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As high watch dates come and go it can be hard to hold on and easy to forget what we already know. And if we let faith and excitement turn to doubt, that doubt becomes criticalness. Criticalness turns to quarreling and division. Quarreling and division are fruits of the flesh (Gal. 5:19–21), not fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22–26).

The Philadelphian Church of grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone for the glory of God alone is the patiently enduring Church (Rev. 3:10). It’s the Church that knows the simplicity of the gospel and can discern the twisted lies from both lawlessness and legalism. It’s the Church that has crossed the threshold from unbelief to belief. We no longer walk by what we see, but by our faith. We know what God has promised and we know that the One who promised is faithful. He will keep His promises.

And Abraham’s faith did not weaken, even though, at about 100 years of age, he figured his body was as good as dead—and so was Sarah’s womb. Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever He promises. And because of Abraham’s faith, God counted him as righteous. (Rom. 4:19–22)

When I see creeping doubts among many regarding whether Jesus is coming soon, I have to ask: what Bible are they reading? Are they trusting their eyes or God’s promises? The words I read leave no room for doubt:

Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed. The night is far gone; the day is at hand. So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. (Rom. 13:11–12)


. . . you also be patient; establish your hearts, because the coming of the LORD has drawn near . . . (Jas. 5:8)


Now the end of all things has come near; be sober-minded, then, and be sober in [your] prayers. (1 Pt. 4:7)

A revelation of Jesus Christ that God gave to Him to show to His servants what things must quickly come to pass . . . (Rev. 1:1)

Blessed is he who is reading, and those hearing the words of the prophecy, and keeping the things written in it, for the time is near! (Rev. 1:3)

And he said to me, “These words [are] steadfast and true, and the LORD God of the holy prophets sent His messenger to show to His servants the things that must come quickly. Behold, I come quickly; blessed [is] he who is keeping the words of the prophecy of this scroll.” (Rev. 22:6)


Behold, I come quickly, and My reward [is] with Me . . . (Rev. 22:12)

The [One] testifying [to] these things says, “Yes, I come quickly!” (Rev. 22:20)

Jesus said this generation would not pass away until all these things be fulfilled (Mt. 24:34). According to Him, the things to be fulfilled include His second coming at the end of the Great Tribulation. Now you could take “this generation” to refer to those literally listening to Jesus as He spoke the words circa 30–33 AD as preterists do, but that requires dismissing what Jesus said would happen. Jesus said He would be coming back in the sky, with the clouds, and angels would come with the sound of a mighty trumpet reverberating through the air. He said it would come to pass on the heels of the worst time in human history, after the stars of Heaven fell and the powers of Heaven were shaken (cf. Rev. 12:7–9).

Sorry my preterist friends, 70 AD doesn’t work. Pattern doesn’t make prophecy. It just confirms that God’s sovereign voice echoes throughout history with repeating notes.

The other way to interpret “this generation” literally is that Jesus was speaking of the fig tree generation (the immediate context)—the generation experiencing the things He was speaking about in the Olivet Discourse. This is the only way to interpret “this generation” literally while also interpreting the signs and prophecies Jesus foretold literally. I’ll take Him at His word.

And Jesus’ utterance of “this generation” would have caused His disciples to hearken back to the end-times prophecies they knew. You see, they had no New Testament. They didn’t have 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, 2 Peter, or the Book of Revelation. They didn’t have J.D. Farag, or Jack Hibbs, or Unsealed.org. They had the Prophets and they had Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy, specifically chapters 31–32, would have been their foundation for understanding how the end times would unfold. And when they heard Jesus say “this generation” they would have immediately connected this to the prophetic Song of Moses they were much familiar with:

. . . for I have known that you act very corruptly after my death, and have turned aside from the way which I commanded you, and evil has met you in the latter end of the days, because you do evil in the eyes of YHWH, to make Him angry with the work of your hands. . . . (Deut. 31:29)

