different country they don't have sound to him yet but you can use sign language and wave and see what they're doing in real time and they're great big large circles check it out

  26. This point is really neat...i would like to see that laid out...

    In alphabetical order, harpazo (“rapture”) is the 726th word in the New Testament. 888 is well known as the simple Greek gematria of Jesus Christ."

    It's the last day of the 24th week of the year—a possible nod to the completion of the 24 elders, and, intriguingly, if Jesus died in 31 AD as I suspect, He would have rose from the grave on April 29th, exactly 726,888 days before 6/20/2021.

  27. I am so weary. I see absolutely no future here. This is my biggest sign.
    When I see others, Christians, making plans for years to come, in denial of the Rapture, I pray they have the Holy Spirit. When I see leaders of every kind working the earthly gin...I know our time here is up. I am so looking forward to an eternity of Joy and Purpose! Thank you for your posts. Come Lord Jesus, Come.

    1. I feel the same way Augusta. It hits me in waves. I have great difficulty in planning much more than a month out. I get overwhelmed with anxiety as the world turns more and more evil. I know Jesus is coming soon, He promised and He keeps His promises. I am just so ready. I feel as if I have eyes that see more of a big picture than most. One of the reasons I like this site, bc there are other believers that have been given sight as well. In my bubble, most think I am crazy or wishful thinking, believing we are still many many years away. For me when I become overwhelmed with it all I remind myself of the facts, leaving out the speculations of hope.

      Fact- Jesus is coming to take us home before the wrath
      Fact- God appointed a time for humans in their fallen sin
      Fact- there have been very specific signs in the sun, moon, and stars, just as Jesus said there would be

      These obviously are just a few, but meditate on what the facts are. On God's promises and pray for the armor of God in our fight in this spiritual battle, I guarantee you will feel a peace only God can give you, just as the scriptures tell us. It's not a one and done, but everyday. Hang in there friend! Jesus will be taking us home soon! See ya there!

    2. Lyndsey! I know this comes days late but I was having this discussion with the Lord this morning (just as I was waking from sleep) about "when Lord?". And we started repeating together Habakkuk 2:3. I would say a line and then He would say a line. I had to laugh. I had to laugh and He did too. He has so much He is doing. The vision will speak and not lie...hope to see you soon. Augusta

  28. Have you heard the one about the Ark of the Covenant being revealed during the Final Days? Or the one about the Temple "treasures" as well?

    Well, if you need a break from the talk of doom and gloom soon to come, can I recommend that you seek out the movie "Cracking the Shakespeare Code" . . . or any of the various videos related to it online?

    It's a slow-starter, but by the end it ties into the Oak Island treasure mystery on the History channel. Whether or not it's true, at least it's a decent 2-hours of entertainment, without a liberal agenda hiding behind it. And it sure seems like they're getting VERY close to revealing something cool, no matter what it is. But how amazing would it be if it did tie back to the Temple?!

    When I get to heaven, I look forward to 3 things . . . spending quality time with the people that I love in a place that doesn't stink . . . exploring new horizons . . . and answering old questions. And I'm hoping that Jesus will be my tour guide through it all!

  29. Thanks to all of you at Unsealed... I have been following you for 4 years or so now... Everything you have put on this site has rung true with His Spirit within me. There are lots of friends, family, coworkers who think I am crazy, but I have warned them all! Although a few people have heeded the warnings and have agreed. The Spirit has been pointing at Pentecost to me for a long time. I truly believe this might be it. It doesn’t make sense otherwise as to why Ruth is read on Pentecost. I will await my kinsman redeemer!!!
    Have you ever read Acts 2:1 and thought it to be a reference to rapture??
    “AND WHEN the day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all assembled together in one place,”
    ‭‭Acts‬ ‭2:1‬ ‭AMPC‬‬
    And where were they assembled? The “upper room”!

    1. Hey, I LIKE that MandieLou! That is the Acts 2:1 connection to the Rapture! Have you ever read any of Lu Vega's articles? He too is a fan of a Pentecost Rapture as I share in Will the Rapture Fulfill Pentecost?
      I hold onto the expectancy of a Summer 2021 Rapture in the Pentecost Season with you♥

  30. Thank you, Gary. Everything is really moving extraordinarily fast and urgent! Our God is truly Awesome!

    Today, I see a word that ends with x in the news - “tax”. A global tax is coming.

    Yesterday, the G7 reached a historic agreement for the creation of a global corporate tax. At the next month’s G20 meeting, we will see (or not) whether this will gain momentum. Something to watch here. There was a world tax during Christ’s First Advent (Luke 2:1), there will be one coming which will usher the Antichrist according to Daniel 11:20,21.

    Now the biblical reference numbers look interesting to me: 2, 1, 11, 20, 21.

    It might look like the AntiChrist is coming on the scene in 2021.

    1. The antichrist is said to be a raiser of taxes, according to Daniel 11:20. Does this mean that he will come from the left-wing politics? Left-wing politicians like to raise taxes to increase government spending, while right-wing politicians like lower taxes and cuts on public services and social security. That means less government spending and more private spending.

  31. Love the article, Gary. I really like all the study and research you do.

    I also agree that the convergence of signs are looking a lot like labor pains.
    Pentecost has already passed. Does anyone seriously think Jews don't know when Passover is?? Circumcision and keeping Passover are two of the biggest commandments, and the penalty is being cut off from God's people and promises.
    Besides, the first four feasts have already been fulfilled and they are inseparable linked with Christ's first advent and the last three are inseparably connected with the 2nd Advent.
    The ext one in order is Feast of Trumpets- which is well documented by countless Jewish scholars that this is the Last Trumpet, and is worth noting that the rapture is a Harvest, [Fall] and Jews all over the world understand that the great resurrection happens at Rosh Hoshanah [Feast of Trumpets]. Guys, Gary, check out this amazing, mind-numbing video by Christian rabbi Mark Biltz, When will the Tribulation Begin? By El Shaddai Ministries on YouTube.

    1. Interesting video! Thanks for sharing that!

    2. When the apostles were gathered together for Pentacost, they were accused of being full of 'new wine' (Acts 2:13). Historically in Israel, the grape harvest doesn't even begin until June. How can they be drunk on new wine, when the harvest hadn't even begun yet?

  32. https://jewishinsider.com/2021/06/barack-obama-interview/

    1. don't listen to this man's words, Jewish people!!!

    2. In this article, Obama is preaching a one world religion.

    3. it's very telling that he refuses to answer the most difficult questions

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. @Anon

      You say that it's obvious to those who expect him, and that the rest won't be convinced by much. But that's no excuse to give them so little to work with.

      It matters to those who seek the truth AFTER we're gone. And it certainly matters to those who aren't saved! I see every clue that I can decipher as a future gift to the unredeemed, and I tell everyone that I speak to about the AC's possible identities, so that they see the common theme and possibilities. I never tell them that I know who it is, but I give them options to focus on. It's no different than leaving a Bible behind with a note, because ultimately we need the collective wisdom of the Church to spread what they know NOW.

      Not everyone wishes to stay on the sideline, when there are so many blind folks out there. They NEED someone to show them the big picture, and even hints of the unknown. And you can't do a very good job of demonstrating Bible prophecy if you don't first tell people what, where, how, why, when, and YES, even WHO is coming up.

      Do any of us really "know" yet? Of course not. But that's not the point. And if some brothers and sisters like to fit puzzle pieces together with their free time, then what business is it of yours to criticize? You don't have to read it. And when someone says that they don't need to figure something out because "it can't be known," then I begin to wonder how much effort they're really trying to put into the Gospel. Just take a look at the Bible codes, models, gematria, and the web of complexity that we read about and see in books and videos. NONE of these can be "known" if no one tries to research, test, and verify.

      The only real caution is to admonish those who latch onto an idea and call it a proven truth, without a direct revelation from above. Those people are actually stealing the salvation of others, by confusing fact and fiction, which leads the lost to nowhere. Please be careful to remind folks whenever you make guesses, because there are people who listen to what you say! Do we really want the things that we say to physically hurt someone?

