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BREAKING: The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has just released the long-awaited report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs; a.k.a. UFOs).


Key takeaways:

1. Most of the UAP reported probably do represent physical objects [in other words, not just optical illusions or false reporting] given that a majority of UAP were registered across multiple sensors, to include radar, infrared, electro-optical, weapon seekers, and visual observation.

2. There are probably multiple types of UAP requiring different explanations based on the range of appearances and behaviors described in the available reporting . . . airborne clutter, natural atmospheric phenomena, USG or U.S. industry developmental programs, foreign adversary systems, and a catchall “other” bin [the admission of an “other” bin that cannot be classified as foreign adversary systems could be seen as soft disclosure].

3. Data is often inconclusive and will require extensive analysis using sophisticated reporting procedures, as well as AI/machine learning.

4. The door is now opened slightly to an official extraterrestrial explanation by virtue of the conclusions that these are real objects verifiable through multiple sensors, and, that a number of these UAPs cannot be explained as natural atmospheric phenomena, U.S. technology, or foreign adversary systems, although the Pentagon continues to say “inconclusive.”

For a long time we have expected that the alien/UFO deception would be the foundation for the strong delusion predicted in 2 Thessalonians 2 that accompanies the arrival of the Antichrist.  Satan comes with lying signs and wonders.  The enemy must explain away the soon disappearance of the Church as quickly as he can.  We're aware of his schemes.  Interestingly, several of the top TV networks in the U.S. are coordinating a multiplatform special on the extraterrestrial explanation on June 30th. 

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And there will be signs in sun, and moon, and stars, and on the earth distress of nations with perplexity, sea and wave roaring; men fainting at heart from fear, and expectation of the things coming on the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. (Lk. 21:25–26, LSV)

Also you—being dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the age of this world, according to the ruler of the authority of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience. . . (Eph. 2:1–2, LSV)

And there came war in Heaven: Michael and his messengers warred against the dragon, and the dragon and his messengers warred, and they did not prevail, nor was their place found anymore in Heaven; and the great dragon was cast forth—the old serpent, who is called “Devil,” and “Satan,” who is leading the whole world astray—he was cast forth to the earth, and his messengers were cast forth with him. And I heard a great voice saying in Heaven, “Now came the salvation, and the power, and the kingdom, of our God, and the authority of His Christ, because the accuser of our brothers was cast down, who is accusing them before our God day and night; and they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life—to death; because of this be glad, you heavens, and those who dwell in them; woe to those inhabiting the earth and the sea, because the Devil went down to you, having great wrath, having known that he has [a] short time.” (Rev. 12:7–12, LSV)

  Faith in Jesus and what He accomplished on your behalf is the only thing that will save you from what is coming.  Are you still bearing your sins, or have you accepted that He died for your sins and rose again?  Today is the day of salvation.  You're not promised tomorrow.  Get on the Ark, because the flood is coming.

 A dmit that you're a sinner.

 B elieve that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again.

 C all on the Lord Jesus Christ to save you.

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  1. This report is simply advertising and conditioning for the future explanation. They cannot come out and just say it since as it would cause anxiety and negative public reaction.

    1. I agree.

      But just imagine the gigantic chaos and FEAR worldwide with these disappearances. Little children, perhaps even babies in the mothers' wombs vanishing! What terror for the ignorant, as if we didn't get enough with this pandemic.

      Remember that the New Agers have a similar twisted version of this. According to some of them, there will even be a sound audible all over!

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  4. Ask yourself one question to clear up this matter conclusively...why is the government still hiding the Roswell debris after 70+ years?

    The simple answer is they are hiding something...what is it they do not want us to know? And why?

    What could be so detrimental to the public or the government as to continue the never ending charade of secrecy?

    The only plausible explanation is they have things in their possession. Whatever these things are would upset the global status quo understanding of what people's worldview accepts as fact. Such a disclosure would destroy the global stranglehold on politics, culture, and financial matters as the currently stand. It would result in utter chaos.

    BHO said full disclosure would result in the formation of new religions.

    As such, these new religions would give a new sense of power and leverage to those that follow them. It would destroy the idea of the average person being at the mercy of global power elitism. And that simply will not do. This has been going unabated since Roswell and will continue to do so until such a time as the elitists can control the narrative and maintain the power base.

    This report is little more than just another cover up full of misinformation and subterfuge to obfuscate the actual truths of the matter. We no nothing more than what we did before the report. And that was the intent from the start.

    The strong delusion has been gaining a foothold amongst certain groups and the governments of the world want to control said narrative. And will continue to lie until they have the mechanisms in place to do do.

    Keep looking up! Time HAS to be VERY SHORT!!!


    1. Hmmm, new religions. That kinda jives with the AoD doesn't it now?!

      3 do not let anyone deceive you in
      any way, because if the departure
      may not come first, the man of
      lawlessness may [not] be revealed—
      the son of destruction,

      4 who is opposing and is raising
      himself up above all called god or
      worshiped, so as for him to have
      sat down in the temple of God,
      proclaiming that he is God.

      (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 LSV)

      Friends, some of you may notice that I've referenced the LSV (nod to Gary here!) and for a VERY good reason.


      Quoting, Biblehub.com,

      Strong's Concordance (G646)
      apostasia: defection, revolt
      Original Word: ἀποστασία, ας, ἡ
      Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
      Transliteration: apostasia
      Phonetic Spelling: (ap-os-tas-ee'-ah)
      Definition: defection, revolt
      Usage: defection, apostasy, revolt.

      HELPS Word-studies

      646 apostasía (from 868 /aphístēmi, "leave, depart," which is derived from 575 /apó, "away from" and 2476 /histémi, "stand") – properly, departure (implying desertion); apostasy – literally, "a leaving, from a previous standing."


      I side with those who see "ἀποστασία" as "departure" and not solely "apostasy" or "rebellion".

      There could be something to what BHO said regarding a new religion. Any religious movement which takes eyes off of Christ and exalts itself above God is an instead-of Christ and Antichrist by definition.

      We already know that the AC will proclaim itself God. Thankfully, we can keep faith that we will be safely hidden before this takes place.

      Hold fast anchored in Jesus.

      Accept NO substitutes.

    2. Implicit in Obama's comment is the notion that religions are inherently irrational.


    3. What is BHO? Is that Obama? He is a clown and muppet. A non-entity. I wish his name would disappear. Or should it be "BO", as in body stink?

      I don't know anymore if a religion will take hold over the world if these ET get involved. I thought maybe Noahide system would take over. Who knows. I only see that by the time of end, maybe the 2nd half, if you don't bow your neck to that False Messiah, your head is coming off. Whether one is Buddhist or Muslim or Christian or Voodoo practitioner.

  5. These things pop in and out of existence. They move in ways science doesn't comprehend. They're clearly not extraterrestrial. No one is flying here from many, many light years away just to tail an F-35 and freak out the pilot. Clearly demonic/interdimensional.

    1. I always said the same.

      Our F-35's are just tin cans for these satanic powers.

  6. IMO, the soft disclosure may continue, but only in drips and drabs. Nothing really significant will come until after the Rapture. Then, "the lying signs and wonder" will be off the charts. Possibly even huge crafts (could be just visual illusions) show up across major cities around the world. Then with people looking for answers to the great disappearance, they'll be ready and waiting for the "the lie" and accept it in huge numbers. They'll be revealed as our space brothers, our progenitors, the ones who seed planted human life here billions of years ago.

  7. I agree, the "alien" nonsense is likely what the Left Behind will use to explain the Rapture, and this is just set-up for that.

    Hopefully they'll need this crutch soon :-)

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  9. Senators Manchin and Sinema are two people notoriously holding up progress in DC.

    Manchin (Mansions)
    Sinema (Cinemas of Sin)

    Two things the Lord hates.

  10. We should find it rather interesting that this UFO narrative is building to a crescendo at this particular moment in time when we now have the Russia/NATO conflict heating back up again in the Black Sea (see update number 6 titled "SERIOUS ESCALATION BETWEEN NATO AND RUSSIA IN THE BLACK SEA IN THE AFTERMATH OF A PROPHETIC SOLAR ECLIPSE" in article below).


    As some may be aware, it has been said that the alien narrative will be used to explain away the rapture. As some may also be aware, the rapture will seem to be accompanied with a strong "bear" theme. It's quite interesting that we just had the "ring of fire" eclipse last month, which itself seems to be pointing to Alaska and Russia given the fact that its totality occurred on the international date line, which is located Alaska and the eastern tip of Russia. This as the Black Sea is becoming a hotbed of tension between NATO and Russia.

    It is quite amazing how all three of these events seem to be coalescing and pointing us directly at our leaving this world very soon. It looks to be very high watch time.

    1. Are you implying that the 'Bear' could launch his Gog Magog invasion at that chaotic time? I assume the USA will be out of commission then.

  11. I am more interested in studying the vaccine as the Mark of the Beast. Eze 8:17 kjv says they put the branch to the nose as punishment for egyptian slaves. It is very similar to the swab nasal test. Also You all know the bible says we can lose our salvation if you get the mark of the beast. However If you Study different covenant between Body of Christ Christians and the nation of Israel. You will know that the mark of the beast is not here yet. The 7 year tribulation is the Time of Jacob's trouble not the Christians trouble, will happen only  after the rapture happens after the restrainer the Holy Spirit in us (in 2 Thess 2:7) is removed. Our salvation today is only by grace through faith alone and not works which is found in Paul's doctrine (Eph 2:8-9) and not works salvation from Hebrew books of the bible. There is no way we can lose our salvation which is not biblical because we are once saved always saved. So vaccines are not the mark of the beast because the Holy Spirit is spiritual, DNA is Physical. Paul says we are sealed unto the day of redemption which is the rapture. So why is it that worries Christians so much? If the Mark of the Beast is here then God would be contradicting Himself in imputatioj of righteousness and justification by faith as laid out in Paul's epistles.

    1. "Eze 8:17 kjv says they put the branch to the nose as punishment for egyptian slaves. It is very similar to the swab nasal test."

      tee hee

  12. I don't believe that anyone here is saying that the Covid shot is the Mark . . . yet. It's also not a vaccine. And that's why it "worries Christians so much." Because it's a poor medical decision made by those who have not paid attention. It does not prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which even the pharmaceutical companies acknowledge. There is zero verifiable evidence that it eases the symptoms of the coronavirus for those at risk, but plenty of evidence that it harms people. And the burgeoning media/propaganda pushers ignore all of this, just as they ignore all of the FAILED tests that the "vaccines" chalked up over the last decade.

    Christians are supposed to be responsible for their bodily temple, not complicit or complacent in the face of growing evil, falsified numbers, truth suppression, and overt lies. There are people dying before they can find Jesus, and we are not supposed to be assisting the agenda or feigning naivete. Yes, I know that YOU might be personally saved, but what about those who weren't when the vaccine killed them? What about those who will suffer because they barely "survived" the vaccine? Where were the voices of reason when they needed them?

    I also agree with you when you say that no one can "lose" their salvation. But I do believe that you can have a change of heart, a change of mind, and decide to reject the offer at a later date. It's a point not worth being dogmatic about, since that is God's call in the end, and we'll know the truth in the near future.

    Finally, I have to point out that, just because the Holy Spirit is spiritual and DNA is physical, you cannot use that as a valid argument. The Mark of the Beast MAY only be physical, too; but it will make a spiritual difference.

    Until then, we are called to OCCUPY this world responsibly. And advocating mass experimental drug use is not leadership or the work of a wise steward . . . it's some perverse combination of indifference, fear, or poor decision-making. If you cede that decision to some "health professional" then it is my belief that you are making a choice that has spiritual ramifications as well as physical.

    I am reminded of the "strong delusion" that we were warned about in the Bible. Is it UFO's? Is it something else? We don't know yet. But I am sad that so many Christians are willing to ignore the strong COVID delusion sitting right in front of us.

    As Jesus once said, we are condemned for our failure to watch, and now many have lost their oil.

    1. I have read your post with sadness. Unsealed is a website which has always promoted reasoned debate combined with Christian love and care for each other. While people who post on this site sometimes disagree, they usually do it with humility, respect for differing opinions and try not to cause any hurt. I feel you have missed the mark with your post above (6/27/2021 9:37pm).

      You say it is “...a poor medical decision made by those who have not paid attention.” Please remember that this is only your opinion. You can have no idea what has helped make up fellow believer’s minds and you also can have no idea what attention they have paid to the available evidence. I can enlighten you that I have reviewed both sides of the argument, spoken to medically qualified people and as a ‘watcher’ for years and a bible student for decades I am satisfied that the vaccine is NOT the mark of the beast. It may well be a ‘precursor’ in training people what is to come, but I have made my mind up based on all the information available at this stage.

      I can say (and I do not wish to hurt you) that you cannot possibly call it a ‘poor medical decision’ based on my lack of attention.

      You go on to say “There is zero verifiable evidence that it eases the symptoms of the coronavirus for those at risk, but plenty of evidence that it harms people.” The first part of your statement is simply not true. There is ample medical evidence showing that those with the vaccine suffer less from the symptoms, have shorter stays in hospital and suffer very many fewer deaths – before the effects of new (or even the previously suppressed) treatments are taken into account. I may agree with you re the evidence of harm and do believe the MSM have restricted acknowledgement of the harms that may be involved, but that does not make your first statement correct, sorry.

      You go on an on and seem to be implying that taking the vaccine equates to a “change of heart, a change of mind” which could cause a loss of salvation, although you try to cover your assertion by saying ‘…it’s God’s call in the end…’ as though to absolve yourself of responsibility for it. How is that helpful to your fellow believers? Can you not see that what you are saying is hurtful to others? I still believe once saved always saved.

      You go on to state “…it's some perverse combination of indifference, fear, or poor decision-making. If you cede that decision to some "health professional" then it is my belief that you are making a choice that has spiritual ramifications as well as physical.” You seem to be saying that in taking the vaccine, I have somehow developed a perverse combination of indifference (having examined it thoroughly, read all the material on both sides of the argument, spoken to medical professionals not involved in its production and reviewed what my bible says about it all?), fear (I have none, I am God’s child and am looking forward to our soon rapture?) and poor decision making (as an experienced Christian, watcher and professional?). Really? How does that encourage believers to watch? How does that keep believers going?

      Finally, you seem to want to really hurt people who have decided to take the vaccine: “As Jesus once said, we are condemned for our failure to watch, and now many have lost their oil” – have I lost my oil? Have I condemned myself somehow, despite that fact that Jesus died for me and has promised me that he has lost none?

      You may have strong anti-vax views and I respect those views and your right to hold them. All I ask is a bit more accuracy and a larger bit of brotherly love.

      I hope to meet you in the air soon.

    2. Little u unknown, your comments are so appreciated. Big A Abba appreciates wisdom and discernment in His children every bit as much as we do in ours. The works He does through the Spirit in us are never a liability, but rather an asset, not forgetting that at the bema, works done are rewarded. The reward being to walk and work with Him for eternity. And how can we walk together unless we be agreed.

    3. Graeme, thank you for some sound advice....finally! I'm a retired Intel Analyst, so I'm used to sifting through misinformation and disinformation, and corroborating good intel. It's definitely sad that so much misinformation is spread through Christian sites, such as this one. I too, looked at all the information available and made a "risk versus reward" decision on the vaccine. I am very "high risk", so decided to take the vaccine back in April. I just got back from a week at church youth camp, and got COVID-19 in the process. I'm now dealing with mild symptoms, controlled with OTC medications. In my opinion, the vaccine very likely saved my life, and allowed me to be a part of dozens of youth giving their lives to Jesus Christ. It was an extraordinary experience.

    4. It is very clear that it is the mark in revelation. Sadly, if you take it, you will never have forgiveness. The tribulation and it's machinations were always described as 'a trap' by Jesus.

    5. Sorry Matthew, how exactly is it clear that it is the mark? The mark is taken in either the forehead or the right hand, and involves pledging allegiance to the antichrist. None of these apply to the vaccine, never mind even whether the church will be on earth when the antichrist is revealed.
      Sorry brother, i believe you are wrong in your assertion and unless you can explain your assertion with support from scripture I'm afraid I remain unpersuaded, unimpressed and unmarked.

