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No More Intervals: Transition Phase Begins

As a woman nears the time of delivery, she experiences a series of contractions that grow closer together and more intense. The time between contractions is called an interval. As many of those watching the fulfillment of end-times prophecy have noted, the past number of years has felt like a series of contractions and intervals, and they've grown closer and closer together.

2010–2011: I still remember 2010, our first year of ministry at Unsealed, when the Arab Spring began. The Middle East was boiling. Eventually it spilled over into decade-long civil wars in Syria and Libya costing untold numbers of lives. The Middle East dynamic was changed forever.


2014–2015: And who can forget the big contraction around the time of the first blood in the 2014–15 tetrad? Russia invaded Crimea and ISIS rose to power in Iraq and Syria. Then the shmita year arrived and we witnessed economic crashes, a fatal turning toward Sodom in the United States (Obergefell v. Hodges), two more blood moons, and Iranian, Turkish, and Russian troops in Syria. Lightning struck Mecca and a subsequent crane collapse at the Grand Mosque killed 111 people. To top it off, a major Middle Eastern sandstorm struck Israel that same month, right around Rosh Hashanah. Yet things did quiet down for a bit.


2017–2018: Then came 2017 with the newly inaugurated Trump-Pence ("Trumpets") administration, pivotal declarations regarding Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, the Jubilee of Jerusalem, several devastating earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, a series of hurricanes that paralleled the nativity story, a massive X-class solar flare, and the Great American Solar Eclipse and Revelation 12 Sign. The very next year Israel would reestablish itself as the nation-state of the Jewish people with Hebrew as its official language and the biblical festivals and Sabbaths as holy days.


2019–2021: 2020 began an earnest and intense contraction. It really started one day before, on New Year's Eve in 2019, when Iranian proxies attacked the Green Zone in Baghdad. The U.S. retaliated by assassinating Qasem Soleimani, leading to the near outbreak of widespread war in the Middle East. Then that very month, in January of 2020, Trump and Netanyahu unveiled the Deal of the Century; simultaneously, COVID-19 was rapidly circulating in China and spreading beyond. The world would be changed forever. Quarantines, lockdowns, masks, and contact tracing would quickly become the norm. The historic Abraham Accords were signed that September, paving the way for the eventual Daniel 9:27 covenant, and Trump lost reelection. The time of the proverbial "trump" was over and the time of "Joseph" (the man who oversaw Egypt and Israel during the seven-year famine of ancient times) had arrived. We also witnessed the possible astronomical fulfillments of Revelation 12:3–4 and Revelation 12:5.


NOVEMBER 2021–NOW: The Orwellian response to COVID-19 has largely remained in place unabated since March of 2020, but there was a certain cooling off period from roughly the inauguration of Biden until November of 2021. Besides the "brave new world" of COVID, things seemed to settle. The economy recovered somewhat. A much more mild variant of the virus started spreading, offering hope of herd immunity and an eventual return to pseudo-normalcy.

But in November of last year a contraction began of unprecedented proportions—a contraction without any reprieve. Iran had acquired enough enriched uranium so as to produce a nuclear warhead within a few weeks if the green light were to be given by the Ayatollah. They had never been so close. Israel began a major international diplomatic campaign to gather support while also making preparations for war. And Russia began a massive buildup of forces around Ukraine, taking steps to prepare for a ground invasion—the largest in Europe since World War II—under the cover of "annual training exercises." Globally, the demon of hyperinflation started to rise.

And now, after six months of this continuous contraction, the contraction is only intensifying: war came to Europe. Consumer inflation hit 8.5% in a single month. Sovereign nations began defaulting on their debt (Sri Lanka, recently). Global supply chains are near to collapse. Grain prices are skyrocketing (a Rev. 6:5–6 prelude, anyone?). Major financial institutions are predicting a global recession. Iran, by most recent reports, may have acquired enough uranium for a rudimentary bomb. And a seeming third intifada is breaking out in Gaza, Judea, and Samaria all while Israel may be moments away from giving the go ahead for massive attacks on Iran's nuclear weapons program.