    6. I disagree...it's the Obamanation of Desolation

    7. we don't have to worry about this. We're gonna get harpazoed out of here before any of this happens

    8. unknown, that's a good point, which is why I have started saying I'm 95% sure it's Obama. Macron also has a very strong case to be made for him. and maybe it's someone else. Remember John said there are MANY antichrists...in addition to the final one. But now Obama is popping up preaching a one world religion and welcoming the "aliens". very suspicious. I for one believe it's relevant to point this out.

    9. Zachary

      "it's the Obamanation of Desolation"

      Thats funny, You makn me Laugh!

  33. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otBU50SCUqo

  34. Biden administration prepares ground to expand Abraham Accords

    Quoting, i24news.tv,

    "The Biden administration plans to lay the groundwork for a new campaign to encourage more Arab countries to sign diplomatic deals with Israel and strengthen existing ones.

    According to The Washington Post, the White House is considering appointing a former US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, to a post in the Middle East whose role would be to expand normalization agreements between Israel and governments in the region.

    U.S. officials are also working to encourage the development of trade, education and other ties between the four Arab countries that recently signed the Abraham Accords and Israel. Namely the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan."

    The plot thickens, eh?!

  35. Hey family, I have a prayer request. My oldest sister is pregnant and due to give birth a couple months from now, but she recently got back from the doctor and they've confirmed it's a high risk pregnancy due to multiple factors. (Blood pressure, anxiety, sugar, etc) Please pray for her and her baby to be carried to term and delivered safely, along with comforting them and my brother in law. Her name's Autumn, my brother's Matthew, and the baby's name is Katie. I don't even know if we'll be around then, but we've all very much been looking forward to meeting this baby.

    1. Prayers on the way! (Been there and experienced that -- all well!)

    2. Prayers have been sent for Autumn, Matthew and baby Katie. Blessings to you all.

    3. I pray Sam! God is sovereign!

  36. Hi Sam,
    I'll be praying for your family and I'm sure many here at Unsealed as
    well. I just wanted to mention to you, even IF we are not still here and the Rapture happens, born-again Christians that go to heaven will see their saved loved ones again. This will definitely include all babies from inside or outside the womb. The promise of this is in
    David's response when his child with Bathsheba died. (1 Samuel 12:15 - 23). Verse 23) But now he has died; why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me! I just wanted to share that comfort. In my humble opinion, I think we have a little bit longer here so I believe you will see this precious child before the end of our days here on the earth. May God bless:)

  37. I posted up above about the documentary "Cracking the Shakespeare Code," and the possible ties that could reveal a connection to lost Jewish Temple treasures in the End days. Or even the Ark of the Covenant, itself; although this is all speculation.

    I wanted to add this new piece of interesting information:

    The video goes to great length to connect those mysteries, treasures, and medieval theories to the Constellation Cygnus (aka the Northern Cross) . . . and to the Jewish Tree of Life symbol. Even more specifically, at the end of the movie, they attempt to "pierce" the earth at the location of the MERCY point, which lies exactly off the right hand of the Northern Cross, as seen from below.

    So guess what came out in astronomical circles about 3-4 years ago? Scientists used data to predict a HIGHLY visible supernova-style event involving the collision of binary stars . . . in 2022. And they predicted that it would be visible with the naked eye for at least 6 months, only to retract the statement later due to "faulty" math. Of course, the collision is still forecast to happen, but without a set date that I've seen anywhere.

    This binary collision, which will lead to a MASSIVE stellar sign, could still apparently happen this year or next. And it will be right next to the arm of the Cross, exactly above the MERCY point of Jewish mysticism.

    By all accounts, the Oak Island mystery is very close to revealing something large, and has been hampered, more or less, by the Governing bodies of secular institutions in charge of drilling, geology, eco-concerns, etc. Isn't that always the way of it? The Kings of the Earth do not wish to meet the King of Kings!

  38. Recent news article about a man being almost swallowed by a whale.


    Humpback whale gulps and spits out Cape Cod lobsterman

    Quoting, BBC,

    "A US lobsterman has been describing how he escaped being swallowed by a humpback whale.

    Michael Packard says he was diving when he ended up in the marine giant's mouth for about 30-40 seconds off Provincetown, Massachusetts.

    The leviathan spat him out and Mr Packard was left with nothing more than a suspected dislocated knee.

    Despite his wife's pleas to get another job, he has no plans of giving up a 40-year career diving off Cape Cod."


    Cue, Mercy Me, "Almost Home!"

    1. That is truly fascinating and very compelling; but is it possible the sign of Jonah is referring to 40 days of warning? Could it be that the sign of the man in the whales mouth points us to Jonah and we now have 40 days of warning? just my rambling thoughts. As always appreciate your insights and teaching. Take care PR

    2. I had the same thought!!

    3. Where does 40 days fall, with respect to the start date of the day the fisherman was in the whale? I'm fuzzy brained tonight, but does the end of 40 days come near AV 9/10?

    4. 40 days would end July 21 from when the man was in the whales mouth on June 11. It just seems to be a random Wednesday to me... but who knows? I keep watching and waiting. I know the time is nigh.

    5. Quoting you, Lyndsey,

      "Could it be that the sign of the man in the whales mouth points us to Jonah and we now have 40 days of warning?"

      It could be as anything is possible with God. I found it interesting that Mr Packard has been a lobster man for 40-years. Also interesting is that he thought he was dying. Compare that to (Jonah 2:5-6) where I think we can clearly see the death of Jonah. IIRC he is 56 years old...as in verses 5-6 in Jonah? (Maybe that's pushing it but still...)

      Still, the parallels are striking and get one's attention. If anything, I think that's what we're seeing here.

      I am looking hard at April 30, 2022 for the magnificent celestial events coming that day. Now that my schedule has settled down a bit perhaps I can return to my model studies?

      Keep a weather eye watching and waiting. Be ready!

      Kingdom cake awaits!

    6. According to Torahcalendar, Tisha B'Av begins the evening of July 19 ending the following evening on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. Chabad.org places Tisha B'Av beginning the evening of July 18 ending the following evening on Monday, July 19, 2021.

      The day count certainly rings of Judgement doesn't it? The sin of disbelief.

      IMHO, I would consider this a sign and not a watch day.

      The Jonah/Noah details and references of June 10/11 are too specific and with such proximity to 9 Av that coincidence strains belief. (No pun intended)

      Open the eyes of the heart Lord! Open the eyes of the heart!!

    7. Sorry, one more thought...the two events are akin to two witnesses, eh?!

      Two messengers.

  40. Prayer warriors - we may go through a bit of a...rocky week ahead as we move towards 6/20. but stand strong in the faith, our blessed hope seems to be very near indeed!!!

  41. Here's an opinion piece in Britain's 'The Guardian', that makes a perfect encapsulation of the big political picture: a Europe (and much of the world) that's begging for, and completely absent, the kind of leadership that the Antichrist will offer. All of the big strategic pieces are anxiously waiting, and nervously looking for that person. Without him, all that awaits is bleak uncertainty, infighting, and worse.

    Needless to say, the aftermath of the Rapture will seal whatever deals that he commands. Virtually nothing remains that can't be supercharged into shape solely as a result of that chaos. Everything is primed and waiting. Tick, tick, tick.

    The title of the article is "Britain Will Be America's Pet. But it's Europe's Future That's at Stake."



  42. Noah's Ark story in the news, too. We had the eclipse and then both the Jonah Whale story and the Ark occured on the 10th and 11th.

    Whale story happened on the 11th. He said he was in the whale's mouth for about 30-40 seconds. Look up Luke 11:30-40.

    This could be a 40 day warning and we could be leaving prior to it.


