BREAKING: Chemical Attack Leaves 78 Dead, Scores Injured Near Damascus

There is breaking news out of Syria today that a chemical attack likely perpetrated by Syrian forces has left at least 78 dead and scores injured near Damascus, in a town called Douma—one of the last rebel strongholds near the capital.

The situation in Syria, which I mentioned two months ago had gotten much worse, is now on the verge of escalating into a full-blown regional war between the U.S. and Russia.  It is widely expected that Trump will respond to the attack by force, especially after comments today criticizing former President Obama's false red line.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Russian generals were warning that a U.S. attack on government forces in Damascus proper was imminent.  With eastern and southeastern districts of the city already decimated from the civil war, it isn't a stretch to see how this could quickly result in the fulfillment of this prophecy:

This message came to me concerning Damascus: 'Look, the city of Damascus will disappear!  It will become a heap of ruins.'
- Isaiah 17:1

In other news, the 50th floor of Trump Tower in New York caught fire, leaving one person dead and several others injured:

This immediately brought to mind The Economist cover last year that featured the Illuminati Card Game.  "The Star" was featured prominently, pointing to the Revelation 12 Sign.  Check out "The Tower":

While I'm not much of a proponent of the secret society/illuminati conspiracies, as I believe the Bible teaches that satan and his angelic cohorts/council are the ones in charge of the world's political forces rather than an uber-elite cabal of rich men (Mt. 4:8–10; Jn. 12:31; 2 Cor. 4:4; Eph. 6:12), I do think satanic influence over the mind's of men in positions of prominence can key us in on the enemy's plans.

At this point in time, things are lined up almost perfectly for the fulfillment of the final biblical prophecies.  Three of the five named members of the Gog-Magog alliance are in place (Russia, Iran, and Turkey), Damascus is about to be destroyed, Israel is about to regain its biblical identity, and the Church's exit sign has already occurred.  The next several months will be momentous.




The death toll is rising quickly with some reports suggesting 150+ killed and over 1,000 injured.

Israeli jets carry out suspected attack on an airbase in central Syria, killing 14.  A total of eight missiles were fired at the base and five were apparently shot down.

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  1. We passed that exit sign a ways back. The off ramp should be coming up soon.

    1. Hello James, other watchmen. This breaking news article is spot on. Israelnews reported almost 3 x more fatalities. 150 dead and hundreds injured. Quite a large difference - but the larger point is the same. Things are boiling over and many well-respected end-times teachers agree that we are seeing a convergence of signs that is categorically different than even 3 years ago. It's like JD Farag says - Like labor pains - they only increase in frequency and intensity. US has already retaliated, and many believe that Israel was involved or likely will be very soon. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/04/08/airstrikes-hit-assad-air-base-after-deadly-chemical-attack-state-tv-reports.html
      The only part I think is off is the 'church exit sign' that meant something, but had a lot of holes, and did not mean what most everyone thought it did. When you see a "Falling Rocks" sign in the middle of Nebraska, you have to realize, it is out of place/ doesn't mean what it appears.

    2. Red Ranger as I read your post, I heard repeatedly in my Spirit - Shall I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery? It's Isaiah 66:9 There is no going back, not that we would ever wish to, but shelf-life really is true. Thank you so much Gary for keeping us up to speed. I am absolutely perplexed that we cannot get more accurate casualty information. However, if, as some suspect, this is a False Flag created by the WarHawks to drag us into a confrontation it seems to be working. Deception is at the highest levels and I am having a very difficult time identifying the "good guys" if there are any remaining in this mess. Blessings - Sherry

    3. Sherry, just a sidenote: there are NO "good guys" at all in this play if they're not truly 'born from above' brethren of mine. Romans 3:10-12 is always to remember...

  2. Thank you brother for this much welcomed update I pray for the families and the people who are in these areas effected as we are walking on the edge right at the exit of the church age and also on the very verge of world war 3 or an all out war between many countries especially what happens after we bomb Damascus and it is a ruinus heap in a day and russia will attack and china probably will too i noticed that sister Sheila said Japan has activated its marine bergade first time since world war 2 so everyone is on the edge of their seats with the looming war physical and spiritual and the american doller teetering on the edge as well ! Maranatha brothers and sisters...

  3. JD Farag's latest prophecy update is live, and a MUST SEE. He discusses several of the very same updates that Gary has mentioned here in this article--the Chemical attack in Syria, the forming of the Gog Magog Alliance, the nearness of the Destruction of Damascus; and he too believes the next few months (even days) will likely be momentous.