They are corrupt and not his children; to their shame they are a warped and crooked generation. . . . And He says: I hide My face from them, || I see what their latter end [is]; For they [are] a contrary generation, || Sons in whom is no steadfastness. They have made Me jealous by [what is] not God, || They made Me angry by their vanities; And I make them jealous by [what is] not a people [THE CHURCH], || I make them angry by a foolish nation [THE GENTILES]. For a fire has been kindled in My anger, || And it burns to the lowest [part] of Sheol, || And consumes earth and its increase [2 PETER 3], || And sets on fire [the] foundations of mountains. I heap calamities on them [21 TO BE EXACT!], || I consume My arrows on them [FIRST SEAL]. Exhausted by famine [THIRD SEAL], || And consumed by heat and bitter destruction [FOURTH BOWL]—I also send the teeth of beasts on them [FOURTH SEAL; ALSO REV. 13!], || With poison of fearful things of the dust [FIFTH TRUMPET]. The sword destroys from outside [SECOND SEAL], || And out of the inner-chambers—terror [FIFTH TRUMPET], || Both youth and virgin, || Suckling with man of grey hair. I have said: I blow them away, || I cause their remembrance to cease from man; If I do not fear the anger of an enemy, || Lest their adversaries know—Lest they say, Our hand is high, || And YHWH has not worked all this. For they [are] a nation lost to counsels, || And there is no understanding in them. If only they were wise, || They would deal wisely [with] this, || They would attend to their latter end! (Deut. 32:5, 20–29)

If, by God’s grace, we find ourselves on planet earth on May 15th of next year so that a few more pearls of great price can be found, I can hear the straw-man arguments already lined up: I guess that fig tree prophecy was false. Or, at the least, you were wrong to associate Israel with the fig tree. Ahem. I don’t think so. Connecting Psalm 90:10 is an attempt to define the length of the final generation. It stands completely separate from the biblical association of Israel and the fig tree (e.g., Jer. 24:5; Hos. 9:10; Jl. 1:6–7; 1 Kgs. 4:25; Mt. 21:18-20; Mk. 11:12–14; Lk. 3:7–9; 13:6–9; Jn. 1:47–49). On the third anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign I demonstrated that the fig tree connection stands by itself, and, just as importantly, this generation is close to passing irregardless of Psalm 90:10 (see here).

Remember what you already know. Don’t get blown off course. Remember why this generation is our generation:

1. The Jews are back in the land after nearly 2,000 years (from the dispersion in 70 AD to the aliyahs of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries). And don’t be confused by the word “Jew”—though it refers to the Judahites etymologically, the ethnic Jews have representatives from all the tribes, especially Judah, Levite, and Benjamin. A sprinkling of the northern tribes are also present. And surely more will be gathered at a later time.

2. The nation of Israel is restored after nearly 2,700 years (the 722 BC dispersion to 1948 AD). And the nation of Israel is a united entity for the first time in nearly 3,000 years (from after the death of Solomon all the way to 1948)! The number of end-time prophecies directly contingent on the existence of the nation of Israel is staggering.

3. Jerusalem is back in the hands of the Jews after millennia (from 70 AD to 1967 AD). Like with the restoration of the nation of Israel, there are a great number of end-time prophecies directly contingent on this.

4. The gospel has literally been preached to every nation on the face of the earth in fulfillment of Mark 13:10—at least in terms of geopolitical entities. This was only finally accomplished in the last century. And we know from Revelation that not every last person will be reached with the gospel until the Tribulation transpires. The ministry of the two witnesses, the 144,000, and the angels-in-flight is yet to come.

5. The primordial world government and beast system are already in place via the network of historically unprecedented global institutions like the United Nations, World Bank, World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, International Court of Justice, and so forth.

6. Earth-dwellers are living through the convergence of every dystopian novel ever written. The global pandemic has only hurried the furtherance of #5 along. Every day we see new elements emerge from the predictive programming in Orwell's 1984, Terminator, Minority Report, War of the Worlds, Soylent Green, Ready Player One, The Giver, The Matrix, and many others.