  43. At https://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article231785293/Laschet-fuer-hoehere-Militaerausgaben-und-groesseres-Engagement-der-Bundeswehr.html "Laschet für höhere Militärausgaben und größeres Engagement der Bundeswehr (Laschet for higher military spending and greater involvement of the Bundeswehr)"

    "Deutschland müsse in Afrika und rund um das Mittelmeer „mehr tun“, fordert Armin Laschet kurz vor dem Nato-Gipfel. Bei einem Wahlsieg wolle er das Bündnisziel von zwei Prozent der Wirtschaftsleistung bei den Militärbudgets einhalten."

    Translated into English:

    "Germany must “do more” in Africa and around the Mediterranean, says Armin Laschet shortly before the NATO summit. If he wins the election, he wants to meet the alliance's goal of two percent of GDP in the military budget."

    Will Germany play a prophetic significant role during the Tribulation Period?

  44. "The Kings of the Earth do not wish to meet the King of Kings!"

    The Bible does say that Messiah is going to oversee the execution of kings. Maranatha, Jesus!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. This is interesting. I went back to this article from last year . . .


    Initially, the overblown title upset me; because I do not think it's prudent to warn of death on that scale, and then later try to qualify the exaggeration with remarks like these:

    "Actually, according to one interpretation of the prophecy, this has already happened."


    “Poverty, to take away someone’s money and livelihood, can be instead of killing . . . ”

    Now I believe, with 100% certainty, that the Bible Code is real, because I have been following it for decades. But this felt too contrived, I think. Like the Rabbi was trying to warn us of a real code, but didn't know how to make the code fit our circumstances, so he began to make excuses for it.

    Clearly, we have not seen 2/3 of the population die . . . yet. And clearly, being "poor" is not the same thing as being "dead."

    But then I re-read it, with the benefit of June 2021 hindsight.

    I would also suggest that you skim through the video showing the code, itself, because you will note that those codes do not actually draw a line to the Zechariah prophecy directly. The Rabbi made that assumption. And historically, there are some who say that the prophecy has already been fulfilled once, IF speaking of the Jewish nation on its own.


    Here is what I find relevant today . . .

    1. The Hebrew year 5781 ends this September 2021.

    2. The author implies that this might be a first (or second?) fulfillment of the 2/3 prophecy.

    3. He implies that you do not need to DIE immediately to consider it a qualifying DEATH in the prophecy.

    4. Biden et. al. have aimed publicly for a 70% vaccination target by July 4th, 2021.

    5. It is well known that the target will not be achieved; that they will fall short.

    6. That puts it squarely in range of the 2/3 for depopulation.

    How convenient! A 2/3 MARK of . . . 66.6% . . . that will predestine the living for death. I'm NOT saying that the vaccine IS the Mark, yet. I AM saying that the vaccine WILL kill you in the future physically, assuming that something else doesn't get you first! And, all of a sudden, the "vaccine" (that is NOT a vaccine) fits perfectly as a fulfillment of the prophecy, perhaps?

  46. Im not taking that shot, i'll take my chances. No thanks.

  47. I'm with you Van helsing, I will never take that jab! As soon as it was public that there was a jab, the Holy Spirit laid on my heart of its danger and evil. I praise God that my husband and both of our adult sons agree with me of the evil of this jab. What is so upsetting is that my parents, sisters and their children are all blind to what is going on and willfully took this evil jab. Daily, I go from excited about seeing all these events that point to our soon departure on Flight 777 and absolute sorrow about the evil in our world, the deception and the horrors that will come upon the earth after we are gone :( What an incredible time we live in!

  48. Check this out

  49. This Jab is not the mark, period. The mark is an fully recognizable act. On your right hand or forehead. The Jab is into your left shoulder, (or maybe right) and it's new technology that is right. But it has nothing to do with loyalty towards a leader who is the antichrist.

  50. Scripture states that the Mark will be on the hand and forehead and visible. Jesus told us to render unto to Caesar what is Caesar's. We are to be good citizens and by not taking the vaccine, due to "faith", does nothing but cheapen faith. This is likely a precursor to the Mark, but is not the Mark itself. If you are scared of the vaccine because you don't know the workings of the vaccine, make it about that. But in Ethiopia, Nigeria, China, India, Hong Kong, Myanmar, etc, our brothers and sisters are dying for their faith. And here in America believers are further alienating society because of their "faith" when nothing in Scripture supports this.
    We are to be salt and light. The Church is supposed to care for the World and give the Lord an opportunity to work through us. Fear and obstinance are not listed in the fruit of the Spirit. Love Joy Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Gentleness Longsuffering, and Self-control is proof of our faith

    1. I think you have totally skewed this...sorry.. disagree with your analysis

    2. Show me what is skewed and how.

    3. Unknown, I could not disagree with you more.

      If Jesus had been allowed to voice an opinion on the Holocaust, you would be hard-pressed to convince me that his advice would have been to walk into the furnace in orderly fashion, when escaping and spreading the news would have been just as useful. But you go right ahead. Suicide is a sin, and don't kid yourself . . . the "jab" is your choice, and not the government's.

      You might want to check out NaturalNews.com first. Because it ISN'T a vaccine. And best of luck!

    4. I agree with UNKNOWN’s analysis of the vaccine. We should not live in fear of it. I listened to the advice of my Christian VA doctor, and we agreed that because of my underlying conditions, the risk was worth the reward. People with underlying conditions, as well as the elderly should seriously consider taking the vaccine. Because of the lack of extensive testing I will definitely not be forcing my children to take it. Nor would I recommend it for otherwise healthy adults. In reference to another’s comment sourcing Naturalnews.com, that site is full of misinformation and conspiracy theories. As a retired Intel Analyst, we often use OSINT (open source intel), and that is definitely one that is NOT reliable. The majority of the info there cannot be corroborated by a second reliable source.

    5. @ Unknown

      Should we even start counting the number of times that Bible heroes were told to run away from bad situations?! lol

      Maybe Joseph wasn't meant to flee to Egypt, saving baby Jesus along the way. Maybe he should've just walked into Herod's palace with his hands in the air.

      Of course, I'm not advocating violence. But neither am I advocating the "obstinance" you speak of. And how can you possibly assume that my intelligent refusal to CHOOSE against experimental non-vaccines somehow makes me less able to preach the Good News or show faith?

      I might be old-fashioned, but I was always raised to believe that a Watchman's role was that of a sentry . . . on guard to stand alertly and raise the alarm. I've never read of an effective sentry willing to silently open the gates to the city in the middle of the night. And I certainly wouldn't think that their behavior was anything but ignorant and traitorous. There are plenty of would-be Christians out there who will be thrown to the wolves by "obedient" Christians who never knew when to stand up for a single principle . . . Indeed, that is our greatest trial in 2021.

      In my humble opinion, people sometimes ascribe a bit TOO MUCH nicety to Jesus. He is the Shepherd who protects His flock. He is the Lion who defends the Tribe of Judah. He is never the willing participant in defiling the literal BODY of Christ. And He sure didn't send the Ark ahead of the Hebrews to wave the white flag.