    6. Matthew, In your statement above "It is very clear that it is the mark in revelation" are you alluding to the COVID vaccine? If so, you are 100% incorrect according to scripture. Scripture tells us that the Mark of the Beast will be administered or given in the right hand or forehead, and will be numbered the number of the antichrist 666.

      Revelation 13:16-18 ESV

      16Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, 17so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

      I agree that the vaccine is bad news, and used as an instrument to set the stage if you will to bring about the peoples willingness to take it when it is presented as well as perhaps even be testing the distribution process. We are in the Endgame.

      For those of us who are born again believers, we have NO FEAR of this vaccine, because we are sealed by the Holy Spirit. It may cause us to fall ill, or even death, but it in no way negates or removes our salvation. I choose not to take it and if I am asked my opinion I freely give it, but if it is a matter of salvation, there is no question. The vaccine has no bearing. Additionally, I do not judge or hold contentment for those who choose the vaccine as a good option for them. We need to stop as the body of Christ attacking each other, but educate, and listen with open ears. We cannot disparage each other with untruths. We need to encourage and pray for one another.

    7. Matthew,

      Please provide scriptural support for your statement that it is very clear that it is the mark?

      Isnt the mark taken in the forehead or right hand? And that it involves a pledge of allegiance/worship to the antichrist?

      And btw, my salvation only rests on what Jesus has done, not on anything I have or havent done. Or are you doubting that too?

      Please people, stick to scripture.

      God bless.

    8. Matthew,

      Please elaborate (with scripture) as to how the vaccine is the mark of Revelation?

      Doesn't it require allegiance to and worship of the beast, and to be administered in the right hand or forehead?

      And wont the church be raptured before the antichrist is revealed?

      Also, my salvation ONLY depends on what Jedus did for me, not on anyyhing i have or have not done, doesn't it?

      So how exactly is it clear? If i am wrong, I have an awful eternity ahead, so please forgive me asking for clarification...

    9. I got the jab and no one is asking me about it in order for me to buy and sell. The jab IS NOT the mark. When/if the mark comes out, you'll know it for sure.

    10. the mark is going to be part of a global socialist economy after the Ezekiel 38 war crashes stock markets. it's going to be tied to a digital currency. it's going to most likely be a microchip in the hand, providing a universal basic income. in no way shape or form is the current vaccine the mark

    11. Hey Unknown every word you penned above is true.

    12. I think the vaccine passport is likely going to be the mark of the beast. I don't have all the information in front of me but Microsoft had a global patent 060606 that used "Luciferase" to light up when scanned a sort of tattoo on your skin. This would potentially show all of your medical history and other sensitive information. Right now anybody can say they have had the vaccine whether they have had it or not. I believe JD Faraq has the information documented on his website so check it out for yourselves. I think most of the deceptions and lies have to do with the Covid pandemic. Social media has silenced and censored any other opinions than the official narrative provided by the CDC and the WHO. This also includes the voices of qualified Doctors and nurses. So I am in agreement with the statement that this Covid vaccine is not the mark of the beast but it is a pre-curser.

  13. Goverment fear-mongering w/o a shred of truth to aliens being involved.

    Every. Single. Video. Has an earthly explanation.
    Sheeple are the intended target. Do not be a sheeple.

    One example, https://www.metabunk.org

  14. Apologies for multiple replies to Matthew. Posting problems.

    1. I recommend a ytc called Enter the Stars. He decodes movies, tv shows etc, and shows the predictive programming, and how this agenda has been planned for decades. The most startling to me was how the Trump family has been involved since the 1930’s at least. It is an order out of chaos situation, and Rev 18:23 is probably in play. That being said, it causes harm to say this is the actual mark, when that does not match scripture. It is most likely bio terrorism, but only time will tell. I personally wonder if anyone who says they are Christian and took this sought the Lord in prayer first. I know he put into my spirit back in 2018 not to take any more vaccinations of any kind. I believe this is why. So no, you can’t lose your salvation, but could your health and or fertility be affected? Possibly. Could there be spiritual ramifications for being controlled by a spirit of fear? Absolutely. But no true believer can lose their salvation. Only God really knows who is and isn’t. There could be deception occurring over that as well. Deception and fake news are literally everywhere. That’s why keeping your focus on Jesus and following his leading is the only thing that will keep you out of the weeds. I personally will never take it. But not because I think it’s the mark.

    2. Yes, Casey at Enter the Stars is a fine speculative researcher, grounded in Scripture and with a good grasp of the occult elements and mechanics being implemented currently.


    3. Cheryl,

      I know of synchronicity studies.

      If you wanna fall out of your chair, look up the full movie of 'Point Break' in 1991 with Gary Busey. Skip to the part where Busey is talking to Reeves in the police room. Note right behind Reeves head on the top of the tv shelf. Put on pause and you will see two things next to each other. Food and beer. Look closely.

  15. @Graeme

    With respect, you have read my post incorrectly on several fronts, and I will try to clarify. I do so because I do not wish for my writing to be misunderstood, or to cause unnecessary hurt. But I also advise you strongly. These are not opinions, and there are not multiple truths out there, just as there are not multiple "straight and narrow gates."

    I never said that the Covid shot is the Mark of the Beast. I specifically said the opposite; that I BELIEVE it's not the the Mark, yet. I believe that the technology, whether they use the word Covid or not, could become an indelible aspect of the Mark. Prove me wrong, if you can.

    You say that I can have "no idea what has helped make up fellow believer’s minds." You are right about that! I sure don't know why some are choosing the shot!

    But you say that I can " have no idea what attention they have paid to the available evidence." Here, you are conclusively wrong. There is no "AVAILABLE EVIDENCE." These vaccines, which are not vaccines by any historical measure of the word, are EXPERIMENTAL. This means that they have NO verifiably successful tests performed or recorded. They do not meet the criteria to be called conclusive MEDICINE. And presumably, you and others have taken them on the advice or opinions of people who have no justifiable data to point to. I'm sorry, but no amount of argument can help you with that. Do you really think that I want to hurt people? No sir, I do not. But wisdom is no slave to desire.

    Let me make something irrefutably clear. These shots, whatever you want to call them, are UNAPPROVED for human use. Medical practitioners are required to get your INFORMED CONSENT when they advise the use of any treatment. If your doctor did not tell you this, then due diligence was not done. The INFORMED part refers to your acknowledgment of the risks involved, and not the proof of successful use, of which they have NONE.

    The EXPERIMENTAL tag basically means that they only need your CONSENT. You have agreed to take BIG chances . . . and that is not GOOD decision-making. I am NOT holding this over your head as a judgment. I have no right to do that. I am not accusing you of something that I haven't done myself. We don't have enough pages available for all of my past mistakes and poor decisions! But MANY have still made one with this shot, and that's not negotiable.

    Oxford's Dictionary defines "experimental" as "based on new ideas, forms or methods that are used TO FIND OUT WHAT EFFECT THEY HAVE."

    Webster's Dictionary states that "experimental" means "made or done IN ORDER TO SEE HOW WELL SOMETHING WORKS."

    If a person takes experimental medicine, they are part of a research group, and are NOT promised a solution. They are NOT promised safety or efficacy. They are NOT promised legal protection.
    Graeme, if you think that I have a callous disregard for my neighbor, I am sorry. I don't believe that's the truth at all. But I will NOT lie to another human being about the deadly truth of the matter . . . and it's BECAUSE I love you as a brother. Take the shot, and you become a walking experiment. Worse still, there is ZERO evidence that the drug is intended to accomplish it's advertised purpose. And plenty of evidence that another purpose IS intended.

    (continued below)

  16. I would also add, that no matter how "at-risk" you think you might be, you are NOT "less at-risk" with this shot. Not only is it experimental, but the ONLY testing criteria used to incite the pandemic were used INCORRECTLY. PCR tests are not scientifically legitimate tools for this purpose. On top of that, ALL indications point to a leadership willing to twist the numbers to their agenda. I'm sorry, but if a person has not heard of this by now, or if they have not understood this before the shot, then it is not my "lack of humility" that harms them, but their haste. And haste is just one prominent example of the factors that lead to "poor decision-making." In my career field, "hurried" choices are one of the most-cited causes of "poor decision-making" on our accident reports. Second only to "indifference" and "assumption."

    With nothing but love in my heart for you, Graeme, a person may "have made [their] mind up based on all the information available at this stage," but that doesn't mean that they did a proper amount of research. I'm sorry, but it doesn't. Will you deny that haste was made in the development of these shots? Operation Warp Speed, indeed. Do you deny that there are doctors who warned about the failed drug trials? Do you deny that once done, these shots cannot be undone? Do you deny that haste, and most probably mal-intent, are responsible for them leaving the ingredient list hidden away? Do you deny that exceptional provisions were made to protect them from legal pursuit? Do you deny that this is a kind of RNA alteration that has never been attempted before? Or that we have NO idea, at all, what the long-term repercussions will be?

    More to the point, will you accept these facts, or will you try to make me feel at-fault for pointing them out? If you're "sad" that I acknowledged these facts, then imagine how sad I am . . . not only that people ignore my warnings, but then try to guilt me for urging prudence!

    You then state that there is "ample medical evidence showing that those with the vaccine suffer less from the symptoms, have shorter stays in hospital and suffer very many fewer deaths – before the effects of new (or even the previously suppressed) treatments are taken into account."

    Sir, that is a complex lie. You may believe it if you wish, but when 99.98% of the population are not in danger of serious harm, don't you think it's just a little bit disingenuous of you to defend an untested, little understood, highly-propagandized, ill-measured, and never-approved version of "medicine?" At least my "lack of humility" cannot kill people.

    Here are the facts: As far as any doctor can conclude, there are people suffering from some specific version of one of the many coronaviruses present in the world. Because the testing regimen was so abused, we do not know how many people might have suffered from this particular version of this flu. Because the known treatments were withheld, we do not know how many people could have been spared from the suffering and death. Because ventilators, masks, and "vaccines" were pushed, we do not know how many have been harmed unnecessarily. Because its origin is clouded, we do not know if it was designed for a certain purpose. And even if you're one of that .02% who claim to be harmed by Covid, we do NOT know that the shot would have changed anything substantially.

    Now, let's leave the physical body behind for a moment. Moving on to Salvation issues, I did not say that you have lost your personal oil, Graeme. To the contrary, I said that "YOU might be personally saved, but what about those who weren't when the vaccine killed them?" Read it again, and focus on others for a moment. "What about those who WEREN'T [saved] when the vaccine killed them?" What about those who suffer needlessly?

    (continued below)

  17. They have to use an incomplete and massaged database just to track the innumerable Covid-"vaccine" injuries and deaths. Have my words hurt people so much more? They might be stealing away the possibility of future salvation for millions. Aren't my words urging the opposite?

    Finally, you think that I was "implying that taking the vaccine equates to a 'change of heart, a change of mind' which could cause a loss of salvation." That is not at all what I was trying to do. Perhaps I did a terrible job making my point. We all know that communication never happens perfectly for everyone, so let me expound upon it. It has nothing to do with the "vaccine." That one paragraph was a response to the post by Unknown above mine. It was simply a clarification that I believe that salvation can be refused willfully, at a later date. I cannot prove this, and no one else can prove differently, therefore, it is not something that Christians should be arguing about. And we certainly don't need to worry about it as continuing believers. But it could affect others, and that is what makes it worth discussion. In no way was I relating it to the "shot," or trying to cover my butt. My butt is exposed. You are free to believe as you wish.

    Graeme, you may have strong pro-vax views, and I respect those views, and your right to hold them. But I AM giving you the brotherly love that you asked for, by giving you the ACCURACY that you need.

    You said that I seem to "want to really hurt people who have decided to take the vaccine."

    Brother Graeme, please listen to what I'm saying. No one here would wish for that. But there are going to be a LOT of hurt feelings in the near future, when this lunacy begins to take hold of those who are left behind. Literally billions and trillions of hurt feelings! Would you leave them without the truth as well?

    Proverbs 14:12 KJV
    "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

    Please remember that Real Emotional Comfort comes from being grounded in Real Truth. How many times did God tell the Israelites to stow their opinions and emotions in order to seek what was Just and Godly?! But that's a subject for another post.

    I'll try to be more humble, Graeme. But we are dealing with a real problem here. Pastors afraid to tell you about Hell. Ministers afraid to rebuke sin. God's workers in-the-field afraid to lose face, or hurt feelings, to the point that they won't invest their talents wisely. And the Master will be home soon to collect.

    I would love to stay silent on this issue. But I feel called to do otherwise. This week, I met an unbelieving friend that I had previously warned not to take the "vaccine." Since that warning, she had chosen to take the shot out of fear, and the first words out of her mouth when she saw me the other day were, "I should have listened to you." She's been to the ER 3-4 times since the shot, and she's now on permanent medicine for the rest of her life. But more important than her physical issues, she was lucky enough to survive to talk with me about Jesus just one more time.

    The picture, for her, was once hazy. But it sure is coming into focus now. I suppose that's the only clear benefit of the shot. If it doesn't kill you, you might just wake up to the Times.

    God help us all. And forgive me for not knowing how to tell the truth more kindly.

    1. Please show me one legitimate news source claiming the vaccines are a health risk.

    2. My pastor yesterday preached on Proverbs. He talked about how wisdom comes from prudence. Foolishness comes from scoffing and mocking. He explained the difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. Spiritual wisdom will always come from the heart. But unfortunately, and this is me talking now, you could give some people all the facts in the world, but they will never accept it. They don’t have the heart too. My advice is to pray about it, but some folks will never do that. They just keep saying “prove it”. They want the head answer, not the heart answer.

    3. "FDA is announcing revisions to the patient and provider fact sheets for the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines regarding the suggested increased risks of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart) following vaccination." https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/coronavirus-covid-19-update-june-25-2021

      Latest VAERS stats. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/cdc-vaers-data-injuries-surpass-7000-ages-12-to-17-covid-vaccines/

      "New discovery shows human cells can write RNA sequences into DNA". https://phys.org/news/2021-06-discovery-human-cells-rna-sequences.html

    4. On the contrary, saying "prove it" is a great way to undercut the baseless speculation being put forward here.

    5. @ Zachary

      I actually started typing up a list of them for you, when I saw your latest response. And having been already jabbed, I suppose you'll just mock everything that I send you as "baseless speculation." So I'm not going further than you asked. I have to spend at least some time with my wife at the end of the day.

      Here's exactly one:


      There are others who aren't so blind and deaf to alternative views and revealed truth.

      I'm sure that we'll meet in Heaven, but I'm afraid for those who didn't have the benefit of good counsel.

    6. Zachary,
      Check out Dr. Peter McCullough of Baylor University Medical School. Look for his 1:45 min. video https://rumble.com/vhp7y5-full-interview-world-renowned-doctor-blows-lid-off-of-covid-vaccine.html?mref=6gby3&mc=98uay
      Also, watch Dr.Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology (hardly safe and effective): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du2wm5nhTXY
      These are just a few world class truth telling sources about the wickedness behind the covid vaccine that you glibly promote.

    7. from the New American website:

      "In addition to political topics, The New American also publishes articles about economics (from a free-enterprise perspective of course!), culture, and history. It is published by American Opinion Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of The John Birch Society."

      The John Birch society is one of the most notorious conspiracy groups in US history. Not a legitimate news source. nor is rumble.com or youtube. There are literally dozens of legit, well respected news sources you can choose from. BBC. The Guardian. NYT. WSJ. CNN. The lion's share of these articles are free to read.

    8. I'm not being glib or mocking. You're spreading dangerous misinformation and I'm challenging you to find evidence for it.

    9. @ Zachary

      I'm not spreading dangerous misinformation, brother. And you are mocking, but I have a thick skin. I can take it . . . so let's move on, please.

      I've noticed several trends amongst the scoffers, and one of the biggest is that they NEVER answer the challenge to refute what I've said. Be careful not to fall into that same routine. Why? Because I believe that everyone can be a warrior for Christ. And we need more warriors! So I'm asking you to think about this for a minute. Open your mind before you go one sentence further!

      There are medical facts which you cannot ignore. Is the "vaccine" like all others, Zachary? Has it ever been FDA approved? Do the CDC, WHO, and other relevant organizations have a history of lying about medicine for money or power?