As I've closely watched the unfolding of end-of-the-age Bible prophecy these past 12 years, I've also observed an exponential growth curve in the number of Christians reporting rapture and tribulation-related dreams, as well as the number of ministries preaching on end times and proclaiming the nearness of Christ's return. Just five to six years ago there were only a few handfuls of these sort of ministries that I had encountered. Now there are hundreds. Thousands even. God will not take the next step, namely the rapture of the Church, without leaving a profound, clear, and manifold witness. If the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 served one great purpose, perhaps it was this: the opening of countless eyes and the launching of countless ministries. These valiant watchmen and women are shouting unabashedly from the rooftops, from the pulpits, in the street corners, over the internet, and even at the gates of Jerusalem. The time is truly at hand.

M - A - R - A - N - A - T - H - A

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  1. Amen. I certainly have “a little strength” lately.


    1. https://youtu.be/Eqx9HbEXi_8

      Hebrew Bible Code Pointing to Passover 2022 and the Feast of Trumpets and Seven Days (Seven Year Tribulation ? )


      May 14th - 16th (Second Passover and Full Blood Moon and Bible Code Table refering to Second Passover)


      Bible Code Table with Messiah, Jesus, returning, Moses, Elijah, 2022, Passover

  2. Interesting video that fits with some of the things we've discussed about the serpent connections to COVID. I would be interested in feedback. I think some of this is plausible, some I'm unsure on. Also be forewarned, the comment section at the link is full of radical anti-semites.

    Watch the Water

    1. I watched it yesterday after the link was posted at Rev12. Just when I thought I knew how evil the whole CV narrative is, it continues to plumb the depths of Hell.

    2. I watched that link. Interesting. But like you said, those comments are crazy. I will never understand people who write such awful things.

    3. I personally believe there might be a connection in the sense that God uses the serpentine mechanism to forshadow the unleashing of Satan (like He did in the OT, Numbers 21) and/or the enzyme is a signature as in "made by Satan" in the virus.

      However, I don't believe the deep level conspiracy stuff, because I have had family members and friends who had the virus and it had all the symptoms of a respiratory virus, including the pneumonia. I personally witnessed transmission, where my mother was away, got the virus and infected my father when she returned home. She wasn't in any hospital during the entire duration. If it was in the water, what would be the odds of them poisoning another town where my mother was and then exactly after the regular incubation period, poisoning our town where my father was. Also, why wasn't I, who was in less contact with them, but in the same house (separated into two living areas, but with the same water supply) and similar genetic material, not poisoned as well? They had typical symptoms like head cold, cough and fever. It was mild, as it is in most cases, especially if you have no comorbidities.

      I think jumping the gun on this might make us look like fools if it turns out to be incorrect and unfortunately it wouldn't be the first time in the "conspiracy" sphere of media. It might be used to discredit legitimate criticism of the official narrative.

      Covid doesn't have to be "flat earth" to be evil in itself, nor for the governments to misuse it to gain power and control, nor for the vaxx to be genetic modification which is leaky at best and has more side effects than all previous vaxxes combined, nor for Remdesivir to be useless at best, if not dangerous. To me it seems like some of the arguments boiled down to "Blood is red and strawberry juice is red. The government is making juice out of human blood".

      Of course I could be wrong, but generally I question both the mainstream AND alternative media, until something is proven beyond reasonable doubt. And maybe even after that :)

    4. Good thoughts all. Yes, the water part was my hesitation, but the arguments about Remdesivir and some of the v-a-cc-i-n-e-s seemed quite plausible. Now, he could be arguing the very real virus has synthesized proteins from cobras/kraits. At this point I'll take this with a big grain of salt.

    5. Note: I've had COVID as have many I've known. A lot of us had the classic symptoms like turning pale, loss of taste/smell, etc. Definitely different from my experiences with flu or a cold.

    6. Maybe you know this or not Gary, I dont know. The fact that people lose the sense of taste/smell with "covid" is also how cobra invenomation affects victims. For some reason I could not watch the video, maybe they address this. I would not be shocked at all that the communist Chinese weaponized snake venom in their lab in Wuhan China and that being the true source of covid.

      I also find it very suspicious that they banned the use of therapeutics like ivermectin-hydroxachloraquine and monoclonal antibodies (which by the way is the treatment for snake bite). Things that are actually effective. Am I suggesting a huge conspiracy here? You betcha!