    6. To Owlhead and Unknown who said, "We are to be good citizens and by not taking the vaccine, due to "faith", does nothing but cheapen faith.":
      The German people were brain washed, lied to, and held in fear to motivate them to hate the Jews by their own God hating Nazi government. Christians such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer, certainly grasped that GOD did not want anyone serving the NAZI regime to harm innocent people. Christians should not serve wicked governmental actions. If our own government is telling us the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the CV then why are so many well established medical doctors such as Dr.Peter McCullough (one of the most prestigious and published doctors in the US, as well as world class scientists sounding the alarm about the grave and hellish dangers of the CV? Why is social media censoring them?
      Simply, there is much more to the CV than most people are getting because of the lies of the enemy in the MSN, social media, and yes your government.
      God does not want Christians to ignore the truth about the schemes of the wicked and even worse, to actually serve the purpose of being a blind guide who encourages people to destroy their health and their families by taking the vaccine.
      Christians should wake up to the destructive adverse effects of the CV and not blindly obey our government in this when they are foisting lies that lead to death and serious injury of innocent people even children! Surely GOD is against that. GOD wants his children to obey the government when it comes to laws that are in keeping with GOD's ways that promote life, justice, and righteousness.
      I have a strong suspicion that you are not aware of the truth of the devastating adverse effects of the CV and the profound corruption of the pharmaceuticals in their love for money as they deceive the world with lies and fear into taking a vaccine that is neither safe or effective. Safe and effective is a lie and it comes from the Father of Lies.
      God is speaking; the Truth is out there still. Do all governments give people truth? How is our own government doing these days? I guess that presidential election and the aftermath was all legitimate. I wonder if many people here do not realize that a number of the pharmaceutical companies that are making and profiting from the CV have a history of being convicted in court for knowingly lying about their products that killed and injured scores of people. I wonder if most people here even know that the vaccine makers actually cannot be sued if any of their vaccines cause harm or death by a special exemption given to them by our very own government since the 80's. There is NO incentive for them to produce truly safe vaccines; we are not naive.
      Moreover, the CV is an experimental vaccine. Operation Warp speed did cut corners if you really look into it. The Prince of this World is always lying and suppressing the truth so be wise to the motivations and actions of those who are deliberately keeping the truth from us.
      Our sincere faith in Jesus actually causes us to have the Holy Spirit to lead us into all Truth just as Jesus said He would. The truth about the profound corruption of the CV program and its lies that have set the stage for the EUA of the vaccine need to be heard by him who has ears to hear the Truth.
      When we have many world class medical scientists and doctors from all niches sounding the alarm, then it is time to hear them out, rather than parrot the MSN and government propaganda that the vaccine is safe and effective. To actually speak out against the lies of the enemy in this matter is no degrading of our Faith. Rather it is a Christlike act to think in the face of lies and fear. It is to not hide behind the false assumption that Christians at all points need to obey a government rather than using Holy Spirit lead discernment. Again, how can Christians not see the signs of the times, and how can this world wide CV effort not be understood for the satanic monster it is?

    7. I completely agree with Unknown. To the person who was saying his/her Christian VA doctor advised to take the CV should quickly watch the video of Dr. Peter McCullough who is among the most prestigious doctors in the world. The video is almost 2 hours. Watch it all the way through before the counter intel takes it off the websites since it exposes satanic scheming of the worldly powerful.
      When a Christian is really watching for Jesus' return, as a necessity he or she has a genuine Biblical world view. They rely on the Word of God to discern the times and how the world's players are behaving and scheming. It opens one's eyes to the rise of the antichrist kingdom. When Christians say Jesus' return is a good ways off then they are not looking at the signs; there is no fooling us about that. We are at the end of the end times, and as such the enemy's kingdom is going full speed ahead in corrupting all the world's systems. How can a Christian not figure the world's governments and BIG pharma et al. who are promoting the vaccine are not aligned with the Devil in this. The intel such as the VAERS and again many highly regarded medical scientists coupled with a Biblical world view do wonders for understanding about what is really going on today.

    8. @ Will

      I don’t live in fear of the NOT-vaccine, because I know exactly what it is, and why it is dangerous.

      And I respectfully disagree with you about NaturalNews.com being unreliable. I have found MANY of their articles highly reliable. You hold them accountable for spreading "misinformation and conspiracy theories." But in truth, maybe you fail to see them for what they are . . . first-line detectives and guards.

      They are newsmen, not Congressional Committee Reporters. I think the best descriptor might be "artists," because they paint pictures of the truth, using the leading-edge information that they acquire. And they're willing to do it in full view; even spreading what they know as quickly as possible without the full facts, or every trivial detail. Even with occasional missteps. And, more often than not, they're usually onto something that others lack the courage to pursue. Pictures that no one else will show you, for fear of being down-voted. They ignore the cancel culture and censorship, and that is a good thing.

      One could even say that their restricted access to the corridors of power ought to be an argument in their favor. They are fighting the agenda, not licensed by it. And I expect their information to be less-than-perfect sometimes. All real INTEL is.

      Yes, you are absolutely correct about one thing . . . they often use revealed truth to make assumptions, sometimes guesses even. But I would rather have a Watchman with an overactive imagination and heightened sensitivities than an overly-cautious agent, waiting for the official narrative to be revealed. I would rather have a Watchman who rings the false alarm from time-to-time, than one who sleeps on the job and needs a second or third opinion on enemy activity to sound the bell.

      I wonder how many of us are 100% correct about everything we say, when we’re spreading the Gospel? And is that a strong argument for not spreading it at all?

      I’d rather have my murder mysteries solved in real-time, in the open, guess-work and all. Because frankly, I don't see the "verified" version of the "Deep State Show" coming out anytime soon. Sadly, many will be needlessly murdered without EVER having heard the truth . . . because they waited for the "fact-checked" version that was never to come.

      (continued below)

    9. Natural News was WAY ahead on calling the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine. Just as they've been way ahead on connecting other dots. Are they wrong sometimes? Yeah, sure. Do they march to the headlines with bad data on occasion? Yeah, probably. But I ask you . . . in a day and age when the world's largest "Health" organizations (WHO, CDC, NIH, etc.) STEAL your money and use it to KILL people, following Satan's agenda, how many could have been saved if they had been alerted to just one or two of those "unverified" reports on HCQ, NOT-vacccines, RNA editing, prion spread, falsified PCR tests, cardiac issues, neurological side-effects, etc.?

      How many? Because ONE life saved would have been enough for me to follow them. I have been told to OCCUPY this world until our Lord returns, not CONDONE it.

      Martyrs are not rewarded in Heaven, and punished on Earth, for their “obedience” to the state. Daniel was not thrown in the lion’s den for following the rules. And those who only do as they’re told, will soon wear a Mark. How long will the Church wait to warn them about the INEVITABLE choice that must be made? That choice is staring you in the eye right now, and if you don’t come to grips with the separation of Church and State that MUST happen in the End, how many will be lost?

      Pause and let that sink in for a moment. Because REAL faith requires you to put on the Armor of God . . . for a fight. It was Jesus, Himself, who said that He came to bring the sword, and not acquiescence or a surrender to evil.

      Regarding your own personal situation, I understand your post to say that your health professional deemed it prudent for you to receive the NOT-vaccine, which is obviously your prerogative. And I really do wish you the best, as I hope to meet you in Heaven. But in my opinion, I believe that MOST have made a fatal error in the Earthly realm. The NOT-vaccine does NOT help the majority of the aged or at-risk. Unless they were susceptible to death from a flu, this "jab" only puts them more at risk. And you can thank the over-blown and misapplied PCR cycles for pushing the sense of false urgency. Something that Natural News warned of, and something that “verified” scientists said nothing of.

      Trust the "experts" at your convenience, but NEVER FORGET what the Bible tells us: a "strong delusion" is coming. Maybe it's already begun?

      I wish us all the best, as brothers and sisters, but as long as God allows me to exist on this planet, in His image, I will guard my life, my family, and my lamp-oil with extreme prejudice. I will sacrifice them with discernment, as well; and NEVER at the behest of others. I do not answer to Princes or Principalities. I have a job to do for the Lord, and those things are MINE, until the very day that Jesus asks them of me.

      If that inspires fear and faith issues in others, then so be it. I am not liable for their ignorance and foolishness, or their lack of faith. I am ONLY liable for the message I preach, and the warnings that I don't give. I can tell the horses everything I know about the local water, but it’s not my place to force them to drink.

      (I imagine that Noah felt sadness over the loss of life during the flood, but I don’t think for one second that he’s up there right now feeling guilty about his 120 years of warnings!)

      When the Rich man in the parable went to his eternal punishment, and begged Abraham to send Lazarus back to Earth with a warning for his family, Abraham responded, “If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.”

    10. Look, the vaccine is not the mark. Even if it's a precursor to the mark, you can still take it safely now and reject the mark later, which is what I'm doing. Natural News has about as much legitimacy as Info Wars.

