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The Hanukkah Crescendo

A potential high-watch week lies ahead of us. Or perhaps we're so close we've entered a perpetual high watch. Jesus is on the way.

Iran is now two to three weeks from a bomb (maybe even two bombs) and Israel is about to attack.

Russia is gearing up to invade Ukraine by January, if not sooner.

China is preparing to invade Taiwan—maybe at the same time.

Omicron is now busting out, and it appears to have started with four vaccinated individuals. In modern Greek, omicron forms the same vowel sound as omega. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega. We've seen the Alpha variant and now the Omicron variant. Speaking of Mystery Babylon, Scripture says: “All the nations were deceived by your pharmacy . . .” (Rev. 18:23).

What if the NWO isn't coming, but is already here? What if the Great Reset has basically already happened and all that remains is for the rapture to transpire, allowing the Antichrist to step forward, seizing the reins of power in an Orwellian post-COVID world? COVID has set the stage for the beast and his mark.

Hanukkah (Tabernacles 2) will begin tomorrow and end 12/6.

A total solar eclipse will occur on the 6th day. It will be in the claw of Scorpius, on the leg of Ophiuchus (the man in combat with the serpent). Think Genesis 3:15. It will also form, with Mercury, a perfect match with the Heliofant logo, as well as a scene of the sun setting in the demonic predictive programming found in I, Pet Goat II.


Many watchmen believe Jesus was born on or around Trumpets of 3 BC (9/11), which would mean the Incarnation occurred around Hanukkah of 4 BC.

The Incarnation is likened to God tabernacling with us.

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. (John 1:14)

Perhaps the time of year when Christ gave up His glory to tabernacle with us is the time of year we will be glorified to tabernacle with God in Heaven.

There's even a “last trump” theme: on the biblical calendar Passover is the first festival and Tabernacles is the seventh and last festival. However, Hanukkah is a surprise eighth, which is also a seventh—a redo of the seventh.

So of the major festivals, Hanukkah is the last on the calendar.

Let's read John 10:

22 Then came the Festival of Dedication (Hanukkah) at Jerusalem. It was winter, 23 and Jesus was in the temple courts walking in Solomon’s Colonnade. 24 The Jews who were there gathered around him, saying, “How long will you keep us in suspense? If you are the Messiah, tell us plainly.”

25 Jesus answered, “I did tell you, but you do not believe. The works I do in my Father’s name testify about me, 26 but you do not believe because you are not my sheep. 27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. 28 I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. 29 My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand.

In both verses 28 and 29 “snatch” is Strong's Greek 726: harpazo. Harpazo also occurs in verse 12. That means in this one passage of Scripture, centering on Hanukkah, Jesus mentions harpazo three times: harpazo . . . harpazo . . . harpazo.

Now compare John 10:27 (“My sheep listen to my voice . . .”), which Jesus spoke during Hanukkah, with two key rapture passages:

Revelation 4:1:

After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.”

And 1 Thessalonians 4:16:

For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.


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  1. There certainly are plenty of illuminated warning lights on the dashboard. More of them at once than at any time within memory, just from a secular perspective. One could leave out all consideration of biblical prophecy, and still the warning lights are flashing red. I’m daily astonished that more people can’t read these things—and again, purely in secular terms. The vast majority of non-Christian people I know just shrug, “Oh, well.”

    Completely remove eschatology from the picture, and we still have a global monetary system designed more for the 19th century, that simply isn’t necessary anymore. And that’s just ONE issue. Yet that one issue would decide the shape and form of the entire global economy from this point forward. That alone is more grounds for catastrophe than all the many matters that led to WWII. And leave aside the matter of global economy, and we still have far more stress points than those that led to both world wars, and they’re far less solvable.

    But then…add eschatology and stir. As you implied, I think we’re beyond the point of “high watch” periods. From this point forward, basically every day is high watch.


    1. ALL so true..... very well said!!

    2. Well said DW! Totally agree.

    3. Totally agree with you. I hope we don't have much longer to wait.

  2. Your opening statement concerning the world situation is extremely important to understand. Yes everything including the RAPTURE.

  3. Thank you, Gary, for another day of hope!


  4. Yes, perpetual high watch I think. Speaking of the symbolism in the occult film I Pet Goat II, did you see that the first ever airbus landed on the ice of Antarctica on Nov. 2. Preparation, perhaps?


    1. The solar eclipse that's coming up is over Antarctica.


  5. I saw that Omicron's numerical value is 70, and the first thing I thought of was Daniel's 70th Week. We will see

    Thank you for your message, Gary.


  6. Great article, also during I pet goat 2 it's winter as it is snowing throughout the animation but stops when the antichrist is revealed and the sun arises for a new day/year/season?

    it also looks like Antarctica where the anti christ is sailing out from, there is chunks of ice surrounding him.

    I don't know, we will soon see.

  7. Thank you for the encouraging article, Gary. Our citizenship is in heaven from which we eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ... I hope it will be this Hanukkah or anytime soon.

  8. Video: Hanukkah 2021 and Hope for the Rapture - Hebrew Bible Code Tables


    Video: Hanukkah 2021 and Hope for the Rapture - The Messiah is Coming Soon


    And Enoch and Hanukkah are the same root word in Hebrew = Dedicated
    and it sounds like a great time to dedicate the "Temple" = "The Body of Christ"

    Come Lord Jesus -

    and Hopefully for the time the Jewish people are celebrating Hanukkah, but if not, maybe the end of December to early January for a delayed month...(if Passover was declared too early). Maranatha - Love to all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ who are watching and longing to see Jesus! Peace -

    1. Remember, Enoch was the seventh from Adam, the seventh man in the line of Christ and first to be taken by G-D at 365 years old,

      24 Enoch walked with God,
      and he was not, for God
      took him.

      (Genesis 5:24 ESV)


  9. Thank you for the article and the encouragement!

  10. Gary,

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Agreed, and I too am one of those who believe Hanukkah could have been the time of Christ's coming at the Annunciation.

