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Seventy-Three: A Birthday To Remember

A major shift is underway in Israel as the Benjaminitic era of Netanyahu (and also Gantz) seems to be coming to a close.  News is breaking that Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid may have successfully negotiated a new governing coalition.  In an unexpected outcome, it looks as if the nationalist Bennett may actually become prime minister.  Having him at the helm of the Israeli government in the aftermath of the rapture is a natural fit that many watchers have foreseen.  Naftali was quite literally a commando in the IDF and took part in Operation Grapes of Wrath.  How fitting that he would steward Israel initially as the wrath of God begins to be poured out.  Just as importantly, Bennett has historically opposed the creation of a Palestinian state and has called for annexing the West Bank (Judea and Samaria).  He has also called for Israeli control over the Temple Mount complex itself.

It appears as though Naftali Bennett could be sworn in sometime next week, not long after Israel's 73rd [Gregorian] birthday (source).

Remember that major prophetic shifts in history have come in conjunction with the tribe of Benjamin.  For example, it was Benjamin's arrival in Egypt that brought about the revealing of Joseph's identity (a type of Christ) and led to Jacob (Israel) and his whole family sojourning in Egypt during the seven-year famine.  It was the civil war between the tribes of Israel and the tribe of Benjamin that effectively ended the period of the judges and led to the era of the kings.  The first king, Saul, was himself a Benjaminite.  The Apostle Paul, who helped steward the Church during the dispensational transition, was a Benjaminite.

The tribe of Naphtali is a significant prophetic marker in itself, not only for the public ministry of Christ, but also as one of the first tribes to be decimated and exiled during the Assyrian invasion over 700 years earlier.

Land of Zebulun and land of Naphtali, way of the sea, beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the nations!  The people that is sitting in darkness saw a great light, and to those sitting in a region and shadow of death—light arose to them. (Mt. 4:15–16, LSV)

Thus begins what could be the very year of our departure. The year the water breaks. The year the world reaps what it has sown.

On the Jewish calendar Israel turned 73 on April 17th.  On that same day Prince Philip was buried.  He had been married to Queen Elizabeth for 73 years.  The first use of the word harpazo ("rapture") in the era of the Church was when Philip was raptured by God in the account recorded in Acts 8 (v. 39).

Also our beloved brother Dan entered the Throne Room of God on April 17th after producing many charts showing that particular day to be significant.  His final high watch day was Pentecost.

Besides the fact that Psalm 90:10 might be pointing to this very year that just began on the biblical calendar (Spring 2021 through Spring 2022), as Israel is 73, it is also intriguing that the last two verses in the Bible are 20–21:

The [One] testifying [to] these things says, “Yes, I come quickly!”  Amen.  Come, Lord Jesus!  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ [is] with all [[the holy ones. Amen.]] (Rev. 22:20–21, LSV)

The last verse in Revelation before the Tribulation section begins is 5:14.  And the judgments and wrath of God outlined in the book of Revelation specifically highlight the numbers 7 and 3—three sets of seven  judgments each: seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven bowls of wrath.  And of course three sets of seven judgments yields 21 judgments in total.  Israel turned 73 in 2021.

Furthermore, the third-day birthday parallels that were thought to align with the Revelation 12 Sign may still be very relevant—aligning instead with the final 10 years of the fig tree generation.  Israel turned 70 in 2018, with Israelis celebrating for 70 hours, and a couple of months later the Israeli government enacted the Jewish Nation-State Law.  Those pivotal events may have marked the commencement of the final ten years.  “The third-day birthday” would point to a 2021 rapture and commencement of Daniel's 70th Week.  The Revelation 12 Sign aligns independently with 2021 as being 1,260, 1,290, and 1,335 days prior to this current period.

If you remember the astonishing chiasm that Jeff identified, it further made the case that we are indeed at the edge of history and nearing the end of the fig tree generation.  It may well be that this parallel-type structure has additional layers that further solidify where we are in history.  I think another interesting chiasm might be playing out.  I have to give credit to Unsealed reader Abel for first spotting this:

1. In Scripture we can distinguish between the nation of Israel as a people and the nation of Israel as a geographic entity.  As a united geographic entity with a central government, its establishment was under Saul.  Saul was a wicked king of course, so God gave the kingdom to David and his descendants forever.

2. If we consider the United Kingdom of Israel under the house of David (David + the son of David, Solomon), the kingdom existed for 80 years.  David reigned over Israel for 40 years (1 Kgs 2:11) and Solomon reigned over Israel for 40 years (1 Kgs 11:42).

3. However, elsewhere in Scripture (e.g., 2 Sam.), we learn David's reign was subdivided into seven years and 33 years.  After the death of Saul, David was not immediately recognized as king over all the tribes.  The commanding general of Saul's army, Abner, installed Saul's son Ish-bosheth as king over Israel.  Ish-bosheth reigned for two years before his assassination.  The full seven years saw conflict between the camps of David and Saul.  It wasn't until around the seven-year mark that Abner finally defected to David and David became king of all the tribes.

This chronology is startlingly similar to what we're witnessing now.

So let's put this together and consider the possible parallels:

House of Saul = Dominion of Satan

House of David = Dominion of God

Saul is killed = Satan cast down

Abner = a type of the coming false prophet?  Or perhaps a type of Satan having been cast down?

Ish-bosheth = a type of the Antichrist; a puppet of Satan and his plan to thwart David becoming king.

Seven years of David in Hebron = the Tribulation / Time of Jacob's Trouble; note also that David in Hebron could be seen as Israel in the wilderness.

73 years of David + Solomon reigning over all the tribes = 73 years of the modern state of Israel before the Tribulation, or Time of Jacob's Trouble, commences.

The parallels only go deeper from there.  To confirm there is indeed some sort of parallel, the first prime minister of the modern state of Israel was David Ben-Gurion.  David Ben-Gurion had two stints as prime minister.  His second stint lasted seven and a half years.  King David reigned in Hebron seven and a half years (1 Kings rounds to seven years, 2 Sam. says it was technically seven and a half years).

Now David reigned over a united kingdom for 33 years and then Solomon reigned.  Solomon's reign saw Israel at its greatest extent with new territorial acquisitions. This parallels the modern state of Israel: in 1981, 33 years after the establishment of Israel, the 19th government of Israel was formed and Menachem Begin started his second term.  Furthermore, 1981 saw Israel expand its borders by annexing the Golan Heights.

In terms of the modern parallel, it works both backwards and forwards.  The holocaust began in 1941, seven years before Israel was established.  Hitler, as pointed out before, was a type of the coming Antichrist.  He even marked people and his empire's currency was literally called the “Mark.”  Going from the other direction, the Tribulation could of course start in 2021.

And as all of these biblical connections are growing stronger (and louder) by the day, a military conflict in Israel is beginning to spiral in Jerusalem and Gaza, Iran is startlingly close to going nuclear, the World Economic Forum is calling for digital global citizenship, and the WEF's Klaus Schwab is revealed to have called for a Global Health Pass with an implantable microchip for every man, woman, and child (source).  To top all that off, as we've been warning about incessantly, formal “alien” disclosure may be coming on June 25th.  That's just six weeks away.

It's heating up faster than we can imagine.  While the dragon stands ready to devour, the Lord Jesus Christ stands ready to deliver.  If you don't know Him, know Him now.

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  1. Also, there are 137 days between 5/23/2021 (Pentecost), and 10/6/2021 (possible date for start of Trumpets). The first new moon after the fall equinox this year in Jerusalem falls on 10/6/2021. There are 2550 days (1290 + 1260) between 10/6/2021 and the projected date for Atonement in 2028.

  2. Well presented Gary! I have a deep passion for numbers. It further excites me to see how God has used numbers for all of creation, all events, everything. so exciting. totally math geeking out over here!! love it, so excited! edge of my seat!

    time is so SHORT; tell everyone, tell them, tell them, tell them!!!


    If we were gone before June 1st, the UFO/UAP disclosure may come at just the right time.

    Hmmm, and the fifth appointed day according to (Leviticus 23) of 2017 was Yom Teruah. Yom Teruah is a 49-hour observance that crescendoed with the Revelation 12 Sign that year. If the Day of Shouting (as it is also known) was the starting point for counting the days...the day of your gladness (Numbers 10:10) to the blessed 1,335th day (the blessed hope?)

    13 "But go your way till the end.
    And you shall rest and shall
    stand in your allotted place at
    the end of the days."

    (Daniel 12:13 ESV)

    God told Daniel to go his way; that,

    12 "Blessed is he who waits
    and arrives at the 1,335 days."

    (Daniel 12:12 ESV)

    Blessed (set apart) is he who waits (hopes) and arrives (think of apostasy - moving from one standing to another) at the 1,335th-day!

    What do we know of Yom Teruah?

    9 And Nehemiah, who was
    the governor, and Ezra the
    priest and scribe, and the
    Levites who taught the
    people said to all the
    people, "This day is holy
    to the LORD your God;
    do not mourn or weep."
    For all the people wept
    as they heard the words
    of the Law.

    10 Then he said to them,
    "Go your way. Eat the
    fat and drink sweet wine
    and send portions to
    anyone who has nothing
    ready, for this day is
    holy to our Lord. And
    do not be grieved, for
    the joy of the LORD is
    your strength."

    (Nehemiah 8:9-10 ESV)

    Yom Teruah is a holy day and one to be observed with great cheer and joyous celebration! It is quite literally what could be called, "the day of your gladness". (Numbers 10:10)

    That holy day is actually a celebration that lasts 49-hours (not unlike the 49-days we are counting the Omer now to the 50th day, Shavuot, on May 18, 2021). The R12S marked this celebration as well as Shabbat Shuba (Sabbath of her Return) thus offering a distinct sign to begin counting the days,

    Yom Teruah, 2017 + 1,335-days = Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

    Hmmm, Tuesday...the third day. Twice blessed by G-d as recorded in Genesis, a perfect day for a Jewish wedding. And when did the bridegroom come for his bride? Often times in the middle of the night.

    Could one-week from today be the Day we have been waiting for? You have to wonder.

    I wish I could spend more time on this now but duty calls.

    Prayerfully attack these points and questions if you will and see where the Spirit leads you!

    Blessings, always,


    1. 1335!!! from rev12 sign is verrrrry interesting ;)

    2. Pastor Rich, Yom Teruah = Yom Kippour was Sept 29 2017 + 1327 days = May 18 2021 not 1335 days.

    3. JUST FOR FUN...

      I checked the day count from the day of my birth to Shavuot next week. It is 20,472-days or 672 months, 18 days excluding the end date. A quick look at Stong's (G672) yeilds,

      Strong's Concordance (G672)
      apochóreó: to go away, depart
      Original Word: ἀποχωρέω
      Part of Speech: Verb
      Transliteration: apochóreó
      Phonetic Spelling: (ap-okh-o-reh'-o)
      Definition: to go away, depart
      Usage: I go away, depart, withdraw.

      NAS Exhaustive Concordance

      Word Origin: from apo and chóreó
      Definition: to go away, depart

      But what of the 18-days?

      Strong's Concordance (G18)
      agathos: good
      Original Word: ἀγαθός, ή, όν
      Part of Speech: Adjective
      Transliteration: agathos
      Phonetic Spelling: (ag-ath-os')
      Definition: good
      Usage: intrinsically good, good in nature, good whether it be seen to be so or not, the widest and most colorless of all words with this meaning.

      The number 18 is also the sum of 6 + 6 + 6 and the numeric value of the Hebrew word "חי" meaning "live".

      Fun with numbers.

    4. Hi @zztopless,

      Hopefully I understand your meaning: Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur are two different days offset by 10-days. Yom Teruah is better known today as Rosh Hashanna as they overlap. Yom Teruah, Feast of Trumpets is a Biblical feast given in (Leviticus 23:23-25).

      Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement and falls ten days after the beginning of the month of Tishri. (Leviticus 23:26-32)

      Quoting, Hebcal.com for feast days in 2017,

      Wed 20 Sep - Erev Rosh Hashana
      Thu 21 Sep - 1st of Tishrei, 5778
      Thu 21 Sep - Rosh Hashana 5778
      Fri 22 Sep - 2nd of Tishrei, 5778
      Fri 22 Sep - Rosh Hashana II
      Sat 23 Sep - 3rd of Tishrei, 5778
      Sun 24 Sep - 4th of Tishrei, 5778
      Mon 25 Sep - 5th of Tishrei, 5778
      Tue 26 Sep - 6th of Tishrei, 5778
      Wed 27 Sep - 7th of Tishrei, 5778
      Thu 28 Sep - 8th of Tishrei, 5778
      Fri 29 Sep - 9th of Tishrei, 5778
      Fri 29 Sep - Erev Yom Kippur
      Sat 30 Sep - 10th of Tishrei, 5778
      Sat 30 Sep - Yom Kippur

      Thus, Yom Teruah (9/21/2017) + 1,335-days = Tuesday, May 18, 2021

      ...equal to 3-years, 7-months, 27-days excluding the end date. (Numbers interesting in their own right!)