      If you can't even admit to the most basic of proofs, we'll never move forward, will we?

      Zachary, I really do love you, brother. I KNOW that I'm not perfect, and that my communication style doesn't always fit the bill with some. But I am not the one who is wrong here. And I have to warn you, out of concern . . . if you haven't yet realized that the wealth, and breadth, of the world's media empire are primarily owned by only 5 not-so-trusted individuals in the world . . . and if you haven't yet realized that the "BBC. The Guardian. NYT. WSJ. CNN" and others are far MORE compromised . . . then it may be too late for you. But I will still try.

      Start with ZeroHedge.com

      This is one of the very best independent news sources out there, in my opinion. I have followed them for over 10 years, and they call it exactly as they see it. They started as a financial site, but have since gone full-spectrum. And it may appear that they are one entity (Tyler Durden) but that is just a cover-all for mostly independently-submitted content. (They are also vulgar on occasion, but at least they're not trying to kill you!)

      Just go, type in anything related to Covid, or anything regarding Media lies, into the search bar on the lower right. (You'll have to scroll down.)

      Here's an appetizer for you:











      Now remember, this is just the beginning. Start with step one, of course, which is to STOP criticizing the source, and start researching the people and facts in the article, to the extent that you can. A watchman is not someone who sits on a tower with binoculars and iced tea. He's someone who can be found actively hunting and searching at all times. Scanning the horizon for small changes that signal BIG things.

      There will come a day when you find out that your "dozens of legit, well respected news sources" are not that at all. And I think that it would be wonderful to be a part of that.

      This is not a pride thing for me, and I am not the first to see the light. I can still remember when my eyes were opened, too.

    10. I just read Zero Hedges' manifesto and they said they feature anonymous writers.


      I will not stop criticizing your sources until you can find me one legit source.

    11. @ Zachary,
      When you default to immediately rejecting the ACTUAL video interviews of Dr. Peter McCullough (among the most published medical doctors today etc.) and Dr. Robert Mallone (inventor of the mRNA technology used in the covid vax) explains your posts completely. When it's "straight from the horse's mouth" and you won't even listen to it, but instead categorically dismiss it because it is not on CNN, BBC, or NYT or any MSN is pure and simple running away from the truth.
      You could actually hear these extremely relevant doctors with your own ears and see them with your own eyes but you won't. That says it all. The fact that you consider the NYT, CNN and the host of fake news as the only legitimate sources was appreciated by me as it explains your lens that you see the world.
      All this begs the question, if you truly believe the BOC is soon to be Raptured and the antichrist's kingdom will then start its reign, then how can you believe that the world's power organizations (medicine, media, education, governments, pharma etc.) would not already be under the power of the Devil?
      When a child of GOD's has a genuine Biblical world view then they use the Word of GOD to actually see and interpret the world around them. In every sense of the phrase the Word truly is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. The Word of GOD clearly illuminates the wickedness in the hearts of people, it exposes the ways of the wicked, and brings into focus where we are on GOD's timetable for this age. However, when a Christian has a worldly view (A George Barna Poll indicates that most by far sadly have) of the events taking shape and what drives them, then they are by default blinded to the World's Ways. Sadly, folks like that war against the Truth since they have rejected applying the Word of GOD to interpret the times. The Pharisees did that ever so well. Truth stood right in front of them, yet they rejected it.

    12. Anybody that trust CNN as legit doesn't know what they are talking about from the start.

    13. Zachary,

      I wish you hadn't taken that poison. Don't take any more 'boosters' please.

      Did you ask for an ingredient list on the 'jab' before getting?

  18. @ Will,

    No disrespect intended, but a "retired Intel Analyst" is no more privy to the truth behind this than anyone else. You aren't in the "1 percent" are you? Sadly, I'm old enough that I've helped to raise kids who became "intel analysts." And some of them couldn't untie a knot. No, logic and understanding are not apportioned in such ways.

    You said that, "It's definitely sad that so much misinformation is spread through Christian sites, such as this one," and I agree with you! But that's true of all sources and forums. Unless you're also a retired chemist, doctor, microbiologist, and bio-weapons expert as well, can we agree that you probably don't know more than everybody else about the concoction in the syringe? I am warning folks not to take what they can't identify. Do you do better, by advising them to take what you can't identify?

    I've given you nothing but the truth. Prove me wrong, and I will not hesitate to step in line behind you. I'll be your very best supporter. But you're gonna need facts first.

    You said that, "I too, looked at all the information available and made a "risk versus reward" decision on the vaccine. I am very "high risk", so decided to take the vaccine back in April." Sir, respectfully, that is the only thing you've said that is a fact. You made a personal choice. You made a presumption of need. And the rest is hypothesis.

    As a brother, I wish you a speedy recovery. But let's be honest . . . your mild symptoms, OTC commitments, and possible Covid-case could just as easily have been a result OF your shot. You don't know differently. And many, many, many doctors are now warning that the faked vaccine will cause you to be more susceptible to coronaviruses, while also making you a more pronounced carrier of spike proteins, prions, etc. And that is exactly what all of the earliest tests showed, when studies were done on animals . . . years ago. (They all died.)

    It's only your opinion, not fact, that the "vaccine" saved your life. Be careful not to conflate the two as testimony. Here's a fact for you. I wouldn't call myself low-risk, but I just attended 3 separate family reunions without a mask, a shot, or a care in the world. I haven't seen a doctor in 1.5 years (my last physical for work), and all I needed were Excedrin for the migraines that are caused by family squabbles in the summer heat.

    Ironically, I have a cantankerous old aunt who just became my first close relative to take the shot, and she just suffered from her first stroke. Coincidence? Possibly, but I say not.

    Another cousin of mine, in the health profession, was just warned not to take the "vaccine" by a Neurologist (who advised the same to his staff.) Do you claim to KNOW more than all doctors? Because if one thing is clear, even most of them do not agree on this NOT-a-vaccine. Shouldn't that cause you some hesitation?

    I guess I'll just have to settle for playing second fiddle to your "sound advice" and expertise, while I sit here all comfy and Covid-negative. (With a pretty well-developed idea of where my personal medicines are taking me!)

    But let me close with a parting question . . . Upon arriving in Heaven, what would your response be if Jesus, Himself, told you that the shot actually helped worsen things for those kids at the camp? Without knowing the ingredients, the history, or the REVOLUTIONARY science behind it all, let alone the underlying truths and agendas, how do you know that you didn't?

    Truth be told, the pro-vaxx crowd is starting to sound a lot like the pro-mask crowd, ignoring all of the latest studies about just how bad masks are for daily living. The truth pushed aside to fit the narrative.

    1. Unknown,
      Thank you and don't ever quit spreading the truth about the wickedness that is behind the covid vaccine. Your post was completely spot on and appropriate. You are among those who can discern what Satan is doing with the vaccine program.
      To Will and Graeme above, please look at what Dr. Peter McCullough (epidemiologist, cardiologist, one of the most most prestigious and published medical doctors in America, Medical Professor at Baylor University and a whole lot more)says about the covid vaccine. He is among the most qualified to speak on the matter of the Emergency Use Authorized vaccine and how it's played out. In short, he makes it abundantly clear as a practicing physician of that rank that our government and pharmaceuticals have and are engaging in the largest medical malfeasance (his term) ever! He has a video that is about 2 hours long and goes into great detail spelling out how the world's government's response to covid was all about implementing the vaccine for the pharmaceuticals and control. Another person, of many, you should see is Dr. Robert Malone the inventor of the mRNA technology used in the covid vaccine. He has invented mRNA and DNA vaccines. He exposes the false claims of safe and effective. He points out that no adequate testing of the covid vaccines were done, not even close. There are many world class medical people who are sounding the alarm that the covid vaccine is a fraud. Check out the VAERS (vaccine adverse effects reporting system) and you will see the devastation already happening to innocent Americans. A Harvard research study indicated that only about 10 percent of adverse cases are actually reported, therefore the numbers you see there are grossly under reported.
      A simple, sign of the times question begs to be asked: If a believer truly thinks Jesus is coming back very soon then how likely would it be that the world's governments, major players in the medical,pharmaceutical fields, and MSN would be doing right by the people of the world?
      Unknown is sounding the alarm as a person who loves Jesus and has heard from such sources as I cited, and knows who the players really are. Unknown knows.

  19. Dear Lord Jesus, I pray for your church. Please give us strength, wisdom and discernment. Unite us under Your banner, let our focus be on You and You alone. We anxiously await to be with you and as we bide our time, please unit us in love, honor and respect. Dear Lord help us use this little time left to reach the lost, help us to share the childlike faith and the ABC's of salvation to get as many into the kingdom as we can. Let us not bicker over the trivial knowing that ALL things are trivial unless the focus is on you Abba Father. Amen.

    1. It’s hardly trivial Jeff. Lives may be at stake. Do you watch JD Farag? Maybe you should check out his prophecy updates.

    2. @ Jeff McCray

      I get where you're coming from, and we do need voices to keep us focused on Heaven. But Cheryl is right! This is not trivial to those who have been lost during our silence. And lately, that's all that a large portion of the church has offered. Silence and cooperation. It has a very Vichy-France feel, does it not?

      If the fake-vaccine has accomplished anything, it has shown us where we need to improve. Many of those same people, who claim to see the end in sight, are caught looking out for themselves and their earthly condition, and blindly pushing an agenda of evil. We NEED to do better, and we NEED to keep our eyes on the Father simultaneously.

      One day at a time, and we'll get there when the time is right. But until then, we spread the Gospel and we tell the truth . . . no matter where it takes us. And the reward is a life of hope!

  20. @ unknown

    Brother, I didn't claim to be an expert in medicine. My expertise is in corroborating information. A look into surveys of Health Physicians shows that the vast majority has been vaccinated and supports future vaccinations for COVID-19. When I looked at it awhile back, most of the numbers were upwards of 90% in support of. Yes, this vaccine was rushed out, and comes with risks, and several doctors have jumped on the bandwagon and are making a buck with interviews, as guest speakers, and with book sales. This has always been the case in medicine, ESPECIALLY with vaccines. You see the same thing going back to flu vaccines, chicken pox vaccine, etc. etc.

    As for my response to Jesus, I would simply reply "Well Sir, I prayed to you for guidance on this vaccine, and the response from the Holy Spirit inside of me was....Trust the wisdom of your doctors. So what gives??"

    Blessings to you brother!

    1. Ah. The old "I was just following doctors' orders!" defense.


      They covered Law Enforcement and the Military, but didn't cover the category of HEALTH PROFESSIONAL, meaning that we can add on the relevant text later down the road!

    2. Dear Will!?
      You think the people sounding the alarm against the covid vaccine are in it for the money and fame!? Wow. Do you ever listen to what they are actually saying? Do you ever consider that they have a lot to lose with going up against the government such as having medical licenses revoked as is threatened by our government and other governments. Consider Dr.Francis Christian a Canadian surgical professor who was recently fired by the univ. he works for because the Canadian govt. took issue with him warning children not to get the covid vaccine. The video link: https://factcheckvaccine.com/2021/06/dr-francis-christian-canadian-surgeon-fired-for-voicing-safety-concerns-over-covid-jabs-for-children/
      In it you can actually hear the recording of his termination.

  21. Matthew 25:40

    "And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have [tried to guard] the least of these my brethren, ye have [tried to stand for] me."

    1. So correct. The ones who are rejecting the truth of the many medical doctors and scientists' resounding cry that the vaccine is a fraud don't even acknowledge them. It is the cancel culture. There are so many Red Flags flying for people to see by now alerting us to the wicked motives behind the covid vaccine. However, if a person has not really been examining the rise of the antichrist's they will dense to the prodding of the truth. I know I keep saying this but, How can a genuine believer in Jesus who asserts she or he is expecting the LORD to return very soon not expect the devil's kingdom to be rising at this very moment? Where do they think it will rise? Do they think that the world will be all noble and our leaders will largely be benevolent and then the Rapture and then in the blink of an eye all the power players go bad? There is no critical thinking in that? The Bible tells us the way people will behave in the last days and it isn't honest and benevolent. The Bible tells us the love of money is the root of all evil and that all wickedness abides there. Use that for a lens and you will put the stolen election, the categorical rigging of the PCR tests to detect covid and grotesquely magnify the size of covid in order to promote a vaccine. Using the lens of the Bible to see the actions of man and the rise of the Enemy is the only way we will have a hope of truly seeing.

  22. I would urge all of you to be skeptical of "renegade" doctors who present themselves as truth tellers on this issue. And no, I'm not asking for government sources, because we all know the government sometimes lies. If the vaccines present a serious health risk - not talking about the occasional extremely rare adverse reaction, outweighed greatly by the risk of staying unvaccinated - then we would expect at least one well-respected news source to have covered it.

    1. "then we would expect at least one well-respected news source to have covered it." No, we wouldn't, as we see that the doctors who express their concerns on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are deplatformed, and the media stays silent because, bare minimum, they want the vaccine to make massive profit (as evidenced by their extreme propaganda against hydroxychloroquine and other preventative measures. Reminder that Lancet retracted their study against it), or simply to oppose whatever Trump was saying at the time. There have been plenty of respectable doctors and researchers trying to get their voice to you, from former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon to Dr. Peter McCullough. The corporate media is the virus.

      Lastly, covid-19 is not that deadly (not the '3 to 5 million deaths' our government was saying it would be at the beginning!), so 'outweighted greatly by the risk of staying unvaccinated' is no longer 'greatly'. Reminder that other vaccines in the past had their distribution paused when deaths passed 50 — we are well beyond that number. I'm already immune to covid-19, as I already had it (because that's how typical vaccines work; they simulate the disease, to train the body beforehand). Therefore, the vaccine is worthless to me, and a lot of others who have had covid-19. This is the typical herd immunity, that an MSNBC panelist call a "fringe theory".

    2. So all these news sources are participating in a conspiracy of silence, despite the fact that, let's say, if a WSJ reporter discovered the truth you would expect every other outlet to pick up on a story that, if confirmed, would be the scoop of the century: "Turns out the vaccines are actually dangerous! You need to stop taking them!" that reporter would be first in line for next year's Pulitzer. No one's keeping those YouTube doctors from talking to a reporter if they are being censored by that platform.

      Here's another thing we'd expect to see if your opinion were correct: A long list of doctors and health professionals signing onto a public letter denouncing the vaccines, similar to what happened regarding the lab leak theory. Most outlets weren't covering the lab leak theory. Then a group of like a hundred or so health professionals signed onto a letter about it. Turns out every mainstream source now treats the lab leak theory as a possibility. That's how the news ecosystem works. Not three or four renegade doctors on social media, but a serious cross section of respected medical experts. But we don't see that with vaccine skeptics' claims. Why not?

    3. That's not a wise position. At this point, these established organizations are very corrupt. Not to mention 'covid-19 vaccines safe' is the expected opinion; those who try to find out why aren't listened to, due to ignorance or stubbornness. The lab leak news is old to me, since I recognized that being the most likely source early last year. They are consistently behind. In this case, we don't have time for their slowness.

      Here you go. Doctors from America, Europe, Australia, and Israel. This is just what I could find.

      "Should all such evidence not be available, we demand that approval for use of the gene-based vaccines be withdrawn until all the above issues have been properly addressed by the exercise of due diligence by the EMA." https://doctors4covidethics.medium.com/urgent-open-letter-from-doctors-and-scientists-to-the-european-medicines-agency-regarding-covid-19-f6e17c311595

      Doctors advising against vaccinating children. “There must be a recognition that we do not understand everything about the virus, the vaccine against it and that the first commandment of medicine is first do no harm,” the doctors say. https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/93-doctors-sign-letter-urging-goverment-to-hold-off-on-vaccinating-children/

      "On May 19, 2021, "America's Frontline Doctors" filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama seeking a temporary restraining order against using the experimental emergency COVID-19 vaccines on children under age 16." https://www.unionspringsherald.com/news/article_c4add08c-c3ca-11eb-a58f-4fd14454a56a.html

      "High-profile doctors have complained they are being gagged from speaking out about their concerns on the AstraZeneca vaccine, amid claims the federal government has bet heavily on it to protect Australians." https://www.afr.com/policy/health-and-education/doctors-complain-of-gag-over-astrazeneca-vaccine-20210316-p57b4z

      At this point, you've moved the goalposts twice, from "show me any proof vaccines have adverse health effects" to "show me the long list of doctors voicing their opinion against this". I also posted the study that shows mRNA can change DNA, which you seemingly brushed off. I've made good case against this, so I'll exit the conversation. I hope your week has started well, Zachary. Have a good day.