7. It’s the days of Noah and Lot all over again. The same violence (abortion, war, wanton killing) and normalization of demonic power/Nephilim as in the days of Noah. The same corruption and sexual immorality as the days of Lot. It’s even in just the last few years that the first full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark was built and the rainbow has once again become a viral symbol (via the LGBTQ movement). And it was just this year that reports came out likely identifying the remains of the Ark, as well as the remains of Sodom (see here).

8. It’s the days of Babel all over again. With the technological revolution, once again the world is unbound by language divisions. Once again the collective is trying to reach for the heavens apart from God. Without God’s intervention it is thought the first permanent human settlements on the Moon and Mars could be established this very decade. In the days of Babel God descended and scattered the peoples over the face of the earth. In the days of Babel 2.0 God will descend once again—the trumpet call of God will sound, Christ will descend, and instead of scattering, this time He will gather. Those who believe from every nation, tribe, and tongue will be gathered together to meet the LORD in the air.

9. Everything is waiting in the wings for the mark of the beast. Take your pick of technology: RFID, quantum-dot tattoos, QR codes. It makes little difference. The technology now exists for the mark itself, for the data capacity to track everyone with a mark, and for the infrastructure to read and verify the mark. Via the Orwellian response to the pandemic, we can also add vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, contact tracing, and quarantine camps to the mix. It’s all there. It’s coming.

10. Pinpointing the utter nearness of the Tribulation itself and the absolute certainty and severity of the coming wrath of God on the world because of sin, God graciously gave us all a sign in the heavens on September 23rd and 24th of 2017. It fulfilled the first two verses of Revelation 12 with perfect precision. Indeed, the Church will be caught up (Rev. 12:5) before the labor pains of the Tribulation (Isa. 66:7–9; Jn. 14:1–3; 1 Thess. 1:10; 4:16–5:9; Rev. 3:8–5:14). Israel and the remnant of her seed will be left behind (Rev. 12:6; 12–17).

11. Virtually everything is ready for the Third Temple, including the blueprints, the cornerstones, the Golden Lampstand, the Table of Showbread, the main altar, the vessels for service, the High Priest’s garment, the regular priestly garments, and even the High Priest and the regular priests themselves. They’ve been identified, appointed, and trained up for service in the Temple and for the past several years have been performing mock sacrifices in preparation.

12. The faithful Church is moving beyond human labels and denominational divisions as we unify around the things that truly matter: One God in three Persons, the simple gospel message, and the imminent return of our LORD Jesus. This maturation is evidence we have reached the end of the age and the harvest is upon us. The fields are white. And the knowledge of prophetic mystery has been revealed and expounded for all to see.

If you’re not living under a rock and have been watching for much length of time, you know full well that this list could be virtually endless. I’ve written Top 10s and Top 20s. I’ve made word clouds with fifty things. It boggles the mind how obvious it is. We’re there. And we’re going home. If you haven’t placed your faith in Jesus—the One who delivers us from the wrath to come—you’re not coming with us. Please come! The gift of His forgiveness and righteousness is completely free. He offers eternal life free of cost. Just take hold. Just board the Ark.


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  1. I liken the story of Abraham to all of us watchers in not only that he had faith that God would fulfill his promise, but more so that his hope in the fulfillment of the promise also led him into errors...like when he thought perhaps he would have children with his wife's nurse to fulfill the promise...How many times have we been wrong in supposing the timeframe of the rapture? lol. So many times, but God doesn't condemn us for that like he didn't condemn Abraham. I like to think it's endearing to him that we keep hoping and looking and hoping and looking. He will come just as he said. He never fails us even when we do.

  2. Thank you again for this nice post. It is encouraging and helps us stay on course and keep our eyes on Jesus and the soon rapture.
    Greetings from the Netherlands! We'll see each other soon with the Lord Jesus Christ in the air.