      Thank you for keeping an open eye!


    5. I believe we are so close!! But not quite understanding the Revelation 12 sign. Although I know what it was but we are supposed to be gone before Revelation 12 right? So not sure if that is supposed to mean anything

    6. Hello, Believer,

      The R12S is a marker in time...a starting line if you will. That it comes at the end of the 49-hours of Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets), a feast of the LORD commanded in (Leviticus 23) as a day of celebration; perhaps even as the day described in (Numbers 10:10) as,

      "the day of your gladness".

      So many of us, myself included, believed 9/23/17 to be the harpazo. It made sense to us but it was not the Day. That meant that it was a marker in time; a waypoint on a map providing a reference along our way. A heavenly beacon as it were.

      Will the "day of your gladness" come after the R12S? If that is the Day of our Blessed Hope then, "absolutely!" Could it be 1,335-days after the trumpets sounded on Yom Teruah calling all the congregation?

      Stay tuned as we will find out in the next three-days.

      Yes, we are very close. Perhaps as close as Tuesday (5/18) which is Shavuout (Pentecost). But if not Tuesday, then we have more work to do; more souls to reach and more testimonies to bring. Until the number of the saints is complete we shall labour in the fields and in the orchards to the Glory of the LORD.

      Keep watching. Keep waiting knowing the blessing and future that awaits!


    7. @Pastor Rich5/16/2021 6:06 AM:

      Or is it likely that the Rapture will be postponed and we Christians will suffer the consequences of the pre-trib WW 3 which has been ignited by the current conflict between Israel and the Palestines?

  4. I'm ready Jesus 🙌🙏🙌

  5. At https://eschatologytoday.blogspot.com/2021/05/global-sitrep-e10-21-operation-guardian.html "Global SITREP E10-21: Operation Guardian of the Walls".

  6. There seem to be a lot of signs pointing to 2021! Granted, there have been indications that the Rapture could be other years, so... But I'm still very excited and hopeful for this year! It's probably the most "high watch" year on my personal calendar (if the Rapture isn't this year, I'll be seriously disappointed).

    I'm so ready for the next age to commence. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us for the seven year "wedding", for the Millennium, and for the many countless ages to come!

    1. I read a large variety of Christian blogs that have pointed to many "high watch dates" over the years. While I haven't been watching as long as many of you, the past four years have been a bit of a roller coaster ride.

      Something changed after Sleepy Joe took office - all the blogs share a special excitement about how close we are to the rapture. I feel like I do at the end of a roller coaster - at peace and ready to get out of the ride (this world). It feels like how the ride stops before the exit point and we are waiting to move the last couple of yards before exiting. It's a clam feeling and I have a big smile.

  7. Come soon Lord Jesus!

    🚫 🍇

    ··╱ɷ ɷ╲··

    Foxman on the Wall

  8. Amen Gary! This is exciting stuff! Thanks so much for sharing... I am so ready! Look up his redemption draws near! We may not suppose to know the day or the hour but we can know when it is at the door step! Come Lord Jesus!!!

  9. Great stuff! Thanks Gary & Abel!

    1. Yes, great find Abel! Thank you for hilighting Gary!!

  10. Many of us have been seeing lots of 11's lately correct? Well, I have anyway. Early this morning when I had to get out of bed, I looked at my phone because I use the light to find the bathroom. Anyway, the number 11 was there since it is the 11th day of May. My mind immediately thought of a 511 fire. Knowing what Israel is going through because of Hamas and Iran, I knew that Israel was under fire! If you want the play by play of what is happening in Israel's war with Hamas/Iran in Gaza called the "Operation Guardian of the Walls," follow Amir Tsarfati on Telegram. He is sending reports and pictures of what's happening! Very informative. I very much appreciate the information and prophetic understandings here as well. Big Fan:)

    1. I've seen many comments from people on various sites for the last good amount of time stating that they are seeing 11, or even 911. I used to shrug my shoulders over it and conclude that, perhaps, people are reading something into it that is just not there. Just chances and probability that we're going to run into these numbers just because. But I, myself, began to experience this odd (perhaps still coincidental) occurrence. It seems that, periodically, I'll glance at my digital clock where I sleep in my home and see it say 911 when I wake in the morning. It still stands to reason that in the realm of probability, we're going to just happen to glance at the clock at some point and see 911.

      Just yesterday, I went to the deli in the King Soopers grocery store where I live in Denver to buy a pound of chicken tenders. The price total ended up being $9.11 right on the sticker they put on the package after they weigh it to determine the price. Bottom line ... I dunno what to make of it. I still kinda shrug my shoulders as an odd curiosity and don't make too much of it, but then the thought kinda creeps in every now and again. Is there anything there? I still don't have an "AHA!" moment over it, but it is a passing curiosity to me.

    2. This is so crazy. I see 911 all the time to. I’ll glance at the clock unknowingly and it’ll be 9:11. I’ve seen it in other ways as well not just the clock. I wonder what it means?

    3. It means it's 9:11 am or pm

  11. At https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-qPrWLQ6zwT4/YJmaEr9goAI/AAAAAAAALGs/TauHzuZPUOQ1ggi-hVn813K0xPiUlVZZQCLcBGAsYHQ/s16000/Unsealed.orgDisclosure.jpg an ugly demonic face staring at me. Would you like to remove this ugly face, Admin?

  12. Commentary about dates:
    The last day of Passover and Easter Sunday were both the same date this year, April 4, 2021.
    + 40 days to the Christian recognition of Passover and the considered establishment of the Church (versus 50 days for Jewish/Shavout)
    is May 14, 2021. (Latter listed as May 23, 2021.)
    That's 80 years from the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel under David Ben-Gurion
    on May 14, 1948.
    Only God could make the 80 years match up EXACTLY to the date - just sayin'
    * * * * * *

  13. Some great prophetic insight here, some real meat to chew on (1 Corinthians 3:1-3). Some prime all-natural tenderloin and no light-weight chicken tenders involved here. Cannot be a coincidence that world events are converging, specifically at the May 2021 marker. No coincidence that they are slowly introducing the concept and call for a "mark of the beast" type system associated with these so-called "vaccine passports." It's all leading to one place ... and we all know what that means. Gary, Jeff and others have knocked this one out of the park. Tick, Tick, Tick goes the clock and the ticks are getting louder as they wind down to the final tick.

    That said, it's gonna be some prime tenderloin for supper today for me. Reading some excellently researched articles like this makes me hungry and bold.

  14. from may 14th, 1948 to may 26th, 2021 (Blood Moon) is 73 years and 13 days - 7313

    strongs 7313 is Rum = to rise in Hebrew

    from 9-23-17 Rev 12 sign to May 26th, 2021 Blood Moon is 1342 days

    strongs 1342 is ga-ah - again meaning in Hebrew = to rise up

    what are the chances of that?

    thanks Gary! hope we can pray together Thursday live on Aaron's Minute channel.

    1. Let’s go team!! Hallelujah!!!

    2. Let’s go team!!! Glory hallelujah!!!

    3. The Lamb, Blessings. LOVE your find and your post. So much so that I had to repost it as a share over at Rev12, a-a-a-nd, just had o go digging a bit deeper. I think you will also appreciate what I put together on your foundation:

      In light of recent highlighting of Chiasms and Holy Symmetry Often Evident In Our Lord's Handiwork, ala Ken Potter's chart, et al, that we see 2 different day counts, both landing on 5/26, and each resulting in a different Strong's word, yet with basically the SAME meaning, seems worthy of looking into as affirming.

      Now enters the TWIN dynamic as well as the Upside-down/Backwards Dynamic concerning things NOW.

      Furthermore, both of these different words arise in the Hebrew Strong's, not the Greek, where you would expect to find them, as you will see. Digging deeper and we see that there are levels within the roots and meaning, as usual, and these can be well applied to EACH group, Jews and Gentiles, relating to the same harpazo event around this word.

      Thus the word(s) uncovered DO apply to the Gentiles AND the Jew, but differently, with the surface meaning applying to the Gentiles and the deepest roots, to the Jew. As salvation is First to the Jew, and then the Gentile, Romans 1:16, this layout is quite Fitting.

      (Your post copied here)

      Bible Tools . com:
      H7313: ruwm (pronounced room): (4)
      (Aramaic) corresponding to 7311; (figuratively only):
      1) to rise
      1a) (Peal) to be lifted up
      1b) (Aphel) to exalt
      1c) (Hithpolel) to lift oneself up

      Biblehub.com: H1342: gaah: to rise up:
      1 rise up, of waters Ezekiel 47:5.
      2 grow up, of plants Job 8:11.
      3 be lifted up, exalted, of head Job 10:16, in triumph Exodus 15:1,21.

      A primitive root; to mount up; hence, in general, to rise, (figuratively) be majestic -- gloriously, grow up, increase, be risen, triumph.

      So, we see the casual use of this word is for "Rising Up", in various manifestations, aka exalted, lifted up, etc. Nonetheless, we have no challenge in applying this to The Bride, Shortly, hopefully, and those being, mostly, Gentile. That was easy.

      For the Jew, after Harpazo, not repentant, they will also 'Rise Up', but, as in the deeper meaning, this will be a 'rising up of one's self', ala Noahide laws, et al.

      Poetically, With The Restrainer Removed, The Jew also now 'Rises Up', On Our Lord's To-Do List, As His Work Returns To The Jew, Primarily. But wait, there's more!

      Wouldn't it be really nice if other pieces of this puzzle, not highlighted in the post, also aligned? So, what ABOUT the Greek meaning? Well, there is no G7313. G1342?

      G1342:dikaios: correct, righteous, by impl. INNOCENT: (80 !!! Verses)

      1st verse is re Our Lord's Earthly Surrogate 'Father', Joseph. Very on-target that it lands FIRST on Christ's BIRTH Story. Obviously, 'in-the-twinkling', our Innocence Becomes That Of The Innocence Of The Spotless Lamb, PTL, as The BODY Of Christ Is Finally BORN Into Paradise, In Total Innocence!!

      1:19, NASB: "And her husband Joseph, since he was a righteous (G1342) man and did not want to disgrace her, planned to send her away secretly." (Matthew)

      Works for me! Maranatha!

  15. Also 1335 days from 9-23-2017 revelation sign is may 20,2021 6 days after may 14th anniversary.

  16. This is awesome Gary and Abel. Incredible to see it unfolding.

  17. CORRECTION to my above:
    It should be 73 years from May 14, 1948 (establishment of the Jewish State of Israel)
    to Ascension Day on May 14, 2021 (40 Days from Easter Sunday). Apologies.

  18. Another star sign! A new nova was discovered on March 18th in Cassiopeia that's bright enough to see in a small telescope.

    What's the significance? CASSIOPEIA means "The Enthroned Woman: The Captive Delivered, and Preparing for her Husband, the Redeemer"! (The Witness of the Stars, by E.W. Bullinger)

    "On March 18, Japanese amateur astronomer Yuji Nakamura (who must have a seriously keen eye) spotted something within the constellation Cassiopeia that did not show up on any star maps.  In fact, at magnitude +9.6, it was at least 20 times brighter than anything ever spotted at that location. It was confirmed shortly afterwards by the University of Kyoto, and by the spectrum of it, it is most likely a classical nova.  Now it’s called Nova Cas 2021."

    Something else to ponder: The number 21 means "Comfort after Distress", as in Genesis 21: "God visited Sarah" and Isaac was born in fulfilment of God's promise to Abraham.

    This theme of "blessing after trial" and of "appointed time"* is supported by events in a number of Biblical characters' lives - e.g.
    the 21st mention of NOAH is when he and his family entered the ark - Genesis 7:13;
    the 21st mention of ISAAC is after his mother Sarah's death, when he was comforted by his wife Rebekah - Genesis 24:67;
    the 21st mention of ISRAEL is when Jacob/Israel and his sons departed for Egypt in the wagons Joseph had sent, and "his spirit was revived" that his beloved Joseph was alive - Genesis 46:5.

    And in the NT, the 21st mention of SON OF MAN is when Jesus declared, “Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven" - Matthew 24:30.

    This is followed by, "And then all the peoples of the earth will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory. And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other." (Matthew 24:30-31)


    *see Biblenumbersforlife.com

    1. @Signs of His love : Genesis 7:13 is not 21st but 17th day. 600 year, second month, 17th day.
      Genesis 24:67 : Where do you see 21st? Same with 46:5?
      Matthew 24:30 Same thing.
      Please enlighten me.

    2. @zztopless To get an accurate count of the mentions of a Biblical name, you need to refer to the Hebrew & Greek texts, because English translations use pronouns instead of names - e.g. Genesis 7:13:

      NIV: On that very day NOAH and his sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, together with his wife and the wives of his three sons, entered the ark. = 1 mention

      YLT: In this self-same day went in NOAH, and Shem, and Ham, and Japheth, sons of NOAH, and NOAH's wife and the three wives of his sons with them, unto the ark. = 3 mentions.