    4. I haven't moved any goalposts. One source is still all I'm asking for. The only good one above is Times of Israel, and even that says those docs still want the vaccine given to at-risk populations, just not little kids because they say we don't know enough.

    5. Zachary, I appreciate your opinion but I have chosen to stand on Gods Word and NOT live with a spirit of fear.
      No evil shall befall you, Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling

    6. @Zachary


      How aboutthr Chief Scientist at Pfizer for over twenty years?

      He has more than one interview at this stage... Here's one:


      Please note that the proof you are asking for... Such as 'one trusted news source should be reporting on it' will never happen because they are all compromised.

      It's like saying "the vaccine companies making billions of dollars would tell us if it was going to harm us..."

      By the way, there is a reporting system called VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) which attempts to keep track of the horrible side effects amd deaths... The numbers of deaths and horrible side effects are higher than every single vaccine (combined!) to date. That says a lot.

      I think the point unknown is trying to hammer home is that these people are trying to harm us on purpose. It's not an accident. Not even an experiment actually. It's deliberate. And so as an extension of that I will simply ask this... Is my faith in a corrupt medical system out to harm you and a "vaccine" jab or is my faith in Jesus Christ?

      I think the answer is obvious.

      Here is another sincere person trying to warn you:


    7. @ Soestae and BradA,
      Thanks for the relevant and useful information! There is so much information that needs to be made known as the world's "power players" are doing all they can to silence and hide the Truth. The Bible says that the generation that goes into the tribulation did not love the truth and the power players and their pawns sure embody that.

  23. ALL: Let's all take a step back here. Take a deep breath, open our eyes, ears, and hearts. From spending the last few minutes or so of reading the posts above I have gathered there is great passion , however it is my belief that we are taking that passion and presenting it harshly. It is obvious both sides of the fence love Jesus, and care for the unbeliever. I have not ever found in my evangelizing years, any unbeliever who came to Christ by beat over the head with a bible. There are ways to share your opinions and your facts with one another that is not attacking each other.

    say an unbeliever comes to this site searching for answers and reads the comments above between believers... is he going to want to find out more about Jesus? We are called to love one another and encourage one another. Yes, I agree this vaccine has brought great passion to the people because it is untested or rather being tested on us, was implemented under deceit, and does have the potential to have very deadly results, as we do not know as it hasn't been around long enough to truly know. WE are NOT going to save the unsaved, only Jesus can do that. We can share our knowledge, and counsel others, but ultimately the choice lies with the unbeliever and Jesus. EVERY SINGLE SOUL Jesus has called to be His will be His. with or without our help. God has appointed our time. He knows our birth date as well as our death date. I truly believe and this is strictly my opinion that whether or not you take the vaccine, when your time is called its called. I also corner that with I am not going to test God and stand in front of a train to see if today is the day. With that being said I can see why some would say the vaccine choice is an unnecessary risk, like the train scenario. Unknown, I know in my heart you truly mean well and mean to sound an important alarm, but honestly friend, your delivery could use some toning down. (my opinion)

    I agree we all want the unsaved to know Jesus and make choices that will lead them there and help them spread the word so that more can come to salvation. The world is ugly, and getting uglier by the minute. Jesus is coming very soon and the tensions are high. We know we have very little time to obey God and share the gospel as we see so very many wandering lost.

    In closing, I just want to encourage all of you here to try to speak to each other in love, encourage one another, have an open mind with opposing views and debate respectfully. Research today for facts is hard pressed to find hard facts. Most reports take a shred of fact and spin it with a whole lot of opinion and speculation. Be careful what you read and choose to hold as Fact. Seek the Father in prayer for wisdom. Humbly, and expectantly. And listen to what HE says even if it is not what you think He will say.

    I love all of you, and I am looking forward to sharing many meals in heaven together. See you soon.


    1. You're right about my delivery, Lyndsey. I really have been trying to do better!

      It's not hard to see that every Christian has a gift. And yours is one of mediation or counseling, maybe. Mine is not. Thank you for the reminder!

      If you want a great distraction, sometime, try taking a brief version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. It's a personality test with 16 possible results, describing in detail the inner workings of your psyche . . . and it's usually deadly accurate with those that I've seen take it. It really is fascinating, and there's a wealth of information behind it.

      I've taken it several times, and here's mine . . . I am an extreme version of the INTJ. What they call an "Architect."

      https://www.16personalities.com/intj-personality (you can also access the other types here)

      I quote:

      Architects question everything. Many personality types trust the status quo, relying on conventional wisdom and other people’s expertise as they go about their lives. But ever-skeptical Architects prefer to make their own discoveries. In their quest to find better ways of doing things, they aren’t afraid to break the rules or risk disapproval – in fact, they rather enjoy it."

      "[Architect-types] aren’t known for being warm and fuzzy. They tend to prioritize rationality and success over politeness and pleasantries – in other words, they’d rather be right than popular."

      "As a result, they may inadvertently come across as rude or even offensive when they’re only trying to be honest."

      Does that NOT sound like me?

      To all those who I've hurt, I apologize. I am not trying to win the award for "most raucous." I have NO desire to push anyone away, and especially from the Word.

      But I won't stop telling the truth either! And if you read my profile, I think you'll discover that I am not wrong about the fake vaccine! LOL . . . but really not laughing.

      Prove me wrong, and I will jump straight to an apology. Now I will hang my head lowly, and go think about my "tone" for a bit.

    2. Unknown, Thank you for your response and self reflection. I have not had a personality test but I have taken a spiritual gifts test and My top 2 are tied for encouragement and serving, so I can see what you mean there! And yes I agree that assessment sounds like you. = )

      Yes, tell the truth always, and share what you know! Most importantly Know, Love, and share Jesus!

    3. Lyndsey and Unknown,
      I get your point about the passion. Don't forget Jesus also spoke with a passion at times a very strong passion. I have been reading Unknown's posts and along the way he is padding them with humility. He is encountering a push back that is continually rejecting the Biblical world view. As such that type of push back is one that I think Cheryl addressed well when she said you can tell the truth to people but they have to want to hear it. Unknown, IMO, you have done so much good to provide verifiable evidence for those here who have not for whatever reason been able to hear from those doctors and scientists (many of them "world class"). You have spelled it out again and again and I really applaud you. The stiff necked are those who refuse to validate the voices of those who are sounding the alarm. At this time in our soon going to the LORD, it should not be hard for a real believer to understand that Satan is the Prince of this world and that means the media, medicine, banks, and government etc. When on this earth has the world ever recognized and honored the Spirit of Truth. Jesus said they know not the Spirit of Truth because they neither see Him or know Him. Unknown, is like me and others trying to sound the alarm so that innocents don't unquestionably trust the liars who are running the world. Unknown and others here are encouraging critical Bible based thinking. Yes, there are two opposing views here and only one can be right. Unknown,like me, hope that all will hear the evidence that truly has fought an uphill battle to show up on this website.

  24. Autism has been directly linked to the 'safe' vax' from the past. What about those parents who dutifully took their child in for their shots that left them disabled. The statisticians might still think it was worth it for the overall good. Victims would disagree. Med is still just about 'practicing.' So much better to have good nutrition and sunshine and exercise.

  25. Dr. Fauci and deborah birx's e-mails indicate that they knew that wearing masks were an unnecessary waste of time. Also, it was recently reported that Fauci provided 3 million in funding to the lab in Wuhan China believed by many including myself being where the virus was developed. It was a bio-weapon intentionally contrived. I believe Fauci will be arrested if he hasnt been already. And the democrat left used it as an excuse to send out massive amounts of mail-in ballots here helping them steal the 2020 election. That story is not over yet! Someone said that CNN and NYT were respected news sources. You cant be serious.

    1. "It was a bio-weapon intentionally contrived."

      And sometimes conspiracy theories are probably right, like this one! I would bet a thousand bucks that the pandemic was planned by the Illuminati.

    2. "The 'vaccine' was a bio-weapon intentionally contrived."

      The "Covid" was an excuse to implement the "vaccine."

      Fixed it for you, Zachary.

    3. @Zachary.....agreed, the evidence I've seen shows that's it's more likely than not, that this virus was created as part of bio-weapons research, funded in part by the U.S. The question I have, is was it an intentional or accidental release. I lean towards the former, but it's more of a "gut feeling" rather than backed up by data.

      @Lyndsey....thank you for the gentle reminder to "encourage all of you here to try to speak to each other in love, encourage one another, have an open mind with opposing views and debate respectfully."

      Also, you make a good point about the perspective of an unbeliever. I know myself, for one, should contemplate that perspective a little more, prior to posting comments. Blessings Sister!

  26. Regarding the vaccine, the inventor of mRNA vaccines Robert Malone is speaking about the negative effects in dark horse podcasts in YouTube.

    Type dark horse podcast in YouTube , you can find many videos.

  27. @ Zachary

    You immediately shut-down all of my work, time, and references without reading anything at all?
    You're only proving my point, Zachary! The majority of the content on ZeroHedge.com IS authored and acknowledged. But you never seem to go more than skin deep. Why is that?

    Why is everything that you DON'T read considered "baseless speculation" to you?

    Is that really your idea of "fact-finding" or "journalism?" Are we the ONLY ones who have to prove stuff for YOUR benefit? You could try offering a substantial post for once, and if you prove us wrong, we can take that! I welcome it!

    Christians have NO fear of the truth!

    I'll repeat it for you:

    ZeroHedge.com is not afraid to speak honestly, and they are not often wrong about their speculation. When they are, they admit it, and move forward. Their penchant for truth, freedom, financial security, and independent thinking oftentimes puts them in league with the best of Christian websites . . . although that is not their specific audience.

    Your list of "legitimate" news sources, such as the BBC, The Guardian, etc., is woefully inappropriate to this day and age.

    I would suggest that you start with step ONE on the list of proper research skills. IGNORE the SOURCE, and focus on verifying the CONTENT.

    Sources are NOTHING. The content of what they publish or say is EVERYTHING. And anybody arguing that news can only come from "mainstream" corners in this kind of evil environment is a fool. The Bible warned us of this.

    For those who were watching over the last 30 years or so, the networks and newspapers have fallen, one by one, to the Globalist and Satanic drum beat. Even the WSJ and Fox News are gone now; victims of BIG money. Now, you have to dig for each nugget of truth, and you aren't going to find it easily. You will NEVER find it on TV or a big NEWS outlet, until they've decided that it helps to further their agenda, or enrich their bank account.

    You must read and VERIFY the CONTENT, or remain blind to the facts.

    As I've already stated, the fake "vaccine" is the bio-weapon. The professional intimidation, falsified PCR tests, hospital kickbacks, and coverups of real medicine were all driving toward a Covid-lie in order to justify and implement that bio-weapon. And there will be newer and better versions of the "vaccine" released in the future. They're doing everything INCREMENTALLY, so that we won't wake up. Thank God that we were Watchers beforehand!

    That IS the unvarnished truth. But you're always welcome to disagree.

    disclaimer: All of this is said in love, with accuracy, and I don't wish to drive a wedge between us; but neither will I stand by and say nothing at all. Ban me if you must, but it won't shut me up.

    1. "Sources are NOTHING. The content of what they publish or say is EVERYTHING. And anybody arguing that news can only come from "mainstream" corners in this kind of evil environment is a fool."

      This is wrong, brother. I am not an expert in health or biology. This is why I don't write more "substantive" posts about the vaccines. So for me to gauge the accuracy of vaccine claims, I have to rely on the editorial acumen of the sources I consult. Outlets with good editorial policies weed out spurious claims because for them, being proven wrong is a huge hit to their prestige.

      Does that mean I agree with everything that comes from established sources? No.

      Another avenue you could take would be to cite studies done in journals like JAMA, Nature, Science, Scientific American, etc.

      Skepticism is good. But remember to also be skeptical of the skeptics.

    2. @ Zachary

      Now that we've established your credentials here, maybe we can talk about your "trusting nature" when it comes to authority.

      You are dead wrong when it comes to relying on the "editorial acumen" of the sources, by apparently just searching for the name and reading the "about us" page, as is your wont.

      You are misinformed, sir. And I am reminded of the admonition of Hosea 4:6.

      One of your obvious mistakes is that you believe the "outlets . . . will weed out spurious claims" because it's a "huge hit to their prestige."

      You have never been more out-of-date. Today's model is representative of only a few small owners, and even fewer small oligarchies and agencies, running a few LARGE storyboards for you to follow along with. I believe, in your parlance, you like to call them the "illuminati," which is really a sideways glance at a related topic. Trump called them "fake news." But really, they're just storytellers and gate-keepers.

      You will eventually realize that the media DO NOT CARE about their "prestige" anymore . . . because there is no one else left to compete with them. They can't possibly lose market share, and that gives them the right to MAKE news, not report it. The things that you're saying haven't been true in DECADES!

      You are not being diligent when you say that you rely on the reporters and editors, either. There are precious few individuals who can remain gainfully employed with a news carrier, as it is. Almost none of them are allowed to report what they want. And you err greatly if you think that they have the independence required to chase Pulitzer Prizes, as you said above. But maybe you don't know that, because you DIDN'T read any of those independently published articles that I listed about the media. (You should've realized that ZeroHedge doesn't write them all, so they come from MANY very GOOD sources. Even some that might meet your standard.)

      I don't understand you, brother Z. You blatantly acknowledge that there are "Illuminati" types, but you will ONLY read articles published by them. When brothers and sisters, who love you, go out of their way to push Independently verified information to you, you get snotty with us.

      While we're popping bubbles, we may as well go ahead and point out that your JAMA, Nature, Science, and Scientific American have all been proven wrong repeatedly and often. And ironically, it's the topics which intersect with Christianity where they go sideways most often. But we can talk about that later.

      BTW, I AM skeptical of the skeptics. Especially the ones who say, "show me proof!" but never actually open their eyes.

      I have GOT to stop replying to you! My "TONE" light keeps flashing!

      Yes, Lyndsey, I know!

    3. Please test the spirits, put on the full armor, and choose your battles. Sometimes God tells us to leave certain situations alone. You cannot change it, only he can.

    4. Jesus is the Way and the Truth and the Life, Amen.
      May the LORD Jesus guide all of us to use the Bible to see what is happening around us. May HE expose the wickedness of the Devil and all its crafty and evil directing of the people who "run the world." May the LORD Jesus, cause us to fight the good fight the way HE would direct us. Let's attempt, me included, to profit from the stream of posts here and may Jesus open our hearts and eyes to the actions of the devil who is always looking for those it can destroy. May all our hearts receive the Saving knowledge of Jesus Christ who came to destroy the works of the devil and redeem the lost. Praise Jesus for His abiding Love on us all!!...

    5. Unknown- It is great to see you are aware of your "tone" That is a good thing!
      Lookingup!- yes I agree passion is important and Jesus is very passionate about certain things.

      I believe your heart to share knowledge that you believe is desperate to the world and potentially harmful is driving the push to "beat over the head with the bible" approach. That isnt necessarily a bad thing. Imagine if we took this passion to share the truth of Jesus to the unbeliever...

      All- my advice and encouragement is to take all information from whatever sources and test it against the spirit, pray to the Father for wisdom. Remember most information distributed today is a little bit of truth with a whole lot of opinion and speculation. Trust what God says about what you read.

      Example- I consider the blogs here on Unsealed a reliable and trustworthy source. I trust Pastor Rich's comments and study; but as Pastor Rich and others suggest almost every comment is to "dig" and I do. I take all the information I have learned here and research it in the scriptures, I pray on it and ask God if I am understanding it the right way, (not the way I want to understand, but His way); I reference other sources that I have come to trust. We must do the same with general information.

