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A Prophetic Review

Are you following what God is revealing to the churches, or scoffing from the sidelines?

The one-year anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign will occur in just three short days and a plausible explanation for the Sign of the Dragon may be happening in just a few weeks.  Excitement is building for the first day of Tabernacles, Shemini Atzeret, and a possibly delayed Feast of Trumpets to occur in October.  I've been reminiscing lately about all the incredible revelation God has given to the Church over the course of these past few years, largely because of these heavenly signs.  Indeed, based on the way I divide Luke's account of the Olivet Discourse in Luke 21, the first major sign(s) indicating that the Day of the LORD is at hand are "signs in the sun, moon, and stars" (Lk. 21:25).  Only one sign in the entire Bible explicitly includes both sun, moon, and stars, and that is the sign recorded in the first two verses of Revelation 12.

- - -

In light of all that God has graciously revealed to us over these past few years, I wanted to once again provide a chronological recap of key articles that will provide our newer readers with a solid overview of properly divided biblical prophecy:

Prophecy Principles and Rules for Interpretation:

WHY THE CHURCH IS DIVIDED (Under the section "When to Unite")





Revelation 2–3 and The Church Age:



Signs of the Nearness of the Rapture and Second Coming:






Revelation 12 Sign (Sign of the Woman in Labor):







Sign of the Dragon:





















Revelation 4–5:


Revelation 6–19:



Distinguishing between the resurrections:


Revelation 20:


Revelation 21–22 and Heaven:


- - -

I've also been overwhelmed with joy because of the incredible brotherhood that has developed in the Body because of these things.  It feels as if we're 21st century magi joined together for one, unifying purpose: to find the One born King of the Jews—but this time not a baby in a manger—instead, a glorious King in the clouds.  I want to take a minute and thank each of you for all that you've shown me and done for me.  I've lost some family and friends because of all this, but have truly received a hundredfold just as Christ said would happen in Mark 10:29–30.  When I stop to think about it, I often feel even closer to many of you than I do to some of my own flesh and blood, because brothers and sisters in Christ are of an entirely greater and more permanent family.

To our readers who so faithfully journey with us and encourage us when we've been down, discouraged, or under attack.  God has used your love, new insights, and gracious comments to keep us going and to write with new inspiration.  There's so many of you that have blessed us, I couldn't name every one, but thank you, thank you, thank you.  You're the reason Unsealed exists, so I can't help but mention you first.

To those of you who have graciously supported the mission financially, thank you!  I can give you statistics for just some of what God has done with what you have given (hint, hint: hundreds of thousands of people around the world have heard the Gospel!), but I don't think any of us will understand the full weight of what God has done through you until we soon see Heaven.

My dad (whom you all know as "Greg").  You're a constant friend and encouragement.  I've been blessed to be discipled under you.  Two things you've taught me: 1. Trust Christ and God's Word above all else, and 2. Don't get stuck in traditions; follow Scripture wherever it leads.

Jeff, our friendship started because of the Revelation 12 Sign.  We were watching the sky together and God used that to develop a close friendship that will continue into the age to come.  Your friendship and wisdom are a priceless blessing.

Bryan, you also have become a close friend, fellow coffee (and sushi) connoisseur, and personal Barnabas.  You have encouraged each one of us with your godly wisdom and motivation to press on.

Brad, if only you lived down south!  You have been a great friend and fellow watchman.  Many encouraging phone calls and teamwork over the past two years.  We have the same mission and will not stop until we accomplish it (by God's grace).

Hillary, you have become a pivotal part of our team and a great source of grace and focus for all of us.  Your message is a constant reminder of God's grace and the importance of never wavering on what really counts: the Gospel.  Of late you seem to have more motivation than all of us combined.

Stephanie, though we haven't met yet, your ministry on Facebook has been so important to the mission that we're all a part of.  You are graciously leading and rightly dividing the Word for thousands upon thousands to see.

Mike, I want to send a special thanks to you, brother.  On your own initiative you have become a real leader on our growing online community (nearing 600 people!).  There is so much going on across our ministries that it's become kind of overwhelming.  Knowing that we have a humble, godly leader who rightly divides the Word and knows the Gospel, leading our community, is a huge blessing.

Our other forum leaders: @Natalie, @KJS, @Yardstick, and @Barbiosheepgirl.  When we were first trying to build out the leadership, we went through many names.  You rose to the top for the right reasons.  Godly, faithful, humble, and wise.  Thank you.

Dan, I think I can honestly say we are all thankful for your unbelievable diligence and friendship.  How in the world do you get all of that research done?!  It's a blessing to all of us and helps keep us going.

Jim, you were a light on the forum and are now a real encourager on our Watchmen on the Wall group.  You remind us to take these things very seriously, as well as to remind us that spiritual warfare is all too real.

Greg L., you know I've tried to convince you to come to Unsealed, but have been unable!  Irregardless, many of us have found great wisdom and inspiration from your articles, so it seems God has placed you right where He wants you.  You have the best exegesis on the 24 elders, the Millennial Temple, and the nature of signs that I've ever read.  Keep going, brother, our "exit" is not far ahead.

Barry, I've also tried to convince you to meet up with us the next time you're in town, and though we haven't talked, I can't help but think of you as a friend.  You're a very personal encouragement to all of us and your stalwart defense of the Gospel has opened thousands of eyes as you expose the lawlessness of the law-keepers.

There are many others I want to write a whole thank you to, but time is not yet permitting.  Just a few of you: Adam, Scottie, Matt M., Paul D., Matt P. (Daily Crow!!!), Jaco, Darren, Paul S. (Zeus!!!), and on and on.  Each of you is greatly appreciated.  We are all on the same team and have the same goal, "pressing on toward the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." (Phil. 3:14).

- - -

We all have a mission to do and there is precious little time left to do it (months, weeks, days?).  Let's keep going!  Encourage, exhort, and (lovingly) admonish one another.  Share what God is showing you.  Don't put your light under a bushel.  Put it out for all to see.  Your faith and hope and the wisdom of God will soon be proven true.

For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.  After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.  And so we will be with the Lord forever.  Therefore encourage one another with these words.
- 1 Thessalonians 4:16–18

Lastly, I am 362 months old this monthStrong's 362 is "I await (one whose coming is expected)".  The word is used only one time in Scripture:

And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, Jesus who delivers us from the wrath to come.
- 1 Thessalonians 1:10


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  1. Indeed, thank you one and all!

    23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope
    without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.

    24 And let us consider how to stir up one another
    to love and good works,

    25 not neglecting to meet together, as is the
    habit of some, but encouraging one another, and
    all the more as you see the Day drawing near.

    (Hebrews 10:22-25 ESV)

    1. PS> I like how you connected your years as months Gary and referenced that to Strong's. Neat idea!

      Here's mine:

      Strong's Concordance
      aphad: to gird on the ephod
      Original Word: אָפַד
      Part of Speech: Verb
      Transliteration: aphad
      Phonetic Spelling: (aw-fad')
      Short Definition: gird

      aporia: perplexity
      Original Word: ἀπορία, ας, ἡ
      Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
      Transliteration: aporia
      Phonetic Spelling: (ap-or-ee'-a)
      Short Definition: perplexity, anxiety
      Definition: perplexity, anxiety, doubt.