    Blessings bro!


    Jewish tradition holds that on the Sabbath a Torah portion is read, usually around a topic. This is called a parashat or parashah, "a passage in Jewish Scripture dealing with a single topic specifically : a section of the Torah assigned for weekly reading in synagogue worship." (Merriam-Webster)

    There are 52 weeks in the Gregorian year. 52 days it took Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and when the walls were complete we see the appointed feast of Yom Teruah celebrated. In the Gregorian year 3 BC Yom Teruah, the Feast of Trumpets, fell on September 11th.

    Half of the year (six-months) prior would be the time of the Spring Equinox and the season of the Passover. This could have been the time at which John the Baptist was born to Zechariah and Elizabeth. Zechariah was of the priestly order of Abijah and their service was during the early summer (June).

    Remember, John came in the spirit of Elijah making the way for the Lord Jesus to come.

    Hmmm...not too unlike the Church making the way for the elect of Israel to come?


    There are two parashah of interest during these times,

    1. Parashat #26 Shemini (Eighth)
    2. Parashat #52 Va-Yelech (And He Went)

    Twenty-six is half of 52. Twenty-six also happens to be the number of the inexpressible Name of G-D according to Jewish tradition. Remember, Hebrew letters are also numbers. Each letter has a numeric value.

    The Name of the LORD is rendered thus,


    and may be considered numerically as,

    5 + 6 + 5 + 10

    ...when read left-to-right as we do in the west; with the sum of 26.

    Thinking about these I took a look at parashah #26, Shemini meaning, "the eighth". (Some of you may be thinking of Shemini Atzeret about now!) The number of the Name of the LORD is 26 so this is what we find at the 26th reading of Torah for the year. It is considered as the Sabbath following the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. A reading of that Torah portion is recommended, (Leviticus 9:1-11:47). When does Parashah Shemini come next in the Torah reading calendar?

    According to Torahcalendar is it on the Shabbat of Saturday, March 19, 2022. The day after Purim Lots and the day before the Spring Equinox (20 Mar, 15h:34m GMT / 19h:34m IST).

  12. SOME FUN FACTS (Continued)

    Here's the fun fact: 42-days after Parashah #26 Shemini is the NEXT advent of the Bethlehem Star. The conjunction of the bright morning star, Venus, with the king planet ("planet" meaning, "wandering star").


    Forty-two days, eh?!

    I shared this with the Mrs the other day and she said, "It sounds like time to go Home!"

    Saturday, April 30, 2022 is the day of the annular solar eclipse when the new moon is furthest from earth and is smaller against the sun -- thus blocking less light than a total solar eclipse. This annular eclipse will occur about the horn of South America or Cape Horn. My wandering mind is drawn to that term, "horn". A word used extensively in Scripture denoting a crown in many cases.

    Why would the stellar events of Saturday, April 30 be so interesting?

    1. The sun is in Aries
    2. The moon is in Aries
    3. Uranus is in Aries
    4. Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces

    ...stopping there as I don't want to get into Mars and Saturn just yet.

    Think back to the days of Abraham and Isaac when G-d tested Abraham by requiring Isaac as a sacrifice. What did G-d provide as a substitutionary sacrifice to Isaac? G-d provided a ram. The ram of the Mazzaroth or "crown of stars" is the constellation Aries.


    What planetary name is found in (Genesis 1:1) in the Greek? It is Οὐρανός (Ouranos) and literally means, "heaven". So Uranus, heaven, is found in the contellation Aries at the time of an annular eclipse just after the bright morning star and king planet conjunct to form the Bethlehem Star.

    Who is the bright morning star?

    Jesus is the bright morning star!

    16 "I, Jesus, have sent my angel
    to testify to you about these
    things for the churches. I am
    the root and the descendant of
    David, the bright morning star."

    RED LETTERS (Revelation 22:16)

    Furthermore, what is promised to those who overcome the world? Through the letters to the churches we see a picture and through the church in Thyatira we are ALL PROMISED the morning star,

    26 The one who conquers and who
    keeps my works until the end,
    to him I will give authority
    over the nations,

    27 and he will rule them
    with a rod of iron, as when
    earthen pots are broken in
    pieces, even as I myself have
    received authority from my

    28 And I will give him the
    morning star.

    (Revelation 2:25-28 ESV)

    Jesus tells us the Father gave Him this power. The LORD Himself teaches us through the Psalmist,

    7 I will tell of the decree:
    The LORD said to me,

    "You are my Son;
    today I have begotten you.

    8 "Ask of me, and I will make
    the nations your heritage,
    and the ends of the earth
    your possession.

    9 You shall break them with
    a rod of iron and dash them
    in pieces like a potter's

    (Psalm 2:7-9 ESV)

    Jesus Himself was given this power and right by the Father. This too is given us in and through Christ Jesus. It is the heritage of all those who abide and conquer in Christ.

    So! If the bright morning star is a mark of that which we, the body of Christ; His Church, will inherit; when exactly will that be?

    During the time of the bright morning star?


    Just when does this happen?

    Venus will become the bright star in the pre-dawn skies in early January, 2022 and will be the bright morning star with Jupiter on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

    Forty-two days after the 26th Torah reading for Parashah Shemini on the Shabbat of Saturday, March 19, 2022.

    Some of you may be thinking, "What's the big deal about 42?"

    "Time, times and half a time" (i.e. 1+2+0.5=3.5), "1,260 days" and "42 months" mentioned in Daniel and Revelation to be references to represent a period of 1260 years (based on the 360 day Jewish year multiplied by 3.5). It is also likely the period of time during which Jesus conducted His earthly ministry.

    Is the time growing short?

    Yep! It sure is...

    Happy Hanukkah, 2021!

  13. Europe is suffering from an energy crisis which is caused by short supply of natural gas. When the winter will be very cold, which is expected, Europe is in danger of massive power blackouts. Will massive and prolonged power blackouts in Europe wreak so much societal and economic havoc that 10 European nations will decide to come together and surrender themselves to the antichrist to combat the mayhem?