      One last thing and I will politely exit myself from this debate; Let's think about how we speak to one another. Consider your audience. You cannot encourage one soul to seek Jesus the same way you can encourage another. And as the Body of Christ we need to treat each other with love, respect, and encouragement. Love thy Neighbor anyone?

      I love all of you truly, and I believe your passion is warranted. Let's commit to do better. Encourage the BOC. We are in the endgame now and the forces of evil are growing, we need each other now more than ever.

    6. Hi Lyndsey,
      I appreciate your bowing out of the debate and your concern for amicability. When you say my approach is, "beat over the head with the bible" I need to respond. Outside of Unsealed, in our world practically ever where we go there is a category 5 hurricane size propaganda campaign that is going on 24/7 to promote the covid vacccine. It's there in broad daylight. It's on our street billboards, sides of buses, it's on the radio and tv, it's on the announcements at shopping centers, it's in our doctor's offices, it's everywhere, even at unsealed. "Safe and effective" is the catch phrase, but the VAERS reports, medical doctors and scientists many of them "world class" as I have said in my postings are saying that "safe and effective" is a lie. From what I have seen it is a willful lie at the start. So when a person here goes to the length to assert that taking the vaccine is a wise move, or worse, "the Christian thing to do" as it has been said here, then I see the need (not to be right, and it is said in humility)to offer a counter evidenced based claim. As we have seen in this stream of postings those who are offered evidence in the form of video interviews which is "straight from the horse's mouth" have not only refused to view them, but they heap contempt on them. In short, that is what the propagandists do. There is no honest discussion in that. My concern is that truth be stood up for so that the people who are getting 24/7 propaganda outside will at least be able to hear truth. My postings also encourage fellow believers to think critically and use the Bible to examine the actions of those promoting the vaccine and those who are profiting from it, as well as their sordid history of business behavior. I am not using the hitting people over the head with a Bible approach as you said. Just because someone stands up for something in a repeated way in the face of countering lies doesn't make it the approach you assigned me. There are people here who have been flat out lied to by the propaganda that our government and the stake holders of the vaccine are pushing 24/7. When a Christian knows better and does not speak up that is a shame to say the least. I also as you say use that passion to witness to my neighbors about the love and salvation in Jesus Christ. I really don't think making me out to be thumping people over the head is quite an accurate take if you follow the entire stream. When the enemy comes in like a flood the LORD raises a standard against him. That standard comes in the form of truth in its various places such as that life begins at conception. This is truth in the form of countering the onslaught of vaccine propaganda.

    7. Lookingup!- I apologize; My reference was to unknown and I didn't mean it to be harmful. I simply meant to encourage about thinking of tone. When trying to share news with someone it can be hard to hear if the person is coming off as if in attack mode or tone, granted was met with dismissiveness. Again, I apologize, I only meant to encourage everyone to take a step back and consider their tone when speaking to others, especially when it is something important. For myself personally, and I am sure a great many, they are not going to hear the message if it is coming off too strong. (and yes I understand the need to be strong, it is important) Again, I apologize, I had no intention of being judgey.

    8. Thank you Lyndsey for taking time to say that. I appreciate it.

  28. Friends, regrettably the filth and intentionally obfuscating debate tactics used by Will and Zachary and a few others, so clearly on display, here and at Rev12, though much moreso here, are the very reason why I've tended to stay out of this page as the tolerance for such in the name of Christian charity is nauseating. While I appreciate the desire of the page owners to encourage debate as a winnowing tool to seek truth, it is far, far out of that lane and has been throughout, imo.

    My prayer to Christ is for Judgment, a pox upon their houses, and silence to fall upon these individuals, nothing less, and I am beseeching Our Lord For His Anger and Intolerance to Manifest To His Glory toward these individuals whom defy any kind description or charity at ALL. Kindly spare me your reply calling for tolerance. In response to this demonic attack upon our fellowship, and that is exactly what it is, predictably and lamely packaged as sincere discourse, though much stronger language would also be appropriate, I Defer To Our Lord's Directive In Addressing Such Garbage masquerading as testimony:

    "And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by FORCE." Matthew 11:12

    Rise UP, Oh, men of God, and STAND against this work of Satan in our midst who is commanded to depart our company and get behind us forthwith, amen.

  29. In reference to the article, I agree that this will be a large part of the deception that explains away the rapture. Just a quick personal perspective from having worked for the government.....I've had several unofficial conversations with mid-level officers/supervisors including AF pilots (my first AFSC was as an A-10 electrician), and the consensus is that we are dealing with spiritual forces of evil and the powers of this dark world. None of them would publicly admit this, but the discussions are definitely taking place behind closed doors. Just like the large number of scientists that publicly support evolution but quietly believe that creation is the only option that makes sense. Once Christians are removed in the rapture, the remaining will be looking to any explanation the government provides. Maranatha!

  30. To folks who believe and rely on the the main stream media such as CNN, NYT, the alphabet soup ones etc. (you know them, the ones who gave us the stolen election with obfuscation; the ones who are always perverting the truth such as with their mostly peaceful protests spin: To the folks who trust the MSN and think that if they have not reported negatively about the covid vaccine then the vaccine must be safe and effective, here is a quote from a voice from the Christian past yet it is so relevant for today: "When the whole world is running toward a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind."- C.S. Lewis
    Unknown and like minded folks are in good company.

  31. Zachary,

    I’ve re-typed all of this about 50 times, to make it as loving as I can. And I did it because I care about you.

    But then I deleted it, and typed this: (Just joking!)

    We'll probably just have to disagree. But maybe this will encourage others to speak up. Maybe they can use their spiritual gifts to break through where I cannot. Maybe, too, it is simply not worth it. We have to move on at some point, and I'll leave that to them.

    IN OTHER NEWS: This Just In! Zachary will not accept any TRUTH that does not come from his approved list of LIARS!

    Joking again! Joking again! That was just for light-hearted emphasis, but do you see what I’m saying? Please don’t close your eyes to the very warnings that the Bible gave us:

    Ephesians 6:12

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against PRINCIPALITIES, against POWERS, against the RULERS of the darkness OF THIS WORLD, against spiritual wickedness in HIGH places.”

    Don’t you see that those are the very groups who control the “NEWS” during the End Times? You are holding onto a “romantic” notion of 21st century journalism and broadcasting, and I wish that it did work that way! But it doesn’t.

    God’s “strong delusion” will be wildly successful BECAUSE no one is warned of its obvious danger. And we Christians will continue to find it more and more impossible to convince those who choose to be unreceptive. Zachary, in the future, your idea of a logical argument cannot end at the word, “Source!” With so much serious content already on your plate, that’s no argument at all. Of that much I am certain.

    The ONLY relevant and worthy disseminators of TRUTH are INDEPENDENT now. And you MUST still verify the CONTENT, as always. In order to do that, you MUST read and listen to them! Anyone who uses the short list of “approved sources” is taking shortcuts, and many amateurs and professionals do. But real research is far more tedious and complex. That has always been true, regardless of “source.” It requires personal effort from all, and that’s why the population will reject knowledge in the future. That’s why they are so easily deceived at the end of all things.

    (continued below)

  32. Gary and other Unsealed Authors: please continue your excellent articles and encouragement of us believers. Your work is incredibly valuable and very much appreciated by me. I have been following this site (and others) for years and found it to be a huge blessing. I look forward to every new article appearing. Keep up the good work, you have a terrific reward awaiting you!

    I have posted comments before (very occasionally) an usually enjoy the comments and the occasional debate, usually carried out in the best of spirits.

    This time however, I have found the debate to be hurtful, personal and (deliberately?) misinformed about my personal position. My motives, intelligence, leading from my saviour and even salvation have been called into question from people who don't know me, don't know how I have arrived at my decision, don't know what my motives are and can have no idea about my relationship with my Saviour. When I have tried to gently point out that they don't know how or why I arrived at my decision, the (anonymous) keyboard warrior(s) have swamped this comments board with a huge volume of words that have simply repeated the same attacks on me and others, despite my plea for them not to. This distracts from the original purpose of the article and so I will post no more here.

    To the unknown keyboard warrior(s): I have always wished you well and do so now. I have not attacked you, your beliefs or your faith and would not do so. I cede the comments board to you and will from here on simply continue to read the wonderful articles and watch for the soon return of our Saviour.

    In the future if I want vitriol and ad hominem attacks I will consider joining Facebook, Twitter, et al. As JD Farag says - please be careful what you post, who you attack and what you say.

    May God bless you all, especially Gary, Jeff and the other authors. Don't stop - your work is too valuable!

  33. This topic is a BIG stumbling block, and it’s exactly the kind of subterfuge that Lucifer enjoys. Absent the need to voice or print any ACTUAL news, our media overlords will tell you what THEY want you to believe, and they mix in a word of unrelated truth every now and then to make it palatable. All of it creeping incrementally towards bigger and bigger lies.

    They will:

    CENSOR (nope . . . no medical objections here!)

    DISTRACT (pay no attention to the border crisis. . . look what Britney did!)

    OBFUSCATE (“corrected” CDC stats were issued today, that don’t include all of the children that lived yesterday!)

    DITHER (masks will be gone soon!)

    PUBLISH FALSE ACCUSATIONS (the election was not tainted!)

    RETRACT THE LIES . . . when it suits them (it’s Russia’s fault . . . for now!)

    CONCEAL A THING that harms them (Hunter’s fraudulent and illegal firearms paperwork.)

    and REVEAL A THING that helps them (the illegal drop of private citizens’ tax information.)

    Knowing all of this, you should not continue to snub the qualified and verifiable information sent to you, with a response of frivolity and extra snark. Or at least it certainly wouldn’t be very kind to the people who you claim to care about.

    But the most troubling things are these:

    That you continue to ask for more and more, without ever having READ or RESEARCHED what was sent. You dismiss our data without having offered a SINGLE rebuttal on the facts of the case. How can anyone at Unsealed profit from that? It’s nothing but provocation and a waste of time and effort.

    That you legitimately ignore your brothers and sisters. And you seem to actually believe that you hold the high ground, when the majority of people on this forum can SEE that you are not even trying. With seemingly no regret, you have brushed aside the informed voices of countless experts, doctors, biologists, etc. (all those things that you said you were not) . . .

    and you didn’t even listen to their message!

    Sir, real editorial acumen, just like real science, requires you to examine ALL of the data before coming to conclusions.

    (Just one more tiny page. I promise.)

  34. Brother Z, where you go from here is your choice, but before you cast me aside, please consider this first . . .

    John 12:40

    “He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.”

    I’ll repeat myself again . . .

    My single greatest fear is NOT the fake vaccine. I live with a hope that comes from above, as should all of us who are saved. Thank you, Jesus! But how can so many be so cavalier towards an evil experiment, and still be so dismissive of the hazards for others?

    Can I just try to encourage ALL of you, with the most important paraphrase that I can offer?

    Then [the Lord God] commanded to answer [His Church], Think not [of] thyself that thou shalt escape [to] the king's house, more than all the [others] . . . FOR THOU ART COME TO THE [EARTH] FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!

    Derived from Esther 4:13

  35. Jimboni...welcome to the conversation brother. That was quite the entrance there, with all the accusations and such. I can assure you that my words here are not the "work of Satan", nor a "demonic attack upon our fellowship". Please accept a subtle hint Sir...open up the good book and read Matthew 7:1-5. When you're done, take a time out, contemplate a little. Then repeat. Blessings brother!

    1. Will
      I know you arrived very recently at Unsealed and see you say you are a former intel guy. As such you should go as they say, "Straight to the horse's mouth" and see the following videos:
      Dr. Peter McCullough of Baylor University Medical School and practicing physician (among the most published doctors in the world, epidemiologist, cardiologist, leader of several prestigious medical organizations etc.) His is a 1:45 min. video interview (please watch it all the way through): https://rumble.com/vhp7y5-full-interview-world-renowned-doctor-blows-lid-off-of-covid-vaccine.html?mref=6gby3&mc=98uay
      Also, another "Straight-from-the-horse's-mouth video is of Dr.Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology for the covid vaccine. He has created both mRNA vaccines and DNA vaccines and he has something an intel guy should certainly want to know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du2wm5nhTXY
      It really is incumbent for you to see these. In fact, to anyone reading this I strongly encourage you to see them as they are among the foremost people to address the creation, roll out, and current agenda with the covid vaccine. They are nothing less than a clarion call.
      "When the whole world is running toward a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind."- C.S. Lewis
      The subject of the covid vaccine is nothing short of having a relevant connection to our watching for Jesus' appearing from Heaven to rescue us, as well as looking out for the interests of our neighbors.

  36. Here is a list of some news sources I consult, that are not the cable channels and that are not controlled by the Illuminati:

    the Atlantic
    The American Prospect
    Washington Monthly
    the Intercept
    Huffington Post
    Vanity Fair
    Washington Post
    Wall Street Journal
    LA Times
    Current Affairs
    the Hill
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    I'd accept an article from any of them, brethertons.


    Which is greater? Our desire to be right or our desire to be humble? From where does this desire come and to where goes the glory?

    Ourself or Christ?

    Please consider the short message linked above and ask these questions again. Which is greater? Our desire to be right or our desire to be humble? From where does this desire come and to where goes the glory?

    Ourself or Christ?

    1. Just beautiful and SO much truth in this song!

      Thank you Pastor Rich for the timely reminder!

  38. @Pastor Rich

    Thank you for the reminder. That's a beautiful song with words of wisdom. All praise and glory to Jesus Christ!

  39. How about a new topic of discussion to unite us, brethren: Our presumably shared distaste for Hillary.

    1. BEGIN.

      Sorry, can't. All of your approved sources love her.

      New topic requested.


    2. LOL! Zachary, I thought you were referring to Hillary, one of the authors here, and was like "you can't be serious!" hahaha. Now I get it!

    3. LOL, no, Hillary Clinton. Just think about it Unknown, the topic has great potential to unite us...

  40. Praying for the folks who have unknowingly taken this experimental shot. Trusting the Lord's return is sooner rather than later especially knowing those who have been "vaccinated" very well could be facing considerable suffering. I'm grieving for coworkers and family members who listened to dubious sources rather than godly wisdom. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's testimony before the Ohio state legislature was very eye opening.

  41. @ Graeme

    Beginning on 6/28/21 at 4:17 pm, I literally posted PAGES of information, pointing to your mistakes, yes, but also explaining with boring monotony that I had NEVER questioned your “motives, intelligence, leading from [your] saviour and even salvation.”

    In error, you now go back to assaulting the long-winded explanation that I used to make clear that I was NOT attacking your “motives, intelligence, leading from [your] saviour and even salvation.”

    Oh, what a twisted web. Do you want more pages?!?! Sorry, but I’m not typing ‘em.

    @ Zachary

    You make your true character more evident every day.

    The Illusion of Choice - Over 90% Of The News Is Controlled By Just A Few (prophecynewswatch.com)

    Or don’t you believe in prophecy news? LOL

    Maybe someday, you’ll meet someone who can spoon-feed you only what you want to hear from that “approved” list of yours. That’s not me. Find your own proof. (Jimboni might just be right about your house, but that’s for you to reflect on.)

    @ PR

    Respectfully, for me, this has never been about my “humility." And I find that the people who love to reference that (not you) are only doing so because they can find no other fault, have no sensible retort, and they can't abide being silent. So, ironically, it becomes apropos to attack my discernment. That IS my spiritual gift. And several of you have pointed out that it’s probably wasted on the minority here, so I will heed your advice. I will leave this alone for a bit.

    I know that life is not easier, today, with “Pastor” in front of your name. But maybe you can understand how frustrating it is to try so hard FOR the deaf, dumb, and blind, and still not make headway, simply because no one gives you that initial respect for KNOWING what you KNOW.

    The “Pastor” title also gives you one other advantage. You know when they’re willing to listen and learn, because they show up in the Pew. I’ve worked anonymously to avoid the attention, and I have to keep pushing the truth until I KNOW that they’re not willing to listen. My reluctance to pull the load along is overcome by my reluctance to leave them behind. My stubbornness works against me, there. Does that make me look “pushier” than others? Sure. But it doesn’t make me wrong or less giving of my gift. And what more can I do but tell the truth until I can’t?