      You can use Young's Literal Translation (mostly accurate), and verify against the original languages on Bible Hub.com, etc.

    3. @zztopless To get an accurate count of the mentions of a Biblical name, you need to refer to the Hebrew & Greek texts, because English translations use pronouns instead of names - e.g. Genesis 7:13:

      NIV: On that very day NOAH and his sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, together with his wife and the wives of his three sons, entered the ark. = 1 mention

      YLT: In this self-same day went in NOAH, and Shem, and Ham, and Japheth, sons of NOAH, and NOAH's wife and the three wives of his sons with them, unto the ark. = 3 mentions.

      You can use Young's Literal Translation (mostly accurate), and verify against the original languages on Bible Hub.com, etc.

    4. @zztopless To get an accurate count of the mentions of a Biblical name, you need to refer to the Hebrew & Greek texts, because English translations use pronouns instead of names - e.g. Genesis 7:13:

      NIV: On that very day NOAH and his sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, together with his wife and the wives of his three sons, entered the ark. = 1 mention

      YLT: In this self-same day went in NOAH, and Shem, and Ham, and Japheth, sons of NOAH, and NOAH's wife and the three wives of his sons with them, unto the ark. = 3 mentions.

      You can use Young's Literal Translation (mostly accurate), and verify against the original languages on Bible Hub.com, etc.

  19. Another star sign! A new nova was discovered on March 18th in Cassiopeia that's bright enough to see in a small telescope.

    What's the significance? CASSIOPEIA means "The Enthroned Woman: The Captive Delivered, and Preparing for her Husband, the Redeemer"! (The Witness of the Stars, by E.W. Bullinger)

    "On March 18, Japanese amateur astronomer Yuji Nakamura (who must have a seriously keen eye) spotted something within the constellation Cassiopeia that did not show up on any star maps.  In fact, at magnitude +9.6, it was at least 20 times brighter than anything ever spotted at that location. It was confirmed shortly afterwards by the University of Kyoto, and by the spectrum of it, it is most likely a classical nova.  Now it’s called Nova Cas 2021."

    Something else to ponder: The number 21 means "Comfort after Distress", as in Genesis 21: "God visited Sarah" and Isaac was born in fulfilment of God's promise to Abraham.

    This theme of "blessing after trial" and of "appointed time"* is supported by events in a number of Biblical characters' lives - e.g.
    the 21st mention of NOAH is when he and his family entered the ark - Genesis 7:13;
    the 21st mention of ISAAC is after his mother Sarah's death, when he was comforted by his wife Rebekah - Genesis 24:67;
    the 21st mention of ISRAEL is when Jacob/Israel and his sons departed for Egypt in the wagons Joseph had sent, and "his spirit was revived" that his beloved Joseph was alive - Genesis 46:5.

    And in the NT, the 21st mention of SON OF MAN is when Jesus declared, “Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven" - Matthew 24:30.

    This is followed by, "And then all the peoples of the earth will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory. And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other." (Matthew 24:30-31)


    *see Biblenumbersforlife.com

    1. That is awesome and it bears repeating.

    2. Same comment than Signs of His love, same person? See my comment to that person.

    3. I'm always impressed by your articles : They are still finding some things???

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. https://www.israel365news.com/190440/massive-fire-on-temple-mount-means-messiah-is-imminent-prominent-rabbi-says/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Fire+on+Temple+Mount%3A+Zecharia+s+prophecy+signaling+3rd+Temple+construction+%5BWatch%5D+and+Today+s+Top+Stories&utm_campaign=I3N+-+AM+-+May+11%2C+2021 WHAT IS INTERESTING ABOUT THIS IS THE JEWS SAY THEMSELVES THAT "THE LABOR PAINS OF THE MESSIAH HAVE BEGUN"

  21. I have planned a fun filled vacation with my family in mid June but to be raptured beforehand would be a much better trip! Thanks for the update!

    1. Same here.. first time in years I get to spend time with my eldest son on holiday but if we're out of here, then we're out! Maranatha!

  22. Love this site and those who comment! I have been visiting for several years but have never posted before. Hope to see and meet everyone at the wedding feast. Blessing to each of you.

    1. Amen! Blessings, and see you at the dinner table!

    2. Hello Jeff, consider about the Prophecy of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri's Note signed in the Month of Mercy which is Elul. And the Birthday of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri 7-9(September)1898. This year 2021 Rosh Hashanah also on Tuesday, 7-9(September)2021. Remember the content of the Note: "He will LIFT the People and prove that His Word and Torah are valid." And Dont forget about the Shemitah Cows that has number 7 on their forehead as the transition from time the Note revealed year 2007 to 2014 equals 7 years then 2014 to 2021 also 7 years (So there are 2 Cows).

  23. Love you guys and all the hard work you guys do!!! We are going home soon!!! God bless and MARANATHA!!

  24. Thanks WVBORN56 for the blessing, and right back atcha! This site is awesome, I agree. Has anyone wondered if Operation Guardian of the Walls, the military operation happening in Israel right now, is our 7 day notice before the Rapture just like God told Noah that the flood would commence in 7 days? I know Israel has had many military operations but let’s ask ourselves, who is the guardian of the walls of Israel, of Jerusalem, but Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah! Also, this time seems different because the US is not lifting a finger because we know the globalists controlling the fake Biden admin want the destruction of Israel! I have been praying that something major would happen to wake up the people of the world that Jesus is coming back soon!!! Unfortunately, I see earthquakes but I’ve prayed that lives would be spared and salvations abound! One more thing, Amir Tsarfati will have an update on what’s happening in Israel at 1 o’clock today on YouTube. Go to beholdisrael.org to find it or just go to YouTube and search for Live Update: Amir Tsarfati. It will be an exciting one for sure!

    1. Amir's Middle East Update update at 1:00pm EST


    2. Our 7 day notice of the Rapture? On which date do expect the Rapture, Rhonda?

    3. Moin, it is not that I expect the Rapture on any given date! I was just wondering aloud here if anyone besides me thought that the beginning of "Guardian of the Walls" operation could be the final
      7 days. I know we are in the season but we don't know exactly when. Hopefully tonight!

    4. Moin, I'm not "expecting" the Rapture on any given day, sometimes we pick out a "high watch" date on this blog, that's all. We all know here that no one knows the hour or day but we also know we are in the season of His return. God bless you.

  25. Thanks guys for this! I did NOT know about the tribe of Benjamin connection to the last days. And the Comments section is loaded with great info as well--YIPPEE!

    The insights are flowing fast and steady like the preparation for a BIRTH! I got to thinking about the Luke 13 parable:

    Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and find none: cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground?

    And he answering said unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about it, and dung [it]: And if it bear fruit, [well]: and if not, [then] after that thou shalt cut it down. - Luke 13:6-9 KJV

    "So I am hoping that we are seeing this parable come to life beginning with the Revelation 12 Sign of the Woman in September 2017. Did the Lord inspect Israel/The Fig Tree for three years beginning at its 70th Anniversary year through its 72nd Anniversary year and saw the nation lacking faith; therefore, He decided to “dig about it and dung” it during the fourth year (September 2020 through September 2021)? If so, this is another indication that this year could be the year of escape for the Overcoming Man Child for it would be at the end of the fourth year that The Fig Tree would be “cut down” if it produces no fruit! The fourth or “last chance” year runs from September 2020 through September 2021 paralleling the Hebrew Year of 5781..."
    The Pope, the Alien Savior, and the Year of Dung

    2021 definitely looks like the Fig Tree/Israel's "last chance" year before Jacob's Trouble don't you think?

  26. https://www.israel365news.com/190588/hamas-with-ultimatum-to-israel-leave-temple-mount-or-100-times-more-rockets-will-fly/

  27. Thanks for the blessing WVBORN56 and right back atcha:)
    Does anyone else wonder if the military operation happening in Israel as I type this called "Guardian of the Wall," is our 7 day advance warning of the Rapture like God giving Noah the 7 day advance warning when the flood would begin? The Bible says, Israel will be alone to fight their end-time wars and the White House with the illegitimate admin, just sent out Jen Psaki, fake WH press secretary, to tell the world the United States will NOT be helping Israel in this war. She said Israel and the Palestinians will need to work this out among themselves. We know that Iran is behind this war. Here is the link to Amir Tsarfati's Middle East Update on the military operation "Guardian of the Wall". I also want to add we know that it is Jesus, the Messiah that is the true Guardian of Israel and her people.


  28. Maybe not so much of concern for the Church but has anyone heard how the US is saying China is creating a genetically modified army (possibly with abilities to fly) with abilities very similar to an end time army described in the Bible? As we approach the very last days so much is becoming more and more clear, also as God said it would. On Israel- does anybody see psalm 83 coming into focus here? It would seem to be right on schedule if it is. I'm curious because the reason Israel is attacked is to take their land and wipe them off from being a nation. This is the stated goal of not only Hamas but the neighbors of Israel outlined in the confederacy in psalm 83- also while not openly firing on Israel, these neighbor nation confederacy is working behind the scenes against Israel here. With the unrest on the ground itself and the unstable israeli government coupled with the apathy of the US and it's allies, could we see these nations mount a unified psalm 83 attack? One thing is certain, God is watching this, he is not sleeping or on a bathroom break with baal, and the nations, dang near all of them, are against Israel and she is standing alone. They are even protesting against her right to defend herself in London. God is watching this. Order/last AC comes out of chaos... Chaos like a decisive psalm 83 victory possibly setting stage for ezekiel war? A decisive win could set the stage for Israel to exist in relative peace w/o walls for a Russia led attack? Having lost psalm 83, would these nations feel they need Russia to defeat Israel once and for all? With the gas/oil issue does that increase Russia's need to take a spoil? Anybody have any thoughts?

    1. I'm not actually unknown y'all, it's just Loretta with a new email ☺️

    2. Maybe the dwelling in unwalled villages before the Gog-Magog attack as a result of the covenant which the antichrist will confirm, by which Israel is lured into a false sense of safety?

  29. Ok Reuters just posted released video out of China of a robot dog army. I wish this was made up but... These are the times we are in.

  30. Thank you Gary for elaborating on the parallel of the kingdom of Israel under David and the 73 years. I read a lot of new things, very interesting. Also I learned our brother Daniel Matson just went home to be with the Lord after his last presentation on Pentecost 2021 (5-23-21) as a high watch day! I take that one more serious now. And I just learned that 17th April and 14th May are both considered independence day for Israel this year! (religious calendar or solar calendar). Now I understand why Gary emphasized on the last verse Rev.5:14 (like May 14th) before the judgement seals open in Revelation chapter 6. Though Israel did celebrated independence day last month, 17th April, another independence day remembrance is May 14th.

    1. Daniel Matson was not "called home". Hes dead. God was not responsible for the timing of his death. That would make God a murderer. There is going to be a real shock among the saints after the rapture. Many are going to expect to see the O.T. patriarchs. Noah, Abraham, Moses...but they wont be there. Acts 2:34. We will see those people at the first resurrection after the tribulation.

  31. " the US is saying China is creating a genetically modified army (possibly with abilities to fly)"

    hee hee

  32. Which Pentecost should we look out for exactly? The one celebrated by the jews on 5/17 and 5/18, the one celebrated by Western Christians on 5/23 or the one celebrated by Eastern Christians in June?

    1. Good question, but if Pentecost arrives and nothing happens, we'll see for the next one and so on. No choice I think.

    2. According to the models presented by Daniel Matson, it is the Pentecost of 5/23. Because it makes sense with the day counts in both directions, past and future, and the number 73 seems to make sense with the day-counts also. see http://watchfortheday.org/pentecostascension2.html

      Though I do hesitate with his day-calculations since he had similar diagrams in 2017 of the Great Sign which gave us great hope back then, but nothing happened as we had hoped for. On the other hand Gary encourages us all the time that the Great Sign of 9/23/17 was very important indeed so in that respect Daniel Matson was not wrong. Maybe now he got the rapture right with Pentecost this year? Besides that he just died of a heart attack on April 17th (Israel's independence celebration) and only three days after releasing these last diagrams on his website. I think that what a righteous man says before he dies is important and perhaps God wanted to seal his testimony this way?

    3. Ha! That's probably part of the "no man knows the day or hour" - we can't even figure out the current dates of events, let alone past or future :-P

  33. Had an interesting encounter today. Pulled up at the gas pumps at the same time as a burly tattooed fellow did. We started filling up our pickups and I commented how we are living in crazy times. He said "I think they are prophetic times..." This led to a lively discussion of current events in light of the Bible, and ended with us hugging one another as we left! Praise the Lord!


  34. Soon and Very Soon, We are Going to See THE KING

  35. Begin praying in a more focused way for those who will be left behind...


    on the home page of that website is a link to a humbling prayer by Abe Lincoln

    and a link to the gospel

    and a video - a mission video - my favorite mission video called EE Taow - about the conversion of the Mouk tribe after understanding the gospel of grace...

    and it is very moving to see how excited they were to find their sins were forgiven by grace...it is very moving...and it can be used to share the gospel...