    11. I’m am the Unknown poster and Owlhead.

      Mark 7:14-23
      Are you thus without understanding also? Do you not perceive that whatever enters a man from outside cannot defile him, 19because it does not enter his heart but his stomach, and is eliminated, [g]thus purifying all foods?” 20And He said, “What comes out of a man, that defiles a man. 21For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, 22thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. 23All these evil things come from within and defile a man.”
      All I hear is fear in these responses against the vaccine. What Scriptural basis can you give to not take the Vaccine? Just please stick to the vaccine and not our Forefathers refusal to deny their faith.
      What witness do you give the world in being obstinate and endangering other humans?
      And as a Jewish believer with family that suffered through the Nazis, I am well aware or the enemy’s attack on Jews during that time.

    12. Mr. Owl, I think you are confusing food with poison. Food does pass through our bodies though it is wise to choose well and even wiser to take the Creator’s guidance into account.

      But this ‘not vax’ is a toxic stew designed to alter our very genes and it doesn’t leave even if we change our mind down the road. It’s a set-up! Am I afraid? To the extent that I do not want to displease my Maker (or have a stroke), YES!! Messiah said WE are the temple. Our individuality is an important part of this marvelous convergence of soul and spirit.

      I wonder sometimes if all those pharma commercials that show happy people ignoring all the warnings (including death) have been conditioning people to accept the fact that some will die, but… OH WELL.

    13. Cy and Cry, I get what you're saying, but is this is about the world and not our citizenship in Heaven. If it's a medical issue or concern, I wish believers would state that and not make it an issue of faith. Hebrews 10:23-25 says: "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching."
      Love and good works- until the end. Is refusal for man's science and making it about faith, good works? What witness are we giving? And Jesus said, "nothing that enters a man can defile a man." The Mark will be known. They will know what it is and take it willingly. Our mighty God told us to not live in fear. He is faithful.

  51. Looks like Natural News was almost certainly right, again.



  52. According to a top world viroligist, nobel peace prize winner and others in agreement...whoever takes this jab will die within 2 years. They say once you've taken it nothing can be done to stop this outcome.

  53. https://www.infowars.com/posts/bombshell-nobel-prize-winner-reveals-covid-vaccine-is-creating-variants/

  54. 27 "My sheep hear my voice,
    and I know them, and they
    follow me.

    28 I give them eternal life,
    and they will never perish,
    and no one will snatch them
    out of my hand.

    29 My Father, who has given
    them to me, is greater than
    all, and no one is able to
    snatch them out of the
    Father's hand.

    30 I and the Father are one."

    RED LETTERS (John 10:27-30 ESV)

  55. Blessings to you all! For those interested, here's another thought-provoking article:


  56. @ Zachary

    To my knowledge, not one person here was saying that the "vaccine" is the Mark. No one is saying that you lose your salvation via the "jab." But many hold the belief that it will become part and parcel of the Mark in time, and I am one of those.

    Now when you say that you can "take it safely now," I believe that you are 100% wrong. You can take it and still go to Heaven, surely. For the moment. But it is NOT a vaccine, and it will hurt and/or kill you, eventually, in my opinion. Do we say that you can "safely" take poisons? Or toxic metals? Or over-dosages of radiation? No, we don't. And the same will hold true, here. Please, please don't take it!

  57. Of course, each of us may disagree, and you may not value my opinion. I would never hold that against you. On the other hand, no matter how confident you might be in the safety of these gene-therapy and spike protein-based concoctions, I am equally convinced that you are wrong. And the weight of the evidence is on my side.

    None of these are vaccines, according to the accepted definition used for over 100 years. None of these have EVER successfully passed the animal testing phase. None of these are FDA-Approved. None of these have completed a full testing phase. None of these work in the human body without editing your genome or causing your body's immune system to harm itself. And on and on, we go. These are FACTS. And you can't claim that they're only experimental because they were rushed, when everything that we know proves that they're experimental because they were incapable of passing the most basic efficacy tests. They were NEVER going to win approval, and untold millions are jumping the gun because of fear and ostracization.

    Let me ask the obvious . . .If the NOT-vaccine was so safe, then why did they dump a fortune into their advertising rollout? You don't need to convince people to take something so "obviously" good for them! (That's sarcasm.) If they're so honest, then why did the CDC just change their reporting quota, again? Those who get the "jab" don't have to take any PCR test that goes over 28 cycles (which would almost guarantee a NEGATIVE result for all.) But those who don't get the needle, and need more coaxing to fall in-line with the agenda, still have to be tested at up to 40 cycles (which almost guarantees a POSITIVE result for the vast majority.) The only possible reason for this would be to encourage more fear and higher "jab" rates!

    Why did they just claim that young people have a rising Covid-infection rate, when their own chart shows that the rate is falling? They literally moved the dates of the period-in-question to fit their narrative by starting their count immediately after the HUGE drop in numbers. And, yes, Natural News also reported those same official CDC counts.

    Heck, the PCR test wasn't even designed for this! It was designed to MAGNIFY the return of broken coronavirus RNA fragments, etc., of which there are many, many natural forms. This was done in order to allow the labs to experiment with something that they couldn't work with in such small amounts! It is quite literally the worst testing regimen that a person could use to test in the natural environment with, AND it magnifies common flu results as well. You remember the flu, right? It was that crazy, lethal virus that used to kill thousands of the elderly and infirm . . . but it doesn't exist anymore . . . Praise God!

    If you didn't know these things before you were innoculated with God-knows-what, then might I suggest the tried wisdom of "Prudence demands patience" or "Look before you leap?"

    (continued below)

  58. When Christians take a "medicine" with obvious moral drawbacks and lethal repercussions for themselves and their neighbors, in order to ward off a "pandemic" which isn't actively hurting them, you really don't have to look very hard to see who is clinging to the "things of this world." When they ward off acute common illnesses with sharp, pokey sticks in the body that have NEVER been used EVER, you don't have to wonder who lives in fear.

    And if a person is in danger of dying from a novel flu, then I believe that there will come a day (in this world or the next) when they will look back and wonder how they ever thought that teaching their body to attack itself, or leaving God's blueprint behind would've helped.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best. I know that the times are tough, and that we will all win in the end, but I plan on staying in the game until Jesus, Himself, takes me from the board. I laugh at those who think that I am the one living in fear of a 0.2% death rate, or is it 0.02%? (The ventilators killed more than that.) I LAUGH at those who think that I inspire fear in those around me! I'm telling you to live, and live boldly!

    Isaiah 35:4

    "Say to those with anxious heart,
    'Take courage, fear not.
    Behold, your God will come with vengeance;
    The recompense of God will come,
    But He will save you.'"

    I should add that I NEVER wear a mask, and neither do my kids. (My wife pulls her head scarf down, because she's "non-confrontational.") And we never stay locked down, because I don't give a poop what the government thinks. They're my employees. I should be dead by now, shouldn't I? Or at least my grandparents ought to be, since they're both almost 90! I have a HUGE family. They don't wear masks. They don't have the shots. And the one very-distant family member that I know of who died of "THE COVID" probably wouldn't have survived another sugary soda.

    This is all too reminiscent of the 2009 H1N1 flu that they called a "pandemic." And after everyone ignored it, it disappeared. It's all too strange that the WHO was due to pay HUNDREDS of millions of dollars in lost insurance fees in 2020 . . . unless a Pandemic was declared. It's all too coincidental that the government found yet another reason to print trillions, just as we were about to have another economic French Revolution.

    Could I have passed on the dreaded coronavirus, by being oh-so-callous? I would say that the odds of that are not much different than that of passing on the common cold, or the two bad flus that I once had. And I'm sorry, but I don't remember anybody locking down, wearing masks, ruining their lives, offering themselves up as guinea pigs, or destroying the futures and freedoms of our children for that. Try again.

  59. @ owlhead

    You say, "All I hear is fear in these responses against the vaccine. What Scriptural basis can you give to not take the Vaccine?"