    It’s only my supposition, but I think that’s why Unsealed has allowed me to speak at all. (Thank you, guys.)

    @ Everyone who understands

    I thank you for your support, friendship, understanding, and shared vision. And I hope that your voice can travel where mine could not.

    1. You make good points about the jab. Of course, extreme overkill is harmful, as is a prideful ugly attitude, and disdain for those you are trying to “help”. I would never take the jab, but you went so far that if I were wavering, I would probably go towards it, not away from it. People who post as unknown always seem a bit cowardly to me. I would say your delivery needs some work, and the pushiness…ugh.

    2. Cheryl,
      How about we pray for Unknown to take what he/she knows and get ever better at speaking about the truth under all different situations. It is clear you have a gentle heart and I bet you already prayed for Unknown and that truth will still be spoken by him/her. I do wish that bloggers would choose a steady name too. :)

  42. For those with eyes to see . . . (all others should change their channel now) . . .


    "Fortunately, the U.K. government has already exposed [Bloomberg's] headlines as a lie . . . "

    "In other words, Delta is literally the flu with a [Case Fatality Rate that] is identical to it. This is exactly what every respiratory pandemic has done through history: morphed into more transmissible and less virulent form that forces the other mutations out since you get that one."

    "As for vaccines, there is no evidence that somehow they provide better protection than prior infection from any other strain of the virus, nor does the Delta variant justify further use of these experimental shots. If anything, the U.K. data show that, to the extent there were deaths due to the Delta variant, there were more fatalities among those already vaccinated relative to the number of confirmed cases by vaccination status."


    How's this one for size...

    F-35B From British Aircraft Carrier Had A Close Encounter With A Russian Navy Warship In The Eastern Med Sea

    Take SPECIAL NOTE of this embedded video which shows the latest arrivals in Syria!

    Russian exercise in the Mediterranean

    Now think about it...what are these types of combat aircraft designed to do and how close are they to Israel? I am reminded of how Germany practised for war during the Spanish Civil War.

    1. Definitely makes me wonder if the Ezk. 38 war is not far off. I remember there is a part in it where the young lions are with the ships of Tarshish (KJV). With the United Kingdom and the United States both patrolling in unison it begins to appear we may have something here.

  44. I can't win with some of you, can I?

    I stayed anonymous for the SAKE of humility, and to steer clear of pride or recognition. And that makes me cowardly?

    Okay, Cheryl. You win. I won’t come back to bother you again. This is my very last post.

    But let me part with this . . .

    I never once failed to own up to my faults, mistakes, or sins. I was always honest with each of you, and I did not take the easy path. I accepted all of your criticisms, and I tried to change for the better. And far more than some others here. I can live with that.

    I did not sit lazily in my chair, wrapped in cozy Rapture models and selfishly dreaming of my own inevitable escape . . . without FIGHTING for something with all my might.

    My posts weren’t just white noise and platitudes, as is so common. I debated, and explained, and tried. I wrote for days. And I never once asked for anything but accuracy.

    When someone misunderstood anything, or took it as insult, I ALWAYS tried to explain more thoroughly. Some never paid me back in kind, and still more castigated me for using more words! But at least I didn’t show a total lack of conviction, all in the name of “tolerance.”

    I have never felt called to be anything less than a shepherd for Christ, and I suppose I could never be content to play amongst the field of quiet and polite sheep. But I can tell when I’m not appreciated, and that’s fine. I never needed your acceptance. Just your understanding and help. Especially when I was confronting willful obstinance head-on. Some of you agreed with all of my positions, understood my points, but found more pleasure in attacking my delivery. To the opposition, you said exactly nothing. Okay then. I have no problem playing the sacrificial lamb this time, but perhaps I wouldn’t have had to try so hard, if the rest of the team had made themselves more accountable.

    I didn’t seek praise from anyone. I don’t need it. But there were a precious few of you that did try to support me, and greater still, you spoke up WITH me. I thank you for that. You stood up to be counted, and you weren’t content to ride the benches, now that we’re so close to a holocaust for the unsaved. You cared enough to try, at least. God bless you for that.

    1. Unknown- If I am counted as one that has said anything harmful to you. I apologize. At times it is hard to "read" someones expression. My comments were meant only to encourage you and council you in a way to present your knowledge. Again, Please forgive my part in making you feel disregarded. I am sorry.

    2. I think you've been remarkably patient and have appreciated your diligence on behalf of the hard-of-hearing. Around our house we call this the Pop-eye moment. "I've taken all I can stands and I cain't stands no more." Please don't go, though it does seem like the lines have been drawn on that particular subject. It's a phenomenon. Another sign of the times.

    3. Unknown,
      Don't stop standing up for the truth about the dangers of the covid vaccine and the wickedness pushing them. Most, even Christians, have been lied to for so long through propaganda coming at them for many paths. The Devil fights in a very multi prong approach and lies are spread far and wide in medicine, media, and the government agencies charged with the duty of protecting which they no longer,if ever, do. Please do not go silent. I think most would say that will give the Devil the final victory. I believe there are lessons here for all of us to learn about how to communicate truth or attempt to correct someone. There are lessons for us All. I pray for you to stay the course and to refine your ability to endure when you encounter an audience that is obstinate for whatever reason. Like others here have advised when it comes to delivery continue to strive to speak the truth in love. That doesn't mean for you to never be bold. We are all works in progress. I have room for improvement (much) and so does everyone else who spoke to you and I have no doubt they would be the first to admit that as they are genuinely trying themselves to walk in Jesus.

    4. Unknown…It isn’t about you. You are being too dramatic. You could have presented the facts, and let them speak for themselves. It’s not your job to change someone’s heart, or open their eyes. That’s the work of the Holy Spirit. I don’t know who you are. You are anonymous. God knows who you are. And if you are really trying to do a good deed, then a reward will be waiting for you in heaven. It shouldn’t bother you how people react one way or the other. Like I said, present the evidence and let people decide. Don’t argue and argue and argue ad nauseum. But don’t worry, I never had any intention of taking the v, and I also warn others. I hope you are my Brother in Christ, but like I said, you are anonymous. You could be anyone, friend or foe.

    5. “I did not sit lazily in my chair, wrapped in cozy Rapture models, and selfishly dreaming of my inevitable escape…without fighting for something with all my might”. That’s a strange comment to make on a rapture watchers site.

  45. If Zachary, Will and others can watch the video of 12 yr-old Maddie de Garay, who took the Pfizer shot and is now in a wheelchair with a feeding tube and still defend the vaxx, nothing anyone tells them will penetrate their skulls. They’re lost.

  46. Unknown, I do appreciate you. Bring the facts and dont bother about defending yourself. No need for that.

  47. LookingUp! and others, I just watched Jeff Berwick’s latest vid and he makes a timely and valid point: 90% of the trolls arguing with you online are PAID PROFESSIONALS or AI. Intelligence agencies hire massive amounts of trolls to defend the vacc and other dirty work, so it’s likely “Will” and “Zachary” are sitting at their keyboards and laughing all the way to the bank.

    Anyone who defends the vaxx here will meet with zero response from me.

    Jimboni is right about you.

    1. Archangel,
      From what I have come to know about the ways of big pharma and those they have in their pocket it would not surprise me at all. There were times along the discourse of streams that I began to wonder who I was really dealing with. The Antichrist is a master of intrigue and I think it reasonable to say that the Devil would certainly send his workers into the fields also in their various ways. At the very least, there is no doubt that sadly the pharmaceutical industry has for decades been using their vast profits (pharma makes more money than all the Fortune 500 companies combined) to literally buy the media, our government, and take control of academia. I remember hearing a woman doctor who went to UCLA school of Medicine speak at a rally for truth about vaccines, and she all they were taught about vaccines was that they were safe and effective. She said never once did the professors examine the dangers they pose, it was all positive. She said the drug companies courted the medical doctors and even bought them stethoscopes among other items as gifts.
      Folks who are reading this post, if you are thinking that the pharmaceutical companies have the best interest of your children first and foremost, then I would humbly encourage you to read the book by Dr. Stephanie Cave titled, What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Children's Vaccinations. It to this day is the saddest and most frightful book I have read, but it got me thinking. Dr. Cave began as a molecular biologist and went on to become a medical doctor. She has a very deep understanding from that pathway of how the body works at the cellular level. She did extensive research about the childhood vaccinations and exposes the pharmaceuticals for what they are really about.

    2. Blessings LookingUp! Big Pharma is a cartel. Plain and simple. They have enough money to buy almost anyone. I remember Dr Tenpenny or one of the other courageous Drs saying that if you imagine a pie, the vaxx industry is just a sliver of the medical industry, but it’s the engine that drives the rest of the pie. Vaxxes cause injuries that require meds, thus, the rest of the pie is funded. I recall one Dr showcasing the pens he received from each big Pharma rep who visited. They fill bookcases.

  48. Moving on, when is Biden going to get impeached for taking bribes, like you all promised?

  49. In reference to the repeated requests for proof. My wife is high risk due to a heart issue and decided, against my request, to get both vaccinations, I don't remember the date but it was several months ago. My wife has now been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Just for clarification she had never been diagnosed with cancer of any kind before receiving the vaccinations. Other than the heart issue she was healthy. Now we are examining treatment options and dealing with the "what if" scenarios. Unfortunately my daughter has followed her mothers example and been fully vaccinated also. Please spend your time in a more productive manner than trying to convince me that these two things may not be connected.

    1. Hello Jim,
      Prayed for your wife and family. GOD's peace and healing be upon you and your wife and family, In Jesus Most Holy Name, Amen.

    2. I'm sorry to hear about your wife Jim. Adding my prayers for the Lord's grace, blessing and healing for her. Stay strong in Him and keep looking up Jim... He loves you all very much.

    3. Jim,

      So sorry on the news. Adding your wife and your family to my prayer list.



  50. You know what? Nevermind. I'm not going to come here anymore. I don't need to face abuse for trying to keep you guys healthy. If anyone's reading this, just remember not to believe these commenters unless they can cite you a reputable article. So far they haven't been able to.


    1. Personal experience from my own life isn't reputable? Perhaps you simply aren't going to hear what doesn't agree with the position you have chosen. Believe as you choose.

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  52. Agreed Zachary!

    I recommend everyone consider the following plausible scenario:

    Satan unleashes COVID globally on humanity. Millions of deaths soon follow.

    Our loving God gives wisdom to doctors, allowing vaccine to be created in record time, and is 90% effective in preventing hospitalizations and death.

    Satan creates and spreads the delusion that the vaccine is the actual enemy. Millions fall to the delusion, and again, millions of deaths follow.

    Pray to the Lord for wisdom! The enemy is cunning and deceiving. He knows how to play both sides. Blessings to everyone! Prayers up that the truth will be revealed. Never stop spreading the Gospel.

    Looking forward to meeting my fellow brothers and sisters in Heaven!


    1. Will,
      This scenario completely ignores the Truth at great peril to innocent people. It is propaganda dressed up as a story because it completely ignores the facts that tens of thousands are being harmed in the USA alone, many even killed by the vaccine-look, just look at VAERS data. Did you consider what the Bible says about the condition of the human soul in these lasts days in 2 Timothy 3:2? GOD's Word makes it clear that people are so far gone into wickedness. Your scenario paints a picture of the world where the government, pharma, and media will all be trustworthy and concerned with the greater good. 2 Timothy torpedoes your imaginary scenario. Satan uses people, but you act like he pulls covid out of his back pocket with no human pawns. Evidence is emerging that shows gain of function research was hatched by the Chinese Communists Party with the help of Fauci. Record time to produce a vaccine, hmmm. Where is the acknowledgement the mRNA vaccine technology has never been tested on humans before until this past year, therefore there are a lot of unknowns. In fact, the Emergency Use Authorization that pharma obtained to make billons (with no liability for hurting or killing people) is purely experimental. Sadly people who take it, by default, are test subjects since there was nowhere near the time needed to know what the long term effects are. VAERS is already showing the "short term" effects like death, strokes, myocarditis, blood clots to name some. Your scenario completely hides that. In all the animal studies using mRNA the animals died later when exposed to the "wild" virus. Research has made that clear years ago. The doctor who invented mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone (I already sent you his link to his interview, but did you truly see it?) The pharmaceuticals you hail as heroes in your fantasy above have criminal records for dishonest practices that have killed and hurt people. Yet, in your fantasy they are the saviors. Take a good long look at the VAERS reports that are severely under reported to the tune of less than 10%. It's very curious why you have chosen to ignore the VAERS and the evidence offered to you, yet you conjure up that scenario. It's not like you were not presented with evidence these past several days. The reality is that the pharmaceuticals are criminally run as real legal records show. They use their vast profits to influence healthcare policy in their favor at every turn. Warp speed cut corners (no animal tests; people who began in the testing dropped out and pharma doesn't tell us why, hmmm). Medicine like hydroxchloroquine and Ivermectin truly do have a well established track record for treating covid (published medical journals etc.) yet the CDC, NIH, and FDA ordered our nation's doctors to NOT use it. Will, like I offered you days ago a link to a video of Dr. Peter McCullough (Baylor Univ. professor of Med., cardiologist, epidemiologist, chairs several prestigious medical organizations AND is likely the most published doctor in America) go "straight to the horse's mouth". As an "intel" guy it is incumbent upon you to see it, as well as Dr. Robert Mallone. Dr. Mallone is the inventor of mRNA technology and he was a very serious warning about the vaccine. To blatantly ignore the mounting evidence again and again puts people's lives a great risk. Why you have not discussed the evidence that has been easily made available to you speaks for itself. I am again providing the links to Dr. McCullough and Dr. Mallone. I greatly encourage all readers to see these videos as they are nothing short of a clarion call. If you have loved ones who have not taken the vaccine and you are not sure what is going on, then these videos will be deeply appreciated. Please watch them: Dr. McCullogh: https://rumble.com/vhp7y5-full-interview-world-renowned-doctor-blows-lid-off-of-covid-vaccine.html?mref=6gby3&mc=98uay
      Dr. Mallone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du2wm5nhTXY

    2. there's definitely been some enemy attacks in here...he knows he's losing so he's kind of flipping out apparently

  53. Just friendly advice, I wouldn’t engage “Will” or “Zachary” any further. They are here to cause trouble. They dismiss all the helpful info they are given out of hand. Ask yourself why that is.

    1. Again, you are the worst behaved person aside from Jimboni that I have ever seen on these blogs, and you seem to revel in that. Anyone who disagrees with you is the enemy. Satan comes to divide, and you are more than happy to play your part. You have exchanged your obsession with the letter that can not be named, for an obsession with the v. In another 6 months, I am sure you will have yet another obsession. I will not consider someone my enemy that has given me no reason to see them that way. They simply view this issue differently than I do. No more and no less. Zachary if you are still out there, rest assured you are not the only who has been bullied by these folks. But as for me, I have had enough of sifting through garbage to find treasure.

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    4. It is a curious thing that the blogger named, Will, changed his name to Anonymous on this stream page.

    5. Blessings LookingUp! Thank you for your astute observations. I gave “Cheryl’s” comment no more than a perfunctory glance, but I’m glad it’s there as I find individuals are better at indicting themselves than anyone else.

  54. Been here since 2017, just skimming over today (since I don't want to ingest it) and I don't think I've EVER seen so much negativity in here until now. What a shift!

  55. @Unknown - Stick around! : ) I know it can be frustrating when you know you're reading nonsense but like Chris R said above, just stick to the facts... there will be/are people listening. I thought you presented some great info on the vaccine and the media.

    @LookingUp! - Thanks for pointing people to Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Robert Malone etc. I've been following them for months. They are 'experts', completely qualified to speak on the vaccine and are warning against the vaccine and the general deception surrounding Covid very strongly... for those who take the time to listen.

    Very, very interesting & deceptive days that we are living in! While we wait and long for the coming of our bridegroom, we are starting to get a wee taste, an entrée if you will, of the main course that is coming upon the world.

    1. Thanks elgordo,
      Good to see you here again! I completely agree with you. The Enemy is raging and as the Bible says it will be a time when even the deceivers are being deceived. Take good care and I always enjoy your posts BTW.