  36. I think it's time to move the Rapture Index Score meter to the bottom of that red line.

  37. Wow, dear Gary and Abel, thank you for such great finds! I’m very encouraged.

    Just when you think things are happening at warp speed, now it is like hyper-warp speed, or even by the nanoseconds! It boggles my mind! But I’m not complaining, ... just jubilant, jumping up and down like a kid expecting great treats! Yes!

    Yet at the same time, within the closet, I’m bawling like crazy on my knees. My wrenching soul cries out for mercy for the unsaved loved ones, friends, acquaintances and even the hi-and-bye passer-bys who might be lost, ... and then for Israel. It’s so bittersweet, is it not?

    Anyway, just thought I’ll share a little fun in Math along the way, something I recently discovered while reading Rev 22.

    I counted the total number of words and letters of Jesus’ words in vs 7, 12, 13, 16 & 20 (red letter words only), using my King James Bible. There are 87 words and 346 letters. I’m not sure why I did it but I started splitting them up in the following manner:

    346 letters = 100 + 100 + 100 + 46

    87 words = (23 + 23 + 23) + (6 + 6 + 6) or it can be rewritten as (6 + 6 + 6) + (46 + 23)

    I thought to myself how fitting that the words of the Bridegroom show up the number 46, seemingly pointing to the idea of our DNA encoded within 23 pairs of chromosomes. Ignoring the number 6 (which is the number of man) and ten (which symbolizes perfection of divine order), I then noticed the single 23 in the sequence [(6 + 6 + 6) + (46 + 23)], and I said to myself, surely this is not complete...? Where is the other matching 23? So, I asked the Lord, Lord, why does this feel incomplete to me? Then I read on at vs 20 the words of John (or the bride) in reply to Jesus, which said “Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” I counted again the words and letters. This was what I got:

    Total number of words = 6
    Total number of letters = 23


    The bridegroom and the bride = 23 + 23

    Now it sure sounds complete to me, don’t you think?

    Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

    1. Well, I hope this doesn't post twice! I tried to preview my comment, and lost it. Eve, your jumping up and down reminds me of a story about Barbara Johnson (she may be before your time) years ago. When asked why she was jumping up and down in her backyard, she said: Rapture practice! lol. Soon we will all have that final jump and no rebound! Maranatha, all! Judi

    2. Hi Judi, I didn't mean to post to different comments twice, yikes.
      Shows how jumpy I am lately! Actually, the double posting shows how impatient I am. When my comment doesn't appear as fast as I want, I think it didn't work so I send it again. Sorry all:)

  38. LC, thanks for sharing your encounter at the gas pumps with another person that knows the times in which we live! I had a funny thing happen to me when I was shopping at my local thrift store. I scan the books for any titles or authors I'm interested in and also look for old Nancy Drew books. I spotted a Nancy Drew Mystery Story, not from the original series but I picked it up. Here's the strange part because I know what is going on in Israel at this moment, Nancy Drew books always have numbers and this one was 66. The title is "Race Against Time." On the cover Nancy is looking at a barn going up in fire! Now, look at the titles of the chapters!
    1. Strange Happenings 2. Mystery Call
    3. Stolen Winner 4. Strange Behavior
    5. The Surely Trainer 6. A Crucial Test
    7. Silver Surprise 8. Exciting News
    9. Hidden Names 10. Another Fright
    11. A Painting Puzzle 12. Roadside Clue
    13. Smoke Scare 14. Ghostly Hecklers
    15. Spook Trap 16. A Shimmer of Beauty
    17. Tina's Secret 18. Suspect's Return
    19. Dusty Fur 20. Star Bright!

    There are always 20 chapters in Nancy Drew books, so you know they
    use a formula to write these books. Anyway, don't some of these titles jump out at you knowing the times in which we live? Such as Sinister Happenings, Mystery Call (Rapture), Stolen Winner (Antichrist), A Crucial Test (Bema Seat), Hidden Names (the new name we receive)and best one Star Bright! (Jesus) and more. Thanks for reading, I thought it was so amazing God reassured me at such a time as this, that everything was going to be okay:)

    1. Did you notice that yours was the 66th comment?

    2. It's amazing what we can see when our eyes are open.


    For those who have not see life under barrage...here is video from Tel Aviv of Iron Dome intercepting rockets fired from Gaza,

    The Sun - Israel's Iron Dome defence intercepts scores of Gaza rockets in skies above Tel Aviv

    Happy Birthday Israel.

  40. Will Israel destroy the State of Palestine (Gaza Strip, West Bank) and will Israel also commit a mass genocide on Palestinians, causing the State of Palestine ceasing to exist and that the territories of that state will be added to Israel? And will the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount also be destroyed very soon?

    1. Far more likely, Israel's pent-up frustration with Waqf and Arab control of the Mount, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip for the last 4 DECADES, will boil over into fighting, and into a new Jewish Reconquista, similar to the Spanish "reconquering" of the Muslim-held territories in Europe.

      They might just summon the courage to take back their land. Yes, there could be smaller numbers of injured and killed. And yes, there could be "violations" of territory and monuments, according to the Arabs. But the real surge will probably come from the Muslim response by encircling nations.

      Israel wants their land, and they don't have to kill many to get it. The descendants of Esau want to remove a population entirely from the earth, and that's where it goes to the next level.

      But only God knows, and we wait to see.

    2. @sherrill7775/13/2021 9:04 PM:

      Why is the destruction of the State of Palestine unlikely?

    3. unknown, why are Israelis the "descendants of Esau"?

    4. (Obadiah 1:1-21)

      18 The house of Jacob shall
      be a fire, and the house of
      Joseph a flame, and the
      house of Esau stubble; they
      shall burn them and consume
      them, and there shall be no
      survivor for the house of
      Esau, for the LORD has spoken.

      (Obadiah 1:18 ESV)

    5. The reason I think your scenerio is unlikely is that Israel is Sooo careful not to create civilian deaths. There'd have to be a huge shift in policy and operation to "wipe them out". And I don't see that shift as likely.

  41. An important article to read:


  42. Moin????? Really??? I know you are not going to believe this, but the truth is there are no palestinians, that is a fake people group! They are actually Jordanians that do not want to identify as Jordanians. So, if there are no Palestinians, they definitely do NOT have a state!!!! There are lots of videos out there explaining the fake palestinian group.

  43. Hi Rhonda, I concur that there really isnt a "palestinian" race. But what I heard was slightly different. Pastor J.D. Farag has said that they are Egyptian in origin.

  44. @Zachary . . . The Jews are the descendants of Jacob. The Arabs, generally speaking, are the descendants of Esau.

    @Moin . . . The destruction of the State of Palestine is unlikely because, first, Palestine was never a real "State." It was basically a territorial name, or a jurisdiction. Secondly, the Israelis have no desire to destroy it, but to grow back into it, after reclaiming it in self-defense decades ago.

    Likewise, the "Palestinians" are just Arabs, and random leftovers, from all quarters who moved into the Promised Land after the Diasporas, exiles, and expulsions took the Hebrews away. The new occupants came from several places, and they came to call this area Palestine. That is why they believe so fervently that they belong there. It's a generational home.

    You will hear stories of Palestinians coming from Jordan, Egypt, Phoenicia, etc. They will claim to be related to the earlier Philistines. (This is not true.) They will claim to be peoples converted from Judaism to Islam a thousand years ago . . . but through it all, they are, simply and predominantly, Arabs who chose to live in Israel before Israel came home. For them to claim ownership of the land through heritage is somewhat blind and callous, since all historical records point to Hebrew ownership that lasted for thousands of years, before their people were scattered to the four corners of the globe.

    One group argues a long-standing, historical ownership. The other relies on modern ownership. And both are beholden to an increasingly secular United Nations that regrets ever giving the Jews their home back. But who knows the ways of God?

    It complicates matters even more that God sent His chosen people into a land that has been contested by sword, by birthright, and by decree. A land that people have swarmed in to, and swarmed out of; desired and abandoned in waves.

    It's one big, stupid real-estate fight that God, alone, can resolve. We got kicked out of the first Garden because of pride and selfishness. How many more gardens have we fought over since then?

  45. Hi Van helsing,

    I found a very short video of Pastor JD Farag on the palestinians issue, the one I'm sure you were referring to. Listen closely at the beginning, he says he was told when he was boy that he is a palestinian because of his Jordanian mother. His father was Egyptian. I'll have to look it up to be sure, but I believe Amir Tsarfati from Israel also says the palestinians are really Jordanians.


  46. Two videos of interest, that I happened upon late at night:

    Another chiastic argument and timeline . . .


    And an interesting "prophecy" . . .


    1. unk, I'm glad you found a way to highlight that 7+7 years of plenty and famine vid. That's very compelling. These upcoming days are surely bouncing-off-the-walls significant. And the fireworks in the skies over Israel remind me of the very last minute of our typical independence day celebrations. I, for one, do not want to be independent. I aim to be dependent totally and forever.

  47. The loudest bugs in the world the cicada bugs are now appearing after being underground for 17 years.
    If people won't praise God the bugs will.

    1. Thanks D.D.Nave for pointing this out--I too had learned this is a cicada year. To me it is another God wink that 2021 is OUR YEAR TO BE RAPTURED because "17" is related to the Rapture. Ty Green’s video "The Holy Bible, The Rapture and the number 17" shows the correlation of the number 17 with the Rapture.

    2. They haven't been under ground in Texas. They are very annoying. My mom lives in an area that's peaceful or should be peaceful. Those bugs ruin it. And yes, they are very loud. And lots of them.

  48. This conflict is spreading all over the world, see the Dutch news items below:

    * At https://nos.nl/artikel/2380946-joods-monument-in-cuijk-beklad-met-verf-en-tekst-free-palestina "Joods monument in Cuijk beklad met verf en tekst 'free Palestina' (Jewish monument in Cuijk smeared with paint and text 'free Palestine)";
    * At https://www.rtlnieuws.nl/nieuws/nederland/artikel/5231216/steeds-meer-nederlanders-klaar-met-israel "Steeds meer Nederlanders klaar met Israël: 'Verschuiving bij nieuwe generatie' (More and more Dutch fed up with Israel: 'Shift within new generation)";
    * At https://www.ad.nl/buitenland/wereldwijd-betogingen-tegen-israelische-aanvallen-op-gaza~a471330f/ "Wereldwijd betogingen tegen Israëlische aanvallen op Gaza" (Worldwide protests against attacks on Gaza by Israel)".

    I don't rule out that this conflict between Israel and the Palestines will cause tensions and violences between the indigenous Europeans and citizens with an Islamic background, Christians can become the victim of these tensions and violences. This will be part of WW 3 which will cause the Jews to be allowed the Third Temple as a part of the covenant with the many by the antichrist.

  49. Like many of you, I enjoy scouring the news, and searching for new meaning and interpretations regarding the prophetic events of today. And like many of you, I've listened intently to some of Jonathan Cahn's work; most recently re-watching his comparison of Donald Trump to King Jehu. Both were "wild" men, and both played lead roles in the timeline; whether for good or ill, I leave to the Lord. So I just wanted to encourage you, if I can, with these not-so-few words . . .

    At first, I really felt that Trump was absolutely going to win this second election. I would even go so far as to say that he DID win it, but that it was stolen away, in the night, by evildoers. And without knowing his exact role in God's plan, I still believe that he was the only real choice left on the ticket, since all others would have accelerated the burning down of our country. His "loss" left me feeling a bit downtrodden, and somewhat betrayed. Until this week, really.

    This week, I decided to focus more on the definition of "confirm." When the book of Revelation says that the Anti-Christ "shall confirm the covenant with many for one week," it can actually hold a dual meaning. Simply put, it COULD mean that a covenant is entered, and that the AC acts to verify it, or establish its existence and veracity. Or, conversely, it COULD mean that the covenant is entered, then broken or revoked, and then re-invoked in an original or slightly altered form; meaning that it has to be "confirmed" as re-existing after it was thought lost.

    The difference is subtle, but not unimportant. If Trump had remained President, and his peace process left in place, with full support, then the AC could have just stepped in and backed it publicly. But that never seemed the appropriate interpretation to me, because it didn't make the AC seem enough of a "savior." I have ALWAYS read that verse to mean that the covenant would be made, and then left broken or unsupported, before the AC comes in to reaffirm it. And now that is EXACTLY what has happened.

    Yes, I understand that the Democrats claim to still support the Accords, but in reality, they've only given it lip service. You can see that their "support" holds no practical value, as they watch the peace slipping away, and they ride the fences between warring tribes this week.

    Of course, I don't want to see people hurt, but, just this once, I find myself glad to see them screwing up so royally. Because now it doesn't matter whether you consider the covenant in place, or whether you consider it dissolved by this week's violence. We are EXACTLY where we need to be for the AC to take center-stage. He could walk in and claim that the Abrahamic Accords remain in effect, and even strengthen them with his voice . . . or, more powerfully, he could step forward and claim that this process, which has been stolen from us by our sinful attributes, is too important to subvert. He can claim to save this rare seed of safety and security. He can grab it and pull it back into the public conversation, and maybe singlehandedly resurrect a moment of calm between Israel and the rest.