    At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_2hp_IhrDA "1980, I Saw the Tribulation - Prophet Ken Peters".

    1. Germany will in fact be shutting down all the baseload power sources, which ironically kept the country from blacking out in 2021 because wind and solar power failed to deliver as expected. In just over a month, Germany will close 3 of its newest and best nuclear power plants and more than 4050 MW of electricity will disappear from northern Europe’s power grid. 4050 MW is equivalent to the average electricity consumption of all of Denmark.


    2. What a disastrous decision of Germany to shut down nuclear power plants. The Fukushima disaster happened on 11 March 2011, will on 11 March 2022 another energy disaster happen? 11 is the number of chaos and destruction.

  14. I hope you're right! My only question is how the day counts from Daniel 12 can fit with a Hanukkah rapture event. It would seem that the resulting 2028 endpoint (using a 2550 day count starting from Hanukkah) ends well outside any potential date for Trumpets or Atonement. It would seem that if the rapture doesn't fulfill Trumpets, it must then be fulfilled as a part of the Second Coming. If anyone has any ideas, I'd sure be interested.

    1. Taylor, I am of the understanding that the 7 year Tribulation doesn't start until the Covenant with Many is signed by the Anti Christ which I believe would begin around the FOT on the next shemitah year, which so happens to he 2022. I am of the opinion the rapture of the BOC will happen and he a gap for the AC to rise and the world settle from millions disappearing.

      But those are just my thoughts.


    2. Hello, Have you seen any of Dr. Barry Awe videos? They are interesting. I think generation234 or something like that also speaks of timing on feasts of 2028 being significant to second coming.

  15. Taylor, There are those who think that the 2028 torah calendar is also off by a month, because the aries constellation (the lamb) is not in the forefront during the torah calendar Nisan. I can't truly explain it well, but if it is off, then the Day of Atonement is October 29, 2028. If that is a jubilee year, then the Feast of Trumpets is celebrated also on the DOA. So counting back 2520 days (not 2550-I get where you are coming from, some think that extra 30 days is tagged at the end after Jesus comes back), would get you to Dec. 4/5/6 this year. So I think that is where the current hope lies. I hope this helped a little bit, I'm sure someone can clarify it better but this will give you a starting point. God bless-

  16. Two questions for you Gary: First, did you know the name of God has appeared on the eastern wall of the Temple Mount? The last letter is starting to appear. Second, what are your thoughts on Ken Johnson and the Asseans calendar? They have found all their prophecies to be 100% accurate and their calendar was probably more accurate then the Jewish calendar today. Their calendar points to 2025 as the beginning of the end of grace. Again, your thoughts?


    I HIGHLY recommend Ken Johnson's work on the Essene calendar and his accompanying book, "The Ancient Dead Sea Scroll Calendar". I have it on my Kindle reader and reference it often.

    My YT feed today included the latest from George at The Return of the King who is exploring a Pentecost resurrection/rapture. Still thinking about day counts (seen above) I took a look at when Pentecost falls according to Ken Johnson's Essene calendar. Shavuot is on the 15th day of the third month. Put another way, "1-5-3".

    Bookmark that...

    We should all remember that in (John 21) Jesus told His disciples to cast their net to the right side of the boat for a catch -- and that catch was 153 "large fish". Author Rabbi Jason Sobel teaches that according to Jewish tradition the right-side is the side of compassion, forgiveness and mercy while the left-side is that of strict justice. You may also recall that Rev Billy Graham went Home 153-days after the Revelation 12 Sign. Another fisher of men and tied to the number 153.

    So "1-5-3" are important numbers!

    Now the day count per the Essene calendar,

    Saturday, April 30, 2022 (Bethlehem Star/Partial Solar Eclipse) to Sunday, June 5, 2022 (Shavuot) equals 37 days (inclusive)

    The same day count but per Torahcalendar (non-inclusive) is 37 days. Click here for the calculation using timeanddate.com.

    Thirty-seven is the 12th prime number and along with 73 (the 21st prime number) are found throughout Scripture in both original Greek and Hebrew texts. [See, "The Living Word" for more on this topic].

    If you watch the lesson from The Living Word you will note that the numeric value of the Name Jesus in the Greek is 888. The same number of hours found in 37 days. Thirty-seven days equal 888 hours. Eight-hundred and eighty eight is the Number of the name Ἰησοῦς and THAT is the number of hours from the next Bethlehem Star, the conjunction of the bright morning star (Venus) and the king planet (Jupiter) when it rises before the Sun to Pentecost, 2021. Note: Ten (10) days before the Bethlehem Star/Partial Solar Eclipse of 4/30/22 is the conjunction of Mars/Saturn/Venus on 3/30/22 and 42 days before the Bethlehem Star/Partial Solar Eclipse is Parashah #26 Shemini (discussed above).


    1. CORRECTION: Thirty (30) days before the Bethlehem Star/Partial Solar Eclipse of 4/30/22 is the conjunction of Mars/Saturn/Venus on 3/30/22 and 42 days before the Bethlehem Star/Partial Solar Eclipse is Parashah #26 Shemini (discussed above).

      To err is human.

      Proof-readers untie!

    2. OH! And for those of us who have kept seeing "1-1-1" over the years, another fun fact. Forty-two (42) days is equivalent to six (6) weeks or one (1) month 11 days.

      : )

    3. Man I need to proof-read my text better next time! "Pentecost, 2021" above should be Pentecost, 2022.

  18. Soon and very soon, we're going to see the KING... Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

  19. Wow, thank you Pastor Rich!!! I spelled Essenes wrong in my post. Great observation about the conjunction with Bethlehem star.

  20. Hi Gary,
    Is this week the accurate Hanukkah according to God's celestial calendar or
    man's off one month this year calendar?

  21. We're there. So exciting.

  22. LAUDATO SI -7 Years Plenty, 7 Years Famine , Total of 14 Years in the making.

    When Pope Francis became the pope, there are so many interesting events surrounding his papacy. Then and now.

