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Another Piece Of The Puzzle?

On September 23rd and 24th last year what I believe was the Great Sign of Revelation 12:1–2 appeared in the sky for all to see (who were willing to see).  It happened on, or one day after, the Feast of Trumpets (a.k.a. Rosh Hashanah).  Make careful note of that date.

What we commonly call the Tribulation, but more accurately called Daniel's 70th Week, the (beginning) of the Day of the LORD, or the Time of Jacob's Trouble, is a period of judgment on the Gentile nations and purification for Israel that lasts seven years (see Lev. 12:1–2 for an interesting parallel), hence many of us speculating that this time period may have run from September 2017 to the Fall of 2024.  That date range happens to be demarcated by two total solar eclipses over the world's most powerful and prosperous Gentile nation—the United States.

Obviously that speculation was wrong, but what seems clear is that an astronomical alignment appeared in the sky that perfectly matched the description given in the first few verses of Revelation 12 (see here and here).  And it happened in a year of incredible significance (120 years from the First Zionist Congress, 100 years from the Balfour Declaration, 70 years from the U.N. mandate to establish a Jewish State, and 50 years from the Six-Day War and the conquest of East Jerusalem).

The Great Sign has already served many purposes: alerting the Church to the nearness of Christ's imminent appearing, demarcating the near-completion of a full generation in Israel (see here and Ps. 90:10), and finally helping us to uncover the true meaning of a key passage of Scripture that for far too long had been neglected, allegorized, and relegated to unimportant status.  There is a reason God drew our attention to this specific time period in history, but we won't fully understand how all the timing fits until further events unfold (namely the rapture of the Church and commencement of Daniel's 70th Week).

Looking now in the rear-view mirror we can see that the Great Sign occurred on September 23–24, 2017 in immediate or close proximity to the Feast of Trumpets.  But looking forward, I've learned something quite interesting: in 2025 the Feast of Trumpets falls precisely on September 23rd on both the Hebrew calendar and the more accurate Torah Calendar.  And on both calendars the holiday ends on the 24th, just as the Great Sign ended on the 24th.  Seeing as the Tribulation did not begin this past Fall, I find it fascinating that its next logical ending point would be the Fall of 2025 and the next biblical festival to be fulfilled happens to land on the exact date as the Great Sign—the Church's exit sign—appeared in 2017.  Perhaps 9/23 does have a phenomenal level of significance, after all.

Could the Great Sign on 9/23/17 have served not only to wake up the Church, but also to point forward to the end-point of the woman's/Israel's labor?  The male child of Revelation 12:5 is the Church and is born before the woman, Israel, goes into labor (Is. 66:7–9), and is taken straight to the Throne of God (1 Thess. 4:16–18; Rev. 3:21; 4:1–2; 12:5), but Israel remains behind to endure a time of troubles—the birth pangs spoken of in Jesus' Olivet Discourse.  The Sign of the Woman appeared on 9/23/17 and perhaps her pangs finally end on 9/23/25.  Just speculation, of course, but the parallel is pretty striking.

And the timing fits well considering the fact that 2018 is arguably the most significant year of all in terms of modern Israeli history and The Parable of the Fig Tree—70 years exactly since the nation of Israel returned to existence.

Returning to the two total solar eclipses that crisscross the United States, what if they don't mark the Tribulation, but instead highlight the last seven years of the United States' existence, or perhaps the final seven years of unimpeded Gentile rule on earth?  The final eclipse lands on April 8, 2024 and just five weeks later, on Israel's 76th birthday, a sign forms in the sky that might signal the beginning of the final segment of Daniel's 70th Week—seven angels in Heaven pouring out seven vials of wrath upon the earth.  We speculated this might take only several months, but perhaps this final judgment takes a little over a year, ending in the Fall of 2025.

This timeline would see the Tribulation beginning sometime shortly after Israel's 70th birthday and ending several months after Israel's 77th birthday in 2025.  The completion of the end of the age events could thus satisfy Jesus' Parable of the Vineyard in conjunction with Psalm 90's definition of a generation as being "70 or if by strength 80".  All things would be completed before Israel turns 80 years old.

If there is any merit to this timeline, that means the rapture could be coming up quickly (but of course we don't know when).  A few important dates to keep in mind:

May 14th - Israel's 70th anniversary on the Gregorian calendar and the exact date of the LORD's ascension if He was crucified in 33 AD

May 17th - Israel's 70th anniversary according to Torah Calendar

May 20th, 21st, or 22nd - Pentecost

September 11th - Feast of Trumpets

September 19th - Day of Atonement

September 24th - Feast of Tabernacles

October 1st - Shemini Atzeret


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  1. So interesting - thank you Gary! What exactly is the sign that appears on Israels 76th birthday? Would love to know more about that. KLB

    1. Check out the link above that picture where it says "a sign forms in the sky..." (:

    2. Thank you for this great article, Gary! And the link to the heavensspeak.blog.spot concerning Taurus (in your previous article that you linked "a sign forms in the sky") was ah-mazing!

    3. absolute nonsense.May 26th is Shavuot not 20 or 21 or 22nd.second these dates are not biblical at all.two many theories on which year is a jubilee:Mimonides says it is 2025, judah ben samuel says 2032, others 2017 josephus 2028 and i can go on.Date setting is wrong and rapture believing is way more wrong.

  2. If there's any reliable significance of sister Melissas "Spiritual Job & Method Concluding" video (Midnight Hour Oil YT channel) - please just look at the big comment section who is experiencing the same end of being 'occupied' themselves since the beginning of this year at latest! - we should give the biblical pattern of Daniel 9:2 a realistic chance now to focus on 5/14 and pray for it like Daniel did.

    Interestingly, Omegaletter author Steve Schmutzer has experienced end of work himself lately, check out his article "Who am I, really?" (but he didn't seem to get the point Melissa was noticing though). Things are LITERALLY coming to an end now. It is finished, the church age. MARANATHA!

    1. Amen sister Annabel for sharing that very interesting indeed ! Maranatha

    2. [youtube width="320" height="266" src="_aMBqjAsK3w"/]

    3. Very interesting. Greg and I have both had job changes in the last 1-2 months.

    4. Did Israel get control of Jerusalem in 1947/1948?, or was it under Jordanian control until 1967?

    5. Gary I noticed Mellissas video very interesting as I have noticed many brothers and sisters with the same feelings !!! Maranatha !

  3. Love your new article thank you so much for sharing this makes total since my brother in Christ Jesus amen and a huge hug and Maranatha ! The 2025 sign in the heavens the 7 sisters aka viles of judgment poured out looks to be linning up with everything great job brother!

    1. Thank you!! I think we just might be VERY close. Maranatha.

  4. I saw the Rev.12 sign form over the Big Horn Mountains, south of the medicine wheel here in Wyoming. Amazing sight, a blessing for sure. With May coming the fig trees will start to blossom. I don't know why, but I keep thinking Acts 1:11. If it isn't clear to professing christians that time is short, they haven't been listening. MARANATH!!!