      Both resonate and reflect this season in my life and the life of our family. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit that. Even so, my faith and trust are in the LORD.

      To Him be all the glory!

      Pastor Rich


    2. R12 to Feast of Tabernacles 2018

      = 365 = Renew - up to a higher stage

      GASE to the start of the

      Feast of Tabernacles 2018

      = 398 = I appear (out of the unseen)

      R12 to End of the Feast of Tabernacles

      = 372 = Cessation / Rest / inner rest

    3. Full Moon Sept 24th is called the Harvest Moon -

    4. Pastor Rich, you're a real blessing. You were one of the particular names I was thinking of as wrote this.


    5. @Gary, Thank you. It is no small feat to maintain a site such as this. Thank you for all that you do in the name of the Lord and to the glory of His Name.

      @Victorious 4 Ever, Awesome finds from concordance!

      At one time I wondered if such connections were coincidence? But after seeing it happen over and over and over and over and over and over again?

      Proof is in the performance is it not? At the end of the day, what do the days say of the season and times we are living in? That BIG picture aligns so well with that of scripture that by itself it begs, rather, DEMANDS our attention.

      It's days like these that I feel so small. That is the sharp contrast on how BIG G-D is and more importantly, how much Christ loves us!

      The scope and majesty of which blows my mind.

      תודה אמת אבא

      Thank you Father

    6. @TLIV4E:

      GASE -- > Sukkot Eve: 398 - I sight / I appear (out of the unseen)

      GASE -- > Sukkot #1: 399 - to carry up, lead up, offer up

      FOT 2017 --> Sukkot #1: 368 - indisputable / undeniable facts

      R12 --> Sukkot Eve: 365 - I renew / am renewed

      R12 --> Sukkot #1: 366 - To come to one's senses again

    7. WOW - this is interesting - the Feast of Tabernacles starts the evening of Sept 23rd, and the first day goes to the evening of the 24th. Gary has pointed out:

      GASE to Sept 23rd = 398 = I appear out of the unseen
      GASE to Sept 24th = 399 = To Carry Up


      God is good! Come Lord Jesus !

    8. Very nifty. I looked up my age in months 672. It's Greek apochōréō, verb, to go away; depart.

  2. Indeed, the articles written by Gary and the gang have been a tremendous blessing, along with all contributors. And indeed, let's never forget about all those heavenly signs put forth to us in the last several years. When one looks back on some of them and reconsiders their meaning with the benefit of hindsight in the passage of time, one will discover revelations not known at the time they occurred. But with the passage of time, some past signs were pointing to a future sign like a well-orchestrated prophetic puzzle being pieced together. Such was the case with a major heavenly sign that occurred in the year 2000. Only with the passage of time between then and the year 2017 could this one have been fully understood. At least one major link or part of it anyway. Link below.

    SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: THE RARE CONJUNCTION OF PLANETS IN MAY 2000-2007 - THE SICKLE AND THE SOON DOOM OF MYSTERY BABYLON https://endtimesdarknessdescending.wordpress.com/2018/09/12/signs-in-the-heavens-the-rare-conjunction-of-planets-in-may-2000-2007-the-sickle-and-the-soon-doom-of-mystery-babylon/

    1. Great stuff! I should have added your site to our links earlier, but better late than never!


  3. Thank you all at Unsealed, you have been a blessing to me. I can't wait to meet you all some day soon. May the Lord keep blessing your ministry.

    1. Man, we're going to all have one awesome family reunion. I've always thought of the big heavenly feast to be similar to the banquet scene in Hook minus Rufio's bad attitude.

      [youtube width="320" height="266" src="uPCzjHPS--U"/]

  4. I too look forward to this site to help me stay focused the Rapture - even so come quickly Lord Jesus.

  5. Wow. This almost feels like goodbye love letters. . . . . and then we fly away.

  6. Gary, do you mind if I ask in what part of the south you live?

    1. Gary and I live in the Dallas / Ft Worth area

    2. I don’t comment often, but this site has meant more to me than you know. I happen to live in the Austin area. Would love to meet up one day... if I don’t see you in the throne room first :-)

    3. San Antonio brothers!!!

  7. Gary, this is an answer to prayer! I have been out of the loop for a while. Got busy with life and tired of the emotional roller coaster of the rapture dates that look promising but pass uneventfully. Now I can get caught up on this stuff again! It sure does look like the rapture event could be very close indeed! :)

    1. Thank you brother Jeff! Love your site and ministry.

  8. Gary! Cue the tears! I was reading along and so touched by this article and came to your surprise message to me and I couldn't hold back the tears. What a blessing you are. This whole article feels like a benediction and to be included means more to me than I could ever say. I have loved being part of Unsealed and the greater gathering of believers here and cannot wait to connect more in our incorruptible bodies in the presence of the Lamb. I know it is soon. Thank you for all your hard work and service and faith. You are greatly loved.

    In Christ,

    1. When I think about our change and rapture I can't help but think about this defining scene from my childhood. Peter remembers what he is really supposed to be!

      [youtube width="320" height="266" src="G4HOP857dNY"/]

  9. Unsealed.org has along with Rev12daily become sort of "spiritual home" on earth to me and a huge ressource of inspiration and encouragement during this long and sometimes dire time of waiting for Jesus' return since 2016 when I was released from my ministry and work in the world outside and called to sanctify in the closet to prepare and learn until He comes. Thank you to all of you, be blessed abundantly from above! I just looked up my own "Strong's months" in Hebrew 624 means "gathering, threshold" which I found as well pretty telling! https://www.studylight.org/lexicons/hebrew/624.html :-) Much love to you all, see you at the banquet above! MARANATHA!

    1. Thank you sister! You are a key part of the family. "Gathering"!! Yes, we are all about to be gathered in the air to meet the LORD.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I removed my previous comment bc felt too long and could be confusing, but just want to thank everyone at Unsealed for your incredible site, your amazing insight and ability to present so eloquently with humility. Since people are sharing Strong’s- this month I’m 629 -Redemption and next month I’m 630 - to put away/divorce/depart - I’ll take depart :)

    2. Maddie dear sister, here come the 1960's !! LOL :-) Not being interested at all getting old(er) in this world but looking forward to meeting y'all above glorified! Praise be to God, HALLELUJAH :-)

  11. Gary,
    What a great recap you wrote and what a great encouragement to us all you have been. Thank you. I wonder sometimes why God went through all the effort (not like it was hard for Him, but you know what I mean) to create such intricate signs in the heavens that only a relatively small number of his people would appreciate... Why make it so mysterious.. but then I realized it not mysterious at all....it is clear as day...but sin and deception has clouded the once clearer view of God and His ways that existed before us. Just like how light pollution now drowns out the vast majority of the stars for where most people live, so has the pollution of this world drowned out so much of God's prophetic ways. The enemy has so distracted and inoculated us, that few people even bother to look up, or worse yet, admonish others who do! But in allowing all this to happen, God has provided an opportunity for Godly men and women like you and the rest of the crew at Unsealed to rise up to the challenge and interpret what He is doing and what He could be showing us. And you have done it my brother... you have answered His call in the face of much adversity. Not only that, you gave so many of us the encouragement and support we needed to respond to Gods call as well.