  3. We are battle weary and eager to meet our Blessed Hope. Our God is so patient, he wants that last gentile, as it is now a darkness you can feel the next step is redemption; we are told to watch. Come Lord Jesus!

  4. Encouraging article! Yes, Jesus will certainly return soon. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a ten-king international system, which is likely just over the horizon. The Rapture may not be this year, but it is closer today than ever before and I believe most of us alive today will get to see it!

  5. For, “In just a little while, He who is coming will come and will not delay.” Hebrews 10:37

  6. https://prayat316.com/the-rapture

    Thanks Gary, and your article on the top ten reasons to believe in a pre-trib rapture is the first link on the above website page.

    and in addition to the things you have mentioned...Israel / Convergence / Technology etc...

    The Hebrew Bible Code Tables are interesting...


    title: Hanukkah 2021 and Hope for the Rapture in Hebrew Bible Code Tables


    title: Hanukkah 2021 and the rapture ? The Messiah is Coming Soon


    title: Messiah - Return - 2021-2022 - a Door and a Cross in Hebrew Bible Code Tables

    God bless! Jesus is Coming Soon - Don't doubt it - and if we get to die for Christ before that day comes, just remember as you take your last breath that the dead in Christ rise first. Time is Short! Eternity is Long ... and we are very very near Eternity with Jesus!!!

  7. Is there any news about unblemished red heifers which are needed for the actual rebuild of the Temple? Red heifers have been being raised for the last several years in Israel.

    1. Yes! There is an amazing interview by Ray Bently, pastor of Maranatha Chapel. He has done a wonderful series called Step Into the Story. The latest segment is about the red never. Check it out:


      And thank you Gary for your unending encouragement and consistent & timely words of hope!!
      Blessings to all of you, ~Lyn

    2. Oops! Red heifer
      Auto correct on my tablet does not know the word heifer :-|

  8. Absolutely definitely : WE ARE THERE! Every day is a possibility of THE DAY! Hold strong and keep faith. Once we are there, this time of waiting will be nothing........ In the meantime God is carrying us thru all the stuff this earth is throwing at us. Be grateful, His Grace is within us and soon we take it with us! MARANATHA! ♥♥

  9. Amen, even so, come Lord Jesus!!!

  10. Thanks Gary, I always appreciate your updates.

    Regarding the fig tree generation, if I may add my two cents, I agree with what you said in another article that we can't put God in a box if it ends up being more than 80 years, but I also think we should take a closer look at our start point. I believe Israel is the fig tree, but is May 14, 1948 the date when the clock started? According to Matthew 24 the clock starts "When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves". That sounds to me like some point after the founding while the nation was still young, perhaps in the time frame of 1948-1967. After 1967 they weren't tender anymore, they were a force to be reckoned with. I don't think we have another 19 years to wait, but my point is just that we have plenty of time for God to literally satisfy the fig tree generation within 80 years. It may be that the clock didn't start until 1949 or later when their war was over and they were a brand new nation. This scripture would seem to make it very hard to pin point exactly when the generation started.

    I think there is a good chance that the Second Coming will happen on the 2000th anniversary of a major event related to Christ's earthly ministry, and if the start of his ministry was a Jubilee, that would suggest that 2000 years later would also be a Jubilee. (See Luke 4:16-21 for why the Jubilee was at the start of Jesus' ministry, 3.5 years before his death/resurrection). We know 2028-2029 will be a Shemitah year on the observed Jewish calendar (as 2021-2022 is also a Shemitah year). Could 2029 also start the Jubilee? 2000 years after Jesus read the scroll of Isaiah in Nazareth? That would give us no more than a year to be raptured before the tribulation if my reckoning is correct.


    1. Meanwhile we are seeing increasing tensions between Poland en Belarus and between Russia and Ukraine. Will this lead to a war between Russia and Europe?