    1. Acts 1:11 has definitely been on my mind, too (:

    2. Wow... was Jesus also in Galilee at the time of his ascent?!

    3. Hahaha! I think I found it.

      Matthew 28:16 Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them.

      So would the "into the mountians" be a reference to the Mount of Olives, which oer this verse seems to be in Galilee? I don't know my middle east geography, but have a keen eye on G966.

    4. The Mount of Olives is in Jerusalem & directly opposite the Temple Mount. Jesus ascended from the Mount of Olives.

    5. Hope this helps: after Jesus' resurrection He made appearances throughout Israel for 40 days (Jerusalem, road to Emmaus, Galilee, Mt. of Olives, etc). Matthew does not record His ascension, but an event occurring some period of time before where He delivered the Great Commission. Sometime after the Great Commission He returned to Jerusalem, to the Mt. of Olives, and there was taken up to Heaven as about 500 disciples witnessed.

    6. Thank you for the feedback guys. I came across some very interesting information that I hope to share soon (hahaha... sometime after my daughter is sleeping), which seems to at least in my opinion really continue to highlight Pentecost of this year. I am so excited to share these thoughts!

  5. I agree that Sept 23 2017 was significant - I believe we were the watchmen sounding the midnight cry! The sign DID occur and WAS incredibly significant. I agree that this year is also significant in marking Israel's 70th birthday.

    I have been studying Pentecost in depth as the church's birthday (or conception). I'm wondering if the Holy Spirit goes up the same day He came down.... There seems to be tons of connection of the rapture to Pentecost (more than Feast of Trumpets IMO even though I also high watch then). I've started a whole series on it here;


  6. We should also keep summer solstice June 21, 2018 as a high watch date as well, if we pass Pentecost without incident, as June 21 is 271 days (average human gestation) from September 23, 2017, and 33 days inclusive from Pentecost 2018 to June 21.

  7. Another great source of information and encouragement is blessedhope2018.com it provides strong evidence for a possibility of Pentecost being significant this year. Blessings and Maranatha!

    1. Thank you for sharing, Ashley. I will check it out (:

  8. Love this site. Ck our Nick Vanderlaan’s YouTube on the Enoch Calendar and proof that the day begins at sunrise.

    1. Interesting that using the Enoch Calendar, exactly 2,000 years after 33 AD brings us to the beginning of 2026. 2,000 years after 32 AD (other possible crucifixion date) brings us to 2025. Either way, that could point to 2025 being the end.

  9. In regards to eschatological discussions & the frequently heated debates, I have a thought to share. Taking a very conservative line, I will use "If" statements to make my point.

    IF the interpretation of scripture is correct in regards to the modern state of Israel being the Fig tree,
    IF a generation of 70-80 years is correctly applied to the nation of Israel.
    Whatever any of the other signs may or may not be, we are possibly in the last 10-odd years of the time of man's rule, before we transition over to Messiah's rule.

    And that's all.

    We can debate any of the other preceding, following & intermediary signs.
    We can debate pre, mid, post, pan....tribulation 'raptures'.

    But they may be largely mute points, because however things pan out & however accurate are the interpretations of any other signs, believers & unbelievers alike are all about to find out first-hand what these (possibly) last 10 years will entail.

    Of course, this is predicated on the aforementioned two IF statements without any presumption that they are absolute in their correct interpretation & application.

    And this then begs the next question. IF it be so that Messiah Yeshua/Christ Jesus is indeed returning by or at the end of the next ~10 years, are we ready for His second advent & all that this entails?

    I ask this, for about 5 years ago, my (now) wife & I begun experiencing some challenging & very personal experiences, encounters, insights & revelations. They were myriad & against the backdrop & foundation of scripture, we have learnt a great deal that we were never previously taught. I wont go into them all, but I will highlight 2 lots of 2 key events.

    1. The first was on Sep 26, 2013 where I was 'taken' to a unique & '(sur)real' place, where among a number of things, I saw what I much later learn were Appiryon (Song of Song 3:9), hence the profile name.

    2. The second event came a day later on Sep 27, 2013. Still reverberating from the day before & not yet having had any time to process what it was all about, a short while after dusk, I am awoken by a very loud voice crying out, "Are you ready to receive the King?, followed by three very loud knocks on a door. At the time I lived alone & I even checked the door to no avail.

    Since that time, we have been learning what "Ready" really looks like, and it is a far cry from what we once were taught. As such, we have been actively applying to our lives these learnings.

    1. Psalm 90:10 "The days of our years are 70 years, but by reason of strength be 80. BUT THOSE YEARS ARE WITH LABOUR AND SORROW, AND THEN WE FLY AWAY."

      Funny how people forget there is a second half to that verse.

      When I read that, I understand that 70 years are the generation for the Jews. The the 10 years, are with labour and sorrow, or TRIBULATION. Then, they fly away. What does that mean?

      Well, if you read Rev. 12:14, you will see the "woman given two wings of a great eagle, and she flies away into the wilderness, for 3.5 years."

      So, doesn't this make the TRIBULATION period about 13.5 years? I think so...and then there is that HALF HOUR of SILENCE IN HEAVEN (6 months).

      Here is what I have learned, and not many agree....but that's ok.

      I have believed in a multiple "raptures" or "departure". Just as there are multiple harvests.

      Barley, Wheat, Grapes. There is a FIRSTFRUITS of each harvest.

      Jesus is the FIRSTFRUITS OF THE DEAD (Barley)
      Bride is the FIRSTFRUITS OF THE CHURCH (Wheat)
      144,000 is the FIRSTFRUITS OF THE JEWS (Grapes)

      I believe the BRIDE of Christ will be taken soon, (Luke 21:36), but NOT the whole Church. The BRIDE is not the whole church. 1 John 2:19 shows us this. "They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would not doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made MANIFEST that they were NOT ALL OF US."

      MANIFEST = to render apparent, appear, manifestly declare, show one's self.

      Once the BRIDE is gone, the tribulation starts, and the left behind Church goes through the SEALS until they are RAPTURED, after 6th SEAL. (Rev. 6:12, Rev.7:9). Then the Jews continue, until they FLY into the wilderness for last 3.5 years

      70 years are up, BRIDE is taken to THIRD HEAVEN (in Spirit, 2 Corinthians 12:2-4)
      6.5 years of SEALS, Church is "raptured" to PARADISE (1 Thess 4:16)
      3.5 years, Jews go through TRUMPETS, before they fly into wilderness for 3.5 years.
      80.5 years (silence in Heaven for half hour)

      So, this looks like Psalm 90:10 makes more sense.

      80.5 + 3.5 years in the wilderness, makes 84 years...therefore, Tribulation is 14+ years. Just like 2 Corinthians 12:2-4 shows. Not only that, but Jacob served 7 years for Leah and 7 years for Rachel.

      Sorry so long...bless you all!

  10. Bracketing these two events were another two other events. The first came around April/May 2013 & the latter came late December 2013.