  4. Thank you Gary, this is great! Be blessed very much! Praying for you and all your team!

    1. Thank you Alla! Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

  5. Getting closer to a peace agreement

  6. I think this gas attack was already announced (to be a false flag) weeks ago? Meanwhile... Confusion as always, as we know Satan to be the master of confusion:


    I can see no discrepancy between satanic angelic force and human uber-elite cabal as these are rightly working together and the cabal elite is openly worshipping Satan as we all know. They dont even try to hide their Illuminati and Freemasonic rituals from the public today. The result is also well known out of Matthew 4:9


    1. Ynetnews is interesting too:

      "Russia accuses Israel in launching overnight airstrike on Syrian airbase"


      Do your own research... MARANATHA!

  7. This website collects a compilation of different press articles and arguments to show the bigger picture behind, just prove it for yourself by scriptures:



  8. Of additional importance (outside of Iran/Turkeys relationship, with Russia remaining prophetically dubious), is Turkeys deepening relationship with Libya (one of the gog-magog nations of significance) in terms of Turkey investing significantly in Libya's military, while Libya continues to provide more energy for Turkey while Syria is on the rocks. In addition continues to be Turkeys investment in Sudan (Suakin port) and more importantly, supporting Sudans islamic and economic growth. Sudan and Libya are biblical 'Ethiopia' and 'Put' in Ezekiel 38/39. Need to continue to watch the Turkey/Libya/Sudan Ottoman alignment...

    1. sorry forgot to note that some translations note Ethiopia as 'Cush'.

    2. There is total agreement among scholars that the specific biblical Kingdom of
      Kush was cantered in what is now northern Sudan, with a bit of southern Egypt.
      lt had vaguely defined borders that fluctuated throughout the hundreds of years
      of its existence, as did Israel and Judah. Evidence for the location of kush
      comes from both the Biblical text itself and from a variety of archeological
      The standard multi-volume historical dictionary of English shows that up until at least the late 1800's, the word "Ethiopia" was understood to mean Black Africa and the term "Ethiopian" or "Ethiop" meant "a Black person", or just "black".

    3. A PIN-POINT:

      While digging on the strike overnight on T-4 in Syria, I found these articles on action against Sudanese targets by the IDF. Very interesting. The first was posted as "SOME THOUGHTS REGARDING ISRAELI RAID ON KHARTOUM WEAPONS FACTORY" on October 26, 2012 by aviationintel.com.


      Second is from a site I am not familiar with so know nothing about who they are or their reliability. This was posted as "Four Israeli F-15s Dodged Syrian Missile Fire to Attack Urgent Targets
      December air raid reveals daring tactics" on Dec 10, 2014


      The mission profile and tactics employed reported in the article above sounds much like what may have happened yesterday in the strike on T-4 in Syria. Armchair generals aside, these may help illustrate what is happening and how Iranian interests are (or have been) drawing in Sudan (Kush) into the picture.

    4. thats really interesting Pastor Rich, hadn't seen that before. The Iranians are 'smart' in that they are building close relations with all of Israels surrounding Islamic nations (bar 1 or 2). Continue to keep your eyes on Egypt-Sudan relations as well, as these are prophetically meant to sour as Ezekiel 38/39 comes into play. The current nile dam tensions and Sudan port development will push that along for sure.

  9. Does anyone on this thread follow or have any information on Benjamin Fulford. His information recently came up in discussions with others. I've read a couple of his posts and some things don't sit right with me, but he has information I'm not seeing elsewhere. I'd just like to get some insight to where he's coming from if anyone has thoughts, experience. I hesitate to share an interesting link I received from him this morning without more information about his veracity, but it has some truly startling and even photographic evidence of where the chemicals actually come from. Annabel, I'm praying you have a handle on him for he was one of those screaming a false flag attack was coming and here it is. It does give me pause. What the heck - you're all grown-ups - Offered with no recommendation, but simply for info and comments. https://benjaminfulford.net/2018/04/09/world-asks-america-gone-insane/ Blessings & Use Discernment - Sherry

    1. Dear Sherry, I heard of Benjamin Fulford now for the first time indeed LOL! :) But a little research does tell me a) first of all he's NOT my brother in Christ for sure and thus b) cannot have the perspective of God in conspiracy facts, just that simple (Psalm 2; 1 Corinthians 2:14). I thought of him to be some kind of "truthers puppet" like the Alex Jones type perhaps. Even if claiming to be "investigative" and searching out the truth, somebody like him is still in bondage of Satan and in fact still working for the enemy. Hegelian Dialectics as always. Seems to be a pretty strange guy. But Satans minions often tell the next step so this is interesting to watch nevertheless. Or if he does want to "change the world" being a do-gooder like so many of journalists, he unfortunately didn't catch the fact that Jesus Christ alone has not only changed but also saved mankind long time ago from what this Benjamin Fulford still might dream of... MARANATHA! Blessings to you :)