  11. Mr. Gary, Thank you so much for this beautifully concise and clear admonition to our impatience ! My feet may be in the 'Gregorian Calendar' but my heart, mind and soul are in the 'Hebrew Religious Calendar'- Rosh Hashanah to Rosh Hashanah ! My generation began in 1944 so I am becoming one of the 'grey hairs' of this generation in which I find myself encircled. Your words help me maintain my balance. May you continue to be Blessed, my brother. Shalom.


  13. Wonderful article, Gary. Thank you for your faithfulness to our Majestic God and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for pointing to His promises. I am one that gets so disappointed at times that I turn to criticalness. I confessed and prayed again today for a more confident and trusting attitude. The attacks are growing more severe, so the armor must be put on every day. All this, however, adds to the myriad signs that shout of His soon return. Thank you once again for the much needed encouragement. My brother and I pray for all of you Watchmen. You carry a heavy load - which you will be duly rewarded for. Many blessings and hope to see you soon in the air. Maranatha!

  14. Please Gary and Jeff, go check on Stellarium the alignment of April 30 2022!!
    It looks like Revelation 12:4b!

  15. CeeDee Lamb now has a high receiving yards of 726 yards...just a crazy thing to think about.

    see video: CeeDee Lamb has 726 yards - is it a rapture sign from the Dallas Cowboys?

    1. explain this mystery: How can "726 yards" be a rapture sign?

    2. CeeDee Lamb= See the Lamb. (Behold the Lamb!) Strong's 726 (Greek) = harpazo

  16. Loved it. Thank you! All Glory to GOD!!!

  17. Thank you Gary for a very encouraging post. I’m totally standing on the promises of His return for us!

    Have you read Luis Vega’s article #581 on the coming Pleiades-Moon conjunction in the 100-year Lunar Eclipse/partial Blood Moon on this November 18/19? It’s also another wonderful post! The article connected Rev 1:16-17 to this coming rare sign with the seven stars in His right hand.

    I wonder whether the Lord is pointing the church to the beginning of Revelation now, just as He had revealed Himself to John at the Isle of Patmos? Won’t it be something if He is? - that what John saw of the future is now what we are soon going to walk in, starting with chapter one!! Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

    1. Correction:
      It is the 1000-year Lunar Eclipse and not the 100-year Lunar Eclipse. Sorry for the mistake.

  18. Thank you for the article, Gary. I appreciate it very much.

  19. Thanks Gary, I needed this article. I literally laughed out loud at your ‘Ready Player One’ reference. Spot on, but totally out of the blue! Oculus has arrived.

    Superb writing as always. Technically though, irregardless is not a word (smiley face wink dot gif).

    1. I looked that up myself when I ran across it and was surprised to find that the "ir" can simply be considered an intensifier, so that using "irregardless" rather than "regardless" is a rhetorical choice. I had never heard that explanation before and found it interesting. It reminds me of the (often inexplicable in my mind) addition of "re" to certain French verbs in contexts where expressing repetition or reiteration is not the intent.

  20. I don't think we can look at Psalm 90:10 as a measure of how long the Fig Tree Generation will live. That may have been the life expectancy in David's time, but it is a lot longer NOW.

    I just Googled life expectancy for both the U.S. and for Israel. It is 78.79 years for the US and 82.8 for Israel. That's a full ten years or more longer than Psalm 90:10.

    Since Jesus was talking about a SPECIFIC generation in his prophecy, why wouldn't he mean the life expectancy of THAT generation, not one several thousand years ago?

    1. Psalm 90:10

      "Our days may come to seventy years,

      OR EIGHTY,

      if our strength endures;
      yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow,
      for they quickly pass, and we fly away."

      Four observations.

      First, this Psalm specifically states that "our days" could be up to 80 years. And that means that there is no discrepancy between the Bible's teaching and our current reported life spans. We shouldn't be dogmatic about a year or three; especially in a world where fast-food, stress, infanticide, and modern "vaccines" can skew the figures at both ends of the spectrum. Any deviation from the established figures is almost certainly the result of human error in both calculation and observation.