    The clock has sprung forward. The timer has buzzed. As Sherlock would say, "the game is afoot."
    The economy is a rook, the medical establishment a bishop, the militaries are knights, the Globalists are kings and queens. On and on. The chess pieces are set, though not necessarily the way we would have chosen. To the contrary, all of our collective advice has been ignored!

    How comforting is it to see that we WILL NOT have to play the game on the board in front of us? How wonderful to know that He will outmaneuver them at every turn? And all we have to do is watch and learn! I find that simply uplifting. And I am thankful for that small grace.

    1. Nothing has really changed, so far as the Accords. Nothing that’s happening right now has anything to do with the Arab nations that signed onto it, or for that matter, those which still might. Some short term friction will need to settle down, but there’s nothing of great substance standing in the way of it’s further development, aside from a wider regional war. But if that were to happen, it won’t be due to “Palestinians”. Perhaps as an excuse, but not an actual CAUSE. Again, none of the nations who’ve signed the Accords, or even those that still might, have ever been in a state of war with Israel. And that’s one reason why it’s a peculiar document to begin with. I think people have read too much into it. A whole other series of events can take place, that will lead to an entirely different agreement. And all of it could happen in short order.

      This is more an internal Israel affair than anything else, when you boil everything down. The very willingness of many Arab nations to quickly warm-up to the Abraham Accords to begin with, illustrates how much regional balances of power have changed during the past couple of decades. One could argue that based upon those Accords, many Arab nations were more or less willing to throw the “Palestinians” under the proverbial bus. They’re weary of the entire mismanaged mess, and see relations with Israel as far more profitable, whether or not it’s an ideal mix.


  50. Jonathan Cahn's "The Reign of Baal."



    The Jewish observance of the Feast of Weeks (Leviticus 23:15-22) that comes at the end of counting the Omer,

    15 "You shall count seven
    full weeks from the day after
    the Sabbath, from the day
    that you brought the sheaf
    of the wave offering."

    16 "You shall count fifty
    days to the day after the
    seventh Sabbath. Then you
    shall present a grain
    offering of new grain to
    the LORD."

    (Leviticus 23:15-16 ESV)

    Not many churches teach the roots of Pentecost. Some ignore it all together which I find sad. It is after all the birthday of the Church if not the conception of the body of Christ before the harpazo,

    1 When the day of Pentecost
    arrived, they were all together
    in one place.

    2 And suddenly there came
    from heaven a sound like a mighty
    rushing wind, and it filled
    the entire house where they
    were sitting.

    3 And divided tongues as
    of fire appeared to them
    and rested on each one of them.

    4 And they were all filled
    with the Holy Spirit and began
    to speak in other tongues as
    the Spirit gave them utterance.

    (Acts 2:1-4 ESV)

    But what are the roots of Shavuot? What happened 50-days after the seventh Sabbath and that first Passover?

    Excerpts from, Chabad.org,

    Torah Given (1313 BCE)

    On the 6th Sivan of the year 2448 from creation (1313 BCE), seven weeks after the Exodus, G-d revealed Himself on Mount Sinai. The entire people of Israel (600,000 heads of households and their families), as well as the souls of all future generations of Jews, heard G-d declare the first two of the Ten Commandments and witnessed G-d's communication of the other eight through Moses.

    Ten Commandments

    The Torah reading for the 1st day of Shavuot is from Exodus 19-20, which recounts the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai and includes the "Ten Commandments" proclaimed at Sinai that encapsulate the entire Torah.

    Passing of King David (837 BCE)

    David, a descendent of Judah the son of Jacob as well as of Ruth, a Moabite convert to Judaism, was anointed King of Israel by Samuel in 878 BCE. All future legitimate kings of Israel were David's descendents, as will be Moshiach (the messiah), who will "restore the kingdom of David to its glory of old."

    King David passed away on the 6th of Sivan of the year 837 BCE, age 70.

    Book of Ruth

    It is the custom in many communities to read the biblical Book of Ruth, which tells the story of Ruth, a Moabite princess--and ancestress of King David--who converted to Judaism.

    [A beautiful testimony of faith and redemption]

    Such a day is cause for celebration! Is it any wonder that it is a day of grief for so many as conflict consumes Israel and the Palestinian territories?

    Indeed...the Law has been given and the Law transgressed. The Torah came and walked among us to fulfill the Law and all its commands. Jesus came and PAID IN FULL the price of OUR TRANSGRESSION to the last drop of His precious blood.

  52. TODAY IS SHAVUOT (Concluded)

    Death has no sting for those of us who abide in Christ. Jesus' own blood seals the deal. The arms that once were stretched upon the cross are reaching out to you! You were made for so much more than what we see in the world today! God offers His BEST TO YOU through Christ Jesus the Lord. All you need do is accept the FREE GIFT of salvation (Jesus) and labour in love daily,

    28 Then they said to him,
    "What must we do, to be doing
    the works of God?"

    29 Jesus answered them,

    "This is the work of God,
    that you believe in him
    whom he has sent."

    (John 6:28-29 ESV)

    Yes, it's that simple. All you have to do is believe. Open the door of your heart and believe. Ask Christ into your life that He forgive your offences before God and commit to follow Jesus all the days of your life. It is a simple prayer that comes from a heart that believes,

    10 ...if you confess
    with your mouth that Jesus
    is Lord and believe in your
    heart that God raised him
    from the dead, you will be

    10 For with the heart one
    believes and is justified,
    and with the mouth one
    confesses and is saved.

    (Romans 10:9-10 ESV)

    Love set a table for you in the presence of your enemies. Come. Sit and dine with the King!

    Happy Birthday,

    Pastor Rich & Family

  53. Goodbye ‘Freedom’ and ‘Independence’? US Navy plans to retire underpowered ships over objections from Congress


    So, if the AC will indeed be here, the peoples FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE is GONE too.

  54. On May 17, Shavout, Darwin’s Arch in the Gallapogaos Islands collapse. There HAS to be some spiritual connection or significance here.

    1. I thought the same as well. God destroying the Darwinian theory.

  55. The Galapagos Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been called a "living museum and showcase of evolution." Darwin visited the islands in 1835 and was fascinated with the massive array of unusual animal life that had developed on the isolated islands. This inspired his famous theory of evolution.4

    Thank you Ashley for sharing the news about the arch. I had not heard about it until I read your post. I think you are correct in saying this HAS to have some spiritual significance. The first thing that came to my mind was just that God smashed the idea of Darwin's Theory of evolution and into what it is, a pile of rocks!

    In the same article about the collapsed arch is that it has been renamed the Pillars of Evolution. The deception of mankind:(

    1. Darwin's theory, Big Bang, and Globe earth theory are a whole package. You cannot believe one and not the others. Just a food for thought

    2. That's simply not true.

      The Earth is an oblate spheroid, which is a sphere flattened slightly at the poles by the centrifugal forces caused by rotation. If you believe otherwise, you are foolish. There is a mountain of data behind it, an entire collection of human experience to draw from, and a smorgasbord of practical experimentation that anyone with opposable thumbs can do to prove it.

      The Big Bang is one of those "very-likely" events. It has a great deal of scientific merit, another mountain of research and data behind it, and fits the Biblical narrative quite well. (It was originally formulated by someone within the Church, by the way.) And not only that, but there are no better theories out there to choose from. It is our best physical description for the origin and expansion of everything, and if you put the words, "Let there be light" just before the explosion, we can see how God and Science go hand-in-hand.

      "Darwin's theory," as you call it, is a little more complicated. Was he right about Survival of the Fittest? Yeah, sort of, but only in the simplest way. Was he right about Natural Selection? Yeah, kind of, but only with regard to Micro-evolution. Was he right about the "evolution" of primordial goo into human beings? Not even close. The vast majority of evolutionists have nothing more than primordial goo for brains; because they DO NOT WANT the truth. They want the conveniences of life without obligation. And they are just blind enough to make up their own rules for getting it.

    3. Without going into a lot of detail, I consider myself an “Old-Earth Creationist”, roughly meaning that the days of creation in Genesis weren’t literal days, but “ages”, leaving plenty of room for the vast amount of physical evidence and fossil record. It seems absolutely absurd to think, as many suggest, that “all of this” was engineered for the purpose of deceiving us. It’s my understanding that the concept of ages vs days was rather common theologically (or at least open to consideration) until the last half of the 19th century, when the church started engaging in organized resistance to scientific research of that era, and Darwin in particular.

      A Canadian astronomer (and devout Christian) by the name of Hugh Ross has written some interesting books on the subject. He covers in detail how patterns of doctrine and theology have been shaped throughout the past century or two. Some of his books feature fascinating and in-depth descriptions of how what science knows about the cosmos, including the latest astrophysics, are an excellent match for biblical descriptions.


    4. So far as my above comment: Hugh Ross has written several books, most of which focus on specific subjects. But for those who might be interested, his book ‘The Creator and the Cosmos’ offers a great overview of his thinking.

      He’s also the founder of an organization called Reasons to Believe, that includes a number of scientists who are Christians. I haven’t read a thorough enough cross section of his work to say that I agree with everything he says, but he offers many powerful and compelling thoughts from a scientific perspective, that seem very much in sync with sound biblical theology.

      I would like to hear what some others think about his work.


    5. @DW

      I spent the first half of my life, including my Christian college years, vacillating between Old-Earth, Young-Earth, Gap Theory, etc. And I understand that we all have past, present, and future positions on the issues of life. In other words, our views and beliefs "evolve" over time. (See what I did there? LOL)

      But through it all, I've come to realize that the Young Earth theories are the most Biblical and have the most supporting evidence. If you find this topic interesting, and you haven't already done so, may I recommend Answers magazine or Creation magazine? Or check out the Creation Museum.

      If you really like the technical stuff, follow Young Earth guys like Jonathan Sarfati, and maybe you will have the same realization that it took me many books and many years to reach . . . that a simple reading and interpretation of Genesis is best.

      Also, I might add, as I've said on this site before, that the Speed of Light is NOT a constant in the Einsteinian physics that we recognize today. It is a variable, which you can see clearly in the equation E=Mc2. Of course many still call it a constant in a given vacuum, from our limited relational point of view; but that is because the Universe is cooling as it expands. The relative amounts of Mass and Energy are settling into a zone, if you will. And as a result, the Speed of Light is becoming more and more constant in the Creation. Why do I bring this up? Let me tell you:

      God created the known Universe, and He used science to do it. More specifically, it appears, from what we can gather, that He made it happen with a Big Bang. And until we know more, we can use that model to infer something interesting. "Time" and "Distance" are inverses in Einstein's equation . . . so in the Beginning, as the expansion phase took hold, Time was inflated. A 24-hr day at the heart of the Big Bang was the same as a much longer period of time measured on a newly-formed planet Earth that was exploding into being far, far away.

      It's very important to say that THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE OTHER AGE AND GAP THEORIES. It is a recognition that because the Speed of Light is (Time x Distance), then TIME itself was STARTED at the Big Bang, and it is "shrinking" as the DISTANCES expand. And because we know that, we also know that God did NOT mean just 24 Earth-hours on the First day of Creation, and maybe even the Second day. He wasn't measuring from our home. He was measuring from His. (We didn't even have a sun to measure by yet!)

      The assumption then is this. That the first 24-hour days were, concurrently, 24 hours at the Big Bang AND ALSO much longer than that elsewhere. God may have been measuring His 24 hours from a slowing clock, essentially. But by the time you get to Days 3 and 4 of the Creation process, it is evident that God had created the Earth itself, as well as the Sun and Moon, and we can have full confidence that the days are indeed 24 Earth-hours long, and ONLY 24 Earth-hours. I find all of this fascinating! Way more uplifting than contemplating the End events that we are mired in. On the other hand, the END coming up will certainly be the BEGINNING of something even MORE perfect and interesting!

    6. I highly suggest reading up on research and papers by Barry Setterfield. He makes the case for a decreasing speed of light. "C" is not a constant.

    7. Exactly.

      God spoke LIGHT into being, and the BIG BANG accelerated from a state of NOTHING to a state of EVERYTHING. And as MASS is created and fills the Universe, the SPEED OF LIGHT MUST decrease . . . according to Einstein.


      Now the young-Earth Creation process is well concluded. MASS has leveled off. The SPEED OF LIGHT has reached a new low, near constant from a practical view. And, of course, there are daily changes to these amounts, but more and more, these offset each other. For every nuclear star explosion that creates ENERGY, there is a congealing nebula making MATTER. We have approached EQUILIBRIUM . . . just in time for the Redemption of the Creation.