    I ask, "What makes you think we're afraid?" It's ACCEPTED FACT that these are NOT actually vaccines in any sense. It's ACCEPTED FACT that aborted babies contributed to them. It's ACCEPTED FACT that they won't release the ingredients. It's ACCEPTED FACT that Big Pharma has lost MANY court cases for purposefully harming citizens. It's ACCEPTED FACT that they begged for protection from lawsuits before making this stuff available. It's ACCEPTED FACT that this chemical soup has NEVER passed any of the myriad trials and tests over decades of lab work. It's ACCEPTED FACT that almost everyone will live without it. It's ACCEPTED FACT that MOST of the people being harmed by the NOT-vaccine would have been fine, had they exercised better judgment and better lifestyle.

    I ask again, "By what right do the 'vaccinated' accuse their brethren of being afraid, when it was they who jumped to the first experimental solution offered?" Respectfully, they have no high ground, here, and no clinical results to show otherwise. But we can talk that over at dinner in, say, about 7-8 years, once the data is well-known. I'm buying.

    (continued below)

  60. As far as scriptural support for NOT vaccinating, where do we begin?

    Should we start with the Bible's warning against witchcraft and drug-related sorcery, rooted in the word "Pharmakeia?" Unsealed.org already tackled that one.

    Should we start with the "Strong Delusion" that will be sent? Good luck convincing me that this Covid lie is not the biggest delusion in world history.

    Should we start with the innumerable commandments to have courage?

    Should we start with acknowledging God's supreme vision for our own bodies? That even when we've suffered 6,000 years of damage, due to a sinful nature, we still have DNA far and above the work of man . . . or his "assistance?" I think there's plenty of support for that.

    Or should we keep it strictly Biblical, and go back to one of the big reasons for the Flood? That men and women had become defiled. And how? By allowing the Nephilim to mess with their DNA. But there's not enough room to go into that here! Giants and Fallen angels, and such.

    Should we search the Bible for examples of medicines used by the righteous, to see how far THEY would have gone?
    They talk of leaves, wine, oil, figs, fruit, etc. I see no references at all to RNA manipulation. (And this is where you might point out that MOST of our current medicines are not listed there for use . . . and I might point out that maybe they are responsible for our current predicaments; that they are NOT listed might just mean that they are not worth the long-term harm to the species. And hasn't that always been our Original Sin? That we value our own greed and pride, and hormonal drugs and headache prescriptions MORE than the people that we hurt when those drugs are flushed into the water supply?)

    Should we even begin to address the myriad of verses that refer to our bodies as the Temple of God?
    How about a quote, instead, from a random Christian website:

    The "Human body is God’s dwelling place and we must take care of our bodies which are God’s temple.

    Taking care means that our bodies must be very clean as said, ‘cleanliness is second to Godliness’.

    We must also make sure that we keep the body away from things which destroy, harm and defile it, like fights, wars, killings, immoralities, adultery, prostitution, fornication and all evil.

    Paul said this, ‘If any man destroys the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple you are’ (1 Cor 3:17)."

    Notice the emphasis on "cleanliness" which drugs can't provide? Notice that Paul warns against YOU destroying your temple, and not some random virus?

    I think it's fair to stop there, since I'm pretty sure that Pfizer/Moderna/J&J/Astrazeneca and others are not in the Bible; just as I'm sure that they fit quite nicely as evils that were meant to be unsealed and/or understood in the proper time.

    If you want more specific references to verses telling you NOT to take the NOT-vaccine, then I kindly ask you, in return, for any reference at all to the supposition that I SHOULD take it.

    (continued below)

  61. Finally,

    You ask, "What witness do you give the world in being obstinate and endangering other humans?"

    I ask, "What makes the witness of the 'vaccinated' more wise?" Are they better than me, because they did not trust God's design? If they are now the free-prion spreaders whose bodies can't help but produce spike proteins, what right do they have to endanger us all . . . and not just as individuals, children, and the like . . . but as a species? Their RNA is most decidedly not human anymore, and neither are their future generations (although it's been PROVEN that many of the "vaccinated" have already lost that reproductive ability).

    Am I the obstinate one, for trusting our Lord Jesus? For placing my life in His hands? For trusting his designs for my body, which have worked for 6,000 years without the aid of experimental biotech?

    I think some Christians ought to try removing that plank from their eye. Maybe then, they might be able to see what's happening.

    Please understand: I don't say these things to offend. I say them to defend.

    No one has a right to use peer pressure against us on this issue. It is our choice, and ours alone. We call people who would do such a thing "bullies." But I expect to bullied even more in the near future, because that is EXACTLY what the Bible calls for. And you know what? I can take it! Because my hope is not in this world . . . or man's pointy devices.

    1. I appreciate your well-thought out reason and response and I thank you for your perspective. I have heard and read many believers fear the vaccine because they feel it's the Mark or they will be affected like the Mark. Perhaps their lack of Scripture knowledge is where my frustration comes from. Over 60% of millennials don't believe in God. A recent poll showed that only about 6% of believers live a Bible-based life. God told us in Hebrews 10:24-25: And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, 25 not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.
      Love and good works. Even more as the Day approaches. And by making unbelievers feel unsafe because of refusal to wear a mask or get a vaccine, what witness do we have? How is that Love and God works? We are told to live for others here, not for ourselves.
      I will always err on the side of Love and good works. Cause that is what the King has asked of us.
      And yes, I'd love to take you up on your offer

  62. https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-06-17-cdc-emergency-meeting-worldwide-epidemic-blood-clots-covid-vaccines.html

    Prove to me that the science here is wrong. If you can.

    And then check out what the CDC says about these other "natural" prion diseases . . .


    How about we use the CDC's own words for the headlines?

    "Treatment of prion diseases remains supportive; no specific therapy has been shown to stop the progression of these diseases."

    "This disease is rapidly progressive and always fatal."

    Oh, never mind. Believe what you want. But I will die unvaccinated, or I will be Raptured, having never died at all. And I leave it my Lord Jesus to instruct my path. Yeah, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear NO evil.

  63. There's no reason to not take the vaccine. It's been recommended by all the mainstream organizations like the CDC, and by every mainstream doctor I've seen. Me and my family all took our second shots two months ago and haven't suffered any health problems. There are still variants out there, and anyone who is still refusing the vaccine is still putting themselves at risk. I urge you all to do the safe thing and protect yourselves. The virus is no joke. Listen to respected sources on this.

    1. It’s probably best to just pray for some folks, rather than continue to argue your case. They can’t hear you. Only God can open eyes and ears. And for those already v’d, it’s in God’s hands, they already made their fateful choice.

    2. I changed one word. Only one. Now let's see how ridiculous that statement is:

      "There's no reason to not take the [MARK]. It's been recommended by all the mainstream organizations like the CDC, and by every mainstream doctor I've seen."

      And look at the difference! Again, I say, the current "jab" is NOT the Mark, but it's also NOT a vaccine. You are trusting the wrong people with your earthly body. But that's your right. It won't be your right to object when it goes wrong, and I believe that it will.

      But at least the suffering won't last long! I'm praying for all of you.

    3. I'm like Johnny Appleseed, just planting seeds in their minds

  64. To Gary and all the "Unsealed.org Gang " ... Here's my thanks to you all who have shared all your research, information, hopes and prayers with all of your followers thru the past years. Your dedication and faith have kept us, the wise virgins, on our toes, and for that we all thank you ! May our Loving and Merciful Living and Eternal King Y'shua lead us to a soon and swift "HOMECOMING " that will truly 'change the world' ! MARANATHA !

  65. Owlhead,

    I understand you, completely, and I can appreciate your heart's intentions, however misplaced I think they might be. It's obvious that you are a caring individual, with an eye on the End of all things. But I consider my warnings against faked medicine an appropriate expression of "love and good works." I think it's far more valid and effective than sharing in the poor decision-making of the collective.

    I'm trying to keep their earthly bodies alive longer, so that they have the time to consider the fates of their eternal bodies. These same people who jump to poor medical conclusions, will be doing the same on the spiritual front . . . which is exactly what Lucifer wants. More souls taken from God, in haste.

    Your decision to subject yourself to, what I believe is, faked medicine, fraudulent lies, and evil designs is not what I would call "love and good works." Unless you plan to be a proven example of what-not-to-do . . . for all to look back at in confusion.