    Thank you for everything.... thank you for leading the way through these uncharted waters. Thank you for following the Scripture and the Holy Spirit wherever they lead without fearing man. Thank you for not being afraid to go against the trend, and bringing to light Gods great signs and spending countless hours explaining it to us all. You may not fully realize it in the midst of your busy life and family...but from our point of view God has clearly and undeniable poured out His spirit on you in a mighty way, and everyone who is fortunate enough to know you has grown closer to God because of it. Keep up the good work brother until the day HE comes! And yes... HE IS SURELY COMING!

    Thanks again, and prayers going up now for your continued strength, discernment and stamina until that great day. Blessings Brother!

    1. Well said, Brad. I appreciate all of you guys more than you can know. Rev12 & Unsealed have given many of us a home and fellowship we would not otherwise have had. We've learned, we've grown and we are better children of the Father because of you. It's so odd to think we'll meet people for the first time in Heaven we feel we've come to know here on these sites. It's an exciting thing to look forward to meeting the One who has all the answers to our gnawing questions - and He Loves us for asking! Blessings - Sherry

  12. Thanks Gary and everyone who contributes on this site! I check daily for new insight, articles and videos surrounding the coming of the King. Can't wait to high five and meet you all in the clouds!

  13. Good morning everyone, interesting concept, Gary, to parallel our months to Strong's! Mine, also this month--the 23rd actually--is 900 (Yikes!) and means to dig deep ;-). I thank all of you, contributors and commenters alike, for helping me to do just that! I too check this site daily and so appreciate all the scholarship and digging that you have done. I came to the Lord through Hal Lindsey's book The Late Great Planet Earth back the in late 70's and have been watching ever since!! Hopefully, our wait will soon be over. Thanks to all of you for pressing on despite antagonism and adversity!

    1. Well that's a nice round number! (:

  14. Thanks again for you encouraging articles! I am 365 months old this month and I like the meaning from this strongs number too, sounds like the blessed hope to me!

    365. ananeoó
    Strong's Concordance
    ananeoó: to renew
    Original Word: νανεόω
    Part of Speech: Verb
    Transliteration: ananeoó
    Phonetic Spelling: (an-an-neh-o'-o)
    Short Definition: I renew
    Definition: I renew; mid: I renew myself, am renewed.

    365 ananeóō (from 303 /aná, "up, completing a process," which intensifies 3501 /néos, "recent, new") – properly, going up to a higher stage by God's power; divinely renewed.

    1. Man! It does! Reading through these comments I see quite a few that give me chills.

    2. Wow mine is not as cheerful as y’alls... but DEF an apt representation of what’s about to come:

      Strong's Concordance
      apóleia: destruction, loss
      Original Word: ἀπώλεια, ας, ἡ
      Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
      Transliteration: apóleia
      Phonetic Spelling: (ap-o'-li-a)
      Short Definition: destruction, ruin, loss
      Definition: destruction, ruin, loss, perishing; eternal ruin.

  15. Just wanted to remind all who are responsible for this site ofhow MUCH of a blessing youve been LOVE YOU. JOEL

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Thank you All and Gary God bless. This site has been a blessing to. Hope to see you all very soon in the clouds of glory with our Lord Jesus Christ. Maranatha.

  18. Gary, and Family, great recap and summary. This article serves newcomers and experienced Watchers well as a pool of gathered waters to easily drink from, refresh understandings and meet Doubt with the Mountain we continue to trundle across, Maranatha!

    Our Lord Glorifies Himself in the Concealing of a matter and we bless Him as we work to love our way through the maze as we strive to find our Way to Him, Maranatha! As more and more of us find ourselves much closer to Our Lord as we come around every corner and bend of missed expectations, as He Intended, so it seems. The work of Unsealed, et all, is Anointed and effective in helping us all, thank you so much.

    As for my timeline, for giggles, 691 months.
    H691: erel (er-ale') valiant ones
    (1) Isaiah 33:7 who derives from אֲרִיאֵל, literally = lion of God, collective with suffix, & translated their heroes; name, of a people from אֲרִיאֵל = Zion NbrAth
    {That feels like a hat tip to us ALL as we Watch and Work to unravel, ibid!}

    G691: argeo: to be idle, inactive, to linger, delay
    From G0692; to be idle, that is, (figuratively) to delay:—linger.
    {Well, highly unlikely this is a rebuke to US, of all the folks, and more likely an echo of our moment as we wait, and Watch and, … Wonder! Maranatha!

    1. Oops, forgot to look at the reference on that last one, only (1), 2 Peter 2:3 (Interesting "2' '3' s in light of buzz around 9/23, eh?

      And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle (does not LINGER) , and their destruction is not asleep. (ESV, detail mine).

      Of course, looking deeper and this speaks a rebuke concerning error from the Pulpit, as well as scoffers entangled in book sales among the Watching community. OK, ok, directly over the target, once again, Maranatha!

  19. Thanks, Gary. Love you, brother.

    Just call me, Andronicus...(408 months exactly on this day I've been alive, and Strong's 408 in the Greek is found once in Romans 16:7, "Greet Andronicus..." and literally means "man of victory"). Amen! Where, O' death, is your victory? Where, O' death, is your sting...thanks be to God, who give us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! (1 Cor. 15:55-57).

    1. Ok... now I'm getting stoked. Andronicus was a member of the Church, btw!

      Look at all these from the group:

      I await (one whose coming is expected)

      Man of Victory


      Lion of God

      To renew/complete (properly going up to a higher process)

      Dig deep




  20. Also just for giggles, I looked up my age in months: 452. H452 is Elijah. Being taken up this month would definitely be interesting :-D

    2 Kings 2:11

    1. And I had thought that DAN means Strength, no? So, the Harpazo of Elijah being a type from which we all draw great strength, Dan? Maranatha!

    2. Yup, Elijah! That's perfect for rapture time (:

  21. Oh goodness, my age at 480 months means alas! woe!...which ironically enough, is exactly how I felt two weeks ago when hitting this elderly milestone!!!

    1. @ThroughandThrough

      I noticed you did Strong's Hebrew, but in Strong's Greek, it has a completely different meaning. Maybe mine is meant to follow yours. Mine is 476, and Strong's Greek has it as "an opponent, an adversary." So, your's being 480 (I resist, oppose, withstand in Strong's Greek) before mine makes sense (I resist the adversary). lol

      I also saw that 476 in Strong's Hebrew is "God has heard."

      I know this is all for fun, but it is interesting.

    2. ha - totally agree Ryan (awesome name by the way;) ). I didn't want to put in the Strongs greek meaning in case my wife saw it and thought it more suitable for my age (particularly me trying to resist getting older!)...lol

      Ryan (NZ Ryan)

  22. Just wanted to remind all who are responsible for this site ofhow MUCH of a blessing youve been LOVE YOU. JOEL

    1. Thank you, Joel! Much appreciated (:

  23. 601-"Apokalypto"--reveal, disclose

  24. How do I make a donation to your ministry?

    1. Hi William. Thank you for asking, brother. In the top-left corner of the site you can click on "Help!" and it has instructions. You can also follow the direct link here: https://www.unsealed.org/p/help.html

  25. I am a long time lurker who has been incredibly blessed by this website. I had to jump in and say I am 668 months old. 668 in Strong's Greek is: "I flee from, escape!" I am ready to flee from and escape this sin sick world and be with my Savior.