    1. The first was a dream I had wherein I saw a large passenger plane suspended in space over the earth, & it had a unusual insignia on the tail, which I instinctively knew was an ancient language. I draw the symbol & through research, we later learn it was the 17th Hebrew letter, Peh, which I previously knew nothing of (nor Greek for that matter). In pictograph form, Peh represents the "open mouth of God".

    2. The second & latter bracketing event was a 'flash vision' of a four letter word which I thought was a woman's name. A day later it happens again & so I type it into Google & I am astonished that it is a Hebrew word, & a very important one at that - Shema, meaning to listen, trust & obey. About three years later, I am learning Biblical Hebrew when, unsolicited, the tutor notes that when two words are used together, it is a very strong exhortation to Listen, Trust & Obey. And you guessed it, they are Peh & Shema (& also Qol & Shema) - Listen, Trust & Obey the Mouth (& Voice) of God.

    Swinging back to the original message & including these (+ more) events, we have embarked on a journey of awakening, learning, preparation & active living, so that we are "Ready to receive the King" when He returns. It has been a very challenging & exciting journey. We have learnt that it takes time to get ready. Gladly, by the grace of God, we have been given the gift of time to get ready.

    Along the way, we have discovered many others, who in their own unique way, have also been awakened, & like them, whilst there has been some degree of better understanding of eschatology, the primary focus has been that of unlearning, relearning & of course living set apart lives (holy/kodesh), all so that we are "Ready to receive the King", when He returns.

    To wind this commentary up, here are some thoughts to ponder.

    I recall the parable of, "When did we see you........"?

    One was pleasantly surprised.
    One was shockingly surprised.

    One knew Messiah.
    One did not know Messiah.

    One was invited in.
    One was locked out.

    One rejoiced.
    One wailed.

    There is a good surprise coming.
    There is a bad surprise coming.

    Too few focus on Matt 5.
    Too many focus on Matt 24.

    1. That's great, Appiryon! I just came across to watch Paul Begley video "End times insight: Last days advice from Christ" https://youtu.be/Ic1gMTYB-9A guess what it was about... MARANATHA, blessings to you! :)

    2. Great post Appyrion - I can give witness to a similar, though quite different, period of preparation which corresponds closely to the times you've mentioned. Similarly, it has been very much a time of re-training, un-learning and listening to what was meant, not what has been taught always. Your words are very strengthening and encouraging to me. I knew He'd been preparing me - this is great confirmation! Blessings - Sherry

  11. Oh man! Wonderful post! Thank you Gary!

  12. Thought this parable from Luke is interesting, perhaps this indicates waiting a year?? One realizes we won't know until we know, but piqued my interest nonetheless.
    The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree

    6 He also spoke this parable: “A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, and he came seeking fruit on it and found none. 7 Then he said to the keeper of his vineyard, ‘Look, for three years I have come seeking fruit on this fig tree and find none. Cut it down; why does it use up the ground?’ 8 But he answered and said to him, ‘Sir, let it alone this year also, until I dig around it and fertilize it. 9 And if it bears fruit, well. But if not, after that you can cut it down.’” Luke 13:6-9

    A Spirit of Infirmity
    Scripture from BibleGateway NKJV


    1. Tryphosa, also, that additional year is the 7th. The Fig Tree is not checked for fruit the 1st three years, in its 'youth'. Years 4, 5, & 6 were barren and the 'extra' year was the 7th, completing the TESTING. Maranatha!

    2. Jimboni,

      In referencing Leviticus 19:23-25, I do not see any inference to any 6th & 7th year, as per:

      23“ ‘When you enter the land and plant any kind of fruit tree, regard its fruit as forbidden.b For three years you are to consider it forbiddenc ; it must not be eaten. 24In the fourth year all its fruit will be holy, an offering of praise to the Lord. 25But in the fifth year you may eat its fruit. In this way your harvest will be increased. I am the Lord your God.

      In the first to third years, the fruit was left to fall to the ground & essentially help fertilize the ground & nuture the tree.

      During this time, there is no prohibition to prune, such that together with the fruit falling to the ground, by the time the fourth year came, the tree should have been producing a very full harvest.

      And as per the theme of giving first fruits to the LORD, the fourth year was set aside (holy/kodesh) as an offering of praise to the LORD.

      Only in the fifth year & thereafter could the land owner eat the fruit from the tree.

      In conjunction with the Luke 13 ref., we can then perhaps see that over the first three years, the tree had produced no fruit, such that if that trend continued, the tree would produced no first fruits in its fourth year.

      The keeper of the vineyard then works hard for the tree to produce its first fruits in the fourth year, which would be dedicated to the LORD, & if it doesn't produce for the LORD, then it will be cut down.

    3. Another interesting concept I heard today was how Jesus taught Israel three years before he was crucified, and Israel was cut off until 1948 when it once again was planted. And now it’s been 70 years. This is certainly the generation that will not pass until all these things be accomplished. 😇 look up!

    4. @Betrothed2Him, that was my first thought when reading through this parable (referring to Jesus' preaching period on earth and in Israel / Judaea for 3 + 1/2 years app.) and the logic from the context has not changed yet. :)

  13. Please check also today's brother Johns "Prophecy alert!" video on Watchman for that Great Day YT channel, so much encouraging!! MARANATHA :D

    1. Diana Olivieri did a clip called Gospel of John: Two Branches


      At the start of this clip, she shares a message of"five more minutes", of which my comments are copied below, but seem to align with "Prophecy Alert" in as far as April 27 is concerned.

      Please correct me if I am wrong here, but on the basis of "1,000 years = a day", then 5minutes = 3.472222.... days.

      Assuming a literal interpretation & application, then 5min = 3.472 days.

      And taking April 24 as the first day count, then April 24 = 1 day, April 25 = 2 days, April 26 = 3 days, & April 27 + 11.3hrs is the sum total of "5 more minutes". Therefore April 27 & 11.3 hours = '5 minutes'.

      Of course, the end time might be dependent on the time you heard this, so could be a few hours later, so could be in the sixth day or in the seventh day of the week.

      And of course, assuming the correct calc & application, the question remains, 5 more minutes to what?

      Anyway, just some ponderings for your consideration.

    2. Of course, the alternative approach is that "5 minutes", being 3.472 days could also be 3.472 years, which from April 27 2018 = Oct 16-17, 2021 or H8m10-11d.

      And if from April 24 2018 = Oct 13, 2021 or H8m6-7d

      Curiously, the Oct 13 date corresponds with Oct 13, 2013 wherein I am awoken after dusk by someone holding my chin/beard. This startled me for at the time I lived alone. It was a Sunday so at church I asked the Pastor what it meant, but there was nothing that clicked. After church, I researched further & found that in Hebrew/Semitic culture, two men who hadn't seen each other in a long while would take a hold of the other's beard/chin & give them a brotherly kiss. It was an affectionate greeting reserved for close friends/brothers. Previously, I knew nothing of this & such, it became another new/old teaching & added to the growing Hebraic/Semitic insights. It was also very poignant for me at that time in my life.