      Once you realize that the SPEED OF LIGHT SQUARED is really just (TIME x DISTANCE) SQUARED, then you can fully see the implications. God took us from a state of NO TIME to a state of IMMENSE TIME . . . and he did it instantly. Since that first day of Creation, TIME has been shrinking, but exponentially during the first day or two. Six days into that Creation now, that same EQUILIBRIUM has made the passage of TIME almost Constant, and very, very RELATIVE to the viewer and his place in the cosmos.

      It may have been that first day or two of exponential TIME decrease that allowed a 24-hour day (measured by God) to represent far more TIME than a 24-hour day measured by us, now almost in EQUILIBRIUM, and also far away from the center of the Big Bang.

      How amazing is our God?


      This concept is not new, and certainly not my idea. And the ancient Jews, themselves, have had similar discussions in their mystical writings. They just didn't have Einstein.

    8. Stick to your bible alone and not men made heresy by those satanic ppl who works in NASA. Einstein was a freemason so was everyone on our school textbooks. Globe earth theory and big bang are not biblical. If you do a lil research The bible supports the Flat earth theory in 200++ verses.

    9. We'll have to agree to disagree, since you offer ZERO evidence for your views.

      And the Bible absolutely DOES NOT support a FLAT earth. That's just bad exegesis on your part . . . in my opinion.

  56. This is off topic, but I wanted to thank those who prayed for my health. I am much, much better after my lyme relapse in February. It's been a long three months in a quiet and dark room, but I've had two days now that I can be out in the lamplight in the house. God was so very gracious to me during those weeks and gave me numerous little revelations as I listened to teaching videos on my phone or read here or rev12daily. God was a very near presence and your prayers lifted me up.<3-Vicki

    1. So glad you are feeling better. I had Lyme a few years ago. AWFUL!!!! I know several people who have struggled for years with it.

    2. What a hard road and trial to endure, Vicki. Glad too that you're feeling better. I pray you're coming out of the woods!

  57. We had a series of earthquakes in China today along with some solar flares. It reminded me of the 4th bowl/vial judgement. The angel poured out on the sun and there was a great earthquake with a solar and lunar eclipse. All those things are happening now, while the Pleides (which seem to have a role in the Revelation 15 judgement) is right above the sun from our vantage point...

    Kind of spooky if you ask me.


    I am really coming to question if we should be counting the 80-years of (Psalm 90:10) from what we've been calling Israel's birthday. Others here may have suggested this before but Thursday, February 17, 1949 produces some interesting connections.

    February 17th was the day Chaim Weizmann was Inaugurated President of the State of Israel; one day after the Constituent Assembly ratified the Transition Law, which changed its name to the First Knesset (Congregation), and elected Chaim Weizmann as the first President of the State.

    Keeping in mind that we're talking about Israel, let's calculate 80-years of 360-day (prophetic) years,

    2/17/1949 + 80(360) = 12/25/2027

    Saturday, December 25, 2027 is not only Christmas Day but the first day of Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication, the Festival of Lights. (I also believe it is the day that the Magoi arrived from the east to bless Christ with their gifts). Do the maths and it seems plausible that 27AD was a Jubilee year with the cycle beginning in 3973 BC and ending in 2027 AD. (120-years of Jubilees) If so, then we could count 2,000-years since Jesus declared the Jubilee in 27-AD.

    Might Hanukkah, 2027 be the 1,335th day Daniel was told we would be blessed to wait and arrive at?

    Run with this if you like and see what you come up with. Just a couple of pin-points from some of my new model studies. Too much more to share than time or space allow for the moment.

    Blessings, always,


    1. So that would put the rapture at the end of 2027!!! 😭 please no!!

    2. Please tell me I'm misunderstanding this.

    3. I’ve never been known as the sharpest tool in the shed, but the post seems confusing. Using a date that’s a year later than the traditional 1948, and ending at a generational date that’s one year earlier? From this, it looks like the Rapture should have happened last year, allowing for the 70th week of Daniel.

    4. Hi Nan,

      I don't think that's what is indicated here. Christ's Second Coming would more likely be in this time. Here's why...after Jesus was tempted in the wilderness by Satan he was led by the Spirit back home to Galilee where in (Luke 4:16) we see he stood up to read,

      17 And the scroll of the
      prophet Isaiah was given to
      him. He unrolled the scroll
      and found the place where
      it was written,

      18 "The Spirit of the Lord
      is upon me, because he has
      anointed me to proclaim
      good news to the poor.
      He has sent me to proclaim
      liberty to the captives
      and recovering of sight
      to the blind, to set at
      liberty those who are
      oppressed, to proclaim
      the year of the Lord's

      (Luke 14:17-19 ESV)

      What just happened?!

      Jesus said, "Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing." (Luke 14:21 ESV)

      Jesus declared the Jubilee.

      *IF* the year 27 AD was a Jubilee year then 2027 would be as well. This would allow for a 2,000-year Church age where on its end begins the Millennial Kingdom. What is it that the Feast of Dedication celebrated?

      The re-dedication of the Temple after it had been desecrated. We call it Hanukkah. What an awesome time to ring-in the New Kingdom of Christ! On Hanukkah!!


      That is when the 80-years times (360-days/yr) = 28,800-days of (Psalm 90:10) from February 16/17, 1949 lands us at Christmas Eve (Christmas Day) / Hanukkah I/II in 2027. (Not taking time zones into account).

      Forgive me if I'm not too clear at the moment. Long story...

      But take heart and be encouraged! We're almost Home!!

      So, I don't see the rapture happening in 2027 by this model. I do see a day that stands out and that just happens to be my birthday next year.

      Matthew recalls this during the beginning of Jesus' ministry,

      15 "The land of Zebulun
      and the land of Naphtali,
      the way of the sea, beyond
      the Jordan, Galilee of the
      Gentiles --

      16 "the people dwelling in
      darkness have seen a great
      light, and for those dwelling
      in the region and shadow of
      death, on them a light has

      (Matthew 4:15-16 ESV)**

      **NOTE: 4/15-4/16/2022 is Erev Pesach/Pesach (Passover Eve & Passover) in 2022!

      Matthew quotes the prophet Isaiah telling of a light dawning. Dawn is morning. By what name do we know the Christ? Jesus is, "the bright morning star". (Revelation 22:16)

      We also know the bright morning star to be the planet Venus. When Jupiter and Venus conjunct (meet) in the heavens we call that the Bethlehem Star. When is the NEXT visitation of the Bethlehem Star?

      The morning of 4/30/22 in the eastern skies in Pisces (with Mars standing by in Aquarius followed by Saturn in the tail of Capricornus). Mercury will be in the Pleiades and the SUN will be in Aries. (Think of the sacrificial ram and the shofar)

      Am I saying that the morning of my birthday next year will be the harpazo? It sure would be an awesome birthday if it was! But I do consider it a high watch time in the year to come.

      Oh! Don't forget, there's a solar eclipse on that day too.

      So, Nan, I don't think that we have to wait that much longer. It could be today, tonight or tomorrow. No matter what it will be in God's perfect time and YOU are invited to celebrate our Homecoming with our family and Hillary's family as we make Kingdom Cake to ring in the Millennial Reign!

      Everyone is invited!!

      Keep sharing the good news! Keep telling your story!! Never stop believing as it is the work of God to believe each and every day!!! (John 6:28-6:29)

      Be encouraged sis. Be encouraged everyone! You are LOVED and PRAYED FOR here.

    5. @Anon,

      Quoting you, "From this, it looks like the Rapture should have happened last year, allowing for the 70th week of Daniel."

      Yes, it does point to the beginning being late last year but that doesn't necessarily mean the Rapture should have been then. I'm not saying this is it...rather I'm exploring, sharing and asking questions and putting it out there for consideration.

      Look how hard Israel (and the world) was hit by CV19 in 2020 and look at their response. Could this have been the beginning of D70W?

      Time is short thus my sharing. There is a lot more study to do and I'm doing that as time allows.

    6. Sounds better though I'm hoping for much, much, sooner than 2022! Like any day now!😁

    7. A PIN-POINT ON 2/16 & 2/17/1949

      Here are the major events given us by the Israeli Government concerning the First Knessett,

      Quoting, Knessett.gov.il,

      Selected Events:

      14.2.1949 The first sitting of the Constituent Assembly was held. Joseph Shprinzak was elected as Speaker of the Assembly.
      16.2.1949 The Constituent Assembly ratified the Transition Law, which changed its name to the First Knesset, and elected Chaim Weizmann as the first President of the State.
      17.2.1949 Inauguration ceremony of Chaim Weizmann as President of the State of Israel.
      8.3.1949 David Ben Gurion formed the First Government.
      4.4.1949 The Prime Minister reported on the Ceasefire Agreements signed with Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.
      26.4.1949 The Prime Minister issued a statement to the Knesset about immigrant absorption and introduced the austerity program (the rationing of basic ingredients). Dov Yosef was appointed Minister of Rationing and Supply.
      11.5.1949 Israel was accepted into the United Nations.
      16.8.1949 A special plenum sitting was held marking the relocation of the remains of Benjamin Zeev Herzl to Israel.
      5.12.1949 The Prime Minister made an announcement regarding the United Nation's debate on Jerusalem, and said it is the eternal capital and core of the State of Israel.
      26.12.1949 Knesset sittings moved to the Jewish Agency building in Jerusalem.

    8. More or less continuing from above: I’m certainly not being critical of you, as you’ve done tremendous work here; rather, expressing my personal confusion. And adding to that, it’s always been my strong impression that Daniel’s 70th week begins when the Antichrist signs the agreement with Israel, thus making clear his identity, which the Church isn’t supposed to be here to witness. But otherwise, I’ll keep gratefully digesting anything you have to offer.

      Despite my confusion (which isn’t hard to induce) I look forward to anything you have to add, and I’m reasonably open to somewhat radical ideas. I’m not at all convinced that the bulk of the watching world hasn’t gotten some things terribly wrong, and that we’re going to have one or more breathtaking “ah-ha moments” that will become obvious only in the aftermath.

      Having recently re-read the fantastic book ‘Things To Come: A Study in Biblical Eschatology’ by Dwight Pentecost (written in 1958, I believe) his words echoed again in my mind, when he cautions his readers not to make a hobby out of prophecy. Sometimes I wonder if collectively, many of us are doing just that.


    9. Pastor Rich. Dont forget that Daniel was talking to tbe nation of Israel not us the Body of Christ Christians in Paul's dispensation of Grace. Yes the doctrine of dispensations everyone here hates is true and must be the used to avoid many contradictions and confusions in the bible. And a generation of 80 years according to Psalm 90:10 includes the 7 year tribulation, so from ur counting the rapture shouldve happened last year using the 360 days calendar.

    10. WOW!!!

      So glad to see all of the input and conversation on this!

      Yes, I am parsing Jew from Gentile, Israel from the Church BUT do remember that we are grafted into One. The study of this new timeline continues and not as a hobby. That has never been my purpose. These studies are personal Bible studies to see potential ways that Scripture falls into our temporal space.

      Eternity intersects with space-time. We know Him as Jesus Christ. Just how the Word of God, the Bible, and all history progresses toward a final focal point in the future is (IMHO) a potent study. I hope to be encouraging with my words and to share encouragement. Jesus is the reason for my study and the One I will always point to.

      So look for more details as I'll attempt to pull this together into something easier to digest.

      As for the appearance that the Rapture should have happened last year? You could see it that way BUT what if it is actually coming closer to the mid-point? What if 2020 was the beginning of the last seven years? Not to say that the seals have been (or are being) broken, not at all! But, certain features of 2020 are interesting markers for a lean seven-years running up to the glorious Second Coming.

      As for trying to date the harpazo? As I have said many times over the past several years, dates are a byproduct of the study -- not the point. I agree that the Rapture is and will be a perfect and holy event unto itself. One which we are called to look for and seek-out diligently with great expectation.

      Did the (Psalm 90:10) day count begin in 1948? That's a reasonable question. When things don't appear to line-up then what are we left with? Go back to the drawing board. So "Yes", Van helsing, it may be time to revisit this now that "we've surpassed the deadline" as you say.

      We have the Word of God. We have His indwelt Holy Spirit. We do not have the WHOLE mind of God. Only pieces of His wisdom according to His grace and the stain of sin left from wanting it so long ago. Not to be combative, but, I for one will not stop seeking Him. I say that in all humility. Even if I'm wrong in modelling, I am not afraid to be wrong. Further to that, I am NOT wrong in being an encourager to the Saints who prays daily that they share their story with the lost.

      The fact is that Jesus is coming back. Nothing can change that and we need to be confident in sharing that fact. That we can base that fact on current events, scientific evidence and Scripture? So much the better I say. Until the blind can see and the lost are found.

      This is our mission.

      Jesus said so.

      So a hunting I will go!

  59. Ok, so the day count didnt actually begin in 1948 but 1949 now that we've surpassed the deadline. Got it.

    1. @Van

      I think that's a little unfair. Besides the fact that we are still inside the 1948 window, PR did not say that he knew the date of the Rapture with certainty. And if you're not looking for educated guesses, or a framework for this kind of discussion, then . . . why do you visit this website?