    2. Sherry, He's been on my radar for years. Impressive origins, Foreign Affairs Desk Chief, as I recall, for Forbes, with good Asia-oriented TPTB connects/ understanding. I think of him as a secular source for some behind the scenes details & connections and simply take his data and hold it in view with other data around the topic. Agreed, Annabel, wouldn't consider his data as coming from within the Fam, quite the contrary, although he is a contrarian with TPTB and not their friend, either, or so he seems.

    3. So glad to hear your conclusions concur with mine. I knew he wasn't "right", but he didn't seem to be on board with the Globalists either. So, Jimboni your admonition is correct, consider him a purely secular source who, for his own reasons, seeks to upend the globalist. He is neither friend nor foe - but unfiltered info. I can deal with that. Thank you both. Sherry

    4. Sherry, I can only assume divine guidance today as I have been praying and seeking His will. This morning I read your post above regarding benjamin fulford. I had never heard that name before.

      So I moved on and went about my day. Fast forward a few hours to a few minutes ago.

      Simply because I saw some news about an earthquake in Italy, I was reviewing some dutchsinse content (youtube videos, etc...) and landed on a video called "They offered me the world..." where he is exposing a global group with massive amounts of money. At 6 min 52 seconds he mentions this "white dragon society". I googled that and the first result from google is "benjaminfulford.net..."

      Not sure why I landed there, but I am going to look around and see. Honestly this is not my expertise, so I do not know why the Lord is allowing me to see this. I will pray about it, and report anything I discover. Blessings sister.

  10. Another Monday is here. Another week gone. Another month gone. No talk of the appearance of stars last September. All that effort and thought could be been put to much better use.

    1. Hi Bryan, I don't know if you've noticed that at least myself I did for my part not cease to talk about Revelation 12:1-5 at all so I don't know what or whom you could mean by your statement. I am still firm in my belief to have seen the trigger in verse 1 being definitely pulled on 9/23/17 and now we're awaiting the rest of the story, that's all. Blessings to you, MARANATHA! :)

    2. Matthew 7:6 Maranatha!

    3. Bryan - my fellowship with my brethren has gone through the roof since Sept, which has turned out to be some of the best use of my time!

    4. BryanB, The stars of last September were VIVID confirmation on the authority of G-d's Word. (Especially for those who don't yet know Him!) I didn't know what to make of it at the time and have come to understand it for what it is. The Great Sign. I believe it marks the beginning for the days that we are living in. As has been said more than once in these pages, we've passed the exit sign! The off ramp is just around the bend!

      How many more miles to our exit? Dunno?! Maybe 1km? Maybe 100km?

      So do we sit here and bug the LORD, "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Probably not a good idea. Better I say, as many of my brothers and sisters, to share the good news about the maker of the sign with those who don't yet know Him!

      He's not done with us yet. Share the good news in the way that only you can!


    5. To Richard Faulkner...So at no time previous to September 2018 did you think that we had "passed the exit sign"?

    6. There have been many signs but not one so specific, for us, as the Great Sign of September 2017. I believe it to be a unique event and fitting to Revelation 12:1 and specifically placed in time and space for us so that we may understand the time we live in.

      How many times are we told, "Do not be afraid?" The Great Sign, may perhaps, be a way of encouraging us to strengthen our faith and encourage us in our walk.

      The greatest sign we have, if I may call it that, is the risen Christ who ascended into heaven on the clouds and will come in the same way. (Acts 1:9-11 ESV) His messengers (angels) testified to that.

      Jesus Himself promised,

      "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." (Acts 1:8 ESV)

      This is our ordination. This is our commission. This is our calling. The Great Sign (to me) stresses the importance of the days we live in toward living that calling and fulfilling that mission.

      I hope this helps...

    7. My husband and I have been on high alert for nearly 50 years now, so I hear the weary. And I sometimes wrestle with the idea that we are to 'know' the season. The other day I was thinking of infatuation vs true love. When we are young we might 'fall in love' for insubstatial reasons which don't stand the test of time. We might think we're mature enough to see the whole picture, but then when we do experience mature love, we can see in hindsight the shortfall of our previous understanding. We might even say that we 'know that we know' then what we only thought we knew before.