    Could it be that the LAUDATO SI as the sign of 7 years of Plenty before the 7 Years of Tribulation?

    It was published on June 2015, and by September 2015, he was already on tour to the US and spoke at US Congress, it was a big US tour. 2015 to current date, it could be the preparation for whatever is happening in the background. From his Mid east tours that eventually paved the way to the Jewish, Catholic, Muslim place of whoreship in middleast.

    So, looking at the timeline, Laudato Si could have been prepared much earlier, 2014 or maybe latter part of 2013. IF 2014, plus 7 years it will be fitting to add all the major events in the heavens and here on earth coincide within those 7 years. Years of PLENTY. Then if RAPTURE will be this year or early 2022, then fitting to finish the 3.5 years +3.5 years till 2028/2029. The final 7 Years. Years of FAMINE (TRIBULATION) and still FIT inside the PSALM 90:10-12 of a generation

    I believe it wont be long now. Maranatha.

    1. Maybe you're right RyanProtech. And if my memory is good, the two cows with the number 7 on the forehead, were born in 2014!

    2. I think that we are on the brink of WW III which will wreak social and economic havoc, while Europe is already suffering from an energy crunch. Russia wants to invade Ukraine, Israel wants to attack Iran's nuclear facilities and China wants to start a war against Taiwan.

      I think that it is very likely that during a war between Russia and Ukraine Russia will cut the natural gas supplies to Europe and will even conduct cyberattacks on Europe's power grid, causing massive and prolonged blackouts. Will the Rapture happen when Europe is in total chaos due to a prolonged energy blackout?

  23. Fun fact: according to Ken Johnson’s Dead Sea Scroll (Essence) Calendar, Hanukkah will begin on 12/25 this year.

    1. I had to go check that out but am sad to report that I see the evening of December, 7th as the beginning of Hanukkah this year per the Essene calendar. Hanukkah is the 25th day of the month, yes, but the Essene and Gregorian calendars don't line up this time around. But don't let that stop you! Great job looking, eyes open all the time and keep digging -- it's how we learn! : )

    2. Kislev 25 not 12/25 my mistake!

  24. Find it really interesting that in John 10, where Jesus is at the Temple at Hanukah, the word "door" is mentioned 4 times. Same as the numerical value of the word door or dalet in Hebrew. Perhaps a reference to the rapture/door in Revelation 4:1?

    TOL ENDTIMES on utube latest video re Hanukah, pointed out that the word harpazo appears this same chapter 3 times.

    Nothing in the Bible is coincidence.

    Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  25. This last 2 weeks, I've had the opportunity to sit down twice with a 20-something kid who has lived a life of total recklessness, frantic confusion, and misinformation. I know how shocking it is to hear of such a thing, lol, but this fellow was uniquely receptive and earnest. For hours, we talked of God, His plan, and the events of today. And I did my best to dispel the mysticism, the supernatural bunk, the aliens, and the pseudo-scientific, even while others of his same kind listened on within earshot.

    Right now, I want the Rapture enough to almost sell my soul. Ha ha. But for the sake of others, I'm trying very, very hard to appreciate each added day . . . tempering my hope with thanks. It isn't easy for any of us. But then I think of this:

    "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God."

    2 Corinthians 1:3-4

    We are all struggling with the growing darkness. But more than ever, NOW is the time to shine YOUR light. To hell with the idea that we should "go gentle into that good night." We were given the Sword of the Spirit for a reason, and now is EXACTLY the right time to "rage, rage against the dying of the light."

    I could probably try to wax poetic about joy and perseverance, but I think it's already been said, in better form, here:

    "Mine eyes have seen the glory
    Of the coming of the Lord;
    He is trampling out the vintage
    Where the grapes of wrath are stored;
    He hath loosed the fateful lightning
    Of His terrible swift sword;
    His truth is marching on.

    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    His truth is marching on.

    I have seen Him in the watchfires
    Of a hundred circling camps
    They have builded Him an altar
    In the evening dews and damps;
    I can read His righteous sentence
    By the dim and flaring lamps;
    His day is marching on.

    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    His truth is marching on.

    He has sounded forth the trumpet
    That shall never call retreat;
    He is sifting out the hearts of men
    Before His judgement seat;
    Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer Him;
    Be jubilant, my feet;
    Our God is marching on.

    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    His truth is marching on.

    In the beauty of the lilies
    Christ was born across the sea,
    With a glory in His bosom
    That transfigures you and me;
    As He died to make men holy,
    Let us die to make men free;
    While God is marching on.

    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    His truth is marching on."


    1. Jeremy,

      That's a great song. But today I think the song that best expresses my desire for lost people is this one:

      Dark is the stain that we cannot hide
      What can avail to wash it away?
      Look! There is flowing a Crimson Tide
      Whiter than snow you may be today.

      Grace, grace, God's grace,
      Grace that will pardon and cleanse within;
      Grace, grace, God's grace,
      Grace that is greater than all our sin!

      Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace,
      Freely bestowed on all who believe!
      All who are longing to see His face,
      Will you this moment His grace receive?

      Grace, grace, God's grace,
      Grace that will pardon and cleanse within;
      Grace, grace, God's grace,
      Grace that is greater than all our sin!

    2. Jeremy,

      That's a great song. But today I think the song that best expresses my desire for lost people is this one:

      Dark is the stain that we cannot hide
      What can avail to wash it away?
      Look! There is flowing a Crimson Tide
      Whiter than snow you may be today.

      Grace, grace, God's grace,
      Grace that will pardon and cleanse within;
      Grace, grace, God's grace,
      Grace that is greater than all our sin!

      Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace,
      Freely bestowed on all who believe!
      All who are longing to see His face,
      Will you this moment His grace receive?

      Grace, grace, God's grace,
      Grace that will pardon and cleanse within;
      Grace, grace, God's grace,
      Grace that is greater than all our sin!