      Revelation 1:3
      Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

      Hebrews 11:6
      But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

      If God rewards those who seek Him diligently, we must assume that part of that search is the proposal of ideas, themes, and yes . . . even timelines.

      I have not seen anyone here on this site claiming to know the exact day of the Rapture, and I don't believe that Pastor Rich is doing anything but putting forth interpretations. Isn't that why we're all here? Aren't we all doing the same thing?

      If he doesn't speak about such things, some would accuse him of not taking these times seriously enough. If he puts forth an idea, and doesn't adapt to the changes we see around us, he'll be accused of being too rigid. If his search reveals too much too often, you'll accuse him of one thing, and if he posits another interpretation, you'll harangue him for something else.

      How is a person to win?

      "But as for me and my household, we will fervently seek the times and dates." That's a verse straight outta my Bible. It's a one-off translation, so don't expect to find it anywhere else!

  60. God was not kidding when He said we would not know the day and the hour of His return. I guess we need to be satisfied with knowing we are in the season of Yeshua's return:)

    1. I’ll second that. Though it might seem to go against a lot of what happens here, I return often to that reliable admonition. Even among the most responsible and Scriptural adherents, collectively there are times in recent years when perhaps we’ve gone a bit nutty with calculations and their slots of fulfillment. There are many more instances conveying mystery than that one quote, whether or not it was spoken to the Church.

      The reference isn’t handy at the moment, but the most satisfying thing I’ve read regarding the Rapture/Resurrection was published by Greg Lauer on his site. After enduring all the prolonged anguish as the rest of us, he came to the prayerful conclusion that the event stands alone, and will be perfect unto itself at the moment it occurs. Yes, it MIGHT happen on this or that feast day... and it might NOT. It’s entirely possible that it’s a standalone event, and I don’t think anyone in Christendom has any business proclaiming one way or the other.


    2. AGREED!!!

      God was not kidding. Even if I knew for certain the day and the hour through special revelation by the LORD God Himself; how could I prove it? Why would you or anyone else believe me? I have personally experienced this truth and remember the lesson well.

      The harpazo will happen in its perfect time. The end that Daniel asked about will come in the time given in Scripture. That is something I think we can better pin-point.

      Remember, the years of man will be 120. I take that as 120-years of Jubilees, or 6,000-years, and will try to get that mapped-out in a way that is understandable as well as the pattern of the Days of Teshuva, D70W and the 80-years of (Psalm 90:10). Oh, let's not forget the two-witnesses as well and their 1,260-days, the woman's 1,260-days, the 1,290-days and the 1,335-days.

      But first, I must get back to work.


  61. May 20 = 1335 days after 9/23/17
    Israel cease-fire went into effect at the end of this day.

    1. That's a nice catch, Zachary. Well done. But I would be leaning toward something more significant this Fall. Notice, too, that Emmanuel Macron was involved in that cease-fire, and is looking for something more concrete in the near future!


      Abraham Accords, then Temple fighting, then all-out brawl, then a confirmed Covenant that the whole world is tuned into.

      We shall see.


    3. We may have to wait longer than that. There is no guarantee that the Rapture happens anytime soon, although many of us think that it can and will. We seem to be in agreement that we are in the season, at least.

      But, in this case, I was actually referring to the AC's confirmation of a peace agreement in the Fall, which you had previously referenced. The Fall of 2021-2022 is a high likelihood. And with every day past that, the odds go up exponentially . . . in my opinion.

    4. the Rapture will happen within the next month or two

    5. Did God tell you that? Because if He did, then you just made my day!

      And if He didn't . . .

  62. In the midst of these many comments, I’m offering a renewing break, in the form of another message from the great Adrian Rogers. This one is titled ‘Having Strong Faith’, and it’s something that most everyone struggles with from time to time.



  63. Israel is technically 73 years old until May 13th, 2022 and then turns 74 on the 14th.

    Here's a great explanation as to why the rapture could still be this month.

    Here's a video about how the Gospel of Luke speaks to the Bride of Christ. It's fascinating.

  64. Unknown,

    Im not harrassing anyone. Im simply pointing out the obvious. What is going on here is predictable, I know because I predicted it.

    The so-called "fig tree generation" model/theory is just that...a theory. Not established doctrine as it seems to be for many here.

    Im still hopeful myself that the rapture happens this year too but some of these scriptural interpretations I cant abide by.

    Im going to go out on a limb and make another prediction. Here it is...if were still here a year from now do you know what the next "model" will be?

    Well since many of the old geezers of the fig tree generation are still alive maybe it means that Jesus wont return until their all dead! That means that we could wait another decade or more!

    This is not something new, this possibility was offered by one of the writers on this site last fall.

    Look I mean no disrespect to anyone here, your all intelligent people. And im not trying to throw a wet blanket on anyones hope, I have the same hope. I cant wait to get out of this place.

    1. Looking back at my notes for 2020...

      Israel goes into lockdown for Passover AND Yom Kippur. The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is rising to overflowing. World population hits 7,777,777,777. Beirut explosion. Abraham Accord signed. Israel peace with UAE. Leadership upheaval in Israel. Great Conjunction on Winter Solstice...just a few of the interesting markers in time and events that may beg to question,

      Could Israel's last seven years have begun in 2020?

      Could the R12S which occurred on the heels of Yom Teruah mark 10-years until the Triumphant return of the Lord Jesus? Think about it, there are 10-days of awe between Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement); a 2027 Second Coming fits the pattern of awe, Jubilees and celestial signs. It also fits the 80-year generation model. It also fits with the beginning of man's 120-years that may begin with the *other* sign so much like R12S that occurred in 3974 BC.

      I am taking a hard look at the model of 2,520-days (2,550-days) and think it may not be right. Just as the seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls may overlap one-another (more than thought), I am exploring (and suspect) that we've had it wrong all along.

      Again, time does not permit me going into in depth right now.

      I will continue to post prayerful findings with Scripture and real-world data as much as I can AND invite prayerful input.

    2. @ Van

      This was the entirety of your post. Not just a quote, but the entire thing . . .

      "Ok, so the day count didnt actually begin in 1948 but 1949 now that we've surpassed the deadline. Got it."

      I've looked everywhere, and I don't see a single positive thought. I don't see any added information. I don't see any brotherly support. I don't see anything but your big "wet blanket" and some disrespect.

      If you really "cant abide" some of the theories, maybe you're better off helping with the models, instead of insulting them.

      This isn't cut-and-dry, like a lot of facts and information. It's detective work and educated guessing that leads to understanding and hope. And if YOU had posted as much as others here, in a search for honest truth, is this how you would want people to reply to your Rapture models?

    3. BTW/FYI...

      I should share regarding my old models...they were based on a 2,520/2,550/1,335 timeline; which on the surface may sound reasonable. But. The two witnesses and how to interpret their arrival and time on earth was (and continues to be) a challenge.

      A fresh study of (Daniel 9) and (Daniel 12) as well as digging on the instances of a time, times and half a time in their context and relationship is leading me in new directions. So I have to be careful with my words!

      When I say (above) that I don't think 2,520 is right -- what I mean is basing a model on two consecutive 1,260-day periods in a linear fashion. (Daniel 9:27) gives us, "a strong conenant with many for one week". I understand that as one-week of years or seven years. This is where we get the idea of 2,520-days,

      7-years (360-days/year) = 2,520

      ...but should we begin the model with this count? My latest study says, no. If we are looking for the harpazo then we should be considering windows of time and signs that could indicate times of interest. But honestly, I am coming to think that ANY of the times we've seen could have been the Day.

      Could free will play into this? Perhaps. But we all know that certain things culminate in ultimate conclusions. The lineage of Christ being chief in my mind.

      So, my latest study focuses on the Great Tribulation and the when might we see the construction of the third Temple? How the two witnesses time on Earth conjunct with the Temple and how their days of ministry overlap given events. These features, temple, witnesses, etc, extend beyond the Great Tribulation and (I believe) occupy the first half of D70W.

      Understanding (Daniel 9) is a key including the concept of *WHO* finishes the transgression, puts an end to sin and makes atonement for iniquity? Who is it that brings everlasting righteousness, seals both vision and prophecy and will anoint a most holy place?

      There's only ONE that can do all of that.

      His Name is Jesus.

      My new work is moving towards understand that the seven seals/trumpets/bowls may be an overlay tied together by common events seen from different perspectives. Such a view compresses the timeline and (as of now) makes Hanukkah, 2027 very interesting as the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom (MK).

      YES. I know what I just said...basically that the last week has already begun. Does that mean that the Lord has started breaking the seals? I don't think so, not yet. But if any year could have been the beginning of the last week? 2020 certainly seems a good candidate for Israel.

      Again, keep in mind, God never says what will probably happen. He deals in possibilities not probabilities. With God, all things are possible. This is how I prayerfully approach these studies and wait to see how the Spirit leads.

      I too am learning.

    4. PR,

      Golly...there are so many things I’d like to say, but hardly know where to start. I’m deeply intrigued by what you’re saying, but find it hard to put some of those potentially disparate things together. It’s probably not a popular suggestion within sites such as this, but I’ve had a gnawing feeling for two or three years that we’re making a few (but large) assumptions as to the meaning and/or timing of things. In short, maybe we’ve been on a sort of “autopilot” so far as eschatology, and what form those events might take in the here-and-now real-time.

      For centuries we’ve been reading, over and over, a relatively few passages of Scripture. And we’ve had a mind-numbing array of “interpretations”. Perhaps it’s amazing that we’re not all a little bit batty. Isn’t it true, that parts of fulfilled prophecy weren’t evident until hindsight?

      Maybe we’re looking for a lot of goofily obvious constructs that we’re not going to see. And isn’t prophecy designed and composed in such a way as to avoid mankind “engineering” events? I find myself trying to fit together, or build various prophesied broad strokes and details in my mind, and run into a crazy array of likely logistical and time limits. And ALL of it against the ticking clock of the fig tree generation.

      One detail to throw out there: you made brief mention of the Third Temple. Have you read the article on Zev Porat’s website where he strongly contends that the wording in original manuscripts indicates that the temple referenced could easily be a multi-use kind of facility, and not THE Third Temple? He and several other very knowledgeable Rabbis in Israel are very ambivalent about the entire notion. The Temple Institute is widely acknowledged within Israel as being more for foreign consumption than Israeli.

      And that’s just one item. Please do keep us informed about your studies. I find your work deeply interesting. The minds of many of us simply don’t work that way. The idea of it makes me frustrated and crazy, even if I understood where and how to start.


    5. DW,

      Yes, you're on the right track to my studies and, "Yes" I have seen what Karl Gallops and Zev Porat say about the third Temple. They indicate it is neither desired nor required, especially by Israelis. Could the "temple" be a metaphor for something else? Perhaps. I, however, believe it to be a physical reality and at this point am exploring it from the stand point of the two-witness ministry.

      All I am really doing is trying to take a fresh look away from influence of previous models. An engineering approach if you will. (My bivocational job has been Systems Engineer). When one system fails to function it's time to look into a new model. This is, as I've said before, the way I dig into Scripture as a study. It really does tie the entire Bible together!

      As to where to start? I start at the end and work my way forward.

  65. About six years ago, I prayed for the Rapture to occur BEFORE mid-November 2021. And it wasn't just a selfish prayer. I believed then, and I still do, that His purposes in my life would be best served if we didn't get that far, and I told Him so. I can't be more specific than that.

    But I just have to say . . . what a different world it was back then, right?! And now, with the milestone coming close, it's amazing to see just how much the Rapture appears to be coming closer!

    I know that God will have His way, either way, and it sure is comforting to know that. We just have to put one foot in front of the other, until we have a new home to come home to.

  66. Amir Tsarfati has an update today, 5/27/21 at Nehold Israel or on YouTube. It is a must watch/listen. Also Barry Stagner is starting a new show because of Jerusalem’s enemies lining up and getting bolder because of the fake bi den admin. We are very near the end. Jesus come quickly, maranatha😇.

    1. I was able to catch some of Amir today as well as the YT recast of his FB message while driving to the studio in Jerusalem. Very interesting to say the least.

  67. Amir's Tsarfati's ministry is called Behold Israel, and Barry Stagner's new show, "The Line Up" starts on June 3rd on Youtube.

  68. Does the Four Horsemen of Revelation 6 have a chiastic structure?

    -Diseases and death by Covid-19;
    ---High inflation by currently rising food and energy prices;
    -----War between Israel and her neighbouring countries (Psalm 83) and war between Russia and Europe;
    -------Rapture of the Church;
    -------Arrival of the antichrist and confirming of a peace treaty (Horseman on the white horse);
    -----Worldwide wars (Horseman on the red horse);
    ---Hyperinflation in which a loaf of bread costs a day's wage (Horseman on the black horse);
    -Diseases and death (Horseman on the pale horse).