    1. 'long time lurker'...wonderful description of many of us Darlene.

    2. Flee from / escape. That sure sounds like a rapture to me!

  26. Wow I sense a writing in the past tense. Almost as if these are the final things we want to say to dear frinds who have helped us along the way and kept our attention on way matters most.

    My spirit is excited and jumping with anticipation.

    I too want to express my thanks to all the authors of unsealed. I check daily for new articles. I look forward to meeting you in person and thanking you for all your insightful articles.

  27. You're a wonderful and Christ-filled man brother Gary! Love you and praise JESUS for your ministry for him

    1. Thank you! God has richly blessed me with a word to give and with wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ with whom to share it.

  28. I so appreciate this site! Although a great number of my family are Christians, I don’t have a lot of people in my life to discuss bible prophecy as they are not interested, with the exception of my mom and one of my very close friends. So this place has been wonderful and I am happy I “stumbled” upon this website. Thank you all for the guidance and insight!


    1. You're most welcome, Aimee. I'm very glad to have you here (:

  29. Thanks Gary and the team at Unsealed. It has been great to find you in June although I would have liked to find this community years if I could. I have struggled to hold onto a daily expectation of Jesus soon return without others around who are doing the same since I started reading and collecting the left behind series when I was 12 years old.

    Last year I was rather focused on preparing for the birth of my first son to hear about the Revelation 12 Sign. He ended up being born while Israel was celebrating the feast of trumpets but about 5 hours before the new moon was spotted on the 21/09/2017, so he was very close to being born on the feast of trumpets.

    My numbers are:
    analogia: proportion
    Original Word: ἀναλογία, ας, ἡ
    Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
    Transliteration: analogia
    Phonetic Spelling: (an-al-og-ee'-ah)
    Short Definition: proportion, measure
    Definition: proportion, measure, analogy.
    HELPS Word-studies
    356 analogía (from 303 /aná, "up, completing a process" and 3056 /lógos, "reasoning, word") – properly, analogous reasoning, moving from one point of a comparison (up) to the other.

    1. My name is Rebekah and I am from New Zealand by the way. Not quite sure how to get it to show my name.

    2. Hi Rebekah and welcome! You can click on this link below and enable access to your profile to change your name if you want to: https://www.blogger.com/profile/01977039327368152158

  30. For me: 410. anegklétos

    anegklétos: not to be called to account, unreprovable
    Original Word: ἀνέγκλητος, ον
    Part of Speech: Adjective
    Transliteration: anegklétos
    Phonetic Spelling: (an-eng'-klay-tos)
    Short Definition: irreproachable, blameless
    Definition: irreproachable, blameless.

    Thank you for all of the work you and countless others have put into this site and into the information sought and presented here. Thanks be to our God and His eternal Son Jesus the Christ, our Savior. Thank you for the encouragement and edification for the body of Christ. Maranatha.

    1. "He will also keep you firm to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ." - 1 Corinthians 1:8

      We will all be presented blameless before the Throne of God on the day of the rapture. Maranatha!

  31. Thank you everyone here at unsealed for all your hard work and dedication. It really feels like family here. I look forward to all the updates and fellowshipping through reading and commenting. I’ve been blessed by this site for almost a year now. It was the Rev 12 sign that brought me here. I’m just so blessed to have found you all and I’m so ready to meet and be with our Lord forever and ever. Love and blessings.

    1. Thank you Andrea! This is REAL family - all joined together by the blood of the Lamb.

  32. I have been reading this site for a year and have learned so much. Thank you all. I found an interesting item in the news this morning and it seemed quite prophetic.


    (some excerpts from the article)

    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Gunmen disguised as soldiers attacked an annual Iranian military parade Saturday in the country's oil-rich southwest, killing at least 25 people and wounding 53 in the bloodiest assault to strike the country in recent years.

    The attack came as rows of Revolutionary Guardsmen marched down Ahvaz's Quds, or Jerusalem, Boulevard, which like many other places around the country saw an annual parade marking the start of Iran's long 1980s war with Iraq.

    "Oh God! Go go go! Lie down! Lie down!" one man screamed as a woman fled with her baby.

    "We suddenly realized that some armed people wearing fake military outfits started attacking the comrades from behind (the stage) and then opened fire on women and children," an unnamed wounded soldier told state TV. "They were just aimlessly shooting around and did not have a specific target."

  33. Hopefully the times ahead will bring more introspection and self honesty.

    Over the years, you have had a million and one blood moons, the Rev 12, you even claim that the star of friggin' Bethlehem made an appearance. And what do you have to show for it? Nothing. None of your predictions came true. Nothing significant happened. All you can point to is wars and natural disasters. Big deal. There always were wars and natural disasters on earth and there always will be. And, no, they are not getting worse. Last century was far more horrific than this one. Your signs did not herald anything new.

    It's time to accept that the sign is fake. When you spread this stuff around non believers , you bring the Bible into disrepute and you create a bad name for God and other religious people. When non believers see this type of thing, they think we are gullible, unthinking people who believe in nonsense. You are part of the reason why religion is in decline in western civilization. Start acting responsibly and start dealing with the truth... The sign was fake.

    1. You're an accuser and you present no evidence. What, specifically, did we predict would happen? As for the decline of religion in Western Civilization there are many factors (and I could demonstrably show you what they are), but rapture watchers are not one of them.

      As for the sign, God's Word is true and it will be proven even truer still. No one has yet provided any substantive argument against the sign. Whether the sign is true or not, it does PERFECTLY match the description given in Rev. 12:1-2.

    2. Well Stacey that was nasty, untrue and unwarranted. None of the authors on this site "predicts" anything.

      Your accusation that the content on this site brings "the Bible into disrepute" and "creates a bad name for God" would be laughable but for the venomous tone in your words. Do you really believe that you're going to rattle anyone here with that nonsense? Please.

      Everything you've said is not only nasty and untrue, but delivered in the cowardly fashion of a person who hides behind a computer. If you find the content here so objectionable, leave. See how easy that is.

      Pickup a Bible one of these days and read it. Maybe you'll learn something.

    3. Stacey - prior to finding 'unsealed' and rev12daily, I used to pay very little attention to the Mazzaroth and what it taught and continues to teach (outside of what Chuck Missler had taught). Unsealed and rev12daily have caused me to dive deeper into the scriptures containing the marvels and mysteries of God, and for this I am extremely grateful...particularly in a world full of of 'fake lamb' scoffers and mockers. Here at unsealed/rev12daily there is plenty of iron sharpening going on, the gospel is being shared, our need to be a witness to the lost (with our hands, feet and mouths) is being encouraged, and we are seeing faith renewed. Now the unsealed/rev12daily family may have differing opinions as to what the rev12 sign meant/fulfilled - but beyond a doubt, something happened of great significance which is causing us to put more and more of our focus on looking up on our near redemption rather than looking in towards these crappy sinful natures.