      Second, we don't really have any greater alternatives to the definition for a "generation."
      The Biblical references to the maximum days of man being 120 years are still true today, generally speaking. The oldest verifiable woman being 122 years old, and the oldest man 116. And the Bible's 40-year reference to a generation is far better understood as a delineation between the young and the old, akin to our "Greatest" Generation, Baby Boomer Generation, or Generations X, Y, Z, etc. (Of course, today, we like to divide people even more than is necessary!)

      Third, don't fall for the logic trap that Psalm 90:10 purports to establish how long a Generation WILL live, but try to see it as the statistical description of how long any citizen of that day can EXPECT to live. Think median or average, and not limitation.

      Fourth, don't ignore the painful truth that Psalm 90:10 lays out. It clearly acknowledges that living beyond a usual expectation is possible (as is an early death) . . . but any such "added" days are ones of "trouble" and "sorrow." Spend enough time around the elderly, and you quickly gain an appreciation for how fast the days "quickly pass."

      Finally . . . I'm not the arbiter of anything, and I don't pretend to be. I can only acknowledge what I personally believe, and what is generally accepted truth by those with discernment. And having said that, I see no real-world alternative but to admit that the Fig Tree is limited to 70-80 years. Give or take. (And I would prefer to take.)

      This should give us some measure of confident assurance. And it is a blessing to have the vision with which to WATCH. But I also believe that it is a further blessing for yourself and others, to take what you've seen while watching, and attempt to make sense of it with rational and sound interpretation. And yes, even timelines. Nothing makes that case better than the Bible, itself. We would never think to set off on an arduous journey without a map, a compass, a plan, and a clock. The Holy Bible is all of those, and more. And once we've learned to use it, we must learn to trust it.


    2. I thought that I would add this, while we're on the 70-80 topic.

      I very much agree with what Bruce said above. That the KEY to the puzzle might lie with the start date of the Fig Tree Prophecy. I am not saying that May 1948 was not prophetic. It certainly was. But most people have long forgotten how to see the world from an agrarian perspective. The vast majority of us are out of touch with nature in this "civilized" world.

      What do I mean by that? Well, it's no secret that trees have growth stages:


      And I would like to draw special attention to the first 3 phases of the tree life cycle. If 1948 represents the first SEEDLING stage, and if the third stage of life is the juvenile, and fairly well advanced, SAPLING stage representing a truly recognizable tree . . . then we, as Christians, are to be ardently looking for the second stage. The SPROUTING stage. For this is where tender branches and leaves begin to put forth.

      I quote from the link above:

      "Tree seeds only sprout to life when favorable conditions are met. While this is true, not every sprout blossoms into a sapling because conditions may only support sprouting but not development.

      Conditions such as inadequate water, nutrients, and sunshine are critical at this point. Not having a sufficient supply of these conditions will result in the sprouts wilting or dying off."

      Concluding, I think that we have to give voice to several points.

      One, that we need to see the world from a simpler perspective, as Jesus described it to us. He will handle the Fig Tree, and He will give it what it needs, when it needs it.

      Two, that the sprouting stage might be a small range of time, and that the Jewish nation might only put forth those branches and leaves "when favorable conditions are met." As I've argued in the past, along with Bruce and many others, that might take a year or two.

      Three, that there's no denying that Israel had "favorable conditions" early on, and that by 1967, they were already a well-established and maturing sapling.

      And four, this ambiguity in delay could serve a prophetic and important purpose. For Believers, it acts to strengthen FAITH through adversity and doubt. For Non-Believers, it draws a widening distinction between wheat and chaff. A last trial of sorts. And for Lucifer and the minions, it throws another curve ball on timing, making it that much more unlikely that the dragon will be ready for the birth of the child.

      The key for us is patient and abiding TRUST in what we know the Bible is telling us . . . we don't have long.


  21. Thank you Gary for encouraging us to REMEMBER what we already have witnessed and to not be discouraged! So much is happening that I was inspired to share that there is MORE EVIDENCE that it could be the Rapture that causes the DARK WINTER that has been touted.