    My advice to all is this: If you really want to "err on the side of Love and good works" then stop worrying about your personal susceptibilities to something that hasn't actually hurt you, and start warning people about the coming times, and the accompanying lies. Help your neighbors to see the truth, and not live in fear.

    Many years ago, I went on a few dates with an Army doctor at Ft. Detrick, Maryland. We both had well-paid, professional careers, she was cute, and claimed to be a Christian, so I thought we were off to a promising start . . . until she started talking about her job.

    You see, the US Government is every bit as complicit in biological warfare; and almost certainly participated in the weaponization of the coronaviruses. And Ft. Detrick was the home of their chemical/biological labs at the time. (Locations have changed somewhat since then.) Long story short, even though I had once been accepted into all 3 US branches of the ROTC scholarship programs, she began to question my "patriotism" when I stated that I would never allow the US Government to experiment on me with their needles, drugs, etc. She talked freely about how they used active soldiers to test all of their theories, and she deemed it cowardly for anyone to object. Especially for the $$$ that they offered as a bonus. After all, they only wanted to "help" us protect the nation by developing new weapons for self-defense, and by using more appropriately expedient test subjects. How Christian of them!


  66. Owlhead, I quote you here:

    "And by making unbelievers feel unsafe because of refusal to wear a mask or get a vaccine, what witness do we have?"

    You assume, very wrongly, that I am somehow responsible for making people feel "unsafe." If you see me without a mask or vaccine, you only need walk a different direction. Only a tyrant says that I must give way because someone else has delusional fears. Should I only drive where you want? Breathe when you want? Work how you want? Think what you want?

    Is that what you do? No, it's not! And I don't recommend that any man or woman created in the image of God should live that way.

    Have I asked any of them to distance themselves? No. Have I asked them to change what they're wearing? No. Have I tried to GUILT them into taking unproven medicines that they don't agree with? No, I haven't.

    If you believe that guilt is an appropriate tool for use against the unvaccinated, then you are fooling yourself if you think that you have the moral high ground, here. You are a victim of Stockholm Syndrome.

    In my opinion, and with all due respect, you are not showing "Love and good works." You are avoiding confrontation and truth. Something that your sheep will pay for. The logic that you're using will have them lost, long before they'll ever figure out that there was a wolf in their midst.

    And this part is not opinion. This is a warning. Any Christian who claims that "we" have to do what they want, in order to comfort them, is a tyrant. Jesus always gives us the chance to make our own choices, and that is all that we are responsible for. Jesus lets YOU decide how much money you want to give to others, how much time you wish to share with others, how much energy you ought to expend on others.

    WOE to those who try to tell you that you have not met THEIR requirements for self-sacrifice!

  67. Most here can look at the big picture and make an informed decision!

    The Globalist Cabal G7 EU and there eugenics program, depopulation agenda is in full swing
    and has been for many decades!

    As far as the Vaccine is concerned, which doesn’t qualify to be called a Vaccine ( according to the CDC ) which is really a bioweapon.

    Mask or no mask, vaccine or no vaccine you decide.

    But as Christians we have all of the promises of God in Christ.

    2 Corinthians 1:20 For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us.

    Isaiah 54:17 - no weapon forged against you will prevail…

    Psalms 139:2 Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off….

    There are verses that you should be aware of and strike out like this one:
    Romans 13:1-7 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers….
    Added by the Translators to control the population subservient to King James.

    The Globalist’s or Luciferian’s believe the “ends justifies the means”.
    They Lie, Cheat, Steel, Murder.
    They appear as authorities looking out for your own good!

    They are playing long term and have no idea that Satin is playing them.

    The dragon gave him (The Beast out of the pit) his power, and his seat, and great authority who Possesses the peacemaker mid Trib and becomes the Eighth kingdom (Antichrist Kingdom).

    As for the Mark of the Beast, it is the second Beast Rev 13:11 (he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon) that one that causes all to receive the Mark, Rev 13:16.

    I never do forget this one, one of my favorites “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21

    1. Thanks Gregg,

      That is a good and timely word!

    2. Thank! LookingUp!
      Much appreciated.

  68. It is now Monday the 21th of June and the Rapture hasn't still happened. Our Lord and Saviour taught that we don't know neither the day or the hour of the Rapture.

    Mark 13:32 KJV: "But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father."

    1. Read it in the Greek. Know means comprehend. He does not say you can't know. He says that [ some] men do not comprehend or perceive. Strongs G1492.https://biblehub.com/greek/1492.htm

      It is also the exact name of the next Feast to be fulfilled by Christ, outside of heavily regurgitated dogma of interpretation that does not take the lingo of the day, or the Greek language, or the Jewish backstory into account in these days.

  69. 6/20 came and went and we're still here?

    1. That’s what comes from an unhealthy and un-Scriptural focusing on any one given date. Be of steady faith. For all we know, we could be here for a while.

      To be honest, some of the most troubling actions and words are coming from other Christians these days. I’m seeing far too much rot-gut FEAR, over-reaction, and buying into orchestrated lies. We’re supposed to be discerning, and that should apply beyond matters of Scripture.

      My only real encouragement, is that comment sections such as these tend to be dominated by a handful of the same people.

    2. So sad. Wanted to be gone yesterday.

  70. I'm not. But Heaven has great wi-fi. Why aren't you here? LOL

  71. All kidding aside, I like the messages that Dr. Barry Awe has been putting forth about Shavuot lately. I won't say that June 25th is THE day, but his calendar seems to be worth serious consideration. And this makes 2021-2022 all the more special. I believe that we ARE in the season, and that's good enough for me.

    I'm just trying to focus on the few things that I'd really like to accomplish, yet, on earth. Like a patient with a terminal illness . . . I have terminal hope!

    1. I watched one of Barry's most recent videos today and I am not onboard that Shavuot and Pentecost should be two different events. Shavuot and Pentecost, the Feast of Weeks, are one-in-the-same. His chart shows them as two different events and he said that Shavuot is at the 40-day mark (Ascension Day)?

      Not that I am aware of but then again, I could have missed something in his study along the way.

      Beyond that, he has some interesting finds for Bible (TNK) codes that could be interesting to try to reproduce. Basis for an interesting study if anyone was looking for such!

      But until we are taken Home or I am individually called, I will continue to occupy, disciple and encourage the saints. It's not about me -- it's all about JESUS.

    2. I just began a recent video by Gevte, which quotes a book called "Kingdom of Fools: The Unlikely Rise of the Early Church. In that book, is quoted a section from the Temple Scroll from the Dead Sea Scrolls. In that quote it lists 3 feasts: 1) The Feast of New Grain held the 15th day of the 3rd month (also called Feast of Weeks and Feast of Firstfruits), 2)Feast of New Wine, held 50 days after Feast of Weeks on the 3rd day of the 5th month, 3) Feast of New oil held 50 days after Feast of New Wine on the 22nd day of the 6th month.

      I suspect that Dr. Awe is "onto something", but has not seen this reference and therefore doesn't have "official" names for all of these feasts. He has drawn wine and oil on his reference chart, but still uses pentecost since pente means five.

      As far as ascension day, I see how he is calculating that, but of course, have no idea if he is correct. I guess that is a question we can ask Jesus! :)

      Pastor Rich, I have been so blessed by your studies and your encouragement here. Thank you!-Vicki

  72. Sad. I have a little boy waiting on me. He left us in a diabetic coma at age 12. I want to go home. Please lord, come get us.

  73. Moin

    Jesus didnt say anything about the rapture. He was referring to the second coming ending with his personal presence on earth AFTER the tribulation.