  3. you certainly have got your finger on the pulse Gary and we have high hopes in connection with it all,....like never before! Hope n pray the your father is strong n well in Christ. Hi Greg! Shalom my friend!,..see you there . . . . *

  4. Excellent. God is perfectly punctual.

  5. Any of you watch the Sword of God YT channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/TheSwordofGod/videos)?

    They found quite a few incredible patterns that seem to indicate that the books of Luke, Mark and Matthew are directed at the worthy-to-escape-bride, sleeping Church and unbelieving Jews and others respectively following the patterns of the barley, wheat and grape harvests, respectively.

    The differences in those three books (and the folks at Sword of God found quite a few) are too significant to ignore. I'm now convinced that what many thought were just different accounts of the same thing in those three books of the bible, is something entirely different, especially when you look at the original text.

    1. I tried to watch a few of these, but had to cringe at how the guy continuously takes scripture out of context to support pet theories, ignoring the plain meaning to do so. He's got a "unique" end times plan, but one you'd have to really tweak scripture to force to fit his theory.

  6. I watched the video and I do appreciate it. I'm just set on leaving this world at the rapture and hopefully it's on Passover. Those who won't watch I do feel really sad for. All the mockers and scoffers I cry for. It's not a joyful occasion to see people suffer things now let alone 7 years of wrath from God.


  8. Chuck Missler co-authored a book, "The Alien Deception" many years ago (90's). In it were many quotes from the "new age" aquarian believers that told about a dissapearance of millions of people from the earth. These people claimed that the "evacuation" of these "outsider" type of people was for the benefit of earth and had to happen for it to reach its ultimate fulfillment of utopia. We, as Christians know their description of the "removal" of the "unenlightened" to be the RAPTURE of the CHURCH of Jesus Christ...all who believed in HIM...HIS death, burial and most importantly HIS RESURRECTION! PRAISE HIS holy NAME for HE has brought us out of death, INTO LIFE!

  9. At https://time.com/6166144/marine-le-pen-france-european-union/ "French Presidential Hopeful Marine Le Pen Says She Wouldn't Block Vote on France Leaving European Union". If Le Pen in France will win the elections on Sunday 24 April, we can expect a dramatic impact on the current EU, because Le Pen wants to weaken it. This can easily lead to the formation of the Revived Roman Empire, an alliance of 10 European nations.

  10. Rap Sheet?
    Three things (winks?) have caught my attention this week.

    On Monday evening (April 11) all three smoke alarms went off in synchrony at 9p. It did cause us to leave the house though our search for 9V batteries was not the real answer. (There was no fire, so I wonder if it was a warning blast) I would have preferred a shofar blast.

    The next day Dave and I were sitting down with a calendar to write down what we were to do each day leading up to Passover. As he got to Sabbath day, the pen suddenly started running out of ink and nothing could touch Sunday.

    This morning (Thursday) I was reading the bottle of Pomegranate Juice and it read: Drink up, up and away!

  11. amen,Amen and AMEN sister CnC! ...can't ya hear them roosters Crow'n!!! \./

  12. Well said, Gary!

    I've been thinking the same thing. Contractions are coming closer and closer -- one on top of the next. Being the father of three here on Earth that is not lost on me. Neither is the fact that Satan entered into Judas to destroy the Christ when?

    At the Passover Seder.

    Judas, in his lust for money, sold out the Lord Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Will the dragon enter another lust fuelled human leader over another 30 pieces? Remember, NATO currently has 30 pieces or member states.

    Hmmm...will it tarry long enough for two more to be added to their ranks?

    Time will tell as time is getting short. The spirit of the four horsemen certainly seem prevalent if not heavy in the air.

    But I cannot help but see the parallels of Pharaoh, Herod the Great and Judas Iscariot in the news today. This cancerous and leprous land is about to receive the healing hand of its Creator. Jesus will destroy the destroyers of the garden with a word and with a touch restore the Earth to its intended beauty.

    Share the Love God has given you in Christ with those He gives you today while there is time!