    There may even be a few things you Wonderful Watchers have not heard yet, so ENJOY--

    Don’t Look Up? NO! LOOK UP!!!

  22. Considering predictive programming from the movies about the end times, a few weeks ago I was reading an article about this and thought of the movie 2012, the one with the huge arks because of the tsunami's from several directions. What if all "they" did was switch the last two numbers making 2012, 2021????

  23. I followed the Kyle Rittenhouse trial very closely. Many in the mainstream media created a narrative that Kyle was a white supremacist and he crossed state lines with an illegal rifle. The jury did not see it that way and they viewed all of the evidence. I read Psalm 55 v 1-6 and it reminded me of the times we live in:

    Give ear to my prayer, O God; and hide not thyself from my supplication.

    2 Attend unto me, and hear me: I mourn in my complaint, and make a noise;

    3 Because of the voice of the enemy, because of the oppression of the wicked: for they cast iniquity upon me, and in wrath they hate me.

    4 My heart is sore pained within me: and the terrors of death are fallen upon me.

    5 Fearfulness and trembling are come upon me, and horror hath overwhelmed me.

    6 And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest.

  24. Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

    1 Corinthians 13:12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

    We have to trust God that He knows the BEST time, that He has a plan, that He will follow through.
    So far, He has a 100% track record!
    * * * * * *
    I just keep thinking about all of the folks I know who are NOT saved YET, including my daughter.
    I know they are worth the wait.

    Some day we are going to barely recall this current life of ours. What we will know is those who are with us or with whom we have access (saved after the Rapture) – in the long term, that’s what matters!

  25. I had not heard that you were a member of the Philadelphian Church, Gary. In this hour, that church is very, very small. Most everybody knows everybody else.

    What is it that makes you believe you belong to this church?

    1. That I am the righteousness of God in Christ and a promise to one is a promise to all.

    2. I can't figure out what you mean by that, Ray. I could make a great guess, but perhaps it would be better if you explain first.

      Several questions spring to mind:

      What makes you think that you, or anyone else, would get to personally hear the membership roster of the Philadelphian Church?

      If it's as small as you presume, and if everybody knows everybody else, then maybe they all know Gary, and not you or me. Isn't that just as possible?

      Aren't all of us just as likely to believe that we belong to this church? And even if we did believe it, is it not just as likely that we're all misled by delusion, ignorance, or deception? Is this not EXACTLY what spurred on hundreds of years of religious persecution by one Christian sect or another?

      To the point, didn't at least some of the other churches suffer under the belief that THEY were getting it right? How are you any different? How am I? How is anyone?

      I'm just trying to understand. And I don't think any of us should assume too much about another's congregational membership or standing with the Lord. Especially when we're so close to getting straight answers.

      Perhaps after you clarify, I'll see the point in better light.


    3. I absolutely agree, Jeremy. Similar thoughts passed through my mind, unexpressed. But I suspect that we’re not going to hear another peep out of Ray.


  26. I think your drawing the wrong lesson from the "fig tree parable" and Psalm 90:10.

    The Jews were very familiar with the summer fig harvest, so Jesus uses that
    for the generation that will see all these signs He just talked about.

    The confederacy of ten kings, from the Roman portion of the Moslem Empire, has occurred on the present day stage of history!

    The end time prophecy of Daniel concerns the final “week”, or seven years, of the Jewish covenant with God.

    God scattered the Jews and put them out of the land in 70 A.D.. Until God fulfilled another prophecy, that He would bring them back from the four corners of the world (Isaiah 11:12), there could never be a final seven years for the Jews and Jerusalem. It is as simple as that.

    King Hussein ruled Jordan until his death on February 7, 1999. He had ruled Jordan for 46 years, never having seen his dreams of Hashemite rule returned to Iraq and peace in the Middle East come to pass. He named his eldest son, Abdullah II, as his successor who ascended to the throne and was crowned King on February 8, 1999.