    2. Thanks and yeah, I'm more of a part time lurker / window shopper here. I get pretty busy with my own website... but I do still like seeing what people are commenting on and what is pushing their buttons - for better or worse! : )

      I've enjoyed your posts as well so good to see you've been more active lately. Blessings to you and your family in these strange days. Look forward to meeting when the trumpet sounds!

    3. Hey elgordo,
      If you would not mind, would you please list your website's web address? I would definitely like to visit. :) Also, am looking forward to meeting you when the trumpet sounds; I am so eager to be with Jesus in a "land" where everything is all about Him and truly falls in line with His beautiful, loving, and Holy will.

    4. jesusplusnothing.com

      And yeah, like you, Abraham and many others, I'm more and more longing for a better country - a heavenly one and the city whose architect and builder is God... also known as home : )

    5. Hey elgordo,
      I can see that you have been working long and hard on your amazing website! When I arrived I immediately had a good feeling inside that it was a place that a believer in Jesus would feel very much at home. It is relevantly comprehensive yet user friendly, and is rich in resources to help believers walk closer with Jesus whether a daily devotion or Bible study. I also see it is a website that warmly welcomes and brings Jesus to the ones whom the Father is leading to His Son. Your website is an obvious work of love and devotion to Jesus and I liken it to a safe haven on a stormy sea. Very timely for our time. I am already going back for more.

  56. As some have stated, the vax was not developed for the virus but the virus was developed for the vax. Neither is the vax experimental, it only use the benefit as an experimental vaccine. Its being developed over year's for a specific reason.
    I have a theory. The virus is necessary to implement the vax and the vax is necessary to implement the mark of the beast. The death rate because of the vax will rise exponentially. I believe the powers behind the scenes have not only developed the vax but also an antidote for it, incorporated into the mark of the beast. In the same way the sheeple took the vax out of fear for the virus, they will except the mark of the beast out of fear for the consequences of the fax.

  57. Powerful & Excellent Opportunity, A MUST SEE: RECENTLY released: Extremely thorough interview by Del Bigtree of Dr. Robert Mallone the inventor of the mRNA technology used in the covid vaccines. This is a different video than the one I posted earlier. Dr. Mallone spells out the science driving the vaccine and how it is not a vaccine but is in truth GENE THERAPY-(@ the 14:13 mark). It shows how operation warp speed was a warp speed of the technology development BUT there was NO honest way to "warp speed" the safety testing which takes many years thereby leaving everyone on the planet being subjected to certain disaster as we are already seeing-check out VAERS reports (these only show 10% of actual adverse effects). He points out how the vaccine program is not being done safely, not even close. (@29:00 mark) Additionally, he covers the greed that drives the development of vaccines and remember what the Bible says about, greed.

  58. https://www.newstarget.com/2021-07-01-dr-peter-mccullough-covid-vaccines-killing-babies.html

  59. This "disclosre" was a big nothing burger and added nothing new to what everyone already speculates; could be military, could be other nations, could be atmospheric phenomena, or mayyyybe it could be aliens. Essentially, all this was was them following an order to release information, and so they did at the absolute bare minimum possible simply to comply with the order. Otherwise, why would they only show the crappiest film there is, always in black and white, infrared, or nightvision. There are thousands upon thousands of video captures from everyday people of OBVIOUS strange things being seen, and none of it was used. All the MSM kept showing was that one video of the two pilots talking as they witnessed something while presenting us with garbage footage.

  60. Ty Green has a really good video on this subject. I thought he lade out what is really going on with the alien agenda very well. One if the more encouraging videos on the subject. Also had some things I've never thought of before.

  61. After reading comments here, and related sites, I completely understand and deeply appreciate why Greg Lauer (not to be confused with Greg Laurie) decided not to have a reader comment section on his site.

    1. Totally agree! Normally I like to skim through the comments section, but this one just got nasty with everyone being angry with everyone else. Icky. I wish everyone would politely agree to disagree and drop the discussion. No one convinces anyone else and it's bad feelings all around.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Blessings LookingUp! Not too long ago, people were getting red box warnings here and at other Christian sites that indicated possible “deceptive info” so even if that deceived dad had happened upon this site, he may not have believed the warnings here about the shot. Soon after the warnings, “Zachary” and “Will” starting posting rave reviews of the vaxx and have yet to vehemently deny being paid trolls. Like you indicated, “Will” became “Anonymous” and “Zachary” said “Adios.” I still commend your efforts and believe soon the deaths/side effects stories will be too numerous to deny without looking utterly foolish (and/or paid).

    2. The vaccine topic has many people dangerously in the dark from the constant lies about the vaccine,such as it's safe and effective. Case in point, at the end is a link to a recent article about a father who took the J&J shot 9 weeks ago and now is dead. The article shows the stream of his Facebook postings that in them you can see how is was following the lies fed to him by MSN and Fauci such as your natural immunity after having covid only lasts 90 days. Another lie this poor man repeated in his stream was that out of 7 million people that received the J&J shot only 6 people had issues with the shot. In short, the article here shows (with his FB stream) that people in mass are being lied to about the vaccine. When the truth is being actively hidden and denied and people are dying and getting destroyed it should be clear that it is a work of Satan. May GOD's people lovingly and firmly stand up to the lies our neighbors, like the father in the article, do not hear the truth from their own government and the MSN. https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/6-year-old-son-tells-dad-please-dont-get-the-shot-but-he-did-and-now-hes-dead/

    3. Thanks Archangel, I appreciate your thoughtful words to me. It was good to hear from you again. I am so eagerly looking for the Jesus to come and begin to put the final end to the Devil and all it murderous schemes.

    4. Amen to that. Very welcome. I constantly ponder just how far into the End Times scenario we are going to get before our Rescue. The last several years have been stunning. Events have certainly loosened my (our) grip on this world and on the ephemeral nature of our existence on this planet. There truly is no hope in this world. Not even in the things we took for granted. I do believe this is all part of God’s design. Tremendous wake up call, indeed.

  63. Back to the topic at hand, UFO’s.

    UFO’S?, Really?

    Without that belief there ball earth theory collapses.
    As well as NASA’s forever ongoing Lie.

    They have to keep the lie alive, the lie being a ball earth spinning around a sun
    along with other planets spinning around the sun.

    And the more you think about it and investigate it the more ludicrous the lie becomes.

    4 corners of the Earth, flat and domed, thats bible.

    I don’t care how you package the ball earth theory.
    It’s Satans caricature of facts, and all he does is twist the truth
    just a bit to convince you to question God’s creation to such an extent
    that God must be wrong about everything.

    Like iv’e said before, its easier to convince someone of a Lie
    than to convince someone that they have been Lied to.

    Don’t get me wrong the powers that be have all the technology to pull it off, the thing is they can’t go anywhere with it! But they can make you believe it.

    They are trapped here the same as you and I, “no-one leaves and no-one comes through, except Jesus and those with Him.

  64. It breaks my heart that I am seeing these comments but we are being lied to all over to all over the world and even by those who quote on quote apart of the body of Christ, we need to be unified in these perilous times I’ve only been on this site for a short amount of time but it gives me constant encouragement knowing discernment of what God says rather than knowing what the devil says through people and until the great harvest we need to be training each other as a body to be “Unified” in Christ and test the flock because if people fall to the lies now and don’t test the spirits then we will fall to the lie too. We know the greatest deception is coming and we are going to be tested. The wolves are creeping among the flock trying to do everything in there spiritual might to divide because they know there time is coming pretty soon. It says in the book of Ephesians for Paul writes we wrestle with not flesh and blood but with principalities of darkness in the demonic realms. I just want to encourage you brothers and sisters in Christ because I know we are about to be called to come
    Home anytime. God is call angles to reap the harvest soon!!!!!! I pray you all are well and at peace in your hearts. Thank you for your unified love and prayers for each other. God bless

    -Corey Jones

  65. I am just a Christian that tries to live a Godly life and really do not have a vast knowledge of the Bible as many of you do. I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me through my day and I read my Bible. I did take the vaccine after much though and prayer. I have my own reasons for this decision. The vaccine has worked for me. I spent 10 days taking care of children and grandchildren that had Covid. I have tested negative and as far as I am concerned the vaccine has done what I hoped it would for me. Everyone has to make their own decisions. We should accept those decisions. God bless.

    1. Hi Winkey,
      Yes, people should accept your decision to take the vaccine, just as you would accept someone's decision to not take the vaccine. It is your body and your life to make that decision for yourself. This video link I am placing at the end would is of Dr. Peter McCullough, a professor of medicine at Texas A & M Univ., one of the most published medical doctors in the US and a physcian who has given the vaccine to his own patients. Additionally, he is a cardiologist, epidemiologist, internist, and heads many medical organizations and has testified before congress on the matter of the vaccine. In the interview he tells about his work as a medical doctor in regards to the vaccine. It is an interview that everyone who has taken the vaccine or is contemplating taking it should most definitely see for themselves. This is in many ways better than an article because you hear the doctor speak for himself and he speaks in a way everyday people can understand. I hope it helps you and the people you know. https://rumble.com/vhp7y5-full-interview-world-renowned-doctor-blows-lid-off-of-covid-vaccine.html?mref=6gby3&mc=98uay

  66. LookingUp! Please stop spreading disinformation from Dr. Peter McCullough. He's NOT an expert in viruses, and he's "off the rails". That's directly from all of the other experts out there. There's coming a time when tribulation saints will have to stand up against the one world government. This is NOT that time. COVID-19 is no different than one of the many flu strains or any other virus that requires a vaccine. And NO, all of the government agencies and 99% of the medical field are NOT against you. Do your research and get a clue people! God bless.


    1. Dr McCullough had the virus. He knows which nutraceuticals worked to get rid of it. His elderly dad had it too. He has more peer reviewed research than anyone claiming to know anything about the V, vaxx and it’s deleterious effects on health. I suggest you heed your own advice.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thank you Archangel. I am glad, but how odd was that? :)

    4. Very welcome! Nothing surprises me lately:)

  67. Here's my perspective. Let's say our church board of elders all agreed to pray for 3 days about taking the vaccine. Three days later, they each wrote down their answers anonymously. The answers were collected and read by the church admin. Result: It was unanimous, everyone agreed to take the vaccine. And this is coming from a board of 10 elders where there is often a split on big decisions. Would you tell me that they ALL heard the Holy Spirit incorrectly? Sorry, not buying it. Our loving God does not work that way.

  68. Spanish researchers tested a vial of the Pfizer vaxx and said it contains graphene oxide. Poison.


    1. Thanks for the video. I'll keep this in mind.

  69. In regard to Ryan's claim above: I humbly encourage any viewers who have not received the vaccine, or are wondering if you were really told the truth about the vaccine being safe and effective to watch the video interview of Dr. Peter McCullough. In the video you can see for yourself that Dr. McCullough is a paramount authority AND that it easily applies to the medical treatment of covid. He himself even administered the vaccine to his patients. He is among the most published medical researchers in the country as he is also a professor of medicine at Texas A&M Univ., a cardiologist, internist, and epidemiologist. See him for yourself rather than just trust Ryan's ridicule. https://rumble.com/vhp7y5-full-interview-world-renowned-doctor-blows-lid-off-of-covid-vaccine.html?mref=6gby3&mc=98uay
    Additionally, a must see video for anyone contemplating taking the covid vaccine is to see the video of Dr. Robert Mallone, the inventor of the technology actually used in the mRNA vaccine. This video, like the other, is one that every believer should see, even church elders :) to combine with their conversation with the LORD as they pray for understanding. Certainly, Jesus is the Truth and that Truth is not limited to salvation Truth but rather All Truth, even Truth as it is made known by the testimony of trustworthy witnesses. Now that I mentioned that, in the Old Testament GOD Himself allows the testimony of two witnesses in matters of life and death. I humbly submit that these two videos (witnesses of a sort) would be valid testimony for you to use to think for yourself. Yes, we definitely pray, but do we also not consider the information and evidence available to us? Pray and also watch this video:https://www.brighteon.com/c5fc7869-988a-4065-9ab3-57f8045911ac
    May the Holy Spirit lead us into all truth. John 16:13

  70. Really Archangel?? Wake up and smell the coffee girl! *sigh*

    1. Tom, the graphene oxide explains the “page intentionally left blank” on the Pfizer insert. Unless you have another explanation for the lack of divulgence on ingredients.

  71. Tom,
    Read Proverbs 29:9 when you get the chance.

  72. Okay, okay.

    I've calmed down a bit now, and I don't feel so great about abandoning those of you who are still trying to argue for patience and prudence regarding the Jab. So let's see where this takes us.

    @ Tom

    You said, "Wake up and smell the coffee girl! *sigh*."

    That's not helpful at all, especially since you only mocked a brother without using logic or facts at all in your refutation. Total let-down! You would have been better off staying quiet, girl! Unless, of course, you actually were referring to smelling the "coffee girl," which is not really better, is it? Ah, the importance of the comma.

    Some of your fellows, here, are giving the expert opinions of doctors and virologists, etc. Try listening to them, maybe? Is that asking too much? Education won't happen on its own, and watching the 6:00 news doesn't count. Or maybe you feel like you're already ahead of the pack? But that's not what your post suggests.

    @ Thomas

    You said, "Here's my perspective. Let's say our church board of elders all agreed to pray for 3 days about taking the vaccine. Three days later, they each wrote down their answers anonymously. The answers were collected and read by the church admin. Result: It was unanimous, everyone agreed to take the vaccine. And this is coming from a board of 10 elders where there is often a split on big decisions. Would you tell me that they ALL heard the Holy Spirit incorrectly? Sorry, not buying it. Our loving God does not work that way."

    My response?

    First, who's to say that your elders heard the voice of the Holy Spirit at all? Maybe it was Satan! (scary noises ensue) But even if they did hear the Holy Spirit, and we would hope that was the case, who's to say that their decision to take the vaccine as individuals had any weight at all regarding their flock? Perhaps the Holy Spirit already knows that those particular 10 won't be here long enough to worry, because of the Rapture. They're already saved, right?
    Maybe . . . just maybe . . . the Holy Spirit has a lot more on His plate regarding the un-saved multitudes. Or perhaps those 10 won't be in the same boat because they're all over 85 years old? Couldn't we go around and around regarding this?

    In truth, Thomas, the personal decision of any 10 given individuals tells us nothing, does it? I can name 10 believers who prayed and DON'T agree with your 10, couldn't I? Or do my numbers not count?

    I'm sorry, sir. But what you've proposed as a quasi-parable is nothing more than a bad example. And it seems to suggest that God is 100% supportive of Church leaders pretending to be doctors . . . or elders pushing experimental concoctions on the body of the Church, based upon personal leanings or the acquired insight of a hierarchy that no one else is eager to question . . . and you know that won't fly. This isn't Luther's Catholic Church, folks. EVERY believer is capable of seeking the Holy Spirit for himself. And you don't get to discount the results that the others arrive at. Not without facts, anyway, and you ought to know that the mainstream media will be giving you precious few of those! (Maybe they're hidden away on the hidden ingredient list. lol)

    "Sorry [Thomas], not buying it. Our loving God does not work that way."

    Yours Truly,
    Cheryl #2

    (Now you know as much about me as I ever did about you! And you'll be able to differentiate me from "friend or foe." Way less cowardly, right? Okay, then . . . my name is Jeremy. Nice to meet you, Cheryl.)

    P.S. Please keep in mind that I am not questioning the Salvation of any believer, here. I am trying to stay focused on the earthly lives of the unsaved, and what experimental faked "medicine" may, or may not, do to help them reach a relationship with Jesus before it's too late.

  73. . . . continued . . .

    Now maybe we really SHOULD move back onto Aliens. Or we could make fun of the Flat Earth nonsense! But first, a few shouts-out.

    @ Lyndsey . . . I never took your comments as offensive, but helpful even. Thank you.

    @ CY and Cry, LookingUp!, Archangel, Jim, Chris Richter, Nan, elgordo, Corey Jones, and others . . . I respect what you're trying to do. Preach light unto darkness, and AGAINST the darkness. You are doing your best to heed these verses, and we are all better for it:

    Acts 18:6
    Ezekiel 33:6

    @ the pro-vaxxers . . . You don't have to agree with me. But you can't possibly expect me to agree with you, when the experimental-never-used-before-and-never-passed-the-testing-and-not-truly-a-vaccine is NOT well and truly PROVEN safe. The burden of proof for any new "medicine" is on the manufacturer, my friends, and MANY are not convinced. The obvious implication is that your logical argument and information falls short. I am reminded of Job 38:2 . . .