    Blessings, always,


    1. Amen Pastor, longing for Jesus and His touch,... the ultimate Shalom

  13. Gary, I agree that "God will not take the next step, namely the rapture of the Church, without leaving a profound, clear, and manifold witness." I believe He has shown me (by way of some visions) there will be a great shaking of some type that will cause a very brief revival just before the Rapture.

    As much as I join in the hope of a Passover Rapture, SHAKING is part of TRANSITION in CHILDBIRTH! The Spirit of the Lord has shown many of His people of a great shaking coming specifically to America but affecting the world. I believe this Hebrew year of 5782, which is a Shemitah year, will be the Year of Great Shaking and thereby the Year of the Rapture.

    I very much appreciated the video Aaron from God A Minute YTC posted called Prepare to Be Shaken Before the Harvest. So much so that I embedded it in my article
    Planet X and the Great Shaking of America

    IF I understood the visions correctly, during this great shaking those who are already in Christ and walking in relationship with Him will shine gloriously for Him at this time. Those who have not actually made Jesus Christ their Lord according to Romans 10:9, who are Christian in Name Only (CINOs), will be shaken awake and there will be a very short Revival culminating in the Rapture!

    Of course, only time will tell if this is accurate or not. Has anyone else here been shown something similar?

  14. It is a good time to listen to the Jewish people share about Passover and to share with them how Jesus is the Passover Lamb. The Afikomen is a special part of most Passover Seder meals, and it very clearly points to Jesus. The unleavened Matzos they call Afikomen is broken, wrapped, hidden, and found - then comes the celebration. Jesus took the Passover Bread and said, "this is My Body" - He was broken (died), wrapped, buried (hidden), and rose again (as the afikomen is always found) -


    Jesus and the Passover Code - The Mystery of the Afikomen

    1. I learned of the afikomen custom from reading Tom Horn’s book The Messenger. His team found proof that this rare ancient word began before the time of Christ and refers to Jesus Christ as “The Coming One” or “the messiah who has come”.

      It seems the afikomen ritual was preserved but over time its meaning was perhaps deliberately distorted.

      As TLV4Ever mentioned the afikomen points to Jesus and this tradition is rich in significance! The children search for the afikomen and bring it to their father in exchange for a prize. Refusal to surrender the afikomen until a prize is agreed upon is called a “ransom”. And the prize is called “the Promise of the Father”.

      At the last supper Jesus was telling His disciples that He fulfilled the afikomen and that it no longer had to be hidden or sought after. At this Passover meal Jesus broke the afikomen representing Himself bypassing the search because He was REVEALED! (Luke 22:15-19)

      Jesus made Himself known by the “breaking of bread”:

      And, behold, two of them went that same day to a village called Emmaus, which was from Jerusalem [about] threescore furlongs.
      And they talked together of all these things which had happened.
      And it came to pass, that, while they communed [together] and reasoned, Jesus himself drew near, and went with them.
      But their eyes were holden that they should not know him. - Luke 24:13-16 KJV

      And they drew nigh unto the village, whither they went: and he made as though he would have gone further. But they constrained him, saying, Abide with us: for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent. And he went in to tarry with them.
      And it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, HE TOOK BREAD, AND BLESSED IT AND BRAKE, AND GAVE TO THEM.
      AND THEIR EYES WERE OPENED AND THEY KNEW HIM; and he vanished out of their sight. And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?
      And they rose up the same hour, and returned to Jerusalem, and found the eleven gathered together, and them that were with them,
      Saying, The Lord is risen indeed, and hath appeared to Simon.
      And they told what things [were done] in the way, and how HE WAS KNOWN OF THEM IN BREAKING OF BREAD. Luke 24:28-35 KJV

      When I taught this to our fellowship group last Passover, we all wept.

  15. https://youtu.be/8LAlEvs6BGk

    Bible Code Tables Pointing to Passover 2022 and Messiah

    along with Rabbi Ellis sharing why the codes are statically meaningful.