      Praise God for his faithful watchmen and woman of God!

  34. To everyone at Unsealed, I say much thanks and blessings to all of you. You all are among the most gifted, erudite and trenchant researchers and writers I have ever come across. Time and time again, I am awed by your articles and how often you are the first to report breaking news. God bless you richly. I am so grateful to God for leading me to this site.

  35. Ok, I calculated my months and it comes to 607. I looked it up and found the following:
    apokephalizó: to behead
    Original Word: ἀποκεφαλίζω
    Part of Speech: Verb
    Transliteration: apokephalizó
    Phonetic Spelling: (ap-ok-ef-al-id'-zo)
    Short Definition: I behead
    Definition: I behead.

    Sure hope I get older quickly.

    1. The Body of Christ is about to crush the head of the serpent (Rom. 16:20). Anyway, don't put any stock in Strong's numbers... I get some strange results to sometimes.

    2. Archangel,

      Don’t feel bad! I am 504 in months, and in Greek it was waterless and in Hebrew it was cattle. I am not sure which is worse... lol. However, it doesn’t really mean anything and is just for fun. :)


    3. Thanks, Gary and Zorrobird. Cattle...lol ! I feel much better.

  36. 2 Peter 3:3-7.
    Prophecy still being fulfilled. :)
    I pray that God will heal your brokenness and bitterness. It seeps out in your words, there. If you let him, HE can replace all that with love and joy, Stacey. Blessings and Maranatha!

  37. Joining thanks for taking time, effort and research to run this helpful and beneficial site. My Strong's is 478 - "to oppose" (greek) and "God has judged" (Hebrew). God's going to judge those who oppose Him?

    What a clever idea to get statistics on your readers age. I see through your plan ;)

  38. I have a most unique age of 777 months in October. It means "fasting". I checked my age next September and it means "nearer".
    I will be one year nearer to the rapture! Interesting indeed!

  39. Gary, Jeff, Hillary, and all the other major (and minor) contributors to this site; Thank you. I am always humbled by the depth of your understanding, incredible effort, and most of all faith in Christ, that is poured out in the articles and contributions on this site. Unsealed has enhanced my Biblical understanding, encouraged me to do more in faith, and keeps me looking up. God Bless.

  40. Thought you all would like my number: before I checked it (as I didn't know already, I felt as though I was supposed to look up the Greek 1st. I was glad I did! 354 greek: to take up! This made me smile. :-)
    354 hebrew: a hart/stag/deer

  41. Gary, if we perceive the fulfillment of verses 3 & 4 (the Great Red Dragon sign, are conceivably to be fulfilled in October with Drago and the Draconids, what do you anticipate being the "Sign" for verse 5. Surely, the Verse 1 & 2 fulfillment would not meet that requirement. Have you seen anything astronomically which would point us to the "Sign" of the actual Rapture? I would assume this sign must precede the event if we look at the Sign/Event relationship. Blessings - Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry, Forgive me if I chime in with a couple of thoughts.

      If our solar system represented the temple then the sun would be the throne would it not? This year, Jupiter (man-child) born in verse 5 will be caught up by the sun on or about November 27 of this year. (Depending on your location) On that day the sun (the throne), Acrab, Mercury and Jupiter will all be in conjunction in the Constellation Scorpius.

      Jupiter will not be visible in this phase as it will be cloaked in the sun. It will have been caught up by the "throne" as it were.

      I am not saying that we go home on 11/27. This is only an astronomical observation, but one must wonder that if the star of Bethlehem shown us through Matthew is a physical sign to a real-time event; may not we have a future sign to look for heralding our blessed hope?

      That's your question and it certainly seems reasonable to ask.

      Astronomical software is easily had for android and iOS. (I am using Sky Guide for iOS on my iPhone and Stellarium for Linux on my laptop) I highly recommend getting into it. I also recommend Rick Larson's "The Bethlehem Star" available on DVD. (Not perfect mind you but powerful for its purpose!)

      Blessings to you and your home church!


      PS> If we did understand that the "man-child" were, "caught up to God and to his throne" (Revelation 12:5 ESV) in the way I described, and happened as the sun approached Jupiter on Monday, November 25, that would be the one-week mark BEFORE the Feast of Dedication, Hanukkah 2018 (Month 9, Day 2). Tuesday, November 26, ends at sunset which begins Wednesday, November 27 (Month 9, Day 3) and six days before the Feast of Dedication.

      Now, could there be a heavenly Six Day War which at its end the Temple (being Heaven) is rededicated now having had Satan and his angels expelled to earth? I have not studied this potential but it may be worth prayerfully exploring.

    2. Thank you Pastor, that makes a lot of sense to me. Another thought Sheila over on Rev12 proposed, after seeing my question here which really struck a nerve with me. We are the sign - for Israel - our catching away is the sign. We don't need a sign, but Israel always requires one, thus our catching away is the Great Sign for them I've always believed it would be. Thus, Red Dragon, then Us (as a sign to Israel) and its Katy Bar the Door as it all breaks loose. I'll take your advice and download the program for my laptop. But, if we get beyond the 8th of October, then I think your proposition for November is intriguing. Blessings - Sherry

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. ...man I'm killing it with typos!!!

      Thank you Sherry, the raptured Church being a sign to Israel makes a lot of sense too. Provoked to jealousy.

      Another thought...

      Thinking about *crossings* we have two major crossings by Israel,

      1. Red Sea crossing (led by Aaron and Moses)
      2. River Jordan crossing (led by Joshua)

      If the Red Sea crossing were a shadow of our freedom from enslavement to death and sin through the salvation of Jesus Christ, then may the River Jordan crossing be a shadow of our being taken into the Promised Land? The answer to that is rather obvious I think.

      Israel crossed the River Jordan while it was in flood stage,

      "now the Jordan overflows all its banks throughout the time of harvest" (Joshua 3:15 ESV)

      ...further to this we are given the date of the crossing,

      "The people came up out of the Jordan on the tenth day of the first month" (Joshua 3:19 ESV)

      Here is Torahcalendar for M1D10 5779 which is 10-days after the Spiritual New Year, Rosh Chodesh, which itself falls on a Sabbath!

      The River Jordan crossing a shadow of things to come?


      But on 3/17/19-3/18/19?

      The Sabbath previous to this day in 2019 is intriguing,

      Shabbat HaGadol - The Great Sabbath

      ...a Sabbath DIRECTLY linked to the Fall Days of Awe and Shabbat Shuba (alt. spelling in English, "Shabbat Shuva").

      So much to dig on, so little time!



    6. Looking at Sky Guide for 3/17/19 we see,

      1. Sun, Mercury and Uranus ("οὐρανός") (See Strong's Greek 3772) in Pisces
      2. Mars under the heel of Aries (The Ram)
      3. Neptune still in outpouring of Aquarius
      4. Saturn in Sagittarius (departed heart of our galaxy)
      5. Jupiter enters galactic plane (near heart of our galaxy)
      6. Moon is in the Beehive Cluster (Cancer)

      Too bad Sky Guide doesn't offer a panoramic screen shot feature!