    “Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?”

    @ Jimboni . . . you might just be right about the failures of the Church. I have no authority to rule on that. But after Soren Kierkegaard, I have never forgotten Philippians 2:12.

    “Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with FEAR and TREMBLING.”

    With our eternal lives secured, I see no reason why we shouldn't apply that fear and trembling as much to the earthly lives and individual medical choices of the vast majority of the lost, as to our heavenly course. Caveat Emptor!


  74. Here's something "space-related" that Gary @ Unsealed wrote about over 2 years ago . . .

    (Thank you, Gary!)

    "The next month, precisely on Passover, the final ceasefire of the war [for Israel's independence] came into effect, signifying Israel's victory and the fact that Israel was now here to stay. The fig tree had put forth leaves. This was April 13, 1949 and it also happened to be the date of the first Blood Moon in the first Blood Moon Tetrad in modern times. The first heavenly sign following the rebirth of Israel."

    Check this out. If that date, marked by the first day of Israeli freedom AND the first modern blood moon tetrad is the first day of that "fig tree generation," then . . .

    It is EXACTLY 80 years later, to the day, that the Apophis asteroid could come to wipe out the majority of humanity and its earthly kingdoms. Just as Daniel saw in his vision. Would NASA lie about such a thing? HAHAHAHAHA.

    Is it worth delving into the different calendars, or arguing the semantics and trivialities? Probably not yet. But either way, it's pretty cool to see so many possibilities coming into focus, isn't it?

    1. Hi Jeremy! Great to see you are still with us! Keep active and Keep the Faith, brother! :)

  75. Lets see a show of hands.
    How many here still believe "Can't know the day or hour of the Rapture"
    And I can show you how you can!
    But as long as you hold on to that tradition, you'll never see it coming.

    1. Ok, I'll bite. How can you know?

    2. Thanks Joe

      But first lest dispel of the "Can't know the day or hour of the Rapture" thing.

      Without exception, this is the most traditionally quoted scripture when confirming that we cannot know the timing of the Rapture of the Church. I say traditionally because tradition is defined as:

      1. an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior (as a religious practice or a social custom)

      2. the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction

      And this scripture ['no man knoweth'] is an established, customary pattern of thought that has been handed down from one generation to another in emphasizing and confirming that we cannot know the day the Rapture of the Church will occur.

      So, based on the authority of that scripture the 'timing' of the Rapture of the Church has been left a mystery to all believers, including the very people to whom it will some day apply.

      And all that would be fine if the Rapture was in fact the subject of Jesus' conversation when He uttered those words: "But of that day and hour knoweth no man..."

      But was that the subject of His conversation? The answer lies in the scripture itself.
      So, let's go into the scripture of Matt 24:1-3 and find out.

      So here in verse 3 we find the Apostles asking Jesus questions that He then proceeds to answer throughout the remaining verses of the chapter.

      "and what shall be the sign of thy coming"

      The 'coming' of Jesus being asked about here is of His 'second coming' not the Rapture of the Church. The Apostles could not have been asking Jesus about the Rapture of the Church as they had no knowledge at this time of the promise of Rapture. The promise of Rapture was told to Paul much later.

      The Second coming of Christ and the Rapture of the Church are two separate events that take place on opposite ends of the seven year tribulation period. The Rapture precedes the seven year tribulation period and the Second Coming concludes it.

    3. All of the study that we do in Matt 24 confirms in detail that Jesus is explaining to the Apostles of His second coming at the conclusion of the seven year tribulation period when He says in Matt 24:29-30.

      And in verse 35 Jesus goes one step further in the time frame of future events when He says to them, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." Jesus is emphasizing that His word lasts forever; even longer then the time when heaven and earth will pass away.

      And now, immediately after v.35 where Jesus has just told them that heaven and earth will pass away, we come to verse 36 and He says:

      "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only."

      That is the day that 'no man knoweth'. The day when heaven and earth pass away! Heaven and earth do not pass away at the Rapture of the Church!

      When do heaven and earth pass away? We find our answer in Revelation 21:1& 2, which is speaking of the time after the 1000 year reign of Jesus on earth. The time when John, the author of Revelation, sees the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven.

      Jesus is referring to the time of the end of His 1000 year reign on earth when God the Father brings His holy city, new Jerusalem, down out of heaven. That is the time that 'no man knoweth'!

      Putting Jesus' words into their proper context in His conversation with the Apostles clearly shows that He was not referring to the Rapture of the Church when He says that 'no man knoweth the day or the hour'.

      But because of the blind acceptance of the misinterpretation of scripture, a "tradition" has developed in the Church that today even a mere mention of the subject of the 'timing of the Rapture' brings the wrath of the pulpit down on anyone that would dare to ask the question: "Can we know the day of the Rapture of the Church?"

    4. However, now that we realize that we are not under the authority of Matt 24:36 we can legitimately ask our question and search God's word for the answer.

      And what we are going to find is that the blind acceptance of the TRADITIONAL teaching of 'no man knoweth the day or the hour 'has hidden the truth of God's word as it has to do with the day of the Rapture.

      And Jesus Himself warned of what tradition can do to understanding God's word when He said to the Pharisees in Matt 15:6: "you make void the word of God by your traditions."

      And it has never been any truer than it is in this matter regarding the day of the Rapture, as we will discover.

      For as God told Jeremiah in Jer 29:13:
      "And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart."

      God is saying that in our search of Him it must be with all of our heart, an open heart, so that we can receive the truth of His word. And when He answers us in the truth of His word we will know the truth and the truth will make us free from any tradition.

      Once one sees God's answer in scripture in all of it's simplicity regarding knowing the day of the Rapture, one will ask oneself the same question that we all have asked at that moment of our enlightenment: How could we ever have missed it?

    5. Sign Of The Messiah

      In the Old Testament there is the Book of Jonah. Events in Jonah's life foreshadow events in the future that Jesus, Himself, said determine the sign of the Messiah. Messiah to the Jews meant their expected deliverer. Let's read...

      Matt 12: 38-41
      12:38 One day some teachers of religious law and Pharisees came to Jesus and said, "Teacher, we want you to show us a miraculous sign to prove that you are from God."

      12:39 But Jesus replied, "Only an evil, faithless generation would ask for a miraculous sign; but the only sign I will give them is the sign of the prophet Jonah.

      12:40 For as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish for three days and three nights, so I, the Son of Man, will be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights.

      12:41 The people of Nineveh will rise up against this generation on judgment day and condemn it, because they repented at the preaching of Jonah. And now someone greater than Jonah is here and you refuse to repent.

      Jesus is clearly defining the 'substance' in Jonah's life that is casting the 'shadow' into the future of how to identify the Messiah when he comes; namely, death and the remaining in the tomb for three days, and resurrection back to life on the third day.

      Let's compare the 'substance' in Jonah's life to the fulfillment in Jesus' life.

    6. What Jonah did
      as the "Substance"
      Jonah lived
      Jonah was obedient to the death
      Jonah gave his life for others to live
      Jonah died
      Jonah was in his tomb for three days
      Jonah was resurrected on the third day
      Jonah decreed a 40 day warning from God to repent after his resurrection

      What Jesus did
      as the "Shadow"
      Jesus lived
      Jesus was obedient to the death
      Jesus gave His life for others to live
      Jesus died
      Jesus was in His tomb for three days
      Jesus was resurrected on the third day
      Jesus decreed a warning as God for a 40 day period after His resurrection

    7. From this example we gain a basic understanding of how God uses the principle of "Substance and Shadow" to fulfill His word, and how that which casts a shadow is distinguished from the shadow itself. Meaning that Jonah and Jesus were two different people separated by hundreds of years as to when they lived on the earth. But God used events in Jonah's life to foreshadow [to cast a shadow of] the events that Jesus would duplicate in His life hundreds of years later.

      Let me add one thought here that may answer the question in some minds as to Jonah, and that is: How do we know that Jonah died? The simple answer is: Because Jesus died. Jesus pointed at Jonah and said:

      "I'll do what he did to prove that I came from God".

      And then Jesus did what Jonah did: He died. They both died!

      Jesus completes the sign of Jonah through His death and resurrection, and thus confirms He is fulfilling the role of the Messiah to the Jews. But the Jews refused to accept Him as their Messiah.

    8. The Feasts Of The Jews

      Additionally, by His death, burial and resurrection, Jesus is simultaneously fulfilling [as the substance] another group of shadows that were cast by God for the Jews. They are known as the Feasts of the Jews. These are the 'set times' established by God for the Jews and were partially intended for them to be able to recognize their Messiah when He came. The Apostle Paul speaks directly to this issue when speaking about the Feasts he says in Col 2:17:

      "they are shadows of things to come, but the substance is Christ."

      There are Seven Feasts of the Jews given to them by God through Moses. Jesus fulfilled the first four at His first coming. They include:

      Jewish Feast And "Shadow" Cast
      Passover: Salvation - Blood - Obedience
      Unleavened Bread: Overcoming corruption and evil
      First Fruits: Presenting a sheaf of wheat from the first harvest
      Pentecost: New offering 50 days after First Fruits of the completed loaf of bread from the sheaf of wheat

      Jesus Fulfills As "Substance"
      Passover: Jesus provides salvation through His blood
      Unleavened Bread: Jesus overcame corruption and evil but not for himself
      First Fruits: Jesus is the sheaf of the first harvest of Resurrection
      Pentecost: Jesus was the new offering made by the Apostles 50 days after First Fruits

      And again we see how the word of God is the substance issuing the Feast Days; and the Feast Days are cast forth as the shadows. And then Jesus comes as the substance and fulfills the shadows of these first four Feast Days.

    9. And again we see how the word of God is the substance issuing the Feast Days; and the Feast Days are cast forth as the shadows. And then Jesus comes as the substance and fulfills the shadows of these first four Feast Days.

      And again we see how the word of God is the substance issuing the Feast Days; and the Feast Days are cast forth as the shadows. And then Jesus comes as the substance and fulfills the shadows of these first four Feast Days.

      And even though Jesus fulfilled these additional signs of their Messiah, the Jews still would not accept Him. And the Apostle John confirms this in John 1:11 which states:

      "He came unto his own, and his own received him not."

      This is why God revealed the mystery of the Church to Paul. The Jews refused God's Messiah, so God called on Paul to establish the Christian Church who would accept Jesus as their Messiah.

      It is at this time that God looked upon the Nation Israel as separate from the Church and referred to the Church as the grafted on branch of the tree of the root of Abraham. Paul makes this very clear in Romans 11:16-22 where he explains that the "setting aside" of National Israel is like a nurseryman cutting off natural branches to allow for the grafting in of unnatural branches. The unnatural branch is the Christian Church!

      For their reward for accepting Jesus as the Messiah, the Christian Church, which the Apostle Paul calls the 'Body of Christ', is promised to be taken off of this Earth and taken to Heaven just prior to a seven year time period of great tribulation on the earth, which is called the wrath of God. The event of these Christians being taken off the earth or disappearing is called the Rapture of the Church.

    10. Rapture's Timing Revealed

      Up until now we have established that Jesus: lived, died, resurrected, and remained on earth for 40 days, and how that made Him the substance that fulfilled the foreshadow of those events in the life of Jonah. Thereby, pointing to Jesus as the Messiah.

      We also know from the Gospel accounts that Jesus, while remaining on earth for 40 days in His resurrected body, was appearing to His disciples and others and was instructing them in His message of repentance. It is at the conclusion of those 40 days that Jesus gives His final instructions to His disciples and then Acts 1:9 says:

      And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight.

      This event is known as the "Ascension" of Jesus Christ bodily into heaven.

      Now we fast forward to the future event that the Apostle Paul was shown and that the Christian Church calls the Rapture. Remember, the Christian Church is referred to as the 'Body of Christ', so the picture that is painted of the Rapture of the Christian Church is that of the 'Body of Christ' ascending into Heaven.

      Once again, the "substance and shadow" principal of God's word uses past events to foreshadow future events.

      So, let us ask if there is a past event in God's word that foreshadows the future event of the Rapture of the Christian Church; or asked another way; is there a foreshadow of the Body of Christ ascending into Heaven?

      And the answer is indisputably YES!

      The Ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven is the foreshadow of the Rapture of the Christian Church!

      It is the 'Body of Christ' going up into Heaven in both instances!

      At this point the question becomes when did Jesus ascend? He died on Passover, was raised three days later on First Fruits, and ascended 40 days after that.

      Therefore, God's 'set time' for the Rapture of the Church is 40 days after the Jewish Feast of First Fruits!

    11. 40 Day Warning Sign Of The Rapture

      The 'substance and shadow' of God's word also reveals the WARNING sign that precedes the Rapture by 40 days. The Apostle Paul when writing to the Thessalonian Church regarding the Rapture says:

      I Thes. 4:16
      For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first.

      These 'dead in Christ' will rise 40 days before the Rapture, and they will go into Jerusalem and witness to living people that Jesus is the Messiah. How do I know this? Because it happened before! In the Gospel of Matthew where it is talking about Jesus coming out of the tomb it says:

      Matt 27:52,53:
      27:52 And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which were dead arose,

      27:53 And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.

      This scripture is revealing that after Jesus was raised from the dead many others were also raised back to life. And they went into Jerusalem [the holy city] and appeared to many other people. Their purpose in appearing 'unto many' was as a witness that they themselves had been raised from the dead, and to proclaim that Jesus is the Messiah. And 40 days after their resurrections they ascended to Heaven with Jesus.

      So here we have Matt 27:52,53 as the substance casting a shadow into the future when another group of dead people, referred to as the 'dead in Christ' of Paul's Thessalonian letter, would 'rise first', and be a witness in Jerusalem as their predecessors were, and then 40 days later they will be joined by the living in Christ and together they all will ascend to Heaven in the Rapture. And thus the Rapture will have a 40-DAY WARNING period.

    12. Wow Gregg, that makes alot of sense. I have always wondered how soon the dead in Christ would rise before we fly.

  76. *hangs head and sighs*

    Did you know that one of the most important tools for measuring the surface of the spherical earth is . . . a clock?

    Throughout the 1700's, England was seeking to establish control over the seas, for the purpose of economic trade. As a large island, they had come to rely upon that sea-power. But to be the best, their navy had to be able to establish their position on the oceans with certitude. Without knowing where you are, it's pretty difficult to set off looking for Northwest Passages, etc. All of those popular stories of the HMS Terror, Shackleton's Endurance, and the like, had to come much, much later.

    Enter John Harrison. While others were still using heavenly bodies, alone, Mr. Harrison was refining the concept of precision time-keeping. The result of which was his H4 clock in the mid-1700's.

    It was John Harrison who "is remembered in history as solving the problem of Longitude."

    You see, no matter how bored a flat-earther might get sitting at the keyboard, they will never be able to argue the simple fact that if you take a big ruler and a clock, along with your compass for direction and your sextant for angular measurements, you can literally measure the lines of Latitude getting shorter as you approach the North and South poles. You can measure, with your own hands, the spaces between Longitude lines shrinking at the very Ends of the Earth. This can only be true at BOTH ends of the planet when the earth is a complete sphere. And the geography that you will see is exactly that of the miniature globes we have. We've been doing this for HUNDREDS of years!

    Of course, there are physical experiments that can be done in your own backyard as well, without setting off on grand naval voyages. But that's a subject for later, maybe. The inner workings of Harrison's clocks are more beautiful:

    For the physics of the Harrison's H1 . . .


    For the trials of H4 . . .


    Harrison's search for microscopic accuracy . . .


    If you haven't figured out, yet, that we live on an oblate spheroid, then you really need to get out more often.



  77. Since we're all quoting Matthew now:


    Do you really think an escape hatch has been put in place specifically for you? There are people who have been literally disemboweled for His name, yet you truly believe that bacause you dutifully put out potato salad on Sunday homeless services, that you get to escape His wrath? Y'all make me f'n sick.




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