    8. I have learned, in my walk, God unfolds His plan for me and to me progressively. I cannot recall a time ever when I have been given an "entire story". It's always - do this, learn this and THEN I can show you this. It is our human need for "control" that wants to be able to say - There it is - stick a flag in it and let it me memorialized. He doesn't operate that way, at least not with me. It is a faith walk - you trusted me with this, now I'll give you another tidbit and you keep following the breadcrumbs because the giver of Bread is all that matters anyway. It takes that "I HAVE TO KNOW" scream out of your head and makes life and learning so much ore fun. Blessings - Sherry

    9. Sherry, I agree with you and wholeheartedly. Ours is a partial picture as well. I'm good with that and offer daily prayers accordingly.

      Faith. Trust. Obedience. All of these rooted via abiding love in Christ.

      I hope that my comments are not taken as to mean that we MUST know the hour or season. It's okay to ask those questions and seek answers but for the right reason. These things have been well established elsewhere in this website.

      Every time I look at my ageing hands I think, "Lord let me not strive. May I abide."

      May the gentle breeze of His Holy Spirit move in your life today,


    10. Sherry, I have had the same experience as you with regard to God's plan for me throughout my life. A piece at a time. I am but a leaf in a stream, going where God takes me. It truly is a faith walk as you say. Each day, just push me where You want me to go and I'm happy to live doing Your will, until the day comes of Your choosing to bring me Home. God Bless.

    11. Luke 16:10; Matthew 25:23; Maranatha!

    12. One thing I want to add - I am a devoted, sincere, unwavering Watcher and proud to be one. I never cease to look at every potential timeline, astronomical chart, Biblical reference and attempt to tie it to the Rapture. But, the difference for me now, the Grace He has freely given my by his Ruach is to "not stick a flag in it" - but to simply know it is important in its own right (the numbers fit, the stars align, the passages point to this that or the other thing), but it may be another sign or it could be the exit. Either way I'm closer than I was the day before. This is the Teeter Totter He has given me to help me to live in the world, but not be of the world. It prevents the horrible pits you fall into when you stake your heart on a date. But, I never stop watching those dates and I have no problem with those who see "This is a High Watch Date" for I see it as such. I am watching, but I recognize it could be either sign or exit, and I'm good with either. It helps me continue to write, continue to minister, to provide for my family and to be in constant communion with the Lord without the Roller Coaster. I am still the 3 year old in the back seat screaming "Are we there yet, while jumping up and down", but its different. I am probably not conveying it well, but it has meant the difference in still being able to "occupy" while being watchful! Blessings - Sherry

  11. Off-topic comment here about the Ezek 38 & 39 war. I've heard so many say that it's much farther into the future because Israel is not a land of unwalled villages. However, the protests that are occuring on Israel's border, unless I am missing something tell another story. I see Israel with an unwalled border and the only walls I see are around Gaza and the West Bank. I have ot seen walls on the exterior border of Israel. I have not been there so maybe that's just based on my limited perspective. Any thoughts?

    1. yes this is scripture that has 'stumped' us for a long time. A security barrier is along the US 'green line', not the 'blue line', however the green line is South Israel, whereas Gog will be attacking from the North. Vs 11 also notes that the region will be without bars or doors and the people living/dwelling securely, something we don't see in modern day Israel. Hence the reason why many authors do put this into the future, with border (or nuclear arsenal) removal forming part of the peace plan (good luck to that I say). I have always thought it referred to military 'walls' per se, as why would Gog care about walls when he is planning his attack from way North and is likely to be using planes and an army that would overrun the 'wall' in mere moments. In the same sense in vs 15 where it speaks of horses, again we have to put this in modern day military language and translate horses as tanks etc. Hence why I tend to think of this being a broader peace plan with some level of military stand-down by Israel or nuclear disarmament (highly unlikely however). Many authors, for this reason, put the Eze 38/39 war being the equiv as Armageddon (Gog being AC), taking place at the end of the 7 years (and hence why 39 vs 25 notes that Israel will indeed dwell securely finally with no-one to make them afraid anymore). I must admit that there are many holes in all theories of pre-trib/mid-trib/post-trib 38/39 wars, however some holes are better filled than others!


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Richard, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your shepherding and Biblical perspective. For all the months that I have been here and elsewhere, you have always offered sound and heartfelt Christlike guidance. The Lord had put you on my mind a few days ago and I wanted to offer you that encouragement, and let you know that you are always in my prayers brother.

      Ryan, the Lord also put you on my mind a few days ago, so I wanted also to encourage you. Your understanding of the world powers and how it relates to scripture has clarified things for me many times. I was especially bad at history and politics and foreign policy topics in school. Thank you for your presence and knowledge here and on Rev12daily. You are also always in my prayers brother.