  26. Thank you for that, Jeremy! The words to that hymn are so apropos today and wonderfully comforting. I keep waking up with It is Well With My Soul going through my mind as well, esp.the last verse:

    And Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight,
    The clouds be rolled back as a scroll;
    The trump shall resound, and the Lord shall descend,
    Even so, it is well with my soul.

    I would change that last line to : Praise the Lord, bless the Lord, O my Soul!

  27. The times were changed way way back in the days before Jesus even came. I have done the math with multiple books from the Bible, and the earth has been here for roughly seven thousand years. In truth, this is not the year 2021, and the months and days are way off. God warned in two books that the times would be changed because of sinful people, and because of the beast. Because of sinful men, in the Book of Jubilees, the book which begins with a description of how the times will be changed, and "Jubilees" being a descriptor word for "time; years; weeks". Because of the beast, it is also written in Daniel 7:25.

    One more thing I must say. And please take no offense. But Manasseh observed times which is considered wicked, and rightfully so, considering times have been changed due to wicked men and the beast. But it is written plainly in 2 Kings 21:6 how Manasseh observed times, used enchantments, dealt with familiar spirits and wizards, and so on, and later in the chapter it is described how these things were evil in the sight of The LORD.
    Just be aware of that, please, and of the fact that the times are not what they were originally whenever God created the earth all the way up to whenever wicked men and the beast changed the times. If you want to know when the true Sabbath day is, and everything else, you will have to search very far in God's word in Scripture to figure it out.

  28. At https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-59528864 "Russia Ukraine: Biden warns Russia against Ukraine 'red lines'":

    "Joe Biden has warned that he will not accept "red lines" set by Moscow as fears mount that Russia is planning an imminent invasion of Ukraine."

    Russia invading Ukraine, will Israel attack Iran at the same time? My guess is that in begin 2022 the Third World War will erupt with grave consequences for particularly Europe due to its dependency on Russia for natural gas. We have to be very vigilant now. Because during WW III 10 European nations will form a military alliance for peace and security under the rulership of the 11th king, the antichrist. The irony is that France, which will be the President of the Council of the European Union for the first semester of 2022, wants to use his roll to transform the EU into a military union.

    Could this mean that the Rapture will be only a matter of a few weeks, or will we still endure the economic and societal hardship due to WW III?

  29. At https://www.israel365news.com/263685/biden-on-2nd-temple-destruction-we-can-always-build-back-better/ "Biden on 2nd Temple destruction: ‘We can always Build back better’" about rebuilding the third Temple.

  30. Hey, all you Watchers!

    Just a quick note to let you know about a very interesting program I just finished watching. The title is ‘Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History’, and it’s streaming on HBO Max, as a very thorough 6-part documentary at about one hour per episode. There isn’t anything specifically prophetic about it, but it’s deeply and richly informative about who and what the title of Pope has meant throughout its history, from origin, up to present day. If you believe, as I do, about the nature of the Harlot System, and its universalist tone, you won’t help being amazed by this overview of Papal history.


  31. Thank you, Gary, you always "fill in the gaps" of my understanding with your articles, dear Brother.

    The Lord blessed me with what I believe is a VERY ENCOURAGING SIGNAL of our departure related to Omicron which I explain in
    Omicron Alien Invasion, 2 Tsunamis & the Rapture

  32. Ok, I haven't read all the comments but how do we know that Rev. 4:1 is to happen at Hanukkah?

  33. One other comment after reading some others. I would love to see a Hannukah rapture but as far as a late winter/spring event, sorry I dont see it. The rapture window is closing for this year.

  34. At https://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=5106 "What Russia Wants In Ukraine" about the current tensions between Russia and Ukraine. According to that article, a successful Russian invasion of Ukraine would pave the way for Russia to regain its domination over the Baltic and Eastern Europe, which are now part of the EU and the NATO. Will this cause the EU and the NATO to fall apart and be replaced by the Revived Roman Empire consisting of 10 European nations?

    1. Per human nature, we most often expect such long talked about and referenced developments to be almost cartoonishly obvious, like stick figures. But there could be a great deal of nuance in the actual unfolding. Nowhere does it state that the 10 nations must be part of a formal construct, the likes of what we’re accustomed to. Sometimes prophetic fulfillment isn’t even recognized until well after it takes shape. Neither the EU or NATO need fall apart, though member states might be lost.

      I think we’re being far too stringent in our imagining about how several of these things will play out. For that matter, in the whirlwind of instability and international chaos to come, the U.S. could very easily be a part of that 10 nation confederation. The Antichrist himself could well be seated here. Remember types, shadows, and forms. America is not a “new people”. We came from everywhere else, and primarily Europe. Biblical prophecy is always expressed in terms of ancient origins. The fact that the Antichrist will wield a potent army speaks volumes. The EU is nowhere near fielding such force, even if combined. Such a development would take many YEARS, even after agreed upon. The people of Europe have displayed no political or economic will to build such force, or even cover their share of NATO expense. But add the U.S. to the mix, and that problem is instantly solved.


    2. I appreciate what you say about preconceived notions. The prime example/warning being Messiah’s fellow countrymen who were looking for something different than what they saw. He suggested that they look to the evidence rather than the man. But that failed to convince; hearts were hard and eyes were blind.

      If evidence of events that are against (or in place of) Messiah exist in full measure, we need not wait for the curtain to be pulled back to know that ‘he’ is here, locked and loaded.

    3. @Anonymous12/08/2021 3:24 PM:
      "The EU is nowhere near fielding such force, even if combined. Such a development would take many YEARS, even after agreed upon. The people of Europe have displayed no political or economic will to build such force, or even cover their share of NATO expense. But add the U.S. to the mix, and that problem is instantly solved."

      Could it be that Europe under the leadership of the antichrist will take over the US military (soldiers, gear, weapons) when the US collapses and ceases to exist as a world power?