      Additionally, H8m7d = Last Jew comes home (2nd Temple Era)
      During the Second Temple Era, H8m7d was the date on which the Jew most distant from the Temple, who resided on the banks of the Euphrates River, a 15-day journey's distance from Jerusalem, arrived at his homestead upon returning from the Sukkot pilgrimage. All Jews would wait for this before beginning to pray for rain. H8m7d thus marked the return to everyday activities following the spirituality of the festival-rich seventh month.

      And as for H8m10-11d, this was the day that Methushelach died, being a week before the Flood began. On this day Noah, his wife, and his sons and their wives entered the Ark. It wasn't until seven days later, however, that the intense rains began for 40 days and 40 nights.

      The open question is, if 3.472 years & Oct 13 or 17, what is in the intervening period & what happens at the end of this time?

  14. We are close.

    Christ came for Israel 70 years before Israel was scattered (in 70AD) so it makes sense he would return for the Church 70 years after Israel was regathered (in 2018).

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. That's a perfect parallel. And just as Christ was born 70 years before Israel's destruction, perhaps Christ's body will be born 70 years AFTER Israel's rebirth.

    3. There are now many Youtube videos discussing Psalms 90:10 about a generation being 70 years or if by strength 80 years, but I caught an interesting comment by someone about this. They said if the watchful Church is represented by the Church of Philadelphia (as many believe), Revelation 3:8 says that God knows we have little strength so maybe that's a clue that the Church is taken closer to 70 years than 80.

    4. Gary and Last, these two thoughts are provocative in a very good way! Thank you.

    5. I discussed this very topic with a Sister on the Rev12Daily site. I copy here my 2 cents (of what I wrote at the other site):

      The 70 years or 80 years of strenght includes the 7 years long tribulation period (Daniel's 70th Week) as well. I mean, the end point isn't the rapture but the Second Coming. We've just passed (or soon gonna pass) the 70 years long mark but after a gap of time (or maybe there won't be a gap) the 7 years long tribulation will start. What I mean to say with all of this: if we count 1947/48 as the starting point of that last *fig tree* generation, plus 80 years of strenght is 2027/28 as the latest possible year for the Second Coming to happen. Minus 7 years of tribulation is 2020/21 which would be the latest possible year for the rapture to happen. So, my conclusion is that we don't have to wait another 10 years, only 2-3 years max., if what I said previously (above) is correct. The end point event of the fig tree generation is not the Rapture of the Church but the Second Coming! (Since it includes the 7 years of tribulation which hasn't happened yet, we've already entered or gonna enter that 80 years of strenght BUT it doesn't mean that the Lord can't rapture us this year, it just means we passed the 70th mark. The 77 years and 2025 as the end point and the year of the Second Coming would be perfect!)

    6. p.s.*77 years* as Israel will be 77 years old in 2025.

    7. Yes, I don't think we have 10 years, but 2-3 max. And if I'm totally wrong and "this generation" is up to and including the rapture and not the Second Coming, then I think we're gone by 2026 at the latest. 8 years max to go.

      HOWEVER, Jesus explicitly said "all things" would be fulfilled before this generation passes away, so I don't see any way for the second coming to pass the 2028 mark unless we are fundamentally mistaken in our interpretation of The Parable of the Fig Tree.

    8. I personally don't think we have 2-3 years left because of Ezekiel 39:9 “Then those who live in the towns of Israel will go out and use the weapons for fuel and burn them up—the small and large shields, the bows and arrows, the war clubs and spears. For seven years they will use them for fuel.” I think the 7 year tribulation is split into two 42 month periods because they are separated by a period of time. They are obviously separated and I think this is why. Scripture must be fulfilled and it would be impossible to gather the weapons of war to burn them while fleeing for your life and hiding in caves. Seven years to burn the weapons of war plus the last three and a half years of the great tribulation should put us very close indeed. Using Nora’s calculations above and subtracting 3 years from 2021 is 2018. Israel and Iran are diametrically opposed and their stated “red lines” in Syria will require that they go to war, in truth they are already at war. Considering Jeff’s recent mind blowing description of Isaiah 17:10-11 I think we should be saying our goodbyes and leaving instructions to those who will not believe until they see. MARANATHA!

  15. Been interested in the logic of the Feasts. Some are looking at Pentecost for that Feast being a Feast where the Rapture, a thing that God does, therefore something that is told to the prophets, (Amos 3:7) thus in Scripture. However, if there were to be a Feast that is in essence "repeated" at the rapture, why would it be Pentecost. It seems to me that Pentecost, the conception of the Church, is something that happened once, 1985 years ago. However, if you want to talk about Resurrections, that took place on First Fruits. If you are going to resurrect the Church, God might want to use the Resurrection type that is so strong on First Fruits. AND, one might be interested to determine if there was an Adar II added at end of the ecclesiastical 5777. This would mean that First Fruits would actually be on first day of the week, Sunday, May 6/7. Lot's of other support...not the least of which is Trump's most significant declaration of 2017, the December 6 declaration that Jerusalem's eternal capital. Does God consider that significant. 153 days after December 6 is that May 6/7 date that has numerous other connections. Jesus ministered to the two on the road to Emmaus on First Fruits. He vanished at the breaking of Bread. Folks, he wants to continue that breaking of Bread with the raptured Saints. Why not bring them up on First Fruits, May 6, 2018? We will see.

    1. Christ himself is the first fruits. Remember each their turn, Christ first, then when he comes our turn. 1 Corinthians 15:20-28. The thing is Mathew 24:36, I don't care how good you are with numbers, God's math is far superior, heck he created fractals. We can speculate dates and times and know the season, but we will not know exactly when. It will be a surprise. The steps in a Jewish wedding has a lot to do with Jesus return for his bride, and may point to the Feast of Trumpets. Either way as we watch for the day, we must endure and keep the oil in the lamps full. MARANATHA!

  16. Great article and perfect title to what I’ve been thinking about the last week or so.

    Pete Garcia (omegaletter.com) posted a well thought out article on April 16. In it, he has references the work of another that has Christ’s Second Coming no later than 2035, putting the Rapture at 2028 at the latest. Reading that was a blow to the gut – I would prefer not to wait that long. But then I thought about “this generation shall not pass…” and how these dates are well beyond the 70 – 80 year generation span. Maybe (hopefully) Pete’s puzzle piece doesn’t fit.

    The Daily Crow linked to an article (http://www.biblicaltruths.com/science-proves-when-each-19-year-time-cycle-really-begins/) on April 21 which makes a scientific case for an error in the current Hebrew Calendar. This got me thinking about all the Barley Harvest talk last fall, shortly after the Rev12 Sign didn’t result in us being raptured. This article shows how the Barley Harvest discussions were likely on target. Adding the 13th month would certainly change the Fall Festival dates this year. The tl/dr summary is:
    “For this Calendar Year of 2018, the Hebrew Calendar declared that the New Moon of March 17 (which came before the Spring Equinox) was the Official Start of the New Sacred Calendar Year. This officially declared beginning is supposed to have started the Spring Season (named Abib or Aviv in the Hebrew Calendar, which means “green leaves” or new green buds). Surprisingly, and contrary to expectations, the winter season (in the temperate zone of the earth’s Northern Hemisphere) relentlessly prevailed in spite of the Springtime declaration. It appears that nature is NOT obeying the erroneous declaration of fallible man! Since nature and the heavens cannot go wrong, the only conclusion is that man’s reckoning is sadly proved to be wrong!”