    4. @Ecclesiastes dear friend in my view of scripture "a wall is a wall is a wall" and cannot be just discussed away. However you call it, name it borders or hang some flowers around, paint it colorful it still remains a WALL. The same with doors/gates and bars. You may call them checkpoints or whatever, there are still gates to enter a city or part of. To me Eze38:8+11 are the very reasons this whole scenario is still future (end of millennium, the very last battle with Satan). I have had the idea that Satan might keep the plan and execute it later. He has done the same with the tower of Babel and kept the plan (which was interrupted by the language confusion) executing it now thousands of years later with the global NWO scenario. I cannot see why he shouldn't just do the same here. All Gentile nations are still existing in the millennium. But we shouldn't mix up the two chapters as Eze39 is describing Armageddon. Blessings to you! :)

    5. You're welcome Miguel! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. They mean more than I can say. I am honoured to be here in this way and hope the LORD continues to use me to reflect His light in the world.


  12. Ryan,

    The AC and the False Prophet will be thrown into the Lake of Fire when the Lord returns while the leader of the Gog-Magog armies will die when the Lord decimates his army and he'll be buried in Israel (if my memory serves me right). That's one of the reasons why I think that the "Gog-leader" and the AC aren't the same person.

    1. Nora, you probably mean Eze39:4-5 ? Check it out, this chapter describes the Armageddon battle at the end of 7 years tribulation. You are right about these persons not being identical from Revelation 19:19-21 description.

    2. Hi Annabel and God Bless. The book at this site (http://thesilenceisbroken.us/) which I read many years ago and the many Word documents available for free on the left hand side of the page make too good an argument (for me anyway) that the Eze 38 & 39 war can't be at the end. For one it says in that war God will hide his face no more (change in dispensation?) and by the time we get into the latter part of the last seven years, God will have made himself known for quite some time. Of course it doesn't mean the author is right, but he makes a very good case (I think he's a retired police investigator). Anyone interested should avail themselves to the free Word docs on the page, they are excellent!

    3. Yes Annabel, I thought of these verses, indeed! Thanks for adding them! I believe so that this Gog-Magog Russia&Iran&TurkeyCo. against Israel is around the start of Daniel 70th Week, probably even pre-Daniel 70th Week and we're seeing it right now in the making. But there will be another Gog-Magog much-much later as well. (There's several theories about the timing of the Gog-Magog battles, I'm just adding mine. I accept that other brethren believe otherwise, not a salvation issue! :-)

    4. grammar correction: Daniel's 70th Week

    5. Ecclesiastes 10.2,

      One of my fave Bible teachers also had the opinion that the Lord not hiding His face anymore and retaking His focus on Israel as He Himself defends them agains Russia&Turkey&Iran&Co (so this Gog-Magog military alliance attacking) means the change of dispensation.

    6. Dear Ecclesiastes, TY very much for the webpage link 'thesilenceisbroken' I never heard of but will take a look! Yes, there are many good arguments on this topic. The difference of Eze38:16+23 and Eze39:7;21-23;28-29 is in chapter 38 there are only the nations mentioned to whom God makes himself known (again) so this must be AFTER the period of time when He made himself known to the Jews which cannot be else than AFTER church age somehow. God "will not hide His face anymore before the HOUSE OF ISRAEL" Eze39:9 which describes the scattered Israelites of the "lost tribes" AMONG the nations today. This is a bloodline case. The "Gentiles" surviving Armageddon in Eze39 will enter the kingdom of Christ by the judgement of the living in Matthew 25 but they are not bloodline with Israel. They will repopulate the earth like the Israelites and Jews. Definitely two distinct groups repopulating the restored earth of millennium described in Isaiah 11.

  13. Per: https://twitter.com/airrobats/status/983736444836564992

    Please note that the EASA has issued (a) Rapid Alert Notification for Eastern Mediterranean/Nicosla FIR area stating that:

    Due to the possible launce of air strikes into Syria with air-to-ground and/or cruise missiles within the next 72 houea, and the possibility of intermittent disruption of radio navigation equipment, due consideration needs to be taken when planning flight operations in the Eastern Mediterranean/Nicosla FIR area.

    Aircraft operators are invited to check any relevant NOTAMs

    NMOC Brussels

    Don't know if it's legit but there is alot on Twitter and elsewhere about Russian deployments of troops and armament around Syria.

  14. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/375609403376144384

    Will the real Trump please.....

    First it is DO NOT DO this ...
    To this year .... well if you would have just........

    Tired of this guy talking out of both sides of his mouth --- and no one calling him on it.



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