  35. At https://thecommonsenseshow.com/agenda-21-conspiracy-economics/it-not-matter-if-when-putin-attacks-ukraine-and-triggers-world-war-iii "It Is Not a Matter of IF, But WHEN Putin Attacks Ukraine and Triggers World War III".

    Russia waging a war with Ukraine will have devastating consequences for Europe, because of its dependency on natural gas from Russia. While Europe is already suffering from an energy crunch due to low inventories of natural gas and Gazprom limiting extra natural gas supplies to Europe. When the US and Europe retaliate Russia with harsh economic sanctions, in case of an invasion in Ukraine, Russia will probably shut off al of its supply of natural gas to Europe, literally plunging Europe into cold and darkness. Meanwhile Israel could see her opportunity to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, starting a regional war in the Middle-East, and China invading Taiwan.

    Could this mean that the Rapture will be only a matter of a few weeks, or will we still endure the economic and societal hardship due to a war between Russia and Ukraine and simultaneously a war in the Middle-East?"

    1. At https://news.sky.com/story/russian-invasion-of-ukraine-could-be-on-scale-not-seen-in-europe-since-ww2-uk-armed-forces-head-warns-12490120 "Russian invasion of Ukraine could be on scale 'not seen in Europe since WWII', UK armed forces head warns".

    2. For your consideration...

      Russia annexed (invaded) Crimea between Feb 20, 2014 and Mar 26, 2014. Russia invaded Georgia between Aug 1, 2008 and Aug 12, 2008. A winter war in that part of the world may not be likely. Especially if you don't have to fight in the worst conditions unless you want to.

      As it is, Moscow has the attention of the West which is IMHO the desired effect. All options are likely on the table for Putin. But a winter war is doubtful as his first choice.

      We have a little farther to go. Until then I would expect pressure to be maintained on all sides.

    3. @Pastor Rich12/10/2021 9:31 AM:

      Let us also pray for the very strong tensions between Russia and Ukraine, so that these tensions may relax. Because a further escalation of this situation with threats and severe economic sanctions by the US could cause Russia's to decide to completely shut off the natural gas supplies to Europe. If that happens, Europe which has become so dependent on Russian gas, will face a severe gas crisis, leading to major gas shortages, unpayable energy bills and even gas and power blackouts. In any case, this will have catastrophic consequences for the European economy and households, it will even cost human lives when the weather is cold. Gas prices are currently sky-high due to a tight gas market. Moreover, the Russian and Ukrainian populations are not looking forward to a war either.

    4. I think there’s way too much thinking in terms of extremes. Extremes aren’t even necessary, and just as often have a boomerang effect on the perpetrators. Even in the most dire of times, extreme actions are scarce. Plenty of effect can be gained through slow and less spectacular ratcheting. For that matter, it would make a lot more sense for Russia to outright invade Ukraine, than engage in that kind of provocative action against the larger body of Europe. Putin isn’t Superman, and Russia has an economy that’s about the size of Italy’s, and they’ve foolishly decided, over and over again, not to diversify that economy. If push comes to shove, the West has devastating economic tools that it hasn’t yet begun to use.


    5. @Anonymous12/10/2021 4:32 PM:

      "I think there’s way too much thinking in terms of extremes. Extremes aren’t even necessary, and just as often have a boomerang effect on the perpetrators."

      As long as the Restrainer is here on this planet and the Rapture hasn't happened yet, we don't have to necessarily think in terms of extremes. But between the Rapture and the start of the Tribulation Period extreme economic and social disasters will happen. Think about the total collapse of the financial and monetary system, total war in the Middle-East and total war between Russia and Europe, collapse of societies, etc. During the Tribulation Period extremes will be the new normal, think about all these extreme judgemental disasters recorded from Revelation 6 to Revelation 19 (Seal, Trumpet and Bowl judgements).

    6. Absolutely, during the Great Tribulation there will be no limits to destruction, but we’re not there yet. I was under the impression that the current topic was near-term practical events that all of us will experience or witness.


  36. https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2021/december/un-sculpture-looks-a-lot-like-the-end-times-beast-referred-to-in-daniel-7-and-revelation-13

    1. Hello.
      And on this site: https://www.israel365news.com/263929/un-headquarters-statue-of-lion-with-wings-as-described-in-daniels-dream-erected/?fbclid=IwAR1_-7isIoEQvNQA9qnT2cadKnW-tUjf4PNUUTspzYwJjM17z_OW8HyTXHE

  37. Two points on this article. First is that hannukah ended on the sixth. And the second, things seem to be heating up in the usual hot spots in the world.


    We've seen this before, the situation ramps up to an impending cresendo and things die down. Could this be the big one? Possibly. At some point it wont be a threat but reality, we all know whats coming ultimately.

    1. @Van helsing12/12/2021 12:27 PM:
      I think that heating up in these hotspots in the world will go from bad to worse, paving the way for the antichrist to confirm a peace treaty with the many. Could it be that the Nord Stream 2 natgas pipeline from Russia to Europe won't be commissioned until the antichrist has confirmed that peace treaty?

  38. Good evening brothers and sisters,

    Here is a very interesting video that has just been published by "Brother Victor"

    In front of all his signs that God has sent us in this year 2021 that ends soon, I still believe that our blessed hope (Titus 2:13) is very close to its fulfillment even before the end of the year!



    1. Hello Andre'...so nice to see you here! The 2 links you've posted are all together interesting for sure!! TY dear sister ~ btw, have you noticed Davids newest posts over at www.christwillreturn.com ? Gods love always to you n yours... can't wait to see you in glory as He makes known to us true riches * i'm so happy

  39. It seems to me the word omicron means eye as in ayin.

    It seems to me ‘tubalcain’ is Macron.

    It seems to me Macron has 32 characters in his name plus one hyphen and 3 spaces making the total 36 character spaces. 1+2+3+4,,,,+36 = 666.

    They call him the Assyrian.

    The vaccines include graphene ocude and graphene hydroxide.

    It is easy to prove to your self the vaccines cause biomagnetism. Just but a neodymium magnet and try it on the injection site.