    On another link, Daily Crow pointed to a YouTube reading of the Book of Enoch. There are a lot of end times descriptions in these books. In the third book, Enoch describes the paths of the sun and moon and goes into great detail about their relative brightness (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIeWWQjf7SY). About 23 minutes in, Chapter 80.5 reads: “But in those days it (the moon) will appear in Heaven, […], and shine with more than normal brightness.” This got me to think about the three recent “30% brighter” Super Moons with two in January. I read elsewhere that there are three new moon Super Moons this year on June 13, July 13, and August 11, but they will be dark. More puzzle pieces maybe?

    1. Chapter 80 of Enoch is very interesting (as the whole book is in fact!) regarding the heaven and space realm in endtimes. I do personally think this "brightness" also refers to the sun simulator system as most people report the light of the "sun" today as unnaturally bright and white (instead of yellow that it was before).

  17. Excellent article from Gary Stearman connecting Pentecost to rapture....


  18. I'm interested in May 14th as the Ascension Day. Where did you get that from? I calculated from 14th day of Nissan 40 days later I get the 9-10th of March. However, if you calculate from 18th day of Nissan it would be on the May the 14th.

    Wow! Very interesting!

    Acts 1:11 Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.

    1. I calculated with Shavuot/Pentecost/Feast of Weeks being the 50th day from First Fruits
      (50th day of the Omer count).

      So, with Friday, April 3, 33 AD being a likely crucifixion day, Acts 2 blood moon and all, Sunday, April 5, 33 AD would have been First Fruits, and by Jewish inclusive day counts, Thursday, May 14, 33 AD would have been the 40th day exactly and May 24th would have been Pentecost.

      This of course depends on 33 AD being the actual year of the LORD's crucifixion. If He died in 32 as some propose, then the alignment doesn't fit.


      Here is an article I wrote about that:

      The Gospel In The Stars

    2. Consider this Saints: Read Revelation 12:1-6 and consider how much of this section of Scripture is about a MOTHER!
      The mother's clothing;
      The mother's feet;
      The mother's crown;
      The mother's pregnancy;
      The mother's pain;
      The mother's child's danger;
      The mother's birth;
      The protection of the mother's child;
      The protection of the mother;
      The nourishment of the mother.
      Maybe we all should give more a consideration of what possibly might happen on MOTHER'S DAY, possibly the fulfillment of Rev. 12:5! A resurrection on Sunday, May 13, 2018? and then a moment later, "the twinkling of an eye" rapture on the first of the 14th. Why? Because these things are not lost on God and Mother's Day is world wide, and mother's give birth to something new.
      Blessings Saints. Soon we rise and shine.
      Unless you had your heart set on a rapture on Pentecost of 5/20 or the 2nd Pentecost of 6/24, which, interestingly enough, is 7 days after Father's Day. I don't care what day the rapture is. I will not rise and whine. I will rise and shine. Earlier or later than I thought but we will rise. It is promised.

  19. Discovered something else kind of interesting: May 24, 33 AD (Pentecost) to May 14, 2018 AD (Israel's 70th anniversary and Christ's ascension anniversary) is the Eve of 725,000 days exactly.

    If Pentecost began the Church Age and the rapture ends the Church Age, then that is a pretty nice, even number.

    Strong's 725: harpagmos - to seize, especially by an open display of force.

    The word comes straight from harpazo.

    1. Here's another one pertaining to Israel directly: from May 14, 1948 to May 17, 2018 (the actual 70th anniversary of Israel on the biblical calendar) is exactly 3653 weeks.

      Strong's 3653 - olunthos - an unripe fig, one which, not ripening in due time, grows through the winter and falls off in the spring.

      Jeff literally just wrote about this concerning Israel: God and His Fig Tree

      Israel is God's fig tree and when Christ appears, He discovers just that: Israel's fruit has not ripened and the Tribulation soon begins.

    2. WOW! Thanks for sharing that!!!

    3. Strong's 2018 for both Hebrew and Greek provide strong confirmation as well:

      Hebrew (#2018): Haphekah "an overthrow" found only once in Genesis 19:29. Context — God remembers Abraham (think covenant of Gen. 12:1-3; 15:5-6) and removes Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah before He overthrows (haphekah) the two cities. The number 1929 should also pique our curiosity because of the association w/ the stock market crash of that year.

      Greek (#2018): Epiphero "to inflict, bring upon/against" found twice: One time in Romans 3:5 and the other in Jude 1:9. Similar to Gen. 19:29, the Romans 3:5 context is about God "inflicting" wrath. And this last one is amazing: The Jude 1:9 reference is about Michael engaging in a conflict with Satan (think Revelation 12:7-9 + the death of Billy Graham this year and his connection with Moses).

      It looks like our year!

    4. More confirmations, Bro. Jeff! Yes, yes, yes!! Let's GO!

    5. Jeff, great find. Something niggling in my mind is that we are instructed to know our enemy. Hiding things in plain sight is a classic trademark of the enemy. Why? Because he ALWAYS imitates the Master. So, we could learn a great deal about How Our Lord Communicates, perhaps seeing things we might have missed, otherwise, when we observe how He is copied. Re-think about all the YTC videos you watched about 'The Number 23 in TV and Movies' last September. Who was copying Who's style and what can we learn there?

      To simply look at "Strong's 2018" is so direct and child-like that it is easily dismissed by the carnal mind. Doing so is too simple-minded. Can it be so incredibly 'in your face' in the open? I feel The Spirit Smile and see Him nodding. Yes, it can, Maranatha!

    6. I updated my last post in the below linked thread, which I think you guys may find interesting, in light of these above comments and this article's focus on Pentecost. Please check our the top post on page six.


    7. On using Strong's...I am working with our graphics team at church to design a new logo for the youth ministry. They want to use MCIII as the core identity. A quick check on that letter combination yields hits for an alcoholic beverage by the same name. (Not an association we want to make) But realising that this is also a Roman numeral (1103) that still small voice beaconed me to take a look at Strong's. Strong's #1103 is "γνήσιος" or (gnay'-see-os) meaning "real, true, genuine".

      What a perfect fit!

      So we're exploring that as the identity for the youth and a line of logos and graphics to go with that. Oh, and you may wonder where it is found in Scripture? It was used in the greetings for Timothy and Titus. How fitting!

      Our "real, true, genuine" young leaders being raised up a new generation.

      Thank you Holy Spirit for leading us to these things "hidden" in plain sight!