  16. i left (after these last 5 or 6 comments) with the thought of that song in the wizard of oz,.. "somewhere over the rainbow"! Oh my goodness ~ i'm not sure i can take all this. Lyn, i wish i was your next door neighbor and i wish too that i was in that class that you teach! * Love to all

    1. Ozark, I wish you were my next door neighbor too--BIG HUG♥ Lyn

    2. your sooo nice!,..and that financial based provisions prayer you said for me a ways back has blessed me in a wholesome way ~ just right. Blessings to you n yours always dear precious sister in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Have a good evening Lyn :)

  17. ... ok, it all started w/ Cry n Cy's comment about those 3 winks! i knew i was a gonner at that point. i began to hear roosters crowing about the return of our Kinsmen Redeemer. Father oh father, please let it be true

    1. O, I hope so too. It's tempting to offer caveats, but that is understood. If those things that happened were from Abba, I don't wish to doubt until proven otherwise. And even then, NO doubt it will happen soon.


    When the veil of the Temple was torn in two, that is from top to bottom, the wall that separated man from the Holy of Holies in the Second Temple was rendered open forever! No longer hidden in darkness but open and accessible to whosoever will! Moreover, the price for sin was fully paid on that day, the day we remember today as Good Friday.

    51 And behold, the curtain
    of the temple was torn in
    two, from top to bottom.
    And the earth shook, and
    the rocks were split.

    (Matthew 27:51 ESV)

    The price for sin was PAID IN FULL!!!

    Never again would there be need of animal sacrifice. Never again would the blood of bulls need be sprinkled on the mercy seat.


    The veil torn was THE SIGN that such things had died. No longer would G-D require the blood of animals to atone for the sins of Israel. Their kinsman redeemer, Jesus bar Joseph of Nazareth, Son of David, Son of Man, Son of God had accomplished that once and forever. In His body Jesus bore the sins of all mankind as seen in the nails.

    Those who witnessed the event would say that the nails held Jesus to the cross. I say that LOVE held Christ to the cross! LOVE and unrelenting, unwavering OBEDIENCE to the Father. For not only was Jesus the Son of the living God, Jesus IS God incarnate.

    The fullness of Deity is upon Him. Jesus and the LORD are One.

    This was the understanding of the Essenes, the Zadok priests, and the priestly order of Melchizedek. The priestly order ordained by God in the beginning and ascending the ages from Adam to Jesus. A priesthood unlike that of Levi.

    The order of Levi was a priesthood of the law, of the Torah. At age 20 new priests would begin training. By age 25 they would be performing their priestly duties and continue to do so until mandatory retirement at age 50. For 25 years the Levites would serve as priests. Not so in the order of Melchizedek. The Melchizedekian priests served for life or until God Himself selected a successor priest.

    Thus it is said of these priestly orders,

    14 Since then we have a great
    high priest who has passed
    through the heavens, Jesus,
    the Son of God, let us hold
    fast our confession.

    15 For we do not have a
    high priest who is unable to
    sympathize with our weaknesses,
    but one who in every respect
    has been tempted as we are,
    yet without sin.

    (Hebrews 4:14-15 ESV)


    1 For every high priest
    chosen from among men is
    appointed to act on behalf
    of men in relation God, to
    offer gifts and sacrifices
    for sins.

    2 He can deal gently with
    the ignorant and wayward,
    since he himself is beset
    with weakness.

    3 Because of this he is
    obligated to offer sacrifice
    for his own sins just as he
    does for those of the people.

    4 And no one takes this honor
    for himself, but only when
    called by God, just as Aaron

    5 So Christ did not exalt
    himself to be made a high
    priest, but was appointed
    by him who said to him,

    "You are my Son,
    today I have begotten you";

    6 as he says also in another

    "You are a priest forever,
    after the order of

    (Hebrews 5:1-6 ESV)

    Jesus was ordained by G-D Himself at His baptism by John in the waters of the River Jordan. He was anointed Messiah, King, Priest and Prophet of a kingdom without end,

    7 In the days of his flesh,
    Jesus offered up prayers and
    supplications, with loud
    cries and tears, to him who
    was able to save him from
    death, and he was heard
    because of his reverence.

    8 Although he was a son,
    he learned obedience through
    what he suffered.

    9 And being made perfect,
    he became the source of eternal
    salvation to all who obey him,

    10 being designated by God
    a high priest after the order
    of Melchizedek.

    (Hebrews 5:7-10 ESV)

    Jesus owned the cross. Our Great High Priest after the order of Melchizedek. Our perfect and spotless sacrifice. The Lamb of God.