    7. Well, I officially think I may be onto something here...

      (27-NOV-18) - (23-SEP-17) = 430-days

      Want to get your mind blown? Search out 430-days in the Bible.

      I have NOT started a timeline study based on this new date but will as soon as I can. "Work" calls!


    8. Very interesting - I can't wait to see what you come up with. I know you won't, but for others don't forget Ezekiel's 430 days, but it won't come up in a fuzzy search - it was 390 for Israel and 40 for Judah - 430! That bit was integral in my intercalation work with Daniel over the last couple weeks. Believe it or not that little bit when added to when Ezekiel shows up in Ezekiel 8:1 in the 6th year, the 6th month and the 5th day proves there was intercalation. The added 3th month is the only way you can make the numbers work. Blessings - Sherry

    9. 13th* month not 3th - duh!

  42. Gary - first time commenter here but enjoying this site.

    I have been thinking a lot about calendars lately. And, I believe, by the grace of God, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Holy Spirit who provides knowledge, wisdom and discernment, I am wondering if I have uncovered the true meaning of the Pearl of Great price (Matthew 13).

    At the time of Jesus' crucifixion there was what appears to be a 3 hour solar eclipse (Matthew 27:45, Mark 15:33, Luke 23:44). It is an astronomical certainty that a solar eclipse can only occur at the time of a dark moon. Since Passover was celebrated on Abib (Nisan) 14, this means that this happened at the time of the dark moon, not the full moon as the Hillel calendar and Babylonian calendar suggest!

    In other words, could it be that God left us a giant clue as to the correct timing of His calendar! The Pharisees and Babylonians ultimately embraced the sighting of the first sliver of the moon as the definition of the "Chodesh" or new moon. It seems Christ leaves us with little doubt that the 14th of the month was at the time of a Dark moon.

    As it turns out, there was a major solar eclipse on Friday, March 19, 33 AD, a logical date or the crucifixion, which would have been Abib 14, i.e. 14 days after the Full moon. And then 3 days later on 3/22, Christ rises at the Spring Equinox after 3 nights in the tomb.

    Based on this logic of the Full moon being the actual start of the lunar month, the true Feast of Trumpets, Yom Teruah, would be this upcoming Tuesday, September 25, the day after the Full moon after the Fall equinox. The full moon is on September 25 at 5:52 am Jerusalem time, just before sunrise at 6:28 am at precisely 90 degrees EAST.

    Could it be that the Pearl of Great Price is the full moon positioned at the Eastern gate on Yom Teruah? (See Rev 21:21)

    It is worth noting that President Trump, who presides over the UN Security council this month, will address the UN on the morning of September 25. Would this not be the ideal time for the announcement of the Deal of the Century?

    Hat tip here:


    Perhaps this is related to the Pearl of Great Price and explains why God hates the Jewish feasts currently (Isaiah 1:13-14). What do you think?

    Looking forward to seeing you all in eternity.

    Blessings - Rob

    1. Hi Rob,

      I'm sorry that I don't have time to comment on all of your data, but I do have time to offer some detail on a couple of your facts...

      Looking at some of the data provided regarding the solar eclipse of Total Solar Eclipse of March 19, 33-AD; that event did not provide totality for Jerusalem. (See NASA link provided)

      On the flip-side, NASA provides the following for notable lunar eclipses in history,

      0033 Apr 03
      Type: Partial
      Series: 71
      Magnitude: 0.576
      Duration: 02h50m
      NASA Notes: Crucifixion of Christ? See References

      Rick Larson reports in his research that the eclipsed moon occurred at the time of Christ's death on the cross. This happened below the horizon (when viewed from Jerusalem) and was eclipsed when the moon rose at the feet of Virgo that evening.

      Most shocking is what you see if you look back at the earth FROM THE MOON at that moment. The earth is blocking the sun and thus MAKES A SOLAR ECLIPSE. [My emphasis, not shouting] More shocking is where the earth and sun are aligned.


      [Again, my emphasis, not shouting]

      There may be more to this than earthbound observation. Rick suggests this and I tend to agree with him in this respect.

      If we were to not understand the sun darkened as matter of perspective (as Rick Larson suggests) then I find myself asking if it were eclipsed by another *rouge* body in space transiting the solar system between earth and sun?

      NOTE: For the record, I am not a follower of the Planet X theory, FE or any other such belief. Is it possible that we have a large companion body in an elongated elliptical orbit about our sun? Yes, we have several. But none that I have seen so far intersect in such a way to cause this type of event.

      With that said, new discoveries are always being made.

  43. Hi Friends,

    I'm getting pretty strange outcome's for my age.

    In September i'm 615 months, by october 616. Let look at the results!
    Realy strange...


    apokteinó or apoktennó: to kill
    Original Word: ἀποκτείνω
    Part of Speech: Verb
    Transliteration: apokteinó or apoktennó
    Phonetic Spelling: (ap-ok-ti'-no)
    Short Definition: I put to death, kill
    Definition: I put to death, kill; fig: I abolish


    apokueó: to give birth to
    Original Word: ἀποκυέω
    Part of Speech: Verb
    Transliteration: apokueó
    Phonetic Spelling: (ap-ok-oo-eh'-o)
    Short Definition: I bring forth, give birth to
    Definition: I bring forth, give birth to (a child), a medical or physical word, marking the close of pregnancy.

    1. Ghostwriter, our Groom is coming and at that point He will "kill" the old self and the sadness and worry in your life once and for all. The birth is the church. Your numbers are strongly indicative of the rapture too. Make sense?

    2. Agreed and heartily so! For if you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you PUT TO DEATH the deeds of the body, you will live. (Romansa 8:13) Having apokteinó the works of the flesh, HOW then shall you live? Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John 3:3)

      So, I echo Miguel P, here. Your numbers have the Entire Gospel, the Good and the Bad within it, wow, Maranatha!

    3. ...not to mention a very stark picture of the TWINS dynamic throughout ALL, amen!

  44. Much Love and blessings to each and everyone here. Here with my "Month"

    Strong's #417: anemos (pronounced an'-em-os)

    from the base of 109; wind; (plural) by implication, (the four) quarters (of the earth):--wind.

    Thayer's Greek Lexicon:



    1) wind, a violent agitation and stream of air

    2) a very strong tempestuous wind

    3) the four principal or cardinal winds, hence the four corners of heaven

  45. Uggg, mines not to good here...,
    580 - apobole
    2 occurrences
    A throwing away, rejection, a casting away.
    Next month is no better:
    581 - to be away, be removed from, depart life, die.....
    Any word of comfort?

    1. Gail, fret not. You are seeking and longing for His appearing. Right? When He comes, it will be a culmination of your "throwing away" the old self and "rejecting" the worlds ways.

      And When He comes, you will be "removed from" and "depart" from this life. Tell the accuser to flee in Jesus name. Maranatha, Gail.

    2. Miguel P - of course you are correct and your words bring tears of joy to my eyes. I was foolish to not see that myself.
      I must travel next week for work, and am always weary to leave family and home, even for a short trip. But I need to think straight and know Jesus only has best intentions for us all.
      God bless you all!