    1. Why would Jesus not disclose both, especially since the first is what is most important to keep people OUT of the Time of Jacob's Trouble?? By hiding in the gospel of grace. Pay close attention to what was said in Hebrews 11: 6 regarding Noah: But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

      7 By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.

      I would say that the coming of the Kingdom of God in the form of glorification for the Sons of God Heirs in Christ to be born and the bride of Christ to ascend with Jesus for the Wedding Birthday on the next feast to be fulfilled ( Trumpets) is of huge importance. Those who are not in faith, will be cut off in unbelief and terrible suffering. That is a window of opportunity that is closing and he told people to be ready ( by rebirth). It is major importance to him. Then the hell on earth. Then the 2nd coming at the end.

  74. Unknown, I really don't think it can be too much longer. One reason for me to believe we are close to going home is the two biggest conservative and real-life leaders, i.e. Trump & Netanyahu, have been deposed by the globalists, leaving the world without any true leader which sets Israel and the world up for the acceptance of Antichrist. There are many reasons of course, but the second really big one that I
    just heard about on the radio is the effort from the U.S. globalist/biden fake administration asking people to spy on their family and neighbors and turn them in for domestic terrorism when they are being heard or seen doing something against the government. I believe we are at the end, not much longer. I am the black sheep of my family, the only conservative, the only die-hard Trump supporter, the only one that realizes we are in the end times. I have sisters that hate me because of our different beliefs. They will turn me over to the government at their earliest convenience. I know this is very sad but my entire family of origin is blind to what is happening in the world. The third biggest reason is the lies and deception surrounding the Covid19 UN-pandemic/and NOT vaccine but a deadly evil bioweapon. Anyway, not too much longer now, Unknown, I'm looking forward to meeting Jesus of course and meeting my brother that died at birth.

  75. Just curious, but why are some Christians and in this article too, saying that Israel was "reborn" in 1948, when mere men sat around a table and allowed her to congregate into that land, as rebirth of a nation? I can not find as scriptural exegesis that Israel will be born a second time as prophecy. I get that she comes into the land again and was cut off in Matthew 21 by Messiah for unbelief as a whole. The church was formed by believing Jews and Genitles however on Pentecost in 33 AD.
    I see that in Jeremiah 30 very clearly with a strong rebuke, and by the time you get to verse 7 that prophet is prophetically calling out The Time of Jacob's Trouble, aka the 70th week of Daniel. So I get that. But I do not see anywhere that the bible predicts that term of "physical Israel being reborn as a nation". Where is that, please? Why is that assumed onto the text, where is it proven in the Word?
    Why is it used to signal the end?

    Isaiah 66 is not about a physically rebirth of a land, it is rather about the Personification of the New Covenant giving birth to the faith-filled New Covenant Born Again Believers, who make up a righteous new nation in Christ's Rebirth for the Kingdom. Peter was so clear in his writings about the nature of this new nation. 1 Peter 2:9 ►
    But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a *holy nation* , a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who *called you out of darkness into his marvelous light* .

    Source: https://dailyverse.knowing-jesus.com/1-peter-2-9

    There is nothing but praise and looking forward for the One New Mankind in Christ who is free and from above, a spiritual form of Jerusalem our kingdom one day we will live in as the two shall be one Eph 2: 15 the Jew in belief and the Gentile in belief. All because of the gospel ( the New Covenant and our mother) that Paul explains out in Gal 4: 36-27, quoting out Isaiah 54:1; which pairs with the Revelation 12: 1-5 woman. It is not( land or the people) Israel as a state-and in unbelief who is still in bondage, Paul tells us in Gal 4. It is a New Covenant in Jesus' blood that was carried out in Jerusalem, to offer us a new eternal life and Kingdom in the Heavenly Jerusalem; by the gospel of the Lamb of God in faith. 1 Cor 15. The One New Mankind Man child is brought about by the New Covenant, not a reborn physical nation cut off in unbelief. Not a true signal of the end as it has been defined. And dissent to disagree with that has become some very strange almost subservient pov that does not allow for any other thought. That is odd if not total obsequiousness in Christian circles. I wonder if it will play into the deception of listening to and obeying of a Jewish Antichrist from Israel for the deceived false Christians? Things that make you wonder.

    It is not a miracle that Israel was moved into her land by people in unbelief who could have been both Masons and Zionists, but what is a miracle that is truly described in Isaiah 66, if you are honest with yourselves and read it, shows that the BELIEVING BLESSED JEWS AND AND AND the BELIEVING BLESSED GENTILES IN FAITH, are brought back from the DEAD and Glorified, as the spiritual (supernatural) One New Mankind Heirs in Christ.

    part 1

  76. part 2
    And while I am aware that Jesus/ God is not done with Israel yet, since there is a 7 year Time of Jacob's Trouble coming, Summer, I know he will draw forth many more Israelites and Gentiles into the covenant of Grace through faith. So that is not in question.

    World Shift indeed is part of the end, more than nursing some imaginary rebirth of a physical land to signify something is about to change, forever and to be prepared for it by rebirth and hiding your life in Christ. Col 3:3 John 3

    Before you go to the Parable of the Fig Tree in Mark 13: 28-29 and Matthew 24: 32-35 ( and other trees in Luke 21:8-9) where does it say that has anything to do with Israel being "Reborn as a nation (from 1948"? Where is the in the Old Test or the New one?

    When you consider that all over scripture the Tree is symbol for People and Kingdoms, especially Genesis, Daniel, Revelation, can you not see that the cut off Fig tree and other trees who say the 'time in near/now' as it reads in Luke 21: 8-9 is about The Rival Beast Kingdom counterfeit Great Reset NWO establishing their sick coming Kingdom, that we are now witnessing extending out its agenda. this the true meaning of the proliferation of the Fig tree generation witness of the tender new branch growth and the leaves putting out. This is the Jews and Gentiles in unbelief who are working together in various global government/governance as the those who say that they are coming in the name of the I am. ( These are the Elitist Oligarchy of Neo Communists, false gods, of Paganism, and Transhumanism) with a counterfeit Messiah, counterfeit Church of all religions ( Babylon) and a Counterfeit Kingdom with Ai. This has nothing to do with anything in 1948 with regard to a "rebirth of a physical nation" as a sign of anything. That is not good biblical hermeneutics, that is eisegesis, cramming your will into the text, rather than letting the text inform the reader, which I think a form of brainwashing and parrot puking of repeating has taken hold of the church.

    The critical eye to esteem what scripture says especially pulling from other books of the bible, paired with the obvious endeavors of evil all around us as we are being transitioned into the setting up for the end, Summer; and the coming of the Kingdom of GOD in the form of the woman ( New Covenant) giving birth to the heir One New Mankind in Christ, head and body united into one, at the door. That is the final warning of the Fig Tree Generation. When people begin to understand that, they will feel the weight of the warning's true proximity to the reward consequences that are coming to both the Believer in Messiah and the unbeliever outside of his grace. Two very different outcomes for mankind depending on what you did with the offer of rebirth into the Heir and bride for the Will of GOD as a vessel of grace or a vessel of wrath.

    When does this kick off? The Day and Hour No Man Knows ( apprehends/ appreciates/ comprehends) the next Feast of Trumpets is next to be fulfilled by Jesus, the Jew I willingly and adoringly worship as a simple Gentile woman and lover of the Bible since I was about 7 and now am 45.

    All my Worship is directed to the Rightful King of the Planet, Last Adam;
    King of the Jews, Jesus/ Emmanuel, my God man and redo for humanity as the BRANCH of the Old Test,
    Teresa (Jesus is my GOD channel) on YouTube

  77. Theresa,

    I don't think that you have to try very hard to see that for the first time in all of recorded human history, the prophetic pieces are all in place. The Fig Tree paradigm meshes perfectly with every other outward sign that was revealed in the Bible. All of the books are pointing to SOON.

  78. Sorry Teresa,

    I have a family member named Theresa, and that's where my spelling automatically took me.

  79. In the article number 7, the author gives a date of the rapture - June 20th. I don't believe giving possible dates is prudent or beneficial to the Body of Christ since God's word is clear that we will not KNOW the day or the hour. But we can are instructed clearly to know the SEASON of his return. Day/Hour and Season are two very different things. Let's all focus on the season as our head, Jesus Christ, instructed us to be focused on. Thank you and God bless us all.



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