      Pastor Rich

    8. Jeff, one point Holy Spirit just brought to mind as I read again you comment and reference to Jude 1:9 and Satan "contending" with Michael for the body of Moses. Did we not just see a perfect parallel to this when Billy Graham died this year. No man is without sin, yet there were those who flagrantly and openly "contended" Billy Graham was to only unsaved, but an instrument of Satan himself. Sounds awfully parallel to me. Blessings - Sherry

    9. I always used Strongs Gr.#726 for harpadzo...but I see the connection to 725 and thus 725000. I liked 726 because that was the day count from the last blood moon of the tetrad 9/28/15 to the Great Sign of 9/23/17.

  20. Interesting, the parable of the fig tree. Three years into the trib does it begin to fruit? After the abomination in the temple?

    1. I think you're on to something with the timing and that parable. After the AOD the remnant of Israel is protected in the wilderness.

  21. I hope the following is apropos of our conversation:
    1535 AD Suleiman the Magnificent declared that Jerusalem be rebuilt. That was 69 "7s" ago, or 483 years.
    1969 the Knesset voted to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. This came 62 "7s" after Suleiman's decree and 2018 equals 7 "7s" later.
    Could Daniel's 70 weeks of 7 be a dual prophecy? If that's the case, then the last 7 is scheduled to begin in 2018.

    John C.

    1. Just verified that and that is very interesting!

      Funny how the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob uses those who don't acknowledge him as God to prove he actually is God using prophetic patterns.

  22. Hey...I have prayed to have God have me use the correct unabrasive words my limited vocabulary can use, that will "minimize" the comments directed back at me. I am not trying one bit to convince anyone to move away from your pretrib teachings, but actually am trying to have your teachings much more effective to the MANY new ones with faith levels from not believing in God or a rapture, to the vast majority of us that do...onto whomever the holiest person on here...God only knows.

    But in my humblest words I can muster, in my opinion these rapture dates that many have come and gone, and again just in my opinion many more dates will come and go....this builds up a terrible track record that if I were an unbeliever, would only reinforce that belief. All you have to do is go back in the archives and it's a constant excited display of dates, day calculations, scripture interpretations that absolutely, have made me sit up in my chair...but I no longer sit up anymore. My faith in the rapture is stronger everyday, but I am concerned how to tactfully advice how to make your pre trib position more believable to the weak in faith. When these dates come and go, I don't see how this can convert anyone to your position. I have many pre trib friends and family whose churches are strong and growing, bringing in new members and spreading the precious gospel of Jesus Christ. They just touch on the rapture topic lightly, but I guarantee if they started setting up watch times that come and go....these people would just go.

    I don't expect no backlash, but I prayed for it to be "minimized."

    I would not be a good Christian if I didn't say what was on my mind...and again in an atmosphere of how this site could be more effective to the MANY lurkers here.

    God bless and may Christ be in our actions.

    1. Stan, my response is Mathew 24:26. We are to test all things and hold onto what is good. Yes the date setting is getting old, but seeking the Kingdom of God should come first. For those that are weak in the faith, pray for them and deciple them. Keep to your convictions Stan and keep your comments coming, iron sharpens iron.

    2. Healthy discussion is what this is all about! I think the past several months have been a great period of learning. I have learned a lot about myself and am now more excited than ever at engaging in outreach with hopes of having more time to connect with our community in the name of Jesus.

      We can plant seeds and surely we are called to do so. But it is G-d who brings the increase. Not even a smouldering wick will He extinguish. A bruised reed He will not break. These past months have served to strengthen my faith as I see prophecy unfold. It has also tempered my emotions as in not letting them get the best of me. More steps in my personal walk of maturity.

      However events unfold and these days play out, I am good with it all as it is well with my soul.


  23. "Obviously that speculation was wrong...."
    "Looking now in the rear-view mirror...."
    You might as well gaze at your navel as look in the rear-view mirror. While you continue to rationalize failed "date speculation", God moves forward with his plan. Until you hoist that anchor you set back in 2017, you will be unable to participate in the life that God planned for you. He knew that would happen, but He is sad all the same.

    1. Bryan, I can only take from scriptures that God is happy to find some that talk about Him while the rest of the world (and church!) ignores Him: Malachi 3:16 thats the time we live in and thats what we do here... :)

  24. "Until you hoist that anchor you set back in 2017, you will be unable to participate in the life that God planned for you."

    Scripture and verse please, unless this is something you divined while gazing at your navel.

  25. Stan, in fact this is none of concern to me really. He who is saved and sealed (John 3:3) WILL be in the rapture if he believes in pre-trib or not. If this one is weak in faith, he will nevertheless be in the rapture. His concern should be a holy and fruitful life in the time in between. Not all "meat" topics are meant for those drinking "milk" still. This is a platform where "meat" topics are discussed. Blessings to you!

    1. Annabel - I don't understand what you mean when you say it is of no concern to you who is saved and sealed. Yes it is only Jesus who can truly save us, but, oh how my heart bleeds for those who do not know him or those who have but only an ounce of faith in him as they miss out in the daily blessings he gives to those who are walking closely with him. Rewards that will last an eternity...rewards those people may never get the chance to experience.

      While you may find the topic on this site to be too "meaty" for some to chew and understand, may I suggest that the meat here is starting to rot from continued expiration dates that have come and gone.

      While we eagerly await for Jesus' return, I am suggesting (and prayfully requesting) that we spit out this part of the decaying meat that people continue to chew regardless of the bad taste it leaves in other people's mouths. If someone accidently swallows it with sour milk, it may become poison to them to the point of falling away and never having the chance to be with Lord in heaven. And that breaks my heart!

      1 Corinthians 8 reminds us that the example we set for our "weaker" brother and sisters in our everyday life should not cause them to stumble. If so, we are expected to change our behavior, even if our behavior is considered acceptable to God.

    2. Tracy, what I fail to understand is since you have so eloquently, in your own mind, decreed our opinions and discussions as decaying meat you continue to come here and pour out your vitriol and disgust of our thoughts. Simply lacing disgust and demeaning phraseology with the words "prayfully" and "blessings" does not make them uplifting nor meant to build up the body, but to tear it down in the guise of a sheep.

      In case you were genuinely confused, let me restate and agree with Annabel's assertion "this is none of concern to me really". She clearly references Stan's allegation that by daring to suggest a season, with potential high watch dates, we will cause someone to "fall away" i.e., lose their salvation. Annabel rightly points out "we" cannot save anyone for only Jesus Christ and His Finished Work on the Cross can do that and, by the same token, we cannot "cause someone" to lose their salvation - John 10:29.

      I beseech you once again to please stop your attacks and disparaging remarks on this fellowship. You clearly disagree with our approach and our conclusions and we certainly disagree with your approach and your conclusions, yet you continue to come here to create discord and rancor. In one fell swoop you have attacked the doctrine of Eternal Security and the very fellowship of the Brethren when they do not comport with your understanding of an issue which is not salvific. This is not acceptable behavior for one who professes to follow Christ.