    3. Gail - These are incredible references that point to Christ's redeeming work, healing, and life!

      Romans 11:15 "For if their [Israel's] rejection [G580] brought reconciliation to the world [us!!!], what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?"

      1 Peter 2:24 “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die [G581] to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.”

    4. I love watching the Body of Christ do what it does best!

      Each of us are ministers of Love.

    5. Daniel - thank you so much, dear heart!

    6. Dear Gail, trust me it will surely get better when your months counting go beyond the prefix "apo" in Strongs... LOL! Much love and blessings to you :-)

  46. Miguel, you are such a treasure. Here goes with my month 780.

    H780 - Ararat - of foreign origin (we all knew that, right)
    G780 - Asmenos - with pleasure, gladly

    Blessings All - Sherry

    1. Thank you Sherry. Noah's ark landed on Ararat (Genesis 8:4), so I'd say that is pretty fitting. Greek 780 A single occurence: "When we arrived at Jerusalem, the brothers and sisters received us warmly." Acts 21:17 the meaning relates to a "delightful turn of events" according to BibleHub.

      PS both of yours are connected to 17, the spirit of 153. What incredible "coincidences"!

    2. We know that's not a coincidence, don't we Miguel. The Spirit of 153 - I missed that. That's what He said it would be - "All will be done in the Spirit of 153" - Don't miss the 430 - Pastor Richard is onto something - Thank you so much -

  47. Okay, instead of looking at my months (640) I took a look at weeks (2786) and found this,

    Strong's Greek Concordance
    Képhas: "a rock," Cephas, a name given to the apostle Peter
    Original Word: Κηφᾶς, ᾶ, ὁ
    Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
    Transliteration: Képhas
    Phonetic Spelling: (kay-fas')
    Short Definition: Cephas
    Definition: Cephas (Aramaic for rock), the new name given to Simon Peter, the apostle.

    Strong's Hebrew Concordance
    haraq: to gnash or grind
    Original Word: חָרַק
    Part of Speech: Verb
    Transliteration: charaq
    Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-rak')
    Short Definition: gnash

    Hmmm, I was born on Preparation Day (day before the Sabbath). I wonder how many Sabbaths I have been here? That's easy to figure out!


  48. Okay, everyone, new question. Has anyone put any serious time into looking for the "another sign in heaven" in Revelation 15:1? Blessings - Sherry

    1. Yes! That has been my next destination.

      1 Then I saw another sign in heaven,
      great and amazing, seven angels with
      seven plagues, which are the last, for
      with them the wrath of God is finished.

      (Revelation 15:1 ESV)


      It doesn't stop there,

      2 And I saw what appeared to be a sea
      of glass mingled with fire -- and
      also those who had conquered the beast
      and its image and the number of its
      name, standing beside the sea of glass
      with harps of God in their hands.

      (Revelation 15:2 ESV)

      These two verses open the door to an entirely new study which is more than can be efficiently discussed in comments here. This third and final sign is also a heavenly sign and, I believe, visible to those looking for it.

      Another sign in heaven, like the others before it, will be found in the second heaven, meaning among the stars and planets. The fact that John "saw" the sign means that it is/was/will be present. Just as the R12 sign is/was/will be and was found using modern technology, this sign should be discernible in a similar manner.

      The seven angels, meaning "messengers", are often compared to *stars* and are likely so in this case as Jesus Himself testifies earlier in His Revelation to John,

      20 As for the mystery of the seven stars
      that you saw in my right hand, and the
      seven golden lampstands, the seven stars
      are the angels of the seven churches,
      and the seven lampstands are the seven

      (Revelation 1:20 ESV) RED LETTERS!!!

      Christ Himself tells us who the stars are and I believe it likely the seven stars (Revelation 1:20 ESV), seven angels (Revelation 15:1 ESV) and seven thunders (Revelation 10:1-4 ESV) are all related.

      I started a survey of high watch days and stellar conjunctions between now and 2026 and found some interesting things along the way. Work got me distracted so I have been derailed for the moment.

      Just not enough time in the day...

      Blessings 2U2

    2. Sherry, there has been a cluster of 7 stars very brightly been seen in recent satellite images around the sun. Could be the Pleiades? There was already an article on these appearing in constellation Taurus 2024 here on unsealed last year. But I find it interesting how they already might come into play just now on these satellite footage... (As we've learned about the Revelation chapters parenthetical not straight chronologica.) Much blessings to you! MARANATHA

    3. Oh, Annabel, that's really freaky. A dream, yes - not too often for me anymore but then it was different, started me looking at the skies on 9/22/2015 - All I could remember was Pervasive Darkness (9/20/2015) and Orion and the Pleiades (9/22/2015). I did some research to try and figure it out because I knew less than zero about the constellations at that time, but it began my search. A couple things from my notes you and Pastor Richard might find interesting - It's 430 light years distance (Yes, I really did write that number Pastor in 2015) Pleiades means to Sail, Visible in November, The Zuni called it the "Seed Star" because its disappearance indicated the "Planting Season". In the Mediterranean it was an indicator of the "navigation Season", and it's also called the Seven Sisters. Orion is the Hunter and in ancient Aram it was known as Nephila and the Nephilim as Orion's descendants. I had this dream after having had 2 Rapture dreams that were very clear and thus I also thought this was connected to the Rapture, but never got it figured out. Off we go, into the wild blue yonder - Blessings All! Sherry


    R12 Sign to potential fulfilment of "her child caught up to God and to his throne" from (Revelation 12:5c ESV) occurs on 11/27/18. On Wednesday, November 27, 2018 Jupiter (the "man-child") will be caught-up, overtaken, by the Sun (the "throne" of our solar system) and Mercury and conjunct in the Constellation Scorpius. The "man-child" will *disappear*, or be caught-up, by the light of our sun.

    Saturday, September 23, 2017 to Wednesday, November 27, 2018 equals 430-days.


    It was 430 total years from the CALL of Abraham (Genesis 12) and the promises given to him to the exodus of the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage (Exodus 12). The prophet Ezekiel was commanded by G-d to first lay on left side for 390-days then on his right side for 40-days (Ezekiel 4:1-6) for a total of 430-days.

    77-WEEKS (540-DAYS)

    R12 Sign to anniversary of River Jordan crossing (3/16/19) = 540-days (77-weeks),

    "and the woman fled into the wilderness"

    (Revelation 12:6a ESV)

    Strong's Concordance for "wilderness"
    erémos: solitary, desolate
    Original Word: ἔρημος, ον
    Part of Speech: Adjective
    Transliteration: erémos
    Phonetic Spelling: (er'-ay-mos)
    Short Definition: deserted, desolate, a desert
    Definition: as an adj: deserted, desolate, waste; hence: the desert, to the east and south of Palestine; of a person: deserted, abandoned, desolate.

    HELPS Word-studies

    2048 érēmos – properly, an uncultivated, unpopulated place; a desolate (deserted) area; (figuratively) a barren, solitary place that also provides needed quiet (freedom from disturbance).