  69. At https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-57300769 "Israeli opposition inch closer to deal to oust Netanyahu":

    "Israeli opposition inch closer to deal to oust Netanyahu

    Israeli opposition parties have moved closer towards forming a government that would bring to an end Benjamin Netanyahu's time as the country's longest serving prime minister.

    Centrist party leader Yair Lapid is reportedly close to reaching a coalition agreement with the ultra-nationalist leader Naftali Bennett.

    Leaders from Mr Bennett's party spoke in favour of the deal on Sunday.

    Mr Lapid, 57, has until Wednesday to form a new coalition government.

    Israeli media reports suggest both sides have inched closer towards a deal that would see Mr Bennett, 49, serve as prime minister for two years before being replaced by Mr Lapid for the second half of the term.
    Mr Bennett is due to deliver a statement on Sunday evening in which he is expected to formally declare his support for the agreement."

    What does this mean for the timing of the Rapture, pre-emptive attacks on Iran, confirming the Covenant with the many with the antichrist and the Rebuild of the Temple?

  70. The Israeli government has held power over Jerusalem for 54+ years now, and they have refused to exercise that control over the Temple mount. So I think that the simple answer is that it means a change to the status quo. Fresh blood and fresh ideas. And in this day and age, I think that the Temple is on the verge of becoming a cause celebre for the Jews, at a moment when they are persecuted world-wide, condemned at home, and tired of taking flak from Persia. Soon, I think that they'll realize just how alone they are, under Biden, and that could make them take a more aggressive stance.

    I believe that the Psalm 83 war already happened. And when Israel starts to stand up for itself, beyond just the reactive dropping of bombs, and the passive talk on the world stage . . . then you'll have conflict (the Ezekiel war?) . . . and maybe you'll have a negotiated "peace" (with the AC's help?) . . . and maybe you'll have a resurgence of Hebrew statism leading to a Temple . . . which would certainly mean a Rapture is near.


  71. For those of you who enjoy and follow Dr. Barry Awe on YouTube, he has just posted a new video. He is looking at a possible rapture date of June 25th. Interesting! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2NZ0ZFGuRY&t=6s

  72. I think the Rapture "Date speculating" is just that, speculation based on not considering all the scriptural information available. If you put all the pieces together you'll see the landscape of the middle east or what its supposed to look like.

    On a more lively note or something to be looking forward to is Trump Inauguration July 4, 2021"

    There is a Deep State war of corruption going on.

    Here are some links:



    1. Honestly, The Inauguration I look forward to (if not look for) is that of Jesus of Nazareth as King of kings at the opening of the Millennial Kingdom.

      Who is it that according to (Daniel 9:24),

      1. Put an end to sin
      2. Atones for iniquity
      3. Brings everlasting righteousness
      4. Seals both vision and prophecy
      5. Anoints a most holy place

      Christ is the anointing oil that fills the lamp and feeds the flame that lights the Temple. Jesus is the light.

      Accept no substitutes.

    2. Precisely.

      Here we are, late in the 11th hour, and many evangelicals are fixated on a worldly and dying construct. From this point forward, nothing in this world is going to get “better”. We can use our available time engaged in matters that are eternal, or spin our wheels futilely in pointless political “rage”. And in the process, serve as a LOUSY Christian witness. Time is very short.


    3. Well, Gregg,

      You can say that and you can think that but you don't know the heart nor mind of man. Not unless he shares it with you plainly. I for one am pulling in every piece of the puzzle I can and share humbly and honestly. Mine is a ministry of encouragement to strengthen the saints through the Word. Eschatology is my preferred theatre of operation and how I dig into the Word,

      2 It is the glory of God to
      conceal things, but the glory
      of kings is to search things

      (Proverbs 25:2 ESV)

      The question is, who and what are you (meaning anyone) looking for and why?

      Give glory to God alone. Not man.

    4. Pastor Rich

      Yep shouldn't be much longer!

      We know the "ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION which was spoken of through Daniel" is midpoint of tribulation time and the fig tree harvest of figs is likened to it, referring to that generation.

      We see the formation of that 10 ted kingdom of nations in the exact area according to Daniel.

      We see the one who qualifies as the little horn character that grew up among them.

      And with all the fighting over Mt Moriah, the Temple is not built yet, but I suspect very soon.

      So whats next, I think the sign of the prophet Jonah.
      Which is the only sign of the Messiah to the Jews.

      And Pauls referance to Jewish feastdays, shadows of things to
      come for the Church.
      Now the shadows of the feast lead us only to Pentecost. There are three
      fall feasts yet remaining to be fulfilled by Jesus. The Feast of Harvests, Atonement and Tabernacles.
      Those feasts are reserved for His second coming because there would have been no need for them had the Jews accepted the sacrifice at the time.

      The Churches covenant ends at the Rapture, and there is no Jewish feast that celebrates the rapture.
      So, naturally there is no shadow cast for the Rapture from the feasts.

    5. ...and so may we (the Church) be given to look to the heavens for signs? The word for signs, "לְאֹתֹת֙" (lə-’ō-ṯōṯ) is first given us in (Genesis 1:14),

      Quoting, Biblehub.com

      Strong's Concordance (H226)
      oth: a sign
      Original Word: אוֹת
      Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
      Transliteration: oth
      Phonetic Spelling: (oth)
      Definition: a sign

      NAS Exhaustive Concordance
      Word Origin from: avah
      Definition: a sign

      NASB Translation

      banners (1), omens (1), pledge (1), sign (43), signs (30), standards (1), witness (1), wondrous (1).

      Yes, the appointed feast days are critical but can they be applied to the harpazo? Perhaps. Shavuot is a beautiful picture of the Rapture but is it *the* Day? Unless those like God's Roapmap to the End are right; not this year. By my current study could the harpazo occur next year on Shavuot? Absolutely. As a matter of fact it could occur right up to Shavuot (Pentecost) in 2023...that is assuming an April, 2024 (Pesach) midpoint.

      Fall 2023 is the latest I see a third Temple being built (according to my current model)...in time for Yom Kippur that year. That allows 2,000-years from the time that Jesus announced the Jubilee when he read from the scroll of (Isaiah 61) to atonement in 2027.

      Again, these are modelled dates and NOT advertised as hard date setting.

      But considering signs in the heavens, I find it wonderful that the NEXT appearance of the Bethlehem Star will be on the day of a solar eclipse (new moon) with multiple conjunctions with Venus/Jupiter in Pisces and the Sun in Aries (the ram) on April 30, 2022.

      That is some powerful signage if you ask me.

      Should we be looking for a Jewish feast to mark the Rapture? Perhaps the better question is are we (humanity) looking at the appointed feasts and seeing the LORD telling us of the coming harpazo? Are we looking for His coming on the clouds? The coming Kingdom? Is that not what the feast days are all about?

      What G-D is doing and going to do?

      Keep digging!

    6. Quoting you, Gregg,

      "So, naturally there is no shadow cast for the Rapture from the feasts."

      Hmmm, when we think feasts we think Torah and the appointed feasts. I can think of a few learned authors out there who would argue that the shadow of the Rapture is cast in the feasts.

      Your statement got me thinking of another feast day, Yom Teruah. What NT event is given us that was fulfilled on Yom Teruah?

      The Revelation 12 Sign or the Great Sign.

      The R12S is a shadow of the Rapture and occurred on an appointed feast. (Feast of Trumpets) Also, read through Nehamiah and you'll see the shadow of the Rapture there as well and all on Yom Teruah. All Israel gathered before Ezra to hear the reading of the Torah. All Israel gathered as one before the Word on the 49-hour day of celebration not mourning.

      I have seen these elements for sometime now and typifying the days of awe (ten-days between Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur) could we have a shadow of ten-years between Yom Teruah (2017) and Yom Kippur (2027)?

      Days of Awe -v- Years of Awe?


      Yes, the Church age ends with our removal, but I would argue that the Rapture is shadowed in the feasts. A great personal study if anyone wanted to dive into it!


    7. The dates specs are interesting and fit into the puzzle of the last days.
      Jesus got real specific about the Jonah sign to the Jews.
      And Paul got real specific about the Jewish Feast days to the Church.
      Basically ascension day is Rapture Day with a 40 Day warning are Jonah signs.


    The stigma of variant names

    Quoting, CNN,

    "Coronavirus variants will now be referred to by letters of the Greek alphabet instead of where they were first discovered, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Monday, in a bid to prevent the stigmatization of entire communities.

    For example, instead of the 'UK variant' (B.1.1.7), the WHO will now say 'Alpha;' the 'South African variant' (B.1.351) is now 'Beta;' and the P.1 variant, first detected in Brazil, has been labeled "Gamma," CNN's Jacqueline Howard reports."

    An interesting choice of words for a title. Stigma. Some of you may know that Greek and Hebrew are alike in that both languages use letters as numbers. The Hebrew letter "ו" (Vav) has a numeric value of six (6). The ancient Hebrew character was based on a spike, tent stake or nail.

    The Greek letter "ϛ" (Stigma) also has a numeric value of six (6) and has a meaning of bearing a mark of ownership. Now think of the cross...it's as though the nails driven into Christ on the cross were his stigma. His mark of ownership of stigma, stigma, stigma or vav, vav, vav or six, six, six.

    21 For our sake he made
    him to be sin who knew
    no sin, so that in him
    we might become the
    righteousness of God.

    (2 Corinthians 5:21 ESV)

    Let not the mark that is to come be your stigma. May the "ת" (Tav), numeric value of 400 and the LAST letter of the Hebrew alephbet be your mark! The body, His Body, is born (comes last) after the Head which is Christ! THIS is the mark that was given to all of those in (Ezekiel 9) who, "sigh and groan over all the abominations that are committed" in Jerusalem.

    Rail against false idols and prophets. Know them for who and what they are. Pray, fast and dwell in the shadow of the wings of the LORD. Do not take their names on your lips nor drink the maddening wine they offer.

    Know, keep and preach in Christ alone!

  74. Replies
    1. Hey Ruth. I am ok! So much to take in right now with the government shift in Israel coming up, Iran situation, EU passports + digital wallet, possible Pentecost on 6/20, etc. I'm pondering it all. Maranatha.

    2. Thank God you're good! I know what you mean about so much to take in. I'm on here multiple times a day checking comments and looking for articles. I'm thankful you are well. Although I don't hardly ever have the time to comment, I feel like y'all are family.....which you are!

  75. At https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/nteb-radio-bible-study-israel-forming-first-muslim-jewish-hybrid-government-for-antichrist/ "NTEB RADIO BIBLE STUDY: Israel Is Forming Their First Jewish-Muslim Hybrid Government That Will Prepare Them To Receive The Antichrist" and at https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/benjamin-netanyahu-out-as-israel-forms-first-ever-government-coalition-deal-with-muslim-party-setting-the-stage-for-the-arrival-of-antichrist/ "Benjamin Netanyahu Out As Israel Forms First-Ever Government Coalition Deal With Muslim Party Setting The Stage For The Arrival Of Antichrist".

    Does this really mean that the Rapture is only a matter of a few months now?

    At https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-17/inflation-rate-2021-and-shortages-companies-panic-buying-as-supplies-run-short "The World Economy Is Suddenly Running Low on Everything".

    Is this the precursor to the hyperinflation of Revelation 6 (Third Seal with the Rider on the black horse)?

  76. To Pastor Rich or anyone else I guess!

    Israel is going into a Sabbatical year and following that a Jubilee year right?

    If so which one would be a favorable time to build a Temple?

  77. The 73rd year of the 80 year generation ended on May 14 2021 and the 74th year began on May 15th 2021. We are now in the last 7 years of the 80 year generation. We now have less than than 7 years until the END of the 80th year. How long are you willing to wait before you say that that 80 year thing is wrong? I'm not saying it's wrong, I believe that the rapture could happen at any second, but maybe it's 70 or 80 years from 1967.

    1. The fig tree = rebirth of Israel in 1948 is a definite to me. That generation won't pass away until all the Mt. 24 signs are fulfilled. I wrote an article a few months back looking at population tables and I demonstrated that even if the final generation exceeds 80 years, it won't be by much. Virtually every Israeli born in or before 1948 will be deceased by the middle of the 2030s. We're at the end.

      The "80 if by strength" is a probable, but not definite thing. May 2022 is the cut off for that in my mind.

      You're totally right that Israel had entered its 74th year, but Israel is NOT 74. Israel is 73. The prophecy is explicit that "if by reason of strength 80." We don't call someone who is 80 years and change old an 81-year-old. They are just 80. Israel will be 80 until April-May 2022.

    2. ...and on April 30, 2022 we have multiple conjunctions including,

      1. Mercury in the Pleiades
      2. Bethlehem Star in Pisces
      3. Solar Eclipse in Aries

      Happy Birthday, eh?!

  78. Hi Gregg,
    my quick answer would be sabbatical means rest, so no work building and Jubilee is when debts are forgiven and land given back to rightful owners so work on the Temple Mount makes more sense to me on a Jubilee year. I could be wrong.......

    1. Thank You Rhonda

      That makes perfect sense!



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