    It is easy to prove that those who have been jabbed have bluetooth infrastructure in their bodies. That they have a MAC bluetooth code.

    1. Macron's plan for Europian Supremacy https://youtu.be/WIYy12Wiwos

      We are very close I believe. Lord Jesus please come soon....

  40. https://youtu.be/WIYy12Wiwos
    Macron's plan for Europian Supremacy

    I believe so Brother. We are very close I think. Lord Jesus please come soon

  41. Please help me understand why the Jewish calendar is off by a month for all the feasts except Hannukkah?

  42. Replies
    1. I will be the very first to admit to what I do not know. And I chafe regularly at those who pretend to know what they do not. It's not just the arrogance and "superiority" of those fools, but the inherent danger posed to others, when they are led astray by inconsistencies and lies.

      That said, I will at least try to answer your question . . . with my poor and meager opinion. I guarantee that select individuals will know more and better, and maybe they will offer something down the road. And still others will act like they know more, to our collective chagrin.

      The basic gist of the matter is this. God gave us the stars for several reasons. Primarily, though, they are to be our calendar.

      Genesis 1:14

      "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years . . . "

      And then He gave the Jewish nation several Feasts to be honored at appointed times. His Moedim. Each with a specific timeframe, based upon that calendar. So when it is said that the current Jewish Feasts are sometimes a month off, it is because the current day Hebrew calendar is NOT using an accurate map of the stars to determine the proper date. Past attempts at calendar synchronization with the Gentiles, along with forgotten history and misguided tradition, have introduced fatal calendar errors. And this has led to some Feasts and Remembrances being moved by those with better Biblical understanding.

      So why is Hanukkah different? Essentially, we have to point out that although Hanukkah predates the earthly life of Jesus, it was NOT a Biblically appointed feast. And it did not have a Biblically appointed schedule, ruled by the heavens. Hanukkah was the creation of men, honoring and celebrating the Temple rededication after the Maccabean revolt. It is wholly a man-made institution. So if the Jews wish to celebrate it on the 25th day of Kislev every year, then there is no guidance suggesting that they have to use the PROPER 25th day of Kislev. They are more than welcome to choose from any particular Kislev they'd prefer. God has not said otherwise.

      It is akin to recognizing that every college in America might choose to celebrate the generally-recognized holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but that there is no strict calendar timeline for Homecoming or Spring Break, for example.

      Does that make sense?

      Now I have not looked at any of the calendars for this Hanukkah, but that is my understanding of the basic concept. And I hope that it answered your question.


    2. That was very helpful, Jeremy, thank you.


    Thought I'd share an interesting conversation on The Verge with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss on making The Matrix Awakens with Epic Games. It is eye-opening, an oxymoron I know, as to the state of tech and how digital versions of self and avatars can (and will likely be used) moving forward. It's enough to make you want to restrict having your personal image out there for fear that it could be abused using AI.

    Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss on making The Matrix Awakens with Epic Games

    Looking skyward for His coming on the clouds.



    Putin and Xi cement partnership in face of Western pressure

    Quoting, Reuters,

    MOSCOW, Dec 15 (Reuters) - Russia and China should stand firm in rejecting Western interference and defending each other's security interests, presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping agreed in a video call on Wednesday.

    Their conversation, eight days after Putin spoke to U.S. President Joe Biden in a similar format, underscored how shared hostility to the West is bringing Moscow and Beijing closer together.

    "At present, certain international forces under the guise of 'democracy' and 'human rights' are interfering in the internal affairs of China and Russia, and brutally trampling on international law and recognized norms of international relations," China's state-run Xinhua news agency quoted Xi as saying.

    I so cannot wait until the arrival of the 1,335th day! (Daniel 12:12)

  45. Some like to say that every generation produces its own candidate(s) for the AntiChrist figure. This way, imminency can be preserved, and Lucifer is always ready to play his part.

    Which "variant" of the AC will we get? Will it be "Oh Macron?"

    I don't know. But he steps up to lead the EU nation confederacy on January 1st.

    Some news articles have already acknowledged his "sharp tongue" and "top-down approach to power," but these aren't his only satanic traits.

    His recently released agenda for the EU includes:

    1. Solidarity in the European social model.

    2. A focus on climate ambitions, and the requisite supporting economic development.

    3. A top priority of "increased digital transformation."

    4. "Non-negotiable" centralization of EU rule-of-law.

    These sound very "one-worldy" to me.


  46. At https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-12-16/eu-power-markets-face-precarious-january-as-supply-risks-mount "Europe Faces Dire Winter as Nuclear Outages Deepen Energy Crunch" and at https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-12-16/german-regulator-says-no-decision-on-nord-stream-2-before-july "https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-12-16/german-regulator-says-no-decision-on-nord-stream-2-before-july".

    Could it be that Europe will face a total and a prolonged power blackout before the antichrist pops up onto the scene and is it possible that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will be commissioned under the rulership of the antichrist? Hence the constant delays of commissioning NS2.

  47. At https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I67Z6S9OXhc "Biden Losing Grip In New Order Desperately Hangs On" by Erika Grey

    "Prophecy Talk with Erika Grey
    Biden is desperately trying to hold onto the America's first place in the world order as evidenced by Biden's Democracy Summit and actions toward Russia, but it is being usurped by the revived Roman Empire, the European Union. These are highlighted among other happenings including the recent extreme weather and the threat of war between Israel and Iran."

    Is the Great Reset only being conducted in Europe by the ongoing escalating energy crunch and a war between Russia and Ukraine? Purpose is to bring Europe into chaos to enable the antichrist coming to power, of course.


    This Christmas falls on the Sabbath and a special Shabbat -- it is the 13th Parashah (or Torah reading) for the Hebrew year. This reading focuses on the first six (6) chapters of Exodus which in Hebrew is called Shemot ("שמות") meaning, "names". Find a quick introduction to Parashah Shemot on Chabad.org,

    Shemot in a Nutshell

    About now you may be saying, "Okay, PR, that's nice. So what?!"