    In Scripture, a "desert" (2048 /érēmos) is ironically also where God richly grants His presence and provision for those seeking Him. The limitless Lord shows Himself strong in the "limiting" (difficult) scenes of life.

    [2048 (érēmos) in the strict sense expresses a lack of population (not merely "sparse vegetation"). This root (erēmo-) does "not suggest absolute barrenness but unappropriated territory affording free range for shepherds and their flocks. Hepworth Dixon (The Holy Land) says, 'Even in the wilderness nature is not so stern as man. Here and there, in clefts and basins, and on the hillsides, grade on grade, you observe a patch of corn, a clump of olives, a single palm' " (WS, 22).]

    NOTICE, "...in the strict sense expresses a lack of population (not merely 'sparse vegetation')"

    Keeping in mind then that "wilderness" in the strictest sense of the word describes a "lack of population", what do we see in the stars at the anniversary of the River Jordan crossing in 2019/5779?


    There are NO PLANETS in or around Virgo. She is in a "wilderness". The sun and stars (planets) have moved on across the sky leaving her alone.

    May this potentially complete the Biblical narrative of the Revelation 12 sign in the heavens verses one through six?



      I was reminded this evening that the Red Sea crossing was a foreshadowing of the crucifixion of Christ,

      13 And Moses said to the people, "Fear not,
      stand firm, and see the salvation of the
      LORD, which he will work for you today.
      For the Egyptians whom you see today, you
      shall never see again. (Exodus 14:13 ESV)

      Jesus is our salvation. Christ freed us from our bondage to sin and death. His atoning death once and for all justifies us by faith in the eyes of the Father; so then we pass from death into life.

      The same scene plays out a SECOND TIME as Israel follows the Ark to the River Jordan and passes by it,

      3 ..."As soon as you see the ark of the covenant of
      the LORD your God being carried by the Levitical
      priests, then you shall set out from your place
      and follow it." (Joshua 3:3 ESV)

      It's a replay of Israel following the angel of G-d as it went before them until,

      19 ...the angel of God who was going before the
      host of Israel moved and went behind them, and
      the pillar of cloud moved from before them and
      stood behind them,

      In each case the presence of G-d be it the "angel of God" or the "ark of the covenant" led the people (church) which was Israel toward the promised land. The Red Sea crossing was a type or foreshadowing of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ but the River Jordan crossing has yet to be physically fulfilled, and fulfilled I believe, by the Rapture.

      Both crossings on dry land represent a bridge of the gap between life and death...desolation and promise. Christ is that bridge for us! He stands in the gap and spans the distance between ourselves and G-D.

      Did Joshua foreshadow Jesus by leading the children of Israel (the Church) into the Promised Land (Canaan) at the River Jordan crossing?


      Will Jesus (who's name is the same as Joshua) lead His children (modern children of Israel being the Church and Body of Christ) into the Promised Land (Heaven) in the event we know as our blessed hope on the anniversary of the River Jordan crossing 77-weeks after the Great Sign on M1D10 of 5779 or Monday, March 17, 2019 by the Gregorian calendar?

      Only G-D knows.

      Much more to pray and meditate upon. I have yet to work on a time line for this...

      Pastor Rich

      "It is the glory of God to conceal things,
      but the glory of kings is to search things
      out." (Proverbs 25:2 ESV)

      PS> Please forgive any typos as the hour is late and I'm way past my bedtime!

    2. Dear Richard TY for all your important input and research! But please consider the fact that the "woman" Israel is not yet fleeing into the wilderness until the middle of the 7 years i.e. until 3,5 years from Nov2018 (IF it is...) that makes May 2021 not next year. Just saying. I hope we will fly earlier though...

    3. Hi Annabel and thank you for that.

      Keep in mind that these observations are geared around *signs* and not necessarily the actual events themselves. If we take the events in the R12 *sign* as chronological, then they are a sign and foreshadowing of an event, not the event itself.

      All another reason why I would say that these are interesting dates and signs but not a prediction of the day of the actual event. My point was to search for potential fulfilment of the heavenly sign as a shadow of things to come. Since the Great Sign is a sign in the skies, then that sign must be fully illustrated in the stars. This is what I was alluding to...the completion of that sign.

      I hope that makes sense?!


    4. I so agree Pastor - the sign must precede the event. We can't forget that lest we have egg on our faces again. It started with a sign (Rev 12) and the Red Dragon and Rev 15 says there are "other" signs, not events. So exciting. Blessings - Sherry

    5. Allright Richard, I can follow you here. Gottcha. ;-D Blessings!

  50. Miguel P & Jimboni.

    Thankyou for those comments about my strong numbers. At first i was surprised and now i'm just still and think about what you both tell. It is an amazing thought and give me some beautifull to look forward too.

    Blessings to all my brothers and sisters here.

    Patrick, Netherlands

  51. Hello all,

    I am another among the "great cloud of lurkers" who have been greatly blessed by this site. Many thanks to every contributor and the body of commenters for encouragement and food for study.

    I couldn't resist posting my months-Strong's correlation of 456.

    Hebrew 456. Elichoreph
    -the name of one of Solomon's scribes; meaning "God of Autumn"
    -occurring only once - I Kings 4:3

    Greek 456. anoikodomeó
    - verb; to build again
    - Definition: I rebuild, build up (what has fallen or been razed to the ground), sometimes merely: I build.
    - occurring twice in one verse - Acts 15:16

    1. @krslaton, Welcome, we're so glad you chimed in and shared your Strong's number! I believe this has been a great encouragement and am glad you acted on the Nudge to share yours here today.

      It is further evidence as to what G-d is doing in us and through us as His Body and His children. To Him be all the glory forever and ever!

      May YOU be a great encourager to the "great cloud of lurkers" who you are blessed to meet in your day-to-day. May we all!

      Today is our greatest opportunity to reflect and share the love of Christ with those whom He has given us. He established these things from before the beginning of time and as such are not only a great trust but an honour...so be courageous as you share yourself, your story, your blessed hope; for lost ones such as they has He sent to you, to us, for such a time as today!

      May we all love like there is no tomorrow!

      Pastor Rich

  52. Welcome @krslaton, I'm so glad you popped in today . . . and especially that you said Hello. It brought something to my mind which I think we would all do well to remember. No matter where we are, no matter what we are doing or discussing - there is always a "Great Cloud of Lurkers" out there listening. Some days it may be only the Heavenly Host, for they long to hear and understand us and other days its also our fellow brothers and sisters or the unsaved - regardless, we should always keep in the very forefront of our mind our mission here on this flying dirt ball is to Image our Heavenly Father and His Son. What we do and say reflects on Him either for the positive or the negative, just as my behavior for good or bad reflected on my earthly parents when I was a child. It is one thing if I am willing to show myself a jerk to others, but it is quite another if I presume to reflect negatively on My Heavenly Father and our Precious Bride Groom. Proverbs 18:21, 1 Peter 3:10, Proverbs 15:1, Proverbs 15:28, James 3:6. What the world perceives as cleverness and wit is often a mask to hide behind as we "choose" to damage others. There is very little of that happening here and I am so grateful, but we should all keep the one whom we Image pictured in our mind as we formulate our words to speak. Blessings - Sherry



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