    May you know Him and keep Him closer and closer each day!

    Grace and peace to you,

    Pastor Rich

    1. Thank You for that! i love them verses and the meaning of it all as it was poured forth. truely i leaves my spirit hummin', crickin', buzzin' and chirpin'~ ~ ~ ~ Bless you Pastor

  19. I love this: "Jesus owned the cross"! Yes, indeed He did! Hallelujah

    And the angels, and the 24 Elders (us inclusive), and the living creatures bow down and cry Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb who was slain. Yes, slain, but risen! ruling today in all his Kingly, Priestly glory. And the gospel story doesn't end with the Resurrection: Jesus is coming again, and He will finish the human story (with the finale at the end of the 1000 years) in righteousness and the removal of all evil once and for all. Blessed, and worthy of all praise-glory-honor-adoration-worship-veneration and laud--exaltation--loving and loyal obedience is our God and King. He is beautiful in His holiness, resplendent in His glory, luminous in His majesty, awe-some in His victory!

    Amen and amen

    1. In prophecy that was recorded and preserved by the Essenes to today via the Dead Sea Scrolls there is a group apart from the angels which is listed as being with the LORD. They are known as the "eternals".

      The eternals.


  20. ..thats life changing as anything i have EVER read. This is why i love words... and i love the way you laid those profoundly beautiful poetic words down, lifting Him and us, UP! ,..up, up and away! * i give Thanks \./

  21. Keep in mind that not all Jews are real Jews with Hebrew blood. Many are from the area now known as Ukraine and are the Khazarian mafia. The Rothchild family comes from this bloodline.

    1. So…what’s the point of your statement? A lot of Christians aren’t real Christians. And you shouldn’t think for a moment that they’re all “liberal”.

  22. Daniel gets the story starting in the time of Nebuchadnezzar, but the deception of the false deliverer [Antichrist] starts way back in the time of Nimrod. To understand why Antichrist doesn't come from Europe, you have to look at the entire tapestry, but from far enough back as to see it all.

    Tamuz, the son of Queen Semiramis, who got in a family way after her husband Nimrod died, told the story that she was conceived by the rays of the sun [she said that Nimrod had turned into the sun] and that Tamuz, was the son of the sun god, the rebirth of Nimrod. He was born on December 25th. He was killed, in a hunting accident when he was about 25, and his mother mourned him for forty days. [That's where the Catholics get lent, through the mystery religions out of Pergamus.] After his death, his mother spread the word that he had risen and gone back to the sun. The story of the deception of man started in the garden for sure, but for Gods chosen the shadow for Antichrist was cast with the birth of Tamuz. And that happened in the Euphrates River Valley. The Antichrist will come from the same place, the story says he does, and guess what, he does!

    The kings dream of the 'Great Image' revealed four kingdoms flowing out of Babylon. The clue here is that they came out of Babylon, out of Nimrod's Mesopotamian area, and then one conqueror after another enlarged and controlled the area that is now known as the Mideast. Babylon always became their capitol.

    Daniel perfectly describes the Roman Empire, as the hips give way to two iron legs, depicting Rome as the empire was split under Constantine. He stretched the empire east, around the Black Sea, The Bosporus region, along the Caucuses to the Caspian Sea, and back around, cutting across territory that is now Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Arabia, Egypt and Libya. My, my, it seems that we are back in the same old place. By the time Constantine had spread the empire to this end of the earth, Rome to the west wasn't in control of the east. It's the eastern leg of the Roman Empire that plays the key role in the understanding of Daniels' story.

    General Seleucus got the territory central to this story. It's known as the Seleucid portion of the Grecian Empire, and it runs right across the middle of our little neighborhood, and contained within it's borders is the Hashemite Kingdom.

    1. Uh, Babylon was not the capital of Greece or Rome.

  23. You are right sherrill777

    So where do you think we are in time as far as The Kings image is concerned?
    As they are listed below.

    1) This image's head was of fine gold Babylon!
    2) His breast and his arms of silver Medo-Persia
    3) His belly and his sides of brass Grecia
    4) His legs of iron Roman
    5) His feet part of iron and part of clay Moslem Empire
    6) And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay. And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed.



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