    Remember how the number of the Name of the LORD ("יהוה") is 26? That's the sum of the numeric values of the letters that make up His Holy Name. (Each character is also a number). What is half of 26?


    So, the 13th Torah reading for the year has to do with the birth of Moses, a type of the Christ to come, and the beginning of the story of the departure of God's people from bondage and slavery in the land of Egypt.

    Hmmmm, a shadow of the Christmas story...

    The 13th reading of Torah falls on Christmas day! Third day after the Winter Solstice.

    Interesting...then when does the 26th reading of Torah fall? The 26th reading of Torah, Shemini ("שמיני") meaning, "eighth" falls on the last day of this winter in the 13th month of the Hebrew calendar. (A leap month according to Torahcalendar.com). Even more interesting is that Shemini falls right after Purim. (Read all about Purim in the Book of Esther). What is special about Shemini?

    Shemini remembers the death of Nadav and Avihu for offering strange fire before G-d. It also marks the first Sabbath after the resurrection of the Messiah, Jesus.

    So a connection is suggested between Jesus at the 13th week, and the Name of the LORD and Jesus at the 26th week of Torah readings.


    Count 42 days from Shemini on the last day of winter 2021/22 and you land on the next day of the Bethlehem Star when Venus is the morning star. Jupiter, the man-child born of the woman as seen in the Revelation 12 Sign (R12S) and the bright morning star, Venus, a name of Jesus as witnessed by John (Revelation 22:16) will occur on the new moon of Saturday, April 30, 2022 -- the day that the sun and moon will cast their shadow over the horn of South America (Cape Horn).

    Isn't the Pope from that region?

    I digress...

    I would point out though that in RED LETTERS (Revelation 22:16) states,

    "I am the root and the descendant
    of David the bright morning star."

    ...emphasis, "I am!" Jesus points us to David. David was the 14th from Abraham. Jesus is the 26th from David. There it is again. Twenty-six (26).


    Does your brain hurt yet?

    Last piece...count the days from 4/30/2022 to 6/6/2022 which is Shavuot (Pentecost) or the Feast of Weeks and you get 37 days. That is equivalent to five (5) weeks, two (2) days, thinking "5" and "2" here which reminds me of the time it took Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem AND can be expressed as 888 hours.

    So what's the deal with 888 hours you may say?

    888 is the number of the name "Ἰησοῦς" or Jesus in the Greek. Again, see (Revelation 22:16) this time through the Greek at Biblehub.com,

    Text Analysis of Revelation

    What a wonderful Day that would be to be taken.

    I pray these wandering thoughts give light to new directions in your personal study and focus to your walk with the LORD.



  49. Greetings, fellow watchers.

    This is a grim article to post at this time of year, but matters considering Ukraine and an increasingly belligerent Russia are hard to ignore. Threats are becoming more frequent and fierce as the days pass. Here’s an article mentioning signals being sent inside Russia to the Russian people. It’s sobering, even if it’s pure manipulation.



    1. I don't believe that a nuclear war will happen before the Rapture, nuclear wars will happen after the Rapture as a part of the sudden destruction and judgments during the Tribulation Period.

    2. Hmmmm, and the two major powers that have now committed to a cooperative agreement, Putin and Xi cement partnership in face of Western pressure can both be easily represented in,

      3 When he opened the second seal,
      I heard the second living creature
      say, "Come!"

      4 And out came another horse,
      bright red. Its rider was permitted
      to take peace from the earth, so
      that people should slay one another,
      and he was given a great sword.

      (Revelation 6:3-4 ESV)

      The bright red horse.



      Russia and US agree on security dialogue mechanisms, says foreign minister

      Quoting, TASS,

      MOSCOW, December 22. / TASS /. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that Moscow and Washington have some points of agreement on dialogue mechanisms relating to security guarantees, noting that there are no any conflicts of interest among all countries in the region.

      "As for involving their [dialogue mechanisms], there is, in my opinion, an agreement, at least between Moscow and Washington, for sure. But I see no reason why such an approach would contradict the interests of some other states in our common region," the Russian top diplomat told the RT TV channel on Wednesday.

      Lavrov also noted that bilateral contacts on security safeguards between the Russian and US side were scheduled for early 2022.

    4. @Moin,

      I agree with you. War may come while we are here, the beginning of it, but if the Red Sea crossing is any indication of what is to come then we won't be here when it all hits the fan. We will have been safely ferried to the other side.

    5. As I live as a citizen in The Netherlands in Northwest Europe, how do I prepare myself for a conventional war between Russia and the NATO? Of course, it comes down to trusting my Saviour and Lord Jesus and being prepared for scarcity of food, goods and energy.

  50. ...or to put it another way Moin...how do we all live with a target painted on our heads? Has there ever been a time that nuclear weapons have not been aimed at any of the US cities I have lived over the course of my 56 years?

    This is not my home.

    Cling to Christ. Trust in Him.


  51. Simpsons rapture episode used the words:

    ‘God wouldn’t SPRING the rapture unannounced’

    I tend to weigh towards spring for few reasons.

    1. Pentecost
    2. Song of Songs
    3. Simpsons.

    1. The last shall be first and the first shall be last...

      Agreed on Spring.


    For some of you the day has already come while for others we wait for the midnight hour to ring in Christmas. No matter where you live you are in our prayers daily as saints of the LORD God Almighty through His only begotten Son Christ Jesus. Grace and peace to you this year and in all the seasons to come.

    Keep a weather eye on the skies. Some look for a rider on a sleigh. We watch and wait in anticipation for something greater because we have already received the greatest gift ever given; a child born in the City of David in a manger. Child of Mary and son of the carpenter from Nazareth. Heir to the throne of David -- King of kings and LORD of lords; the bright morning star,


    (Isaiah 7:14)

    Share the love you have been given.

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for a bright New Year, 2022. May it be the year we go Home.

    With brotherly love,

    Pastor Rich & family



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