  26. Revelation 12: 5 - 6

    She bore a male child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her child was caught up to God and His throne.
    Then the woman fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there 1260 days.

    Child caught up to God — RAPTURE

    Wilderness 1260 days — GREAT TRIBULATION (3.5 years)

    So the Rapture happens right at the beginning of the Great Tribulation.
    The Great Tribulation begins when the abomination sits in the holy place.

    The last 7 years begin with the AC signing the covenant with many. After 3.5 years he will sit as the abomination of desolation in the holy place.

    1. Iran signed the Nuclear Deal with the six Great Nations of the world on 14th July, 2015.
    2. Iran wanted the deal for seven years. They could have agreed to the deal on their own terms though not openly. (Deceitful Deal making is allowed in their belief system if it is for the benefit of their religion )

    So this could be the covenant AC makes with MANY for 7 years
    It is nearly 3 years now since the deal was signed. And we see IRAN rising against ISRAEL.

    So we may soon see the abomination in the holy place soon after which the rapture will happen.

  27. Dear Unknown, great thoughts, TY! I'm just not so sure if from v.5 on everything is straight chronological in Revelation 12. It's like in a vision or dream, you get the pictures / sequences one at a time but in fact they show sth happening simultaneously. I firmly believe the rapture in v.5 is the trigger event for everything that follows. Blessings to you!

  28. Good morning brothers and sisters in Christ!! Let those dates keep coming! Hope springs eternal. It doesn’t matter if we are right or wrong, but that we follow the command to keep watching. Anyway, each day is one day closer and no one, I mean NO ONE, can deny that!! :)
    One day we will be right, or just surprised and both of those are great in my eyes. Even if we don’t have a day set on the calendar to ponder, I’m continually asking the Lord, ‘is it this day, or is it this night?’ It is in our souls to watch with expectant hearts. I don’t think you can make us stop, dear one!
    Blessings to all on this beautiful Friday.

  29. It's interesting to read commentary from years past. A recent review of commentary I have on Isaiah from the 1990's strains to connect what the Lord reveals through the prophet to what was happening, or might happen, in their day. It's fascinating how in just a couple of decades the picture has come into greater focus.

    Knowledge is increasing. We are seeing with greater clarity the things to come as they begin to unfold in the present. The tender bright green leaves on the trees bear testimony to the coming summer heat. (Our Brothers and Sisters Down Under notwithstanding!) I may not know when it will be here or if we'll have a rainy season, but I do know it is coming.

    And so we prepare and look toward the day with anticipation. I have not yet been given tomorrow. Yesterday is history. All I really have is right now. It's another beautiful day in the orchards. It's a lovely day in the vineyard. Time to get to work for our Master is coming and there are a few things I hope to get done before He returns.

    Abide in Christ. Anchor yourself in Love. Enjoy the fellowship of the Saints and never stop praying for each other. Encourage one another with these things knowing that the Lord Jesus has all things in hand.

    Share the good news that has been given to you with someone you know. Take the time to teach them by listening and answering questions using the Bible and Holy Spirit as your guide. In doing so you may find that the teacher learns as much, if not more, than the student!

    Glory to G-D in the Highest!


  30. Pastor Rick....Now what you said is a keeper. GOD BLESS.

    1. Thank you brother Stan. The LORD bless and keep you as well!

  31. I posted something on this site about this next topic a few weeks or months ago but did not realize someone else called it out in 2014 and did a much better job of doing it than I could at http://www.dailycrow.com/whatyoudontknowabout1948/

    The prophetic connections to 1948, 1,948 years and 2018 are enormous and speaking for me only, seem as significant as the Rev 12 sign.

    In addition to all the other prophetic patterns associated with 1948 and 2018, we have Christ who came for Israel 70 years before Israel was scattered (in 70AD) so is it likely that Christ would return for the Church 70 years after Israel was regathered (in 2018). Of course hindsight is 20/20 but if it happened it will have seemed to have been so obvious. Of course many of us thought the same about the Revelation 12 sign, but it was nevertheless THAT great sign in Rev 12, just not the sign indicating we'd be raptured on that event.

    I'm on the edge of my seat about what might happen over the next two weeks. I listened to a guy who lives in the Galilee area a few days ago and I think he said there are rumors that Trump may announce a peace agreement just before or on May 14. (that would be like Trump, the showman) and that Israel is being forced into. Time will tell.

  32. I must admit to being a bit disappointed after September 23, 2017 came and went. And yet I still believe the great sign in the heavens occurred. Is it wrong to want the Tribulation to begin?

    I checked in today and thoroughly enjoyed this article as well as the article cited, Signs In The Heavens: Second Advent. Suddenly I'm filled with hope again. Thank you for lifting me up. God bless you.

  33. James, I would share that it is natural for us to want to be with the LORD. He is our Father and we bear His likeness. We are His children. All of creation groans for restoration. Our hearts are sick for home.

    I don't believe that anyone wants to see the Tribulation come per se as much as they want to see the righteous, complete and eternal restoration of all that G-d made that was very good.

    If all scripture is good and useful for teaching, then the Great Sign is a great gift. It provides physical proof to those not yet swung in heart to the faith, that there is a G-d who set everything into motion. That this G-d created each of us with purpose just as He set the stars in the sky. That His Word bears testimony to the stars and the stars bear testimony to Him and His Word. You either believe or you don't.

    This is one reason why I am thankful for the Great Sign. More than this, the Great Sign (I believe) tells His children to prepare and invite as many people to Ark of G-d as possible. The Day is coming but we have plenty of seats left! All tickets are pre-paid by the ships Master -- His name is Jesus. Our's is to extend the invitation to "come and see".

    Be encouraged brother! Don't be afraid to ask questions but above all stay rooted in the Lord Jesus. Immerse yourself in the Word, hang with those believers (saints) the Lord leads you to in faith and share your faith as you would share a bottle of water with a stranger on a hot summer day.

    May the Lord bless and keep you!

    Pastor Rich

  34. Enough with the date setting...yes, I want to go home too...but lets focus on Christ, our relationship with Him and helping others. WATCH of course, BE READY and PRAY always we are counted worthy to escape all these things...But enough with the dates .......ALL HAVE BEEN WRONG....(except the Sign on Sept 23). No man knows, not even the angels, only the Father in heaven....SO that means....With Love....WE don't know...But yes Im looking everyday!!

    1. Please cite "scripture and verse"; otherwise, you won't get through to those who have set anchor in 2017 based on an alignment of stars. Those unfortunate souls will continually look backward and navel-ward link inconsequential celestial events to God's great plan. And you are certainly correct: No man knows...not even the angels.

    2. "No man knows..." since Jesus was a man when He was teaching this to the Jews. But once He was resurrected and returned to the Father, He once again knows all things. This teaching does not refer to the rapture but to the Second Coming.

  35. Morning family -this came from T.W. Tramm off his facebook page:

    QUESTION: Apart from foreshadowing the catching away, what is the one thing that all of the Bible’s rapture typologies have in common?