    King Hussein negotiated The Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty which was signed on October 26, 1994, wherein the Hashemite custodianship of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was recognized.

    ARTICLE 9 of the peace treaty is of major importance to the outcome of Daniel's Prophecy.

    1. Each party will provide freedom of access to places of religious and historical significance.
    2. In this regard, in accordance with the Washington Declaration, Israel respects the present special role of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Moslem Holy shrines in Jerusalem. When negotiations on the permanent status will take place, Israel will give high priority to the Jordanian historic role in these shrines.
    3. The Parties will act together to promote interfaith relations among the three monotheistic religions, with the aim of working towards religious understanding, moral commitment, freedom of religious worship, and tolerance and peace.

    In January, 1996, the Israelis named Jordan's King Hussein as the "Peacemaker", and a year later as the "Prince of Peace". His son and heir, Abdullah II, is now the Hashemite King and 43rd generation direct descendent of the Prophet Muhammad. His vow is to follow in his father's footsteps and bring peace and security to the Middle East and Hashemite rule back into Iraq.

    And just recently the King receives Prince of Wales at Al Husseiniya Palace.

    His Majesty says visit comes in year that marks Jordan’s centennial and 100 years of ties between countries.

    There seems to be a fast track to peace in the middle east right now!

  27. Gary

    Sometimes you just gata shake the dust off and move on!

    But, reguarding the "Preterist eschatological view".
    I Had to google it, I didn't know people like that even existed.
    Thats like a water bucket with alot of holes in it, I mean alot!
    Cultish Satanic stuff!

    The whole landscape of the end of the Church Age, and the beginning
    of the Tribulation is contained in the shadow cast by the feast of First
    Fruits. First Fruits is the fifty-day feast that ends on Pentecost.

    Christianity's birth and completion (not death, as we are all alive when
    we go to heaven) are typified in this 50-day period.

    The theme goes from the promise of the full harvest yet to come, to the
    new offering of the completed work of Jesus.

    In Christian terms, the theme includes the Resurrection, the warning, the Rapture and the offering.

    That offering of the good news of the coming of the Messiah was made to the Jews!

    The Church was born at a later time under a different circumstance, and promised heaven and rulership in the Kingdom on earth if they accepted the offering.

    And, all of this is very easy to understand. It s extremely clear how God
    shows you the timing for everything demonstrated by His set times, for the Jews, that He turned into promises to the new creatures in Christ, by grafting them onto the tree of the root of Abraham, under a new and separate covenant.

    Why does it take hundreds of denominations of Christianity to understand that? It doesn t! It only takes one! And, Paul only taught one; the one that He got out of the mouth of God. That meant it had to be SIMPLE! That meant it had to be UNCOMPLICATED! That meant it had to be self contained!

    Because God is not the author of confusion, and His entire plan was laid down before the foundation of the world. Once started, it continues along a course through time until it reaches its end.

  28. Nice article! Very well written. Maranatha!

  29. Gregg, what exactly are you referring to regarding the"preterist eschalogical view"? Apparently controversial comments have a short shelf life here. A little cowardly in my opinion.

    1. Before you accuse, check the rules, which are posted in several places.

      Unsealed commenting policy

      It's not THAT you share something controversial, it's HOW you share. There are brothers and sisters in Christ here and we don't talk to each other the way you've been talking.


    2. Van helsing

      This is what I have a problem with, this sort of thinking.

      Preterism, a Christian eschatological view, interprets some (partial preterism) or all (full preterism) prophecies of the Bible as events which have already happened.

      This school of thought interprets the Book of Daniel as referring to events that happened from the 7th century BC until the first century AD, while seeing the prophecies of the Book of Revelation as events that happened in the first century AD.

      Preterism holds that Ancient Israel finds its continuation or fulfillment in the Christian church at the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.

      Its just not sound doctrine. 2 Timothy 4:3-4



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