    Answer: All are connected to the spring season.

    • Grain, symbolic of the Church, is harvested in the spring (Lev. 23:17 Ruth; John 4:35).

    • God’s people are redeemed from bondage in Egypt and Babylon in the spring (Ex. 12; Ez. 7; Neh. 2).

    • The Israelites enter the Promised Land in the spring (Josh. 4:19-22).

    • The Israelites ascend the walls of Jericho with a trumpet blast and a shout in the spring (Josh. 6:5; 16-20).

    • God’s trumpet is sounded in the spring (Ex. 19: 16, 19, 20).

    • Moses ascends Sinai to meet the Lord in the spring (Ex. 19:19, 20).

    • God’s people are married or betrothed in the spring (Israel: Sinai; Church: Acts 2).

    • All Israelite males appear before the Lord in Jerusalem in the spring (Deut. 16:16).

    • Labor pains end, and birth occurs in the spring (Job 39:1-14; Israel: Sinai/1948; Church: Acts 2).

    • Resurrection and ascension occur in the spring (Matt. 27:51-53).

    • The latter rains associated with Jesus’ return occur in the spring (Song 2:10, 11; Hos. 6:3; James 5:7-9).

    • The shepherd comes to gather and spirit away his beloved Gentile maid in the spring (Song 2:11-13).

    Harvest, redemption, marriage, birth, resurrection, ascension, and a gathering before the Lord: all of these themes point to the Rapture, and all are connected to biblical events that occurred in the spring! If we believe that God works to patterns and uses typologies to reveal His plans, we have to believe that spring is a viable time—perhaps the most viable time—for the Rapture.

    “Concerning the times and seasons, brethren, you are not in darkness…” (1 Thess. 5).

    I've watched for 30 years and not about to give up now, the understanding of biblical prophecy now compared to then is mind blowing - we ARE standing at the finish line.


    1. A thoughtful posting Donna! Like you, I see too many connections to Spring to ignore. I highly recommend a personal, prayerful study of Pentecost -- an appointed time that is largely ignored by many churches.

      I have been logging days and events in a spreadsheet based on Torah Calendar overlapping our Gregorian Calendar (including moon phases). It's been an education on feasts, festivals and harvests all tied to the Biblical narrative.

      One interesting fact is that Pentecost (per Torah Calendar) falls on a Tuesday. This is fascinating as Tuesday is the third day of the week. The third day of creation was double-blessed. G-d blessed the third day twice, (Genesis 1:9-13 ESV) thus the reason why Jewish weddings were often held on Tuesday.

      Where was it that Jesus is recorded having performed His first miracle? The Cana wedding on the third day. (John 2:1-2 ESV)

      How's this for a parallel? (Translated from the Greek)





      (JOHN 2:6-9)

      Now, is it me or have we just read a foreshadowing of the rapture? Water being drawn up for the Master of the Feast having become wine?

      I don't know about you but there isn't enough time in the day for me to dig on these treasures! Take, eat and partake of the goodness which is His Holy Word and time with the LORD. It is the ULTIMATE health food!

      Stay sharp and share the good news!


    2. How about the "17th day of the 2nd month" according to the Enoch calendar?

      Jubilees 3:17 = the day the serpent came to Eve (in the first Jubilee after 7 years exact) and she and Adam sinned

      Genesis 7:11 / Jubilees 5:23-24 = the exact day the flood started (endtimes equalled with NOAHS DAYS in Matthew 24:38)

      Guess what: this day falls on May 6th 2018 according to Enoch...

      Well, this thread is called "date speculation" - and did you note what is currently going on with Iran in Syria? Not unlikely at all we're out here by weekend... MARANATHA!

    3. Richard Faulkner, are you aware of the water to wines connection to the 153 fish? If not, check out the link I had posted above. I think you'll really enjoy it.

    4. @Brandon, Nice!!! An excellent compilation and worthy of a few K-cups in review!

      One more 153 connection is the passing of Billy Graham, 153 days after the FOT.

      Thank you for sharing!

    5. Richard Faulkner

      You note, "I have been logging days and events in a spreadsheet based on Torah Calendar overlapping our Gregorian Calendar (including moon phases). It's been an education on feasts, festivals and harvests all tied to the Biblical narrative".

      Since 2013, being when a new phase of this journey began (actually April 2013), my wife & I have also been logging events. This was initiated by a myriad of events within which the Father directed us to "count our days". In doing so, He also had us look into the Hebrew calendar (that neither of us previously even knew existed) & lo & behold, the synchronicities we found were astonishing, out of which we too have learnt of the Moedim (Appointed Times) amongst many other new/old teachings that we were otherwise oblivious to.

      Our walk of faith has been equal parts immensely challenged enriched, all to ensure that we can answer YES! to the loudly proclaimed question that was posed to me on what transpired out to be the morning of Hoshanna Rabbah - the Last Great Day.....

      "Are You Ready to Receive the KING"? (followed by three loud knocks on a door)

    6. Richard F., and there were SIX jars, the number of MAN and Jars of STONE, symbolizing the creation, and paralleling our hearts of stone which He Replaces at conversion. Certainly in alignment with your idea of Harpazo Typology, Maranatha!

    7. Indeed, SIX stone jars all being empty and requiring water. A perfect picture of the fallen human condition. Empty until filled and never satisfied unless filled by the Spirit.

      It is no wonder that the wine saved for last was the best of the Cana wedding. Oh what that says about the Church and what we are to become? If we are waiting that we may be aged, we may rest on the fact that we will be perfectly aged and be at our sweetest when we are taken up and presented to the Master of the wedding feast!

      Hold fast, keep a weather eye and don't stop praying,

      Pastor Rich

    8. ...and the Lord of the Manor states, "I will serve no Saint before it's time!" Maranatha!

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. "There is a reason God drew our attention to this specific time period in history, but we won't fully understand how all the timing fits until further events unfold (namely the rapture of the Church and commencement of Daniel's 70th Week"

    Maybe what some people fail to understand is that the rapture maybe is not exactly pretrib...

  38. I got to thinking about a possible Pentecost Rapture, and the words of Acts 1:11 ...Perhaps we will ascend 10 days BEFORE Pentecost, IN LIKE MANNER to Christ...? (He ascended 10 days before the arrival of the Holy Spirit.)

    1. (Which would, of course, be May 10. But check out this link below.)


  39. Chuck Missler looked at the feast of Weeks, as a high watch date. Here is a good summary on his website of his thoughts.


    I found the references to Ruth's story being at Pentecost particularly interesting and also took note that Boaz awoke at about midnight. May he was speaking to her at midnight that he would be her kinsman redeemer.

    This is interesting to me because of the Psalm 90:10, 70 year connection to the fig tree budding/shall not pass away verse. Combining in the fact that Israel's Declaration of Independence didn't officially innitiate the new nation until midnight, may therefore imply a timing or foreshadowing that the rapture could be at midnight between the 20th/21st of May.



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